PVR disappointed with films going directly to streaming platforms, Carnival Cinemas understands producers’ dilemma

Indian films are heading straight to the digital platforms that has led to causing a lot of debate amongst the theatre chains in India. INOX has already showcased their anger at producers who did not wait for the situation to get better and chose OTT as their resort amid this crisis. Now, PVR is left disappointed that the Indian films are directly releasing on streaming platforms.

PVR disappointed with films going directly to streaming platforms, Carnival Cinemas understands producers’ dilemma

“As PVR, we believe that the theatrical release is the best way for audiences to experience the labour and creative genius of our filmmakers. This has been so for decades and not just in India, but globally,” Kamal Gianchandani, CEO of PVR Pictures, stated.

“We are confident, once we get to the other side of this crisis, there will be enough and more pent-up demand from cine-goers who have been cooped up at homes for the last many weeks. We are likely to see demand by force on a sustained basis, once we reopen,” he added. He further said that exhibitors had asked the producers to hold back the films till the cinemas reopen after lockdown is lifted. “Needless to say, we are disappointed with some of our producers deciding to go straight to streaming platforms,” he said.

“That said, this is not the first time films are being premiered on streaming platforms. Cinema exhibition has regularly faced competition from new emerging distribution platforms over the last many years, and it has continued to enjoy cine goers patronage and affinity. I would also like to use this opportunity to express our appreciation for all the producers who have publicly voiced their support for the theatrical platform and have decided to reschedule their releases to accommodate the reopening of cinemas,” he added.

Carnival Cinemas also released their statement regarding direct-to-OTT release debate. While they understood that producers are also in crisis, they said that mid-budget movies won’t affect the theatres as such. “Though we are disappointed with the move of the filmmakers to go straight to digital, we understand the financial burden/compulsion that one may have in these times. Even in the past, there have been a few cases of filmmakers facing failure when they opted for digital release, skipping the theatrical run. The ones who have decided to go ahead with a digital release were possibly in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is money invested, there may be interest (on it), someone wants to minimize the loss and If they are in a position to monetize it, we can’t stop them. The situation is such that you cannot blame anyone. In this time of uncertainty, some producers have decided to release their content directly on OTT. It is within their rights to decide but we will not release those movies in our theatres,” Multiplex chain Carnival Cinemas said it understands the financial stress of the producers.

“We hope filmmakers stick to theatre format. We were expecting them to stand by us because we are family. I feel that the trend of releasing films on OTT platforms directly is a temporary phenomenon. I don’t see this going beyond the lockdown. While OTTs are a reality, big film producers will prefer a theatrical release before a digital one. The overall collection from theatrical releases also surpasses what is garnered by directly releasing movies on OTT platforms. Once people are able to go back to theatres there would still be demand and all of us will be able to resume our business like before,” said Carnival Cinemas CEO Mohan Umrotkar.

Films like Gulabo Sitabo starring Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana and Shakuntala Devi starring Vidya Balan will release on Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, the streaming giant has also announced a bunch of South films to be released on their platform too.

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REVEALED: Yash Raj Films won’t take the OTT bait, to release all their films in cinemas first!

The world is in a perilous situation right now thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has affected almost all countries and in the absence of a cure or vaccine, most governments are at wit’s end in trying to control its spread. With no other option, most of them are practicing social distancing to avoid people-to-people contact and also ultimately the rapid spread of Coronavirus. As a result, it has led to the closure of offices, educational institutions, public transport and also entertainment centres. Cinema theatres were one of the first ones to be shut and hence, the belief is that once the lockdown is gradually lifted, it’ll also be the last ones to be opened. That still doesn’t mean that films will start releasing in hordes. Audiences might be wary of visiting cinemas because of the scare. Also, the situation overseas is worse as places like USA, UK etc will take more time to bounce back. Since our films earn a chunk from these nations, most Bollywood films would be released only when there’s an improvement in the scenario in India and abroad.

REVEALED Yash Raj Films won’t take the OTT bait, to release all their films in cinemas first!

