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One of the most popular television series of the ’80s, Magnum, P.I. stood out among other action-packed, glossy programs like Miami Vice because of its lush Hawaiian location and easy-going charm of star Tom Selleck in a career defining role. As Thomas Magnum, he cruised around Oahu in his employer’s bright red Ferrari, solving cases as a private investigator.

When he wasn’t righting wrongs, he was dealing with the security at the sprawling estate of famous and reclusive writer Robin Masters, who let him live in his guest house as well as avail himself of all his luxury items. Magnum was aided by old Navy buddies T.C. and Rick, as well as by Masters’ stuffy British butler Higgins. You may recognize the mustache and be able to hum the theme song, but here’s 10 facts you might not know about Magnum, P.I.!


When the character of Thomas Magnum was first written, he was supposed to be similar in personality and looks to James Bond; dashing, debonair, with a girl on each arm and a martini in his hand. Tom Selleck had issues with that take, since it didn’t allow for him to stretch as an actor, and wasn’t very interesting because he was too perfect.

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Selleck pitched a different angle to the writers; have Magnum be more of a laid-back average joe that male viewers could relate to. More like Jim Rockford on the Rockford Files. The writers initially didn’t want to accept it, but Selleck would have done Raiders of the Lost Ark if they hadn’t, so Magnum became the conciliating jock he is today.


After the series ended in 1988, there was briefly talk of Thomas Magnum making the leap to the big screen. Tom Selleck would be joined by the original cast, and it would focus on Magnum’s return to the Navy and his subsequent missions. Tom Clancy wrote the script and it was pitched to Universal Studios.

Universal didn’t feel that the cast would be a big enough draw, even with Tom Selleck’s popularity in previous films like Three Men and a Baby and Lassiter. Though it was never made, it did free his schedule up to appear in the Australian Western Quigley Down Under, which Selleck has said is his favorite film role.


Hawaii Five-O, one of CBS’s most popular television series went off the air in 1980, the same year that Magnum P.I. debuted. Unwilling to let its Hawaiian Production facilities lay dormant, CBS executives decided that Thomas Magnum should be solving cases in Hawaii, and made use of many old Hawaii Five-O sound stages.

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Magnum, P.I. became synonymous with the lush, tropical backdrop of Hawaii, from its beautiful beaches to the laid back attitude of its main star. Magnum even makes references to  Detective Steve Garrett, played by Jack Ford on Hawaii Five-O, though he never ended up filming a cameo.


As iconic in some respects as Magnum’s mustache, his red Ferrari became one of the signature stars of the show. Before producers settled on exactly what wheels Magnum would have, they originally wanted to put him in a Porsche. At the time, the company refused to make modifications to their cars, which meant that all 6’4″ of Tom Selleck wouldn’t be able to fit in their front seats.

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As it was, the red Ferarris 308 GTS Selleck drove in the series had to have padding removed, tops cut into, and seats permanently removed so that he could fit comfortably. Ferarri experienced a big boost in sales after the series began gaining popularity, which Porsche probably regretted not getting a piece of.


Fans of the series and American pop culture history can gawk at Thomas Magnum’s signature style at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. There you’ll find, amidst Archie Bunker’s chair from All in the Family and a Kermit the Frog puppet, Magnum’s “Jungle Bird” Hawaiian shirt. The loud red shirt, featuring banana leaves and bright blue parrots, is the most famous of the Hawaiian shirts he sported on the show.

You’ll also find his Detroit Tigers baseball cap and the signet ring that Magnum and his team of friends wore to commemorate their time serving in the Vietnam War. Tom Selleck himself presented the collection to the Smithsonian in 2011.


At the time that Magnum, P.I. came out, the Vietnam War was still very much fresh in America’s memory. It was a conflict that dragged on for many years, and both the reasons for America’s involvement and the highlight of its controversial machinations left a sour taste in the nation’s mouth. Vietnam vets weren’t depicted in a positive light in the news media, and certainly not in primetime television.

By depicting the character of Thomas Magnum as an easy going, relatable guy who happened to be a Vietnam Vet, the series subverted overly aggressive stereotypes. He used his experiences in the Navy to inform his private investigating methods, and involved his fellow veteran friends on cases, creating one of the first positive depictions of a Vietnam Vet on screen.


Tom Selleck is a huge Detroit Tigers fan and worked with the writers of the series to introduce his favorite sports team into Thomas Magnum’s daily wear. While at first the writer’s didn’t know what to make of an aesthetic that included loud Hawaiian shirts, blue jeans, and a ubiquitous Detroit Tigers baseball cap, their initial anxiety was quelled the moment it became revered by the public.

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Thrilled to wear his Tigers cap whenever he wanted, Selleck went one step further and sought to have an episode filmed in Detroit and feature real Detroit Tigers players. While the series didn’t go on location there, several real players appeared in cameos interacting with Magnum.


As was popular in the 80s, CBS had its most popular programs participate in frequent crossovers to boost their ratings. In the Magnum, P.I. episode “Novel Connection”, and the Murder, She Wrote episode “Magnum on Ice”, Jessica Fetcher (dame Angela Lansbury) is the only one who can prove Magnum’s innocence when he’s arrested for murder.

Magnum also crossed over with the private investigator stars of Simon & Simon, where the three investigators searched all over Hawaii for a mysterious artifact that brought death to all who found it. There were talks of a Quantum Leap crossover, but Magnum, P.I. was off the air before it could happen.


Famed television composer Mike Post, responsible for such earworms as the A-Team theme, The Rockford Files theme, The Greatest American Hero theme, and the Quantum Leap theme was the man who made the Magnum, P.I. theme song infiltrate the Hot 100 Billboard Chart at Number 25. It could be heard on actual radio circulation since 1982.

The original theme song wasn’t as catchy, prompting CBS producers to bring in the King of 80s theme songs, Mike Post. Later on, he was responsible for the iconic “dun, dun” sound of a gavel coming down numerous times in every Law and Order episode.


In recent years, there’s been something of an ’80s nostalgia in the air. Shows like Stranger Things have been incredibly successful due to capitalizing on classic ’80s paraphernalia, music, and fashion. CBS decided to team up with the producers of the Fast and the Furious franchise to deliver a reboot of Magnum, P.I. starring Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum.

