10 Hilarious Mortal Kombat Movie Memes To Get You Excited For The New Movie

A new Mortal Kombat movie is set to release in January of 2021. Little is known about the project, but it is guaranteed an R-rating and the casting of Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero has fans optimistic. At the very least, it will be an improvement upon the disaster everyone knows as Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, though it may even beat out Paul W.S. Anderson’s fun 1995 romp.

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To get fans excited for the new release, the following list showcases the ten funniest memes revolving around the first two Mortal Kombat films. The games are only mentioned if they are in comparison to the live-action features.

10 Sounds About Right

This is as deep as the movie gets. Sindel’s telling her daughter about her impending death reflects the wishes of the audience to leave the screening room as soon as possible. It also made for one of the most iconic lines in the heavily maligned feature.

Words cannot describe just how incredibly awkward and uncomfortable Mortal Kombat: Annihilation really is. The only way to really understand is to watch it for one’s self. It may be a miserable time, but living through it makes one stronger.

9 Worst Boss Ever

Imagine having a boss like Shang Tsung. First, he breaks all the rules and then intercepts the HR complaint and throws it right into the garbage.

Don’t think about circumventing the middle man, either. Going straight to the source for an in-person complaint may appear to work, but the camera stays on the head of HR just long enough to reveal it was the warlock all along doing one of his shapeshifting routines. All efforts are futile, and it is ultimately recommended to find a different job.

8 That’s Actually Uncanny

Henry Cavill’s look as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s Witcher series perhaps takes a few cues from the iconic Mortal Kombat character. If Cavill wanted in on the part, it would be too late, since the shoes are already filled by Tadanobu Asano, who most recognize as Hogun from the Thor movies.

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Still, Cavill is in tip-top shape and could definitely fit in somewhere among the franchise’s large and varied roster. Perhaps he could be Stryker or Kabal, assuming Cavill doesn’t mind wearing a mask.

7 Should Have Thought That One Through

The incomparable James Remar took over for Christopher Lambert in the Mortal Kombat movie sequel. While a phenomenal actor, the role never seemed right for him.

Then again, nothing about Mortal Kombat: Annihilation feels right, just like the god’s decision to give up his powers and immediately die in battle. Fortunately, Remar has seen some increased appreciation in recent years, thanks in large part to his roles in recent Quentin Tarantino movies.

6 Sound Relationship Advice

Who better to take relationship tips from than a wanted criminal with a metal plate in his face? Kano appears to be a trustworthy fellow who knows how to win a woman’s heart honestly.

Sonya Blade doesn’t fall for any of it, however, as audiences see in the first Mortal Kombat film when she beats the tar out of Kano and snaps his neck with her legs. As far as rejections go, it is on the more painful end of the spectrum.

5 Don Corleone Does Not Approve

Redesigns are always tough. How does one change the look of a character while keeping their heart and soul? Most of the new looks in Mortal Kombat 11 are solid, but Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather disapproves of Sonya’s design. Either that or he is so infatuated with the movie, he cannot see anybody else in the character’s shoes.

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Bridgette Wilson-Sampras pulled off an impressive performance in the 1995 feature. It is a shame they could not get her back for the sequel, though it was probably a good thing for her career.

4 God Works In Mysterious Ways

The above picture proves no one is beyond redemption. Even an evil warlock who tried to take over Earthrealm for millennia can be saved. If Shang Tsung can overcome his evil ways, then anyone can beat out their vices and see the light.

Of course, the picture on this right is not actually Shang Tsung, but it is the actor who plays him, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Tagawa converted to Orthodox Christianity and acquired Russian citizenship in these last few years. He found the religion while extensively studying for a role in a Russian film in 2015.

3 Still Looks Pretty Powerful To Us

If Shang Tsung had been on Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings would have turned out differently. By the end, all the heroes would have been toast and Sauron would be running for the hills as the Mortal Kombat sorcerer ruled over everything in the world.

Without Liu Kang and the other heroes to stop him, Shang Tsung’s power would be limitless. A sad ending for sure, but still a wildly entertaining read. Seeing the villain win is sometimes satisfying.

2 Probably Won’t Be A Flawless Victory

Jobs requiring more than the regular eight-hour workday are tough. Nurses and bus drivers are two occupations that come to mind, and both of them are hard endurance runs only capable by those with the patience of saints.

By the third day of a working week, one is fighting their own personal Mortal Kombat match against frustration and fatigue. While they make it through by the skin of their teeth, it certainly wasn’t a flawless victory. One major difference between the game and life is the wish to avoid fatalities at any cost.

1 Because We Were Gift Shopping

Standard practice calls for the deletion of phone history every once in a while, especially right before someone asks to use it. This is because we were just gift shopping and wouldn’t want people to see what presents they might receive on the next holiday.

It absolutely wasn’t for anything nefarious or what might be considered NSFW. In fact, it’s hard to even imagine other possibilities one may be thinking about in their heads. Maybe running numbers?

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Jason Wojnar

Color Out Of Space: 5 Reasons To Be Excited About Nicolas Cage’s New Horror Movie (& 5 Not To Be)

2020’s sci-fi film Color Out Of Space is a psychedelic alien invasion thriller that focuses on a family, the Gardners, reeling from some serious trauma. The mother, Theresa, is recovering from breast cancer, which resulted in a mastectomy. Father Nathan has decided to move the family to his father’s old property in rural Massachusetts, where he hopes for a new beginning.

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What he gets instead is an extraterrestrial meteor that alters the genetic make-up and electromagnetic energy of everything in its immediate vicinity. Full of optic brilliance and horrific experiences that cause the family to come unglued, literally, Color Out Of Space is an original and thought-provoking addition to the genre. It stars Nicholas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, and Q’orianka Kilcher. Here are 5 reasons to be excited about it, and 5 reasons it might not be for you.

10 No: It’s Slow Pacing Isn’t For Everyone

While many fans of the genre expect non-stop spectacles and over-the-top action, Color Out Of Space isn’t that kind of movie. It’s almost 2 hours long, and its terror builds through psychological unraveling, subtle changes to the natural environment around the Gardeners, and eerie character development.

The movie’s action evolves so slowly and subtly that viewers don’t realize they’re submerged in the multicolored, mind-altering circus brought on by the alien invasion until it’s too late. This may be unsettling for some moviegoers.

9 Yes: It’s The Director’s First Film In Over 20 Years

South African director Richard Stanley’s last film was the critical and box office bomb Island of Dr. Moreau. Stanley, who’d spend years developing his adaptation of H.G. Wells’s famous novel, was fired from the production due to creative differences and on-set issues.

