Friends: 10 Scenes That Never Fail To Pull On Our Heartstrings

One of the best and most iconic sitcoms of all time, Friends has provided fans with so many moments from so many characters that will be remembered for generations to come. With its quality writing and cast, the show is brilliantly funny and is so easily digestible with its beloved characters and storylines.

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While it does bring a lot of happiness to fans and there are some hilarious and joyous episodes and moments, the show is not short of its reach for the tissue’s emotion. Through all ten seasons, there have been a plethora of moments that have struck a sadness within its fans and they are some of the shows most memorable. Here are 10 scenes in Friends that always pull on fans’ heartstrings.


A moment that does not on the surface seems that it would be so sad for Friends fans given the unlikeability of Heckles, but in season two episode three when Monica and Rachel’s downstairs neighbor dies, a lot of sadness is achieved.

A lot of this emotion comes from Chandler. Throughout the episode, fans are treated to the gang clearing out Heckles’ apartment – a last annoying act from the old man – and it unfolds that Chandler and Heckles are very similar. As the episode comes to a close, Chandler, alone in Heckles’ apartment, says his goodbye to the man and it is then that sadness ensues.


Any lover of animals who love Friends, or any big fan of Ross or even just Marcel, would have found the episode, and specifically the moment, where Ross has to give Marcel away emotional.

While Ross may be problematic to a lot of people, there is no denying his love for Marcel and giving him away was hard. Marcel’s run in the show was short-lived but he brought cuteness and hilarity to the show as well as being a way for Ross to deal with all the stress in his life. In season one episode ten when Ross says goodbye to the monkey, one can not help but feel sad for all parties.


After six seasons and six episodes together as one of television’s most iconic duos, Chandler moved out of his and Joey’s apartment, the end of an era. Even though it was just across the hall it was still an emotional moment for the duo and fans of them.

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As Chandler and Monica’s relationship reached its next chapter, so to did that of Joey and Chandler and the pair’s time living together comes to an end. While Rachel was also moving out and that too was sad, seeing Joey and Chandler hug for the last time as roommates and realize the six years of being together always was over hit different and was a sad day for audiences.


Long before Chandler moved out, however, Joey temporarily did just the same. In episode fifteen of season two, Joey moves out to be on his own for the first time.

The two not being together is sad enough, especially after that Joey hug, but when the two starts to realize just how much they miss the other it gets tearful. Knowing how much they miss each other but that neither of them realizes just how much sucks, for those four episodes with Eddie replacing Joey in the apartment, it is sad times – especially with that “All By Myself” sequence.


For a long time in Friends, it seemed like David was the one for Phoebe and that she may never settle down, then a young, charismatic Paul Rudd came along and everything changed. It seemed like the two would last, and then as they were moving in with one another, they broke up.

Even though they did end up together in the end, up, it was a sharp shot of sadness when the two called it quits (much to their heartbreak) in episode sixteen of season nine. Through their first stint together Phoebe had even chosen Mike over David upon David’s return, showing the love she had for him, while Mike professed his love for her to his disproving parents, having them breakup was both upsetting and frustrating.


Long before London, before Chandler, and before the idea of being attracted to Chandler was there, Monica had her eyes on one man and one man only, Richard. After a long run of awful luck with men, Monica met Richard, a friend of her dad’s and her eye doctor, and fell in love.

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The two seemed perfect together and seemed meant to be to a lot of fans, but when it comes to light that Richard does not want kids, cracks start to form and while at Rachel’s ex-husband’s wedding, the two decided to end things and it is heartbreaking for fans to watch.


In her quirky and caring nature, Phoebe agreed to be a surrogate mother for her brother Frank his wife Alice. This resulted in her being pregnant with triplets and in season five episode three, she births them and has to give them up.

While she is adamant at the start of the pregnancy she will have no issue giving the children up, by the end, this is not true as she even tries to get Rachel to ask Frank to let Phoebe keep one. When Phoebe endures labor and the triplets arrive she has a moment alone with them and, even though she is their aunt, says she wishes she could take them all home. Then they all cry together, similar to the fans watching at home.


Arguably Friends’ best couple, Monica and Chandler seemed destined for marriage and children from the moment they first said the L-word to each other. But, after a long time of trying, in season nine episode twenty-one the two take fertility tests and find out that in fact, they cannot have children.

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It was so clear for years how much Monica wanted children and how much she and Chandler wanted them together. When Chandler delivers the news to Monica that they cannot have children together it is heartbreaking, while they do adopt children, in the end, this moment and the fact they cannot have kids by themself is one of the saddest moments in all of the show.


After finally getting together following the heartbreakingly sweet prom video incident, all was well with Ross and Rachel until the episodes leading up to the fifteenth of season three.

After seeing the pair going on a break (or breaking up in Ross’ eyes), then seeing Ross had slept with Chloe from the xerox place and then knowing Rachel wanted back together was enough for the heart. A quick breakup would have been easier in the end, however, that is not what happened, it was long and emotional and when Rachel breaks up with Ross and the two sob, it is heartbreaking for fans.


After ten amazing seasons Friends came to an end in 2004 and its finale was spectacular. Rachel got off the plane, Chandler and Monica had their children and the gang were helping Monica and Chandler move. It was emotional and beautiful with the very end scene being a sobfest for fans.

All six friends stand in the classic apartment with one another, every one of them having lived there at one point, all of which need to give back their key and when they do, and they leave for coffee it is heartbreaking. With one final joke from Chandler, the camera pans around the apartment one final time and the show ends. Beautiful and heartbreaking, before you put on season one to cheer up.

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Rhys McGinley

Friends: 10 Things Even Diehard Fans Didn’t Know About Monica

Monica is the high strung control freak who keeps all of the members of the Friends crew in line. She is often the one who sets the rules and makes sure everyone abides by them, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Fans cried with Monica as her heart was breaking during her break up with Richard and they shed tears for her once again during her and Chandler’s infertility struggles.

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While most fans of the show feel they have Monica pegged, there are still some secrets they may not know about the wound-too-tight chef. Here are the 10 things even diehard fans didn’t know about Monica:

10 Courteney Cox was Supposed to be Rachel

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are the perfect matches for their characters, Monica and Rachel, but what if  the roles had been switched? What if Jennifer Aniston had played Monica while Courteney Cox played Rachel? As weird as this might be to picture, it was the original plan for the show.

