90 Day Fiance’s Most Popular Couples: Where Are They Now

90 Day Fiance is the guilty pleasure that has millions of people glued to their TV screens. Following people and their relationships is more entertaining than focusing on your own life. The couples from 90 Day Fiance are certainly some of the best drama we have seen in years. But, it has made us wonder what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Some of the couples have broken up for good, more have stayed together than we would have assumed and some of still in limbo trying to figure out how they will make things worse. Here are a few of the more memorable couples and what they are up to now.

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10 Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle seemed like an insanely desperate woman, the way she stalked Mohamed after he left her. The couple’s courtship and marriage began to break down before season 2 even ended. The couple publicly accused one another of cheating, smelling in places that there should be no bad smells coming from, and one half of the couple (Danielle) even followed Mohamed to every state he went to. 

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They made no secret of the fact that they are now happily divorced. Danielle tried to annul the marriage but didn’t have enough evidence that Mohamed had committed any kind of fraud. They were basically the family Chantel before we had a family Chantel.

9 Danny & Amy

South-African-born Amy was the sweetheart that was basically too good for Danny. The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip and quickly struck up a relationship. Amy eventually moved to the states to be with Danny but ended up in a very awkward situation… Danny’s family was racist. They didn’t want anything to do with Amy because she is black. Fortunately, love wins again because Amy and Danny are still together and even added a few kiddos to the mix. We can only assume that Danny’s family has somewhat accepted her seeing as they are still married. The couple isn’t big on social media so we have to assume everything has worked out well.

8 Kyle & Noon

The season 3 couple made everyone believe in love again. Noon swooped in and essentially made Kyle’s life way better. They met via Facebook back when people were using Facebook as an unofficial dating site. He went to Thailand on a trip and met up with Noon who lived there. 

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They pursued a relationship and the rest is history. She went to America to meet his friends and family and he even introduced her to his mother who was always in and out of Kyle’s life due to alcoholism. The couple eventually picked up and moved back to Thailand for a life that would be better and Noon’s job. They are currently still together and to be honest, we can’t see them breaking up.

7 Josh & Aleksandra

The young couple was told they were a little too young and too different from one another to make things work. Aleksandra was from Russia where she was a go-go dancer and enjoyed the party life. Josh was on a Mormon mission trip in Prague. The two connected and decided that they wanted to get married.

Aleksandra converted to Mormonism entered America on a K-1 Visa and they have been married since 2016. They now have a daughter who has sparked a little bit of controversy because she is mixed race but both her parents are white. This has lead to speculation that Aleksandra’s longtime best friend is the father. The couple was bombarded with so many questions they temporarily shut down their social media accounts. They are now both in medical school.

6 Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa made season 4 of 90 Day Fiance the best season ever. Anfisa (who is from Russia) really cracked the whip on Jorge. She expected to move to California and basically be rich. When she found out that Jorge lied about his money, his occupation, AND his family she had had enough. 

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Fortunately, after all the drama, the couple are still together. Anfisa returned to school (she was previously a student living with her grandmother in Russia) and Jorge, well, he went to jail for possession and attempting to transport 300 pounds of marijuana. They are still together.

5 Narkyia & Olulowo

The names may not sound familiar, and that’s okay. The couple was only in season 4 for a short time but their situation should ring some bells. Narkyia met Olulowo on a dating site where he introduced himself as a Nigerian Prince. No, he wasn’t being cute, he claimed to be an actual prince. She was smitten and even planned a trip to Nigeria to meet him. She quickly found out that he was scamming her; she got catfished. The relationship soured until he popped back up again and wanted to apologize. Things seemed to work out the second time around because the couple is now married. They had a few bumps along the road like him cheating on her. However, they made and work and still currently are.

4 Chantel & Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are such a fan favorite. The couple made waves when Chantel brought him to the US to marry her but failed to tell her parents and her siblings. It’s safe to say the couple’s relationship was put to the test. They have however managed to make it through a lot; Pedro attacking her brother, Pedro’s sister attacking Chantel, and Pedro’s mom feeding them chicken feet as a sign of some kind of cultural disrespect. 

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The list is endless yet the couple keeps rising. They are currently still together and you can expect to see them on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. They were also recently offered their own show on TLC fittingly called “The Family Chantel”.

3 Nicole & Azan

The world saw Nicole as crazy when she told her parents she was engaged to a guy she met online who lives in Morocco. In season 4, Nicole left her daughter May to meet Azan in Morocco to see if this relationship could actually work. The couple had a lot of drama and cultural differences that Nicole just couldn’t seem to grasp. Everyone assumed Azan was in it for the money this young, unemployed mom was always sending him, and of course – the visa. Yet, they are still together; not married yet and Nicole spends a lot of time in Morocco she even brought May with her in season 5. The couple has both claimed infidelity but so far they are working through it. We will see how things play out because they too will be featured in the upcoming season.

2 Annie & David

Despite David’s love for attention, the couple who were low key fan favorites on season 5 will not be returning this spring. It’s certainly can’t be for lack of drama. They are currently still together, David is still unemployed, but they have a place of their own still so that’s great. Fans were quite worried for Annie who left the comforts of Thailand to move to America with David. He was unable to provide and had been living off of his best friend for years. Annie was concerned with how she would get along with David’s kids, especially his daughter, seeing as she had so much hate for her dad and couldn’t wait to verbally attack him when she saw him in person. Despite the drama and the obstacles, Annie has stuck around.

1 Molly & Luis

The couple that seemed odd from the get-go is now officially divorced after hiding that they were really married from Molly’s kids and the TV show. We aren’t sure when things went south but we are sure that Luis was never truly into Molly. He had family and friends in the states and would regularly retreat to their homes to avoid Molly and her daughters. He would spark up fights about random things like religion and child care knowing what he was getting himself into. It made for great TV but the reality is, Luis kind of scammed Molly. Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried and Molly wants the world to know that she was scammed.

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6 Couples Confirmed On This Season’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (And 2 We Wish Were)

The spin-off of 90 Day Fiance, called 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, will be back on TLC on Sunday April 28th, and it’s tough to wait for the series to come back. This is one of the reality series that is so popular that fans dissect each couple and episode on online forums, and it would be a shame to be the only person in your friend group watching it because you would want to discuss it with someone.

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The cast members of the new season are now official. Here are the six couples confirmed to be on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and two couples that we wish would make a comeback.

8 Larissa And Colt (Confirmed)

Larissa and Colt are one of the couples confirmed to be on the new season, but we should know that the two have actually split up. It should be interesting to see how this plays out. When Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson first came across each other thanks to a dating site, he was in Las Vegas and she was in Brazil. Sometimes a couple will fall in love incredibly fast and then break up and that seems to be what might have happened here. It might have been a classic case of crashing and burning because it was too quick. Colt popped the question when they had been dating for eleven days.

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Now, there are countless news stories about the divorce that this season six couple is going through.

According to Us Weekly, Larissa has said,  “I think the series accelerated all the drama, especially with his mother too. If I could go back in time, I would never do the show.”

7 Azan And Nicole (Confirmed)

Azan and Nicole are another confirmed couple for the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and fans have definitely taken notice of them.

Azan and Nicole are another couple who started their romance from a dating app. Every romance on the show started out long-distance, of course, and Nicole was in Florida and Azan is from Morocco. The general chat about this couple these days is that they might be engaged: Nicole has a sparkly ring in a photo that she posted on her social media account in March 2019.

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Fans will be able to catch what’s happening with their relationship when the show returns, and it can’t happen a moment sooner, that’s for sure.

6 Jay And Ashley (Confirmed)

Jay and Ashley are one of the couples from 90 Day Fiance who fans have heard have broken up. According to Us Weekly, Ashley said, “I’m breaking the NDA and surprise: Jay and I have never separated since the day we were married. Breaking the NDA means I won’t be paid a dime for future shows. We were made to act as if our relationship was no longer active.

