Friends: The 10 Most Shameless Things Monica Has Ever Done

It’s possible that Monica Gellar is both the friend who’s gotten more raw deals than the others and also the one who dishes it out the most. She’s a neurotic, clean freak but also the center of the party. Hosting Thanksgiving and New Year’s parties at her apartment and also providing the spot where the gang always hangs out, proves that she loves having her friends around.

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But that doesn’t mean she’s always on her best behavior. Take a look at the 10 most shameless things Monica has ever done.

10 The One When Monica Stabs Chandler

Okay, so that title implies that Monica shivved Chandler with a knife, which isn’t the case. What did happen is Chandler called Monica fat at Thanksgiving back when he was in college. Monica spent the whole year getting thin, apparently, so she could get revenge on Chandler. Executing the worst seduction ever Monica ends up fumbling with a knife she’s holding and slicing through Chandler’s toe. To make matters worse she brings it in a baggie to the hospital, but it turns out she grabbed a carrot instead of his toe. Oh, Monica.

9 The One Where Monica’s A Tattletale

There’s actually more than one episode of Friends where Monica outs her friends’ secrets. In season 2 she reveals that Chandler has a third nipple. In season 6 Monica tattles on her older brother to her parents, telling them he smoked weed and blamed it on Chandler, and that Ross married Rachel in Vegas and lied about the divorce. Still, as far as shameless acts go, Monica’s not alone is spilling secrets The rest of the crew regularly rat each other out when things get heated.

8 The One With The Car Bed

Friends should be supportive and loyal. If your friend hates someone, you should hate them by default. That’s the way this is supposed to work. Chandler starts dating Janice again after she separates from her husband, The Mattress King. Any good, loyal friend would never shop at the Mattress King’s store, but what does Monica do? She buys a new mattress from him.

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Of course, it comes back to bite her because the delivery guys drop off a red race car bed instead of the mattress she ordered. Karma, anyone?

7 The One With Rachel’s Ex

Friends has played up Monica’s past as an overweight teenager more than a few times. She was Rachels’ best friend in high school, but it’s safe to say she lived in her shadow. When she runs into Rachel’s old high school boyfriend Chip, Monica’s insecurities get the better of her. When Rachel finds out Chip wants to take Monica out, she asks her not to, but Monica still goes. He ends up being a loser, but still. You do not date your best friend’s ex. That’s like, rule number 1 of friendship.

6 The One With The Secret Relationship

The Monica and Chandler are secretly dating arc in season 5 is one of the best of the show’s entire run. It offered up a ton of hilarious moments. Chandler kissing everyone before he leaves, Monica hiding in the bathtub, Joey getting the blame for Chandler’s underwear and dirty pictures. But, when you think about it, it’s really crappy the Monica doesn’t tell her best friends or her family that she’s dating Chandler. Someone they all know and like. Obviously, we wouldn’t have the comedy of the situation if everyone did know, so it’s easy to overlook the secret.

5 The One With The Cleaning Lady

We all know Monica is an uptight control freak and the show has played off some great moments of Monica trying to control herself before everything spirals out of control. Chandler hires a cleaning lady to help Monica around the apartment (Chandler, don’t you know her at all?) in season 8.

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I think we all know this isn’t going to end well. Monica’s crazy shines through as she accuses the woman of stealing her bra and her jeans, essentially harassing the woman in the process. Turns out, Monica was way too quick to jump to conclusions.

4 The One With The Junk Closet

Monica is notoriously fastidious, constantly cleaning, and super anal about it. I mean, she vacuums her vacuum. Need we say more. Season 8 really amped up a lot of Monica’s eccentricities. In episode 14 Chandler finds a locked closet and ends up discovering Monica has a hoarder-level stockpile of junk that defies categorization. After all the years of her obsessive cleanliness (she even cleaned a dirty car on the street once), this secret closet is extra hypocritical.

3 The One Where Monica Dates Richard’s Son

Before Monica and Chandler, there was Monica and Richard. They were a fantastic fictional couple with awesome chemistry but alas, the whole May-December romance tore them apart. Monica wanted kids and Richard was already on to the grandpa phase in his life.

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During the season 4 Thanksgiving episode, Monica ends up needing an emergency trip to the eye doctor, where she meets Richard’s son. She invites him to Thanksgiving, he comes, they have fun, and there’s a kiss. It’s all downhill from there. But Monica, just no. It’s never okay to date your ex’s kid.

2 The One When Monica Opens All The Presents

Three is a lot about this episode that isn’t particularly flattering to Monica. It’s just after Monica and Chandler’s wedding and Monica is all bummed out that the wedding is over and there is nothing left to look forward to. Back at home, Monica is surrounded by wedding presents while Chandler is off looking for cameras from the wedding. Monica can’t resist and ends up opening all of the wedding gifts on her own.

1 The One With Fun Bobby

Way back when, in season 2, Monica starts dating an old boyfriend again. This episode is just generally bad (Rachel dates Ross look-a-like Russ, that’s all I’ll say about that). Monica picks back up with Fun Bobby but quickly realizes he’s got a drinking problem. Cue Monica’s micromanaging and she gets him to stop drinking. Only to find out he’s a moping, dull bore to hang out with. What does Monica do? She gets drunk so she can stand spending time with him. Bobby breaks it off because, you know, he’s trying to be sober and he thinks Monica has a drinking problem she needs to address. This episode is about as funny as it sounds.

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MCU: 5 Times Tony Stark And Steve Rogers Were Best Friends (& 5 Times They Were Each Other’s Worst Enemy)

Throughout the MCU’s 23-part “Infinity Saga,” Tony Stark and Steve Rogers easily had the most important relationship in the Avengers. Steve was the leader of the team and Tony didn’t play well with others, so they were antagonistic towards each other from jump. They grew into unlikely friends based on mutual respect before being torn apart as that friendship was tested, and they eventually let go of their resentment towards each other and made amends as they joined forces to save the world, once and for all. Here are 5 Times Tony Stark And Steve Rogers Were Best Friends (And 5 Times They Were Each Other’s Worst Enemy).

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10 Best friends: “I lost the kid.” “Tony, we lost.” (Avengers: Endgame)

When we catch up with Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, having been stranded on Titan with Nebula following the Snap at the end of Infinity War, he’s looking emaciated and defeated. The Benatar has run out of fuel and food rations, so Tony records a message that he believes will be his heartfelt farewell to Pepper. He drifts off to sleep, fully expecting to die in the night. When Carol Danvers shows up to save him, she gives him a second chance at life. Pepper survived the Snap, so Tony didn’t lose everything. But he almost did. He gravely tells Steve, “I lost the kid,” and Steve corrects him: “Tony, we lost.”

