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COME AWAY Official Trailer (2021) Angelina Jolie, Fantasy Movie HD
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Fantasy Island: 6 Moments That Were Truly Scary (& 4 That Were Just Cheesy)

There’s never enough good horror films for the fans of this genre. Even though the audience gets dozens of new horror films each year, only a small number of them work with an interesting plot, a story idea, which has the potential to be truly frightening. Fantasy Island doesn’t disappoint in this area.

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After all, it revolves around the fulfillment of human desires and deepest wishes, which may sound innocent at first, but can actually be quite dangerous, especially if you don’t really know what you’re asking for. Fantasy Island contains some truly scary moments, but also a few that are rather cheesy. Warning – there will be spoilers ahead.

10 Scary: Melanie Tortures Sloane

The visitors of the Fantasy Island have an option to choose any wish they want, and the island’s keeper, Mr. Roarke, will then fulfill the wish they have. But they’re only allowed one wish per person, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Some of the visitors in the film just want to have one, but Melanie Cole, played by Lucy Hale, wants to get revenge on her childhood bully, Sloane Maddison, who bullied her in school. Melanie finds Sloane chained in a dark room and has the option to torture her by just pressing a few buttons… without realizing that it’s all real.

9 Scary: Melanie Realizes It’s Real

At first, Melanie is having fun torturing the image of her childhood enemy, as she believes that it’s all a fake, a game, perhaps an actress or a hologram, not a real person. But once she sends a video to Sloane’s husband proving that Sloane had cheated on him, Melanie realizes it’s all real and that she is actually torturing the real Sloane.

She decides to help the trapped young woman but she has to deal with a nightmarish vision from her past first – a surgeon who treated Melanie in the past when she was suffering from mental problems. Melanie hurts him and she and Sloane run away in terror.

8 Scary: The Surgeon Comes Back

One of the terrors of the Fantasy Island, which the characters gradually become aware of, is the fact that even if you kill or maim a part of your fantasy, a person who endangers you, he or she can still come back and haunt you. Even once Melanie and Sloane escape the torture chamber, they’re still not safe.

They run through the island’s rich forests, and yet, the surgeon once again comes back and attacks them, attempting to kill Sloane, finish the job he planned to do before Melanie had stopped him. Fighting someone once is frightening enough but fighting someone who doesn’t seem to be able to die is a whole new level of terror.

7 Cheesy: Sloane Confronts Melanie

Once Melanie and Sloane get out in the open and escape the torture chamber, it might seem like the worst is behind them. That’s not true, though, since the Fantasy Island still has several unpleasant surprises up its metaphorical sleeves. In the end, the biggest danger isn’t the crazy surgeon determined to kill Sloane, though.

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It’s Melanie who lies to Sloane and pretends that she’s just another victim of the island, that she was kidnapped, instead of coming to the island as a guest. Even once Sloane finds out the truth and confronts Melanie about it, instead of giving in into her righteous anger, she just more or less lets it pass, and the scene falls somewhat flat.

6 Scary: J.D. And Brax Face The Cartel

While Melanie is hell-bent on getting her revenge for all the excruciating years she spent as a victim of her bullies, most notably Sloane, other guests of the Fantasy Island have much more relaxing plans. Among the visitors are two brothers, J.D. and Brax, who just want to have fun, drink, party, dance with beautiful women and men, simply enjoy their life for a while. As they say, they want to have it all.

Unfortunately for J.D. and Brax, the island and Mr. Roarke soon teach them that you can’t have it all, not without paying a price anyway. When they’re relaxing in a luxury villa, they’re ambushed by a drug cartel, and it turns out that J.D. and Brax actually broke into a house of a dangerous man.

5 Cheesy: The Drug Cartel Comes Back To Life

A joke once repeated hardly works the same the second time it did when you said it for the first time. That same goes for any threat, the more you show it and repeat it, the more you diminish its effect and overall scariness. This is also true for Fantasy Island and its inhabitants, some of whom are more human than the others.

When are J.D. and Brax ambushed by the drug cartel, they eventually manage to find their way out of the dangerous situation, albeit not without assistance. Yet even when they kill the drug cartel, its members still come back to life, which isn’t as scary as it could be since the audience already saw it happen before with the surgeon who chased after Melanie and Sloane.

4 Scary: J.D. Dies

Fantasy Island features multiple poignant relationships between its various characters, but one of the strongest ones and best portrayed is the brotherly bond between J.D. and Brax. These two arrive on the island together and are basically inseparable.

