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HBO’s porn drama The Deuce will begin its third and final season in September, according to an official announcement from the network. The series, from creators George Pelecanos and David Simon, tracks the rise of the adult film industry from the ‘70s into the ‘80s as porn became widely available on formats like VHS. The shift in the industry is part of the show’s overall arc, one that’s highlighted by HBO’s marketing of season 3, which underlines the move from film to video and they ways in which that irrevocably changed the adult film industry. 

The series has been acclaimed since its premiere in 2017, following a sizable ensemble cast of characters played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Mustafa Shakir (Jett), Gary Carr (The Good Fight), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (The Wire), Margarita Levieva (The Blacklist), Emily Meade (The Leftovers) and more. The series began in the ‘70s before taking a time jump several years forward in season 2, which saw many of its key players in different positions within the larger context of the story (some good, some not so good). And as the series prepares for its final run, The Deuce is prepared to jump into the ‘80s and the era of VHS. 

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The news was made today in an official announcement by HBO through the show’s Twitter account. The tweet shows an image of a VHS baring the title The Deuce and in hand-written marker, the early September premiere date, which will see the series make the move to Mondays. Check out the tweet with the premiere date announcement below: 

The series will have several storylines to wrap up in its final season, as many of its characters saw their lives changed in dramatic ways over the course of season 2. Most of those changes were a of a professional nature, as Gyllenhaal’s Eileen ‘Candy’ Merrell fought to legitimize her career as a female filmmaker within the male-dominated world of adult filmmaking. Meanwhile, Franco’s twin brothers Frankie and Vince Martino saw their involvement with organized crime become much more of a liability. As it stands now, a big part of The Deuce’s final season will be spent getting caught up with the various characters now that they’re in the ‘80s, and finding out how the changes in the adult film industry continue to alter their lives moving forward. 

The show itself will have some adjusting to do, as The Deuce moves from its usual Sunday-night time slot to Monday nights. Mondays have traditionally been reserved for HBO’s documentary series and films, but recently it’s seen success with shows like Chernobyl and the currently airing Years and Years. The third and final season of Divorce is also currently airing on Monday nights, which suggests the evening is meant to welcome new series and help usher older ones out to pasture. 

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The Deuce season 3 premieres Monday, September 9 @9pm on HBO.

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FAST & FURIOUS HOBBS AND SHAW Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Dwayne Johnson Movie HD

FAST & FURIOUS HOBBS AND SHAW Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Roman Reigns Movie HD
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STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Netflix TV Series HD

STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Millie Boddy Brown
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ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Final Season Official TEASER Trailer (2019) Netflix TV Show HD

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Final Season Official TEASER Trailer (2019) Netflix TV Show HD
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Supernatural’s Season 14 Finale Unleashes A Hell Of A Final Villain

Caution: Spoilers ahead for the Supernatural season 14 finale

Supernatural delivered a shocking season 14 finale that not only wrapped up the current run, but unleashed the ultimate villain ahead of the show’s forthcoming final season. Life is never simple for Sam and Dean Winchester, and the brothers’ recent adventures began with them facing down the apocalypse-world version of the archangel Michael, who had nestled himself among the pies and Led Zeppelin riffs of Dean’s mind.

Faced with an impossible villain, the Winchesters’ only hope was Lucifer’s nephilim son, Jack. The boys had taken the devil’s half-human spawn in as one of their own but, ironically, the battle against Michael made Jack himself turn bad and the rogue youngster went on to kill Sam and Dean’s mother – a big no-no in the world of Supernatural.

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Supernatural season 14 was also punctuated by the shocking news that Supernatural is ending after season 15. A message from the central trio of actors – Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins – confirmed the show’s conclusion was imminent, and after the latest episode, viewers now have some idea of what that final chapter will look like.

The Supernatural season 14 finale picked up where last week’s installment left off, with Jack popping out of his box in a rage, knocking back Castiel and the Winchesters and flying off into the unknown. Clearly in a state of angst-fueled confusion, the nephilim takes a cue from Liar Liar and compels the world to only ever tell the truth. Naturally, this causes chaos but as Sam and Dean frantically search for Jack, Castiel’s message to God from earlier this season is finally answered.

