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The graphic novel Paper Girls will be adapted for television by Amazon. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, the comic book series debuted in October 2015 and has since released 29 issues. Vaughan is the mind behind others series such as Runaways, Y: The Last Man, Saga, Pride of Baghdad, and Ex Machina.

Published by Image Comics and set in 1988, Paper Girls follows the experience of four Ohio teenagers named Erin, MacKenzie, Karina, and Tiffany. While delivering newspapers, they’re immersed into a supernatural conflict involving different groups of time travelers. Suddenly, the Paper Girls finds themselves confronted with their future selves, all the while becoming part of “The Battle of the Ages” against “Old-Timers.” Character-wise, Erin is the archetypal New Girl, and MacKenzie is the Tomboy. Meanwhile, Karina aka KJ is the Smart Girl, and Tiffany is The Gamer. Of course, the narrative complexities reveal far more about the characters’ personalities and how they view the world, along with the past and future. In the comic book series, Matt Wilson serves as the colorist and won an Eisner Award for his work. Overall, the Paper Girls franchise is divided into five-issue arcs. 

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Per Deadline, Amazon has emerged victorious in a bid for the Paper Girls adaptation. Stephany Folsom, who worked on Toy Story 4 and Thor: Ragnarok, will write the television series and will also co-produce with Vaughan and Plan B. In recent years, Folsom has written for Star Wars Resistance, and she’s also the scribe behind the upcoming biographical drama This Is Jane. In addition, Folsom is a consulting producer for Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series. As noted by Deadline, Paper Girls marks Vaughan’s first project with Legendary Entertainment, this coming after he reached a multi-year production deal. 

From 2007 to 2009, Vaughan wrote seven episodes of the iconic ABC series Lost. He subsequently served as the showrunner and executive producer for CBS’ Under the Dome, based on Stephen King’s 2009 science fiction novel of the same name. In 2017, Vaughan won Eisner Awards for Best Series (Paper Girls, Saga, We Stand on Guard) and Best Continuing Series (Saga with Fiona Staples). In 2018, Vaughan received Hugo Award nominations for Best Graphic Story (Saga, Paper Girls).

While many people are capitalizing on ‘80s nostalgia, it’s clear that moviegoers and streamers are fascinated with the concept, evidenced by the massive success of Stranger Things and other projects. But Vaughan’s success comes from his storytelling abilities, and how he constructs extensive characters. For Amazon’s Paper Things, the aforementioned Folsom will undoubtedly construct a fascinating adaption, but we’ll have to see who gets cast in the main roles, and whether the performers can truly bring the story to life for franchise fans.

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10 Golden Girls Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

As timeless as the day it first aired in 1985, The Golden Girls was a sitcom that showcased the different perspectives of four women of a certain age as they tackled love, careers, and friendship living together in Miami. The refreshing approach the show took to the main cast’s “golden years,” mainly that it wasn’t the stagnant period other television programs made it out to be, meant that Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia weren’t shackled with the usual corny jokes about aging.

With the immense comedic talent of Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty, there was never a dull moment for seven seasons. Between Dorothy’s withering comebacks, Rose’s ditzy stories St. Olaf stories, Blanche’s vivacious banter, and Sophia’s thorny pragmatism, there was a lot of material for memes. Here are the 10 most hilarious memes inspired by the Golden Girls that are pure comedic gold!

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10 Aging Like A Banana

Rose may not have the wit of Dorothy or the candor of Blanche, but she has her own particular brand of wisdom. She often uses anecdotes from her hometown of St. Olaf to illustrate life lessons, and, while her quaint stories may seem hokey to some, they often do shed some sort of quirky light on problems involving the other girls.

Dorothy often makes fun of Rose for being “simple”,”, but that doesn’t mean her simplistic observations don’t have merit. Getting old doesn’t have to mean stopping pursuits you had when you were young, and it doesn’t mean you’ve outlived your usefulness. While getting old may mean bad news for a banana, it can still be used for banana bread.

9 Feeling Cute

Despite Blanche often being given credit as the most stylish of the girls, Dorothy often created some of the most iconic looks on the show. Despite being the tallest of the four, she continued to wear long sack dresses and coats with shoulder pads and was never afraid to appear intimidating to men with her carefully coordinated silhouette.

In one notable episode, Blanche holds a reception for her “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” Elvis fan club at the house, where, among the memorabilia the girls gets to gawk over, is a half-eaten pork chop bone that The King left on his plate in Vegas.  Dorothy ridicules the group for their obsession with the “artifact” and is immediately expelled from the club.

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8 Cookies Are Done

A common pattern of jokes in the series involved a setup between Dorothy and Rose. Dorothy would make a statement or remark and Rose would parrot it with a question to the extreme vexation of Dorothy. She would snap back with something incredibly snarky, which would go over Rose’s head but get a big reaction from the audience.

It would have been amusing to hear the girl’s exchanges about topics of today. No doubt they’d have something to say about smartphones, social media, and search engines. If the show were still around today, Rose would have an uplifting Instagram account, and Dorothy would rant on Tumblr.

7 Spanish Fly

One does not simply expect Rose to ask an intelligent question. Often, she would harass Dorothy with all sorts of inane queries as though Dorothy might as well be Google. Rose’s lovable ditziness differentiated her from the rest of her roommates and made for some of the shows most hilarious moments of humor.

Combining Rose’s penchant for putting her foot in her mouth and a classic Boromir ring meme might seem odd at first, but can you ever have too much of a good thing? Both are indelible parts of pop culture now.

6 You Can Lead A Herring To Water…

Rose’s contributions to the ladies lives comes in a variety of ways. From her amusing St. Olaf stories to her steadfast friendship and odd recipes, she is an irreplaceable part of her roommate’s existence. Her advice may not always be the best, but she gives it without judgment, and often without provocation.

Often Dorothy must be the one to let Rose down gently as it were, where the polite rebuffs of her solicitations are framed in such a way as to be mistaken for sarcasm. But it never stops Rose from trying, continuously throwing out odd sayings from her hometown that never seem to apply to anything in a practical way.

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5 Deadpool And The Golden Girls

While some fans weren’t prepared for Deadpool’s obsession with the Golden Girls and Bea Arthur, can we blame him? The comics and the films broadcast his extreme affection for Bea in a variety of ways; from having him wear t-shirts bearing her face, to having him name his two katanas after her (one pommel says “Bea” and the other “Arthur”).

Comic book movies these days get great emotional dividends from fans if they can connect with their pop culture references, and nowhere are there more than in the Deadpool films. We’re just sad Bea wasn’t around to see them.

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4 The Golden Early Years

While it’s true that Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia only decided to live together once they met in Florida and answered Blanche’s ad for roommates, we like to think that they’d have been good friends even if they’d met earlier. In fact, if they ever rebooted the show, we can imagine some studio executives thinking it should take place when they were much younger.

The success of the series was largely based on the demographic to which it catered. By showing the ups and downs of four women of a certain age, it was inclusive for a group of people that often didn’t see themselves represented realistically on television. Besides, there were a lot of adult themes and humor in the series that would have to be removed for a younger version, unless showrunners took their cues from Big Mouth.

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3 May The 4th Be With You

It recent years, The Golden Girls have taken on an almost mythical presence in pop culture. Their strength and resilience through the trials and tribulations of their “golden years” have made them patron saints of positivism; sassy role models to emulate when times are hard. Each of them has their own unique way of viewing the world, and their different perspectives help keep each other open-minded.