9 Worst enemies: Tony taking Steve’s shield from him (Captain America: Civil War)

At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark is heartbroken to discover that Bucky Barnes killed his parents while operating as the Winter Soldier, and worse yet, Steve Rogers knew about it. This leads to a brutal fight between the three that ends with Tony lying in the dirt, feeling beaten and betrayed, as Steve leaves with Bucky.

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Tony demands that Steve leave his shield behind, because his father made it for him and he doesn’t deserve it. Steve simply drops the shield to the floor, relinquishing it to Tony without an argument, and walks off with his friend.

8 Best friends: Tony giving Steve’s shield back (Avengers: Endgame)

In Avengers: Endgame, after a five-year time jump, Scott Lang emerges from the Quantum Realm with a plan to travel through time, collect the Infinity Stones, and save everybody who died in the Snap. He takes this idea to Steve Rogers, who takes it to Tony Stark. Although he’s initially reluctant, Tony accepts the challenge and tells Steve that he wants to let go of the resentment he feels towards him because it’s not healthy. So, Tony returns to the Avengers’ compound and gives Steve’s shield back to its rightful owner. Then, Tony jokes, “Will you keep that a little quiet? Didn’t bring one for the whole team.”

7 Worst enemies: Arguing on the Helicarrier (The Avengers)

When Tony Stark and Steve Rogers first meet in The Avengers, they don’t get along. Essentially, Tony and Steve are two completely different people. One is a patriotic soldier, the other privatized world peace. One is a man out of his time, the other is a futurist. Joss Whedon did a phenomenal job of showing their ideologies clash, including two brilliant lines that would be paid off beautifully seven years later (11 in story years) in Avengers: EndgameSteve told Tony, “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play.” Tony would make the sacrifice play to save the universe from Thanos in the end. Tony told Steve, “You’re a lab rat, Rogers. Everything special about you came out of a bottle.” Steve would prove this to be untrue when he was worthy of lifting Mjolnir.

6 Best friends: Chopping wood together (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Not all Marvel fans were taken with the detour to Hawkeye’s farm in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with some feeling that it slowed down the plot and placed the focus on the least interesting character. However, it provides an important emotional juncture for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Steve gets a glimpse of the family life he fears he’ll never have, while Tony discusses his worst nightmare with an incognito Nick Fury. The pair also bond as they chop wood together. Tony tells Steve not to take wood from his pile, despite the fact that Steve’s pile is much bigger than Tony’s.

5 Worst enemies: “S**t!” “Language…” (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

In the opening scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, as Earth’s mightiest heroes storm the Hydra compound of Baron von Strucker in Sokovia, Tony is hit with the compound’s deflective shields and cries out, “S**t!” Then, a motorcycle-straddling Steve sternly tells him, “Language…” For the rest of the movie, Tony and the other Avengers won’t let Steve live that one down. It was a funny moment, but also represents the key differences between the characters. The central dynamic is that Steve is old-fashioned and Tony is a futurist. Steve is all about censoring bad language, but Tony has no such qualms.

4 Best friends: Steve sending Tony a cell phone (Captain America: Civil War)

Tony and Steve’s relationship was torn apart in Captain America: Civil War, and surprisingly, it wasn’t mended again by the end of the movie. But Steve did offer Tony an olive branch, sending him a care package via FedEx with a note attached to it telling Tony that if he ever needs him to join him in a fight, he’ll be there.

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As he sifted through the FedEx package to see what Steve had sent him, Tony received a call from General Ross, telling him there’d been a breach at the Raft. Knowing that this breach was Steve Rogers breaking his friends out of the seafaring prison, Tony put the General on hold.

3 Worst enemies: Tony blaming Steve for the Snap (Avengers: Endgame)

When he returned from space after the Snap and reunited with Steve Rogers, having been personally defeated by Thanos, Tony Stark blamed him. The way he saw it, Earth could’ve been protected from Thanos if he’d been allowed to create a planet-wide security system like he proposed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tony told Steve, “What we needed was a suit of armor around the world! Remember that? Whether it impacted our precious freedoms or not, that’s what we needed! … I said we’d lose. You said, ‘We’ll do that together, too.’ Guess what, Cap, we lost. And you weren’t there.”

2 Best friends: “Do you trust me?” “I do.” (Avengers: Endgame)

The most important part of the “Time Heist” in Avengers: Endgame was traveling back to New York in 2012, because three Infinity Stones were there at that time: the Mind Stone, the Space Stone, and the Time Stone. Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, and the Hulk were on this extraction team. The Hulk got the Time Stone and Cap got the Mind Stone, but Iron Man and Ant-Man dropped the ball on the Space Stone, accidentally allowing Loki to disappear with it. Tony concocted a plan to travel to a military base in 1970, where S.H.I.E.L.D. kept the Space Stone and Hank Pym had some Pym Particles that would allow them to get back to the present. Tony asked Steve, “Do you trust me?” and Steve said, “I do.”

1 Worst enemies: “He’s my friend.” “So was I.” (Captain America: Civil War)

When Tony Stark found out Bucky Barnes assassinated his parents when he was brainwashed by Hydra, all Tony wanted to do is kill Bucky. The truce the characters just made was immediately thrown out the window as a brutal fight erupted between Tony and Bucky. Steve Rogers had a choice to make. Tony is his new friend and comrade, but Bucky is his childhood best friend. Steve could either let Tony kill Bucky or fight Tony to save Bucky. He went with the latter option, because Bucky has been there for Steve since he was a kid. As he began fighting Tony, Steve said, “I’m sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice, but he’s my friend.” Tony bluntly said, “So was I.”

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Friends: Joey’s 10 Worst Acting Jobs | ScreenRant

Joey Tribbiani stands as many fans’ favorite out of the Friends gang. He’s easy to like with his ability to charm the ladies and his hilariously simple-minded ways. But one of the most entertaining aspects of Joey is his often disastrous career as an actor.

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From the beginning of the series, Joey struggles to make it in the competitive and difficult acting world. Though he might not be the best actor around, he has proven too willing to take on just about any job. This results in some hilariously awful and embarrassing roles in a variety of projects that make us feel sorry for Joey while also admiring his determination. Here are Joey’s worst acting jobs on Friends.

10 Nudity Movie

As a struggling actor, Joey knows that sometimes you have to lie and embellish your skills a little to get the job. However, he learns that there are some things that are harder to fake than others.

When Joey is offered a role in a movie that will require full-frontal nudity, he accepts. However, he quickly encounters a problem when they explain that the role requires someone with an uncircumcised penis. Despite Joey lacking the necessary equipment, he is determined to get the part and uses some deli meat to fake it. Surprisingly, it seems to work, at least until it falls off in the middle of the audition.

9 Lipstick For Men

Even Hollywood’s biggest stars are willing to do the occasional overseas commercial to make a little extra money. Joey might not be a star, but he’s apparently not opposed to making a fool of himself on international television.

