How I Met Your Mother: 10 Reasons Why Lily & Robin Aren’t Real Friends

The How I Met Your Mother gang is an extremely beloved one. The characters on the show all have such great chemistry and truly seem like the best of friends, which is what made How I Met Your Mother so loved by fans in the first place.

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Robin and Lily are definitely a fan-favorite pair, they add a great dynamic to the group and are individually really likable. However, their friendship does have some questionable moments such as Lily betting against Robin’s relationship and Robin hating whenever Lily talks about babies. Keep reading to find out the 10 reasons why Lily and Robin aren’t real friends.

10 Lily Bets Against Robin’s Relationship

Lily and Marshall are known for placing bets on their friends and they even bet on Robin and Ted’s relationship. Lily bet Marshall that Ted and Robin would break up, which definitely isn’t a great friend moment for Lily. Not only does Lily lack faith in her best friend’s relationship, but she’s even hoping that they will break up so she can win a bet.

Lily knows full well how much Ted and Robin care about each other, so of course, their breakup would be devastating, but Lily only cares about her bet.

9 Robin Hates When Lily Talks About Babies

Having a baby is something that becomes increasingly important to Lily as the series progresses, but Robin isn’t exactly supportive. For instance, Robin finds it extremely annoying when Lily begins to talk more and more about babies. Robin slowly stops hanging out with Lily because of it and starts doing things that she would typically do with Lily on her own.

It’s pretty strange that Robin doesn’t just come clean and tell Lily that her baby-talk is starting to annoy her, instead she hides her frustrations until it turns into a fight.

8 Lily Thinks Robin Is Going To Dump Her

This is the aftermath of Lily talking about babies just a bit too much around Robin. Lily can feel Robin distancing herself and fears that she’s going to lose Robin as a friend. Honestly, this entire situation is pretty ridiculous. Their friendship must not be very strong if it can be broken by Robin getting irritated by a little too much baby-talk.

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It’s later found out that Robin had previously lost a friendship over an old friend having a baby and not having time for Robin anymore, but this isn’t really an excuse. Robin and Lily had been friends for a while at this point, and should have easily overcome this issue.

7 Robin Doesn’t Want Lily To Move To The Suburbs

Maybe this is just Robin not wanting to lose her close friends, but it’s also an example of how selfish Robin can be. Robin is very independent and doesn’t like feeling tied down, and yet she basically wanted to tie down Lily. Robin was upset when she found out that Lily and Marshall were moving to the suburbs, which seems a little out of character for her.

Lily was excited about this new chapter in her life, and it would have made sense for Robin to be supportive and happy for her, but instead, she locked herself in a bathroom, sulked, and thought about herself.

6 Robin and Lily Have Terrible Communication

These two pretty much never come to each other to talk out their problems. They’ll go to every person in the gang for advice before they talk to one another. It seems pretty weird that they walk on eggshells around each other like this considering how good of friends they’re supposed to be.

For instance, when Lily and Marshall invite Barney and Robin over for a couples night, Robin and Barney have a terrible time. They lie to Lily and Marshall and say they had fun and then complain to Ted about it later.

5 Lily Breaks Up Ted and Robin

This is a bad one. Everyone knows that Lily likes to meddle in her friends’ relationships, but this time she crosses a line. Lily used her “Front Porch Test” to decide for herself if Robin and Ted belong together. This is where she pictures herself and Marshall in their old age spending time with another couple.

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When she decides that it can’t be Ted and Robin, she actively works to break them up by planting ideas in their minds and dropping hints to each of them. This is really shady of Lily and definitely not something a friend would do.

4 Lily Makes Robin Compete To Be A Godparent

This whole episode is pretty confusing. Throughout the series, it’s a theme that Robin just doesn’t like kids, so it would make sense for her to not be Marvin’s godparent. Oddly enough, there’s an entire episode dedicated to Lily forcing her friends, including Robin, to compete for this title – in game show format.

Robin had to have known that it would make more sense for Ted to be Marvin’s godparent and Lily and Robin should have just had a conversation about it. It also doesn’t make sense that Barney wanted to be Marvin’s godparent, but that’s a topic for another time.

3 Lily Encourages Barney To Go For Robin

Lily spends quite a bit of time talking Barney up, encouraging him to go for Robin. Honestly, this just doesn’t make sense. Lily has always thought Barney was creepy, so why would she want him to be with her best friend? Granted, Barney has had positive character development, but that’s not really enough.

Lily has seen first hand how bad Barney was for Robin, so it’s strange that she continually encourages this relationship if it’s not ultimately what’s best for her friend. At the end of the day, it boils down to Lily’s “Front Porch Test,” which is pretty selfish.

2 Lily Is Overbearing

Remember that one time Lily locked Robin and Barney in a room and forced them to define their relationship? That was pretty crazy on Lily’s part, and this is just one example of how Lily can be way too overbearing with Robin. It’s pretty strange that Robin would even put up with a friend like this considering how independent she is.

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It’s also ridiculous that Lily thinks she gets to decide how and when Robin makes decisions about her personal relationships. The craziest part? Marshall goes along with it all and uses his whip.

1 Lily Leaves The Group

When Lily leaves for San Francisco it seems as though she’s cutting the entire group off. While her move definitely hurt Marshall the most, it also showed that she and Robin couldn’t have been that great of friends. They didn’t really stay in touch after Lily moved, and when Lily comes back into town for the first time she just watches the gang from afar.

It definitely would have made more sense if Lily and Robin had some form of communication during this move, and then Robin would have known when Lily would be back in town, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Bethany Aroutunian

Riverdale: 10 Reasons Why Archie & Jughead Aren’t Real Friends

Good ole Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews are an iconic duo, fans love to watch them solve mysteries around town and make Riverdale a better place. They really do seem to work well together and even though Jughead and Archie are very different people, they also balance one another out.

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While it’s true that they make a great team, the quality of their friendship is questionable. Supposedly they’re best buds, but when you take a closer look, are they as good of pals as everyone thinks they are? Here are 10 reasons why Archie and Jughead aren’t real friends.

