Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Officially Revealed – Were The Leaks Right?

The Galaxy Z Flip is due to be unveiled tomorrow, although that did stop Samsung from releasing a commercial for the foldable phone. The Galaxy Z Flip is the second foldable phone to come from the company, albeit the one Samsung hopes will make a real impact on the market.

Foldable phones are a new type of device which looks to combine the old design of flip phones with modern display technologies. Samsung is not the only company working on these phones with Huawei and Motorola also having announced their own bending phones. However, foldable phones remain questionable after Samsung’s first foldable phone was delayed due to technical issues, and Motorola’s Razr also now facing its own durability criticisms.

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Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip during its Unpacked event on February 11, alongside the Galaxy S20 series. However, during this year’s Oscars 2020 broadcast, Samsung aired a commercial that essentially confirmed many of the phone’s design points and features. The commercial was widely shared on Twitter and did not appear to be by accident with the TV spot advising consumers to tune on February 11 for more details.

As is often the case with Samsung phones, the Galaxy Z Flip was the subject of many leaks over the past few months and it looks like many of them were correct. The first and major design leak confirmation is the use of a horizontal fold instead of a vertical one. This not only puts the Galaxy Z Flip in direct design competition with the Moto Razr, but also results in a more typical phone-like experience for the user. One of the more interesting design points that now appears to have been confirmed is the secondary display on the front. While the main display is designed for the bulk of the screen-related tasks, the secondary display was shown to be capable of highlighting who is calling without the user having to flip open the device to see. Likewise, the commercial also indicated the user will be able to answer or reject calls directly through the secondary display.

Some of the other interesting reveals in the TV ad included how the device can be utilized for video calls with the screen unfolded just enough to rest on a flat surface without a stand. This in addition to the foldable phone being available in black and purple color options, at a minimum. Even with the commercial having now aired, and many of the design points confirmed, there’s still plenty of unknowns about the latest foldable phone from Samsung. This not only includes the actual specs and the price, but also how durable Samsung’s new phone will be, and whether it is any more likely to be a hit with consumers than other foldable phones.

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John Finn

Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Most Shameless Things That Drax Has Ever Done

Drax is one of the most underrated members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s certainly not perfect in his personality. Violent, chaotic and with an odd sense of humor, Drax has put himself in a number of unfortunate situations.

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He’s done many things that could be considered shameless for a variety of reasons. While the rest of the team isn’t exactly innocent, it is the turn of Drax the Destroyer on our quest to explore 10 of the most shameless things he has ever done.


Drax’s family was brutally murdered by Thanos and his forces so he is fundamentally a warrior at heart. He is constantly in search of any possible way he could damage or weaken Thanos, even targeting his family if he has to.

When he comes across the daughter of Thanos, Gamora, he doesn’t hesitate to kill her. He’s about to do the deed when he is stopped and bargained with for a much bigger price. Drax would have killed Gamora right then without any shame whatsoever though.


Because Drax is so concerned with stopping Thanos and his forces he actually puts everyone he knows in danger. During a drunken moment of anger, he finds one of Ronan’s troopers and gets him to bring the alien to the planet.

Ronan comes down and Drax tries to kill him but is very quickly defeated. This only put the inhabitants of the area in danger and the other Guardians who had to try to defend themselves after Drax’s very stupid mistake.


Mantis and Drax have a cute yet extremely odd relationship. Throughout their time together Drax has actually been known to bully Mantis. He has called her ugly and made her extremely self-conscious, but has also acted as a good friend.

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The behavior is a bit confusing but he does treat everyone like this. If anything it shows that he likes Mantis more than most. Although he did put her in a nasty situation where Rocket could have very easily bitten her fingers off!


After the death of his family, Drax went on an unstoppable rampage, earning the title of the destroyer. In his wake, he left death and destruction without really understanding the consequence of his actions on the families of others.

He’s still redeeming himself now by saving the galaxy but served some time in prison for his crimes. However, he’s never actually realized how dangerous he had become and would likely do the same thing again if left to his own devices.