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It’s revealed fairly soon that they live together, and have been doing so ever since their parents kicked Brax out when he came out as gay. The two brothers genuinely care about each other, that’s why it’s so heartwrenching to watch J.D. die. He gets shot and even though the other characters try to help him, it’s to no avail. His death is even worse because it comes unexpectedly.

3 Cheesy: Melanie Confesses Her True Goal

In all genres of films, but especially horror movies is important to come up with an imaginative plot twist, something which will surprise the viewers and cause them to remember the film, but also not something overly cheesy and improbable.

Unfortunately, in this case, the twist isn’t handled in the best possible way. Throughout the film, it becomes more and more clear, that Melanie isn’t quite normal, so to speak, but when she finally reveals her true plan and the fact that she orchestrated everything that had happened and got all the other heroes to the island to revenge the death of a guy she loved (even though she went on a single date with him!), it just feels too forced.

2 Scary: Gwen Tries To Save Nick

Gwen, another visitor of the Fantasy Island, who was portrayed by Maggie Q, is one of the most intriguing characters of the films. Unlike J.D. and Brax, who came to the island to have fun, Gwen came to see what would have happened if she hadn’t rejected a marriage proposal from a man she loved.

She accepts the proposal this time around and sees a life she could have had with him – an idyllic marriage and a beautiful daughter, two things she had dreamed of. Yet, she gives it up for a chance to save her neighbor Nick from a fire. But even though Gwen does her best to save Nick’s life and throws herself into a fiery inferno for him, she still fails.

1 Cheesy: Nick Takes Melanie Away

All bad guys deserve to be punished in the end. It doesn’t always work out in real life, but it usually happens in the movies, even though some villains do prevail and defeat the heroes. In Fantasy Island, after Melanie cleverly tricks all the other visitors to come into the caves where the real source of the island’s powers to fulfill their wishes lies, she confesses why she wants them to die.

But instead of helping Melanie, Mr. Roarke finally turns against her and decides to do a good thing. Nick then appears, grabs Melanie and takes her away with him, in a scene which is random it’s almost funny.

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Kath Leroy

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Sephiroth’s Origins | Screen Rant

Final Fantasy 7 created one of the most infamous video game villains of all time with Sephiroth. The legendary hero is instantly recognizable, for both his brilliant silver hair and his absurdly long sword.

With the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sephiroth is set to take center stage once again, for both new players and returning ones. The first part of the Remake only covers the Midgar section of the original, which only gave a few small details on Sephiroth.

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Considering the trailers, the Remake will introduce Sephiroth much earlier, but the villain has a complex backstory that’s a big part of what makes him so insidious. Here’s everything about Sephiroth’s history and origins.

Sephiroth was the greatest hero Shinra’s army had ever seen, and it wasn’t just a coincidence. Thousands of years before the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 an alien life form named Jenova crash-landed on the planet. Jenova is a parasitic lifeform that destroyed life on planets, then uses the empty husk of the planet to travel the cosmos. When Jenova crashed on Gaia, the lifeform used its ability to mimic its prey to get close to the ancient race known as Cetra, then kill them. The dead Cetra mutated and turned into monsters.

Flash forward to Final Fantasy 7 and Shinra has discovered the remains of Jenova in the Northern Crater. Members of Shinra’s science department, including Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander, started using Jenova’s body and cells for experiments. Known as the Jenova Project, the series of experiments injected SOLDIER recruits with Jenova cells as test samples. Hojo, unhinged in his relentless pursuit to evolve humanity, impregnated a researcher named Lucrecia Crescent, who was also one of the only remaining descendants of the Cetra. He then injected Jenova cells into the unborn fetus, which resulted in Sephiroth being born and mutating with the Jenova cells. Hojo would continue to monitor the child, and Sephiroth always felt that there was something different about him from others.

Sephiroth’s project was known as Project S, but there was a Project G also in development, according to the prequel game Crisis Core. It’s unclear if this will remain canon in the Remake, but Project G was headed by Hollander who, like Hojo, implanted Jenova cells into a pregnant woman. Project G resulted in the creations of Genesis and Angeal, failed experiments that degraded because of the Jenova cells, whereas Sephiroth flourished with them.

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At a young age, Sephiroth joined SOLDIER, the elite fighting force of Shinra’s military. He quickly rose through the ranks and because of his incredible power ended up becoming a hero. The people of Midgar and Shinra idolized Sephiroth, and he was the defining factor in Shinra winning the Wutai War. During this time Sephiroth came to befriend other members of SOLDIER, like Zack Fair, as well as Genesis and Angeal. Again, to be clear, it’s not currently known if Genesis and Angeal will remain canon with the Remake, although a Crisis Core Easter Egg seems to indicate they will.

