Toy Story: The 10 Saddest Things In The Franchise, Ranked

Although Toy Story 4 has only been out for a few weeks, please keep in mind that this list will have spoilers for the latest installment. It’s an absolute hit, critically revered, with parents being pulled to the theaters by countless waves of kids. It’s a new generation of fans, and they have no idea what the first Toy Story meant to us back in 1995. There had never even been a computer-animated feature before. Toy Story has been an insanely successful franchise, even with nearly a decade between each of the last three installments.

And although it’s a series of family-friendly stories, it also has endearing relationships and heart-wrenching moments. Here are ten of the latter, from the original trilogy.

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10 Andy’s Missing Father

This is something that easily goes over any kid’s head. Perhaps it was meant to imply why Andy became so involved with his toys and formed such a significant relationship with Woody. But truthfully, something like that is usually just a child’s incredible imagination at work. Either way, it’s quite a sad reality that Andy’s dad is never around.

We’re never given an official canon reason for that, and it’s really quite depressing that his single mom ends up raising two kids. Either Andy’s dad left, or died. Also, we’ve no idea what causes the crucial move that ends up being the climax of the film, but at least Andy’s birthday party suggests he isn’t lonely.

9 Woody Is Replaced

This movie probably made more than a few kids anxious about the attention they give their toys. Especially given that the film establishes they’re all living things with unique personalities, whenever you turn away. Woody’s entire purpose in life is to “be there for Andy”, a theme reinforced throughout every installment. So, when we’re hit with a montage about Andy redirecting all of his attention towards Buzz Lightyear, we can’t help but understand his jealousy. Buzz doesn’t even realize what he is yet, and can’t appreciate what Woody’s lost.

As per Randy Newman, Woody doesn’t just believe he’s Andy’s toy, but his friend too. It’s really tragic to see Andy toss Woody aside after all of the fun they share together.

8 Sid’s Destroyed Toys

If every toy is sentient, then Sid Phillips is one heck of a murderer. Sure, he gets his comeuppance, but given that he shows up as a functioning garbage man later on, it’s too bad that he wasn’t scarred for life.

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The three-eyed alien, every limb he ever dismembered—who knows how many toys he’s already destroyed by the time we meet him as the main antagonist of Toy Story. Worse, those toys that belonged to Sid’s sister were separated from her for every experiment. There has to be a reason Sid is so destructive, and that can’t be very good either.

7 Buzz Realizes He’s A Toy

Set to another Randy Newman tune, this is probably one of the saddest scenes in the entire franchise. It’s surprising how much these films have to do with one’s purpose in life.

For a greater part of the film, Buzz truly believes that he’s part of a grand, galactic endeavor. Buzz tries his best to fly but ends up literally broken. It’s truly fascinating that Woody has to teach him the value of being a toy. But before he does, Buzz sinks into a depression and even loses his mind for a minute, in a fantastic gag about one Mrs. Nesbit. But, our lowest moments offer us a chance to learn and rise again. Buzz adapts but doesn’t lose that signature personality.

6 Wheezy

It’s actually pretty tragic that Andy ends up throwing Wheezy on a shelf the moment he’s broken. Unfortunately, that’s simply the way things are. But the idea that Wheezy spent countless years in isolation is definitely a downer. It’s also Wheezy’s situation that gives Woody the anxiety about getting injured since the implication is that a broken toy doesn’t have a home with Andy.

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Truthfully, one wouldn’t want to think that was the case. However, it’s clear that as soon as Andy becomes excited about his new toy Buzz, he forgot all about Woody. He’s just a kid. And if you thought they had short attention spans before, you can only imagine what it’s like these days.

5 Jessie Was Donated

There’s a recurring theme of being forgotten in the original trilogy of Toy Story films. In Toy Story 2, we get our first brush with the simple reality of aging. Jessie is such an upbeat, spunky character, that it’s tough to see her suddenly tossed aside for makeup. And the whole ordeal is set to one of the most crushing songs imaginable. This could easily make an entire generation neurotic about giving up their childhood toys.

Facing abandonment, however, is unfortunately a very real obstacle for a lot of kids to identify with.

4 Andy Grew Up

By the time Toy Story 3 rolls around, it’s actually a shock for some reason, that Andy has sold the majority of his toys. Woody and Bo Peep were completely separated because of it. All that’s left are a handful of toys that Andy cherishes most.

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It is made clear that he plans on storing them in the attic. However, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the familiar gang try so hard to get Andy to give them any kind of attention. They’re excited when he even touches them again. There’s hardly anything sadder than that.

3 The Toys Are Nearly Incinerated

As far as we knew, Toy Story 3 was truly going to be the end of the franchise altogether. An entire decade had gone by since the previous installment, and the filmmakers reacted accordingly. They treated Andy as an avatar for the audience.

He’s heading off to college, he drives (like he wanted to in the first movie), and he doesn’t play with toys anymore. Every kid who had grown up on Toy Story was on board with the final sequel for nostalgia. So, after all the toys fight so vehemently for freedom, it’s very difficult to watch them hold hands and accept death. It’s telling us that we will have to let them go, for good, too. And what makes it so deeply moving, is that they represent our childhood.

2 Andy Gives Up His Toys

In the end, this is ultimately more of a bittersweet moment than something just plain sad. Andy discovers that he can keep his favorite childhood toys within the family, so to speak. But it’s tough to watch anyhow. Particularly when he settles on Woody and Buzz, who aren’t just filled with history for Andy, but for the audience. He decides to give them up too, but not before he plays with his toys one last time.

Childhood memories root deeply in our minds, and you can tell by the nostalgia trend going around these days. But Andy lets go, and for nine years, we had to do the same.

1 Woody Moves On

In the original trilogy, there’s a lot of talk about sticking together. In the newest entry, it’s quite the opposite. As it turns out, Bo Peep wasn’t just sold off. It was her choice to leave, and Woody spends the duration of the film coming to understand that decision. Although Andy learned to move on from his toys, they needed to move on too. Woody hasn’t, and it’s truly difficult seeing him ignored by Bonnie, with little clout among friends. But Bonnie isn’t Andy, and Woody needs to find a new purpose. He absolutely needs Bonnie more than she needs him.

Woody chooses to live for himself, with Bo but abandons all of his friends. It’s a bittersweet and surprising end for Woody, but a perfect resolution. It’s the audience that will be heartbroken the most.

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10 Reasons Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The MCU’s Best Solo Franchise

When Guardians of the Galaxy was first released back in 2014, it wasn’t expected to do very well at the box office. It was the first movie in the MCU not to be based on a well-known comic book property and it had a talking raccoon, a talking tree, and a quirky sense of humor. However, pundits were surprised when the movie resonated with a huge audience. And the 2017 sequel was even bigger.

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There are a few MCU characters with solo franchises, but it’s arguably the Guardians that have the strongest one. So, here are 10 Reasons Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The MCU’s Best Solo Franchise.

10 There are no weak links (yet)

The Guardians franchise has yet to include a bad movie. Every other MCU solo franchise has at least one installment that isn’t up to snuff, either failing to reach the standard set by the franchise or simply being considered a tad “meh.”

