Walking Dead Season 10: Michonne Battles Zombies In Fiery First Image

The first The Walking Dead season 10 image features Danai Gurira’s Michonne in a fiery battle with zombies. After years of declining ratings and increasing fan discontent, The Walking Dead season 9 delivered what many critics agreed was the show’s best storytelling in a long time. If one development helped The Walking Dead overcome its recent slump, it was the season 9 arrival of the villainous Whisperers and their terrifying leader Alpha (superbly played by Samantha Morton).

Of course, season 9 was dominated not by new arrivals but devastating departures. No exit was more earth-shattering for the show than that of Andrew Lincoln, who departed as Rick Grimes after heading up the cast since the very beginning. Maggie actress Lauren Cohan also exited the show in the front half of the season, but it’s been reported that the series is trying hard to get Cohan back. Late in the season, a whole group of characters was killed off by the Whisperers, including long time regulars Tara (Alanna Masterson), Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Henry (Matt Lintz).

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As The Walking Dead heads into season 10, another important long time cast member, Gurira, is also reportedly headed for the exit. As Michonne’s storyline prepares to wrap up, EW has released a first look Walking Dead season 10 image that features Gurira’s katana wielding character in a ferocious battle with zombies while surrounded by fire. See the image in the space below:

Speaking to EW, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang offered some insight into the significance of fire in season 10:

“One of the things that we have going on this season is, we’re continuing some explorations of natural elements and how they play into our world. And fire is one of those elements that comes into play in a few key ways that twist the story in a way that will be pretty exciting.”

Indeed, bringing the elements more into play actually began with season 9, when a snowstorm descended and made things very difficult for the characters after the already devastating losses they suffered at the hands of The Whisperers. Going by Kang’s comments, it seems fans can look forward to more instances of bad weather or perhaps a forest fire complicating things in season 10 (as if the world being overrun by zombies wasn’t already complicated enough). Kang naturally isn’t giving much away about what specifically is going on with Michonne in the above image, but it appears the character is in a lot of trouble. Michonne of course is very good at getting out of trouble using her trusty katana. Somewhere along the line though, something must happen to Michonne that leads to her departure from the show.

Of course, just because Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead, that doesn’t mean fans need to necessarily say goodbye to the character. Rick Grimes departed the series without dying, and is expected to return in a series of Walking Dead movies being developed by AMC. Cohan too appears on her way back to the franchise. It would not be a shock if Michonne also left the show without being killed off, leaving the door open for the character to be reunited with Rick in one of the movies. As for season 10 of The Walking Dead, very little is known about what is expected to go down, but no doubt The Whisperers will be in the thick of things again, and no doubt the show will introduce a bunch more new characters (to replace all the ones that died at the end of season 9, if nothing else).

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Spielberg’s West Side Story: First Look at Ariana DeBose’s Anita

The first image of Ariana DeBose as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story has been released. Some five years after Spielberg initially expressed his interest in re-adapting the classic stage musical for the big screen, the legendary director has finally started production on his version of West Side Story. The film is being written by Spielberg’s Munich and Lincoln collaborator, Tony Kushner, and is said to hew closer to the original 1957 Broadway show than the Best Picture-winning 1961 movie adaptation. But at the same time, it will still include all the beloved musical numbers that people know from the ’61 film.

About a month after receiving a 2020 release date, West Side Story officially began filming back in mid-June. To commemorate the occasion, Spielberg’s production company Amblin released a photo that revealed cast members like Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler (who play the star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria) in costume. Amblin has since unveiled a second image that offers the first-look at another key player in the movie.

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The character in question is Anita, who’s being played by DeBose in Spielberg’s version of West Side Story. You can check out the first photo of DeBose in the role, below.

DeBose is a relative newcomer to the big screen, but has a decorated history in musical theater. In addition to being part of the ensemble for the Broadway sensation Hamilton back in 2015, DeBose has appeared in the Bring It On Broadway musical and Summer: The Donna Summer Musical over the last ten years. Anita, of course, is the young woman in West Side Story who’s not Maria’s confidante, but also dating her older brother Bernardo, the leader of the Puerto Rican Sharks street gang. Rita Moreno won an Oscar for playing Anita in the 1961 film version and will actually costar in Spielberg’s movie as Valentina, the owner of the shop where Tony works.

Considering that the 1961 adaptation has long been celebrated for its bold color palette (among other things), it’s encouraging to see Anita wearing a similarly vibrant yellow costume in this new photo. Spielberg’s more recent films have tended to be relatively muted in terms of their colors, so hopefully he will change things up a bit with his first-ever musical. The ’61 movie is certainly dated in some unflattering ways, but its dynamic visuals and spirited performances are still as terrific as they ever were. With Spielberg directing and talents like DeBose filling out the cast, though, there’s a fair chance that the new West Side Story will be able to match it in those respects.

