The Flash: Ezra Miller Solo Movie May Finally Escape Development Hell

The DC Extended Universe has had trouble finding its feet, especially after the departure of Zack Snyder and the fallout of Justice League, but the movie giving the studio the most trouble is The Flash. Ezra Mille was hired to play the Scarlet Speedster by Zack Snyder for a couple of cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before joining the main lineup in Justice League and eventually getting his own solo film, but the latter has faced a litany of creative issues preventing it from getting properly underway.

The Flash has been through multiple creative teams, from Seth Grahame-Smith to Rick Famuyiwa to John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein before the newest name, IT director Andy Muschietti, joined the fold. Throughout it all, despite rumors of his departure, Ezra Miller has hung on. In fact, he may be partially to blame for some of the creative issues, at least with Daly & Goldstein, as he went as far as to partner with Comic Book legend Grant Morrison to write his own darker script for the movie when the studio preferred version wasn’t to his liking.

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While it’s clearly still in the works, The Flash is long past its original due date, and without a clear spot in the future slate yet, it’s the movie still has a few obstacles to overcome before finally entering production and making its way to the big screen. It may be ironic that a movie about DC’s speedster is so slow in getting off the ground, but Miller explained why his character’s solo movie is (fittingly) behind schedule: “Anyone who knows anything about Barry Allen knows he’s always late, but then when he arrives, he gets stuff done. That’s definitely how this film’s production schedule is proceeding. [laughs] We’re a little late, but the reason why we’re late… [is] we are very meticulously focused on making a movie that’s not just one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make…”

As the DCEU continues to find its new post-Snyder identity, there are a few things still contributing to the delays in The Flash, and Miller, WB, and Andy Muscietti will have to overcome a few last obstacles to finally take the long-awaited plunge into the Speed Force.

While Zack Snyder was only directing his own 5-story arc, leaving the solo movies to other creatives, the universe’s core story was still his Justice League movies, meaning any plans for solo character films ultimately spun out of what Snyder was doing with them in his version of Justice League.

It’s not clear exactly what Zack Snyder had planned for The Flash, but we do know time-travel was already a core theme. Flash learns to travel back in time a few seconds in the finale of Snyder’s cut of Justice League, then, of course, we all know at some point down the line he jumps back again to warn Bruce as we see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fact that the Flash solo movie was officially titled “Flashpoint” for a period could indicate what direction they were going.

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Flashpoint is certainly one of the darker and crazier DC stories, and while it’s also seen as a Justice League level event, at its core it’s still a Flash story, and there’s certainly a version that could be told as a Flash solo movie, and could even work as a sort of Flash origin story if needed.

Regardless, with Snyder no longer serving as a major creative driver of the DCEU, his original plan is gone, and thus The Flash is seeking a new direction, only it hasn’t found it yet. Rick Famuyiwa was presumably involved in the original darker version of the story, but Daly & Goldstein were said to be looking for something lighter before they left.

It’s not uncommon for a superhero actor to be passionate about their character, but Ezra Miller takes it to the next level. He’s clearly well versed in Flash lore, regularly making references to the world of Flash in various interviews. He’s excited about playing the character, but his vision also doesn’t align with Warner Bros.

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It’s important to remember that Ezra Miller was cast by Zack Snyder. Since he came into the universe for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snyder would have had his whole plan fleshed out by the time he started talking to Miller. Like Ben Affleck and Batman, Miller signed up for a very specific version of the character that fit into Zack Snyder’s plan, but due to Snyder’s departure and other creative differences, Warner Bros. is hesitant to  go as dark with its iconic characters and brought in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Game Night writers Daley & Goldstein.

Miller pushed back to the point that Warner Bros. let him try to write his own script with Grant Morrison. That version of the movie wasn’t ultimately selected, but Daly & Goldstein did end up leaving the project regardless as Ezra Miller stayed in the role for, despite his contract expiring in May.

While Miller’s tenure as The Flash hasn’t been that long and he could be more easily recast than some other characters, he’s clearly passionate about staying on the project and seeing a certain version of the character realized on-screen, and with his role in Fantastic Beasts, a franchise very important to Warner Bros., the studio has a vested interest in keeping Miller happy, meaning they just might be playing ball with him to find a compromise so he can keep his darker Flash movie.

Since rejecting Zack Snyder’s DC universe, Warner Bros. has yet to replace it with their own clear plan. It’s been stated many times that continuity won’t be a priority as individual character movies get the focus. Zack Stentz, when giving an update on his Boost Gold script, said DC’s “strategy seems to change depending on how […] most recent movie did.”

