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Considering the entire Hunger Games series focuses on children being forced to kill other children, it isn’t exactly surprising that we get a few absolutely brutal moments along the way. These films had no chill.

Whether they’re through direct actions in the Games themselves, accidental death at the hands of Katniss’ resistance or a result of Snow’s brutal government, the series presents us with a lot of devastating actions that shock viewers to this day. We’ve gathered together ten of the most brutal deaths in The Hunger Games movies.

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10 Marvel

Despite Katniss herself only finding out his name retrospectively, Marvel’s death was a particularly gruesome one. As a career tribute, Marvel had spent his entire life leading to this moment, forging an arrogant, tough exterior that could be used to intimidate his opponents.

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He got off to a strong start, immediately plunging a spear through the heart of a girl from District 7 and slashing the throat of a guy from District 8. Eventually, once Katniss realized his direct hand in the death of Rue, he gets an arrow straight to the chest.

9 President Snow

As the primary antagonist of a four-film spectacle of Hunger Games’ stature, we knew President Coriolanus Snow was destined for doom eventually. His tyrannical rule was pretty much the initial stimulus behind every death on this list, but when Katniss was given the chance to execute him at the end of Mockingjay, she went for the hidden evil of Coin instead.

Snow was treated to an arguably more brutal death anyway, coughing up blood as he was crushed by the chaotic crowd that formed in the panic.

8 Prim

With saving Prim being Katniss’ primary motivation for entering the Games and kicking off the whole series of messy affairs that follow, the tragedy of Prim’s gruesome fate became even more poignant as the series came to a close.

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Prim’s own spirit and determination to help and heal those around her, we (and Katniss) last see her as she sprints towards an injured child, only for a second wave of bombs to hit. Prim is killed, and as a result, Katniss completely loses her voice for days due to grief. This one has the double-barrel hit of being physically and emotionally brutal.

7 Clove

One of Katniss’ main foes in the 74th Hunger Games was 15-year old District 2 career tribute Clove. She had knife throwing accuracy to parallel Katniss’ bow and arrow shooting, and a distinctive bloodlust that she masked with fake sweetness during her interview.

When Rue’s death is announced, Thresh thinks Clove was responsible and throttles her against the Cornucopia. When he smashes her head against it, her skull cracks and she drops to the ground, only to die slowly with her eyes and mouth open and fingers slowly closing.

6 Foxface

We never learn much about this District 5 tribute; not even her real name. Her main strength was her intelligence and analysis, so at the Cornucopia, she simply runs away, bumping into Katniss with no attempt to fight.

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She ended up coming fourth in the entire Games but met her maker when she stole and ate Peeta’s poisonous berries. There is an interesting theory that Foxface actually used these berries to commit suicide, with eagle-eyed viewers noting that her extreme intelligence suggests she knew exactly what the berries would do.

5 Rue

Everyone knows the heart-breaking story of Rue, the 12-year old from District 11 who’s death sparked Katniss’ revolution and remained part of her fight in every film after her death. Katniss found Rue trapped in a net and watched as she caught Marvel’s spear directly through the abdomen.

As we know, Katniss avenged her immediately but was completely helpless as she watched Rue die. Katniss sang to Rue in her final moments, and the Mockingjays soon picked up the song and relayed it around the entire arena. A moving few seconds which stemmed from a truly harrowing moment.

4 Cato

Cato was the strongest, most powerful and most arrogant tribute in the Games. He was a volunteer from District 2 and ended up being Katniss’ main rival throughout the first games. He referred to himself as vicious in his interview, and proved it in the Cornucopia, immediately involving himself in the action.

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He went on to lead the career tributes and was Peeta and Katniss’ final fight as the film came to a close. Just before his death at the hands of the muttations (and Katniss’ mercy arrow), he seems to repent slightly, stating that the Capitol had turned him into a pawn raised to kill. This glimmer of sympathy makes his brutal demise even more shocking.

3 Finnick

Despite being the youngest winner of the Games in history, Finnick finally met his match on the way to President Snow’s mansion at the hands of the muttations. He had come from District 4 and was mentored by Mags, the winner of the 11th Games (and tribute who eventually died when she sacrificed herself volunteering in place of Finnick’s wife, but that’s another story).

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After her death, Finnick remained shook up until his own. Not unlike Cato, he was dragged down into the tunnels and devoured by the brutal mutated dogs, and Katniss was able to provide him a quicker, but no less sad, death.

2 Cinna

Thanks to his unwavering support of Katniss, Cinna became a fan favorite character within his first few moments on screen. He styled her and helped her prepare for both the 74th and 75th games, but couldn’t get any further than that.

His death was an intimidation tactic, carried out by Peacekeepers just as Katniss was being taken into the 75th Games. They beat him with spiked gloves until they drag his bloodied body out for interrogation. It seems like Cinna could have come back at any moment considering we don’t see him die on screen, but his death during interrogation must have been more real than we thought.

1 Glimmer

Alongside Marvel, Glimmer was a career tribute from District 1 with a tendency for brutality and arrogance. When Katniss is stuck in a tree waiting for the career tributes to give up, she receives the most brutal death in the Hunger Games franchise. Katniss cuts a tracker jacker (sort of like aggressive, deadly wasps) nest and allows it to land amongst the group.

After being stung persistently, she eventually collapsed, moaning and twitching while hallucinating from the sting of the terrifying mutated monsters. When Katniss came down, she was in a coma, unrecognizable due to the swelling of her face. For a film aimed at teenagers, this was an incredibly graphic way to go.

