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Known for its clever humor and biblical lore mixed up in a police procedural, Lucifer offers a little bit for everyone. As the former (or current, depending on how you see it) King of Hell, Lucifer knows his way around inflicting pain and punishing the guilty. So while few and far between, the show offers a good amount of fight scenes that leave us in awe of celestial power and maybe fearful of Lucifer’s power.

Here are the 10 most brutal fight scenes of Lucifer, ranked.

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10 Lucifer vs. Mazikeen – “Sympathy for the Goddess” (Season 2, Episode 17)

What happens when the two most emotionally constipated characters are pitted against each other? Absolute destruction.

Between Lucifer’s self-centeredness and Maze’s inability to express herself through words instead of fists, this fight among friends was a long time coming. The two brawl it out in the courtyard outside of Linda’s office. Unfortunately, this one’s intentionally interrupted by a commercial break and we just see the two bloodied up with an impressive wake of destruction around them. Seriously, they ruined a stone bench.

9 Mazikeen and Dan vs. Los X Gang – “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father” (Season 4, Episode 3)

Going off the books yet again, Dan recruits Maze’s help in going after the Los X Gang for intel. It takes some encouragement on Maze’s part, but the dynamic, deadly duo is quickly back in action. Last time, they set up the kidnapping of Perry Smith by the Russian gang. So naturally, they up the ante.

This time around, Dan takes his frustrations and grief out on Los X and we finally get to see our favorite Douche kick some butt. Yep, those muscles we saw in Season 2 come in handy. Maze also gives her seal of approval.

8 Amenadiel & Lucifer vs. Another Gang – “Take Me Back to Hell” (Season 1, Episode 13)

When the brothers work together, nothing can stop them. This is the first time we see the brothers on the same side and it is a sight to behold.

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We get a nice glimpse of the brothers’ distinct fighting styles too. Lucifer is all flourish, but every action he makes is efficient and meant to cause the most damage with the minimal amount of effort. Amenadiel barges through like a tank, happily flaunting that celestial strength of his.

7 Maze vs. The Latin Kings – “Sweet Kicks” (Season 1, Episode 5)

We’re given more about Mazikeen’s backstory and purpose in this episode, that she was created as an assistant and bodyguard for Lucifer. Apparently, she can sense whenever Lucifer is in danger, track him, and then ward off anyone who wishes to cause him harm.

In the first major situation of Lucifer being in over his head, Mazikeen makes one Hell of an entrance. Once he realizes who’s causing all the maiming and destruction, Lucifer gleefully watches along and marvels at Maze’s cruelty. You can’t help but sympathetically wince along with Chloe.

6 Maze’s Escape – “A Devil of My Word”  (Season 3, Episode 24)

Waking up after being drugged and chained to a pipe would be tough for any human. Even Mazikeen seems to have met her match against what Cain can cook up. So really, it’s the more human part of Maze that shines through. In her desire to protect Linda, Maze fights her guard and stumbles out… only to come across a room full of Cain’s lackeys.

Though we don’t see the action for ourselves, Cain catches sight of the carnage later. Seeing as how Maze stumbles into Linda’s office half-dead but still ready to challenge any stragglers, she fought her little demon heart out.

5 Karaoke Bar Showdown – “‘Til Death Do Us Part” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Hello, drug dealers!

Tipped off on where to find the head of the Korean gang, Lucifer barges in ready to strike a deal and maybe bash in some skulls on the way down.

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And the music that goes along with this scene is just perfect. The song, “Lucifer,” by K-pop group SHINee was actually released back in 2010. So either someone got really bored one day or the Lucifer crew does indeed have a K-pop nerd on it. Whatever the case, it made for a memorable and absolutely brutal one-man gang takedown.

4 LUX Throwdown – “Everything’s Okay” (Season 4, Episode 1)

After one of the best Tom Ellis covers to grace our screens, rife with fluid jump cuts to show the passage of time, we’re treated to our first Netflix battle to get the season started right. Good luck getting Creep by Radiohead out of your head.

Spurred by Lucifer’s inner turmoil, we’re treated to a very quick takedown. Like seriously, this maybe takes up the first five minutes of the episode, less if we take out the dialogue. That poor guy from the Season 2 premiere, he really needs to stop trying to go after Lucifer. Nothing good comes with holding a grudge against the Devil.

3 Lucifer vs. Cain – “A Devil of My Word” (Season 4, Episode 24)

The love triangle finally comes to a bloody end. Also because Amenadiel planted the seeds of doubt a little too far into Cain’s head. Now unwilling to give up his immortality, Cain is driven to desperate measures to reclaim his title as the original sinner. But shooting Chloe Decker is a big no-no in Lucifer’s books.

After bringing the detective to a safe place, Lucifer lets loose his wrath in a way we haven’t seen before. The wings. He fights with his wings and it’s awesome. And of course, we end with Lucifer’s first on-screen kill.