So far, the series has only had one season, but CBS plans to pick it up for a second if fans demand it. Featuring all the same action and comedy as the original, with a few notable changes (the role of Higgins has been gender-swapped), it remains to be seen whether or not it will improve on the iconic series.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber From Star Wars Canon

The lightsaber. This elegant weapon for a more civilized age has been the choice accessory for Jedi since their inception. Varying in size, shape, color, and style, the lightsaber is a versatile weapon for both non-force users, Jedi, and Sith. Each saber is specifically crafted for its user and holds an important personal connection to those who wield it. It is the ultimate symbol of Star Wars.

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Whether it is Darth Maul’s double-bladed preference or the simple elegance of the Skywalker blade, everyone puts their own spin on their Lightsaber. Obi-Wan Kenobi, the fabled Jedi Master of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, has had a varied history in regards to his lightsabers. Here are ten facts about Obi-Wan’s blue-bladed lightsaber.

10 Ewan Got To Choose His Saber

When filming The Phantom Menace, the crew at Lucasfilm had a chance to play with Obi-Wan’s saber hilt. Though eventually, they needed to get to the iconic hilt Alec Guinness’ character uses in the 1977 original, the production could experiment with other styles before landing on the initial design. This provided a fun bit of wish fulfillment for Obi-Wan himself: Ewan McGregor.

In the excellent behind the scenes documentary The Begining: Making Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace, fans got to witness this momentous occasion for themselves. In the lead up to filming, the prop folks crafted multiple styles of saber hilt for Ewan to look over. Eventually, like a kid in a candy store, he lands on the definite look for Obi Wan’s very first lightsaber.

9 Obi-Wan Had Three Lightsabers

The life of a Jedi is one filled with peril. Their duty, to learn the teachings of the force and to serve as keepers of the peace, sounds a bit more laid back than the reality would lead you to believe. Jedi journey across the galaxy battling monsters, pirates, bounty hunters, and sith, just to name a few. The adversaries and obstacles are many, not to mention the risk.

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Because of this, their equipment suffers a lot of wear and tear. Obi-Wan’s lightsaber specifically has gone through three iterations because of this. The three distinct changes were not due to a want of new aesthetic. No, instead they were necessary replacements for the many missions and duels.

8 The First Was Inspired By Qui Gon Jinn

The first saber of this Jedi Master was inspired by none other than his own mentor Qui-Gon Jinn. This rebellious Jedi master had a different bladed saber than his padawan, choosing the green color as opposed to blue. That being said, Obi-Wan’s hilt was directly designed after that of Qui-Gon’s.

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Qui-Gon’s hilt was a simple design, consisting of a ringed structure painted black, a simple silver frame, and a signature red igniting button near the upper middle. Obi-Wan’s had a similar black structure and red button, but with more flair in its silver framing. The base of the hilt though, bore a rounded end with silver edging, unlike Qui-Gon’s simple base.

7 How Was It Powered?

When it comes to lightsabers, they are not as mysteriously powered as one might think. Most of the structure of the hilt is nothing more than a conductor for the blade. Obi-Wan’s saber, a simple single blade, is not different than most in this regard.

The saber itself was powered with a Diatium power cell, which was the primary power source of the weapon. While the Kyber crystal itself was essential, to ignite its blade it needed a source of heat and power. This is where the power cell enters, fueling the Kyber enough to emit the classic blue blade of Obi-Wan’s signature weapon.

6 The First Was Lost On Naboo

Obi-Wan’s first lightsaber saw a decent amount of action. Battling Droids on Naboo, accompanying him to Tatooine, and on Coruscant, that saber experienced some mileage. Sadly, it wasn’t going to last forever. This first saber saw it’s end when Kenobi faced off against the Sith Apprentice Darth Maul.

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In their first duel, Kenobi, Qui-Gon, and Maul faced off in the Plasma Refinery Complex of Theed Palace. This duel of fates saw the end of Qui-Gon Jinn by the hands of the Sith, leaving Kenobi alone against this foe. Cornering Kenobi in an air shaft, Maul kicked his first saber down toward the pit. Luckily, Obi-Wan was able to force pull his fallen master’s weapon and defeat the Sith.

5 His Second Saber Was Just A Copy

Obi-Wan soon constructed a new weapon after this duel on Naboo. Fans got their first view of this saber in the second episode of the saga: Attack of the Clones. Once again though, this saber was a long call from the distinct design of the A New Hope model.

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This second hilt was nearly an exact replica of his first saber from The Phantom Menace. Nearly identical, every aspect of this hilt is an exact copy of his first apart from the blade emitter. The top of the saber is slightly differing with a rounded and extended opening for the blade.

4 His Second Was Stolen By Geonosians

Out of all of his escapades before and during Episode II, this second saber was never lost. After surviving a Gundark and hunting a changeling, this saber stayed intact. Obi-Wan even had the gall to lecture Anakin for almost losing his saber during the pursuit of Zam Wesell. He should have followed his own directions.

While searching for Jango Fett, Obi-Wan followed the bounty hunter to the desert planet of Geonosis. Here, he discovered a battle droid factory and the home of the recently formed Separatists. It was here that Dooku and the Geonosians capture him and stole his saber, never to be seen again.

3 He Had A Fourth Temporary Saber

Though he soon lost his saber by the hands of the Geonosians, Obi-Wan wasn’t without a weapon during the first battle of the Clone Wars. Once Republic and Jedi forces arrived to aid Anakin, Padme, and Obi-wan, the Master and Apprentice were given temporary replacement sabers for the battle.

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While Anakin was gifted a green blade, Obi-Wan’s temporary saber was once again blue. This lightsaber might not have served its owner long, but it assisted in two very crucial moments. The battle in the arena against Dooku’s forces was the genesis of the entire Clone War, a conflict that would last years. Soon after, Obi-Wan and his padawan would face off against Dooku himself.

2 His Final Saber Was The Most Important

At this point with the Clone Wars in full swing, Obi-Wan finally constructed his iconic saber hilt as seen in A New Hope. This final iteration was quite the departure from his first two designs. This hilt was far thinner is construction, with no bulky rounded end and a thinner middle section. This allowed for far lighter and quicker fighting ability.

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This blade took part in some of the most important moments in Obi-Wan’s life. This weapon assisted in the Clone Wars, against his former padawan (twice), and struck down Darth Maul. It is second only to the Skywalker blade in reputation.

