Video Games Generated $35.4 Billion in Revenue for 2019 in The U.S.

The video gaming industry is booming so it’s no surprise that the revenue in the industry has increased by 2 percent this past year, reaching a record breaking $35.4 billion in sales revenue. The revenue made in gaming has been on a steady incline in recent years, with this year being no exception to the industry’s revenue rise.

Every year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the NPD group produce a yearly report about the sales pattern of various Entertainment industries, including the video gaming industry. The report works somewhat like a census and provides information on the sales of video game systems, games, demographics, and what the pattern of the industry is overall. This is a moment for gamers and publishers alike to reflect on information such as target audience, popular genres, and general statistics of the gaming industry.

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The record-breaking $35.4 billion figure includes in-game purchases and all software purchases as well as mobile spend data, but does not include physical content and PC digital content. In a PR statement, the ESA and the NPD group state that they expect to see more economic growth for the gaming industry. This growth also emphasizes that people of all backgrounds love to play video games, a notion-now-fact most gamers would agree with. ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis states, “The continued economic growth and impact of the industry illustrates what we in the industry see every day – more and more people of all ages and backgrounds love playing video games and are celebrating their unparalleled entertainment. As new platforms and technology continue to reach more players across the country, we expect 2020 to be yet another exciting year of engaging content and innovation as video games cement their place as the leading form of entertainment in America.

Additionally, the ESA and the NPD broke down the basic household breakdown of gamers. This breakdown states that, on average, 75% of most homes in the U.S. have a gamer. One of the factors in gamings’ rise in revenue is accessibility. Playing video games has never been easier, with players now having access through PC, and console. Smartphones have also become a strong contender for video game revenue, revealing a large amount of players using phone as a primary console. The inclusion of cloud gaming, cross-platform play, and VR also makes gaming more accessible and desirable. “Consumer spending on entertainment software increased in 2019, driven by the expanded reach and accessibility of content across a variety of platforms including console, PC, mobile and virtual reality.” said Mat Piscatella, industry analyst, The NPD Group. “2020 is expected to be a year that sets the stage for the next period of rapid spending growth for video game content. New hardware, subscription, and cloud gaming offerings are poised to give players even more options to engage with gaming content wherever, whenever and however they wish.”

It’s great news that the video game industry is not just living, but it is thriving. With public figures attempting to discredit what video games do, it’s good to see the industry as a whole is still on the rise. The increase in revenue also indicates that a better gaming future is not too far off. With more money going into the industry, publishers are sure to turn out better and more enticing games and consoles. The gaming industry is ever growing, and is as inclusive as it’s ever been. This coming year is sure to provide new and exciting games that players will be sure to love.

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Leijah Petelka

Riot Games Gender Discrimination Settlement Could Be A Lot Worse For Developer

Riot Games’ gender discrimination lawsuit settlement could be a lot worse than it originally was. The settlement will bring about the end of a lawsuit filed against Riot in the months following the reveal of  a culture of discrimination against female job candidates and employees. Numerous former and current employees came forward with stories of how they were mistreated by the maker of League of Legends. Now, the lawsuit is coming to a close – but there are a few issues that need to be dealt with first.

Current and former employees banded together to file the lawsuit, which they hope will prevent Riot Games from “creating, encouraging, and maintaining a work environment that exposes its female employees to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation on the basis of their gender or sex.” The game developer spoke out, offering a public apology to women who have been subjected to discriminatory treatment and promising to “patch” the problem, leaving no room for discrimination following a series of Riot Games employee protests and walkouts. The League of Legends developer proposed a $10 million settlement, but the state of California stepped in to say that’s not good enough.

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California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing said in a court filing on January 8 that the settlement would undercompensate the plaintiffs, the LA Times reports. Effectively, Riot would pay $6 million to deal with claims that would be worth around $400 million. The department also says that the settlement wouldn’t actually require Riot Games to change its employment practices. The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement also voiced concern that such a settlement will release the League of Legends developer from state labor code violations.

