Gossip Girl: 10 Reasons Why Nate & Chuck Aren’t Real Friends

Gossip Girl is a beloved television show that stars several young adults from the Upper East Side. Two of these individuals are Chuck and Nate who fans wrongly assume are friends. They try to put on a facade that they care for one another, but the reality is that it is all a hoax.

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We have compiled a list of reasons why this pair is faking their friendship. Some fans may disagree, but others will see the untruth hidden within their relationship. Keep reading to learn about 10 reasons why Nate and Chuck from Gossip Girl aren’t real friends!

10 They Know They Are Fake Friends

The most obvious sign that these two are fake friends is that, throughout the series, they drop hints that their friendship was never real to begin with. The two know that the other will betray them again as they have in the past, and yet, they keep playing this game that they are friends. Their conversations speak volumes as they allude to the fact that they know they each hold their own secrets, but, for some reason, this is one fake friendship that never dies.

9 Girls Constantly Come Between Them

Your friends are always supposed to come before the people you date, but Chuck and Nate never see it this way. They constantly let girls come between them, whether its someone they have both dated like Blair or a new fling whose past intertwines with theirs like Raina.

They even have scuffles over girls like Jenny and Serena as the friends have different views on a situation and side with different people. The pair should be one another’s ride or die, but, instead, they have no issues discarding their friendship for the girls in their life.

8 They Are Morally Different

When you watch this pair throughout the series, it is easy to pinpoint which one of them has morals and who likes to blur the lines. Chuck is not afraid to break the rules, and he serves as a horrible influence on Nate.

It turns their friendship into something fake, as his negative influence turns Nate into something he was never meant to be. Chuck, in turn, learns some skills from this fake friendship, but, overall it hurt both parties more than it helped.

7 Nate Uses Dirt On Chuck

When Bart returns near the end of the series, he wants to take control back from Chuck and decides to use Nate’s predicament to his advantage. Nate needed a line of credit to keep his newspaper from going under, and Bart told him he could have it as long as he gave him information on Chuck.

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He could have refused and gone straight to Chuck, but, instead, he went along with Bart’s plan. This is not what a real friend would do in this situation, but high society creates a lot of fake friendships in this fictional world.

6 Nate Takes Chuck’s ‘Little Black Book’

Chuck gives his ‘Little Black Book’ to Nate following his breakup with Serena as he heads out on a new adventure. Nate willingly takes it to ease the pain, as it is filled with lists of Chuck’s favorite girls. The gesture was a kind one on Chuck’s part, but a real friend would never give this to someone as a way to cope with a loss.

It only serves as a way to hide their grief and bury it rather than face the music. Chuck should have stayed behind to help him work through it, but, instead, he left him in the dust with nothing but short-term pleasures to bide his time.

5 Chuck Doesn’t Share His Darkest Secrets

Nate is constantly finding out things about Chuck throughout the show that he should have told Nate himself. The worst was when he sold Blair to Jack Bass in return for his hotel. There are so many points in the show where Nate should let go of his fake friendship with Chuck, but he feels an obligation to keep coming back to try and make amends. Chuck might not have to share everything with his friend, although, betrayal is never something that ever goes away for good.

4 Chuck Hooks Up With Blair After Her Breakup With Nate

It is a common courtesy to avoid your friend’s exes like the plague whether you are a man or woman. Chuck threw this virtue out the window the second that Blair broke up with Nate and showed interest in him.

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No true friend would betray the other in this way and it is obvious that Chuck stepped over a line. He even went so far as to convince Nate that she had slept with someone else besides him after the breakup. We are glad that Chuck and Blair ended up together in the end, but it did reveal how he wasn’t a true friend.

3 Chuck Changed His Identity

When Chuck was shot he ended up in the care of a wonderful woman named Eva Coupeau. He could have called his friend, Nate, to let him know he was alright, but, instead, he created a new identity. Chuck let everyone believe he might be dead rather than face them.

Luckily, Blair and Serena found him during their vacation, and it shows where his true loyalties lie. Chuck is a man who only cares about himself and would rather be reinvented then face the facts about his life.

2 They Lie To One Another

Chuck and Nate are constantly lying to one another throughout the show. It all starts when Chuck sleeps with Blair following her breakup with Nate and hides it from his friend. Chuck’s lying continues as he goes behind Nate’s back to make a deal with his mom so they don’t go bankrupt.

He even goes as far as to hide the truth that his father killed Nate’s girlfriend’s mother, instead of being upfront with his friend about the truth behind her untimely passing. Nate is also a culprit of this as he sides with Serena and Blair and several issues instead of including Chuck in the conversation.

1 Chuck Cares Too Much About Money

The only thing on Chuck’s mind throughout the entirety of the show is money. He uses his wealth and status to buy girls, and he constantly flaunts it in front of Nate’s face. It is obvious from the beginning that Chuck’s wealth is superior to that of Nate’s, and it is one of the reasons why their friendship isn’t real. He might use it at times to help Nate out of sticky situations, but, overall, it doesn’t help the outlook of their friendship.

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Gossip Girl: 10 Reasons Why Nate & Dan Aren’t Real Friends

Both Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald were typically seen as the “good guys” of Gossip Girl. Each had a pretty decent moral compass (most of the time) and they were both relatively responsible and friendly at a surface level. However, when you take a second look at this duo’s friendship, it becomes apparent that they both did things and had secrets of their own that made it impossible for them to truly be best buds.

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What exactly came between Lonely Boy and Nate Archibald? We’ve done some investigating and uncovered the 10 reasons why Nate and Dan aren’t real friends.

10 Nate Was Initially Indifferent To Dan

Remember the first time Dan officially met Chuck and Nate? They were all riding the bus to school when Chuck accused Dan of following them. Dan replied with something witty about how he goes to school with them, obviously, since they’re all wearing the same uniforms. Instead of striking up a friendly conversation after this initial meeting, Chuck and Nate rolled their eyes and walked away.

This was pretty on-brand for Chuck, but it was out of character for Nate. Nate is friendly, approachable and respectful so it’s pretty strange that he initially treated Dan this way.