Being in such a state of constant flux is understandably rough for any in-process productions, especially ones where there’s creative struggles like with The Flash. In order for Warner Bros. to gain the confidence they need to get The Flash into production, it seems they may also need to decide what they want from the rest of the DCEU.

Since super speed is so core to Flash’s character, the studio and producers have likely been assuming the character can’t be properly adapted without a big-budget movie. Flash’s speed could be a highly stylized power, but heavy VFX means bigger budgets, which means Warner Bros. could be more concerned about making sure the movie has broad appeal for box office purposes, ruling out a darker story.

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However, with Andy Muchsietti likely joining the project, there’s a few things we can infer about the ways The Flash is changing behind the scenes. Muchsietti’s horror background and experience with lower budget movies (that still perform at the box office) could signify that WB is allowing Miller and Muchietti to take a darker, more risky approach with the movie and simply giving it a smaller budget – like with Birds of Prey and its $75 million budget – to insulate themselves from potential losses associated with mega-blockbusters.

If the perceived need for a larger budget was driving Warner Bros. desire for a lighter, more accessible movie, then it’s possible they’re hiring Muschietti because he gives them confidence in his ability to make the movie at a lower cost, meaning it can take more risks an appeal to Ezra Miller’s desire for a darker take.

Add in Christina Hodson, seemingly Warner Bros. new go-to scriptwriter, and it seems like The Flash might finally be escaping development hell. Given, writers and directors have come and gone numerous times before, so it’d be understandable if fans aren’t holding their breath just yet.

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Stephen M. Colbert

The Flash Battles Godspeed In New Season 6 Set Photos

The Flash has been spotted battling Godspeed in season 6 set photos. The season started filming earlier this month; and while the show’s latest season concluded two months ago, it will be returning this fall in time for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Perhaps one of the most interesting episodes of The Flash season 5 was “Godspeed.” Here, viewers got to see what Nora was up to prior to arriving in the present during the events of season 4. In this episode, Nora battled Godspeed, another sinister speedster. The character is a very recent creation in the comics, so fans were looking forward to seeing him adapted. Unfortunately, he lost in his debut episode. That seemed to be the end, but it looks like Godspeed will be making a comeback in the upcoming season.

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Set photos from filming of The Flash’s sixth season have made their way online via, highlighting a conflict with Godspeed. This time, it appears the Flash himself will be colliding with the villain. Check out the images below:

It’s not known how the conflict will occur in the story. Based on the photos, fans may come away with the the assumption that Godspeed will serve as the season’s antagonist. However, it was reported in June that the show’s producers were looking for diverse actors for the role of the big bad. So, it’s possible that Godspeed battles Flash during Crisis on Infinite Earths, then a new villain will later pop up. Or, Godspeed could be the villain of the first few episodes, or a secondary antagonist throughout the season. It could also be that a new person will portray Godspeed. The Flash will likely get a season 6 trailer next week at Comic-Con, so some details should be revealed then.

Many fans were disappointed with how Godspeed was handled last season. The antagonist was very notable when he made his debut in the comics, so it was odd to see him being portrayed as a one-off character. That wasn’t the first time a character was treated like this. Shade, a notable villain from the comics, wasn’t given any development whatsoever in his episode back in season 3. Unlike Shade, Godspeed looks to be coming back with a vengeance. With Reverse Flash already appearing to have a big role coming up in Crisis on Infinite Earth, it will be interesting if Godspeed is included as well. Of course, if Godspeed ends up being a big antagonist outside the crossover event, not many fans would complain.

The Flash season 6 is set to premiere on the CW Tuesday, October 8.

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Daniel Alvarez

The Flash Season 5: 11 Biggest Questions After Episode 19, “Snow Pack”

The Flash season 5, episode 19, “Snow Pack,” picks up the pace and raises a whole host of questions. The Flash season 5 has been a strange one, carefully attempting to balance multiple overarching plots at once. In theory, the threat of Cicada should be the A-plot; in reality, the more intriguing mystery has always been Nora Allen and her partnership with Eobard Thawne.

The various plots are building to a climax at last. The truth about Nora has finally been revealed, and last week her father decided to take her back to her own time. Given Barry knows he’s destined to disappear, he’s basically told his daughter that he doesn’t ever want to see her again, and that she can never have a relationship with the father she’s always longed for. In “Snow Pack,” the Flash’s actions push Nora straight back to Thawne. It looks as though Barry has played right into Thawne’s hands. Meanwhile, back in the present, Future Cicada is hatching plans of her own – which presumably involve the deaths of a lot of metas.