Both agencies asked the court to reject the settlement. The two agencies also targeted the plaintiffs’ lawyers, who they say did not do their due diligence to determine a fair settlement amount for their clients among other grievous errors. Riot Games maintains that the state’s estimated value of the claims are unreasonable because they have made some improvements as a lawsuit loomed over them. On January 31, the court will decide whether or not the  Division of Labor Standards Enforcement can intervene in the case. This would signal major changes as the DSLE would then be able to conduct its own discovery and attempt to hold Riot accountable. On February 3, the court will then decide whether the proposed $10 million settlement is acceptable.

League of Legends made $1.4 billion in 2018 alone. The prior year, LoL brought in $2.1 billion. While this a princely sum and not at all representative of every single year of Riot’s existence, it reveals one important fact: Riot Games consistently makes a lot of money. This is a company that could do the right thing and pay the women a sum that is significantly larger than the one that’s been proposed, but will wait and see if the state of California essentially forces its hand. Interested parties will have to wait a little longer to see how the settlement shakes out.

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Source: LA Times

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John Prager

Two Silent Hill Games Are In Development, Says Leaker

According to a notable leaker, Konami may have multiple new entries into the Silent Hill in active development. That and other reports have given hope to fans of the iconic survival horror series that its lengthy dormant period may actually be approaching an end point.

Created by Keiichiro Toyama, who later brought the Siren series to PlayStation 2 and PS3, the original Silent Hill game sold millions of copies, defined a genre of games and is revered by players and horror fans alike. Many of the subsequent entries were similarly well received, particularly the second and third games. The series also inspired two feature films. However, little has been seen or heard of the series since Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project was scrapped in 2015. That game did eventually pave the way for 2019’s Death Stranding, though, and its playable teaser, PT, continues to inspire gamers and is still being dissected today. Now, it seems as though Silent Hill may finally be on its way back after all.

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Twitter user @AestheticGamer1, a.k.a. Dusk Golem of Yai Gameworks, brought the Silent Hill discussion back to the table on January 21 with a tweet hinting that Konami had reached out to developers for pitches two years ago and that not one, but two new games were in the works.

As with any leak, this news probably ought to be taken with a grain of salt, however AestheticGamer does have a strong track record on this front, having previously predicted that Project Resistance would be part of the Resident Evil 3 Remake before it actually came to pass. Moreover, Rely On Horror has furthered the discussion, claiming their own source has verified that at least one Silent Hill project is in development.

While there are questions about the legitimacy of reports regarding a Silent Hill revival, there’s no question that the classic series continues to generate interest and maintains a cult following. Even now, as Konami has largely shifted its attention to pachinko machines, stories about Silent Hill‘s legendary art director Masahiro Ito working on a new game or a camera hack revealing PT‘s player character was indeed Norman Reedus make waves within the industry. If new entries into the series are on-tap and can evoke the feelings inspired by its best titles, avoid the pitfalls of lesser entries like Silent Hill: Homecoming and push the gameplay in a more modern direction, there’s likely a large number of people out there ready to jump on-board.

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Source: @AestheticGamer1/Twitter, Rely On Horror

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Ryan Aston

Half-Life Games Go Free to Play on Steam Through March

Fans of the Half-Life games and those eager to try them will be pleased to know that all Half-Life games are free to play on Steam through March 2020. This will give players a chance to catch up on the game’s narrative in anticipation of Half-Life Alyx, the recently announced VR title in the franchise.

As this news comes ahead of the launch of Half-Life: 2 prequel, Half-Life Alyx, it seems like a pretty clear attempt to remind fans what to expect from the series. While many fans had lost hope that there would be another Half-Life game after no development had occurred in more than a decade, Valve recently announced that the new game was coming. In the majority of the Half-Life games, players take on the role of theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman as he faces down an alien invasion after an experiment gone wrong creates an interdimensional rift.  The Half-Life series has received high praise for its superb puzzles and storytelling, as well as its smoothe headcrab-blasting gameplay.  In Alyx, gamers take a break from Mr. Freeman and instead play as his ally Alyx Vance, the leader of the human resistance movement.