1 Luke Fashioned His Lightsaber After Obi-Wan’s

Though this saber fell with its wielder, it’s legacy continued far beyond. Luke Skywalker, the final apprentice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, constructed his second saber to highly resemble that of his former master’s. Like Obi-Wan before him, this sense of heritage was integral in construction.

Looking at the blades, they both have the singular round emitter, followed by a thin upper-middle and a stronger thicker base. Their ignite button is also a familiar rectangle shape. The reason for many of these similarities is obviously in homage, but also due to availability. When constructing, Luke made his lightsaber from lost pieces found in Obi-Wan’s hut on Tatooine, as seen in a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi.

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Married With Children: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Al Bundy

It seems very strange now, but in 1987, the Fox Network debuted. Until then, there were just four other networks, and if you had cable, your last name could’ve been Rockefeller. The Fox Network sought to offer a huge amount of alternative programming to the other networks. The very first primetime sitcom the network offered was the now iconic Married…With Children. Codenamed “Not The Cosbys,” the show was definitely an alternative. It was a show for the working class that might identify more with down-on-his-luck Al Bundy than the saccharine “lessons need to be learned every week” TV dads that permeated the eighties sitcom landscape.

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The show was a tremendous risk for its time and had plenty of detractors who thought it was too lewd and crude for prime time. But the naysayers only made people more interested in watching the antics of the Bundys and their patriarch. He was identifiable in a way not seen since shows like All In The Family and Sanford And Son. While all of the Bundys, Rhodes, and D’arcys all had their favorites, every fab bows to Al “The King” Bundy, and Ed O’Neill. Here are 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Al Bundy.

10 Who Else Could’ve Played Al?

It is pretty near impossible to picture anyone else other than Ed O’Neill as the head of the Bundy household. But there were two other well-known actors who might have been Al Bundy.

When the show was considering Roseanne Barr to play Peggy, the writers were eyeing the equally loud, obnoxious, and funny Sam Kinison for Al. Thankfully, someone realized the two of them yelling at each other every week wasn’t going to work out. The other audition was none other than the future Kramer himself, Michael Richards.

9 He Might Have Called You Collect

For the people old enough to remember, the fandom for Al Bundy was akin to early versions of social media. A lot of fans now love to take pictures with their favorite celebrities and post them on their social media sites.

But in the nineties, when people met Ed O’Neill, they’d love for him to give a ring to their friends and wish them a happy birthday, but do it as Al. He’d more than happy to oblige a fan, but he’d call their friend collect, which is exactly what Al would do.

8 Appeared In Every Episode

To this day, Married…With Children is still Fox’s longest running live-action sitcom. That’s an impressive feat, considering the show ended over twenty years ago and nothing has come close to breaking that record since.

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The show lasted eleven seasons, most of which were pretty rock-solid overall (we won’t mention Seven here). For 259 episodes, the Bundys ruled and Al Bundy was in every single episode, including spin-off pilots like “Top Of The Heap” or “Radio Fred Tremaine.”

7 Ed O’Neill Cast Because Of The Slump

Besides Sam Kinison and Michael Richards being up for the role, plenty of actors auditioned to play Al Bundy. Even if the show lasted the minimal amount Ed O’Neill thought that it would’ve, it was at least a paying gig.

But everyone trying out for the role were doing either their best Archie Bunker impression or acting like a man on the edge of madness. According to O’Neill himself, no one was getting it. He nailed his audition and Al the moment he came home from work and let out a defeated sigh. It was exactly what creators Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye were looking for.

6 Ed O’Neill’s Walk Of Fame Star

To an actor, getting your star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is a high honor. Ed O’Neill got his star too in back in 2011.

He brought both his Modern Family and Married…With Children co-stars to help him celebrate his much-deserved star. His star is right on Hollywood Boulevard for the world to see, appropriately right in front of the shoe store DSW.

5 His (Not-So) Trusty Dodge’s True Identity

The head of the Bundy household loves his beloved Dodge. His kids were at the very least conceived in it. Kelly once said she felt like she was born in it. Al had driven the thing for so long that the Dodge company was going to give him a brand-new Viper once the car’s odometer hit all nines, crossing over to a million miles.

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The Bundy-mobile has been held together by gum, twigs, and willpower. Al’s had the car for so long, though, that he must’ve forgotten that he doesn’t actually own a Dodge—the car’s a Plymouth.

4 Named After A King, Not A Killer

One of the reasons that some of the actors who auditioned for Al played the part like they were a madman was because some people thought that he was named after a madman. Despite assumptions that Al was named after Ted Bundy, he was named for someone far less notable for being a criminal, but no less menacing.

Moye and Leavitt were huge wrestling fans and liked King Kong Bundy. Bundy even guest-starred as one of Peg’s Uncles in the episode “All In The Family.”

3 Played More Baseball Than Football

For a guy who constantly claimed to have scored four touchdowns in a single game of high school football, Al has seemingly taken more to baseball in his adult life. Aside from a few scrambles, Al has really only partaken in one game of football during the show against the Jackie Onassis First Ladies.

Meanwhile, Al has been part of the New Market Mallers for years and has even had his family be a part of the Mall’s baseball team in more than one episode, most notably in “The Unnatural.”

2 Based On Hometown Friends

One of the reasons that Ed O’Neill was so good at playing Al Bundy was that he derived his take on the Bundy patriarch by basing him off people he knew. Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio meant seeing a lot of working-class men who might have been able to make something more for themselves, but, for whatever the reason, couldn’t do it.

That’s definitely not just a Youngstown thing, but it is where O’Neill grew up. Thankfully and according to him, since the neighborhood didn’t get Fox at the time, no one he knew would be able to get mad at him.

1 Al Bundy Ruined Ed O’Neill’s Dramatic Chops

Before Married…With Children, Ed O’Neill had actually been going more of the dramatic actor route. He had bit parts in films starring Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. He even started in a stage production, Of Mice And Men.

But after embodying Al Bundy, he sort of had to kiss the dramatic roles goodbye. He still had some here and there (most notably, The Bone Collector and Dragnet), but tear audiences would just crack up whenever he was on screen, no matter the lines or subject matter of the film.

