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The 10 Scariest Forms That IT Takes Besides Pennywise The Clown

IT Chapter Two has finally been released two years after Any Muschietti’s IT Chapter One initially came out, and its conclusion is just as thrilling and terrifying as the first installment in this pair of films. Of course, IT Chapter One and Chapter Two is an adaptation of the epic Stephen King classic IT, and watching this iconic book brought to life in all of its gruesome glory is exactly as fun and chilling as any horror fan would want it to be.

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Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the most beloved (and horrifying) form that the titular creature It likes to appear as, but Pennywise is a creature that can transform and create illusions of all kinds, based on the fears of whoever It is trying to terrorize. The creatures takes on a variety of different monstrous forms throughout Chapter One and Two, and here are the 10 absolute scariest appearances that it adopts in both films (other than Pennywise). Watch out for spooky spoilers if you aren’t up to speed with the movies!

10 The “Real” Pennywise

Bill Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise is as memorable as it is scary, but he’s covered in so much makeup and prosthetics (as well as being enhanced with CGI) that it’s easy to lose some of the subtleties and nuances of his performance. Although Pennywise is the form that It likes to take more than anything else, it’s hard to imagine him as a real living person.

Seeing the real man who served as the inspiration for Pennywise the Dancing Clown is one of the scariest parts of IT Chapter Two, and it’s easy to understand why a glimpse of him sends Beverly running for her life.

9 Betty Ripscom’s Legs

So, what’s even scarier than a dead child terrorizing you? Half of a dead child terrorizing you, apparently. It Chapter One and Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti pulled both chapters together in an interesting and terrifying way with Betty Ripscom.

Betty is one of the children to go missing in the first chapter, and when the young Losers Club are in the Derry house of horrors, they wind up seeing Betty’s torso hanging from the ceiling. In Chapter Two, Eddie and Richie are faced with the same choice of “scary” doors, and when they open them, a pair of legs with a removed top half come running at them, presumably Betty’s.

8 The Headless Child

Once again, Pennywise seems to have a natural understanding of the fact that a regular human being missing certain necessary parts can be more frightening than any monster or grotesquerie that he could conjure up, especially when trying to frighten children.

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Ben Hanscom was the first of the Losers Club to understand that things in Derry were even more sinister than they may seem, and that knowledge seems to have caught It’s attention. In Pennywise’s efforts to put Ben off of investigating further, he shows Ben an illusion of a headless child in the basement of the library, which would be enough to scare anyone off of their curiosity streak.

7 Georgie Denbrough

Fear is something that exists within every living thing, but the type of fear that everyone experiences and the particular things that scare them are as individual as any human being. So, while there are typical horrific things that will scare anyone, the things that typically frighten one individual person can be something fantastical or something completely mundane.

The real Georgie Denbrough was anything but terrifying. However, when Pennywise takes on his visage it’s easy to be scared, and it’s even easier to empathize with the fear and pain that seeing Georgie would bring for Bill, given everything that his little brother had to suffer through.

6 The Hypochondriac’s Horror

The way in which Pennywise appears to each member of the Losers Club varies, because their fears all vary. However, many of Pennywise’s visions and illusions are the kind of thing that anyone would be terrified of if they laid eyes on it. Eddie Kaspbrak is a complete hypochondriac, so being harassed by this poor, afflicted soul is a nightmare come to life.

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The creature that Eddie actually sees is a gruesome and terrifying sight in its own right. This oozing, drooling mess of a being barely looks human, and the thought of being chased by this monster is something that would scare anyone.

5 The Woman In The Painting

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to get fixated on a very strange thing and become consumed by  it, especially when that particular thing is something that scares you. Often, once you become an adult, you can look back and realize that it was absurd to be that scared of something innocuous.

Or, when it comes to the case of Stanley Uris’ fear, he could have looked back and realized that the lady in the painting was absolutely horrifying. Nobody knows the painting’s origins, but at least it gave Pennywise some great nightmare fuel to bring to life.

4 Mrs. Kersh

The characters in horror movies very rarely know that they’re in a real life horror movie, but the Losers Club don’t have that excuse. If you’re in a town that is terrorized by an evil clown and you run across an old lady who is super creepy, do not stick around to see what happens because you want to be polite!

We aren’t going to spoil what exactly Mrs. Kersh’s “real” appearance is, but Pennywise really knew what he was doing when he wanted Beverly Marsh to be absolutely terrified by the transformation of this polite and welcoming little old lady.

3 Mike’s Burning Parents

Derry is a town with an extremely dark and tragic history, but the character in the Losers Club with the darkest and most tragic personal backstory is absolutely Mike Hanlon. Surviving a fire that consumed your parents alive is obviously a difficult thing to cope with, and it’s understandable that the experience fuels Mike’s worst fears.

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The vision of his parent’s charred hands desperately trying to escape is really scary in its own right, but it’s infinitely more frightening because, for Mike Hanlon, it’s a reality he knows and has desperately tried to forget and leave in his past.

2 Alvin Marsh

All of the kids in the Losers Club find themselves in a very scary situation once they cross paths with Pennywise, but it seems like some of the kids are more prepared to deal with him than others, because, quite frankly, their life experiences are already a house of horrors.

Beverly Marsh’s home life is some of the vilest stuff in the entirety of IT. So, watching Pennywise take on the visage of Alvin Marsh is one of his scariest and most repulsive transformations.

1 Stanley’s Head

Pennywise takes advantage of all types of fear that all kinds of people experience. Some of those fears are out of this world and some of them are based on the most mundane of things, but Pennywise’s most frightening form is a combination of both.

After Stanley’s untimely death in Chapter Two, Pennywise uses a vision of child Stanley’s severed head that has been transformed into a grotesque spider-monster to terrorize the remaining members of the Losers Club. This hideous creation is truly an inspired, awful image that should scare and repulse everyone who sees it, even the experienced-in-horror Losers.

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