James Bond Racing Cars Are At This Weekend’s Grand Prix

James Bond racing cars are at this weekend’s British Grand Prix. As any Bond fan can tell you, M16’s greatest spy isn’t afraid of high speeds. Whether these take place in a car, on a boat, or in a plane, 007’s ability to make split second decisions at breakneck speeds is as much a part of the character as are his license to kill and suave demeanor.

In fact, from the very first James Bond film  – 1962’s Dr No – a specific make of vehicle has been highlighted, though it wasn’t until 1964’s Goldfinger that audiences were able to get their first glance at James Bond driving a gorgeous and potentially lethal vehicle of his own. Since that time, Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 has been the car most associated with the secret agent. Beloved by fans and referenced in a variety of films far beyond the Bond franchise, the DB5 has gone on to make an appearance in seven different 007 films, clearly making it Bond’s vehicle of choice.

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As a result of the ongoing relationship between Bond films and cars, the official 007 Instagram account has just posted photos of one of the two cars that will be joining this weekend’s F1 British Grand Prix at England’s Silverstone circuit. The cars are both Aston Martins and each will feature the 007 logo, as well as Bond number plates on the back of their rear wings. Check out the photos of the cars below:

Both 007 inspired cars have the seal of approval of Eon Productions and will be part of the Red Bull racing team. The Bond additions to the cars are being done to commemorate the 1,007th F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. That being said, the publicity certainly won’t harm the already highly anticipated release of the still unnamed Bond 25, which is set for release in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no word of Daniel Craig popping by to give the cars his blessing – most likely due to the fact that he’s still busy filming Bond 25. Still, for those die hard Bond fans who also happen to love Formula One, these 007 additions are sure to be a highlight. After all, it isn’t every franchise that gets its own vehicle at one of the most respected professional racing events in the world.

Oddly enough, the inclusion of Bond at a world-renowned racing event doesn’t just feel completely appropriate, but the name Silverstone also sounds quite at home with Bond as well. Considering that the forthcoming Bond 25 has gone longer than most films in the series without an official title, perhaps this is the weekend where inspiration truly hits and an official title is revealed. That’s likely a stretch, but at least this weekend will definitely have something James Bond related for fans to take in.

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Avengers: Endgame Directors Hype Epic Conclusion to the MCU Grand Experiment

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo hype up the finale of Marvel Studios’ 22-film arc in Avengers: Endgame. The Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man and over the course of a decade, it grew to an $18 billion empire that significantly affected how Hollywood does movies nowadays. With the burden to wrap up the so-called The Infinity Saga resting on the Russos and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely’s shoulders, the directing duo are confident that the Phase 3 capper will deliver.

Picking up after the events of last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame will tackle the aftermath of Thanos successfully wiping out half of life in the universe and the remaining heroes attempting to avenge those fallen, doing whatever it takes. The film will also see the re-assembly of the core Avengers who had been separated for the most part the last couple of years with Hawkeye taking a brand new persona in Ronin. Demand for tickets was record-breaking with the film projected for a massive opening weekend haul. Considering the hype surrounding the film, not to mention the build up to Avengers 4, there’s definitely high expectation for the film, and while they can’t get into specifics just yet, the Russos are satisfied with how the conclusion to MCU’s first overarching narrative turned out.

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During Endgame‘s global press conference event where Screen Rant was in attendance, host Jon Favreau asked Joe and Anthony about how Infinity War‘s ending affected the tone of its sequel, and without giving anything plot detail, the directing duo maintained how committed they are to the stakes of these films. Anthony pointed out that they’re not oblivious to the immense time and effort it took for the MCU to arrive at this point, saying they’re hoping that fans are content with the ending they crafted for the “grandest experiments in movie history.”

ANTHONY RUSSO:So, the ending of Infinity War, Joe and I have mentioned this before, one of our favorite storytelling adages is write yourself into a corner. And what we take that to mean is, put yourself in place on a narrative level where you have no idea how you can possibly move forward from there. And that’s a very exciting place to be. It forces you to anticipate creative ways forward. And we try to do that to the endings of every single Marvel movie we’ve done. In fact, never more so, of course, than Infinity War. We are very committed to the ending of that movie. We think that stories lose their meaning and relevance and resonance unless there are real stakes. And for us, moving into this new movie, into Endgame, the story is very much about how do these characters, how did these heroes deal with loss? A resounding loss, true loss, devastating loss. That’s what they’ve experienced in Infinity War. And that was a unique experience for all of them. And how does a person move forward from that? In other words, how does a hero move forward from that moment? And how we’ve wrote it in the story, how is everybody, on an individual level, dealing with that experience and then how do they collectively cope with it.

JON FAVREAU:And Joe, what do you want audiences to experience when they watch it?

JOE RUSSO:This is I think a really unique experiment in movies, this grand mosaic, and depending on how you count it up, 11 franchises interwoven into one big narrative. And I think a lot of people have invested a lot of heart and soul into the characters. And taking place around the world is really heartwarming to see people come up to you and say, ‘Hey, I started watching this with my classmates when I was 10 years old. Now we’re all 21 and we’re going to see it together.’ Or, ‘My parents have taken me to every movie.’ ‘My grandpa has taken me to every film.’ It’s a real sense of community and sharing these stories and believing in them. And with Endgame, we can get the opportunity to finish off one of the grandest experiments in movie history and bring it to, as Kevin said, an epic conclusion. So, what we’re hoping for is that people feel satisfied with the conclusion.

At this point, there’s really no clear path as to how Endgame will pan for both the surviving heroes and Thanos. Both the concept of time travel and Quantum Realm are expected to factor in the narrative, but it’s uncertain how they fit in the film. It doesn’t help that Disney is running a measured marketing campaign so as not to give away any clues what the future lies for the characters. The fact that the Russos even admitted to footage manipulation in trailers is another thing that fans should be cautious with when coming up when their own theories.

It’s more likely for the better than fans have very little knowledge of what’s going down in Avengers: Endgame. In this day and age of social media, the way they’re able to keep Infinity War‘s tragic ending tightly under wraps until the film’s release was an achievement. Considering that its sequel apparently has more spoilers than Avengers 3, it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios went to greater lengths to ensure that no spoilers come out before the movie hits theaters all over the world.

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What to Expect from The Grand Tour Season 4

The creators of The Grand Tour have fulfilled their three-season commitment, so what can we expect from The Grand Tour season 4? The Amazon Prime motor series uses an evolving form of segments to inform and entertainment viewers about car culture, with celebrities and big budgets being integral to the format.

The Grand Tour was created by former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, in addition to former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman is one of The Grand Tour. Premiering in 2017, the show had an original three-season order, with the latest of these premiering in January 2019.

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Based on new series information, The Grand Tour season 4 will have significant changes with a major production format alteration. Here’s every we know and expect for The Grand Tour season 4.

The Grand Tour Has Been Renewed For Season 4

Last December, The Grand Tour season 4 was confirmed by Amazon. As of now, a specific release date hasn’t been revealed, primarily because of a major production change (more on that next).

The current 13-episode season 3 will conclude on April 5, 2019. Soon thereafter, we’ll likely have more details about The Grand Tour season 4’s release date.

The Grand Tour Season 4 Changes The Format

Amazon will present a new production style for The Grand Tour season 4. When the motor series was renewed, it was revealed that the existing format would be scrapped. Moving forward, the presenters will embark on road trip specials.

This means that The Grand Tour season 4 will have a familiar feel yet entirely new structure. Given that The Grand Tour presenters seem mostly interested in laughs and car talk rather than cultural breakdowns, expect something along the lines of their Top Gear specials rather than anything like a documentary approach.

Amazon Wants To Continue The Grand Tour For Years

Now that The Grand Tour season 4 is committed to a fresh approach, Amazon seems willing to extend the series for multiple seasons. The main group will return for The Grand Tour season 4, and Clarkson has said that “Marvel will be jealous of our budgets.” For audiences, it will be interesting to see whether the presenters fall back on the same humor, or whether these new road trips will inspire new ideas. For now, Amazon has promised that The Grand Tour will continue for “years to come.”

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Grand Theft Auto V: 20 Items That Are Impossible To Get (And Where To Get Them)

There’s no telling what’s in the water over at Rockstar North, but science definitely needs to put some money into researching it. It could probably be distilled into a magical elixir, one that instantly makes even the laziest of us perform at 1000% in our jobs.

What other explanation could there be for Grand Theft Auto V? At the time of its original release in 2013, the Hype Train had been barrelling along for some time (it was a new Grand Theft Auto game, after all), and it arrived on shelves with Earth-shattering force. Sales records were crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam.

In fact, they still are being crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam. Did you know that it was the 11th best-selling game of 2018, despite being over five years old?

What’s the secret to the game’s success, then? Really, it all boils down to one thing: there’s an absurd amount of things to do. Rockstar has been fantastic with rolling out regular free content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s a far cry from the mess it was when it first launched (because the whole galaxy tried to log in at once as soon as possible and the system buckled under the pressure).

Even if you’re playing, solo, though, Los Santos is one humongous playground to explore. But how meticulously have you searched it since 2013? Do you own prized pieces like the Space Docker and Dunce Hat? Have you tracked down the elusive Kanye West? Let’s take a look at some of the rarest items in the game, and how you can get your hands on them.

20 The Jetpack

That’s right, friends. If you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while, you might think that the jetpack is nothing more than an urban legend. Largely because, for such a long time, it was. Back when the game was still new and canny players were busting the whole thing wide open, there were all kinds of theories as to how to unlock the jetpack. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad was thought to be the key to finding it, and so it was… in the online segment of the game.

As of the Doomsday Heist update, you can travel inside that secret bunker and actually get yourself that impractical flying device you’ve always wanted. It’s called the Thruster.

19 The Dunce Hat

Now, if you’ve spent more than about an eighth of a nanosecond playing the average online game, you’ll have noticed one thing: random players online can be super, super objectionable. There are the trolls, the griefers, the spammers, the rapping-along-with-Eminem-down-their-mic-ers… it can be an all-around bad time, that’s for sure.

This being Grand Theft Auto, of course, you’ve got to expect the average player to be an extra dose of unpleasant on top of that. This is why, early in the game’s lifespan, Rockstar implemented the bad sports system, which saw repeat offenders lumped into a pool with others of their ilk. They were also – hilariously – equipped with a dunce hat.

18 The Giant Taco Truck

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Yes, it’s fun to engage in precisely-planned and tactical heists with skilled players, but do you know what’s even more fun? Forgetting all of that and just messing around on the highways of Los Santos with ridiculous vehicles.

High-speed chases in tractors, buses, and fire trucks are what life is all about, right? If you really want to go for it, though, you’re going to want that huge taco truck that’s hidden away in the game.

It’ll spawn in a secretive location north of Sandy Shores, between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm.

17 The Spaceship Parts

For as long as Grand Theft Auto V has existed, it’s been plagued by odd rumors about aliens. Those wacky funsters at Rockstar have hidden all manner of extra-terrestrial easter eggs throughout the game (more on that later), and the whole thing culminates in a little sidequest for the most dedicated players to solve: finding the Spaceship Parts.

You can start your search after completing the Fame or Shame mission in the main story, which unlocks the Far Outmission and sets you off on your journey. There are 50 parts to find in all, scattered across the map in the most unlikely places. How to find them? For one thing, you follow the glow and rhythmic humming they emit, and for another, you check out this handy-dandy guide (complete with map) from IGN.