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Outlander: 10 Facts About Claire & Frank From The Books The Show Leaves Out

Outlander has managed to amass such a faithful fan following mostly due to the beautiful love story of Jamie and Claire. It’s truly an epic romance that literally travels through space and time, breaking all sorts of barriers time and again. And as much as we absolutely love the dynamic between the two main characters, there’s something to be said about Claire’s first love and husband.

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Those who’ve read the books have more than a few reasons to dislike Frank. However, the show made a series of departures from the books, and as such, the man we see on the show is very different from the one we read about. In order to understand why there’s such a divide between those who read the books and those who’ve only watched the show, let’s take a look at 10 things about Frank and Claire the show left out.

10 Frank Is Quite Older Than Claire

Age and time are very much a pivotal part of both the show and the books. After all, the whole series of events we saw developing throughout the years never would have happened if time-traveling wasn’t a thing. Something that’s related to this topic is the age of the characters.

From the series, we do know that Claire is four years older than the love of her life, Jamie Fraser. However, it is only through the books that we find out there’s a considerable age gap between Claire and her first husband. A decade, to be more precise. It doesn’t come as a surprise the show leaves this fact out since it doesn’t add much to the main plot.

9 There’s Not Much Of A Storyline For Frank

During the first couple of seasons of the show, the showrunners and writers made a point to continue to give us Frank’s point of view in the story. This was one of the first steps the show took in order to make the character more likable. If you get someone’s perspective on a story, you automatically understand them better.

In the books, however, Frank pretty much disappears once Claire goes through the stones. We don’t hear anything from him, what he felt, or how he acted once his wife disappeared. Not knowing what Frank was going through was a big step in making sure people didn’t care much about Frank, putting emphasis on Claire and Jamie’s story alone.

8 The Boston Family Had Dogs

Once Claire went through the stones, leaving behind her marriage and the actual love of her life, she found herself in Boston again. She was pregnant with Jamie’s child but married to Frank, and she was forced to learn how to adapt herself to a reality that was no longer her own.

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There’s no denying that, in spite of all his faults, Frank had redeeming qualities. His choice to stay married to Claire, try to make a broken relationship work, and raise a child that wasn’t his is definitely not for everyone. Frank truly loved Brianna like she was his own flesh and blood, and he provided her with a happy childhood. In the books, the family actually had two pets, a couple of dogs called Bozo and Smoky.

7 Frank Never Searched For Claire

Once again, we find ourselves speaking of how much the series changed Frank’s character in order to make him more likable and truly express his feelings towards Claire. While in the show we get to see an extremely worried Frank searching for his wife when she disappears, the books take a different direction.

There’s no mention of him trying to find Claire once she disappears. In fact, we know very little about what his feelings surrounding the whole thing are. By not giving the character an opportunity to show what he’s feeling and what steps he’s taking to deal with it, audiences find it very hard to sympathize with Frank.

6 Frank Had Several Mistresses

Those who’ve watched the show may be lead to believe that Frank, while far from being a saint, made a very brave decision when he stepped forward to remain married to Claire and raise a child that was not his own. Throughout two decades of living with a woman who didn’t love him anymore, he persevered.

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However, he did fall in love and begin an affair with this woman, which is morally questionable but understandable. In the books, it all goes down differently. Frank is depicted as a total womanizer, who takes several mistresses while he is still married to Claire. This is much worse than taking a mistress who he loves and plans to marry, and it angered fans who first met Frank by reading the books.

5 Frank Is A Side Story

In spite of everyone being in love with the idea of Claire and Jamie being in love, the show does a great job of not completely ignoring the fact that Claire was once married to Frank. Not only was she married to him, but she also loved him, and we get to see this love story play out to a considerable extent on the show.

But the books don’t go out of their way to display this relationship. They seriously downplay Frank’s role in Claire’s life, as well as in her heart. Sure, Claire’s true and eternal love is Jamie, and there’s no denying that. But she did have a life before him, and Frank was a big part of it.

4 Claire Talks About Her Life With Frank

It’s understandable that anyone would be jealous if they were to marry someone who was previously married to another person. Jamie loves Claire to death, but he’s still reticent when it comes to hearing about Frank, and he resents Frank for being the man who got to raise his daughter, Brianna.

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In the books, however, Claire has no problem talking to Jamie about her first husband. There’s a scene where she goes into detail about the life she had with him and the things they built together. This is actually the only instance in the book where we get to warm up a little bit to Frank and recognize that he was an important piece of the puzzle.

3 Frank Is Very Racist

It’s already been established that Frank isn’t exactly the most likable person in the books. It’s enough that he doesn’t seem to be bothered to search for Claire once she disappears, and takes a lot of mistresses while the two of them are still married. But the books don’t stop here in their campaign to make Frank a horrible character.

After Claire returns from her life in 18th century Scottland, she enrolls in medical school and becomes fast friends with a black colleague, Joe Abernathy. Frank frowns a lot upon this relationship due to Joe’s race and accuses Claire of cheating with him. Just awful.

2 Frank Made A Fake Gravestone

Frank is an intelligent and cunning person, and throughout the course of the series and the books, he’s had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Frank never could quite recover from the fact that Claire fell head over heels for another man, and he never got over his hatred and resentment for Jamie.

The shadow of Jamie and Claire’s deep love for each other was always looming over their marriage, which prompted Frank to, in the books, make a fake gravestone for Jamie. He did it probably in the hopes that his wife and daughter would see it and forget about Jamie, which was extremely shady.

1 Once Frank Is Gone, He’s Gone

The show made a very bold move once it decided to bring back Frank after he died. This happened on a Brianna-centered episode that gave audiences a deeper look into the relationship between the two. The episode dives deep into a true father-daughter bond in order to show that Brianna truly has affection and love for the man who raised her.

In the books, Frank isn’t offered this kind of redemption arc. Once he fights with Claire about taking their daughter away and meets his demise on a car crash, he never comes back in any way.

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10 Little-Known Facts About The Cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Who doesn’t love the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Michael Schur’s breakout fan favorite comedy is one of the best shows on TV, much of which is due to its phenomenal cast. Full of acting chops and funny bones, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast is up there with the best of the best.