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Dan Peeke

The Witcher: 10 Biggest Changes The Show Made From The Games & Books

The conclusion of the final season of Game of Thrones left behind a deep, dark television void that provided a lucrative opportunity to a wide variety of media companies beyond HBO. All major streaming services moved quickly to create, film, and release their own GoT’s; with Amazon Prime’s The Lord Of The Rings series still in production, Netflix found success first, with The Witcher. 

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Similar to Game of Thrones, The Witcher is based upon a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowsi. But, unlike HBO’s hit series, Netflix’s The Witcher is based upon more than just the books; long before Sapkowski’s series of short stories and novels were translated onto the silver screen, they were adapted into a series of wildly popular video games. Here are 10 of the biggest differences between the Netflix series, the games, and the books.

10 The Fall Of Cintra

In the books and short stories, the fall of Cintra -Princess Ciri’s birthright- is never directly discussed. The sacking of the kingdom is mentioned, but only in passing, through a series of tales that Jaskier tells to Geralt. The show provides a new opportunity to witness the razing of the city, not only at the very beginning but also in a gritty, personal way.

By choosing to show the fall of Cintra first through Ciri’s desperate escape, then later through Geralt’s own escape, Netflix provides an interesting circle, while thoroughly painting this horrific beginning to Nilfgaard’s brutal invasion.

9 Ciri’s Powers

The novels depict Ciri’s strange, chaotic powers in a much different light than the show does. The novels mainly showcase certain strange and magical instincts; the true potential of her magical capabilities are not even explored until the second book: ‘Time of Contempt.’

But in the show, Ciri’s powers are blatant, extreme, and uncontrollable from the very beginning. This serves mainly to increase the stakes both Ciri and Geralt are facing, as well as to provide an explanation as to why she is so ceaselessly hunted.

8 Gwent

Featured mainly in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Gwent is a popular trading card game of sorts that Geralt was known to enjoy playing throughout the video game.

Though it is only a mini-game, and so can be entirely ignored by a large portion of the audience, it is still greatly enjoyed by those who partake in it. While it would have been interesting to see Gwent somehow incorporated into the show, the game would likely have taken away from the grim, brooding, emotionless character that is Geralt of Rivia.

7 Yennefer

Similar to the fall of Cintra, little is known of Yennefer in the novels before she meets Geralt. Her entire journey at Aretuza, her relationship with Tissaia, as well as the murder of the infant child were not mentioned in the books.

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The only aspect of Yennefer’s backstory that is included in the books is that she began as a suicidal hunchback. By incorporating her story in such brutal detail into the show, Yennefer’s character receives all the fine-tuning and attention it deserves.

6 The Swords

When the very first promo image from Netflix’s The Witcher was released, featuring Henry Cavill in a stark white wig dressed in form-fitting leather, die-hard fans of the games were not entirely pleased.

Largely, this was due to the fact that only one wicked-looking sword was strapped to Geralt’s back; in the games, The Witcher sports two brutal longswords. Though the show quickly proved that Geralt does not need a second blade to defeat his enemies.

5 Ciri’s Journey To Geralt

It seems like something of a theme, in that large events that the novels merely mentioned are deeply expanded upon in the Netflix adaptation. In this, Ciri’s entire journey across all 8 episodes of the first season is no exception.

Her escape from Cintra, through the plains and Brokilon forest, and eventually into Geralt’s arms was dreamed up specifically for the show. ‘The Blood of Elves’ picks up essentially where the first season ends, with the White Wolf as Princess Ciri’s defender.

4 Jaskier

The beloved bard captured hearts the world over with his quick wit, sarcasm, and, of course, his songs. ‘Toss a coin to your Witcher, O Valley of plenty,’ quickly became internet-famous, and the relationship Jaskier has with Geralt provides a much-needed bit of relief from the constant bloody backdrop of the show.

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However, in the games, this same bard is called Dandelion, a strange decision as his name in the books is Jaskier. The showrunners made a good decision to return to the books for the bard’s final christening.

3 Geralt’s Childhood

Another event that occurs in the books, accompanied by next to no detail, is an encounter similar to the one that incapacitated Geralt for much of the eighth episode, where the White Wolf is wounded and delirious.

Netflix shows, in strong detail, what scenes the unconscious Geralt witnessed while in recovery, painting a firm history of The white-haired Witcher, while also truly deepening his character by demonstrating that, at one time, the fierce assassin was a boy full of innocence and wonder, who was turned over to the Witchers through no choice of his own. While the novels leave us wondering, the show provides answers we didn’t even know we wanted.

2 Tris

The valiant mage is vastly different in the show than the games; the games, beyond portraying her as a pale, red-headed sorceress, also incorporate Triss as a major love interest for Geralt, crafting an intricate love-triangle between Yennefer, Tris, and Geralt.

The show does away with the love triangle, changes her visage, and places her much more in the background. She did have her moments throughout the season, making her potential high for season 2 – ultimately, Netflix made the right call, if only for merely simplifying an already complex story.

1 The Battle Of Sodden

In the books, this fearsome battle was mentioned after it had occurred. The most of Sodden that the books detail is when Geralt goes to the battlefield looking for Yennefer, hoping that her name is not etched upon the memorial that is all the evidence that remains of the battle. But the show grants the Battle of Sodden every bit of screentime it deserves, making it the pivotal finale of the season.