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Polygon reports that the company is luring in new fans by enabling free play until the Half-Life Alyx‘s release. The company stated in an announcement on Steam that the “best way” to experience Half-Life: Alyx is to first play through the old ones, “especially Half-Life 2 and the episodes.” To make that as simple as possible for consumers, the companydecided to allow people to play all of the games for free.

The games included in this promotion are the remastered version of the original Half-Life along with the expansions, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Source, as well a Half-Life 2 and both of the Episodes that followed. In total, this gives players around $60 in free gaming for a couple of months. It also allows them to catch up on the story just in case they want to strap on a VR headset and jump into the latest game.

While Alyx isn’t the Half-Life 2 sequel fans have long been hoping for, this promotion allows them to relive the magic of what many consider to be one of the best game series of all time. Even though the intent is to promote the VR game, it is sure to generate a renewed demand for a true Half-Life 3. In the mean time, the original games and Alyx should provide gamers – those who enjoy virtual reality, in any case – with something to do as they await a true sequel.

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The Half-Life games are available for free right now on PC via Steam.

Source: Polygon

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John Prager

Hunger Games Prequel Book Makes Young President Snow a Hero

Hunger Games prequel  The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is centered around an unlikely protagonist: President Snow. In the original Hunger Games trilogy, President Snow is the leader of the an oppressive Dystopian region that draws children’s name from a lottery and forces them to compete in a tournament in which only one victorious contender makes it out alive. He is particularly ruthless in designing these tournaments to make them as perilous as possible guaranteeing the children’s deaths. Author Suzanne Collins has taken on a remarkable challenge in making President Snow a hero in this prequel.

The first Hunger Games novel was published in 2008. The Hunger Games followed impoverished Katniss Everdeen bravely stepping up to take her sister’s spot in the brutal survival competition called the Hunger Games. After the novel’s immediate success, Collins released two more Hunger Games novels (Catching Fire just one year later in 2009 and Mockingjay the year after) following Katniss as she enters the Hunger Games a second time and attempts to overthrow the oppressive Capitol rule. Due to the trilogy’s overwhelmingly positive response, The Hunger Games movie came out in 2012 starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. The Catching Fire movie came out soon after in 2013, then Mockingjoy Parts 1 and 2 in the following consecutive years. Katniss served as a strong role model for young women growing up during the late 2000s and early 2010s and was one of the first trilogies with a female protagonist to attain such success.

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After a 10 year hiatus, Collins is finally releasing another book in the Hunger Games series and dedicated fans of the Hunger Games novels have another good read to look forward. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will come out in May 2020. EW has obtained an never before seen excerpt from the upcoming prequel. 64 years prior to the Hunger Games trilogy, Coriolanus Snow is an ambitious high school senior who is determined to raise the money to attend university. He is one of the 24 first ever Hunger Games mentors to be selected. Those selected are a prestigious group of seniors who are tasked with grooming and preparing contestants for interviews prior to the games as a solution for the lack of viewership and to help the games “evolve into a more meaningful experience.” The excerpt ends with Snow disappointingly learning he’s been given a participant from the most impoverished region: District 12.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes excerpt reveals some key components of the book. There was a Hunger Games that existed without all of the glitz, glam and celebrity status. Prior to the addition of mentors, the Hunger Games likely felt more like a gladiator battle opposed to the obscene reality TV competition that it is in the trilogy. Snow was also once a seemingly normal, hardworking and even friendly teenage boy. The prequel may expose how becoming a mentor immersed in the Hunger Games desensitized him and fed his need to ruthlessly climb to the top. Additionally, he will be mentoring a young girl from District 12. Considering that Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss’ mentor, was the only known victor prior to Katniss aside from one unnamed victor, mentoring the Hunger Games may not be a positive experience for Snow.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes has the potential to be a great insight into the descent of Coriolanus Snow. Many novels from the perspective of well known villains like Wicked on the Wicked Witch of the West and Alias Hook on Captain Hook, have been wildly successful. Readers love an underdog story and usually villains are surprisingly the ultimate underdogs. However, validating President Snow is a tremendous task. Fans can find out of Collins lives up to the challenge when The Hunger Games prequel book is released this May.