Stanley is responsible for the 1990 cult classic Hardware, which stars Dylan McDermott as a post-apocalyptic drifter and involves a robotic killing machine he finds in the desert. Stanley is known for his artistic and bizarre approach to sci-fi, and critics have hailed his avant-garde approach to intergalactic visitors disrupting the lives of a family.

8 No: The Plot Can Be Confusing To Follow

There is a lot left unexplained in this film, meaning it’s the kind of movie to experience viscerally instead of intellectually. As the insanity brought on by the intruders bubbles up above the surface, the logic that normally defines the world is completely eradicated.

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Instead, viewers are pulled along by crazy hues and kaleidoscopic interactions between the extraterrestrial forces at play and the Gardeners. Plot and story become secondary to the aesthetics and creepy mood that infects the movie.

7 Yes: It’s Based On A H.P. Lovecraft Story

Director Richard Stanley read “The Colour Of Out Space” by revered cosmic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft when he was a kid. It informed the style that would come to define his films, and it’s a fitting return to feature films for Stanley.

In both the movie and the story, everything in Arkham, Massachusetts, where the action takes place, becomes tainted by the glowing meteorite that lands there. From the water to the plants to the minds of those nearby, everything is altered in strange and unsettling ways.

6 No: Nicolas Cage Gives A Very Affected Performance

Nicholas Cage does what he’s known for in this movie: freaking out and acting manic. While Nathan starts the film as the image of a stable and supportive father and husband, it soon becomes obvious he has a lot of rage and anger brewing below his surface.

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It seems whatever supernatural energy has taken over Arkham has also invaded Nathan’s mind. From hitting the roof of a car for 15 seconds because it won’t start to giving his daughter a memorable verbal haranguing in the midst of the craziness, Cage’s performance isn’t always very refined in Color Out Of Space.

5 Yes: It Has Visually Stunning Special Effects

Color Out Of Space is full of hallucinatory and insane effects that match the psychic and natural upending that happens in Arkham. Strange flowers and bugs appear weeks before spring, there’s something weird in the water, and each member of the Gardner family is sucked up into the madness in different ways.

There is a magical and fairytale quality to the way the invasion inhabits the organic world, one that juxtaposes the grotesque consequences of the breach.

4 No: The Movie Tries To Be Too Many Things At Once

The tone of the film is confused by too many conflicting themes. It’s filled with sci-fi, horror, family drama, black comedy, and climate change narratives that don’t always intertwine in natural ways.

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For instance, a hydrologist named Ward tests the water around Arkham to see how it’s been affected by the erection of a hydroelectric dam. Ward’s storyline provides plenty of hints about the effects of development and climate change as overarching themes, but none of it comes together due to the melting onslaught that takes up much of the second half of the film.

3 Yes: The Body Horror Elements Will Get Under Your Skin

Color Out Of Space is both psychological and physical with its horror. While the characters experience mental breakdowns, their bodies are also consumed by the forces around them in monstrous ways.

One of the most surreal and disgusting sequences follows what happens to Theresa and her youngest son Jack after they are struck by a bolt of colorful, celestial lightning. It mirrors what also happens to the alpaca on the family farm. In scenes that are reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing, the sickening aftermath of the invasion is on full display here.

2 No: The Character Development Is Uneven

The motivations of the characters in the movie aren’t very well-developed before the insanity takes hold, making it difficult for viewers to grasp just how the changes around them affect each member of the Gardner clan.

When Theresa absent-mindedly cuts two fingers off while chopping carrots or when she shames her daughter for wearing a short skirt, her actions seem to miss the mark. While some of these scenes are designed to indicate trouble ahead, they feel more like weird side stories than contributing factors.

1 Yes: The Movie Delves Into Wiccan Rituals

The best performance in the film is given by the young actor, Madeleine Arthur, who plays the Gardners’ teenage daughter Lavinia. Color Out Of Space begins with her performing a ritual to cleanse her mother of her cancer along the bed of a river.

Throughout the film, the misunderstood Lavinia engages with the occult to guide her through the insanity. From bloodletting to candle-lighting to incantations, Lavinia’s spiritual traditions give the film a sense of groundedness in the midst of a mythical and uncanny sapience taking over the Gardners’ land.

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5 Things About The New Mutants We’re Excited For (& 5 That We’re Nervous About)

The New Mutants will officially be released by Disney so we can finally anticipate what will be in store for Marvel fans. The latest trailer release indicates that not much seems to have been changed about the film, so it appears to be a mostly FOX project.

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There’s plenty of things we’re excited for about this film, although it was nearly forgotten about for quite some time. There’s also a few things we’re worried about too! Here are five things to be hyped for and five things to be nervous about in regards to New Mutants. 


We’re already nervous about the quality of the film as there have been mixed reports about the early screenings of the project. With many different voices having had control of the film, it could feel like a complete mess.

FOX also doesn’t have a great track record recently in terms on delivering a good film. While the concept could be simple enough, there may not be enough risks throughout the story, or perhaps there are too many, and it has become incoherent.


It’s always exciting to see new characters on the big screen, especially if you’re a fan of the comic run. However, adding young mutants who are just developing their gifts is actually quite fresh. It’s great to see so much new blood in cinema.

It allows for the spotlight to be put on some lesser-known characters who could steal the show while giving star-making opportunities to a variety of the cast members. Whenever there’s something completely fresh to watch people gravitate towards it.


Since there may be no follow up to this film, we’re worried that the ending won’t be too conclusive. The fact is, we may never see these characters again, so we hope there isn’t some kind of cliffhanger that will never be solved.

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In the same way, we also hope we don’t get so attached to these characters that we want to see more. If it doesn’t feel like their journey is complete, the ending of the film will be deeply unsatisfying. There needs to be a solid conclusion for this film.


Although it’s very unlikely, we are excited for the prospect that this could be the introduction of mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There would be so much potential for these characters if they were added to this interconnected world of heroes.

We’ve been waiting for the X-Men to meet the Avengers for so long, that this could provide hope for that one day happening. There’s plenty of rumors to suggest that this really is part of the MCU, although we really wouldn’t hold our breath.


This is one of the many films that has been in production hell because of the Disney and FOX merger. The uncertainty of the business deal and the performance of other FOX mutant films, has meant that this movie has suffered delay after delay.