2 Lucifer vs. Amenadiel – “City of Angels” (Season 3, Episode 10)

This one’s more emotionally brutal than anything. Lucifer would’ve sat by and gone along with the original plan, but knowing even Amenadiel viewed him as the source of all evil? That’s a step too far. The fight is also an interesting character moment for the brothers. 

It can be read as Lucifer lashing out at Amenadiel, with Amenadiel ultimately taking the high road instead of stooping to the same level of pettiness. But it could also be Lucifer subconsciously trying to punish himself, knowing that he wouldn’t win. Either way, the blood goes flying in brutal slow-motion that leaves us all wincing in sympathy.

1 The Demons vs. Team Lucifer – “Who’s Da New King of Hell?” (Season 4, Episode 10)

Maze definitely wins as the most brutal fighter, period. When you’re trying to stop some demons from crowning a baby as their king, you have to fight fire with hellfire. Lucifer, Mazikeen, Eve, Amenadiel, and Chloe team up to take on a horde of demons and rescue baby Charlie from becoming the new King of Hell.

This sequence shows the most brutal takedowns the show has ever seen. Surprisingly, Lucifer doesn’t really get his hands dirty. But Mazikeen, the only sensible one (besides Chloe) who brought a knife to a fistfight, displays her full moveset. Slashing up someone’s face, throwing a knife into someone’s chest, breaking bones…the list goes on. And Eve and Chloe get some points too. After Chloe unloads a clip into a demon’s chest, she whacks them in the head with a pole. When they still don’t die, Eve slams her heel through their right eye. Yikes.

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SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME “Hydro Man VS Mysterio” Full Fight (NEW 2019) 4K ULTRA Movie HD

SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME “Hydro Man VS Mysterio” Fight (NEW 2019) 4K ULTRA Movie HD
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AVENGERS ENDGAME “Thanos is ready to Fight” Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD

AVENGERS ENDGAME “Thanos is ready to Fight” Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD
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David Harbour Details How Hellboy Would Approach a Fight With Thanos

New Hellboy star David Harbour has revealed how his demonic superhero character would be able to defeat Marvel’s Mad Titan Thanos. First created by Mike Mignola back in 1993, Hellboy has become a cult favorite character thanks to his many appearances in Dark Horse Comics as well as the two Hellboy movies made by Guillermo del Toro. Hellboy’s return to the screen in 2019 has not gone well however, as the Hellboy reboot was met with scathing reviews by critics and yawns of indifference from the movie going public.

While Hellboy has largely failed to cross over to mainstream success as a movie character, the same can’t be said for Marvel Comics villain Thanos. After his devastating appearance in last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has gone on to become an iconic movie villain on par with Darth Vader. Thanos is so popular in fact that many fans actually sympathize with him even though he wiped out half the people in the universe with his infamous snap. The Avengers of course have plans to bring down Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, and fans could not be more hyped to see how that final battle plays out.

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When it comes to defeating Thanos, Hellboy himself has some thoughts about how the Mad Titan could be tackled. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Hellboy actor David Harbour shared his ideas on how psychological tactics could be employed to undermine Thanos’ confidence and knock him off his game. Harbour said:

“I mean it’d be a good fight. That Thanos guy is pretty powerful, but I think Hellboy would win the emotional fight by just making fun of the very serious way he takes himself and the way he takes himself in his Malthusian philosophies. I think Hellboy would have a field day with that and cut him down to size with one-liners.”

Harbour certainly has a point about Hellboy being a much more humorous character than Thanos, who on the evidence provided in Infinity War has no sense of humor whatsoever. Harbour’s theory on how to beat Thanos now goes into the giant pile with all the other fan theories about how the Avengers will tackle the universe’s most powerful being in Endgame. The most popular recent Thanos fan theory, involving Ant-Man and a certain part of Thanos’ anatomy, seems only slightly less likely than the idea of beating the Mad Titan with cutting remarks. Somewhat more plausible is the theory that somehow the Avengers will get the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos and use it to defeat him. Another likely theory sees the Quantum Realm coming into play as the Avengers seek to gain an advantage on the all-powerful bad guy. Of course, coming off her debut in Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is now on board as the Avengers’ secret weapon.

It remains to be seen how the Avengers will beat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. As for Hellboy, it seems the cult favorite character is down for the count after the reboot bombed at the box office.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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Wolverine & Blade Will FIGHT To Decide Who’s Deadliest

Wolverine and Blade the vampire hunter just might be the two deadliest killers in Marvel Comics history. So it’s about time they finally fight to decide the winner.

On the surface, there’s no actual sales pitch needed for the recently announced Wolverine vs. Blade Special #1, a one-shot comic book that will pit the antiheroes against eachother in what looks to be a truly brutal battle of blades, blood, and superhuman healing factors. That’s judging by the cover art for the issue, which is almost all the information Marvel has let slip. But let’s be honest: hardly any fans will need more convincing, since the winner is going to have bragging rights unparalleled in the world of Marvel Comics.

