Fast & Furious 9: John Cena Hopes To Return For Another Fast Sequel

John Cena hopes to return for another Fast movie after Fast & Furious 9. The actor-turned wrestler officially joins the Fast & Furious family in the upcoming sequel, which kicked off its marketing this past week. As seen in the official trailer, Cena stars as Jakob, Dominic Toretto’s forsaken brother and a dangerous loner with the skills of an assassin, a master thief, and (of course) a high-performance driver all wrapped up in one. And judging by the early footage, he’s clearly got a bone to pick with his older sibling, for as-yet unknown reasons.

Fans might be busy trying to figure out the logistics of Dom having a brother (one he’s never made reference to before), but the idea is in keeping with the Fast & Furious franchise’s themes about family and what that term really means. The property is also big on the idea that anyone can better themselves, with characters like Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw, and even (arguably) Dom himself having started out as antagonists before becoming more heroic. If Cena gets his way, there might be a similar fate in store for Jakob down the line.

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Speaking to MTV International, Cena said he “would be grateful for a place at the table” in Fast & Furious 10, adding he hopes Fast & Furious 9 is “a tremendous success”. And before anyone accuses him of having spoiled Jakob’s fate in the film, Cena was quick to clarify he’s “just putting my thoughts out into the universe. Because if I put them out into the universe, maybe they will actually become reality. Maybe John Cena could be in Fast 10, maybe Justin [Lin] could direct it, I don’t know!”

The Fast & Furious 9 marketing has positioned Jakob as the film’s main threat, but that doesn’t mean he’ll die by the end of the film. He wouldn’t be the first Fast & Furious antagonist to survive beyond a single movie, either. As mentioned, Deckard Shaw survived long enough to become an antihero in last year’s Hobbs & Shaw spinoff, and even his brother, Owen, came back in The Fate of the Furious after appearing to meet his end in Fast & Furious 6. Fate of the Furious villain Cipher (Charlize Theron) is also back for Fast & Furious 9 and appears to be manipulating Jakob into doing her evil bidding. It wouldn’t come as a shock if Dom succeeded in getting his brother to see the light and turn on the cyber-terrorist by the end of the film.

Even dying doesn’t mean much, when it comes to preventing Fast & Furious characters from coming back in future sequels (see also: Han’s return in Fast & Furious 9). Tentatively, the plan is for the core movies in the series to end with Fast & Furious 10, with longtime helmsman and Fast & Furious 9 director Justin Lin supposedly already lined up to call the shots. It would make sense to explore the thread about Dom and Jakob over the course of two films, rather than trying to wrap the entire subplot up in a single go. If so, Cena may yet get his wish and join the rest of Dom’s crew for their final ride after Fast & Furious 9.

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Sandy Schaefer

Fast & Furious 9: Dom Having A Brother Is A Big Franchise Retcon

Fast and Furious 9, officially titled F9, introduces Dominic Toretto’s brother, Jakob, to The Fast Saga, but the problem is, it’s essentially a retcon. Dom (Vin Diesel) has been serving as the primary protagonist for the franchise since it launched in 2001. Former wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is set to portray the role of Jakob in F9. The reveal came during Fast & Furious 9‘s trailer release, but it had many viewers scratching their heads since the twist of Dom having a brother doesn’t make much sense.

Hitting theaters in May, F9 will serve as the ninth and penultimate film in The Fast Saga. The movie comes after the franchise branched off with its second spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw which released in 2019 to much success. The Fast Saga has gone through a lot of transformations over its two decades in existence, trading in street racing for worldwide heists and global threats. At the center of most films were the core characters of Dom, his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), and enemy-turned-ally Brian (Paul Walker).

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While the return of Han marked one of the biggest surprises to come out of the F9 trailer, the notion that Dom has a brother has interesting implications. Since the end of The Fate of the Furious, years have passed and Dom has been living the good life Letty and his young son, Brian. With Cipher (Charlize Theron) still in the mix and Jakob now out of the shadows, Dom and his crew will have another challenge ahead of them. Hopefully, F9 can fill in some of those blanks as a result of Jakob’s existence.