10 They Actually Weren’t Friends For A While

Early in the first season of the show, viewers find out that Jughead and Archie used to be friends in the past, but weren’t exactly best pals anymore. This information comes to light when Jughead confronts Archie about having seen him and Miss Grundy together.

Jughead was just trying to look out for Archie but Archie wasn’t having any of it, he threatens Jughead and the duo parts ways on not so great terms. They ultimately make amends and start to grow close again, but the fact that they once took a break from their friendship makes fans question how solid they really are.

9 Archie Broke Up With Jughead For Betty

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the series is when Betty sends Archie to break up with Jughead on her behalf. While she was only breaking up with him to keep him safe from the Black Hood, Jughead was unaware of this and was extremely hurt by the situation.

The fact that Archie would go along with this plan shows that he values his friendship with Betty more than he values his friendship with Jughead as he knew full well that this plan would break Jughead’s heart.

8 Archie Kissed Betty

After Betty and Archie broke up with their respective partners, the two shared a moment and ended up kissing. Not only should this moment not have happened, but it happened so soon after Jughead and Betty broke up. Archie was fully aware of how much this would hurt Jughead and he went ahead and acted on his feelings anyway.

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What’s even worse is that after Betty and Jughead got back together, Archie never came clean to Jughead about the kiss. Jughead ended up finding out from Cheryl while the core four were on a couple’s weekend in the woods.

7 Jughead Kissed Veronica

This random kiss happened as the aftermath of Jughead learning of the kiss between Archie and Betty. While on their couple’s weekend in the woods, Veronica suggests that they even playing field and prevent future drama by Jughead kissing Veronica. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense but Jughead agrees and kisses her right in front of Archie and Betty.

This is an extremely awkward moment for everyone and it’s obvious that Jughead just wanted to make Archie feel bad. Apparently, an eye for an eye is their motto.

6 Archie Doesn’t Take Jughead’s Theories Seriously

Jughead is known for his detective skills and wild conspiracy theories, though most of the time, his theories don’t turn out to be so wild after all. As fans have learned, Juggie has a keen eye for suspicious behavior and he’s the best of the best when it comes to solving mysteries.

Unfortunately, there are many occasions where Archie doesn’t take Jughead’s theories seriously and tries to shut him down. Jughead doesn’t necessarily need Archie’s support in the first place but it would be nice if he showed more respect for Jughead in these situations.

5 Jughead Rarely Confides In Archie

While Jughead isn’t exactly an open book in the first place, when he does share details of his personal life, he often goes to Betty and not his supposed best friend. Sadly, before Jughead was with Betty he didn’t have much of anyone to turn to when he needed a talk.

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For example, Archie finds out early in the series that Jughead was living at the school since things at home weren’t so great. Archie questions why Jughead didn’t clue him on this, but it’s pretty obvious to viewers that it’s due to a lack of trust between the two.

4 Archie Didn’t Like The Serpents

Viewers found out pretty quickly that Archie wasn’t exactly the Southside Serpents’ number one fan and vice versa. There are many times where Archie makes this apparent, this is unfortunate for Jughead since the Serpents are part of who he is. For instance, when Archie first finds out that Jughead is with the gang, he immediately gets upset and judges him for it.

To be fair, Archie definitely had his reasons for not getting along with the Serpents but he should know to tread lightly when it comes to this topic since it’s clearly something of importance to Jughead.

3 Archie Isn’t Respectful To Jughead’s Dad

Ah, FP, an increasingly favorite character to the Riverdale fan base. FP has really turned his life around and become a great dad to Jughead. This is why it’s so hard to see Archie not treat FP with the respect he deserves. This lack of respect is shown several times through the series.

For instance, Archie goes behind Jughead’s back and searches his dad’s trailer to find evidence that he murdered Jason Blossom – which to be clear – he did not. Additionally, Archie didn’t consider how alcohol at Jughead’s party would impact FP and his sobriety and has also taken advantage of FP’s role of sheriff several times.

2 Archie Is Jealous of Jughead’s Relationship With Betty

One of the most questionable moments of the series is when Archie tells Betty that he loves her, but will never be good enough for, and that’s why they can’t be together. Luckily, Betty completely accepts this and moves on to bigger and better things with Jughead, but where does this leave the core four?

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Archie has blatantly shared with Jughead that he is jealous of the quality of his and Betty’s relationship and has mentioned that he always thought he and Betty would end up together. Is Archie still jealous? If Archie can’t be with Betty because he will never be good enough for her, where does that leave Veronica, the person that does let himself be with? This is all very confusing.

1 Jughead Lets Archie Disappear

In season three, Jughead and Archie are on the run as everyone’s favorite Riverdale villain, Hiram, has finally forced Archie out of town. The two head to Gladys and Jellybean’s house for safety who are happy to let them stay for the night. However, Gladys warns Jughead that it’s not safe for him to be helping Archie since she has learned that anyone found helping Archie will also be a target.

At first, Jughead refuses to leave Archie’s side, but Archie is eventually able to convince him that he has to go it alone. While this does seem like selfless actions on both friends’ parts, Jughead should have never let Archie go it alone.

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10 Moments In Friends That Didn’t Make Much Sense | ScreenRant

Friends is one of the best television shows we’ve ever seen and we’re pretty confident in saying that a lot of people reading this feel the same way. Sure, it may not be viewed in quite the same light as Breaking Bad or The Wire, but it’s still a funny and heartwarming series that we all know and love.

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Unfortunately, as is the case with most shows, it certainly isn’t without its faults. Today, we want to run through a few things that we found to be a little bit odd once we went back and watched it through a few more times.

10 Ross Can’t Hold It In

After finally managing to get back together with Rachel after all of the chaos that went down when they broke up, you’d have thought Ross would’ve been utterly ecstatic.