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Joey became the spokesman for a very unique Japanese product called Ichiban, which is lipstick designed specifically for men. The most logical question would be, why is lipstick for men any different than lipstick for women? Apparently, the answer is that men’s lipstick is blue. Needless to say, the commercial in which Joey dons to lipstick is not his proudest moment.

8 Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E.

Being cast as the lead in a cop show would be a dream for most actors, and indeed, Joey is quite excited about his role in the new series “Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.” Unfortunately, he is less thrilled about his co-star. The series was meant to follow a cop who partners with a robot to solve crimes.

Joey was initially thrilled at the idea of sharing the screen with a robot, only to be let down by the robot’s lackluster size and design, looking like a cheap knock-off of the Short Circuit robot. To make matters worse, Joey soon finds out that his robotic co-star is far more valuable to the show than he is.

7 Days Of Our Lives

Though soap operas can often be criticized for their ridiculous storylines and overacting, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their start on these shows, including the long-running Days of Our Lives. For Joey to get the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray was a huge step up for his career. Sadly, he finds countless ways to mess it up.

First, Joey gives an interview where he insults the show’s writers leading to them killing off his character. When given the chance to return as Drake’s brother, Joey once again lets his ego get in the way, leading to him being recast as Drake while he’s in a coma. In the end, he is finally brought back after Drake gets a brain transplant from a woman, so that’s something at least.

6 Over There

Despite showing questionable acting talents all around, Joey somehow keeps getting cast in decent roles. He is even chosen to co-star with an Oscar-nominated actor, Richard Crosby (Gary Oldman), in a World War I movie.

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Despite having such an impressive co-star, things don’t go smoothly for Joey. First, Richard has a tendency to over-enunciate his dialogue, which causes him to continuously spit in Joey’s face during their scenes together. While Joey eventually accepts this acting technique, he has even more trouble with Richard showing up to the set completely drunk, leading to a long and unproductive day at work.

5 Porno Movie

Working actors often have to make compromises early in their careers when it comes to the projects they choose. Sometimes a paid gig can be enticing, even if it is a very embarrassing job. And, of course, there are the stories of aspiring actors turning to the adult film industry to pay the bills. Joey is one of those actors.

But even though such a role might be embarrassing for most actors, it doesn’t seem to bother Joey much at all. It probably helps that he isn’t one of the people having sex in the movie. Instead, he plays a man who comes to fix the office copier, only to find two people having sex on top of it.

4 Outbreak 2

Outbreak is a fun but generally forgotten movie from the ’90s about a deadly virus that spreads throughout the United States, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Though the movie didn’t get a sequel in reality, it did in the Friends universe, and Joey managed to secure himself a role in the film.

Though a big-budget film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme would look pretty good on the resume, Joey was only cast as a random dying man. However, he tried to make the most of the role, overacting, improvising and ruining take after take until they decided to change the role to simply a dead man.

3 Al Pacino Movie

There are few actors as legendary as Al Pacino and any aspiring actor would love the chance to appear in a movie with the Oscar-winner. Joey does indeed get the chance to appear in the film, though probably not in the way he envisioned.

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Joey gets the job of acting as Pacino’s butt double. It is indeed a real role in Hollywood when stars don’t want to show their rear end on camera. Though Joey’s friends give him a hard time for the awkward job, he is determined to make the most of the role. However, he is quickly fired for overacting in the part.

2 Boxing Day

As cringe-worthy as Joey’s film work has been, his stage work might be even worse. “Boxing Day” was a play Joey was cast in the lead role for and eventually fell for his female co-star, despite a rocky beginning. While the relationship was a nice aspect, the play itself was something of a disaster.

It’s hard to get a sense of what the play is really about, only that the opening night reviews are horrible and the director is a madman. When we finally get to see play in action, we find out it ends with Joey’s character heading off into space to find intelligent life. At least it doesn’t sound dull.

1 Freud!

Joey certainly isn’t afraid to be versatile in his acting choices. The problem is that he doesn’t seem competent in any role, no matter what it is. So the thought of him starring as famed psychologist Sigmund Freud in a play just sounds like a horrible idea. To make matters worse, the play is also a musical.

Looking like someone dressed as Freud for Halloween and sporting a ridiculous accent, Joey gives it his all, singing a song about Freud’s theories like “penis envy.” Even Joey’s best friends have a hard time finding anything to compliment about this mess.

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Friends: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Chandler, Ranked

Out of all the Friends, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) has been voted as the fans’ favorite. Chandler is most memorable for his sarcastic and witty attitude. Often, he uses the defense mechanism to ease the tension whenever he feels uncomfortable.

Chandler may not be the most responsible guy, but he was always there for the gang when needed emotional support. However, there have been many times where the gang has took advantage of his kind nature and blamed him for their own indiscretions. From the time his apartment was robbed to Ross kissing his mother, here are the 10 worst things the gang did to Chandler, ranked.

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10 Monica wanted Joey

When Chandler and Monica hooked-up in season 4, fans would have never believed they would be one of the best OTP’s on TV. However, they were in for an even bigger shock when Phoebe revealed that Monica had intended to hook up with Joey that night.

Considering Joey was going to be the minister at their wedding, Chandler became uncomfortable with the thought. He didn’t like the idea that they might not have been together if Joey was in the room instead of him. When Monica tells him it’s not a big deal, Chandler disagrees, saying it’s like settling for Robin instead of Batman. It’s sad to watch because Chandler has always been insecure when it comes to Joey.

9 Teased him over the proposal

In the aftermath of the gang finding out about his relationship with Monica, Chandler began to panic. Fans had already seen his sabotage many relationships in the past because of his fear of commitment, so it came as no surprise to Monica either. The couple ended up having a fight when Chandler jokes about how the relationship is casual.

However, to show Monica how serious he is, Chandler proposes in front of the gang. Monica appreciates the gesture but turns him down because of how unready they are. Instead of praising Chandler for taking a big step, the gang ends up teasing Chandler for his hasty decision.

8 Affording the wedding

In the episode “The One With Rachel’s Book”, Monica discovers that her parents spent her wedding fund on a beach house. They never restarted the fund when she began dating Chandler as they didn’t believe he would work up the courage to propose. This means there was no chance of Monica getting her dream wedding.

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However, Chandler reveals that she can delve into his savings if she wanted. Problem is, Monica and Rachel want to spend all the money on the wedding. They also won’t allow him to make any decisions on the event. When Chandler puts his foot down, Monica behaves irrationally. Surprising to say, Chandler was the most responsible person in this moment.

7 Made fun of his dog phobia

One of the worst things the gang continued to mock Chandler for was his fear of dogs. For many years, Chandler has claimed he is was allergic to dogs when he was suffering from Cynophobia. When the gang finds this out, they relentlessly tease him for it.