The first official trailer for F9 provided some useful insight into Cena’s character, Jakob. According to his face-to-face encounter with Dom, it’s been a very long time since the brothers have seen each other. Instead of a heartfelt reunion expected between siblings, there’s obvious bad blood between these two Torettos. Jakob is presumably the primary antagonist of F9 but he’s working alongside Cipher, the cyberterrorist who was taken down in The Fate of the Furious.

It’s unclear what brings Jakob and Cipher together expect for their mutual urge to kill Dom and his crew. It’s possible that Jakob was involved in her previous efforts, but this is the first time he’s directly shown. Cipher is clearly aware that Jakob is Dom’s brother and uses that sibling rivalry to give him the motivation to take out his target once and for all. Unfortunately for Dom’s team, Jakob has all the resources that Cipher once had as a criminal mastermind.

The trailer also reveals that Jakob and Dom are cut from the same cloth, seeing as the former is also a high-performance driver. Furthermore, Jakob is described as a master thief and a deadly assassin, indicating that Dom and the others have a powerful villain in their midst. F9 will surely reveal more in Jakob’s past and why the brothers are at odds. It will be interesting to see how the two veered off in different paths and never crossed up to this point of The Fast Saga.

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As interesting as the brother twist is from a drama standpoint, the reveal doesn’t quite make sense when taking into account the rest of The Fast Saga. From the very first installment in 2001, the franchise took a lot of effort into presenting the theme of family. Even though Dom’s closest allies weren’t all members of the Toretto family, he constantly treated his crew like they were blood. This importance of family was a driving force of The Fast Saga, so why hasn’t Jakob ever been mentioned?

Surely during all of their conflicts and heart-to-heart conversations, Dom would have brought up Jakob while talking to Mia, Brian, or Letty. Dom even confided in Brian about his father and how his father helped Mia with her education, as an example. For someone who cares so much about that familial relationship, it’s easy to assume Jakob’s name would have been mentioned to reveal some sort of falling out or past mystery. It’s also unlike Dom to not try and patch things up with a loved one despite the trouble that might have plagued the past.

Of course, the easiest explanation in the questionable twist is that this particular familial reveal came late in the planning process for The Fast Saga. The core films are nearing nine deep over the course of two decades. The storytellers at the helm of the past films probably never had a reason to hint at Dom having a brother. The idea might not have been formed until after The Fate of the Furious, thus giving the franchise another exciting avenue to explore, despite the various plot holes. The Fast Saga has never cared much about playing it safe or sticking to the side of reality, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised. Anything is possible with these movies and that’s what makes them so much fun.

Dom refers to Jakob as “little brother” in one scene in the Fast & Furious 9 trailer, but other factors could be in play with their true relationship. Jakob could be a long-lost brother or someone who was presumed dead, leading one to believe that Dom never mentioned him due to his involvement in the death. It’s also possible that Jakob was adopted and never fully felt like a member of the Toretto family, resulting in some type of vendetta that he carried with him into adulthood.

The interesting detail revealed in the footage is that Letty refers to Jakob as only Dom’s bother, but she doesn’t mention Mia. Brewster’s character is making her return to the franchise with F9, so she’s clearly present when Jakob causes trouble. At this point, it looks like Jakob might not be directly related to Mia. Dom and Jakob may share a parent like a mother but Dom and Mia may have been raised by their father, a Toretto. When the pair were introduced, Dom was running his own garage and Mia was managing the family’s grocery store, but the parents were never shown. Dom is very protective of his little sister, but the dynamic of Jakob’s parents could have thrown a wrench in that same type of relationship with a brother. The truth about the Toretto bloodline will eventually come out with F9 and the rest of The Fast Saga.

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Kara Hedash

Fast & Furious: 10 John Cena Performances You Need To See

Heading into the latest Fast & Furious film release, fans were taken by surprise over the reveal that John Cena would be playing a major role. While he’s poised to be the central villain, it isn’t the first time that Cena has seized the spotlight. Always having given his 100% in all his ventures, Cena has turned out memorable performances across media.