However, upon reading Rachel’s letter, he just couldn’t bring himself to be the bigger person and accept responsibility for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

It’s all about biting your tongue and swallowing your pride, but Ross couldn’t do that, and they wound up back at square one. The whole exercise felt like a giant waste of time for us.

9 Phoebe Raising The Rats

Phoebe is weird and that fact was established throughout most of the series, and we buy into that storyline 100%. What we don’t buy into, however, is that she would voluntarily raise a family of rats.

Not even Ross’ disgusting girlfriend that never cleaned her house liked rats, for goodness sake.

We’re kind of surprised that Mike didn’t decide to run for the hills upon learning that this was an actual thing, and while they got a lot of things right with this couple, we’d argue they got even more wrong.

8 Monica’s Messy Closet

It’s pretty clear to see that Monica Geller is obsessively clean, and it’s pretty clear to see that’s the case from the first season all the way through until the very last episode.

So then, why on earth would they start a storyline in which she has a ‘messy closet’ that is cluttered to the brim with a whole load of rubbish?

Chandler found it funny whereas Monica eventually brought herself to find it amusing too, but the fans just felt like it was an unnecessary part of her character’s development.

7 Chandler’s Shark Fetish

Chandler is busy watching the, ahem, adult channels when Monica walks in, he changes the channel, and Monica is convinced that he was ‘getting off’ to a show about sharks.

In any world would Monica actually believe this over the idea that he may just have changed the channel? It’s a really bizarre story that actually manages to take up the entirety of the episode, which doesn’t exactly fill us with much hope when we think about the lack of creative juices that were flowing behind the scenes when writing this.

6 Joey In Season 10

He may have had a serious relationship with Rachel that lasted for all of two episodes, but that was about it.

From making basic mistakes to not being able to learn French whatsoever, it was as if they just decided to drop all forms of progress they had made with Joey from season one right up until the finale. It was such a shame because he had so much more to offer.

Honestly, we saw more maturity from Joey when he had his own spin-off in Los Angeles – which we’re still upset got canceled, by the way.

5 Rachel & Chandler’s Kiss

It’s revealed late in the series that, back in the day, Rachel and Chandler actually kissed at a college party because Chandler wanted to get back at Ross.

If we can just rewind a minute, can we take note of the fact that Chandler was positioned as being really uncool in his youth and Rachel was incredibly popular?

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We get the whole ‘college guy’ aspect of it all alongside the fact that they may have been a little bit tipsy, but it felt like this was done purely to tick off the final potential relationship scenario within the group.

4 Elizabeth’s Father

Elizabeth was an interesting character who had a lot of potential, but when it came to her dad, the only interesting thing about him was the fact that Bruce Willis was the one portraying the role.

Not only was he incredibly overprotective of his daughter but he was also someone with severe emotional issues, a real split personality issue, and a love of himself that kind of freaked us out a little bit.

This felt ‘off’ to say the least – although his relationship with Rachel was kind of fun, right?

3 Chandler’s Fear Of Dogs

We saw episodes in the earlier seasons where Chandler was in the same vicinity as a dog and he didn’t seem to have all too many issues with it. Then, all of a sudden, we get a storyline dropped on us that he’s scared of them and doesn’t like them whatsoever?

We might just be reading a bit too much into this but it came out of nowhere, and that’s saying something for a sitcom.

This was in a season that we wouldn’t hesitate to suggest was one of the worst in the show’s entire run, too.

2 Phoebe Immediately Dropping David

We understand that Phoebe was completely and utterly in love with Mike and would do literally anything for him – but are we supposed to believe that she would’ve dropped David as quickly as she did in Barbados?

She’d only been back with him for a matter of weeks, and he was literally stood right there at the dinner table when Mike came to win her back.

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Then, when David left, Phoebe immediately forgot all about the supposed love of her life and went back to being completely in love with Mike.

Oh, and Chandler & Monica didn’t exactly show an awful lot of empathy, either. #TeamDavid

1 Ross’ Cousin Crush

What an utterly bizarre storyline this was.

Long story short: Ross was really attracted to his cousin Cassie which, yeah, just isn’t cool, really.

The fact that Phoebe and Chandler also showed some interest is different because, you know, they aren’t related to her. This felt like a real low point for Ross’ character and that’s saying something for a guy that went into some kind of weird anger management phase.

Denise Richards was viewed as the ultimate girl next door and we get that, but just change the dynamics around a little bit.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: 10 Queens Who Are Friends With The Judges

There have been many celebrities on the judging panel of RuPaul’s Drag Race, coming from several different walks of life and providing the show with varying types of expertise. From the series’ first season, RuPaul was already landing big names such as Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams and fashion designer Bob Mackie.

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As Drag Race grew in popularity and more celebrities started to actually watch the show, we started to see stories of former judges actually becoming friends with the queens. What’s more, the franchise started to attract contestants that already had a significant following and important connections beforehand. Read below to find out which RuPaul’s Drag Race queens are friends with the judges who have been on the show!


Alaska was brought onto season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race as not only someone who had been auditioning for years, but also as the queen who happened to date season 4 winner Sharon Needles. After never landing in the bottom even once throughout season 5, Alaska lost the crown to Jinkx Monsoon, who deservedly took the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

After Alaska’s first time on Drag Race, she starred in a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show in San Antonio, TX, alongside none other than Michelle Visage (as well as Willam). During that time, Alaska and Michelle developed a deep friendship. As a matter of fact, Alaska credits Michelle for serving as a liaison between her and Sharon Needles during their subsequent breakup.


Milk pushed the envelope with her out-of-the-box drag on RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, it seems like Milk made an even bigger splash as a male model in the fashion world.

After her time on season 6 of Drag Race, Milk booked several modeling gigs, including campaigns from Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Perry Ellis. With Marc Jacobs, Milk went on to develop a strong friendship – one that can be seen all over social media over the course of many years.

Perhaps because of his friendship with Milk, Marc Jacobs was finally brought on as a special guest judge on season 8 of Drag Race.


Season 4 alum Willam has been friends with husbands Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka for many years. However, the power couple was only featured on the judging panel on season 6, two years after Willam’s time on the show.