With most people at home, the OTT platforms are booming. These giants have now begun to approach filmmakers of films that were to release in near future and offering them handsome remuneration to forgo theatrical release. A few of these producers who have big-screen spectacles lined up like ’83, Sooryavanshi and Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai have decided to wait for the theatrical release till the situation normalizes. But producers of Gulabo Sitabo and Shakuntala Devi have already decided to jump on the OTT bandwagon. A few more of them are reportedly in advanced talks.

In such a situation, one of the oldest and most reputed production houses of the country, Yash Raj Films (YRF), has taken a significant decision. A source says, “Like other banners, YRF too has been approached by various digital platforms to buy the rights of their upcoming films. However, they don’t feel it is fair for their films, made for big screen experience, to be consumed by viewers on their cell phones or laptops. Also, they care for the exhibition sector which has suffered arguably the maximum due to the lockdown. YRF team, including Aditya Chopra, don’t want to add to their woes.”

In fact, in a webinar last month, Rohan Malhotra, Yash Raj Films’ Vice President for Distribution, made it clear that they plan to release their long-delayed film Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, once theatres start.

The other films of Yash Raj Films up for release are Saif Ali Khan-Rani Mukerji-Siddhant Chaturvedi-Sharvari Wagh starrer Bunty Aur Babli 2, Ranbir Kapoor-Vaani Kapoor-Sanjay Dutt’s period actioner Shamshera, Ranveer Singh’s social comedy Jayeshbhai Jordaar and Akshay Kumar’s grand period action drama Prithviraj.

They are also on the verge of announcing a spate of big-ticket entertainers, as part of the 50th anniversary of YRF. “All these films are also on and the lockdown has not led to the shelving of any project,” assures the source and signs off.

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Project 50: Celebrations of Yash Raj Films 50th anniversary postponed due to Coronavirus; films with Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone also deferred

Just last month we had reported that the Siddharth Anand directorial that stars Shah Rukh Khan had been pushed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now we hear that plans to celebrate Yash Raj Films completing 50 years have also been dented due to the virus. In fact, the grapevine state that due to the lockdown situation and the fact that everything has come to a standstill, the plans to celebrate YRF’s 50th anniversary via Project 50 have now been delayed.

For the uninitiated, Project 50, was said to be an announcement of sorts that would be made to commemorate 50 years since YRF was established would feature a slew of films being launched that would feature big names like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan and others. Besides this, a grand event was being planned that would also feature these actors and a few more like Aamir Khan talking about their experience working with Yash Raj Films and the late Yash Chopra.

But now, post the lockdown; it seems that the said Project 50 has been delayed. Talking about the delay a source close to the development says, “Project 50 was supposed to be a big event that would announce even bigger films, but with the lockdown all plans for it have now been pushed. In fact, the studio was also recording messages from A-list actors who they have worked with in the past, but that has also been affected due to the lockdown. In essence all prep work for the grand celebrations has taken a hit, and has been pushed.”

Prod the source about the films that were to be announced with Project 50 and he continues, “All projects, be it with Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif or anyone has been pushed. No date has been finalized yet, but the studio will take a decision based on the scenario once the lockdown has been lifted and things go back to normal.”

Signing off the source adds, “Though as of now everything has been delayed, Yash Raj Films is looking to announce Project 50 and all the film that come as part of it in June or July. Though it is still too early to say anything about each individual project, the studio is working hard to ensure that the 50 years celebration does not get delayed much despite the pandemic.”

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SCOOP: Amazon Prime acquires rights of Ludo and Jhund; both films to have a direct release on OTT

The Covid-19 lockdown has created a havoc for various industries, and the Indian film industry is one among them. With the pandemic not seeming to abate, filmmakers are faced with hard decisions regarding the fate of their films. After a few announcements of films being released directly on OTT platforms, we now hear that streaming giant Amazon Prime has acquired the rights of the Abhishek Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao starrer Ludo and the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Jhund.

SCOOP: Amazon Prime acquires rights of Ludo and Jhund; both films to have a direct release on OTT

Confirming the same, a source says, “Yes, Amazon has acquired rights of both films, which will now release directly on the streaming service.” Ask for details about what made the makers of Ludo and Jhund take this decision, the source continues, “Both films are T-Series productions and given the extended lock down period, the makers felt it was better to release Ludo and Jhund on the streaming service rather than wait for a theatrical release, which will take a long time.”