Sephiroth continued to serve as Shinra’s muscle, and the company became reliant on his power to quell emergencies, including the rise of the Avalanche resistance group. Young children, like Cloud Strife, are inspired by Sephiroth’s heroism and dream of joining SOLDIER, resulting in even more manpower for Shinra. However, everything isn’t perfect for the company. Alongside Avalanche and other forces, Sephiroth’s loyalty starts to waver as Shinra demands more and more of him. This comes to a head before the Nibelheim mission, where Sephiroth tells Zack he’s thinking about retiring from Shinra.

Nibelheim is the event that changed everything in the world of Final Fantasy 7. It started as a simple mission that had Sephiroth and Zack traveling to the Nibelheim reactor to investigate a monster outbreak. While investigating the reactor, the two stumble upon a series of incubation tanks containing horrific monsters that used to be humans. Investigating further Sephiroth discovers the remains of Jenova, which he knows is the name of his mother.

This sets off a chain reaction in Sephiroth’s psyche, making him obsess about his own origins. Sephiroth locks himself away in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, combing through research records and books for days on end. In the mansion, Sephiroth learns about the Cetra and begins to believe that Jenova, his mother, was one of them. He concludes that humans betrayed the Cetra and left them to die at the hands of an alien invader. This motivates him to set Nibelheim on fire, and go to retrieve Jenova’s remains at the reactor. Sephiroth seeks to reunite with his mother and enact his revenge on the human race and on Shinra, who’s used him.

Tifa and Zack attempt to stop him but they’re both cut down. Finally, Cloud confronts Sephiroth and ends up throwing him into the Mako pool, almost dying in the process. This now sets the stage for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake with Cloud and Zack tested on by Shinra, and Sephiroth presumed to be dead. Of course, time shows that Sephiroth is anything but dead, and his now twisted ideology will push him further than ever.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10 for PS4.

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Hayes Madsen

Mistwalker: What Happened to the Final Fantasy Creator’s Studio?

Hironobu Sakaguchi is a legendary name in the video game industry. As the creator of Final Fantasy, Sakaguchi has had a profound effect on games, especially RPGs. In 2004 Sakaguchi left Square Enix and went on to create a brand new studio named Mistwalker.

Mistwalker quickly made a name for itself with critically-acclaimed titles like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Yet, the Wii exclusive The Last Story in 2011 would be the last single-player game made by the studio.

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Since then the studio has been fairly quiet, and it’d be understandable if players hadn’t even heard of the titles they’ve made in the years since. So, what happened to Mistwalker?

In 2012 Mistwalker dipped its toes in the mobile arena with two small mobile titles; Party Wave and Blade Guardian. Both games were drastic departures from the typical JRPGs Mistwalker had done so far, and were the first titles Mistwalker hadn’t used a co-developer for. Neither game is available anymore, but two years later Mistwalker would take a serious step onto mobile with Terra Battle.

Terra Battle is a tile-based tactical game with gacha elements, something that was surging into popularity around 2014. Terra Battle emphasized story and music, like Mistwalker’s past RPGs, and Sakaguchi implemented a “Download Starter” system for the game. At each download milestone, Mistwalker would add more content to the game, especially music by famous composers. Terra Battle saw moderate success, but like with many mobile games it’s free-to-play model wasn’t incredibly successful. At the same time, the final goal for the Download Starter was met at 2 million downloads, with Mistwalker promising they’d bring Terra Battle to console in some fashion.

Unfortunately, after all these years no console version of Terra Battle has been released or even properly shown off, and it probably never will be. Terra Battle’s troubles wouldn’t end there, however, as Terra Battle 2 released in 2017. Despite having the same commitment to story and visuals, Terra Battle 2 simply didn’t drum up enthusiasm. In June 2018 Terra Battle 2 was removed from all storefronts, although strangely the first Terra Battle can still be played.

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Since Terra Battle 2 Mistwalker has been working on Terra Wars, another mobile entry, and a new game called Fantasian for Apple Arcade. Apple even features Sakaguchi in its “Meet the Creators” video in 2019. However, Mistwalker hasn’t updated fans on either of these experiences or even given a window of when they might be released.

