Exclusive: Hostile Planet Footage Shows A Jaguar Hunting… A Crocodile

A new Hostile Planet clip shows a jaguar battling a crocodile. On the National Geographic docuseries that debuted early April 2019, host Bear Grylls explores the world’s most brutal habitats.

National Geographic first launched on television in 2011. Over the years, it’s been known for producing nature-themed series, along with numerous documentaries about historic events and historical figures. In recent years, National Geographic aired the docudrama science fiction series Mars, and the network has also broadcast the talk show StarTalk hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Aside from Hostile Planet, National Geographic currently airs Wicked Tuna, Life Below Zero, Legendary Catch, and Savage Kingdom, among others on-going series.

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In an exclusive Hostile Planet clip that Nat Geo shared with Screen Rant, a jaguar hunts a caiman, otherwise known as a crocodile from Central and South America. Early on, the jaguar slowly lurks in a swamp, with Grylls narrating the action. Initially, a wide shot shows the jaguar’s approach, but then a close-up focuses on the jaguar’s eyes as it processes the movements of its prey. The jaguar then pounces on the crocodile, prompting a few moments of aquatic tumbling and twirling. The jaguar establishes control, not only with a strong hold on the prey’s body, but also with a firm bite on the back of the head. The jaguar finally manages to flip the crocodile, allowing for an immobilizing skull bite. Watch the full Hostile Planet clip below. 

Hostile Planet is produced by cinematographer and director Guillermo Navarro. In 1993, Navarro was director of photography on Guillermo del Toro’s horror film Cronos, and then collaborated with Robert Rodriguez for Desperado, Four Rooms, and the original From Dusk till Dawn. He was later hired by Quentin Tarantino to shoot the 1997 crime thriller Jackie Brown, and then reunited with del Toro for The Devil’s Backbone and Hellboy. For his cinematography work on del Toro’s 2006 dark fantasy drama Pan’s Labyrinth, Navarro won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. In recent years, Navarro has crossed over into television, directing episodes of Hannibal, Narcos, Preacher, Luke Cage, and Star Trek: Discovery. Next, Navarro will serve as the cinematographer for Stephen Gaghan’s 2020 fantasy comedy The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Antonio Banderas. 

While Hostile Planet’s host and narrator Bear Grylls is crucial to the series’ appeal, Mother Nature itself is obviously the primary focus and source of the best material. Even so, Grylls is indeed an experienced military veteran, along with being a well-known survivalist figure in mainstream pop culture. With Guillermo Navarro running the show for Hostile Planet, National Geographic has ensured that each episode will not only be immaculately produced, but also full of visuals that transcend the typical film-and-watch nature documentaries of the past.  

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Q.V. Hough

Exclusive Look At The Art and Making of Disney’s Aladdin

We have an exclusive look at photos and details for Aladdin thanks to Disney and Insight Editions’ The Art and Making of Aladdin. The soon to be released book provides a behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s upcoming live-action remake and star Mena Massoud who’s playing Aladdin. The film is currently in the midst of its marketing campaign as anticipation builds for the summer release.

Aladdin is the next live-action re-imagining of a classic animated movie to come from Disney, and fans of the original are hoping to see it do justice to the beloved 1992 film. The difficulty that can come with these remakes, though, is figuring out how much nostalgia to lean on to stay true to the previous versions of the film, while also adding to the story and characters when possible. For Aladdin, it is up to director Guy Ritchie to bring the popular characters and beautiful visuals to life once again. To do this, Ritchie and Disney brought Will Smith aboard as a rapping Genie and cast Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively.

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Screen Rant can now exclusively debut two pages from Disney and Insight Editions’ The Art and Making of Aladdin which highlight Massoud’s portrayal of the titular street rat and the immaculate set design for the Sultan’s palace. The book is written by Emily Zelmer and, as you’ll see, is filled with wonderful imagery and stories. The first image showcases Massoud’s Aladdin, but also includes quotes from him and producer Jonathan Eirich on the casting process and the updated version of the character. The second image shares several new looks at the set for Sultan’s palace. Check out the two spreads from The Art and Making of Aladdin below.