The first Captain America movie doesn’t reach the heights that the Russo brothers’ later installments would, while Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World are, at best, divisive among fans. Now, granted, there have only been two Guardians movies where most of the MCU’s solo franchises are trilogies, but as it stands, the Guardians solo franchise is the only one where every installment is an all-time MCU great.

9 Relatable characters

It’s hard to make superheroes relatable, because they’re “super” by nature, but Guardians of the Galaxy does it. Peter Quill is perhaps the most ordinary character in the MCU. He doesn’t have discernible superpowers, he was raised by a single mother in Missouri, and he’s not even shown to be a particularly good outlaw.

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But that just serves to make him relatable. And this goes for the rest of the characters in the Guardians movies. Anyone with a sister can relate to Gamora’s rivalry with Nebula, while people dealing with personal loss can identify with Drax. Rocket pretends not to care, because he has the biggest heart of all, and we can all relate to that.

8 Rewatchable origin story

Origin stories, by their very nature, don’t make very rewatchable movies. They’re interesting the first time, but after that, you just want to see your favorite heroes in action. Batman Begins spends an hour explaining how Bruce Wayne became Batman, whereas The Dark Knight has no such burden and can just dive right into the superhero action.

However, the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie – which doesn’t give us the origin stories of each individual team member, but does give us the origin story of the team itself – is one of the most rewatchable movies in the whole MCU. This is partly because it’s so wildly entertaining, but also partly due to its streamlined plotting. It wastes no time setting up the characters, getting them in prison together, establishing why they need each other and how they end up working together, and sending them off on their first adventure.

7 A recognizable theme tune

One of the most common criticisms of the MCU is that there aren’t any instantly recognizable musical pieces like there are in franchises like Star Wars and Back to the Future. However, there are some memorable ones. The five-note Avengers motif is suitably breathtaking and Michael Giacchino’s retooling of the classic Spider-Man theme is delightful.

But Guardians of the Galaxy is the only solo franchise in the MCU with its own unmistakable theme tune, composed by Tyler Bates. And this is particularly impressive, since the Guardians movies’ soundtracks are famous for their use of ‘70s pop music as opposed to a traditional orchestral score.

6 It actually has its own genre

Kevin Feige says that every movie in the MCU fits into a different genre: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a ‘70s-style political thriller, Ant-Man is a heist movie, Captain Marvel is a ‘90s-style action movie etc. But on the whole, they all fit into the same category of superhero cinema.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are the only ones that actually feel like they fit into a different genre. They’re spacefaring sci-fi stories, with a hint of comedy. Part of what makes the Guardians of the Galaxy movies the best MCU solo franchise is that they stick out from the rest of the MCU. They could literally exist as an entirely separate franchise and stand on their own.

5 Memorable villains

The MCU is often criticized for having a “villain problem,” but this doesn’t apply to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. A great villain is one with a unique connection to the hero – e.g. Doc Ock is Spidey’s mentor, the Winter Soldier is Cap’s brainwashed best friend etc. – and both of the Guardians of the Galaxy films have that.

In the first one, the Guardians are pursued by Gamora’s sister Nebula and her father’s loyal servant Ronan the Accuser. In the second one, although the twist could be seen a mile off, Quill’s biological father Ego turned out to be a genocidal psycho.

4 Iconic soundtracks

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies weren’t the first MCU installments to toy around with a soundtrack of diegetic (a fancy word for music that can be heard by the characters and not just the audience), licensed music. Iron Man had been blasting the sounds of AC/DC from his armor for years before Peter Quill and his Walkman came along.

But there’s no arguing that the Guardians movies have the best soundtracks. Quill’s “Awesome Mix” tapes are an emotional part of the story, since his mother gave him one of them before the died and the other as a posthumous gift, and all of the songs featured on them are classics: David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens, the Jackson 5, George Harrison, Sam Cooke, and many, many more.

3 Well-developed character arcs

The MCU’s success lives and dies with its characters’ arcs, and the character arcs in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are beautifully drawn. The first movie saw Peter Quill move on from his mother’s death, then the second one saw him meet his biological father and realize Yondu was a loving dad all along.

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Gamora has been trying to leave her past as a Thanos-worshipping killer behind; Rocket has learned that it’s okay to let your guard down and care about people; Drax has found a new family to make life without his own bearable. These characters and their arcs are very clear-cut and well-developed.

2 Actors with chemistry

Whoever is in charge of casting for the MCU is doing a damn fine job. There isn’t a single actor in a major role in the MCU who isn’t perfectly suited to that role. But the casting of Guardians of the Galaxy goes one step further. Not only are all the actors the ideal choices for their characters, they also have impeccable chemistry with one another.

Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana have built a real, honest relationship in these movies, and even the actors who give vocal performances as CGI characters, like Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, share on-screen chemistry.

1 The perfect balance of heart and humor

All of the MCU’s movies have a healthy balance of heart (moments that hit you right in the feels) and humor (moments that tickle your ribs). It is this balance that has arguably made the franchise the phenomenal success that it is, because it has universal appeal. But arguably, no MCU installments have struck that balance quite as perfectly as the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Usually, an MCU movie will veer more one way than the other; the Captain America movies make us feel more than they make us laugh, while the Ant-Man movies make us laugh more than they make us feel. But the Guardians movies have both in equal – and equally effective – measure.

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5 Recent Horror Movies That We Hope Will Be The Start Of A Franchise (& 5 We Don’t)

The most lucrative movies to be turned into franchises right now are comic book movies. But there’s always been a place for horror franchises at the multiplex, either an endless slew of slasher rehashes like Friday the 13th or an interconnected universe like Cloverfield. No moderately successful horror movie is safe from being forced into a franchise.

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Even Happy Death Day got a sequel that turned it into a Back to the Future Part II homage. So, with many burgeoning horror franchises on the horizon, here are 5 Recent Horror Movies That We Hope Will Be The Start Of A Franchise (And 5 We Don’t).

10 We hope will: Us

Jordan Peele’s latest horror-fest Us, a dark tale of doppelgangers, is one of the most inventive horror movies in recent years. It’s been a hit with audiences and critics alike, and the ambiguous ending left the door open to sequels. The film set up an underlying mythology that involved government experiments and a violent nationwide invasion, so there are plenty of directions to take a sequel.

Peele has announced that he does have ideas for sequels to the movie: “There’s a lot of different ways to approach continuing in this universe that are at the very least fun in my mind and computer.” However, he’s not telling us any of the ideas just yet, because he’s not sure which one he’ll go with – or if he’ll do a sequel at all.

9 We hope won’t: The Witch

Robert Eggers’ chilling historical movie The Witch works as a horror film due to its basis in reality. There actually were witch trials and people actually did get banished from their villages and everyone actually did believe in witches and feared them.

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Eggers’ haunting use of imagery like a flickering campfire in the stark black of the night to keep his audience unnerved throughout the whole movie. However, the whole mythology of witchcraft and its devastatingly cyclical nature is fully explored in the movie. Everything there is to be said about witches is said in the movie. A sequel would just be a retread.

8 We hope will: Evil Dead

Fede Álvarez’s recent remake of Sam Raimi’s indie horror classic The Evil Dead was one of the few horror remakes to actually add something to the original. Alvarez had a bigger studio budget and CGI effects that Raimi didn’t have when he was making the original.