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Stranger Things: 10 Things Season 3 Does Better Than The First Two Seasons

Stranger Things is the ultimate blend of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg. Due to the fantastic performances, high production value, and unabashed nostalgia, it quickly became an absolute phenomenon. However, this unhealthily binged juggernaut has been through a lot of changes over the last three years. The tone has shifted often, and the beginning of every sequel season always plays catch-up for a couple episodes. There’s plenty of pros and cons in the new season, and it’s crucial to bear in mind that it carried a uniquely summer theme with it this time. Now that you’re all done with barbecues and fireworks, here are ten improvements that season 3 has delivered.

10 Moral Ambiguity

There was a lot of black and white morality in the first season, thanks to the kids’ innocence. Now that they’re older, some more interesting questions come into play. The misuse of Eleven’s powers to spy, and Hopper’s threatening mania towards Mike, for example. There’s even a point where we are reminded why the doorway in Hawkins was opened to begin with. But then there’s the sleazy mayor. And smaller moments, like Mrs. Wheeler’s thoughts about cheating in the premiere. Or Joyce, unsure if she should move on, and date someone new. Even more fascinating, there’s the endearing enemy of the state, Alexei, who we should otherwise despise. It wasn’t absent before, but it’s more emphasized now, and it all adds up to a richer story.

9 Pacing

This show started out as more of a slow-burn mystery, something akin to The X-Files. This is definitely reinforced by the Halloween-themed release of season 2. But the subject matter of a kidnapped child is treated very seriously, and that mystery takes a while to get going. This manic new season decided to go for a breakneck pace, with almost non-stop action. It’s exactly what we needed after season 2, which had an entire subplot about Dustin finding his very own Gizmo. The mystery unfolds quickly, thanks to some sharp investigations from various groups of characters. Actually, it’s adapted the pace of an actual 80’s movie.

8 Convincing CGI

Alright, so maybe those fireworks don’t look especially convincing at all. However, the success of the series has clearly granted it a much higher budget. The new villain looks like it belongs in a Hollywood creature feature more so than any TV show. We’ve been spoiled by modern television, and have come to accept that such creations are simply made available. However, it’s actually pretty stunning, especially compared to something like Dustin’s pet in season 2. Also, those dog-creatures didn’t look quite so sharp. We’re thankful that the VFX department has kicked it up a notch. It’s more immersive this way, pushing the limits of CGI on television.

7 Relationships

A whole lot of puppy love is going on this season. It might be groan-inducing for some viewers, but the show seems to be pretty self-aware about all of it. Lucas and Max are a hilarious couple, and they seem to be racing ahead of their age. They function as agents of that self-aware tone, although the show often portrays precocious children, like Erica. There’s plenty of flirting all around, even between Hopper and Joyce. Then there’s Steve and Robin, the latter of which thankfully points out what a jerk Steve had been. But the relationships are a fun addition to the show, causing a lot of division among friends, and emphasizing change. Steve isn’t a bully anymore, Hopper is a neurotic dad now, and the kids are all falling for each other. It’s silly fun.

6 Comedy

The volume of jokes per minute was cranked up to, well, eleven for this season. Aiming for a 4th of July, summer bash attitude, the show has abandoned most of its gritty tone. Given that the majority of the comedy is surprisingly sharp, it’s a very welcome addition. This show hasn’t exactly been known for delivering the laughs. Now, every character makes light of a situation, and there’s even a lengthy truth-serum gag. Seeing Stranger Things take itself a little less seriously actually has a lot of charm, and its attempts to do so are far more successful. This is because it chose that lane, and stuck to its guns, rather than contrasting it with the prior mood.

5 Lots Of Music

If the show was going to adapt this new tone, it’s only sensible that they would soak the entire thing in music. It’s something an actual 80’s movie would do, and indeed, there’s a full montage set to Madonna. The series has always been steeped in nostalgia, and few things establish an atmosphere like music. Sure, it felt more organic before this season, but it’s also a lot more fun this time around. That seems to be the general goal for season 3, overall. Either way, the soundtrack has another set of great selections—and if you’re fueled by nostalgia, you may as well own it.

4 Cheese

Probably the most fascinating creative decision for this season is its determination to literally become an 80’s movie. Rather than simply pay homage to the decade, this season has become full of excess, and its references are more blatant than ever. More so than season 2, this is mostly a successful experiment. Much like Rocky IV or Red Dawn, the Russians are the bad guys. We even have a full-on Terminator, with matching appearance and depiction. We’re already invested in these characters, and this season was a chance to give them fun over logic. Sure, a lot of senseless things happen, with plenty of conveniences. But you’ll have to decide if the entertainment value outweighs the plausibility. There’s more cheese, but it’s done so effectively!

