Friends: Joey’s 10 Most Memorable Episodes

Joey Tribbiani may not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but he’s is the funniest. Portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, Joey provided countless hilarious moments in the course of Friends‘ ten seasons. While Chandler had the best one-liners, Joey had the best catchphrase, “how you doing?

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Of course, there’s more to Joey than just that one line. Each friend has had a number of episodes in which they got the opportunity to shine (to take center stage or steal it from someone else), but today, it’s all about Joey and his most memorable episodes. There are a few honorable mentions, including “The One with the Ride-Along,” “The One with Joey’s Bag” and pretty much all the Thanksgiving episodes, but these are on another level of Joey goodness.

10 “The One With Joey’s Porsche”

While Ross and Rachel were busy getting a divorce and Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica were babysitting the triplets, Joey spent his time pretending to own a Porsche. Of course, he didn’t stop at that. He invented a whole life. One in which his equity investments got him the Porsche, as well as his place upstate. However, once the real owner showed up and took the car, Joey was back to being just Joey.

Having fallen victim to being the fake owner of a Porsche, Joey had a Porsche throw up on him (resulting in the fetching look pictured above), hoping it would help him to keep deceiving people. Joey’s attempts to maintain his “image” didn’t end there, either. Being quite the craftsman, he made a Porsche model out of cardboard boxes and covered it up with a protective car blanket. He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

9 “The One With Joey’s New Brain”

Joey enthusiastically announcing that he’s getting a new brain never gets old. In this awesome season seven episode, Joey’s Days of Our Lives character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, comes out of his coma and gets a new brain. Joey explains that when he comes out of the “brain transplant,” he’s going to be Jessica Lockheart in Drake Ramoray’s body (causing Ross to whimper in despair at the scientific strangeness of it all).

Cecile Monroe (portrayed by Susan Sarandon), who plays Jessica Lockheart, gives Joey some tips about ‘being’ the character. Of course, Joey being Joey, he hooks up with her, but he does actually learn how to play Jessica by “owning the room”. The scene in which Joey makes his big entrance as Jessica (with bandages over his head) gets us every time.

8 “The One Where The Stripper Cries”

Or, as it should have been called, “The One with Joey on Pyramid.” This is yet another great episode from season ten. While all the plotlines in this episode are hilarious, Joey’s guest appearance on Pyramid is by far the funniest.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Joey on a game show equals disaster. You’re right. He lost almost every round even though his partner’s clues were obvious.

Joey gets cocky when he has to guess things you find in your refrigerator, but manages to mess that up too, because apparently it’s common to find items such as paper, snow, a ghost, a dog, a rock, and the Earth in one’s fridge (the “paper, snow, a ghost” line is still one of Joey’s most memorable). He was equally hilarious and oblivious trying to explain things associated with the U.S. Congress.

7 “The One With The Birth Mother”

In this season ten episode – wow, Joey had some pretty great moments in season ten – Phoebe reluctantly sets Joey up with one of her friends. Joey promises to treat the girl right, and he might have followed through with his promise if she hadn’t reached for his food.

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The poor girl took a couple of fries from Joey’s plate, which got him a bit agitated to say the least. Turns out, Joey doesn’t share food – not even a couple of grapes with Emma. When Phoebe teases him about it, Joey utters the unforgettable line “Joey doesn’t share food”. Still, he decides to give the girl a second chance, but somehow ends up eating her piece of cake while she was answering the phone. When she returns and catches Joey all smudged with chocolate, Joey just smiles and says, “I’m not even sorry”.

6 “The One With The Baby Shower”

Let’s play Bamboozled! Don’t worry if the rules seem too complicated (or downright ridiculous), you just need some practice to get into it. We’ll just let Joey Tribbiani, the host of Bamboozled, break it down for you: “You spin the Wheel of Mayhem to go up to the Letter of Chance, you go past the Mud Hut through the Rainbow Ring to get to the Golden Monkey, you yank his tail and boom, you’re in Paradise Pond.” What’s complicated?

Joey’s practice contestants, Chandler and Ross, loved their time on Bamboozled, even though Joey hadn’t yet memorized all the rules and had to check what a Google Card is and how the Wheel of Mayhem works. However, this didn’t stop him from using his phony host voice, which only made lines like “I should know that” and “this is embarrassing” more hilarious.

5 “The One With Joey’s Fridge”

In this season six episode, Joey’s almost 30-year-old fridge breaks, so he goes around trying his best to get other people to pay for it. After failing to get the money from Rachel, he tries his luck with Chandler.

When Chandler walks into the apartment he finds a nauseous-looking Joey, eating ice-cream next to a table covered with empty containers. Befuddled, Chandler opens with “well you don’t look good, Joe”. Joey then matter-of-factly explains that the fridge broke, so he had to eat everything. Classic Joey.

To get Chandler to pay for the fridge, Joey paints quite the picture, where they’re a divorced couple, Joey has custody of the kid, the kid died and now he has to get a new kid, so Chandler should give him $400. This, surprisingly, doesn’t work, so Joey then tries to get money from Ross by pushing him into the fridge and claiming Ross broke it.


While Monica accused Ross and Rachel of stealing her thunder, we’d argue that her thunder was stolen by Joey. When the gang decided to go out to celebrate Monica and Chandler’s engagement, Joey dropped a bomb when he said he’s supposed to be playing a nineteen-year-old the next day. He even went through the trouble of putting on a ridiculous outfit –which for some reason included Chandler’s underwear– to prove that he can pass for nineteen, uttering the unforgettable line “s’up with the wack PlayStation s’up”.

Even after Chandler told him that “on a scale from one to ten – ten being the dumbest a person can look” he is “definitely nineteen,” Joey kept trying to act nineteen, mostly by saying “wack,” even though everyone else was dealing with much bigger issues.

3 “The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits”

In the fifth episode of Friends’ last season, Monica and Chandler task Joey with writing a letter of recommendation to the adoption agency. Their first choice was Rachel, but when Joey protested, they decided to let him write the letter: a decision they almost came to regret. Fearing he won’t sound smart enough, Joey takes Ross’ advice and uses a thesaurus for bonus intelligence points.

Joey writes a very, very smart letter from the bottom of his full-sized aortic pump, using the thesaurus on every single word, including his name (which became “Baby Kangaroo” Tribbiani). On his second try, Joey didn’t go for smart at all but instead dropped off a handwritten letter –complete with drawings– at the agency. Luckily for Chandler and Monica, the agency loved it, thinking Joey was a child.

2 “The One Where Joey Speaks French”

In this season ten episode, Joey auditions for a part that requires him to speak fluent French, which he can definitely do (according to his resume). Phoebe, who actually does speak fluent French, offers to teach him and hilarity ensues. The name of Joey’s character is Claude, so Phoebs starts by trying to teach him how to introduce himself.

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However, every time she asks him to repeat the words “je m’appelle Claude”, Joey speaks gibberish. Every Joey scene in this episode is absolutely hysterical, giving us some pretty hilarious lines such as “blay de la blay de blu blah blay,” Joey’s audition and conversation with the director and his victorious “tout de la fruit” at the end.

1 “The One Where No One’s Ready”

In this side-splitting episode from the first half of the third season, an increasingly nervous Ross is waiting for his friends to get ready so that they can go to his big event. However, for one reason or another, everyone seems to be taking their sweet time. Joey and Chandler, for instance, get into the most mundane and asinine argument about who gets to sit in Monica’s chair.

Their entire fight is hilarious, but it all comes to a head when –after having his underwear hidden by Chandler– Joey decides to do the complete opposite, which in his mind means putting on all of Chandler’s clothes. Joey wearing everything Chandler owns, uttering the now-famous line “could I BE wearing any more clothes?” is one of the funniest Friends scenes ever.

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Friends: The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes From Ross Geller

Even the most hardcore Friends fans have to agree that not all of the show has aged well. Many of the series’ original jokes would not stand up on their own today, but we should celebrate the acceptance and tolerance of people of all walks of life that has become a more mainstream quality in our culture as well as our media. We can also still enjoy the many times the characters on the show made us laugh so hard.

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Even as smart as Ross Geller was, for example, many of his quotes were so goofy or ridiculous that we can’t help but laugh and nod when we hear them again 15 years later. Given that the character was pretty much written for David Schwimmer, it’s no wonder that these lines were delivered with such panache.

10 “I’m The Holiday Armadillo!”

Remember the time that there were no more Santa Clause or other Christmas-related costumes around and all that was left was… an armadillo costume? This was absolutely perfect for Ross, who wanted to teach Ben about Hanukkah and decided that he needed Santa, too, only to discover that he was too little, too late when it came to ordering a costume (what did he expect?).

So he did what Ross Geller would do and rent whatever costume they had, which turned out to be… the Holiday Armadillo. Ross’s nasal voice declaring, “I’m the holiday Armadillo!” is one that can never be forgotten in its hilarity.

9 “Ah. Humor Based On My Pain.”