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The single issue (for obvious reasons) story will be penned by former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim, who has experience writing the comic adventures of both Blade and Wolverine in the past. Dave Wilkins supplies the art for both cover and interiors (with a variant cover by Matteo Scalera) which Guggenheim is already hyping as the real reason fans should pick up the issue when it arrives in July. And no offense to the story Guggenheim has crafted to bring this fight to life, but if a prospective buyer isn’t interested in seeing page after page of Logan vs. Daywalker bloodsport alone… this story probably isn’t for you.

While Guggenheim isn’t giving up any details about the actual storyline, or why Wolverine is wearing his decade-old X-Force uniform in the cover art, he did explain to Monkeys Fighting Robots that the Special “is a book that’s been — not kidding — ten years in the making. I couldn’t possibly be more excited for it to finally see publication. I think it’s worth the wait.”

The synopsis for this Wolverine vs Blade Special only promises “two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs. Blade — ’nuff said!” But the uniform choice we mentioned before may frame this Special as a trip down memory lane–to a fight that absolutely happened, but which Marvel readers never got the chance to see for themselves. The anticipation would have been worse had fans even known what they had missed, but the suggestion of a flashback helps keep this fight from interfering with the recent rise to the heights of the Marvel Universe enjoyed by both Wolverine and Blade.

After Wolverine returned from the dead and had his memories fully restored, he was thrown immediately into a cosmic adventure, taking a role as the next master of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet in Wolverine: Infinity Watch. The only thing less predictable than Logan teaming up with Loki to form a one man Infinity Watch… is for Blade to become an Avenger, leading the team into battle against a global vampire civil war.

But as entertaining as both heroes have been to follow in recent months, the appeal of seeing them cross blades to decide what’s harder to kill–a half-vampire with all their strengths and none of their weaknesses, or a wild man with unbreakable bones, unrend-able flesh, and a bad temper–is impossible to deny. Now the only question is: who ya got?

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25 Hidden Things Fans Completely Missed In Fight Club

It’s hard to believe that it was twenty years that director David Fincher’s all-out attack on Generation X, Fight Club, debuted. Thanks to studios not knowing how exactly to market the black comedy, it quickly became a big cult movie. Had they known to market it as such, it might have gone down in the public eye as the best movie of the nineties, even with all of the bleak undertones.

For those that haven’t seen the movie, first – where have you been for twenty years?! Secondly, it’s the story of two friends who start a secret club as one of them descends into madness, attempting to use the club to introduce a little anarchy into the population. That doesn’t sound like a dark comedy, but after watching the movie, you’ll be able to see how absurd the whole situation is.

Starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham-Carter, Fight Club finds its way to stick with you, even years after seeing it. Like a chemical burn. On subsequent rewatches, you’re going to find all sorts of fun things that you might not have caught the first go around. There’s something unique and oddly “off” in just about every frame of the movie. Here are just a few of those instances. Here are 25 Hidden Things Fans Completely Missed In Fight Club.

25 The Opening Warning

There are hidden breadcrumbs for the movie even before the opening credits pump through. If you have a really quick eye, you’ll be able to catch a warning pop up on-screen right before the movie starts.

But unless you’re a speed-reader, there’s no way in any world you’d be able to read this zany disclaimer pictured here, right before the DVD version plays. But upon reading it now, it’s apparent that the film you’re about to see has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.

24 Tyler, Tyler Everywhere

When we meet the Narrator, played by Edward Norton, he’s a mundane office drone. The guy can’t sleep and isn’t too fond of his job. He’s a just a guy who fills the bottomless void of young adulthood with whatever he feels like buying from an Ikea catalog. Until he meets Tyler for the first time.

Only, is it the first time? If you have an eagle eye and are paying attention you’ve seen Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden several times before these two ever meet. He’s a blip in four different frames. There is also an advertisement for Bridgeworth Suites that the Narrator is watching, and Tyler is right there in front of him.

23 How To Get Your Line In

One of the key aspects of the second part of the film is the love triangle, or lack thereof between Tyler, Marla, and the Narrator. The Narrator meets Marla Singer first and then Tyler. Here is where the fun begins – after these two end up together, Marla is spent and says “I want to have your [removal].”

The producer of the movie, Laura Ziskin, begged for the line to be taken out. Fincher agreed but, on the condition that the new line cannot be changed. Hence the reason we have the even funnier and more offensive “grade school” line.

22 Meat Loaf Had Lost The Weight

One of the many cameos in the movie is from rock god, Meat Loaf Aday. He played Club member, Robert Paulson. He meets the Narrator at a support group meeting and the two strike up a little bit of a friendship.