Although he should have been serving more time for his actions, he instead jumped on board with the Guardians and went through with a prison break. During this mission, he actually attacked a number of the Nova Corps guards.

Not only did he, therefore, break a lot of intergalactic laws and cement himself further as a criminal, but he endangered a lot of good people with the use of the anti-gravity and his violence in pursuit of freedom.


Groot seems to have a real fear of Drax although we’re not totally sure why. The destroyer must have done something to Groot to make him feel this way. However, as time goes on, Drax goes out of his way to mess with the little twig a bit more.

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Eventually, the two learn to love each other and Groot even feels comfortable sleeping on Drax’s shoulder. However there was a lot of torment before they managed to get to this point. Drax is completely shameless about messing around with essentially a kid.


Drax comes from a species of aliens that are extremely literal. Although the character is one of the funniest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his lack of understanding and very literal take on things, he does sometimes get completely the wrong end of the stick.

However, this is something he is rightfully not shameful for. It’s just his personality and the way in which he understands things. He certainly shouldn’t be made to feel stupid just because his species work in a very different way.


Speaking of finding things funny, Drax actually takes a lot of joy in murdering people. This is something he probably should feel a bit more shameful about. The other Guardians are just as guilty when it comes to taking lives though.

Drax often finds it hilarious to kill people, even if they are not a direct enemy to him. He laughed his way through the prison break and couldn’t help but enjoy fighting giant aliens. The only time he has really been serious is when fighting against Thanos.


Star Lord is the Captain of the team but that doesn’t stop Drax from trying to make him feel as small as possible. Whether it’s being creepy over his and Gamora’s kiss, backing Thor as the leader, or telling Quill that he’s actually quite pathetic.

Worst of all is when Mantis revealed Peter’s attraction towards Gamora which Drax just wouldn’t let go of. He laughed for so long and his reaction was really over the top. It made Quill feel really uncomfortable although was pretty funny to everyone else.


Drax can’t really hold his alcohol that well. On a mission with the Guardians, he and Rocket decide to go off drinking and gambling. The conversation quickly turns personal and then goes from deep to heated in a short space of time.

The two have a lot to mourn but for some reason felt the need to compete over who had more grief. This leads to Drax actually attacking Rocket which shows the violent nature of the character. We’d like to think he wouldn’t physically attack the Raccoon now that they are closer.

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George Chrysostomou

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Coming Soon – Here’s What To Expect

Samsung’s next set of wireless earbuds will be called Galaxy Buds+ and they are set to launch soon. Samsung first launched the original Galaxy Buds line last year although this was more of a rebranding exercise with the 2019 model taking over from the Gear IconX headphone line.

True wireless earbuds are big business these days, especially for tech companies that are not typically associated with audio products. Not only has Samsung released its own set of earbuds, but you can also buy similar devices from Amazon, Apple and Google. These are all companies that also specialize in voice assistants with tighter assistant integration, one of the main benefits of tech-based headphones over others (although many earbuds come with some form of voice assistant support nowadays).

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While there had previously been rumors Samsung was set to launch a new set of earphones, the Galaxy Buds+ have now been confirmed by the company in a statement to CNET. The new earphones are likely to be officially unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 later this month. Besides the official confirmation, an Apple App Store listing has also recently popped up for the Galaxy Buds+, and a spec sheet was leaked by frequent tipster, Evan Blass. As a result, most of what’s on offer with the Galaxy is now clear.

The first thing to expect with the Galaxy Buds+ is not much of a change in design with the new version almost identical to the previous one. That said, there have been some internal changes to accommodate an additional outer speaker; these two speakers will likely provide users with better and clearer speech during voice calls. Speaking of sound quality, the audio should be better in general with the new set utilizing a two-way speaker system (separate woofer and tweeter) instead of the single speaker used by the previous Galaxy Buds.