Rather than use them as a crutch, he used them to increase the impact of every jump scare or gory moment to make them even more gut-wrenching. Jane Levy’s Mia was a more compelling and less silly protagonist than Bruce Campbell’s Ash, so it would be great to follow her through a trilogy like Ash.

7 We hope won’t: Truth or Dare

Slasher movies are ripe for franchises. Any horror movie with a mysterious killer who picks off teenagers one by one – whether they’re an escaped mental patient in a boiler suit or a demon running an evil supernatural game of “Truth or Dare” – is inevitably made into a seemingly endless franchise: Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street etc.

But please don’t let Truth or Dare become one of them. The original left the door open for a sequel by (SPOILER ALERT!) drawing millions of people across the world into the demonic game via YouTube. But the movie sucked, so there doesn’t need to be anymore.

6 We hope will: Lights Out

Lighting is among the most important elements of horror filmmaking. The way a horror film is lit can make or break it. That’s what made David F. Sandberg’s Lights Out, a scary movie in which darkness is the enemy, such a delight for horror buffs.

In this case, the franchise potential is more than just mere speculation as a sequel has actually been put into development. Eric Heisserer, the writer of the first movie, is back on board to pen the script for a potential sequel, while Sandberg has pledged to return to the director’s chair if a sequel is made – and hopefully it will.

5 We hope won’t: The Nun

As a spin-off from The Conjuring universe, this one is technically already a part of a franchise – in fact, to the tune of a $365 million worldwide box office gross, it became the highest grossing installment in that franchise. But it shouldn’t be given sequels, like fellow Conjuring spin-off Annabelle (although it certainly will), because it just wasn’t that good.

The writing was sloppy, the set pieces weren’t properly executed, and the movie relied almost solely on jump scares, which are the laziest way to scare an audience. Unfortunately, this is pointless, because a screenwriter named Akela Cooper has already been hired to write a sequel.

4 We hope will: It Follows

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows was a frightening movie, made in the old-school style of Carpenter-era ‘70s horror cinema, and it has a rich concept that could be explored deeper in sequels. We can all relate to the fear of being followed and that’s what made the movie work so well.

According to distributor Radius-TWC’s co-president Tom Quinn, a sequel has been discussed, and it could follow Maika Monroe’s Jay, or some other unrelated protagonist, as they try to figure out where the paranormal entity came from. The first movie laid some interesting groundwork, but a franchise could really build on that.

3 We hope won’t: Get Out

The second Jordan Peele-directed entry on this list, Get Out was a monster hit with both critics and audiences, even going on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. There’s been vague talks of a sequel in the years since its release, but it shouldn’t be a franchise. Get Out works brilliantly on its own as a standalone work of cinema.

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It was all about the twist – the sinister reason why Rose brought Chris to her parents’ house – and now that we know that, a sequel won’t be able to lull us into the same false sense of security a second time around. And there’s no need to continue Chris’ story, because we saw everything we needed to see in the first one – we can fill in the blanks ourselves.

2 We hope will: Don’t Breathe

The home invasion thriller is a horror subgenre that has been done to death, but Fede Álvarez managed to beat some fresh life out of it in 2016 with his movie Don’t Breathe. It flipped the script on the usual home invasion template by having the people breaking in as the protagonists and the guy whose house is broken into as the villain.

The most exciting thing about a sequel to Don’t Breathe, which had a somewhat ambiguous ending, is that producer Sam Raimi said of the rudimentary talks, “It’s only the greatest idea for a sequel I’ve ever heard. I’m not kidding.” That’s something we want to see.

1 We hope won’t: Hereditary

Hereditary might just be the greatest horror movie of the 21st century so far, but it’s not a movie that needs any sequels or continuation. Ari Aster’s directorial debut was acclaimed by critics and beloved by audiences, and a big part of their enjoyment of it was that it told its story neatly.

Within half an hour, moviegoers realized they’d been completely misled by the trailers about what kind of movie it would be and, from the edge of their seats, they strapped in for a frightening cinematic experience. At the end of the movie, (SPOILER ALERT!) everyone in the Graham family had died, Paimon was given a host body, and he was being worshipped by a coven of followers. We don’t need to see what happened after that, because our imagination of Paimon’s reign is far scarier than any movie could live up to.

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5 Upcoming Franchise Reboots We Need (& 5 We Don’t)

Neil Marshall’s new reboot of the Hellboy franchise has been met with overwhelmingly negative reviews and disappointing box office reception. Some commentators have noted that the movie added nothing to the character or his world that wasn’t already covered in Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman’s Hellboy movies, apart from a forced R rating achieved with flat CGI gore.

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Hollywood studios will reboot any and all franchises they have the rights to these days, but they rarely stop to ask if we really need a reboot or not. So, here are 5 Upcoming Franchise Reboots We Need (And 5 We Don’t).

10 We don’t need: Men in Black: International

The Men in Black series of sci-fi action comedies is being rebooted with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson taking the lead roles and the setting switching to the MIB’s London branch. We don’t need it. A government agency fighting aliens was never what people liked about these movies – it was the pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (or Josh Brolin that one time, but he was impersonating Tommy Lee Jones) and the combination of their impeccable chemistry and their clash of personalities.

There’s no doubt that Hemsworth and Thompson will be great in the reboot, but that’s not the point. They’re not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones – just like David Harbour isn’t Ron Perlman – therefore moviegoers won’t be interested.

9 We need: RoboCop Returns

Neill Blomkamp, one of the finest sci-fi directors working today, is helming a reboot of the RoboCop franchise entitled RoboCop Returns. There was a previous RoboCop reboot in 2014 and it was pretty good, but it made a couple of crucial mistakes: firstly, RoboCop took his helmet off, and most importantly, it did away with the original’s satirical bite.

Blomkamp’s reboot looks like it’ll bring back the old-school ‘80s style of the original as he’s working from an updated version of an unused script written as a direct sequel to the first movie by its writers Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner.

8 We don’t need: Flash Gordon

There has been talk of a Flash Gordon reboot for years, but it’s finally moving forward as the producers are putting together a creative team and getting them to work. Julius Avery, the director of last year’s WWII horror thriller Overlord, has been hired to helm the reboot, while I Am Legend’s Mark Protosevich is writing the script. But the movie isn’t necessary.

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The 1980 cult classic starring Sam J. Jones is a timeless gem that can be enjoyed for its cheesiness. The reboot can either be just as camp and wink to the audience – which would be pointless, because that movie already exists – or a gritty Dark Knight-style reinvention, which the source material isn’t suited for (remember the embarrassment of the gritty Fantastic Four reboot?).

7 We need: Candyman

Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele is attached as a producer on the upcoming Candyman reboot. Candyman is the ideal franchise to be given Peele’s unique spin, because it’s an underrated horror classic and it deals with racial themes, much in the same way as Peele’s own films.

The director counts the original Candyman movie among his primary cinematic influences and, while he will just be producing the reboot, he will be taking a hands-on approach with its development. The great Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who worked with Peele on Us, will play the title character, while the setting will be switched to a more modern gentrified neighborhood.

6 We don’t need: Escape from New York

Leigh Whannell has been tapped to direct a reboot of the Escape from New York franchise. But no one besides Kurt Russell could play Snake Plissken – we’ll have another Alden Ehrenreich on our hands. Plus, John Carpenter made Escape from New York as a response to the Watergate scandal in the ‘70s.