Ashley has also been in the news recently as she had surgery because of a health condition, lupus: she has been quoted as saying, “I was very sick a few weeks ago and was admitted into the ER for a seizure and acute renal failure.”

So what’s the story with Jay and Ashley? Are they married… or divorced… or did they ever break up at all? We’ll have to see when 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? comes back at the end of April. What we do know is how their love started: in Jamaica when Ashley, who is from Pennsylvania, was visiting.

5 Paola And Russ (Confirmed)

In January 2019, it was reported that Russ and Paola had their first child together: a son named Axel. People magazine quoted her as saying, “While I was hearing the fireworks and people telling me Happy New Year, I was just focused on meeting my baby. It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it! My little miracle is so beautiful and calm. I feel so blessed and I can’t believe I am a mom now. I’m ready to start this new adventure and to be the best mom for baby Axel.”

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Before they became parents, Russ and Paola’s love story began in Colombia where she is from, and Russ was visiting. It seems like the couple is in Miami these days as she moved there since she’s a model and so perhaps that is where they are settling down and raising their family. It’ll be great to see them back on the show since fans have been invested in them since their first episode.

4 Andrei And Elizabeth (Confirmed)

There are a lot of 90 Day Fiance couples starting families these days and Andrei and Elizabeth are another pair who have just had a baby. They are also returning to the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

In January, In Touch Weekly reported that the couple had a daughter named Elenaor. The website quoted Elizabeth as saying, “We are so blessed to finally meet our baby girl, Eleanor Louise!” the proud parents share in a statement. “We welcomed her on January 23rd at 6:13 a.m., weighing in at 6-lbs. 11-oz. This is such joyful and amazing moment for us. We have never felt this rewarded in our lives and we are looking forward to our bright future as a family of three. Thank you so much to our fans for their continued support and love during our journey.”

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Fans will remember that the couple came across each other on an app. He’s from Moldova and she’s from Tampa.

3 Pedro And Chantel (Confirmed)

Pedro and Chantel (who is from Atlanta, Georgia) started their relationship in the Dominican Republic which is where Pedro is from. They’re another couple (this time, they’re from the fourth season) who are returning for the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

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Like the rest of the couples on the reality series, there are many articles stating that there are “breakup rumors” or that their relatives haven’t been able to get along. We’re interested to see how the couple is doing when this new season starts airing.

2 Danny And Amy (We Wish)

Although Amy hails from Cape Town and Danny from Pennsylvania, that’s not actually where they came across each other. They actually had their initial “meet cute” moment in Australia. The couple has tied the knot and is in Texas with their two kids.

Since they seem like a stable married couple who have started a family, they’re one of the couples that we wish was returning to the show. It would be nice to see a couple who are on solid ground, especially given a lot of the dramatic chatter surrounding many of the others who have been on the show.

1 Paul And Karine (We Wish)

Paul and Karine are another couple who we wish were coming back for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Yes, fans know that it seems like they were basically told to leave the show, but we still would be interested to see them again.

Karine is currently pregnant with their first child, which is wonderful news considering that she miscarried twice beforehand. According to Us Weekly, Paul said, “We were gonna wait, give it time in regards to that. We’ve actually heard things where if we had the baby within six months. … I was like, ‘OK, whenever you’re ready.’ She got pregnant within a few months.”

We would love to see the couple come back to the show so we could learn about Karine’s pregnancy and the family that they’re about to start.

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15 Things The Cast Isn’t Allowed To Do On 90 Day Fiancé

Currently, in season 6, 90 Day Fiancé, began airing on 12 January 2014, giving couples in long-distance relationships 90 days to decide if the courtship should culminate in marriage. The series follows couples who have received or applied for a K-1 visa, a type of visa that is exclusively available for foreign fiancés of citizens. In the show, these couples are given 90 days to decide if they will enter into marriage before the foreign fiancé’s visa expires and is forced to leave the USA.

90 Day Fiancé makes the decision somewhat easier for the participants, as a long distance relationship is challenging enough. You never quite know the person you don’t physically spend time with. So, spouses travel halfway around the world, spending time together, while they experience life in the States with their loved ones for the first time. Within 3 months, these couples must figure out a way out of their language and cultural barriers, personality differences, and fight off the stigma of being referred to as mail-order spouses.

Just like any other reality TV show, this one has rules, and the love birds must adhere to them. There are a few things they are not allowed to do or assume. Let’s see what the rules say about fake lovers, broken marriages after the 90 days, and the truth about the visa application processes, among other issues.

Here are 15 things the cast of 90 Day Fiancé isn’t allowed to do.

15 Foreign Partners Are Not Allowed To Divorce If They Want To Keep Their Green Card

Becoming a US citizen is not as easy as putting up with someone for 90 days, then getting married. The couple must stay married in order to keep their green card and stay. The Citizenship Services makes it clear that once married, the foreigner can receive a green card, which is renewed after two years, but still, does not mean citizenship. Essentially, one needs to be a green card holder for at least 3 years before applying for citizenship by naturalization.

Although staying married is not cast in stone by the show’s producers, they’ve had pretty good results. Out of all 25 couples, only 3 divorced. Indirectly though, it seems that to be on the show, and stay in the US, you really need to be a strong couple.

14 Foreign Partners Are Not Allowed To Stay In The US If The Marriage Does Not Work

Getting the K-1 visa is not easy, despite being a short-period visa. There have been couples whose relationships hit a wal due to an unsuccessful visa application. One such couple was Nicole and Azan when Azan’s visa was declined, denying the lovebirds an opportunity to be together in the U.S.A. That said, some couples have been lucky and gotten the visa, but that doesn’t mean permanent residency.

To stay in the US for the 90 days, foreign partners need a K-1 visa, which, unfortunately for them, has numerous rules. One of these is the requirement to leave the country in 90 days if the couple doesn’t get married. Well, seems that a wedding within 90 days is not enough for a partner to enjoy the dream.  Divorce or separation in two years could lead to withdrawal of the foreign partner’s permanent residency status.

13 They Cannot Fake A Relationship Before Being On The Show

The Citizenship Services has dealt with several cases of fraud, the most common type being people faking relationships just to become citizens. This has not stopped people from thinking of ways to take advantage such as faking a relationship to be on 90 Day Fiancé. The producers of the show have a strict rule, ensuring that the cast are in real relationships.

As part of the application process into the show, the foreigner is required by producers to go to their respective embassies for an in-depth interview, proving that they have been in a relationship with the citizen. The proof is in the form of photos, correspondences, and videos. The couple’s background and future relationship plans are also queried.

12 The Couples Are Not Match-Made

Despite the stringent rules, fans have accused the producers of match-making couples. This has been strongly denied by the producers, who state that they reach out to real couples. In an interview, producer Matt Sharp confirmed that they don’t match make, and only use couples who found themselves organically.

To support this, Anfisa Nava, season 4’s star, addressed the issue saying that although many believed that these are relationships made in the casting room, these are real lovers.  She said that the 90-day mark was not the time for couples to decide if they liked each other enough to get married. By the cameras begin rolling, the couple pretty much knows the relationship’s outcome.

11 Not Allowed To Have A Say In How They Are Portrayed

Reality TV contracts usually have some really saucy clauses, that only the courageous take. One of these on 90 Day Fiancé denies the cast a say in how they are portrayed. While this is good for viewership, people keen on their reputation should keep off this show, as producer requests that are contractually legal, could end up being unacceptable. This means that you have to be really sure before appending your signature on that paper.

Couples who didn’t read the fine print wasted both their time and legal suits when they felt that the producers didn’t portray them correctly. The most famous case was of Mark and Nikki Shoemaker from season 3, who sued both the production company, Sharp Entertainment and Discovery Communications for their disapproved portrayal on the show. In 2017 the case was thrown out, as the two lovebirds didn’t read the clause that allowed the producers to edit footage however they wanted.