Further explaining filmmakers predicament these days, our source continues, “Today filmmakers are faced with a hard choice. Given the capital invested in a venture, it is their responsibility to recover as much as they can. But with theatres being shut, a major chunk of revenue has been axed. Given this situation, filmmakers are forced to search for different avenues to recover costs, and one way is with a direct release on OTT.”

While it certainly is interesting time for streaming services, an official announcement of Ludo and Jhund releasing directly on Amazon is awaited.

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First and only: Oscars 2021 to allow streaming-only films due to coronavirus pandemic

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is breaking with tradition and making a one-time exception – movies that debuted on a streaming service without a theatrical run wi… .

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Istanbul Biennial to open 2 films for digital access each week

Online events like exhibitions have become the norm worldwide as humanity fights the coronavirus pandemic, often through self-isolation. The Istanbul Biennial, organized by the Ist… .

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Top 10 Films & TV Shows About The English Monarchy | ScreenRant

From the Tudors to the Windsors, the English monarchy has had an extraordinary legacy, a large impact on historic policies, and has always supplied fodder for the pop culture’s canon. Most recently, cinematic culture has taken a liking to creatively reviving some of England’s most prominent monarchs.

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From a historical drama to comedic sitcoms and King Henry VIII or Queen Vicotria, the genres of films and television vary drastically alongside which generation fo monarchs the producers choose to work around. Here is a look at the top ten films and television shows centered around the English Monarchy.

10 Film: The Other Boleyn Girl

The film, starring Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn, is a cinematic adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s novel with the same title. The Other Boleyn Girl sheds light on Anne’s sister, Mary, played by Scarlett Johanssen, whom of which King Henry VIII originally falls in love with, before Anne forces herself into the midst of the monarch.

This film follows the cunning socialite’s rise in power, which includes not only her infamous marriage to King Henry VIII but also the birth of England’s historical monarch, Elizabeth I. Her disgraceful fall from the king’s fancy is also noted in the film with Anne Boleyn’s execution.

9 Show: The White Queen

Inspired by Philippa Gregory’s novel, this STARZ show, The White Queen, is a BBC miniseries that follows the political advancements of Elizabeth Woodville amid the 1464 war between the Lancaster and York houses. This tantalizing tale is full of mystery and intrigue as the monarchy is thrown into a war between houses and many are unsettled by Elizabeth Woodville and her witch-like reputation, as Edward IV decides to marry her and make her Queen of England.

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The Lancaster house attempts to regain the thrown through not only wars on battlefields, but also warlike whispers behind closed doors. This show predominately focuses on the women of both houses and how they skillfully conspire to better their own families’ standings at court. This 10-part series only has one season, but that makes the show watchable in a single day.

8 Film: The Favourite

The Favourite is a 2018 film that centers on Queen Anne in her elder years with two women, Lady Sarah and fallen aristocrat Abigail, vying to be in the Queen’s favor. Olivia Coleman plays Queen Anne, Emma Stone is Abigail, and Rachel Weisz, who plays Lady Sarah, all star in this delectable drama that acts as a back-handed comedy.

This film is a conglomerate of award funny lines and scenarios mixed with the strict rules of England’s aristocracy. In 2019, Olivia Colman won an Academy Award for an Actress in a leading role.

7 Show: The White Princess

Inspired by Philippa Gregory’s novel, this STARZ show, The White Princess, is a BBC miniseries that follows the next generation of royals after those in The White Queen, with the princess being Elizabeth Woodville’s daughter. While England is at peace upon the union of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, their fiery, war-forged marriage is anything but easy.

While the families still conspire against each of the two houses (Lancaster and York), Elizabeth of York seeks to solidify her standing at court and proclaiming her motto to be “hidden and patient” and this applies not only to court politics, but also those within her bed chambers.

6 Film: Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Abdul,  starring Judi Dench and Ali Fazal, focuses on the friendship built between a mature Queen Victoria and a clerk set to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, while the monarch’s inner family seek to destroy such an alliance, despite the new perspectives and growth that Queen Victoria embraces.