Whether they’re series regulars such as Terry Crews, or now previous cast members like Chelsea Peretti, each member of the cast now has an even bigger fan following thanks to the show. Although the actors are adjusting to the brighter spotlight, fans still don’t know everything about these comedians. Here are ten little-known facts about the stellar cast from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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10 Stephanie Beatriz’s Signature Scar Is From A Lego

One of the biggest breakout stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is none other than Rosa Diaz herself: Stephanie Beatriz. Born Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri, Beatriz grew up in Texas and has become an accomplished comedic, dramatic, and voice actor. Apart from her role as Rosa, she has also appeared in the critically acclaimed Indie film Short Term 12 and the animated sequel The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

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Speaking of Legos, these little bricks were the cause of Beatriz’s iconic eyebrow scar. In an interview for the Lego Move 2, Beatriz told the story in full. As a child playing with Legos, she refused to pick up after herself. Doing so caused her to trip and gouge her eyebrow with one of the little bricks. Although the scar fits her rough-edged character on Nine-Nine, the real-life origins are far tamer.

9 Terry Crews Is A Former NFL Star

Terry Crews is one of the better-known cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With multiple film and television credits, he has remained a constant in the world of entertainment. But, Terry is more than just an actor. As seen here and in later segments, Terry Crews is a multifaceted individual. He’s is a sort of renaissance man if you will.

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One of his many attributes is his athletic ability. Before becoming an actor, Terry Crews held a lucrative career in the NFL. After college, Terry was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991. Afterward, Terry would go on to play for other teams including the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Eventually, he left his football career behind and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

8 Andy Samberg Had Worked On The Brooklynn Nine-Nine Lot For One Of His First Hollywood Gigs

To say Andy Samberg has had a successful career in the world of entertainment would be an understatement. Not only does he have multiple film and tv credits, including live action and voice work, but he also was a long-running cast member on Saturday Night Live and established his own popular comedy group The Lonely Island. But, like many stars, he had to start from the ground up.

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Before getting his own network comedy, Samberg worked as a PA on productions around Los Angeles. One of these shows included Spin City (1996), a government workplace comedy. Fittingly, the same lot that Spin City shot on would eventually be the hosting lot for none other than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This coincidence is the perfect bookend to a career-long journey for Samberg.

7 Melissa Fumero Was A Professional Dancer

Similarly to Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago on the series, has multiple talents. As an actress and comedian, Fumero has not had as much on-screen work as some of her counterparts. She has quickly risen to become a major TV talent, both on screen and behind. Acting though has not always been her primary focus.

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For many years, Melissa Fumero was actually a professional dancer. She spent many years both training, performing, and instructing dance classes. She is skilled in ballet, as well as other forms of classical dance.

6 Terry Crews Used To Be A Courtroom Sketch Artist

Speaking of Terry, he is hiding even more talents. Apart from being a beloved actor and comedian, as well as a professional athlete, Terry Crews had always had an artistic side. Terry has a deep love of drawing since he was a kid. He honed his skills over his life, even submitting some of his sketches to Walt Disney Animation in hopes of getting a job.

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Sadly, he never was hired, but Terry did get briefly paid for his artwork (but not in the most traditional way). At the age of eighteen, Terry was hired by a local courthouse to serve as a courtroom sketch artist. This little stint in the world of criminal justice certainly mirrors his now full-time gig on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5 Andre Braugher Is An Accomplished Shakespearean Actor

Oh, Captain Holt. Andre Braugher’s often abrasive but occasionally goofy police captain is one of the best TV bosses period. He brings perfect deadpan delivery to all of Samberg’s hijinks and gets to deliver some of the greatest one-liners ion the show. He is a comedic powerhouse but isn’t limited to one genre. Trained as a classical actor, Baugher also has held multiple roles in many productions of Shakespeare’s works.

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As a theater actor, Andre Braugher has appeared in productions of Coriolanus, Richard II, Othello, and Macbeth. In 1996, New York’s Shakespeare in the Park Festival cast Braugher in Henry V in the titular role. This performance earned Braugher an Obie award, an honor that is given by The Village Voice to New York theater artists.

4 Chelsea Peretti Is Married To Jordan Peele

A fondly remembered former Brooklyn Nine-Nine castmember, Chelsea Peretti played the irresponsible but loveable Gina Linetti. Peretti is one of the most sought after comedic talents working today. Not only is she an incredible comedic actor, but she has held a viable stand-up career as well as stints at screenwriting for popular series such as Parks and Rec and Portlandia.

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Someone this funny would obviously find a partner on the same comedic playing field. It’s no surprise that she settled on Jordan Peele himself. The former comedian turned prestige horror director, and Peretti began dating in 2013 and soon married two years later. It was a match made in comedy heaven and established them as a talented powerhouse Hollywood couple.

3 Joe Lo Truglio Previously Animated For The State

Joe Lo Truglio, who plays the adorkable Charles Boyce, certainly has comedic chops on par with the rest of his Brooklynn Nine-Nine peers. Often the odd man out, Truglio plays the perfect misfit on the series. Little do many know though that he is actually a gifted artist.

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Terry Crews isn’t the only one to draw and sketch on Brooklynn Nine-Nine. Truglio, before he took on the role of Charles, had been an animator. One of his significant credits included animating title sequences and transitions of the sketch comedy show The State. Seriously, this cast is absurdly talented.

2 Terry Crews Plays The Flute

This list has referenced Terry Crew’s repertoire of artistic and athletic abilities verbatim, but there is one more that has to be mentioned. Not only can Tery Crews act, do comedy, play professional football, draw, paint, and sell Old Spice, but he can play a musical instrument as well.

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During a visit to The Late Show with James Corden, Crews revealed that as a child his mother bought him a flute and forced him to practice it regularly. Now, Crews has mastered the instrument, becoming an accomplished flutist (because apparently, that’s a thing). Is there anything Terry Crews can’t do?

1 Andy Samberg And Chelsea Peretti Were Childhood Friends

There is no denying that the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is close. Through thick and thin they have stuck together and championed each other and the show. Their real-life chemistry blends into their characters perfectly, making the show that much more believable and likable. Some of the friendships though reach farther back than most realize.

Both Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti knew each other and have been friends since they were kids. Growing up together, the two entered the world of comedy and show business around the same time, eventually teaming up for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Peretti has even admitted to having a crush on Samberg as a kid! This real-life friendship made it into the show, as both Jake and Gina grew up together too.