Everything You Need to Know About Mena Massoud’s Aladdin

An Exclusive Look at Sultan’s Palace in Live-Action Aladdin

With the detailed looks that these two spreads provide, The Art and Making of Aladdin is going to be a must have for fans of the upcoming movie. The full book features more images straight from the magical movie and new details about the development and production. Special looks at Smith’s Genie and new characters like Nasim Pedrad’s Dalia are included too, along with more in-depth features on them.

The book also features exclusive interviews with Ritchie about his adaptation, as well as legendary composer Alan Menken and La La Land lyrcists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who wrote original songs for the live-action movie. Interested parties can pre-order the book now for $45.00 and begin diving in to the content when it is released on April 30, 2019, or you can wait a few weeks and purchase it after seeing the new movie, which hits theaters on May 24, 2019. With the stunning visuals on display in these images though, The Art and Making of Aladdin should satisfy anyone looking for more Aladdin related content.

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Source: Insight Editions

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Cooper Hood

Exclusive: DC/Vertigo’s American Carnage #6 Preview

The American Carnage comic series from DC/Vertigo hasn’t pulled any punches in its harrowing tale of undercover conspiracy and white supremacist infighting, but the gloves are coming off of its villain in Issue #6, making the stakes clear for what comes next.

The story of Richard King, a mixed race former lawman (who can pass as white) sent into the operation of a billionaire industrialist with political aspirations makes its politics known from the start. And so far, Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez’s story hasn’t disappointed. With the lines between justice and revenge getting blurred, and the old-fashioned “proud boy” white supremacy coming to open conflict with the newer, more sophisticated brand of Klan mentality, our exclusive preview of American Carnage #6 hits the ground running.

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Until now the billionaire Wynn Morgan–whose connections to white supremacy and money laundering were being investigated when the FBI agent on the job turned up dead–has stayed out of the spotlight. But with the first pages of Issue #6, there is no doubt that Richard has been shown the door into the heart of Morgan’s grand plan. But before he lets Richard walk through it, he’s got a white supremacist manifesto to unfurl one egomaniacal talking point at a time.

Take a look at Wynn’s political view of the world in our preview pages below, and believe us when we tell you that Richard’s description of Wynn’s outlook as a “dramatic way of looking at things” doesn’t cover the half of it.

That’s a heck of a tease to end on, considering how much Wynn has already asked of Richard. The previous issue had Richard sent on a mission to murder one of the chief “inbred jethro” ringleaders complicating Wynn’s political campaign. And while he didn’t actually commit the murder, readers can assume that restraint is going to cost him. But fans will have to wait for the full issue arriving this Wednesday to see how Richard’s story gets even more dangerous, charged, and violent. But for now, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • AMERICAN CARNAGE (2019) #6
  • Published: April 17th, 2019
  • Writer: Bryan Hill
  • Art: Leandro Fernandez
  • Cover: Ben Oliver
  • Richard is trapped. What began as a routine undercover mission for his next paycheck has devolved into a nightmare of mortal consequences. Having disrupted Wynn’s inner network and catapulted well past the point of no return, Richard fears he must sever himself from Sheila’s original assignment in order to survive—but before he can implement their final plan, a revelation from Jennifer forces him to accept his ultimate function within Wynn’s white nationalist empire.

American Carnage #6 will be available from your local comic book store on April 17th, or direct from DC/Vertigo.