16 The Space Docker

As you can imagine, if you’re not following a detailed guide, it sure can be tough to hunt down all 50 of those Spaceship Parts. Even if you are, it’s a bit of a slog. Do you remember the hunt for all of those hidden photo ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man? It definitely was not a good time.

What’s your reward for getting all of those Spaceship Parts? That’s the real question. The answer, if you didn’t know, is the Space Docker. This super-unconventional vehicle looks like a regular dune buggy, albeit one that Doc Brown has added all manner of enhancements and doohickeys to. It has the unique ability to briefly ‘glide’ if driven over a jump or ramp.

15 The P-996 LAZER

Now, there are two things we all know about top-secret government bases. For one thing, they’re sure to be home to a whole array of neat toys and forbidden knowledge that we’re never, ever supposed to know about (they’ve probably got the answer to why our partners leave stuff next to the dishwasher rather than inside it in there). For another, they’re going to enthusiastically defend those secrets.

So, you want that sweet-looking military jet? Good luck with that. The guards of Fort Zancudo take their job very seriously. As seriously as Arnold Schwarzenegger took his job of rescuing his daughter at the end of Commando, and with just as many explosions.

Prior to the P-996 LAZER Week (after which, they were available to buy), it was one heck of a dangerous ordeal to try and steal one of these.

14 Kanye West

That’s right. Never mind dunce hats, super-fancy military jets, or any of those sorts of things. As it turns out, one of the rarest secrets to find in Grand Theft Auto V is… Kanye West himself.

That’s right. The rapper, man-scarf seller, and social media wiseman has never been officially confirmed to be in the game, but many players have encountered an NPC that looks shockingly like him. A random spawn, he could appear anywhere in your game at any time. Possibly singing Stronger or Gold Digger or something, though that’s not been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for him on the streets of Los Santos.

13 UFOs

As we’ve already seen, the game is rife with alien references and sci-fi influences. You’d almost expect to see a boy riding a bicycle right up there in the darn sky, with an odd little lumpen creature in the basket.

After completing the main game 100% (no easy feat, as we’ll also see later), those references become much more implicit. Less obscure easter eggs, more huge UFOs right there in your darn face.

After getting that elusive 100%, flying saucers will start to spawn in select areas of the map, under particular conditions.

12 The Kraken

With the predominantly concrete jungle feel of Los Santos, you’ll probably spend much of your time up there on land. The city is huge, after all, and the opportunities for water exploration are pretty darn limited in comparison.

This isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to see down there, though. Underwater exploration is an intriguing distraction, and there are two vehicles you can use to do so: the submersible and the Kraken.

Both are pains to acquire, but the Kraken makes the list because (if you’re not a returning player) it requires you to complete Franklin’s Wildlife Photography Challenge to unlock. This is one of the more obscure sidequests, unlocked after completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission.

It’s quite the challenge, requiring you to get Snapmatic shots of everything from a seagull to a mountain lion.

11 The Halloween Livestream T-Shirts

If there’s one thing that dedicated fans both love (when they manage to get them) and hate (when they don’t), it’s time-limited event content.

Holidays are a big cause of this. Even Super Mario Odyssey got in on the Halloween fun last year, alongside so many other games. As we reported over on The Richest, Rockstar once released some very exclusive Halloween-themed shirts, which have left fans feeling all kinds of ways.

They were available only through one method: the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon. As a result, they’re among the very rarest items available in the game. They aren’t available any more full stop, in fact. If you weren’t a lucky winner, you’re out of… luck.

10 The Yeti

The yeti, that most elusive of hairy beasts, has become a real pop culture phenomenon. Homer Simpson was mistaken for the creature in the episode “The Call of The Simpsons,” it’s appeared in all kinds of movies, TV shows and video games… it’s a star, there’s no doubt about that.

Did you also know, though, that Rockstar has hidden the legendary creature away in Grand Theft Auto V? In the mission, Predator, the player is sniping targets in the Rato Canyon area. Somewhere among the trees, visible only for a brief moment, is Bigfoot itself. Use your infra-red scope, and you’ll clearly see it. In the mission The Last One, meanwhile, the sasquatch that features is believed to simply be a man in a costume (according to Franklin, at least).

9 The Racing Blonde Tattoo

There’s something a little shonky about Grand Theft Auto V’s character creator. You’re kind of doomed to look spooky, whatever you do. Some of us feel forced to keep sunglasses on their characters at all times, because their eyes look like they haven’t slept for 65 million years.

Not to worry, though, because there’s such an absurd array of clothing and accessories to buy in the game’s stores. If you want to customize your avatar with some of the rarest tattoos, though, you’re going to have to be really darn good.

For the less able GTA V racers, the ultimate lost cause would probably be the Racing Blonde tattoo. To unlock this, you’ll need to set a racing world record.

8 The ‘Los Santos Legend’ Achievement/Trophy

Generally speaking, we gamers tend to be quite a goal-oriented bunch. We see that list of collectibles, we want them all. We see that platinum trophy, we darn well want it.

Achievements and trophies have been a part of gaming for a long time, and some of us go to extremes in order to earn them. We buy games we have no real interest in, simply because they’ve got a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock.

Do you know which game sure as heck doesn’t have a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V. In order to earn the title of Los Santos Legend, you’ll need to 100% the campaign itself, spend a total of $200,000 across all three characters, reach rank 100 in Grand Theft Auto Online… and those are just for starters.

7 The ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Heist Completion Bonus

As I say, then, Grand Theft Auto V has been available for quite some time now. So too have the long-awaited Heists (yes, they took their sweet time coming, but they eventually did). The veterans among you have surely mastered each of these unique missions by now, making the best possible profit you could in the process. But have you gotten yourself the ultimate reward?

As Rockstar themselves report, the Criminal Mastermind IV special challenge award is the holy grail. It requires you to complete every Doomsday Heist mission in order, with the same team of four players, on the hard difficulty without losing a single life.

Your reward? An impressive GTA$3,750,000.

6 The Letter Scraps

Like any open-world game, Grand Theft Auto V sure does have its share of collectibles. As with something like Marvel’s Spider-Man, they’re divided into categories, and there’s a certain amount of each.

So, you’ve managed to nab all fifty of the Spaceship Parts? Excellent work! Next, you’ve got fifty Letter Scraps to find. As before, they’re spread all across Los Santos (IGN’s handy-dandy guide is here to help with that), and there’s an intriguing little mystery at the bottom of it all.

Collecting them all will reward you with the full, sad story of Leonora Johnson’s demise, and a confession from the guilty party.

5 The Minigun

Now, we know what you’re thinking. How in heck can a minigun be tough to find? They’re huge, after all; named ironically, like calling an enormous wrestler Tiny.

Locating the minigun isn’t exactly the problem. It’s getting to it. Like the P-996 LAZER jet, before there was an easier method of acquiring it, it spawned right at the top of the Fort Zancudo control tower.

This is not a place you just pop into whenever you fancy for a slice of cake and a catch-up. This is not your mama’s house. Unless your mama’s house is full of angry armed guards and Rhino tanks.

4 Nuclear Waste

So, maybe you’ve collected all fifty of the Spaceship Parts AND all fifty of the Letter Scraps. That’s some pretty darn good going if you have, but there’s so much more to find in Los Santos.

Your next collectible? Nuclear Waste. You have the happy task of collecting barrels of it from the waters around Los Santos, and they sell for a pretty penny (which is probably a metaphor for something). This side mission is a pain for several reasons. Firstly, you need to have completed The Merryweather Heist, then buy the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove. Completing these steps nets you the Minisub, which you’ll need to use to go and hunt down those barrels.

The convenient Trackify app will help you locate them.

3 For Real Collectors Only

Over the course of this rundown, we’ve taken a look at a lot of the secrets hidden away in Grand Theft Auto V’s vast world. Little hunks of spaceship, drums of nuclear waste, fragments of a letter… there’s an intense

But what about an actual physical item relating to the game? As we know, publishers just love to drop special editions of their releases, just to squeeze a few extra drops of cash out of us all. In this particular game’s case, the Collector’s Edition saw a very special physical map of Los Santos thrown in. It pinpoints the location of a lot of these hidden treasures, but, brilliantly, needs to be viewed under a blacklight for that.

2 The Vulkan

Oftentimes in video game development, things don’t end up the way you thought they would. Revisions are made, things are rewritten, content changed or cut entirely. The files from something long removed will often remain buried in the game somewhere, waiting for enterprising modders to come along and find.

Take the Vulkan, for instance, a fighter jet (an earlier take on the Hydra, in fact) that was cut out of the game. As we reported previously over on The Gamer, it was a neat-looking ride capable of dual-firing missiles, and a sad loss to the game.

How can you restore the Vulkan to playable glory? Only through the use of mods.

1 The Enus Super Diamond

Now, granted, this might not be the most difficult vehicle to acquire. It’s most certainly not, in fact. The thing is, though, the side mission to unlock it is so hilarious, and the element of chance involved is such a pain, that it definitely warrants inclusion here.

To get your hands on the Enus Super Diamond, you’re going to need one to spawn. In the game’s main story mode, it will occasionally appear in traffic (at Vespucci Beach or Rockford Hills), but that’s not interesting. What you really want is the random Groom In Trouble event to spawn.

This NPC will randomly appear tied to a lamppost. When you talk to him, he’ll explain that his bachelor party took a turn for the worst, and he needs you to help him run a couple of errands (in a very strict timeframe) before dropping him off at the wedding. He owns a Super Diamond (a gift from his new father-in-law), and, as a reward for delivering the groom to the church on time, the best man tells the player that they can keep the vehicle.

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Chris Littlechild

25 Awesome Areas In Grand Theft Auto V Casuals Had No Idea About

What a wild, wild ride Grand Theft Auto V has had. It originally launched way back in 2013 (which is an eternity in video game years) and quickly became a phenomenon.

Players, critics, Rockstar shareholders (and their partners who want to add that extension to their house)… everybody just loved the game. It continues to sell incredibly well (it was the 11th best-selling title of last year, even though it’s over five years old), despite the fact that just about everybody in the known universe surely owns it by now.

Yes, the controversial crime ‘em up series has always been popular, but what was it about this entry in particular? It’s got to be the whole open-world thing. These sorts of titles have become increasingly popular and ambitious in recent years, and Grand Theft Auto V was one of the first titles to really push the envelope in terms of scale.

The game may not be about an open ‘world’ as such (in contrast to something like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Skyrim), but Los Santos was perhaps the biggest, living-est breathing-est city that games could muster back in 2013. Like Marvel’s Spider-Man’s take on New York City, it was a stunning achievement. It still is.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that there’d be a whole wealth of secrets, easter eggs, and places that casual players have never seen. Have you visited Grand Theft Auto V’s very own Bermuda Triangle? Or the mysterious Coveted Cove? Or even the ghostly shores of that haunted beach? Probably not, so buckle up for a tour with a difference.

25 The Mysterious Mountain Mine

On a map as large as Grand Theft Auto V’s, there are bound to be all kinds of obscure little areas that most players wouldn’t ever really find. Only the hardened explorers who hunt every sidequest on every square inch of land need apply.