10 They Can’t Be Perfect Human Beings, Must Have Flaws

What is reality TV when it is full of perfection? Viewers want people they can relate with, people with flaws and life issues. This is why the producers look for cast members with flaws. While speaking to Reality Life, Executive Producer Matt Sharp said that the cast members’ history was far from squeaky clean. He acknowledged that they all have some sort of history, some of which has been seen in the show.

Anfisa and Jorge Nava, for example, had a hard time finding a rental place due to Jorge’s criminal record. Other such as Molly and Danielle Mullins admitted their flaws on social media or were reported by media, Danielle taking to Facebook to reveal that she had been charged with 4 or 5 felonies.

9 They Can’t Sue

We have not seen a copy of the contract cast members are required to sign, but we can make assumptions based on the norm in the industry. A lot can happen on reality TV, and producers and their lawyers go to great lengths to protect themselves from legal battles. This entails a series of several clauses in the contract that basically ‘force’ the cast to waive their rights. Maybe that’s why the contracts are very lengthy and participants such as Mark and Nikki lose their cases because they didn’t finish reading!

Commonly, cast members are not allowed to sue if the show is too emotionally challenging, get injured on an on-screen fight or are portrayed in an unfair way.

Reality TV seems to have sealed most of the loopholes, so you technically can’t sue!

8 They Can’t Seek Help For The Visa Process, From The Network Or Studio

Some people could assume that getting on the show could speed up their K-1 process, a great shortcut to the dream. The show producers sternly warn that cast members CANNOT seek help for the visa process, from either the network or studio. It is all up to the couples to go through the required legal process.

The foreigner must follow US law, fill the required forms, have a passport, if previously married, show proof of separation, divorce or demise, medical exam records, relationship evidence with the U.S citizen, police certificates from their country of residence, and proof that you have met at least once in the two years of filing the petition.

Yes, it is a rigorous process but 90 Day Fiancé offers no assistance.

7 Women Can’t Choose Their Seating Positions During Their Individual Interviews

Reality shows have weird rules sometimes. Producers have more say than judges over who stays and mandatory psychotherapy tests are just a few of them. On 90 Day Fiancé, women are not allowed to choose their seating positions during their individual interviews. This was revealed after some fans noted that women on the show sat in uncomfortable looking positions during their interviews, and Anfisa Arkhipchenko disclosed that this was not by accident.

She answered a fan on Instagram saying that the reason she always sat in interviews with her legs elevated was that the producers made them.

6 They Can’t Assume That Green Card Means Citizenship

The producers are very keen not to make promises that will land them in court. One such is the assumption that a green card means citizenship. Just like the K-1 process that is done without the interference of the studio, one has to become a citizen on their own.

While the show has been critiqued for oversimplifying the citizenship process, the show is quick to clarify that it does not guarantee U.S citizenship. When you think about it actually, you don’t expect the crew to spend production money following up the visa process from start to finish, as it is too long. So, critics need to cut them some slack.

Anyway, obtaining the visa and walking down the aisle are the first steps. The foreign partner is then required to personally go through the green card process, following US law to the letter.

5 Cast Members Without A Green Card Are Not Eligible For Pay

CR: Eric Rosenbrook/Instagram[/caption]

Reality TV has proved to be a direct ticket to Beverly Hills for some stars. Look at the Kardashian empire, for example, built on years of reality TV. This can unfortunately not be said about 90 Day Fiancé, as the foreign partners are not paid, and the U.S citizens are not paid very well.

U.S citizens are reportedly paid $1000 per episode and $2500 to appear on the Tell-All Special. Since not all cast members appear in each episode, the take home is, therefore, less, as you are only paid for the episode you appear in.

The foreign partner is unfortunately not eligible for pay, as it is illegal to pay someone who doesn’t have a green card.

So, no green card equals no pay. Only half the team takes the money home!

4 Cast Members Not Allowed To Be Picky With Ethnicity Or Gender


90 Day Fiancé casting guide is quite clear on a few pointers to get accepted in the show. The show’s casting guide clearly states that it is open to anyone willing to share their wedding gown moment, but they must be 18 years and older and also open to any ethnicity or gender. The show is actually the one that is open to all genders and ethnicities, but since these couples will meet and interact at some point, cast members also need to be open-minded and not discriminate against these attributes.

This is a global platform as it allows US citizens to bring their foreign partners from any part of the world, so tolerance is quite a big issue. We are also living in a day and age where discrimination is frowned upon, and choices are human rights, so it is only fair to only get into the show if you are not picky.

3 US Citizens Cannot Date US Citizens In The Show, Must Be A Foreigner

The casting guide also notes that this show is exclusively for U.S citizens dating foreigners and not U.S citizens dating their fellow citizens! The backbone of the idea is to show us how couples in long distance relationships can find love and live together in the U.S without boundaries, as long as they follow the legal process of getting the short-term visa, getting married and finally earning permanent citizenship by naturalization.

So, if you want to show the love of your life on reality TV and disappointed because you are disqualified to be on this show, worry not, there is a great supply of other dating shows to choose from such as Married at First Sight, if you are into such kinds of arrangements or Temptation Island if you want to test the strength of your love.

2 You Cannot Fail To Show Capability Of Supporting Your Spouse Prior To The K-1 Process

The K-1 process entails a lot of things from the foreigner’s side, but also has demands for the U.S citizen, who must show capability of supporting the foreign spouse (remember they are not eligible for payment until they get a green card, so need a means to survive when they land in the U.S).

Of course, the foreigner has some savings, but the law ensures that the U.S citizen must have the ability to support their would-be spouse at 100% of the poverty level. This, however, does not mean that you have to be rich for your partner to get the visa. If the support does not come from you, it could come from friends and relatives.

A great example is David and Annie, who despite having no job, lived off their friends.

1 Don’t Commit Marriage Fraud

Committing marriage fraud is not only illegal but also detrimental to the show’s ratings, so producers frown upon it. Even then, there have been a few cases of reported marriage fraud in the show. Pedro and Chantel is the most notable case. They had so many problems on the show, that these should have served a warning during the K-1 process( problems, of course, couldn’t have started in the 90 days. There must have been cracks earlier on).

The two constantly fought and manipulated their families, Pedro confessing that he only married Chantel just to send his family money! How unscrupulous!

Anfisa also had such trends, money being the main motivation for marriage. This is marriage fraud!

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Vivian Achieng

19 Things Wrong With 90 Day Fiancé Everyone Chooses To Ignore

It’s obvious that many reality TV shows are completely over-the-top on purpose, exuding chaos and drama in order to draw in viewers who can’t look away from the train wrecks of other people’s lives that may or may not be true. Between couples with intense baggage, extreme age gaps, cliche ambitions, and much worse, the TLC program 90 Day Fiancé is the perfect example of everything that draws people into reality TV and it refuses to let go. It’s so popular that it’s seen several spinoffs, including 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? Currently in its sixth season, the show has another spinoff in the works, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The original program focuses on citizens and their fiancés from foreign countries who have K-1 visas and 90 days to decide to get married. The new program will depict citizens leaving their country in order to live in their fiancés’ nations.

The outrageous amount of drama surrounding the couples as they contend with deception, culture shock, family, and friends to money and legal problems keeps the Internet buzzing with gossip, but there are some things that are just wrong with the show that aren’t addressed much. Some just don’t make sense, giving the show less credibility, but others are more nefarious in nature. Whether they are because we are fans who just can’t look away or because looking too deeply might reveal some of our own internal prejudices, here are 20 Things Wrong With 90 Day Fiancé Everyone Chooses To Ignore.

19 The Show Can Jeopardize A Person’s Path Toward Citizenship

From the revelations that people truly don’t know one another prior to obtaining their K-1 visas, to so many couples proving that they don’t love each other at all, we have to wonder how on earth the couples obtained approval from the U.S. Consulate for a visa after filing an I-129F petition in the first place. Couples must prove actual knowledge and affection for one another during the interview to even get the K-1 visa for the 90-day period.