Blanche believes in living life to the fullest and with gusto, while Dorothy is much more prudent and grounded. Rose believes in the best in people and feels self-sacrifice is the best way to let your friends know you care about them. Sophia believes in doing what she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t back down from her convictions. May the 4 be with you!

2 Bea Calm

Whenever there was a problem the girls couldn’t solve, they hashed it out over some cheesecake. No conundrum was too big or too small for a cheesecake war council, and many of the show’s greatest comedic moments happened between mouthfuls of dessert. Occasionally, the girls weren’t able to keep their calm, and the cheesecake ended up on the floor or the walls around them.

Dorothy often led these cheesecake roundtables, though her capacity for sitting through more of Rose’s hokey stories of Blanche’s sexual escapades was limited. Dorothy was capable of some of the greatest meltdowns on the show, especially when she’d reached her limit for stupidity.

1 Oscar Wilde And Blanche

Sometimes certain quotes are timeless, and the witty and often scathing commentary of Oscar Wilde from the 19th century can be applied to countless topics in our society today. His satirical words take on new meaning when you apply them to your favorite fictional television heroines, such as the inimitable Blanche Deveraux, who is never shy about sharing her feelings concerning society or a woman’s place in it.

We can completely imagine Blanche saying, “Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping,” before promptly taking herself to the mall and maxing out the credit card of some man who wronged her. The fact that the words were actually written by Oscar Wilde only add to their appeal.

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Mean Girls: 10 Pop Culture References That Are Still Around Today

The 2004 teen comedy movie directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey, Mean Girls is one of the quintessential teen movies that absolutely everyone needs to see. The film was well received by the critics, who praised Fey for the funny and smart script and the cast for outstanding performances.

Mean Girls defined an entire generation and it’s still relevant, relatable, and popular. It has created countless, timeless pop culture references, and, with a heavy heart, we picked out the top ten. Let’s jump right into the list.

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This line comes from the woman responsible for Mean Girls’ hilarious, smart, and memorable script, Tina Fey. After having gathered the mischievous ladies in the gymnasium, Principal Duvall realizes that Ms. Norbury – whom he describes as a successful, intelligent, caring, and graceful woman – would be more suited to help the girls sort out their problems.

When Regina interrupts Ms. Norbury’s exercises claiming she has no need to be there because she’s just a victim, Ms. Norbury responds with, “raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Regina George”, to which literally everyone – including faculty members, and probably some of us watching – raises their hand. This line stuck around because you can replace Regina George with basically anything and have yourself a pretty funny meme, which has been done countless times.


The item that caused chaos and mayhem at North Shore High, the so-called Burn Book was written by Regina George and the Plastics and contained rumors about all the girls (and some guys) from North Shore High. Out of vengeance, Regina framed Cady, Gretchen, and Karen for the Burn Book and released its toxic contents to the students, causing a jungle-like riot to break out.

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The Burn Book is one of the first things that come to mind when talking about Mean Girls because it’s a widely recognized symbol of the movie. Naturally, due to its popularity, the Burn Book has appeared in tons of memes.


After the dust had settled from the whole Burn Book Incident, Cady started making amends to the people who have been hurt by the vicious book. She patched things up with Ms. Norbury and ended up participating in the mathlete championship. Cady was selected for the sudden-death round, answered correctly, and North Shore High won.

The answer to the winning question, “the limit does not exist” became one of the film’s most popular quotes due to its overwhelming applicability. For example, how many times can we quote Mean Girls? The limit does not exist.


When Cady first introduced herself to the Plastics, the trio was fascinated that she has spent most of her life in Africa and has never attended public school. While the others moved on from the Africa reveal, Karen was perplexed that Cady had white skin and bluntly asked, “if you’re from Africa, why are you white?”

Sparing poor Cady of having to explain the obvious to the oblivious Karen, Gretchen said: “oh my God, Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white”. Their brief exchange is one of Mean Girls’ most memorable scenes and has been used to create tons of funny memes.


The Plastics have a dress code that all members of their group must obey. The rules are as follows: 1) Wednesdays are for pink; 2) you can’t wear a tank top two days in a row; 3) you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week; and 4) you can only wear sweatpants or jeans on Fridays.

When Regina started putting on weight from the Kälteen Bars Cady supplied her with, she came to school on a Monday wearing sweatpants because nothing else fit her. Since Cady had been working on turning the girls against the Queen Bee, Karen and Gretchen confronted Regina about the sweatpants, prompting the latter to let out a shrieking “you can’t sit with us” – a line that became one of the most iconic Mean Girls references.


Mean Girls is a film packed to the brim with quotable lines and “get in loser, we’re going shopping” is one of them. When Cady first joined the Plastics, Regina pulled up in a convertible sports car, yelling out the now-iconic line. Fans of the film loved it and the line became one of the most well-known references to the movie, eventually becoming a meme.

From Doctor Who standing by the TARDIS captioned “get in loser, we’re going time traveling” to Penguin pulling up to Nygma captioned “get in friend, we’re going murdering”, this Regina George line has given us lots of hilarious memes.


When Regina heroically rescues Cady from unwanted sexual advances made by a skeezy student, she invites the new girl to sit with the Plastics. Regina finds Cady interesting so the Plastics decide to invite her to have lunch with them every day for the rest of the week. Karen then shares one of the Plastics’ most important rules, “on Wednesdays, we wear pink”.

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The line stuck with the fans and became one of the most popular Mean Girls quotes. When the film celebrated its tenth anniversary on April 30, 2014, which happened to be a Wednesday, fans around the world wore pink to show their undying love for this iconic film.


Damian delivered quite a few zingers – from the pink shirt to Glen Coco, and Danny DeVito. And, of course, the one we’re talking about here: “she doesn’t even go here”.

After the school turned into a battlefield, Principal Duvall summoned all the female junior students to the gymnasium. Ms. Norbury had the girls write apologies to the people they’ve hurt and one girl took the opportunity to pour out the many feelings she had. She teared up talking about elementary school, cakes, and rainbows until Damian pointed out that “she doesn’t even go here”. This iconic line, made even funnier by Damian’s incognito appearance, has been immortalized on T-shirts, memes, gifs, and stands as one of the most well-known references to the film.


Why exactly this line became a thing, it’s impossible to tell. For whatever reason – be it Daniel Franzese’s hilarious delivery or Tina Fey’s uncanny ability for crafting one-liners – this seemingly throwaway line surprisingly turned into one of the movie’s most memorable quotes.

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Glen Coco is a minor character who we know nothing about – except that he’s either very popular or just really likes himself – yet this hilarious one-liner delivered by Damian made Glen Coco a fan-favorite. Fifteen years since the movie’s release, and “Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!” is just as quotable and hilarious as it was back in the day.


While this awesome movie has given us tons of memorable phrases and quotes, the most memorable term has to be “fetch”. Derived probably from the word “fetching”, meaning attractive, “fetch” is a new expression for “cool” Gretchen Wieners kept trying to make the new it-word. However, the Queen Bee was having none of it, firmly declaring that it’s not going to happen.

Well, the joke’s on her, because it’s been fifteen years since Mean Girls came out and “fetch” is still a well-known pop culture reference thanks to generations of fans who, indeed, made it happen.

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Every Single Boyfriend From Girls, Ranked (Worst To Best)

In the pilot episode of Girls, Hannah Horvath says that she wants to be the “voice of a generation”. Over the course of six seasons, for better or worse, she succeeded. The series seemed to have more controversies than it did episodes. Many criticized Girls as being a vapid show about entitled millennials. But others praised Lena Dunham’s series for exquisitely capturing the dizzying freedom of millennial adulthood.