Mobile games have hit tremendous popularity in recent years, especially in Japan, and this is likely part of what convinced Mistwalker to focus on mobile. Still, the failure of Terra Battle 2 combined with the lack of updates on projects is concerning. Apple Arcade seemed promising at launch, but there hasn’t been much news on the subscription, and whether it was a success or not. Hopefully, Fantasian is still in the works and it gets news at some point.

RPGs have gone through a renaissance since Mistwalker released The Last Story in 2011. Both JRPGs and Western RPGs have had redefining games like The Witcher 3, Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, the list goes on. Even in 2020 games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 are looking to evolve the genre in new ways.

Mistwalker’s greatest strengths lie in storytelling, music, and art design, something that can really be brought to the forefront in single-player RPGs. While mobile games may have seen like a surefire hit years ago, the mobile scene has become far too oversaturated, and it’s incredibly hard to make a splash with a new title. Mistwalker’s titles have become cult classics, especially Lost Odyssey which is now backward compatible with Xbox One.

The best idea would be for Mistwalker to partner with a big publisher to produce a big single-player game. Microsoft and Sony are both looking for exclusives on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and Nintendo has also shown interesting in exclusive single-player RPGs with Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Mistwalker, and Sakaguchi, have a big enough pedigree that the name alone draws attention. There’s certainly a benefit to being able to put “from the creator of Final Fantasy.”

Console RPGs, and single-player games, have hit a recent wave of success, and players are hungry to see more of them. Perhaps the first step for this is remaking or porting The Last Story to Nintendo Switch, as other ports have found success.

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Hayes Madsen

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Why Shinra Blew the Reactor | Screen Rant

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo gave fans their first chance to try out the reimagined classic. Playing through the iconic bombing missions, it’s clear that the remake is wildly ambitious. Part of that ambition comes with a re-imagined world and story, and the remake seems to make some sizable changes to how things play out.

One of these changes comes at the end of the demo when Cloud and Barret finish planting the bomb in the Mako reactor. In the original game, the blast is much larger than Avalanche intended, completely obliterating the reactor and immediate area. In the remake, it’s shown that the bomb Avalanche plants fails, and it’s president Shinra himself who orders robots to destroy the reactor.

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At initial glance, this might seem like a retcon to longtime fans, but the basis for it was actually in the original Final Fantasy 7. Still, there’s a bit of explanation as to why Shinra did it, and how the decision relates to the original game.

Shinra blowing up the reactor is all in service of President Shinra’s ambition and safeguarding of the company. Nothing is laid out in stone in Final Fantasy 7, so a bit of it is open to interpretation. Still, the obvious fact is that President Shinra is an almost dictatorial kind of leader. He’s willing to take extreme measures to squash anything and anyone that threatens his control or good name. Blowing up the reactor is a way of framing Avalanche as violent terrorists who want to wreak havoc on Midgar. This narrative serves Shinra in hunting down Avalanche and creates the perfects excuse for further actions the company takes, like dropping the plate.

Shinra can blame Avalanche for atrocities they commit, and it also threatens any others thinking of standing up to the company. It’s a madman showing the ultimate display of power, all while gaining the loyalty of Midgar’s citizens. To the common people, Shinra is the heroes who tried to fight off Avalanche, sent relief efforts, and helped the injured.

In Final Fantasy 7, Avalanche’s mission is to bomb the reactor and simply disable it; they don’t want to cause any collateral damage to the city surrounding it. Because of that, it’s a surprise when the reactor completely blows its top and causes some serious damage. It’s suggested that the reason this happens is Jessie’s inexperience at making bombs, as she simply followed a manual on the computer.

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Optional dialog for Jessie in the original shows that she has no experience building bombs, with her stating “Think it was all because of my bomb? But all I really did was make it like the computer told me.” A lot of the events at the beginning of the original are left to interpretation, but this dialog suggests that there could have been more at play than Jessie’s bomb. This would be completely understandable as Shinra’s propaganda machine desperately paints Avalanche as vile terrorists.

The argument can be made for the remake retconning this element of the story, but in the end, all the elements are the same. In both versions the damage is far above what Avalanche intended, the group still decides to go forward with the next bombing, and President Shinra has a complete disregard for the safety of citizens. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake simply expands on the story and fills in some of the gaps.

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Hayes Madsen

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Tips & Tricks For The Demo

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has officially released a fully playable demo of the upcoming title for the Playstation 4. This guide will help players learn tips and tricks for combos in the demo. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most anticipated games to release in 2020. After being delayed from March to April, consumers have become a bit itchy when regarding having content for the game. The demo was recently released and plays through the entire first chapter of this multi-game adventure. The original Final Fantasy 7 is known as one of the best RPGs to ever release. It’s iconic gameplay and story put it amongst the greatest games to exist and remaking a title like that is no easy task. The original Final Fantasy 7 also was strictly a turn-based RPG, where the player and the enemies will take turns attacking each other. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has thrown this system away in for a brand new system that brings together turn-based gameplay with a more modern action RPG system. This guide will help players learn this new combat system.