Again, this was a smart decision, as it provided an opportunity to truly demonstrate the capabilities of many of the mages, the power of Nilfgaard, and the sheer chaotic strength that Yennefer possesses.

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Mobile Games make over $200 Million on Christmas Day Alone.

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, proven by the fact that people spent over $200 million on Christmas day alone. The proliferation of smartphones has directly correlated to a change in how people play games, gone are the days of coin-swallowing arcades and to some extent, dedicated mobile game devices as well. Just last month, Sony CEO and President Jim Ryan said that PlayStation is done with making handheld devices.

Nintendo is the only game publisher today making proprietary mobile game devices, with the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, it was just a few years ago that Nintendo was in direct competition with Sony in the generation of Vita and 3DS, as well as before with the PSP and DS, two of the best selling game devices of all time. But as the market was flooded with smartphones, the two companies shifted to polarized business strategies, whereas Sony conceded their space, Nintendo persisted. That being said, Nintendo has also made a push towards releasing original IPs on other mobile devices, such as Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS.

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The news that consumers spent over $200 million on Christmas day on mobile games come by way of data insight company Sensor Tower. According to their report, in total global app spending exceeded $277 million with $210 million on just games. PUBG was the highest-grossing app in terms of in-game spending with $8.5 million, while Tinder led the way for non-game apps with $2.1 million. Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower says that,

“With 2019 drawing to a close, overall spending on the App Store and Google Play both globally and in the U.S. has once again reached record levels.”

Some other key takeaways are that the United States’ growth margin was much smaller than the global market, with the U.S. at a 4.8% increase and the global market at 11.3%. The Apple app store processed 70% of app spending on Christmas day. Also, the projected end of month total gross for all mobile apps and games is over $5.1 billion.

Mobile games have long been associated with mechanisms designed to extract money from unsuspecting players. Just recently, Nintendo adjusted its smartphone games so players don’t spend too much money, but not every company has been so quick to add those restrictions. Many critics of mobile gaming argue that the monetization strategy has become predatory, taking advantage of kids who have little understanding of the value of real-world money. But from this report of historic spending on Christmas day, it doesn’t seem likely that consumers will stop any time soon.

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Source: Sensor Tower

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Was Informed By Games Like Spider-Man

The producer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has said in a new interview that the updated JRPG has been informed by Insomniac’s Spider-Man and other modern games. The remake has been in development at Square Enix since 2015, and is finally approaching its long-awaited release date in March of this year.

As one of the most frequently requested remakes of all time, the modern rendition of Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. Fans and first-timers alike have been hyping it up across the internet, in spite of the not-so-popular fact that the full story of FF7 will be split into different remade releases. This upcoming first part in the saga has already made a number of significant changes to Final Fantasy 7, including a totally revamped combat system and newer character designs. On the other hand, the remake will still contain things like the memorable cross-dressing scene, and Square Enix is giving older fans options like the “Classic” battle mode. The game has gone through a long development period to get to this point, and the series’ general producer has now shared some of the project’s influences.

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In a new interview with Game Informer, Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase gave some insight into the creative process behind the game. When asked how much he and his team consider other titles and competitors while making their own game, Kitase responded by saying that they use other contemporary games like the super-popular Spider-Man as something of a benchmark. These games can provide “hints” to overcoming some of their own issues during development:

“Whenever new games come out while we’re in the process of developing something – for example, Spider-Man – we buy a copy of the game and we all play it in an open space to see what sort of technology, elements, and graphics they are using. There are many times when these games are trying to achieve something similar to what we are trying to achieve, so by playing them, sometimes we can find hints as to how to further something we’ve gotten to a roadblock on.”

However, Kitase also emphasized how important it was to have a “core idea” for Final Fantasy 7 Remake when studying other games. Without that central focus, he said, it would be easy to lose their own vision by comparing it to others. “If we constantly look at these games and say, ‘We want our graphics to be better than that,’ or ‘We want this function to be better than that,’ if you keep doing that, things just spiral further and further, and so does the release date. It’s just never-ending,” Kitase said. “For that reason, it’s very important to have a core idea of what story you want to tell and what sort of thing you want your audience to experience.

There seems to be a ton of creative energy that goes into remaking a game, contrary to the idea that it’s just a matter of using the original’s blueprint to rebuild in a new engine. Indeed, this version of Final Fantasy 7 taught Square Enix that remakes are harder to develop than original titles. Nonetheless, remakes of classic titles are becoming ever more popular with major publishers and developers, as evidenced by the recently announced remake of Resident Evil 3. Bringing these beloved games back to the fore is something that both older fans and younger players love, so the more the merrier.

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FF7 Remake releases on March 3, 2020 on PlayStation 4.

Source: Game Informer

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The Hunger Games: 10 Things You Never Knew About Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne definitely got left out in the lurch from the love triangle in The Hunger Games. When Katniss Everdeen went off with Peeta Mellark, Gale was the one who got left behind. However, that did not stop fans from rallying behind this fantastic (and perhaps underrated) character.

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Despite being less of a protagonist than either Peeta or Katniss, Gale’s fictional history is interesting. As a matter fact, there is probably a lot about his character that not even the most ardent fan of The Hunger Games knows. Read on if you want to learn (or remember) a few things about Gale Hawthorne.

10 He Is Over Six Feet Tall

Picking an actor like Liam Hemsworth to play Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games movie franchise was not a bad idea. The Australian actor is 6’3” in height, and that is accurate to Gale’s description in the books. Gale is known to be over six feet tall. Katniss describes him as towering over her when they stand next to each other. Supposedly, he was nearing 6 feet when he was only fourteen years old. That’s quite a height for such an age. He must have been absolutely intimidating when he and his fellow students lined up for school.