Even though Ross is the most intelligent of all of the friends, he’s also the butt of the most jokes in all nine seasons. Even Joey with his goofy little kid brain isn’t as much of a punchline as poor Ross. Luckily Ross is used to the behavior of his friends, however, and he’s quick to either condemn, join in with or shut down the joke, depending on the situation.

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One of his best quotes regarding one of these exact situations was the simple, “Ah. Humor based on my pain.” He loves his friends (and sister) even though they love to make fun at his expense.

8 “I Tell You, When I Actually Die, Some People Are Going To Get Seriously Haunted!”

Let’s be honest. We’ve all pictured our own funerals, or at least the reactions of the people we love upon hearing of our demise, and it’s kind of a morbid little hobby that a lot of people indulge in. So when Ross had a pretend memorial service for himself after Chandler tells his classmates that he was taken out by a blimp, we can kind of see where he was coming from.

When almost no one showed up for his fake funeral, an affronted Ross scoffed, “I tell you, when I actually die, some people are going to get seriously haunted!”

7 “You Have No Idea How Much This Hurts!”

Only pregnant people understand what it’s like to be pregnant, and only those who give birth can comment on the intense feels in the process. Ross, in a moment of sheer bone-headed hilarity, gets hit in the head while Rachel is giving birth to their baby by… Rachel’s head.

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It’s kind of a fitting moment where she can share a bit of the pain with her partner, but Ross has to make the quip, “You have no idea how much this hurts.” We’re pretty sure Rachel’s been bumped on the head before, buddy, and we’re also pretty sure you have no idea how much labor hurts!

6 “Get Off My Sister!”

As out of left field as Monica and Chandler were at first, we quickly grew to love the pairing affectionately known as “Mondler.” Ross, who didn’t approve of the couple when he first spotted them making out, gave us the kind of brotherly reaction that makes us both roll our eyes and giggle. Staring at them through the window, he shrieked, “Get off my sister!”

It’s so funny because it seems like such a 12-year-old comment to make, especially when your sister is a grown-up who can date with whomever she wants. Ross also gave us that hilarious “I’m fine!” when he found out that Joey and Rachel were dating.

5 “I Will Hunt You Down And Kick Your A**!”

It’s bad enough that Ross’s intelligence is something to be mocked, but the friends tend to guffaw over the man’s physical prowess as well, scoffing at the idea of him ever beating someone up. He attempts to threaten Chandler in a bit of an example of old toxic masculinity, telling Monica’s beau that, “if you ever hurt my little sister, if you ever cause her any unhappiness of any kind, I will hunt you down and kick your ass!”

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The quote itself is a bit funny, especially considering the fact that Monica is much more intimidating than her brother (and the fact that she is, again, a grown woman who doesn’t need him issuing dumb threats), but the hilarity really ensues with Chandler’s reaction, which is a huge laugh.

4 “You And Those Vegetables Have, Uh… Real Thing Going, Huh?”

Okay, even the idea of Ross flirting with Phoebe sounds ridiculous based on their personalities alone, but when Ross actually attempts it his flirting skills are so awkward that we doubt they’d have even worked on Rachel at this point.

The quote? It’s a doozy: “Hey Pheebs, how’s that vegetarian pizza working for you, huh? You and those vegetables have, uh… real thing going, huh?” It is so painful to watch especially with that goofy leg dip he does, flinging his foot on the back of the couch to look cute. We doubt he’s ever looked as awkward at any other moment.

3 “I Got Dumped During Sex!”

Ross has had such bad luck with relationships over the years that we’re still puzzled over how he managed to not only marry Rachel but to get so many other cool and classy women to fall for him in the first place. Between his awkward flirting and lack of decent partner skills it really took years of training from all of his partners to whip him into shape.

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That does’t mean he doesn’t have some embarrassing tales that he doesn’t even have the shame to take to the grave, though. He’s openly admitted that a woman once broke his heart at the most intimate moment, saying, “Once, I got dumped during sex!” It’s a pretty sad yet hilarious line.

2 “I’m A Terrible Father.”

Who wants their baby to be soothed by the sounds of Sir Mix-a-Lot? It’s not the first lullaby that comes to mind when we picture a soothing song for an infant, but as most parents know, you use whatever works.

When a frustrated Ross attempts to soothe a crabby Emma with the gift of song, he croons, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun,” before gasping at himself. He then says, “I’m a terrible father.” Frankly this is not one of the worst things he does as a father, since Emma won’t even recall these lyrics, which makes it even funnier.

1 “Pivot!”

It’s just one word, but somehow it’s been turned into such a funny line that it’s used in everything from memes to daily life, especially if Friends fans are moving furniture around.

While attempting to move a couch up some stairs, Ross calls out the order, “Pivot!” believing it will somehow magically help them get the couch all the way up the stairs and around the stubborn banister. It’s also just a silly word to use when moving furniture since it sounds like you’re ordering someone to do a dance instead, so it’s no wonder that we find such joy in repeating this simple but hilarious quote.

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Paul Rudd Explains How Filming Avengers Is Similar to Friends

Paul Rudd says working on Avengers: Endgame is similar to his experience on Friends. Debuting as one of the most obscure heroes in the MCU via Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man, the actor has been playing the role for almost four years now, reprising the role two more times in Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man & The Wasp. This year, he official joins the bigger world as he teams up with the remaining heroes to go after Thanos following the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Plot details for the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed and Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely-written blockbuster have been heavily guarded. Trailers barely reveal any concrete clues as to what might go down in the film. But as far as the public knows, Ant-Man will play a crucial role in the narrative having the key to the mysterious Quantum Realm introduced and largely explored in his movies. It’s uncertain how the alternate dimension will factor in the movie, but many are convinced that it will pave the way for the heroes to travel through time. Being one of the newer actors boarding the MCU, Rudd has been vocal about his experience joining an established franchise, and recently, he compared this to his years in the classic sitcom, Friends.

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Sitting down with ET during Endgame‘s press day, Rudd, who was partnered up with original Avenger, Jeremy Renner, was reminded that this year marks the 25th anniversary of Friends. In light of that, the actor talked briefly about what he remembers during his years in the show. And along the conversation, he shared that it’s very similar to him joining the MCU in a sense that he boarded the sitcom when it was already very popular and acting opposite these already iconic actors and characters and he “just didn’t want to get in the way.” Watch the full clip below:

Rudd, who had already done the coming-of-age classic film Clueless at that time, was introduced in Friends‘ second to the last season as Mike Hannigan – accidental-boyfriend-turned-husband of Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe. The two had a bumpy relationship that even resulted in a brief break-up, but they eventually got back together and got hitched in a romantic, albeit unorthodox winter wedding officiated by Joey (Matt LeBlanc). Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes, he had some very memorable moments in the sitcom, particularly the one where he and and David Schwimmer’s Ross were forced to hang out as Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Phoebe go out for a girls’ night out.

Ant-Man has been largely operating on its own for the last few years with only a short appearance in Civil War. While it’s unknown whether or not this will still be the trend once this ongoing Thanos debacle is resolved, there’s a good chance that he’ll be more active in the ongoings in the bigger MCU. Since the Quantum Realm, which is significantly tied to him and his franchise will be a pivotal part of the franchise moving forward, not to mention the fact that he’s connected to other heroes in the lore, he and The Wasp can be two of the next poster characters for the universe come Phase 4. So while his stint in Avengers: Endgame reminded him of joining Friends, unlike the latter, his time in the Marvel universe is still far from over.

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Friends: Joey’s 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Relationships

Ever since he was introduced on Friends, Joey Tribbiani has been known as something of a ladies’ man. He’s had tons of one night stands and casual relationships, but when you dig into his time on the series, he hasn’t had that many serious relationships.

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The ones he did have run the gamut from the “really, really great” to “what were they thinking?” Given the plethora of interesting women Joey has dated over the years, we decided to rank the five best, and the five worst relationships Joey Tribbiani has had on Friends and Joey.


In season five, Joey started dating a girl named Katie, and she seemed like the perfect girl for him. She was sweet and fun, and energetic… the whole gang really liked her. Unfortunately, there was something she did that made her unappealing to Joey forcing him to eventually break things off with her..

She had this annoying habit of punching him whenever she wanted to make a point or laugh at his jokes. It was irritating, and it led to his breaking up with her, which is a shame. They were really great together… when she wasn’t punching tiny bruises into his arm…


Janine moved into the apartment with Joey in season six after Chandler moved out, and since she was played by supermodel Elle MacPherson, Joey was immediately infatuated with her. The only problem was, she wasn’t into him, and none of his usual charms worked on her… at first.

Joey’s perseverance paid off, and the two began to date. He really liked her, and things were looking as if he had found “the one” until they had some couples time with Monica and Chandler. Janine absolutely hated them both, and when it came to choosing Janine or his friends, Joey chose the latter.