The role of Rachel had first been offered to Courteney Cox and producers wanted Jennifer Aniston to audition for Monica. Courteney Cox declined the role of Rachel though as she was more drawn to Monica’s strong personality. Fans will agree that Courteney Cox made the right decision.

9 Courteney Cox is a Neat Freak just like Monica

No one could play the strict but nurturing Monica better than Courteney Cox and this may be because Cox has a few things in common with her character. One of the ways Courteney Cox is similar to Monica is that she is a neat freak just like the character.

Other cast members and creators of Friends lovingly remember Cox always having the cleanest dressing room. She would even clean and tidy up the other cast mates’ dressing rooms as she didn’t like being in them when they were disorganized or dirty, similar to Monica constantly picking up after her friends.

8 Only One to Not Receive an Emmy Nomination

Most fans would agree that no one could have made a more perfect Monica than Courteney Cox, but perhaps the deciders of the Emmy nominations disagree. Courteney Cox is the only one out of the six Friends cast mates to not receive an Emmy nomination for her role on the show.

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Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston were both awarded Emmys for their performances while the men of the group, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry, all earned Emmy nominations for their characters. Poor Monica, out shined yet again by her medical marvel big brother.

7 Courteney Cox is Older than David Schwimmer

On Friends Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer play everyone’s favorite brother and sister team. The two won over fans’ hearts with their loyalty to each other even when they were bickering. Schwimmer plays Ross, the protective big brother, while Cox plays Monica, the never-good-enough-for-their-mother little sister.

In reality Cox is the older of the two as she is over two years older than her supposed big brother. Even if the roles had written the other way though, with Cox has the oldest sibling and Schwimmer as the little brother, these two still would have been a fan favorite sibling duo.

6 Had the Biggest Dating Age Gap

While Joey is the resident dating expert on the show, Monica had her fair share of dating adventures throughout the course of Friends’ 10 season run. Joey might have gotten more dates than Monica, but her dating pool had the biggest age gap. Monica’s first big relationship on the show was with Richard Burke who was 21 years or a whole person who can drink older than Monica.

But before there was Richard in season 2, there was young Ethan in season one. Ethan was 9 years younger than Monica at the time of their relationship as he was only 17 years old and a senior in high school. That’s an age gap of over 30 years between Monica’s two former lovers.

5 Last Names Changed to Arquette in Honor of Courteney’s Marriage

In season 6, episode 1 “The One After Vegas” fans might have noticed a mysterious name change during Friends’ opening credits. Everyone suddenly had the name “Arquette” added to the end of their name.

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The reason why this random name change happened was because Courteney Cox had just tied the knot with her then-husband David Arquette. But this was not the first time the name “Arquette” appeared on Friends. In season 3, episode 3 “The One with the Jam” David Arquette made a guest appearance as Malcolm, Ursula’s stalker who briefly dated Phoebe.

4 Monica had a Total of 5 Jobs During Friends

There were definitely some ups and downs for Monica when it came to her career as a chef. Monica worked hard at her job, but there were some setbacks before she finally landed her dream job. She started as a chef for a restaurant called Iridium, but was unfortunately fired which forced her to become a waitress at a ’50s themed diner, Moondance Diner.

She was briefly a caterer who wrote a food critic article which landed her the head chef job at the Italian restaurant, Allesandro’s. Monica had a rough go of it at Allesandro’s, but all of her hard work eventually paid off when she was hired on at the prestigious restaurant, Javu. Way to climb the career ladder!

3 Had a Candy Cabinet on Set

Courteney Cox and Monica both earned their titles of “Candy Lady”. In season 7, episode 9 “The One with All the Candy” Monica tries to earn her neighbors’ friendship by making candy for all of them thus earning her the title of “Candy Lady”, but Courteney Cox in real is also deserving of this esteemed title.

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On the Friends set, Cox had her own little candy cache known as Courteney’s Candy Cabinet. Butterfingers are the actress’s favorite go to candy bar and US Weekly once claimed Cox was a addicted to candy bars. Everyone is allowed to have one vice.

2 Jennifer Aniston is Coco’s Godmother

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston play the two best friends Monica and Rachel on Friends that eventually become sister in laws. While it’s nice to see such a solid female friendship on TV, it’s even better when it’s a genuine friendship that transcends the show.

Cox and Aniston are real life best friends and the pair are so tight that Cox assigned Aniston as her daughter’s godmother. Jennifer Aniston has been there for the now teen, Coco, since birth and continues to love her and want the best for her goddaughter. What a beautiful friendship these two incredible women share.

1 Monica Wasn’t Supposed to be with Chandler

While Ross and Rachel took up most of the relationship spotlight on Friends, there was another couple that captivated the hearts of many. Monica and Chandler’s relationship had fans cheering them on all the way to the end. Fans were giddy excitement when the pair first got together and they cried for the hopeful parents as they struggled with infertility, but through it all they remained strong and stable.

But what if this touching relationship had never happened? Originally it wasn’t supposed to happen at all. The main love interest of the show was intended to be Monica and Joey with Chandler not even being a main character. Fortunately for fans, the creators changed their minds when they saw the undeniable chemistry between Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry. Creators have the show believe Monica and Chandler would still be happily together today.

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Friends: Joey’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

Friends set the trends for haircuts (looking at you “The Rachel”) and each of the characters on the show all had their own style. Phoebe always had a boho vibe and Chandler was rarely seen without a sweater vest. And let’s admit it, Joey is normally a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

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He doesn’t typically venture out of his comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Still, he’s had plenty of memorable outfits that have brought on the laughs. Keep reading to take a look at Joey’s 5 best and 5 worst outfits on Friends.

10 Best: When Joey Dressed Up As Chandler For Halloween

In season 8, Monica and Chandler throw a Halloween party at their apartment. Chandler’s a huge pink bunny that Monica got for him, Ross is “spud”-nik and Rachel is wearing a dress that she won’t be able to fit in much longer with her pregnancy. When Joey shows up in his sweater vest it’s instantly recognizable who he is for Halloween. It’s a testament to the showrunners that one simple vest is all it takes to say “Chandler.”

9 Worst: Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes

Early in season 2, the gang is supposed to be getting ready for an event at Ross’s work. When Ross arrives at Monica’s apartment no one is ready, except for Phoebe who immediately gets a stain on her dress.

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Chandler and Joey are like two little kids and keep messing with each other until Chandler hides all of Joey’s underwear and Joey retaliates by putting on every item of clothing in Chandler’s closet. This episode was the show’s 50th.