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25 Twisted Gravity Falls Facts That Will Surprise Longtime Fans

Here’s 25 facts about Gravity Falls that will surprise even longtime fans of the series. Gravity Falls is a short-lived animated series that first debuted on Disney Channel back in 2012. Created by Alex Hirsch, the show follows Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel on their summer adventures after having to stay with their great-uncle Stan at Gravity Falls. The twins help their uncle run his shop The Mystery Shack, but quickly learn that unknown forces and creatures are aplenty in the small town.

After the first season of Gravity Falls, the show was renewed for a second season but moved to Disney XD to air. Hirsch announced that the new season would already be the last, in an effort to give the series and these characters a proper conclusion. The story of Gravity Falls has continued in the years following the finale in 2016 with a graphic novel and shorts, but so far there are no talks of a larger revival happening.

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This is disappointing for fans who found Gravity Falls when it was originally on the air, as well as for those who only discovered it after the ending. Whether you are a longtime fan or a new one, the adventures of Dipper and Mabel are easy to enjoy. But, in the latest Screen Rant video, we explore some of the more surprising facts about the show. These 25 pieces of trivia can be found in the video featured at the top of this post, but let’s discuss a few of them below.

In just 40 episodes, Gravity Falls managed to tell a complete story based around Dipper and Mabel’s summer adventure, and Hirsch’s plan for the series can be seen early on. He managed to introduce characters like the time traveler Blendin Blandin or Agent Powers and Agent Trigger in the background of episodes long before they received proper introductions. This plan can also be seen with all of the teases of the triangular dream demon Bill Cipher, who didn’t truly appear until the end of season 1, but his triangle form was hidden throughout earlier episodes. The character became such a fan-favorite that Hirsch even hid a real life version of the Cipher statue in Oregon, and many fans have already managed to find it.

These details are only scratching the surface of what Gravity Falls contains, and we can only hope that Dipper and Mabel will return for more adventures in the future. Hirsch has left this possibility open, but it is unclear if or when that could happen. The series is currently streaming on Hulu, and it is likely (but not confirmed) that Gravity Falls will be included on Disney+ when it launches in November. If the interest in the show is still high, maybe Disney+ could be how Gravity Falls can return for shorter seasons or a new limited series.

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25 Twisted American Dad Facts That Will Surprise Longtime Fans

Here are 25 twisted facts about American Dad that will leave even longtime fans of the series surprised. Created by the talented trio of Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, the animated show first began airing on Fox in 2005. Even though MacFarlane is involved with the show, it has really been Barker and Weitzman who have shaped American Dad’s style and humor, making it different than many of MacFarlane’s other animated creations.

The series follows the Smith family, with the husband and father Stan – a CIA agent by day – serving as the lead character. The rest of his family is made up of his wife Francine, their daughter Hayley, and son Steve. However, they are not the only ones living under the Smith household, as the talking goldfish Klaus and alien Roger reside there as well. American Dad ran for 11 seasons on Fox and later found a new home on TBS, where it continues to air brand new episodes.

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There are over 250 episodes of American Dad already released, which is why the popularity of the series should come as no surprise. But thanks to weekly reruns and streaming, the show continues to find new fans and entertain longtime ones. Screen Rant’s newest video takes a look at the past 15 seasons of American Dad content to point out some facts related to the show that may even surprise the most dedicated fans. Check out all of these facts in the video at the top of this post.

While all of these facts come from several different seasons, it has been during its time on TBS where American Dad has been given a bit more freedom. The switch to TBS from Fox wasn’t the only major change that happened to the show over the last few years, though, as Barker left the series behind after season 10. This has put Weitzman in charge of the show during this transition and has seen him push the boundaries a bit more with the comedy, but also in how much of the (usually female) characters American Dad is able to show.

American Dad just recently returned for its 17th season overall and 5th on TBS, so there will be more opportunities for pieces of trivia to be revealed as more episodes are released. Thankfully, this won’t be the final season either. TBS has already announced a season 17 renewal for the series. While there’s still almost an entire new season to watch before those episodes will air, it is reassuring knowing that American Dad isn’t going anywhere and will continue to be a source for comedy in the years to come.

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27 Twisted Homer Simpson Facts Only Hardcore Fans Will Know

Here are 27 twisted facts about Homer Simpson that only die hard fans of The Simpsons may already know. Over the last 30 years of Fox’s animated show, Homer’s story has evolved through some incredible changes. The same can be said about every member of the show, but it has really been Homer that has flourished under the supervision of creator Matt Groening.

Homer is the husband to Marge and father to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, and he works for the Springfield Nuclear Power Planet as a low-level safety inspector. With so many different hats to wear, Homer has yet to master any of them. There are certainly several strengths and redeeming qualities to him as a character, but he also has his fair share of flaws. He has his over aggressive outbursts or his occasional dumb decision, but he’s also known to do what is needed for his family.

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As the central character of The Simpsons, Homer is now the center of Screen Rant’s attention in our new video. Given the popularity of the series, it is no surprise that Homer has become such an iconic character. There is a reason that the series has lasted for as long as it has after all, and with so much attention given to Homer, we compiled a list of 27 twisted facts about him that only die hard fans of the series may know about already. Check out every entry in the video at the top of this post.

If it wasn’t clear already, this list solidifies just how much we already know about Homer’s life – in the present, past, and even possible futures. His attitude and personality has managed to stay the same throughout it all. That said, The Simpsons has shown how his look changed over time, going from a full head of brown hair as an adolescent to the mostly bald look he has now (including the “M” he sports now as a nod to Groening).

Now that even more fans of The Simpsons know about these crazy Homer facts, they can look forward to the future of the show adding even more. Fox already renewed the show for two more seasons prior to the Disney acquisition going through, so there is no reason to worry that Disney could end the longest running animated show in history. In fact, they’ve already announced plans to make every episode available on their streaming service, Disney+, so fans both old and new will be able to revisit any episode of The Simpsons in the very near future with ease.

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Game of Thrones: 10 Facts About The Night King That The Show Has Left Out

In HBO’s Game of Thrones, the Night King is a formidable opponent, a villain who poses a much larger threat to Westeros than any we’ve ever witnessed before. He’s so fearsome with his undead army that everyone squabbling over the Iron Throne finds themselves actually working together in order to combat the literal Zombie Apocalypse in their backyard.