The reboot will be bereft of all of the original’s political context and will therefore be yet another reboot to miss the point of the original. Instead of the U.S. President, the missing politician in the reboot will be a female Senator. Other than that, it seems like it’ll be a more-or-less straightforward rehash, which no one asked for.

5 We need: The Addams Family

We’ve needed a new version of Charles Addams’ classic characters for years. At one point, Tim Burton was working on a stop-motion animated reboot. The Addams Family reboot has an incredible voice cast filled with A-list stars: Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Charlize Theron as Morticia, Chloë Grace Moretz as Wednesday, Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley, Bette Midler as Grandmama, Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester, and Allison Janney as a morally bankrupt and unscrupulous reality TV star who wants the scoop on the strange family. The movie is being released in October, too, so it’ll make a great family night out at the movies for Halloween.

4 We don’t need: Top Gun: Maverick

Fans have been clamoring for a Top Gun sequel for decades and they’re finally getting one. But why? Why do people want a Top Gun sequel, and why is the studio giving us one? Belated sequels are always disappointing: Anchorman 2, Jurassic World, Independence Day: Resurgence, Dumb and Dumber To, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and many, many, many more.

Plus, the subject matter of Top Gun is of its time. Back in 1986, when the first Top Gun movie was released, Reagan had everyone in America feeling patriotic, so a glorified military recruitment video was a huge blockbuster. However, in 2019, America is much more divided on political issues, and most aerial warfare is done with drones. So, Top Gun: Maverick almost definitely won’t work.

3 We need: Spawn

The Spawn comics were initially adapted for the screen in 1997 with Michael Jai White playing the lead role. However, that movie watered down the comics’ dark edge. That’s because Spawn creator Todd McFarlane had nothing to do with the 1997 movie.

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But he’s on board to write, direct, and co-produce this reboot starring Jamie Foxx as Spawn and Jeremy Renner as Twitch. It’ll be the Spawn movie that fans have always wanted. McFarlane promises it’ll be a standalone piece bearing an R rating, as well as all the violence and terror from the comics that the first movie was lacking.

2 We don’t need: The Batman

Fans are curious to see who Matt Reeves will cast in the lead role in The Batman, but do we really need it? It was first announced to give Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne his own solo movie in the DC Extended Universe. However, Affleck has left the role and hung up the cowl now, so the sole purpose for this movie no longer exists.

The only reason to make it now is to give film audiences yet another Batman when they’re still mostly pleased with Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Let’s take a break from Batman for a while – would that be the end of the world?

1 We need: Terminator: Dark Fate

James Cameron took cinema by storm with his complex, engaging, brilliantly plotted, and masterfully crafted sci-fi actioner The Terminator. And then he caught lightning in a bottle for a second time with Terminator 2: Judgment Day, one of the greatest sequels of all time.

But after that, he handed over the franchise to studio executives and they’ve since pumped out one disappointment after another. Those studios will finally nail a Terminator reboot – fourth time lucky, right? – because they’ve done what they should’ve done a long time ago: brought back the mind of James Cameron. Deadpool director Tim Miller is also on board.

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10 Ways Marvel Can Fix The X-Men Franchise

Disney’s acquisition of Fox couldn’t have come at a better time for Marvel. They’re about the clean house in the MCU with Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of 11 years of filmmaking, and a bunch of characters will either be retired or killed off, leaving room for a new batch of superheroes to enter the game. Meanwhile, Fox has managed to fade the X-Men franchise, the once-thriving cinematic behemoth that started the superhero movie trend in the first place, into near-total obscurity. Marvel has a chance to reset the X-Men on the big screen and get them back on track. Here are 10 Ways Marvel Can Fix The X-Men Franchise.

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10 Make Us Care About Characters

In Avengers: Endgame, a number of our favorite characters, who we’ve been following on their big-screen journeys for over a decade, will likely be killed off: namely, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. If they were leaving us with a bunch of obscure characters we didn’t really care about, the franchise would quickly die off. But what Marvel masterfully did is hook us in with those beloved characters in the beginning, and then spend a few years getting us to fall in love with all the then-obscure characters – Black Panther, Ant-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel – so that when the O.G.s are killed off, we’ll still have a bunch of new favorites to see in these movies. When Wolverine and Professor X died in Logan, it was an emotional ride, but the franchise lost two of its greatest assets and left us with basically no one we really cared about.

9 Keep the plot consistent

The biggest problem with the plot of Fox’s X-Men franchise is that it’s totally inconsistent. It’s one thing to have the Merc with a Mouth complain about how confusing the timelines are, but moviegoers who keep coming back to see movies that either erase each other or have gaping plot holes are going to feel cheated out of their money – and they do. The MCU doesn’t keep its timeline totally consistent – how many years are there between the Battle of New York and Spider-Man: Homecoming exactly? – but on the whole, it all fits together. That’s what Marvel’s X-Men movies should do, too.

8 Let the directors steer the ship

One of the MCU’s strengths is that they give their directors creative freedom. The DCEU has picked up on this in recent years and it’s been much more successful for it. Most of the X-Men movies have the money for spectacle, but not the personal touch of an auteur to make them truly great blockbusters.

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Fox let James Mangold go to town on Logan after forcing him to adhere to a strict PG-13 studio tentpole formula with The Wolverine, because he was playing with a much smaller budget. The same goes for Tim Miller and David Leitch on the Deadpool movies. But the MCU gives its directors that kind of freedom with huge budgets, and the resulting movies have soul and personality and life.

7 Tell stories that haven’t been told

Nothing excites an audience more than something new. Maybe not completely new, like an original story featuring original characters, but certainly not something they’ve seen before. They’re excited by familiar characters going into new territory (even if that means an animated movie being remade in live-action). For example, we all know the Avengers – we’ve seen them in 21 movies now – but we’ve never seen them travel through time or deal with half their friends turning to dust or simply being defeated, and that’s why we’re all so excited for Endgame. Dark Phoenix, on the other hand, is telling a story that was previously told in X-Men: The Last Stand. The events of that movie were erased by Days of Future Past, but still, it’s a movie we’ve seen before, and that’s why no one is excited to see it. Future X-Men movies should learn a lesson from this and only tell stories that haven’t been told on-screen before.

6 Carefully construct their cinematic universe

Whether the X-Men will join the MCU or not under Disney remains to be seen, but either way, there’s enough potential there for them to become their own cinematic universe anyway. There are certainly enough characters to populate it and enough stories to be told. But if that’s going to happen, the universe needs to be as carefully constructed as the MCU has been, with a perfectly structured narrative arc and interconnectivity that actually works and pays off. Other studios have tried and failed to do this – as did Fox with their X-Men movies, like when they named the third of would what eventually be 13 movies The Last Stand – but luckily, Marvel Studios knows how to do it. They’ve done it before with some success.

5 The world doesn’t always need to be at stake

There’s something to be said about the fact that John Wick ended up with a murdered dog instead of a murdered family after test audiences cared more about the dog. In every X-Men movie distributed by Fox, the world is at stake. The mutants need to save the Earth from something that threatens the entire Earth. We’ve seen it a dozen times now. On a scale of that magnitude, the audience simply won’t care – especially when it becomes the series’ defining cliché. Sometimes it pays to give the audience stakes they can wrap their heads around. The world is too big. It can be more effective to introduce us to a smaller target – like, say, Talos’ family in Captain Marvel – and have the hero save them.