8 Best: Joey At The PBS Telethon

Joey all dressed up and fancy only happens a few times in all 10 seasons of Friends. In season 5 Joey thinks he’s gotten a job hosting a telethon for PBS and is all decked out in a tux. When he arrives on set it turns out he’s just a phone operator who’s barely getting his arm on screen.

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Phoebe and Joey have an argument about whether it’s possible to do a truly selfless deed. Phoebe shares that she hates PBS and tries to prove to Joey that it’s possible to do a selfless good deed. She donates money to PBS to prove she can be selfless, only for Joey to end up getting on TV because of her donation. Which makes Phoebe feel great and proves a sharply dressed Joey right.

7 Worst: Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants

The Thanksgiving episodes on Friends were always some of the most anticipated of the season. The one with Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants might be one of the best. Appearing in season 8, at the start of the episode Phoebe brings over a bag of maternity clothing for Rachel. A pair of zig-zag pants makes its first appearance of the episode. Monica had planned on not making a turkey that year since Chandler hates Thanksgiving and Rachel was “off” poultry with her pregnancy. Joey convinces Monica he can eat the whole thing and that’s when the pants show up again. They’re horrible, but if anyone can make them work it’s Joey.

6 Best: The One With Joey’s Purse

In season 5 Joey has an audition and he wants to look totally pulled together and sharp. Rachel takes him to work and gets him all set up with an outfit, topping it all with a man-bag. Joey looks debonair and he has a place to carry his sandwiches. Win-win. Unfortunately, the casting directors weren’t ready for the man-bag and Joey didn’t get the job because of his purse. They were fools. Joey totally pulled off the purse.

5 Worst: It’s Porsche

In season 6 Joey stumbles upon a set of Porche keys at Central Perk. He finds the car with the intention of waiting for the owner. He ends up getting complimented on his car so often that he ends up pretending to be the owner even washing the car. When the owner comes and picks it up, Joey resorts to wearing all the Porsche gear as if that will get him the same attention. It’s definitely attention-getting, just not in a good way.

4 Best: Joey The Gladiator

At the end of season 5, Joey and Chandler get in a fight about whether a new film Joey’s going to be filming in Las Vegas will be his big break. Chandler doesn’t think it will be and the BFF’s end up in a big fight. Cue Joey leaving for Vegas by himself. Chandler wants to apologize and the whole gang decides to head to Vegas to visit Joey.

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When they find him, it turns out his film was shut down and he’s working as a gladiator at Caesar’s Palace. Nice legs Joey.

3 Worst: Married By A Bloody Soldier

At the end of season 7, Chandler and Monica are getting ready to get married while Joey is working on a big period film with a Hollywood star, played by Gary Oldman. Joey is officiating Monica and Chandler’s wedding but gets stuck at work when his co-star shows up on set drunk as a skunk and can barely get through his lines. Joey finally gets away from work, just in the nick of time, but doesn’t have a chance to change. Which is why Joey marries his two friends in a bloody soldier’s uniform.

2 Best: The One With Phoebe’s Wedding

When Phoebe gets married in season 10 everything starts falling apart. Monica is going crazy with the planning, Phoebe doesn’t have anyone to walk her down the aisle, and then a huge blizzard waylays the band. In the end, Joey goes back to his minister roots—when he married Chandler and Monica—and marries Phoebe and Mike. All while looking super dapper in his tux.

1 Worst: Tennis Coach Or Best Man

When Joey married Monica and Chandler he was wearing a costume from his film. A bloody, slashed soldier’s costume. At the start of season 8 Monica tells Joey he has to change, but he doesn’t have any clothes with him. He ends up going shopping in the lobby of the hotel where the reception is being held and shows up in an all-white tennis player outfit. Chandler’s dress shoes are too slippery for him to dance with Monica and viewers learn that Joey has ridiculously small feet.

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Friends: Every Main Cast Member, Ranked By Hilarity | ScreenRant

Friends is one of the most iconic and beloved sitcoms of all time. The show took a concept that so many of us are familiar with (a band of twentysomethings in New York struggling to juggle careers and love lives with each other’s help) and made it into a phenomenon. Today, over fifteen years after the finale aired, it continues to resonate with viewers (even if certain elements do betray their outdated 90s setting).

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Of course, this would never be the case without a cast of quirky, relatable, believable, flawed and (most importantly) hilarious characters. Who is the funniest member of the core Friends gang? Let’s take a look!

6 Rachel

Of course, for the show’s legions of fans, every member is a vital component of the Friends machine. They’re all hilarious in their own ways and have their own stand-out moments. For us, though, Rachel may be the least funny.

It’s a tough call, but it seems as though her most iconic storylines tended towards the poignant and serious. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Ross, her pregnancy, her disastrous attempt at a relationship with Joey… Rachel had her darn funny moments like everybody else (her desperate attempt to remember what Chandler’s job was during Ross’s quiz was a highlight), but it would be tough to rate her any higher when it comes to funniness

5 Monica

Now, there’s no doubt that Monica is the most straight-laced and responsible member of the group. Ross is also right up there (must be that Geller blood again), but his neurotic, cleaning-addicted sister really takes the cake in that regard.

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As with so many sitcom characters, Monica doesn’t tend to be intentionally funny herself. She’s delivered all kinds of priceless snarky lines, but most often, the Monica-related laughs come from the rest of the gang laughing at her and her obsessive cleaning regimen. Or, in the flashback episodes, at her former size. She tends to be at her funniest when she’s bouncing off another member of the group (when she was performing “The Routine” with Ross at the New Year’s Eve party, for instance) than under her own steam.

4 Ross

Ross is quite a difficult member of the group to place. On the one hand, he’s been involved in some of the most brilliant, ridiculous and brilliantly ridiculous plotlines in the show’s history. From PIVOT! to his spray tan mishap and the leather pants incident, David Schwimmer proved to have a great aptitude for physical comedy over the course of the show.

At heart, though, Ross isn’t an intentionally ‘funny’ sort of guy. He’s somebody that these sorts of situations tend to happen to, so he’s hilarious more at his own expense rather than under his own steam. There’s quite an important difference there, which is why we’ve rated him in the middle of the pack.

3 Joey

Well, yes. For many Friends fans, Joey is one of the finest sitcom characters ever created. He’s naïve, he’s very endearing, he experiences true growth over the course of the series (just look at his response to his blossoming-yet-doomed love for Rachel later in the show’s run), he brings us some absurd storylines and he’s just so lovable.