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Source: EW

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Natalie Hunter

5 Things The Hunger Games Did Better Than Divergent (And 5 Divergent Did Better)

Both starring a strong-headed leading heroine, The Hunger Games and Divergent have quite a lot in common. A teenage girl must become heavily immersed within a rebellion to take down a corrupt government and bring a sense of real-world life back to her home.

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In simplest terms, these two have quite a lot of shared traits. These similarities were heightened when Divergent released, as then both franchises had film adaptations. However, both series see the immense difference between their film and novel counterparts. As similar as they may be, the two trilogies have had ways of doing things quite differently. Here’s how they stack up against each other.


Although the two franchises were often compared once both series had film adaptations released to the public, The Hunger Games proved to be a much more successful franchise. While the films may not have always gone up in revenue, they remained box office hits. Even if the adaptations did not perfectly match the novels, fans were still immersed enough in the world and the characters to continue watching the saga.

Unfortunately, Divergent did not have the same reaction. Over time, fans lost interest in the film installments to the point where Lionsgate did not even make the last film in the franchise, leaving the film series unfinished.


Katniss was the figurehead of the revolution, but it is arguable how much she really would’ve done on her own, even though she was as much against the arena as anyone else. Instead, Katniss and Gale had discussed running away, rather than starting a revolution.

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Only after various Districts had begun to fight back did Gale decide he wanted to stay and fight instead of running. Katniss was already one of the most well-known faces in Panem by that time for her shared victory with Peeta in the Hunger Games.

Tris does not have the same difficulty in making decisions. She knows she wants to discover what is on the other side of the wall and ensures that it happens. Tris fully commits herself to the revolution.


As much as the Capitol would like to pretend otherwise, the Hunger Games are a terrifying reality for the tributes involved. The events within the series force children to kill each other while everyone cheers, which is traumatizing enough, but the aftermath of being a Victor may be just as horrifying.

Winning the Hunger Games is not a real victory, as the victor must face nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder, likely for the rest of their lives. The entire franchise is practically being stuck in one’s worst nightmare. “The Hunger Games” never forgets the loss of innocence that it causes the tributes and victors.

The reality in “Divergent” is not a utopia either, but there is not as big of an emphasis on death and killing others for sport.


Tris and Four may not be the most dynamic romance ever to exist, but at least it’s consistent. Their dynamic only grows throughout each installment as life throws them a curveball after curveball. Tris and Four’s relationship is more focused on each other and their urge to end the world as they know it. Throughout each installment, even when they aren’t side-by-side, they are still fighting together. Meanwhile, Katniss spends each novel of the trilogy, avoiding making a firm decision between Peeta and Gale.

While both young woman’s lives are more than the romances the story gives them, it would still feel as if Katniss was drawing out her choice until making one was absolutely imperative.


Volunteering for the Hunger Games in District Twelve was virtually unheard of, that is until Katniss Everdeen stepped forward. Katniss had no desire or want to participate in the games, wishing to continue hunting until someone would eventually put an end to the madness that forced children into an arena to fight to the death. Ironically, that person would become her after stepping forward to take her younger sister’s place.

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Prim was only twelve at the time, barely old enough to place her name in the bidding, and the odds were so low already given Prim’s name was only included once. While Tris does have a motivation behind her actions as well, it is not nearly as personal or powerful.