The mountain mine (as we’ve reported before) isn’t an obscure little area (it’s pretty darn big, in fact) but it’s certainly a neat find. It’s shut behind a big wooden door, which can be easily disposed of by one of the many explosive surprises that all Grand Theft Auto players have on their person at all times.

What awaits you inside? A series of confusing, narrow passages, and a decades-old body (we suggested that its 1940s-era clothing, and this whole situation, may be a reference to fellow Rockstar properties L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption).

24 The Tennis Coach’s REAL House

If there’s one word to describe the life of the average Grand Theft Auto protagonist, it would probably be drama. From C.J. to Niko to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, these people sure don’t lead boring lives.

Early in GTA V’s story, Michael discovers his wife and her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis, in an unfortunate position. He follows the man back to what he believes is the tennis coach’s own home, and manages to destroy the place by pulling it down the cliff it’s built on.

He soon discovers that the house was actually the property of Martin Madrazo, the ruthless and wealthy businessman. Just across from this once-beautiful home, though, players can find what appears to be Chavis’s real place, a much smaller and more humble home. There are tennis balls, rackets, and a ball machine all around the premises.

23 Mount Chiliad

Now, of course, Mt Chiliad is a location that’s pretty darn difficult not to find. It’s just about the biggest and most obvious thing on the whole map.

We’re not looking for the mountain itself, though. What’s important here is the fact that, being such a large piece of the Los Santos landscape, there are all kinds of secrets squirreled away here.

One of the more minor (yet particularly intriguing) mysteries surrounds a  piece of art on the mountainside, on the left side of the upper half of the mountain (via Paleto Bay). As we reported over on TheGamer, in the original version of the game, this depicted a man’s face (said to be that of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman). In the later re-release for current-gen consoles, it’s the outline of a chicken instead.

22 The Taco Van Of Mysteries

Now, barrelling around Los Santos in the finest multi-million dollar cars is fun and all, but that’s not all there is to the game. Often, you can get just as much joy out of taking one of the sillier, novelty vehicles out for a spin.

You don’t want to race in a fire truck, hearse, or the like, true enough. They’re hilarious to just scoot around in, though, which is why lots of you will probably want to know about the holy grail of road-faring ridiculousness: the Enormous Taco Truck™.

To get your hands on this magnificent vehicle, you’ll have to head to the north of Sandy Shores (between the hours of 1 and 2 pm, which is when the truck spawns). It’s just… there, ripe for the taking, and it’s fantastic.

21 Seaside Spooks

Now, there was always going to have to be a lot of shoreline, beaches, and ocean in Los Santos. After all, how else could GTA V’s luxury vehicle manufacturers sell us their fancy boats and ships?

Naturally, this being Grand Theft Auto, the beaches of the city have their own distinctly grown-up stories to tell. Pretty darn intense ones, too.

There’s a certain campsite that players can visit after the hour of 11pm, which is littered with tents. If you stick around, you’ll start to hear disembodied voices, which soon descend into moans and screams. Did something distinctly Friday the 13th-flavored happen here?

20 The Coveted Cove

As we’ve already established, this is Grand Theft Auto we’re talking about. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows around here, that’s for darn sure. It’s an intense, ethically-questionable, often bad world. One that Trevor exists in, perhaps the most hilariously intense character ever created.

Even so, however, Los Santos is also just absolutely stunning in places. Certain areas, like the so-called Coveted Cove, could be ripped straight from a travel agent’s catalog.

It’s found on the east coast, at the south end of the San Chianski mountains (Blaine County). A little cove with a water-filled cave, it’s a beautiful natural location that features in the mission Coveted (hence the unofficial name).

Inside, you’ll find a some curious treasure: a grenade launcher, along with a letter scrap and a spaceship part.

19 The Fort Zancudo Underground Lab

That name alone is probably enough to strike fear in the hearts of players in the know. However high-leveled and well-equipped you are, Fort Zancudo is not a location to take lightly.

The guards of the military base take their job very, very seriously. If you even breathe within 10,000 yards of their territory, they’ll come after you.

Visiting is more than worth a try, though, for several reasons (more coming up later in this rundown). For one thing, there’s a secretive underground lab you can access here, after installing a certain mod. Riding down the elevator here gives you access, taking you to a dark, spooky lab that could house all manner of experiments.

18 The Los Santos Bermuda Triangle

That’s right, friends. You’ve surely heard of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious area off the coast of Florida/Bermuda/Puerto Rico. According to legends and conspiracy theories, this area harbors some kind of inexplicable force, which has led all kinds of vessels to become lost in (and over) its waters.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players have discovered an odd bug that seems to replicate the effects of the famous Bermuda Triangle. As USGamer explains, there’s an area between the Paleto Bunker, the north of Paleto Bay and the Yachts A Series (yes, it forms a triangle) where the usual rules of physics don’t apply. Due to a strange bug, entering this area in a ship or a plane can cause you to be teleported away without said vehicle.


17 Oh, Give Us A Home Where The Aliens Roam

As fans and rabid conspiracy theorists will know, GTA V is rife with alien references. We’ve already touched on the fact that there’s a spaceship part to be found in the Coveted Cove, but that’s just the start of things. If you’re dedicated enough to achieve 100% completion of the game’s story mode, UFOs will begin to appear in Blaine County and Los Santos itself. Their appearances are triggered at certain times and by certain weather conditions, as detailed by IGN.

If the player collects all of the scattered spaceship parts, a tiny craft will be produced (and you’ll unlock the Space Docker). What does all of this mean? It’s tough to say, but presumably, the truth is out there.

16 Back We Go To Fort Zancudo

On the subject of all of this spacecraft business, we’ve already seen that Fort Zancudo is a place that ties in with all these rumours and odd happenings. Not only is there that unexplained base deep in the building, but you’ll see a strange glowing UFO in the skies here at 3am each day.

Do you know what else you can find here? A minigun, that’s what. It’s certainly not an easy trip up to the Control Tower to get it, though. As I say, the guards around here are not trained to have nice little plates of cookies and a trouser press ready for visitors, like a snooty hotel. They will simply end you.

It’s just as tough to get back out of the tower as it is to get in, but that’s exactly what makes it such an adventure.

15 Jetpack Mountain

Ah, yes. When it comes to rumors, secrets, and what-ifs within GTA V, this is one of the other major ones. Perhaps it’s not as intriguing as those aliens and their UFOs, but people just will not stop talking about that darn jetpack.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players will be familiar with this one, as it was an unlockable piece of equipment in that game. As for V, though, it was nowhere to be seen in the game itself. However many very fine toothcombs have been run through every single inch of the title.

Finally, though, we discovered what was at the heart of the mountain (the secret bunker), and the jetpack was available in Grand Theft Auto Online as of the Doomsday Heist update.

14 Franklin’s Apartment

Now, Franklin’s apartment isn’t exactly what you’d call a secret location. After all, the game thrusts you right in through the door, on multiple occasions, for story purposes. You just can’t miss it.

That’s one of the great things about the game, though: the observant player will notice little nods and references in the most mundane and mandatory places.

In the Casa de Franklin, then, take a closer look at his record collection. You’ll see albums by OG Loc and Madd Dogg, who have appeared previously in the series. A throwaway detail, you might think, but a touch that fans are sure to appreciate and a signature Rockstar move.

13 Making Movie Magic

If there’s one thing the Grand Theft Auto series is known for, it’s… well, controversy and sparking endless debates about violent video games. If there’s another thing, though, it would be the pop culture references.

GTA V snarks on absolutely everybody and everything, from the rampant consumerism of L.A. (the city on which Los Santos is based) to the movie world.

As previously reported at TheGamer, if you’re flying a chopper at the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness between 8 and 9pm, you’ll witness a scene straight out of Thelma and Louise. A lone car will be surrounded by police on the edge of a cliff. An officer will tentatively approach the vehicle, and… there goes the car over the cliff.

12 Here, There Be (Sea) Monsters!

Of course, most of the action of GTA V takes place in the city. That’s the beauty of the ‘world’ Rockstar has created. It’s about consumerism, the cult of celebrity, all these sorry things that make up big city life.

As such, we’re only given a small amount of the ocean to play with/in. That’s not to say that those murky waters don’t hold secrets of their own, though. South of Chumash on the San Andreas coast, you’ll find the skeleton of a vast whale, and a pretty darn unsettling sight it is too. Still, it’s neat that this highlights the importance of searching everywhere.

11 Raton Canyon’s Yeti

Ah, yes. One of the most elusive and popular cryptozoological beasts of all, the yeti has appeared in all kinds of video games (heck, even Plants vs Zombies). It’s been rumoured to appear in even more, but eagle-eyed players have spotted it for sure in GTA V.

The Predator mission tasks you with taking down a trio of high-priority targets. While seeking them out from your helicopter, you’ll briefly catch a glimpse of the stealthy creature among the trees. It’s very tough to make out under normal conditions, but you do have the advantage of an infra-red scope.

Using that, you can clearly see its unmistakable form.

10 Jesco White’s Shack In The Hills

If you’re familiar with Jesco White, ‘The Dancing Outlaw,’ you’ll know that he’s most famous for two things. His inimitable dancing style and the documentary movies that have been made about him.

With GTA V trying to encapsulate just a little bit of what it means to be from the West, maybe it’s no surprise that White makes an appearance in the game. Not only does he voice the DJ of the Rebel Radio station, but he also shows up himself in the Alamo Sea region. There he is, dancing to an Ozark Mountain Daredevils song as only he can.

Those are some smooth moves you have, Mr. White.

9 Under The Sea

Well, that’s successfully got that The Little Mermaid song stuck in your heads for the rest of the day. We’re sorry.

Never mind that, though. The important thing here is that it’s easy to get caught up in all the usual trappings of street racing and such that the game offers. Racing modes are pretty extensive at this point, after all; it’s like a game in itself.

Don’t forget, though, that there are other much quirkier ways to spend your time in Los Santos. Have you headed down to the depths of the ocean in a submersible? Well, friends, you’re missing out of you haven’t.

8 Vinewood Hills

Of course, there had to be a Vinewood Hills in the game. When you’re making a big snarky monument to everything Los Angeles is, there’s one target that you just can’t miss. It’s a huge, garish fish in a barrel, and it’s called Hollywood.

Vinewood Hills sports its own take on that famous sign, as most players will already know. There’s something else to find here, though, that so many probably overlooked.

The Vinewood Zombie, as he’s known, isn’t in the business of eating brains and staring in Michael Jackson’s unsettling music videos. He comes in peace and will stop to chat like any friendly NPC. To find him, head on over to the corner by the cinema.

7 Halo’s Master Chief Makes A Cameo

Speaking of the in-game cinemas, there’s another interesting secret surrounding them. Specifically, the Cinema Doppler in Vineland. Head on over there, and you’ll find somebody very dear to the hearts of Xbox fans everywhere: Master Chief.

That’s right. the much-ballyhooed hero of the Halo franchise is here, just doing nothing in particular outside the theatre. Well, more accurately, it’s just a guy dressed as him, but that’s still quite a thing to behold.

If you’ve been to any conventions, you’ll respect this guy’s effort. The time and money people put into their Iron Man and Master Chief armor, huh? Amazing.