9 His Father Died In The Same Accident That Killed Katniss’ Dad

Katniss’ tough demeanor was born from having to care for her family by herself when her father was killed in a mining accident. Part of the reason for her closeness with Gale is from this shared experience. Gale’s father perished in the very same mining accident that killed Katniss’. He too had to take on the role of provider for his family afterward. It only makes sense that the two would bond not only from the emotional connection of such a tragedy, but from a practical standpoint as well. Working together allowed them to provide for their respective families better.

8 He Is Two Years Older Than Katniss

Despite similar appearances and a proclivity to stick together, Katniss and Gale are separated by two years. In other words, Gale is two years’ Katniss’ senior. Before they decided to hunt together in the woods to provide for their families, Katniss only knew of Gale as an upperclassman.

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She had glimpsed him from time to time while at school. This relatively small gap in their ages did not stop them from hanging out with each other. Their friendship was natural and easy for them both.

7 He Is The One Mainly Responsible For District 12’s Survival

Gale is only one man, but he was able to protect what was left of District 12’s population after the bombing of his home almost single-handedly. While Katniss was battling it out in the Quarter Quell, Gale had to flee from his home with hundreds of people. While in the woods, he was able to catch enough food for the large group to subsist on for a few days. After a bit, people from District 13 came to the rescue, leading Gale and his fellows back to the reclusive district. Even though Gale was only one man, he was enough to ensure his district’s survival.

6 He Is The Oldest Of His Siblings

Gale’s family is larger than Katniss’. Where she has her mother and younger sister to feed after her father’s death, Gale has his mother and three other younger siblings, too. Gale is the oldest child in the family, so he takes it upon himself to care for the rest. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gale Hawthorne is an older sibling. His protective and proactive nature make him an obvious older brother. His brothers and sister should consider themselves lucky to have a brother like him.

5 He Helped Beetee Make Military Weapons

Beetee is considered the genius of The Hunger Games series. He figures out the workings of the Quarter Quell’s arena in Catching Fire and he helps District 13 construct weapons in Mockingjay. However, what fans often miss is the fact that Gale helped Beetee in his weapon designs. When the two were both residing in District 13, they helped the rebellion by building new weapons for them. It wasn’t just Beetee on his own. Gale is an intelligent man, who used his knowledge of hunting, snares, and traps to assist Beetee in his work.

4 He Was The One Who Taught Katniss About Snares

In the first Hunger Games, Katniss stands out from the other Tributes because she was a good knowledge base on how to hunt for food. She uses snares to catch prey when she’s on the run in the arena. However, she didn’t learn this knowledge on her own. Most of what she knows about snares comes from Gale.

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She was mostly good at hunting with a bow and arrow before she met him. He was the one who imparted a thorough understanding of traps to her. Lucky he did, because those skills kept her from starving in the first Hunger Games.

3 He Is Potentially Responsible For Prim’s Death

Gale’s knowledge of snares made him an invaluable asset when it came to designing weapons for the rebellion. Unfortunately, it was the design of one of his bombs that ended up killing Katniss’ sister, Prim. Gale even confessed to Katniss that it may have been a bomb he built with his own hands. This information forever severs the connection that Gale and Katniss shared. If there is one thing Katniss could never forgive, it was the death of her beloved little sister. And knowing there was a slight possibility that Gale’s weapon was responsible for it made her distrust him forever after.

2 He Helped To Buy Prim Her Goat

To make matters worse, Gale honestly cared for Prim. When Katniss was selected at the Reaping, Gale stayed behind and cared for her family as well as his. Beyond just a friendly obligation, however, Gale did truly look after Prim. When he and Katniss hunted their first deer, he insisted on going with Katniss to purchase Prim her very own nanny goat with their earnings from selling it. He even insisted on going back to Katniss’ house with the goat so that he could see Prim’s reaction to receiving the present.

1 He Moved To District 2 After The War

Since The Hunger Games series focuses on Katniss and her perspective, not much is known about what happened to Gale after the war with the Capitol was over. She ended up with Peeta and had children, but what about Gale? What we do know is that he moved to District 2 to assist in the formation of a new government. He became a military leader of sorts. It’s unclear whether he ever reestablished the same level of friendship with Katniss after the death of Prim.

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Amanda Hurych

The Best Video Games of 2019 | Screen Rant

The best video games of 2019 weren’t difficult to find this year: they were pretty much everywhere, in each month, with few dry spells and more game of the year contenders than is normal for the industry. If 2019 was the last full year of the current generation of gaming devices from Sony and Microsoft, then it was an impressive one, with a slew of releases spanning both AAA and indie developers that surpassed expectation and delivered some of the most captivating experiences of the last few years.

While the best video games of 2019 could easily be presented as a laundry list of games that simply delivered on their massive hype, that would be doing a disservice to the indie sector. In 2019, indie games continued to prove that they’re on the cutting edge brink of video game design, with a number of titles staking their claim as the best video game of 2019. Even on our list, which goes ten games deep and makes a concerted effort to put some of indie gaming’s finest on display, there simply isn’t enough room for all of the excellent titles released by smaller developers. The world of video games is changing, and the best experiences aren’t always guaranteed to be from the most well-known studios anymore – an exciting notion for fans and up-and-comers with a big idea who just need a platform to explore it on.