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“Snow Pack” is an odd episode, only because both of these major stories are relegated to secondary status in an episode that focuses in on the relationship between Caitlin and her father. The show uses Caitlin’s tortured family background to hold up a mirror to Barry, and make him realize just what a mess he’s made of his own family. Still, it seems rather an odd decision, in that viewers will be far more invested in the episode’s sub-plots than in the main story.

The Negative Speed Force is lifted straight from the comics, a twisted version of Flash’s Speed Force created to be the yin to the Speed Force’s yang. It’s an extradimensional field of negative energy that eats away at the Speed Force like a cancer. Thawne himself was the source of the Negative Speed Force, which was composed of every negative emotion; his jealousy, his pain, his rage, and his greed. The Flash‘s version of the Negative Speed Force appears to be identical to this in almost every respect; Thawne claims he created it, and Nora accesses it by tapping into all her most painful emotions. It’s clear that a speedster who accesses the Negative Speed Force can use it to do everything a normal speedster does with the Speed Force. Nora is able to use it to travel through time – without her father even being aware she was doing so.

The experience of tapping into the Negative Speed Force appears to have had a profound effect on Nora. When she returns to 2019, her eyes are blazing with a crimson light, and her usual lightning colors have been replaced with deadly red. It’s reminiscent of Geoff Johns’ The Flash: Rebirth, which saw Barry Allen himself corrupted by the Negative Speed Force. He became a host of its energies, and through him the Negative Speed Force attempted to consume all sources of Speed Force energy around him. In The Flash: Rebirth, this was Thawne’s masterplan; to turn Barry into the ultimate weapon against his friends and family, to transform him into the one who killed everyone he loves.

It’s possible that this was Thawne’s plan for Nora all along in The Flash season 5; to manipulate her into a place where she would choose to tap into the Negative Speed Force, and where she would become host to its powers. What more fitting weapon could Thawne find to use against Barry Allen than his own daughter?

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Surprisingly, Thawne appeared to actually care about Nora – to the extent that he gave Iris tips that should help Team Flash bring Nora back from the Negative Speed Force. This is certainly an unexpected twist, a reminder that even the Reverse-Flash isn’t completely irredeemable. It does make a strange kind of sense, though; Thawne is on death row, and Nora is one of only two people who’ve visited him in the last 15 years. There’s a sense in which she’s seemed to become almost like a daughter to him, and he really does appear to value the fact she keeps coming back to him for advice. This emotion could potentially compromise all of Thawne’s plans – whatever they may be.

The last episode of The Flash, “Godspeed,” revealed that Nora had always been obsessed with Cicada – the one case her father never solved. Now she’s closer to cracking the case than ever before, but it’s all gone horribly wrong. Future Cicada has traveled back to 2019 and is wreaking havoc. Nora considers herself responsible, and her obsession has led her to believe she’s the only one who can put things right. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that the Negative Speed Force has now given Nora another mission; one of wrath, of rage, and of vengeance upon the father who cast her aside and told her she could never be a part of his life.

All this flows from Barry’s spontaneous decision to return Nora to her own time, and tell her to stay there. It’s easy to understand his logic; he’s already come to care so much about Nora, only to discover that she’s been working with Thawne the whole time. In the Flash’s view, Nora is primed as a weapon to be used against Barry and his family. He has no idea how to handle this, he believes he’s already been outmaneuvered by Thawne, and the very fact his daughter trusts the man who killed his mother is tearing him apart. In truth, Barry’s decision wasn’t a strategic one; it represented the fact that he was in too much pain, and simply wanted to run away from it.

Iris, meanwhile, is entirely correct when she argues that Barry doesn’t have the right to make unilateral decisions that affect the whole family. The Flash tends to act first and think later, and however heroic his decisions usually are, they don’t allow his loved ones the time to process them and work through them with him. In this case, not only did Barry not consult with Iris, but he didn’t even give her a chance to say goodbye to her own daughter. Iris is fearful of the future, aware that she’s destined to have a strained relationship with Nora, and this could be the one time in their lives when they truly bond. Barry most certainly didn’t have the right to make this decision without talking it through with Iris first, and he showed a blatant disregard for his wife’s emotions.

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Meanwhile, Future Cicada is continuing to enact her own plan – and it apparently involves her past self. Cicada has kidnapped the comatose young Grace from hospital, and at this stage it’s impossible to know the reason. Still, this serves as a salutary reminder that Cicada is still a threat, and that she isn’t just stranded in the past; she has a purpose, one that Team Flash need to work out as quickly as possible.