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When it comes to raw funniness, though, the picture’s just a little muddy. Situations like his failed attempt to speak French for an audition prove that the show may have pushed the whole “Joey’s a little dim-witted thing” a bit too far as the end of the run approached. Regardless, though, this is still the priceless Joey Tribbiani we’re talking about. Whether he’s packing every possible kind of meat into a sandwich or auditioning for yet another questionable play, he’s a character we just can’t help laughing at.

2 Phoebe

Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe is a character unlike most you’d tend to find in a sitcom. Her past must have been truly harrowing for her, but she maintains a childlike lust for life and relentless optimism. Even when she’s telling off-hand stories about the terrible experiences of her childhood, she manages to raise a laugh because she’s so chipper as she talks. Without Lisa Kudrow’s priceless delivery of these lines, Phoebe could easily have been a very dark, very sorrowful character. Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The other element of Phoebe that makes her so funny is, of course, her musical career. This struggling musician (as soon as you hear her material, you understand why she’s struggling) is committed to playing the guitar (although she can’t play the guitar), singing (although she can’t sing) and writing songs (as silly and/or inappropriate as her songs tend to be). You can never be quite sure what she’s going to say/sing, which makes her a priceless and quirky sitcom icon generations of fans can and will fall in love with. Still, the last member of the group just beats her out in terms of funniness.

1 Chandler

Well, surely this was inevitable from the outset. When it comes to Friends’ funniest main character, who else but the relentlessly snarky Chandler Bing could have taken the top spot? Very early in the show,  he establishes himself as the joker of the gang (every group has one), always poised to drop an inspired one-liner or withering remark whenever and wherever he can.

This is largely because he uses humor as a defense mechanism and is still super bitter about his parents’ divorce (hence his hatred of Thanksgiving, the holiday during which his parents told him they were separating). The Friends funnyman managed to steadily get over all of his insecurities and past hangups as the series progressed. Later, he wasn’t as stingingly sarcastic as he used to be, but Matthew Perry’s delivery of a great line remained just as flawless as it always had been. Chandler is intentionally funny, while his friends tend to have their exaggerated character traits played for laughs. The funniest character on the show for sure.

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Chris Littlechild

Friends: 5 Best Things Rachel Did For Joey (& 5 He Did For Her)

How does Friends continue to be so beloved, all these years after coming off the air? Partly because certain channels seem committed to showing re-runs of the show 24/7 until the end of time itself. Partly because it’s such a money-spinner for streaming services. But largely because it’s just so relatable for so many.

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Navigating the difficult years of early adulthood with a loyal group of friends in tow is something so many viewers can relate to. All the core friends have been invaluable to each other in so many ways, but today we’re focusing on just two of them, Rachel and Joey, and the best things they did for each other.

10 RACHEL: Sharing Her Fashion Expertise With Joey

The Rachel we first meet when Friends begins is a spoiled, selfish young woman, whose wealthy doctor father entirely funds her life (and that of his sisters). Unlike Jill and Amy, though, Rachel eventually learns the value of supporting herself and develops a successful career in fashion.

As such, the gang often turns to her when they have doubts about how to dress. In one instance, Joey was auditioning for the part of an impeccably-dressed character, so asks Rachel what he should wear. Rachel takes him to work and offers him, among many other things, a unisex shoulder bag. Joey wasn’t convinced at first, but grew to love the bag and hated having to part with it.

9 JOEY: Making The Apartment Baby-Friendly

If Joey Tribbiani is known for anything, it’s for his many, many romantic liaisons. As his roommate, as Rachel got closer to giving birth, she became concerned about how having a baby in the apartment would disrupt Joey’s lifestyle. She decides to move out, so as not to disrupt his life, without discussing it with Joey.

On hearing about this, Joey is distraught. He surprises Rachel with his ‘plan’ for the apartment, including a crib and where it would go. Granted, it’s a crib he found on the street and there’s a wild animal of some sort living in it, but otherwise, this was an incredible gesture.

8 RACHEL: ‘Saved’ Joey From Katie

In “The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey,” the actor has found himself in a real romantic bind. Katie, his new girlfriend, is very sweet and a lot of fun, but she’s also excitable and expresses her affection for Joey with playful punches on the arm. Sadly, as Joey explains, she doesn’t know her own strength. She’s very petite but hurts Joey without knowing she’s doing it.

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Trying to find a way to let her down gently, he meets Katie in Central Perk (wearing several sweaters to try and cushion the inadvertent blows). Rachel happens to be there, the two women talk, and Katie gives Rachel a playful punch too. Discovering that Joey was actually right, Rachel fights back and Katie demands that Joey sticks up for her in their fight or she’ll walk away and not come back. That works out well for Joey; a way of breaking up with her without actually having to… break up with her. Thanks, Rach!

7 JOEY: Always Being There For Rachel While She Was Pregnant

As with all of the main cast, Joey went on quite a journey of personal growth along the course of the series. As the seasons went on, we learned a lot more about his character, and his sweet and loving side came to the forefront more and more often.

This was never more evident than during Rachel’s pregnancy. Her fraught relationship with Ross meant that the pair weren’t quite sure where they stood with each other, and Ross had entered a new relationship with Mona. While all of this was happening, Rachel lived at Joey’s, so he was constantly on top of everything regarding her pregnancy. So much so, in fact, that when Joey took her to the hospital when she was suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions, the doctor mistook him for the father-to-be.

6 RACHEL: Teaching Joey To Sail

Well, “was patient enough to try to teach Joey to sail for a while” would be more apt. In a typical Joey storyline, the actor purchases himself a sailboat after some confusion at a silent auction. Rachel’s father is a boat enthusiast, so she knows how to sail and offers to head out onto the water to teach him.

Naturally, Joey learns very little, distracted by beer, sandwiches, and pieces of Styrofoam shaped like Mike Tyson. Still, he appreciated the offer, and the two resolved the issues that arose and enjoyed the time together.

5 JOEY: “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel”

We’ll get to the duo’s ill-fated and controversial romance later. For now, though, we’re going to take a look at the episode “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel,” which is full of more adorable moments between the pair.

When Rachel tells him how much she misses dating, Joey decides to take her out for a nice evening. His romantic feelings for her haven’t quite started to develop yet (though they do as a result of the ‘date’), it was simply a loving act of friendship for his roommate.