5 Show: The Spanish Princess

Inspired by Philippa Gregory’s novel, this STARZ show, The Spanish Princess, is a BBC miniseries that follows Catherine of Aragon’s ambitious political pursuits to be Queen of England. The show chronologies Catherine’s short-lived marriage with Prince Arthur, where the princess claimed to have never lain with him and thus began plotting her way into marrying Prince Henry VIII, which was said to have been a mutual love, but history tells otherwise.

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Overall, this miniseries is full of spicy characters, heated and passionate drama, and political interference. The costumes in this show are phenomenal as they work to integrate both the English fashion of the time period as well as that of Spain.

4 Film: Young Victoria

Young Victoria (2009) follows the young monarch, Queen Victoria, who is played by Emily Blunt, as she navigates England’s political requirements and her budding relationship either husband, Prince Albert (Rupert Friend).

In a twist of fate, this political marriage actually turns into a romantic venture as the two historical characters fall in love.

3 Show: The Crown

Netflix’s original series The Crown is widely regarded as one of the most popular narratives to follow the English Monarchy. This drama series, which is expected to span 5 seasons in total, follows multiple generations of the modern monarchy.

Whether it be the amazing soundtrack, the phenomenal acting, or the closely followed historical timeline, Netflix’s The Crown exceeds the audience’s expectations with a very well-crafted show.

2 Film: The King’s Speech

This film, released in 2010, follows Prince Albert (Colin Firth) on his quest to take command of his stammer by hiring Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).

This critically acclaimed film has won multiple awards including, Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (given to Colin Firth), Best Achievement in Directing (given to Tom Hooper), Best Writing, and Original Screenplay which was given to David Seidler.

1 Show: The Windsors

This parody sitcom is the perfect show if you’re looking to watch the royal family navigate comical fictional shenanigans. Unlike many other shows about the English monarchy, The Windsors seeks to poke fun at the highly privileged family through implementing dry, satire comedy within the brief sitcom episodes.

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Mackenzi Butson

5 Great Films By Directors Who Became Famous As Actors (& 5 That Failed)

Actors have an inside understanding of the world of filmmaking. It is literally their job to stand in front of the camera, say the lines, interpret the role, follow the director’s orders, and make the whole affair come together.

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But how good are they on the other side of the veil, without the camera pointing at them? Some would say they are ideal: They have seen countless directors on the job. Others would say the opposite: They simply cannot switch sides so easily. This list proves that actors-turned-directors have both their great and failed moments (pretty much like anyone else).

10 Great: Big (By Penny Marshall)

Today, Penny Marshall is much more well-known as a director rather than as an actress, her biggest roles on film and TV having happened decades ago. Big is without a doubt her best film and the first-ever female-directed film to gross an amount exceeding $100 million at the United States box office.

This comedy film tells the story of 12-year-old Josh Baskin, who – being frustrated with his young age and small size – wishes to become at last an adult (“to be big”). His wish is granted and he grows to adulthood overnight. Tom Hanks was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role.

9 Failed: Renaissance Man (By Penny Marshall)

If there ever was a bad attempt to incorporate Shakespeare into a film, then Renaissance Man was it. Danny DeVito portrays Bill Rago, a divorced advertiser. When he is rendered unemployed, the agency finds him a brief job teaching elementary literacy skills at a U.S. Army base, Fort McClane, where the majority of soldiers are unresponsive.

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Not managing to bond with his pupils and anxious to trigger their curiosity, Rago starts introducing them to Shakespeare’s plays. With a 12% score on Rotten Tomatoes, Renaissance Man fails to work as a comedy or drama, even with DeVito in the lead role.

8 Great: The Jungle Book (By Jon Favreau)

Praised for its visual magnificence, flawless use of CGI, and as a rare live-action adaptation of a Disney animated classic that actually works, Favreau has every right to be proud of this film.