Ross also uses this against him in the episode “The One With Phoebe’s Wedding”, when Mike asks the pair to pick who should walk his dog, Chappy, down the aisle. Ross laughs at him when he fails to overcome his fear, meaning Chandler would be the only one not involved. There’s some sweet retribution when he ends up walking Phoebe down the aisle and Ross is stuck in the snow with Chappy.

6 The weed incident

In the episode “The One Where Ross Got High”, Monica had invited her parents to Thanksgiving to try and tell them she was dating Chandler. However, every time Chandler tries to ease the tension between them, he only makes matters worse.

Unbeknownst to him, The Gellers haven’t liked Chandler since they believed he was responsible for Ross’ dorm room. In a panic, Ross blamed Chandler and has never revealed the truth until now. He then tries to prevent Monica and Chandler from revealing the truth. Who knows why he was afraid of his parents finding out because it was not like they could punish him. Since the relationship was important to Chandler, he could have told them the truth instead of hiding.

5 Apartment was robbed

Every fan knows that Joey is one of the most gullible people on TV. However, one thing that never settled right with fans was how easily he fell for the scam that led to the apartment getting robbed.

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In the episode “The One With The Cat”, Joey allowed their apartment to get robbed after a customer falsely leads him to believe he is interested in buying his entertainment center. When Chandler asks how it happened, Joey bet one of the buyers $50 that he could fit in the unit. Fans can’t even cut Joey some slack as he made the customer promise not to rob the place.  Chandler had a right to be angry.

4 Rude about Janice

There was one thing that never settled right with fans and that was how the gang treated Janice (Maggie Wheeler). Janice was Chandler’s long-time on-off girlfriend, who was known most for her nasally voice and laugh. When Chandler was dating her, the gang was always disrespectful towards her, particularly Joey.

Joey tries to sabotage their relationship, asking the group to help him. He also finds it insufferable when he has to spend any time with her but gives no reason as to why. If Janice was going to be a part of Chandler’s life, he could have tried a bit harder to make her feel welcome.

3 Kissed his mother

Ross and Chandler’s friendship became briefly strained after the paleontologist kissed his mother. In the episode “The One With Mrs Bing”, Chandler is surprised to find out his mother is coming to visit him. To celebrate, the gang and Nora (Morgan Fairchild) go to a restaurant.

A depressed Ross then seeks comfort in Nora after he is forced to watch Rachel and Paolo together. This is also witnessed by Joey, who surprisingly doesn’t tell Chandler. When he does find out about the incident, Chandler expresses his disappointment at the two for keeping it from him. It then leads to a brief fallout and confrontation with his mother.

2 Didn’t know his job

Considering the gang are meant to be close, you would think they would know each other’s jobs. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Chandler as a running gag on the show sees the friends forget his profession. The saddest thing about this is that the friends don’t even take the time out to learn what he does.

They know that he hates his job but never learn about it because it doesn’t interest them. Ultimately, it was the main reason why Monica and Rachel lost their apartment (“The One With The Embryos”) and why Monica was able to afford her dream wedding.

1 Losing his toe

In the episode “The One With All The Thanksgivings”, Chandler discovers a horrible truth that could have changed his relationship with Monica. Everyone knows Chandler hates Thanksgiving and he was about to gain another reason when he discovers why he lost the tip of his toe.

As the friends all discuss their worst Thanksgivings, Rachel forces Monica to talk about the time she got revenge on Chandler for calling her fat. She reveals that she accidentally cut off his toe because she was trying to seduce him. Chandler gets mad, telling the gang he was called Sir Limps-a lot (a nickname Ross created). He storms out of the room, humiliated by the memory.

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Friends: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters | ScreenRant

Friends remains one of TV’s most popular shows, and it’s main characters are all flawed in their own unique and often hilarious ways. Like real-life friends, they fight and get on each other’s nerves which just makes them more relatable because even the best of besties have bad days.

But not every character on Friends is someone we want to hang out and drink coffee with all day. Whether they’re annoying family members, romantic flings that don’t go the distance, roommates or the grouchy guy who lives downstairs. Some show up for just a few episodes while others reappear time and time and time again, but they all have one thing in common: they stink. Here are the 10 most hated supporting characters on Friends.

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10 Gary

Gary’s a stereotypical tough-talking NYPD detective and an incredibly odd match for Phoebe who plays fast and loose, including impersonating an officer when she finds Gary’s badge at Central Perk during season 5. Some women may think it’s cute that Gary uses his resources as a cop to track Phoebe down and ask her out, but it just makes him a stalker.

Gary continues to push their relationship forward at breakneck speed, and despite Phoebe’s best efforts to slow things, Gary resorts to interrogating and bullying Phoebe to get his way. If fans need any more proof that Gary just isn’t Mr. Right, he shoots a bird making too much noise outside his bedroom window in front of the vegetarian, hater of fur and lover of all creatures big, small and feathery.

9 Emily Waltham

Ross falls hard and fast for Emily during season 4, but their whirlwind romance comes to a screeching halt when he calls his bride “Rachel” at the altar. Emily bails on their reception and their honeymoon. A heartbroken Ross tries to win her back, but Emily continually shoots him down.

Emily starts as a sympathetic character, but the once -charming Brit quickly becomes jealous, controlling and unreasonable when she demands Ross moves to London and end his friendship with Rachel. This long-distance romance is doomed, especially once Emily shows her true colors. From the start, Ross goes to great lengths to win Emily’s heart while she never reciprocates. Ta-ta, Em.

8 Janice Litman-Goralnik

Janice is the human equivalent of nails scraping across a chalkboard. Everything about her is grating from her nasally migraine-inducing voice to her braying laugh. She begins as an on-and-off-again love interest in the show’s early seasons and later devolves into an antagonist.

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Janice either purposely ignores other’s feelings or is clueless to social cues. Her imperviousness to insults means Chandler — and later Monica — are forced to come up with elaborate lies and schemes to extricate her from their lives. Sometimes her intentions are well-meaning, other times her compliments are backhanded, but her pure joy at making Chandler squirm can be hard to watch.

7 Eddie Menuek

After Joey gets his big break and lands a leading role on Days of Our Lives during season 2, he decides to move out. Chandler tries to fill the void in his life with a new roomie, Eddie. Eddie’s recent breakup leaves him unhinged, delusional and jealous, and Eddie quickly becomes obsessed with gaslighting Chandler.

Eddie, whose craziness is punctuated by a maniacal laugh, brings no personality to the table unless he’s saying or doing something disturbing. His over-the-top antics like watching Chandler sleep or keeping a goldfish cracker as a pet expedite his exit. The entire story arc of Joey moving out proves neither Joey nor Chandler are capable of making smart life choices without the other around. They are endearingly co-dependent.