6 Right There In The Very First Mission…

Oh, yes indeedy. You thought the introduction to the game would be a quick, easy, comfortable sort of affair, free of any outside shenanigans? Well, that’s not the case here. Right from the off, Rockstar wanted to send out a clear message that this is a title rife with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it secrets.

When making their getaway during that fateful bank robbery, our antiheroes take off down a snowy road. You’re supposed to turn before the bridge, but if you continue to the river to the right, you’ll see something astonishing: an alien frozen in the water beneath the bridge.

As USGamer explains, you won’t be able to stop and take in this sight (the mission is instantly failed if you don’t hurry), but it’s all the more alarming for that.

5 The Lost Reference To… Lost

As we’ve firmly established by now, GTA V is riddled with references to the supernatural and mysterious. The yeti, the Bermuda Triangle, aliens and UFOs… there’s all sorts of super-strange stuff going on here.

It’s only appropriate, then, that Rockstar also added a nod to the most mysterious, strange and what-the-heck-is-happening TV show of all: Lost.

That iconic ‘hatch’ from the show can actually be found in Los Santos. In this universe, it’s located far to the east, by the coast near the San Chiasci Mountain Range. You can use the submersible to get close, but you can’t actually reach it.

4 Your Buddies’ Homes

One of the more interesting departures for the game, in terms of mechanics, was the whole three separate protagonist thing. Most of the time, you can freely switch between Trevor, Franklin, and Michael on the fly, taking control of them during… whatever they happened to be occupied with at the time. That can be hilarious in itself, particularly when switching to the ever-unpredictable Trevor.

We know all of this, though. What you may not know is that you’re usually free to visit the other protagonists’ homes, and Rockstar programmed in something a little special for these occasions. If you creep around their house, that character will call you and ask what you’re doing there. If you instead choose to shoot or fire explosives at their homes (this is Grand Theft Auto, after all, who needs a reason?), they’ll call and furiously demand that you stop.

It’s just another neat little touch you may never have seen in some of the game’s best-known locations.

3 The Strange Snowman

That’s just the way Rockstar do things. They take the most mundane locations and throw in the most unexpected easter eggs. It’s one of the things that make their game worlds such a joy to explore.

Take the Fridgit factory in Cypress Flats, for instance. It’s… well, it’s a standard-issue factory, and there are a whole lot of those in any big city. It’s one of those places that you’d just let flash by, not expecting anything of any real interest to be hidden there.

Enter the site, though, and you’ll notice a set of heavy doors just slightly ajar. Look through them and you’ll notice a friendly grinning snowman inside, among some crates and boxes. You can’t enter the room, so there’s no real point to it, but it’s an intriguing one nonetheless. Why not just make it so the doors weren’t open at all and there was nothing inside? Because it’s Rockstar we’re talking about, that’s why.

2 Vinewood Cemetery’s Furry Visitor

The animal lovers among you surely know the story of Greyfriar’s Bobby. This loyal little Skye terrier remained at the Greyfriar’s Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland for years after his owner’s passing, waiting and hoping for him to return.

That’s the story, anyway. As SVG reports, the tale may have been invented around a stray dog in order to bring in more business to local restaurants.

That’s a little too cynical for some of us, though, so let’s stick with the traditional version of the tale. With Rockstar North being located in Edinburgh, it’s natural that they’d feel an affinity with the story of Greyfriar’s Bobby, and so, if you visit the Vinewood Cemetery, you’ll find a little terrier pining at one of the graves.

1 The Walk Of Fame

Finally, there’s another lovingly-crafted slice of the game that many players will never pause to appreciate: the Walk of Fame. As you’ve surely guessed, it’s a snarky take on the real-life star-studded path, situated in Los Angeles’s Hollywood Boulevard/Vine Street.

In Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, you’ll find over 2,600 little tribute to some of entertainment’s biggest and brightest stars. Everyone from Harrison Ford to Michael Jackson (two different Michael Jacksons, in fact) is represented here.

The Vinewood Walk of Fame in GTA V, meanwhile, celebrates a host of different characters from across the franchise. Long-time Grand Theft Auto fans will love the nostalgia.

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Chris Littlechild

Robert Zemeckis’ The Witches Casts Anne Hathaway as Grand High Witch

Anne Hathaway is playing the Grand High Witch in Robert Zemeckis’ The Witches adaptation. Angelica Huston famously brought the villainous Grand High Witch to life in the late Nicolas Roeg’s 1990 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel, with the assistance of some impressively grotesque prosthetics and makeup. While Roeg’s movie bombed at the 1990 box office and was largely disowned by Dahl (who disliked how the film ends on a happier note than his book does), it was generally respected by critics in its day and has since taken on cult status over the last three decades.

Dahl’s Witches novel was published in 1983 and tells the story of a young British boy raised by his Norwegian grandmother, a former witch hunter who frequently tells him stories about her encounters with witches over the years. When the pair take a vacation to a fancy English hotel, they end up stumbling upon a witch convention – masquerading as a gathering of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children – that is presided over by the witches’ leader: the Grand High Witch, a terrifying figure who has devised a plan to get rid of all the world’s children in one fell swoop.

Related: Roald Dahl Animated Universe Coming to Netflix

So far, Zemeckis has confirmed that his Witches adaptation (which he’s both writing and directing) will change the story’s setting to the Gothic South and have distinct sociological overtones. While it remains to be seen how else his interpretation differs from Dahl’s book and Roeg’s movie alike, it appears the filmmaker has found his Grand High Witch. Variety reports that Hathaway has closed a deal to play the villain, having now worked out a potential scheduling conflict with her role in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Sesame Street movie.

As delightfully freakish as Huston is as the Grand High Witch, it’ll be fun to watch Hathaway put her own spin on the character – a villain who, like the other witches in Dahl’s book, has a bald head, clawed fingers, square-end feet, and despises children like there’s no tomorrow. Hathaway has rarely (if ever) gotten to play a character who’s quite as whimsically evil and nasty as the Grand High Witch before, which should make it all the more entertaining to see what the Oscar-winner does in the role. If all goes well, she will – gently – traumatize a whole new generation of children, much like Huston did before her.

On the other hand, Hathaway’s casting may only go so far to assure those who are wary of this new adaptation. Zemeckis, for his part, is coming off an ambitious (and costly) misfire with Welcome to Marwen and has made some worthwhile live-action films in recent years, but nothing really groundbreaking by the Back to the Future director’s standards. While the Gothic South setting and reports that Zemeckis’ The Witches will feature a pair of black leads are intriguing, people are also concerned that the storyteller with resort to cliches and stereotypes in his portrayal of the South (as some felt he did with Forrest Gump in particular). Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out, at the end of the day.

MORE: Every Unmade Guillermo del Toro Movie (& Why They Were Canceled)

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20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore

The horror anthology hit TV show American Horror Story just might be the magnum opus of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. Scarier and more riveting than any of the duo’s other projects, the spine-tingling series features a new theme and characters every season that are all still linked to each other’s universe. From the casting announcements to the series hints, theme reveals, and each season’s unique introductory visuals, it’s riveting entertainment all around. Even so, some seasons fall further off the mark than others, with many episodes barely even registering on the “horror” radar while others left us scratching our heads wondering what the heck just happened.

The thing is, we tend to give glaring errors, plot flops, and other things wrong with the show a pass because we love it so much. From intriguing horror to irresistible characters, from unexpected plot twists to some of the best storytelling on TV, American Horror Story keeps us coming back, not because it’s flawless but because it’s still addictive despite, and sometimes because of, its many flaws.

We might love a character and conveniently forget that he or she is a monster. We’ll keep tuning in even after an entire sequence left us feeling disgusted, embarrassed for the actress who had to play out the scene, or even angry at the creators themselves. It’s just that addictive.

We love it and we’ll keep coming back for me, even with these 20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore.

20 Some Seasons Aren’t Scary

With a name like American Horror Story, you might expect every episode to be a scream-fest. That’s just not the case, especially in seasons four and five. While there’s no shortage of horror-inducing characters in these seasons, they didn’t really give us nightmares like previous and subsequent seasons were able to do.

Were we jaded from all the mutants, ghosts, zombies, and other creatures in previous seasons?

Both Freak Show and Hotel fell short on promises of terror, often vying for more intense drama (a calling card of Falchuck and Murphy) instead. While we still received interesting stories, Gaga’s vampire and Twisty the Clown just weren’t all that scary.

19 There’s No Reason Given For All The Hotel Vampire Kids

In season five, Hotel, Lady Gaga’s character, The Countess Elizabeth, is a little less fabulous than we expected her to be. Perhaps she couldn’t live up to the Gaga we all know and love already. One of the things that just made zero sense about the character was her propensity to collect children and turn them into little vampires. Does Elizabeth have an old woman in the shoe complex? Is she just that bored? What is the point?

Here’s the thing about kids in horror movies: they add instant scare-factor. Take a look at most scary film kids, from Village of the Damned to The Others and you’ll see the scariest moments. The fact that the vampire kid collection wasn’t even scary was a pretty big letdown.

18 Teeth Fall From The Sky For No Reason

Season six of AHS, Roanoke, was able to recover some of the lost ground from the previous two less-scary seasons but still suffered from the lack of the one and only Jessica Lang. The season saw a return to the haunted house theme, always popular in AHS history, and wove in some new elements, like the whole “based on a true story” theme.  Between Deliverance-like hillbillies and more incredible Kathy Bates, Roanake was much better-received than Hotel, but it had some weird unexplained moments, like teeth randomly falling from the sky.

Not only do the teeth inexplicably fall while Matt is at work, but they also disappear.

The reason why is never given, prompting us to chalk this one up to “random scare tactic.”

17 Queenie Tried To Hook Up With A Minotaur

While we definitely applaud Murphy and Falchuck’s use of mythology throughout American Horror Story, it often makes no sense. Gabourey Sidibe was fantastic as Queenie, the young and lonely witch who gave as well as she got, used LaLaurie as her own personal racist slave, and really deserved main credits billing. But there was that one time she tried to hook up with a grotesque Minotaur…

While the inclusion of adult content is pretty standard in AHS, getting involved with a man who has bull’s head sewed over his own is pretty far out there. It didn’t make any sense, nor did Queenie’s own survival following the incident (or anything else including the Minotaur, really), so we just move along and say that there’s nothing to see here.

16 Zoe’s Hell Is Just Life Without Kyle

Zoe Benson, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, starts out as a compelling character in the third season of American Horror Story, Coven. She has unique powers that pay homage to classic horror and a long journey ahead.

Tossing in a love interest is a great way to derail a personal growth story.

That’s what happened to Zoe with Kyle, her resurrected boyfriend played by Evan Peters. While we’re glad that Murphy and Falchuck used Kyle to illustrate that mothers can be abusive to their sons just as much as fathers can, “life without Kyle” as Zoe’s own personal hell is really stupid and overly angst-ridden.

15 Aliens In Asylum Makes No Sense

When it comes to American Horror Story, many fans reacted to the inclusion of aliens in season two, Asylum, in the same way that fans of Indiana Jones reacted to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For many horror fans, aliens don’t enter the territory without very specific rules, and you certainly don’t add aliens into an already-existing story for a scare factor.

The aliens of AHS also just weren’t scary. Sure, they made Pepper more interesting and gave convenient explanations for a few weird happenings, but at the end of the day mixing aliens in with mutants, a mean nun, demons, and war criminals just doesn’t work. It’s a hodgepodge of plot devices tossed together like a salad with too many kinds of dressing. Sometimes simpler is just better.