In The Hunger Games, Katniss’ mother is present, but only later on. Katniss first describes her mother as having been out of it since the death of her father. Meanwhile, Peeta did not have a perfect life either. His mother was abusive and did not think he would make it home from the Hunger Games. It came down to Haymitch to be the central adult figure in both of their lives.

In Divergent, parents were not a significant part of the series either, but they had more involvement within the world than Katniss or Peeta’s parents. Tris’ mother had not been born in Chicago, but rather placed there to watch the experiment up close. Meanwhile, Four’s mother was the leader of the Factionless. While their roles were not as involved as their runaway children, they did affect their world.


Both franchises include this detail, and while each one has its way of portraying the horror of the government, The Hunger Games shows it as easier to follow. President Snow is the bad guy until he’s not the most important one. President Coin’s influence over Katniss during Mockingjay allows her to see Coin as the imminent threat, especially since Snow is already dying.

In the films, time is devoted to understanding Snow’s perspective of events and how his team attempts to handle the oncoming revolution.

Divergent does not show the government’s view, and the actual people in charge are not even seen until Allegiant, making them seem like more of an uncomfortable plot twist than a substantial threat.


In The Hunger Games, the Districts are all anyone knows, and appear to take up the entirety of Panem. There is no version of a world outside. It is merely the Districts and the Capitol. There is no escaping and no references to any other country or place to escape to.

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However, Divergent takes place specifically inside the city of Chicago. Up until Allegiant, it is not confirmed that the world exists outside the fence. During the last novel, Tris, Four, and their friends take the plunge and escape the city they know to explore a world unknown.


The revolution in Divergent is there, but it is more difficult to understand who is in it, or how many revolutions there are. In The Hunger Games, it is much simpler to follow the rebellion in District Thirteen and the other districts that fall in line behind it.

Katniss getting a close look at the citizens of Panem ready to fight and knowing how much she means to them is an emotional moment in the series. However, it also acknowledges that the world isn’t perfect once they win. In the aftermath, the world still needs a lot of work done to achieve a type of peace that Katniss, Peeta, and Gale never knew growing up.


When it comes to the rebellion against the Capitol, it is relatively simple to determine who is on which side. President Coin wanted power, but her wish of removing Snow from power and hosting the last Hunger Games is not a betrayal to Katniss as much as a wake-up call to Coin’s true motives.

Divergent places a more significant emphasis on characters changing positions during a war, including Peter and Caleb. Tris had hoped that her bond with Caleb would be enough to sustain a secure seasoning for them to be on the same side. Unfortunately, the concept of “Faction before blood” is enough to stifle that hope as Caleb sides with his faction over his sister.

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Lindsay Press

The Hunger Games: Why Katniss Had To Kill Coin | Screen Rant

Here’s why Katniss shot that fateful arrow at President Coin in The Hungers Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. The Hunger Games movie franchise is based on the bestselling books by author Suzanne Collins. The story takes place in a future where a totalitarian government rules over “Districts” in the country of Panem, and each year candidates are chosen to take part in a brutal, televised game of death. The franchise heroine is Katniss Everdeen, who takes the place of her younger sister and becomes a symbol after she wins – which eventually leads to rebellion.

The Hunger Games helped propel Jennifer Lawrence to stardom alongside X-Men: First Class. Lawrence returned for all the sequels and Katniss became one of her defining roles. The success of the franchise also created a thread of big-budget, dystopian YA adaptations, including The Maze Runner and The Divergent Series. The weak box-office of the latter franchise’s third entry Allegiant led to the planned final movie being abruptly cancelled, which marked the end of the YA boom. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 was also considered a mild financial disappointment, though it was still a success.

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A major player introduced in the final two Hunger Games movies is Alma Coin, played by Julianne Moore. Coin was the former President of District 13 and led the rebellion against President Snow and the Capitol. While she initially seemed in line with Katniss – especially with her promise to end the Hunger Games for good – it’s gradually revealed her quest for power will see Coin stop at nothing. Coin comes to realize she can’t control Katniss either, though they must work together since Katniss is the rebellion’s symbol. After Katniss’ sister is killed Prim in a bombing raid she learns from the captured President Snow that it was Coin, not him, who ordered the bombs dropped.