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As to come up to speed with most modern RPGs, Final Fantasy 7 Remake pulls from titles like the Kingdom Hearts series. Real-time combat is favored in this entry. The previous mainline Final Fantasy entry, Final Fantasy 15 released with more action RPG elements. This is looking to be a new standard for the franchise as it continues to grow and evolve. Final Fantasy 7 Remake follows a rebellious group called Avalanche as they attempt to protect the world from the Shinra corporation. This company has been sucking the life energy out of the planet for their own cooperate group, and it is up to Avalanche to put a stop to them. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo follows a playable Cloud and Barrett as they work together to destroy a reactor in Midgard that’s sucking up the energy of the world.  For the first time ever, the player can switch between more than one playable character at a time. Here’s how the combat works in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

In the demo itself, the player can alternate between Cloud, the Buster Sword-wielding protagonist, and Barrett, the leader of Avalanche. Both play differently and have their own moments to shine based on their move sets. Cloud thrives with in-your-face combat with quick slashes of his Buster Sword. Barrett is better for dealing with flying enemies or enemies in areas too high to reach. Other playable characters will be introduced like Aerith and Tifa as the actual game releases in April. Players can quickly switch between characters by using the D-pad. It’s important to access the situation to determine what character would be better in those situations.

Each character also has their own special moves. Cloud can switch into “Punisher Mode” allowing him to do more damage and landing faster slashes. Barrett has an ability that allows him to shoot one, high damage attack at enemies, but this move will need time to recharge with each shot. Not only that, but each character has a move called a Limit. Limit charges over time and once full can decimate even the strongest of enemies. While fighting the player will also gain meter for their ATB Guage. The ATB Guage can be used to perform battle commands, such as using abilities, magic, or items. Pressing X in combat will bring up the Command Menu. Once the Command Menu is up, time will slow down, allowing the player the opportunity to stop and think about their next move. Here, special moves, items, and magic can be used, but only if the ATB gauge allows it. This is an excellent callback to the original Final Fantasy 7’s turn-based combat. This is also a great combat feature to catch a breather if things are getting too hectic.

Enemies can also have specific weaknesses in combat. For example, the Sweeper enemy is this large, bi-pedal tank that can take a lot of his. To potentially stun him, his weakness would be the Thunder spells. The demo does not allow the player to customize their Materia (Items used to equip to characters weapons to prove them with special abilities and stat boost) but the final game will allow players to change up their spells. If an enemy is staggered in combat, they will not move for a limited time. A small, orange meter will present itself showing how much time the enemy is in this position. This is a great opportunity to build up ATB gauge by attacking it or using power abilities. Another benefit of the ATB gauge is the ability to use abilities and items as the characters the player is not currently playing. For example, if the player is locked into Cloud, they can pull up the Command Menu and cycle through commands using the triggers and selecting an ability for Barrett. This helps plenty with multi-tasking attacks.

The defense is also a key gameplay feature in this title. By holding the trigger button, players can guard oncoming attacks. While this doesn’t completely negate the damage of enemy attacks, it does lower the damage taken on by the character. Using a guard is a great way to avoid being staggered and approaching enemies. All characters can now also use dodge roll. By using the analog stick, players can move in a certain direction to avoid being attacked. There’s no cooldown for this move either, so it is optimal to spam this when it tough situations. The game has the decency to provide the player with several in-game items to help take down enemies. Potions can be used to restore health, Ethers can be used to recharge MP for magic attacks, and a Phoenix Down can bring back dead allies with a bit of health. Items also use ATB gauge so be prepared to fight if needed.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has found a perfect mix between turn-based and action RPG. The gameplay will keep players on their toes. The game also comes with a “Classic Mode” for players who prefer the older gameplay methods. This game means a lot to the RPG community and is looking like it won’t disappoint. The demo was an excellent taste of what to come. It did a solid job of demonstrating to the world that Square Enix is capable of taking on such a challenge of remaking a masterpiece once again.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release on April 10th, 2020.