4 Ditch the “young” cast

In many ways, X-Men: First Class screwed up the X-Men franchise. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it did recast all the roles with younger actors and start to mess up the whole timeline. The fact that the later movies that brought back the older cast in a confusing melding of timelines were more successful than the ones focusing on the younger cast alone told us one thing: it wasn’t necessarily Professor X or Magneto or Wolverine that audiences responded to – it was Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Hugh Jackman. The likes of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence are fine actors, but X-Men fans have refused to accept them as their favorite characters. They have to go.

3 Go for hard-edged R-rated movies

What has always set X-Men stories aside from other superhero movies is their sociopolitical undercurrent, treating mutants like any other minority group to make interesting points. It’s no coincidence that the most successful movies in the X-Men franchise of late, both critically and commercially, have been Deadpool and Logan. Those movies are both rated R and both have a very hard edge, either a satirical one or a harrowing dramatic one. Their R ratings allowed them to deeply explore the sociopolitical themes of the X-Men stories, and that really clicked with audiences. The early X-Men movies had soft allegories linking the prejudice against mutants to racism and homophobia, but the PG-13 ratings they were going for prevented them from really hitting hard.

2 Focus on more obscure characters

It’s hard to think of Deadpool as “obscure” now, since Ryan Reynolds has made him an icon. But a couple of years ago, he was relatively unknown among the moviegoing community, and Fox was hesitant to bring him to the screen, because he swears and talks to the camera.

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Look at the X-Men characters who have connected with audiences in the recent movies: Quicksilver, Domino, X-23, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. These are the weirder, more obscure characters – and they’re clearly the ones that audiences are the most interesting. So, Marvel should focus on the more obscure characters in their X-Men movies.

1 Start from scratch

The current X-Men franchise isn’t workable. The timeline is all messed up and no one cares about the current cast or characters, except for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and maybe Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. A lot of people complain about the fact that we got three big-screen Spider-Men in the space of less than a decade, but the cold, hard fact is that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man wasn’t working out. The MCU brought in Tom Holland, who was not only the first big-screen Spidey who didn’t look 30 years old; he was also the first one who brought the humanity and relatability and humor of the character to the screen. Marvel’s best bet with the X-Men is simply to start over.

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Ben Sherlock

10 Ways Disney Can Make The Deadpool Franchise Work

Well, it’s finally happened. After a lot of rumors and hurdles to jump, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox is closed. While this is a complex situation with a lot of moving parts, Marvel film fans are rejoicing at the prospect of seeing some of their beloved characters finally joining to MCU. While there’s still a lot of question about how any of these characters will fit into the existing universe, one of the biggest question marks is Deadpool.

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Unlike the X-Men and Fantastic Four films Fox has developed, Deadpool is actually very successful. This is not a franchise that would be easily rebooted. But does the boundary-pushing humor of Deadpool mesh well with the family friendly image of Disney? It’s a complicated situation, but here are some ways Deadpool can work over at Disney.

10 Rated R

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Deadpool needs to be R-rated. The character is violent and vulgar, and to try to tone it down would be a disaster. Even the current franchise couldn’t make PG-13 work. If Disney wants to use the character they’ll have to get dirty.

There has already been some talk of R-rated MCU films, and Deadpool is the perfect character to test it out. With a character already proven to work in that area, it would hardly be a risk for them at all and might lead to more R-rated films.

9 Maintain Continuity

As crazy as it would be to make PG-13 Deadpool, it would be equally crazy to reboot the existing franchise. Ryan Reynolds has done a lot with the character and Disney should not underestimate how important his leg work has been.

Deadpool is a difficult character to crack, but Reynolds and company have successfully brought him to the big screen. Luckily, with his fourth-wall-breaking habits, he might be the only characters who can bring with existing franchise over to Disney without skipping a beat.

8 Don’t Ignore The Elephant In The Room

While exciting to some fans, this merger is a little messier than it seems. The X-Men franchise is still ongoing and there are several films in various stages of production. That likely all comes to an end now.

Some fans of the Fox films might not be happy about the new deal and that’s going to be hard to ignore when they start integrating all these properties. That’s why Deadpool is such a valuable character. He can openly discuss the changes instead of pretending everything is normal. In the end, he could be the character best used to bridge the gap.

7 Keep It Small

One of the greatest jokes from Deadpool was how the budget could only afford two X-Men. It’s a fun bit of meta humor, but as it turns out, that smaller budget actually better served the film.

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The Deadpool films, while slick and action-packed, are some of the more reasonable superhero budgets. Deadpool is not a hero to be saving the world from alien invasions, therefore his films can function on a smaller scale which can be a little refreshing. Save the $200 million budgets to the bigger names.

6 Let Him Poke Fun

At this point, the MCU is standing on some pretty solid ground. Every film they put out is a hit with audiences and most critics, they’re leading up to the massive Avengers: Endgame, and they’ve just reacquired some of their biggest properties. We think they can handle to be the butt of a few jokes.

As ground-breaking as the MCU is, it’s not perfect. There are certain things people could quibble about. It would be a mistake to not allow Deadpool full range with how he ridicules his new home. Nothing seems off-topic for him so Disney and the MCU should be no different.

5 Give Ryan Reynolds Control

From the earliest discussions of a Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds was always a name attached as a possible star. Despite the rough start with the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds has since proven he was born to play the role.

Not only is Reynolds perfect casting for the lead role, he also has an intense passion and understanding of the character. If Disney is lucky enough to keep him around, they should allow Reynolds to take the reigns of the franchise and let him go wild.

4 Keep Him Out Of The MCU

The thrill of the MCU is the amazing crossover potential. While the merger means even more crossover potential, it would be a mistake to let Deadpool wonder outside his own franchise.

Deadpool is too bizarre a character to pop up with the Avengers. As fun as it would be to see, his presence in the MCU wouldn’t make sense. His fourth-wall-breaking and R-rated content just don’t work in that world. He’s better off staying in his own separate universe where he can be himself.

3 But Bring The MCU To Him

While it wouldn’t make sense for Deadpool to exist in the MCU, it would make perfect sense for the MCU to exist in a Deadpool movie. This is a very unique character who the rules don’t apply to, therefore, any character could appear in his films without worry of impacting the overall universe.

You could have Thor and Captain America and they would be the Deadpool versions of those characters. It could be an alternate timeline that exists only in Deadpool’s mind. This could lead to a lot of fun cameos where we’d see our favorite characters in an R-rated setting.

2 Take Advantage Of Disney Property

It’s not just the Marvel properties that Deadpool can now play with, but the entire Disney catalogue. Given how much fun the first two Deadpool films had with just the X-Men universe, imagine what the character can do in this whole new world (Aladdin reference intended).

Hopefully, Disney allows Ryan Reynolds and company to go wild with the whole universe and take full advantage of the merger and all the great toys that come along with it. We’d love to see the Pixar version of Deadpool eventually.

1 Know When To Stop

As beloved as he is, Deadpool’s popularity might not be as lasting as some of the other heroes. He is a character who might work best in small doses and, therefore, the people behind the franchise should be conscious of overstaying their welcome.