Given that each participating citizen may only make around $7,000 in a season, it seems a paltry sum to risk something as big as your marriage and potential citizenship over. Any official witnessing the behavior on the show would question the validity of each relationship.

18 Some Couples End Their Relationships Prior To The Two-Year Requirement

Conditional green cards are valid for two years following a marriage, which means that any ended relationship prior to the end of that two years could result in them not receiving full citizenship. Upon the end of the two-year period, an official typically reviews the marriage to ensure that it’s still in good, authentic standing in order to become approved for permanent status.

The thing is, if the marriage fails to pass the test, they are often forced to leave the country due to fraud. Many couples have proven to be unable to meet this two-year minimum, most notably, Mohamed, who left Danielle and developed a fan following after he moved to another state. Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez also split up after just a few months of marriage.

17 You Have To Be Able To Support Your Spouse As Part Of The K-1 Process

In order to obtain the K-1 visa, you don’t just have to look good on paper and be able to impress your interviewer. There’s a big stipulation about support that has to be met and the United States citizen must prove that he or she can support his or her partner during the partner’s stay in the country. While the “sponsor” doesn’t have to be rich, they must be able to support their would-be spouse at 100% of the poverty level.

That’s not a barrier for many couples on the show, but there are some couples, like David and Annie, who live off their friends while neither has a job. David might have a Master’s degree, but that alone doesn’t bring home the bacon.

16 Aleksandra And Josh’s Baby Doesn’t Look Like Either Of Them

While this point of contention is a sensitive one that gets more airtime on the Internet than others, it’s still something that seems as if it would warrant more attention, particularly from immigration officials. Aleksandra and Josh’s daughter, Kaya, is adorable, but the baby, whose parents are white, appears biracial.

While Aleksandra has explained that her daughter’s skin color is due to her grandfather’s heritage, the mother has also been fairly evasive about answering questions. While normally that shouldn’t be anybody’s business aside from Kaya’s parents, it could raise a flag for immigration officials. If the baby simply looks like her grandfather, or Josh decided to adopt the baby with Aleksandra, it still points toward a loving relationship, but if there’s any question regarding her parentage, there might be some suspicion about the marriage as well.

15 Pedro Marrying Chantel To Send Money To His Family Should Be Fraud

Pedro and Chantel displayed so many problems on the show that it’s a wonder they even obtained their K-1 visa in the first place. Between the constant fighting and manipulation between them and their families, there were already a lot of red flags to consider prior to granting any kind of citizenship, but Pedro openly admitted to marrying Chantel in order to send his family money, which is marriage fraud.

Pedro obviously isn’t the only person to marry someone for money, and some cast members, like Anfisa, want the glamorous things money can buy and enter a relationship where the opposite partner makes promises that they can’t keep. Some partners even stole money from one another on the show.

14 Some People Get Married Without Even Being In Love “Yet”

When Alla told Matt’s buddies that she really wasn’t in love with him “yet,” that should have been a red flag to alert immigration officials that their coupledom wasn’t one out of love. She revealed not only that she didn’t love the man, but was using their marriage as a way to travel to the United States and get a green card.

Several couples on the show have expressed not having romantic feelings toward their partners, which should make any immigration official raise an eyebrow. Some other couples may still express love, yet obviously dislike one another from their actions, like Andrei, who was a control freak dictating what Elizabeth could and could not do once he joined her.

13 Nicole And Azan’s Paperwork Seems To Have Been Filed Before They Met

Filing your paperwork for the K-1 visa prior to meeting your partner is typically illegal. You can only file it once you’ve met, get to know your partner, and know that you truly want to marry them. When it comes to Nicole and Azan, the show makes it seem as if they filed their paperwork before meeting, given Azan’s surprise over what Nicole looked like. After we saw his displeasure upon seeing his new girlfriend, and he revealed that he was merely “55% attracted to her,” it was obvious that they didn’t know each other at all.

While many couples don’t seem to know each other well on the show, these two are a glaring example of a couple who obviously shouldn’t have had their petition for the K-1 approved.

12 Many Participants Have Weird Career Aspirations

So, you’re just going to enter the U.S. and become a world-famous hip-hop DJ or model, are you? That seems to be the fairytale many newcomers on the show repeat to the point of sounding like a cliche. We can’t be expected to believe that so many people might naively believe that they’ll make it big as a model or DJ or whatever other “fun” job they dream about as soon as they marry a U.S. citizen. The notion is absolutely laughable.

Then again, some citizens report having traveled abroad only to be asked if they have horses or if they go to Hollywood regularly, so perhaps some people might believe that anyone can just become Diplo or Kendall Jenner. After all, social media has launched many otherwise dubious personalities into superstardom.

11 It’s Really Just Another TLC Odd Couple Show With Immigration Thrown In

With so many reboots, sequels, and prequels in development, is it really any wonder that TLC is recycling old plots with new twists? 90 Day Fiancé is really just another show about odd couples who don’t seem to belong together based on their mismatched interests and a hurdle of immigration thrown in. Instead of a tall person matched with a little person, they’ve got couples with different religions, backgrounds, and extremely varied expectations who react to these differences on camera.

Knowing this might make some fans who dislike formulaic plots wary of watching the show, but given that we’re always going to have different couples featured each season and the popularity hasn’t dwindled, yet, it’s likely going to continue being produced for a while… at least until TLC comes up with a new angle.

10 Mohamed’s Lack Of Knowledge About Danielle’s Criminal History Proves They Didn’t Know Each Other

Plenty of couples on the show prove time and time again that they truly did not know one another prior to obtaining their K-1 visas, prompting the rest of us to wonder just who approved them. One example was that of Mohamed and Danielle, a couple so loveless that Mohamed wouldn’t even kiss her when they got married. There were so many lies between this couple that it’s hard to keep track, but Danielle’s criminal history was one big part of her life that Mohamed had no idea about that needed to be revealed during their Consulate interview.

Of course, given how dishonest the pair were to one another and all of the shenanigans Mohamed, now a social media star, pulled later, perhaps they were both simply well-schooled in deception.

9 Half Of The Relationships Are Obviously Fake

Some of the relationships on the show are so glaringly fake that it feels as if TLC just randomly found people and offered them the job for some media exposure. While some fake relationships, like Jorge and Anfisa, appear to be fake on the inside, but carefully constructed by the couples on the outside in order to gain something from one another, others like Mark and Nikki, make you question how they met (and how well they know one another) in the first place.

Couples like Larry and Jenny are so fake that they feel as if they truly dislike one another, and while we all know couples who started out head-over-heels only to develop a deep-seated displeasure for each other, Jenny especially seems to have disapproved of her beau the moment she laid eyes on him.

8 The Show Is Scripted, Too

Remember when Chris asked Annie for that “Thai massage”? It was totally scripted. It was so bad, in fact, that they had to do multiple takes to get the uncomfortable Chris to ask it without sounding weird, which is impossible given that it’s already a weird request. It was perfectly acceptable for Chris to ask Annie, who’d be living off Chris and Nikki while she and David attempted to get on their financial feet, to help around the house or with meals during their stay with the couple, but the massage comment was way too weird.

It turns out that it wasn’t Chris’s idea at all. Since then, many couples have come out to reveal moments in the show that were scripted or edited for more drama.

7 Women Are Made To Sit In Uncomfortable Positions While Being Interviewed

Have you ever noticed how all of the women on 90 Day Fiancé seem to sit as if they are cramped up in a boxcar, hitching a ride among the rest of the freight across the country? It’s apparently a thing that the women are asked to do. Anfisa Arkhipchenko says that it’s very uncomfortable and asked fans to tell TLC so she wouldn’t have to sit that way anymore.

The cause for the sitting positions is unknown, with some fans guessing that it’s to make the women appealing and others suggesting that it just makes them seem “more casual.” How sitting like an Elf on a Shelf is casual, we don’t know, but it looks so unnatural that we agree with Anfisa on this one.