God, just like Dean, wants Jack dead and creates a firearm that’s powerful enough for the job, albeit at the expense of the user’s own life. Sam and Castiel, meanwhile, still believe the boy can be saved. This all leads to a dramatic climax where Jack realizes the error of his ways and kneels down ready to be executed, only for Dean to solemnly toss aside the gun. God reacts badly to this turn of events and it quickly transpires that the omnipotent creator of everything has been playing the Winchesters and Jack for his own amusement all along – and could have resolved the situation easily had he chosen to. God’s desire for a good story – from his human life as “Chuck” the writer – led to him engineering a dramatic real-life situation at the Winchesters’ expense.

Never ones to be messed with, Sam and Dean are none too pleased at God’s heartless attitude and Sam even goes so far as to try and shoot the Almighty one. Needless to say, it doesn’t work and God closes out Supernatural season 14 by killing Jack and emptying the contents of Hell onto Earth, as Motorhead’s “God Was Never On Your Side” plays out in the background. Fascinatingly, this isn’t the first time that the song has been used by Supernatural, suggesting this twist was always part of the overall plan.

Obviously, the Winchesters’ immediate problem when Supernatural season 15 begins will be fighting back the various ghosts, ghouls and undead that have seemingly been released – no doubt coming across some old foes in the process. Beyond that, however, it appears that the show’s final villain will be none other than God himself. Logically, it could be argued that this was the only possible ending for Supernatural – a show that has previously featured the Devil, God’s sister and every variety of demon imaginable in the role of villain. The final season is expected to be the most dramatic, high-stakes story yet, so God is perhaps the only logical choice for an antagonist.

Dean’s refusal to kill Jack could also offer a hint as to how season 15 will play out. A major running theme throughout Supernatural has been a constant dissent between Sam and Dean, with one brother usually taking an overly-aggressive stance and the other acting as a voice of reason. Dean’s realization that he couldn’t shoot Jack without any input from Sam or Castiel is a strong sign that the whole team will be on the same page in Supernatural‘s final season. There will be no time for brotherly bickering or arguments over whether or not the end justifies the means; this will be a unified battle against the most powerful being in existence.

Luckily, it appears the heroes will have a little help from beyond, as Jack wakes up alongside both the Empty and Death, who God had earlier prophetically accused of meddling where she didn’t belong. Whether this mighty team-up will be enough to topple God himself remains to be seen, but the battle will no doubt make for a thrilling conclusion to the Supernatural story.

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Supernatural season 15 is expected to premiere in late 2019.

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Craig Elvy

Supernatural: 10 Monsters We Want To See Back In The Final Season

As we plan to say our goodbyes to Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel and the rest of the Supernatural cast this final 15th season on the CW show, most fans have a hefty wish list regarding what they’d love to see on the show. Some want a resolution with Adam, the boys’ brother, and many want to see Castiel and Dean finally seal the deal with a big, fat smooch. Then there are those who want a monster encore.

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Some of the best episodes of Supernatural featured the Creature of the Week format and too many of those creatures were limited to their one day in the spotlight. Others may have had more than a day of recognition but we loved them so much that we just really need to see them again, and see the brothers take them out in a totally new way, before the show is over.

10 Jesse Turner

He’s the Antichrist, the half-demon spawn that Lucifer had planned to use in destroying the host of Heaven during the Apocalypse. He also disappeared and to never be seen again for almost a decade. Where on earth is this half-monster, half-human and what has he been up to all of this time?

We’re dying to know if Jesse has been training to do evil or valiantly struggling against his purpose like Team Free Will. Will we get to see him again in the final season? We hope so, to get a resolution for this loose end if nothing else.

9 Benny

For all we know, our favorite vampire remains in purgatory where he felt most comfortable and most willing to remain in order to allow Sam his escape. Benny represents a lot for Dean Winchester: not only one of his few rare friends that he trusts with his life, but also an actual monster he refused to off in the series. Dean has grown a lot since the days when he insisted that all monsters must be taken care of and we’d like to see him reunited with his vampire buddy at some point.

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If Benny’s still in purgatory, that might not be in the cards, but given that he was such a big influence on Squirrel we think he at least needs a mention sometime this season.

8 Changelings

Having your child stolen and replaced with a monster that looks just like the kid is one of the most frightening situations portrayed on the show, and we think there’s so much more potential for an episode featuring changelings. What if someone we’ve already met before is revealed to be one of these creepy creatures with hollow eyes and round, pointed-teeth-filled mouths?

Since it’s possible for changelings to exist just about anywhere, there are lots of scenarios where this could come up again as the monster of the week. While we expect most episodes to follow an arc toward the resolution of the show, hopefully some of the episodes will still feature a monster of the week format.