Ryan Reynolds has already wondered about the end of the franchise. Instead of letting audiences get tired of the character, they should try to leave them wanting more. Perhaps Deadpool 3 should be the final entry, and with the new merger, what story would be a better fit than Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Talk about a big finish.

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Colin McCormick

Mega Man: The 10 Best Games In The Franchise, Ranked

Almost no series in the history of gaming has as many entries in its franchise than the Mega Man series. The little blue robot has jumped his way through countless levels, defeated innumerable Robot Masters, and gained a vast amount of special abilities from his opponents.

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The Mega Man series is a classic action platformer that has earned its place in the hearts of gamers. But which of the Mega Man games truly deserves the recognition that the series is known for? There are more than fifty Mega Man games, and not all of them are gems of the gaming world. Read on if you want to learn about the top ten Mega Man games in the franchise.

10 Mega Man 9

Often, classic games receive newfangled sequels that drastically depart from the aesthetic of the initial game. Mega Man 9 was created with the polar opposite idea in mind. Its visual appearance adheres to the classic 8-bit design that its predecessors were based on.

The tough gameplay, while alienating to some players, is also reminiscent of old-school Nintendo games. For fans of the original Mega Man games, the 2008 Mega Man 9 was a breath of fresh air after stagnant sequels that diverged from the retro formula. If you are looking for a classic Mega Man package in the modern era of gaming, look no farther than Mega Man 9. 

9 Mega Man & Bass

Mega Man & Bass is different from other Mega Man games in that it offers players a choice between two characters at the beginning of the game. You can play as either of the two titular characters. Mega Man’s respective abilities are more powerful charged shots and a ground slide. Bass’ abilities are a double jump and a rapid-fire arm cannon that shoots in eight directions.

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Aside from the novelty of including a second playable character, Mega Man & Bass also ups the difficulty factor of boss fights. Mega Man games have long been known for their steep difficulty levels. Mega Man & Bass continues that tradition in excellent form.

8 Mega Man Zero 3

The Mega Man Zero series does not follow our typical blue robot. Instead, the main character of the game switches to Zero. Zero is a sleeker, edgier version of the original Mega Man. Mega Man Zero 3 is the best game in this four-game offshoot of the Mega Man franchise.

Rave reviews are sparse, but Megan Man Zero 3 is an underrated game. It maintains the same quality of gameplay as the first two games in the series. It also upgraded the Cyber-Elf helper system with the new Satellite Cyber Elves. Players looking to branch out from the main Mega Man series could do worse than try out Mega Man Zero 3. 

7 Mega Man 3

Strange as it may seem for an entry released in 1990 to rank so highly on this list, Mega Man 3 speaks for itself. Mega Man introduced players to Rush, Mega Man’s canine companion. This robotic canine sidekick added to Mega Man’s list of abilities. Rush transformed into the “Rush Coil” to allow Mega Man to jump higher and reach faraway platforms.

He could also turn into an underwater submersible called the “Rush Marine,” allowing Mega Man to travel beneath the waves. We’re not trying to say that any game can be improved by a mechanical dog buddy. But we are saying that the Mega Man games were improved by a mechanical dog buddy.

6 Mega Man Powered Up

Mega Man Powered Up is technically a remake of the original Mega Man. It was released solely on the PlayStation Portable and covered the events of the first game’s story. However, drastic changes to the art style of the original were made. The 8-bit look was done away with. In its place were 3D visuals, complete with a “chibi” style, meaning heads were larger than bodies and every character just got a wee bit cuter.

However, don’t let the change in visuals turn you off from the game itself. It is classed as the best Mega Man remake, and definitely one of the best games to ever release on the PSP. Mega Man Powered Up caters to the affections of long-time fans in a way most remakes fail to.

5 Mega Man

No list ranking the best Mega Man games would be complete without mentioning the very first one. Credit should go where credit is due. Mega Man is the one that started it all, the game that kicked off one of Nintendo’s largest series to date. It was the first home console game that Capcom had ever developed, made for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

It was not commercially successful, at least not based on the revenue produced by the first game alone. But Mega Man can be termed successful by its legacy. The game design was well-received, and it spawned a franchise that is still producing games thirty-one years later. The Mega Man franchise flourishes because of the foundation this first game laid down.

4 Mega Man X

Mega Man X was released in 1993 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The most notable aspect of this game is the fact that it was the first Mega Man entry to be released on this system. The story of the series takes place a hundred years after the story of the original Mega Man series.

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It follows a new Mega Man simply called “X.” X isn’t all that different from his namesake. However, his ability to jump off from walls definitely raises him in our esteem. Mega Man X was a reinvention of the series that became popular as soon as it released. It was not as challenging as prior titles had been, which was a detriment in the eyes of some gamers, but it was fresh, new, and exciting.

3 Mega Man Legends 2

As will be seen in our top 3 entries on this list, the Mega Man franchise has a tendency to excel at sequels. The first game in a series is like a trial run. The second game reaches perfection. Mega Man Legends 2 is the sequel to Mega Man Legends. While the majority of games in the Mega Man series are known as 2D side-scrolling platformers, the Mega Man Legends series is a 3D action-adventure shooter.

Despite this massive departure from Mega Man’s usual formula, Mega Man Legends was loads of fun. And Mega Man Legends 2 exceeded the quality of the first Legends game by a landslide. It is a tragedy that a follow-up to Mega Man Legends 2 was never made.

2 Mega Man X2

Just as Mega Man Legends 2 improved upon its predecessor, Mega Man X2 improved upon Mega Man X. Vehicles were a welcome addition to the series. X could even use a hovercycle at one point of the game. The graphics for this second game showed a marked improvement over the graphics of the first.

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The new armor abilities at X’s disposal enhanced Mega Man X2 in comparison to the original. Of special note, the story for Mega Man X2 is worthy of praise, though perhaps that does not mean much given the sparse narrative of some other Mega Man games. Needless to say, Mega Man X2 is a game in the franchise that all fans should give a chance.

1 Mega Man 2

The first Mega Man, while it laid the groundwork for future Mega Man games, was a commercial flop. Mega Man 2 was a financial comeback story, becoming the most widely-sold Mega Man game ever released. It did not just surpass its predecessor; it swept the floor with it. Mega Man 2 is considered one of the greatest video games of all time.

The game introduced players to a password system that allowed them to return to points in the game where they had saved. As if to counterbalance the forgiving nature of save-points, the Robot Masters in this fantastic sequel were tough boss battles. Players could choose which boss to tackle first, but it made no difference. Each fight was a test of platforming skill and determination.

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Amanda Hurych

10 Best Quotes From The Ghostbusters Franchise

In January, Jason Reitman’s surprise announcement that he was developing a new sequel to his father’s classic supernatural comedy Ghostbusters was met with both excitement and skepticism from the fan base. Sony already tried and failed to reboot the franchise. It was nothing to do with the cast being female; it just wasn’t that good of a movie.

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Things are looking promising for the proposed threequel, with terrific actors like Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon being eyed for the leading roles. If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? The 10 Best Quotes From The Ghostbusters Franchise!

10 On the end of the world

“Hi, welcome back to World of the Psychic. I’m Peter Venkman. I’m chatting with my guest: author, lecturer, and psychic Milton Anglund. Milt, your new book is called The End of the World. Now, can you tell us when it’s going to be or do we have to buy the book?”