14 The Musical Sequences

We get that Sister Jude is losing her mind in this tenth episode of season two, Asylum, but must we lose ours as well? The episode itself was gripping, but watching Jessica Lange sashay through “The Name Game” wasn’t nearly as eerie as it should have been. It played off as more of an homage to the creators’ Glee in a way that didn’t work.

While some critics enjoyed the mind-boggling number, many of us like to pretend it never happened.

It’s not the last time the showrunners implemented a bit of music and dance, either. Season four, Freak Show, featured several ditties, including a rendition of “Come As You Are” by Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, and Lange singing David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”.

13 What Happens To Dr. Arden’s Experiments?

The mutants created in Dr. Arden’s horrific experiments are the stuff of nightmares, and they definitely present an interesting side story among the rest of the godawful happenings at Briarwood Manor in season two of American Horror Story, Asylum. Their issue, of course, is that they disappear off the radar without much of a peep.

Once turned into a mutant and taken to a hospital, Shelley, played by Chloë Sevigny as a homage to the many women unjustly committed to asylums throughout history, seems as if she may be able to lead the authorities toward Arden, but alas, Joseph Fiennes’ conflicted yet greedy Monsignor Timothy Howard takes her out instead. We don’t hear much about them afterward. What happened to the mutants?

12 The Messed-Up Historical Figures

Anne Frank was lobotomized by the evil Dr. Arden from Briarcliff Manor in season two, Asylum. Not only does this make zero sense, but it also really does a disservice to Anne Frank’s memory. There is a lot of artistic license taken with historical figures throughout American Horror Story, from Delphine Lalaurie to James March. Even characters used as backgrounds for new characters, like Nellie Bly’s inspiration for Lana Winters, often seems a bit much, especially when the representation is so loose.

The misrepresentation or grand re-representation of historical figures is nothing new.

Our own history books present complete falsehoods about everyone from Christopher Columbus to Paul Revere. Perhaps it’s just so glaring because we acknowledge that now, particularly during an age of “fake news” awareness.

11 The Opening Sequence And Spoilers Promise More Than We Get

One of the most exciting elements of a new season of American Horror Story is always the opening sequence and the slowly-revealed spoilers. Cast announcements and cool visuals trickle in until we finally get to see that first episode with its incredible casting graphics. The creepy opening sequence does much more than announce the cast: it revs us up like the announcer for a really scary joust about to take place.

The only problem is that it often goes downhill from there. While season 1 typically delivered, the casting graphics in seasons like Freak Show were actually scarier than the episodes themselves. That’s a real problem if we are supposed to be watching a horror program.

10 We Have No Idea What Happened To The Pig Boys

They were a successful execution of “the scary children” in a way that the little vampire entourage of the previous season just couldn’t seem to manage, so maybe that’s why Murphy and Falchuck decided to never let the “pig boys” of season six be seen again.

Aside from the fact that the boys could have made for some truly scary storytelling, the problem here isn’t just that they had no deeper involvement in the story than “check out these creepy kids” but that they don’t even have a resolution. Why the kids say, “Croatoan!” and why they drink pig milk remains unknown, and we may never know what happened to the charming little tykes.

9 No Consequences for the bad things the “good guys” do

As fans of American Horror Story, we sure do forgive a lot of murderers, don’t we? When someone bad finally goes good, all of their wicked deeds don’t seem to be as problematic. Even sweet Nan takes out Joan. Misty Day, otherwise a kind hippie, offs a couple of guys with alligators.

Were these warranted attacks? Maybe, but that doesn’t erase the fact that many characters end the lives of others and we pretty much turn a blind eye toward it like we wouldn’t if they occurred in real life. Of course, from people returning from the grave to mutant attacks near an asylum, there’s really not a lot in the show that applies to real life.

8 There’s Really No War Between The Coven And The Voodoo Witches

During season three, Coven, there’s a big build up about an oncoming war between the coven and the voodoo witches of the area. Both are led by powerful women, and who wasn’t excited to see Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, and Marie Laveau, played by Angela Bassett, go up against one another?

While there was plenty of tension and a zombie attack, it pretty much stopped there, especially after the witch hunters came to town.

AHS often builds up to something we’re expecting and completely abandon it for another plot instead. While we get that they want to keep us on our toes, broken promises do leave us unsatisfied and underwhelmed.

7 Zoe And Madison Gave Their Souls To Azaezel And It Never Came Up Again

When the bus full of frat boys who assaulted Madison wrecks, taking out all of the monsters on board on Madison’s whim, it’s satisfying. Even seeing Kyle taken out doesn’t bother some of us, given that we’ve already seen Evan Peters return from the grave before and wouldn’t be surprised if he returned. He may have stopped his “brothers” but he certainly tried to help them not get caught, making him complicit in the attack.

When Zoe and Madison decide to put “boy parts” together to resurrect Kyle as the perfect Frankenstein boyfriend, they sell their souls to Azaezel in order to do so, and yet it never comes up again. Given that both girls bite the dust during the show, shouldn’t that at least be an issue?

6 Roanoke’s Reality Show Inception

It was one of the most pointless plot points to ever be inserted into a season of American Horror Story. During season six, Roanoke, we’re treated to a reality show type of setting where re-enactors help us understand what happened to the Millers in “My Roanoke Nightmare”, an obvious play on so many other popular reality-based ghost hunting and experience shows. That’s an intriguing concept that works well for much of the season, but then we’re hit with reality-ception.

Getting all of the actors and people involved in actual events together for the blood moon event is one thing, but what about the disclaimer that nobody even survived the ordeal? If that’s true (which makes sense, since this is Roanoke), how did we get the footage in the first place?

5 There’s No Point To Scathach

Scathach, the mythical warrior from the Isle of Skye in Irish folklore, is an incredible character. It’s too bad we didn’t really get to know her in season six, Roanoke.

Lady Gaga’s Scathnach has a plethora of powers, is said to be the first Supreme and yet has no real point in the series.

The witch does a few nefarious things here and there, from purchasing souls to rendering people evil and insane, but in the grand scheme of things she has no real point except to serve as one of those random elements of horror woven in to just be spooky. Given the history of the traditional character, it would be amazing to see Murphy and Falchuck to use this as a tie-in for a more myth-heavy season.

4 People Are Constantly Offed Only To Be Brought Back

Character losses in the American Horror Story realm are pretty much like those in any comic book series: you don’t ever count them as permanent. Even when an entire series ends and you believe a character to be truly gone, they may return in another season! It’s definitely not a new tactic to have characters return from the grave; it’s a strategy used in everything from Dallas to Supernatural.

It makes us feel a little more jaded and a little less invested when tragedy does strike.

Oh, Fiona is sick? Oh, Ethel’s not going to make it? It’s too often meaningless. We want to feel affected, and we can’t help but worry a bit because we do love these characters, but deep down we’re always still wondering when they’ll return.

3 Twisty’s “Resolution” Is Basically A Deus Ex Machina

Season four’s big villain, Twisty the Clown, turned out to be much more Bozo than Pennywise. Sure, he was scary-looking, and he had the tragic backstory to boot, but Twisty’s crimes felt more garden variety scary movie than the monstrous panache we’d expect from AHS.

Twisty, played by John Carroll Lynch, even had a disappointing resolution as a character. Not only was he never really sorted out by a main character or a victim bent on revenge, but he was literally yanked out of the show to join Edward Mordrake’s nightmarish troupe, collecting the clown’s soul after hearing his tale of woe.

2 Misty Day Was Unjustly Lost

One of the characters fans most resonated with in season three, Coven, was Misty Day, played by the talented Lily Rabe. Misty’s character screamed Supreme, from her unique abilities to her lack of really caring about the position.

Misty was all about fairness, being kind to animals, and protecting the vulnerable, making her a fantastic character to root for.

Unfortunately she was also a red herring. Falchuck and Murphy offed her in such a terrible way in a Hell made up of her own personal vivisection nightmare, which made zero sense given her ability to bring things back to life so easily. Misty didn’t deserve her ending, but neither did Nan and many other characters.

1 Tate Is A School Shooter

Tate Langdon is one of the most romanticized characters in the history of AHS. The season 1 character is a doting friend, devoted boyfriend who would do anything for Violet, and speaks volumes of teen angst to many a smitten heart. It doesn’t hurt that Evan Peters, who plays Tate, is easy on the eyes as well. Is that why it’s so hard to remember that Langdon is such a deplorable character?

Tate is a school shooter. He took the lives of several classmates and should represent what we most despise and do not condone in this nation right now. He also assaulted Violet’s mother, Vivian, causing her to become pregnant with his Antichrist baby. How can anyone still crush on this guy knowing what harm he’s done?

What other problems with American Horror Story do fans overlook? Let us know in the comments!

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18 Best Sequels, According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%)

We live in an age where sequels are all the rage. Every major studio is chasing those franchises that can keep their cash flow healthy for years to come. Sometimes, they’re exhausting. Other times, they can be our most anticipated movies. Maybe we could do without more Transformers movies, but Marvel and Mission: Impossible sequels are event movies that drive us to the theater in droves.

Sequels are tricky and unpredictable, though. On one hand, they’re often necessary for expanding stories and the good ones continue sagas we want to see progress. On the other, some are soulless cash grabs that shouldn’t exist. In the worst cases, some of them completely derail promising franchises by failing to deliver the goods. Then again, in some instances, sequels can get a series back up and running after they’ve experienced setbacks.

This list will look at those rare sequels that are considered worthy — and even superior — follow-ups. Those rare beasts that make us grateful for multiple movies in a series. Furthermore, we’ll also be discussing the most maligned sequels that brought no critical good will to their respective franchises whatsoever. It’s more fun this way. In order to fully appreciate the best of the best, we also must acknowledge the worst of the worst. Without evil, we wouldn’t be able to understand all that’s good and pure. Without terrible movies, we wouldn’t be grateful for the good ones.

With this in mind, here are 18 Best Sequels According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%).

26 Best: Captain America: Civil War (91%)

The decision to keep the same team of writers for all three Captain America films paid off in the end. The trilogy just went from strength to strength with each passing entry, though some would argue that The Winter Soldier is equally as good — if not better — than Civil War. Either way, they’re both prime examples of how to do sequels right.

Civil War tackles the same themes you’d expect from a movie about a do-gooder like Cap, but where the film truly soars is during its wild third act. The airport showdown is the best action showdown in the MCU, and that’s saying something.

25 Worst: The Bad News Bears Go To Japan (0%)

If you didn’t know that sequels to The Bad News Bears exist then no one would think any less of you. While the first movie is a cult classic about an underdog baseball team, the sequels have faded from the collective memory with the passing of time, lost like tears in the rain. That’s for good reason.

None of the sequels are good, but The Bad News Bears Go To Japan is especially bad.

While the idea to relocate to Japan for a big game is good on paper, the sequel is just bland, forgettable, and was made to cash in on the brand name.

24 Best: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (93%)

Some fans argue that The Force Awakens is essentially a retread of A New Hope in many ways. However, clearly the critics and audiences didn’t necessarily agree, given its stellar Rotten Tomatoes score and its audience score of 87%, not to mention its impressive box office haul.