The mammoth of a man was very overweight for a time in his career and actually had lost a lot of the weight before being cast as Bob. The crew fit him with a suit that was filled with bird seed. One was anatomically correct, one was not.

21 30 Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto is another cameo character in the film. As Angel Face, the kid not only appears to be 100% devoted to Tyler’s message, but Tyler also appears to be taking a liking to him. The beautiful boy eventually has his face roughed up by the Narrator because he “wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

A year prior to the film, Leto had started the experimental rock band, 30 Seconds To Mars. There’s an in-joke to this during one of Tyler’s speeches. He speaks about how we all grew up dreaming to be rock stars and we won’t be. When he says this, he’s staring right at the newly-minted rock star, Leto.

20 Watch Closely

The film’s big twist, like many twist endings, relies on someone having never seen the movie before. Once you’ve experienced the mind attack that Fight Club has laid on you, go back and watch the movie. There is seldom a scene between Tyler and the Narrator that doesn’t give the twist away.

When the pair board the bus, Tyler walks by and the Narrator dumps the change in. When they’re bumped into, the stranger walks past Tyler and bumps into the Narrator. Those bits can be construed as the Narrator paying for both or the guy just not bumping into Tyler. But then explain why the Narrator, even when the passenger is always getting out of the driver side of the car.

19 Starbucks, Starbucks Everywhere

One of the big themes of the film is the downfall of Generation X and the values of nonstop advertising. To showcase this, director David Fincher had put a Starbucks cup into just about every scene in the movie.

Like playing Where’s Waldo, you can play a game of find the cup using this handy-dandy website. Strangely enough, the company had no trouble with their cup everywhere but didn’t want their name attached to the coffee shop that Tyler blows up.

18 Pitt’s Jacked – Norton, Not So Much

From the moment we meet both Tyler and the Narrator, it’s as clear as the driven snow that their two very different people with very different physiques. While Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were gearing up their roles, they made the conscious decision for Tyler to look chiseled out of granite.

Norton had to drop a bunch of weight and muscle to play the humdrum Narrator. He had just finished filming the drama, American History X; where the actor was as big as a house.

17 Crime, Mischief, Soap

The strange tag line was on all of the posters for Fight Club – [Crime]. Mischief. Soap. Until you’ve seen the movie, you have little to no idea what that means or how it plays into the movie’s various satires.

There are only a handful, if that much, scenes of Pitt and Norton making soap in the movie. But that didn’t stop them from taking soap-making classes to get in the mood for their roles. They learned from a California Boutique, Auntie Godmother.

16 DiCaprio Cameo

Did you know that three of the biggest heart-throbs of the nineties are in Fight Club? Two of the three are easy to spot. Obviously, Brad Pitt and then known only for My So Called Life, Jared Leto. But there’s one more and he’s about to co-star with Pitt again in the new Quentin Tarantino movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie too. Or at least his frozen breath is. During one of the “go into your cave” bits, the editing team used the actor’s frozen breath from Titanic.

15 Bob Breaks The No Shirts Rule

Besides every member of this secret society breaking the Club’s first two rules; Bob doesn’t adhere to the sixth rule either. “Sixth Rule: No shirts, no shoes,” Tyler says. Bob is never seen without his shirt on. Meat Loaf’s always breaking the rules, that rock rebel.

Considering he had a chest, according to the Narrator, there was no way the MPAA would have allowed Bob to fight without it. It would have, however, made for one more twisted joke the movie threw at us.

14 Narrator Never Named

For those who didn’t know, the movie is based on a book of the same name by author Chuck Palahniuk. The main character who tells the story of both he and Tyler does not have a name. The character reads old Reader’s Digest articles ending referring to himself as “Joe”.

For the movie, the “name” of the Narrator is Jack instead. But despite the name, he is actually never given a name in the film at all, until the climactic third chapter when Marla finally refers to him by his name.

13 The Narrator Moves When Tyler’s Being Attacked

In one of the movie’s great scenes, Tyler gets the tar beat out of him by Lou, the owner of the bar. He doesn’t fight back, he lets Lou take out all of his aggression and frustration. By the end, Tyler leaps at the guy with a bruised face begging to be able to continue using the parking lot.

Pitt’s performance is so good, and the camera rarely pans away to anyone else. But when it does pan towards Norton, take a quick peek at him, he’s bobbing his head the same way Tyler’s head or stomach is getting knocked.

12 Norton Hits As Hard As He Can

As the Narrator and Tyler enjoy a night of drinks getting to know one another, he and Tyler head outside and Tyler demands that his new friend hits him as hard as he can. Besides hitting him in the ear, Edward Norton did in fact really lay into Brad Pitt.

In order to get the scene right and the actor’s reactions what he wanted them to be, Director David Fincher pulled Norton aside without telling Pitt. He told Norton to do exactly what Tyler asked for.