7 Gabriel

Gabriel was one of the Winchesters’ funniest opponents in his Loki form, and while we’ve already seen enough characters brought back to life for a lifetime, what if we got a fun flashback episode where the brothers could have one last round with the trickster/archangel? It wouldn’t be the first time they traveled back in time if the show went with that angle, but even seeing the return of Richard Speight Jr. in a “forgotten episode” would be worth it just to see those hilarious pranks, one of the brothers offed a million times or another goofball episode featuring the trickster.

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Speaking of gods, remember the episode, “A Very Supernatural Christmas”? We’d love to see the brothers take on pagan gods like they did in that hilariously dark episode, or to even finally face a Krampus, the monster they originally thought to be the culprit.

6 Scarecrow

Another iconic Supernatural episode from the first season, “Scarecrow,” featured the titular monster as a pagan god to whom the townspeople sacrificed human travelers to in exchange for abundance. It put a whole new meaning to #blessed and gave us a truly scary urban legend that hooked fans for life.

We don’t necessarily need a scarecrow to fulfill this role, although another scarecrow would still be fun. Any pagan idol would do, and after all of these years chances are we could see something even more frightening as an homage to that classic episode. It also doesn’t have to be Vanir, the Norse fertility god of wisdom and future. A new god we haven’t yet met would work here as well.

5 Rugaru

The reason a Rugaru would be such a great monster to have back on the show is that it’s an undetectable monster until it turns 30. Once it ages, it transforms and cannot be cured, but only taken out by fire or a powerful weapon. What more powerful way to feature a monster of the week than to make it someone we met in the past who just turned 30 and now has to be taken out?

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This could make for a heck of a tragic episode, but it could also be interesting: what if the brothers have since discovered a way to cure the condition somehow? Or even a way to send it somewhere like purgatory where it could still exist without harming innocent people?

4 Jacob Pond

In the Supernatural nod toward Doctor Who, a young kitsune mother named Amy Pond was offed by Dean Winchester for murdering criminals to help feed her son. As a kitsune, she didn’t have a whole lot of choice, and it wasn’t like she was offing innocents in cold blood. She very well could have been doing the work Sam and Dean did, and Dean could have given her the option of going with them to take out monsters to feed her son, especially since she was Sam’s childhood friend. We know many innocents perished at the Winchesters’ hands over the years, after all.

Instead, he offed her, and her son Jacob vowed to avenge her someday. We hope to see this kitsune return and try to make good on his promise.

3 The Monsters Of Chicago

Remember back when there was supposed to be a Supernatural spin-off called Bloodlines that was pretty much abandoned? It was supposed to feature a bunch of monster families and the hunters that took them out, and there were even some emails that Sam received from someone named Ross shown in an episode whom many fans believed to be Ennis Ross of Bloodlines.

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While we get it if the CW doesn’t want to mention a failed spin-off, we also think that if Chicago has a massive monster problem the Winchesters need to report for duty and take care of it. We’re curious to see which monsters these are, and besides, who you else you gonna call?

2 Woman In White

Remember back when it all started and we met our first monster face-to-face? The Woman in White was a monster that perfectly combined the horror of the show with the urban legends that served as the backbone of the show long before the angels vs. demons took precedence. As we say our goodbyes it would be awesome to meet another one of these legendary monsters, since just about every Midwestern area has some version of the whole ghostly hitchhiker story.

In the next version, perhaps we’ll see a more kindly woman in white who didn’t harm her kids, more of a traditional version of the ghostly hitchhiker. It would be interesting to see how Sam and Dean might deal after so many more years of experience.

1 Sam

That’s right, Sam Winchester is another monster we’d like to see return! Both brothers have had powers for good and for evil, depending on how they used them over the years, and Sam’s powers were never truly resolved. While he thought he needed to drink demon blood to enhance his abilities, according to Ruby he just has them inside no matter what.

The powers suddenly disappeared after he was cured of his demon blood addiction, but they might still lay in him, dormant and ready for use. Will they be employed for a final battle? It might be cool to see after all these years. An older, wiser Sammy might be able to pull it off.

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2019-04-19 11:04:54

Sara Schmidt

Game Of Thrones’ Final Season Will Be Funny (& That’s A Good Thing)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead For Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1

Game of Thrones‘ final season premiere has hit screens – and fans are definitely talking about the surprising number of jokes in it, but a funnier final season could actually be a great thing for the HBO show. Since season 1, Game of Thrones has been known as anything but a comedy. Violent, of course. Packed with twists and turns? Absolutely. Plenty of nudity? Well, this is HBO. But most of the humor thus far hasn’t been the laugh-out-loud type, but more about cutting lines and shade thrown. There were quite a few of those in the season 8 premiere, of course, but there were also a surprising number of other moments to make the audience laugh.