What is arguably going to be the most impacting change is the battery life. The previous model was rated to offer up to six hours of power, but the Galaxy Buds+ boosts that up to 11 hours. Similarly, the carry case (that doubles as a charger to keep the battery topped up when stored) has also now gotten a battery bump up from 13 to 22 hours. A last (and important) difference is the price with the new Galaxy Buds+ expected to retail for $149 – that’s $20 more than the older version.

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Here’s What Galaxy S20 8K Home Videos Will Probably Look Like

If you’re wondering what sort of video quality you can record home videos in with a 2020 smartphone, it’s 8K – and the Samsung Galaxy 20 will be one of the first devices to offer it. Late last year, Qualcomm announced its latest mobile SoC and one of its major selling points is 8K video capturing on smartphones.

The Snapdragon 865 is Qualcomm’s latest mobile processor and although it has yet to show up in a device, the new chip is expected to power most of the major Android smartphones released this year, including the Samsung Galaxy S20. In fact, Samsung’s new smartphone is expected to be one of the first smartphones to come loaded with Qualcomm’s next-generation chipset.

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Samsung is due to announce the Galaxy S20 later this month and just ahead of that unveiling, Qualcomm has released a new clip showcasing what consumers can expect from 8K videos recorded on phones powered by the Snapdragon 865. The video is a scenic one with plenty of shots of Arizona in 8K. As it is a YouTube video, those looking to watch in full 4320p will likely have to adjust the resolution up in the video settings. For reference, the actual smartphone used in the video is a Qualcomm reference device – that’s Qualcomm speak for a device used for testing, not one consumers will be able to buy.

8K on a smartphone is not new considering the Snapdragon 855 (the chip powering all the major phones you can buy today) was the first Snapdragon chip to launch with 8K video playback support. The difference with this new Snapdragon chip is the support has now been extended to the videos the user creates as well, making 2020 phones powered by the 865 the first to properly capture video in 8K and support playback of those same videos in 8K. The Snapdragon 865 camera-related benefits don’t stop there either. The new chip is set to improve mobile photography in many ways, including 960 fps slow-motion video, and 200 megapixel photos. It will even allow users to capture 4K HDR quality video and 64 megapixel photos at the same time.

While many of these new and improved features will enhance the mobile camera experience, it remains to be seen how useful 8K video capture support will be for the general public. For example, finding a way to playback videos at the full resolution they can now be recorded in will prove difficult due to a lack of accessible devices with 8K-compatible displays. Although you can buy some 8K TVs and monitors now, the price is unlikely to persuade consumers into investing in an 8K TV just yet. Especially, considering the overall absence of 8K content in general – outside of the homemade videos you’ll now be able to make with your new 2020 smartphone.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Most Shameless Things Rocket Has Ever Done

Rocket Raccoon is one of the most beloved characters in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite his cute exterior and sweet relationship with Groot however, Rocket is a cold-blooded murderer, criminal and sometimes a bit of a jerk.

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Over the course of the multiple films we’ve seen him featured in, Rocket has done some pretty shameless things. Here are 10 of Rocket’s actions that we don’t think he thought about the consequences of, perhaps until it was too late!


One of the first missions that we saw for the Guardians after they had been formed was to bring back some harbulary batteries for an ancient race of aliens known as the Sovereign. The mission seemed simple enough but Rocket only joined for one reason.

He wanted to steal those batteries. Looking to sell them on or perhaps use them for one of his many inventions, Rocket endangered the whole team and even put their pay at risk, just so that he could have some selfish gains.


Rocket seems to have a strange obsession with mechanic body parts and limbs. Indeed, he’s previously had people’s legs and even an eye stolen, often tricking his teammates into taking these objects on his behalf, in a completely shameless fashion.

He finds it absolutely hilarious and was definitely interested in buying the arm of the Winter Soldier, during their conflict together. He doesn’t seem to understand that taking these body parts is a pretty terrible thing to do.


Rocket has been known to push away his teammates in the past. He has lived life mostly as a solitary being. Sure he has had Groot by his side for some time and this version of the team is perhaps one of their best rosters ever.