3 Structure

The habit of binging isn’t always helpful for a television show. You don’t allow the audience time to process and reflect, or even to miss the show between episodes. However, stories like Stranger Things were designed for sudden mass consumption. They’ve generally been one ongoing narrative, like a non-stop movie. However, this season, each episode has a tidy structure that allows people to enjoy them at a more reasonable pace. The plotting moves along nicely, there’s a cliffhanger at the end of every episode, and the story is more digestible for it. You can watch a single episode and feel like you got the full Stranger Things experience. Also, the easygoing tone doesn’t prevent the escalation throughout the season from being smoothly executed.

2 The Mystery

The mysteries actually unfold surprisingly well, especially given that we already know what the source of the problem is. It’s the manner with which the characters go about discovering them that’s so effective. The characters all become involved in an organic way. Joyce is understandably neurotic, Nancy has become a reporter; Eleven has the power to read minds. And Dustin sets an entire group of kids off on an adventure in the nerdiest way possible. It’s tightly woven, and playful. Season 2 didn’t quite deliver that, and mostly felt like a retread of the first season’s mystery. The symptoms of the new mysteries are also more intriguing, including rabid rats and people, rather than some decayed pumpkins.

1 Horror

The heavy emphasis on horror this season works like a charm. Again, this is a result of excess indulgence this season. There’s murder and monster mayhem galore. With nods to Aliens and other classics like The Blob, the new villain is fantastically disgusting. The revolting sound effects for its movement, and the sheer amount of gore are very effective. Given the villain’s goals, it’s fun that the show references Day of the Dead. But it’s also an indicator of what level of blood is in store. The kids are older now, and that’s the kind of movie they want to see—so, it makes perfect sense to allow the same for us. The stakes never felt quite as high without this degree of horror, which balances out the comedy.

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Marvel Just Killed One of X-MEN’s First Class Mutants

Warning: SPOILERS for Uncanny X-Men #21

The X-Men are going through dark times, as all of mutantkind is being hunted down by a new breed of Sentinels. The latest threat comes in the form of a vaccine that removes the X-gene and depowers mutants, but even worse, in Uncanny X-Men #21 the surviving number of first generation X-Men just dropped a little more… with Banshee killed in the line of duty.

He may not be as well known as some of his teammates, but Banshee is a longstanding member of the X-Men. He owes his modern popularity to the X-Men: First Class movie which made him a founding member of the cinematic team, as well. Born with the name Sean Cassidy, Banshee was recruited onto the team along with famous X-Men like Wolverine and Storm. His powers are based around his sonic scream, which is capable of harming hearing as well as causing physical vibrations. But after fighting in his fair share of memorable battles, his latest has proven to be his last.

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Banshee has been through a lot, including death once before. After he was killed back in 2006’s X-Men: Deadly Genesis event, he ended up being brought back to life (along with several other X-Men) by Apocalypse. Banshee became one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse as part of the bargain, but Beast helped reverse the damage done after he was taken in to custody. Banshee has never truly become his old self, and only recently returned to semi-active duty. Some might say it’s best for him to be put out of his misery… but nobody wanted to see it happen like this.

The X-Men have been battling for mutantkind in recent issues, with the latest finding them in the midst of a battle against their old-but-always-renewing villains, the mutant-exterminating Sentinels. While the mutant Majik gives Banshee his official goodbye, screaming for him to rise to his feet after one Sentinel crushes him in undignified fashion… but her fellow X-Men assure her he is gone, and their fight is not one with room for mourning. Majik does win something of a consolation prize by causing an unforgettable death of her own, cutting off Sabretooth’s head.

What will the loss of Banshee mean for the rest of the X-Men? Will the death be permanent, having already resurrected Banshee once before?And most importantly, if the world just had their memory of mutants erased… will Banshee’s sacrifice be forgotten, too? Uncanny X-Men #22 hits shelves July 17th, and hopefully answers will come sooner rather than later.

Uncanny X-Men #21 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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Game Of Thrones: 25 Strange Things That Happened Before The First Episode

The last Game of Thrones season is right around the corner. In fact, fans have been patiently waiting for its return. They’re eager to see how the show will end. On the other hand, fans are sad to see the show go. Of course, fans watch the show closely and don’t miss a thing. They catch each hint and clue. A lot has gone on in the show. At the same time, a lot happened before the first episode. The show has a rich history that impacts current events.

The show has a loyal and large fan base. Since the start, there have been many questions. Indeed, there have been many strange events. For instance, Jon Snow coming back to life or Bram time traveling. It sometimes feels that things can’t get any stranger. Of course, anything can happen in the show. Nobody is safe. Well, there were many strange events before the show. In fact, those past events help explain a lot.