A major aspect of that freedom is relationships. More than any generation, society has granted millennials with the license to express themselves however they want romantically or sexually. For Hannah and her friends, New York City is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for dating—thrilling and adventurous, but one wrong turn can lead you down a dangerous path of despair.

Real talk, Hannah and co. have dated some truly horrible people—and to be fair, they haven’t always been angels either. Yet throughout this romantic minefield, there are still a few boyfriends worth swiping right on. Here are the Boyfriends On Girls Ranked Worst To Best.

11 Desi Harperin

Desi puts the “flake” in snowflake. The man has been engaged seven times, a detail he tends to forget to share with his fiancée of the minute.  It’s ironic that Desi is a guitar player, because he played Marnie like a fiddle. His ability to play the role of sensitive musician is just too perfect to be believable, but Marnie eats it up. She ignores obvious red flags, like Desi being in a committed relationship when they get together, and marries him anyway.

It’s not enough for Desi to be a horrible romantic partner; he’s a godawful business partner too. He constantly blew through money, earned by both him and Marnie, on himself. Then he would turn around and refuse to let them sell merch on tour because of his moral high ground. Suffice it to say, Desi is the worst and Marnie divorced him.

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10 Thomas-John

He’s the husband in another quickie marriage, this one to Jessa. Really, Jessa’s a provocateur who just wanted to shock her friends by getting married to a man she hardly knows; Thomas-John just happened to fill in the blank. He’s a juvenile businessman who needs sexual validation the way a baby needs breast milk…and boy, does he throw a tantrum if he doesn’t get it. In his defense, Jessa is every bit his equal in the spouse from hell department, but what did he expect? He knew her for all of five minutes, having met at a bar when he picked up both her and Marnie and took them back to his place for a threesome. That’s hardly the best “how they met” story to tell at your wedding.

He refers to himself as a unicorn, but that’s the wrong mythological creature; Thomas-John is a total vampire…of the emotional variety.

9 Fran Parker

A wolf in a nice-guy cardigan, Fran didn’t just fool Hannah; he created the unforgivable crime of fooling the audience too. At the end of Season 4, things looked promising for Fran and Hannah. The couple is last seen holding hands, staring adorably into each other’s eyes—a happily ever after if ever there was one. But Season 5 found Fran going from The One to Captain Critical in the blink of an eye. Hannah was too afraid to email or text him out of fear he’d correct her grammar. As teachers at the same school, Fran was known to re-mark papers of Hannah’s students because she was doing it wrong.

When Hannah shows some uncharacteristic good sense and breaks up with him, Fran blames her for his crummy behavior. Sometimes bad boyfriends make the best teachers.

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8 Paul-Louis

Hannah thinks she finally hit the jackpot. Paul-Louis presents himself as a philosophical surfer, whose beautiful soul is almost as big as his brown doe-eyes. The couple has several rounds of Deep And Meaningful sex while Hannah is on a writing assignment in Montauk. When their time together is coming to an end, Paul-Louis casually mentions that, oh yeah, he kinda sorta has a girlfriend.

Back in the city, Hannah discovers she’s pregnant with Paul-Louis’ baby. After a gargantuan effort, she finally tracks him down and he tells her that, under no uncertain terms, he doesn’t want to be a part of his child’s life. But they’ll always have Montauk…

7 Sandy

Sandy has his fair share of detractors; not because of his character, but because of the reason he’s on show in the first place. Season 1 of Girls came under fire for lack of racial diversity so come Season 2, all of a sudden Hannah has a black boyfriend named Sandy. He only sticks around for two episodes and there isn’t much that defines his character besides being the only racial minority on the show and also a Republican. Portrayed by the mega-talented Donald Glover, Sandy comes across leaps and bound more mature than Hannah and viewers wish he would have stuck around.

6 Charlie Dattolo

In Fantasyland—Population: Charlie—Charlie’s a nice guy. But he’s as delusional as he is socially tone deaf. He snoops through Hannah’s diary and upon reading her brutal, yet accurate assessment of his and Marnie’s relationship, he filches the diary and reads it out loud during a gig with his band. At what point did he determine this was a better idea than just talking to Marnie?

They break up only to get back together when Marnie makes an ass out of herself at his workplace. Then he straight up dumps her after asking her to come over under the guise of proposing. Who does that? Charlie re-enters Marnie’s life briefly, having did a total 180, from slimy “sweetheart” to drug dealer. The crazy thing is that Marnie almost runs away with him. It’s pretty indicative of Charlie’s boyfriend potential when his best trait is that he’s not Desi.

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5 Adam Sackler

Adam is the Jekyll and Hyde of boyfriends. Jekyll Adam is a fierce lion of devotion. When Hannah had a nervous breakdown, he was there in a flash. Jessa needed money for school; Adam wrote a cheque, not thinking twice.

And that’s his problem: Adam doesn’t think twice. That’s often when Hyde Adam comes out to play. When Hannah was away at school, Adam took up with Mimi-Rose Howard. True, Adam and Hannah were open, but did he really have to go tear down a wall in her apartment so he and Mimi-Rose could have more room? If you really want to hurt a New Yorker, damage her rent-controlled apartment. That is far worse than any pedestrian infidelity. On some level, Adam knows that. On another, he doesn’t care.

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4 Elijah Krantz

Elijah doesn’t have boyfriends so much as sugar daddies. More power to him, except the sugar daddies in question tend to be the most noxious people of Girls, and that’s saying something. Elijah has been known to make some questionable choices, whether it’s hooking up with Marnie while in a relationship with George, or whether it’s giving Hannah HPV and lying about it.

Still, Elijah shows tremendous growth throughout the series. He catches the eye of dashing news anchor Dill Harcourt and Dill sweeps Elijah off his feet. But when midnight strikes, it turns out Dill’s just a pumpkin—a philandering pumpkin. He keeps congress with several gentlemen at a time, a revelation that disillusions Elijah. Still, ever the eternal optimist, Elijah professes his love for Dill, only for Dill to rip his heart out and stomp on it with his designer shoes. As painful as this was, Elijah really learned to value himself which will only make him a better boyfriend in his next relationship.

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3 Laird Schlesinger

What Laird lacks in common sense, he makes up for in heart. It’s no secret that he’s sweet on Hannah. Even though his obsession borders on stalkery, he’s totally harmless. Whether it’s trying to fix her misguided hair hack job or offering to co-parent her child, Laird is there.

Laird was also a stand-up boyfriend to Caroline, Adam’s unstable sister. Maybe Laird and Caroline didn’t always make the best choices, like naming their baby daughter Sample—yes, Sample—and maybe Laird could be a little clingy. But he is every bit as devoted to the women in his life as he is to his signature beanie hat.

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2 Scott

Scott is a rare breed on Girls, not just because he’s successful but because he’s actually a good guy. When he meets Shoshanna in a job interview, he’s instantly taken with her quirkiness and the two begin dating. In the hot mess parade that is Girls, Scott and Shosh were hardly the most exciting couple, but their functionality was definitely refreshing. Then Shoshanna had to go and blow it all by refusing to come home from Japan. Scott waited for her arrival at the airport until he realized she wasn’t coming. He was left scratching his head. So was the audience.