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An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s homonymous combined works and building on Walt Disney’s 1967 animated movie of the same name, The Jungle Book is a live-action film that narrates the tale of Mowgli, a parentless young boy and “man-cub.” Advised by his animal carers (the wolf Akela, the bear Baloo, and the black panther Bagheera), Mowgli embarks on a voyage of self-discovery while eluding the menacing tiger Shere Khan.

7 Failed: Cowboys & Aliens (By Jon Favreau)

From the title alone one understands that this movie will be weird; now, there is nothing wrong with a weird work of art, provided that the weird factor actually works or has a purpose. Here, it does not.

Starring Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde, Cowboys & Aliens centers around amnesiac bandit Jake Lonergan (Craig), affluent and cruel cattle owner Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford), and enigmatic voyager Ella Swenson (Wilde), who are forced to partner up to rescue a band of townsfolk kidnapped by aliens. The movie has good enough performances but some definite tonal issues.

6 Great: Good Night, And Good Luck (By George Clooney)

This is a definitive masterpiece. Hailed as Clooney’s best directorial contribution to the film industry (he also co-wrote it), Good Night, And Good Luck was nominated for and received many accolades and is still regarded as a brilliant neo-noir drama and one of the best modern black-and-white films.

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It narrates the story of Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn), the reporter who presented CBS’s news documentary show See It Now, and his relations with his co-producer Fred W. Friendly (Clooney) and CBS correspondent Joseph Wershba (Robert Downey, Jr.). The title is a reference to the phrase Murrow always used at the closure of his show: “Good night…and good luck.”

5 Failed: Suburbicon (By George Clooney)

A criticism many made concerning this film is that it did not know what it wanted to be, do, or say. The setting is 1959 and an African-American family arrives in a “peaceful” all-white neighborhood, causing the community to lash out and become even more oblivious to the actual crimes and corruption happening in their midst.

With a 28% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, Suburbicon struggled to balance its central murder mystery plot with social commentary, leading to a disappointing final product.

4 Great: Lost In Translation (By Sofia Coppola)

The best way to describe Lost In Translation is beautiful. Apart from its universal critical acclaim (it was nominated for four Academy Awards [including Best Picture] and Coppola won for Best Original Screenplay; Murray and Johansson won BAFTAs for their roles), it was also an audience favorite.

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This comedy-drama narrates the story of the relationship between aging and existentially fatigued actor Bob Harris and disillusioned young college graduate/wife Charlotte. They meet in their hotel in Tokyo and come close due to their shared issues with loneliness, fear, culture shock, and disappointment in their careers.

3 Failed: The Bling Ring (By Sofia Coppola)

While not the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) example of a failure on this list, other gems created by Coppola do show that she could have done better with the material here.

This satirical crime film with its ensemble cast (featuring Emma Watson) is grounded on the 2010 Vanity Fair piece “The Suspects Wore Louboutins” by Nancy Jo Sales; the article concerned an actual band of thieves called the Bling Ring. The narrative follows an assembly of fame-obsessed adolescents who stalk celebrities online and learn their whereabouts so that they can raid their houses and steal from them.

2 Great: Mystic River (By Clint Eastwood)

Mystic River was brilliant in every aspect. Based on an iconic crime drama novel by Dennis Lehane, this neo-noir mystery thriller follows childhood friends Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine, and Dave Boyle, as the latter is kidnapped and sexually abused by two men while the other boys are left alone.

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This incident causes them to drift apart until a cruel crime reunites them decades later; only this time they are on opposing sides. Mystic River is fantastically acted, splendidly written, and features a strong central storyline.

1 Failed: The 15:17 to Paris (By Clint Eastwood)

This more recent directorial attempt (2018) by Clint Eastwood shows that he is not without artistic mistake. This biographical drama is an adaptation of the autobiographical book The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes by Jeffrey E. Stern, Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos.

In what proved to be a poor decision, they starred as themselves in the movie. While they are very well acquainted with the events, they most certainly are not actors. The film was a critical failure and disliked by audiences, averaging a 38% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Artemis Tsatsaki

10 Great Suspense Films For Hitchcock Fans | ScreenRant

Alfred Hitchcock is one of those iconic filmmakers who has solidified his place in film history and lore. His films have captivated audiences to this day with their unnerving thrills, gripping suspense, and unsuspecting twists. With a diverse catalog of psychological thrillers and suspense films expanding several decades, his content ranges from complex crime capers to deadly birds.

