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The Celestials tower over a planet in the first piece of concept art for Eternals shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have long wondered what movies would come in Phase 4, but Marvel Studios has held off on revealing those plans. This changed at SDCC as Marvel returned to Hall H to announce their entire plans for Phase 4 of the MCU. Unlike past Phases, this one will only last for two years, but will contain five movies and TV shows apiece. One of the confirmed Phase 4 films is Eternals.

The Eternals, created by Jack Kirby, are humans experimented on by ancient cosmic beings known as Celestials in the lore of Marvel Comics. They feature some of the more powerful characters in the comics, and the MCU has already featured one of them: Thanos. But, the Mad Titan will not be a central figure in Eternals (though he should appear) and will instead focus on a group of characters like Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Angelina Jolie’s Thena. The entire cast for the Chloe Zhao-directed movie was confirmed during Marvel’s SDCC panel.

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Now, the first piece of concept art for Eternals appears to have been handed out at the convention as well. While the handout may be exclusive for SDCC attendees, photos of it quickly surfaced online, including from DiscussingFilm, who picked up one of the posters at the Marvel booth. The art shows the Celestials mentioned above and the incredible size of them as they walk through the clouds of an unknown planet.

As the creators of the Eternals, it was always expected that the Celestials would have a role to play in Eternals. What this concept art achieves more than anything else, though, is showing the full scale of them. Guardians of the Galaxy previously featured Eson the Searcher as part of The Collector’s explanation on the history of the Infinity Stones, while the location of Knowhere is a severed head of a Celestial. After only briefly seeing them in the MCU, this concept art is hopefully an indication that they will be prominently featured in Eternals.

While Marvel Studios can certainly take liberty with the designs of each Celestial, their looks in this concept art could give us an idea as to which ones will be included in the movie. The one farthest left may be One Above All, as noted by the similar gold lining in the chest, who is the leader of the entire race. The one next to him is more difficult to make out, but could be Nezarr the Calculator. The most forward one of the group might be Arishem the Judge, who is the leader of the Four Celestial Hosts on Earth. Lastly, the far right one may be Jemiah the Analyzer, who is essentially the Celestial’s scientist. All of this is just speculation at the moment, though, and hopefully, confirmations on which Celestials will appear in Eternals will happen soon.

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New Captain Marvel Poster Features Her Classic Suit

The latest poster for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel solo movie features Carol Danvers’ superhero alter ego in her classic red and blue suit. It’s been a big week for the MCU. On Monday night, thousands of people who don’t normally watch sports tuned in to ESPN’s Monday Night Football in order to be one of the first to see the second trailer for Captain Marvel. Then, Friday morning played host to the epic arrival of the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, an event anticipated for months. While the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home didn’t end up making its way online today as previously reported, it did at least screen for those in attendance at CCXP in Brazil.

Now that the big week has ended, one shouldn’t expect the amount of MCU promo material to decrease by much. Captain Marvel’s theatrical release is only three months away, meaning the marketing for Marvel Studios’ first female-led solo film is only just starting to get going. Plus, with Avengers: Endgame’s U.S. release date getting pushed forward to April 26, the culmination to the MCU’s journey so far is now less than five months away from being unveiled to the world.

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With that in mind, it’s not much of a surprise that Marvel Entertainment chose this weekend’s CCXP festivities to release a new poster for Captain Marvel, featuring the titular hero adorned in her traditional red, blue, and gold costume. The poster can be seen in all its colorful glory below.

Much has been made about the fact that – based on the trailers and previously released imagery – Carol spends a lot of Captain Marvel dressed in a green, black, and silver Kree Starforce uniform, although it now seems pretty clear that she’ll have switched to her classic color scheme by at least the film’s third act. Why exactly she makes the switch remains to be seen, but there are several plausible theories, including that Carol abandons her Kree look after discovering that the alien race isn’t quite as benevolent as she believed.

Despite Captain Marvel not appearing in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, it’s previously been teased that she’ll become the most powerful hero in the entire MCU. It seems logical that she’ll end up saving Tony Stark before he can die in space, and may even be the character that personally deals the death blow to Thanos, assuming the Mad Titan doesn’t survive the film. Before she gets there though, she needs to tangle with the Skrulls in March first.

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Russ Bullock Interview: MechWarrior 5’s Development & Features

Mech_Con 2018 has begun and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is the focus of this year’s fan meetup in Vancouver. We had the chance to get hands-on with game, in single-player and co-op while visiting developer Piranha Games, and we sat down with CEO Russ Bullock to talk about the development and features of the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated sequel to the classic PC mech franchise.

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Our discussion begins talking about Mech_Con and how much work goes into planning it for every December. As it turns out, Piranha has weekly meetings that begin in February, meaning that for nearly the entire year there’s a focus on the next fan-focused MechWarrior meetup.

Russ Bullock: We take January off. And then in February we start weekly meetings planning for that next year. Yeah. So, like for 11 months we plan this. For 11 months we are planning so it starts out with like venues first thing. So, we’ve changed venues all three years. Various reasons. Commodore Ballroom was great. They weren’t available for year two. So, we picked the biggest kind of hotel that you could find and that was great. But then the venue’s too small. We were jammed. It needed to be been bigger. We wanted to get bigger. So, we choose a venue, get all the hotels sorted. Long story short, it takes all year.

Screen Rant: Not just logistics, but do you plan that early for what you want to showcase? Like co-op is a big thing for Mech_Con 2018.

Russ: Yeah. Not quite that early. I’d say we know, for a show like five playable and— And it probably takes, I would say, certainly by summer or even early summer by May, June, we’re starting to get a pretty good idea of what we want to show. Some of it’s in question until a little bit later, like the co-op demo being part of this year’s Mech_Con was maybe a little up in the air even let’s say two months ago. But it was like, “No, got to do it. Focus. Got to have it.” Sort of pushed for that. Everything we did is, you know how these things go. Like it’s a lot of work to make these demos for these shows. But they also serve a very powerful purpose of really pushing your game to particular states of completion that go a long ways towards getting your game done. So, now we’re in a good spot. We got co-op in pretty good shape. There’s still bugs and issues, but it’s good and working, playable. We are making story decisions now. All you’re destructible systems are essentially done. So, you’re in a good state when you get to that point.

We had various conversations over the years about how MechWarrior Online came first. Can you talk about the history of that and how the IP part of that may have come into play? How MechWarrior Online came first, it grew, and now you’re finally able to do a story-based experience.

Russ: Pretty much out of necessity. Because like I said, if everything was all perfect and we could do anything we wanted, we never would have wanted to do it. We’d probably have made, like we would have made MechWarrior 5, first. We kind of tried that in 2009. We couldn’t get it off the ground.

So, when we started to make MechWarrior Online, I think it’s, you saw a similar trend in the industry, and you still do to this day, that smaller independent studios don’t just sit down and make the big single player games. You know, like mostly that’s reserved for the Sony’s. Making the Last of Us and so on and so forth. And you see a lot of smaller studios, whether it’s Rust or whatever it is, they make like a multiplayer game. Because you know, the amount of money it takes to create these single player experiences, with all these big scripted sequences, and all this stuff, is just so intense. That normally– So, for MechWarrior, development was like, “Well you know, we think we can make MechWarrior Online.” And at that point, World of Tanks was just coming into its power in the western world.

And we kind of looked at that and said, “That’s interesting.” Because it looks like you can make a very core game experience as a free to play game. And it’ll work. Because previous to that, it was mostly sort of caricature type, simpler cartoony type stuff. If you think of the kart racers, or even the original Medal of Honor, the free to play was like a spin on it. So, when we saw World of Tanks, we thought we saw an avenue into getting a MechWarrior game done. The amount of money and time it will take, just to get to that initial, like a Beta release of [unintelligible]. We figured we could do. And the amount of time and money that we could afford to do. So, that’s kind of what drove us. That’s what drove our decision. And a lot of smaller studios would be driven that way. And so, we made MechWarrior Online. It took us like, well a full four years of MechWarrior Online before we were in a position to start MechWarrior 5.

The MechWarrior 5 greenlight, was that after the old publisher, IGP, kind of folded?

Russ: The MechWarrior 5 commit?


Russ: Yeah. So, we bought them out in the summer of 2014. And it was about another 18 months after that, that we started MechWarrior 5.

Was there an IP issue ever? Or it’s just a case of resources sort of thing?

Russ: Yeah, no, it was not an IP issue at all. Just the timing and resources and when we could afford to do so.

And how did the engine switch to Unreal come into play?