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For this list, we’ve compiled 10 performances of his that prove he’s up to the task to appear as a central Fast & Furious character, based on his mettle as an actor across genres. This includes performances on TV series and during his career as WWE’s main Superstar.

10 12 Rounds (2009)

While Cena had started out with The Marine in his list of acting credits, it was 12 Rounds that gave the first indication of his prowess in action. Here, he played a man who had to go through a dozen “rounds” of challenges in order to save his girlfriend.

Being somewhat reminiscent of Die Hard, Cena managed to make his protagonist a likable character whose tireless efforts to save the one he loved was something the viewer could get behind.

9 Trainwreck (2015)

He’d been known for his family-friendly image before Trainwreck took the world by surprise, as Cena unleashed a foul mouthed and hilariously sensitive man quite unlike his usual persona. It turned out to be his first comedic performance that wasn’t geared toward a younger audience.

As it turned out, Cena was the best thing to come out Trainwreck, as his scenes are the funniest of the lot what with his character being utterly clueless and messing up interpretations of the scenarios he finds himself in.

8 Saturday Night Live (2016)

Following in the footsteps of the Rock, Cena showed an audience made up of millions that he had the chops to pull off a live comedic performance, multiple of those. On SNL, he was seen in numerous skits that poked fun at both his persona and size.

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Being one of the few episodes of SNL where every skit was a winner, Cena excelled in sketches like the one where he played a buffoonish student, and a spoof of his wrestling background.

7 Legendary (2010)

Turning around the opinion of the public is something Cena has done well in his long career, and he proved he wasn’t just a muscle head when he took a dramatic turn in Legendary. In this film, Cena portrayed a multi-layered character who meant well but had a history with criminal activities.

Being a sports drama about two brothers, with the elder one coaching his younger sibling, the movie deserves a watch for the surprisingly heartwarming performance delivered by Cena.

6 WrestleMania XXVIII (2012)

We can’t mention John’s performances without bringing up his time with the WWE, and his most emotional moment has to be during the “Once in a Lifetime” bout with the Rock. Although he lost the encounter, it was the storytelling in the match that made it so memorable.

With the fans firmly backing the Rock to win in his hometown, Cena initially played the reluctant villain, before turning opinions around as he lived by his never-say-die attitude and nearly beat his rival. The image of him hunching by the ramp after his loss is one that is sure to make even the most ardent Cena-hater emotional.

5 Sisters (2015)

We mentioned how Cena had been stereotyped with being a muscle head, and he played a guy just like that in Sisters. However, making this performance so funny was the fact that it was poking fun at the perception that surrounds men of his size. 

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Featuring in a film about two sisters in their thirties throwing a huge party that goes out of control, Cena’s delivery of dry comedy had more than a few viewers reckoning him as a future star in this genre. Perhaps this was why he was cast in the upcoming The Suicide Squad

4 The Wall (2017)

Films with a minimal cast or dialogue are the hardest ones to put through, but when there’s chemistry between the leads, this challenge can be overcome. In The Wall, Cena and Aaron-Taylor Johnson were just the right pairing for the job.

A story about two soldiers with just a wall separating them from the enemy, Cena’s character drew sympathy from the viewer for his incredible grit and patriotism. The Wall also went a long way in proving that Cena could shine in a limited setting as well, as his gripping portrayal keeps you watching.

3 Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

We’ve got another comedy here, yet Cena’s performance wasn’t that of a wholly likable guy. Instead, he played the part of Roger, a bully of a man who antagonizes the stepfather of his child. Even so, Cena’s penchant for comedy enabled him to make one laugh. 

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He didn’t feature too largely in the film, but the scenes he was in were among the funniest in the movie as the plot progression was brought forward through some awkwardly comedic moments related to his character. Cena showed how he could be a jerk and still retain his funny side.