6 It’s Unbearably Repetitive

For a show that’s so dramatic, with surprising reveals splattered throughout each series, it’s often pretty dull. Each couple’s challenges are repeated over and over again until we are sick of hearing about 401(k)s taken out for the show, or the same arguments a family member or friend is going to make on one episode after previously making it on another episode.

Shows with a true buildup, like How to Get Away with Murder or This Is Us, don’t have to repeat themselves over and over again to fill up the minutes before the big drop. Of course, they’re also fully scripted and not reliant on unpredictable couples, so maybe we should give the show some slack during these moments.

5 Myriam And Patrick Were A Waste Of Time

Remember Myriam and Patrick, who didn’t even make it beyond the whole “I have a boyfriend already” stage? There was a whole buildup about what kind of information Myriam was hiding and, lo and behold, it was simply that she already had a boyfriend and was completely wasting Patrick’s time, as well as ours. Patrick didn’t even seem as surprised about the revelation as he should have, and Myriam, who claimed that she didn’t think a man who bought a plane ticket to France to visit her was serious, appeared bored throughout the whole meeting.

This is just weak storytelling, since the producers of the show should have been vetting each cast member to ensure that each person was invested in their relationships, or at least the show.

4 Jorge And Anfisa Conveniently Break Up While Cameras Are Rolling

Aren’t you glad that all of your breakups aren’t televised? Every single time Jorge and Anfisa broke up, the cameras were rolling, which prompts us to ask: Did they break up a whole lot more often than we saw or were all these breakups planned for some dramatic footage? Given other things we ignore about the show on this list, we think it’s probably that their arguments were all set up to occur during filming.

Between Jorge’s lies, the constant motel moves, and Anfisa’s odd expectations and behavior, we think the two already had enough to air on television without breaking up all of the time, but maybe TLC felt like they needed just a bit more drama.

3 Some Of The Age Differences Are Too Much

Age may be just a number, but there’s a certain type of man out there who prefers a woman he can mold and control, which is a completely different arena. Several men on 90 Day Fiancé exhibit this preference to the point where it’s downright off-putting. Sean bringing 20-year-old Abby those undergarments, whether for her business or not, gave us the heebie jeebies, and 58-year-old Mark’s treatment of 19-year-old Nikki made us look away every time they were on screen together.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any enormous age gaps between couples where an older woman hopes to control her beau, because those also exist, with the infamous Danielle serving as one of the most prominent examples.

2 Nicole Is Offensive Toward Azan

Many people felt sorry for Nicole when gym enthusiast Azan met his girlfriend and dubbed her a little too heavy for him, especially when he wanted her to lose weight. Nicole, however, was physically and emotionally offensive toward Azan, pressuring her boyfriend into giving her physical affection in public when he clearly didn’t want to. Had Nicole been a man, more viewers might have taken umbrage with her behavior. The two were obviously not matched from the start, especially given how they both got involved with other people.

While we get that the petty dramas can be entertaining, the physical drama is just not okay.

1 It Makes Obtaining Citizenship Look Easier Than It Is

The process of immigration is a long, enduring process that should never be taken lightly. While it’s true that someone obtaining immigration through marriage has less hurdles to jump than an individual seeking citizenship on his or her own, it remains a serious, drawn-out process that takes months to years to complete.

While 90 Day Fiancé is without a doubt entertaining, it’s also, like many reality shows, deceiving, as it misrepresents the immigration process. It’s also not exactly a show about learning, but TLC has long since ignored that motto.

Did you notice anything else from 90 Day Fiancé (you probably did) that we missed in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone To Forget

With the announcement that Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan will leave the series following the ninth season of Shameless, the Gallagher household is prepping for a major shake-up on the casting front. The creator of the Showtime series John Wells has remained open about a future Fiona return, though he has also stated that there are many more dysfunctional tales left to be told for the Gallagher clan.

For eight seasons, Shameless has remained consistent in the deplorable decision-making skills of its characters, though the series’ depiction of a low-income family living below the poverty line has always been at the forefront. As the strong matriarch who single-handedly raised her siblings while her father wasn’t around, Fiona’s absence is sure to shift more focus towards the show’s younger stars as writers hope fans will soon forget her. Ian’s storyline in season 9 drove much of the action, so Monaghan’s exit will surely leave a whole as well.

Whether they’re dealing with the changing gentrification of their community or watching as another beloved character takes their leave, the Gallaghers have proven time and again that they can adapt better than anyone. From the show’s debut back in 2011 until now, the stars of the series have been forced to mature, sometimes faster than they wanted to. Along the way, there have been many entertaining or even head-scratching subplots which have since been left behind. Although the changes are nothing new to the Gallaghers, they have left many questions up in the air for fans.

Join us as we take a look back at 20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone to Forget.

20 Frank and Bianca

After Sammi shoots Frank in the arm to teach him a valuable lesson about courtesy, she forces him to visit the hospital to have his wound checked. During his stay, he begins bonding with his distraught doctor Bianca, whose diagnosis of stage three pancreatic cancer has left her with a new lease on life. Attempting to persuade her to live life to the fullest, Frank offers to teach her how to live carelessly, which includes a copious amount of substance abuse.

Although Frank’s time with Bianca was intended as a heart-wrenching moment which left him reeling the following season, it was never clear why the successful, young doctor would choose to spend her remaining days with him. With her money, she could seemingly spend her days anywhere. There’s little reason to believe Frank would appear as an enticing option.

19 Lip’s Sports Gambling Internship

With an exceptionally high IQ, Lip isn’t the standard member of the Gallagher household, though his self-sabotaging personality has prevented him from achieving a legitimate career. Accepted into the University of Chicago, he threw away his future after an assault on a campus guard led to his expulsion. Following a stint in rehab, Lip secured an internship with a tech start-up, thanks to his friend, Professor Youens.  Soon, however, he discovered the truth behind the company. His co-workers were using proxy servers to hide illegal sports gambling activities.

Although the crooked start-up appeared as a perfect match, nothing would come of it.

He temporarily used a wire fraud scheme to steal cash from the company, but in due time, the start-up went under and Lip was left without a career goal once again.

18 Kevin Discovers His Kentucky Heritage

Season eight concluded with a strange hodgepodge of storylines for Kevin, which included a search for self-identity as he tracked down his biological parents and found himself in Kentucky. Once he arrived, he was introduced to Aunt Ronnie and the rest of the family, immediately settling in and recalling his past as Little Barty. Unfortunately, V immediately sensed something wrong about the group, apart from their offhanded racist remarks.

As a small child, the low-income family struggled to properly raise Kev, resorting to abandoning him at a roadside gas station. He eventually learned to accept his heritage, although he seemed to quickly forget all about it soon after. Kev would have other moments of a self-identity crisis in season eight, including exploring his possible attraction to men, but his Kentucky lineage would ultimately become an afterthought.

17 Fiona Marries Gus, Then Immediately Cheats on Him

Speaking of his character on Shameless, star Steve Kazee said Fiona’s former husband Gus Pfender “got a really raw deal” over the way his storyline ended. After meeting the eldest Gallagher sibling, the two went from strangers to married seemingly overnight.

When Jimmy’s return visit catches Fiona off guard, she’s faced with an ultimatum.

Either run away with Jimmy or stay with Gus, whom she’s known for a few days. Her reaction is to throw away her newfound relationship for the temptation of her ex-boyfriend. She cheats on Gus then immediately regrets it, but by then it’s too late. Her marriage to Gus is over and any remnants of it are completely forgotten by the writing staff.

16 Debbie Steals a Baby

Before Debbie was doing crazy things like stealing expensive baby strollers to support Frances or having Liam amputate her toes to avoid undergoing a pricey surgery on her crushed foot, she was just a lonely girl looking for a playmate.

In the episode “Casey Casden”, Debbie grows tired of playing with a sack of potatoes decorated to look like a baby.