As far as Star Wars movies go, it hits the spot. The new characters are great, the return of some old faces is a trip down memory lane, and the story still made significant effort to push the franchise forward. In those regards, the film definitely succeeded.

23 Best: War for the Planet of the Apes (93%)

Anyone who has a problem with classics being rebooted needs to watch the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy.  The finale pits the apes in a brutal battle against the humans, which leads to an epic confrontation between the Caesar the Ape and humanity’s ruthless colonel (played by an utterly wicked Woody Harrelson). As far as concluding trilogies goes, War for the Planet of the Apes has everything.

By no means is this a pleasant movie, but it is rewarding. And not only does it wrap up an epic story, but the film boasts some of the great CGI wizardry out there. The action is also ridiculously impressive and compelling, which is crazy considering it’s a movie about people versus monkeys.

22 Best: Logan (93%)

James Mangold’s Logan, the gloriously violent and heartbreaking farewell to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, is an all-timer. Taking cues from the Old Man Logan comics, the movie has just as much in common with neo-westerns as it does with superhero yarns, which makes for a gritty, character-driven elegy to characters many of us grew up with.

Logan deserves praise for going R-rated and taking some stylistic risks.

The movie is proof that audiences will still flock to see superhero movies with some edge. If you’re going to send off some icons, this is the way to do it.

21 Worst: Return to the Blue Lagoon (0%)

Considering that no one liked The Blue Lagoon (it currently holds a 9% rating on RT), why anyone would want to return to the franchise is beyond comprehension. Of course, every sequel is a perfect opportunity to right some old wrongs if handled with care. Unfortunately, this was not. The story follows two children who are marooned on a tropical island as the grow up and fall in love, etc. The characters don’t wear enough clothes either, which makes for some weird, uncomfortable viewing.

There are some unintentional laughs to be had at the poor script and performances.

Otherwise the Blue Lagoon isn’t a scenic cinematic paradise worth spending time in unless you want to punish yourself for some reason.

20 Best: The Dark Knight (94%)

Few superhero movies are ever regarded as anything more than popcorn fare. However, if there were ever a superhero movie that proved the genre could be prestige cinema, it would be The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman is an exploration of chaos and just how far people are willing to go to achieve their goal.

The Dark Knight — for better or worse when you consider how devoid of fun some DC movies have been since — also brought a gritty, realistic touch to the genre. The movie feels more like a Michael Mann crime saga than it does a story about superheroes versus their outlandishly evil counterparts.

19 Best: Finding Dory (94%)

In recent times, Pixar has been criticized for relying too heavily on sequels, but if it ain’t broke… Finding Dory was released 13 years after Finding Nemo, and it was a smash with critics and audiences alike.

Its 94% on Rotten Tomatoes is complemented by an 84% audience score.

Upon release Finding Dory was praised for being as funny and thought-provoking as the first movie, while also adding a new dimension to the story. As with any Pixar movie, Finding Dory can be appreciated by audiences of all ages. 

18 Worst: Staying Alive (0%)

No other actor on the planet has experienced a career of ups and downs like John Travolta has. When he broke out he had the world at his dancing feet. After that, his career experienced a downturn until it was resurrected briefly following Pulp Fiction until it ultimately plummeted when he started starring in movies like Battlefield Earth. Staying Alive was released in 1983 when Travolta was experiencing his first fall from grace. Following up a classic like Saturday Night Fever was never going to be easy, but it shouldn’t have been this difficult, either.

The sequel lacks the gritty realism of its predecessor, and instead tries to get by on dance sequences. What’s the point in dancing when we don’t care about who’s doing it?

17 Best: Creed (95%)

No franchise tends to remain compelling seven sequels in, but Creed is proof that the Rocky franchise is the rare exception. Granted, some Rocky movies aren’t exactly knockouts, but Creed got things back on track and showed that it’s game for a few more rounds.

By serving as both a sequel and a spin-off/soft reboot, Creed gave the franchise a breath of new life.

It passed the gloves on to Michael B. Jordan as the eponymous character.  Creed 2 is right around the corner. Let’s see if it can do what the original saga failed to do and deliver a second outing that’s as good as the inaugural entry.

16 Worst: Leprechaun 2 (0%)

The first Leprechaun movie doesn’t come close to being certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it should come as no surprise that the sequels didn’t receive any critical acclaim. Especially not the second movie, which no critic seemed to enjoy at all.

Here, the infamous critter resurfaces in Los Angeles to find a bride, which leads to him abducting a young woman and trying to claim her as his own. This isn’t high art by any means, nor does it try to be.

15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (96%)

The Harry Potter books were an emotional roller coaster that affected millions of readers worldwide. Reliving those adventures on the big screen was also a great time to be alive, and the grand finale lived up to expectations. In the final installment of the saga about the Boy Who Lived and his fight against the forces of darkness, the ultimate showdown finally happens as our hero and his pals face off against Voldemort in Hogwarts castle.

It’s a true epic in every sense of the word.

As far as wrapping up the story goes, Death Hallows: Part 2 delivered the goods and gave us cinematic closure in style.

14 Worst: Looking Who’s Talking Now (0%)

Look Who’s Talking is a perfectly serviceable comedy that should never have received any sequels. In a bid to end to the trilogy on a high following the disappointing previous sequel, Look Who’s Talking Too, someone thought it would be a good idea to introduce talking dogs to the mix for the series’ swan song. 

Needless to say, Look Who’s Talking Now wasn’t the glorious goodbye the series was looking for, but at least the film did cast some cute dogs.

13 Best: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (97%)

The third installment of Sergio Leone’s influential Dollars trilogy, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is the creme de la creme of spaghetti westerns. 

The story centers around two men who form an uneasy alliance following a scam.

This leads them on a quest as it turns out there’s money buried in the desert and they want to find it. However, they have to compete against another who won’t hesitate to put a bullet in them to claim the prize. On top of being one of the most acclaimed movies out there, the film has been hailed as a major influence on directors like Quentin Tarantino.

12 Best: The Godfather: Part II (97%)

The continuation of Francis Ford Coppola’s Best Picture-winning 1972 crime saga, The Godfather: Part II chronicles Michael Corleone’s further ascendency in organized crime while simultaneously taking us back to the past to explore his dad’s humble beginnings.

Like its predecessor, the sequel also won Best Picture and is hailed by many a critic and film buff as one of the best movies ever made. Whether it’s better than the original is up for debate, but they’re like two sides of the same coin. These movies set the bar for mob pictures, and to this day, other directors are still trying to recreate the formula.

11 Mad Max: Fury Road (97%)

Director George Miller was in his seventies when he unleashed Mad Max: Fury Road, but the energy and madness imbued in every frame of this extravaganza suggest a man half his age.

Maybe we’ll never see another Mad Max movie, but the world needs a Furiosa spin-off eventually.

Fury Road is essentially one non-stop chase that barely lets up from the get-go all the way to the climactic ending. Furthermore, it’s a movie that defied expectation by taking the focus away from the titular character and making Charlize Theron’s Furiosa the real hero of the adventure. 

10 Worst: Jaws: The Revenge (0%)

Is Jaws: the Revenge a good movie? Definitely not. Is it an entertaining movie, though? Definitely yes.

How many other movies have sharks that make a conscious decision to get revenge on the humans that wronged them? Not only that, but the shark here followed its target to the Bahamas from Massachusetts. And why would someone who wants to avoid sharks go to an island surrounded by ocean? The movie is illogical, silly, nonsense, but it does offer sheer entertainment value for bad movie buffs.

9 Best: Aliens (98%)

Alien and Aliens are quite different in some regards, but they complement each other perfectly. The first is an exercise in pure suspense and terror. The sequel, on the other hand, retains the horror elements but adds a lot more action to proceedings.

Aliens shows how to make a successful sequel: acknowledge what came before but don’t be afraid to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

James Cameron was on fire in the ’80s and he wasn’t afraid to make Ridley Scott’s baby his own.

8 Best: Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (98%)

While George Miller’s inaugural Mad Max caper is a cult classic, most film buffs would agree that a couple of the sequels are slightly superior. Taking nothing away from the first movie, Road Warrior is a vast improvement when it comes to world building and sheer action spectacle. The story follows the eponymous character as he helps a group of people steal oil from a tyrannical madman and his band of goons.

As far as cinematic thrill rides go, few movies are on par with Road Warrior. Here, Miller turned up the volume significantly by making the post-apocalyptic terrains feel more dangerous and the action sequences more gung-ho and grander in scale.

7 Best: Evil Dead 2 (98%)

Sam Raimi’s first Evil Dead movie was a huge achievement for independent filmmaking when it was released back in 1981. The movie still holds up to this day with its innovative camera work, effective scares, and excellent cast as well.

The sequel is a triumph in its own right.

While the first movie contained moments of dark comedy, the sequel amps up the zaniness to become what is essentially the splatter flick equivalent of a Laurel and Hardy flick. For 90 minutes, Bruce Campbell is tormented by laughing ornaments and his own severed hand. As silly as that sounds, Evil Dead 2 still manages to pack more punch than your average MMA fighter.

6 Worst: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (0%)

In the third installment of the Police Academy franchise, the cops are understaffed and in need of some help. Naturally, the force turns to America’s civilians to help aid in their mission. Things don’t go smoothly, for the characters in the film and the movie itself.

Rotten Tomatoes describes Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol as “Utterly, completely, thoroughly and astonishingly unfunny” and  a movie which sent “a once-innocuous franchise plummeting to agonizing new depths.” That sounds about right.

5 Toy Story 3 (99%)

Few franchises manage to strike three home runs in a row. Even The Godfather stuttered when it came to the third outing. Toy Story, on the other hand, never ceases to replicate the magic time and time again.

This emotional installment sees Andy get ready to leave for college and neglect his old toys.

He’s all grown up and has no use for them anymore, and what ensues is what is by far the most heartfelt movie in the series.

4 Worst: Highlander II: The Quickening (0%)

As far as pure entertaining action-fantasy goes, the first Highlander movie is a fun slice of popcorn entertainment that aficionados of cult cinema lose their head over. The sequel, meanwhile, is an incomprehensible mess.

Highlander II is too overplotted to explain, but the cusp of the story revolves around the hero from the first movie taking on a corporation after being led to believe that they don’t have the world’s best interests in mind. In this one, our hero is a defender of the ozone as well. What makes Highlander II so awful is that it completely retcons everything good about the original film and the mythology it introduced.

3 Best: The Bride of Frankenstein (100%)

We all desire to be loved by someone special– even bolt-head monsters made up of the remains of other people. But to find them a mate, one must dig up some more corpses and create a suitable partner that’s similar in genetic make-up. This is also the storyline behind James Whale’s 1935 masterpiece, Bride of Frankenstein.

There are too many Frankenstein movies to keep track of at this point, but this sequel remains the pinnacle of the original series.

The movie is a masterpiece that successfully blends campy fun with Gothic beauty and genuine chills that’s stood the test of time as a result.

2 Paddington 2 (100%)

No one expected the the first Paddington to be as good as it is. That movie is a bona fide classic in the making in its own right, but the sequel is some next-next level brilliance.

Paddington 2 sees the lovable bear go to prison and, unsurprisingly, all the mean criminals fall in love with him as well. Critics, like the fictional convicts, were also full of praise for the titular bear and his second big onscreen adventure as well. At one point, Paddington 2 was even the best reviewed movie in history.