Kathy was an amazing girlfriend to Joey when they first started dating. She was perfect in every way, and while Joey clearly enjoyed spending time with her, there was a problem with their relationship in the form of Joey’s roommate. Chandler had a much better connection with Kathy than Joey did, which presented a problem.

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Even though the two were great together, Chandler eventually got in the way. Kathy was into Chandler as much as he was into her, and eventually, she split up with Joey to date his roommate. That relationship didn’t last long, which proved she was probably better off with Joey the whole time.


Joey slept with Erin on their first date… which isn’t something that’s particularly unusual for him, but things didn’t proceed in their normal fashion from that point. When she got up the next morning, Rachel was supposed to show her the door, but the two women bonded and became friends.

When she and Phoebe pushed Joey to continue seeing her, he ended up falling for Erin pretty hard. It all seemed to be going perfectly well until Erin “pulled a Joey” and wanted to call the whole thing quits. It ended up hitting Joey pretty hard, and the audience was left wondering, “what if…”


Alex wasn’t a character on Friends, but did play a major role on the spinoff series, Joey. She played his neighbor, and Joey was immediately attracted to her. For the majority of the series (it only lasted for two seasons), the couple played a “will they or won’t they” game of back and forth.

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Eventually, they gave in to their desires and the two started dating in the closing episodes of the second season. It looked as if they might make it work as the series came to the close, and Joey even described her as “the first girl he had ever thought about being married to.”


Charlie was gorgeous and amazing, and completely wrong for Joey. The two were a great couple from the outside looking in, but when you dig a little deeper, they had no business trying to make a real relationship work. Charlie was ridiculously intelligent and worked in Ross’ field, which made her an ideal woman for him.

Eventually, Joey went to a new relationship while Charlie finally realized Ross the right guy for her. Things were looking good when Joey and Charlie’s relationship came to an end, but ultimately, she didn’t end up with anyone in the gang as she went back to her ex-husband instead of staying with Ross.


When they first met and began to work together, Joey was completely infatuated with Kate. He tried everything to get her to go out with him, but she showed no interest whatsoever. As they worked more and more on the play, she found that she was attracted to him and they began a relationship of casual sex

Joey was way more into Kate than she was into him, which is why she ended up leaving him (without saying goodbye). He found out about it during a live performance of the play, and it clearly broke Joey’s heart as he said goodbye via his lines in the play.


Erika was a beautiful woman who was completely and totally in love with… Doctor Drake Remoray. Let’s just say, she had some issues, but seeing as she was played by the beautiful and amazing Brooke Shields, Joey had a hard time saying no to her advances… and it’s hard to blame him for that.

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The two started messing around, but Joey recognized she was a little crazy. She couldn’t understand that Joey wasn’t literally the character he portrayed on screen, so there wasn’t any way a relationship would have actually worked between the two. He was able to break things off using some soap opera logic, and she went on her way back to crazy town.


Ursula is Phoebe’s twin sister, and when she was first introduced on Friends, Joey was all over her. He immediately went after a relationship with her, which Phoebe absolutely hated. She knew her sister was incapable of showing Joey the love and affection he deserved, and in the end, she was proven right.

Phoebe ghosted Joey, which tore him apart. In the end, Phoebe pretended to be her sister so that she could break things off with him for her. It worked, but after she kissed him, Joey realized it was his friend all along, which made for a sweet moment in their friendship.


When Joey and Rachel became a thing on Friends, pretty much everyone hated it. The fans didn’t know what was going on, and the entire cast hated the idea, but it ended up making it to print regardless. Joey initially had an infatuation for Rachel that went away, but when they went to Barbados, they started fooling around.

That helped to end Joey’s relationship with Charlie (and send her to Ross), but the two were never able to consummate their relationship. Every time they tried, Rachel slapped Joey because… he was Joey. They decided to remain friends and put their physical desires to rest, which was a relief to everyone.

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Red Ross: The Funniest Ross Episodes Of Friends

Ross Geller is perhaps the most underrated friend. He never seems to get enough credit for all of the hilarious memories he’s given us over the years. As the show went on and Ross was put through two more failed marriages among other things, he kept getting crazier and funnier.

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Before we reveal the ten funniest Ross episodes, we have a few honorable mentions: “The One with Joey’s New Brain” in which Ross plays bagpipes, “The One with the Stripper” in which Ross is caught between a rock and a hard place with his new girlfriend Mona and Rachel’s dad who thinks Ross knocked her up and refused to marry her, “The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner” where he makes up a Chandler-level sarcastic story, “The One with the Jellyfish” where he yells out “we were on a break,” and the one where he finds out about Chandler and Monica. Now, the big ten.


Ross freaking out about stuff is always funny. In “The One Where Rachel Tells…” Ross finds out that his one-night stand with Rachel has resulted in pregnancy. When he’s hit with this information, you can almost see the wheels turning in Ross’s head as his mouth falls open and he stares at Rachel in a stupor. As he slowly comes to his senses he starts talking about condoms and he’s faced with yet another surprising discovery, that condoms only work 97% of the time.

Indignant, and seemingly having forgotten what the conversation is supposed to be about, he starts talking about how they should put that warning on the box and in huge block letters. He then proceeds to call the condom company to complain about their product, at which point Rachel decides to leave. Everything about Ross’s reaction is absolutely priceless – from the hilarious faces he makes as he tries to process the information, to the way he yells out “well they should put that on the box.”


In this hilarious episode, our poor dinosaur boy gets his teeth whitened for his big date with Monica’s co-worker. However, because this is Ross we’re talking about, he messes up by leaving the gel on too long, which results in disturbingly white teeth. He tries everything to make his teeth less noticeable and frightening, but nothing works.

So, during the date, Ross tries to hide his teeth by keeping his mouth shut most of the time, and putting his hand, a slice of bread, and a wine glass over his mouth while talking. And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that damn black light. Because when his date turned down the lights, Ross’s white teeth lit up like a Christmas tree, and it’s an image we’ll never be able to get out of our heads.


In this season seven episode, Ross gets Ben for the holidays and decides to teach him all about Hanukkah. But when Ben shows little interest in the Santa-less holiday, Ross is forced to go on a hunt for a Santa outfit two days before Christmas. Of course, he doesn’t find one and thus makes up a new holiday tradition: the Holiday Armadillo – which should totally be a thing, by the way.

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And because Armadillos also wandered in the desert, Ross tells Ben that aside from being Santa’s representative for the Southern states and Mexico, he’s also part Jewish. Ben agrees to listen to Holiday Armadillo talk about Hanukkah and from there on the whole ordeal gets even more ridiculous. The Armadillo gets interrupted by both Santa (Chandler) and Superman (Joey), resulting in a very modern take on Hanukkah, with Superman flying all the Jews out of Egypt – something the Armadillo wasn’t so thrilled about.


In the one that should have been called The One with Ross’s Fake Accent, Monica and Rachel go NYU to meet with Ross, who had recently started teaching there, and they make a startling discovery. Turns out, Ross has been speaking in a fake British accent in order to get his student’s attention. Unfortunately, Ross didn’t pick up anything from his ex-wife Emily because his British accent is pretty terrible in the most hilarious way.

But it gets even worse when he starts phasing out the accent at which point he begins to sound like a broken computer. And just when he finally clears the air with his students, an angry Rachel appears upset that he lied about getting the annulment, prompting Ross to revert to his fake-accent persona with a jolly “why ‘ello Rachel.”


In the deceptively titled “The One with the Cop,” Ross and Rachel go to a furniture store so that Ross can get a couch for his new apartment. Being the cheapskate that he is, he convinces Rachel to carry the couch to his apartment. In the episode’s funniest scene, Ross, Rachel, and Chandler attempt to get the couch up the narrow stairway in Ross’s building.

When they get to the corner, Ross starts ridiculously yelling out “pivot” sending us into a fit of laughter and prompting Chandler to respond with “shut up.” The infamous “pivot scene” is widely regarded as one of the funniest Friends scenes ever, and it’s all thanks to Ross being absolutely batshit crazy. The end tag shows Ross returning the couch, that has now been cut in half and asking for an exchange. He gets four dollars store credit instead.


In this season ten episode, Ross decides to get a spray-on tan, seeing how good it looks on Monica. Shenanigans ensue and after a series of hilarious mishaps he ends up getting sprayed four times on his front, prompting him to yell out in horror “I’m an eight.” The next day, he goes to Monica and Chandler’s apartment to get ridiculed by Chandler, learn how to count to five, and get a cute nickname, Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

But, this is Ross we’re talking about and, of course, it gets much, much worse. To even out the ebony and ivory situation, he goes to a different tanning place. Unfortunately, he interrupts poor Glenda when she attempts to give him instructions, and as a result, gets sprayed on his front again. Each and every Ross scene in this episode is brilliantly acted, achingly funny, and unforgettable. By the end of the episode, Ross has successfully camouflaged himself on a brown leather couch.


Hoo boy, here we go. In season five episode “The One with All the Resolutions,” Ross decides to make a New Years’ resolution to do something new every day. So, the very next day, he ends up buying a pair of tight, good-smelling leather pants, which get him into a sticky situation at his date’s apartment.