For one thing, the first dialogue in the episode is a literal joke, as Tyrion makes a crack about Varys being unable to freeze his… masculine extremities off. Varys responds with an observation that Tyrion hates dwarf jokes, but loves eunuch jokes, and Tyrion fires back that it’s because he isn’t a eunuch. Hardly the first time that Tyrion has pulled out some barroom humor, but definitely noteworthy to see this as the opening line – even before Jon and Daenerys speak.

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From this point on, most of the episode uses jokes and one-liners to break up the more serious scenes, until it feels like everyone but Bran is being surprisingly humorous about their impending doom. Sansa’s shade-throwing at Daenerys definitely gets a smile, but she has her funniest line when she tells Tyrion that Joffrey’s wedding “had its moments.” Arya and Gendry are jokingly flirtatious throughout their scene, and Arya cracks another joke when she reunites with Jon Snow and he asks her if she’s ever used Needle (“once or twice“). This is followed up by Jon’s dragon riding scene, which has an element of slapstick to it – and which both begins and ends with a wisecrack. It’s a whole lot of humor for a show that is known for shocking fans.

Of course, by the end of “Winterfell”, things are feeling a little more like the Game of Thrones that everyone has come to know and love. Sansa and Jon are having some words about him bending the knee, and Cersei makes good on her agreement with Euron. The show then moves on to a small child (Lord Umber) crucified in the middle of a spiral of body parts, reminding viewers that it’s not all going to be romantic dragon rides and one-liners, and the episode wraps with two incredibly emotionally charged scenes as Sam realizes that his father and brother are dead, and then goes to tell Jon that he’s really Aegon Targaryen.

It’s definitely a good thing that the episode balances out, and that it manages to combine humor with romance, intrigue, and some good old fashioned gore, but there’s something to be noted in just how funny the first half was – especially when many fans were expecting a lot more death for the opening of the final season. This suggests that the showrunners are trying to make it clear that we can expect more humor in the final season – and that’s (surprisingly) a good thing.

Now that we are as invested in the characters as we are, being able to laugh with them isn’t just a way to create balance and levity between all the intrigue and battles – it’s a way to increase the emotional impact if and when they do die. After a while, seeing death after death desensitizes the audience – especially when everyone is expecting only a final few characters to limp past the finish line. Humor sharpens the tragedy and brings it home in a visceral way, creating more varied ups and downs than just shock after shock.

Of course, the showrunners may be pulling a classic Game of Thrones twist, and not creating a funnier season after all. Instead, they could be upping the humor at the start to lull viewers into a false sense of security. “Winterfell” has a lot of callbacks to the pilot episode, and there’s no doubt that season 1, in general, did exactly this before ripping out the audience’s collective heart with the beheading of Ned Stark. However, if a funnier final season is in the works, no one should worry that Game of Thrones has lost its edge, or given in to fan service. The addition of more humor is just sharpening the knife to make those deaths all the more shocking – which is exactly why fans love to watch.

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Game of Thrones season 8 airs Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO.

2019-04-18 03:04:36

Rose Moore

Dark Phoenix Final Trailer Reveals How Jean Gets The Phoenix Name

A brand new trailer for Dark Phoenix teases the conclusion of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise and Jean Grey’s (Sophie Turner) newfound power. After a decade of X-Men movies that produced various results, Fox decided to bring back the franchise with a soft reboot in X-Men: First Class that re-introduced younger versions of heroes audiences had already met. New versions of Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) became the center of the story, but then X-Men: Apocalypse introduced another batch of young and familiar X-Men.

Apocalypse featured the debut of Turner as Jean Grey, as well as Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, Alexandra Shipp as Storm, and Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler. They were positioned as the future of the X-Men franchise, with Dark Phoenix set to be the beginning of their story. However, once the Disney-Fox deal became a possibility, the narrative around Dark Phoenix turned from a new trilogy starter to the conclusion of the entire Fox era of the X-Men. With two trailers already released that teased the Jean-centric story, a new trailer has arrived to further flesh out her journey.