Page 2 of 2: Even More Questions From The Flash Episode “Snow Pack”

Cicada’s purposes for Grace appear to involve a mysterious piece of technology she’s stolen, the Cryo-Atomizer. Again, it’s unclear why; the Cryo-Atomizer appears to be able to create metahumans (of the Killer Frost variety), while Cicada is dedicated to killing all superhumans. Presumably the Cryo-Atomizer has other properties that have yet to be explained.

Disturbingly, in “Snow Pack” Team Flash reach out to all manner of government agencies for help in hunting down Cicada – and nobody is willing to step up. Given Cicada is an active serial killer who has no qualms about murdering anyone who gets in her way, this is pretty startling; it suggests that, in the Arrowverse, the United States Government doesn’t see why it should help metahumans. It’s possible the chaos of the last few years has made the Government hostile to superhumans, and they don’t mind Cicada thinning the herd a little. Indeed, if that hostility remains over the decades, it may well explain why Cicada is able to continue killing even in Nora’s time; because the Government doesn’t care about metahumans being murdered, and consider other deaths to be collateral damage.

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The main villain of “Snow Pack” was Icicle, Caitlin’s father, who had long believed to be lost beneath his monstrous alternate personality. In the end, though, when Icicle was about to kill Caitlin it gave Thomas Snow the strength of will to break through in order to save his daughter. It was a beautiful inversion of the Flash/Nora plotline, with a father’s love overcoming the barriers and reuniting the Snow family – even if only for a time.

The tragedy of Thomas Snow’s death at last reunites Caitlin and her mom, but it’s clearly setting up another crisis for the Snow family. Icicle subjected Carla to the power of the Cryo-Atomizer in order to give her a dangerous alternate ice-personality as well. Team Flash believe they interrupted the experiment before it got too far, but the end scenes suggest they were too late. Caitlin conducts tests on her mom, but walks away before the results become visible – indicating Carla Tannhauser is now a meta. This presumably means that Carla will develop an alternate personality as well, and if so she could be a very dangerous opponent for Team Flash further down the line. Icicle was an isolated figure, a rogue scientist who longed to cause chaos; Carla is a world-renowned bio-engineer, and head of a multinational corporation. She has the potential to be a major threat.

One final sub-plot saw Sherloque wrestle with the question of whether he should return to his own dimension. Sherloque still doesn’t truly understand why Team Flash are upset at him over Nora; he doesn’t quite get that the Flash family view his secrecy as a kind of betrayal. But he still does care about Team Flash, and he won’t let them down in their hour of need. It’s that love that ultimately leads him to choose to stay.

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The Flash season 5 airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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Thomas Bacon

Who Is The Original Flash Jay Garrick?

Barry Allen is arguably the most famous version of the speedy superhero but who is the original Flash Jay Garrick? While he may not be quite as big a name as Batman or Wonder Woman, The Flash remains one of DC’s most popular heroes. A number of characters have held that mantle over the years too, including Barry Allen and Wally West.

The character found a whole new fanbase thanks to The Flash TV series from the 1990s, where John Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen. Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) also guest starred on the show as villain The Trickster, a part he would later reprise on the CW Flash series that launched in 2014 and starred Grant Gustin as Allen. Ezra Miller most recently played the character in the DCEU Justice League movie.

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Fans may not know the character first appeared in 1940 in Golden Age Flash Comics #1. The character was created due to the popularity of the Superman comics, with original Flash Jay Garrick being a college student who gained his abilities in a very unconventional way. Garrick is depicted as a talented athlete, but his attempts to woo a fellow student named Joan are foiled because she believes he doesn’t apply himself.

Jay Garrick is later shown working in a lab with a professor on something dubbed hard water, but during a cigarette break, he accidentally knocks it over and inhales the vapors. These vapors bond with his genes and grant him superspeed abilities, which he first uses to help his football team so he can win Joan’s affections. He soon donned a costume that consisted of a red shirt with a lightning bolt, in addition to a helmet with wings, and became known as The Flash.

The Flash quickly became a popular hero during the Golden Age of comics, and alongside characters like Green Lantern and Sandman, he helped form Justice League precursor the Justice Society of America. The popularity of superhero comics started to wane following the end of World War II, however, and Flash Comics came to an end in 1949.

Barry Allen would then become the Silver Age Flash when the character was revived in 1956. Allen was a scientist who was struck by lightning in a freak accident, granting him superpowers. In a meta touch, he named himself after reading a Golden Age Flash comic featuring Jay Garrick. The comics would later reveal both Garrick and Allen exist in parallel universes, with 1961 comic Flash Of Two Worlds featuring a crossover between the two. The comic provided the explanation that Flash writer Gardner Fox must have dreamed of Garrick’s adventures in Allen’s universe and wrote down his various adventures in a comic.