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Sky Flores

Japan’s Favorite Final Fantasy Game & Character Have Been Revealed

The results of NHK’s All-Final Fantasy Grand Poll have just been released, and the results may come as a bit of a surprise to fans of Square Enix’s long-running JRPG franchise. The online survey was conducted earlier this week, giving Final Fantasy fans in the franchise’s native country of Japan a chance to decide which of the series’ characters and installments are the most beloved.

Since each main entry in the Final Fantasy series features a completely separate setting and storyline, the decade-spanning franchise has showcased a number of unforgettable worlds, characters and moments over the years. From the cyberpunk slums and rag-tag rebels of 1997’s Final Fantasy VII to the cartoonish medieval land of 2000’s Final Fantasy IX and even the modern road trip of 2016’s Final Fantasy XV, each title in the iconic series has its fans and devotees – with some proving more popular with others, as the recent poll demonstrates.

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As reported by Siliconera, NHK’s All-Final Fantasy Grand Poll reveals that Japanese fans’ top Final Fantasy game is surprisingly not the expected Final Fantasy VII, but rather 2001’s similarly beloved Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy VII did beat X on the subject of favorite character, as VII’s main protagonist Cloud Strife beat out X’s secondary lead Summoner Yuna, although X won the nod of favorite music track with the refrain “To Zanarkand.” A grand total of 468,654 votes were cast in the poll, with Final Fantasy X proving equally popular among the 20-29 and 30-39 age demographics, while Final Fantasy VII is more liked among 40-49 year old players.

It should be no surprise that both Final Fantasy VII and Final X are the ones to dominate the top positions in the poll, as both of them are among the most well-regarded in the Final Fantasy series. They have both spanned an expanded universe of follow-up Final Fantasy games and tie-in media, such as novels, audio dramas and – in VII’s case – a CGI animated film sequel in 2005’s Advent Children. The original games also both remain in demand to this day, as the updated Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster collection sold no less than 1,440,000 copies worldwide and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake remains one of 2020’s most anticipated titles ahead of its planned April 10 release date.

However, Final Fantasy X taking Final Fantasy VII’s position as the most beloved game in the series could be something of an upset, given that the latter was monumental to the gaming and pop culture landscape of both the Eastern and Western worlds upon its release on the original Playstation in 1997, as evidenced by its melancholy-yet-massively-cool lead character Cloud Strife remaining popular to this day. It also can be argued that while Final Fantasy VII broke the ground on what a 3D RPG could be capable of in terms of graphics and storytelling, Final Fantasy X refined the ideas presented in the older game to provide a more polished experience, even if they prefer Cloud to X’s main characters of Tidus or Yuna. Either way, both of these titles are timeless installments of the Final Fantasy series, and easily deserve the recognition that NHK’s All-Final Fantasy Grand Poll has given them.

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Source: Siliconera

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J. Brodie Shirey

The 10 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies Of All Time (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Moviegoers can’t get enough of films that feature imaginative, futuristic, and magical stories. This is why the sci-fi and fantasy genres are so popular.

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While there are many movies that fall into this category, we thought it was time to look at the best of the best. Rather than picking our own favorites, however, we’ll be turning to these genre rankings at Rotten Tomatoes.

We’ll be pulling from a list entitled the “Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies” on the review aggregation website. This lineup is based on the number of ratings a film received, the year of its release, and its Tomatometer Score (a percentage based on the positive and negative reviews of critics). In other words, this list is based on the site’s Adjusted Score, thus the percentages don’t always line up with this list’s particular results.

With the logistics noted, it’s time to grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy the greatest theatrical hits of all time. Here are the best sci-fi and fantasy films, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937) – 98%

Kicking things off is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ inaugural film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

This 1937 fantasy follows a beautiful girl who must go into hiding after her jealous wicked stepmother chooses to hunt her down. Though Snow White finds herself helping a group of seven little miners clean up their cottage, it’s not long before the witch comes up with a new idea that spells death for her stepdaughter.

A live-action Snow White is in development now.

9 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – 98%

In the ’80s sci-fi classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a kind-hearted alien gets lost on earth and ends up running into a young boy named Elliott.

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Though Elliot and his siblings grow to love E.T., they must figure out how to send him home after he grows ill in the earth’s atmosphere. The threat of government interference doesn’t help the cause.

8 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) – 91%

Though the final 2019 installment in the Star Wars series received mixed reactions, the one that came before it was well-regarded by critics.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rey disrupts Luke Skywalker’s solitude in hopes that he’ll team back up with the Resistance. As Kylo Ren, General Hux, and the First Order grow stronger, Leia and the others formulate a plan for survival.