9 Nate And Dan Were Always Battling For Serena

Dan and Nate never seemed like they truly clicked with one another, in fact, the only thing they actually had in common was their love for Serena. While this mutual love may have initially bonded them, it wasn’t enough to keep them close.

Dan and Nate both took turns being in committed relationships with Serena which definitely didn’t build their friendship up in any way. The only time their friendship seemed to grow was when they both took a break from Serena, but those breaks never lasted very long.

8 Nate Got Mad At Dan For Trying To Be A Good Friend

Just when these two started to become buds, things went south when Dan found out that Nate had been living alone in his empty house with just a sleeping bag. Naturally, Dan felt bad for him so he invited Nate over to the loft.

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Of course, Nate didn’t find out until later that evening that Dan had discovered his sad sleeping situation and was not happy about it. Nate got mad at Dan for getting involved in his life since they’d only hung out a couple of times and barely knew each other. It’s safe to say that the beginning of Nate and Dan’s friendship was pretty rocky.

7 Nate Dated Jenny

Nate and Dan seemingly became close throughout the series, however, if that’s true, then why would Nate date Dan’s little sister? Nate had to know that even if Dan said it was okay, that it would make things a little uncomfortable. Especially since Nate was painted to be an older brother figure to Jenny at the beginning of the series.

Seeing Nate go from brother-figure to boyfriend was just a little too much for fans to bare so we can only imagine how Dan felt about all of this.

6 They Both Dated Vanessa

As if Nate dating Dan’s little sister wasn’t bad enough, Nate also dated Dan’s best friend around the same time. It’s not like Nate was in the wrong by dating Vanessa but it’s pretty strange he went ahead and dated two of the most important women in Dan’s life.

On top of all of that, Dan also ended up dating Vanessa. Isn’t there some sort of code where you’re not supposed to date friends’ exes? All of this is just a little weird and it’s hard to believe that Dan and Nate stayed friendly through it all.

5 Nate Stayed Friends With Chuck

Dan and Nate’s friendship never made any sense for this reason alone. At the beginning of the series, fans witness Chuck sexually assault Dan’s sister, Jenny. This definitely wasn’t okay and Chuck never really faced any consequences for it.

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Even after Nate became close with the Humphrey family, Nate stayed pals with Chuck as well. This is hard to believe considering Nate’s character. The Nate Archibald that fans know and love with never be friends with someone like Chuck who treated Jenny (and lots of other women) so horribly.

4 Dan Spread Nate’s Secrets On Gossip Girl

During the series finale, Gossip Girl is finally revealed and fans finally learn that gossip blogger was none other than Lonely Boy himself. While this made no sense and angered Gossip Girl fanatics everywhere, considering Dan was constantly surprised by Gossip Girl blasts throughout the show, this reveal also made fans hate Dan.

Dan ultimately exploited all of his best friends, including Nate, and shared their secrets on Gossip Girl for his own personal gain. How could Dan truly be one of Nate’s closest friends while also constantly betraying him?

3 Dan Dated Blair

Dan and Blair were an interesting couple, they managed to somehow seem perfect together while also being completely wrong for one another. They should have made a great match considering how much they had in common, like a mutual love for movies and books. However, they just weren’t meant to be considering their history with one another’s best friends.

Their relationship definitely left fans wondering how Dan could even consider being with Blair knowing she was Nate’s first love. At the least, this would have added a pretty awkward element to Nate and Dan’s friendship.

2 Nate Took Dan For Granted

Even though Dan made his fair share of mistakes, he was still Nate’s least problematic friend. Dan was always the pal that Nate could go to whenever he wanted to talk and escape the pressures of the Upper East Side. Dan was always there for him but the same can’t really be said for Nate.

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Nate was often too concerned with his own drama and didn’t really go out of his way to check on Dan. Don’t get us wrong, Lonely Boy wasn’t an angel by any means, but he still deserved a friend who would support him through it all and he never really had that.

1 Dan Didn’t Tell Nate He’s Gossip Girl

While it’s not entirely surprising that Dan didn’t come clean to anyone about his secret blogging gig until the very end, it’s still strange that he was able to keep such a huge secret from his close friends. Dan shared in the finale that Jenny was the only one who knew his secret and that just doesn’t add up.

After everything the gang had been through together, it would have made sense if Dan confided in Nate about his Gossip Girl secret, but maybe he figured he was in too deep.

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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Reasons Why Elena And Bonnie Aren’t Real Friends

Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett are two of The Vampire Diaries’ leading ladies and their friendship is at the forefront of the show. They have been best friends since childhood and have fought several supernatural threats together – though this doesn’t mean that their friendship is flawless.

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Elena’s decisions hurt Bonnie continuously throughout the series. The Bennett witch loses multiple loved ones – and her life – because of Elena, and their friendship is far from perfect. Here are ten reasons why Elena and Bonnie aren’t real friends.

10 Elena Uses Bonnie For Her Powers

Bonnie Bennett saves the day for the Mystic Falls gang a lot in The Vampire Diaries. Throughout the show, Elena’s romance with the Salvatores constantly jeopardizes her life and the lives of the townspeople and Bonnie, as a powerful Bennett witch, is the only person with enough magic to help.

Elena relies on Bonnie’s powers constantly throughout the series, despite the repercussions her best friend faces for her decisions. Without her magic, Bonnie blends into the background whilst Elena focuses on her feelings for Stefan and Damon.

9 Bonnie’s Mother Was Turned Into A Vampire Because Of Elena

During the third season of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie reunites with her estranged mother Abby, and the two witches assist Esther Mikaelson in trying to kill the Original vampires. However, Elena tells Elijah about his mother’s plan and he threatens to kill her if the Salvatores don’t break the Bennett bloodline. Abby is turned into a vampire and Bonnie loses her mother soon after reconnecting with her.

This is another example of Bonnie’s suffering because of Elena’s decisions. Despite being proclaimed as the most compassionate character in the series, Elena makes several choices that have dire consequences for her best friend.