Garrick has appeared in many comic stories in the decades since and was recently played by John Wesley Shipp on the CW Flash series, where he acts as mentor to Barry Allen. While the character may have been succeeded by Barry Allen and Wally West, original The Flash Jay Garrick remains a vital part of DC history and a fan favorite to this day.

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Padraig Cotter

The Flash Just Gave Nora An Origin Story (& It’s Sort Of Like Barry’s)

“Godspeed,” episode 18 of The Flash season 5, has finally given Nora West-Allen (aka XS) a proper origin story. While the show has slowly revealed details on the life of Barry Allen’s super-speedster daughter over the course of season 5, Nora had never been given a full episode devoted exclusively to her until now.

Nora first revealed herself to Team Flash in the season 4 finale, “We Are The Flash.” However, viewers got to see Nora several times throughout the course of season 4, as she spied on Team Flash and arranged a series of accidental meetings, including disguising herself as a waiter so that she could see her parents’ wedding and talk to the father she never knew for a few minutes. The season 5 premiere “Nora” revealed how Nora had come back in time to see her father and wound up intervening in his final battle with The Thinker, altering the timeline as she knew it. However, it was not until season 5, episode 18, “Godspeed” that the audience got to see Nora’s life in the not-too-distant future of Central City 2049.

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The episode gives context to what few details we knew about Nora’s life in her own time. We see Nora in her day job as a CSI with the Central City Police Department – a job she took in an effort to emulate her father. We also learn how Nora discovered the microchip implant that negated her powers – an action Iris West-Allen took to prevent her daughter from further following in her heroic husband’s footsteps. Beyond establishing this continuity, “Godspeed” also gives a greater insight into Nora’s character, revealing how she was spurred to become a hero even before she found out she was the daughter of The Flash, thanks to her best friend being murdered by the episode’s titular villain, Godspeed.

It is worth noting that “Godspeed” is full of Easter eggs and nods to earlier episodes of The Flash, further drawing parallels between Nora and her father, particularly referencing back to the show’s pilot episode. Both episodes open with Barry and Nora being late for work, and fighting their way against a crowd to get to a crime scene. Both lose control of their speed the first time they use their powers and make a crash landing into the back of a laundry truck. (Barry’s was for Gambi Cleaners. Nora’s was for Gambi & Sons.) These tributes extend beyond the pilot episode of The Flash, with Eobard Thawne instructing Nora on how to use her powers to phase through a concrete wall using virtually the same words he did when he taught Barry the same trick in “Tricksters,” episode 17 of The Flash season 1.

Ironically, as this episode shows how Nora-West Allen is every inch Barry Allen’s daughter, the episode ends on a heart-breaking note where she’s seemingly rejected by the father she longed to impress. Left unable to trust Nora in the face of the revelation that she was trained by his archenemy, the Reverse Flash, Barry abandons Nora in the future and tells her never to travel in time again. This moment is all the more painful, coming after we see, in flashback, what prompted Nora to try and return to the past in the first place – a video message her father left for her, just before his disappearance, saying that he would always love her no matter what.

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Matt Morrison

The Flash: 8 Things We Learned About Godspeed

Godspeed made his debut in last nights episode of The Flash and fans were happy with the return of one of DC Universe comic’s favorite villains. There were rumors whether Godspeed will appear in any episodes. Producers made fans happy as Godspeed had a whole episode with his name title. He is a new character in the comic world, appearing in The Flash: Rebirth #1. Godspeed is powerful as he can separate speedsters from a connection and kill a speedster.

Fans took to Twitter last night to tweet about the new villain. There were some good and bad comments. This is what we know so far about the latest character, Godspeed.

8 Who Is Godspeed?

The villain is a speedster but he is more powerful than any other speedster. Godspeed can separate speedsters from the connection they have to the speed force. While, he separates the speedsters connection he can kill a speedster. Barry Allen’s power is super speed but Godspeed may be faster than Barry. Instead of using his power for good, Godspeed prefers the evil route. There’s a story about Godspeed in the comic book but there’s not much known about his story line in The Flash yet.

7 Godspeed’s Appearance Is Accurate

In the comics, Godspeed is dressed in white armor with two headpieces on the side of a helmet. The coolest part is the lightning electrifying across his whole body. The Flash didn’t alter his costume at all. Instead they stuck to the original which made fans happy. Sometimes producers want to go a different route with heroes and villains attire and fans always end up unhappy.