4 RACHEL: Getting Joey His Job Back

Joey Tribbiani, as fans know, finished the series as a successful soap opera star. There can be no doubt that he deserved to, having paid his dues several times over as a struggling actor. At one point in the series, he was a waiter at Central Perk, but lost his job when he closed the coffee shop to go to an audition (he shouldn’t have been working by himself, but Gunther had also left to get his hair dyed).

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Learning of this injustice, Rachel goes to confront Gunther. Besotted with Rachel as he is, the manager immediately relents and gives Joey his job back.

3 JOEY: Stopping Everyone From Laughing At Rachel’s Trifle

As unusual as it is for Joey to teach Ross tact, this very scenario arises in “The One Where Ross Got High.” Rachel has been trusted to make the Thanksgiving dessert, but the recipe book’s pages are stuck together. As a result, she famously makes “half an English trifle and half a shepherd’s pie!”

Ross and Joey are both in a hurry to leave and attend the party that Joey’s attractive roommate is holding, so Ross thinks she should just hurry up and serve it. Joey reminds him that everyone will make cruel jokes about the dessert, so sends Ross to distract Rachel so he can teach everybody to ‘act’ as though they liked it instead. That’s a true friend.

2 RACHEL: Letting Joey Down Gently And Lovingly

Is there’s any Friends storyline that remains controversial among fans, it’s Rachel and Joey dating. Many believe that this was a mistake which didn’t fit in with the show at all. Even so, it’s tough to deny that the plotline didn’t bring us some of the most poignant moments in Friends history.

The scene at the restaurant in which Joey finally confesses his love is heart-breaking.  Rachel is completely thrown at first, but soon breaks down and states that she doesn’t even want to lose Joey as a friend. They sit and silently embrace for so long that the restaurant staff start to wonder what’s wrong with them.

1 JOEY: Putting Their Friendship First When Their Relationship Failed

Ultimately, the pair decided that they just didn’t work as a couple. Joey, after a lifetime of flitting between women, could have been put into an impossible position by this. Things were definitely incredibly awkward between them both soon after his confession, after all.

Instead, though, they shared another heartfelt discussion, in which they wondered whether they were actually even closer friends than Chandler and Monica (explaining why they had found it so easy).  The platonic relationship between Rachel and Joey was made even stronger by this experience, which is a real testament to true friendship.

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Friends: Why Jennifer Aniston Almost Didn’t Return For Season 10

It’s hard to imagine the final season of Friends without the whole group back, but it nearly happened as Jennifer Aniston almost didn’t return. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends debuted on NBC in 1994 and came to an end in 2004 after ten seasons. The series followed the lives of six friends (Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Ross) living in New York City and dealing with the ups and downs of adulthood as best as they could.

Friends was a major boost for the careers of the main cast, who ended up becoming pop culture icons of the 1990s, especially Jennifer Aniston, who also became a fashion icon of the decade. Her character’s arc is the one that kickstarted the series, as she joined the rest of the group in the pilot episode after running away from her wedding. Her journey continued to be a main focus of the series, with the finale relying heavily on her and Ross’ relationship.

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But the final season of Friends as the world now knows it almost didn’t happen, as Aniston wasn’t sure she was going to return, and unlike many other cases in the entertainment industry, it had nothing to do with her contract.

Speaking to NBC in 2004, Jennifer Aniston admitted she almost didn’t join the rest of the Friends gang in the final season. Aniston explained she had a “couple of issues” she was dealing with, and she wanted the series to end while people “still loved them”. She went on to explain she wasn’t sure how much more of Rachel she had left in her, and she worried about the series’ quality declining if they continued looking for new stories. Aniston eventually decided to return, and the series finale of Friends was very well received.

Friends season 10 might not be the strongest of the bunch, but in general, it did justice to the main characters and gave them closure (except for Joey), with Chandler and Monica becoming parents and moving out of the apartment, and Ross and Rachel getting together (supposedly for good this time, as it’s implied in the spinoff series Joey that they got married). The final season of Friends without Jennifer Aniston back as Rachel would have been very different, and her absence would have affected the arcs of the rest, especially that of Ross, but fans are surely relieved she decided to come back and realized she still had more Rachel to offer.

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Friends: Ross’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

While the characters on Friends incredibly iconic, so are many of their outfits. Rachel’s hair might have inspired a generation of women, but throughout the show, each character ends up wearing some incredibly memorable pieces of clothing. Of course, with any good sitcom, not all of those outfits are iconic and memorable for the right reasons. Some of the outfits that are worn on the show are truly horrendous, some by design and others simply due to the era.

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One character who goes through a serious rollercoaster of outfits is Ross Geller. He may have spent a long time waxing his hair to perfection, but he also spends a long time focusing on what to wear as well. In this article, we will rank Ross’s five best and worst outfits from Friends.

10 Best: Wedding Day

Ross’s wedding to Emily might have been a total disaster, but at least he looked great throughout it. It isn’t often that Ross gets to really dress up throughout the show, and even though he wears plenty of suits, he obviously takes things to a different level for his wedding day.

Of course, this ends up being one of the worst days of the characters life as he utters Rachel’s name during the ceremony. But when it comes down to Ross Geller’s outfits from the show, this is certainly one of his best looks. With his hair not looking overly greasy and Ross still having a youthful look, it is clear to see why the ladies like him in this episode, as he looks great.

9 Worst: The Pink Sweater

One of Ross’s worst outfits is when he decides to start walking around in a woman’s shirt because of how it looks and feels. While there is nothing wrong with men wearing women’s clothes, there is something wrong with how hideous this particular top is. Of course, the main joke from this is the fact it is a woman’s shirt and Ross isn’t willing to believe anybody.

However, when he ends up going on a date and takes his jacket off to see he is wearing the exact same top as her, it all becomes clear. While all of that is hilarious to see, the top itself is just horrid. With a pattern that looks like it belongs on a wall during the hippie’s era, it is not a good look for him.

8 Best: Sporting

When watching Friends you quickly learn the different styles that each character has and none of them would be described as sporty. However, during a few different episodes, the group ends up needing to whip out their sporting gear and it’s always great.

While they are always baggy fitting, unlike what would be shown nowadays it is still always great to see them in a different way. Ross busts out his sporting gear for several episodes, including the famous Thanksgiving episode where they play football. Ross looks great as he battles against his friends to win the Geller Cup. While it isn’t his most famous outfit, it is certainly a good one.

7 Worst: Frankie Says Relax

There is so much to unpack with this particular outfit, but one thing that is for certain is that it’s one of Ross Geller’s worst. While it creates a hilarious moment on the show, as many of Ross’s poor outfit choices do, there’s no doubt it’s not a good look for him.