8 Grams Died Because Of Elena

Bonnie was very close with her grandmother which only makes her death in season one that much more devastating. Grams helps Bonnie open the seal to the tomb so Damon can retrieve Katherine and, at Bonnie’s insistence, lifts the curse so the vampires can leave – including Stefan, who ran into the tomb pursuing Elena.

Grams overexerts her magic and dies soon after. Bonnie finds it hard to forgive Elena initially and this is only the first instance of Bonnie’s loved ones dying because of Elena’s choices.

7 Elena Chose To Date Vampires Despite The Trouble It Caused Bonnie

Elena Gilbert’s life spirals into chaos during The Vampire Diaries after she meets Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two vampire brothers who have killed countless people throughout their long lives. Despite the damage it causes, Elena puts her relationship with Stefan above everything, including her friendship with Bonnie.

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Bonnie’s magic causes Elena to rely on her throughout the show. Elena drags Bonnie into her business and endangers her life continuously rather than accept that she can’t have a normal life while she’s in a relationship with a vampire.

6 Elena Got With Damon After Everything That He Did To Bonnie And Her Friends

Damon Salvatore was the original antagonist in The Vampire Diaries. He arrives in Mystic Falls as the darker, sadistic counterpart to his brother Stefan and targets several people in town, including Elena’s best friends Bonnie and Caroline. Damon manipulates and abuses Caroline and tries to attack Bonnie after learning she has the Bennett Talisman.

Even after he embarks on the road to redemption, Damon demonstrates a complete disregard for Bonnie’s life and well-being at times until they become friends in season six. Elena’s decision to overlook Damon’s violent behavior against her friends is questionable at best.

5 Elena Didn’t Notice That Bonnie Was Dead

Bonnie Bennett has died more than once in The Vampire Diaries. During the end of season four, Bonnie uses her magic to bring Jeremy back from the dead which has tragic consequences for the Bennett witch, who gives her life to save one of her loved ones.

Elena and Bonnie are supposedly best friends, yet Elena doesn’t notice that Bonnie had died over the summer as she is too wrapped up in her relationship with Damon. The new vampire says herself in season five “she gave up her life so that I could have my brother back and I didn’t even know about it.”

4 They Almost Killed Each Other

Elena becomes a completely different person in season four when she turns off her humanity. While struggling to adapt to life as a vampire, Elena flips her humanity switch after Katherine kills her brother Jeremy and, whilst emotionless, attacks Bonnie twice and tries to kill her.

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Bonnie’s magic is immensely powerful at this point and the Bennett witch easily overpowers her. Bonnie almost kills Elena until the Salvatore brothers save the day.

3 Their Friendship Feels One-Sided

Throughout The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie goes above and beyond to save Elena and help her best friend overcome the supernatural threats in town. This makes their friendship feel heavily one-sided as Bonnie is constantly making sacrifices for Elena.

Elena returns the favor in season six after Kai Parker links her life to Bonnie’s with a powerful curse. Elena is placed in a magical coma that will only break once Bonnie dies. Luckily, the Bennett witch breaks the curse in the series finale “I Was Feeling Epic.”

2 Elena Stopped Bonnie From Killing Damon After He Tried To Kill Caroline

Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline go through major changes in the show’s second season. After Katherine kills her with Damon’s blood in her system, Caroline becomes a vampire and is almost staked to death by Damon. Bonnie intervenes and almost kills Damon before Elena stops her, lamenting “this can’t be us.”

Elena’s decision to save Damon from Bonnie may seem good-natured but, arguably, Elena did this more to save Damon’s life than protect her best friend’s morality. Damon is one of the show’s most popular characters but, if Elena had not intervened, Bonnie would have prevented the deaths of a lot of people.

1 Caroline Is A Better Friend To Bonnie

Elena and Bonnie are billed as best friends throughout the show, yet their friendship is one-sided and relies on Bonnie using her magic to help Elena. Caroline is a much better friend to Bonnie. The two are shown hanging out and spending time with each other outside of Salvatore-related drama and Caroline often shows more regard for Bonnie’s feelings than Elena.

Caroline has confessed to feeling left out of her friendship with Bonnie and Elena, though her relationship with them ultimately appears more genuine. Bonnie and Caroline’s friendship endures even after Caroline is turned into a vampire, a witch’s natural enemy.

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Stranger Things: 10 Reasons Why The Party Aren’t Real Friends

The Party is portrayed as the most stable group in friends throughout Stranger Things. Eleven meets Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will in the first season of the hit sci-fi Netflix show, with Max joining the group in the second season after moving to Hawkins from California.

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The Party shares a strong connection but even their friendship isn’t flawless. El and Max’s inclusion in the group caused friction amongst the friends and, as they are young, there is a chance that they may drift apart for good as they grow into adults. Here are ten reasons why the Party from Stranger Things aren’t real friends.

10 Mike Chooses Eleven Over His Friends

Eleven and Mike share the most touching relationship in Stranger Things. After escaping from Hawkins Lab, El is discovered by Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, who are searching for their missing friend Will. El and Mike instantly share a connection but it jeopardizes Mike’s friendship with Lucas, who initially distrusts the telekinetic teenager.

In the third season, Mike continues to distance himself from his friends and ditches the Party to hang out with his girlfriend. Mike’s friends are important to him but it is evident that El means more.

9 Mike And Max Don’t Like Each Other

Max was introduced in season two along with her bullying stepbrother Billy. The tomboy-ish Californian quickly caught the attention of the Party, with Dustin and Lucas clamoring for Max to join their group whilst Mike rudely rebuffs her.

The tension between Mike and new Party member Max is prevalent in the third season. After El and Mike break up, she becomes best friends with Max, who encourages her to be independent of her boyfriend.

8 They Spend A Lot Of Time On Separate Adventures

The Party is a solid and stable friendship group in the first season of Stranger Things. However, as the series progresses, the friends grow apart and embark on adventures of their own as they battle the creatures of the Upside Down.

Dustin begins to drift from his friends in season two after striking up an unlikely friendship with Steve Harrington. In season three, Dustin is separated from the Party until the final episode after he infiltrates a secret Russian base with Steve, Robin, and Erica.