Ghostbusters II might not be a great movie, but it still has some of the hilarious one-liners that made the original a comedy classic. In the first movie, Dana even joked that Peter acted more like a TV host than a scientist. And then in the sequel, he was hosting a TV show.

9 On your singing voice

“There is no Dana, only Zuul!” “What a lovely singing voice you must have.”

The post-credits sequence of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, which was intended to set up a sequel, had Melissa McCarthy mention Zuul in the same way an MCU post-credits sequence might mention Thanos or Adam Warlock – because that’s what Zuul is to the Ghostbusters universe. He’s the big bad.

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In every scene in Ghostbusters, every line sets up a punchline. “There is no Dana, only Zuul!” is an interesting and memorable line in itself, but it sets up Bill Murray to knock ‘em dead with the punchline: “What a lovely singing voice you must have.” Every page of the script has been pored through for potential jokes.

8 On the appeal of Dana

“She’s not my girlfriend. I find her interesting, because she’s a client — and because she sleeps above her covers. Four feet above her covers! She barks! She drools! She claws!”

Frankly, this list could be made up entirely of Peter Venkman quotes, because Bill Murray delivers every line so perfectly. He leans into the ridiculousness of what he’s saying without it becoming overacting – he gets it to just the right level. This line, in which he tries to defend his relationship with Dana, is no different. He always takes it just a few steps further than it needed to go – “She barks! She drools! She claws!” – where the real comedy gold lies.

7 On Mike Hat

“Oh, I don’t have a cat. He’s a dog. His name’s Mike Hat…Well, his full name is Michael Hat.”

Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin is one of the best parts of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. He misdirects the audience a lot with his stupidity, as he asks about what sounds like “my cat,” when he turns out to be talking about his dog, “Mike Hat.” Melissa McCarthy says, “Your dog’s name is Mike Hat?” A bewildered Kristen Wiig says, “Your dog’s name is Mike, last name Hat?” and Kevin replies, “Well, his full name is Michael Hat.”

According to the movie’s co-writer Katie Dippold, Hemsworth improvised the scene: “That whole interview scene was about an hour long when we shot it. Paul [Feig] just shot everything. So much stuff just spiraled. They started talking about whether he could bring his cat to work, and then Chris just started improvising.”

6 On livening up a party

“Does anybody wanna play Parcheesi?”

Rick Moranis has some of the best lines in Ghostbusters. It might just be that he delivers them in such a hilarious way, playing Louis as the quintessential loser – a guy who gets locked out of his own party. Another great Louis moment is when he sees the horned demonic monster crashing his party and simply says, “Okay, who brought the dog?” But it’s his offer to play Parcheesi is quite possibly his funniest moment. It’s his ill-fated attempt to liven up the lame party he’s throwing, and suffice to say, it doesn’t go down well.

5 On hiring Zeddemore

“Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster, and the theory of Atlantis?” “Uh…If there’s a steady paycheck in it? I’ll believe anything you say.”

Despite Ernie Hudson being an iconic part of the franchise, Winston Zeddemore wasn’t in the original line-up of the Ghostbusters. He was hired halfway through the movie after being interviewed by Annie Potts’ secretary character Janine Melnitz. There’s a sly comment to be made about the economy from this quote. The job market is so dire that Zeddemore can’t pick and choose – he’ll take a job that requires him to believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

4 On the truth

“Yes, it’s true. This man has no d**k.”

In the Mayor’s office, as the Ghostbusters and Walter Peck are arguing over whether the Ghostbusters should be allowed to run around New York City, fighting off ghosts, Ray tells the Mayor, “Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by d**kless here.” Then Walter Peck counters, “They caused the explosion!” Dubious, the Mayor asks, “Is this true?” After waiting the perfect amount of time for optimum comedic effect, Bill Murray, as Peter Venkman, says, “Yes, it’s true. This man has no d**k.” It’s a beautifully delivered line.

3 On warm, tingly sensations

“It just makes me feel so warm and tingly inside.” “That’s probably the radiation.”

The 2016 all-female reboot of Ghostbusters didn’t get a lot of love from fans, but there’s a lot of the humor that made the original such a delight in there. Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon make a hysterical double act in the movie, with McKinnon playing the mad scientist and McCarthy playing the straight (wo)man opposite her.

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A perfect example of that double act at play is McKinnon getting all flustered by the feelings brought on by the new weapons she’s invented and McCarthy reminding her it’s just dangerous radiation.

2 On the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster

“She says she’s the Gatekeeper. Does that make sense to you?” “Some. I’m with the Keymaster now.” “Oh, we have to get these two together.”

Most of the humor in Ghostbusters comes from the characters reacting to everything within the fictional universe of their own movie. The joke only works because the movie makes fun of itself. They wrote a ridiculous thing that people wouldn’t live through in real life and then populated it with real people who react to the situation accordingly – by pointing out how ridiculous it is. This would later go on to inspire self-referential humor in movies like Anchorman (“That escalated quickly!”) and even Guardians of the Galaxy (“There’s another name you might know me by: Star-Lord.” “Who?” “Star-Lord, man! The legendary outlaw? Guys?”).

1 On paraphrasing Julius Caesar

“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”

This is the single greatest quote from any Ghostbusters movie, as it sums up the tone of the movies perfectly. At first, the Ghostbusters were laughed at for suggesting there could be ghosts, and when they turned out to be right, Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman got all cocky and started showboating. The heart of the movie comes from the fact that these are just regular guys who happen to have stumbled into success and are now responsible for saving the world from malevolent supernatural forces. This line exemplifies the “regular guy” angle perfectly.

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Ben Sherlock

X-Men: A Timeline Of The Mutant Franchise

With the recent release of the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix, X-Men fans are chomping at the bit for any morsel of new X-Men knowledge. After all, the future of this series is really up in the air. Dark Phoenix has been surrounded by publicized complications, as has the upcoming New Mutants, and could very well be the final movie in this particular franchise before the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes control and totally revamps it.

Perhaps this is a good thing, since the series has one of the most complicated and messy timelines in cinema history. Even the most devoted fans have troubles grasping it. This article will do its best to lay the X-Men movie timeline out as simply as possible even though there are tons of contradictions within the flicks. Without further ado, here is the entire timeline of the X-Men franchise.

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10 X-Men: First Class (2011)

If we’re following the main members of the X-Men, First Class would be the first movie in the timeline as it contains the formation of the group. However, there are key events that happen before. Most of which happens in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This includes Wolverine’s younger years in the 1800s, as well as his involvement in the Civil War and WW1. The Wolverine also contains a sequence from WW2 where Wolverine saves Yashida’s life. Then, of course, Apocalypse shows far earlier scenes that involve the world’s first mutant in pre-3600 B.C.

But First Class contains important milestones such as Magneto’s WW2 origins and Xavier’s team stopping Sebastian Shaw from starting World War 3 during the 1960s; an event that reveals the presence of mutants to the government.

9 X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) – Past Sequence

The majority of Days Of Future Past is spent in the 1970s, where governments have already begun to crack down on mutants, thanks to the events of First Class and Magneto’s possible involvement in the demise of JFK. Trask creates the Sentinel Program and Mystique does her best to take him out.