The history of Westeros and Essos is vast. It includes great wars, peaceful kings, dragons, giants and mad kings. The history is dark and sad at times. It also has some brighter moments of peace and happiness. The show’s myth and history are just as interesting as the show itself. In fact, it’s crucial to the show. It’s time to take a closer look at the Seven Kingdoms, The Free Cities, The Wall, and beyond. Here’s Game Of Thrones: 25 Strange Events That Happened Before The First Episode.

25 The Dawn Age

The Dawn Age goes back roughly 8,000 years. During that time, no humans lived on Westeros. Living there were only the non-human Children of the Forest and Giants. A small number of Giants still exist. The Children of the Forest were small creatures with magic skills. The prayed to the Old Gods and carved their images in the woods. In fact, they built small hidden villages in the trees. There is very little information from the Dawn Age. Soon the First Men arrive and start a war with The Children.

24 The Regin Of Aegon The Unworthy

There have been many kings in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. Some kings had a peaceful reign that brought happiness to the world. Then there’s King Aegon IV or Aegon The Unworthy. He’s the worst Targaryen king in the history of the world. He was king from 172 to 184 AC. In fact, he might be the worst of them all. He was mean, vindictive, and petty. He could have treated his people and family better. His time as king is a low point in history.

23 The Tales Of Dunk And Egg

The Tales of Dunk and Egg is a prequel series that takes place before the show. In fact, it takes place 90 years before the show itself. The tale also exists in the show. It follows the adventures of Ser Duncan The Tall and his Squire Aegon “Egg” Targaryen. Egg later becomes King Aegon V or Aegon the Unlikely. They go on many adventures during a time of great tensions in the Seven Kingdoms. Dunk and Egg meet during a tournament and begin their adventures. Eventually, Aegon becomes King and Dunk becomes the Lord Commander of the Kinghtsguard. Their story ends at the Tragedy of Summerhall.

22 The Great Spring Sickness

The Great Spring Sickness was a plague that swept across Westeros. The sickness wiped out a good portion of the Seven Kingdoms. King’s Landing lost the most amount of life. The only two areas that avoided the sickness were the Vale and Dorne. They were able to keep people and the sickness out. Dunk and Egg go on many adventures during that time. They’re able to avoid the sickness by hiding out in Dorne. Unfortunately, the rest didn’t have that choice. The sickness features in the Dunk and Egg story.

21 Slaves Rebel And Found Braavos

To the east of Westeros is Essos. It now consists of the nine Free Cities but at a time was under Valyrian control. In 500 BC, slaves rebel against their Valyrian master and take over the fleet. They sail to the furthers point and end up in a lagoon. Large mountains and trees hide the area. It’s a series of connected tiny islands. The slaves create the secret city of Braavos. Eventually, they come out of hiding. The city also includes the Iron Bank.

20 Old Ghis’s Burned To Ashes By Dragon Fire And Never Rebuilt

The Ghiscari Empire ruled over Essos some 5,000 years ago. They built many great structures and were firmly in control. The city of Old Ghis was the center of their power. Of course, that all changes when the Valyrian find dragons. They soon defeat the empire and take control of Essos. In fact, they even burn Old Ghis to the ground. They poison the soil and sea to ensure it never raises again. The empire crumbles and the city fades away. It simply becomes a memory.

19 Aegon V Arranges Marriages For His Kids

King Aegon V had his good and bad times. He was good to his people but it didn’t always work out. For instance, he planned a series of arranged marriages for his kids. Of course, it was really about politics. He was trying to secure his power. Well, his kids had other plans. Instead, they all marry for love. In fact, he also married for love so was powerless to stop his kids. Clearly, he was happy for his kids. At the same time, it weakens his rule.

18 Aegon V Lowers Taxes

Turns out that it doesn’t take a big betrayal to start a war. In fact, Westeros is just like any other place. Indeed, dragons and giants aren’t the problems. The real issues are taxes. Aegon V’s reign was a good time for the Seven Kingdoms. However, there was a conflict. At one point, Aegon lowered taxes on the poor and raised taxes for the rich. It only made him more popular with the poor. Of course, the rich didn’t like that. Eventually, it turned several rich nobles against him.

17 The King Of The Wall

During the Age of Heroes, The Lord Commander of The Wall proclaims himself King of The Wall. In addition, he fell in love with a woman from beyond the wall. History implies that it might have been a white walker. He soon earns the title the Night’s King, which is not the same as the Night King. The Night’s King and Queen held strange rituals and sacrifices. Eventually, people began to fear them. The King Beyond The Wall and the Stark King in the North teamed up. They defeat the Night’s King and restore order.

16 The Tale Of The Rat Cook

The tale of the Rat Cook is a myth in the Seven Kingdoms. It’s a story of a king that visits the then main castle of the Wall, the Nightfort. Somehow, the King offended the cook so he decides to get revenge. He bakes the King an alarming pie that really hits home. The gods punish the cook by turning him into a big white rat. To be clear, the gods did not turn him into a rat for baking that disgusting pie. In fact, it was because he was a terrible host. Arya Stark bakes a similar pie in the show.