7 Their Friendship Is Built Primarily Over D&D

The Party enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons in the first season and it is their shared love of the fantasy game that brings them together. However, in season three Will Byers is the only Party member who still enjoys playing D&D, signaling that the others are growing up and pursuing other interests.

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A friendship built around a game is fine until the group slowly begins to grow bored and drift apart. Hopefully, for Will’s sake at least, the Party can enjoy one more game in the next season.

6 Lucas And Dustin Almost Ended Their Friendship Because Of Max

Max’s arrival in Hawkins disrupted the dynamics of the Party. Mike was hesitant to invite a new friend into his group and was openly hostile as he missed El. Dustin and Lucas nearly fell out for good after both of them developed feelings for Max, with Dustin resenting his friend after seeing the growing connection between Max and Lucas.

Dustin admonishes Lucas for bringing a “stranger” into the group and the two friends argue in front of Max and Steve. They reconcile before season three, however, as Dustin moves on with his new girlfriend Suzie.

5 Lucas And Mike Almost Ended Their Friendship Because Of El

Lucas has fallen out with his friends more than once in Stranger Things. He argues with Dustin in season two over Max, but in the first season, Lucas reacts angrily to Eleven’s inclusion in the group and almost ends his friendship with Mike.

Lucas and El eventually set aside their differences and become genuine friends. However, the Party has fallen out because of issues with female friends on more than one occasion.

4 They’re United By A Common Enemy

Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas are already friends at the beginning of Stranger Things, with Eleven and Max joining the group later on. The Party has friendship and D&D in common but it is the Upside Down that truly unites them as they work together to fight monsters from another dimension.

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In season three, they are primarily united by having to fight the Mind Flayer. Without the Upside Down and Hawkins Lab, they would never have met Eleven and the future of the group would be unclear.

3 They Argue A Lot

The Party are no strangers to arguments and spend much time bickering with each other. This is understandable especially considering their young ages, but the constant back-and-forth between the friends – especially Max and Lucas – can grow tiresome.

A lot of the time in Stranger Things, it seems as if the Party struggles to stay on the same page. However, they ultimately always pull through in the end to save the day and each other.

2 Friends Don’t Lie… Until They Do

The Party has one golden rule in Stranger Things; friends don’t lie. El takes this vow seriously and enforces the rule with Hopper and her friends until Mike lies to her in season three about his grandmother, prompting the telekinetic teenager to break up with him.

Admittedly, this is more Hopper’s fault. The police chief threatens Mike early in the season and urges him to distance himself from his adopted daughter. However, Mike should have told El regardless as he knows how much faith she has in the Party’s ultimate law.

1 They’re Growing Up And Growing Apart

The Party is solid friends in the first season but, in season three, there is a sad sense that the group is drifting apart. Dustin spends most of the season with Steve and Robin and the Byers family and Eleven move away from Hawkins in the season finale, separating the Party permanently.

With Stranger Things 4 approaching, the Party will inevitably find their way back to each other. However, whether their friendship persists into adulthood after the events of the series is unknown.

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Friends: Chandler and Rachel’s First Meeting Happened Twice

Chandler Bing and Rachel Green forgot the fact that they met prior to the events of the Friends pilot. Over the course of the decade-long sitcom, the series dove into a multitude of flashbacks to build up the backstories of the six main characters. Often in focus were the shenanigans of the Geller house, which frequently intertwined with the lives of Chandler and Rachel.

In the Friends pilot, Monica (Courtney Cox), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) were hanging out in Central Perk when a woman in a wedding dress rushed in. That woman turned out to be Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), who had just left her fiancé at the altar. Monica introduced her old best friend to the rest of the gang, except for Ross who she referenced that the two would remember each other since the trio went to school together. With that early introduction, it was presumed that Rachel didn’t have a history with anyone but Monica and Ross; however, that turned out to be untrue.

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Based on information revealed later in the series, Ross met Chandler while the two were at college. They became good friends and Chandler was invited to the Geller house for Thanksgiving dinner on multiple occasions. In fact, that was when Monica and Chandler’s interactions began, but Rachel was also in attendance since she was the best friend of the youngest Geller. The Friends season 10 episode, “The One Where the Stripper Cries,” also featured a flashback of Ross and Chandler in college. Monica and Rachel once showed up at their college party and viewers learned an important detail: Chandler kissed Rachel at that party, adding another chapter to their history; yet, other scenes in Friends episodes suggest that the characters forgot meeting in the ’80s.

Friends had a number of plot holes during its 10 season run, including the on-going issue with the characters’ ages. It’s very possible that Chandler and Rachel’s past interactions were just another plot hole. With Rachel being the old best friend of Monica, it made sense that she was familiar with Ross, but didn’t know the rest of the group. As time went on and the show expanded, having Chandler and Rachel involved in Monica and Ross’ past gave the series more opportunities to develop a meaningful backstory for the characters.

It’s also possible that Chandler and Rachel simply forgot meeting each other. When Rachel was introduced to Chandler in the pilot, they simply didn’t recognize one another. In Friends season 3, the episode titled “The One With the Flashback” featured a scene with Rachel running into Monica at the bar that once resided in Central Perk. Rachel was gearing up to get married, and mentioned having one more fling before her upcoming nuptials. Chandler overheard this proclamation and tried to get her attention. Rachel showed no interest at the bar, but later fantasized about it. During the sequence, neither character remembered meeting just a few years prior, indicating that they didn’t recognize each other then either — that, or the writers simply created another plot hole.

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Friends: Every Time Rachel Was A Terrible Friend To Monica

The main characters in Friends were a tight-knit group, and their friendship went through many ups and downs, but there were many times where Rachel was a terrible friend to Monica. Friends debuted on NBC in 1994 and came to an end in 2004 after 10 seasons, in which viewers got to know the characters quite well. The series followed a group of six friends (Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey) living in New York City and doing their best to balance their personal, social, and professional lives along with all the struggles that come with adulthood.

Friends is regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time and its fan base continues to grow thanks to the world of streaming – and because it continues to be quite relatable. The series did a good job in portraying the many sides of friendships: the great times, the sad times, and everything in between. Over the course of 10 seasons, the group overcame many arguments and fights which ultimately helped their relationships grow stronger, but there were other times where bad actions were ignored, like most of the times Rachel was a horrible friend, especially to Monica.