Rather than asking for a new doll, she takes matters into her own hands when she lures a three year old boy back to the Gallagher residence. The Gallaghers then spend the episode concocting a plan to call in false sightings of the child with the cops finally finding him with Debbie, who acts like she found him wandering around Chicago. Needless to say, it was a crazy storyline that the show’s producers haven’t attempted since.

15 Anything Involving Sammi or Chuckie

Frank’s estranged daughter Sammi is first introduced in season four after Frank discovers his liver in failing. Posing as a Good Samaritan, he begins dating her to grow closer before dropping the devastating bombshell. Oddly enough, however, she’s not disgusted at all by the news and even embraces her new father figure, despite his countless shortcomings.

By season five, Sammi has acquainted herself enough with the Gallaghers to move into the household, though she was never invited. When her son Chuckie is later arrested and sent to juvenile detention for possession, she blames Carl, later ratting him out to the authorities. As a result, a dispute breaks out which ends with Mickey locking her inside a shipping container and Sammi later shooting at him, presumably leading to her arrest and the end of her story.

14 Fiona Cheats on Mike with His Brother

With her recent investments in Patsy’s Pies as well as a laundromat and an apartment complex, Fiona’s newfound entrepreneurial spirit has only recent become a central part of her storyline. Prior to becoming a property owner, she was a down on her luck South Side girl who constantly found herself in failing relationships.

In season four, Fiona’s downward spiral of relationships hit another low.

She was in desperate need of a rebound following Jimmy’s disappearance. After securing a job at Worldwide Cup, she began having a fling with her boss Mike. When Mike’s brother Robbie comes into the picture after his release from rehab, Fiona’s attraction to danger takes ahold. Putting her career in jeopardy, she has an unwise affair which culminates in her arrest at the end of the season.

13 Frank Uses Liam as Collateral

Scouring Chicago for enough money to support his many dirty habits, Frank has attracted the attentions of enough bad guys that it’s a miracle that he’s manage to run around carelessly for so long. In the season two premiere, he again backed himself into a corner when he drunkenly bet a bar patron at the Alibi Room that he couldn’t remain conscious after two taser blasts. After the customer manages to remain on two feet, Frank’s $10,000 gamble comes at the expense of the Gallagher household.

Unable to come up with the dough, the patron threatens Frank with a blowtorch, to which he responds by offering up Liam as collateral. Luckily, the Gallagher clan rallies together to get him back. Frank would later develop a bonding relationship with his youngest son, completely erasing all memory of the incident.

12 Kevin and Veronica’s Foster Child

With twins Amy and Jemma, Kevin and Veronica finally settled down to have children of their own after V became pregnant in season four. Prior to having their own kids, the couple were experimenting with parenthood in the form of a money scheme which saw them taking in a foster child in order to collect money from the government.

In season one, Kev and V welcome Ethel, a teen saved from a polygamist colony where she was married to an elderly man named Clyde.

They also took in Ethel’s son Jonah, who was born as a result of the marriage. Over the course of her stay, she struggles to grow accustomed to the modern world, but eventually settles in, until she runs away with her boyfriend Malik in season two, disappearing forever.

11 Anything Involving Sheila

Remember Sheila? The agoraphobic housewife with a proclivity for cooking was a former love interest of Frank’s, who welcomed him into her home to take advantage of her disability checks. For five seasons, she played the picture-perfect example of a housewife, though her repressed emotions would occasionally rear their ugly head.

Throughout the series, Joan Cusack would receive considerable acclaim for her turn as the wacky, subservient Sheila, earning an Emmy nomination for each season she appeared in. Although she would never receive more than a guest credit, her most memorable storylines would include dealing with her troubled daughter Karen, having an affair with Karen’s boyfriend Jody, and marrying Frank. Her storyline came to a rather abrupt end after her house exploded in season five, resulting in her driving off in an RV, never to be seen again.

10 Frank Hires a Hitman

Always the deadbeat father, Frank experienced a slight morality check when he wasn’t invited toFiona’s wedding to Sean in season six. As a way to make up for all his shortcomings, he offered to pay for all of Fiona’s wedding expenses. Everything came to a head, however, when Sean began sleeping over at the Gallagher residence, resulting in a brutal confrontation between Fiona’s fiance and the lousy patriarch of the household. After days of Frank wearing Sean’s underwear and drinking his milk, Sean’s frustration boiled over, resulting in a fight between the two.

Frank is seen on a train attempting to pay a random guy to dispose of Sean permanently.

Although nothing would come of the exchange, the attempted assassination was out of the ordinary, even for the lowly Frank.

9 Debbie Purposely Gets Pregnant

The third youngest Gallagher, Debbie began the series as the well-intention, younger sister who still held high hopes for Frank and cared for her family, though she often found it difficult to socialize in school. In due time, she transformed from the innocent girl wise beyond her years to one of the most troublesome characters on the show, using her hardened attitude to deceive her way to whatever she desired.

In season five, Debbie’s manipulative personality crossed a line when she became enamored with Derek, a boy who taught her how to box. Wanting a perfect life with her newfound boyfriend, she purposely lies to him about being on birth control in order to become pregnant and force him into a marriage. Unfortunately, her plans fall through when Derek leaves to live with his grandmother, leaving Debs a single mother.

8 Frank Tells Carl He Has Cancer

As the delinquent troublemaker whose interests include weapons, explosives, and various money-making schemes, Carl has proven to be the most like his dear deadbeat father Frank. As a faithful member of the Gallagher family, he’s the unfortunate product of a dysfunctional upbringing, but none of his regrettable actions were deserving of the scare Frank gave him in season five.

After seeing a cancer patient receive an autographed Bulls basketball on television, Frank decides to extort the Make-A-Wish Foundation by giving them a sob story.

Shaving Carl’s head, he convinces him that he has cancer and tries to get him an autographed basketball of his own, that he can later sell for a profit. Instead, Carl is offered a free summer away at a camp for cancer patients, ruining Frank’s plans and giving Carl his own mini vacation.

7 Carl Marries Kassidi

As a way of coming up with enough cash for military school in season eight, Carl sets up his own rehabilitation center in the basement of the Gallagher home, hosting neighborhood addicts for days of withdrawal. It’s here where he first encounters Kassidi, a seemingly sociopathic teen who concocts a plan to extort money from her rich father to pay Carl’s expenses.

Soon after sparking a relationship, Kassidi’s wildly chaotic personality begins threatening Carl’s career goals. As she wanders about Chicago’s South Side doing things like Snapchatting drive-by shooting victims, Carl becomes more wary of her actions, which makes it all the more confusing that he marries her at the end of the season. The season nine premiere seems to have ended her story, however, as the character’s recent disappearance suggests that she may now be deceased.

6 Mandy Hurts Karen

As the manipulative former girlfriend of Lip, Karen was the incessantly rude daughter of the agoraphobic Sheila, who would go to extreme lengths to get her way. After she stops seeing Lip due to her marriage to Jody as well as the birth of her down syndrome son Hymie, Karen decides to start things back up with her former lover, only for Lip rejects her for Mandy.

After brazenly attempting to meddle with Lip and Mandy’s relationship, Karen receives a rude awakening when she receives a text from Lip, which is later revealed to be Mandy using Lip’s phone. Showing up to a park to meet, Karen is struck by an SUV driven by Mandy, leaving her permanently brain damaged, effectively ending her story on the series.

5 Frank Has a Twin Brother

With so many siblings running around and Frank constantly inviting himself in with his various trouble-making shenanigans, it’s impossible for the Gallaghers to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings. That’s why the existence of more Gallaghers seems completely absurd, but as the early seasons have shown, there are more family members out there.

Of all the odd Gallagher members forgotten from the early seasons, none were crazier than Jerry, Frank’s twin brother.

Ian and Lip visit Jery after their grandmother Peggy claims he owes the family $5,000. Looking just like Frank, he threatens to shoot his nephews shortly after realizing they’re after money. Since his appearance, little mention has been made of Frank’s twin or of Frank’s other siblings Clayton and Wyatt.