Burning up in his constricting and hot leather pants, Ross goes to the bathroom to freshen up, however, when he attempts to get the pants back on they won’t budge. Desperate, he even takes Joey’s advice, putting first powder and then lotion on his legs to no avail. Seeing as there’s nothing else to do, Ross walks out of the bathroom with his legs covered in white paste and his hot leather pants in his hands. While we do feel sorry for him throughout the whole ordeal, it’s impossible not to laugh at David Schwimmer’s high-pitched voice, side-splitting facial expressions, and impeccable delivery.


“The One with Unagi” is one of Friends’ funniest episodes, and largely thanks to Ross. This is the post-Emily-divorce, post-sandwich-incident, post-Rachel-divorce Ross, meaning he’s at his peak crazy. So, when Rachel and Phoebe go to a self-defense class, Ross teaches them about the importance of unagi, supposedly the Japanese concept of total awareness, not to be confused with the freshwater eel. To prove they’re not ready to defend themselves against surprise attacks, he successfully scares them in the hallway. They get him back by sneaking into his apartment and cause him to scream like a little girl.

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To exert his revenge, Ross then sneaks into their apartment but ends up pinned to the ground. Frustrated, Ross goes to ask a self-defense instructor for advice on attacking two women, which goes as well as you can imagine. All of these scenes are absolutely hilarious and some of Schwimmer’s best work on Friends, proving that Ross is funniest when he’s completely bonkers.


When Ross walked into Central Perk and greeted everyone with his depressing “hi” we knew something was wrong, but not in a million years would we have guessed that Ross was upset about a sandwich. In this side-splitting episode, Ross gets worked up when someone at work eats his sandwich – or as he put it, the only good thing going on in his life. Ross then starts leaving aggressive notes on his lunch, earning the nickname Mental.

One thing leads to another and Ross ends up yelling at his boss who, as it turns out, ate his sandwich. He gets sent to a psychiatrist, who gives him a pill and puts him on sabbatical. Sedated and blissfully eating cotton candy, he tells Chandler and Monica all about his rage in one of the funniest scenes you’ll ever see. The sandwich incident is Ross’s tipping point. In a way, this episode gave us all the wonderful crazy Ross moments that came later.


“The One Where Ross is Fine” is without a doubt the ultimate Ross episode. It all starts when Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel kissing. Naturally, this upsets him, to say the least, but he decides to play it cool. Delivering the unforgettable line “I’m fine” in his squeakiest voice, he reassures Joey and Rachel that there’s nothing to worry about and invites them to have fajitas with him and Charlie at his apartment.

At the dinner date, Ross is still insisting he’s fine though it’s obvious he’s gone off the deep end. The entire ordeal is hysterical and has us in tears every time we re-watch it. From the fajitas and the margaritas, to the L-O-V-E toast, to the flan for three, Schwimmer brings his A-game and virtually single-handedly pulls off one of the top five funniest episodes of Friends.

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Irina Curovic

The 10 Best Pop Culture References Created On Friends

During its ten-season run, the hit NBC sitcom Friends gave us countless hilarious and memorable episodes that we still go back to when we need a good laugh. Various compilations of best and funniest moments can be found on YouTube, as well as specific scenes that have become fan-favorites, and thanks to YouTube recommendations, we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole re-watching our favorite Friends scenes.

The series is also responsible for introducing and popularizing a variety of words, phrases, and concepts. Friends created a good number of pop culture references, and we’ve picked the ten most well-known and relevant.

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“The One with the Prom Video” is a landmark Friends episode and rightfully considered as one of the show’s very best. This season two episode marked the first appearance of Fat Monica, pre-nose job Rachel, and Afro-hair Ross. It is also the episode in which Ross and Rachel become a couple, and the one where Phoebe coins the iconic expression “he’s her lobster”.

According to Pheebs, lobsters mate for life, so to call someone your lobster means that the two of you are meant to be together forever – like Ross and Rachel. The Lobster Theory gained popularity among fans and it’s commonly featured on Friends merchandise.


Joey has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and apparently, as the show went on he took a level in dumbass. Still, on rare occasions, what he said made a lot of sense, even if he never got it quite right. In the season seven episode “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”, Rachel wonders how long she should wait before asking Tag out given his recent breakup.

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Surprisingly enough, the best piece of advice comes from Joey who explains that unless Tag likes her back this is all a moo point – or, as he explains it: a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter, it’s moo. Joey’s expression and explanation thereof aren’t just funny. Maybe we’ve spent too much time with Joey, but this really does make sense, which is why it’s so memorable and quotable.

8 OH. MY. GOD!

Oh. My. God! Ten whole seasons those three words were more than enough to send chills down our spines because they can only mean one thing: Janice. Chandler’s nasal ex-girlfriend Janice knew how to make an entrance. Whenever she would pop up unexpectedly her arrival would be announced with a nasal, drawn-out “Ohhh. Myyyy. Gwaaad!” before we’d even get see her.

Janice made several surprise appearances on the show causing Chandler, but also other friends, to freeze on the spot upon hearing her voice. Her unforgettable catchphrase has been referenced on other shows, even the friends themselves did their best impressions of Janice, and every Friends fan has probably made this reference countless times.


Phoebe Buffay is best-known for her hippie lifestyle, unabashed silliness, and her unusual musical expression. Over the course of ten seasons, Pheebs wrote and performed a number of songs, most commonly at Central Perk. Her biggest hit is titled “Smelly Cat” and it’s about a foul-smelling cat – duh! The song was played on many different occasions and even got a music video in “The One Where Eddie Moves In”.

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The “Smelly Cat” song has become a staple of the show and Friends fans love singing along to it, just as Phoebe’s friends did at the end of the episode with the music video. There are covers of “Smelly Cat” YouTube and Lisa Kudrow actually performed the song on stage with Taylor Swift.


Explained by Monica as a way of giving the finger without actually having to give it, the “fist-banging” first appeared in season four episode ‘The One with Joey’s New Girlfriend”. Ross gives Rachel the Friendly Finger as a response to her teasing him about his dinosaur toys and bragging about her new, way too young, college boyfriend.

Since then the Friendly Finger has been used in various instances by all of the friends, interestingly enough, with the exception of Phoebe. The funny gesture has made its way from the small screen into the real world. We know we’ve used it numerous times, and we’re pretty sure other Friends fans have as well.


If you’re planning on starting any self-defense classes the first thing you need to know about is “Unagi” – no, not the freshwater eel – but the Japanese concept of complete awareness. Well, that’s if you believe Ross’s karate expertise. In the hilarious season six episode “The One with the Unagi”, Ross goes a bit overboard attempting to prove to Rachel and Phoebe that they’re gonna be helpless against an attacker because they don’t have “Unagi”.

Throughout the episode, Ross keeps saying “ahh Unagi” whenever he proves someone has or doesn’t have “Unagi”. It’s a reference any fan of Friends will understand and one we’ve all made at least once. There are memes and gifs about Unagi, as well as merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and so on.


In one of the show’s best episodes, “The One Where No One’s Ready”, Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes and waltzes into Monica’s apartment uttering the iconic line: “Look at me, I’m Chandler. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” poking fun at his friend’s tendency to put special emphasis on the word “be” in an unnatural way.

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The joke works because Chandler really does do that. Like when he and Joey get robbed and have to put patio furniture and a canoe in their living room, Chandler looks around the room and poses the hilarious rhetorical question: “Could we BE more white trash?” Chandler’s famous line is one of the show’s most well-known catchphrases and one that can always be used in real life.


When Ross buys a new couch for his new apartment, he insists that he and Rachel carry it to the building and up the stairs to the apartment all by themselves. However, the narrow stairway doesn’t cooperate, so they decide to get help. Chandler joins the party and the trio, after carefully studying Ross’s sketch of the whole process, begins the arduous task of getting the big couch up the stairway. Once they get to the corner, Ross starts hysterically yelling out “Pivot!” prompting us to burst out into laughter and Chandler to yell out “shut up” in response.

Needless to say, no fan of Friends has ever been able not to laugh at the word “pivot” ever again. And moving any furniture without yelling “pivot” is virtually impossible. Recently, Courtney Cox moved a desk from one room to another and recreated this scene on her Instagram.


Perhaps the longest running gag on the show was the catchphrase “we were on a break”. It all started with “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break” and the line was first uttered by Rachel in the following episode “The One with the Morning After”. But though Rachel may have said it first, “we were on a break” became Ross’ trademark.

The running gag started with episode seventeen of season three and lasted until the very end. Ross repeated it countless times and even joked about it in the “I got off the plane” scene. Whether Ross and Rachel really were on a break depends on whom you’re asking, but one thing is certain: “we were on a break” is one of the best-known and most-used Friends references that has spawned tons of hilarious memes and gifs.