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1 Ray Ploshansky

While many of the characters in Girls think kindness is a meditation app, Ray has it in spades. His relationship with Shoshanna was a fan favorite. But as great as they were together, Shosh dumping Ray was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. As swell a guy as he is, Ray was a real pessimistic grump and could be a bummer to be around.

Ray fell hard for Marnie, prompting a collective “NO!” from viewers around the world. Even after their breakup, he still loved her, and proved to be the best former boyfriend ever—or at least on this list. Right before Marnie and Desi’s wedding, Desi was looking to bolt but Ray convinced him to go through with it, all to make Marnie happy.

If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s Ray Ploshansky. The series finale didn’t disappoint, as it found him starting a romance with the equally sweet Abigail. They shared a carousel ride complete with craned neck kiss. If life is a merry-go-round, Ray’s a great guy to ride it with.

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Girls Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The struggle is real. HBO’s Girls centers around the lives of millennial Hannah Horvath and her friends as they navigate the world of post-college adulthood. Girls creator Lena Dunham completely captured the millennial generation, warts and all. Hannah grew up being told she could be anything she wants, without learning the independence to get herself there. She and her pals walk that fine line between freedom and aimlessness, often leaning towards the latter.

In stark contrast, the youth of Harry Potter have much of their path carved out for them by the age of eleven. As soon as they arrive at Hogwarts, they are sorted into one of four houses—Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw—based on their personalities and aptitudes.

If Hannah and her fellow millennials were to Uber to Hogwarts, which houses would they be sorted into? Here are the Girls Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses.

10 Hannah Horvath – Gryffindor

Hannah flits from whim to whim like a hummingbird in a flower garden. Just when people expect her to zig, she zags. Sometimes she’s being gutsy and courageous, like when she realizes teaching isn’t right for her and quits—and, let’s face it—doing her students a solid, as she really was a terrible teacher. However, other times Hannah was just a thoughtless hot mess, like when her publisher died and she tried to talk business with his grieving widow…at the funeral. These are the two sides of the Gryffindor coin. As the series progresses and Hannah matures, she learns that choices can be both brave and well thought out.

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It’s a minor miracle the internet didn’t explode with all the debate over Hannah’s nudity. If anyone’s not afraid of getting naked, it’s a Gryffindor. Sometimes Hannah was trying to be deliberately provocative and other times she just wanted to feel free. Many criticized her au natural scenes as gratuitous, where others found them to be an inspiring win for body positivity. Millennial Gryffindors love to give people something to argue about…over soy flat whites.

9 Marnie Michaels – Slytherin

Lots of relationships came and went on Girls. Some were solid and others were doomed from the start. However, none had more undying love and mutual adoration than Marnie’s relationship with herself. The woman is Narcissus personified. Everything Marnie does is to serve her own means, even when she’s seemingly helping other people. She helped organize Hannah’s birthday party, only to strong-arm the reluctant Hannah into singing “Take Me or Leave Me”, just so Marnie could show off her singing skills.

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Slytherins divide their time equally between admiring themselves and eviscerating others. Though Marnie has plenty to be annoyed with Hannah about—like never paying rent—Marnie often treats her “best friend” as a verbal punching bag. No aspect of Hannah’s life, from her appearance to career path, is safe from Marnie’s eviscerating judgment. Doesn’t ‘Marnie Malfoy’ just roll off the tongue?

8 Jessa Johansson – Gryffindor

The only thing predictable about Jessa is that she will never be predictable. Long ago, her ego and superego moved out of her brain to make room for more id. She marries a man she barely knows. One day Jessa works at a children’s clothing store; the next she’s an artist’s assistant. She goes on drug benders with her father. Later in the series, when many have written Jessa off as a wild child with Peter Pan Syndrome, she cleans up her act. This involves getting sober and declaring she will become a therapist. Oh yeah, then she has a secret relationship with Adam, Hannah’s ex.

Jessa is all over the Marauder’s Map. She never met a consequence she didn’t disregard. That would take all the fun out of being the quintessential Gryffindor daredevil. While her promises may not mean much, Jessa Johansson solemnly swears she’s up to no good.

7 Shoshanna Shapiro – Ravenclaw

Shoshanna is a unicorn in a stable of self-absorbed horses. Though she has her whiny moments, Shosh is always chipper and optimistic, rarely lamenting about what a raw deal life has thrown at her. She approached her college studies with Ravenclaw-like dedication. Upon graduation, Shoshanna was determined to get a well-paying job so as to avoid the financial woes of her friends.

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Ravenclaws are known for their bluntness. Sometimes their honesty is appreciated; other times, it’s awkward and inappropriate. Shoshanna really should have kept her mouth shut in her job interview, when she told her potential employer that this was her “back-up job”. However, Shoshanna’s candor is what makes her a fan favorite, like in the infamous “Beach Party” episode where she drunkenly calls out every member of her group. If anyone knows how to give a Luna Lovegood mic drop, it’s Shoshanna Shapiro.

6 Adam Sackler – Gryffindor

Adam grabs life with an iron-like grip of intensity. He attacks his passions the way Hermione attacks a textbook. However, when things get rough, Adam just quits. He’s in a play and there’s conflict with his co-star? The show’s canceled. Adam gets lonely when Hannah’s at school in Iowa? He invites Mimi-Rose Howard to move in…to Hannah’s apartment. Gryffindors tend to live for the moment, only to get distracted by the next moment.

Still, Gryffindors can show remarkable caring and generosity. He shows his love for Jessa time and again, though in a typical bad-boy Gryffindor fashion, Adam’s last episode sees him leaving her for Hannah. However, Hannah and Adam decide not to pursue a relationship. They both know better than to tame his wild, Gryffindor spirit.

5 Ray Ploshansky – Hufflepuff

As the admitted “old man” of the group, Ray can be a bit of curmudgeon. But playing father-figure to a cadre of entitled twenty-somethings is a total drag, so Ray can be forgiven for not always thinking the world is sunshine and rainbows. However, this hipster Eeyore is full of nothing but loyalty to his friends. He’s hired several of them as baristas at Grumpy’s, only to be met with ingratitude and laziness—”That’s not how work works!”. Still, when anyone is in a jam, Ray is there to help, like after Hannah’s hitchhiking fiasco. If somebody needs a favor, Hufflepuffs are always the first to get the call.

Hufflepuff Ray knows what it means to be “unafraid of toil”. When a new traffic light made the noise outside his apartment unbearable, Ray ran for city council and won. Between the car honks and his whiny friends, Ray would certainly savor the quiet of the Hufflepuff common room.

4 Elijah Krantz – Hufflepuff

At the other end of the Hufflepuff spectrum is Elijah. Though he radiates selfishness, Elijah is always a true-blue friend to Hannah. When her relationship with Adam goes up in flames, Elijah moves in with her to help cover the rent. Hufflepuffs often find themselves as ersatz therapists to their friends and Elijah plays that role for the entire Horvath family. After Tad comes out as gay, Elijah takes him under his wing. He also becomes Loreen’s drinking buddy when she becomes understandably upset about the state of her marriage.

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Hufflepuffs aren’t known to be worriers and Elijah is by far the least neurotic member of his group. He’s too busy having fun. Life’s a party and even if he’s not invited, Elijah will just crash.

3 Desi Harperin – Slytherin

Desi is an actor whose greatest performance is pretending to give a hoot about other people. He and fellow actor Adam seem to be in competition as to who is the flakiest, but at least Adam cares about his romantic partners before he leaves them, like when he paid for Jessa’s school. On the other hand, Desi is nothing but a taker like when he took $2000 dollars of his and Marnie’s money and spent it on guitar pedals. Or when he refused to let them sell merch on tour because it was too capitalist. While Desi doesn’t display a Slytherin’s outward cruelty—or business sense—there’s no doubting that he’s a snake in the grass.