7 Wonder Woman (2017) – 93%

Wonder Woman jumped back into action in this 2017 superhero film.

Though all Diana Prince has ever known is Themyscira, the utopian island she was raised on, her world gets rocked upside down after an American pilot washes up on the shore. Here, she learns of the threats facing the outside world, and sets out to put an end to World War I, believing her people have something to do with it.

Wonder Woman‘s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is set for release on June 5.

6 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – 97%

Though the Mad Max film series received its first three installments in the late ’70s through to the mid-’80s, the franchise was visited once more in 2015 with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road. Thankfully, it was a huge hit.

The post-apocalyptic action film has the evil Immortan Joe enslaving the residents of his desert fortress. Wishing to find solitude elsewhere, Imperator Furiosa runs away. She brings five of Joe’s slave wives along with her, and teams up with Max Rockatansky for an epic escape.

5 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) – 97%

This 2018 animated superhero film had the stories of multiple Spider-Men getting tangled in the same web.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse centers on Miles Morales, a teenager from Brooklyn who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops superpowers. While Miles finds it difficult to handle his newfound abilities, he won’t have to do it alone; the other Spider-Men from different dimensions have been transported to his world. It’s up to the group to find their ways home.

The sequel to Into the Spider-Verse will be swinging into theaters on April 8, 2022.

4 The Wizard Of Oz (1939) – 98%

Follow the yellow brick road, and you’ll end up at one of the most iconic movies in Hollywood history.

1939’s Wizard of Oz tells of a girl named Dorothy who lives with her family in Kansas. After getting caught in a tornado, however, Dorothy is transported to the whimsical Land of Oz. She must journey toward the Emerald City in hopes of finding the Wizard, whom she believes has the power to send her home. Along the way, she helps a series of characters with dilemmas of their own.

3 Toy Story 4 (2019) – 97%

The highest-rated animated film to end up on this list is the last installment in the Toy Story series.

Bonnie’s toys embark on a road trip with their owner in Toy Story 4. The problem comes when her newest handmade creation, Forky, struggles to accept his place as a toy and makes an escape for the trash. This requires Woody to bring Forky back to Bonnie. After meeting a newly adventurous Bo Peep, however, Woody starts to question his own place in the world.

2 Avengers: Endgame (2019) – 94%

The final 2019 installment in the Avengers series has the heroes teaming together for a battle against Thanos.

Though Endgame‘s villain wiped out half of all life on earth by collecting the six Infinity Stones, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and the rest choose to go back in time in an attempt to reverse fate and resurrect the dead. However, time travel doesn’t come without its consequences.

1 Black Panther (2018) – 97%

Topping off the list as the highest-rated sci-fi/fantasy film of all time is Marvel’s Black Panther.

This 2018 superhero movie tells of the fictional African nation of Wakanda where T’Challa is set to take the throne after his father’s passing. However, after returning to his home country, T’Challa is faced with an enemy that threatens his place as rightful ruler. It is up to him to become the Black Panther and take back what is his.

Black Panther 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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Fantasy Island: How Scary & Violent Is It? | Screen Rant

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island errs on the side of caution with its PG-13 rating, which doesn’t allow for much explicit content regarding fantasies to be shown, nor scenes of intense terror or violence.

Originally based on a TV series in the ’70s and ’80s, the movie’s source material was relatively tame, but with the addition of a horror angle to the story, fans wondered whether Blumhouse would amplify the scares of even lean more on the angle of guests living out their fantasies with other titillating content, but overall, Fantasy Island was very tame, and would be appropriate for audiences aged thirteen and up. The film shot in Fiji, which allowed for a gorgeous, scenic background and full immersion in its tropical setting, but opening weekend for the film didn’t yield much reward for Blumhouse and director Jeff Wadlow.

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With critics and audience reviews on Fantasy Island being largely negative, horror fans are left wondering whether they should take a chance on journeying to the theaters to catch this film. So, how scary and violent is the movie? The PG-13 rating has been issued by the MPAA for “violence, terror, drug content, suggestive material and brief strong language“. Here’s the breakdown of Fantasy Island‘s rating.

Fantasy Island provides a few, run-of-the-mill scares, but nothing too intense for most viewers aged thirteen or over. There are a few sequences where characters are being pursued by a large man, known as Dr. Torture, with various different surgical tools, including a bone saw. There are occasionally sequences of terror with characters being pursued by other threats on the island, as well as some realistic moments of terror that involve gun violence and implied physical harm. One character in particular appears in random, sudden intervals and causes the few jump scares in the film, but these are reasonably mild, and not violent.