11 DeNiro, DeNiro Everywhere

For any fan of cinema, including the actors themselves, have such an affinity for Robert DeNiro. He’s been in some of the greatest films ever made for the past forty years or so, so it’s easy to see why. Fight Club pays homage to the man in another blink and you’ll miss it sort of way.

When the Narrator is going from support meeting to meeting, he uses a bunch of fake names. Depending on how well you know your DeNiro movies, you’ll realize that all of his aliases are the names of DeNiro characters.

10 Rosie O’Donnell Spoilers

In the late nineties, Rosie O’Donnell had a tremendous following. She even had a morning talk show that was a mix of the usual morning shows with a twinge of some night time talk shows as well. Usually safe, occasionally edgy.

She did a huge no-no the morning that Fight Club was released. She told her audience how she already saw the movie and couldn’t sleep for a week because of it. Rather than stop there, she proceeded to tell viewers the ending to the movie and suggested not seeing it. The equivalent of telling someone you’ll understand The Sixth Sense a lot better if you know Bruce Willis is deceased!

9 Elaine As Marla?!?!

Like a lot of movies, casting choices get switched up several times before filming. Fight Club was no different. Before cameras started rolling, Julie Louis-Dreyfus was in consideration for Marla. When she came in to read, she had no idea who Fincher was, which made the director feel like a loser.

Other casting options that the studio wanted was Russell Crowe as Tyler Durden and Sean Penn or Matt Damon as the Narrator. Other Marlas considered were Janeane Garafalo, Reese Witherspoon, Winona Ryder, or Courtney Love.

8 3/4 Mil For A Minute-Thirty

When scripting the film, David Fincher had conceived of a credit sequence very similar to the one in the movie. The viewer would be taken on a tour of the brain and all of its synapses straight to the Narrator’s forehead to the gun in his mouth.

Put together by Digital Domain VFX House, the minute and a half of footage was put together by a team of storyboard and digital artists. For all that effort, Fox spent almost a million bucks on the sequence.

7 Members, Members Everywhere

As Fight Club progresses, more and more disenfranchised young to middle-aged males join Tyler’s little revolution. What’s cool about many of the members of Fight Club were in prior scenes either interacting with Tyler or watching him.

It’s subtle at first, but once you notice scenes where someone picks a fight with a priest and then a few scenes later, you see the same guy with some extra bruises, participating in the antics of Project Mayhem, it’s completely absurd, and hilarious.

6 That Intense Insomnia

One of the reasons Tyler Durden was allowed to come to exist was because the Narrator suffers from insomnia. The author of the original novel, Chuck Palahniuk had also suffered from the disease and wrote it into the story.

Several aspects of how he really tried combat insomnia made its way into the book and the movie. Most notably, locating your cave and power animal to induce a cooling, sleepy chill. Tyler’s iconic shades are used to protect melatonin production, which helps sleep cycles.

5 A Real Fight

With each subsequent viewing, Fight Club continues to be a cult classic. It’s a post-apocalyptic tale of a generation lost, and while that is bleak, there are a huge amount of people that identify with this movie.

The inspiration Palahniuk had for the novel was what happened to him after a real fight that he gotten into. Palahniuk once said about the incident – “People didn’t ask me what happened. I think they were afraid of the answer. I realized that if you looked bad enough, people would not want to know what you did in your spare time.”

4 Smokey, Smokey Everywhere

Much has been said about the dedication that Pitt and Norton put into their roles. But there is a ton of praise that needs to be given to Helena Bonham Carter and her dedication to creating Marla. One thing she did was ask the makeup artist to use her left hand, so that it would be a little messy – something that Marla wouldn’t care about.

It was her dedication to be the person that Marla was supposed to be. But it also made her very ill. She wound up with bronchitis during the six-month shoot.

3 Support Groups

In the beginning of the movie, both the Narrator and Marla find solace going to various support groups. They both comically decide which ones that they’d like to attend. The Narrator comes to the conclusion that for the most part, when people think that you’re going to be dying soon, they listen pretty intently on what you’re going to say.

At the end of the film, the Narrator says to Tyler “I want you to listen to me very carefully, Tyler.” It’s more or less the first time, Tyler shuts up and pays attention to the lesser half of his personality.

2 This Scene

Around the midway part of the movie, Tyler allows himself to get the heck knocked out of him. He gives all of his devotees a homework assignment – start a fight with a stranger and lose.

That proves to be a little harder than it looks for one of the Space Monkeys, played by Holt McCallany. The guy tries to pick a fight with a priest by dousing him with a hose. If you think this scene is funny, you don’t think it’s as funny as the cameraman. He’s laughing so much that you can see the camera shake during the scene.

1 Bashing Baby Boomer Beetle

In one scene, Tyler and the Narrator beat the heck out of the new VW Beetle. Both actors shared a disdain for it. But it also became a symbol that fits right into all of themes of the movie.