4 Jimmy’s Return

First appearing as Fiona’s love interest in season one, Jimmy introduced himself to the Gallagher household as Steve, a hotshot businessman who comes from money. Soon afterward, his real personality begins to shine through as Fiona discovers that he makes his money through various illegal activities. In due time, he gets engaged to the daughter of a crime lord, which leads to his supposed demise in the season three finale.

Jimmy returns at the end of season four, becoming a recurring cast member for a brief time.

In an attempt to flatter Fiona, he tries to persuade her to leave her husband Gus for him. Although his return answered questions about his fate, it still left his future up in the air, leaving many to believe his story should have ended with the season three cliffhanger.

3 Frank Lies to Butterface About Her Heart Transplant

Of all the lowdown plans Frank has concocted, perhaps nothing is more despicable than the time he began hanging out with Dottie, a former good-time girl with a heart condition. Nicknamed Butterface for her less than stellar looks, Frank discovers that Dottie is in serious need of a heart transplant, rewarding him the opportunity to weasel his way into her good graces and work his way into her will before she passes away.

Although Frank’s decision proves to be flawed, he fully commits to the scheme. While Dottie is in the shower, she gets a phone call telling her a new heart has arrived which could save her life, only Frank decides to tell the hospital that Dottie has already passed away. Later, Dottie loses her life during an intimate moment with Frank, making his actions even more awful.

2 Kev has a Baby with Veronica’s Mother

As the Gallaghers’ longtime friends, Kevin and Veronica are often the supporting comic relief of the series, though they have also proven to be the strongest lasting couple. In season three, after repeatedly failing to have a baby, V enlists her bubbly mother Carol to act as a surrogate. When Carol also fails to become pregnant, Veronica to suggests her mom and Kevin actually get intimate with each other to possibly improve their results.

In due time, Carol warms up to the idea, becoming pregnant with Kevin’s child. By happenstance, Veronica soon discovers that she too is pregnant, with twins. Nine months later, the couple are the proud parents to three newborns, only Carol decides to single-handedly raise her child on her own. After a few brief appearances, Kevin and Carol’s child is forgotten and never shown again.

1 Everything Positive About Ian and Mickey’s Relationship

As a violent street thug, Mickey Milkovich is the antithesis of the gay stereotype. Ian, whose storied history with Mickey makes up a large portion of his story in the early seasons, is the more sensitive of the couple, but his rebellious nature and struggles with bipolar disorder make him an equally multi-dimensional character.

As one of the best-written gay relationships on television in recent memory, Ian and Mickey’s story was at times chaotic. 

After his imprisonment at the end of season five, Mikey escaped from prison and fled to Mexico, tearfully leaving Ian behind. Since then, the positives of their relationship have been largely dismissed and Mickey’s absence has left a void on the show which has yet to be filled.

What other storylines does Shameless want to bury? Let us know in the comments!

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90 Day Fiancé: 20 Couples That Are Still Together

In the last decade or so, TLC has established itself as a powerhouse for reality television. Its shows range from weird to wild, and somewhere in between is the reality romance show 90 Day Fiancé.

The series was controversial from its conception, as it follows the plight of two individuals from different countries who meet each other in the hopes of getting married and receiving a k-1 visa in the process.

This visa would allow the visitor to stay in the U.S. If that’s not hard enough, they only get 90 days to figure out if they really love each other.

The show follows the individuals from awkward first encounters to aisle walks or breakups.

Along the way, the inevitable obstacles that come with a deadline marriage present themselves. The couples struggle with cultural barriers, distrusting friends and family members, and their own indecision.

Some couples were able to overcome all odds by breaking language barriers, ignoring their loved ones, and following their hearts. The result of which were many episodes ending with a ring on someone’s finger and a honeymoon.

However, getting married is only the half of it. Some of the couples from 90 Day Fiancé could not make the magic last and broke up shortly after the credits rolled. Others, though, did make it and are still enjoying the relationship that they’ve created over the course of the five seasons of the show.

With that said, here are the 20 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together.


Cleveland native Mike met Russian citizen Aziza in season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé through a language acquisition website. Their romance did not start off right away, though, as they first became just friends.

Aziza applied and was denied a work visa in the U.S. Sometime shortly after that, their platonic relationship quickly turned into a budding romance.

Aziza moved to the U.S. in 2014, where she moved in with Mike.

Soon after, Aziza and Mike got married in the U.S., with her taking his last name.

Three years later, the couple remains happily married. They live in Mike’s house along with a few pets.

They are not without their disagreements, however. For example, while Mike wants to have kids, Aziza is still undecided.


Season 1 saw the marriage of Alan and Kirlyam. The couple met in Brazil when U.S.-born Mike traveled to Kirlyam’s home country on a mission with the Church of Latter Day Saints.

The two hit it off and Kirlyam moved soon to the U.S. where they got married. They tied the knot in Alan’s Mormon Church in California.

The couple struggled through some personal issues at the start, however.

Kirlyam wanted to model, but Alan disapproved and became jealous of the attention that she was receiving as a result. Due to this and her inability to gain her green card, she remains unemployed.

Despite their issues, though, the couple remains in union to this very day.

They welcomed their first child, Liam, into their family in October of 2017.


Russ was a 27 year old from Oklahoma working in the petroleum industry when he met Pao. Pao, a 26 year old fashion designer, was living in Columbia with the hopes of moving to the U.S.

The couple met when Russ was on assignment as a field engineer in Columbia.

The two decided to marry and move back to Oklahoma. They eventually picked up their lives and moved to Miami so that Pao could pursue a modeling career.

Through their journey together, they have have some difficulties and experienced tragedy. Despite all of that, though, they remain together.

They later appeared on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, where they showcased their undeniable love for each other.


Another season 1 love story saw Louis and Aya tying the knot. Louis hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, while Aya is from Ormoc, Philippines.

They met through an online dating service and quickly began discussions about moving in together.

Aya wanted Louis to move to the Philippines, but the couple eventually decided that it was best for her to move to the U.S. This was mostly due to Louis having two children from a previous relationship.

The couple got married in a Catholic Church and remain married to this day.

Aya, Louis, and his two kids live together under one roof. They also have their first child on the way.

The couple decided not to participate in the season 2 follow-up.


Thirty-four year old Justin met 29 year old Evelin at a soccer game in Colombia during the 2013 World Games. The couple fell in love very quickly.

In fact, it took just seven days together before they knew that they were going to get hitched.

The relationship was not as smooth as it sounds, however.

Justin had an old-school view of a wife and wanted Evelyn to be a “proper” spouse who cooked, cleaned, and took care of her husband. However, Evelin was not willing to be this type of person.

Nevertheless, the couple still decided to get married and the two have remained together since.

They live together in the U.S. Evelin changed her name to “Evelyn” and works as a dance instructor, while Justin works as a physical education teacher.


A season 2 romance began when Brett and Daya met through an online dating service.

Brett was from Snohomish, Washington and had a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. Daya was from San Carlos, Philippines.

Daya decided to move to the U.S. where she began living with Brett. Brett had two roommates before Daya moved in, but they left once she arrived in Washington.

The two got married shortly after.

The couple’s relationship was a bit tumultuous, mostly due to Brett’s mother’s refusal to accept their matrimony. She chose not to attend the wedding, which put a lot of pressure on the couple.

Nonetheless, Brett and Daya have been married for 3 years and welcomed their first child in 2017.

They proved that their love was strong enough to overcome any boundaries.


Season 2’s Jason and Cassia’s relationship started off a bit strange.

Cassia, a 23 year old Brazilian, was in an online relationship with a 38 year old Florida resident who was Jason’s friend. However, the two began talking and formed a connection.

While they eventually decided to get married, their marriage was far from perfect.

Jason filed for divorce from Cassia after charges related to domestic violence were filed against him. While it seemed like the couple was going to call it quits, something changed.

Earlier this year the divorce was dropped and the couple decided to commit to working through their issues, giving their marriage another shot.