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The main issue with Ross’s ‘Frankie Say Relax’ t-shirt is the fact that it doesn’t fit him. It’s not just a little bit small either, the shirt has been shrunk so badly that it looks like it could fit a child as he desperately squeezes into it. When the words are distorted due to how tight the shirt is, you know there is a problem.

6 Best: After Vegas

The Friends episodes in Las Vegas are absolutely incredible. They provide some hilarious moments, including the wedding between Ross and Rachel, but it is the morning after where Ross showcases one of his best outfits from the show.

It is a great smart-casual look for Ross that is slightly different from his normal work look. We normally see Ross in that type of outfit, with a smart shirt and tie, but here everything is more relaxed as he’s on vacation, and he looks fantastic for it.

5 Worst: Flashback Outfit

Throughout the course of Friends, the show likes to provide flashback scenes to the group in their younger days. You might think that in those moments, Ross would look a little cooler as he is really trying to impress people but that isn’t the case.

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His hair never looks good in these moments, and during this particular outfit that is the case once again. However, it is his horrendous outfit that really catches the eye. With a bright blue open blazer (and matching pants), and a bright yellow t-shirt, this really is just a horrid outfit. The only saving grace for Ross in this situation is the fact that Chandler also looks absolutely ridiculous.

4 Best: Sweaters

Throughout Friends, it quickly becomes clear that Ross is the king of sweaters. He has one in seemingly every single color and style with this very much being his ‘classic outfit.’ While it is plain, there is nothing wrong with that and he manages to pull it off well.

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Obviously, not every single sweater he wears is brilliant, but for the most part they are a good look for him. He’s not trying to be cool and hip or down with the kids here, he is just dressing as a dad would. Just because characters on television shows are often dressed up to be incredibly smart, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Ross dresses for the every day, which is why his sweaters are a great look.

3 Worst: Holiday Armadillo

What is Ross thinking here? In ‘The One With The Holiday Armadillo,’ Ross wants to surprise Ben, but he leaves it too late and isn’t able to rent a Christmas suit. To combat that, he gets the next best thing, which is apparently a Holiday Armadillo. The Armadillo tells Ben all about Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights, only for Chandler to upstage him as Santa.

While the reasoning behind Ross’s decision to get this fancy dress is a heartwarming one, it can’t be denied that he looks ridiculous. It’s one of the worst fancy dress costumes you are ever going to see and has nothing to do with what Ross is actually telling Ben. While it created a hilarious moment on the show, it’s certainly one of his worst looks.

2 Best: Barbados Look

The entire group goes to Barbados during the show, creating some of the most fun and well-known episodes in Friends‘ history. The reason behind the trip is that Ross has a conference and is giving a keynote speech, and he looks great during the trip. Even though he doesn’t get to hit the swimming pool in these episodes, much to Joey’s disappointment, he does showcase one of his best outfits.

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Providing a relaxed, but business outfit when he is around the hotel, Ross looks great. With his salmon colored shirt and some grey pants to go along with it, Ross doesn’t just look good but he also looks professional.

1 Worst: The Leather Pants

This is simultaneously the worst and best thing that Ross Geller ever wears. It’s ultimately the worst because he just doesn’t suit leather pants. However, it’s also the best because simply seeing him in them is hilarious throughout the episode. This creates one of the funniest moments from Friends, as the pants end up becoming stuck. Because they are too tight for him, Ross struggles actually getting them back on after a trip to the bathroom, and from then on it becomes a disaster.

Using lotions to try and slip them up, his legs end up with a paste on them as he is forced to just take the pants off. Creating a true moment of embarrassment for him, this is one look nobody will forget in a hurry.

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Friends Vs Seinfeld: 5 Reasons We’d Rather Be Friends With Kramer (& 5 Why Joey Is Better)

Friends and Seinfeld are both famous shows. Friends was about a group of different individuals that hung out all the time trying to navigate life in their 20s and 30s, while Seinfeld is famously known as “a show about nothing.” Each 90s show provided characters and situations for us to relate to one way or another, which is why they’re both beloved to this day. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Kramer (Michael Richards) are each notable characters from these shows, and there’s plenty of reasons why we’d want to befriend both guys. They were both in New York in the 90s, living their best lives (wouldn’t it have been cool to have a crossover?). That said, here are 5 reasons why we’d rather be friends with Kramer–and 5 why Joey is better.

10 Kramer Knows People

Kramer literally knows everybody and vice versa. Then again, it’s hard not to notice or remember Kramer. Chances are, if you need something done, Kramer’s got a guy for it. He may not work, but Kramer sure spends a lot of his time networking. Kramer may sever connections from time to time, like the time he was banned from Joe’s for trying to return a half-eaten peach, but for the most part, he’s well-liked in the community and could introduce you to characters you’d otherwise never cross paths with (they could either be your best friend or your worst enemy–you decide).

9 Joey’s An Avid TV Viewer

As an actor, this is one of Joey’s greatest loves. Plus, he learns from others on television (though we admit like everyone else Joey watches TV for his own entertainment). He and Chandler were hooked on Baywatch, and there are many scenes where members of the gang walk in to find Joey watching something on TV. That said, you could have a TV buddy in Joey.

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The two of you could load up on junk food and watch shows and movies for hours on end and never get bored. The two of you could develop your own rapport and get hooked on a show of your own. Imagine watching Supernatural or The Good Place with Joey. Best binge-watching experience ever.

8 Kramer Is Friends With The Soup Nazi

Kramer is the only one to get along with Yev Kassem (Larry Thomas), aka “The Soup Nazi” in the famous Season 7 episode. Yev expresses that Kramer is the only one that understands him, to which Kramer agrees. It takes a lot to do what Yev does, and for that, he holds his customers to higher standards. You certainly don’t want to hear him scream “No soup for you!” in your direction, so Kramer would be a good ally to have to prevent such a thing from happening.

7 Joey’s Famous

Okay, this is a shallow reason to hang with Joey, we admit it. Yet, being friends with Joey means you get to run around in the same circles with celebrities. Joey’s friends, especially Rachel, tend to overreact whenever they’re in the same room with a celebrity, which is why Joey secretly hosted a party for the Days of Our Lives cast and sent his friends elsewhere so they never knew about it.

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How awesome would it be to have George Clooney’s phone number? In the world of the rich and famous, people know people and Joey could hook you up.