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That isn’t to say that the best video games of 2019 were comprised entirely of indie titles, either. There were very few outright disappointments from the biggest releases of the year, save perhaps Anthem, and many of the games consumers weren’t sure about ended up being exemplary. While Death Stranding is probably the best example of the way unknown quantities delivered in the major release market, Fire Emblem Three Houses was another game that smashed expectations on the way to reaching demographics that weren’t on the radar in the build-up to its launch. Incredibly, 2019 produced so many great games that this list could easily be twice or three times as long – but we’ve narrowed it down to Screen Rant’s top ten best video games of 2019.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a fever dream combination of all of Persona‘s greatest social sim elements and the tactical combat that the Fire Emblem series has become known for. Somehow, it works – Fire Emblem Three Houses was a gripping exploration of growing up on a battlefield, of the way friendships can define childhood into becoming an adult and the way allegiances shift when there’s something new to fight for. Beyond that, combat took some marked steps forward in making the franchise more accessible to new fans, which is perfect timing, given the outstanding critical reviews of Fire Emblem Three Houses and the game’s presence on one of the hottest gaming consoles in recent memory in the Nintendo Switch.

Death Stranding is a wildly divisive game, but that makes it all the more intriguing. Hideo Kojima’s bizarre look at a world ravaged by an apocalyptic, supernatural event and the minute ways in which humanity reconnects with itself afterwards takes some getting used to. After that, though, all bets are off, with many consumers suggesting it’s one of the greatest games of this generation while others believe it’s little more than an Amazon simulator peppered with ghosts. Screen Rant’s Death Stranding review is glowing, however, and it’s suggestion remains true now even after months of the game’s availability – it’s a game that’s a must-play for anyone who wants to know where gaming innovation can be pushed next.

Devil May Cry 5 got lost in the shuffle for some, as the title released to a largely apathetic fan base that felt the series’ best days were behind it. The combined adventure of Dante, Nero, and newcomer V proved that wrong quite quickly, and offered up some of the flashiest and most fun combat of 2019. The story may still be a load of nonsense, but the characters are endearing and the visuals are just as sleek and sexy as the fondest memories of the franchise’s yesteryear. In a year where Capcom kept churning out incredible games, Devil May Cry 5 was sneakily the best one.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers may be the single greatest MMORPG expansion of all-time, and it offers enough content that it could easily be considered a standalone title – were it not for the immense amount of time required to reach the beginning of its offerings. Fans who sink in that extra time will be happy they did, as Shadowbringers told one of the best Final Fantasy stories in recent memory and did so while also providing a fresh take on MMORPG additions, ramping up the things that make the game feel special – like class quests, the overarching story, and the job system – while also providing more crossover potential with content from Nier: Automata added after the initial launch.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was proof that the Dark Souls style could be translated beyond just grimdark fantasy games and into something more visually stunning. Of course, Sekiro featured the same kind of gameplay that made its competitors famous and challenging, but it did it with a flair that was new and appealing. Sekiro was also at the heart of a debate surrounding accessibility in games and, while that discussion hasn’t been resolved yet, it shows just how popular the title was – it was so desirable and interesting that it finally shed light on the fact that, perhaps, Souls-style games should be expected to come with an easy mode so that more consumers can enjoy them.

The Outer Worlds always felt like it was going to be a great addition to the RPG genre, but few expected Obsidian Entertainment to deliver the Fallout game fans have wanted since, well, Fallout: New Vegas – the game Obsidian famously developed for Bethesda that many still believe to be the quintessential modern Fallout experience. The Outer Worlds isn’t just a replacement Fallout, though, as it handles a tongue-in-cheek critique of rampant capitalism beautifully while also providing some of the most memorable companions the genre has ever seen. Parvati, in particular, is a demonstration of nuanced representation that raises the bar for what fans can expect from developers in 2020 and beyond.

House House’s Untitled Goose Game, on paper, seems like the sort of quick download and play experience that is good for a laugh and a half hour of fun. What it actually is, however, is one of the most sublime indie games of 2019, a title that was as addictive as it was hilariously structured. Something about just being a horrible goose to the poor villagers who have this monster inflicted upon them burnt hours away unexpectedly, and proved that with enough charm and polish, even the most absurd game ideas have traction when they’re executed brilliantly.

Disco Elysium is another surprise hit on the list of the best games of 2019. A psychological thriller in which the player takes on the role of a detective with memory problems and a world that’s scary and strange in front of him, Disco Elysium‘s biggest selling point is its staggering narrative. It’s also got some of the most insightful and heart-breaking dialogue options in RPGs, and is entirely unlike anything else released in 2019. Disco Elysium is especially worth a look for anyone who is growing tired of the standard AAA story-telling experience and who craves something different and special.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is the shortest game on this list, but that doesn’t affect its stature as one of the best games of 2019. While Disco Elysium sounds like it would be a jaunt down trippy beats and eye-popping gameplay, Sayonara Wild Hearts is the actual rhythm title that delivers on that expectation. The soundtrack for the game is simply one of the best in modern gaming and, with gameplay intrinsically tied to such synth-laden and dreamy tunes, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an engrossing experience that only demands attention, not time.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a gorgeous looking third-person stealth adventure that pulls no punches in examining the journey of two children to survive one of the most devastating disasters in history. Are the rats or the soldiers the bigger monsters? Can they survive a world that’s so clearly out to destroy them and their innocence? A Plague Tale: Innocence doesn’t just ask big questions, but it delivers moments that capitalize on those queries’ initial promise, lingering with the player long after the game has concluded. Horror and joy in equal measure, A Plague Tale: Innocence is another unique experience fans will want to make up their own minds about, and is definitely one of the best games of 2019.