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In the latest episode, Godspeed had white armor, two headpieces on the side of his helmet with demonic black eyes. He even had a lighting bolt symbol on his armor chest, like the original. Godspeed’s appearance is one of the most thing fans tweeted about after last night’s episode. It was all positive.

6 Nora Plays A Big Part In His Story Line

In the future flashback of the most recent episode, Nora discovered a new case while working for the CSI. It involves a speedster with white lightning – Godspeed. She met Godspeed but he killed the chip her mom gave to her. The chip is how she gained her powers. The damage made her powers weak, though. Nora wants to defeat Godspeed badly that she will do anything to do it. She realized the only way is to think like a villain.

All superhero movies have a teacher which guides the heroes for their missions. The Flash went with the story line as Nora seeks guidance from Thawne to kill Godspeed. She’s tried to kill Godspeed in the past but she realized speed isn’t enough. Hopefully, the guidance will ensure she defeats the villain.

5 Godspeed’s Real Identity

In the comic series, Godspeed’s original identity is August Heart. He works with Barry and is his friend. He is struck by lightning from a Speed Force storm and helps Barry to gather a team of past criminals who are now speedsters. After awhile, he wants to use his powers in a new mission.

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Godspeed wants to judge and be a executioner due to vengeance. He wants to give up hero status and be a villain. His motives are due to his brother’s death. It’s still not clear how The Flash will show Godspeed’s motivations for acting as villain. The main reason for Godspeed in the show may be his defeat by Nora.

4 Godspeed’s Past In The Comic Book

In the comic series, the villain has a personal tie to the hero, Barry Allen. They are friends but soon become enemies. Godspeed’s brother was murdered and evidence destroyed after a lightning storm. He teams up with Barry and the hero confides to Godspeed about his status. Barry is The Flash.

Godspeed turns on Barry after killing the main suspect of his brother’s murder. It led him to evil and Godspeed saw he has different motives than his friend Barry. In the latest season of The Flash, will the two former friends battle good and evil against each other? Maybe Godspeed will be defeated by good!

3 A Battle Between Nora And Godspeed

If the villain returns for more episodes, there will be a battle between Nora and Godspeed. It will occur in 2049, which is Nora’s time. She realizes how powerful her speedster powers are after training with Thawne. Godspeed is the first villain she defeats. Therefore, Godspeed plays a big part in the story line.

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Fans are questioning if Godspeed will return in future episodes. It seems he might because of fans reactions and Nora’s main motive with the villain in the story line. It sounds like it could be a good battle in future episodes. Fans would like to see the battle acted out in an episode.

2 Godspeed’s Destructive Weapon

In last night’s episode, the flashback revealed Godspeed’s weapon he wants to use for destruction. The Flash reveals Godspeed as Velocity-9 powered which sounds like an extremely powerful villain. Godspeed is trying to create a formula for super-speed because he wants to be the most powerful speedster. Therefore, he needs an antidote which can make him more powerful than his opponents.

Besides, Barry, Godspeed’s target is Nora and during the flashback we saw how he defeated Nora with lightning. Hopefully, future episodes will reveal if Godspeed was successful with the formula but it looks like he won’t be.

1 Godspeed Killed Lia

The flashback episode revealed a lot about Nora, her past, present and future. Godspeed plays a role in her past and future. The episode was titled ‘Godspeed’ but it was basically centered around Nora and her powers and most importantly finding out her father is The Flash. In one scene, Nora tried to defeat Godspeed with her best friend and CSI co-worker, Lia. Nora tired to keep up with Godspeed but her speed couldn’t match his supersonic abilities. While Nora was down, Lia took charge but Godspeed killed her. The episode revealed his strength and villain like ways.

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Taryn Feldman

The Flash Reveals Barry’s Last Moments From Crisis On Infinite Earths

The latest episode of The Flash, “Godspeed,” revealed Barry Allen’s last moments. The Flash has been building up to a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event since the 2014 pilot episode, which featured a glimpse of a newspaper article from the future that revealed the Flash was destined to disappear, on a day when the skies themselves turned red.

The Flash season 5 kicked off with the arrival of Nora West-Allen, a.k.a. XS, Barry’s daughter from this future timeline. Little by little, the series has explored her timeline in some detail, revealing that she was brought up by her mother, Iris, and always wanted to know her dad. Iris feared that her daughter would inherit Barry’s powers, and as a result implanted some sort of inhibitor chip in the young Nora’s shoulder. But the Speed Force will always find a way, and Nora discovered the truth, claimed her powers, and traveled back in time to get the chance to spend some quality time with her dad. Unfortunately, she also seems to have taken advice from Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, and that particular decision will haunt her.