Russ: Yeah, well, I mean when we decided we were going to make it, we started to think about what we make it in. And we considered, you know, we took a look at the very newest version of CryEngine at that time. I think they jumped ahead and call themselves CryEngine 5 or something like that. We looked at that. And we were looking at Unreal. And really the assessment was like, “Well, we’re going to have to, if we’re going to do this, we need to be able to leverage as much of all these years of MechWarrior Online line development as possible.” And so, naturally you might think, well that would also include just using the exact same engine, and code base, and everything. But we also knew some of those things we had to accomplish in order for MechWarrior 5 to be what it needed to be. And we did investigate a code assessment of building off of MechWarrior Online and CryEngine technology. Or, versus just starting over with Unreal. And we still found that we could get done, have a better game, and get it done faster. Starting with Unreal than continue on with CryEngine. It’s just the tool chain and the development processes was that much faster and better.

In terms of assets though, you bring Mech designs and such over?

Russ: We brought it over. So, we brought it all over. We had to do some upgrading, because the version of CryEngine that we used, 3.8… No, we’re at like 3.4 or something. Bottom line is it was just previous to CryEngine’s physically based rendering. So, when we brought our art and all of our mechs over to Unreal, we did have to upgrade, all the materials and everything to PDR and stuff. So, that was part of the process. But still, you’re looking at hundreds and hundreds of battle mech chassis that we were bringing over. So, where past MechWarrior mercenaries’ titles had like 12 to 15 maximum, we’ve got like 300. So, that’s a huge boon for our name because our free market out there in the Inner Sphere is actually like a well populated market. Where you might see rare mechs in various areas of space and stuff. So, yeah, definitely got a lot of leverage out of that artwork. But it just didn’t come over like, you know, like perfect. We had upgraded.

How many mechs are going to be playable in the game? Or acquirable?

Russ: Yeah, there’ll be about, this is a rough guess. It’s about 50 different unique chassis. With like three to four variants each. So, we’re in the 250 range of various chassis.

But there’s also, for the first time now, we can finally see other vehicles, like tanks and helicopters. How many vehicles like that are there?

Russ: Certainly, the first time for us. You did see a bit of that in Mech 4-ish. But, yeah, that’s great. I mean, because a lot of people were really Jones-ing, craving that, after all those years in MechWarrior Online. And just PVP. People are really, really looking forward to the PVE experience, like in past games. Also, they want that, you know, combined arms thing, feeling, where you’re shooting not just other mechs.

But sometimes in the early going missions might just be, you know, killing lots of vehicles and turrets and all sorts of things like that, are very hard. Some of them are hard, like this one tank in the demo and it’s the demolisher tank. It has like double AC-20s on it. So, it doesn’t take the abuse that a mech can take, but you don’t want to leave it unintended, it can do a lot of damage.

In the PVP part of MechWarrior Online, there’s so much that goes into like balancing the mechs. But in this, you don’t have to worry about that as much.

Russ: Yeah. Not near as much. We can really just tune for fun, you know. It’s like, in MechWarrior Online, everything you do, like everything about a medium laser, how much damage it does, how much heat is, it’s all down to the decimal point. You’re balancing and the communities like, “Well, it’s OP.” Or you have to Nerf something in the past and it’s a big thing. For here, it’s really just about like, you know, is it balanced? Is it really fun? Does it feel great? It doesn’t necessarily matter if the medium lasers do six damage instead of five. As long as it feels perfect. The health values of the vehicles and stuff can just be balanced for fun, and yeah.

“We can really just tune for fun, you know.”

What’s the biggest change for like a weapon or equipment type then from MWO to MW5?

Russ: Yeah. Honestly, not a lot at this point. Like meeting, we were able to start off with, you know, basically MechWarrior Online values. So, you know, we bring in like all the weapons and all the data and how much heat damage, and damage and all that stuff just kind of comes over. But I guess the beautiful thing is that it… it doesn’t matter, you know, if we have to change any of that stuff. Because you’re not– as long as you’re not competing with other players, there’s really no limits to what you can tweak and change.

With replayability being one of the core pillars, you talked about there being map generation, using your system. Can you talk about how that works. Will it include things that we saw in the demo mission like farms and fields?

Russ: Yeah, it will. Basically… Designs creating all the puzzle pieces. They’re essentially like these, I think the tiles are like close to a kilometer square. Maybe 750 meters square or something like that, roughly. So, some of them are just purely terrain, but the terrain has these spawn markers on them. So, these spawn markers say, well here’s where foliage is, or here’s where trees are, or here’s where rocks are. And if you’re in a Mars desert-like planet, well there’s no trees, and the rocks look like this, and so on, so forth. But if you’re in a forest terrestrial Earth-like map, and it’s wintertime in the polar highlands, then you’d get, you know, snow covered fur trees, and there’s snow on the ground. So, the system is created to any number of more than a dozen biomes can all use the exact same tiles. The exact same tile sets. They use different materials, different textures, different rocks, trees, shrubs and whatever else to make it that particular biome.

And then the encounter is the basis, whether it’s like a farm, or the big city environment in the demo board. Those are also staked out in tiles. So essentially, your generator can decide to use that port. Let’s say you might create 10 or 12, 15, 20 whatever you have time for, different configurations of like a port-like, we call it garrisons. A general term in our design. So, it’s like we create as many of these garrisons as we can. Some of them are cities and farms and ports. Some are arenas, fighting arenas, right? That are different, location based, art. So, then the generator says, “Okay. So, we’re going to create a mission that’s Arctic biome. It’s going to be this big, it’s going to be five by 10 tiles let’s say.” And like I said, it’s going to be arctic. And okay, the main thing is it’s going to be an assault on a mining facility. And so, we know to use these particular mining facility tiles. And they might choose from a dozen different of those. And then make sure that’s put in the map. And the generation kind of—So, there are recognizable puzzle pieces. Certainly, someone who has put dozens of hours in the game, might recognize the fact that, you know, they’ve seen that particular port before. But everything around that port, how they got to the port, the path they took to get there, and the look and feel of the terrain getting there, and even the encounter itself might have different enemies and stuff. So, there’s a limit to the randomness. It’s not completely 100 percent procedurally generated to like even the designers don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s like, “Oh look at this neat thing.” No. It’s within rules. So, we like to call it rule based level generation. So, there’s a limit, but it’s still a lot of combinations.

The generated maps, are these are like the side missions? Or are these story missions as well?

Russ: Primarily the, I guess I’m not going to call them side missions, I’ll call them the main compulsion loop missions, you know, like the ones where you’re grinding out your reputation and earning your c-bills. And you know, buying bigger and better mechs. And so, all the stuff that you do in between your star mission zones.

So, you are earning in all these missions though?

Russ: Oh, yes.

Oh, okay. I wasn’t sure.

Russ: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean that’s your main form of earning. Is to just go off, take contracts, and defend garrison contracts, assault contracts, all of them. You’re going to be earning c-bills, getting salvage, selling salvage, pooling your money. Maybe you’ll sell that mech now and get a bigger mech. And then slowly build up to like a bigger, better and more powerful elite mercenary unit. And all the while you’re taking the story missions as they come along to you.

When your friends kind of drop in and help you out for any one of these missions, are they thinking, I know they take one of your pilots, is the host also kind of choosing their men?

Russ: Yes. The whole sustained health welcome play this guy from the beginning. You know, your friends, you probably avoid, say probably say, “Nah, nah. Not me and the Dragon.” I mean that’s between you and your pal.

You talked about the story side of it, you guys worked with Catalyst on the board game side. Was the pitch from beginning to be like this is the mercenaries game. This is the era it’s set and then?

Russ: Yes. That much was set in stone. We knew that. We also knew this story. So, we work with Randall [Bills] and he’s been working with the brand for forever, for his whole life it seems like. He’s written novels and said, “Hey, you know, we’d like, do you want to take a shot at writing the story for us?” And gave him a little bit of guidance. Like we kind of had this sense of, “We want the player to have this history and we wanted there to be an incident with his old unit, or his parents’ unit so that you have to start out with nothing. And should be some sort of like, you know, revenge arc, but also some larger arc.” And so, we gave some guidance like that. Stuff like that. Some really good ideas. Did a couple few rounds of feedback. And it’s good. It worked out well.

Is it challenging working with another company like that? And also trying to fit it into like– Because there is so much lore and so many stories in this universe. Plus four old school games in the nineties, and kind of building off– Were you trying to continue any of that? Or just pick an era and here’s your new story.