15 The Dance Of Dragons

The Dance of Dragons is the first full-scale civil war in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, it’s the first war that has dragons on both sides. It took place from 129 to 131 AC, which is about 170 years before the War of the Five Kings. It was a war between two rival Targaryan factions. Rhaenyra Targaryen was the only heir to the throne but the Kingdoms never had a Queen before. Instead, King Aegon II took control with a coup. Eventually, he let his dragon take care of the would-be Queen.

14 A Stark Won Bear Island In A Wrestling Match

There have been many great wars in the Seven Kingdoms. Not all wars have dragons and giants. The Stark’s have always been a powerful family in the North. At times, they’ve even been the Kings of the North. Of course, they’re also loyal when there’s one ruling King of the Seven Kingdoms. The Starks always end up in interesting situations. During the Age of Heroes, Rodrik Stark beat an iron-born for control of Bear Island in a wrestling match. The Starks then gave Bear Island to House Mormont. There are worse ways to win an island.

13 Nagga The Sea-Dragon

The Iron Islands are like a separate world from the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, they have their own culture and religion. They pray to the drowned god and are the only ones too. Of course, dragons are part of almost every myth and story. As a matter of fact, the Iron Islands have sea dragons. Nagga The Sea-Dragon is the first sea dragon in the Iron Islands history. According to legend, the Grey King beat Nagga and built a great hall out of the bones. Indeed, he uses her fire to warm the hall.

12 Aegon III Dislikes Dragons

The Targaryen’s are famous for using dragons in battle. In fact, dragons are a big part of the culture. At one point, they were the only ones to have dragons. Indeed, they used three dragons to conquer Westeros. Turns out not all of them liked dragons. In fact, King Aegon III disliked dragons. As a young boy, he witnesses a dragon end his mother’s life. Therefore, he disliked and was afraid of dragons. The last remaining dragons didn’t survive his reign. In fact, he gets the blame for dragons becoming extinct. He attempted to hatch the last dragon eggs but failed. He earned the title Aegon The Dragonbane.

11 The Targaryen’s Can’t Conquer Dorne

From 2 BC to 1 AC, the Targaryen’s conquered Westeros and created the Seven Kingdoms. They would rule over the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries. At first, it was just the Six Kingdoms. That’s because they couldn’t conquer Dorne. The area’s hidden behind mountains and giant trees. Therefore, the Dornish were able to win using guerilla tactics. In fact, they were never able to defeat Dorne, even with dragons. In the end, they joined in through marriage. When dragons don’t work, marriage will.

10 Peaceful Shepherds Discover Dragons

In 6,000 BC, The Ghriscal Empire ruled over peaceful shepherds. Of course, that would soon change. Shepherds were busy working when they made a startling discovery. They found dragons lairing in the 14 Fires Volcanoes. Soon the shepherds would use magic to tame the beasts. This was the birth of the Valyrian Freehold. They use the dragons to rise up against the Ghriscal and destroy the empire. They went on to conquer all of Essos. The myth of dragons became very real only to become a myth again.

9 Lann The Clever

Lann The Clever is an infamous trickster during the Age of Heroes. According to legend, he tricked House Casterley out of their castle. To be fair, there are different tales of how he really did it. For example, one story claims he infested the castle with rats or lions. Another story claims he snuck into the castle and caused mayhem. He turned the members of the house against each other through pranks. It’s also possible that he simply marries into the family. He’s also the founder of House Lannister.

8 The Long Night

In 8, 000 BC, The Long Night hit the world. The winter season lasted an entire generation and destroyed all the fields and crops. In fact, most of it was all buried in snow. Of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. The white walkers emerged and attempted to bring a permanent winter. They also put an end to life. This resulted in the War of the Dawn. The Children and the First Men joined to defeat the white walkers. They were able to send them to the north most part of the world.

7 Children Of The Forest Disappear

As noted, there was a time when the Children of the Forest were the only ones living in Westeros. However, they were still a small population. The war with the First Men and later the White Walkers cost The Children a great deal of life. Eventually, they started to disappear and became extinct. In fact, in the show, there is only one in the world. Aside from the wars, there isn’t an explanation to why they disappeared. Initially, they simply went into hiding and become a myth.

6 The Doom Of Valyria

In 200 BC, The Targaryan’s took control of Dragonstone. They were a powerful family in the Valyria Freehold. They move to Dragonstone to run it for the Freehold. Aenar Targaryen moved his family because of a vision he had. He saw a horrible event that would cause a great deal of destruction. His vision ends up right. In 100 BC, The Fourteen Fires Volcanoes erupt destroying Valryia and the Freehold. The Targaryans are the only surviving family of the Valyrian Freehold. In fact, they’re also the only ones with dragons. This leads to the conquest.