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This week’s episode, “Godspeed”, explored Nora’s timeline in detail when Team Flash decided they couldn’t afford her keeping any more secrets. It told her entire origin story and, in so doing, dropped a major “Crisis on Infinite Earths” reveal. In one crucial scene, Nora went to see Gideon, the artificial intelligence that resides in STAR Labs. Gideon dropped the bombshell that Barry Allen, Nora’s long-missing dad, was actually the Flash – and then played Nora Barry’s last message for her. It’s a hand-held recording, and it clearly shows red skies in the background. The sounds of a battle rage around the Flash; Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen can be heard shouting indistinctly, and there’s repeated gunfire. At one point, something off-screen flashes and causes Barry to flinch.

Nora, I don’t have much time,” Barry tells his daughter in his final message. “If you’re watching this, it means you’re like me. You have powers! It also means I wasn’t there to help you learn how to use them. I wasn’t there for a lot of things. Remember, my sweet Nora, always remember: I love you. I always will.” This footage is important because it confirms the newspaper reports from the future, all of which claimed the Flash disappeared after a mysterious event involving red skies, with a whole host of superheroes joining in the battle. The red skies, of course, tease a straightforward adaptation of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries, which was foreshadowed in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover.

But it’s important to remember that the timeline has changed, possibly as a result of Nora’s own actions. She’s traveled back in time, meaning her dad knows full well that she’s destined to have superpowers – and would no doubt record a very different last message. What’s more, in the original timeline the Flash disappeared in 2024, but “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has already been confirmed as this year’s Arrowverse crossover event and thus surely now takes place five years earlier.

So while this recording shows Flash during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, it’s the version in Nora’s own timeline: things are going to play out very differently in The Flash.

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The Flash: First Look Images Of Godspeed Revealed

The first official look at Godspeed in season 5 of The Flash has been revealed. The CW has become the definitive home for DC content on the small screen over the last several years. Once the Arrowverse began, it wasn’t long before The Flash started to expand the world through the lens of the speedster Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The show is currently winding down its fifth season, which has seen a non-speedster in Cicada take on the main villain role.

This change was much appreciated by viewers after The Flash fell into a pattern of pitting Barry up against fellow speedsters. It wasn’t long before everyone on the show seemed to have super speed, and at this point most of them do have at least some form of powers. But, as the fifth season starts to come to a close, viewers will be treated to a new speedster foe, and one that’s a recent creation of DC Comics.

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The CW (via CBR) has officially released the first images of season five’s upcoming foe, Godspeed. The first of two images offers a detailed and close up look at the suit, with the all white design with gold lightning bolts and accents. The second image unveils the full design of the suit as the white electricity sparks around him.

August Heart aka Godspeed was only first created in 2016 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. He was introduced as a coworker of Barry Allen at Central City Police Department and quickly became friends after a shared loss. After he was struck by lighting, Barry originally began mentoring him, but August was actually using his newfound powers for his own gain. He hunts down and murders the presumed killer of his brother. Other than getting revenge on his brother’s killer, Godspeed’s primary objective is stealing the Speed Force of fellow speedsters, which normally results in killing the other speedster.

Godspeed will make his debut in The Flash during the brand new episode airing tonight, April 16, that’s aptly titled “Godspeed.” It’s not yet clear how he’ll factor into this episode or the remainder of the season at this point, but that should change once the new episode debuts. Considering this is the first look at him and no casting has been announced at this point, he could largely remain a mysterious new speedster upon his debut. This could mean that The Flash is going to change up aspects of Heart’s backstory and changes will need to happen regardless thanks to the varying states of the world Godspeed was introduced in on the page and now here. Either way, it’s safe to say that his suit looks great and hopefully he’ll be a memorable addition to the series.

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The Flash season 5 returns with “Godspeed” on Tuesday, April 16 at 8/7 central on the CW.

Source: The CW [via CBR]

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WB May Recast Flash, Ezra Miller Writing His Own Script in Attempt to Keep Role

Ezra Miller may be recast as the star of The Flash unless the darker script he’s writing can change Warner Bros. and DC Films’ minds. Miller joined the DC fold a few years back as part of Zack Snyder’s vision for a larger DC universe when he first cameoed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As his role in the world grew, though, plans for a solo movie had trouble settling into place.

The project went through several different directors before Game Night’s John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were hired last year. Despite the promise of their addition, The Flash has not found it any easier to get off the ground. The multiple delays have frustrated those eager to see Miller’s take on Barry Allen given star treatment instead of a supporting role like he had in Justice League. Now, we may know why the film has taken so long to get off the ground, as Miller may be recast in the role.