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However, he still struggles to make deep, personal connections and is often quite horrible to those around him, especially when he is upset. He almost ripped the team apart when he started fighting with the captain, Peter Quill.


Speaking of fighting with his teammates, Rocket is pretty horrible when he’s drunk. His words become even harsher and he can even get violent. He speaks his mind, but what’s on his mind probably shouldn’t really be heard by anyone.

When the pair start gambling on Knowhere, before Ronan turns up, the two get into a squabble that quickly turns violent. Rocket will even use personal issues against someone just to get the upper hand. Starting a fight with Drax probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do though.


Rocket is almost always the last to stand, that is until recent times. He’s struggled to understand why the team would bother risking their lives for others, often thinking about material gains rather than doing things for the greater good.

He has slowly changed however but he will almost always be the last to stand. This is evident in the literal standing circle, where each Guardian pledged themselves to save the galaxy. He was the most reluctant to take part, almost shamelessly for his own good.


Before his time with the Guardians, Rocket was actually a career criminal. Perhaps the worst part about that is that he was actually good at it. He and Groot had some lofty bounties that they fulfilled, although their moral code did guide them at times.

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Despite this, they broke the law on so many planets it’s a wonder that Rocket wanted to turn his skills to the good side at all. They made a lot of money being good at being bad and certainly have a long list of crimes that they are still repenting for.


Rocket has proven himself to be a stone-cold killer on a number of occasions. However, we cannot look over the fact that he, Yondu and Groot all murdered countless Ravagers after being captured by them. The criminal group really had no chance.

Sure these weren’t good guys. They had killed many of their own before locking up the trio. However, Rocket never took into account that perhaps some of these men had been pressured into it, afraid of what could happen to them. He killed the lot though.


Going back to the mission with the Sovereign, Rocket made things worse for himself when he was rude to the queen herself, Ayesha. This race of aliens clearly is very sensitive and Rocket probably should have thought about this.

However, he put his whole team in danger just so he could make a sarcastic comment about them not being full of themselves. It was the very obvious wink that cost them the most and it’s fair to say that Rocket was entirely responsible for the Sovereign hunting the team.


When Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Quill first met, they were all after the same thing. The orb. No one realized, of course, that inside this orb was actually an infinity stone. Regardless though, they fought tooth and nail for the right to have the object.

This wasn’t any of their best moment. They were genuinely willing to capture or kill the other just so they could make a bit more money, or to please the mad titan Thanos. It’s probably why they all make a good team together though.


Rocket is probably the most intelligent member of the team. It’s why he’s actually managed to escape 22 prisons, or so he claims. Although we can now move this up to 24 after escaping the grasp of both the Nova Corp and the Ravagers.

We don’t know how many terrible deeds Rocket has done to be put in so many prisons and we definitely don’t know what he’s had to do to escape them, but we can guarantee some of his most shameless moments have been in the attempt for freedom.

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George Chrysostomou

Galaxy Z Flip Probably Won’t Be The First Hit Foldable Smartphone

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone have now leaked online revealing a futuristic-looking device. Although foldable phones are new in general, this is Samsung’s second attempt at trying to commercialize a device that folds. The question is whether it will appeal to the masses more than the previous attempt.

Foldable phones are a major trending point and a number of companies have already released devices sporting the futuristic (yet, also throwback) design. Huawei entered the market with its Mate X, while Motorola recently unveiled its folding Motorola Razr. In addition, Samsung has already had one go at the foldable market with the Samsung Galaxy Fold – although that attempt did not go quite as planned. The Galaxy Fold was recalled shortly after being lent out to reviewers following what appeared to be screen durability issues. It’s an experience the company will be hoping to avoid repeating with the Galaxy Z Flip.