Naturally, he’s inspired many succeeding directors like David Lynch, M. Night Shyamalan, Jordan Peele, and Steven Spielberg, who have drawn from his nuanced, stylistic, and often a cerebral brand of filmmaking.

And whether directly inspired or not, there’s no shortage of gripping suspense films that hold some parallels with works from “The Master of Suspense” himself.

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With that said, let’s cover 10 of the best suspense films that Hitchcock fans should love.

10 Disturbia (2007)

As it happens, 2007’s Disturbia closely parallels another Hitchcock film, in the form of the ’54 classic Rear Window. In fact, in this case, D. J. Caruso’s thriller is at least partly inspired by that film.

Like Rear Window, Kale (Shia LaBeouf) is restrained to the confines of his residence. Bouts of espionage through his binoculars lead him to suspect his neighbor of being a murderer as he notices suspicious happenings.

Despite the fun nature of this romp, critics have noted some lack of originality and occasional campiness. To its credit though, Disturbia does offer a creative spin on that Hitchcock classic with some flashier cinematography and heart-pumping action to boot.

9 The Game (1997)

Before the cult classic Fight Club, director David Fincher helmed this similarly ambitious, mind-twisty classic – 1997’s The Game, starring Michael Douglas as wealthy banker Nicholas Van Orton. This film takes its audience on a surreal and cerebral ride with twists and turns, keeping the viewer engaged with its slew of action scenes and stylish cinematography.

By enlisting in the practices of an unorthodox company that sets up thrilling escapades, Nicholas decided to embark this a real-life game up action to spruce up his mundane life, setting chaotic events in motion.

The plot takes on something of a North by Northwest vibe, as it hones in on a protagonist who’s left to question everything and everyone around him.

8 Body Heat (1981)

Despite dating back to 1981, this crime caper has been scarcely matched when it comes to clever plot twists and its gripping suspense-laced story. We follow a small-town lawyer, who’s coaxed by a seductive femme fatale to kill her rich husband. But what starts as a basic murder plot escalates into a complex conspiracy of another kind, brimming with shocking revelations few will see coming.

Lawrence Kasdan’s captivating drama takes a bit of film noir and some Hitchcock-style suspense along with eroticism to round out this memorable film. This is enhanced by the dynamic performances of William Hurt and Kathleen Turner who play Body Heat‘s passionate lovers.

7 The Invitation (2016)

Hitchcock had a knack for presenting leads in the midst of bizarre circumstances, often to the point of questioning their own sanity. This psychological thriller/suspense from ’16 greatly captures this quality. It centers around a troubled man named Will (Logan Marshall-Green), who is called to attend a dinner party with his ex-wife, amongst the very property that saw their only son pass away.

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Coupled with this emotional burden, Will experiences growing doubts and uneasiness as he senses an odd group among his old friends may have malicious intentions. It’s an atmospheric and unnerving mental trip and draws from Hitchcock’s style of coaxing the viewer to question what’s happening from subtle cues.

6 Shutter (2004)

This film from Thailand puts a supernatural spin on the typically more grounded Hitchcock suspense, making for a thriller that’s both creepy and rife with thought-provoking suspense. While Shutter received a 2008 remake with more mixed reception critically, this ’04 foreign film was praised for its dynamic acting, gripping narrative, and visual flair.

It begins with a simple premise – a photographer and his girlfriend finding ominous shadows in their photos following a tragic accident. Yet, jaw-dropping revelations begin to unfold, leading to an epic crescendo, in true Hitchcock form.

5 Mulholland Drive (2001)

While many emphasize horror or suspense traits prominent in Hitchcock films, David Lynch tends to go in more of a psychological, trippy direction more akin to Vertigo. Mulholland Drive from 2001 definitely channels this mind-bending ride into insanity. This is strengthened through convincing performances by Naomi Watts and Laura Harring, who play the film’s leads and troubled lovers.

This was originally meant to be a miniseries, and given its shifting settings and rich, in-depth narrative, it certainly shows.