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The news comes from THR who report that Miller’s days as Barry Allen may be numbered. The star reportedly does not see eye-to-eye with the take that Daley and Goldstein have, which has resulted in him teaming up with comic book writer Grant Morrison to write a new script for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film. Warner Bros. agreed to let Miller write his own draft of the script that could be done by next week, but if they don’t take to Miller’s script, they will likely recast the role – unless he then agrees to stay on for Daley and Goldstein’s approach.

This last ditch effort by Miller to see his “darker” vision for Flash make it to the big screen will likely force WB to choose if they’d rather have Miller or Daley and Goldstein attached. They are now staring at the possibility of having to recast a third member of their original Justice League lineup, after Ben Affleck left as Batman and Henry Cavill’s days as Superman are reportedly over too. With Miller’s contract hold on The Flash expiring in May, it has put a countdown clock on resolving this matter. They just recast Will Smith’s Deadshot so that Idris Elba can take over the role, so Miller will need to deliver a can’t-miss script if he is going to stay on.

Since Daley and Goldstein’s reported light-hearted approach fits better with their plans for the future, it would appear that a recasting is the most likely outcome here. DC Films president Walter Hamada has not been afraid to stick to his guns and move the DC universe in a particular direction even if it means losing established stars. Since he’s been willing to let Affleck, Cavill, and Smith walk, it is difficult to see Miller being the one who gets his way when everything is said and done. Plus, if they did choose his script, then Daley and Goldstien would likely depart the project themselves.

While one does have to admire Miller’s own passion for the character and the project, this appears to simply be a case of him wanting to take the character one way and the studio looking the other way. With recent reports pointing to a late 2019 start to production on The Flash, it will be much easier for the studio to recast Barry Allen than find new directors who can bring Miller’s script to life. Should the role become available, it will quickly become one of the biggest available gigs for a young actor in the superhero movie landscape.

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Source: THR

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How The Flash Logo Changed Over Time

Just like there’s been more than one character to hold The Flash mantle, the speedster’s iconic logo has evolved over the years too. The Flash is one of DC’s biggest heroes, with the character making his comic debut in 1940. Jay Garrick was the original Flash, a college athlete who suddenly gains the power of superspeed. The character has been reinvented many times in the decades since, with Barry Allen or Wally West tending to be most popular versions of The Flash.

The Flash has made his way to live-action in many guises too, from the 1990s TV series starring John Wesley Shipp to Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in the DCEU Justice League. Grant Gustin also plays a version of Barry Allen on The CW’s The Flash. While the character hasn’t become quite as iconic as other DC heroes like Batman or Superman, possibly due to having more than one character donning the costume over the years, The Flash remains one of the biggest heroes in the DC library,

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Here’s a quick guide to the different heroes that have assumed The Flash identity and the character’s evolving logo.

Golden Age Flash Logo

Jay Garrick’s Flash origin story involved the college student and athlete inhaling hard water vapors during a smoking break in his lab, granting him superhuman speed and reflexes, though this was later retconned. Garrick’s costume stands apart from later incarnations, with Jay donning a red shirt with a large lightning bolt emblazoned on it.

Silver Age Flash Logo

Barry Allen became the Silver Age Flash in 1956 and is (arguably) the most famous incarnation of the superhero. Allen was a scientist who gains his power after being struck by lightning, which granted him superspeed. He named himself The Flash after his hero Jay Garrick, with his emblem being a lightning bolt in the center of his red costume.

Golden Age Flash Logo

Following Allen’s death, his nephew Wally West took up The Flash title. Wally actually gained his powers through a repeat of the same accident as his uncle and became sidekick Kid Flash for a time, first donning a mini version of Allen’s suit before gaining a yellow costume with a bright red lightning bolt emblem. West took Allen’s costume when he took over as The Flash, though the suit was modified to match the costume from the 1990’s TV series, giving the logo a more prominent bolt.

Bart Allen Flash Logo

Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen and first acted as a sidekick to Wally West named Impulse. He later became Kid Flash, before finally becoming The Flash himself for a brief time. While his Kid Flash outfit and logo are quite different, complete with bright red bolt, his Flash costume presents a traditional take on the emblem.

Live-Action Barry Allen Logo

Barry Allen has been busy in live-action, with John Wesley Shipp’s 1990’s version wearing a bright red suit with a gold bolt on the chest. The Flash 2014 TV series draws inspiration from the Silver Age look for the logo, but the main suit itself has more muted colors. Ezra Miller’s Justice League outfit suffers from something of a busy design, with the emblem disappearing somewhat between the armor plates.

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