5 Aegon The Conqueror Invades Westeros

As noted, from 2 BC to 1 AC, Aegon The Conqueror invades Westeros. He flew in on three dragons with his wives and unified six of the seven kingdoms. They would go on to rule for three centuries. However, Aegon did this instead of helping the Free Cities in Essos. The Valyrian Freehold lost all of its power and the people were in need of help. Aegon put Essos behind him and began a new quest. They defeated the most powerful families and even the Starks fell in line. It’s a bit odd that Aegon wouldn’t help the Free Cities.

4 The Building Of The Wall

The Wall is one of the most famous structures in the Seven Kingdoms. It’s 700 feet tall and stretches 300 miles along the Northern border. The Wall consists of solid ice.  It separates the Kingdom from the wildlings beyond the wall. Of course, the original intent was to keep the White Walkers out. Bran The Builder built The Wall in 8,000 BC after the Long Night. According to legend, he built the wall using magic, giants, and manual labor. This leads to the creation of The Night’s Watch to maintain and protect The Wall. Bran went on to found House Stark and build Winterfell. However, The Wall is his greatest achievement.

3 The Legend Of Azor Ahai

Azor Ahai is a mythical figure in history. According to legend, he led the army to defeat The White Walkers and put an end to The Long Night. He’s one of the greatest heroes to live. With his famous sword Lightbringer he was able to defeat the enemy. As the story goes, Azor Ahai is to be reborn and once again save the world from the White Walkers. It’s also possible that he’s the Prince That Was Promised. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance this myth will come true.

2 The Children Create White Walkers And Lose Control

As noted, the first true war was between The Childen and The First Men. It was a costly war for both sides but The Children were clearly losing. With no options left they create the first White Walker. The idea was to use the White Walkers to defeat the humans. However, The Children lost control of the White Walkers and they turn against them. The Children and the First Men came together to defeat the White Walkers. They agreed to a pact when they realized they had a common enemy. It wouldn’t be until much later that Bran Stark discovers The Children create The White Walkers.

1 The Reign Of The Mad King

King Aerys II is the final Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne. They had ruled the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries. His reign as king started on a positive note but soon it fell apart. He became so paranoid that it earned him the nickname The Mad King. He began making irrational decisions and trusted nobody even the Hand of the King. Then his son Rhaegar Targaryen apparently stole Lyanna Stark. This set off Robert’s Rebellion. Of course, Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love and secretly marry. At the same time, The Mad King lost complete control. He set in motion a plan to burn King’s Landing to the ground. However, Jamie Lannister stopped him. The Mad King’s only surviving heirs is his daughter Daenerys and grandson, Jon Snow.

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Dave Bath

The Lighthouse First Look Photo: The Director of The Witch is Back

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson boast some impressive facial hair in the first-look photo from Robert Eggers’ new horror film, The Lighthouse. It’s been a few years now since Eggers broke out onto the scene with his feature debut, The Witch. Fully titled The Witch: A New England Folktale, the drama earned a whole ton of buzz at Sundance in 2015 and is still ranked among the best horror movies of the decade by many genre buffs. It also made a star out of Anya-Taylor Joy, before she went on to appear in M. Night Shymalan’s Split and Glass.

However, like a lot of arthouse horror offerings, The Witch struggled to cross over into the mainstream. It didn’t need to, fortunately, and ultimately grossed ten times its $4 million budget at the global box office. While Eggers reportedly still wants to reunite with Taylor-Joy on a remake of the silent vampire classic Nosferatu, his sophomore effort will take on the form of an original movie titled The Lighthouse. Now, A24 has begun to pull back the curtain on the film.

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While The Lighthouse doesn’t have a release date just yet, it’s been confirmed to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Directors’ Fortnight program in May. Dafoe and Pattinson are starring in the film as (respectively) a 19th century lighthouse keeper known as Old and his younger associate. In response to the Cannes announcement, A24 released an image of the pair in the movie online. Take a look in the space below.

Among other things, The Witch was celebrated for its unsettling, tense sense of atmosphere and meticulous attention to historical detail (from its natural lighting to its archaic New England dialogue). The Lighthouse is expected to have most of the same qualities, and was shot in black and white 35 mm no less. Dafoe and Pattinson certainly have the look of working-class men who keep a lighthouse running in the 1800s down pat, based on this image alone. The film is described as a fantasy, so there’s presumably some supernatural element to the story that contributes to the harrowing, isolated nature of their existence (a la the family in The Witch).