2 The Reunion (2011)

The film in itself was a real dud with barely any story to really follow; however, The Reunion should still be granted a viewing for John Cena’s performance. Here, he played a suspended cop who reluctantly reunites with his family.

Making this worthy of mention is how Cena’s character ticked the boxes of action and comedy well, with the latter coming in the form of some truly savage remarks. He was easily the only good thing about the film, and it’s worth a watch to see how far Cena’s come in the acting game.

1 Bumblebee (2018)

Being part of the only Transformers film so far to be critically lauded is certainly a big deal, and John Cena was praised for his role as the no-nonsense US agent Jack Burns. If you’re looking for a part that closely resembles his turn in Fast & Furious 9, then this might be it.

Engaging in action packed sequence against cars who transform into giant robots, Cena was in top form with his stoic demeanor while being an inadvertent villain to the story as well. It also helped that he got some of the best lines in the movie.

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Saim Cheeda

Fast & Furious 9 Super Bowl TV Spot Hides John Cena Being Dom’s Brother

An ad that aired during Super Bowl LIV for Fast and Furious 9 concealed a previously teased connection between John Cena’s Jakob and Vin Diesel’s Dom. Cena’s Jakob was introduced to audiences as Dom’s little brother in the first trailer for the film. The character is billed as a “master thief, assassin, high-performance driver,” and it doesn’t look like Dom is thrilled to see him.

Cena joins the Fast and Furious 9 cast alongside returning members of the extended Torretto family, like Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty. Universal kicked the marketing machine for the franchise’s newest installment into high gear with an official poster release and several character one-sheets. Dom’s brother’s mysterious return wasn’t even the first trailer’s biggest reveal. That honor went to the surprise appearance of Sung Kang’s Han Seoul-Oh, who was killed off way back in 2006’s Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Curiously, the ad released during Super Bowl LIV doesn’t highlight Jakob’s connection to Dom at all. The TV spot was posted to YouTube shortly after airing and features quick cuts of Dom settled down on his family farm, followed by an impressive collection of death-defying stunts. The 30-second ad focuses more on the heart-stopping action that made the franchise famous than it does on setting up the film’s story. Take a look:

The ad is basically a condensed version of the full trailer. “If we do this, we lose everything,” Dom ominously warns as a dramatic version of Hallelujah kicks in on the soundtrack. There’s a brief shot of Han back behind the wheel of his car, where he belongs. The whole thing ends with Dom and Letty driving off a cliff with their car attached to a bridge by a wire. The high-octane ad is ideally suited for the testosterone-fueled Super Bowl fans, banking on the thrill of the action to hype up them up months before the film’s release.

Cena is a welcome addition to the cast of Fast and Furious 9, and his character’s relationship to Dom adds another thread to the complex web of familial ties in the Fast and Furious universe. Between the introduction of Cena’s Jakob and the promise of #JusticeForHan it looks like director Justin Lin returned to helm one of the franchise’s most exciting sequels. Hopefully, future trailers for the film will reveal more about the Toretto brothers, and shine a light on Han’s return from the dead. If not, then all will be revealed when Fast and Furious 9 races into theaters on May 22, 2020.

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Shawn DePasquale

Fast 10 Needs to Be Fast vs. Furious | Screen Rant

The Fast & Furious 9 (aka F9) trailer is now out in the world, and the reveal of Han Lue’s return perfectly sets up the next movie in the franchise to be Fast vs. Furious. Ten films and almost twice as many years since the first installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, the series that was  once about electronic component thieves with exotic cars has morphed into a globe-trotting, world-saving collection of stunt extravaganzas. Beyond that, however, the importance of family is always stressed – which makes the interaction and rifts between characters, and actors, all that more interesting.

Having been a major component of the series since Fast Five, including 2019’s spin-off film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is noticeably absent from the F9 trailer. Rumors of a rift between Johnson and Vin Diesel surfaced, and it was later revealed that Johnson wouldn’t be in the latest installment of the franchise. Things may have cooled since then, after Johnson thanked Diesel publicly for supporting the spin-off, so there is a possibility of seeing him Fast & Furious 10. The return of his Hobbs & Shaw co-star, Jason Statham, is also awaited by fans so that they may finally get justice for Han.