2 Loreen Horvath – Ravenclaw

Loreen is a professor who tries to educate Hannah in the ways of adulthood. It was Loreen who made the decision to cut her daughter off financially, in the hopes that Hannah would learn to fend for herself. Ravenclaws are intelligent and independent, so it makes sense that they would their kids to be as well.

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Loreen is thrown for the ultimate loop when Tad comes out, and it leaves a wound that never fully heals. Like a good baby boomer, Loreen did everything she was supposed to and when that still didn’t work out, she becomes as lost as the most directionless millennial. But Loreen will always be a mom, as she showed in the series finale when she became Grandma-to-the-rescue, helping out with Hannah’s newborn. Loreen let Hannah in on a secret, that parenthood is hard work—who knew? To the bitter end, Loreen can always be counted on for some sound Ravenclaw advice.

1 Tad Horvath – Hufflepuff

Hufflepuffs are forever trying to keep the peace and Tad tries to keep his family life as conflict-free as possible. This dear-hearted dad calls his daughter “Hannah-Banana” and he expressed major reservations about no longer paying her bills. While their intentions are good, Hufflepuffs don’t always realize that coddling someone in the short-term will only hurt them in the long-term. Tad’s over-generosity towards Hannah is a major contribution to her lack of independence, according to Loreen—and the viewers.

Tad, like many a Hufflepuff, puts others before himself. However, when one represses their own needs and desires for too long, they tend to bubble to the surface in unexpected and inappropriate ways. After years of hiding his sexuality, Tad blurted out he was gay right before Loreen’s tenure party. From here, their marriage predictably went off the rails but Tad was able to keep an optimistic attitude and wound up in a happy, committed relationship. If Girls taught Tad anything, it’s that sometimes it’s okay to be a little bit selfish.

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Liz Hersey

Good Girls Renewed for Season 3 at NBC

NBC has renewed Good Girls for season 3. Created by Jenna Bans, the crime comedy drama series follows the trials and tribulations of three struggling Detroit women who successfully rob a supermarket. On March 3, Good Girls season 2 premiered.

On Good Girls, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta star as the three titular characters. As Beth Boland, Hendricks portrays her first notable TV drama character since her 80-episode run as Joan Holloway on AMC’s Mad Men. As for Retta, she most recently had a main role on Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, though she’s perhaps best known as Parks and Recreations’ Donna Meagle, a character she portrayed from 2009 to 2015. Rounding out the main cast, TV veteran Whitman stars as Annie Marks, the younger sister of Hendricks’ character. Good Girls season 1 aired from February to April 2018, and the series was renewed for season 2 approximately one week after the season finale.

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Per Variety, NBC has now ordered Good Girls season 3. The decisions comes six episodes into Good Girls season 2, with the series set to air the remaining episodes this month. While the Good Girls season 1 U.S. viewership mostly stayed steady from episode 3 onward, the numbers for Good Girls season 2 have significantly declined from the initial 10 episodes, though the current viewership numbers have also stayed mostly the same as well. As Variety notes,  “When taking into consideration delayed viewing (in live+7), the series averages 4.1 million total viewers and a 1.1 rating in adults 18-49.” Alongside the aforementioned actresses, Good Girls’ main cast also includes Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, and Matthew Lillard. In recurring roles, Zach Gilford, June Squibb, and Alison Tolman also appear on the NBC series. 

While NBC has already renewed numerous comedies and dramas for the 2019-2020 season, the most notable is the season 21 renewal for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. On March 29, Dick Wolf’s police procedural series made television history by surpassing the original Law & Order’s 20-season run, making it the longest-running live-action primetime series. Meanwhile, star Mariska Hargitay also made the record books, as she’ll reprise her character Olivia Benson for a 21st consecutive season. For Good Girls, the expectations and goals are more grounded in telling an effective, timely story about modern females. NBC Entertainment’s co-presidents of scripted programming, Tracey Pakosta and Stacy Katz, stated that, “We’re so excited to continue following the friendship and adventures of these three incredible women while also exploring relatable issues in both funny and surprising ways.”

For NBC, Good Girls’ season 2 numbers may continue to decline throughout the remaining episodes, but there’s a good reason for that, as the main competition will be HBO’s Game of Thrones. So, with the Good Girls season 3 renewal, NBC seems to acknowledge the show’s impact thus far, along with its potential in a post-White Walker Sunday night world. For now, the Good Girls cast and crew can rest easy, knowing that they have the opportunity to push forward with new stories. 

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Source: Variety

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Q.V. Hough

Gilmore Girls: 10 Best Jess Quotes

Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) was the Gilmore Girls version of the notorious bad boy: dark looks, surly attitude, the-world-can-bite-me outlook, and sarcastic charm. He was Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) second boyfriend, and the only boyfriend that shared many of the same interests as she did – most importantly, their love of books. When he first came to town to live with his Uncle Luke (Scott Patterson), the Stars Hollow residents immediately detested the outsider, especially when he went out with Rory. Yet, as the seasons passed, Jess grew up and really made something of himself. Along the way, however, he’s made memorable remarks that reflect his personality (and remind us why we love Jess). Here are ten of Jess’s best quotes!

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10 I think I hung my Tool T-Shirt…

You know, I think I hung my Tool T-Shirt next to my Metallica T-Shirt and they don’t really get along.

Jess’s arrival in Season 2 started off with a bang. He was somewhat pensive and had an angry vibe. When he mentions his T-shirt fiasco, it’s to avoid talking to his mother. It’s clear Jess has a complicated family life and resents being sent to Stars Hollow, but this humorous excuse is memorable as part of the introduction to Jess’s personality and sarcastic out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to excuses. In any case, it’s clear Jess is the typical bad boy from the attitude to the cigarettes to the way he loathes Stars Hollow – until he meets Rory.

9 Basket. Basket-maker…

Basket. Basket-maker. Guy who didn’t bring enough money.

Jess and Dean’s (Jared Padalecki) rivalry was the love triangle of Gilmore Girls. In “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”, Jess outbids Dean for Rory’s picnic basket, and by Stars Hollow tradition, earns Rory’s basket and her company in exchange. Dean, furious, pleads with Rory not to go but she does anyway.

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In this episode we see Jess is ready to battle Dean for Rory’s affections, and succeeds in connecting with her, the episode ending with Rory calling Jess and the two falling into easy conversation. If anything, this was the episode that launched the will-they or won’t-they chemistry between Jess and Rory. Mission accomplished, Jess.

8 It’s a crazy world we live in.

Jess has the ability to capture what we feel in certain moments in a succinct manner. While this was his response to Rory who was upset at the idea of being the poster girl for censorship at Stars Hollow’s version of a Blockbuster, it can be applied to just about anything in our lives. From what’s acceptable to the outraged feelings we get while stuck in traffic or when our favorite restaurant is out of our favorite dish for the day. Whatever the reason, we fall back to Jess’s simple “it’s a crazy world we live in.”

7 Think how dull your life would be without me.

Jess was right. Gilmore Girls, let alone Rory’s life, would have been dull without Jess. Jess added a new energy to the show, and an element of danger and mystery to Rory’s life, opening her eyes to new experiences and ideas both good and bad.