6 Janine Lecroix

When Chandler and Monica decide to move in together at the start of season 6, Ross interviews a bevy of beauties to be his new roommate and lands on Janine, a gorgeous dancer. Janine’s personality isn’t much of a plot point.  Her primary job is to be hot and provide Joey with ample opportunities to try and hookup. Janine would be completely innocuous and forgettable if it weren’t for her intense dislike of Chandler and Monica.

After a double date with the couple across the hall, Janine makes it clear to Joey she’s not a fan of his two closest friends. Not clicking with Monica and Chandler is one thing, but her reasons are murky (she’s loud, he’s blah). She’s also nice to their faces but disparages them behind their backs, proving Janine’s not very pretty on the inside.

5 Dr. Leonard Green

Dr. Green pops up throughout the series, and he’s fearless when it comes to being offensive and rude to strangers, members of his own family and Rachel’s friends. He yells at waiters, chastises Ross for leaving a hefty tip, insinuates Phoebe is a lesbian, calls his unborn grandchild a “bastard,” and he belittles Rachel and her life choices at every turn.

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Rachel’s childhood memories mainly consist of her father yelling, and she’s constantly trying to please him. Dr. Green is a bully who uses his money to control the women in his life, and in spite of Rachel’s independence, she constantly tries and fails to gain her father’s approval.

4 Amy Green

As children, Amy bit Rachel and stole her boyfriends and as adults, Amy starts a girl fight over a Ralph Lauren family discount. Amy fails to visit Rachel in the hospital after Rachel gives birth to Emma whose name she can’t be bothered to remember and whose looks she often disparages. Amy is rude to all of Rachel’s friends, particularly Joey who she finds far less impressive in person than on TV.

Even though Amy is completely self-centered, she occasionally shows a slight interest in improving her relationship with Rachel, but their attempts to bond never end well. Amy is incapable of accepting criticism and usually retaliates with an insult. Amy’s total self-absorption is the catalyst for all of the conflict and most of the humor resulting from her two appearances on the show.

3 Ursula Buffay

Phoebe and Ursula go years at a time without speaking and with good reason, the two have never gotten along. Ursula’s one olive branch consists of asking Phoebe if she’d be interested in doing a porn movie because twin stuff is a big seller. Ursula withholds vital information about their upbringing like the fact that their biological mother is alive.

Whenever Phoebe finds a reason to reconnect with Ursula, she winds up disappointed, rejected and often angry. Ursula may come across as unintelligent, but she’s just disinterested in other people. It’s amazing how Phoebe’s tragic childhood and her bizarre or non-existent relationships with family members are parlayed into fodder for comedy. Ursula serves as a reminder of how exceptional Phoebe is as a person as a friend in spite of having every conceivable excuse not to be.

2 Mr. Heckles

Monica’s massive apartment is a dream come true with a caveat: it comes with a cranky weird guy who lives downstairs, Mr. Heckles. Not much is known about Heckles except that he was a normal fun-loving class clown in high school, and he winds up a hermit who only leaves his apartment to have offputting interactions with neighbors or complain about the noise coming from Monica and Rachel’s.

He also has a bad habit of trying to claim animals that don’t belong to him including a cat and Ross’ monkey. Heckles’ death resonates with Chandler, but mostly, nobody is sad to see this old crank go.

1 Kathy

When Joey begins dating Kathy, Chandler falls hard for the funny, smart, attractive actress. Kathy and Chandler are far more compatible than Kathy and Joey, and their mutual attraction creates an awkward love triangle.

Chandler does his best to keep his distance. Kathy claims she doesn’t want to be the kind of woman who comes between the best friends, but she does it anyway. Eventually, the couple gets Joey’s blessing, but then she cheats on Chandler with another man, indicating that Kathy isn’t big on fidelity, and her feelings for Chandler never run as deep for him as his do for her.

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Jennifer Lind-Westbrook

Friends: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters

We may have had 10 fantastic seasons of Friends that seemingly wrapped things up for the group in the most perfect way possible, but that doesn’t mean that the show covered absolutely everything that the fans wanted to know. Because Friends has such a dedicated audience, every little detail on the show gets picked up, so, when something isn’t covered properly or a big plot point is never answered, it leads to questions from those people. The main characters of the show are amongst some of the most beloved in television history, and that is why people still talk about it to this day.

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10 Do Phoebe And Ursula Make-Up?

Throughout Friends, it is fairly clear that Phoebe and her sister Ursula do not see eye to eye. Then, when Ursula steals her sister’s name to use is for a second career in porn, it really puts a serious strain on their relationship.

When Phoebe learns about the situation, she heads down to the production area and decides to get the checks mailed to her in order to at least make money from the situation, although we never find out if Ursula learns about the situation and confronts her. However, it is clear that they don’t get along after this, as Ursula isn’t seen at Phoebe’s wedding, which leads the question of whether or not the pair ever did reconcile and patch things up, or if they remained distant.

9 Why Does Ben Never Meet Emma?

Having children with different parents is complicated, and because of that it is expected that those siblings won’t get to spend as much time together as if they were from a traditional family of the same parents, but that doesn’t explain the situation with Ben and Emma.

Ross has Ben with his ex-wife Carol and then has Emma later on in the series with Rachel, which means the two children are half-siblings. Yet, for some reason, they are never shown together throughout the entire series. While Ben might have been busy with his moms during many parts of the show, the fact Friends never show them together is strange. From Emma’s birth to her 1st birthday party, Ben is always absent.

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8 What Does Rachel Do For Work?

The reason that Rachel almost gets a plane to head for a new life is all down to work: with a brand new job waiting for her in Paris, she makes the decision to get off the flight in order to have a life with Ross to try and make that relationship work. However, she does so seemingly quitting her job, leaving her unemployed when she returns home to tell Ross that she loves him. While you might think that she could just go back to Ralph Lauren, Rachel had stated that she couldn’t go any further with that company.

This leads the major question as to what she actually ends up doing for work. While she will obviously have found something with her obvious skillset, it is one of Friends‘ mysteries that we never find out about.

7 Who Takes Apartment 20?

Friends drew to a close with all of the gang leaving their keys (which they never used) for apartment 20 as they walked away for the final time as Chandler and Monica prepare to start a brand new part of their life with their children.

However, Joey still lives across the hall where he always has been, which means whoever takes that apartment is going to get to know him, which leads to the question of who ends up living there? Will whoever ends up taking the apartment also become part of the group and end up being friends with Joey? Will they totally change the classic layout everyone knows and loves, there are just so many questions without answers.

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6 What Happens To David?

While he might not be a main character, he is Phoebe’s other very serious relationship outside of Mike, and therefore he does play a significant role in the series at various points, which is why many people want to know what happens to him.

When David shows up again to try and get Phoebe back in his life, he is left devastated when she makes the decision to choose Mike over him, and this isn’t the only bad thing that happened to him. David loses a toe, the love of his life, and he is broke after achieving nothing in Minsk, which leaves fans to wonder what exactly happened after Barbados and whether or not he gets his life back together.