According to Norton, “We smash it…because it seemed like the classic example of the Baby Boomer generation marketing plan that sold culture back to us.” The entire crux of the movie is rebelling against the parents of Generation X, which be the yuppies and hippies that birthed the Beetle.

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Eric Rhodes

Dark Phoenix Footage Description: X-Men & Mutant Brotherhood Fight Scene

New footage for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, was shown off during the movie’s panel at WonderCon 2019 this weekend, and while one clip was previously revealed at New York Comic-Con last year, the second clip was all-new for panel attendees to check out. Screen Rant was in attendance at the panel, and we have a full footage description for X-Men fans and moviegoers alike to read about below.

Just over one week after the Disney-Fox acquisition was finalized, 20th Century Fox (now a division of The Walt Disney Studios) unveiled new, never-before-seen footage of Dark Phoenix, much of which is a continuation of previously seen footage from the Dark Phoenix trailers. Taking place approximately midway through the film, with the X-Men fractured after the death of Mystique, Magneto’s new Brotherhood of Mutants are on their way to kill Jean Grey/Phoenix in New York City.

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Beginning inside Cerebro at the X-Mansion, Professor X says, “It’s time,” and tells what appears to be the remaining X-Men team members that Magneto has found Jean and means to kill her. So he asks Nightcrawler to teleport him and Cyclops to Jean’s location and then tells him to teleport back. Storm is there and wants to join them on their mission to save Jean, but Professor X won’t allow that, for he’s already lost too many people that he loves. But given what they’re going up against, Cyclops tells Storm that he needs her there. Storm agrees, so she says she’s going – end of discussion. Using his powers, Professor X shows Nightcrawler where to go by showing him a picture in his mind. They all teleport to Jean/Phoenix’s location. Given that she’s in New York City, they presumably teleport into Central Park, next to the X-Jet (aka the Blackbird).

Cut to Magneto and Beast (who’s apparently on Magento’s side at this point in the film, seeing as he wants revenge for Mystique/Raven’s death. Beast actor Nicholas Hoult also mentioned during the Dark Phoenix panel that Beast/Hank McCoy is separated from Professor X in this film.) – along with two new mutants to the X-Men franchise, Selene (Kota Eberhardt) and Red Lotus (Andrew Stehlin) – walking out of the park, at which point Professor X and his group shows up behind them.

Professor X: “Hello, old friend.”

Magneto: “Save the old friend sh*t, Charles. And stay out of my way.”

Professor X: “I’m sorry, for what she did. But I can’t let you go in there.”

Magneto: “You’re always sorry, Charles. And there’s always a speech. But nobody cares anymore.”

Professor X is afraid that if they fight each other, especially out in the open, the humans would see them as monsters, and they would lose any faith they had with the people and the government. (Earlier in Dark Phoenix, the X-Men were considered heroes to the world, and the United States president frequently calls upon them to aide in certain matters.) Magneto scoffs at Professor X’s remarks, at which point Cyclops drops the movie’s only F-bomb (that is, of course, if Dark Phoenix remains a PG-13 movie). Cyclops tells Magneto, “If you touch her, I will f***ing kill you.” After that, Professor X tries to talk sense into Beast, but Beast wants to see Phoenix dead just as much as Magneto. That’s when a fight ensues.

Splintering off, Cyclops goes after Beast and Magneto, but he doesn’t try to actually harm Beast using his blasts. Magneto, on the other hand, Cyclops appears to be okay with killing. Meanwhile, Storm and Red Lotus fight each other using their powers as much as possible, with Professor X trying to prevent Selene from killing Nightcrawler. Given that Selene is also a telepath, she uses her powers to force Nightcrawler to teleport near her so that she can stab him. In order to put an end to all this, Magneto kneels down and pulls a subway car out of the ground.

Magneto then walks inside the building and uses the subway car to block the entrance. (Director Simon Kinberg mentioned afterward that the subway car is a practical effect, and they really did have it stop just a foot or two behind Michael Fassbender on set. That scene is real, surprisingly.) Jean/Phoenix is waiting for Magneto in the building’s lobby, standing alongside Jessica Chastain’s new X-Men supervillain. Looking at Phoenix, Magneto says, “I know whose blood that was.” Phoenix responds, “You cast me out, now you’ve come here to kill me?” “That’s right,” Magneto answers.

Stripping a metal railing, Magneto tries to kill Phoenix, but she’s too strong for him and she stops the railing from penetrating her eye. “And you couldn’t even do that,” Phoenix retorts, adding, “Let me show you how.” She then uses her power to crush Magneto’s helmet, which viewers can see a tiny bit of in the latest Dark Phoenix trailer. The clip ends on that note, trying to imply that Phoenix doesn’t stop killing X-Men characters with Raven; she could keep going, and Magneto might be her next victim. However, judging by previously released trailers and photos, it’s clear that Magneto survives this encounter but is left scarred. He is then taken captive by the “MCU” and perhaps rescued at a later point. Magneto’s story won’t end so unceremoniously in Dark Phoenix.