In the original universe, this event would cause a war that would all-but eradicate the mutants. This is why the future X-Men send Wolverine back in time to bring Xavier and Magneto together in order to stop her. This eventually works and completely resets the X-Men movie timeline (with a few twists) paving the way for the latest X-Men movies. However, if this didn’t happen, we would be in the original timeline…

–Before The Reset: Original Timeline–

8 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Thanks to the events of DOFP, we have two timelines running in parallel. But for now, we’ll spend time on the original timeline which begins with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here Wolverine has his adamantium skeleton and seeks revenge on William Stryker and Sabretooth. Xavier also rescues Cyclops from Stryker and (for some reason) is still able to walk. This is also where we are introduced to the first (and worst) version of Deadpool.

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At the end of the film, Wolverine is hit with an adamantium bullet which causes him to forget the events of the movie and go off into the wilderness; something we all wished happened to us after seeing the movie.

7 X-Men (2000)

This is where the very first X-Men movie comes into play. Wolverine and Rogue are rescued from an attack by Magneto’s Brotherhood and brought back to Professor Charles Xavier’s school. We are introduced to the already established group of X-Men including Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey, who Wolverine quickly falls for. The group is forced to stop Magneto from turning all the world’s leaders into mutants in order to prevent a war that he knows is coming. Little did the X-Men know, Magento was completely right about this.

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Wolverine then decides to leave the X-Men in order to discover his past which he tries desperately to remember.

6 X2 (2003) And X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand represents the very best and the very worst of the original timeline. In the fantastic X2, Wolverine returns after finding nothing about his past. He helps the X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood stop Col. Stryker from using Xavier against the mutants. This is where he learns about his past and puts it behind him. But the win is not without casualties as Jean sacrifices herself to save them all.

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However, in The Last Stand, we learn that Jean’s Phoenix Force saved her and released a dormant monster within. She goes on a warpath that even Magneto can’t control. This ends badly for Xavier and Cyclops, among many others. Meanwhile, a mutant “cure” is made and forced upon many mutants. Luckily for them, the “cure” doesn’t stick with everyone.

5 The Wolverine (2013)

After the events of The Last Stand, Wolverine has gone into hiding. He’s miserable about the demise of Jean, who haunts his dreams. Eventually, he’s brought to Japan to say goodbye to Yashida, who he saved years earlier. Wolverine finds out that Yashida is trying to take his mutant healing powers in order to prolong his life. This gets him into a mess with Viper and The Silver Samurai that sees his adamantium claws removed.

In the post-credit sequence, Magneto warns him that a war is coming thanks to a new advancement in Trask Industries. Additionally, Xavier is revealed to have reformed his body. Actually, his resurrection is kind of swept under the rug.

4 X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) – Future Sequence

The post-credit sequence from The Wolverine leads us to the future events from Days of Future Past. Here, Wolverine has miraculously grown back his adamantium claws just in time for a catastrophic war with the Sentinels that leads to the extinction of most of the mutants. He, Magento, Xavier, and the surviving X-Men hatch a plan to send him back in time to stop Mystique from starting the war back in the 1970s.

As we’ve spoken about, this plan works and resets the timeline. It affects the original timeline positively, as all of the X-Men, including Cyclops and Jean, return from their demise and live in peace. But in the new timeline, the drama is just about to go down…

— After The Reset: New Timeline —

3 X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) And Dark Phoenix (2019)

After the events of Days of Future Past, the original timeline was reset and paved the way for this new one. In X-Men: Apocalypse, we see Jean Grey and Cyclops as teenagers at Xavier’s school, Wolverine captured by Stryker, and Magneto off on his own. However, this changes when they have to come together to stop Apocalypse who returns after a particularly long slumber.

The film is set in 1983 and radically alters what we thought would happen with the characters moving forward. We see Storm, Angel, and Nightcrawler’s origins in a whole new way, and even get the events that set up the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie that will take place in the 1990s.

2 Deadpool (2016) And Deadpool 2 (2018)

The two Deadpool movies take place sometime in the 21st Century after the reset in the new timeline. This was proven by a cameo in Deadpool 2 that showed the younger versions of Xavier, Cyclops, and Storm. Although it’s not obvious when the films take place exactly, they more than likely happen after the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie as they aren’t set in the 1990s.

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 don’t impact the X-Men Universe too much. But they do alter Wade Wilson’s story from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (thankfully) when Wade uses Cable’s time machine to leap into the old timeline. They also include some of the less important X-Men characters like Colossus.

1 Logan (2017)

Although Logan could take place in either timeline as it’s a stand-alone piece, it’s likely that it takes place long after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. Here, Wolverine has aged and become ill, as has Professor Xavier, who has lost control of his incredible powers and may have accidentally taken out his fellow X-Men.

The pair live in a world where most of the mutants have gone extinct thanks to a government that has modified food to suppress the X-Gene. The pair come across a young mutant who transforms their lives and gives them a bit of hope for the next generation, even if that means leaving the old behind.

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Dylan Parker

Mysterious Social Media Posts Tease Alien Franchise Expansion in 2019

Social media accounts for Alien are teasing a major expansion of the series is happening in 2019. The xenomorph at the heart of the Alien series has been terrifying audiences since 1979, and has appeared in just about every medium imaginable; movies, video games, comic books, novels and even Funko Pop toys. Fans can’t seem to get enough of H.R. Giger’s nightmarish creation, but the movie franchise is currently in flux.

While Ridley Scott’s return to the series with 2012’s Prometheus was highly anticipated, it was met with very mixed reactions. Some loved that it was a big-budget, R-rated sci-fi movie that asked some big questions, but the screenplay and frequent lapses in logic frustrated viewers. While the film was more of a spinoff than a direct sequel, 2017’s Alien: Covenant attempted to bridge that gap, bringing back the title beast while continuing the storyline established in Prometheus. Sadly, Covenant’s polarized response and underwhelming box-office showed audiences weren’t taken with Scott’s bleak vision for the franchise’s future.

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While Scott’s planned third prequel Alien: Awakening hasn’t officially been cancelled, it seems very unlikely to move forwards now. 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the original movie, and now the official Alien Instagram account has posted a series of images detailing some nefarious experiments on the part of Weyland – Yutani. These images also tease that the Alien universe will expand in 2019.

There’s no solid indication of what these images are teasing, but three of them come with the hashtag Amanda Ripley, the daughter of franchise heroine Ellen (Sigourney Weaver). Amanda was the lead character in 2013’s acclaimed video game Alien: Isolation and is due to appear in the upcoming comic Alien: Resistance, in addition to a novelization of Isolation. These images are likely promoting the Resistance comic series, which launches January 2019. That said, reports indicate 2019 will be a big year of celebration for the series, with rumors of a new TV series coming to an unnamed streaming service, and a new game titled Alien: Blackout.

Perhaps these images are teasing some major Alien transmedia project, but fans likely won’t find out until 2019. While there’s seemingly no movement on a new movie, it appears Fox seriously considered ending The Predator with a tease indicating a future crossover. A Facehugger-style prop was built for an alternate ending, but they ultimately decided not to shoot this sequence. The future of the Predator and Alien movies is somewhat uncertain when Disney take over ownership of both properties next year, but reports suggest the company will focus on more family-friendly projects instead.

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Source: Alien Anthology/Instagram

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