We follow Betty’s (Watts) Hollywood journey to become an actress and Rita’s (Harring) battle with amnesia following a car accident. We’re then left to put together the pieces of a complex, warped puzzle as it’s increasingly hinted that something’s very wrong here.

4 The Gift (2015)

Not to be confused with the 2000 suspense by the same name, 2015’s The Gift also uses elements of mystery and suspense, but in a very different way.

We follow a well-off couple, who’s new residence brings an unwanted guest claiming to be the old acquaintance of Simon (Jason Bateman). The film builds up an uneasy tension as the odd man continues to appear, which mushrooms into a deceptively complex tale wrought with character drama and shocking reveals.

Australian Director Joel Edgerton, who doubles as the strange guest, Gordo, captures that Hitchcock quality of unique cinematography and unexpected twists.

3 Midnight Lace (1960)

Taking its place as the oldest entry on our list, 1960’s Midnight Lace runs with a premise and setting that rings similar to Dial M For Murder with added neo-noir flair for good measure.

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This unsettling mystery-suspense stars Kit (Doris Day) who gets terrorized by ominous phone calls threatening to kill her. Tension builds as the threats increase and those around her are hesitant in believing her, putting her in danger. As the plot unfolds, escalating action and revelations captivate its audience and lead to a truly intense conclusion.

2 The Invisible Guest (2016)

Similar to “The Master of Suspense,” Spanish director Oriol Paulo has a knack for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with this mystery thriller. This is thanks to its crazy twists and turns that keeps its audience guessing, along with great performances by Mario Casas and Ana Wagener who play an accused murderer and lawyer.

In one sense, The Invisible Guest is a classic, rich tale of suspense and mystery, while injecting a tinge of psychological drama that allows it to shine. The film’s nuanced hints and clever twists – leading to shocking character revelations – would surely make Alfred Hitchcock proud.

1 What Lies Beneath (2000)

There are a number of parallels to make between 2000’s What Lies Beneath and Hitchcock works, aside from its sheer quality and heart-pumping thrills. You have the memorable performances by Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford to help bring the story to life. Yet, you’ve also got some truly clever “red herrings” and left turns that remind one of the classics that are Psycho and Vertigo.

We follow Claire as she’s haunted by ghostly manifestations; a seemingly standard plot that escalates into an intense crime caper full of edge-of-your-seat scares and creative twists.

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10 Characters From Birds Of Prey That Deserve Their Own Films

Until relatively recently, the world of superhero films was still controlled by the good guys. But films like Suicide Squad (2016), Venom (2018), Joker (2019), and, of course, Birds of Prey (2020) finally changed that. While Birds of Prey did introduce a whole new superhero team, Harley Quinn was the one who helped to put the team together in the first place.

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And even though she’s not a member of the teams, there are a lot of interesting characters who joined the team in the comics sooner or later. Some of them then definitely deserve their solo films, whether they appeared only in the comics or in the Birds of Prey film as well.

10 The Huntress

Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress has a moving and complex history in the comics. It also appeared in the film, albeit in a shortend version. Born to a rich mafia family that ruled Gotham, Helena lost her parents and her brother when someone ordered a hit on them. Helena went on to live with her distant relatives and she trained in martial arts and in using a crossbow. When she was ready, she came back to Gotham, took on the mantle of the Huntress and decided to avenge her family’s death.

The Huntress crosses the thin line between a hero and a villain and seeing her interact on the big screen with Batman would be a delight, considering their difficult relationship in the comics.

9 Black Canary

Birds of Prey isn’t Black Canary’s first prominent appearance. She was in the TV show Arrow where she joined Oliver Queen’s side in his neverending battle against villains. However, her story is even far more complicated and interesting in comics. In the comics, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary starts out as an undercover operative in criminal gangs.

In another version, she’s a successful singer. She also has an off-again, on-again relationship with Green Arrow and the dynamic between these two superheroes would deserve a portrayal in a film since in Arrow, Black Canary was replaced by Felicity Smoak as Green Arrow’s love.