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As with everything Game Of Thrones, there are lots of different facts and scenes that HBO has either cut or altered regarding the Night King and his kind. Fans of George R.R. Martin’s books already know these tidbits that make him even more interesting.

10 He’s Much Older

The Night’s King in the Song of Ice and Fire books becomes a legend around the time Wall is built, but the character known as the Night King in the TV series is much older than his literary counterpart. In the show, he was created during the time of the First Men, and he looks like some sort of ancient Arctic zombie who may very well have a claim to the Iron Throne, given how he looks like he’s older than pretty much everyone on the entire show.

Characters are often changed from the book to the show, usually for aesthetic purposes. For example, Tyrion is much more handsome in the show than the book’s Imp who is missing his nose.

9 He Was On The Watch

On the Game of Thrones TV show, the Night King doesn’t seem to have earthly ties to The Night’s Watch, at least yet. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, Martin makes it clear that the creature was once the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, which is a very interesting detail that, like so many others dropped over the years, could lead to a bigger connection.

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Tracing bloodlines and positions in the Game of Thrones series often takes fans down rabbit holes into what are ultimately meaningful plots. The fact that Jon Snow is the nephew of Daenerys Targaryen, for example, had been hinted at multiple times before it was confirmed. The Night King’s past position could relate to some fan theories about his plans for Jon Snow.

8 He’s Not Tied To The Children Of The Forest

In a trademark dramatic twist, HBO gave the Night King a much more important origin story than the one he’s got in Martin’s novels. There’s a fantastic scene where Bran experiences a vision of one of the First Men receiving a shard of dragonglass to the heart courtesy of the Children of the Forest, which led to the creation of a White Walker to protect them in their war.

However, in the books, there’s no mention of this origin. During the Age of Heroes, there was actually already a peace treaty in existence between the Children of the Forest and the First Men, so there’s nothing to tie his creation to the Children.

7 His White Walkership Is An STD

Wait, you didn’t know that the Night King fell for a walker lady, slept with her and contracted his condition as a result? That’s because that’s not how it goes down on the show. While on the Night’s Watch, he went beyond the wall and spotted a mysterious woman who was “white as the moon and eyes like blue stars, her skin was cold as ice.”

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Before you criticize the 13th Lord Commander, remember that’s pretty much the same description as the vampire Bella Swan fell for. At any rate, sleeping with this woman made him the Night’s King, and the two ruled together.

6 He Didn’t Rule The White Walkers, Though

Nope, the Night’s King didn’t rule over the White Walkers as he terrifyingly does in the TV series. Instead, he led the Night’s Watch, which makes much more sense in the book. He also didn’t recruit humans to become members of the White Walker force, although he still did some pretty terrible things on behalf of the zombie creatures. HBO pretty much had to leave all of that out if they were going to change his whole story, and in the books the White Walkers don’t even have a leader.

The youngest Bran Stark and Joramun did find out that he made some brutal human sacrifices to the Walkers with his queen, but we don’t know why, or if those humans included members of his own Night’s Watch.

5 His Apostrophe

HBO omits the apostrophe and the ‘s’ following the Night King’s name, which changes his moniker from the novel’s “Night’s King.” This doesn’t sound like a huge change, but many fans argue that it changes his entire character, especially since the reason why he was the “Night’s King” was because he was also leading the Night’s Watch at the same time, another omission from the show.

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If show-fans knew that he was supposed to be leading the Night’s Watch when he fell for a woman who was probably a White Walker, it might change some things. Also, given how many members of the Night’s Watch have totally disregarded the rules over the years, it makes Jon’s experience look rather severe. Then again, today’s rules likely exist because of those who broke them in the past. It would also give the Night King more insight into the Night’s Watch.

4 He’s Actually A Totally Separate Character (Maybe)

Some fans say that the Night’s King and the Night King are two completely separate entities since there are so many differences between them. According to these fans, the Night King is a completely fabricated character designed by HBO to create yet another contender for the Iron Throne, someone to organize the threat of the White Walkers and make them a much more formidable foe than they are already.

What’s more probable is that the company simply modified the Night’s King into their Night King, as they’ve altered every single character at some point or another. Creative liberties are widely employed in the adaptation, but if you’re a purist you could insist that the Night’s King is omitted from the show, as many fans have argued.

3 He’s Probably A Stark

In the novels, it’s insinuated that the Night’s King is a Stark, and many fans have speculated over the years that he’s not just any Stark but Brandon the Builder himself. Given that his House and name have become a forgotten part of his legend as forbidden information among the Seven Kingdoms, we may never truly know who he is, but Martin likes to plant seeds like this to sprout into gasp-worthy moments in later books.

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That’s why the theory that the Night King isn’t only trying to save Westeros but may actually help Jon Snow, who might be his relative, in the end, makes so much sense to fans.

2 He’s Not Even There

Author George R.R. Martin told fans that in the books, the Night King isn’t in the battle for Westeros at all, which makes the last few episodes, the loss of Viserion and the upcoming season quite different. The Night King is merely a legend who is long gone during the tale we’re reading, so there’s no way any of our present-day protagonists could have even met, let alone seen, the character.

Martin says, “In the books, he is a legendary figure, akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have.” Martin’s books are behind the TV series at the moment, but he’s alerted the team how the books will end and presumably this will all still fit in the narrative minus the Night King as we know him.

1 He’s Already Been Offed

Given that he’s not even around anymore in the books, it stands to reason that the Night’s King, as he’s known in the novels, had a legendary ending that Nan would tell tales about in modern day Westeros.

Along with his queen, the Night King terrorized Westeros to the point where the people had to unite and take them down, which is why the legends tell of Joramun (the King-Beyond-the-Wall) and Brandon the Breaker (the King of the North), along with their army of Northmen and Wildings, taking out the pair. This also freed the Night’s Watch from the control of the Night’s King and his queen.

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10 Behind The Scenes Facts About The Making of Us

Jordan Peele’s Us has received over $100 million at the box office, making it a huge hit. The director already had a brilliant level of success for his movie, Get Out in 2017. Us kept the theme of socio-political lessons and symbolism, but Peele still managed to surprise and wow his audience by making the takeaway more broad and challenging to unpack.