With talk that the film could even just be added to Hulu or Disney Plus, it’s clear there’s a lack of faith in the film. We believe that perhaps the production hell it has been stuck in could have damaged the film further, leaving us nervous about its future.


One of the biggest characters who has the potential to really capture the attention of the audience is Magik. There’s already been perfect casting in regards to the role, but there’s something really special about this member of the New Mutants.

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The abilities of Magik alone are truly astounding and she has become more and more popular in the comics recently. With a storied history and an interesting journey, we believe the powerful mutant could be one of the best parts of the whole film.


The look of the characters isn’t too bad so far, but it’s certainly a watered-down version of what we’ve seen in the comics. We know that FOX has a history of not quite adapting the looks of the characters fully, and the costumes are usually all over the place.

We’re hoping by the end of the film that this team has a definitive look that actually works and doesn’t seem like an attempt to make them feel not like superheroes. This will be all up to the design team, but we’re nervous someone will overrule more creative decisions.


The decision to make this a horror film was a stroke of genius as it makes the project immediately stand out and brings it away from the generic movie it could have been. We really want them to push the boundaries of what can be done with a family film.

There are no other horror films in the modern superhero genre, and so we think this is the perfect time to release a few jump scares. If anything, we’re nervous that there aren’t enough scary moments. The creators of this have to lean into the dark tone.


This cannot be just another origin story. We’ve seen this far too many times, and for the film to just rehash the same narrative would make this far more generic than it currently looks. Hopefully, the haunted house plot will overrule an average origin.

If this does indeed become another origin story, we can see the film picking one mutant to follow and telling their tale through flashbacks. We hope this isn’t the cast as it would be a copy and paste method of storytelling that we’ve seen plenty of.


There’s been plenty of rumors of what kind of villains will be involved in this movie. While there appear to be a few mutant antagonists, we’re most excited for the prospects of Mister Sinister finally making his way to the big screen.

The character has been teased a few times, most recently with a nod to Essex Corp. The vile man known for experimenting on mutants is the perfect foil for any team, and we want to see this brilliant villain get a good amount of screen time.

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The Walking Dead: 5 Reasons We’re Excited For The New Series (& 5 We’re Not)

The long running zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead as well as it’s spinoff Fear The Walking Dead have been going strong on AMC for years now, and as the most successful franchise in the network’s history it comes as no surprise that they are working on yet another Walking Dead spinoff. This new series, titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to be set 10 years after the original apocalypse and focus on younger characters who have essentially grown up in this zombie-ridden world.

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There isn’t enough information out about Walking Dead: World Beyond yet to make a full judgment on it either way, but there are definitely some pros and cons to creating yet another TWD spinoff. So here’s 5 reasons we’re excited to see the new series, and 5 reasons why we wish AMC had just skipped it.

10 Excited: Because We’ve Seen What These Writers Can Do

One of the most exciting aspects of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is that it’s going to be headed up by The Walking Dead‘s longtime producer and writer, Matthew Negrete.

Obviously he’s intimately familiar with this world, and after Angela Kang has done such a bang up job essentially bringing The Walking Dead back to life it’s extremely encouraging that this new show will give another one of TWD‘s longtime crew members the opportunity to stretch their legs in this fictional universe and make it their own. It’s not a guarantee that the show will be good, but that’s a good start.

9 Not: Because Not Much Has Changed

The whole premise of a zombie apocalypse that forces the living humans to continue fighting for their own survival is an interesting one. However, at this point it feels like there is no reason to continually expand the franchise of Walking Dead TV shows because to put it simply, nothing has changed.

The premise of this entire post-apocalyptic world is exactly the same as it’s always been, so what is the appeal of creating an entirely new TV show that has already been the premise of two TV shows that are currently on air?

8 Excited: Because Maybe They’ll Stick With Some Characters

One of the most valid complaints about the original Walking Dead as well as Fear The Walking Dead is that the show runs through characters so fast that it’s almost hard to get attached to them at this point.

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Typically the audience will be introduced to new characters, those characters will die senselessly and often randomly, and then there will be a new set of characters at the forefront of the series. But with this particular show idea, a cast of characters who have actually grown up in this world (and are presumably pretty well suited to surviving in it), it seems like they might have a main cast that is around long enough to get invested in.

7 Not: Because We’ve Already Seen Kids Grow Up Here

As of now Judith Grimes is really the only central figure in The Walking Dead who has grown up in the world of the dead. But Carl was one of the main characters of the series before, and TWD really hasn’t ever had a period where they didn’t have at least one child character at the forefront of the story.

So while the premise of Walking Dead: World Beyond is somewhat unique in the sense that these characters will be the focal point, it’s not unique in the sense that it’s something that the audience has never seen before.

6 Excited: Because They Can Do Something Different

As far as spinoffs go, Fear The Walking Dead has been a pretty good one. However, it’s not particularly different from the original series, it’s basically an identical concept but just focused on a different area of the US, and therefore focused on different characters.

Walking Dead: World Beyond is the TWD universe’s first attempt at a series that actually has a fundamentally different idea from the first two shows, which makes the series feel very distinct and which gives the show the opportunity to take it’s story in a significantly different direction in comparison to the shows too.

5 Not: Because It’s Time For Something New

It’s no surprise that AMC wants to cash in on TWD as much as possible. It’s their most successful series ever, and although it has had it’s ups and downs, the franchise still dramatically outperforms everything else on the channel.

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However, AMC has had a lot of quality TV shows in it’s past, and it would be awesome to see the network diversify it’s offerings instead of producing yet another Walking Dead series. It’s very possible that The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be a unique show in it’s own right and that it’s creators are seriously inspired to create another story within this world, but it’s also possible that it’s just a cash grab.

4 Excited: Because It’s A Premise We Haven’t Seen Before

The Walking Dead is awesome and Fear The Walking Dead has it’s moments of greatness, but to be honest there is not a lot to either series beyond it’s very fundamental foundation.

The shows are about people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, and there is nothing that the shows are built on besides that. So venturing into this world again is an idea that has potential, but it’s encouraging that Walking Dead: World Beyond has a concept fueling it that goes beyond just a bunch of survivors trying to survive the apocalypse.

3 Not: Because The Current Shows Should Be Better

In fairness to TWD, after a few seasons where it seemed like the show was really starting to lose it’s luster the new showrunner seemingly pulled it back from the brink and made it’s latest season one of the best seasons of TWD in years.