All in all, Dark Phoenix is shaping up to be an even darker X-Men movie than before, but whether or not it the cast and crew can really pull it off remains to be seen. After all, it could very well be Fox’s final X-Men movie before being rebooted by Marvel Studios.

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Mansoor Mithaiwala

The Division 2: Hunter Boss Fight Guide & Hunter Mask Locations

The endgame in The Division 2 becomes accessible to players once they hit level 30, and that opens up hunter bosses and hunter masks for people to obtain. After you’ve read our handy endgame unlock guide and gotten yourself to that point, what’s there to do next? If you’re feeling particularly like taking on other agents in Conflict Mode, then that option is open to you. However, if you’re wanting to chew a little more on the excellent PvE experience that the game has to offer then it may be that taking out the elite AI Hunter enemies is more your speed.

The Hunters in The Division 2 are formidable enemies who are Level 35, which means that even players who have cracked The Division 2‘s endgame are going to struggle to take Hunters down in one way or another. They’re enemies designed to pose as much of a challenge as possible to Agents, which means that any Division 2 Hunter boss is going to be an ordeal and a half.

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Summoning a Hunter is half the battle sometimes. They’re not just wandering around waiting for you to stumble upon them. You often have to do certain actions in specific locations so actually summon a Division 2 hunter boss to fight it and to take its mask.

Whether it’s navigating certain portions of Washington D.C. or shooting at a lightbulb in a particular place, there’s a myriad of different ways to lure out the Hunter bosses so it’s important to make sure that you don’t only have the locations down. They appear to be very sensitive to disturbances in the area so we would recommend dispatching other adversaries before starting to keep an eye out for your chosen Hunter.

Ghost and Spectre masks

To find the Hunter carrying the Ghost and Spectre mask, you’re going to need access to the Washington Monument. You’ll have to explore the underground below the area to find a room with a screen that will mark three graves on your map.

Once you salute each grave site on your map (one in Control Point, one to the northeast of the Monument, and one in a field near the Monument). After you’ve paid your respects at every grave, you’ll be able to go back to the Monument and track west to find a Missing Persons sign that will illuminate a Hunter perched on a container next to it. To get the Ghost mask, you have to one-shot this Hunter. If you want to get the Spectre mask, you’ll have to comb the rooftops surrounding the northern area around the Monument and to snipe the Hunter that you find.

Midas and Revenant masks

In order to get the Midas and Revenant masks, you’ll have to head to Hampshire Avenue NW in the Western portion of the map to an area that has a swimming pool. If you span the Jumping Jack emote, then you’ll find that two hunters appear, and killing them both will get you the Midas and Revenant masks.

Wraith mask

If you want to get to Wraith mask, you need to head over to Capitol Hill. The landmark will have a memorial wall with a water feature, and you will have to make sure that you take a shot at the source of light that’s casting shadows against the wall. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to stand behind the light being cast on the memorial and to salute it. Kill the Hunter that spawns for the Wraith mask.

Cross, Diamond, Death and Phantom masks

This quartet of masks represents the most complex ones to obtain. You’ll need to have access to the Federal Triangle, where you’ll then head to the park nearby the Control Point that has a Christmas tree in it. There’s an office nearby which will have a desk with an accompanying lever. Pull this lever and return outside to lap the Christmas tree until smoke appears, signaling the arrival of three Hunters. Killing them will get you the Cross, Diamond and Death Hunter masks. After you’ve dispatched your foes, head cross the street outside the park to find a Hunter lying in wait and you’ll be able to pry the Phantom mask from his cold, dead face.

Ghost mask

You’ll need access to the Lincoln Memorial in order to pick up this mask. There’s an SHD cache which will have an entrance to a sewer nearby. Follow the path until you find a room that has a laptop in it; once you’ve inspected the laptop, the game will shine a light on a map at the wall. Return back outside and try to find a piece of constructed terrain at the Memorial which has a light stuck to it. Shooting said light will make sure that a Hunter is spawned, and defeating him will pick up the Ghost mask.

Demon mask

The Demon mask can be found pretty close to The Division 2‘s first major landmark: the White House. You will have to go to the shopping mall in that part of the map and head down into the mall until you encounter a particularly placed platform with some windows across the way from it, each one framing a target. Take out the targets starting from the highest window to the lowest, and a Hunter will appear. Once you kill him, you’ll be able to loot the Demon mask.

Crimson mask

To get this mask, you’ll need to have access to Judiciary Square. There’s an empty courtyard nearby which will be flanked by two walls, one containing a room with one door and another a room with two doors. You’ll want to head for the room with two doors first and take a peek at the computer on the desk. Once you’ve done that, head to the other room and interact with the phone. Smoke will start pouring into the courtyard, and the Hunter carrying the Crimson mask will spawn.