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A new leak from WinFuture reveals press renders and the specs for the Galaxy Z Flip. One of the big design changes is that Samsung has opted for a vertical fold instead of the horizontal one provided by the Galaxy Fold. This not only more resembles a traditional smartphone (and the way consumers use them), but also pits the Galaxy Z Flip against the Motorola Razr considering that also makes use of a horizontal hinge. Another notable upgrade is the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen in understood to be made of a thin layer of flexible glass – the Galaxy Fold made use of a plastic-based display. This matters because a glass display is expected to be more durable than the previous generation of foldable phones and their plastic screens.

If popularity is defined by just interest in the device, then Motorola’s Razr has already proven to be a popular device. However, whether it sells in large enough numbers to be considered commercially popular is another question entirely. The same goes for the Galaxy Z Flip as consumers appear to remain cautious of buying into the foldable narrative too early. That’s not surprising with one of the major criticisms leveled at this design being the potential lack of durability. If a company can produce a reliable and durable foldable phone, then it is more likely consumers will buy into them, but that is yet to be seen. This proof will also require a first wave of consumers to really test out the new design over the long-term, further suggesting the Galaxy Z Flip won’t be the first foldable phone to go mainstream. Another major hurdle that phone-makers and consumers have to get over is the price.

Foldable phones are not yet affordable enough to appeal to a mass market. For example, the cheapest foldable phone is currently more expensive than the most expensive premium smartphones. Adding to this issue, the specs of foldable phones tend to be far more mediocre leading to consumers being better off opting for a non-foldable phone than an early-stage foldable phone. The Motorola Razr has already been confirmed with average specs and a $1,500 price tag. Likewise, if the latest reports are correct then the Galaxy Z Flip will also be slightly lacking in the spec’s department. For example, while the report says it will feature 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage, it is also rumored to be powered by an older processor than the Galaxy S20 and it won’t support 5G. Not to mention, the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to go on sale somewhere between $1,400 and $1,600 in the U.S. Due to this, it seems highly unlikely that either the Motorola Razr or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will become the first foldable phone to achieve widespread popularity – although, they might be the first to actually get more people thinking about buying one.

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Source: WinFuture, Evan Blass

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John Finn

Star Wars: 5 Reasons Baby Yoda Is The Galaxy’s Cutest Creature (& 5 Babu Frik Is)

Both The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker have kept Star Wars fans busy and talking for a while now, but in recent weeks, a new debate has stirred up controversy and conversation alike: who is the cutest creature in the entire Star Wars galaxy? The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda, also known as The Child, has won the internet’s heart, and seemed a clear front runner.

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But The Rise of Skywalker introduced fans to the tiny Anzellan droidsmith Babu Frik, who stole the entire movie and some fans previously loyal to Baby Yoda only. So, who’s the cutest of them all? We recap some compelling evidence for each candidate.

10 Baby Yoda: Cute behaviors

Has Baby Yoda ever done a single thing that hasn’t been absolutely adorable? From the way he coos and reaches for The Mandalorian in his first scene, to the way he uses Din’s Mandalorian necklace as a binky in the finale, Baby Yoda has the cutest behaviors of any character in the Star Wars universe, ever.

He loves to sip bone broth and watch action from the sidelines. He loves to gesture his little baby hand in the style of “the magic hand thing,” whether using the Force or not. He loves to waddle and wander and play. He’s the cutest baby Star Wars has ever seen, and we can’t wait to see what behaviors he develops in Season 2.

9 Babu Frik: He’s resourceful

As a famed black market droidsmith, Babu Frik has been working on hacking and cracking codes in even the most protected droids for a very long time. According to official Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker The Visual Dictionary“The well-regarded droidsmith has a reputation for being able to reprogram or modify virtually any droid, no matter the security measures protecting its systems. Gleeful and wide-eyed, Frik cares little that his work is illegal; he enthusiastically relishes the challenge and loves the puzzles presented to him by cutting-edge antitamper systems.”

Beyond being skilled at working through any security systems in any kind of droid, Babu is also clearly resourceful in terms of the friends he keeps, as he’s able to escape Kijimi before its destruction by hitching a ride with Zorii Bliss.