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Monica and Rachel had known each other for years prior to the pilot episode of Friends, but lost contact for a long time. They became friends again when Rachel ran away from her wedding and moved in with Monica, but their friendship was far from perfect, and Rachel did Monica wrong many times.

Aside from being a pretty lazy roommate (she can’t cook, clean, and hardly ever helps around the house), which can be attributed to her living a very comfortable life since she was born, Rachel didn’t really know how to be a good friend, especially to Monica. An early example is in season 2’s episode “The One After The Superbowl, Part 2”, where they meet Jean-Claude Van Damme on the set where Marcel (yes, the monkey) is working. Monica is a huge fan and is too intimidated to talk to him, so she sends Rachel – but the latter ends up flirting with him and agreeing to go out with him, knowing that Monica has a big crush on him. To make matters worse, Rachel lets Monica go out with him, but not before telling Van Damme that it’s because Monica wants a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore, and Rachel never understood why Monica was so angry about the whole thing.

The most memorable example is, perhaps, the episode “The One With Monica’s Thunder”, where Rachel, as the title suggests, steals Monica’s thunder by kissing Ross on the night of her engagement celebration. Rachel stole Monica’s thunder again in “The One After I Do”, when Phoebe and Monica learn that she’s pregnant, and instead of focusing on Monica and Chandler’s wedding, it’s all about Rachel once again. Last but not least, when Rachel can’t find a good name for her newborn baby, it’s mentioned that Monica has already picked the names for her future children, and Rachel asks what the girl name would be, promising not to steal it. Monica tells her it’s “Emma”, and Rachel loves it. Though Monica agrees to let her use it, she could have gone for a different one as she knew that Monica had always dreamed of being a mother and had those names planned for years.

Though Rachel changed a lot in 10 seasons and became less self-absorbed and more independent, she never fully understood what being a friend – let alone someone else’s “best friend” – was about, and was lucky enough to have someone like Monica by her side who forgave all those times she was a truly terrible friend to her.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry’s Friends, Ranked By How Much He Actually Likes Them

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm stars its creator, Larry David, as a fictionalized version of himself who voices the concerns that he would normally keep to himself. The character is a dark mirror version of all of us, complaining about social conventions that most people just put up with, despite hating them.

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The supporting cast is made up of Larry’s roster of pals, but as a misanthrope who despises human contact, he gets along with astoundingly few of the people he considers to be his closest and dearest friends. So, here are Larry’s friends, ranked by how much he actually likes them.

8 Susie Greene

It’s a mystery why Susie even still hangs out with Larry. She’s married to Jeff, who’s Larry’s best friend, so they can’t completely avoid each other, but one has to wonder why Susie keeps inviting Larry to dinner parties and making plans with him. Every single time, they end up in a yelling match.

It’ll start off with something as simple as Susie offering to give Larry a tour of her new house, but sooner or later, they’ll start screaming. Once in a blue moon, Larry and Susie will have some fun banter together. Even then, though, it’s only a matter of time before it devolves into a full-volume argument.

7 Ted Danson

In “Ted and Mary,” the second-ever episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry openly tells Cheryl that he doesn’t particularly like Ted Danson. He doesn’t like the way he overuses the term “heaven” to describe things he likes. But for whatever reason, they’ve remained friends for all these years.

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Whenever the two are in a room together, whether Ted is offering Larry a piece of pie or Larry is offering Ted a t-shirt as a gift, they eventually get into an argument. Ted even pointed out to Larry at one point, “Every time we get together, we push and pull like this!”

6 Marty Funkhouser

It’s a real shame that Marty Funkhouser won’t be appearing in the tenth season of Curb, following actor Bob Einstein’s unfortunate passing last year, because he’s always been one of the funniest characters on the show. Einstein always did a fantastic job of playing all of his scenes as Funkhouser completely straight.

Larry’s there, saying and doing horrible things, and Funkhouser contrasts brilliantly with that energy, due to Einstein’s deadpan delivery style. For some reason, Funkhouser has delusions about his friendship with Larry. At one point, he referred to him as his best friend and Larry laughed and said to Cheryl, “He’s not my best friend.”

5 Rosie O’Donnell

As a fellow stand-up comic from New York, Larry David gets along with Rosie O’Donnell really well. Living in California, Larry doesn’t get to hang out with a lot of New Yorkers, so when Rosie’s in town, he’s happy to spend time with her. (This is actually why Larry and Susie have a strange connection; they constantly yell at each other, but they’re both Brooklynites living on the West Coast.)

At Marty Funkhouser’s anniversary party, he even asked to be seated next to Rosie O’Donnell. In the season 8 episode “The Bisexual,” Larry and Rosie compete over the affections of a bisexual woman who gave her number out to both of them, which put their friendship to the test, but it didn’t ruin their relationship.

4 Wanda Sykes

Larry likes Wanda Sykes. The only problem is that Wanda doesn’t really like Larry. She was more of a friend of Cheryl’s than Larry’s, and their divorce was a convenient way out of her friendship with Larry. Larry has a tendency to say inappropriate things to Wanda (“Hey, I’d know that tush anywhere!”) and she’s fully aware that he sees her as his “link into the black world.”

In season 8, she said that she left L.A. and came to New York to get away from Larry, so after Larry moved out to New York, it wouldn’t be long before she headed back to California. Larry recommended his personal trainer to Wanda and she ended up taking Larry’s place on the trainer’s roster of clients, edging out Larry.

3 Richard Lewis

The real Larry David and Richard Lewis didn’t get along when they first met. They met at a summer camp when they were kids and hated each other. They didn’t become friends until they reunited on New York’s standup scene in their twenties.

Every time their fictional selves get together on Curb, Larry and Richard get into an argument. It’s usually a result of Richard being upset by Larry’s insensitivity, like when he joked about the death of his parakeet. But they keep making lunch plans and hanging out, so they obviously have a strong enough friendship to weather that kind of disagreement.