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Andrew Dyce

Exclusive: We’ve Played Vader Immortal And It’s Very Cool

ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment studio, has finally shared details on Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, a story set within official Star Wars canon between the first two trilogies that can only be experienced in virtual reality. The news came during the Vader Immortal panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

In addition to the Vader Immortal story trailer and gameplay details, it was confirmed that star Maya Rudolph will play ZOE3, a quick-witted droid co-pilot and first mate that players partner with. “Much in the way Alan Tudyk did with K-2SO, we needed somebody for this role that could create a unique character using their improvisation and performance skills,” said writer and executive producer David S. Goyer. “Maya truly was the first person we thought of, right from the very beginning, and her contributions and sense of humor have guided ZOE3 every step of the way.”

The interactive story, a seamless mix if television and video game experiences, was announced previously as a launch title for the Oculus Quest headset launching in Spring 2019 ($399 USD for 64GB) but it will be playable on all Rift headsets, including the upcoming Rift S. ILMxLAB and Oculus had a large and impressive booth on the show floor and where we demo’d Episode I yesterday and chatted with the minds behind it.

Vader Immortal Gameplay Details & Impressions

You’re the captain of the Windfall, a smuggling ship near Mustafar, but you get captured by Imperial forces and brought to Vader because he has chosen you. That’s the starting premise

The segment we played of Vader Immortal Episode I begins in an Imperial interrogation room where a hovering IT-O Interrogator (from A New Hope) floats in the corner while a cyborg Imperial Officer (voiced by Steve Blum who plays Zeb in Star Wars Rebels), missing an arm and half his face (based on a Raiders of the Lost Ark concept), talks to you before Darth Vader enters want walks down a corridor to confront you. There are clips of this in the above trailer.

It’s easily the best digital visual depiction of Darth Vader yet, bolstered by the fact that you’re actually in the room with him, in first-person being confronted by the dark force user who is at first only visible as an intimidating and dark silhouette. Vader’s voice is spot on thanks to actor Scott Lawrence returning for the part after voicing him in Episode III and numerous Star Wars video games.

In first person, the player can only see their hands. It’s up to them to put themselves into the character which is why an age or gender isn’t given. The character is you or whoever you want to be, and in our demo, your first task is to open a puzzle box for Vader. When you do, it impresses Vader and he’s not confident in your power and usefulness to him.

In the next section you’re given a blue lightsaber as training droids float around the room, including behind the player blasting in three-laser busts. With the right timing, and careful observation of sound, players can master dealing with multiple targets and additional large robots who wield their own lightsaber-esque weapons. This dojo sequence is where players will get a workout, but this and the intro with Vader represent only a tiny fraction of what Episode I of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series will entail since its narrative storyline will run about 45-60 minutes. There are two additional followup episodes coming as well but no details or dates have been revealed on these.

In addition to the main story, the Lightsaber Dojo offers replayability and open-ended play. From a control standpoint, the Oculus Quest headset is wireless and allows freedom of rotation and movement, and in each hand the Oculus touch controllers only require users (at least in the demo) to use their index and middle fingers so it’s a very welcoming learning curve.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series Story Synopsis​

Set between the events of ​Revenge of the Sith​ and ​A New Hope, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series​ is an original narrative adventure that lets audiences step into the role of a smuggler operating near Mustafar, the volcanic world that Darth Vader calls home. In typical ​Star Wars​ fashion, they’ll soon find themselves in the middle of a grand adventure as they are unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace — and eventually come face to face with the Sith Lord himself.

Vicki Dobbs Beck (ILMxLAB Executive in Charge) tells us that the goal was to push visual fidelity on the Oculus Quest headset, but more importantly, to give users experiencing the story the freedom of movement without wires. This way they can truly look and move 360 degrees and engage in action sequences where enemies or objects of interest are in front and behind you.

Narrative Designer Mohen Lee, who worked on set for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, tells us that at the time general audiences were beginning to understand VR and Lucasfilm would be teasing Vader’s castle on Mustafar in the movie and wanted to do more. “We wanted to tell a story where the character interactions and meeting iconic characters like Vader is just as engaging as the action moments, so there’s really a balance between story and interactivity.”