1 Best: Toy Story 2 (100%)

Following up a movie like Toy Story was never going to be easy, but that didn’t stop Pixar from trying and succeeding. In this one, we find out that Woody is a collectible when he’s discovered and stolen by a greedy museum owner. Naturally this prompts Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato, and the rest of the gang into action and they set out to save their friend.

General consensus on Rotten Tomatoes states that Toy Story 2 is that rare sequel that improves upon its predecessor.

The sequel raises the stakes and ups the element of adventure while retaining the humor and heart that made audiences fall in love with the franchise in the first place.

What’s your favorite sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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Grey’s Anatomy: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest running scripted primetime ABC television show of all time. Ellen Pompeo is the highest-paid actress on television, banking twenty million dollars each season. Grey’s is poised to surpass ER as the longest primetime medical drama, as it waits for its sixteenth season renewal, and it has received thirty-eight Emmy Award nominations during the nearly two decades it has been on the air.

Meredith Grey has gone from a damaged intern having an affair with a resident and caring for her ailing mother to a widow with three children who runs the general surgery department at Seattle Grace. More characters have passed away on Grey’s Anatomy than most shows introduced during their entire runs, and the show is nearly unrecognizable now when compared to its first season because of its revolving cast of characters.

With twenty-nine principal cast members during its fifteen seasons, the writers of Grey’s Anatomy have so much history to contend with that maintaining continuity is an uphill battle that they often lose. As such, there are some details about our favorite dark and twisty surgeon at Seattle Grace that don’t make much sense at all. The confusion goes deeper than the debate on her hair color or who the next romantic lead of the show will be. Everything from her age to her internal motivations have been altered, forgotten and recreated during the show’s epically long run, and viewers are struggling to keep up.

Here are the 20 Things That Make No Sense About Meredith In Grey’s Anatomy.

20 Her Half-Sisters

When a show has been on the air for nearly two decades, it’s understandable that a few plotlines may get recycled. After all, who’s really going to notice if four of the show’s leads are revealed to have massive tumors in a principal cast of over twenty-five characters?

However, it’s hard to believe that Meredith Grey would have two half-sisters who she knew nothing about and that both of those women would come work as surgeons at her specific hospital in Seattle.

This is not even mentioning Lexie Grey’s questionable medical timeline – she started her medical internship program when most students are finishing their undergraduate studies – or Meredith conveniently forgetting her mother’s pregnancy before Maggie Pierce was born in the ’80s.

19 She Doesn’t Contact Derek’s Sisters When He’s About To Pass

Derek Shepard’s sisters were extremely important to him – so much so, that during the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Shepard explicitly states that if he were ever to be in a coma, he’d want all four of his sisters with him.

Meredith forgets this not-so-tiny detail when actually faced with a comatose Derek Shepard and takes him off of life support without giving his sisters a chance to say goodbye, including Amelia Shepard, who is her coworker and is easily reachable by phone. Meredith ignoring a key aspect of her husband’s personality, his love for his sisters, is more than an example of Meredith’s selfishness. It’s a lack of continuity and a disappointing, out of character oversight.

18 Getting Together With George

George O’Malley’s unrequited love for Meredith was well-chronicled during the show’s first season, enforcing the characters’ friendship, as O’Malley’s feelings for Meredith led him to provide emotional support when Derek Shepard chose to stay with his wife. Meredith never saw O’Malley as anything more than a friend, even after her break-up with Shepard.

Meredith getting together with O’Malley came from a desire to be wanted and treated well after Shepard had broken her trust, and O’Malley was clearly in denial about Meredith’s lack of interest. Still, it’s hard to believe that O’Malley would take advantage of Meredith in her vulnerable state or that Meredith would choose O’Malley as a physical rebound rather than an emotional one.

17 She Failed Her Intern Exam… And Still Became A Resident

The year 2007 was a rough one for Meredith Grey. Her stepmother passed away from a case of the hiccups, her father blamed her for the loss of his wife, her mom passed away, and she literally passed, and understandably, she cracked under pressure. Meredith didn’t answer a single question on her intern exam.

The logical next step here would have been to see Meredith repeat her intern year like George O’Malley does after failing that same exam.

Meredith would have been able to explore new dynamics with her peers while sorting through her many issues, and the show wouldn’t have to suffer through too drastic of a change. Instead, through some nepotism and a large suspension of disbelief, Meredith is allowed a do-over and breezes through to her residency, while poor O’Malley is given the short end of the stick yet again.

16 Her Inconsistent Pregnancies

After miscarrying her first child due to apparent stress from the Seattle Grace active shooter situation in season six, Meredith is told that the real reason for the loss of her child was actually a “hostile uterus.” Medically, in the real world, this means that it is difficult for a woman to become pregnant due to a variety of factors, including hormonal imbalances. It is treatable through synthetic estrogen or certain bypass techniques and does not necessarily cause miscarriages.

Meredith is able to conceive multiple times during the show, and she even manages to have a fairly normal pregnancy and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. A medical drama probably could have come up with a more realistic plotline for Meredith after writers’ decided that they wanted to complicate her family planning.

15 She Modeled Her Life After Ellis

After hating her mother, Ellis Grey, for most of her life, Meredith follows in her footsteps, as she becomes a mother while still chasing her medical aspirations. Meredith places the blame for her issues on her mother’s workaholic tendencies while raising her daughter, then still chooses to start her family just as her medical career is gaining momentum.

She falls in love with a married man, has his children, raises them alone, and wins a Harper Avery Award, just like her mother. Her professional life causes a rift in her relationship, like Ellis’ Harper Avery nomination leading to the termination of her relationship with Richard Weber. Instead of learning from her mother’s mistakes, Meredith has done something that she swore she’d never do: she has become Ellis.

14 Her First Marriage Wasn’t Legal

In a touching display of friendship, Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey gave their perfect wedding to their dear friends Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens so that the couple could be married before Stevens possibly succumbed to her advanced brain cancer.

Shepherd and Meredith then have their own, private marriage ceremony in the comfort of their own home, where they write their vows on Post-It notes and promise their lives to each other.

This was all romantic and dramatic, but why on Earth would they not bother going down to City Hall and legalizing the marriage at any point before they tried to adopt their daughter? They most likely already had a marriage license, and the tax benefits alone would have been incentive enough to go through with the final step of their marriage – actually getting married.

13 She Tried To Hold Derek Back

It isn’t easy having a family with two working parents. Nannies help, and Seattle Grace has shown its daycare center on Grey’s multiple times, but Meredith’s frustration with being a mother first and a surgeon second rang true as it was depicted onscreen. Asking Derek Shepherd to take a year off from his practice to give Meredith the opportunity to work was brave and fair, considering the time that she had taken off up until that point.

However, expecting Shepherd to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime at the White House was out of character and unreasonable. Shepherd staying at Seattle Grace meant accepting a demotion, while Meredith could have kept her seniority in DC. Staying behind without Shepherd ran contrary to Meredith’s character development, especially since she expected Shepherd to make himself smaller rather than thriving with him.

12 She Ran Away To San Diego

A large factor in Meredith’s reluctance to move to Washington D.C. came from a fear of airplanes that developed after the plane crash that ended the lives of multiple doctors at the end of season eight. This makes sense, considering the circumstances. What doesn’t make sense, however, is how Meredith fled from Seattle to San Diego following her husband’s loss, telling no one of her location or her miracle pregnancy.

Her decision to choose Seattle over her husband indirectly lead to his passing, but once he’s gone, she immediately leaves. Her love for him wasn’t enough to keep her with him, but his loss was enough for her to ignore all of the reasons she had fought to stay. It’s confusing, upsetting, and utterly heartbreaking.

11 She Stayed At Seattle Grace

During season eight’s plane crash, Cristina Yang keeps asking why all of the doctors at Seattle Grace lose their lives. It was a tongue-in-cheek joke anticipating a question that all Grey’s viewers have at least once during the series. There are shootings, bombs, car crashes, drownings, a flood, a power outage, a bus explosion, and an earthquake during the twenty years that Meredith has worked at Seattle Grace.

At least fourteen doctors and family members have passed away under unusual circumstances at the hospital, filling it with horrible, PTSD-inducing memories.

Somehow, Meredith still works there. After losing parents, a sibling, a husband, best friends, and coworkers, she never thought to just go across town to the other, better-ranked hospital and leave a hospital that is so unlucky it might be on top of the Hellmouth.

10 She Still Has Her Medical License

In order to help Richard Webber’s wife Adele, Meredith enrolls her into her clinical trial for patients experiencing rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s. She tampers with the trial to give Adele the experimental drug rather than the placebo, even after Derek Shepherd’s warnings that doing so would ruin both of their careers.

Of course, because this is Meredith Grey, once her wrongdoing was exposed, no one suffered any long-term consequences. Richard takes the fall for Meredith to protect her job, but neither one loses their medical license. Richard eventually becomes the head of the residency program, while Meredith is the head of general surgery. Shepard had no real backlash for being involved. Everyone was just fine and still eligible to perform surgeries in a respected hospital, somehow.

9 She Considered Herself The Other Woman

After learning that Derek Shepherd was a married man, Meredith halted her physical relationship with him, only being intimate with him one time after learning of his marital status. She legitimately felt guilt for unknowingly dating someone’s husband and didn’t actively try to home-wreck Addison Montgomery’s marriage.

Despite the fact that many of her actions during this complicated time were respectful of Montgomery and her marriage, she still bonded with Mark Sloan when they realized that they both considered themselves homewreckers. Meredith’s characterization centers around her “dark and twisty” tendencies, so her pessimistic framing of the situation would make sense in her own mind, but there’s logically little to support her enduring belief that her relationship with Shepard began with any wrongdoing on her part.

8 She Is Still Alive

Meredith’s self-destructive and occasionally life-threatening tendencies put her in many dangerous situations. She has nearly escaped passing away so many times that its statistically improbable that she would still be alive. Setting aside the fact that she briefly drowned while helping at a ferry boat crash site, Meredith’s life makes no sense because anyone else who’d had this many close calls would not longer be with us.

Meredith held a bomb inside of a patient’s body and barely handed it off before it exploded in the hands of the bomb technician.

She also had prolonged exposure to toxic blood, she drowned for a long time, she asked an active gunman to shoot her, and her plane crashed. Yet here she is, waiting for the next ridiculous trauma that life throws at her.

7 She Barely Talks To Cristina

Cristina Yang was Meredith’s person. More than a best friend, a husband, or a family member, Yang was the one person who Meredith always relied on and trusted. Since Yang left Seattle Grace for Switzerland, all we’ve really heard from her was that Meredith didn’t tell her where she had run away to after Derek Shepherd’s car crash.

There was no confirmation that Yang came to Shepherd’s funeral, as she didn’t stay with Meredith after his passing or visit her newborn child and nary a text has been sent between the two onscreen. Long-distance friendships are hard, but with modern technology like Skype, FaceTime and texting, completely dropping off of the face of the Earth is a cause for confusion.

6 She Gives Thatcher Part Of Her Liver

The last viewers had seen of Thatcher Grey, he had drunkenly, publicly blamed Meredith for his wife’s passing and uninvited her from the funeral. This comes after he abandoned her and started a shiny new family that allowed him to forget about the daughter he left behind.