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The trailer for F9 has revealed that Han is actually still alive, meaning that his death – which, thanks to a complicated chronology, took place in the series’ third and sixth installment – was apparently not as final as it appeared. This means that the quest for vengeance is much more complicated. Details about where Han has been for the past few years (and how he survived) are still to come, and will likely provide answers as to how much justice he will need. But considering that his death was an act of revenge on Shaw’s part, there is still the potential for a reckoning between the characters.

With the Shaw and Han story line still dangling and the tension between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel hopefully resolved, the next movie seems like the perfect time and place to bring it all back together. It has long been thought that Fast & Furious 10 would bring a close to the series, and while that may no longer be the case given the success of the spin-off, it is likely to end this part of the story and tie up loose ends. If bringing Han back from the dead is a possibility, then bringing Hobbs and Shaw back for one final showdown doesn’t seem like a stretch – especially since both characters were originally introduced as enemies for Dom and the Family.

There is also the likelihood that these two factions will be put at odds with each other from an outside force, much like how Dom was pitted against his friends by Cipher in The Fate of the Furious. Her presence in F9 and her using Dom’s long-lost brother against him clearly means she has more in store for the team. But whether it is the machinations of a villain or the two sides of the Fast Family colliding on their own terms, Fast & Furious 10 needs Hobbs and Shaw to return to the main series and settle things once and for all.

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Kev Ketner

Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Confirms Return Of Three Tokyo Drift Characters

The first Fast & Furious 9 trailer revealed several new details about the movie, but it also confirmed the return of three characters who first appeared in Tokyo Drift: Sung Kang as Han, Lucas Black as Sean Boswell, and Jason Tobin as Earl. The Fast & Furious timeline is a bit messy, considering that the Tokyo Drift spinoff takes place in between Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7, despite those movies releasing several years after the spinoff hit theaters.

This timeline was done this way to allow for the return of Han Lee in Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6, since he was originally killed in Tokyo Drift. And then, part of Furious 7‘s story included getting justice for Han’s death by taking out Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. But before that happened, Vin Diesel’s Dom visited Japan and met with Black’s Sean Boswell. After that, it was believed that Sean would return in future movies since it was reported that Black was meant to have bigger roles in The Fate of the Furious and Fast & Furious 9 (officially titled F9). While he didn’t come back for the previous movie, he is back in this one.

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At about the 2:16 mark in the F9 trailer, viewers can very briefly see Black as Sean before he steps out of view. But in addition to that, the person talking to Ludacris’ Tej Parker and Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce is Jason Tobin, who reprises his Tokyo Drift character Earl in the upcoming sequel. This is the first time that more than one Tokyo Drift character has appeared in another Fast & Furious movie, and considering that two of them believed Han was dead, there may be serious consequences.

Right now, a lot remains unclear about exactly when Fast & Furious 9 takes place in the overall timeline, but it must be at least a few years after The Fate of the Furious since Dom’s son, Brian, has already grown up. And since everything about this movie is about family, it will be the first installment to truly tie the entire franchise together. So it makes sense that this movie would bring back characters who haven’t been seen on-screen in several years.

Of course, exactly why or how Sean and Earl return may not be revealed until later. And seeing them back will beg the question, where’s Bow Wow’s Twinkie? He was Sean and Earl’s friend in Tokyo Drift, but he hasn’t returned at all. Perhaps he’ll show up in a cameo when the movie releases, but for now, it’s only Sean and Earl who are returning – aside from Han, that is – and they will be working alongside Tej and Roman on building a rocket car for Roman to drive in.

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2020-01-31 03:01:07

Mansoor Mithaiwala

Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Breakdown: 15 Character & Story Reveals

The first trailer for Fast & Furious 9, officially titled F9, has finally been released – and here’s our breakdown on everything it contains. What started back in 2001 as a potential street racing franchise, the Fast & Furious brand has grown far beyond that limitation. After a few semi-connected films early on, the true franchise started to form on the fourth entry, with Fast Five sending the series’ trajectory even higher. Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious each earned over $1 billion and after some spinoffs and TV shows, the main entries in the Fast Saga return this year.