Coin later gathered the remaining survivors of the Games and proposed they hold a symbolic Hunger Games that uses the Capital’s children, in a bid to quench the people’s desire for revenge. Needless to say, Katniss is horrified by the suggestion and comes to realize that – just like Snow – Coin is ruthless and will do anything to hold on to power. Katniss then agrees under the condition she can execute Snow personally. At the execution, Katniss aims at Snow before quickly taking aim at Coin instead, shooting an arrow into her chest. In addition to gaining revenge for Prim’s death, this also stopped Coin before she could become another monster like Snow, who is later stomped to death by rioting crowds.

In showing a willingness to use the Hunger Games to score political points, President Coin made it clear she had learned nothing from the bloodshed, and this is one key reason Katniss had to stop her. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 at least showed Katniss went on to lead a quiet life following her nightmare, even though she’d probably be living with the trauma of what happened for the rest of her life.

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Padraig Cotter

Epic Will Continue Free Weekly Games Throughout 2020

The creators of Fortnite just delivered a huge gift to fans with an announcement that Epic Games will continue free weekly games throughout 2020. This is the continuation of a popular feature introduced in 2019 that fed players a steady diet of free games to play.

The announcement of the extended weekly free game giveaway came with a rundown of how successful the store has been. Since the Epic Games Store’s inception in 2018, more than 108 million players have joined up and it has pulled in more than $608 million in profit. Players have spent over $251 million on third-party games. The company also announced its support for developing cross-platform play across PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, and Android.

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The announcement that Epic will continue free weekly games throughout 2020, shared originally with, continues an unofficial trend of extending the weekly giveaway past its official end date in 2019. All players have to do is stop by the Epic store to download their free game weekly. “Once claimed, it’s yours to keep forever,” Epic’s announcement states. The company kicked off 2020 with three free games: the first two in the Darksiders trilogy and Steep followed swiftly by Sundered.

Epic initially promised a free game every two weeks in 2019 but over-delivered with not quite a game a week, but closer to that than a biweekly game. The store offered a total of 73 free games in 2019. They earned surprisingly high ratings from players, who downloaded them more than 200 million times. These included Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, For Honor, Rayman Legends, the Batman: Arkham collection, Slime Rancher, Layers of Fear, and more. The announcement does not include a full schedule of free game releases, but fans can likely expect them to be of similar quality as the 2019 free games.

The numbers suggest that the bulk of Epic Games’ customers are there to play (and spend money on) Fortnite. This makes up the majority of the profit the company has seen since launching the online store. However, the data also suggests a healthy subset of players who enjoy playing third-party games – and even more who can’t resist the allure of free ones. Ultimately, this is good for everyone. For Epic, it’s a way to bring eyes to the store and build customer loyalty. But with games being as expensive as they are, this gives players with less disposable income a way to greatly expand their collections without breaking the bank in doing so.

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John Prager

The Hunger Games: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen became one of the biggest heroes in film history with the incredibly popular Hunger Games franchise. Going from print to the big screen, the bow and arrow wielding star was beloved by audiences and was a real star-making role for Jennifer Lawrence.

The character was one that was written to be incredibly strong, and while she had some vulnerability to make audiences connect with her, she was a real badass. There’s a reason that so many fans of both the book and the movies loved her.

However, that doesn’t mean that the character was absolutely perfect. There were issues with the character and things that didn’t make sense about what she did, and within this list, we will reveal ten examples of that.

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10 The Arrows

This is something that makes no sense about any major character who opts to use the bow and arrow as their weapon of choice because they always seem to have an endless supply. It always makes absolutely no sense as eventually, the ammo is going to run out?