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Jess changed Rory’s life and is part of the reason Rory became who she is. If Jess had never existed, Rory never would have done things like skipping school or dating someone her mother didn’t approve of. Then again, if not for Jess, she never would’ve gone back to Yale and fulfilled her dreams, either.

6 I’m sorry. I thought this was the uniform.

Who could forget Jess making fun of Luke with the flannel shirt and backwards hat combo? When Luke admonishes Jess’s choice of attire (a graphic Metallica shirt), Jess later makes a point of making fun of his uncle, much to our amusement. This happened at the beginning of Jess and Luke getting to know one another, showing us a fun, sarcastic kind of relationship between the two that eventually grows into a meaningful bond over the course of the series. It’s rare that we ever see Luke without flannel or a backwards hat, so Jess probably does have a point.

5 I don’t want to talk to anybody else…

I don’t want to talk to anybody else. I don’t like anybody else.

Jess totally gets us all with this quote. We’ve all been in that situation where you’re at a party or some other kind of social gathering, and you don’t feel like mingling, so you stick to your person or small group.

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Jess was having a bad night in this particular episode, but this quote was actually quite thoughtful. After all, he’s telling Rory how much she means to him (in his own way, of course). For us viewers, we know how that night goes down. Nonetheless, this quote is honest. And we’ll probably use it at some point in our lives to escape awkward or downright painful situations.

4 I love you.

All fans remember the moment. Jess is back in town; he chases Rory down to tell her one thing: he loves her. The sad truth is, it’s too late. Even worse? Jess drives away before a shocked-into-silence Rory can respond. While the two have a complicated history and remained friends, it’s clear the feelings still exist. Should there be another Gilmore Girls revival, maybe Jess and Rory could end up together. You never know. It always seemed like something there was unfinished.

3 I was just walking by…

I was just walking by and the thing came out of nowhere and bam! Beaked me right in the eye.

No one had heard “beaked” as a verb until Jess described the unfortunate source of his black eye. The black eye is blown completely out of proportion when Rory believes Jess got into a fight with Dean, which results in a fight between her and Jess instead.

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They make up, but the funny thing is Jess only tells Luke the real reason why he’s sporting a black eye, too embarrassed to tell Rory or anyone else. This is also one of Jess’s funniest moments; he may be rebellious and cool, but even he’s not immune to violent run-ins with a swan.

2 I want to be good…

I want to be good. Life’s just not letting me.

This could probably be Jess’s life motto, even if he was saying it sarcastically. It’s no secret Jess came from a troubled family background and experienced anger and resentment to varying degrees, resulting in his bad boy tendencies and teenage rebellion. Jess allowed his experiences and background to hold him back; that is, until Rory pushed him and convinced him that he could do and become more. Thankfully Jess took the advice and encouragement; he outgrew his setbacks and showed life that he could be good without its permission.

1 You should write a book.

Okay, this might not be one of Jess’s most memorable quotes, but it’s certainly one of the most meaningful. He’s always there for Rory when she needs him the most. She’s lost and dropped out of Yale? Jess convinces her to go back and fulfill her dreams. In the revival, Rory’s landed in a rut and doesn’t know what to do next. It’s Jess who gives her the idea to write a book about her life with her mother. Jess turns out to be pretty good at giving advice, and even better at getting Rory back on track when she’s gone off her path. In a way, Jess is a navigator, guiding Rory at different times in her life.

Jess is certainly one of our favorite characters. From his quotes to his antics (remember the outline he drew of the fake dead body as a prank?), Jess certainly left his mark in the Gilmore Girls universe in both the original and the revival. So yeah, he was defiant and rebellious, but also sincere and profound in his own way. He grew up a lot over the course of the series, learning the hard way but turning his mistakes around and creating a life and various successes for himself. Though of course, he hasn’t lost his sarcasm, wit or bad boy charm.

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Kacie Lillejord

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai’s Boyfriends, Ranked

Gilmore Girls has long been beloved for its portrayal of complex family relationships, especially those between parents and their children. The cult hit series, which ran for seven seasons from 2000-2007 on The WB and The CW, as well as a limited series revival on Netflix in 2016, is renowned for its honest discussions of difficult issues facing women and families, its signature joke-per-second brand of humor, and its all-encompassing grasp on popular culture.

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Lorelai and Rory Gilmore set high expectations for a generation of television viewers, not only in terms of the relationship they had with each other, but also in terms of the romantic relationships they had over the course of the series. While Rory’s relationships may have been more hotly contested, featuring passionate fans on various teams, such as Team Jess or Team Dean, Lorelai had her fair share of relationships, too.

Some of Lorelai’s relationships were much better than others, however – and though she would eventually wind up with lovable curmudgeon and diner owner, Luke Danes, it’s long been debated whether he’s the best of all her love interests. We offer our take on the debate below.

8 Rune

Boyfriends don’t get much worse than Rune Belleville. Honestly, Gilmore Girls characters don’t get much worse than Rune Belleville. When Jackson’s cousin Rune comes to visit Stars Hollow, it just so happens to coincide with when Jackson and Sookie are planning to go out on a date. So, in order to keep his obnoxious cousin occupied, poor Lorelai gets roped into a double date.

Rune never has a single pleasant thing to say, complaining about everything about the evening, and about Lorelai herself – who is, without question, extremely far out of his league. But to Rune, dating Lorelai is unthinkable. Thankfully, it never happens again.

7 Jason “Digger” Stiles

Having a shared history doesn’t exactly mean that you’re going to be a good fit as a couple in the future – especially when that history took place when you were dumb, hormonal teenagers. Lorelai and Jason “Digger” Stiles met at a summer camp when they were younger, and took part in a very childish, pigtail pulling sort of flirtation that involved Jason publicly humiliating Lorelai by soaking her t-shirt.

Fast forward twenty years later, and their mutually snarky brands of humor somehow lent themselves to a relationship that never should have happened in the first place. From the moment they shared the screen, these two just didn’t fit. And that, of course, was long before Jason betrayed his own business partner – who just so happens to be Lorelai’s father, Richard.

6 Christopher Hayden

Speaking of teenage histories not exactly translating well into present-day relationships, have you met Christopher Hayden? As Rory’s biological father, Christopher is about as unreliable as they get – until he wants something, conveniently. He drops in and out of Rory and Lorelai’s lives, leading Lorelai on time and again even when he’s currently in a relationship. They banter, they reminisce, they inevitably kiss or sleep together at the wrong time.

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It’s a tired pattern the show uses and abuses far too often – a pattern that’s stretched to the point of ludicrousness in the show’s widely maligned final season, which finds Lorelai and Christopher eloping on a vacation to Paris. First of all, the thought that Lorelai would get married without Rory present is an insult all on its own. But furthermore, the fact that these two would ever be marriage material – after all they went through – may be the biggest joke in the ever witty series.

5 Peyton Sanders

From the very beginning of the series, one thing is clear about Lorelai Gilmore: she does not want to be part of her parents’ world – and yet, she finds herself drawn back into it over and over again. One of the most surprising examples of that comes in the third season when, attending an auction, Lorelai hits it off with a mystery man. Jon Hamm’s Peyton Sanders turns out to be the son of some of Emily and Richard’s ultra-elite friends.

Cue Lorelai’s horror when she finds herself retreating to her parents with her tail between her legs, seeking their help arranging a date between them. But, of course, Lorelai being Lorelai, her opinion of Peyton is soured from then on – and only compounded further by how utterly boring she finds him to be. Peyton is never seen again after that.