5 How Do Chandler & Rachel Forget Each Other?

The memory of many of the Friends main characters is questionable at best, with different things being forgotten and then remembered throughout the series, and an example of that is in the very first episode when Monica introduces Rachel to Chandler.

The pair act as if they have never met before, but that couldn’t be further from the truth; they actually met back when Central Perk was a bar, with Rachel even dreaming about him on the way home. However, they also met twice at Monica’s parents’ house during Thanksgiving when both Chandler and Rachel were guests, and it is revealed that they kissed at a college party. So, why did they forget each other?

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4 Do They Stick Together?

This was always going to be a massive talking point after the show because fans had been so emotionally invested in the group, and they had been so close as friends that people would always wonder whether or not they actually stayed close as they grew older.

However, this was made even more of a talking point during Joey’s spin-off series in which he claimed that he had no reason to stay in New York as his old friends grew up, got married, and had kids, which left fans sad that the group may have split. Of course, the only way this will ever be answered is by some form of movie or series to clarify what exactly happened after the series.

3 How Old Are They?

There are some major inconsistencies with Friends throughout the entire show, and one of the biggest ones is the age of all the main characters, with the group seemingly stating different ages and having different birthdays at different times.

While it might not be the biggest issue in the world, you would have thought that the show would’ve kept on top of thing such as how old the main characters were, but that certainly isn’t the case, and, because of that, fans have varying ideas about how old each character really is.

2 What’s On Phoebe’s Record?

Phoebe is a very mysterious character. She’s quirky, and that’s part of her charm and why she is so different from the rest of the group. It is also why fans have a lot of unanswered questions about her—in particular, about her past.

One of those is what is actually on her criminal record? During Phoebe’s relationship with Gary, the police officer, he claims he looked at her record, stating she has done some “weird stuff,” but then it never gets expanded upon. While we know at one point she mugged Ross, nothing else ever comes up, which is a shame, as it could have led to a lot of fun jokes throughout the series.

1 Will They Marry?

While Rachel does get off the plane to admit that she is in love with Ross, with the pair seemingly having their ‘happily ever after’ moment, we actually find out if they work out this time, with their history together never managing to create a successful relationship.

One of the big questions that fans wish they knew was whether or not Ross and Rachel ended up getting married in the future, truly embracing their lives together. However, that is something that we never get an answer to on the show, as all we are left with is knowing that they are back together and that they are going to make a go of things. While that’s enough for some, for others, it isn’t.

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Matthew Wilkinson

Friends: The True Story Behind Robin Williams’ Surprise Cameo

Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams appeared as a guest star in an episode of Friends in 1997. Williams played a character named Tomas in the Friends season 3 episode, “The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion”, and considering how big of an actor Williams already was at the time, starring in the comedy series was a huge deal.

At the start of the episode, Monica was about to tell her friends a story at Central Perk but was interrupted by Tomas and his friend Tim, a character played by Billy Crystal. The men asked the group to make room on the sofa in which they obliged. They then eavesdropped as Tomas broke into tears claiming that his wife was sleeping with another man. Tomas believed the other man was her gynecologist but it turned out that Tim was the “other man”. Joey tried to interrupt the conversation but was rudely told by Tim to mind his own business. Tomas ended his friendship with Tim before he stormed out of the coffee shop with an embarrassed Tim following behind. After they left, Monica completely forgot the story she was originally planning to tell.

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Guest appearances by big names like Williams and Crystal weren’t rare for Friends during its decade on air. It was common for popular actors to make guest spots. Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, and Christina Applegate were just a handful of figures who had memorable roles on the sitcom. The cameo by Williams was short considering it ended before the opening credits rolled, but it involved had an interesting backstory. It turned out that Williams and Crystal were at the right place at the right time – on a nearby set – because their cameos weren’t even planned.

While the Friends season 3 episode was being shot, Williams and Crystal happened to be working at a neighboring set. The comedic duo wandered onto the Friends set and the writers asked them if they’d be up for a quick cameo. They agreed so the pair were thrown right into the opening scene on the spot. It’s very rare to acquire a role and shoot the scene within the same day but Williams and Crystal had no qualms about the request. They ad-libbed their entire scene, inventing the story about Tomas and his wife. The improv must have rubbed off on the cast because Matt LeBlanc even ad-libbed his interruption of the men’s private conversation and Courtney Cox personally added the line about forgetting her original story.

The cameo by Williams and Crystal may have been an accident but it made for great TV. It also coincidentally gave the actors an extra amount of publicity at the right time. A day after the Friends episode aired with their cameos, the pair’s movie, Father’s Day, hit theaters. The cameo from Williams has become even more special following the actor’s tragic death in 2014.

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Kara Hedash

Friends: The 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Monica, Ranked.

Out of all the Friends, fans will agree that Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) is the glue that ties the gang together. She has a connection to everyone: Ross (David Schwimmer) was her brother, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was her best friend and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) was her former roommate. Not to mention she lived across the hall from her future husband.

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However, for all the kindness and hospitality she bestows on the gang, they often treat her terribly. From destroying Monica’s favorite plates to the gang constant fat-shaming jokes, here are the 10 worst things the gang did to Monica, ranked.

10 Smashed her favorite plates

One of the worst things the gang did to Monica was to break her favorite plates. Monica had been adamant that the group could not use their wedding china because she believed they would break them. Chandler manages to ease her fears for a bit until Rachel and Amy (Christina Applegate) knock one of them over in the midst of a fight.

Monica almost faints and begins crying. It only gets worse from here when Chandler then breaks the remaining plates, handing Rachel Emma’s diaper bag. It just proved that Monica’s intuition was right all along.

9 Her bad haircut

Since Phoebe had given Chandler and Joey good haircuts, Monica asked her friend if she would do hers. Phoebe refuses, saying that Monica is a “complete control freak”. After she continues to pester her, Phoebe agrees to cut her hair under the condition that she won’t be controlling or bossy.

It turns out that Monica should have been her usual self as Phoebe gives her a terrible haircut. Monica is visibly upset and refuses to come out of her room, worried about the embarrassment she would face from her friends. Ross and Chandler don’t help either when they mock her with Dudley Moore references.

8 Welcoming themselves to her fridge

Looks like the gang feels most at home in Monica’s apartment as they are often seen hanging out there. Monica is happy to play host to the gang, cooking regular meals and baking treats for them all. However, they sometimes take advantage of her hospitality when they welcome themselves to her fridge.

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Considering Joey and Chandler lived across the hall for the first few seasons, fans see them root through her fridge a lot. At one point there is some karmic retribution as the pair end up drinking a glass of fat. She probably doesn’t mind, but Joey’s excessive eating would have cost her a lot with the groceries. They could have contributed in some way.