6 Kramer’s Adventurous

Spontaneous road trip, dance classes, impersonating a cop? Kramer would be down for all of it. He went to Los Angeles to try his luck as an actor on a whim. He may have been mistaken for a serial killer, but he had a good time anyway. Kramer is one of those friends you can count on for a fun time, giving you some of the best memories of your life. When you need to cut loose or do something out of the ordinary, no doubt Kramer will be at your side lining up your options–or more likely, already pushing you out the door with a surprise in mind.

5 Joey’s Love For Food

Being friends with Joey pretty much means you’re eating good food 24/7. You want to try a new restaurant, Joey would always be down for that. You can count on him to go out to eat as much as you want, though you might find yourself paying more often than not and Joey will definitely not share one piece of food, no matter how much he likes you.

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Otherwise, Joey’s appreciation and love of food is a perk to the friendship given he’ll probably introduce you to new places that you’ll instantly love. If you’re a great cook like Monica, Joey will just love you that much more, especially if you’re cooking his holiday meals.

4 Kramer’s Stories

You’ll never find yourself bored around Kramer. He keeps the life of the party going, always. He’s always got great stories to tell and it seems he adds new ones on a day-to-day basis. Remember the time he was determined to save a pinky toe and ended up fending off a mugger while driving a bus? Or the time he got kicked in the head and shaved only half his beard? He’s always got a story you wouldn’t believe, but they’re for real, and it’ll make your life a little more exciting.

3 Joey’s Dating Methods

Joey’s a womanizer, but he knows how to date successfully. He’s got some of the best pick-up lines and he can teach you how to go after the one you want and win them over. He’d be great for coaching you through the whole process, especially when it comes to making sure you sleep with them. Should your relationship develop into something more, you’d be the one coaching Joey through that, but hey, what else are friends for?

2 Kramer’s Unconventional Ways

Kramer is anything but conventional. He doesn’t hold down a job, his stories are off-the-charts, he knows the strangest of characters, he does everything on a whim, and he most definitely thinks, acts, and dresses off-the-cuff. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things–in fact, it’s some of the many reasons why we love Kramer.

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Kramer’s a misfit but in the best of ways. You’ll feel more comfortable being your own version of misfit along with this guy. He loves every minute of it, and so will you. Who says it’s fun to follow the grain of society when you can do your own thing on the side?

1 Joey’s Good Heart

Beneath the womanizing and goofing around lies the heart of a good man. Joey cares for his friends, especially Chandler, who’s like a brother to him. Joey has been there for all of his friends several times and would do anything for them. He loves his many sisters and his parents, and he does mature over the years, even pursuing a serious relationship with Rachel at one point (even though it was a weird pairing, it was still sweet). Joey will protect and defend you, and you can count on him to always be there when you need him.

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Friends: All The Christmas Episodes, Ranked | ScreenRant

With the holiday season right around the corner, of course we always get excited to watch the holiday specials of our favorite television shows. Of course, with long-running shows like our favorite sitcom, Friends, there are many Christmas episodes to binge. With 10 whole seasons of holidays, we thought you might like to celebrate the holidays with the gang at Central Perk.

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Of course, not every season has a Christmas episode, but there’s still enough to go around. In case you’re wondering which ones to watch to get you in the holiday spirit, we’ve made a list. Here are all of the Christmas episodes from the series, ranked.

7 The One With Ross’s Step Forward (Season 8, Episode 11)

This one isn’t as holiday-like, but it does have some Christmas card drama. You’ll remember this one as the episode where Mona wants to send out a holiday card of her and Ross to their friends. This, obviously, freaks Ross out, and, not surprisingly, he acts super weird about it and ends up giving Mona a key to their apartment. Chandler lies to his boss about breaking up with Monica so she doesn’t have to have dinner with them, and Joey takes Rachel on a fake date, but ends up realizing he might actually like her more than a friend. Yes, this holiday episode is the beginning of the worst relationship ever, we know. But – Merry Christmas.

6 The One With The Inappropriate Sister (Season 5, Episode 10)

This Christmas episode is definitely not the most festive on the list. You’ll remember that Ross is on sabbatical, and he’s kind of driving Joey and Chandler crazy with his boredom. So, he helps Joey try to write a script. While the boys play their games, and Joey gets annoyed at Ross, the girls are off on their own adventures.

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Monica finally asks out Danny, for Rachel, after a long game of playing hard to get. However, she catches him kissing a woman, who is his sister, and the gang agrees that’s definitely weird. The only festive part of this episode is that Phoebe is collecting money for charity as Santa’s elf, but let’s just say she isn’t exactly the most cheery helper.

5 The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie (Season 4, Episode 10)

This is the episode where Ross is dating a girl from Poughkeepsie. That’s right, he’s travelling back and forth during the holidays o the train, and ends up in Canada after falling asleep. Chandler sets up Rachel with a guy from work, but he kind of ruins it by at first telling him she wanted a fling, and then by telling him she wanted to get serious. Way to go, Chandler. Also, this is the one where Joey tries to help Monica earn her reputation at the restaurant, but ends up liking the job too much to let her fire him. Yeah, this episode is actually super not festive, but it is at Christmas time. Phoebe does write a Christmas jingle, though, and it’s totally wholesome and sweet.

4 The One Where Rachel Quits (Season 3, Episode 10)

This holiday episode is definitely a train-wreck, but we loved it nonetheless. Ross is busy helping a girl scout sell cookies after he is kind of the reason she breaks her leg. Rachel quits her job at Central Perk after not being able to handle it any longer, which sets her on a whole new journey for the holidays.

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Also, Phoebe’s new mission is to stop trees from being “killed” for Christmas. Of course, the gang supports her cause by getting a bunch of dying trees for the apartment, which has Phoebe overjoyed. This is precious, and this episode has all the hilarity and craziness you can expect from these six.

3 The One With Phoebe’s Dad (Season 2, Episode 9)

In this episode, Monica and Rachel throw a Christmas party at their apartment. However, the rest of the gang is focused on Phoebe’s dad. After finding out where her real father lives, Chandler and Joey tag along in her cab to find the house. Yes, this is also the episode where their radiator breaks, and Monica and Rachel have a very warm, and vacation-like party. The best part of this party was the ice-cubes, and although this was a sweaty holiday, at least they got away from the NYC cold, right? You’ll also remember that Chandler and Joey bought everyone’s presents at a gas station that Christmas, which we loved every second of.