For Pattinson, The Lighthouse marks yet another intriguing development in his evolution as a character actor. The Twilight star has left his heartthrob days firmly behind in order to play a variety of roughshod and sometimes downright repulsive characters in recent indie and/or arthouse films like Good Time, The Lost City of Z, and this month’s High Life. Similarly, The Lighthouse sits next to Midsommar on this year’s list of anticipated scary offerings from filmmakers who made their grand entrance with acclaimed, if decidedly cult horror movies in the past few years. It’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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Source: A24

2019-04-23 01:04:33

Sandy Schaefer

Game Of Thrones Drops First Hint Dead Characters Will Join White Walkers

Game of Thrones season 8 just dropped a huge hint that dead characters could join the White Walker’s Army of the Dead. Therefore, just because some of our beloved characters may die at the Battle of Winterfell next week, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t reappear as Wights or White Walkers – and this could put a unique spin on Cersei’s threat to her enemies in the Game of Thrones season 7 finale.

When the armistice between Cersei’s contingent and Daenerys and Jon Snow’s coalition initially failed in “The Dragon and the Wolf”, the Lannister Queen told her enemies that after they wage their war with the Army of the Dead in the North, “We will deal with whatever’s left.” Based on comments both Tormund Giantsbane and Tyrion Lannister made about the White Walkers this week, “whatever’s left” after the Battle of Winterfell could include some familiar faces reanimated as ice zombies continuing to march south towards King’s Landing.

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In this week’s episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, Winterfell received the last of its defenders when Jon Snow welcomed Tormund, Beric Dondarrion, and his former Night’s Watch brother Dolorous Edd. Tormund informed the Warden of the North that they had come from the Last Hearth, which the White Walkers had overrun. When Jon asked about the castle’s lords, the Umbers, Beric replied that they are “fighting for the Night King now.” Therefore, the Army of the Dead is turning their enemies into Wights to continually bolster their ranks – and the heroes fighting for the living can expect the same fate if they die in the war.

Earlier in the episode, Tyrion and Jaime Lannister were reunited (after Jaime survived being tried by Daenerys for slayer her father, the Mad King Aerys) and commiserated about their evil sister who controls the Iron Throne, and who wants them both dead. Tyrion mused that dying at the hands of White Walkers would at least deny Cersei the pleasure of killing him before considered with a morbid smile, “Maybe after I’m dead, I’ll march down to King’s Landing and rip her apart.”

Tyrion’s gallows humor belied the possible fate for those who will die in the war – that they could rise again as the undead. This could also mean some familiar faces may appear to fight the army of the living at the Battle of Winterfell, and that could include Thoros of Myr, who was last seen being ripped apart by Wights when Jon Snow led a team North to capture an ice zombie in “Beyond the Wall”. Thoros was also mentioned by Beric, the Hound, and Arya Stark in this episode, which could set up an appearance by the former priest of the Lord of Light turned into a Wight or White Walker.

Of course, people don’t automatically rise up to become Wights after they are killed unless a White Walker immediately reanimates them. Otherwise, there’s a period of decomposition necessary before the dead become the undead and there’s usually ample time to burn the bodies to prevent them from turning. However, the Battle of Winterfell is bound to have several deaths and unless the army of the living wins decisively, the survivors won’t have time to burn all of the corpses. So whoever’s dead can possibly come back – and some fan favorites are very likely to die in the battle to become Wights or even White Walkers.

Perhaps the most famous example of a character being reanimated to join the Army of the Dead is Viserion, Daenerys’ dragon who was killed and turned by the Night King in “Beyond the Wall”. Indeed, no character is safe and next week’s Battle of Winterfell could see some major fan favorite characters join the White Walkers, which would tragically tear relationships and romances apart. This is just one of the reasons that makes Game of Thrones season 8 so compelling.

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Game of Thrones season 8 airs Sundays @ 9pm on HBO.

2019-04-21 07:04:05

John Orquiola

Titans Season 2 Set Video Reveals First Look At Bruce Wayne – & He’s Blonde

The first look at Bruce Wayne in season 2 of Titans has arrived thanks to a new set video. The first season of Titans debuted last fall on DC’s digital service DC Universe and introduced subscribers to the young group of heroes. Their lineup consisted of Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Rachel Roth/Raven (Teagan Croft), Kory Anders/Starfire (Anna Diop), and Gar Logan/Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), but they also met some other super-powered individuals during their time together. One of these characters was Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), although he never received a proper introduction.

This will change during season 2 after it was announced that Game of Thrones‘ Iain Glen was cast as Batman. The addition of Batman is a big one for Titans, which is also seeing major DC antihero and longtime Titans foe Deathstroke (Esai Morales) join the story. However, this has also made fans eager to see what exactly Titans’ take on Robin’s mentor will be like, as they had a falling out heading into the first season.

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Filming is currently underway on season 2 of Titans and, thanks to a video posted on Twitter by Titans Brasil, we now have our first look at Glen playing Bruce Wayne. Fans have been expecting an older and grizzled version of Batman in Titans based on the casting of Glen, but what many may not have anticipated is that he would keep his natural blonde hair. As seen in this video, which features Bruce and Dick walking together (likely through Wayne Manor), the usual black hair of Bruce Wayne has been ditched.