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So what kind of work went behind this movie anyway? What inspired such a wonderfully unsettling thriller? While many movie-goers are looking up what to make of the ending, some of you should definitely be curious as to how the movie was made in the first place. So here is a list of behind-the-scenes facts.

10 Peele Had A List Of Movies For Nyong’o To Watch Before Shooting The Film

According to actress Lupita Nyong’o, Jordan Peele gave her a list of horror movies to watch before they began filming. These horror films included famous classics such as Stephen King’s The Shining and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. 

It is easy to see why those movies were in a list for Nyong’o to see before filming. Us did feature creepy twins similar to the ones in The Shining.  The ending of Us also had a similar mood to the ending of Hitchcok’s The Birds, where the main characters drive away with a sense of dread in the wake of a massive attack.

9 Red’s Voice Was Inspired By Spasmodic Dysphonia

The character simply known as Red was a mysterious figure in Us. A trait that set her apart from all else was her voice. In an interview with NME, Lupita Nyong’o said that Red’s voice was inspired by a disorder called spasmodic dysphonia.

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“It’s a condition that is brought about by a trauma, sometimes emotional, sometimes physical, sometimes just inexplicable where your vocal chord folds start to spasm and they create this kind of irregular pattern of air,” explained Nyong’o. “It’s an interesting modulation of the voice. I built off of that from something in the script that said that she hadn’t used her voice for a long time. I worked very diligently to be able to do it without hurting myself.

8 Jordan Peele Finds Rabbits Scary

Rabbits played a certain role in the film, primarily as a source of food for the tethered in the underpass. When questioned about the rabbits role, Jordan Peele admitted that he found rabbits to be unsettling.

“I’m not afraid of them but I do find them scary,” he said. “They’re very cuddly but they also have a sociopathic expression, and they kind of look past you in a creepy kind of way.”

In a way, Peele shared his unsettling feeling of rabbits at the beginning of the movie when the camera slowly zoom out from a rabbits face in a cage. You don’t know what happening at that moment, but whatever it is, it’s definitely ominous. Is it also a coincidence that the movie came out near Easter?

7 The Ballet Scene Was Originally To Traditional Classical Music

One of the most memorable scenes in the film is definitely the duality between Red and Adelaide’s ballet dances as children. One was wide and out in the open with the freedom to move while the other was deep underground and crashing into walls as she tried to match the other.

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The dancing was to an orchestral arrangement of Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It,” however that wasn’t always the plan in the film. In fact, it was originally going to be to Tchaikovsky’s “Pas De Deux” from The Nutcracker. When Peele tried it with the first cut, he changed his mind. He said he found the piece to be too “old-school” for the movie.

6 The Thriller T-Shirt Was Significant

There was more than one piece of imagery that was Michael Jackson related in Us. The most recognizable one is the thriller t-shirt from the 1980s flashback scenes. However, some fans may have also noticed an eerie resemblance to the red jumpsuits the doppelgängers wear and the “Thriller” red jumpsuits. Also like Michael Jackson, the doppelgangers wear a single glove.

“Michael Jackson is probably the patron saint of duality,” said Jordan Peele. “The movie starts in the ’80s — the duality with which I experienced him [Jackson] in that time was both as the guy that presented this outward positivity, but also the ‘Thriller’ video which scared me to death.”

5 Was Inspired By The Twilight Zone Episode “Mirror Image”

Jordan Peele has connections with the Twilight Zone, and it’s not just about him being in charge of the show’s reboot. He has said that a certain episode from season one of the show strongly inspired Us. The episode was called “Mirror Image.” In it, a woman finds a doppelgänger of herself at a bus station and becomes convinced that the double intends on replacing her.

“It’s beautiful, really elegant storytelling,” Jordan Peele said, “and it opens up a world. It opens up your imagination.”

4 Peele Wanted “Us” To Not Be Like “Get Out” In Terms Of Genre And Meaning

Get Out was a major hit in 2017, being a horror comedy about a black man meeting his white girlfriend’s family. However with Us, Peele wanted to be able to have black characters without the message being about black identity and racism. Get Out also had genre confusion since comedy and horror are a unique mix, so Peele wanted Us to be purely horror.

“As much as the point of [Us] is setting out to make a movie where it’s not about race, America is about race,” said Peele. “It’s always about race. So you can’t really get away from that and people’s experience of the film. I think it only highlights how important it is that we try and forge into the territory where a black family is just a black family and that’s it.”

3 The Costumes Were All Symbolic

Besides the “Thriller” t-shirt and red jumpsuits, many other outfit choices in the film were made to hint at character identity.  Kym Barrett was the costume designer and she decided it was important for the protagonist to wear white through the film. “I wanted her to be the lantern that led her family,” Barrett said. “Along the way, that light is continually flickering … She’s getting more and more and more covered in blood. The idea was that [by the film’s end], she’s almost as red as Red.”

The husband on the other hand, Gabe, picks outfits to communicate where he belongs and who he is. The son, Jason, has clothes that reflect he’s a trickster from his white-tuxedo t-shirt to his JAWS shirt. Zora wears a lot of rabbit-themed shirts. As for the shade of red the tethered wear, Barrett said, “It’s half the color of wet blood; it’s half the color of dried blood. It’s like an old wound.”

2 Peele Was A Stand-In For The Actors

In a movie about doppelgängers, the actors had the challenge of acting with key characters missing. Nyong’o had to act as Red without Adelaide and act as Adelaide without Red. However, Jordan Peele decided to help the actors by making himself a stand-in for the missing character. Actor Winston Duke even said that Peele had a talent for mimicking their lines and mannerisms from the day before.

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This way, the actors had another character to bounce off of and communicate with. So many could not picture the movie until they saw it for themselves since they played two individual parts that had to interact with each other!

1 Nyong’o’s Acting Scared Her Co-Stars

Actress Shahadi Wright Joseph shared with Buzzfeed that Nyong’o’s portrayal of Red on film set was a scary experience. She said that Nyong’o was so dedicated, that she would often stay in character even when they were not filming.

“She really kinda spooked me out a little bit,” Joseph said. “She would really get into character and wouldn’t talk. It was kind of creepy.”

This does tie in to Red’s special voice, which the actress said she had to practice and find a way to use it without hurting her vocal chords.

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