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And although Fear The Walking Dead seems to be flagging a bit, they are at least trying to revitalize the show and bring back some of it’s former glory. However, it seems obvious that before creating an entirely new show based in this franchise, getting the currently extant shows to be their best should be a priority.

2 Excited: Because This Universe Is Vast

The fact that the entire infrastructure of the US, and likely the world, has collapsed means that even if the characters that TWD and FTWD follow travel far and wide, the world that they can inhabit at one moment is extremely small.

We’ve also seen how extreme some pockets of this new world have gotten since the old world fell apart, so exploring more of that devolved humanity and seeing exactly what it has devolved into is a really interesting prospect. And of course, seeing it all through the eyes of people who have never really experienced the old world is a new and different perspective for the TWD universe.

1 Not: Because We Have Enough Walking Dead

Even for fans of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, it seems like Walking Dead: World Beyond might be overkill. Or, at the very least, most TWD-verse fans weren’t sitting around complaining that they wish there was even more TWD to consume.

AMC understandably wants to capitalize on the world of TWD‘s success for as long as that success lasts, but it also seems like AMC may be the only one who was actually itching for another TWD-based series. Fingers crossed that World Beyond winds up being awesome, but it’s hard to get excited about something that already feels a bit overdone.

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Hilary Elizabeth

Shang-Chi Star Is Most Excited to See Thor: Love and Thunder

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings begins production this month in Australia, but it’s the movie shooting down under just after it on the same stages that has star Simu Liu most excited.

A fan of director Taika Waititi before the New Zealand born creative genius even joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe to re-imagine the Asgardian segment of the franchise with Thor: Ragnarok, Simu – a longtime Marvel fan on his own – is most looking forward to seeing the followup, Thor: Love and Thunder. Liu first met Waititi at Comic-Con International in San Diego this July where Marvel Studios unveiled (most of) Phase 4 of the MCU, including both Thor 4 and the all-new Shang-Chi adaptation.

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It’s there where Simu Liu wowed the 6000+ attendees in the infamous Hall H with an introduction that first saw him speaking Mandarin, and his charm as a future hero and leader in the MCU. I spoke with Liu a few weeks ago on the phone and asked about what excited him most about all the new projects announced alongside Shang-Chi.

Rob Keyes: You were a fan of [the MCU] from the beginning, like me, reading comics and growing up loving superheroes. When you’re on stage, you’re amongst so many other iconic characters or characters-to-be. What are you personally most excited for from the other stuff that’s coming?

Simu Liu: Oh, man. That’s so tough. I’m a big Taika fan, even before he did Ragnarok. You know, Hunt for the Wilderpeople was a great movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. I love his filmmaking style, and after having gotten the chance to meet him, I love his vibrant personality even more.

So, you know, just as a fan of his, I cannot wait to see Thor: Love and Thunder. And they’re actually shooting back-to-back with us, in Sydney. They’re moving into our studio space literally as soon as we finish, so that’ll be really cool. Hopefully, we’ll get to hang out a little bit.

Thor: Love and Thunder brings back Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster with a story that sees her become the Mighty Thor. Ragnarok newcomers Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi) return as well very likely alongside Loki who first returns with a Disney+ solo miniseries thanks to multiverse story setup in Avengers: Endgame.

As for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this solo debut origin story pays off the story of the Ten Rings and the “real” Mandarin as introduced in the Iron Man movies. We expect Shang-Chi to be a core part of the Avengers in the long-term.

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Rob Keyes

Fantastic Beasts: 11 Reasons To Be Excited For The New Harry Potter Movie

We can hardly contain our excitement over the fact that a new Harry Potter film has been recently announced! Following the announcement, fans quickly begun speculating what a third film in the Fantastic Beasts series could mean for the characters, the plot, and the questions we still have about the Grindelwald plot.

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A new Fantastic Beasts film promises increased stakes, more beasts, and more amusing Newt and Tina moments. As we get closer to the final showdown between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, we find ourselves buzzing with anticipation and theories over what the next Fantastic Beasts film has in store for us.

11 Getting To See More of Newt’s Creatures

Let’s be honest. Though we love Newt, Queenie, Jacob, and the rest of the gang, the true star of these films are the beasts themselves. Seeing these magical creatures in their natural/simulated habitats and watching them interact with each other and the wizards that approach them is the most rewarding part of this series.

Though we have gotten to see several fantastic beasts from Newt’s traveling case so far, many fans believe that the series is placing too much of a focus on Grindelwald and not enough on the creatures which it was named after. Hopefully, the next (and following) films in the series include far more fantastic beasts than the previous two combined!

10 Understanding Just How Grindelwald Did It

We know that Grindelwald managed to seduce a majority of the wizarding world and convince them that his plot was the best way of doing things; however, it is never really explained why. While we can assume that some people were truly evil and genuinely believed in the core of his message, the sheer amount of numbers that he amassed hints at the fact that he appealed to a rather broad audience.

The second film in the franchise shows the different techniques that he employed to manipulate different people but seeing how he managed to turn such a large portion of the wizarding world over to the dark side sounds like a rather interesting story and one that we are eager to see play out before us on the big screen.

9 Slowly Working Towards A Happily Ever After

Though our happily ever after is a long ways away, just knowing that we are slowly working towards it is a rather rewarding thing. We know that Newt survives long enough to have children due to information we have received about the post-Hogwarts lives of the Harry Potter gang, so we do not expect to lose him anytime soon.

However, we know nothing about the fates that await the majority of the rest of the cast. Though things will, undoubtedly, continue to get much darker before they get lighter again, it is exciting to know that each film brings us closer to the happy ever after that these characters so desperately deserve.

8 Seeing Different Parts of The Wizarding World

Though it was truly wonderful to explore the UK in the original Harry Potter series, it has been a true delight to be able to explore the rest of the wizarding world through the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

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Starting in New York, the series has taken us from America to France so far and recent filming location announcements have hinted that the next film may explore warmer locals. Seeing different parts of the wizarding world and exploring how international wizards go about their daily lives has been truly fascinating and we hope to continue to explore the rest of the world in the rest of the series.

7 More Of Tina Snubbing Newt

Though we are excited to see Newt and Tina finally get together, it has been fun seeing Tina snub Newt along the way. And since we are expecting there to be three more films in this series, we can expect that the creators aren’t going to let these awkward yet lovable characters get together until the series is near its conclusion.

While we wait for these two to eventually get together, we are expecting several more moments of animosity between the two and some choice scenes of Tina snubbing Newt and his salamander eyes.