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Twentieth Century Fox debuted the third and final trailer for Dark Phoenix this morning, which continues to keep the focus on Jean Grey. A portion of the trailer is dedicated to showing exactly how Jean gets the power of the Phoenix Force and how she is changing thanks to it, while also mixing in plenty of action. Check out the full trailer below:

Previous trailers and marketing materials had confirmed that Jean encounters the Phoenix Force during an early space mission, but now we actually get to see most of it in action. Nightcrawler is using his powers to teleport back and forth between the X-Jet and the damaged space shuttle, but he doesn’t appear to get Jean before the Phoenix Force engulfs her. But, as Jessica Chastain’s mysterious character points out later in this trailer, Jean is the only thing or person to ever survive an encounter with it. From there, the trailer highlights how Jean struggles with these powers before appearing to embrace the darkness within her.

As a whole, this new Dark Phoenix trailer does a solid job of establishing Jean as the focal point in the film and giving viewers a decent understanding of the plot. This trailer does mostly showcase the elements of Dark Phoenix that are different than the Dark Phoenix Saga adaptation Fox previously attempted with X-Men: The Last Stand, but one major concern here is still the lack of investment with the young cast. Audiences have not been given the chance to properly connect to or grow with Jean and her fellow young X-Men, so it will be up to Dark Phoenix to make audiences care about their conflict. Then again, maybe that’s why Mystique and the other older characters are still involved. We’ll have to just wait and see how it plays out this summer.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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Cooper Hood

AVENGERS ENDGAME Final Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD

AVENGERS ENDGAME Final Trailer (2019) Marvel Movie HD
© 2019 – Marvel

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Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Important Moments Leading To The Final Season

It’s hard to believe the final season of Game of Thrones is here. It seems like just yesterday we were being introduced to the Starks and Lannisters. Now, after eight seasons the time has come to say goodbye in what promises to be an epic and bloody finale.

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There has been a lot of chaos leading up to this conclusion. There’s been nonstop war, a lot of death and more than a few weddings. But as we look to how it will all end, some moments standout as very important in the series. These are the moments that defined the key characters of the show and helped set the stage for the conclusion. So before it all comes to an end, check out the most important moments leading up to the final season.

15 Ned Stark’s Execution

Few moments have changed the show like the death of Ned Stark. The person on all the promotional materials was killed off, throwing everything into a place of uncertainty. In terms of the story, Ned’s death was the catalyst for a lot of bloodshed to follow as Westeros fell into a long war.

Most importantly, this is the moment that has defined the remaining Starks. They have all needed to adapt and respond to the death of Ned. Some made poor choices and died, others became stronger and survived. After all these years, Ned’s presence is still strongly felt.

14 The Return Of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen went through some massive changes in the first season. She started the show as a timid and submissive girl and became a real threat for the iron throne. A big part of that change was the birth of her dragons.

We learn that dragons were used to conquer Westeros in the past. Therefore, we understand the significance of them returning after all these years. Indeed, as the characters get ready to face the army of the dead, dragons could be their path to victory. Or perhaps the greatest weapon used against them.

13 Theon Takes Winterfell

This was yet another blow to House Stark. As Robb Stark was winning the war in the South, they lost their home which further splintered their family. What’s worse, it was taken by someone they thought was their friend. Theon Greyjoy was torn between being a Stark or a Greyjoy and ultimately chose wrong.

This was a turning point for Theon Greyjoy and one he regretted from that moment forward. Since his downfall here, he has been seeking redemption and may find it in this final season.

12 The Red Wedding

If Ned Stark’s death didn’t convince you, the Red Wedding was the moment every viewer realized there weren’t going to be many happy endings in this show. Despite being the clear heroes of the show, all hope of a Stark victory was quickly extinguished as Robb, Catelyn and their army was wiped out.

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This moment ended Robb’s reign as King in the North, fractured the Northern houses and exposed terrible new enemies like the Boltons and Freys. However, this was also the moment that inspired the remaining Starks to fight back and have their revenge.

11 Tyrion’s Trial

Tyrion Lannister has gone through many highs and lows throughout the series, but when he was put on trial for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon, he found his lowest point. Having been mistreated his entire life by his family and ridiculed by everyone else, he finally cracked under the weight of it all.

His intense “confession” remains some of Peter Dinklage’s best acting on the show, but it is also the moment that put Tyrion on a new path. He was no longer going to be pushed around, even if it meant turning against his family.

10 Massacre At Hardhome

The White Walkers and their army had been a vague threat throughout the entire series. However, with the Lannisters, Boltons and other enemies in the forefront, they hardly seemed like a pressing concern. That is until Jon Snow took a trip to Hardhome and saw what they were capable of.