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The friendship between Willam, NPH, and David was registered in the HBO documentary Wig, which was released in 2019 and followed the revival of the Wigstock festival in New York City. In the documentary, Willam is seen at Neil and David’s home as they talk about the importance of Wigstock as a queer institution. The couple was heavily involved in the revival of the festival, and Willam provided them with even more connections in the drag world.


If you’re a Drag Race fan, you’ve probably heard the story that Shangela has worked for Jenifer Lewis (and lived in her house) for many, many years. Of course, Jenifer Lewis wasn’t a judge on the show until All Stars 4, but her presence was always felt on the series.

Shangela eventually became too famous and successful to work as Jenifer Lewis’ assistant, but it seems like their friendship was too strong by that point, and Shangie just stayed living there. With that said, Shangela is constantly traveling around the world for tours and events, so Jenifer Lewis doesn’t actually have that roommate for a good portion of the year.


If you’ve ever listened to Ross Mathews’ podcasts, you know that he’s nearly always in Palm Springs and constantly references the drag queens he is able to see there. One of the most regular Drag Race queens in Ross’ life is Morgan McMichaels, so much so that the queen hosts many of the events presented by him.

On All Stars 3, Ross Mathews made reference to his friendship with Morgan McMichaels outside of the show. Unfortunately, Morgan’s act didn’t translate well to that season of Drag Race All Stars, and even her bond with Ross couldn’t save the queen from elimination.


Bob The Drag Queen has made numerous connections after winning season 8 of Drag Race, but perhaps one of the strongest and most constant ones has been with none other than reality royalty Tiffany “New York” Pollard. All in all, the pair have worked together several times over the years.

It may seem shocking to newer Drag Race fans, but Tiffany “New York” Pollard was only brought on as a judge on season 11. Tiffany is best known as a contestant on Flavor of Love and as a host on I Love New York, both of which were VH1 dating shows. Given that the queen was regularly referenced on Drag Race and in the gay community, it was a long time coming!


Before being crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3, Raja was best known for her makeup work. One of the most impressive credits from Raja was the fact that she did Adam Lambert’s makeup for many years. In fact, they had such a great friendship that Adam even appeared on Raja’s audition tape for the series.

On Drag Race, Adam Lambert sat on the judging panel twice. Adam’s first time as a judge was in the first episode of season 6, when the judges chose to eliminate Kelly Mantle. Then, Adam came back on All Stars 3 to help the queens record a song for the girl group challenge.


Another Drag Race friendship involving Marc Jacobs is with Miss Fame, the season 7 contestant who has gone on to influence the mainstream fashion world. Unlike Milk, however, Miss Fame’s career has had less to do with modeling and more to do with makeup.

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Over the years, Miss Fame and Marc Jacobs have been spotted together at several fashion events. They are always friendly and appear on each other’s social media accounts.


Todrick Hall has become a Drag Race staple, and the singer has developed friendships with many of the queens outside of the show. With that said, one of the strongest bonds that Todrick has developed is certainly with season 5 and All Stars 2 alum Alyssa Edwards.

Fans of Todrick and Alyssa can see them interacting together on a few episodes of Alyssa’s Secret, the queen’s show on WOW Presents Plus, and YouTube. Given that they’re both dancers and choreographers, the pair certainly has had a lot to talk about!


Michelle Visage is a pretty big celebrity in the U.S., but in the U.K., she’s even bigger! Right before the first-ever season of RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K., Michelle was starring in a production of the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Out-of-drag Vinegar Strokes was also on the cast, who ended up being a contestant on the show.

This connection between Michelle Visage and Vinegar Strokes was addressed in the first episode of Drag Race U.K., with Michelle promising not to go easy on the queen. Indeed, the judge didn’t make it easy at all on Vinegar during that season.

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Bernardo Sim

Friends: 10 Best Dates In The Whole Series, Ranked By How Romantic They Were

One of the key themes throughout Friends is romance. All of the main characters are looking for love in their lives, and several of them find that within the group itself. It leads to some of the funniest, heartbreaking, and touching moments throughout the entire series. While some of the relationships throughout the show aren’t featured too heavily outside of them just being together, others are. Some couples are given great detail and story and we get to see what they’re like away from the main group.

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Some of the most romantic times are when couples are shown on a date during the show. There have been some funny and silly ones, but there have also been some very romantic dates as well, proving the show knows how to touch on the romance when needed.

10 David’s Goodbye

David (the scientist guy) and Phoebe are absolutely perfect for each other. Throughout Friends, they have a series of romantic dates, from their initial romances to when he returns and she opts to meet him instead of keeping her dinner date with Joey.

But the most romantic, and heartbreaking moment between them is when she says goodbye. Leaving him with “And then you say that it’s almost midnight and you have to go because you don’t wanna start the new year with me if you can’t finish it. I’m gonna miss you. You scientist guy.” Which is one of the most romantic moments of the entire series.

9 Goodbye Kiss

Whether this is officially a ‘date’ is debatable, after all it is just Rachel going around to Ross’ apartment to say goodbye to him properly. After she can’t give him a goodbye speech because of how much he means to her, Rachel goes around to prove that.

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She tells him clearly how much Ross means to her and they end up making out, having one more romantic moment before she gets on the plane. It’s an incredibly emotional one with the thought that this could be the end being tough for fans to take.

8 Prom

This technically doesn’t end up being a date, which is why it has to rank further down on the list. Despite that fact, it is still one of the most romantic moments that happen throughout the entire series as a young Ross Geller prepares to be a knight in shining armor.

When Rachel’s date doesn’t show up on the night of her prom, Ross steps in with his father’s tux to try and save the day. However, when he gets downstairs he is left heartbroken as Rachel’s original date turns up. Luckily for Ross, this moment sets up a major kiss in adult life as Rachel sees the tape and realises what he did for her.