6 Exploring A Different Side Of Magic

In the original Harry Potter series, we explored magic in a rather basic way. The main characters were still relatively new to the artform, even by the end of the series, and the magic we experienced was in a controlled and educational setting (for the most part.)

But the wizards in the Fantastic Beasts series are adults for whom magic has become another part of their daily lives. Their magic is organic and subtle. It is truly fascinating to see the ways that magic blends into their daily life and how wizards get by in the real world.

5 It’s A New Harry Potter Film

There once was a time where we thought that our journey in the wizarding world had reached its end and that no further content would be released from this series that changed and shaped so many of our lives. And, thankfully, that time has reached an end.

For the Fantastic Beasts series is bringing us oodles of wizarding world content and Rowling is more active within the community than ever before! The mere fact that this film will be expanding the official canon of the wizarding world is something to celebrate!

4 More Jacob Moments

It would be fair to say that Jacob is one of the best things about the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Not only is he an intriguing and well-written character who exhibits both strength and bravery in unconventional ways, but he is also an utter riot.

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Though we are very glad that he was not simply reduced to the role of comic relief, it is worth noting that his comedic moments are some of the funniest moments in the series. And, as the content darkens as we follow the rise of Grindelwald, that comedy is going to become far more necessary than it ever was before.

3 Getting Closer To The Biggest Wizarding Battle Of All Time

The epic battle between Grindelwald and Dumbledore was mentioned several times in the original Harry Potter series and was truly built up as being one of the biggest wizarding battles of all time.

So naturally, we are incredibly excited to get to see it for ourselves. Now, this battle will not show up in the series until the final film of the franchise (as franchises tend to prefer going out with a bang) but another film down means that we will be one film closer to finally seeing said battle first hand!

2 Finally Getting Some Canon LGBTQIA+ Content

It was truly very cool when Rowling originally announced that Dumbledore was written as a gay man. At the time, the only LGBTQIA+ characters that existed in the media were typically used as punchlines, dramatic twists, and were over-the-top stereotypes that, honestly, were a tad insulting. Having a character in a central role in a major franchise who acted as a father figure and who did not exist in a stereotypical fashion was truly groundbreaking.

But times have changed and fans have begun wondering if this announcement is ever going to be realized in film or if it will simply exist outside of official canon. The next film in the series provides the perfect foundation for such things to be explored, so we can only hope.

1 More Retro Wizarding Content

The costumes, the sets, the hairdos, and the old-timey slang! There is just something about the retro setting that truly vibes with us. Sure, exploring the wizarding world in a modern context was fun. But seeing how the wizards blended in with our own history is truly something else.

The retro setting adds to the other-worldly nature of the film while also adding a bit of glamour to an otherwise rather dim situation. The retro setting also adds to the thematic nature of the film and allows viewers to explore themes of prejudice and idealism in a way that is familiar to our own history while still remaining in a fantastical setting.

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Zooey Norman

Apple TV+: 5 Shows We’re Most Excited For (& 5 We’re Not)

Apple is coming out with its own subscription TV service, and if you didn’t know that by now, then we can only assume that you have cut yourself off from social media. To be honest, another subscription service is not what we need right now. But it’s trending, and every successful company knows that they have to be on-trend. That being said, we have to admit that Apple is coming to the table with some great prospects.

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They don’t want to build with us as Netflix did. They already have their own original content filming and a lot of it looks extremely entertaining. The company has managed to present its audience with a few shows that are no doubt going to be binge-able hits. Most people are talking about the series that are already making headlines like The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. But there is so much more in store.

10 Excited For: Ghost Writer

If you are feeling nostalgic and very into crime dramas than get ready for a reboot of Ghost Writer. This was the show that had kids on the edge of their seats back in the day. Apple TV+ describes this show as. “A reinvention of the beloved original series follows four kids who are brought together by a mysterious ghost in a neighborhood bookstore and must team up to release fictional characters from works of literature.”

In case you thought there would be nothing to distract your kids don’t worry, the subscription service has no shortage of distractions for kids. They also have Snoopy in Space and Helpsters a show about helping kids to realize the importance of coding.

9 Not: Servant

Night Shyamalan is sinking his teeth into Apple TV with a new series called Servant. The show will star Lauren Ambrose, Rupert Grint, and Tony Kibble. Not much is know about the series as of yet. We only know that it will be 10 (hopefully) binge-able episodes and that it will probably be a horror or thriller seeing who is attached to write and direct. Ambrose and Kibble play a couple who lose a child and to cope they replace the baby with a very life-like doll. We also know that unlike a few other shows on this list, Apple TV has a release date, November 28. Get ready to be lost for 9 episodes and slapped in the face with a lot of information in the last episode.

8 Excited For: The Banker

We can only assume that a show starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony “The Falcon” Mackie is one to be excited about. Only we aren’t that impressed. The duo star as African American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris set in the 1950s. They recruit two white men to pose as owners of their company while they posed as a janitor and a chauffeur.

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We can only assume that this show will have a deep lesson to be learned by the end. We aren’t saying it’s going to be bad and in fact, it will probably be very well received. However, we are currently excited about a few more things. But we will be binging along with everyone else in January 2020 when the show premieres.

7 Not: Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told is a show based on the fiction novel of the same name. It will star Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul. she plays a lawyer who uncovers planted evidence and a cover-up. He plays the man who was convicted of a crime he insists he did not commit. The show is written by Nichelle D. Tramble. It is brought to us by Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine (along with a few other shows that will be exclusive to Apple TV).

6 Excited For: Little Voice

This is another show that has been pretty hyped up by Apple TV. However, we just aren’t feeling it like we should be. J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles are executive producers of this show that is a “love letter to the diverse musicality of New York which explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s.” This is all we know so far but it sounds a little bit boring. One of the upsides is that Bareilles will be writing original music for the show. This could be its saving grace. We will have to wait for more information before we decide if this show is for us.

5 Not: Amazing Stories

Who doesn’t want a Steven Spielberg TV series in their roster? Unfortunately, sometimes the big name isn’t enough to draw the crowd and this might be the case for Amazing Stories. It was an old show that Spielberg loved from his youth and Apple TV is certainly giving into his vision.

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They describe the show as being able to transport audiences to new times and places. However, it remains to be seen whether the service will be able to pull something of this level off.