The ILMxLAB team worked very closely with the Lucasfilm Story Group to ensure the VR series is entirely within canon, and if you’ve read the latest story arc in the Darth Vader comics by Charles Soule, there are connections to that as well. “We worked very closely with the story group because it was important to us that this could stand as canon story and becomes part of the story of who Vader is,” explains Lee who says they’re “always” thinking about what stories to tell in the future after episodes and 3 wrap up the Vader Immortal series, teasing that players will be able to use force powers in the next episodes, beginning with learning these abilities in Episode 2.

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Rob Keyes

Exclusive Concept Art From Disney’s Live-Action Dumbo

We have an exclusive look at concept art from Dumbo featured in Dumbo: The Official Movie Special delivers early designs of pivotal scenes and the imaginative sets. Over the last several years, Walt Disney Studios has been going back to their vault of animated movies and remaking them for the big screen again in live-action. This practice has brought about much success for the studio, and there is hope that 2019 will feature more of the same.

Based on the original 1941 animated classic, Disney hired Tim Burton to direct the new and expanded version of Dumbo. While the original film focuses primarily on the large-eared elephant, the live-action version introduces the Farrier family and other humans as key players to Dumbo’s story. Dumbo has only been in theaters for a few weeks now, and even though it has received some lackluster reviews, many have found the visuals to be particularly memorable.

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Screen Rant has an exclusive look at concept art from Disney and Titan’s book Dumbo: The Official Movie Special, which is now available to buy. The first piece of art shows the early stages of Dumbo’s clown routine as a firefighter, an iconic scene from the original animated feature. Production designer Rick Heinrichs spoke to the importance of the scene saying it is “an important element we’ve preserved from the original film.” This concept art can be seen below, followed by a look at the designs for the giant sets of Dreamland.

Heinrichs says that Dreamland has an “optimistic futurism” design to it, but also shared details on the specific look that Burton was looking for. According to Heinrichs, “Tim [Burton] wanted us to harken to the defiantly forward-looking World’s Fair park aesthetic of the ’30s.” Along with these two breathtaking pieces of art, Disney also provided previews of two insert pages that tell the story of Dumbo and details on the world famous trapeze artist Colette Marchant, played by Eva Green. See both of these below.

While concept art may not always be an accurate representation of what is shown in a movie, these pieces from Dumbo: The Official Movie Special are true to what audiences saw in the theater. The gigantic sets of Dreamland are fully realized as both Burton and Heinrich imagined. Their successful collaboration is no surprise either, as Dumbo marks the sixth time the pair have worked together. They first joined forces for Sleepy Hallow in 1999, and followed this up with Planet of the Apes in 2001, then Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows in 2012 and Big Eyes in 2014.

Fans of Dumbo can get their hands on this art and much more by purchasing Dumbo: The Official Movie Special, which is now on sale. The hardcover book offers an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the movie, and includes exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the film, including Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and more. Dumbo: The Official Movie Special costs $19.99 and can be found at several major retailers.

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Cooper Hood

Exclusive Into the Badlands Clip: Sunny Versus the Black Lotus

An exclusive clip for next week’s episode of Into the Badlands previews an epic battle between Sunny (Daniel Wu) and the Black Lotus. The clip may also be our first look at Sunny’s sister, a character whose identity is one of the season’s biggest mysteries.

In February, AMC announced that Into the Badlands would end after season 3. Following a long hiatus, the post-apocalyptic martial arts series finally returned at the end of March, and will conclude in May. The remaining episodes of Into the Badlands will tie up Sunny’s battle with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay). Recent episodes have introduced a new threat in the form of a group called the Black Lotus, who share deep ties to Sunny’s mysterious and troubled past.