Even if Thatcher treating Meredith horribly wasn’t enough to dissuade her from saving his life, a complicated position to navigate, Thatcher had multiple daughters and presumably many other family members. Even if Lexie and her sister weren’t matches, how was there no other family member able to donate their liver other than his estranged daughter? There’s no reason it should have been Meredith except as an opportunity to inflict more unnecessary pain on our protagonist.

5 She Had A Busy Two Years

Everything that happened over the first five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy occurred during a two year period. Because the intern year occurs during seasons one through three and Meredith’s first year of residency is seasons four and five, there are many plotlines that happen in a short timeframe.

Plotlines such as George’s marriage and divorce with Callie, Denny Duquette’s storyline with Izzie Stevens, and Christina’s doomed engagement to Preston Burke all happen over the course of less than twelve months.

Meredith and her friends have known each other for only two years by season six, and so much crazy drama has occur in the midst of eighty hour work weeks and eight hour surgeries that it’s almost like they could fill half a decade’s worth of life experience.

4 She’s Always Drinking

Meredith drinks a lot of tequila for a doctor. While she’s shown abstaining from drinking while on-call, Meredith spends most of her down time getting drunk at Joe’s Bar or at home, and even had to be hooked up to an IV during a massive accident to sober herself up for work.

The state of near-constant hangover that she must be functioning in would make her workdays impossible, and the likelihood that she’s be called in during her downtime to work during a disaster situation at Seattle Grace, the grand mecca of disaster, is fairly high in the world of Grey’s Anatomy. How she manages to drink so often without a sponsorship from Pedialyte or AA is a mystery to us all.

3 Her Age

In the script for Grey’s pilot, Meredith is supposed to be thirty-two years old. After taking time off to travel through Europe with Sadie and to care for her ailing mother, it’s understandable that Meredith would be older than the average medical intern. It’s clear that the Grey’s writing team put some thought into Meredith’s backstory in the early years of the show and realized that between taking the MCAT and helping Ellis, there’s no way that Meredith could have started her internship at the median age of twenty-seven.

Meredith’s birth year is confirmed as 1978 multiple times during the course of season eleven, retconning her initial age to be twenty-eight. The writers probably weren’t too concerned about continuity ten years after the fact, but Meredith’s original age made much more sense than her current one.

2 Her Disappearing Children

After a hullaballoo regarding who should watch the children and how to be an active parent and a surgeon, Meredith’s children have completely disappeared from the show after Derek Shepherd’s passing. The children are occasionally referenced, but haven’t been shown in the hospital daycare, her home, or her carpool.

Her children have become an afterthought, despite the fact that they were the main source of conflict between Shepard and herself before he passed away.

Some of these children should be starting school, while others are still in infancy, but having Meredith completely forget that she chose to give birth and adopt multiple children erases multiple seasons of character development geared towards family and motherhood.

1 She Has Gone Through An Improbable Amount Of Trauma

As mentioned multiple times, nothing seems to go right for long in the life of Meredith Grey. Meredith’s mother passes away while Meredith was unconscious, she lost her husband, her boyfriend had a wife, she nearly passed away multiple times, she couldn’t have children, and everyone she knows left or passed away.

Every aspect of her life, from family to spouses to friends, ends with a major trauma and loss. She’s still continuing on with her life and career, while most people would be deep in therapy and rarely leaving their homes if faced with the same amount of sorrow. Meredith is a strong woman, but what she has been through could drive even the most optimistic individual to depression.

Are there any other aspects of Meredith’s character that make no sense in Grey’s Anatomy? Sound off in the comments!

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legendary Armor Locations Guide

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, there are legendary armor sets that players can obtain by completing missions, defeating specific bosses, or simply opening the right chests in the right areas. Obtaining and equipping a full set of legendary armor will grant players bonuses, some of which may change the entire course of their journey (including how they approach Odyssey‘s abilities).

While some legendary armor pieces may be acquired early on in the game, it’s best to wait until at least halfway through the story until players start to really try to obtain full sets. After all, most of them require defeating members of the Cult of Kosmos – and that can be harrowing in and of itself. Plus, the Cultists aren’t even introduced until quite a bit into the story.

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Furthermore, equipping just one piece of legendary armor will grant players a bonus, but equipping all five pieces of equipment can either increase damage for all weapons and abilities, increase armor resistance, and perhaps even make players immortal in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a full guide on the all the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey legendary armor sets (images via PS4Trophies):

Pilgrim’s Legendary Armor Set

Players have to scour the Greek world looking for specific chests on specific islands. And acquiring each Pilgrim armor piece allows players to spend 40% less adrenaline when using the Shadow of Nyx ability.

  • Pilgrim’s Hood – Inside a chest in the Eleusis Telesterion in Attika.
  • Pilgrim’s Gloves – Inside a chest in the Akropolis of Argos.
  • Pilgrim’s Garment – Inside a chest in the Temple of Athena in Sparta.
  • Pilgrim’s Belt – Inside a chest in the Temple of Artemis in Lakonia.
  • Pilgrim’s Boots – Inside a chest in the Temple of Britomartis in Messara.

Amazon/Achilles Legendary Armor Set

Players who play as Kassandra will obtain the Amazon legendary armor set (something akin to Wonder Woman’s armor), whereas players who play as Alexios will get the Achilles armor upon defeating all the members of the Heroes of the Cult. Both armor sets provide players will a full set bonus of +2% damage dealt restored as health.

  • Helm of Achilles – Defeat Pallas the Silencer.
  • Bracers of Achilles – Defeat Swordfish.
  • Armor of Achilles – Defeat Belos, The Beast Of Sparta, in the Arena.
  • Waistband of Achilles – Defeat Okytos the Great.
  • Sandals of Achilles – Defeat Deianeira.

Agamemnon Legendary Armor Set

Agamemnon’s legendary armor set provides players with a full set bonus of +50% burning rate. But first, players have to defeat all the members of the Silver Vein branch of the Cult of Kosmos.

  • Agamemnon’s Helmet – Defeat Machaon The Feared.
  • Agamemnon’s Gauntlets – Inside a chest at the Silver Mine in Athens.
  • Agamemnon’s Body Armor – Defeat The Silver Griffin.
  • Agamemnon’s Waistband – Defeat The Centaur Of Euboea.
  • Boots of Agamemnon – Defeat The Chimera.

Immortal Legendary Armor Set

Although players can’t become immortal while wearing the Immortal legendary armor set, they do get an additional 20% health restored to them upon respawning. However, they first need to defeat the entire Worshippers of the Bloodline branch of the Cult of Kosmos.

  • Helmet of the Immortal – Defeat Zoisme.
  • Gauntlets of the Immortal – Defeat Chrysis.
  • Armor of the Immortal – Defeat Diona.
  • Waistband of the Immortal – Defeat Melite.
  • Boots of the Immortal – Defeat Harpalos.

Greek Heroes Legendary Armor Set

Instead of taking down Cultists, for the Greek Heroes legendary armor set, players have to take on mercenaries, who will drop the Perseus Helmet, Jason’s Golden Fleece, Bracers of Theseus, Hippolyta’s Belt, and Atalanta’s Sandals. However, different mercenaries may drop different items for different players. The armor set provides a bonus of 20% to all resistances.

  • Defeat The Translucent
  • Defeat The Flash
  • Defeat The Lucky Drunk
  • Defeat The Frenzied
  • Defeat The Resplendent

Arena Fighter’s Legendary Armor Set

In order to obtain the Arena Fighter’s legendary armor set, players will have to complete the Arena – defeating every champion – for a second time at or near the max level. Wearing the full set provides players with a bonus of +10% health restored with overpower.

  • Arena Fighter’s Helmet
  • Arena Fighter’s Gauntlets
  • Arena Fighter’s Armor
  • Arena Fighter’s Waistband
  • Pit Fighter’s Boots

Artemis Legendary Armor Set

The Artemis legendary armor set is obtained by essentially completing the Daughters of Artemis quest. A full set gives players a bonus of +15% damage on all Hunter abilities.

  • Master’s Artemis Hood – Defeat the Krokottas Hyena and deliver the pelt to Daphnae.
  • Master’s Artemis Gloves – Defeat the Erymanthian Boar and deliver the pelt to Daphnae.
  • Master’s Artemis Outfit – Defeat the Krekatan Bull and deliver the pelt to Daphnae.
  • Master’s Artemis Belt – Defeat Kallisto the Bear and deliver the pelt to Daphnae.
  • Master’s Artemis Treads – Defeat the Lykaon Wolf and deliver the pelt to Daphnae.

Snake Legendary Armor Set

One of the more intriguing legendary armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the Snake set, which grants players a bonus of +10% intoxicated damage and weakening effect. The entire Eye of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos needs to be defeated in order to obtain the full set.

  • Viper’s Hood – Defeat The Master.
  • Venom Gloves – Defeat Hermippos.
  • Scaled Armor – Defeat The Snake.
  • Slithering Belt – Defeat Sotera.
  • Noxious Boots – Defeat Midus in Argolis.

Athenian War Hero Legendary Armor Set

Players have to defeat all the cultists part of the Delian League to obtain the Athenian War Hero legendary armor set. A full set grants a bonus allowing players to penetrate shields with arrows.

  • Athenian War Hero Helmet – Defeat Kodros the Bull.
  • Athenian War Hero Gauntlets – Defeat Brison.
  • Athenian War Hero Armor – Defeat Iobates the Stoic.
  • Athenian War Hero Belt – Defeat Rhexenor the Hand.
  • Athenian War Hero Boots – Defeat Podarkes the Cruel.

Spartan War Hero Legendary Armor Set

Considering that Sparta famously fought in the Peloponnesian War, it makes sense that players have to defeat the Peloponnesian League of the Cult of Kosmos to get the Spartan War Hero legendary armor set, which appropriately grants players +15% damage to all Warrior abilities.

  • Spartan War Hero Helmet – Defeat Monger in Korinthia.
  • Spartan War Hero Gauntlets – Defeat Silanos of Paros.
  • Spartan War Hero Armor – Defeat Skylax the Fair.
  • Spartan War Hero Belt – Defeat Lagos the Archon.
  • Spartan War Hero Boots – Defeat Kallias.

Pirate Legendary Armor Set

To get the Pirate legendary armor set, perhaps one of the coolest looking armor sets in the game, players have to take down the Gods of the Aegean Sea cultists. Then, the full armor set grants a +15% damage to all Assassin abilities.

  • Pirate Hood – Defeat Melanthos.
  • Pirate Gauntlets – Defeat Asterion.
  • Pirate Armor – Defeat The Octopus.
  • Pirate Waistband – Defeat Sokos.
  • Pirate Treads – Defeat The Mytilenian Shark.

Demigod Legendary Armor Set

Loot Deimos at the end of the main story to obtain four of the five pieces of armor needed to complete the Demigod legendary armor set. The four pieces of armor are: Demigod’s Chestplate, Demigod’s Bracers, Demigod’s Belt, and Demigod’s Boots. The final armor piece, Aspasia’s Circlet, is obtained by defeating the final Cult of Kosmos member, the Ghost of Kosmos.

In total, there are 12 legendary armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Some of them will be relatively easy to obtain, while others will require some skill and ingenuity. But Ubisoft’s latest installment is quite long and expansive, so there’s no rush. After all, one or two of them can only be acquired after completing the game itself.

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Images via PS4Trophies

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