Directed by Justin Lin – who returns for his fifth entry in the franchise – F9 is one of the biggest franchise films of 2020. Vin Diesel returns to star as Dominic Toretto, but the recent character posters have teased the returns of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) – as well as the new addition of John Cena’s Jakob. This large ensemble doesn’t even account for all of F9‘s returning characters and new faces either.

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Fans of the nitrous-infused franchise have anxiously awaited the release of the first trailer, especially after a trailer teaser arrived a few days before. Now that the full trailer has been released, details on F9‘s story, characters, and much more have been revealed. Here’s our full breakdown of the footage.

The trailer for F9 begins with Dom and Letty settled down in the country to raise their son Brian, and the young Toretto is the best indicator at just how much time has passed since Fate of the Furious. Brian was just a baby during the events of the last film, but here he has grown up quite a bit since then. His age isn’t specified, but its clear that at least a few years have passed in the Fast & Furious universe since the team was on their last mission together.

This domestic life has not completely removed the danger that Dom and Letty are so used to being part of their lives. In a moment that teases the threats that will still come, Letty gives Brian the cross necklace that Dom once gave her. She says it is a sign of protection from future danger. Letty lovingly puts it around Brian’s neck, while Dom clutches the necklace when it is no longer around the neck of his son.

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In typical Fast & Furious fashion, the trailer also shows Dom’s crew getting back together for their next mission, but this time Mia is with them. She was last seen at the very end of Furious 7 with her husband Brian O’Conner. Sadly, the tragic real life death of Paul Walker means O’Conner is no longer part of the franchise, which makes Mia’s return without him all the more interesting. Since she was not featured in Fate of the Furious, it will be up to F9 to explain her return to the crew and the absence of Brian.

The trailer also appears to reveal that Dom is going to use some enhancements this time around to fight his brother. During what is sure to be one of F9‘s biggest set pieces, Dom is shown standing on the side of a sliding car in a black suit. But, when a car begins flipping towards him, he doesn’t attempt to jump off the vehicle, but rather catch the oncoming one. With his arms stretched out in front of him, a shot from the trailer appears to indicate that he will be using some type of exosuit during the film. Whether this tech is built upon the cybernetic implants introduced in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw remains to be seen, but the increasingly tech-based crew looks to have equipped their leader with some upgrades.

The Fast & Furious 9 trailer also officially introduces John Cena’s character Jakob and includes the reveal that he Dom’s brother. Described as a master thief, assassin, and high-performance driver, Jakob presents a brand new challenge for Dom and his crew. It isn’t clear what led to Dom – a man built around the importance of family – and his brother not having a good relationship, but the trailer teases that all is not right with the Toretto brothers.

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While Dom and his crew set up shop in some underground bunker, this won’t be a safe location for them for too long. The trailer clearly shows that Jakob and his army of soldiers will attack the team here. They are completely surrounded in what appears to be the first confrontation between the Toretto brothers. What brings them together at this point is not clear, but clearly Jakob brought enough firepower to the reunion to ensure that he’d be the one in control.

Not only is Jakob shown chasing down and cornering his older brother and friends, but he is working with a familiar face. He has teamed up Cipher (Charlize Theron) from Fate of the Furious to kill his brother. As she’s confined to a glass prison, Cipher says that she’s ready to kill Dom if Jakob is. Based on what else transpires in the trailer, it appears as though he agrees with her and wants his brother gone.

Stitched throughout the trailer is one of the Toretto brothers’ fights, which looks to take place across Edinburgh. Jakob shoots a zipline above the city to travel quickly and eventually winds up fighting Dom in the house of some locals. Their battle leads them to fall on top of busses and fight across the entire city. Both are bleeding from their heads, showing that this may be an even fight and that Jakob can finally hold his own against his older brother.