2 Leon Black

Leon just decided to move into Larry’s house when the rest of his family took off. For all intents and purposes, Larry could take legal action to get Leon out of his house. But he likes having Leon around.

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Despite being from very different worlds (Larry’s a neurotic old white man from the East Coast, whereas Leon’s a laidback young black man from the West Coast), Larry and Leon are able to offer each other advice when they have problems. Leon’s always got Larry’s back, even fighting a man for a Joe Pepitone jersey he believed he’d stolen from Larry.

1 Jeff Greene

Although he’s his manager and, as such, a paid employee, Jeff is Larry’s best friend. Unless Jeff is admitting to masturbating to his wife or yelling at him for some wrongdoing of his, Larry genuinely enjoys spending time with Jeff. They get together for everything from watching basketball games to the Passover Seder.

Jeff is one of the few people that Larry can trust with his many lies and deceits. When Cheryl left, Jeff was there for Larry. And even though Larry is aware of what a terrible guy Jeff is, frequently cheating on his wife, he’s able to laugh it off with a “You do you” kind of attitude.

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Ben Sherlock

Friends: Ross’s 10 Most Cringeworthy Moments | ScreenRant

The beloved sitcom Friends is a show about a group of adults navigating their twenties, learning how to overcome their childhood insecurities, and figuring out who and what they want to be in this world. And though we all make mistakes on the bumpy road to adulthood, some mistakes are the result of selfish and outlandish behaviour rather than simple missteps.

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When the show begins, Ross’s world is crashing around him, and we truly feel for him. He lost his first love, she is having his child and raising it with someone else, and he lost his home as well. But being a tragic figure does not prevent you from being in the wrong. Today, we will review ten moments from the long running show where Ross was truly in the wrong.

10 Ben And His Doll

Carol and Susan are determined to raise Ben to be the person that he wants to be. They have no interest in forcing traditional gender roles upon him and he is free to choose the toys that appeal to him the most. So, he ends up choosing a doll and falls in love with the thing.

But Ross is so stuck in his gendered ways that he throws a fit over his infant child playing with a Barbie. He tries to pry the doll from his own child’s hands and force a G.I.Joe (a.k.a. a male doll) onto Ben for the entire length of the episode. Why can’t he simply accept that his son enjoys playing with dolls? What is wrong with that?

9 Oblivious To Monica’s Struggles

When Rachel and Ross begin to date, Monica is irritated to find that her big brother is spending all of his time in her house. She grew up, moved out, and though she was fine with seeing him in small doses, his constant presence begins to remind her of some of the less than ideal moments of her childhood. Monica was always the odd duck and her brother was the star in his parents eyes that could do no wrong. Resentment naturally grew and Monica was not a fan of her brother during their formative years.

But Ross is so trapped inside his own little world that he never even noticed how his sister felt. Neither growing up nor as an adult when encroaching on her space. Monica has to sit him down and explain the effect that the constant praise (that was dealt to Ross) and criticism (that was sent her way) had on her.

8 The Mark Saga

Viewers were delighted to see Rachel leave behind the world of coffee and napkins and slowly make her way up in the fashion world. She left a life of always being in someone else’s shadow and craved to make it on her own. And she was doing it, thanks to a chance encounter with a man that would become one of her closest friends (outside of the core group.)

But Ross could not handle his girlfriend being friends with a man that was not also part of his own friend group and became insanely jealous. His jealousy became a destructive force in their relationship and was, honestly, truly disrespectful to Rachel.

7 The Evolution Debate

Phoebe has always been a woman of fascinating and unique beliefs. She lives in her own universe, and it’s one of the things that makes her such an utter delight. She accepts that each person has their own ideas of how things should be and though she does like to play with her friends, she usually tends to respect their unique paths.

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Ross, on the other hand, is so offended that Phoebe doesn’t believe in evolution that he spends an entire episode harassing her about it. Yes, we understand that his job is centred around the belief system but he should, at the very least, respect that his friend prescribes to a different school of thought. But Ross always has to be right and can never let anything go.

6 Rachel And Paris

What was supposed to be a truly romantic moment in the series and a beautiful conclusion fell a little flat for some fans of the series. When Rachel is offered her dream job, Ross seems to do everything he can to make the choice of whether or not to pursue such things as hard as he possibly can for her. She asks Ross to come with her and he gives some of the weakest excuses possible in a move that made it feel like Rachel had to sacrifice everything she’s ever worked for to be with a man who would never do the same for her.

Ross claims that he cannot transfer his job, that he cannot leave everything he knows behind, and that he would miss Ben. Rachel is also leaving everything she knows behind, we are sure that there are universities and dinosaur bones in Europe, and let’s be honest, he rarely saw Ben in the first place. And we are pretty sure Carol and Susan would love an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris to allow Ben to visit his father.

5 Dissing Paolo

In the end, Paolo turned out to be a rather unsavory character. But Ross disliked him from the very start. And we get it. It can be hard to watch someone that you care for fall for a total stranger.

But he has no claim to her. He has not vocalized his feelings. And his weird ownership towards this woman that he has not seen in years and has just recently let back into his life is honestly creepy.

4 His College Girlfriend

While working as a professor, Ross receives a positive (and flirty) evaluation that leads him to pursue a relationship with one of his students. One of his very young (legal but very young) students. A relationship that risks his job and professional reputation, that his friends continually point out is questionable, and that the girls own father tries his best to stop.

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He ends up realizing that the girl is too young for him (emotionally) and ends the relationship. But that doesn’t excuse how creepy the relationship was in the first place.

3 Chandler’s Mom

Kissing your friend’s mom is just weird. It is usually a good idea to avoid sexual or romantic relationships with the family members of your closest friends. But the issue gets more complex in the case of Chandler’s mom.

Throughout the show, it is made very clear that Chandler is struggling with deeply rooted childhood trauma caused, primarily, by his parents divorce (as well as the openly sexual nature of the home in which he was raised.) He was never comfortable with how open with mother was nor was he comfortable with how his friends reacted to her. Ross knows this. Kissing Chandler’s mom was a true betrayal, intentional or not.