4 Excited For: Mythic Quest

Rob McElhenney and co-star Charlie Day are teaming up for a new comedy surround the video game world. The series will be partly produced by Ubisoft who we all know as an underrated gaming company. We don’t know much about the show yet and the only teaser we have received was during Apple TV’s March 25th event showcasing what is to come. What we do know is if you love video games, comedy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia than this could be your next favorite comedy. The show looks to mostly be about a company and their journey to making a new video game. We are most excited to see Charlie and Mac in a new scenario together.

3 Not: A Christmas Carol

Every few years someone re-imagines A Christmas Carol and has families flocking to the theaters to enjoy. This year it is the same thing but you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. This one will star Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

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We don’t know how necessary or funny this will be. Ferrell has a tendency to overact and Reynolds has no time for this he should be working on a new Deadpool movie. Maybe one where the X-Men let him move into the academy. We can all just re-watch one of the hundreds of adaptations of this beloved story.

2 Excited For: Lisey’s Story

Whenever Stephen King says he is going to do something it gets done. Back in 2017, the novelist said that one of his stories he would love to see adapted is Lisey’s Story. About a woman whose writer husband dies. She begins to pack up his office but horrible things begin to haunt her. The story is about mental health, death, coping and how deep trauma can affect you. King’s prayers were answered when Apple TV wanted his story for their streaming service. They even got King to sign on to write ALL the episodes. The series will be produced by J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot but it doesn’t look like he will be producing it himself.

1 Not: Home

This is a reality show about homes, yes, another one, one we certainly don’t need. The show is described as offering “viewers a never-before-seen look inside the world’s most extraordinary homes, and delves into the minds of the people who built them.” Been there, done that, right? Even though it sounds like it is more geared towards tech-heads it still sounds extremely repetitive. How many more home shows do we need? Especially on a service that we have to pay for anyway.

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5 Reasons We’re Excited For Ronda Rousey On Total Divas (& 5 Reasons Why We’re Worried)

For a number of years, it seemed as if Ronda Rousey heading to WWE would just be a pipe dream; but she not only became a WWE Superstar, she was also the first female champion to headline WrestleMania.

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Now, it’s time for Ronda to headline a smaller screen venture in Total Divas. The show has been a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of female WWE wrestlers, with Ronda poised to take the fans into the happenings of her life. Still, we do have some reservations over this prospect along with our excitement, and you’ll find 5 of each in this list below.

10 Excited: Behind The Scenes For Her WWE Debut

Chances are we won’t see much of the happenings around Ronda’s WWE debut last year, seeing as it was a long time before this season of Total Divas, but that doesn’t mean the show can’t pull out stuff from WWE archives and have Ronda detail about what was going on.

It’s still a point of fascination for fans as to how WWE expertly kept things under wraps for Ronda’s big debut and having a show where she has enough time to talk about this experience would mean we could get a nice detailed account of how Ronda and WWE managed to pull it off.

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9 Worried: That Her Roles Comes Across As Too Scripted

Even though Total Divas is supposed to be a reality show, we all know a lot of it is scripted. Case in point is Renee Young and Dean Ambrose’s relationship, which was clearly made to look as if Ambrose was really a lunatic and their onscreen portrayal suffered.

The same could befall Ronda, who WWE might want to ensure still comes across as a badass, leading to episodes of Total Divas where Ronda doesn’t seem genuine in what she’s doing. In the lead-up to WrestleMania 35, Ronda was criticized for not being very natural on the mic, so here’s hoping we don’t get something similar for Total Divas either.

8 Excited: Seeing Her Relationship With Other Female Wrestlers

The only friend we know Ronda has for sure on the WWE roster is Natalya, apart from whom she was always shown in a competitive light against the other wrestlers. Now that we’ll have her in a realistic setting, we might just see how Ronda’s relationship with her fellow superstars really is like. 

It would be most fascinating to see how she interacts with people like Nia Jax or Alexa Bliss, seeing as they had antagonized Ronda the most on Raw. It’ll go a long way in humanizing these superstars in the eyes of the fans if we see them being genuinely friendly.

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7 Worried: If She Might Just Be There To Make Up The Numbers

Although Total Divas is meant to be an ensemble offering, we all felt as if it was the “Bella Twins Show” for the most part until the twins got their own series. Quite a lot of the time it had been the sisters taking up most of the spotlight, leaving the rest to round out the cast. 

This fate could still befall Ronda, although thankfully the Bellas aren’t supposed to have a starring role this season. There’s still a chance Total Divas is just pushing Ronda’s appearance mainly just to snag in the ratings, rather than Ronda actually having much to show for herself within the series.

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6 Excited: Seeing Her Funnier Side

The problem with Ronda’s promos being too scripted was that even when she was trying to come across as a normal babyface, it just made it seem like her lines were being fed to her; the few jokes she made were rather corny. 

But we know she’s capable of being funny in general, as best evidenced in a video where she trolled the WWE Universe by playing a musical instrument in the weirdest of places rather than address the issue of her future. It is this version of Ronda that we badly want to see onscreen, as it would show the viewers who the real person behind the character is.

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5 Worried: Smark Fans Finding Material To Heckle Her With

For some Total Divas stars, the show hasn’t been what the fans wanted. Names such as Renee Young and Paige were underwhelming, while others like the Bella twins’ portrayal was exactly what fans wanted. 

Someone like Nikki or Brie Bella are persons whom fans expected to act like divas, but Ronda isn’t that kind of person, at least in the fans’ eyes. Should she come across as something that fans won’t enjoy viewing, then you can bet smarks will be taking advantage of this and ruining the live experience next time Ronda shows up on Raw or SmackDown heckling her or poking fun at her expense.

4 Excited: Understanding Why She Left MMA

Ronda has been very vocal about her mental struggles with losing her last two bouts in the UFC, which led to her spiraling to her lowest point. We learned all that in infrequent appearances on shows like Ellen without having the opportunity to learn the real story. 

Even now, people aren’t sure if Ronda is retired from MMA or not, which sets up her role on Total Divas very nicely for her to share what’s on her mind as far as her MMA future is concerned. We can also find out in full what led to her decision to walk away from the sport and into WWE.

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3 Worried: That She Might Announce She’s Leaving WWE

The Bellas were never popular for being great wrestlers, so the WWE Universe mainly cheered it when they announced their retirements on their show. However, Ronda has only just arrived in the WWE, with there being potential for storylines down the line. 

But there remains a chance that Ronda might follow in the footsteps of the Bellas and announce her retirement from WWE on Total Divas. She hasn’t been seen onscreen in half a year; and with no return on the horizon, we could be in for an episode where Ronda makes her retirement official.