7 Groovy, Baby

In the end, this date just so happened to be incredibly embarrassing for Ross Geller and ended up being a hilarious moment from the show. Having whitened his teeth, Ross took things too far with his teeth absolutely gleaming which he had to hide during his date.

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However, despite that issue, the date actually went well and the two of them were having a fantastic and romantic time during the meal. Even though when the lights were turned down, his teeth were put on show due to all the UV lighting, bringing an end to the moment.

6 The First Kiss

Does this class as a date? Who knows. It isn’t an organized meal or a trip out, but the first kiss between Ross and Rachel is one of the most iconic moments in the history of Friends, and it certainly led to a romantic moment between them.

With Ross and Rachel alone in Central Perk, there was only one thing that was going to happen. Eventually, it did as they kissed in the rain in what has become one of the most well-known moments from the show.

5 Age Difference

Even though Monica’s relationship with Chandler turns out to be the perfect one, that doesn’t mean that what she had with Richard wasn’t special. Sure, there was a big age gap between them but it was obvious that they loved each other a lot, and their relationship remains one that fans look back on fondly.

They had many romantic moments, but their first date certainly tops them all. Starting off as an eye appointment, the two quickly end up back at Monica’s apartment. While they’re not sure if they should continue due to the age gap, love ends up shining through and they decide to go for it, creating a very romantic moment in Friends‘ history.

4 Mrs. No-Balls

Phoebe is a character that many fans never expected to end up tied down and married, mainly because she was such a free spirit. However, when Mike stepped into the situation it became clear that they were meant for each other, which is what made this particular date so special.

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While things don’t go to plan at the Knicks game earlier in the day when Phoebe tries to propose, during the evening when they have dinner, they do. Mike steps up and proposes this time and it creates an incredibly romantic and comedic moment between the two of them which works perfectly.

3 Unexpected Romance

Few would expect a date with Joey to be incredibly romantic, especially one that is technically supposed to just be between friends. However, when he takes Rachel out to cheer her up, the two end up having an incredible time that leads to Joey starting to have feelings for her.

Starting the date by picking her up and bringing flowers, despite living together, things start well. However when at the restaurant, they really kick into another gear as they show each other their flirtatious moves. The fact they are just friends allows them to let their guards down and ends up creating a very real and romantic evening.

2 The One With The Proposal

Chandler and Monica really are the absolute sweetest couple on the entire show, and fans fell in love with them being together as soon as it happened. Their most special moment came when they finally took their relationship to the next stage and agreed to get married.

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While Chandler’s hopes of an enjoyable romantic dinner are ruined when Richard reappears, the moment isn’t spoiled. Entering their apartment which is covered in candles creates one of the most romantic moments in the entire show.

1 The Planetarium

When it comes to the most romantic date on the show, it had to be between Ross and Rachel. The dream couple from the show that is arguably the main storyline thread from the start to the end, and their moment where they finally do ‘it,’ is a romantic one indeed.

This is early on in their relationship and Ross is really laying on the charm here. Taking Rachel to the planetarium to gaze up at the stars with a picnic, the duo has an amazing time together. It’s an incredibly romantic moment and not even a squashed juice box can get in the way of that.

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Matthew Wilkinson

The Big Bang Theory: 10 Reasons Why Leonard & Sheldon Aren’t Real Friends

The relationship between Sheldon and Leonard is one that has grown over the course of 12 seasons. From complete strangers to roommates and colleagues, these two have overcome the odds and became very best friends.

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However, now that The Big Bang Theory has run its course, we’re taking a closer look at the friendship between Leonard and Sheldon. Were these two former roommates really best friends because they had commonalities and mutual respect for each other or was it out convenience? Let’s take a closer look.


A shorter list would be explaining all the things Sheldon doesn’t use Leonard for… Due to Sheldon’s genius, he doesn’t always have the common sense or common courtesy for social protocols or conventions.

If Sheldon could afford his rent himself, he claims he wouldn’t have a roommate. However, without Leonard, Sheldon would live a very sheltered life. He uses Leonard for transportation (to and from work, to the comic book store, to the dentist — you name it) and for security.


Over time, Sheldon becomes a more compassionate human being in his own way but it took a long time to get there. Like any adult, Leonard has been through his fair share of issues.

When Howard or Raj aren’t around, Sheldon is Leonard’s go-to guy. Sadly, Sheldon listens but doesn’t respond. He typically responds in a sarcastic and non-helpful manner or heads off to bed. When the shoe is on the other foot, Leonard has the compassion to listen and help Sheldon in his time of need. Even when Leonard is annoyed by Sheldon and his problems, he tries his best to help.


Is there a time when Leonard isn’t annoyed by Sheldon? One of the most glaring moments in this odd friendship is when the group went to the North Pole to assist Sheldon with his string theory research. After three months doing tests in the dead of winter, the group comes back to Pasadena once Sheldon believes he has proven his theory.

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Sadly, it turns out Leonard and co. messed with Sheldon’s results because he was being a pain in the you know what. The sooner Sheldon’s research was proven, the sooner he would be less of a crazy person and everyone could go home. If Leonard was truly Sheldon’s best buddy, he wouldn’t even think about embarrassing him like that.


It’s obvious Leonard has a soft spot for Sheldon and their life together but he also has zero problems with lying to him. If it gets Sheldon off his back, Leonard doesn’t mind saying a few lies to his benefit. One instance where Leonard blatantly lied to Sheldon is with the Athenaeum Club at Caltech. You had to be a member to enjoy lunch and other amenities there, yet Leonard told Sheldon they were on a waiting list.

In reality, Leonard was already a member and lied to Sheldon just so he could have a place to go without him. He lied to him again when he was working nights in the lab and couldn’t drive Sheldon to work (even when he actually could).


It’s obvious that Leonard and Sheldon’s mothers are very different. As are Leonard and Sheldon. Leonard’s mother, Beverly, is a neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and author. She doesn’t believe in praising children or making them feel taken care of. She believes in science-based forms of raising a child and never gave Leonard a safe space to call home.

