Love in the time of climate change: Indian film with a new take on romance

Eschewing the typical Bollywood storyline of young lovers facing family opposition, an upcoming Indian film instead features a couple battling climate change in order to be together.

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Daredevil Season 3 Features A Callback To Season 1 Hallway Fight Scene

Daredevil star Charlie Cox is looking forward to showing fans a particular scene in the third season that will serve as an homage to one of the most popular moments of season 1. While viewers will have to wait a little longer to see it – a mid-October release date was recently leaked  – those familiar with the show’s highly lauded debut run will immediately know what he’s referring to.

While that first season functioned as an introduction to the character without his classic costume or name, it made an immediate impression with the quality of its fight choreography and execution. The conclusion of the second episode featured Matt Murdock going up against a gang of Russian mobsters, in order to rescue a kidnapped child. The fight lasts three minutes over a single uninterrupted shot that sees Murdock pushed to his limits, as he takes on thug after thug within the confines of a narrow hallway.

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Cox, who’s also starring in the upcoming movie King of Thieves, recently gave an interview to Yahoo Movies UK.  During the interview, they asked him for any updates regarding Daredevil season three. Here’s his response:

“The one thing that I am excited about is that we do have a scene in the show that is an homage to the corridor scene from series one. I’m very excited about the fans to see that.”

Considering that Marvel’s Netflix series make do with far fewer resources than their cinematic counterparts, they can’t rely on flashy special effects or massive pyrotechnic displays to keep the adrenaline flowing. Daredevil worked around that by focusing on the physicality of the character, making Matt Murdock a determined scrapper whose battles took nearly as much out of him as they did his foes. That hallway fight did all of this, and marked the show’s stunt team as one to watch. This won’t be the first callback to that sequence either. The second season upped the ante by staging a similar fight in a stairwell, so it’s anybody’s guess how they’re going to top it this time.

Daredevil’s been publicly presumed dead since the events of The Defenders, although a brief scene at the end of that series – as well as a post-credits teaser tagged to the recently released Iron Fist season 2 – confirm that reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Based on the short glimpse of him in those teases, Matt Murdock may be alive, but he’s in a pretty dark place (and back in his all-black vigilante duds as well). It was even enough to inspire in-character tweets from his fellow Defenders. While Daredevil’s future looks to be pretty rough, it’s clear that Charlie Cox and the stunt team have been hard at work making sure that it’ll also be exciting as hell.

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Mulan Remake Reportedly Features Classic Songs, Brings Back Mushu

Disney’s live-action Mulan will reportedly feature classic songs and Mushu. The Mouse House is quickly running through their animated library again by remaking them in a live-action setting. They’ve made billions doing it so far, and are hoping for more of the same when it comes to Mulan. The upcoming movie is directed by Niki Caro (McFarland USA), and Disney’s made it a priority to to cast appropriately. They brought Chinese star Liu Yifei aboard the project to play the lead character.

Unlike some of the other Disney live-action films, Mulan may not be sticking as close to the animated source material. Gong Li is playing a brand new villain, and she isn’t the only new character included. Donnie Yen plays a mentor role, and they’re also changing the love-interest. One of the other major questions surrounding the film was whether or not Mulan would feature songs.

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Disney Insider shared some new information on Mulan that should please fans of the animated film. According to the site, Mulan will indeed feature some of the classic songs. It isn’t yet clear what songs exactly will be included. Not only will the movie bring back some of the music, but it is also reportedly going to feature Mushu, the spirit dragon of the Fa family.

There are quite a few standout songs from the 1998 animated Mulan that Caro’s new version could include. “Reflection,” “Honor to Us All,” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” and “A Girl With Fighting For” will all be candidates for the feature film. Caro previously wasn’t sure what role music would play in Mulan, though, so it will be interesting to see how exactly some of these could appear. Beauty and The Beast was a full on musical, but Mulan could look to mirror The Jungle Book‘s approach and just briefly include – or make reference to – the songs and their tunes.

Including Mushu is another piece of exciting news, but also isn’t clear how heavily he’ll be involved. Mushu accompanied Mulan on her entire journey in the animated movie. Originally voiced by Eddie Murphy, there is no word on who will voice character in the live-action adaptation. Whether or not Murphy returns remains to be seen, but, hopefully, Disney at least considered him. That said, with an all-Asian cast right now, they could look to find another major star to make this role their own. However, Mushu’s involvement isn’t confirmed by Disney just yet, so it may not be until a voice is found that Mulan‘s cast officially becomes complete.

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The Witcher TV Show Fan Poster Features Henry Cavill As Geralt

Henry Cavill becomes Geralt of Rivia in a new fan poster inspired by Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher. Cavill was just announced as the lead in Netflix’s show based on the video games by CD Projekt Red, which were themselves based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

In the books, Witchers are mercenaries who use their supernatural abilties to battle various deadly monsters. The series mainly focuses on the character Geralt, a highly skilled Witcher, and his charge the Witcher-in-training princess Ciri. First released in 2007, the single-player action role-playing Witcher video game earned praise for its deep themes, built around a series of complex moral choices, and went on to spawn two sequels.

