Bosphorus Film Festival offers a feast of cinema

Organized with the cooperation of the International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy, the schedule for the 6th Bosphorus Film Festival is quite appealing.

Realized with the support…Click To Continue

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Countdown starts for 3rd Sinopale Film Festival

The 3rd Sinopale Film Festival will be organized at the Hal Sinop Meeting Center, Sinop Cultural Center and Sinop Historical Pasha Bastions between Oct. 25 and 29.

The festival program includes film…Click To Continue

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Festival aims to make films accessible for the disabled

The 6th Accessible Film Festival, to be held in Eskişehir and Ankara following the recent conclusion of its Istanbul leg, aims to facilitate access to films for the disabled through special facilities…Click To Continue

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Countdown begins for International Zeugma Film Festival

The 7th International Zeugma Film Festival will present outstanding Turkish and foreign films to cinema lovers in Gaziantep between Oct. 24 and Oct. 28.

The most prestigious films of the past year will…Click To Continue

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Three Faces: The past, present and future of female characters

One of the most anticipated films this year, ‘Three Faces,’ by Iranian new wave director Jafar Panahi was recently shown in the Antalya Film Festival, with lead actress Behnaz Jafari and cinematographer…Click To Continue

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Director Mustafa Karadeniz moves cinephiles to tears with his life story

Telling the life story of its director, Mustafa Karadeniz, the film “Çınar” (“Planetree”) opened for cinema lovers yesterday as part of the 55th International Antalya Film Festival’s competition category….Click To Continue

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An intimate conversation with Hungarian director Bela Tarr in Antalya

World-renowned director Bela Tarr organized a special workshop for young directors for the fifth Antalya Film Forum at the 55th Antalya Film Festival and met young filmmakers and cinema lovers the day…Click To Continue

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Busan Film Festival seeks ‘reunion’ after ferry tragedy row

Organizers of Asia’s largest film festival have issued a rallying cry to its supporters as the event emerges from years of starring in its own political drama. The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)…Click To Continue

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Silent agony of child laborers finds voice in documentary

The Sundance-winning documentary, ‘Kailash’ by Derek Doneen, to be screened at the 55th International Antalya Film Festival will touch the hearts of film lovers with its real, heart-wrenching storyClick To Continue

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Festival trucks offer open-air cinema for everyone to enjoy

The excitement of the 55th Antalya International Film Festival has engulfed the entire city.

Two festival trucks are carrying this excitement across the city, travelling through the districts one by…Click To Continue

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