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Cody Gravelle

Streaming Games Like Google Stadia Can’t Thrive Under ISP Data Caps

Game streaming services such as Google Stadia now face the same data cap issue many Americans have faced for years. However, with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Sony all now having skin in the game, the shift in power might be enough to sway ISPs to giving consumers access to unlimited data once again. Then again, it might not.

Many ISPs, including both Comcast and AT&T, currently place a limit on how much data a household can consume each month. Typically, that limit is around 1024 GB. While some of the companies do offer help for those who go over the limit, others don’t and will impose additional charges when exceeding the data cap. The one workaround is the price a consumer pays as most of these companies will provide unlimited data as long as the consumer is willing to pay more each month.

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With the arrival of game streaming services like Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud, unlimited data is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. This is to the point where it might be hard for these services to offer the product they intend to unless the limited data cap is removed. While some consumers can live with lower quality video streaming as a means to save on data usage, the experience most gamers are already accustomed to (through consoles and high-end PC gaming), dictates game streaming cannot operate with the same handcuffs in place.

Technically, data caps are not a new issue as those who like to ‘Netflix and chill’ will already be well-versed in the issue. As is Netflix, who is also well aware of the problems data caps place on its customers and by association, it’s business. Netflix itself publicly makes consumers aware of just how quickly a watch binge can eat through a data cap and how to adjust the settings to minimize the impact. According to Netflix’s own numbers, streaming in HD (the plan most Netflix users are subscribed to) eats up to 3 GB of data per hour. Those already paying a higher monthly rate for Ultra HD access can expect up to 7 GB of data to be eaten each hour. However, Netflix video streaming is not a patch on the amount of data game streaming is capable of digesting.

Take Google Stadia, for example. Google has published guidelines on what consumers will want to have in their streaming arsenal to make the most of the game streaming experience. The problem is, the numbers are not at all flattering. Google says playing at 720p results in up to 4.5 GB of data per hour. That’s the best case scenario for those looking to lessen the data demands. Those happy to meet in the middle with a “balanced” (Google’s words) gaming experience by upping to 1080p results in up to 12.6 GB data consumption per hour. Again, that’s the medium take as those looking for the best gaming experience Stadia has to offer will want to stream in 4K, and doing so will result in up to 20GB data use per hour. At the 4K rate, the standard data cap provided by most ISPs will mean an individual can game with Stadia in 4K for roughly 2 hours per day. Keeping in mind, that’s just for Stadia as it does not take into account any other data usage on the same network during the course of the same month.

Will ISPs simply hold their ground? While there is clearly a data cap issue facing game streaming companies and consumers, that’s not to say ISPs will give in and open up the data doors completely. Considering ISPs already offer consumers the option to pay more for unlimited it might be the case that ISPs stick to their existing line of thinking. After all, they are not stopping anyone from accessing unlimited data per month, just asking people who want unlimited data to pay for it. Of course, with Google investing heavily in Stadia, and Microsoft in xCloud, consumers wanting unlimited data, without paying premium prices, now have stronger allies than ever before on their side.

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The Hunger Games: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Games

In the world of dystopian novels and films, there are very few that are as simultaneously exciting and terrifyingly prescient as The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is really the story of Katniss Everdeen and her experiences as a tribute, victor, and rebel in the oppressive state of Panem, but obviously the actual Hunger Games are a huge factor in the story as well.

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The Games themselves are one of the most intricate and complex aspects of the entire world of THG, and it’s easy to miss a lot of the small details of the Games that make them so unique and horrifying. So you may have seen or read The Hunger Games, but here are 10 things that you likely never knew about the Hunger Games themselves.

10 A Cornucopia Of Gifts

In every arena, the Cornucopia is one of the most distinct parts of the game. As anyone who has seen The Hunger Games knows, it’s where every game is kicked off and it’s usually home to a lot of valuable items.

But the Cornucopia isn’t just a mess of possible weapons and supplies strewn about haphazardly. In order to make the risk taking more enticing, the rewards are increased as well. Meaning that the items that are found deepest in the Cornucopia are the most useful and valuable in the game, but obviously it’s much more dangerous to go that deep into it.

9 Volunteering Isn’t Always A Sacrifice

Most sane people wouldn’t want to be chosen as a tribute in the Hunger Games, but what is astounding about this competition is that in the districts where tributes are generally favored, a lot of kids voluntarily take the place of the selected tribute in the hopes of winning the games and getting the spoils.

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These tributes are often called “career tributes”, and they typically spend years training in order to prepare themselves for the games and hopefully win. And it should come as no surprise, but these tributes typically dominate the games, and it’s rare that anyone besides a career tribute actually wins.

8 When You’ve Won, You’re Done

The Hunger Games is a massive nationwide undertaking that has a lot of rules and regulations. And one of the established rules of the games is that once you’ve actually won the game, you can’t ever be selected again.

Obviously the likelihood of being chosen in the lottery twice is very small anyway, but one of the many rewards that victors are supposed to reap from victory is the fact that they’re safe for the rest of their lives. And of course, this major rule was broken in the 75th Quarter Quell, where every single tribute was actually someone who had already won the game.

7 Viewership Is Mandatory

The Hunger Games is obviously promoted as the event of the year for the entirety of Panem, and it is promoted as an entertainment event designed to both memorialize the previous war and to keep it’s audience enthralled.