People like Hawkeye and Legolas also seem to have a neverending supply of arrows, so this isn’t an issue that Katniss Everdeen suffers alone. However, it does make absolutely no sense that she would consistently have as many arrows as she needed.

9 Her Appearance

This is something that only really makes no sense if you have read the novels, but the fact is that Jennifer Lawrence’s casting doesn’t exactly go along with Katniss Everdeen’s description in the book. This isn’t a huge issue, and if you’ve only ever watched the movies, it won’t impact you at all.

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Obviously, seeing characters from books be changed when they become movies is not a new situation. It’s happened before, and it will certainly happen again. However, for Katniss, she is originally described as having “olive” skin, which Lawrence does not.

8 Nobody Volunteers

Every time people are picked to compete inside the Hunger Games, the chances are high that they don’t actually want to be picked. When people are chosen from each District, the chances are also high that those people all have family members and loved ones who would rather step in their place.

So, how come that never happens? People can put their name in for extra ballots, and they get extra supplies. But if someone can just take your place then surely everyone would pile their name in to get those? Nobody else volunteers for other people, so, even though this does set up the whole movie, it makes no sense.

7 Prim As A Nurse

You would think after you had been through hell in the Hunger Games to protect your sister, you’d constantly be watching her every move after you survived it. Katniss steps up and volunteers as tribute to save her sister’s life, yet in Mockingjay, she doesn’t seem to have the same level of care when Prim becomes a battlefield nurse.

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Surely, Katniss would know the dangers and would have stopped it from happening beforehand. This moment eventually leads to Prim’s death, as she and many others are bombed, which creates a hugely emotional moment. However, it doesn’t make sense from the ‘big protective sister’ standpoint.

6 District 12

This situation that makes no sense isn’t so much about Katniss Everdeen as a person but is more focused on the District that she lives in. District 12 is promoted to be the poorest in Panem, with this being an area that produces coal for the Capitol.

That all makes sense until you actually see the Capitol. It quickly becomes clear that the area is incredibly technologically advanced and is way ahead of the world we know today. So, why would they ever rely upon coal power?

5 Parents’ Names

Something that makes absolutely no sense about the Katniss Everdeen character is the fact her parents are never given a first name. This happens in neither the movies or the books and is a really strange situation, as Katniss never speaks the name of them throughout.

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You would think in the book, at least, their name would have been written in at least once, but it wasn’t the case. Her mother plays a big factor in creating Katniss to be the person she is, so the fact that she was never given the courtesy of a name is very odd.

4 Not Falling Out With Gale

The main reason that Katniss doesn’t end up romantically involved with Gale is that he plays a part in the death of her sister. Helping to make the bombs that were dropped on her sister is something that damages their relationship, even though that was obviously not his intention.

However, the punishment she gives him outside of a few bad looks is the fact they won’t be a romantic item. But considering how much she loves her sister, you would have thought she’d have gone absolutely insane at him at least a couple of times.

3 The Age

This is another issue that often takes place when books are made into movies, mainly because the actors and actresses are often not the same age they are in the books. This is especially true with franchises, because they aren’t filmed back to back, and the people playing the roles outgrow the characters they’re portraying.

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This was especially true with Katniss Everdeen and Jennifer Lawrence. Outside of the epilogue, Katniss is never actually any older than seventeen within the books. However, Jennifer was already twenty years old by the time she shot the very first movie, let alone the rest.

2 Constant Risk

Katniss Everdeen becomes the face of the Rebellion in this franchise. She is the poster girl who does all the promos and is someone that is vital to its success, but you wouldn’t think so by how she’s treated. Despite how much she means to the cause, they have no issue throwing her into danger.

Katniss risks her life countless times throughout the campaign, which really doesn’t make any sense. You would think that the Rebellion wouldn’t risk Katniss’ safety unless it was absolutely necessary, and her adventures don’t always feel that way.