Russ: Yeah, no. It’s more of the latter. I guess, it’s going to be hard to decide because there’s so much. But, there’s so many interesting stories to be told that’s the thing. There probably could have been a 100 different stories written for this game. Every one of them would have been great. And we felt like we ended up with one of them. And so we’re happy.

You mentioned there’s mod support for this game.

Russ: Yes.

What will players be able to play with?

Russ: Oh, it’s pretty, it’s quite a lot. I mean there’s really only, there’s very few limitations and it’s just, I suppose they won’t be modifying the actual, you know, like game code. But the power of the blueprint system now in unrelated area that that doesn’t even hardly mean anything it seems like. There won’t be a lot you won’t be able to mod. People can go in there and change anything. Make new mechs, make new vehicles, make new missions, story arcs. Very little limitations really.

So, would it be all just kind of up to their own toolkit sort of thing. It’s like a mod tool, right?

Russ: Yeah. It’s pretty much just Unreal, Unreal editor. And that’s all there.

What are you most excited for fans to see? When they finally get to play a new MechWarrior story.

Russ: I guess I would go with… To me there’s a few things. But the one thing would be, I think, the fact that you’re physically in your mech hanger. Like I think that’s the thing that might resonate with so many people. It’s like you’re there on the ground, you’re in your Leopard, you’re walking around the Leopard. You to see your technicians, you see your mech, you see how damaged it is when it comes back from missions. Just having that physical, I’m there looking at your battle mechs and looking what damaged state they’re in and stuff like that.

That does raise another question, actually. So, for the repairing, are you just paying to repair it before you go out again for the next mission?

Russ: Yeah, like if it’s too damaged to go out, obviously, if you just lost an arm, lost your lasers, no one’s going to stop you from taking it out next time. You want to save your c-bills if you can get the mission done. But yeah, everything takes time and money. So, let’s say it’s going take three weeks and you know, 200,000 c-bills to repair that battle mech, then you can start the repairs and three weeks goes by on the game clock and 200,000 comes out of your accounts and your mech’s repaired. So, you’re paying a cost both in c-bills, but also in time. So, time is a resource, like you’ve only got so many years to get your career done. Like the game spans from 3015 to 3049. So, that’s your career. You have a 34-year career to try to achieve elite mercenary status.

And how many extra mechs can you have to like swap in? Can you build up an inventory of extra mechs?

Russ: Yes

Is there a limit to that?

Russ: Um, I’m not sure yet. We’ve been debating that. That’s kind of just going to be a number in the UI in the end, but it’s a balanced item that can tune for economy sake and balance sake. There’s upkeep costs though based on how many mechs you have.

When you lose weapons, like are they gone? Can you replace it with a new one?

Russ: If you’re totally destroyed, it can be replaced, it can’t be repaired. So, medium laser is totally destroyed, go to the market and buy one. Or you probably have ten in your inventory from the salvage.

Okay. And can you customize the look, beyond the weapon parts, like the colors and stuff like that?

Russ: Yeah, we didn’t show that, but it’s very much like MWO. We brought over a lot of the same patterns, everything. So, you like to franken-pattern in MWO, you can paint your mech that way.

You pay c-bills for that?

Russ: Probably be a c-bill cost not, probably not, a time cost. Just a little bit of money to paint your mech.

Awesome. Thanks!

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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries releases for PC on September 10, 2019.

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Avengers 4 Fan Art Features a Battle-Ready Ronin

New fan art for the upcoming Avengers 4 features a battle-ready Ronin. Not to be confused with Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Captain Marvel, Ronin is one of the aliases used by Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye. Ronin made his debut in 2005, but Hawkeye himself has been around since 1964 when he appeared in Tales of Suspense #57. Many people have gone by the name Ronin in the comics, but Avengers 4 is likely to feature Hawkeye as Ronin.

Barton becomes Ronin in the comic books after the events of the Civil War storyline, which somewhat lines up with what could happen in Avengers 4. The last time fans saw Hawkeye was during Captain America: Civil War, the first time fans were also introduced to his family. After helping Steve Rogers, it was assumed that Barton went back into retirement, which is also why he wasn’t present during the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Based on leaked set images from Avengers 4, many people believe Hawkeye will become Ronin and rejoin the Avengers after his family is killed by Thanos’ snap. While fans haven’t gotten a clear look at the Ronin suit, there has been plenty of fan art depicting what it could look like – including this one.

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Ultraraw26 is the artist behind this fan art, which depicts a battle-ready Ronin. This artist’s rendition of Ronin stays fairly close to the source material by giving the character his gold and black design and two swords. The character also appears to be jumping into the night sky with glowing eyes as the moon shines behind him. The full artwork from Ultraraw26 can be seen below.

Hawkeye has been a part of the MCU ever since he appeared in Thor back in 2011. The character moved on to become one of the six original Avengers, yet Jeremy Renner still hasn’t gotten a Hawkeye solo movie. There are rumors that Marvel could be moving forward with a Hawkeye TV show on their streaming service called Disney Plus, but so far nothing has been confirmed. As for now, Renner is only confirmed for Avengers 4, with future appearances still being unclear.

While all signs are pointing to Hawkeye becoming Ronin, this still hasn’t been confirmed for Avengers 4. Fan theories about the character could be right, but details surrounding Renner’s character probably won’t become known until the Avengers 4 trailer is released, or possibly even until the movie comes out. Regardless of when – or if – Ronin is confirmed for the next Avengers film, the character will be in good hands if Marvel makes Ronin look anything like this fan artwork.

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Source: Ultraraw26

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Seven films debut this week


“Müslüm,” the life story of Müslüm Gürses, the legend of arabesque music, is directed by Ketche and Can Ulkay, and features Timuçin Esen (as Müslüm Gürses), Zerrin Tekindor (as his wife Muhterem…Click To Continue

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Five films debut this week

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’Written and directed by Drew Goddard, “Bad Times at the El Royale” will meet audiences this week. The thriller and crime film features Cynthia Erivo, Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson,…Click To Continue

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Interview – R.L. Stine

Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year there’s a new Goosebumps movie arriving in theaters – Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. The movie features a new cast of kids – played by Jeremy Ray Taylor (IT), Caleel Harris (Castle Rock), and Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) – who discover a lost Goosebumps book in a hidden room and unwittingly unleash a new season of terror, as Slappy the Dummy brings Halloween costumes to life and wreaks havoc on the city.

Jack Black reprises his role as Goosebumps author R.L. Stine in Haunted Halloween , so to celebrate the movie’s release, Screen Rant spoke to the real R.L. Stine to find out about the new monsters on parade, and ask whether Black’s curmudgeonly portrayal of the author is accurate.

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I have to ask, because the movie’s about a secret Goosebumps book hidden in a box – is there actually a secret Goosebumps book somewhere out there?

R.L. Stine: No. I wish [laughs]. I wish there were some extra ones somewhere that I could pull out. No, no secret book… But it’s kind of creepy, these two boys go into this house and knock over something and find this book and it’s locked, and they unlock it. And that starts all the action. All the horrible action.

Are there any Goosebumps monsters in this movie that we didn’t see in the last one?

Stine: Well, there are gummy bears [laughs]. They didn’t have gummy bears. After the first one I said, “How will we ever do a sequel? You used every single monster in the first movie!” There was nothing left. But yes, there are some. There’s an ogre, for one thing. We didn’t have an ogre in the first one. And my very favorite scene is the one with the gummy bears. Cute little gummy bears and then they turn into monsters.

But they’re so cute, what harm could they possibly do?

Stine: Well, they grow teeth for one thing. And then they all stick together and become a huge blob and attack people. It’s a wonderful scene [laughs]. Very proud of that!

It seems like there aren’t a lot of scary movies aimed at kids, since so many horror movies involve blood and gore. Is there a special trick to terrifying kids?

Stine: No, it’s the same as for grown-ups, I think. I think it’s surprise, it’s travelling into the unknown where you don’t really know what’s next and you can’t see what’s coming up, and it’s a lot of twists and turns. I think it’s the same as doing horror for adults.

There’s a whole new cast of kids in this movie. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Stine: Well, there’s a delightful boy who’s building a replicas of Tesla’s lab, because Tesla’s real lab is actually in their town. And he’s fiddling with the electricity and he keeps blowing out all the electricity in the house, but he’s determined to do it. And his doing this leads to an amazing scene near the end at Tesla’s real lab. It’s a real Frankenstein type lab. I went to Atlanta, where we filmed the film… and they showed me these sets. These guys are geniuses! They built this amazing Frankenstein’s lab… I couldn’t believe what these guys could build. It was incredible.