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AMC has shared an exclusive clip of next Monday’s episode, “Black Lotus, White Rose,” with Screen Rant. The clip reveals that Sunny was captured by the Black Lotus following the fight at the end of this week’s episode. During the clip, a female Black Lotus warrior who possesses the Gift frees Sunny, and a bloody battle ensues in classic Into the Badlands fashion. Together, Sunny, Bajie (Nick Frost), and the woman fight off the Black Lotus and their leader, Magnus (Francis Magee).

The identity of Sunny’s new ally could serve as a major turn of events for the series. Sunny recently learned that he has an older sister, but has no idea who or where she is. All he knows is that she helped save him from the Black Lotus when he was a child, and aided in Sunny and Pilgrim’s escape from the city of Azra. Since only four episodes remain in season 3, it would make sense for her to make an appearance soon.

The clip also drops an important reveal regarding the fate of a key character. Monday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with Magnus stabbing Bajie in the chest. Bajie’s fate was left uncertain, but the clip confirms that the character somehow survives, which is interesting because Bajie doesn’t appear to be injured at all.

Sunny will of course need all the allies he can get for the battles to come. After attacking the Monastery and waking up dozens of Dark Ones, Pilgrim has secured a powerful army, making him even more dangerous than before. However, Pilgrim may not even be Sunny’s greatest threat. Instead, the Black Lotus may be the real villains of season 3.

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Into the Badlands season 3 continues Monday, April 15th on AMC.

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Nicholas Raymond

Exclusive WWE: The Official Cookbook Recipes Have WrestleMania Flavor

Two more exclusive recipes from WWE: The Official Cookbook spotlight WrestleMania XXXV title challengers Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston. In many ways, Lynch and Kingston have traveled similar roads to this year’s WrestleMania, which will see Lynch battle Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship and Kingston challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. Lynch has been a fan favorite since her days in NXT, while Kingston has been one of WWE’s most dependable talents for over a decade, and helped guide popular tag team The New Day to greatness.

In more recent months, both Lynch and Kingston have seen their already considerable popularity surge, leading Lynch to a run with the SmackDown Women’s Championship and Kingston to fight for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. However, both have also had their rises stymied by WWE boss Vince McMahon, in the form of his Mr. McMahon TV character. McMahon repeatedly attempted to block Lynch and Kingston from getting the WrestleMania title shots the fans so desperately wanted them to have, in a manner ironically reminiscent of the many hoops Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made Daniel Bryan jump through before WrestleMania XXX.

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Now, with Lynch and Kingston firmly set for main event-level matches at WrestleMania XXXV, fans can’t wait to see if one or both leave MetLife Stadium with championship gold. In the meantime, WWE: The Official Cookbook publisher Insight Editions has provided us with two more exclusive recipes to pass along, with one focused on Lynch and the other on Kingston. Both are drink recipes, designed to quench the thirst of wrestling fans worldwide. Check them out below, entitled “Becky Lynch-burg Whiskey Blarney Stone” and “Coffee Kingston.”

WWE: The Official Cookbook – which retails for $29.99 – contains a collection of recipes inspired by some of the greatest superstars to ever step into the ring for McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut, and is written by Allison Robicelli with photography by John Dean. We previously covered two recipes based on D-Generation X members Shawn Michaels and Triple H, but there is much more to be found within the cookbook, including “Ba-quiche-ta,” inspired by Triple H’s WrestleMania opponent Dave Bautista.

Some other choice selections found within WWE: The Official Cookbook include recipes inspired by legendary big man Andre the Giant, soon to be Hall of Fame inductee Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, and current United States Champion Samoa Joe. It truly is a fun collectible for WWE devotees, especially those who know their way around a kitchen.

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Source: Insight Editions

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Michael Kennedy

Exclusive: How Deadpool Created Marvel’s Own Batman

The story of the brutal and black-clad Good Night returns in Deadpool #11, asking readers to wonder would have happened if Bruce Wayne’s parents weren’t killed by Joe Chill… but Wade Wilson, instead? The answer is still a version of Batman, but putting the so-called ‘hero’ in the part of the criminal.