The incorrigible womanizer Joey Tribbiani relied on his good looks and his charms to woo women. In “The One with Rachel’s Crush”, Joey demonstrates his “How You Doin’?” technique to Rachel and Phoebe in an attempt to give Rachel some pointers about asking her new crush out on a date. While Phoebe is quick to dismiss his approach, when Joey actually tries it on her she can’t help but giggle.

The line “How you doin’?” has become synonymous with Joey and it’s impossible for any fan of Friends to read it without hearing Joey’s voice. It’s by far the most recognizable catchphrase ever to be used on the show, it has appeared on other shows, and it’s been listed as one of the best catchphrases in TV history.

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Friends: All Of Rachel’s Romances, Ranked

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is the spoiled fashionista of the group that grows up the most over the course of Friends, learning to be independent from her wealthy parents and create her own successes. While she did well in many aspects of her life, Rachel’s relationships on the show were some of the messiest. Ross is her most prominent relationship, even though they were on-and-off throughout the series.

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Joey would probably be remembered as her second most memorable relationship. But do you remember the other men she dated? Like “The Yeti”, or even Ross’s doppelganger, Russ? Here are Rachel’s relationships, ranked.

12 Paolo

This was truly the scummiest man Rachel chose to pursue a relationship with. Really, the relationship was based on nothing but sex appeal. They used each other to a certain degree. Paolo (Cosimo Fusco) hardly spoke English (he was from Italy), but that didn’t stop him from making a pass at Phoebe when he was still with Rachel. He was suave, sleek, had that foreign cultural appeal and charm, but he was also unfaithful and selfish. Paolo only made brief appearances in the early seasons before Rachel ultimately broke things off with him. Good and bye!

11 Kash

Joey’s co-star Kash (Johnny Messner) dates Rachel for only one episode, “The One with Rachel’s Date.”

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Rachel is a fan of Kash’s and goes on a ferry ride with him, only to mistakenly tell him too soon that she’s pregnant. Kash reacts awkwardly, and it ends their very brief relationship. Luckily, Ross is there to cheer up Rachel by telling her Chandler’s middle name.

10 Barry

Rachel nearly married Barry. When we first meet her, she’s just run out of her wedding to him. Rachel later declares this to be the best decision she ever made. She never would have learned to rely on herself or have her own life if she’d followed through. Not only this, but as it turns out, Barry was cheating on Rachel with her best friend, Mindy, whom he later marries while Rachel serves as their maid of honor (when she really shouldn’t have).

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Everything happens for a reason, and Rachel needed to dump Barry so she could have a better life. Their relationship wasn’t truly meant to be.

9 Russ

How did Rachel not see the obvious similarities Russ (David Schwimmer in a dual rule) had to Ross? Obviously substituting a doppelganger for the man she has feelings for, Rachel dates Russ in the beginning of Season 2. She is oblivious to Ross’s double until the episode’s end. Horrified, she breaks up with him. It wasn’t long after this that Rachel ended up with Ross. Perhaps Russ was a step in the right direction.

8 Danny (The Yeti)

How promising is a relationship when you fog them via bug bomb upon meeting them? That should’ve been Rachel’s first sign to not pursue something with Danny (George Young Newbern), nicknamed “The Yeti” because of his hairy look upon returning from a months-long trek in the Andes. At first, Danny infuriates Rachel with his nonchalant attitude and apparent disinterest. Yet, somehow, he eventually manages to charm her into getting pizza. Their relationship only lasts a few episodes, ending when Rachel finds Danny’s close relationship with his sister disturbing. Good call, Rach.

7 Tommy (The Screamer)

Tommy (Ben Stiller) only lasted one episode but gained a memorable nickname as “The Screamer.”

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Tommy’s temper flares easily, which is something only Ross realizes until the episode’s end when Tommy is caught by the rest of the gang and Rachel declares it over between them. The episode doesn’t focus much on Tommy’s relationship with Rachel, but they appear casual, in no way headed for anything serious. That’s probably for the best, given Tommy’s short temper and screechy ranting.

6 Paul

Rachel ironically dates Paul (Bruce Willis), the father of the college student whom Ross is dating. Paul is tough and protective of his young daughter, prompting Rachel to help portray Ross in a positive light to impress Paul. Rachel and Paul are attracted to one another and appear to have a sweet, loving relationship.

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That is, until Rachel pushes Paul to tell her more about himself and she gets more than she bargained for when he begins crying uncontrollably. Fed up, Rachel dumps him, even though she was the one that prompted his mental breakdown.

5 Tag

Rachel impulsively hires the unqualified Tag (Eddie Cahill) for his looks to be her new assistant and begins a relationship with him. Tag is a few years younger than she; her relationship with him is practically an attempt on her part to relive her youth. Their relationship is mostly immature in several meaningful aspects. Rachel jeopardizes her career by dating him, so they keep their relationship secret. Plus, it is plainly obvious that they have different interests and simply remain together for the physical attraction and fun of it all, leading nowhere serious. This, combined with the fact that they are going in different directions in their lives, is what causes Rachel to break up with him when she turns thirty. No one said growing up was easy.

4 Gavin

Upon meeting Gavin (Dermot Mulroney), Rachel is disgusted by him, especially when he declares that he’s taking over her job (she had been away on maternity leave). However, he sings a different tune later in the episode when he offers to babysit Emma so Rachel can undertake an important presentation. Her relationship with Gavin was perfunctory, but Gavin didn’t seem like such a bad guy. He even removes himself from the equation by his third episode appearance, telling Rachel that she should examine her relationship with Ross and that he doesn’t want to get in the middle of whatever they may have.

3 Joshua

Tate Donovan guest-starred for a few episodes in Season 4 as Joshua, a recently divorced man that Rachel meets at work. She harbors a huge crush on him, jumping at any chance she has to be alone with him (she even gets excited one episode when she feels his pulse). Joshua appears kind but hesitant to jump into anything serious, although he does admit he’s bought more clothes than he needs just to have an excuse to see Rachel.

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Ultimately, her potential relationship with Joshua fails when she moves too fast (she’s competing against Ross and Emily’s relationship) for Joshua, who was only looking for something casual following his divorce. Some thing just aren’t meant to be.

2 Joey

Rachel’s relationship with Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was brief but sweet. Taking place not long before the show ended, the two tediously began to date. Much of their time seemed to be spent worrying over what Ross would think of them together, but they had their own moments the writers threw in to let us know their relationship wouldn’t be permanent. For example, how Rachel couldn’t stop slapping Joey uncontrollably each time he tried to touch her in one episode. They break things off when they feel they are better as friends than romantic partners. With the abrupt ending of their brief relationship, we’ll never truly know what kind of potential their relationship really had.

1 Ross

It was always Ross (David Schwimmer). From day one, Ross and Rachel had an undeniable chemistry. They were unbreakable together, but they had a tendency to act as one another’s kryptonite. Nonetheless, the couple had a daughter together and wound up together in the series finale. Where are they now? Unless there’s a revival, we like to picture them happy together without their past drama following. Throughout the ten years on the show, it was always obvious that regardless of either’s relationship status, they still held torches for one another (remember when Rachel crashed Ross’s wedding to Emily?). Were they ever really “on a break”?

Other honorable mentions include the poor man whom Rachel drunkenly talks to about Ross and his new relationship with Julie (Lauren Tom) while on a blind date with him, Gunther (James Michael Tyler), whom Rachel never realizes is crushing on her until the show’s end, and Chip (Dan Gauthier), whom Rachel dated in high school prior to the Friends pilot. While it was a long and rocky journey through various relationships, Rachel wound up with the one she truly loved in the end: Ross.

What did you think of Rachel’s relationships? Let us know in the comments!

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Friends: Chandler Bing’s 10 Best One-Liners

Chandler Bing, the ultimate Sarcasm King, is arguably the most popular Friends character. Chandler being a fan-favorite isn’t surprising, since he is one of the wittiest sitcom characters ever created. The writers made sure to provide Matthew Perry with memorable and hysterical one-liners, which he delivered with utmost perfection.

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Over the course of ten seasons, Chandler had way more funny quips than any character should be allowed to. With so many awesome lines to chose from, picking the top ten for this list was almost as hard as picking which child to bring home from the Department of Human Services. And since there are too many honorable mentions to mention, let’s just check out the Chan-Chan man!

10 “I’m Chandler; I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

In season six episode “The One with the Proposal: Part 1”, Chandler and Monica run into Richard and his date just when Chandler was about to propose. Monica points out that Richard’s mustache is back and Chandler, feeling uncomfortable, jokes about Richard’s date not having a mustache. Realizing his joke fell flat, and feeling increasingly awkward, Chandler follows it up with this hilarious introduction.

Indeed, some of Chandler’s best one-liners happened because he was put in an uncomfortable situation. Not only is it funny and adorable how he manages to keep joking even in his moment of self-reflection, but these kinds of situations are what make Chandler so relatable. Who hasn’t cracked a joke at an inappropriate moment just to avoid actually having to deal with something uncomfortable, inadvertently making the whole thing even worse?