Funny enough, a genius like Sheldon grew up with Mary Cooper — a diehard church-goer who gave Sheldon hugs whenever he needed one. The two should theoretically swap moms. In fact, Sheldon is so fond of Leonard’s mom that she becomes a close friend of his, which really upsets Leonard.


Sheldon can be so invasive that his quirks interfere with Leonard’s social life. He may joke around about not being able to pick up women but he gets more girls than Howard and Raj. Due to living with Sheldon, women can’t come and around as freely and anything Leonard had planned with Penny needs to include Sheldon, too. Remember when Leonard got invited to go to Switzerland over Valentine’s Day and invited Penny?

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Sheldon refused to believe his choice and fought Leonard until he ruined his plans. He also had some strong thoughts against Priya and was quite forceful in his relationship with Dr. Stephanie. Sheldon isn’t the cause of all of Leonard’s problems but he certainly doesn’t help.


It doesn’t matter if Sheldon is with Leonard, Howard, Raj, or Amy — he has to be number one. Whether it’s deciding where to eat for dinner, a theory for a paper, or what the group of friends were doing that weekend, Sheldon always has the final say.

In one poor moment, Sheldon even took a majority of the credit for one of Leonard’s papers. The two wrote the paper together but the lead scientist was Leonard. When a journalist asked Sheldon if he was the lead scientist for the paper, Sheldon never corrected him. Coming behind Leonard (or anyone for that fact) was never a choice, and that’s not something a best friend does.


Leonard may have soft spot for Sheldon at times but his well-being isn’t a priority of his. Sheldon dating Amy was actually a huge relief for Leonard because he wouldn’t need to take care of him all the time.

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One example of this is when Sheldon falls down with the flu. He’s in bed all day and needed help and yet Leonard did his best to stay out all day with Howard and Raj to hide from him. Luckily, Penny was able to help Sheldon during his illness.


To be fair, Sheldon throws his friends under the bus without intentionally meaning to. He doesn’t even necessarily understand when he does it. His lack of remorse is a trigger for Leonard and tends to cause rifts between the two.

Even when Sheldon gets in trouble with human resources, he unintentionally throws Leonard under the bus for something silly or small. So, it’s no longer just Sheldon’s job that’s at stake, it’s Leonard’s as well.


It was comical when Sheldon was deciding who his best man would be in his wedding. Leonard has gone far and beyond in terms of friendship with Sheldon and obviously deserved the best man title.

If the two were truly best friends, that would never even be a conversation. The same can be said for Leonard. He and Penny may have eloped the first time around but he didn’t seem to care if his “best friend” Shelly was there or not.

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Layne G.

Friends’ Most Ridiculous Mistake Involved… A Potato?!

One of the biggest head-scratching goofs on Friends involved a randomly placed potato. The spud served as a memorable mistake for eagle-eyed viewers of the series, who spotted the out-of-place tuber in a a glass display case. The bizarre set-dressing has a simple explanation behind it — and one that isn’t uncommon among sitcoms.

Friends focused on the lives of six core leads: Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani. That large of a cast involved a lot of moving parts in terms of scenes and alternating set locations. A few different sets served as the common meeting spots within the series, including Monica’s apartment, Joey’s place across the hall, and the coffee shop, Central Perk. Friends was filmed in front of a live studio audience, and each episode reportedly took about six hours on average to film. The filming involved a lot of retakes, and at times, certain details in front of the camera would go unnoticed before it hit the air.

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The potato incident occurred in the Friends season 4 episode, “The One with Chandler in a Box.” It marked the annual Thanksgiving episode and focused on Chandler fighting for forgiveness after he kissed Joey’s girlfriend. Joey considered sentencing Chandler to five years of silent treatment while also moving out of the apartment. Instead, Joey decided to lock Chandler in a wooden box for six hours as part of his punishment. At one point during the episode, Joey went to Central Perk looking for Chandler. While talking to Gunther, a cake stand is seen in the foreground holding one large potato. The same vegetable could be seen from a few different angles during the scene; presumably, on one on set during production noticed the misplaced vegetable, and it became one of the show’s biggest mistakes during filming.

Friends was no stranger to goofs during its ten seasons on the air. Some were simple mistakes like changes in attire when the camera switched back and forth to certain characters. Others were more continuity errors such as the inconsistent ages of the characters throughout the series. Many of the characters like Rachel and Ross had multiple birthdays. The number of Monica’s New York City apartment also changed despite the fact that she never moved.

It’s not uncommon for sitcoms like Friends to have continuity errors or random goofs while filming. With the various takes, especially for comedic series that are trying to hit on quick jokes, quick changes might be made to the set during filming. Actors and producers might not pick up on everything that might be considered a mistake such as a potato in a cake stand. It could have been meant as a joke that they forgot to remove or a reminder to replace it with another set-piece. Usually, these mistakes don’t take away from the scene but add extra laughs due to their absurdity like the case with Friends.

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Kara Hedash

Rachel’s 10 Best Outfits On Friends, Ranked | ScreenRant

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was the fashion aficionado of the Friends group. It’s not just her hairstyle that we loved to copy. Many of her outfits are ones we wish we had in our own closets, and in extreme cases, we’ve spent hours online trying to track down an outfit that comes close to whatever Rachel’s worn that we dubbed our favorites.

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Rachel was a fashion icon in many ways, and plenty of her looks are applicable to today’s trends. She was always ahead of the curve. She had to be, working in the fashion industry. Without further ado, here are Rachel’s 10 best outfits on Friends, ranked.

10 Green Birthday Dress

The green dress that Rachel wore for her two birthday parties back in Season 2 was to die for. She paired it perfectly with matching jewelry and a watch, plus pantyhose and cute black heeled shoes. It’s totally ’90s but it’s something that could be worn to various parties today.

The dress complements Rachel’s figure and features a collar with a zipper running down the center. It looks comfortable, yet stylish. Green is definitely one of Rachel’s colors, and it’s a funny coincidence that that also happens to be her last name.