But there is clearly a darker purpose, which is keeping everyone in every district afraid of the government and too scared to step out of line. And as a result of that purpose, watching the Hunger Games isn’t exactly optional. It’s a difficult rule to enforce, but every citizen of Panem is actually required to watch the Hunger Games.

6 Targets On Your Back

The rating process that all tributes go through is kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, getting a high score before the games can make certain contestants much more intimidating and more likely to get sponsorships, but those high scores also make said tribute a much higher target.

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And sometimes the scoring system can be gamed to the advantage of certain players, for instance, Johanna Mason went out of her way to appear weak in her ranking tests so that the other tributes wouldn’t fear her as a threat, and then once she got to the arena she completely flipped the script and won the game.

5 The Youth Advantage

Rue may be cute as a button, but she was extraordinarily unlucky to be chosen for the Hunger Games. I mean, everyone who is chosen for the games is unlucky in their own right (unless they’re maybe one of the volunteer careers), but the games also favors older children for tribute selection.

In what way, you may ask? Well, every year each potential tribute’s name is entered into the lottery every time. So if a kid is 12, their name has been entered once, if they’re 13 it’s been entered twice, and so on, until they hit the age of 18 and get their name entered six times.

4 Winning Isn’t Always About Killing

Obviously, if a tribute is a proficient killer, they are far more likely to fare well in the games or even win the entire event. However, that is not always the deciding factor when it comes to winning the Games. Most tributes win by killing their competitors, but every arena is filled with dangers that can kill tributes too.

As we’ve seen in Katniss’ Hunger Games, anyone can be killed by anything, and there have even been winners that essentially won by default. For example, Annie Cresta wound up winning her Hunger Games because the arena flooded and she was the strongest swimmer left.

3  There Have Been Almost 2,000 Tributes

It’s gruesome enough to realize that nearly two dozen children each year were sacrificed on the altar of Panem’s glorious games, but when looked at in the overall context of the historical Hunger Games it’s even more horrifying to think about.

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24 tributes a year over 75 years means that there have been 1,800 tributes in the history of the game (it would have been 1,824 if the last Hunger Games hadn’t reused previous tributes). Panem certainly wanted to scare the hell out of its citizens, and what better way to do that than with nearly 2,000 dead children?

2 Temptations

There are a lot of aims behind the creation and maintenance of the Hunger Games, but aside from all of the political and social implications of the event, they are ultimately designed to entertain the masses as well. And as a result, obviously the game makers will do things to spice everything up if the “show” is getting too boring.

One of the easiest ways to make that happen is “feasts”, which are essentially restocks of the Cornucopia after the initial bloodbath in order to draw as many contestants back towards it, and back into confrontations with one another as well.

1 Don’t Eat The Rich

One of the darker quirks of the Hunger Games is that although one name is picked out of the tribute lottery for both girls and boys, there aren’t equal odds for everyone who has entered.

Yes, the kids that are older are more likely to be chosen, but the kids who have been entered more times are also more likely to be chosen. Children can acquire food rations from the government by entering their names in more times, which means that the poorer someone’s family is, the more likely they are to be chosen as tributes for the Hunger Games.

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Capcom to Announce Two New Games Very Soon? | Screen Rant

A rumor suggests that Capcom, the renowned video game developer and publisher, may have two unreleased games in store and plans to unveil them during the anime event Jump Festa 2020. As the company behind some of the most successful video game franchises of all times, including Resident Evil,  Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and Monster Hunter World, Capcom has been a household name for decades. Some of its most popular movies have even been turned into movies, keeping thousands of players glued to the screen.

However, Capcom experienced some ups and downs during the last few years. In 2018, the company was been in players’ crosshairs because of some issues related to Street Fighter V, including the introduction of in-game advertising options. Nevertheless, Capcom did much better in 2019, releasing two must-play games: Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.  It is therefore believable that the video game developer wants to keep blowing its fans away with the release of two new titles.

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As Gematsu reports, the rumor started from the Japanese website ryokutya2089, which spread the news that Capcom was going to show four games at Jump Festa 2020. Yet, the official sources say that the company will only exhibit two games at the popular anime and manga event, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Mega Man Zero/ZX. For this reason, the fans started to immediately speculate about whether or not Capcom planning to show two unreleased games at the event. It is not known which games the developer could have in store yet, but rumors suggest that a remake of Resident Evil 3 could be involved.

Additionally, Capcom recently stated that it was interested in revamping some of its older IPs that haven’t had new releases in years. However, it is not sure yet if the company truly chose Jump Festa 2020 to announce its new projects. Instead, it’s possible that the company will decide to unveil them during two more high-profile events that will take place in the next few weeks: The Game Awards 2019 and Capcom Cup 2019. 

While Jump Festa 2020 is going to have prestigious attendees in the gaming industry (including Bandai Namco, Nintendo, and Level-5), Capcom has definitely managed to steal the limelight thanks to this new mystery regarding its potential upcoming releases. The curiosity of the fans about Capcom-related rumors confirms that Resident Evil‘s developer, despite the struggles experienced during the past few years, is still in the hearts of thousands of players.

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Source: Ryokutya2089 (via Gematsu)

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The Hunger Games: 10 Things You Never Knew About Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games featured one of the strongest and most complex heroines in recent young adult fiction and movies, Katniss Everdeen. Apart from being a heroine that you could root for, we saw Katniss grow through the many challenges that she was forced to face.