So Slappy the Dummy is the ringleader in this movie again. What is it about Slappy that people love so much?

Stine: I don’t really get it [laughs]. I don’t know why a dummy coming to life is so scary. But people are really frightened of him, and he’s so popular now that every other Goosebumps book has to be a Slappy book. I think I’ve written about fourteen of them [laughs]. It doesn’t get any easier to think of plots about a dummy coming to life.

Maybe it’s also because he likes to insult people. People like comedy roasts, so maybe that’s why they like Slappy.

Stine: Well that’s why I like to write him – he’s really an insult comedian. That’s why I love writing him, because he’s so rude!

Do you think kids are easier to scare than adults, or harder?

Stine: Probably easier. Probably don’t have to work as hard to scare them. But you know, my audience – seven to twelve year-olds – I get them the last time in their lives they’ll ever be enthusiastic. And then when they turn twelve, they have to be cool… and they’re gone. But before then they love writing to an author, they love reading, they love hearing from you, they love going to things… it’s just the best audience.

Was Jack Black’s portrayal of you in the first movie accurate?

Stine: I love Jack. Not accurate at all! Nothing accurate. But he’s a great guy, I thought he was wonderful. He flew to New York in a blizzard to meet me, to try to figure out how he was going to play the character. And we had lunch and he was like, looking at me, right? [Laughs] And then he said, “Bob… what about the script is true about you?” And I said, “Nothing, not one thing, none of it’s true!” And he said, “I’m going to be a sinister version of you.” And that’s what he decided to do.. And then when it started filming he started talking like Orson Welles, right? He does, in that first film, and I said, “Jack, I’m from Ohio, I don’t sound like that!” But I thought it was really fun. What a weird thing, to be a character in a movie.

Seeing as, unlike Jack’s version of you, you don’t hate kids – is there a favorite interaction with a young fan that you’ve had?

Stine: I’ve had way too many. I’m just so lucky. Because I go out, I really talk to kids, I go to schools, and I really do like kids. And you know, I have a son and I have a grandson, who’s four and hilarious. And he’s taking after my son, he won’t read my books. That’s my son’s claim to fame, he never read one. Isn’t that horrible?

Does he tell you that all the time?

Stine: He bragged about it, how he never read one!

You should write him into a book so that he has to read it.

Stine: I did! I made him the star of a Fear Street book, it was a vampire book, and he was the star and he didn’t read that one either. In the very last paragraph of the book he gets bit in the neck. [Laughs] I got my revenge!

More: Read Screen Rant’s Review of Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween arrives in theaters this weekend.

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Harry Potter: 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy

Draco Malfoy is one of the most memorable secondary characters in the Harry Potter movies and books. It may be due to his irredeemable and despicable behaviour,as everyone loves a good villain. It could also be the appeal of actor Tom Felton in the movies, and all the subsequent fan fiction they have produced.

However, not a lot is revealed about him in the books, and less even less is shown on screen, leaving him a mystery. We do know that his family has an unhealthy obsession with their pure blood heritage and an unflinching loyalty to Voldemort. One thing that we also know is that during his sixth year, Draco became even more villainous. He was given the task of assassinating Dumbledore and allowing the Death Eaters access to his present school, Hogwarts.

Some aspects that remained more hidden, though, including the origins of his name, which has links to the Hogwarts motto. His talents in transfiguration, charms, potions, and Occlumency are also never fully explored or known by the average person.

More surprisingly than all of this is the fact that despite being mortal enemies, Draco and Harry only duel twice – and one of them was in the presence of teachers, so it barely counts. Including these examples and every other duel that Draco is involved in, we have discovered that he never wins a single fight. This might be J. K. Rowling highlighting his cowardice and lack of morals that weaken his character ultimately. However, it might also have to do with his particular skillset.

With that said, here are the 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy In Harry Potter.

20 He is a gifted Occlumens

While Harry Potter is undoubtedly a gifted wizard, one of the things he was never able to master was Occlumency. This is the act of closing your mind to anyone who attempts to read it.

Draco managed to surpass his rival by mastering the art of this notoriously tricky skill.

While it may seem peculiar that Draco can keep other wizards out his head while Harry cannot, this is in keeping with his character. J. K. Rowling confirmed that Draco managed to become a gifted Occlumens due to his ability to suppress his emotions. The fact that Draco can excel in this area is only due to his repressed emotional issues that may stem from his dysfunctional family.

19 His name says a lot about his personality

J. K. Rowling puts a lot of thought into her character’s names and the names of locations – and the seemingly bland name of “Draco Malfoy” is no exception upon closer examination if we take a look at its origin on Pottermore.

The name Draco can either be linked to the Latin for “dragon” or the constellation. The word “Draco” is even in Hogwart’s motto: “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, “which translates as “never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Draco’s last name, Malfoy, could have its roots in French, with “mal foi” translating as “unfaithful.” Rowling could have perhaps been a bit more subtle when thinking of names for her villains, however, as “unfaithful dragon” doesn’t leave a lot of space for redemption.

18 He temporarily had control of the Elder Wand

During his sixth year, Draco was given the task of destroying Dumbledore and giving the Death Eaters access into Hogwarts. While he succeeded with the latter, Draco was unable to take the life of the Hogwarts headmaster.However, when confronting Dumbledore, he disarmed the professor, which was a significant action even if Draco did not realize it at the time.

 By disarming Dumbledore, Draco unknowingly had control of the most powerful wand in existence – the Elder Wand.

This was only temporary, though, as Harry later confronts Draco in his house in the Deathly Hallows and disarms him. This meant that control of the Elder Wand was passed down to Harry, who still technically can wield it today. For one brief moment, however, Draco could have been the most powerful wizard in the world.

17 He learnt the Unforgivable Curses

Draco’s sixth year at Hogwarts was a pivotal and important year for the sole Malfoy child. As well as being given the task of overthrowing his school, he was taught the Unforgiveable Curses by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Lestrange, being Draco’s aunt, most likely taught him these forbidden spells to prepare him for his role. We know for certain that Draco can perform Crucio (the torturing spell) and Imperio (the controlling spell). However, it is unclear whether Draco ever learnt the ultimate Unforgiveable Curse: Avada Kedavra, which would destroy the receiver. Though Draco seemed like an antagonist during his first year at Hogwarts, few fans expected him to become such a villain later in the story. However, it could be argued that this was due to the pressures of his family.

16 He is supposedly one of the only Death Eaters who can love

Death Eaters are more ingrained to respond with acts of hate than love. This is hardly surprising, though, considering the amount of carnage and havoc that they have created. However, what is surprising is that even though Draco is a Death Eater, he is supposedly capable of feeling genuine love.

This love manifests itself towards both his parents and his future wife, Astoria Greengrass. This is at odds with the other Death Eaters, whose hate trumps their love. Be it Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy, these individuals are consumed by their service to the Dark Lord. While it could be argued that they love Voldemort, this is closer to worship than a romantic or platonic love.

15 He’s proud of his pure blood family

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be incredible, but when it comes to metaphors, it is not very subtle. The fact that some wizarding families, such as the Malfoys, favor those with pure blood is meant to echo the real world prejudices that some hold. Draco’s parents instilled the belief that he is superior to half blood and muggles on him at a young age. This explains his resentment towards Hermione, whom he calls “Mudblud” incessantly.

This hatred for anyone who is not pure blood is a trait that many of the old wizarding families share.

The notable exceptions are Nymphodora Tonks and Sirius Black, who were cast out of the family for their beliefs that muggles and wizards are equal. Draco may not be as hostile towards muggles and muggle-born wizards by the end of the Deathly Hallows, but it is still a prejudice that he cannot escape.

14 He has used a Time Turner

J. K. Rowling may live to regret introducing Time Turners into the Wizarding World. The amount of problems that this device, which was used by Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban, could solve is countless. It could be used to stop Voldemort from ever existing or it could be used to bring back beloved characters. However, in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is used by Hermione to ensure that she can go to all her classes and to save Buckbeak.

Having not learnt the amount of plot holes attached to such a device, Rowling revealed the existence of a secret Time Turner belonging to the Malfoys. Without revealing too many details of The Cursed Child, Malfoy uses it successfully, which makes him – alongside Hermione, Harry, Albus, and Scorpius  – one of the few known people to have used a Time Turner.

13 He has a Dark Mark

Some fans believe that it was inevitable for Draco to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Death Eater. He did this sometime between the events of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. We know this since we can clearly see a Dark Mark on his arm during the events before Dumbledore’s assassination. While Dumbledore looked unsurprised to see Draco pointing a wand at him, he did seem surprised by the fact that Draco now had a Dark Mark.