9 Rachel’s Yellow Dress

Rachel looks like an angel in this dress. We may even go as far as to say she resembles a goddess. Yellow isn’t an easy color to pull off, but Rachel manages just fine.

It’s strapless, it features a slit on the side, and it has a fun pattern that includes a couple of red roses on the front. It’s a perfect outfit for a date or a night out, or to just wear around the house if you want to play dress-up. It’s super cute, it reflects personality, and it’s eye-catching, making Rachel the center of anyone’s attention. She even has her hair up so nothing covers any part of the dress, allowing for further appreciation for her choice in attire.

8 Fun With Patterns

Rachel wears this dress to go out on a date with “The Screamer”, aka Ben Stiller. It’s a beautiful baby blue featuring fun flower and leaf patterns in navy, green and white. The dress is fun, light-hearted and carries summer vibes, and it makes Rachel’s blue eyes pop.

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It can be hard to track down a dress like this that will complement your skin tone and your eyes, but Rachel nailed it with this dress. She’s not usually into patterns, making the dress a unique addition to her wardrobe. Nonetheless, it’s perfect for lunch dates and summer outings.

7 Power Pantsuit

Rachel shows us the power of the working woman wardrobe with this power pantsuit. It’s a light grey color, the blazer and pants matching, and she opts for a white shirt underneath, which complements the grey.

It’s simple and feminine, and Rachel added a simple necklace (rather than chunky or colorful) for good measure. In this outfit she firmly yet politely tells Joey she won’t be paying for his new fridge, and goes out to take on the working world.

6 The One Where Rachel Goes Boho

This outfit, a yellow tank top with green Capri pants that featured a few colorful patches and flip-flops with some height, was one of Rachel’s more bohemian outfits and we absolutely love it. It shows a fun and flirty side to Rachel’s personality and she looks ready to hit the beach for some fun in the sun.

Her long layered hair is a perfect complement as well. Rachel is no hippie (that’s more Phoebe’s thing) but she could let loose and add some bright colors to put some splash into her wardrobe.

5 Casual Chic

Who other than Rachel can make casual look so chic? She’s wearing a cute sleeveless black top with gray slacks and shiny black loafers for a night-in. She’s added a bracelet featuring bling to add some extra zest to the ensemble. She manages to perfectly blend classy and comfy.

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Rachel gets more than she bargained for when she heads over to Ross’s apartment for ingredients to make margaritas and overhears a message Emily leaves on Ross’s answering machine, but at least she looks nice while she freaks out over it.

4 Evening Attire

Rachel sports this beautiful mint-green evening dress for a function at Ross’s work. She struggles most of the episode with staying on track and trying to figure out what to wear, but she finds the perfect attire for the night in a matter of moments when it comes down to it.

Rachel has a way of making outfits like this look effortless, and she dresses nicely on a daily basis. When she has to dress up for a special occasion, she really outdoes herself, and she truly dressed to impress here.

3 Rachel The Movie Star

Rachel looks ready for the red carpet in this black number. Featuring a slit on either side and spaghetti straps, the dress is sexy and classy wrapped into one. Rachel paired it with tall black heels to boot. She should be featured on a “Best Dressed” list for her efforts.

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She definitely sets a standard here for attire worthy of a movie star. We wish there were more occasions where we could wear stuff like this more of the time.

2 Interview Ready

Each of Rachel’s outfits that she wore for separate interviews while she was going after the job at Ralph Lauren were awesome, but we’re taking note of this one in particular because Rachel added some extra flair that we have to appreciate. Her outfit for this particular interview bears more personality, almost as though to go along with what Rachel was saying about possessing courage and integrity. She dresses up the ensemble with red pumps, a cute flippy gray skirt and a white short-sleeve shirt featuring a flower pattern.

It’s not something you’d typically wear to an interview, so Rachel took a bit of fashion risk, which could have helped her land the job in hindsight. If you’re going into the fashion industry, you ought to know a thing or two about it, and Rachel demonstrates her passion and knowledge perfectly (with some courage and integrity, of course).

1 Rachel’s Going Away Outfit

Rachel was definitely ready to take on a new adventure in Paris with this outfit. It’s a stylishly professional outfit that we envy. Rachel looks stunning and she paired everything flawlessly. The belt with the skirt is our favorite feature.

It’s an early 2000s look that we still love today. She’s added a long sleeved black shirt and heeled black boots for good measure, looking ready to conquer the Paris fashion world by storm and bid New York farewell in this Season 10 episode. The outfit definitely holds a vibe of professionalism mixed with female empowerment.

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Kacie Lillejord

Friends: Monica’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) was the most organized and cleanliest character on Friends. It reflected in everything she did, from her job to the way she kept her apartment. It certainly reflected on her wardrobe.

Nothing was out of place, nothing bore any wrinkles, and rarely did she ever have any stains (apart from the ink spot on her pants and the unfortunate experience with the marinara sauce on her chef outfit). She had plenty of awesome and classy outfits, but there were a few better left forgotten. Here are 5 of her best outfits, and 5 of her worst.

10 Worst: The ’70s Flashback

We all know “Monica Bang”, but this outfit should call for “Monica Yikes.” This photo only shows half the damage of this outfit: a yellow long-sleeved shirt with green stripes. Stripes are tricky on their own without adding further complications to it. Monica opted for brown pants with the outfit, rendering the outfit an official flashback to the 1970s.

The ’70s may be coming back in style now, but when Monica wore it the ’70s weren’t exactly back on trend just yet, and this outfit doesn’t make the trend look appealing. This is one of those outfits that requires recycling, or just something to wear when you paint or clean the house as they wouldn’t be clothes you necessarily treasure.

9 Best: Totally ’90s

Monica’s look here can be aptly described as simple, yet sexy. She took the liberty of pairing a red spaghetti strap top with light-colored jeans that featured a hole in one knee. It’s definitely a ’90s look, but it still stands strong today.