2 The Male Nanny

This is one of the more black and white episodes concerning Ross and his antics. Sometimes viewers can emphasize with the rough time that Ross is going through and can excuse his more minute mistakes. But this episode was truly uncomfortable for all who watched it. In this episode, Rachel hires a nanny to watch their child and Ross has a serious problem with the fact that their nanny is male.

The nanny is kind, sensitive, wonderful with kids, respectful to both parents, and a perfect fit. Rachel loves him, as does Emma, and there is nothing wrong with him. But Ross has rather sexist notions of what men and women should do and throws a fit over the whole situation. He eventually manipulates Rachel into firing the nanny by accusing her of forcing him to allow someone that makes him genuinely uncomfortable into his home.

1 “We Were On A Break”

The break itself is not the issue. It does not matter whether or not they were truly on a break. Not in the slightest. The true issue is the fact that Ross literally yells this phrase at Rachel constantly throughout the show.

As a joke, as an excuse, whenever his ego is bruised, he shouts these words at his ex and we are not fans of this sort of immature, disrespectful, and truly gross behaviour.

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Zooey Norman

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Reasons Why Lily & Robin Aren’t Real Friends

The How I Met Your Mother gang is an extremely beloved one. The characters on the show all have such great chemistry and truly seem like the best of friends, which is what made How I Met Your Mother so loved by fans in the first place.

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Robin and Lily are definitely a fan-favorite pair, they add a great dynamic to the group and are individually really likable. However, their friendship does have some questionable moments such as Lily betting against Robin’s relationship and Robin hating whenever Lily talks about babies. Keep reading to find out the 10 reasons why Lily and Robin aren’t real friends.

10 Lily Bets Against Robin’s Relationship

Lily and Marshall are known for placing bets on their friends and they even bet on Robin and Ted’s relationship. Lily bet Marshall that Ted and Robin would break up, which definitely isn’t a great friend moment for Lily. Not only does Lily lack faith in her best friend’s relationship, but she’s even hoping that they will break up so she can win a bet.

Lily knows full well how much Ted and Robin care about each other, so of course, their breakup would be devastating, but Lily only cares about her bet.

9 Robin Hates When Lily Talks About Babies

Having a baby is something that becomes increasingly important to Lily as the series progresses, but Robin isn’t exactly supportive. For instance, Robin finds it extremely annoying when Lily begins to talk more and more about babies. Robin slowly stops hanging out with Lily because of it and starts doing things that she would typically do with Lily on her own.

It’s pretty strange that Robin doesn’t just come clean and tell Lily that her baby-talk is starting to annoy her, instead she hides her frustrations until it turns into a fight.

8 Lily Thinks Robin Is Going To Dump Her

This is the aftermath of Lily talking about babies just a bit too much around Robin. Lily can feel Robin distancing herself and fears that she’s going to lose Robin as a friend. Honestly, this entire situation is pretty ridiculous. Their friendship must not be very strong if it can be broken by Robin getting irritated by a little too much baby-talk.

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It’s later found out that Robin had previously lost a friendship over an old friend having a baby and not having time for Robin anymore, but this isn’t really an excuse. Robin and Lily had been friends for a while at this point, and should have easily overcome this issue.

7 Robin Doesn’t Want Lily To Move To The Suburbs

Maybe this is just Robin not wanting to lose her close friends, but it’s also an example of how selfish Robin can be. Robin is very independent and doesn’t like feeling tied down, and yet she basically wanted to tie down Lily. Robin was upset when she found out that Lily and Marshall were moving to the suburbs, which seems a little out of character for her.

Lily was excited about this new chapter in her life, and it would have made sense for Robin to be supportive and happy for her, but instead, she locked herself in a bathroom, sulked, and thought about herself.

6 Robin and Lily Have Terrible Communication

These two pretty much never come to each other to talk out their problems. They’ll go to every person in the gang for advice before they talk to one another. It seems pretty weird that they walk on eggshells around each other like this considering how good of friends they’re supposed to be.

For instance, when Lily and Marshall invite Barney and Robin over for a couples night, Robin and Barney have a terrible time. They lie to Lily and Marshall and say they had fun and then complain to Ted about it later.

5 Lily Breaks Up Ted and Robin

This is a bad one. Everyone knows that Lily likes to meddle in her friends’ relationships, but this time she crosses a line. Lily used her “Front Porch Test” to decide for herself if Robin and Ted belong together. This is where she pictures herself and Marshall in their old age spending time with another couple.

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When she decides that it can’t be Ted and Robin, she actively works to break them up by planting ideas in their minds and dropping hints to each of them. This is really shady of Lily and definitely not something a friend would do.

4 Lily Makes Robin Compete To Be A Godparent

This whole episode is pretty confusing. Throughout the series, it’s a theme that Robin just doesn’t like kids, so it would make sense for her to not be Marvin’s godparent. Oddly enough, there’s an entire episode dedicated to Lily forcing her friends, including Robin, to compete for this title – in game show format.

Robin had to have known that it would make more sense for Ted to be Marvin’s godparent and Lily and Robin should have just had a conversation about it. It also doesn’t make sense that Barney wanted to be Marvin’s godparent, but that’s a topic for another time.

3 Lily Encourages Barney To Go For Robin

Lily spends quite a bit of time talking Barney up, encouraging him to go for Robin. Honestly, this just doesn’t make sense. Lily has always thought Barney was creepy, so why would she want him to be with her best friend? Granted, Barney has had positive character development, but that’s not really enough.

Lily has seen first hand how bad Barney was for Robin, so it’s strange that she continually encourages this relationship if it’s not ultimately what’s best for her friend. At the end of the day, it boils down to Lily’s “Front Porch Test,” which is pretty selfish.

2 Lily Is Overbearing

Remember that one time Lily locked Robin and Barney in a room and forced them to define their relationship? That was pretty crazy on Lily’s part, and this is just one example of how Lily can be way too overbearing with Robin. It’s pretty strange that Robin would even put up with a friend like this considering how independent she is.

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It’s also ridiculous that Lily thinks she gets to decide how and when Robin makes decisions about her personal relationships. The craziest part? Marshall goes along with it all and uses his whip.

