Dark Tower TV Show Casts Game of Thrones’ Jerome Flynn

Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn has been added to the cast of Amazon’s series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Published in 1982, the novel The Gunslinger kicked off King’s Dark Tower series, an epic story about a young boy named Jake Chambers who meets a mysterious other-dimensional gunfighter named Roland and joins his epic quest across worlds. Since then, King has published six official Dark Tower books as well as a pair of tie-in stories.

After years of speculation about a potential Dark Tower movie, fans finally got their wish in 2017 when Idris Elba took on the role of the Gunslinger alongside Matthew McConaughey as the villainous Man in Black. Unfortunately, the film’s truncated take on King’s work did not go over well with fans, and neither did it attract casual moviegoers. Now, Amazon will take their own stab at adapting King’s epic story, and this time they’ll give it the series treatment. Sam Strike and Jasper Pääkkönen have already been named to the show’s cast as, respectively, the Gunslinger and the Man in Black.

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With Dark Tower the series reportedly going before cameras beginning this month, the show has also added Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn to the cast (via Mirror). Details have not been revealed about Flynn’s role, except that he will play a “cowboy” in the new adaptation. “I’ve always said I’d like to play a cowboy – and now one has come along. I’m excited for that,” Flynn said of the role.

Flynn’s casting in The Dark Tower gives the actor another chance to enter a sprawling fantasy world after playing the sellsword Ser Bronn on HBO’s Game of Thrones. As of now, Bronn is still alive on Thrones, and is currently headed to Winterfell on a mission for Cersei to murder her brothers Tyrion and Jaime (in the event they survive the battle with the White Walkers that the show is about to depict after two episodes of set-up). Of course, Bronn previously was friends with both Tyrion and Jaime, so it’s entirely possible he will end up rejecting his mission and the riches that go with it in order to fight alongside the Lannisters and the rest of the living trying to defend Westeros against the dead. In addition to Thrones, Flynn is also set to appear in the action film John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum.

It will be interesting to see what role Flynn tackles when he joins Amazon’s Dark Tower TV series. Flynn gets to play both devious and loyal as Bronn on Game of Thrones, an ambiguity that has made him a fan favorite, so it’s easy to see him playing either a good guy or a bad guy – or something in between – in King’s sprawling fantasy universe.

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Source: Mirror

2019-04-22 01:04:11

Dan Zinski