8 Baby Yoda: He’s instantly beloved

Baby Yoda may be a wanted target for the entire first season, whether being pursued by The Client, Dr. Pershing, Toro Calican, or Moff Gideon. But despite these shady figures working against his best interests, every other person who has come in contact with this tiny creature has absolutely fallen head over heels for him.

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The Mandalorian first kills IG-11 just to keep the baby safe, then takes him under his wing, becoming The Child’s father in the process, as officially declared by The Armorer in the first season finale. But even Kuiil, Cara Dune, IG-11, Greef Karga, Omera, Winta, Peli Motto, and many others come to love him, too. And how could they not?

7 Babu Frik: He’s a true friend

As Zorii Bliss puts it in The Rise of Skywalker“Babu only works for the crew nowadays. That’s not you anymore.” Babu is fiercely loyal to his friends, even if his friends happen to be part of a wretched hive of scum and villainy like the Spice Runners of Kijimi apparently may be.

But his extension of friendship and fuzzy feelings also extend to the loyal droid C-3PO, to whom he proudly introduces himself after the droid’s memory is wiped. C-3PO even later gleefully remarks that Babu Frik is “one of [his] oldest friends.”

6 Baby Yoda: He’s curious

Babies are almost always curious by nature, as they’re eager to learn more about their surroundings and the world they’ve been born into. But Baby Yoda just might be one of the most curious babies ever. He’s always peeking around corners and following his dad around. He gets up close and personal with a Loth-cat, even if the creature isn’t exactly friendly.

In Chapter 7, Baby Yoda even found a way to eavesdrop on Din’s conversation with Cara, sneaking into the back cabin of the ship and hanging down from the ceiling to listen to what the adults were talking about. Nothing will stand in Baby Yoda’s way when it comes to learning new and useful information.

5 Babu Frik: He’s sassy

Babu Frik may only have a couple minutes of screentime in the sweeping adventure that takes up the majority of The Rise of Skywalker, but his attitude is immediately apparent from the moment he enters the story. After conversing with Zorii in his native language, Babu switches to using basic to communicate with the group, and his snarky attitude steals the scene.

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He succinctly summarizes the procedure to erase C-3PO’s memory: “droid memory go blech. Blech, blech.” He laughs at Poe and Zorii’s relationship problems, mutters to himself in a rhythmic manner whenever something goes wrong, and gleefully throws his arms in the air whenever something goes right.

4 Baby Yoda: He’s tiny

Though he may be 50 years old, Baby Yoda is, after all, still just a baby. With his gurgling, cooing, giggling, and all other baby-related noises, Baby Yoda has won hearts all over the world with his baby demeanor. He wears a robe that’s entirely too big for him, and his huge floppy ears could cover his entire body.

According to the website Dimensions.Guide, an analysis of Baby Yoda in comparison to his surroundings, the original Yoda, and actor Pedro Pascal in costume as The Mandalorian reveals that the baby is about 16 inches tall. A perfectly adorable and tiny toddler height.

3 Babu Frik: He’s tinier

16 inches might be pretty tiny, especially in the world of Star Wars. But as it turns out, Babu Frik is even tinier – and even older, too. According to official Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker The Visual Dictionary, Babu Frik is 85 years old and only 9 inches tall, making him roughly half Baby Yoda’s size.

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That makes perfect sense, given Babu’s line of work and the way he needs to move around his crowded workshop and explore droids of all shapes and sizes. A side note in the Visual Dictionary also confirms that “leather straps [on Babu’s gloves] were trimmed six times to find fit” – because he’s just that tiny.

2 Baby Yoda: He’s powerful and protective

The world of Star Wars is full of powerful Force users, but none of them manage to be as powerful relative to their size and age as Baby Yoda does. The baby has done some incredible feats of Force wielding so far, including levitating a Mudhorn, choking someone as strong as Cara Dune, healing Greef Karga’s mortal wounds, and repelling blasts of fire from a Trooper.

But in addition to his strength and mastery of the Force at such a young age, Baby Yoda has shown that he’s one of the most protective and most loyal characters in all of the Star Wars universe. No one messes with his dad, or his dad’s friends.