It is not possible to get rid of a Dark Mark, so despite the fact that Draco’s character has since been redeemed, he is not able to reverse the procedure. Draco will forever have the mark of He Who Must Not Be Named on his arm.

12 He was an extremely intelligent student

Although the movies show Draco to be just an arrogant bully, in the books, we see another aspect of Draco – we soon discover that he is an intelligent student, too. While Harry was always picked on in Potions due to Snape’s hatred for him, Draco was always the teacher’s pet.

Whether he was actually better than Harry is debatable, though, as Snape never gave the Gryffindor student a fair chance. However, one subject where Malfoy definitely excelled was in Charms, in which he was described as equally intelligent as Hermione.During his sixth year, he managed to cast the extremely difficult Protean charm. The only other person in the class who could cast it was Hermione.

11 He was supposed to get along with Harry

Draco and Harry were supposed to get along. According to Pottermore, Draco’s birthday is June 5, which makes him a Gemini. Meanwhile, Harry’s birthday is July 31, which makes him a Leo.

These two star signs are meant to get along with one another and are even able to become close friends.

During their first meeting, there was definitely potential for them to become friends, as Malfoy extends a hand of friendship to Harry. However, Harry sensed Draco’s arrogance and hostility and rejected him. Despite this, the fact that their star signs match up so well may have been a coincidence on behalf of J. K. Rowling. Or perhaps it could have been a hint that had Harry Potter shaken Draco’s hand, they could have formed an evil alliance.

10 He really wished he was the heir of Slytherin

While it may be obvious that the heir of Slytherin could only be Voldemort in hindsight, there was a lot of speculation over who it could be. During the events of Chamber of Secrets, many students thought that Harry was the heir due to his Parseltongue abilities.

Harry himself believed that Draco was the heir and took Polyjuice Potion in order to investigate. However, Draco admitted he was not the heir of Slytherin despite his family’s allegiance to Slytherin and their prejudiced view against Muggles. Although Draco didn’t know who the heir was, he served as nothing more than a pawn of the real heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle. This was still an honor for his family, though.

9 During Half-Blood Prince, he is described as unhealthily pale

Though one of Draco’s defining features is his pale skin, in Half-Blood Prince, he is described as being paler than ever. This is due to the fact that he was assigned by Voldemort to take down Dumbledore and help the Death Eaters infiltrate Hogwarts, which can put a lot of stress on a person.

Since he is the only one able to complete the tasks, he begins to physically show the signs of stress. It is notable to other students, particularly Harry, who notices his rapid deterioration over the course of sixth year. Before Half-Blood Prince was filmed, Tom Felton was told that he wasn’t allowed to come back tanned from holiday. His paleness may also draw some parallel’s to Voldemort’s own appearance, as some fans have spectated that Draco becomes more gaunt by committing evil deeds.

8 He wanted to use alchemy to become a better man

Alchemy is an ancient practice. Because of this, it is shielded in mystery. However, it principally involves turning lead into gold. For some reason, Draco became heavily invested in Alchemy after he left Hogwarts.

Post-Deathly Hallows, Draco settled down with his wife and child and began to study Alchemy. Being the heir of his family fortune and the Malfoy Manor, he did not have to worry about getting a job after school. However, Draco also spent time caring for his wife, Astoria, who was ill due to a curse that was put on her ancestors. While at home, Draco soon became fascinated by alchemical manuscripts. According to Pottermore, Draco’s obsession with Alchemy was pure – he wished to use it to become a better man.

7 He is never seen winning a duel

Despite Draco and Harry being sworn enemies during their time in Hogwarts, they only face off against each other twice. Their first duel happens during their second year in front of other second year students. However, Snape and Lockhart intervene after a snake is conjured by Malfoy. When Draco and Harry next duel, it nearly results in the demise of Malfoy during Half-Blood Prince.

During the events of Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Draco also duel, which results in Draco losing his wand.

The final duel we see Draco participate in is during Deathly Hallows, when Hermione gets the better of him. At least during his youth, it was clear that Draco’s arrogance was just used as a shield.

6 He was a Prefect

A Hogwarts prefect is meant to inspire the younger students and act as a role model to them. By definition, Harry Potter would be the ideal Prefect for Gryffindor students, or any house for that matter. However, throughout his six years at Hogwarts, he is never given the coveted Prefect badge. While students like Percy Weasley may be obvious choices to become prefects, characters like Draco Malfoy aren’t typically expected to obtain the badge.

Draco is not a character that you typically associate with good morals, leadership, or as a role model. Regardless, Draco does become a prefect. Perhaps this was done by J. K. Rowling to show us that Draco did make for a decent leader, despite his lack of morals. In fact, some fans speculate that by giving Draco the badge, Rowling was not giving up on him.

5 He has ice grey eyes in the books, but Tom Felton has blue eyes in the movies

In the books, Draco is described as having platinum blonde hair and ice grey eyes. There are many parallels between Voldemort and his army and the Axis leaders and their army in WWII, so it makes sense that Draco would look like this.  However, in real life, the actor who brought Draco Malfoy to life on the big screen, Tom Felton, looks nothing like this. Felton has brown hair and blue eyes. Because of this, he had to dye his hair blonde for the movies.

Similarly, Daniel Radcliffe did not have Harry Potter’s green eyes. However, he found the contact lenses too painful to wear so the movies were filmed without them. Though not many fans may remember Draco’s eye color from the books, Harry’s eyes are constantly referred to in both the books and movies, which makes it even more noticeable.

4 He was unable to produce a Patronus

Though anyone can find out what their Patronus is on Pottermore, it is not as simple in the Wizarding World. Some wizards and witches are actually unable to produce a Patronus. While we know that Harry’s Patronus is a stag, many fans don’t know what Draco’s is. However, it has since been revealed that Draco is unable to conjure one.

This is apparently a common trait among Death Eaters, as many fans believe that they don’t have enough light and goodness to summon one.

While it has been established that Draco is capable of feeling love, this may not enough to produce the special charm. J. K. Rowling has also mentioned that Death Eaters are unable to produce a Patronus because Voldemort controls Dementors anyway.

3 He is a master of Transfiguration

Transfiguration is known to be a difficult class to pass at Hogwarts. After all, we see how hard it is for Ron to transform Scabbers into a grail in the movies. However, Draco is an accomplished hand at this craft. We see signs of this during his second year duel against Harry.

When they face each other in the Great Hall, Draco manages to summon a snake that slithers menacingly towards Harry. If it had not been for Harry’s ability to speak Parseltongue, he might have been attacked by the snake. In his later years, Draco even manages to transform Harry into a doppëlganger of Voldemort, which is an extremely complex charm. While the movies do not emphasize Draco’s intelligence, it remains clear in the books that he should not be underestimated.

2 His love life is fairly ambiguous

Draco’s love life is left relatively ambiguous in both the Harry Potter movies and the books. The only girl we see Draco talk to in the books and movies is Pansy Parkinson, who is described as the closest Draco comes to a girlfriend in the books. However, it is never actually confirmed that Pansy is his girlfriend in the series. At one point, the books describe a scene where Pansy is resting her head on Draco’s lap, but this is the closest we ever see them get.

While Draco eventually marries Astoria, little is known about how they met or even when they married. However, we do know that his parents disapproved of Astoria and that she was kind, and taught their son Scorpius to respect others (including muggles).

1 He is the only person Voldemort is known to have hugged

One of the most sinister Voldemort moments happens when he tries to honor one of his followers. This moment occurs during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Voldemort demands loyalty from the students of Hogwarts.

In a gesture of goodwill, Voldemort slowly and awkwardly brings Draco into an embrace in front of his followers. Understandably, Draco looks absolutely terrified, since the Dark Lord has never shown affection of any kind before. This is the only known instance of a Death Eater – or anyone for that matter – receiving a hug from Voldemort.

Are there any other interesting facts about Draco Malfoy’s body in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them)

James Gunn may be off the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 project after being fired by Disney for some controversial tweets surfaced from long ago, but not only has he apologized and insisted that he’s a much different person than he was at that period in his life; he’s reportedly also getting another stab at creating a comic adaptation with the next Suicide Squad film.

While Marvel fans mourn the loss of the man behind some of the best movies in the MCU, it’s quite possible that Gunn will give the DC universe the boost it desperately needs to really compete with Marvel.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the actual film brings to the party, we have plenty of time to speculate about what its plot might be, what kind of tone to expect and above all, which characters might be included and who might be cast in those roles. While many of us are hoping to see some members of the Squad from the first film return, we’re also crossing our fingers, wishing for a chance to meet more members who weren’t included in the first movie. There’s really an endless amount of speculation to enjoy here and many fans have already photoshopped their choices for the best portrayals of characters audiences have loved for decades.