1 Lily Leaves The Group

When Lily leaves for San Francisco it seems as though she’s cutting the entire group off. While her move definitely hurt Marshall the most, it also showed that she and Robin couldn’t have been that great of friends. They didn’t really stay in touch after Lily moved, and when Lily comes back into town for the first time she just watches the gang from afar.

It definitely would have made more sense if Lily and Robin had some form of communication during this move, and then Robin would have known when Lily would be back in town, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Bethany Aroutunian

Riverdale: 10 Reasons Why Archie & Jughead Aren’t Real Friends

Good ole Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews are an iconic duo, fans love to watch them solve mysteries around town and make Riverdale a better place. They really do seem to work well together and even though Jughead and Archie are very different people, they also balance one another out.

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While it’s true that they make a great team, the quality of their friendship is questionable. Supposedly they’re best buds, but when you take a closer look, are they as good of pals as everyone thinks they are? Here are 10 reasons why Archie and Jughead aren’t real friends.

10 They Actually Weren’t Friends For A While

Early in the first season of the show, viewers find out that Jughead and Archie used to be friends in the past, but weren’t exactly best pals anymore. This information comes to light when Jughead confronts Archie about having seen him and Miss Grundy together.

Jughead was just trying to look out for Archie but Archie wasn’t having any of it, he threatens Jughead and the duo parts ways on not so great terms. They ultimately make amends and start to grow close again, but the fact that they once took a break from their friendship makes fans question how solid they really are.

9 Archie Broke Up With Jughead For Betty

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the series is when Betty sends Archie to break up with Jughead on her behalf. While she was only breaking up with him to keep him safe from the Black Hood, Jughead was unaware of this and was extremely hurt by the situation.

The fact that Archie would go along with this plan shows that he values his friendship with Betty more than he values his friendship with Jughead as he knew full well that this plan would break Jughead’s heart.

8 Archie Kissed Betty

After Betty and Archie broke up with their respective partners, the two shared a moment and ended up kissing. Not only should this moment not have happened, but it happened so soon after Jughead and Betty broke up. Archie was fully aware of how much this would hurt Jughead and he went ahead and acted on his feelings anyway.

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What’s even worse is that after Betty and Jughead got back together, Archie never came clean to Jughead about the kiss. Jughead ended up finding out from Cheryl while the core four were on a couple’s weekend in the woods.

7 Jughead Kissed Veronica

This random kiss happened as the aftermath of Jughead learning of the kiss between Archie and Betty. While on their couple’s weekend in the woods, Veronica suggests that they even playing field and prevent future drama by Jughead kissing Veronica. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense but Jughead agrees and kisses her right in front of Archie and Betty.

This is an extremely awkward moment for everyone and it’s obvious that Jughead just wanted to make Archie feel bad. Apparently, an eye for an eye is their motto.

6 Archie Doesn’t Take Jughead’s Theories Seriously

Jughead is known for his detective skills and wild conspiracy theories, though most of the time, his theories don’t turn out to be so wild after all. As fans have learned, Juggie has a keen eye for suspicious behavior and he’s the best of the best when it comes to solving mysteries.

Unfortunately, there are many occasions where Archie doesn’t take Jughead’s theories seriously and tries to shut him down. Jughead doesn’t necessarily need Archie’s support in the first place but it would be nice if he showed more respect for Jughead in these situations.

5 Jughead Rarely Confides In Archie

While Jughead isn’t exactly an open book in the first place, when he does share details of his personal life, he often goes to Betty and not his supposed best friend. Sadly, before Jughead was with Betty he didn’t have much of anyone to turn to when he needed a talk.

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For example, Archie finds out early in the series that Jughead was living at the school since things at home weren’t so great. Archie questions why Jughead didn’t clue him on this, but it’s pretty obvious to viewers that it’s due to a lack of trust between the two.

4 Archie Didn’t Like The Serpents

Viewers found out pretty quickly that Archie wasn’t exactly the Southside Serpents’ number one fan and vice versa. There are many times where Archie makes this apparent, this is unfortunate for Jughead since the Serpents are part of who he is. For instance, when Archie first finds out that Jughead is with the gang, he immediately gets upset and judges him for it.

To be fair, Archie definitely had his reasons for not getting along with the Serpents but he should know to tread lightly when it comes to this topic since it’s clearly something of importance to Jughead.

3 Archie Isn’t Respectful To Jughead’s Dad

Ah, FP, an increasingly favorite character to the Riverdale fan base. FP has really turned his life around and become a great dad to Jughead. This is why it’s so hard to see Archie not treat FP with the respect he deserves. This lack of respect is shown several times through the series.

For instance, Archie goes behind Jughead’s back and searches his dad’s trailer to find evidence that he murdered Jason Blossom – which to be clear – he did not. Additionally, Archie didn’t consider how alcohol at Jughead’s party would impact FP and his sobriety and has also taken advantage of FP’s role of sheriff several times.

2 Archie Is Jealous of Jughead’s Relationship With Betty

One of the most questionable moments of the series is when Archie tells Betty that he loves her, but will never be good enough for, and that’s why they can’t be together. Luckily, Betty completely accepts this and moves on to bigger and better things with Jughead, but where does this leave the core four?

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Archie has blatantly shared with Jughead that he is jealous of the quality of his and Betty’s relationship and has mentioned that he always thought he and Betty would end up together. Is Archie still jealous? If Archie can’t be with Betty because he will never be good enough for her, where does that leave Veronica, the person that does let himself be with? This is all very confusing.

1 Jughead Lets Archie Disappear

In season three, Jughead and Archie are on the run as everyone’s favorite Riverdale villain, Hiram, has finally forced Archie out of town. The two head to Gladys and Jellybean’s house for safety who are happy to let them stay for the night. However, Gladys warns Jughead that it’s not safe for him to be helping Archie since she has learned that anyone found helping Archie will also be a target.

At first, Jughead refuses to leave Archie’s side, but Archie is eventually able to convince him that he has to go it alone. While this does seem like selfless actions on both friends’ parts, Jughead should have never let Archie go it alone.

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