The blonde look for Bruce Wayne may be somewhat unexpected, but it shouldn’t really make a difference in Glen’s portrayal. His ability to bring his personality and presence to life is much more important than the hair color. This set video may not give us much of any context as to whether or not Glen is pulling this off so far, but his past roles thankfully leave little reason to believe he won’t be able to. Now that this video has surfaced, though, hopefully it won’t be too long before an official image of Glen is released, with or without the Batsuit on, that is just as great as fans have imagined.

Beyond Bruce’s look, the video is our first glimpse of him and Dick back together for season 2. According to the official description of Bruce for the new season, he is the one who seeks out his former sidekick and his new team to try helping them out. The conversation they are having could be them mending fences in order to work together once again, or this scene could already be past that stage and this is them actually figuring out what their first or next move is going to be. Either way, it is just great to see Thwaites and Glen filming together and is hopefully something that season 2 of Titans will have plenty of.

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Titans season 2 premieres Fall 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: Titans Brasil

2019-04-19 06:04:43

Cooper Hood

Hobbs & Shaw Trailer #2 Hypes Fast & Furious’ First Battle Sequence

The second trailer for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has arrived. Announced shortly after The Fate of the Furious hit theaters two years ago, Hobbs & Shaw brings the titular characters (Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw) together for an adventure of their own. Johnson and Statham’s onscreen chemistry in Fate of the Furious was part of the inspiration for the spinoff to begin with, so it’s only fitting that the Hobbs & Shaw marketing has played up the relationship (bromance, romance – you decide) between the pair in the film.

Written by Fast & Furious scribe Chris Morgan and directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2), Hobbs & Shaw pits its hot-headed leads against Brixton (Idris Elba), a mercenary terrorist who’s been genetically enhanced to have (quite literally) bullet-proof skin. Universal showed off some fresh material from the movie earlier this month at CinemaCon, including clips of Brixton calling himself the “black Superman” and waging a massive battle with Hobbs and his brothers on their home turf in Hawaii. Now, some/most of that footage has been made available in the form of a new trailer.

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Universal has dropped the latest Hobbs & Shaw trailer online, ahead of its premiere in theaters with (most likely) Avengers: Endgame next week. You can check it out in the space below.


Source: Universal

2019-04-18 04:04:28

Sandy Schaefer

Swamp Thing Teaser Reveals First Look At Live-Action Swamp Thing

DC Universe releases a live-action Swamp Thing TV show teaser that reveals a first look at the titular creature. Swamp Thing is one of a handful of live-action original TV shows planned for the DC Universe streaming service. It will follow the debuts of Titans in Fall 2018 and Doom Patrol in February. But while Doom Patrol is a spinoff from Titans, and therefore set in the same world, Swamp Thing will be completely separate. Swamp Thing is set to premiere on DC Universe May 31, with that being announced at WonderCon 2019.

Swamp Thing is produced by James Wan (Aquaman), with Underworld’s Len Wiseman directing the pilot episode and Mark Verheiden serving as showrunner. The series is a live-action adaptation of the DC Comics character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Swamp Thing stars Andy Bean as Alec Holland, with Derek Mears portraying his Swamp Thing alter-ego, and Crystal Reed as co-lead Abby Arcane. Earlier today it was reported that Swamp Thing was shutting down production on season 1 early, shortening the series order from 13 episodes to 10. Now, fans have their first look at the series’ titular character.

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DC Universe released a Swamp Thing teaser video that unveils the first look at the live-action Swamp Thing, brought to life by Mears. Watch the short video below:

Previously, Swamp Thing set photos offered teases of what to expect from the DC Universe TV show, and a Swamp Thing set video released by Wiseman previewed the creepy tone of the series. The show is described as having a “strange but alluring Shape of Water romance” between Abby Arcane and the Swamp Thing. While those early set photos from the series featured Reed’s Abby and Bean’s Alec, though, this is the first look at the actual Swamp Thing himself.

Superhero TV shows have been hit-and-miss with their live-action takes on comic book characters, and the same can be said for DC Universe’s originals. Although Doom Patrol’s Robotman is a fairly solid take on the odd character, the TV show’s Cyborg costume and design hasn’t been as well received – especially with a big screen Cyborg to live up to. It remains to be seen how fans will react to the DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, another character that’s particularly tough to bring to live-action. Further, this brief teaser only reveals a portion of the costume, and not much action, so a better look is still to come. A trailer for Swamp Thing will surely be released in the next month or so and fans will get a better idea of what to expect from the series when it debuts in late May.

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Swamp Thing season 1 premieres Friday May 31st on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

2019-04-17 12:04:32

Molly Freeman