2 Excited: Checking Out Her Home Life

What we know so far about Ronda’s whereabouts is that she’s retreated back to her farm with her husband, and she’s made it known how much she enjoys that kind of lifestyle. So, rather than having a few Instagram posts to make out what that farm looks like, Total Divas could show the ranch in full. 

Along with this, we might be getting in on Ronda’s future plans in her personal life, as she had earlier shared that she wanted to have a child. As was the case with Miz & Mrs, this would open up episodes where we see Ronda and her husband deal with the upcoming challenges of parenthood.

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1 Worried: That It Might Lead To Her Own Spin-off

Sure, we’d like to know more about Ronda Rousey, but that doesn’t mean we want to see another entire show based on her. The advantage of Total Bellas was that the twins stopped hogging screentime on Total Divas, but their own spin-off hasn’t been very good due to overexposure of their lives. 

In the same vein, there would be too much Rousey to go if she announced she was also going to star in her own TV series. It’s best to see these superstars in small doses, as it eliminates the possibility of seeing them at their worst; so, we’re hoping Ronda remains part of an ensemble where the best of her would shine.

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Lord Of The Rings Series: 5 Reasons We’re Excited (& 5 Why We’re Worried)

The good people at Amazon Studios are currently working on a new adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s dense writing about Middle-earth for their streaming service. Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is set to focus on the Second Age – a giant chapter in the history of Middle-earth that was reduced to a passing mention in the prologue of Peter Jackson’s big-screen trilogy.

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Fans have had a mixed response to the series. Even Amazon itself can’t deny that it’s stepping into dangerous territory. So, here are 5 Reasons We’re Excited For Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series (And 5 Why We’re Worried).

10 Excited: It’ll explore new areas of Middle-earth

J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing explored acres upon acres of Middle-earth, including reams’ worth of maps. Peter Jackson’s movies – both his Lord of the Rings movies and his Hobbit movies – explored a lot of Middle-earth, but there are still plenty of corners of the realm that he left unexplored.

With Amazon’s series being set in a different time period than the movies (way back in the Second Age, during Sauron’s reign, before his ultimate fall), there’s a chance that it will be able to dig into the regions, climates, and areas of Middle-earth that have yet to be depicted on the screen.

9 Worried: Peter Jackson already nailed it

Peter Jackson already nailed translating J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings stories to the screen with his Oscar-winning blockbuster trilogy. There’s no point in adapting something that was already done perfectly the first time around. It’s a crazy stretch to think that any new adaptation of The Lord of the Rings will be anywhere near as great as Jackson’s efforts, but even if it is, what would be the point?

The best-case scenario is a show that might be half-decent but doesn’t need to exist, while the worst-case scenario is a show that is pointless, unwatchable, and terribly disappointing.

8 Excited: It will at least have spectacle

If nothing else, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will be replete with marvelous spectacle. The streaming giant is reportedly pumping in a whopping $1 billion to produce the series, which will make it by far the most expensive TV show ever made. The previous record-holder was The Crown, which set the record with around $157 million.

Now, as we’ve seen time and time again in Hollywood, a high production budget is obviously no guarantee of a high-quality show, but it is a guarantee of a gorgeous, spectacular, cinematic show, and when we’re visiting an immersive fantasy world like Middle-earth, that’s an essential element.

7 Worried: The producers are jumping the gun with a planned five seasons

The producers of the new Lord of the Rings series are diving head-first into an absurd commitment. They’ve pumped $1 billion into getting a planned five seasons underway. What if the first season tanks with the critics and is barely watched by anyone? It’ll be kind of embarrassing for them to release another four seasons, just because they already spent $800 million on them.

Jumping the gun rarely works out in Hollywood. Marvel took baby steps towards building the MCU, but there are many other examples (the DCEU, Dark Universe, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, etc.) where the producers jumped in too quickly and failed miserably.

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6 Excited: It can learn from The Hobbit’s mistakes

While Peter Jackson nailed the portrayal of Middle-earth and the characters that populate it in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, then he went and spoiled it all by making The Hobbit trilogy. It focused too heavily on the worst aspects of the original trilogy – cringe comedy, superfluous action, overlong runtimes, etc. – and failed miserably by dragging out a slim little kids’ book to the same length as the Biblically epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It left Middle-earth fans feeling pretty disappointed. Amazon’s new series is a chance to learn from the mistakes that Jackson made with The Hobbit trilogy.

5 Worried: It won’t have any of our favorite characters in it

Since Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is set hundreds of years before Peter Jackson’s trilogy (and because the Tolkien estate has only handed off the rights to certain parts of the Middle-earth lore), we won’t be seeing any of our favorite characters. No Frodo, no Aragorn, no Legolas.

We might be seeing characters like Galadriel and Gandalf, who were around in the Second Age, but it’s unclear if Amazon has the rights to those characters. What’s more, the one character that has been announced to be in the series, Tyra, is entirely new, and not even from Tolkien’s source material.

4 Excited: There’s a lot of talented people attached

While the name Peter Jackson is nowhere to be seen and that’s a little concerning, the talent attached to Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is still pretty intriguing. J.A. Bayona, the director of The Orphanage and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, will helm the first episode.

Writers and production staff from such TV series as Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and Hannibal have been brought on board the series. Meanwhile, showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay haven’t had any produced scripts yet, but they’ve written screenplays for a Star Trek movie and a Flash Gordon movie that generated a lot of buzz in Hollywood.

3 Worried: The storyline they’re doing is less interesting than the main one

It’s been reported that the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon will revolve around the Second Age, which was briefly summarized in the voiceover monologue that opens Peter Jackson’s movie version of The Fellowship of the Ring. If this era of Middle-earth history was really interesting enough to explore in-depth, then J.R.R. Tolkien would’ve done it already.

The real story of Middle-earth – the one that deserves to be fleshed out into a five-season TV series – is Frodo taking the One Ring to Mount Doom. The Second Age is just backstory to that; it’s just not as interesting.

2 Excited: It could be the next Game of Thrones

We’ve just finished following a cinematic multi-part story set in a medieval fantasy world where warring factions fight for their alliances. Although the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones might not have been universally adored by critics and fans (it was actually mostly despised), the show was wildly popular for almost a decade as audiences were whisked away to Westeros every week, engaging in the ongoing storylines.

Now that Game of Thrones is over and a high fantasy drama series-sized hole is in the TV viewing community’s hearts, Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series could take its place.