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The red top makes Monica stand out, demanding attention and also revealing enough skin to turn a few heads. It’s a simple but meaningful outfit when you’re feeling flirty or want to put in some effort without looking like you’re trying too hard.

8 Worst: Right Necklace, Wrong Dress

The necklace is super cute and stylish, but we think Monica picked the wrong dress to go with it. Monica’s not usually into bright colors, so this is a rarity in her wardrobe. It’s also something she could’ve done without.

The color is a yellowish orange color, features buttons that blend in rather than stand out in a way that accents the dress, and just doesn’t suit Monica’s tastes. Perhaps someone gifted it to her? We can’t imagine Monica walking into a store and buying this dress, unless it was on sale.

7 Best: Professional Casual

When Rachel has her daughter, Monica is looking particularly stylish. Rachel may be the fashionista of the group but Monica has her moments. She has a white top with black slacks and an expensive-looking watch with jewelry to boot. She’s business casual but it somehow suits the moment.

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If Emma needs fashion tips from someone other than her mom, she can always go to her Aunt Monica. We certainly wouldn’t mind raiding Monica’s closet.

6 Worst: Busy & Worn

The flower pattern is too busy to begin with, making it eye-catching in a bad way. The dress also appears faded and worn, and the buttons that go down the center don’t do the dress any favors.

It seems like the dress is better suited for Phoebe rather than Monica, but then again, dresses like these were all the rage back in the day. Since that’s the case, we’re happy with Monica leaving this dress in the past.

5 Best: The Future Of Ombre

Monica scored with this outfit, seeing the trend of the future. Her ombre shirt begins as a dark grey that shades into black, and she paired it with a silver necklace and earrings plus black pants. She keeps it simple but it still makes an impact.

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Monica’s penchant for dark colors gets a little dressy here with the added ombre effect, and just like we love the trend today, we love Monica’s look from back then.

4 Worst: Flannel For An Iconic Moment

This is the moment where Rachel and Monica inform Chandler about some extras concerning sex, and it seems like Monica wasn’t dressed for the occasion. It’s one of the funniest moments on the show, and Monica’s wearing an awful flannel shirt.

We’re sorry, but the flannel is too masculine and the color scheme is seizure-inducing. She paired jeans with it, which is the outfit’s only saving grace. Any more pattern or bad color scheme and we’d be blind!

3 Best: Classy Red With Black Leather

Monica pairs her long-sleeved red shirt with a knee-length black leather skirt and black pantyhose. Her earrings are small and dangly, her necklace a color that matches the shirt giving the outfit an extra boost of personality and style. It’s an enviable outfit by all means, and perfect for a night out on the town.

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It’s classy and definitely ranks as one of Monica’s best outfits for pairing, accessories and color coordination. Even the barrettes in her hair are a perfect addition. In any case, it’s probably a look Rachel would’ve copied. We’ll take the liberty of adding this outfit to our own wardrobes.

2 Worst: Nightmare Overalls

Okay, it was the ’90s, but we still can’t excuse this fashion disaster. The look is too masculine and doesn’t complement her at all. The white shirt has all the potential to be cute, but it has to be paired with a skirt or jeans at the very least.

The overalls are over-sized and the straps are too close to Monica’s neck, throwing off the way overalls are usually worn. Monica never wore anything else like this for the remainder of the series, and we’re glad she didn’t.

1 Best: Sleeveless In New York

Monica created this look by pairing a simple sleeveless dress with a dark long-sleeved shirt beneath it. She chose darker solid colors of gray and black. She’s not into bright colors or wacky designs like Phoebe, who could sometimes overdo outfits.

Monica kept things even with this look so it wouldn’t be an eyesore, and it complements her nicely. It seems like something Rachel would’ve worn, so perhaps Rachel gave Monica some pointers on conquering fashion and being ready for all types of weather.

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Kacie Lillejord

Friends: Why So Many Episodes Were Set Entirely In Monica’s Apartment

Aside from some truly unforgettable characters, Friends introduced equally iconic places, of which some had a big impact in pop culture, like Central Perk, and others have served as inspiration for their peculiar decoration, like Monica’s apartment. The group spent a lot of time at Monica’s home, so much that it became an in-universe joke how they seemed to not have their own places, and even some episodes were set entirely there – but there was a good reason for that.

Friends followed a group of six young adults (Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Ross) living in New York City and doing their best to balance their personal, social, and professional lives along with everything that comes with being an adult. It was a tight-knit group, and many of them were roommates at some point, either living at Joey’s apartment or Monica’s, though the latter was a more prominent setting. Monica always made sure her place was a home for her friends, so it’s not surprising that they spent most of their time there, to the point where many episodes took place entirely there and most viewers didn’t notice.

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Along with Central Perk, Monica’s apartment became the main setting for the series, and viewers got so acquainted with it that it was very easy for the production crew to have episodes that didn’t get out of it when things got a bit rough behind the scenes.

Like many other TV shows, Friends had its budget struggles during the first seasons, so the producers went for a “bottle episode” format with season 3’s “The One Where No One’s Ready”. Bottle episodes use as few extra sets as possible and have no special guests nor extra effects in order to save as much money as possible, which is normally used for other episodes that do require some extra elements. In “The One Where No One’s Ready”, Ross gets increasingly anxious as they have to attend an event and everyone’s taking too long to get ready. Although the characters go back and forth between Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment, the group is only seen in Monica’s place. In addition to that, the episode plays out in real time.

Though the episode didn’t do well with critics, the audience’s reaction was much more positive, and the creative team behind Friends went on to make more bottle episodes in future seasons, such as season 6’s “The One On The Last Night” and season 7’s “The One With Monica’s Thunder”, which were set in both apartments. Thanks to how often the characters were seen in Monica’s apartment, it was very easy for the Friends crew to have a couple of episodes set there (and sometimes in Joey’s apartment too) without the audience feeling trapped or getting bored. Friends‘ bottle episodes not always did well with critics, but in a way, they helped bring the characters closer to the viewers and proved that they didn’t need any special guests to make an entertaining episode.

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Adrienne Tyler