1 Babu Frik: He’s hilarious, and he knows it

We’ve already touched on Babu’s snarky behaviors, but we have to get right to it here: Babu Frik is absolutely hilarious, and he knows it. His laughter is absolutely booming and infectious, despite his diminutive stature, and his face is so expressive, it’s impossible to look at his expressions without starting to laugh.

The way he exclaims “Yup, the droid is ready!” and proudly introduces himself by saying “Hello. I Babu Frik.” are meme worthy on their own, but it’s truly his giddy exclamations of “Hey hey!” that show Babu is a true party personality, and absolutely someone we’d love to get to know better.

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Katerina Daley

Star Wars Fan Film Connects Galaxy Far, Far Away To Modern Earth

A new Star Wars fan film brilliantly connects the sci-fi franchise to modern Earth. Released online ahead of this weekend’s release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the fan film, called Star Wars Origins, was written and directed by Phil Hawkins and produced by Velvet and PhilmCo. It took over three years to make and was shot in the Sahara Desert. It stars Marie Everett (Netflix’s What Happened to Monday), Jamie Costa (HISHE on YouTube), Hadrian Howard (Terminator: Dark Fate, The Mummy), and Philip Walker.

The Star Wars universe is vast and full of countless story opportunities, giving fans plenty of space to create their own stories. Lucasfilm has been known to encourage fans to make their own films, even running a contest for a few years to see who could produce the best one. The franchise itself is facing a major change as The Rise of Skywalker brings the Skywalker Saga to an end and the Star Wars brand puts down roots on streaming service Disney+ with shows like The Mandalorian. 

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Star Wars Origins is set in World War II and focuses on archaeologists Ellie and Walter as they are on the brink of discovering something massive. It becomes clear early on that they’ve found artifacts from the Star Wars universe: A lightsaber, a stormtrooper helmet, Jedi texts, etc. As they’re trying to make sense of what they found, they find themselves in grave danger from enemies who wish to take the knowledge for themselves. Check out the film below:

In addition to paying homage to Star Wars, the film also connects to another beloved George Lucas property: Indiana Jones. The WWII setting, archaeologist heroes, and Harrison Ford-lookalike Costa (who is sure to quote Han Solo multiple times too) give major Indy vibes, tying the two franchises together in a clever way. There are plenty of Easter eggs to be caught by fans in Origins, and the revelation of what Ellie and Walter plan to name their future child gives goosebumps.

Origins offers a fresh look at the Star Wars saga while paying tribute to it, which is the mark of an excellent fan work. If the YouTube comments are any indication, fans of the franchise agree. It’s incredibly well-made and thrilling to watch from start to finish. This film is proof that, while the Star Wars films will take a hiatus following The Rise of Skywalker, fans don’t have to stay idle. They can continue the story in any way they see fit, whether it be through fan films or fiction. It’s incredible to see how Star Wars can inspire fans of all ages and produce thrilling content such as Star Wars Origins.

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Source: Star Wars Origins

2019-12-17 01:12:12

Rachel Labonte

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Is Too Late For Adam Warlock To Join MCU

The beloved underdog of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy series has proven that it is vital to the larger Marvel franchise, both financially and narratively. With prominent roles in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the characters have clearly not faded from public consciousness. What has faded, however, is the momentum generated by Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, particularly regarding the tease of Him, better known as Adam Warlock. A being created to destroy the Guardians, the character was (possibly) referenced during the end credits scene of the second film. He seemed poised for his big screen debut in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, but at this stage in the game, it seems as though Warlock’s time has passed.

The first two installments of the Guardians of the Galaxy series did incredibly well on all fronts, and while a third film seemed all but a certainty, the project encountered setbacks that prevented the film from gaining traction. The project is now officially in development, but no release date has been confirmed. Given how much the MCU landscape has changed in the years since we last saw the Guardians star in their own movie, it is no surprise that the possible introduction of Adam Warlock has lost some steam.