4 Paul

One of Lorelai’s best storylines takes place in the series’ first couple seasons, when she attends night classes for business school in order to prepare herself for opening her dream inn one day. During the second season episode “Run Away, Little Boy,” Lorelai has a sweet, cute flirtation with a fellow business school classmate named Paul, portrayed by eventual Pretty Little Liars recurring star Bryce Johnson.

It seems like there’s a promising future for these two – until Paul arrives at Luke’s Diner a few days later, looking especially boyish, and accompanied by his parents, who can’t be more than 10-15 years older than Lorelai at the time. It suffices to say there’s no future for their relationship as soon as Lorelai realizes just how young he is – but that certainly doesn’t stop Luke from having a field day with it.

3 Alex Lesman

One of Lorelai’s best boyfriends – who inexplicably, and disappointingly, disappears without a trace – is undeniably Billy Burke’s Alex Lesman. Alex is another boyfriend that Lorelai meets thanks to Sookie, since he is working with one of Sookie’s former friends. When Lorelai and Alex met, there’s immediately a spark – one that only grows when it turns out that the first date he asks Lorelai out on winds up being a coffee tasting adventure.

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And if there’s a direct way to Lorelai’s heart, coffee is most certainly it. Alex is around for a few episodes in the third season, including one that finds Lorelai stepping out of her comfort zone and learning how to fish so she can accompany him on a fishing trip. They remain together for most of the third season – or at least we’re told so – but then, without a word, they’re no longer together.

2 Luke Danes

From the pilot episode, it was instantly clear that Gilmore Girls truly had something special in the relationship between the ever perky and caffeinated Lorelai Gilmore and the lovably grumpy diner owner Luke Danes – especially considering Luke’s character was never meant to exist in the first place. For the first four seasons, the series plays the “will they, won’t they” game with these two – and does so incredibly well.

Despite many other relationships and roadblocks along the way, these two find their way to each other time and again. They understand each other, and they support each other, even when they’re at their worst. And though they may not always be the best at communicating clearly, it’s clear that these two are made for each other. After all, who else would make Lorelai all the coffee she needs?

1 Max Medina

Luke Danes may be Lorelai’s soulmate, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the best boyfriend she’s ever had. That distinction instead belongs to Max Medina, Lorelai’s boyfriend and eventual fiance – who also happens to be Rory’s English teacher at Chilton. Out of all the men that Lorelai dates, Max is the best of them all. He’s kind, smart, sensitive, and always willing to do whatever Lorelai and Rory need him to do.

He loves Lorelai enough to give her everything she’d ever dreamed of – even a proposal with a thousand daisies. Had they met a little later in life, it’s possible that these two could have worked out, in the end. But at the time they were engaged, Lorelai wasn’t mature enough, or ready enough, for that kind of commitment. And when they meet again, it’s clear that the feelings are still there. But sometimes, that’s not enough. We just hope Max, who disappears after the third season, got the happiness he deserved.

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Katerina Daley

10 Most Iconic Quotes From the Girls of Broad City

Broad City brought a distinct hilarious, feminist, and very millennial vibe that was cutting-edge. With two hilarious female leads and a focus on friendship between women, Broad City was much needed. The show has ended now, with its final episode airing last week, but it leads the way for many more shows in the future that tell relatable, funny, and diverse stories. While many fans are understandably pretty sad that the show is over, the humor and many memorable moments of the show will be enjoyed over and over again for years.

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One of the best things about the show is all of the iconic quotes and memes to come out of it. Here are 10 of the most iconic quotes from Ilana and Abbi.


Ilana was definitely a scene stealer in many ways, but the balance between the two women is what made the show work so well. Ilana doesn’t have much of a filter and doesn’t hold much back. She’s unapologetic about her sexuality, lifestyle, and bodily functions. Ilana Wexler was very casual and comfortable with her queerness, and she shows this throughout the show in many small moments and lines. This quote also is a good example of all of the cultural and celebrity references that were made.


While Ilana definitely did not originate this quote, she used it a lot. Ilana using this quote so much definitely helped get the phrase into the mainstream, and people everywhere have been using, and maybe overusing it ever since.

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Ilana loved to be over the top and feel her oats, and this is something that many fans could relate to.


One of the things that made Broad City so successful was how well it captured the feeling of being a millennial, especially a millennial in a big city. The dialogue between Ilana and Abbi, as well as others in the show, was often the kind of conversations fans were also having with their friends. Ilana is all about being fierce, so of course, Rihanna is one of her icons. So many of Ilana’s quotes are definitely lines that can be used to inspire your own lifestyle.


While Ilana might be a little flashier and more over the top, Abbi had a lot of funny moments as well. She’s a little more grounded and practical, which makes her a good balance for Ilana. Abbi is more put together, something that many fans could also relate to. She has her messy moments and her hilarious mishaps. She’s also a great friend. The loyalty Ilana and Abbi have for each other is inspiring, and Abbi shows here that she would go through hell to save her best friend.


This is another one of Ilana’s famous lines from the show. While Abbi didn’t get what Ilana was saying, Ilana was definitely feeling herself in this scene. While Ilana might try to hard sometimes to use slang or be cool, and can hinge on being nearly offensive at times, her lines definitely make their way into the pop culture vernacular.


Broad City practically made Bed, Bath and Beyond cool. Abbi loves this store a lot. She is always collecting their coupons, and she is often shown making trips to the store.

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Another amazing thing about Broad City is that it is filmed in New York City and features a very specific New York lifestyle. Bed, Bath and Beyond is fairly easy to find in the city, so this is just one other way the show features NYC and what it’s like to live there.


Abbi is also a huge fan of Drew Barrymore. One of the running jokes on the show is that Abby has a suitcase that is recommended and loved by Drew Barrymore herself. In the episode, “Jews on a Plane,” where Abbi and Ilana are going to Israel, Abbi says this line to an airline employee.

She’s definitely super proud of this fact and wants to let everyone know it. This is just one of Abby’s quirks that makes her so relatable.


Ilana really loves Abbi. While Abbi wasn’t really as into the idea of being in a romantic relationship with Ilana, the two of them definitely had a more classic romantic friendship, which was a rare and special dynamic to see on television.

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Ilana is always very complimentary of Abbi. She likes to give Abbi a self-esteem boost, whether it’s complimenting her ass or expressing how much she cares about her.


Ilana has the ability to stay out partying and go out and do things all the time as the more extroverted of the two. Meanwhile, Abbi is the character that many introverts and more responsible people can relate to as she sometimes just wants to have her apartment to herself and enjoy being alone.

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Many fans can relate to the idea that some nights all you want to do is just sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV shows.


While Broad City might be over, the friendship between Abbi and Ilana will live on. While the two are going their separate ways for now as they move on to some important things in their lives, they will always love each other and be friends. The show was an exploration of the importance of friendships, the kind between two people are who there for each other through it all. This line sums that up perfectly.

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Amanda Steele

MBTI® of Girls Characters

Girls is a TV series on HBO that centers around four narcissistic 20-somethings struggling to make it in New York City. It’s a concept that has been done plenty of times before, yet no show is able to capture the realism of trying to make it as a young adult quite like Dunham’s creation.

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Girls manages to display the ugly side of growing up which serves as a refreshing counterpoint to the usual glitz and glamour we are used to seeing on TV. The series has no trouble being frank with us and is able to provide viewers with the nitty-gritty side of things no matter how cringe-worthy it may be. The characters on Girls are so unique and outlandish that they deserve their own MBTI® list. So without further ado, let’s dive into the personality types of these lost millennial souls.