For the most part, Fantasy Island is largely bloodless. The majority of the film’s violence comes from one scene of torture – though no major bodily harm is incurred – and the rest is through sequences of shoot-outs, gun violence, and one sequence with a burning building. One of the main characters comes to Fantasy Island to live out his fantasy of being a soldier, and some of the most intense scenes in the movie stem from this side-plot. Grenades and other weapons are utilized in the film, and while some characters are killed, their deaths are brief and bodily harm is not shown explicitly, and doesn’t linger.

As is the nature with fantasies, some guests have come to indulge in “sex stuff”. There is no nudity in Fantasy Island, and all sexual content is implied or referred to in passing, instead of being shown directly. There are characters depicted drinking and using drugs, and there are references to using drugs – marijuana, in particular – along with drug paraphernalia being shown on-screen. The film does contain adult language, but Fantasy Island doesn’t oversaturate with the profanity used, and is pretty tame by most PG-13 horror movie standards.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Voice Actors and Voice Cast | Screen Rant

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2020, and Square Enix is going all-out on redefining the legendary JRPG, even adding a brand new voice cast for the main characters. Apart from that the game has been rebuilt from the ground up, Final Fantasy 7 uses a brand new combat system that mixes elements of action and turn-based.

Of course, the voice cast is one of the more divisive changes, replacing all of the actors that have previously voiced these characters in Advent Children and other spin-offs.

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Fans have, obviously, become attached to actors like Steve Burton, who previously voiced Cloud Strife, but the new cast comes jam-packed with talented actors. Here’s the entire list of known actors for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and who voices the main characters.

Considering this is only the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project, characters like Cid, Yuffie, and Vincent won’t appear, and therefore don’t have voice actors yet. At the moment, Square Enix also hasn’t announced the actors for characters like Reno or Red XIII, but this article will be updated once they have. Here’s the full list of known actors.

  • Cody Christian as Cloud Strife – Cody Christian is best known for playing the role of Theo Raken in Teen Wolf, as well as Mike in Pretty Little Liars.
  • Briana White as Aerith Gainsborough – Aerith is Briana White’s first role in video games, and she’s previously appeared as Jessica Townsend in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
  • Britt Baron as Tifa Lockheart – Britt Baron’s voice acting experience includes playing Livewire in Young Justice and Linda-058 in Halo 5: Guardians. She’s best known for playing Justine in Netflix’s GLOW.
  • John Eric Bentley as Barret Wallace – John Eric Bentley has done a myriad of bit voices in games like Red Dead Redemption II and Kingdom Hearts III. He was also the narrator in the Digimon Adventure Tri films.
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Sephiroth – Tyler Hoechlin is another alumnus of Teen Wolf, as he played Derek Hale. You might also know him as Michael Sullivan Jr. in Road to Perdition.
  • Erica Lindbeck as Jessie – Erica Lindbeck has been voicing video games for years, but you’ll probably recognize her as Futaba in Persona 5, or as Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • Gideon Emery as Biggs – Strangely, another Teen Wolf actor joining the Final Fantasy 7 cast, as Gideon Emery played Deucalion. You might also recognize him as Anatoly in Netflix’s Daredevil or as Fergus from Wolfenstein: The New Order.
  • Matt L Jones as Wedge – Matt Jones has played a number of roles in both film and television, including Kyle in the animated film Home, and Noah McNichol in Brightburn.

Recasting every character in Final Fantasy 7 is a huge choice, and it’s proven to be divisive with fans, some of whom even started a petition to get the old actors back. However, in the long run, it could prove to be a wise move for Square Enix, as they try to make Final Fantasy 7 the next step in the franchise. It’s more than just a simple remake, as Square Enix is pushing it as the evolution of the franchise.

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Because of that, it makes sense that they want the voice cast to appeal to a broad range of players, both those intimately familiar with Final Fantasy 7 and those that have never even heard of it. It’s the same idea as giving an unknown actor a role in a big project, giving the potential for a breakout performance. At E3 2019, Square Enix told Joe Juba of GameInformer “A new generation of performers is the best way for newcomers and old fans to experience Final Fantasy VII Remake.”

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going back to the drawing board to redefine the original and its story, and Square Enix is greatly enhancing the scope of the Midgar section. This provides a chance to give these characters more complexity and depth than ever before, and those old actors already have a history with those characters that can’t be changed. It makes sense that a new actor would be better for voicing a redefined character, rather than trying to combine the new personality of each one with those original voice actors.

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