7 Humiliated her in a diner

In season 3, Monica was forced to take a job in a diner after she was fired. This was a 1950s themed restaurant where Monica had to wear fake breast implants and rollerskates (hazardous and not needed since she was the cook). Monica hated the job so it didn’t help when the gang wound her up.

For instance, if any customer decided to play the YMCA song, Monica and her colleagues are forced to get up on the counter and dance. The gang soon discovers this and take pleasure in making Monica repeat the dance over. A true friend wouldn’t subject someone to this sort of humiliation.

6 Rooted for Christmas gifts

One thing everyone likes about the Christmas holiday is getting surprised with gifts. In the episode “The One With The Routine”, Chandler finds out that Phoebe and Rachel ransack their apartment to try and find their Christmas presents from Monica.

They are easily able to sway Chandler into helping them after guilt-tripping him to try and get better gifts for Monica. Monica walks in believing they are about to open their presents and accidentally reveals Chandler’s gift. Instead of hiding his emotions, he appears ungrateful – which he knows would hurt her feelings since she is a perfectionist.

5 The forgotten Thanksgiving

When Monica told the group that she was not going to host Thanksgiving, the gang manipulate her into doing so. Phoebe targets her weakness for perfection, telling Monica that she doesn’t believe she would be able to top the previous year’s. Monica agrees to host as long as they are not late. She also asks Phoebe and Rachel to pick up dessert.

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However, all of Monica’s hard efforts are put to waste as Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and Ross turn up late. Monica refuses to let them into the apartment, which then leads to Joey getting his head stuck in the door. She also gets annoyed when Rachel and Phoebe forget the dessert. Joey then ruins the spread when he goes flying across the room.

4 Walking in on her naked

Everyone knows that the gang is close, but they soon crossed a personal boundary when several members walked in on Monica naked. The guys seem to have forgotten how to knock as they have continuously walked in on her showering. The first instance was when Joey walked in, mistaking her for Rachel (“The One With The Boobies”).

The next instance was in the episode “The One With The Dollhouse” when Ross walked in on Monica to put Phoebe’s dollhouse out after it caught fire. Even though he could have run into Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Ross surprised Monica by entering the bathroom – knowing fully well that she was in the shower. It’s really is an invasion of privacy.

3 Chandler cheats

Although Chandler and Ross had the best intentions at heart, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that Chandler cheated on Monica five minutes into the marriage. After believing they had lost the cameras, Ross and Chandler stay behind to retake the wedding photos. Chandler ends up kissing another woman and tries to pass it off as his and Monica’s first kiss.

However, this plan backfires when Monica finds the cameras packed in one of their suitcases. She can’t even be angry with her husband as he turns on her for opening the wedding gifts without him. Pretty sure cheating triumphs over opening gifts – she let him off lightly with this one.

2 Fat shaming

There was a recurring joke that ran through the series relating to Monica’s weight. When Monica was a teenager, it was revealed that she was overweight. The friends never let her forget this, with Chandler, Ross and Joey constantly making fat jokes. This is most notorious in “The One With The Prom” when they joke about the size of her swimming costume and her appearance in the video.

However, the one that hurt her the most was when Monica overheard Chandler saying she was fat. This was during their first meeting when Chandler came to their house for Thanksgiving, which prompted her into losing all the weight. Many other episodes have revealed the fat-shaming is a sore spot for Monica.

1 Made fun of her OCD

The worst thing the gang did to Monica was to make fun of her OCD. At the time when the series was on the air, the world wasn’t as focused on mental health as it is today. Although she is deemed overbearing and a perfectionist by the group, Monica fits the criteria of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

The gang fails to realize that Monica’s excessive cleaning and organization skills are not something to joke about. Rachel licks the London photos when Monica tells her not to smudge them. Phoebe calls her psychotic when they first lived together and they all make fun of her leaving her shoes in the middle of the living room. It’s not funny when they use her mental health to gain some laughs.

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Kayleigh Banks

Ranking The 10 Best Possible Couple Options Between The Main Six On Friends

They’ll be there for you when the rain starts to fall, and that’ll continue to be the case for the rest of time. Friends will go down in the history books as being one of the most influential TV shows of all time, mainly because of the attachment we all had to these iconic characters.

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Today, in a more lighthearted approach to proceedings, we’re going to take a look at 10 of the 15 best potential couples between all six of the main Friends characters. We’ve obviously taken Ross/Monica out due to them being siblings, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dwindle it down to the 10 that we believe to the best of the best.

10 Ross & Phoebe

That famous scene on the pool table was probably the closest these two ever got to hooking up, and rightly so. They never really seemed to share the type of chemistry that you’d associated with a strong and successful couple, even though their comedic timing was on point.

They both lead very different lives throughout the core of the series and while they may not be as entertaining as a pair, they definitely had their fair share of interactions. As a couple, though, we’re going to have to pass on this idea.

9 Chandler & Rachel

They made out at a party many years ago with Chandler attempting to get back at Ross, and it just felt a little bit strange. The two have been more distant than most of the other main characters in the series, and Rachel never seemed to fully understand Mr. Bing like others did.

There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s fine to be platonic, which is exactly what these two are with one another. On that one night, however, it was a distinct possibility and we all need to accept that.

8 Chandler & Phoebe

The amusing storyline in which Phoebe attempted to get Chandler to admit he was dating Monica gave us all a lot of laughs, predominantly because there was absolutely no sexual tension between the two whatsoever.

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With Phoebe not even including Chandler in her initial wedding plans it’s obvious to see that she never really considered him to be someone that she’s incredibly close to, and that played out over the course of the entire 10 seasons. Still, due to the comedic timing alone, we’ve avoided putting them at the bottom of the pile.

7 Rachel & Monica

These two quite literally know each other inside out, and we wouldn’t have been surprised if they just decided to get together in order to abandon the chaos of a relationship with a man.

They would’ve driven each other mad eventually but when push comes to shove, they always seem to have each other’s back. Across so many seasons that can be hard to maintain, but they managed it, and they have a pretty cool chemistry too. Phoebe is great, but these two were always just a little bit closer.

6 Chandler & Joey

Everyone always joked about them being gay so why not just steer into the skid? These two seem to portray an old married couple most of the time anyway, so the idea of them getting together wouldn’t be too far off.

They have back and forth debates and arguments but through it all, they remain the best of friends. They’ve got the sort of bond that can’t be broken no matter how hard you try, and that’s why some fans legitimately had a phase of believing that they were going to end up together.

5 Joey & Monica

This one always seemed to be more of a physical tease than anything else, with the pair clearly finding each other attractive when they first met.  That famous night in London could’ve taken us down such a different path if Joey was in the room instead of Chandler, but in the end, it wasn’t to be.

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We aren’t so sure they would’ve been able to stick it out for the long haul but everyone would’ve been rooting for them regardless, mainly because there are moments where they look like the most adorable couple on the face of the planet.