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In an appearance that is only possible after the events of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, this trailer also confirms the return of Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw. The mother of Deckard (Jason Statham), Owen (Luke Evans), and Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) is once again shown working with Dom and providing him with some words of advice. Whether or not her appearance indicates cameos from any of her children remains to be seen.

Mia’s return in F9 also appears to be filled with a more hands-on role for the Toretto sister. After mostly being kept on the sidelines or inside of a car in past films, Mia is shown in the trailer to get in on the action. She fights multiple guys with her sister-in-law and proves that the fighting spirit runs in the Toretto blood. While Letty is the more skilled fighter, Mia holds her own and cracks some skulls along the way. And since the trailer only shows a few seconds of this fight, there’s likely more of Mia in action in the actual movie.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the trailer, F9 is now confirmed to feature the return of Lucas Black as Sean Boswell. The star of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift made a return to the franchise in Furious 7 in a small role to try and smooth out the franchise’s timeline, but now he’s back working with the team in a larger capacity. Shown in a scene with Roman and Tej, Sean has helped develop a rocket car by strapping a rocket engine to a Pontiac Riviera – and he did it with Jason Tobin’s Earl, another character from Tokyo Drift returning in the sequel.

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Of course, the concept of a rocket-powered car is too big to tease and not use, but the trailer promises we’ll see it in action. After Roman and Tej are introduced to the rocket car, it is up to Roman to take the vehicle for a test drive. At an unknown facility, he races a jet with his new ride, and even though the trailer stops short of showing us who wins, it is made clear by Roman that the Rocket car is going extremely fast. Perhaps this is all set up to allow the Fast & Furious franchise to head to space as many want to see.

But, Roman isn’t the only one who gets to show off a new, advanced ride. Near the end of the trailer, Jakob speeds his car off the side of a cliff towards what would likely be his death if it wasn’t for Cipher. She swoops in flying a special jet that is perfectly suited to save Jakob’s life. After dropping over the edge of cliff with him, what appears to be a magnetic claw extends from the bottom of the jet to catch Jakob’s car. It’s an impressive feat and a luxury that Dom and his team – who were chasing Jakob – do not have.

While Dom doesn’t have a magnetic jet to catch him (that we know of), he still decides to continue his pursuit of Jakob by any means necessary. This brings the trailer to another one of the franchise’s ridiculous stunts, as Dom hits the pole of a broken bridge so part of it can become attached to the car. Zooming off the cliff with Letty in the passenger seat, Dom’s plan is to let the car freefall with the bridge attached until the slack is gone, which will slingshot them around to the other side – and possibly into the sky to meet up with Cipher and Jakob once again.

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The surprise of all surprises in this first F9 trailer though comes at the very end when Sung Kang appears as Han Leu. Thought to have died after the events of the sixth entry in the franchise, his killer – Deckard Shaw – has since been welcomed into the family with open arms. As a result, fans have clamored for #JusticeForHan, and now we know that F9 will help do just that. He’s featured at the very end of the trailer being welcomed back to the group. Not only will this surprise fans, but the characters in the movie appear to be just as surprised to see Han back, so F9 will have plenty to explain.

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2020-01-31 02:01:08

Cooper Hood

Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Confirms John Cena’s Character, Han Returns

Read the Fast & Furious 9 trailer breakdown here!

The official trailer for Fast & Furious 9 has arrived. Universal’s street car racing-turned globe-trotting action franchise has grown into a full-fledged universe over the past 12 months, between the spinoff Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw hitting theaters and animated series Fast & Furious: Spy Racers streaming on Netflix. Of course, the core films are still the main attraction and will return this May with F9 aka. Fast & Furious 9. Series veteran Justin Lin is back at the helm for this new installment, with Vin Diesel once again starring as Dominic Toretto and Daniel Casey (Kin) subbing in for series writer Chris Morgan.

Universal kicked off its Fast & Furious 9 marketing this week, releasing an official poster, multiple character one-sheets, and even a teaser featuring Dom in full-on dad mode, raising his son Brian with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) on the newly-established Toretto family farm. It’s all been leading up to today’s trailer unveiling, which is taking place as part of a live concert event in Miami. Finally, after all that build-up, the footage has been made available online.