10 Shoshanna – ESFJ

Shoshanna may be deflowered, but she is NOT devalued.

Shoshanna cares a lot about her social status and how the world sees her. Her biggest fear is people assuming she is dead when she is not, so she constantly wants people to be aware of her achievements and whereabouts in life. Shoshanna is a social butterfly and even describes herself as one. She is very concerned with fashion and style, always sporting eccentric outfits and hairstyles that cater to her unique personality. Out of all the girls, Shosh seems to be the most realistic when it comes to her career goals, and unlike the others, she thrives in a more traditional office setting (even if that office setting is in Japan!)

Shoshanna: “Sometimes I feel like I’m in ‘The Truman Show’ but it’s like, really just a walking American Apparel ad and I don’t even know it.”

9 Ray – ENTP

Ray is a straight up ENTP through and through. ENTP’s are described as being debaters, and making counterpoints towards the four main girls on the show and their zeitgeisty ways is what Ray does best. Often seen as the voice of reason on the show, Ray basically represents what audience members of Girls are thinking: that these young women are entitled, spoiled, and oblivious in the most satirized way possible.

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Sometimes his critical way of thinking can be seen by the others as “dark and cynical”, which can often be the case. The girls tend to see Ray as a grumpy old man who exists to wag his finger at them, and this is most notable when Shoshanna breaks up with Ray and has this to say about him:

Shoshanna: “You hate everything! Seriously, you hate the sound of children playing and you hate all your living relatives, you hate people who wear sunglasses, like even during the day, you hate going out to dinner which you know I love, you hate colors, you hate pillows, you hate ribbons, you hate everything! I can’t be the only thing you like!”

8 Elijah – ESFP

Elijah: “Hey, let’s have the type of night where it’s like 5 am and one of us has definitely punched someone who has been on a Disney Channel show.”

Elijah is an ESFP, otherwise known as “The Entertainer”. It helps that the actor who portrays Elijah is played by Broadway actor Andrew Rannells whose theatrical mannerisms shine through in his character. Whether he’s performing in the musical rendition of White Men Can’t Jump or belting Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer”, Elijah is always willing to put on a show.

Like a true ESFP, Elijah lives for the moment. He is never too concerned about the future, always focused on the “here and now” details. His biggest priority seems to be having a good time which is most emphasized in season 2 episode 3 when he goes out of his way to have the best possible partying experience at the club with DJ’s Andrew & Andrew.

7 Jessa – ESTP

Jessa: “You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day. Even on the days you don’t feel like it.”

The best word to describe Jessa would be “Impulsive”. Her addiction to heroin, her surprise marriage to a man she barely knows, and her affair with Adam are just a few of the many decisions she makes without giving much thought into the potential consequences. Jessa lives for the moment and this behavior, although somewhat noble, doesn’t seem to have a positive effect on her life. She often falls into a depression as a result of her actions and despite her careless approach, it is clear that Jessa often feels a lot of guilt.

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Jessa’s behavior hurts her personal relationships as well. It ruins her relationship with Hannah and has ruined many of her past relationships. In season 3, we learn she used to have a best friend growing up named Season who faked her own death just to get Jessa out of her life. Ouch!

6 Charlie – ISFP

Sometimes, Charlie is too nice for his own good. Hannah even mentions in her diary that in Marnie and Charlie’s relationship, Marnie feels as though she is “trapped in a prison of his own kindness.” The poor guy keeps getting the short end of the stick when it comes to his love life despite the fact that all he wants to do is please his girlfriend. Typical for the ISFP personality type, Charlie struggles with change especially when it comes to his romantic relationships. He has trouble ending things with Marnie despite the fact that their relationship is unhealthy because he likes the security and comfort that comes from being with the same person.

Charlie: “I decided on you. I like the smell of your hair and the sound of your voice and I f***ing decided on you.”

5 Marnie – ISTJ

Marnie: “You can’t break up with me! I wouldn’t be eating pizza in front of you if I actually liked you…”

Marnie is someone who is heavily concerned about how the rest of the world sees her. Status is something that is extremely important to Marnie, whether it’s her relationship status, her career, or her artistic accomplishments. She is extremely anal and uptight when it comes to events that are supposed to be considered laid back and fun, like in season 3 episode 7 “Beach House” when she tries to control the entire vacation by having assigned rooms and conducting a strict schedule of events that suggest the lifestyle of four women that they each fail to represent. Basically, Marnie wants her life to replicate a Pinterest board when in reality she and her friends are unemployed 20-somethings with extremely narcissistic personas.

Her uptight approach to life often serves as a weakness throughout the show, especially within her friend groups. While the rest of the girls are much more free-spirited in nature, Marnie is constantly struggling for power and control. Her insistent need to present herself in the most attractive light often leads others to see her as vain and contrived. Remember when she performed her own rendition of “Stronger” by Kanye West? “Cringe-worthy” wouldn’t even begin to describe it!

4 Hannah – INFP

Hannah: “I don’t want you to freak out, but I think I may be the voice of my generation.”

Hannah wants to do everything in life “for the story”. Sometimes she has difficulty seeing her peers as real people rather than potential subjects to write about in her blog entries and e-book. Jessa and Adam both call her out on this, yet although Hannah loves her friends she often seems to care more about her own personal gain.

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During season 1 in the episode titled “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a The Crackcident,” Adam claims that Hannah doesn’t really want to know him, she just wants to write about him in her diary. Her habit of seeing the people around her as “writing material” rather than living breathing human beings is only one of the many reasons Hannah is such a flawed character. She also struggles to act like an adult and resorts to living in a childish manner, something that is a common weakness in INFP personality types.

3 Adam – ISTP

Adam: “If you died, the world would blur… I wouldn’t know what a tree was.”

Adam is the most physical and animalistic character on Girls. His brutish behavior can often come across as “9-1-1 dial” worthy, yet we as viewers can’t help but find ourselves fascinated by this funny-faced specimen. Everything from his mannerisms to his actions come across as strange and uncivilized. Adam’s behavior is often like that of a caveman where he basically does whatever the hell he wants without considering the consequences of his actions. (A Girls character who doesn’t consider their future outcomes? Never seen that before!)

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Jessa even describes him as looking like “the original man” which can also easily sum up his entire persona. It almost feels as though Adam is not fit for this century, as though he dropped into the millennial world via time machine sent from the paleolithic era.

2 Desi – ENFJ

Hannah’s description for Desi: “He looks like someone in the Pacific Northwest knit a man.”

The best word to sum up Desi is “pretentious”. Although he presents himself to be a pained artist, he is basically one of the most privileged characters on the show. Desi doesn’t seem to have an authentic bone his body until the final season when he pretty much admits that he is a phony and that everything he does is just “acting”.

Desi: I’m not a musician, bella. Never have been, was just acting like one. Before that, I was just acting like an actor, and before that, I was just acting like being a big game photographer. I’m always acting like I’m something, but now I’m like…done.

1 Fran – ENTJ

Fran: “Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive, and inappropriate. What a twist!”

Fran is basically the opposite of Hannah in every way. While Hannah acts on emotion and could not care less about what other people think about her, Fran is very concerned with how the world sees him. He cares deeply about being seen as civilized and put-together, while Hannah, on the other hand, would much rather have people see her as daring. Their clash in personalities is ultimately what leads to their breakup.

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