4 Rachel & Joey

Rachel and Joey always felt like two of the outsiders of the group from an intellectual point of view, and that theme carried over from the first episode until the very last. Despite a few hints and teasers every so often they didn’t legitimately get together until the end of Season 9/start of Season 10, and for some reason, the writers just didn’t give them a fair crack at it.

So many supporters of the show wanted to see more of this dream pairing because it was a couple that just made sense in every conceivable way. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

3 Joey & Phoebe

Everyone says that they’re better off as friends and we can completely understand the logic behind it, but the few on-screen kisses they’ve shared together have been too damn amazing to ignore.

They just vibe off of each other in a way that very few other people can understand as if they’re constantly in their own little world. Whichever way you look at it they’re both so much fun to watch on screen, and all of the flirty hints back and forth have us shipping them every second of every episode.

2 Ross & Rachel

She got off the plane, they were on a break, whatever the case may be – Ross & Rachel’s love story was a classic. Ross was in love with her for so long and when she finally loved him back, it made for television gold. Their chemistry was, and still is, so intoxicating.

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One thing we will say is that they were certainly much better to watch from a romantic point of view in the early stages of the show’s run, but their reunion in the final episode was still amazing.

1 Chandler & Monica

There’s something about them starting off as friends (pun not intended) and building their relationship from that point on which we just cannot get enough of. There was definitely something to their connection in the early days but nobody could ever quite figure out what it was: until London.

That changed the whole dynamic of the show, and gave us a couple that we didn’t even really know we ever needed. Their wedding will go down as one of the best episodes of the entire thing, but the best moment of all is when their adopted twins are finally born.

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Harry Kettle

Friends: 10 Hidden Details About Monica And Rachel’s Apartment

When it comes to Friends, the most iconic set from the entire series is Monica and Rachel’s apartment, which plays host to the most scenes in the history of the show and many of Friends’ funniest and most emotional moments throughout the 10 seasons. Even the final scene in the history of the show was shot in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, proving how influential the set is. While the actual layout of things doesn’t change too much throughout the show, there are many hidden details that fans aren’t aware of.

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10 Number Change

Something that many fans likely didn’t notice is the fact that the apartment actually changes numbers throughout the show. Obviously, this isn’t something brought up in a storyline on the show but was caught out by images of letters sent in.

Originally, the apartment was numbered as five, but fans quickly pointed out that it didn’t make sense for an apartment as high up as Monica’s to be numbered as small as five.

This was a smart observation from people, and, while it was only a small detail, Friends producers still made the decision to change it, bumping it up to 20 later on.

9 The Residents

Something that many fans might not have realized is the fact that every single member of the main group actually ends up living in Monica and Rachel’s apartment at some point in time throughout the show.

While Monica and Rachel are the people that first come to mind when it comes to this apartment, everyone has spent a period of time inside it. Chandler obviously lives there with Monica, and when the boys and girls swap apartments, which was when Joey stayed. Phoebe lived in it as Monica’s roommate in flashback scenes from before Rachel joined the group, while Ross spent time there when their grandmother lived in it so he could attend dance classes.

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8 Vintage Poster

Everyone will recognize this vintage French poster from Monica’s apartment, with this being hung up on the wall throughout most of the series. While many might think that this serves absolutely no purpose outside of set dressing, that’s not the case.

In fact, the poster is used to cover up a hall that is in the wall in that position which is there from when the camera films the apartment from that perspective. So, whenever the other side of the apartment is being shot, the chances are that poster will actually be taken down off the wall, allowing the camera to slot in and film, which is something very few Friends fanatics know about.

7 The Fridge

In many different sets, appliances and things such as cookers, ovens, toilets, and fridges are simply there to appear as if they are realistic, but, in fact, do not work. They might put some lights in or smoke when needed, but they don’t really work.

However, in Friends, the fridge that is in Monica and Rachel’s apartment is a legitimate fridge, and it is one that works perfectly, which is something a lot of people aren’t actually aware of. While that doesn’t mean everything in the apartment works, as the toilet does not, for instance, but the cast did use the fridge to store drinks for them to use in-between long takes.

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6 The Secret Closet

Throughout the vast majority of the show, fans wondered what was in the secret closet of Monica’s apartment, questioning the show so much that they eventually did an episode focused on it, as they filled it with tons of rubbish. The closet ended up proving Monica’s OCD was such a problem that everything ended up being shoved into that one room and that she hadn’t tackled that room properly.

However, the real reason as to why that closest is never shown outside of that episode is because it was used for the production crew to leave and enter the sets, which is why it wasn’t used too much on the show.

5 Balcony Debate

This is an interesting point about Monica and Rachel’s apartment that a lot of fans haven’t really thought about, which is in regards to her balcony. We know she has a balcony because many scenes take place on it, but, really, it shouldn’t be there.

When the apartment building is shown from the outside, there are no balconies, which brings the question as to how she actually has one. As well as that, the fire escape is in between the two apartments of the gang should be. Yet, when seen from the inside, there are two, with each apartment having one.

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4 Drapes Addition

This might be something that very few people noticed, but Monica and Rachel’s apartment initially had no drapes around the windows, as they didn’t pop up until the second season of the show, which was a detail most fans will have missed.

The reason for them not having drapes in season one of the show is simply because of budget issues, with the show not having enough money at that time. That might seem crazy, but the Friends fandom hadn’t kicked in until afterward, which then allowed them to add some drapes.

3 The Window

When you think of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, the giant window in the background just automatically springs to mind, with so many brilliant moments taking place surrounding it despite the fact that the group isn’t always at that section.

Most famously, the group uses the giant window to spy on what is going on with Ugly Naked Guy, which provides a lot of fun moments, and then again when Ross moves in opposite them, which leads to more great moments. However, original plans didn’t feature a big window, as it was actually set up for normal, smaller windows.

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2 Set Structure

While everyone just takes the apartment as it comes on television, in reality, it is a working set, and, because of that the structure of it, its very different from what people might think, and only those who attended a taping would know that.

The guest bedroom sets, for example, were actually constructed separately from the apartment, with only the entrances being created for the main set of the apartment. The stairs also followed that pattern, with only a small portion being created.

1 The Gold Frame

The golden frame that appears around Monica’s peephole ended up becoming an icon for Friends, with this being a classic image that is often put onto merchandise and DVDs due to how recognizable it became.

While it went on to become such a well-known part of the show, that doesn’t mean that it was intentional, as the golden frame around the peephole wasn’t actually meant to be empty on the inside.

Instead, this was actually meant to be a frame for a mirror, only one of the crew members ended up breaking it and hung it on the door temporarily, but it was quickly agreed that it looked great, and it stayed there ever since.

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2019-11-15 01:11:37

Matthew Wilkinson