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In the novels, we learned even more about our heroine and the path that led her to save her sister, Primrose, from being reaped as tribute in the cruel game played by the Capitol. Katniss famously yells, “I volunteer as tribute!” This protected her sister and led Katniss down a path that she thankfully survived, although just barely. Read on to learn more about the things that you never knew about Katniss, both from the movies, the casting, and especially, the books.

10 Still in Grief Over Her Father

Katniss was especially close to her father. By the time the story starts, her father has already been dead for some time, leading her to become the provider for the family. She develops the hunting skills that her father taught her in order to give her family food.

In the book, we see more of her inner thoughts and turmoil over her father’s death. We also have hints of it in the movies. It was clear that her father was not only an important and beloved person to Katniss, but he was part of the reason that she became such a strong and independent woman.

9 Hadn’t Sung Since Her Dad Died

In the book, we learn that Katniss had a beautiful voice. She was close to her father, who liked to sing. However, when her father dies, she stops singing. Katniss hadn’t sung for years.

This makes her singing to Rue extra special. It shows how much Rue’s death affected her, making her break her pact and desire to never sing again. While we see Katniss sing in the movie, we lose some of this valuable backstory.

8 Rue’s District Sent Katniss Bread

It was rare that another district would send a tribute from a different district any package. Since District 11, Rue’s district, sent Katniss bread, it showed how much they connected with her and appreciated her kindness towards Rue. It was one of the first steps in uniting the less privileged districts.

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In addition, District 11 was very poor, meaning that many people would have had to sacrifice and pool their resources together in order to help Katniss.

7 Was Olive-Skinned with Dark Hair

Initially, fans of the books were uncomfortable with Jennifer Lawrence cast in Katniss’s role. While Katniss’s race was never specifically addressed, the Katniss of the books did have an olive skin tone and dark hair.

Additionally, she was underfed but slight with muscle. Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t the person that fans had in their minds. However, Lawrence played the role so well, that many fans forgot their previous criticism.

6 Didn’t Want to Become a Symbol

Throughout the story, Katniss becomes a symbol to unite people against the Capitol. She uses that power to save those that she loves. While she may believe in some of the ideals of the more impoverished districts, she really just wants to survive, and for those she loves to survive as well.

In later movies and books, the mysterious District 13 tries to use her as a symbol to bring down the Capitol. However, President Coin of District 13 turns out to be as twisted as those in power at the Capitol. She wants to make the children of the Capitol suffer and have to play the games. Katniss realizes this and tries to take down District 13, as well. At the end of the day, Katniss doesn’t want this notoriety. She wants to be left alone and live another day with her friends and family.

5 Saw Rue and Peeta as Being Like Primrose, Her Sister

Katniss saw Rue as a major extension of her sister. Rue was about the same age, slight, and unlikely to make it out alive. Originally, Primrose was meant to be the tribute. No doubt, Katniss imagined Rue as Primrose, with odds stacked against her. Because of this, Katniss tries to protect Rue, just like she would her sister.

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Additionally, Katniss admires that Peeta is kind-hearted just like her sister. His kindness and willingness to help others eventually lead her to realize that she cares for him more than she does about her childhood friend/sweetheart, Gale.

4 Used Her Hunting Skills to Save Her Family

When her father died, Katniss decided that she needed to take care of her family. To do so, she learned how to hunt and provide food for them. Later, these are the very same survival skills that end up helping her survive in the game, as well.

Unlike the Career tributes, who built their skills and trained in order to play the games, Katniss’s skills came from necessity. Training was a luxury.

3 Had More Freedom in District 12

Although there was still a hierarchy in District 12, the lines were more blurred. Those that were slightly wealthier still resided and worked alongside those who were not. Since District 12 was on the outskirts (so to speak), it became slightly more neglected than the other districts. This neglect benefited Katniss. She was able to improve her hunting skills and provide for her family. In addition, she was able to befriend several types of people, including Madge, the mayor’s daughter.

Madge doesn’t appear in the film series, but she is really important in the books. Katniss and Madge are close, although they are from different backgrounds. The fact that Katniss was allowed to become friends with a member of the local elite speaks to the unique freedom that existed in District 12.

2 Madge Gave Her the Mockingjay Pin

In the book series, Madge gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin. Although this is not in the movie, it is important that Madge was the one giving Katniss the pin. Madge, from the local elite, recognizes something important and rebellious in Katniss. Although it isn’t necessarily directly stated, it seems that Madge does know the symbolism of the pin. While the pin once belonged to Madge’s aunt and is a thing of value, she easily and willingly gives it to her friend, showing that her friendship with Katniss is of greater value.

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In addition, Katniss’s friendship with Madge shows that Katniss recognizes shades of gray, unlike her friend Gale. She recognizes that there is potential good in others and that many people (regardless of social status) are caught in the same ugly games as her less privileged family. The friendship also shows that Katniss has the ability to gather and unite people from varying backgrounds.

1 Bonded with Peeta Due to the Games

We see Katniss in a love triangle between Peeta and Gale. Peeta was the kind-hearted man she knew, but initially, had to pretend that she loved in order to survive the games. Gale was her childhood best friend and potential romantic interest, the one which she trusted to protect her family. Both men seemed to be good options.

However, in the end, she chooses Peeta. Since she and Peeta had been through the trauma of the games, they had a bond that couldn’t be duplicated. They knew each other’s tragedies and appreciated life’s small treasures, which made them closer. Gale couldn’t come close to this bond.

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