1 The Relationship With Peeta

The love triangle in Hunger Games has always been a sore point of the story, specifically Katniss’ relationship with Peeta. Her true feelings for him really are never fully explained as she seems to go from one extreme to the other and it’s never clear if she actually loves him.

To say they spend so much time focusing on them together and how much they seem to care for each other, it’s odd that they don’t give fans an actual defining moment. Peeta seems to deeply love her, and the fact that she never reciprocates those feelings, or makes things clear to him is frustrating.

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Matthew Wilkinson

Spy Games: Everything You Need to Know About Bravo’s New Series

Bravo’s latest reality TV show Spy Games premieres this month and is hoping to tap into the fantasy everyone has at some time or another of being a real-life spy. Here are some important things you need to know about the espionage show ahead of its premiere.

Spy Games is pretty far removed from the reality TV shows we’ve come to know Bravo for, like the Real Housewives franchise or Vanderpump Rules, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Whose background is the best suited for spy life? Fans can pick their favorites now and see how well they fare when put to the test.

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The show is sure to be a lot of fun to watch for viewers of all ages because who hasn’t fantasized about being a spy at some point in time. Spy Games gives 10 regular people a chance to give it a try, but without the risk of death or imprisonment if found out. It also will strike a chord with all reality TV audiences, as its trailer teases a lot of drama as the contestants will be living in a Big Brother type of situation, where they will live and compete together in a mansion.

Spy Games follows 10 contestants with no prior training competing at spy challenges. The contestants live together in a mansion in a remote location. In true spy fashion, during this time they are also trying to collect intel on each other, in addition to the challenges. They will be competing for a grand prize of $100,000.

The show is hosted by martial artist Mia Kang which means the bar is set high even for those not competing. While Kang made a name for herself in the modeling world she also has her first win in a pro-Muay Thai fight in Thailand recently where she won with a TKO in the 3rd round. Oh yeah, and she has a master’s in finance and financial law as well.

Next, there are three experts: First is Douglas Laux, who has dedicated 10 years of service to the United States Intelligence Community, spending most of his time in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent working against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Then, there is Evy Poumpouras, a former Secret Service Agent, writer and national TV contributor who covers topics such as national security, law enforcement, and criminal justice. Lastly, there’s the third expert, Erroll Southers who is a former FBI Special Agent who has spent most of his time working undercover for Foreign Counterintelligence, Terrorism, and SWAT.

The show, according to Bravo, is based on a real-world spy program. During World War II there was a secret government program known as Station S. This program recruited civilians, took them to a remote location, and trained them to be spies. In an attempt to stay as authentic as possible the show won’t have celeb judges but instead will employ real former intelligence professionals as “assessors”. This panel will be assessing the skills of the 10 aspiring spies. They include former FBI Special Agent Erroll Southers, former undercover CIA Officer Douglas Laux, and former Special Agent for the United States Secret Service Evy Poumpouras.

The contestants themselves are, despite being civilians, equally interesting. Dr. Mitch Abrams, 47, is a published author and psychologist from New Jersey. New Yorker Colin Hutzler, 31, is an entrepreneur. Houston born George Jackson, 28, is a luxury event marketing consultant and professional driver in Long Beach. Saif Kareem, 35, is a translator and personal trainer from Florida. At 24, Berkeley law student Chelsey Mori is one of the younger contestants. There’s video game executive Nika Nour, 28, from Orange County started college at age 14. Christina Randall, 35, social media influencer from Florida. Jessica Studd, 33, feels empowered by her Asperger syndrome diagnoses and not only works in cannabis sales but also uses high-level catfishing to help out cheaters. Next, there’s former Air Force medic Brock Thompson, 32, who is currently a nursing student but previously helped California companies assess threat levels as a security consultant. The final spy in training is Charnel Wright, 43, from Orlando who was an investigative journalist before becoming a public relations strategist.

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Spy Games premieres Monday, January 20 at 10pm EST on Bravo.

Source: Bravo

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