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Excitement is high among fans of both the Witcher novels and games as Netflix is set to produce a live-action series adaptation starring Henry Cavill as Geralt. It will be awhile before fans get to see what Cavill looks like as Geralt, but artist BossLogic has graciously stepped up to provide a preview via a new fan poster. See the haunting artwork below:

After playing the role of Superman, arguably the most recognizable and popular superhero of all-time, Cavill takes on a very different super-powered character in Geralt of Rivia. The so-called “White Wolf” Geralt is an especially gifted Witcher after his makers undertook dangerous genetic experiments on him, giving him superhuman physical and mental abilities. But Geralt is something of a reluctant hero who finds himself being drawn into political intrigues after taking on the task of raising Ciri, a young princess with powers that allow her to traverse space and time. In Poland, the character of Geralt has actually become a heroic symbol to those who appreciate his desire to just do his job while remaining above the political fray.

The video game version of Geralt is of course more familiar to Western audiences than the book version, and indeed the Netflix show will draw more upon the games than they will the original novels in envisioning the character. The show was developed by Daredevil and The Defenders executive producer and writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and will premiere with an 8-episode run on Netflix. Game of Thrones director Alik Sakharov directed four episodes including the pilot. With Cavill now in the fold as Geralt, the next step for the show is to cast the other main characters, including Geralt’s adopted daughter Ciri, the sorceress Yennefer and others. Netflix has yet to set a premiere date for The Witcher but the show is not expected to arrive until 2020.

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2018 Arrowverse Crossover Features ‘Epic’ Superman, Flash & Arrow Scenes

Superman isn’t just joining the next Arrowverse crossover event, there will be some “epic” interactions between the Man of Steel, Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and Grant Gustin’s The Flash. So far in the Arrowverse Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has been contained solely to Supergirl and its home universe of Earth-38. However the next Arrowverse crossover will bring Superman (and Lois Lane) into the larger Arrow multiverse.

Superman’s appearance won’t be a superficial cameo either. Despite not being seen since the end of Supergirl season 2, Hoechlin’s Supes will be a significant figure in all three parts of the annual crossover. The long-awaited team-up between Superman, Green Arrow and The Flash is finally arriving.

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In an interview with EW, Flash star Grant Gustin gave his thoughts on Superman joining the crossover. Gustin, who is a longtime Superman fan, is ecstatic over getting to share the screen with the Big Blue Boy Scout. Gustin explained:

To see Flash and Superman together and to be one of the guys in the suits is something I’m definitely pretty excited about. It did feel like something they would always save for the features, to be honest. But I feel like the Arrowverse has kind of been changing that stigma with the whole TV is the lesser medium. I think it kind of doesn’t matter these days with the streaming and content’s kind of everywhere. So, it is cool to see us kind of rise to even another level and bring all of us together for these crossovers. It’s pretty epic.

As for what those “pretty epic” Superman, Green Arrow and Flash moments will entail, that can only be guessed. Very little is known about the 2018 Arrowverse crossover other than a portion of it will take place in Gotham City and it’ll be Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman. It stands to reason, though, that the crossover will feature a rather dire world-shattering event. Superman has sat out two of the previous Arrowverse crossovers, which involved an Alien invasion and the arrival of alternate universe Nazi invaders. Granted both invasions took place on Earth-1, not Earth-38, but Supergirl’s cousin would’ve been helpful in either situation. It’s possible that 2018 crossover’s will be the most cataclysmic one yet.

Perhaps, and this is pure speculation, the 2018 crossover will see Supergirl captured or incapacitated in some way. In the Arrowverse, Supergirl is stronger than Superman but if something were to happen to Kara Danvers, Superman is a pretty good replacement. If Supergirl isn’t put into danger, maybe her world will be threatened instead. For obvious reasons, Earth-1 has been treated as the primary world of the Arrowverse. It would be interesting to switch things up and see Earth-38 be under siege for once, requiring Kara to call upon Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and her cousin to save the universe.

Regardless of how Superman factors into the crossover, his existence is a big step forward for the Arrowverse. Superman has been one hero in DC Comics lore that’s almost always been isolated, outside of the movies and comics. Superman is one of the faces of the Justice League in the DCEU but the TV world has treated him as a supporting player. Supergirl is the (rightful) Kryptonian star, while Superman is off having his own off-screen adventures. Superman joining the 2018 crossover and having evidently so much interaction with Green Arrow and Flash breaks down that wall at last. There are still no plans for Batman to join the Arrowverse, but Superman could play a much larger role in the Arrowverse in the future. The chances of a full Superman spinoff are slim, but he could become a recurring member of the Arrowverse crossovers moving forward.

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