Casting for these iconic personalities won’t be an easy task, but here are 20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them).

20 Christina Ricci As Harley Quinn

Let’s be honest: Margot Robbie is a sure-in for Harley Quinn at this point. The star surprised many fans while proving others right with her incredible performance as the psychiatrist turned psychopath. Ensuring that Quinn not only shone as the premiere talent in a film with its problems, but that she would endure for her own film afterward, Robbie is a fan favorite, through and through.

We could definitely see this version of Harley in a Gunn movie.

If for some reason Robbie had to back out of the project, as much as it would pain fans, some have taken to casting other ideas for actresses who could play Harleen Quinzel. Artist D3SIGNMILTIA’s piece depicts an interesting version of the character that might work well with Christina Ricci.

19 Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

We’ve seen so many incarnations of The Joker over the years that it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect person to play an updated version of Batman’s most notorious foe. Whether or not he’ll be in the next Suicide Squad film is unclear. Who can measure up to Jack Nicholson’s chilling Joker and Heath Ledger’s perfect monster?

Joaquin Phoenix, currently starring in Todd Phillips’ solo Joker, is certainly one candidate. Phoenix, who’s also utilized some unorthodox acting methods in the past, might give us a bit more grave swagger as the criminal mastermind. His ongoing presence in the DCEU will likely depend on the success of Joker, due out in October 2019.

18 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler

Everyone’s favorite child doctor has grown up to become a much beloved singer, showman, and nemesis of the Baudelaire children. Neil Patrick Harris shines in just about everything he’s in, so including him in the next installment of Suicide Squad makes perfect sense.

Harris as the Riddler is pure gold.

He’s got the chops to bring the perfect blend of humor and intelligence that the Riddler needs to truly succeed, which might hopefully replace the slapstick Riddler we got in Batman Forever years ago. Harris isn’t everyone’s favorite for the Riddler, though; stay tuned for more artist manipulations involving the Riddler later.

17 Manu Bennett As Deathstroke

Given the fact that the Arrowverse and TV adaptations of DC stories have proven so successful, it makes sense to borrow from that character pool to not only connect the universe but to help ensure the success of Suicide Squad 2. If Gunn and company are planning on including Deathstroke in the sequel, we think Manu Bennet would be a clear choice for the character.

While some fans speculate that Joe Manganiello will play the part, since he is Mr. Wilson in Justice League and has announced that he’s working on three more films featuring the character, his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 remains speculation at this point. Many believe that Deathstroke will indeed be a primary villain in the film, and Bennet has already proven that he would do the character justice.

16 Sophie Turner As Oracle

Lots of fans are imagining Marvel actors in DC roles, which is pretty delightful for those of us who Make Ours Marvel and DC. Sophie Turner, who gave us the Jean Grey that we were waiting for in X-Men: Apocalypse and is set to reprise the role in Dark Phoenix, would also make an excellent Oracle.

Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle has included a gig as tech support for the Suicide Squad.

With Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman and a Batgirl movie announced, the inclusion of Oracle could provide some timeline intrigue. Plus, after decades of Batman saturation, this much Bat-women power would be so much fun.

15 Oprah Winfrey As Amanda Waller

Viola Davis was a pretty stellar Amanda Waller, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen Viola Davis in anything. Davis could read a grocery list and deserve an Oscar. That said, Kode Logic has imagined what Oprah might bring to the role and we have to say that it looks impressive. Firm, ruthless and beautiful, Oprah’s Waller seems to give the character a bit more experience points, which are conveyed in that hard gaze.

Davis has said that she loved playing Amanda Waller, who is aligned so well with her character Annalise Keating in the hit TV drama How to Get Away with Murder in many ways, but how much fun would it be to see Oprah bend the rules?

14 Will Smith As Deadshot

You don’t mess with what works, and Will Smith certainly worked as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad. He did so well, in fact, that plenty of people thought that he deserved his own film and said that they’d have watched Suicide Squad again if it only starred Smith. This really isn’t a surprise, given Smith’s star power, and it’s been announced that he’s returning to the franchise in the role again.

It’s a good thing that we have some time before the movie’s released, too, since Smith is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2 around the same time. Smith’s got three films releasing in 2019 alone, and while one is only a vocal role, he’s definitely going to be busy for the next couple of years.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman

Utter the words “Jeffrey Dean Morgan” in the same sentence as “The Batman” and you’re bound to get a room full of excited fans. He’s absolutely perfect for Wayne in an adaptation of something like Batman Beyond, but we could definitely see him as the Batman in just about any adaptation of the series, and DeviantArt user evelius has given us some visual art to really picture the idea.

Morgan has the darkness and the voice necessary for Batman to match this ragtag team of violent convicts.

While Bale and Affleck had their time in the cowl, it’s time for a new man behind the mask. Why not Negan?

12 Rila Fukushima As Katana

While Katana was featured in the first Suicide Squad film, most people believe her role was too small to really critique or appreciate. Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara wasn’t bad in the role; she just didn’t get much to do.

Adding Rila Fukushima in the second movie might lend Katana some traction given that she already portrays the character in the Arrowverse.

While Fukuhara, who is set to play Glimmer in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power TV series, is rumored to be reprising the role, Fukushima, star of last year’s Ghost in the Shell, was also fantastic as Yukio in The Wolverine, which would give us another fun link between the DC and Marvel universes.

11 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love quirky, smart, and funny Emma Stone? The actress would be perfect for an updated role as Poison Ivy following Uma Thurman’s beautiful but wonky portrayal of Pamela Isley. One of BossLogic’s many creative manipulations, this artwork features Stone as the iconic plant-loving villain and it’s pretty impressive.

We already know that Ivy will be a big part of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film, which will also feature Harley Quinn and Catwoman at its heart, so why not include her in the Suicide Squad movie as well? There are several other cool artist manipulations of actresses who might be great in the role, such as Jessica Chastain, so it’s going to be a tough one to cast.

10 Kristen Wiig As Cheetah

Many of us can’t stop celebrating Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. The strongest thing the DC movies have going for it right now is all the incredible female characters, most notably Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and we can’t wait to see where Aquaman takes us. If all goes well it would make perfect sense to include Wiig in Suicide Squad 2, especially since weaving in characters from multiple films would help provide better continuity for the DCEU.

Wiig is funny, smart, and beautiful, and we think she’s going to make an excellent foe for Wonder Woman.

In that case, her inclusion in another movie would also be fantastic to see.

9 Nathalie Emmanuelle As Vixen

DeviantArt artist farrou has created some truly amazing fanart of DC characters, and one of them, which features Nathalie Emmanuelle as Vixen, makes us believers. While we’re not sure if Emmanuelle has a Tantu Totem, we’re pretty sure she could make it work if Gunn and co. gave her one. The actress, best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is definitely ready for a a super suit and action in a big movie like this.

Then again, Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed interest in the role of Vixen, which would not only be interesting due to her husband’s presence in the movie but also due to her previous DC role as Fish Mooney in the TV series Gotham. Both actresses would be well-cast for the movie.

8 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Riddler

Do we really need the Riddler to come out and play in Suicide Squad 2? After the weirdness of Batman Forever and the sinister developments of Gotham, perhaps it’s time to reinvent the villain. Jake Gyllenhaal makes sense to play the villain not only because he was David Goyer’s original choice to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies, but because this fanart made by Vaskoho is something to behold.

While there are several people who could pull off the role, we think Donnie Darko has a fighting chance.

Fans point out that there were some Riddler Easter eggs in the Batman v Superman movie, so it’s possible that we’ll see The Riddler on film someday.

7 Dave Bautista As Bane

Can we all agree that, no matter the context, Dave Bautista must appear in Suicide Squad 2? Not only has the Drax actor delighted us all with his hilarious yet poignant portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but he’s also publicly stated that he supports Gunn and wants to be involved in his next project.

We’re pretty sure any role could be molded to make room for such a beloved actor, but as as BossLogic has pointed out, he’d make an excellent Bane. After having two Banes that didn’t work so well in the Batman universe, we could definitely use a fresh face for the role. If he’s not Bane, Bautista would make a fantastic Solomon Grundy, too. We’re not too picky on this one.