Now this is Deadpool we’re talking about, so few fans truly expect for Skottie Young’s first arc on the series to truly make a ‘villain’ out of its lead. In fact, when it was first suggested that Deadpool created Marvel’s own Batman by slaughtering a wealthy couple in front of their son, the scene was played off for a joke. But the laughter is over in our preview of Deadpool #11, coming to fans on April 3, 2019.

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Readers of the series already learned that Batma–sorry, the vigilante calling himself Good Night is not just any ordinary hired gun, or Deadpool opponent. With the exact same origin story as Batman, and a costume not all that dissimilar from the Dark Knight’s, it was assumed that he had also spent his life training for this chance at revenge. The first few pages of the preview don’t dive too deeply into that backstory (referred to as “kinda messed up, you guys” in the official synopsis. But they do confirm the Bat-parallels that Young is driving at–punctuated by an absolutely gorgeous re-imagining of the Wayne murders, courtesy of artist Scott Hepburn.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

Throwing the actual physics or physiology of Deadpool having his skeleton removed out the window, the visual pays off immediately (finally creating a twisted version of this Batman’s ‘cape’ fluttering behind him as he leaps across rooftops). Yet the issue continues to make Good Night deadly serious about his lust for vengeance. Not to mention emphasizing the Marvel universe’s version of the Monarch Theater, whose lights are carried over into Good Night’s own costume (even his name is the film he enjoyed with his parents, before they were murdered). Even Deadpool has to admit, this origin story is the kind that any good mercenary would kill for.

The first pages set up a more detailed life story delivered by Good Night, which we hope will be the case. With this preview taking the idea of a Batman rip-off from funny to legitimately stunning artistically, we can’t wait to see what else young and Hepburn have in store. But until the full issue arrives next week, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • DEADPOOL (2019) #11
  • Published: April 3rd, 2019
  • Writer: Skottie Young
  • Art: Scott Hepburn
  • DEADPOOL: BONELESS AND EXTRA CRISPY! Good Night has removed Deadpool’s bones! What has Good Night been doing since Deadpool killed his parents? I know the answer. It’s…it’s kinda messed up, you guys.

Deadpool #11 will be available from your local comic book store on March 27th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Exclusive: Project Nova Status Update From CCP Games

In October 2018 we had the opportunity to finally get hands-on with CCP Games’ long-in-development first-person shooter Project Nova, a game that’s meant to be the spiritual successor of sorts to DUST 514. Set within the EVE Online universe but serving as a standalone, next-gen PC shooter, the game hadn’t been playable for the media or public since EVE Fanfest 2016 – and that old version, known at the time as Project Legion, was in reality a different sort of prototype.

Project Nova, built on Unreal Engine 4, was meant to launch as a playable alpha in late 2018 until CCP Games announced that they were going back to drawing board with it. We’ve not heard anything official since, until we spoke with CCP Games Senior Community Manager Paul Elsy, known as CCP Falcon.

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At CCP’s fan-focused EVEsterdam event this past weekend, the first stop on a series of events around the world under their EVE Invasion Tour, Elsy explained to me that “Nova’s in the incubator. We’ve learned some exciting things with it. It’s super cool. We’re just seeing where to go from there, basically.”

I asked if it’ll be a major departure from what we played at EVE Vegas in October before it was decided upon to be reworked.

“I don’t think so. The core gunplay is there, but it’s about figuring out what is the wider purpose?”

The core gunplay is what Game Designer Steven Clark emphasized to me back in 2017 when CCP Games, while not showing Project Nova at the time, confirmed at their EVE Fanfest event in Iceland that they were committed to the game, to the shooter experience first and foremost, and weren’t going to rush it. CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar reiterated the same to me in 2017 and twice again last year. One of the benefits of the player feedback from each version they’ve sent, and from the acquisition of CCP Games by Pearl Abyss, is that the company is focused on the long-term, the community, and quality so there’s no rush to put out something just to have an EVE-based shooter on the market.