The massacre scene is one of the most brutal things the show has done and the White Walkers suddenly became the show’s biggest threat. A solid and proper introduction to the Night King and his powers made us all wonder how the hell our heroes were ever going to win.

9 Jon Snow’s Death And Resurrection

When Jon Snow was killed at the end of Season 5, it started a year-long speculation about where the death was permanent. Indeed, he was resurrected early into Season 6 in a moment that still doesn’t sit well with all fans. However, there is no denying that this was a pivotal moment for the character and cemented his place as the show’s hero.

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There have been so many theories about Jon Snow and his importance in the overall story. Coming back from the dead further inspired the notion that he was the person who was going to lead Westeros in battle in the Great War.

8 Bran Becomes The Three-Eyed Raven

Bran Stark’s storyline was not always the most interesting in the show. However, in the more recent seasons, it has become clear how important his journey has been towards this final conclusion. His transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven meant the end of Bran Stark as we know him. He had now taken a role that could help them win the final war.

The powers Bran now has are still unclear, but his ability to see into the past has already provided some of the show’s biggest reveals. And the fact that he can potentially interact with the past might reveal even more.

7 Starks Retake Winterfell

This was the moment fans had been waiting for since Season 2. It was hard seeing the Stark home in the hands of the Boltons, but Jon and Sansa finally came together to take Winterfell. Without Winterfell, the Starks were scattered and alone. This victory allowed them to begin reuniting after all these years.

The return of the Starks to Winterfell also meant the North was secure once again. After Robb’s death, the land was fractured but now they have all come together to face the greater threat heading their way.

6 Cersei’s Revenge

Cersei Lannister is a character who is used to having power. To see that power ripper away from her was jarring. However, she is also one of the strongest people in Westeros and it was only a matter of time when she regained that power.

It was hard to imagine that even Cersei was capable of such a thing, but when she blew up the Sept of Baelor and killed all her enemies in a single moment, she pretty much became the Mad Queen. And now that Cersei sits on the Iron Throne, you have to imagine what she’ll do to ensure it doesn’t go to anyone else.

5 Jon’s Parentage Revealed

This was something that was speculated about before the thought of a Game of Thrones television show was even suggested. Book fans had solved this mystery years ago, but the confirming reveal was still a truly powerful moment.

It remains to be seen what impact Jon Snow’s true parentage will have for the rest of the series. It could put him at odds with the North or even some of the other Starks. It might mean he’ll sit on the Iron Throne. It certainly will make his relationship with Daenerys more awkward.

4 Daenerys Arrives In Westeros

This could very well have been the most anticipated moment in the series. Ever since the show began, we have been waiting for Daenerys to return to Westeros to take back the Iron Throne with her dragons. It was a long road to get there, but the wait was worth it in the end.

As soon as she stepped foot on Dragonstone, the balance of power shifted in Westeros. The question then became would Daenerys be the savior of Westeros or just another conqueror? While that remains to be seen, having dragons in Westeros is going to come in handy.

3 The Night King Gets A Dragon

It was hard to imagine the Night King becoming any more dangerous but he certainly proved us wrong. Not only did he manage to kill a dragon with ease, something many have tried and failed to do, but he also resurrected it to serve him.

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Watching one of these magnificent creatures die was a terrible, heartbreaking moment. Then when its eye reopened, we realized how much trouble our heroes were in. What’s perhaps even more frightening is that this seems to have been the Night King’s plan all along.

2 Jaime Leaves Cersei

No relationship has caused more harm in the show than that of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. From the moment Bran came across their incestuous affair, these two have done some terrible things to keep their love a secret and to stay together. But the final breaking point came at the end of last season as Cersei refused to help fight the White Walkers.

Despite seeing the proof for herself that the army of dead exists, Cersei will not yield to anyone. This leads to a tense showdown between the Lannister siblings which leads Jaime to finally leave her. This could set up Jaime’s final redemption as well as make Cersei more dangerous than ever before.

1 The Wall Falls

We knew it was coming. It was inevitable. But when the Wall finally came down and the White Walkers entered Westeros, it was still a scary sight.

This is the beginning of the showdown we have known was coming for years. The Night King and his army are a seemingly unstoppable force and now they have a dragon. As almost every main character in the show converges on Winterfell to face them, there is no telling what the outcome will be. To borrow a phrase from another wildly popular series, “We’re in the endgame now”.

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Colin McCormick