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For those who missed the live-stream earlier today, you can check out the full-length Fast & Furious 9 trailer in the space below.

Obviously, the two biggest takeaways from this trailer are 1) John Cena – making his Fast & Furious debut – is playing Dom’s little brother, a “master thief, assassin, high-performance driver” (as Roman describes him), and 2) Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) is back from the dead after – seemingly – being killed by Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw in the Fast & Furious 6 mid-credits scene (or, if you prefer, during 2006’s Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – the Fast & Furious timeline is complicated). These kinds of soap opera-style twists have become the bread and butter of The Fast Saga over the last ten years, going back to Letty’s own return from the dead in Fast Five‘s post-credits stinger. And as far are ways of getting Justice For Han go, well, this is certainly a promising way to go about that task.

Other highlights here include Charlize Theron, who’s back as the sinister cyber-terrorist Cipher and pulling the strings on Cena’s character Jakob (to mention nothing of the “magnet plane” at her disposal). Fast & Furious 9 already feels more narratively focused than 2017’s The Fate of the Furious did and its “Dom has an evil brother” premise sounds a good deal more promising than the latter’s “Dom is a villain” setup (something few, if anybody, thought would actually stick in the movie itself). Fingers crossed, the film will prove to be an excellent addition to this sprawling tale of family, friends, and extremely fast cars (or, really, vehicles of just about every kind).

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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020)

FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020) F9, Vin Diesel Action Movie HD
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The Fast Saga Explained: What Fast & Furious Franchise’s New Name Means

The ninth installment of the Fast & Furious series, now titled F9, released a teaser trailer ahead of the full trailer drop later this week – but beyond that, the franchise has officially been rebranded as “The Fast Saga”. After the release of F9 this coming May, there will be one more Fast & Furious movie slated for release in 2021 before the core films conclude (or, at least, that was the plan).

The adrenaline-pumping action franchise first kicked off in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious. It followed an infamous street racer, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), and an undercover LAPD officer, Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), as they faced the life of street-racing. As the series progressed, Brian became like a brother in the eyes of Dom as their crew went up against crime lords, terrorists, and government agencies. Even after Walker’s untimely death, Diesel carried the franchise and lifted the cast to keep moving forward. Nearly two decades and seven sequels later, the franchise is still going strong with the planned releases of Fast & Furious 9 and Fast & Furious 10.

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The recent promotional material for F9 are prioritizing the Fast & Furious franchise’s rebrand as The Fast Saga. The title is now the Twitter handle of the official franchise account and it appears on the posters for F9. In December, the account shared posts of the previous movies in the epic saga as a way to lead up to the trailer and build hype for “The Road to F9” trailer release event on January 31, 2020. The Fast Saga’s stamp on the franchise might have a deeper significance, though.

Universal Pictures, the studio behind The Fast Saga, is clearly rebranding the franchise as a marketing initiative. By using the term “saga”, there’s an extra sense of excitement surrounding F9. The grandiose rebrand transforms the entire franchise into one big major event that was two decades in the making. Sagas are meant to represent a very long story, something that Fast & Furious can justifiably claim. But like every saga, the story eventually comes to an end. Just look at the marketing playbook from Star Wars and how they used The Rise of Skywalker as the end of the Skywalker saga.

By using The Fast Saga as the title of the core films in the franchise, it sure seems like Universal is admitting that the story surrounding Dom and his crew will soon come to a close. Since the term is only being used for the main films of the series, all signs are pointing to the franchise spreading in different directions after The Fast Saga concludes. Hobbs & Shaw, the first spinoff from the series, debuted in 2019. There’s talk of a sequel as well as a female-led spinoff in the near feature. The franchise also premiered the animated Netflix series, Fast & Furious Spy Racers. Years from now, F9 and the rest of the films in The Fast Saga might just be a small piece of the broader Fast & Furious franchise if it continues to expand.

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