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1 Worried: It’s yet another rehash

Hollywood has always followed trends, but the latest trend is the most shameful of all: rehashing old movies and TV shows. Instead of telling a bold new story in the Star Wars universe, they’ll give us another rebellious force blowing up another evil empire’s superweapon.

And instead of coming up with a new epic tale to tell, Amazon will simply look back at the box office records from a few years ago and decide to rehash a franchise that did quite well. The Lord of the Rings series is indicative of a wider problem in the film and TV industry, one that only seems to be getting worse.

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Star Wars: 10 Greatest Lando Calrissian Moments To Get You Excited For His Return

While there’s a lot that Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy is doing wrong, one of the things it’s doing right is nostalgically reintroducing us to characters from the original trilogy that the saga’s fans have missed seeing on the big screen since their childhoods. While the characterization of an older Luke Skywalker has been criticized, the reappearances of Han Solo and Princess Leia have been praised. In this year’s saga-ending The Rise of Skywalker, Lando Calrissian will finally make his triumphant return. From the trailers, it looks like the same old Lando.

Here are the 10 Greatest Lando Calrissian Moments To Get You Excited For His Return.

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10 Punching Han Before Hugging Him

In The Empire Strikes Back, when Han takes Leia, C-3PO, and Chewie to Cloud City to see Lando again, he’s worried that Lando will be standoffish. He used his own Sabacc trick against him to win the Millennium Falcon from him, so it seems like he might be apprehensive.

As Han departs the Falcon and Lando approaches him, Lando pretends to take a swing to give Han a good scare before coming in for a hug and laughing at him. It was the perfect way to influence Lando as an unpredictable joker. It also serves to lull Han into a false sense of security.

9 “This deal’s getting worse all the time…”

The big twist in The Empire Strikes Back is that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father, but it has a lot of smaller plot twists peppered throughout it. One of these is that Lando has an ulterior motive for welcoming Han back into his life. He’s made a deal with Darth Vader to hand them over.

Of course, Vader isn’t the most trustworthy guy and he keeps altering the deal, only telling Lando to pray that he doesn’t alter it anymore, which he predictably will. “This deal’s getting worse all the time…” is one of Lando’s most iconic quotes, if not his most iconic one.

8 When Han Almost Shot Him In The Sarlacc Pit

In the opening battle of Return of the Jedi, fought over the Sarlacc Pit for the entertainment of Jabba the Hutt, Han doesn’t have his eyesight back. It’s not too long after he’s been freed from his carbonite freezing, and he was stuck in there for years, so he can hardly see.

But, when one of the Sarlacc’s tentacles gets wrapped around Lando and starts pulling him in, Han springs into action. He starts shooting at the tentacle to get it to let go of Lando, but, since he can’t see, Lando is scared he’ll accidentally hit him.

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7 Rescuing L3-37

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lando Calrissian was canonically confirmed to be pansexual, as the film depicted a romance shared by the smooth-talking con man and his droid co-pilot, L3-37, voiced by Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. When L3 incites a slave revolt in the mines of Kessel, she gets shot in the ensuing chaos.

Lando is stunned to see this and rushes to L3’s side to save her. It’s all captured in a breathtaking over-the-shoulder shot that sees Lando ducking, dodging, and diving out of the way of blaster fire and slave-drivers as he goes after his fallen love.

6 Taking The Rebels To Vader

After Lando has promised to Han and Leia that he’s made a deal that “will keep the Empire out of here forever” to get them to let their guard down, he takes them to what they think will be a nice, relaxing dinner. However, the second the door slides open, standing there is Darth Vader.

Han’s immediate instinct is to shoot at Vader, but he deflects his blasts with the Force. At least Lando has the decency to apologize in this scene. If nothing else, it shows that he’s a good liar. It was pretty duplicitous, but he orchestrated it perfectly.

5 Recording The Calrissian Chronicles

This moment was so brief in Solo: A Star Wars Story that most fans missed it. We see Lando recording another entry in what he has called The Calrissian Chronicles, detailing his latest adventure.

The best part about it is that this isn’t a James T. Kirk-style mission log—it’s colloquial, like a podcast, in exactly Lando’s style. Donald Glover should record an entire audiobook of The Calrissian Chronicles. It would be a great way for Disney to start rebuilding the Expanded Universe that they tore down when they first bought Lucasfilm, and Glover’s Lando was one of the few things in Solo that fans actually liked.

4 Freeing Leia, Chewie, and C-3PO

When Darth Vader starts changing the terms of his deal with Lando, Lando realizes the error in his ways. Vader and the Empire are bad news, and he shouldn’t have sold out his old friend Han and Han’s friends Leia, Chewie, and C-3PO for a quick buck. So, the first chance he gets, he shows that he does, in fact, have a good side by setting the three of them free.

It’s too late to save Han since he’s being frozen in carbonite and shipped off to Tatooine on Boba Fett’s ship, Slave I, to be sold to Jabba the Hutt. Still, he saves who he can save and then they team up to save Han.

3 Saving Luke with the Falcon

Lando had a little moment of catharsis when he got to pilot the Millennium Falcon again. He lost it to Han in a game of Sabacc years earlier, and, with Han getting sold to Jabba the Hutt as a wall decoration, he’s finally back in its cockpit.

Using her innate Force sensitivity, Leia can feel Luke’s presence and that he’s in danger, so she tells Lando to turn the ship around and go back for him. They find him hanging from an air shaft, waiting to be rescued. It’s Leia’s Force abilities that locate Luke, but it’s Lando’s flying skills that get the Falcon’s top hatch right underneath him.

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2 Infiltrating Jabba’s Palace

At the beginning of Return of the Jedi, we see C-3PO and R2-D2 heading to Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine with a message from Luke Skywalker asking the infamous crime lord to free Han Solo, who is frozen in carbonite and hanging from his wall.

However, as we discover over the course of the first act, both Leia and Lando have attempted to infiltrate Jabba’s palace and save Han. Leia gets caught and becomes Jabba’s bikini-clad slave, while Lando has disguised himself as one of Jabba’s skiff guards. It’s not until Luke shows up that the plan works, though.

1 Blowing Up The Second Death Star

When the Empire started construction on a second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, pretty much the same thing could be done to destroy it that the Rebels did in A New Hope. However, since this one was still in construction, they didn’t have to use the Force to get a photon blast into a reactor shaft—they just had to fly into the core of the superweapon and destroy it from within, then fly like hell away from the ensuing explosion. While Luke got the death blow in A New Hope, it was Lando who got the glory in Return of the Jedi.

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