2 The One With The Holiday Armadillo (Season 7, Episode 10)

Let’s be honest, this was one of the sweetest and funniest holiday episodes. Ross is more on the Hanukkah train, but can only find an armadillo costume to help explain the holiday to his son, Ben. However, Chandler kind of ruins the moment by bursting in with an actual Santa Claus suit, although he does create some sparks with Monica. Across the hall, Phoebe wants Rachel to move back in with her (since she’s currently at Joey’s), and buys Joey a drum set as a gift. She also buys him a tarantula to scare Rachel, but it turns out it just scares Joey. It all works out in the end, though, and Phoebe enjoys her newly renovated one-bedroom apartment.

1 The One With Christmas In Tulsa (Season 9, Episode 10)

Like the title suggests, Chandler is in Tulsa for work during Christmas. Like the good boss he is, he sends everyone home, except for a woman, Wendy, who volunteers to stay. It turns out this woman is actually a former Miss Oklahoma runner-up. Monica of course gets jealous when they have a group phone call, and the gang thinks Chandler did a horrible job of answering her questions about Wendy. This episode has some precious reminiscing about Monica and Chandler’s romance, which will fill you with holiday love. So, Chandler flies back to New York to be with Monica, and announces that she’s more important than his job, which he quit. This episode always puts in the holiday spirit. Happy holidays from this sweet and adorable couple.

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Friends: Rachel’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

The secret to Friends’ success had a lot of ingredients in the recipe, one of them being the pop culture icon that Rachel Green became. Back in the day, the streets were filled with women attempting to replicate Rachel’s dressing style, and that trend has returned thanks to Friends being on streaming services.

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And yet, it would be a lie if one claimed that Rachel had all her outfits stamped with a 100% approval rating, because she certainly had some get-ups that we didn’t take a shining to. In order to balance both good and bad perceptions, here are five each of Rachel’s hits and misses in her fashion choices.

10 Worst: Tiger-Print Top

Maybe Rachel was trying to get Joey to notice her, since this was a time she was supposed to be interested in him, but that top does nothing other than make her look like someone who stole the apparel from a college student.

Had there been sleeves on the side, maybe something could have been salvaged here, but the odd tiger-printed design makes the top appear to be horribly out of place. That, coupled with how the fabric seemed to be made out of those compression shirts you wear at the gym, results in this look being a no-no.

9 Best: Runaway Bride Dress

It was supposed to be played for laughs how Rachel suddenly burst on the scene wearing a wedding dress, but we’d be lying if we said she didn’t pull it off well. Even in the coffee house, Rachel looked like she belonged and heads needed to be turned her way.

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You don’t appreciate the importance of the veil until you notice that Rachel’s hairstyle is by no means a winner, meaning that veil’s saving the whole look. Then again, the complementary shape of the dress does have a certain evergreen feel to it, and women like Rachel would look lovely in such a dress today as well.

8 Worst: Monochromatic Skirt-Suit

Oh dear, what was Rachel going for here? Maybe the intention was to come across as a strict businesswoman. If that indeed was the case, then consider this mission not accomplished. Rather than look sophisticated, the excessively long skirt seems like the one Mr. Bean wore in that one skit.

Those boots, which would have been a winner, are completely hidden by the skirt fabric — a travesty, as it kills the whole look. A length that stayed above the knees would’ve given the ensemble the edgy look that screams style and quality.

7 Best: Green Gown

So simple, yet so very elegant. Rachel took the entire episode to get down to the business of dressing up for Ross’ big event, and when she did, she knocked it out of the park. The crazy thing is that there’s really not much to say, since the look is so simple and understated.

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A green gown for one Rachel Green was what Dr. Geller ordered, and the slight cut by the left side of the gown added to the elegance. It also helped that Rachel’s hairstyle complemented the gown very well.

6 Worst: Leopard-Print Outfit

Oddly enough, this coat has become popular in recent times as compared to two decades ago when the episode aired — but we’re still not buying it. The point of the look was supposed to highlight how high-class but fake the alternate reality Rachel was, and that’s how it appears to us.

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The weird frizzles on the inner top do nothing to change our opinions, and there’s no real contrast between that color and the leopard print on the coat, which itself looks like something Cruella De Vil would have commissioned.

5 Best: Blue Velvet Top

Who would think this woman ever worked as a waitress at a coffee shop based on this look? And even if they did, that coffee shop’s reputation would skyrocket just by taking a look at Rachel’s classy attire. This was the kind of apparel one wears to impress someone’s parents. 

Rounding out the appearance are Rachel’s sheer tights, which adds in an air of elegance and makes her look like a woman who commands respect. Plus, that velvet blue top just screams high quality material.

4 Worst: Cheerleader Outfit

To be honest, Rachel does pull the cheerleader suit off quite well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Halloween when she decided to put it on. That’s a costume that’s clearly meant for someone in their mid-teen years, and Rachel just seemed too grown-up for it.

Not to mention, those pom poms don’t even seem to be worthy of donning, and it’s easy to assume Rachel had the same pair from way back in her school days judging by the quality. The only thing that doesn’t look too bad is the giant “L” in the middle of the top, which for some reason reminds us of Superman’s insignia.

3 Best: Pantsuit

There weren’t any pantsuits that Rachel didn’t look good in, but special mention goes to this one, as she has that boss lady look nailed here. The straightened hairdo is what completes the appearance, as Rachel came across as a no-nonsense type.

The dark color of the coat had great contrast with the shirt, which was business casual perfection. Even Chandler couldn’t help but comment on how much he liked the pantsuit, although he might’ve been using flattery to get himself uncuffed.

2 Worst: White T-Shirt And Denim Skirt

One of the reasons why we didn’t like Rachel with Joey was because he wasn’t honest about her fashion disaster. This was the kind of look people wear when they have no intention of stepping out the house.

However, Rachel wore this all the way from Barbados to New York, coming across like a novice who didn’t know what to wear and threw on the first thing she could find. Furthermore, the denim skirt had no business going with that white shirt, being of two completely different materials.

1 Best: The Sporty Look

Some would argue against including this on the best list, but Rachel really had the idea of going out and competing down pat, as she looked like the only one on the field ready to rumble. Those pajamas pulled up to the highest point conveyed how she had no clue what she was doing, and the flipped cap confirmed it. 

However, wouldn’t you want to look distinct at all times? Plus, Rachel was injecting some of her unique spirit to the football game, and it was clear just by looking at her that she wasn’t there to win any beauty contests, but to compete. The pigtails were a nice touch too.

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