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The Marvel franchise is a complicated property; with the regular release of feature films, not to mention the multiple Disney+ series on the way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly changing. The studio’s steady pace of development can make it difficult for fans to keep track of hanging plot lines. New characters are introduced into the MCU left and right, and while some may be more interesting than others, usually at one point or another, they all get their moment in the sun. However, with the Infinity Saga coming to a close, Warlock is far less relevant now than he would have been before.

Adam Warlock was an important figure during the Infinity Gauntlet story arc in the comics. In fact, he was the one responsible for bringing “Earth’s mightiest heroes” together in a last hurrah to defeat Thanos. Without the Mad Titan and the Infinity Stones, what is the point of bringing the character into the MCU now? Adam Warlock could have been an immensely important part of the Infinity Saga had his arrival not been hampered by Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3‘s production delays. His star has faded to a degree, and the character has lost his relevancy.

Surely, Adam Warlock’s inclusion in the MCU franchise would be a welcome one; however, it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios can find a creative solution to make the character’s presence necessary. When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 rolls around, audiences will simply have to decide for themselves if Marvel Studios dragged their feet too long, or if they dodged a bullet with their take on Adam Warlock — that is, if he ends up in the film at all.

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2019-12-12 01:12:34

Shane O'Neill

What Happens At Galaxy’s Edge When The Star Wars Saga Ends?

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens at Walt Disney World Resort’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on December 5th and Screen Rant spoke to one of the creative minds behind the ambitious attraction and the entire Galaxy’s Edge project.

Jon Georges, executive producer on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for both parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, oversees the strategic development and conceptual design of the lands and has been a part of Disney for 32 years. “I think now we will finally be able to see the complete experience,” Jon tells us on the delayed debut of Rise of the Resistance, the flagship experience of the Star Wars land that also opens in Disneyland on January 17th.

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Now that the final piece of the puzzle exists in Galaxy’s Edge and that the land – known as Black Spire Outpost on planet Batuu – exists within Star Wars canon, what happens next after the saga concludes? There are ships built into the land, and characters like Rey and Kylo who guests will meet along their journey. At the moment, the land takes guests into a point of time into the saga between the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker so what happens when the trilogy ends later this month and more importantly, beyond that?

I asked this question to Jon Georges who describes the actual Galaxy’s Edge land as an active space that can easily evolve for new stories, an important and obvious consideration when developing the park, and that the attractions inside the land bring guests instead to specific points in time.

Star Wars isn’t going anywhere. There are already movies planned for the future beyond The Rise of Skywalker, so do you plan to leave room open for future expansion?

Jon Georges: Always. I think what we did with Black Spire Outpost and the planet Batuu was created an active space story, so we really thought of it as a flexible content platform. We’re coming to Batuu today, so whatever’s happening in the Star Wars world, those characters can appear here today.

When you cross the threshold of one of the one of the two attractions, you’re sort of in a moment in time. Kylo Ren and Hux are there, that sort of sets this attraction at a moment in time. But the land itself is flexible, so you’re just showing up today and anybody could be here. We tried to design that flexibility knowing that this brand is going to go on for another 42 years plus. That was the goal when we set out to do this.

Regardless of what happens in The Rise of Skywalker guests will always go back to a point in time before that when experiencing Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, however when roaming Galaxy’s Edge, that may move forward in the timeline. It must to stay relevant long-term. It’s for this reason that Smuggler’s Run can have no experiences added to it as well.

It sure makes one wonder though if the Disney Parks investment in the powerful brand puts a requirement on future Star Wars movies or television programming to keep pushing forward inch by inch on the timeline after Episode 9 in order to keep the parks – or specicially, the new planet Batuu – immersive and relevant to what Lucasfilm is working on in the future. That Millennium Falcon can’t ever leave Galaxy’s Edge, right?

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens Dec. 5, 2019, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and at Disneyland Park in California on Jan. 17, 2020.

2019-12-04 03:12:06

Rob Keyes