9 “Hey, come on, I say more dumb things before 9 a.m. than most people say all day.”

The season four episode “The One with the Fake Party” opens with a pregnant Phoebe looking around Monica’s kitchen in search of something she wants to eat. In her frustration, Phoebe knocks over a box of cereal, prompting Chandler to make the obligatory pun by referring to her as a cereal killer. Monica mocks him, but Chandler brushes it off with a self-reflective and relatable reply.

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Yet another perfect example of Chandler being blatantly honest about who he is. Plus, most of us can relate to Chandler, which makes this line even funnier. Don’t worry Chandler, we’ve always found your so-called dumb things side-splitting.

8 “Well, maybe he was nervous.”

Some of Chandler’s best one-liners were the ones that weren’t on-the-nose, like this gem from season two episode “The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know”. In this scene, the group is hanging out at Joey and Chandler’s and Ross is on the phone with someone from the museum.

He starts discussing some display saying that Australopithecus wasn’t supposed to be there because, unlike Homo Habilis, he was never fully erect. Of course, Chandler doesn’t let such a set-up go to waste and interjects this little zinger. Ross just gives him an exasperated look and goes back to his conversation, but we know he wishes he could be laughing as loud as we are.

7 “Gum would be perfection.”

In one of the Friends’ best episodes, “The One with the Blackout”, the group is spending the candle-lit evening at Monica and Rachel’s apartment, with the exception of Chandler, who gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre. The whole ordeal is one of the funniest Chandler moments on the show, given that we can hear everything that races through his mind. Though everything Chandler says (and thinks) in this episode makes us laugh hysterically, he delivers his best line when Jill offers him gum.

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After refusing her offer at first, Chandler changes his mind and utters this unforgettable line, much to his own bemusement. He then proceeds to internally bemoan his poor choice of words, and all we can do is laugh and suffer with him, because – let’s be real, everyone has their own “gum would be perfection” moment.

6 “I’m not great at the advice… Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

In season eight episode “The One with the Tea Leaves”, a desperate Rachel vents to Chandler about being afraid of losing Joey as a friend now that he’s admitted to having feelings for her. Chandler listens to her, but once it’s his turn to actually say something useful he admits he might not be of much use to her in the most Chandler way possible.

This one line perfectly sums up who Chandler is. Sarcasm and humor are his defense mechanisms; for any serious advice, you should address his wife. Not only is this one-liner one of Chandler’s funniest quotes, but it’s also suitable for use in real life.

5 “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”

Chandler’s fear of commitment was a running gag for a good portion of the show’s run – up until he tied the knot with Monica. Naturally, this was excellent comedic fodder, especially when it came to Chandler’s relationship with Janice. In season three, the two start things up once again and Chandler decides it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. After taking advice from the girls, he ends up scaring Janice by moving way too fast. In one last-ditch effort to stop her from leaving, he yells out this line.

And though we may laugh, we certainly sympathize with Chandler too. Most people won’t admit it, but we’re all hopeless and awkward and desperate for love. The reason this quote is so funny is because it’s relatable, as evidenced by the overwhelming popularity and use of this gif.

4 “I’m sorry we, we don’t have your sheep.”

When Rachel agreed to be a maid of honor at Barry and Mindy’s wedding, she intended to use the occasion to show everyone that walking out on her privileged life was the best decision she’s made and that she feels good about who she is now. However, it’s a bit difficult to feel good about yourself when you look like Little Bo-Peep. This similarity was pointed out by Chandler with this deep-cut zinger.

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Chandler just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to make fun of Rachel, so he compared his poor puffy-dress-and-giant-hat-wearing friend to a character from a nursery rhyme who had lost her sheep.

3 “The fifth dentist caved and now they’re all recommending Trident?”

The resident Deadpan Snarker, Chandler Bing is able to come up with the most random, brilliant, and funniest comeback to anything, at any given moment. These kinds of random jokes were more common in the earlier seasons, and this particular gem comes from the season one episode “The One with All the Poker”. The episode is packed with Chandler’s zingers, but the one he utters when Rachel excitedly enters Ross’ apartment saying “Guess what, guess what, guess what” is pure gold.

Taking a stab at the common practice of hygiene and health commercials to use statements like “four out of five whatever recommend our product”, Chandler crafted one of the show’s funniest jokes.

2 “Dear god! This parachute is a knapsack!”

In the season one episode “The One with the Birth”, that foreshadows Monica and Chandler’s future relationship, the group ends up spending the day at the hospital while they wait for Carol to give birth to Ben. Monica gets frustrated over not having kids, and Chandler, trying to comfort her, proposes that they be each other’s backup. He tells Monica that if neither of them is married by 40 they should have one (baby) together. The implication that she won’t be married by 40 (or, as she put it, that there’s something fundamentally unmarriable about her) upsets Monica and Chandler is forced to abort the mission.

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Not knowing how to deal with an angry Monica, Chandler resorts to humor, as he always does, and yells this iconic line as he jumps over the back of the chair. Over twenty years later and this one-liner is still one of the greatest comebacks in TV history.

1 “Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there is resistance.”

Arriving at the heels of the immensely successful season one, the first episode of season two delivered big laughs. What with Rachel throwing a tantrum over Ross and his new girlfriend Julie, Phoebe messing up Monica’s haircut, and of course, Chandler going to Joey’s tailor. There is a number of hilarious Chandler one-liners sprinkled through this episode, but none as clever and funny as this one.

When Joey can’t remember how old he was in 1990, Chandler delivers the ultimate sarcastic insult by reminding his friend of this important health hazard. It’s Matthew Perry’s favorite line and a classic and timeless Chandler zinger.

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Irina Curovic

Friends: Where Are They Now?

The award-winning Friends sitcom has long been considered one of television’s best comedies of all time. It’s been 15 years since the finale, and we’re still watching re-runs of our favorite gang, fresh-faced and navigating through adulthood – there’s no feeling quite like the warm-hearted nostalgia from Friends. Since being introduced in 1994, we’ve fallen in love with the show and its characters, and witnessed them grow up over the course of 10 seasons. With the 25th anniversary on the way, what better time to check out the Friends cast now – what they’ve achieved since the show, and what they’re currently working on.

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6 Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)

Ageless beauty Jennifer Aniston received five Primetime Emmy nominations (including one award) for her role as Rachel Green in Friends. Introduced to us in episode 1 as a runaway bride, Rachel tracked down her former best friend, Monica – sitting with the rest of the Friends gang in the Central Perk café – and began living in Manhattan as a waitress and Monica’s long-term roommate. As the seasons progressed, Rachel eventually secured a coveted job at Ralph Lauren, and continued sitcom’s most enduring on-off relationship with Monica’s brother, Ross. Friends made all our dreams come true in part two of the series finale when the iconic Ross/Rachel duo finally rekindled their relationship.

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During the Friends series, Aniston was married to Brad Pitt – who made a cameo appearance on the show in 2001 – before announcing their split in 2005. In 2011, Aniston commenced a relationship with actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux, but separated in 2017 after being married for only two years. Despite her relationship misfortune, Aniston remains one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, and is also the first of the Friends cast to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aniston has appeared in several blockbusters such as Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Marley and Me, Horrible Bosses, and We’re the Millers. This year, Aniston will star alongside Adam Sandler in the upcoming Murder Mystery film, and with her Friends on-screen sister, Reese Witherspoon, in The Morning Show TV drama.

5 David Schwimmer (Ross)

Actor/director David Schwimmer played Ross Geller, Monica’s older brother and Rachel’s on-off partner throughout the series. After his wife left him for another woman, Ross fell in love with Rachel Green (for the second time since high school) – the pair eventually began dating in season 2. The palaeontologist-turned-professor is probably the most intelligent of the Friends gang, and is remembered for his goofy yet endearing personality.

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Since Friends ended in 2004, Schwimmer directed Run, Fatboy, Run and Trust; he also starred in Duane Hopwood – a film that, despite its reception, was most notable for Schwimmer’s acclaimed performance as a divorced father and alcoholic struggling to get his life back on track. In 2016, Schwimmer excelled in American Crime Story as the late Robert Kardashian, for which he received his second Primetime Emmy Award nomination. The actor also had a recurring role in the Will & Grace revival last year. In 2010, Schwimmer married artist, photographer and producer, Zoë Buckman, but announced their separation in 2017 – the couple have a daughter together.

4 Courtney Cox (Monica)

Monica Geller was neurotic, competitive, controlling, highly-organised and, above all else, a neat freak – and we loved her for it. Played by actor, producer, and director Courteney Cox, Monica lived with Rachel for five seasons until Chandler moved in with Monica instead. In the season 6 finale, Monica surprised Chandler in what become one of the most romantic proposals in sitcom history – after having thought he’d ruined their relationship, Chandler walked into the apartment to find Monica in a room full of lit candles.