This couple comes from opposites sides of the globe – Danny is from the U.S., while Amy is from South Africa. The two met in Australia on a Bible study trip.

After only a short romance, Amy moved to the U.S.

The couple lived with Danny’s brother until their marriage. While Danny’s brother approved, there were some issues, as his father was initially reluctant.

From there, they moved to Texas in hopes of raising a family.

They succeeded in their hopes and wishes. Today, Danny and Amy have 2 children, Jedidiah and Ann, and are very happy.

The couple boast of their marriage on social media. Just a few months ago, they posted a photo of themselves on a vacation.


One of the most controversial episodes of 90 Day Fiancé aired during season 3.

In it, we were introduced to 58 year old Mark and 19 year old Nikki. Mark also had four adult children who were older than his soon-to-be wife when he first met her.

While the couple was portrayed as happy together, Mark took issue with the way TLC displayed him.

He alleged that the network showed him as overly controlling and filed multiple lawsuits as a result. The lawsuits were later dropped and the couple fell out of the public eye.

While the couple still manages to stay out of the spotlight, multiple reports allege that they are still married.


Kyle was a bartender from New Orleans, Louisiana who first came in contact with Bajaree (nicknamed “Noon”) through Facebook while he was researching Thailand for a personal vacation.

The two continued to talk and eventually met up during his trip.

While a romance soon blossomed, Kyle did not actually propose before leaving to go back to the U.S.

Nevertheless, Noon uprooted her life and decided to move in with him.

Living with Kyle’s roommate proved difficult, though, so Kyle picked up extra shifts at the bar so that the couple could afford their own place.

The couple eventually married in a Buddhist temple.

Noon proved to play a positive role in his Kyle’s life, as she convinced him to get in touch with his mother who he had been estranged from.

The two remain married to this day.


New York City native Loren traveled to Israel for a Birthright trip. While there, she met Russian-born and Israel resident Alexei, who was working as a paramedic.

The couple hit it off and soon moved to the U.S. to get married.

Loren was an executive assistant, but she decided moved to Parkland, Florida due to the high costs of the city.

Alexei moved in with her and hoped to become a first responder, even though Loren wants him to try his luck as a model.

Drama ensued when Alexei found out that Loren had Tourette’s syndrome, as he was angry that he was never told since it could affect their children.

However, the couple worked through their issues and are living out a happy marriage.


Melanie is a 28 year old from Pennsylvania. She was living with her 11-year-old son, Hunter, from a previous 5-year long marriage when she went on vacation in Jamaica.

While there, she met Devar, a lifeguard on a Jamaican resort.

The couple struck up some conversations and got along great.

Devar eventually proposed and the two moved back to the U.S., where Devar began training to become a welder.

They got married shortly after, but their matrimony got off to a rocky start.

Melanie’s sister distrusted Devar. Melanie herself had her own questions and mentioned a prenuptial agreement once Devar mentioned that he wanted to send most of his money back to his family in Jamaica.

The couple seems to have worked through their concerns, though,  as they remain married.


Perhaps the most unlikely story of two people getting together on 90 Day Fiancé comes from Floridian, Fernando and Colombian, Carolina.

The now-married couple were highlighted in a season 3 episode, as they met each other while they were on dates with other people.

Despite their awkward first encounter, Fernando and Carolina got engaged before moving to the U.S. together.

They moved into Fernando’s place that was shared with his parents. There, Carolina began butting heads with Fernando’s mom, who made a comment about a Colombian stereotype.

Other hardships came soon after: Carolina mentioned missing her mom and cat, and accused Fernando of cheating. He denied the allegations despite email interactions with his ex.

However, despite these issues, the two seemed to have worked it out, as they are still married.


Another Mormon mission served as the catalyst for a relationship in the season 3 episode highlighting Josh and Aleksandra’s romance.

Josh, who is a Mormon, met the Russian Aleksandra in Czech Republic.

An atheist herself, Aleksandra converted to Mormonism for the love of her soon-to-be husband.

The couple parted ways, but met up again later in Russia, where Josh proposed.

Today, the couple is still married. They live together in Australia, where Josh began medical school.

Their daughter, Kaya, was born in March 2016. They announced this on a reunion episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

The couple seems to be strong enough to make it anywhere.


As yet another example of a couple that temporarily called it quits, Nigerian Olulowo and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania resident Narkyia have had a rocky relationship.

The couple met through an online dating service for overweight women. Despite Olulowo’s friend’s distrust in Narkyia (they believed that he was potentially scamming her), the couple ended up falling for each other.

Further issues occurred when she found out that he was interested in getting back with the woman who fathered his child.

Despite numerous issues, the couple was married in the U.S.

While they broke up for a period of time, they were able to reconcile the relationship and decided to get back together.

They are married and still living in the U.S.


Jorge boldly reached out to Anfisa after looking through her photos on Facebook. Russian-born Anfisa initially ignored the messaged but eventually agreed to meet him.

Jorge took her on a lavish European vacation that led to her asking him to buy her a $10,000 purse. Jorge refused and a verbal fight broke out.

However, money turned out to be a big focus of this relationship. Anfisa admitted that she was interested in Jorge providing for her. Jorge’s family considered this a concern.

After almost calling it quits and Anfisa contemplating moving back to Russia, the couple decided to get married.

They tied the knot at a small courthouse ceremony without a ring.

The couple currently reside in a small apartment. They appeared on later seasons of 90 Day Fiancé.

Recently, Jorge was arrested for trafficking illegal substances.


Matt, a 42 year old from Kentucky, met 30 year old Ukranian Alla through an online dating service. The two shared a quick bond, but eventually Matt decided to get married a different woman.

However, after getting a divorce from his third wife, Matt reconnected with Alla, who was also divorced and has a 7-year-old son, Max.

They rekindled their relationship and eventually decided that they were meant to be with each other.

Alla is a very reserved person who gets easily overwhelmed by Matt’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, Matt is a bit insecure as a result of infidelity that occurred in previous marriages.

Love proves to be the only thing that matters to this couple, however, as they remain happily married to this day.


Elizabeth, who is from Florida, met Andrei when she was visiting Dublin. Andrei, who is from Chisinau, Moldova, was working in Dublin as a bouncer.

When the two met, they hit it off and eventually decided to get married.

Along the way, the couple has dealt with their fair share of issues.

Andrei proves to be controlling and his family disapproves of him for it. One example of this is that he didn’t want Elizabeth to have a bachelorette party before their wedding.

However, Elizabeth still decided to have one despite his disapproval.

They got married in an outdoor ceremony and are still together to this day.

While they may still have their issues, they have proved that they can stay together no matter the obstacles they face.


The 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days brought fans a lot of interesting moments. None of which was more interesting than British Jon throwing up on the side of the road before meeting Rachel, who comes from the U.S.

Rachel, who is also a mother of two, was nervous herself, as she traveled all the way to the U.K. with a newborn child in order to meet a man who she had never met before.

Jon proved to be more nervous, however, as was evident by his roadside sickness.

Nevertheless, the couple embraced. When they saw each other for the first time, Jon said “You come here,” and Rachel proclaimed “Oh my gosh, you’re real!”

The couple got hitched and remain together to this very day.


Another couple that made it work during a recent season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was Paul and Karine.

Paul is a Kentucky native who met Karine through an international dating app.

Karine lives in a small Brazilian town and does not speak any English, while Paul doesn’t know a single word in Portuguese.

When the couple met, they tried to make it work by using a translation app to talk to one another.

The two didn’t let the language barrier get in the way, though, as soon after, Paul asked Karine’s father for permission to propose to her.

The couple have shared a lot of crazy adventures – from Paul swimming in what he claimed was “poop water” to a machete attack – but eventually end up together.

Despite rumors that the couple split after Karine was unfaithful to him, they recently tied the knot.

Are there any other 90 Day Fiancé couples that are still together? Are you surprised that any of them have lasted? Sound off in the comments!

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