6 Michael K. Williams As Black Manta

Could Black Manta make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2? It’s too early to rule anything out and many fans think he’d make a good inclusion, particularly following the Aquaman movie. While the majority of his screen time might simply have his head shrouded in a big bubble, his casting would be nonetheless important. Artist diamondking13 suggests actor Michael K. Williams for the job and we love the idea.

It would be cool to see how Gunn and co, would update the suit for a more modern, movie-friendly look.

Famous for his critically acclaimed roles in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams was just cast in Jordan Peele and Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country, but Suicide Squad 2 is far enough in the future to give him time for both gigs.

5 Bill Skarsgård As The Joker

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us just don’t care to see Jared Leto return as The Joker and it’s quite possible that The Joker won’t even see a second of footage in the second film. While we’d all probably be okay with that, if a new Joker is cast, Bill Skarsgård is a fantastic choice.

Skarsgård is hot right now following his success as Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. He also played a less troubling character in Castle Rock over the summer, proving his mettle yet again in King’s world. Considered one of the good things to come out of Netfix’s Hemlock Grove, Skarsgård could probably do the Joker justice, as artist aikoaiham has shown.

4 Teresa Palmer As Killer Frost

After witnessing Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, many fans are calling for her inclusion in Suicide Squad 2. DeviantArt creator farrou has imagined what it might look like if Teresa Palmer played the villain and it’s a pretty spot-on representation.

The Australian actress is no stranger to action movies and could do well in the role.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has already voiced Killer Frost in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, while Danica McKellar voices her in Lego DC Superhero Girls. She’s also been in 2009’s Public Enemies animated feature between Batman and Superman, but she’s never been in a live action movie before. Danielle Panabaker portrays the character in The Flash, but she hasn’t made a film in a few years.

3 Jon Bernthal as Rick Flag

Jon Bernthal is another actor already present in the MCU, portraying the most accurate and adept version of the Punisher we could ever hope for, so tossing the talented actor into the DC mix would just be plain fun. It’s not that Joel Kinneman was terrible as Rick Flag, and he’s done a great job standing up for the original film and its purpose, but Jon Bernthal would just be better.

The skill Bernthal has in striking that tricky sweet spot between ruthlessness and gravitas while still being a compelling, empathetic human being isn’t something anyone can do. Artist Riku7kun shows us what Bernthal as Flag might look like. It’s a little bare in comparison to Kinneman’s look, but that might actually work with Bernthal.

2 Josh Gad As The Penguin

It’s no secret that Josh Gad wants the role of The Penguin, having pushed for it himself in social media, and fans are clamoring for the opportunity to see the voice of the snowman, Olaf, and Gaston’s buddy LaFou in a much more sinister role.

Whether or not Gad will show up in The Batman remains to be seen but he definitely has the flippers to play the beloved villain.

BossLogic has given us some art imagining what he might look like in the role and it can only get better from here. In March, Gad started hilariously trolling Matt Reeves on Twitter, sending him animated penguin GIFs and hinting at what he could bring to the Batman franchise.

1 Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

It’s an obvious inclusion, but it’s necessary. While the original Suicide Squad, hyped up to be the most incredible DC movie of all time, had plenty of problems, most fans and critics agree that the shining star of the whole production was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Robbie’s portrayal was everything we hoped for– brutal, nuanced, and a delicate balance between her joker obsession and Harley coming into her own person without being too over-the-top.

Who isn’t excited to see Robbie return as Harley in theBirds Of Prey adaptation featuring the awesome women of DC, which is so ardently anticipated that it pushed Suicide 2 to the back burner? After this much love, Robbie has to be in this universe.

Who do you most want to see in a new Suicide Squad movie? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore

The horror anthology hit TV show American Horror Story just might be the magnum opus of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. Scarier and more riveting than any of the duo’s other projects, the spine-tingling series features a new theme and characters every season that are all still linked to each other’s universe. From the casting announcements to the series hints, theme reveals, and each season’s unique introductory visuals, it’s riveting entertainment all around. Even so, some seasons fall further off the mark than others, with many episodes barely even registering on the “horror” radar while others left us scratching our heads wondering what the heck just happened.

The thing is, we tend to give glaring errors, plot flops, and other things wrong with the show a pass because we love it so much. From intriguing horror to irresistible characters, from unexpected plot twists to some of the best storytelling on TV, American Horror Story keeps us coming back, not because it’s flawless but because it’s still addictive despite, and sometimes because of, its many flaws.

We might love a character and conveniently forget that he or she is a monster. We’ll keep tuning in even after an entire sequence left us feeling disgusted, embarrassed for the actress who had to play out the scene, or even angry at the creators themselves. It’s just that addictive.

We love it and we’ll keep coming back for me, even with these 20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore.

20 Some Seasons Aren’t Scary

With a name like American Horror Story, you might expect every episode to be a scream-fest. That’s just not the case, especially in seasons four and five. While there’s no shortage of horror-inducing characters in these seasons, they didn’t really give us nightmares like previous and subsequent seasons were able to do.

Were we jaded from all the mutants, ghosts, zombies, and other creatures in previous seasons?

Both Freak Show and Hotel fell short on promises of terror, often vying for more intense drama (a calling card of Falchuck and Murphy) instead. While we still received interesting stories, Gaga’s vampire and Twisty the Clown just weren’t all that scary.

19 There’s No Reason Given For All The Hotel Vampire Kids

In season five, Hotel, Lady Gaga’s character, The Countess Elizabeth, is a little less fabulous than we expected her to be. Perhaps she couldn’t live up to the Gaga we all know and love already. One of the things that just made zero sense about the character was her propensity to collect children and turn them into little vampires. Does Elizabeth have an old woman in the shoe complex? Is she just that bored? What is the point?

Here’s the thing about kids in horror movies: they add instant scare-factor. Take a look at most scary film kids, from Village of the Damned to The Others and you’ll see the scariest moments. The fact that the vampire kid collection wasn’t even scary was a pretty big letdown.

18 Teeth Fall From The Sky For No Reason

Season six of AHS, Roanoke, was able to recover some of the lost ground from the previous two less-scary seasons but still suffered from the lack of the one and only Jessica Lang. The season saw a return to the haunted house theme, always popular in AHS history, and wove in some new elements, like the whole “based on a true story” theme.  Between Deliverance-like hillbillies and more incredible Kathy Bates, Roanake was much better-received than Hotel, but it had some weird unexplained moments, like teeth randomly falling from the sky.

Not only do the teeth inexplicably fall while Matt is at work, but they also disappear.

The reason why is never given, prompting us to chalk this one up to “random scare tactic.”

17 Queenie Tried To Hook Up With A Minotaur

While we definitely applaud Murphy and Falchuck’s use of mythology throughout American Horror Story, it often makes no sense. Gabourey Sidibe was fantastic as Queenie, the young and lonely witch who gave as well as she got, used LaLaurie as her own personal racist slave, and really deserved main credits billing. But there was that one time she tried to hook up with a grotesque Minotaur…

While the inclusion of adult content is pretty standard in AHS, getting involved with a man who has bull’s head sewed over his own is pretty far out there. It didn’t make any sense, nor did Queenie’s own survival following the incident (or anything else including the Minotaur, really), so we just move along and say that there’s nothing to see here.

16 Zoe’s Hell Is Just Life Without Kyle

Zoe Benson, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, starts out as a compelling character in the third season of American Horror Story, Coven. She has unique powers that pay homage to classic horror and a long journey ahead.

Tossing in a love interest is a great way to derail a personal growth story.

That’s what happened to Zoe with Kyle, her resurrected boyfriend played by Evan Peters. While we’re glad that Murphy and Falchuck used Kyle to illustrate that mothers can be abusive to their sons just as much as fathers can, “life without Kyle” as Zoe’s own personal hell is really stupid and overly angst-ridden.

15 Aliens In Asylum Makes No Sense

When it comes to American Horror Story, many fans reacted to the inclusion of aliens in season two, Asylum, in the same way that fans of Indiana Jones reacted to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For many horror fans, aliens don’t enter the territory without very specific rules, and you certainly don’t add aliens into an already-existing story for a scare factor.

The aliens of AHS also just weren’t scary. Sure, they made Pepper more interesting and gave convenient explanations for a few weird happenings, but at the end of the day mixing aliens in with mutants, a mean nun, demons, and war criminals just doesn’t work. It’s a hodgepodge of plot devices tossed together like a salad with too many kinds of dressing. Sometimes simpler is just better.

14 The Musical Sequences

We get that Sister Jude is losing her mind in this tenth episode of season two, Asylum, but must we lose ours as well? The episode itself was gripping, but watching Jessica Lange sashay through “The Name Game” wasn’t nearly as eerie as it should have been. It played off as more of an homage to the creators’ Glee in a way that didn’t work.