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Since the series finale, Courteney Cox has continued her success—in 2014, she released her first feature film, Just Before I Go, and starred as the lead in Cougar Town from 2009-2015, which she co-created with several others including her former husband of 14 years, David Arquette (appearing as a cameo in Friends season 3). Cox and Arquette also starred in the Scream horror franchise together. In 2004, the couple gave birth to a daughter, whose godmother is Cox’s on-screen and real-life close friend, Jennifer Aniston. Although Cox and Arquette divorced in 2013, the pair remain good friends and continue an ongoing business relationship with their company, Coquette Productions. Cox has since been in a relationship with Snow Patrol band member, Johnny McDaid.

3 Matthew Perry (Chandler)

Chandler Bing is best known for his witty, sarcastic quips, self-deprecation and relatively-low emotional stability, largely due to his parents’ traumatic divorce, as well as their eccentric occupations – his mother being an erotica author, and father a professional drag queen. Portrayed by Canadian-American actor Matthew Perry in the show, Chandler is Ross’s best friend since college, former on-off boyfriend of the obnoxious (and annoyingly nasal) Janice, and finally the partner/husband of Monica.

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Perry’s most notable TV roles outside of Friends include those on The Good WifeGo On and The Odd Couple; he also appeared on former co-star Courteney Cox’s Cougar Town for one episode. Perry also starred in The Whole Nine Yards alongside Hollywood icons Bruce Willis and Salma Hayek, and 17 Again with Zac Efron. Although he suffered a years-long battle of alcohol and Vicodin addiction (even during filming), Perry has since followed up his recovery by helping others reach sobriety.

2 Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe)

We loved Phoebe Buffay for her bohemian flair and terrible guitar-playing in the show’s iconic Central Perk café. Portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe gave us the much-needed comic relief whenever things got a little too emotional – she also gave us our favourite ’90s song, ‘Smelly Cat’, that’s very much burned in our brains. Though, there’s no denying Phoebe had the most eventful life out of the Friends gang – motherless from a young age and homeless at 14, Phoebe is the identical twin to Ursula, the half-sister of Frank, the former lover of a scientist, and eventually the wife of a lawyer-turned-pianist.

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Since playing Phoebe Buffay for which she received several accolades (including a Primetime Emmy Award), Kudrow continued her TV success – the actor co-created, produced, wrote and starred in the Showtime comedy series Web Therapy from 2011-2015, and in HBO’s comedy/drama The Comeback. Kudrow also performed alongside Hollywood A-listers in several notable films, including Analyze ThisP.S. I Love YouThe Other WomanEasy A, and The Girl on the Train. Kudrow has been married to an advertising executive Michael Stern since 1995 – the pair have a son together who was born during (and written into) Friends season 4 when Phoebe became the surrogate mother for her half-brother’s children.

1 Matt LeBlanc (Joey)

Actor, comedian and TV host Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani in Friends – the simple-minded but good-natured struggling Italian-American actor. Forever a ladies man, Joey is most remembered for his love of (many) women and food, in particular sandwiches and pizza. Unlike the rest of the Friends gang, Joey never married or partnered up, but instead moved to LA to focus on his acting career.

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In 2004, LeBlanc starred in the short-lived Friends spin-off, Joey, which picked up roughly where the hit series left off that same year. LeBlanc has since appeared in former co-star Lisa Kudrow’s comedy show Web Therapy, and more notably in the British comedy series Episodes from 2011-2017, which won him a Golden Globes award for best actor. LeBlanc’s most notable film appearances were in the Charlies Angels franchise alongside on-screen partner Lucy Liu, Syriana with George Clooney and Matt Damon, and in All The Queen’s Men. The actor has also been the co-host/presenter of British motor series Top Gear since 2012, where he met his current partner (and the show’s producer) Aurora Mulligan.

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Friends: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Rachel

Although Friends ended 15 years ago, it remains one of the most beloved TV shows in entertainment history and its popularity has yet to wane. It is definitely one of the most bingeable shows out there. Devoted fans as well as newcomers to the series can’t seem to get enough of watching and re-watching this group of twenty-somethings deal with life’s ups and downs.

Through the years, Friends has stood the test of time thanks to its great humor and its endearing group of characters. No matter who you are, you’re likely to identify at least on some level with one of the six main leads, which undoubtedly makes watching Friends that much more enjoyable. Of all the main characters however, Rachel Karen Green stood out as being particularly popular with viewers, so much so that every time her character got a haircut, throngs of women seemed to rush to copy her. Love her or loathe her, her influence on popular culture cannot be denied.

The problem with such a popular and likable show such as Friends is that people tend to watch the same episodes over and over again. This leads to careful scrutiny and the inevitable noticing of things that don’t quite add up. While Rachel went on to become a successful businesswoman in the world of fashion, have a daughter, and unite with her true love, this unfortunately doesn’t mean that her character was without problems. In fact, there are quite a number of instances where the things Rachel does just don’t make any sense at all.

With this is mind, here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Rachel In Friends.

20 Her Ever-Changing Birthday

It’s a known fact that Rachel is one of the most popular Friends characters with audiences, but despite how much we all love and envy her, does she really deserve multiples birthdays a year? Looking over the series as a whole, it seems that Rachel’s birthday changes multiple times.

In season 4, she tells Gunther that her birthday is in May but then later on in that same series, a police officer comments that she is an Aquarius, meaning her date of birth would have to be in January or February. Whether this is all just a ploy to get more attention and presents or whether for some reason she really has forgotten when her real birthday is, Rachel’s ever-changing date of birth is very confusing indeed.

19 Green or Greene?

We all know Rachel has her ditzy moments and she isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite her often clueless moments, you would think that at the very least she would be able to spell her own name correctly, right? Well, as it turns out, this isn’t the case.

Over the course of the series, Rachel’s last name seems to switch between being spelled “Green” and “Greene.” On the box containing Emma’s first birthday cake, her last name is written “Green,” but then on the invitation to Ross and Emily’s wedding, it reads “Greene.” On her desk at Bloomingdales, we see “Greene” whereas both spellings are used on her Ralph Lauren office door. Fans tend to agree that the official spelling is “Green” though, as this is how Rachel’s name appears on the credits.

18 Airport Rules Don’t Apply To Her

Anyone who has ever gone to the airport and taken a flight will know that airport security is incredibly strict. One of the most basic security checks when flying is that your plane ticket matches the name on your own passport. Whereas tickets for events might be able to be used by someone other than yourself, plane tickets are not-exchangeable between people. For this reason, the whole plotline where Rachel takes Emily’s place on the newlyweds’ honeymoon is completely boggling.

Aside from the awkwardness and frankly dubious choice to take the trip, the fact that Rachel uses Emily’s ticket with Emily’s name on it while her own passport says Rachel is nothing short of baffling. Clearly Rachel knows some airport secrets we don’t.

17 Her Sailing Abilities

Rachel is one of the more privileged members of the Friends group, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that she could play polo, or croquet, or even sail. Indeed, Rachel reveals to Joey in “The One with Phoebe’s Cookies” that her strict father taught her to sail and therefore she could help Joey learn the ropes of his new sailboat.

However, despite her getting annoyed with Joey for not following her sailing instructions, we have reason to believe that Rachel might not have been the seasoned sailor she claimed to be. In fact, earlier in the season, Rachel tells the group that her father used to complain that no one would help him sail his boat. In “The One Where Ross Moves In”, Rachel tells Danny that she is going to a Sailing Regatta but doesn’t know how to sail. Sounds fishy to us.

16 Her Choice of Baby Name

One of the weirder decisions Rachel made in the series was to call her baby Emma. As you’ll remember, Emma was the name Monica wanted to call her own daughter someday, but always getting what she wants, Rachel managed to get her friend to allow her to use it for her baby.

While Emma is a beautiful name, is sounds awfully like Emily, the name of Ross’ ex-wife whom Rachel couldn’t stand. If Rachel and Emily had such a bad history together, then why would she want to name her baby so similarly? At one point in the series, Rachel even accidentally calls Emma “Emily,” which seems pretty strange considering all the bad blood that went down between them. The choice of name is also pretty insensitive to Ross, whose whole life was put into turmoil over the Emily and Rachel fiasco.

15 The Ross-Russ Situation

In season 2, there is a very strange episode of Friends called “The One With Russ”. Aired before Ross and Rachel got together but after the whole pros and cons list disaster, this episode sees Rachel going out with a guy called Russ. The weird bit? Russ is basically an identical version of Ross. From the way he dresses to the way he speaks, Russ is basically Ross with slightly longer hair.

It’s not that hard to believe that Rachel would try to find someone similar to Ross seeing as she had feelings for him, but the fact that she didn’t notice the very obvious similarities between Ross and Russ is somewhat hard to believe. It took her far longer than everyone else to see that they were carbon copies of each other.

14 Agreeing to Let Bonnie Date Ross

Ross and Rachel were the king and queen of roller coaster relationships, and it’s hard to keep track of how many times they were off again and on again. Audiences were undoubtedly frustrated whenever one of them was in love with the other but wouldn’t speak up, which meant that they systematically had throwaway relationships in between that we all knew weren’t right for them.