8 Renee Montoya

Just like another important DC comic book character, none other than Harley Quinn herself, Renee Montoya also first appeared not in the comics, but on the animated show Batman: The Animated Series which was released in the early 90s. Montoya worked for the Gotham City police department, but she eventually quit it when it became obvious that the police in Gotham was corrupt.

And while Renee Montoya doesn’t have any superpowers, if she got her own film, it’d also be an opportunity to adapt the comic book storyline Gotham Central onto a big screen since Montoya plays a part in the series.

7 Batgirl

Let’s move away from the Birds of Prey film and step into the world of comic books in which the Birds of Prey team is much wider and richer than the film’s viewers could have seen. Unlike the film, in the comics isn’t Harley Quinn the one who basically creates the team.

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Instead, it’s Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl who join forces with her Black Canary, they eventually take in more members and the rest, as they say, is history. There’s never enough impressive female superheroes on the big screen and Batgirl definitely fits the description. Plus, it could also mean the film could feature Nightwing since these two are not only a couple but also a badass crime-fighting duo.

6 Batwoman

Yes, Kate Kane aka Batwoman is currently shining in her own TV series, but that doesn’t mean she’d do any less well in her own solo film, or that the fans wouldn’t be excited to see it.

Not only would it allow them to get a more detailed glimpse into the world of crime and superheroism in Gotham, from another perspective than just the Batman’s, it would also mean that Batwoman could potentially team up with other above-mentioned heroes, such as Renee Montoya (see the picture above). And, of course, Batwoman is a total badass so it’d be great to see her kick ass on the big screen.

5 Hawkgirl

Another often-overlooked female character who was once a member of the Birds of Prey superhero group is Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl. It’s true that Hawkgirl already appeared on the Legends of Tomorrow but some fans felt that her portrayal in the show left a lot to be desired and would love to see her stand against her enemies in a solo movie.

Hawkgirl has a complicated history, since she has the ability to reborn again once she dies, and she usually retains the memories from her past lives. That would make-up for one complex origin story that would definitely be worth watching.

4 Katana

Similarly to the Huntress, Katana is the one hero whom some may consider a villain since she has no problem when it comes to striking down her enemies and making sure they’ll stay down… permanently. Killing villains is something most superheroes don’t want to do but Katana doesn’t mind it, which would make for a truly charged superhero movie.

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Katana already appeared both on Arrow and in Suicide Squad but she didn’t have that much space in either of them. In case you don’t know, her sword contains the spirits of the people she killed, and it also contains the spirit of her dead husband, so that’s some story material right there.

3 Catwoman

Birds of Prey certainly don’t discriminate and they don’t mind taking in members who are less than superheroic… such as Catwoman. Catwoman already has one solo film but all fans of the character like to pretend it doesn’t exist since not only it completely rewrites the origin of Catwoman, it also makes her look rather silly… and not even in a good way.

Catwoman has so many great stories in the comics that the filmmakers could use, and they wouldn’t even need Batman to do it and to finally give the fans the Catwoman solo film they deserve and wish for.

2 Poison Ivy

Another famous Gotham villainess who once joined the Birds of Prey team was Harley Quinn’s best friend and occasional girlfriend Poison Ivy. Of all the Gotham villains, Poison Ivy belongs among the more sympathetic ones, and she even sometimes teams up with heroes to help them.

In her own solo film, she could either be the good guy or the villain, depending on the portrayal, but with this lady, the possibilities are almost endless. Poison Ivy did appear on the big screen before, but it happened in Batman And Robin, the one film Batman fans like to pretend doesn’t exist, so she’d deserve a do-over, just like Catwoman.

1 Power Girl

Power Girl is one of those DC heroes that prove that in the world of superheroes and villains, everything is possible. Power Girl is Superman’s cousin, but she’s not Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. Instead, the mantle of Power Girl belongs to Karen Starr, also known as Kara Zor-L. She’s Superman’s cousin from an alternative universe.

She eventually becomes stranded in the same world and in the same universe where Superman and Supergirl live and she gets to know them. Unsurprisingly, Power Girl is a very powerful superhero, as her name suggests, and she can hold her ground with some of the strongest DC heroes, and she’d deserve more attention from moviegoers.

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