While some critics enjoyed the mind-boggling number, many of us like to pretend it never happened.

It’s not the last time the showrunners implemented a bit of music and dance, either. Season four, Freak Show, featured several ditties, including a rendition of “Come As You Are” by Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, and Lange singing David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”.

13 What Happens To Dr. Arden’s Experiments?

The mutants created in Dr. Arden’s horrific experiments are the stuff of nightmares, and they definitely present an interesting side story among the rest of the godawful happenings at Briarwood Manor in season two of American Horror Story, Asylum. Their issue, of course, is that they disappear off the radar without much of a peep.

Once turned into a mutant and taken to a hospital, Shelley, played by Chloë Sevigny as a homage to the many women unjustly committed to asylums throughout history, seems as if she may be able to lead the authorities toward Arden, but alas, Joseph Fiennes’ conflicted yet greedy Monsignor Timothy Howard takes her out instead. We don’t hear much about them afterward. What happened to the mutants?

12 The Messed-Up Historical Figures

Anne Frank was lobotomized by the evil Dr. Arden from Briarcliff Manor in season two, Asylum. Not only does this make zero sense, but it also really does a disservice to Anne Frank’s memory. There is a lot of artistic license taken with historical figures throughout American Horror Story, from Delphine Lalaurie to James March. Even characters used as backgrounds for new characters, like Nellie Bly’s inspiration for Lana Winters, often seems a bit much, especially when the representation is so loose.

The misrepresentation or grand re-representation of historical figures is nothing new.

Our own history books present complete falsehoods about everyone from Christopher Columbus to Paul Revere. Perhaps it’s just so glaring because we acknowledge that now, particularly during an age of “fake news” awareness.

11 The Opening Sequence And Spoilers Promise More Than We Get

One of the most exciting elements of a new season of American Horror Story is always the opening sequence and the slowly-revealed spoilers. Cast announcements and cool visuals trickle in until we finally get to see that first episode with its incredible casting graphics. The creepy opening sequence does much more than announce the cast: it revs us up like the announcer for a really scary joust about to take place.

The only problem is that it often goes downhill from there. While season 1 typically delivered, the casting graphics in seasons like Freak Show were actually scarier than the episodes themselves. That’s a real problem if we are supposed to be watching a horror program.

10 We Have No Idea What Happened To The Pig Boys

They were a successful execution of “the scary children” in a way that the little vampire entourage of the previous season just couldn’t seem to manage, so maybe that’s why Murphy and Falchuck decided to never let the “pig boys” of season six be seen again.

Aside from the fact that the boys could have made for some truly scary storytelling, the problem here isn’t just that they had no deeper involvement in the story than “check out these creepy kids” but that they don’t even have a resolution. Why the kids say, “Croatoan!” and why they drink pig milk remains unknown, and we may never know what happened to the charming little tykes.

9 No Consequences for the bad things the “good guys” do

As fans of American Horror Story, we sure do forgive a lot of murderers, don’t we? When someone bad finally goes good, all of their wicked deeds don’t seem to be as problematic. Even sweet Nan takes out Joan. Misty Day, otherwise a kind hippie, offs a couple of guys with alligators.

Were these warranted attacks? Maybe, but that doesn’t erase the fact that many characters end the lives of others and we pretty much turn a blind eye toward it like we wouldn’t if they occurred in real life. Of course, from people returning from the grave to mutant attacks near an asylum, there’s really not a lot in the show that applies to real life.

8 There’s Really No War Between The Coven And The Voodoo Witches

During season three, Coven, there’s a big build up about an oncoming war between the coven and the voodoo witches of the area. Both are led by powerful women, and who wasn’t excited to see Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, and Marie Laveau, played by Angela Bassett, go up against one another?

While there was plenty of tension and a zombie attack, it pretty much stopped there, especially after the witch hunters came to town.

AHS often builds up to something we’re expecting and completely abandon it for another plot instead. While we get that they want to keep us on our toes, broken promises do leave us unsatisfied and underwhelmed.

7 Zoe And Madison Gave Their Souls To Azaezel And It Never Came Up Again

When the bus full of frat boys who assaulted Madison wrecks, taking out all of the monsters on board on Madison’s whim, it’s satisfying. Even seeing Kyle taken out doesn’t bother some of us, given that we’ve already seen Evan Peters return from the grave before and wouldn’t be surprised if he returned. He may have stopped his “brothers” but he certainly tried to help them not get caught, making him complicit in the attack.

When Zoe and Madison decide to put “boy parts” together to resurrect Kyle as the perfect Frankenstein boyfriend, they sell their souls to Azaezel in order to do so, and yet it never comes up again. Given that both girls bite the dust during the show, shouldn’t that at least be an issue?

6 Roanoke’s Reality Show Inception

It was one of the most pointless plot points to ever be inserted into a season of American Horror Story. During season six, Roanoke, we’re treated to a reality show type of setting where re-enactors help us understand what happened to the Millers in “My Roanoke Nightmare”, an obvious play on so many other popular reality-based ghost hunting and experience shows. That’s an intriguing concept that works well for much of the season, but then we’re hit with reality-ception.

Getting all of the actors and people involved in actual events together for the blood moon event is one thing, but what about the disclaimer that nobody even survived the ordeal? If that’s true (which makes sense, since this is Roanoke), how did we get the footage in the first place?

5 There’s No Point To Scathach

Scathach, the mythical warrior from the Isle of Skye in Irish folklore, is an incredible character. It’s too bad we didn’t really get to know her in season six, Roanoke.

Lady Gaga’s Scathnach has a plethora of powers, is said to be the first Supreme and yet has no real point in the series.

The witch does a few nefarious things here and there, from purchasing souls to rendering people evil and insane, but in the grand scheme of things she has no real point except to serve as one of those random elements of horror woven in to just be spooky. Given the history of the traditional character, it would be amazing to see Murphy and Falchuck to use this as a tie-in for a more myth-heavy season.

4 People Are Constantly Offed Only To Be Brought Back

Character losses in the American Horror Story realm are pretty much like those in any comic book series: you don’t ever count them as permanent. Even when an entire series ends and you believe a character to be truly gone, they may return in another season! It’s definitely not a new tactic to have characters return from the grave; it’s a strategy used in everything from Dallas to Supernatural.

It makes us feel a little more jaded and a little less invested when tragedy does strike.

Oh, Fiona is sick? Oh, Ethel’s not going to make it? It’s too often meaningless. We want to feel affected, and we can’t help but worry a bit because we do love these characters, but deep down we’re always still wondering when they’ll return.

3 Twisty’s “Resolution” Is Basically A Deus Ex Machina

Season four’s big villain, Twisty the Clown, turned out to be much more Bozo than Pennywise. Sure, he was scary-looking, and he had the tragic backstory to boot, but Twisty’s crimes felt more garden variety scary movie than the monstrous panache we’d expect from AHS.

Twisty, played by John Carroll Lynch, even had a disappointing resolution as a character. Not only was he never really sorted out by a main character or a victim bent on revenge, but he was literally yanked out of the show to join Edward Mordrake’s nightmarish troupe, collecting the clown’s soul after hearing his tale of woe.

2 Misty Day Was Unjustly Lost

One of the characters fans most resonated with in season three, Coven, was Misty Day, played by the talented Lily Rabe. Misty’s character screamed Supreme, from her unique abilities to her lack of really caring about the position.

Misty was all about fairness, being kind to animals, and protecting the vulnerable, making her a fantastic character to root for.

Unfortunately she was also a red herring. Falchuck and Murphy offed her in such a terrible way in a Hell made up of her own personal vivisection nightmare, which made zero sense given her ability to bring things back to life so easily. Misty didn’t deserve her ending, but neither did Nan and many other characters.

1 Tate Is A School Shooter

Tate Langdon is one of the most romanticized characters in the history of AHS. The season 1 character is a doting friend, devoted boyfriend who would do anything for Violet, and speaks volumes of teen angst to many a smitten heart. It doesn’t hurt that Evan Peters, who plays Tate, is easy on the eyes as well. Is that why it’s so hard to remember that Langdon is such a deplorable character?

Tate is a school shooter. He took the lives of several classmates and should represent what we most despise and do not condone in this nation right now. He also assaulted Violet’s mother, Vivian, causing her to become pregnant with his Antichrist baby. How can anyone still crush on this guy knowing what harm he’s done?

What other problems with American Horror Story do fans overlook? Let us know in the comments!

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