Now that you’ve got a rundown of all the different Hunters that you can encounter in the endgame and what you need to do to summon them thanks to our Division 2 hunter boss guide, get out there and get those masks!

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Ginny Woo

Mothra vs. Rodan Fight Confirmed For Godzilla: King of the Monsters

One more major clash between Titans is confirmed for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, with Rodan and Mothra set to fight. There is plenty of excitement in the air for Warner Bros.’ planned MonsterVerse. They’ve delivered two solid and well-received entries in Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island, and now Godzilla is set to get a sequel to help pave the way for the future. Before the giant atomic fire-breathing lizard can take on the large ape, the iconic Toho monster will first have to square off against some newly introduced foes.

The lead up to Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters has brought two destructive trailers packed to the brim with monster battles. This is a stark contrast to the the 2014 solo film which barely featured the titular creature, and Godzilla 2‘s approach has been to tease all the different monsters it holds. Outside of Godzilla, the movie will also introduce Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah – well-known Toho creatures in their own right – to the MonsterVerse. The money shot in the marketing has been Godzilla and Ghidorah charging at each other, but now another major battle has been confirmed.

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In anticipation of the new film, Collider had the chance to visit the set of Godzilla: King of the Monsters last year and during this time, they saw concept art that showed a Mothra vs. Rodan fight. They didn’t specify when this takes place in the movie, but it should be included in the final product unless the surprising decision was made to remove another big monster fight.

Throughout their cinematic histories, Mothra and Rodan have had a constantly evolving relationship. The two aerial creatures have teamed up before to save the planet and to destroy it, and even though they haven’t always worked together, they have never had an actual fight between them. This is partially why when the marketing for Godzilla: King of the Monsters showed them both in the same location, many believed this was a sign they were teaming up to try and help save the planet. But, as long as the understanding of the concept art is correct, then it looks like we’ll actually get to see these two monsters clash after all this time.

The Mothra vs. Rodan fight is now just the latest of many likely battles that Godzilla: King of the Monsters will contain. A recent TV spot teased that Rodan will also be facing off against Ghidorah at some point in the film, while toys for the blockbuster film have indicated Rodan will even fight Godzilla. The second trailer for the film did mention that these new monsters are battling to become a rival alpha to Godzilla, so all of these fights certainly line up with the idea. But, with Godzilla: King of the Monsters potentially even holding some secret Titans, moviegoers could be in for a real treat when it comes to the amount of spectacle the film has to offer.

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Source: Collider

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Cooper Hood

Rotten Tomatoes May Require Stricter Verification to Fight Trolls

Rotten Tomatoes may require stricter verification to fight trolls. The popular web-based review aggregator has grown into a mainstay of audience and critical feedback on films since its early quiet beginnings in 1998. With its monthly unique global visitor’s tally somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 million, the site has become the first stop for many both before and after a film’s release.

As the site has grown in popularity, it has obviously faced its fair share of supporters and detractors. In recent years, big name Hollywood filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese have come forth to take aim at the detrimental effects of the review site and its method of stripping down films to a mere good or bad status. Beyond this – or perhaps in addition to it – Rotten Tomatoes has found itself at the center of a debate regarding trolls who overwhelm the site in the days leading up to the release of a film they don’t like and negatively review it.

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In fact, the Rotten Tomatoes trolls became so irritating in the lead up to the release of Captain Marvel that the site changed its policy, disallowing users to comment on a film prior to its release. Now, according to THR, a Rotten Tomatoes rep has said that tighter restrictions – including making users verify having seen a film before reviewing it – may need to be implemented.

The Captain Marvel incident, in which hordes of trolls lashed out due to the gender of its protagonist, was unfortunately not the first of its kind for Rotten Tomatoes, either. Past battles with those more interested in gender or skin color than cinema also occurred with the female-led reboot of Ghostbusters as well as films like Black Panther and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The frustration this has caused Rotten Tomatoes and film fans alike is apparent, though at present, Rotten Tomatoes has not given any indication what their new, troll-proof system would look like or how exactly it would function. That being said, Fandango, the parent company that owns Rotten Tomatoes, clearly understands the need to put an end to this problem and appears determined to find the right solution.

Whatever the prevailing opinion on Rotten Tomatoes and its aggregate method of film review may be, it is important that trolls be shut out from the issues that don’t concern them. As this is a debate about a film related website, it’s obvious that cinephiles and casual filmgoers should be able to access untainted reviews of whatever film they choose. Stripped to its essence, this is a case of those who enjoy cinema versus those who don’t. If film review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes must take stricter measures to ensure the reviews are there for those who actually care about the amazing medium of cinema, then so be it.

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Source: THR

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Mike Jones