One example of this is in season 4 when Rachel agrees to let Phoebe set her friend Bonnie up with Ross. Despite having feelings for Ross, Rachel allows the date to go ahead because she remembers Bonnie being bald. She gets an unpleasant surprise when Bonnie turns out to be beautiful, and Rachel ends up sabotaging their relationship. Rachel should have just told Phoebe how she really felt about Ross, but she allowed someone else to get hurt instead.

13 She Doesn’t Remember Chandler

Rachel and Chandler aren’t the closest two people in their friendship group, but even so, Rachel shouldn’t forget an entire chapter of their lives they spent together. In the pilot episode of Friends where Rachel is introduced to the gang after she runs out on her wedding to Barry, Rachel and Chandler act as if they’ve never met. However, as the series progresses, we learn that these two friends had indeed met each other several times before, including spending two Thanksgivings with each other at the Gellers’ household. It’s also revealed that they even shared a kiss at one point.

After having such a history together, how could they possibly act like they don’t know each other in the pilot? As ditzy as Rachel can be, even she should remember meeting someone more than one or two times.  

12 Her Lack of Knowledge About Monica’s past

Despite how close they seem in the series, Monica and Rachel weren’t always great friends. Sure they were besties in high school, but after that they seem to have drifted apart before seeing each other again for the first time in a while in the pilot episode. That being said, from the flashbacks that we see throughout Friends, we can see that Rachel and Monica spent their formative years together, and therefore should know pretty much everything about their respective childhoods.

It’s strange then that in “The One with the Football”, Rachel has no idea about why Monica and Ross aren’t allowed to play football together anymore and has never heard of the Geller Cup. For something that is this important to both her friend and her on-again/off-again boyfriend, you’d think that Rachel would have remembered it.

11 Not Knowing Her Ex-Fiancé’s Name

In the very first episode of Friends, we see Rachel turning up flustered at Central Perk, still wearing her wedding dress after running out on her wedding to Barry. In this pilot episode, we hear Rachel call her fiancé “Barry Finkle,” but then when we next see him, he is referred to as “Barry Farber.

Every time after that, his surname is Farber, so where in the world did Finkle come from? Was Rachel so flustered and confused after doing a runner that she forgot her own husband-to-be’s name? Did the production team decide that Finkle was an unsuitable or silly name for some reason? We have so many questions.

10 Saving Her Wedding Dress

On the subject of Rachel’s almost-marriage to Dr. Barry Farber, it’s interesting to note that she kept her wedding dress even though the ran out on the ceremony. In the season 4 episode “The One With the Wedding Dresses”, we see Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel lounging around the apartment wearing bridal gowns. Rachel is obviously wearing her wedding dress from the pilot episode.

Although a wedding dress is expensive and beautiful and would obviously be sentimental to most people, we do have to ask why Rachel kept hers when it would only serve to bring up bad memories of running out on her own wedding. Rachel spends much of the early seasons being broke, so why didn’t she sell the dress for cash? Closet space is minimal in New York City apartments, so why did she hang onto it? 

9 Going to London

There were a number of weddings that took place over the course of the series, but none were as memorable as Ross’s marriage to Emily in London. After deciding initially not to go, Rachel eventually decided to travel to London in order to tell Ross how she really felt about him. As we all know, Ross ended up saying Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during the ceremony. Rachel turning up likely had a lot (or everything) to do with it.

Rachel definitely made the wrong decision in going to London. If she really cared about Ross, she would have let him get on with his wedding and his life with Emily. Instead, she created chaos in everyone’s lives. It’s understandable that Rachel wanted to tell Ross how she really felt, but honestly his wedding wasn’t the most opportune time for that.

8 Going On Ross’ Honeymoon

One of the most memorable and most awkward moments in Friends is of course when Ross said the wrong name at his wedding to Emily, saying “I take thee Rachel” instead. Despite this huge mishap, Emily still went ahead and married him but then disappeared, not letting Ross know where she had fled to.

Meanwhile, Ross and Emily were supposed to be setting off on their honeymoon trip, but seeing as he had no idea where his new wife was, Ross invited Rachel to go with him instead. Rachel said yes, but we have to wonder how both of them thought any of this was a good idea. Ross should have known how devastating this invite would be to Emily, and Rachel should have had the better sense to decline the invite. Bad judgement calls all around.

7 Her Magical Marker-Removing Skin

Ross and Rachel made a lot of questionable choices over the course of the series, but one of their most irresponsible acts was to get married while completely inebriated when in Las Vegas. What made the whole situation even more ludicrous was the fact that they both had magic marker all over their faces. Ross had initially pranked Rachel while she was sleeping on the plane by drawing on her face and Rachel got back at him by doing the same to him.

Yet, after their crazy night, getting married, and running around with permanent pen on their faces, they wake up the next morning and go down to breakfast without even a trace of marker on their skin. We don’t know what kind of magical face creams or serums Rachel has, but it must be some pretty strong stuff to get those marks off her face.

6 Her Pregnancy TimeLine

Friends seemed to completely misunderstand how pregnancy works, getting Carol’s and Phoebe’s birthing timelines wrong, as well as Rachel’s. Whereas Phoebe’s pregnancy seemed way too short and Carol’s seemed to be miscalculated too, Rachel’s pregnancy seems to be stretched out way too long.

Rachel reveals her pregnancy at Monica’s wedding in May, which means she must have been at least a few weeks along. It’s strange, then, that a few episodes later during Halloween, she is still only in the initial stages of pregnancy and is hardly showing. Then later on in the season, Rachel is heavily pregnant on Valentine’s Day in “The One With the Birthing Video”, but does not give birth until the end of the season. The timeline is all over the place when considering a real-life pregnancy should last nine months.

5 Her Parenting

Rachel giving birth to baby Emma at the end of season 8 was one of the most emotional and heartwarming moments in Friends. Not only did it reawaken the affection Ross and Rachel had for one another, it also brought the whole group closer together than ever before.

Although Rachel clearly adored her baby when she gave birth to her, like Ben, Ross’ son with Carol, Emma seemed to disappear and reappear only when it was convenient for Rachel’s plotline. In fact, we would often see Rachel walking around with a baby monitor and leaving the device somewhere random while she went about with her life. It seems almost like Rachel forgot she even had a child half the time. Emma really wasn’t very present at all, despite Rachel being a new mother.

4 Accepting Joey’s Proposal

The most controversial plot line that occurred in Friends is undeniably Rachel and Joey’s romantic relationship. Still hotly debated, this pair certainly caused some heated arguments among fans.

Although Rachel and Ross’ relationship wasn’t always the healthiest, it was obvious from the start that they were meant to end up together in the series. Just after Rachel has her baby, she mistakenly thinks Joey is proposing to her when he gets down on one knee to pick up a ring that has fallen. Fair enough: she has major baby-brain and is feeling very emotional. But there’s no real excuse for accepting Joey’s proposal after everything she and Ross have been through, right after she’s had Ross’ baby.

3 Not Knowing How Gunther Feels About Her

One thing that was consistent throughout the entire series was Gunther’s love for Rachel. Sometimes a bit weird and over-the-top, Gunther’s adoration of Rachel was one of the funniest and most endearing plotlines in Friends. He watches Rachel from afar as he longs to be with her, yet never quite has the gumption or the opportunity to confess his feelings for her.

Finally, in the last episode of the show, he tells Rachel how he feels, and strangely Rachel acts completely surprised. Although Gunther never explicitly told Rachel he loved her until that last episode, he wasn’t exactly subtle about his attraction for her. Anyone and everyone could tell how much he liked her, so how is it that Rachel was so utterly surprised by this?

2 Hiring Tag

Rachel hired Tag for one very simple, problematic reason: she was attracted to him so she gave him the job as her assistant. There’s not a single things that’s okay about, and the way she behaves around him is textbook harassment. If Friends were made today, it’s unlikely this plotline would have been included, and it really shouldn’t have been featured in the series at all when it was.

Tag definitely wasn’t qualified for the job he was given and the whole thing was made even worse when he and Rachel started dating while they were still working together. All in all, this career and life choice from Rachel was both stupid and morally irresponsible. You’re better than this, Rachel–  show some smarts.

1 Not going to Paris

Although there were countless fans of Friends who were overjoyed to see that Rachel had gotten off the plane bound for Paris, others weren’t as delighted with her decision. Rachel and Ross ending up together was inevitable from the very first episode of the show, but there’s no denying that this supposed happy ending would have had huge repercussions for Rachel.

Staying in New York to be with Ross meant giving up an incredible job and an amazing opportunity to live and work in Paris. In the end, she gave up much more for him than he did for her, and it doesn’t seem quite fair that she gave up on her career in order to be in a relationship with a man who had already proven himself to be a questionable partner in the past.

What else doesn’t make sense about Rachel in Friends? Let us know in the comments!

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