From the vague details we’ve learned however, it seems it’s Project Nova’s gameplay meta being worked on, what modes will make the game worth playing, etc.. When we interviewed Project Nova devs in 2018 at EVE Vegas, the modes discussed were basic objective modes and PvP squad and team based modes for up to 32 players. Perhaps that wasn’t enough.

What we played was visually impressive (the videos above and below showcase the sniper and assault classes we tried), but the AI and movement felt dated for something that would be playable to the public a few weeks later. Players couldn’t mantle, climb or lean, when other modern shooters are all pushing boundaries on these fronts, and the objective-capturing involved stopping the momentum and combat for players, which seemed counter-inuitive in a co-op or competitive action title. Still, there was potential here because the gunplay felt strong.

What was playable involved only three classes, each with a unique weapon, but none of the subclasses, additional weapons, or mods described to us were available in the pre-alpha demo. There wasn’t much there so we’re curious if these issues will be addressed and what the standout modes or gameplay will be in an era where large-scale battle royales with an emphasis on movement and more dynamic gameplay are the top trending games in the genre – a mode however that Hilmar tells me they wouldn’t be chasing after.

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Source: CCP Games

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Rob Keyes

Exclusive Preview: Vertigo’s LUCIFER Finally Burns

The Lucifer series from DC/Vertigo is building to its big finish, and after millennia of tricking souls, the time has come for The Devil to finally give some payback to all the poor souls he’s fooled…

After the previous issue finally started pulling the disparate storylines of Lucifer, John Decker, Caliban and more into a clear Endgame, Lucifer #6 is making its titular hero answer for his past crimes. Our preview of Lucifer #6 shows how brutal that vengeance will get within seconds, but the damned souls complaining about their deals with The Devil may not get the victory they’re after. This is Lucifer, after all.

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For now Lucifer stands united with what remains of Sycorax, trapped inside of her skull with the countless spirits encountered in these first pages. Meanwhile, back in the world of the living, Sycorax’s son Caliban is on the hunt for that very skull (keen to bring both his mother and Lucifer out of it). If only John Decker wasn’t moments away from shattering it into pieces…

Take a look at the preview pages below:

Even with so many storylines swirling, our preview highlights the two biggest strengths of the Lucifer series this far. The uncertain twists and turns of Lucifer’s journey back to the character he used to be, and how beautifully it is realized thanks to artists Sebastian Fiumara, Max Fiumara, and Dave McCaig. As thrilling as it may be to imagine Robert Johnson getting the chance to set Lucifer aflame for his devil’s bargain, or the other ‘victims’ taking a swing at him in weakened form, it’s still Lucifer who stands in the spotlight. It’s hard not to be on his side, since the morals of these stories was always to be careful what you wished for, not demonstrating how vindictive or deceptive Lucifer is once called upon.

More importantly, it is Lucifer shouting down these lost souls, engulfed in flames, that forms one of the most memorable scenes of the series. With the flames seeming to have burned away his scars and wounds by the final panel, and his command of these past acts, bargains, and fools, this scene may also prepare readers for the return of Lucifer – in his youthful, strong appearance fans have long known. But to find that out readers will have to wait for the full issue releasing this Wednesday. Until then, take a look at the full synopsis and details below:

  • LUCIFER (2019) #6
  • Published: March 20th, 2019
  • Writer: Dan Watters
  • Art: Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara, Dave McCaig
  • Cover: Tiffany Turrill
  • Lucifer remembers. But the price of clarity may be destruction, as the Devil sits at the edge of a precipice—and erstwhile allies remember his past sins, too. Meanwhile, the Moon attempts to steal from the Earth, and a potential Antichrist is conceived.

Lucifer #6 will be available from your local comic book store on March 20th, or direct from DC/Vertigo.

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Andrew Dyce