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South Park’s success lies in the show’s sharp wit mixed with potty humor. Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s ability to lacerate pop culture, big issues and current events is also a big part of its popularity. It definitely doesn’t need celebrity guests to carry it, but the inclusion of cameo performances is often a fun part of the show.

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Many cameos were so perfectly done that they didn’t feel gratuitous at all, while some guest stars didn’t add much to the show, remaining in the background. Fans have their favorites, but some guest stars were clearly more well-received and executed than others.

10 Best: Radiohead As Themselves

Many of the best celebrity cameos on South Park are held by musicians. Radiohead starred in one of the most brutal episodes ever, season five’s “Scott Tenorman Must Die.” It’s such a South Park episode: they take a common trope, in this case, a bully playing a gross prank on Cartman, and turn it into an over-the-top revenge story.

When Cartman elaborately slays Scott’s parents and feeds them to him in a chili cook-off, he adds to the humiliation and disgust of the situation by ensuring that Radiohead is there to watch. They mock Tenorman and call him a crybaby while he sobs over his parents.

9 Worst: George Clooney As Sparky

In season one’s fourth episode, “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride,” George Clooney lends his vocal talents to… Sparky, the Marsh family dog. While the episode began as an offensive foray into dog behavior, it ended with more tolerance in a lesson about gay acceptance, even if it was still questionably delivered. It was a milestone for Comedy Central, but Sparky’s voice, which was just a few barks, really wasn’t all that impressive or important and had we not known, we never would have guessed Clooney was even involved.

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Clooney was much funnier in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut as Dr. Gouache, a parody of his ER character, Dr. Douglas Ross. He replaced Kenny’s heart with a potato, giving him yet another death and proving what an incompetent doctor Gouache really was. So they blamed Canada, of course.

8 Best: Ozzy Osbourne As Himself

In season two’s 14th episode, “Chef Aid,” Ozzy Osbourne joined several other performers, including Ween, Primus, Elton John, Rancid, Devo, Rick James, DMX, Joe Strummer, and Meat Loaf, as guest stars in a concert to benefit the boys’ beloved Chef. The benefit itself was funny, including Chef’s own part in the fundraising, but Ozzy clearly had the best cameo.

Ozzy poked fun at his own trademark speech, claiming that he and Chef went way back, when Chef told him to “buy a pompadour hat” and he mistook it for “bite the head off a bat.” He then bit Kenny’s head off, giving the kid one of his best ever deaths.

7 Worst: Jay Leno As Mr. Kitty K

In season one, episode 13 dealt with Cartman’s mother and her personal life, which of course comes into play again later in the show. Jay Leno gave a lackluster and forgettable appearance as Cartman’s cat, Mr. Kitty. Like Clooney, Leno is sort of funny here because he’s a big name giving vocal talent to a few “mews,” but if you didn’t pay attention to the casting you wouldn’t even know he’s in the episode.

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Leno was much better as himself in “City on the Edge of Forever,” in which Mrs. Crabtree, the bus driver, unintentionally beats Carrot Top at his own game and becomes a comedic sensation.

6 Best: Robert Smith, Himself

One of the least embarrassing guest roles in the history of South Park went to Robert Smith of The Cure. Barbara Streisand fans may have not liked the first season’s 12th episode, “Mecha-Streisand,” but the hilarious episode broke both South Park and Comedy Central records.

Robert Smith plays the only beast in the Kaiju film parody who can defeat her, a giant moth who flings her into outer space. His fans loved the role, especially his young nieces and nephews, who consider it his highest achievement. As Smith leaves, with the sun setting in true heroic mode, Kyle calls out, “Disintegration is the best album ever!”

5 Worst: Richard Belzer As Loogie

In the first episode of season four, “The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000,” Richard Belzer starred Loogie, the leader of an organized crime ring centered around lost teeth. The show took a funny take on the tooth fairy myth and how the minds of children work when it comes to money, but Belzer, a great comedian, could have easily been used in a more suitable setting for his talents, even if the tooth fairy could be considered a great conspiracy.

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It’s not even that Belzer was a terrible guest, but that there were so many guest roles on the show used in better capacities. Belzer would be a fantastic addition to the show as a regular who comes up with conspiracy theories.

4 Best: Malcolm McDowell, Narrator

In season four, episode 14, Parker and Stone decide to mock the classic novel Great Expectations with an episode called, “Pip.” None of the regular boys were featured in the episode, which starred the titular character. Stone dubbed it one of their worst episodes, even though many fans appreciated the parody.

Malcolm McDowell was the narrator of the episode, but he was listed as “British Person.” He was incredibly funny and did a beautiful job, but fans can’t help but wish he’d also been cast in a more nefarious role in another episode of the show, given his previous villainous characters.

3 Worst: Norman Lear As Benjamin Franklin

Season seven’s fourth episode, “I’m A Little Bit Country,” was also the show’s 100th episode, and it took on the Iraq War, pitting citizens in the town for and against it against one another to the point where they, too, are at war. Cartman meets Ben Franklin while in a coma and asks him his own opinion.

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Franklin is voiced by Norman Lear, actor and founder of People for the American Way, and he diplomatically gave Cartman advice that pretty much sounded like having your cake and eating it, too, suggesting that America go to war but also allow protest, as both are necessary.

2 Best: Korn As Themselves

The best South Park Halloween episode, and one of the show’s best episodes ever, “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery” dealt with a missing corpse used as a puppet, pirate ghosts (ghost pirates), and the best celebrities featured on the show: Korn!

The band was given enough lines to actually mean something in the episode, sure, but they were also fantastic lines that juxtaposed against Korn’s nu metal image and performance on the show, making them sound like a wholesome game of super sleuths a la Scooby Doo. They even had a goofy creature sidekick, “Niblet,” who played the part of Scooby.

1 Worst: Bill Hader As Farmer #2

Actor Bill Hader voiced a farmer in the seventh episode of South Park’s 15th season, “You’re Getting Old.” The cynical episode was a good one, but Hader was a bit wasted as a farmer after Randy’s underwear. It was funny, but Hader’s such a comedic genius that he really needed a bigger role to work with.

Stone and Parker had to know that Hader had much more potential, because not only did he guest star several more times, but he gave a great performance in season 17’s first episode, “Let Go, Let Gov,” as Alec Baldwin, which is the honorable mention for the best of this list. He’s been many other characters since.

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Sara Schmidt

The 10 Best Guest Stars On Modern Family

With Modern Family soon to be entering its twelfth and final season, it’s hard not to get nostalgic about everything the beloved, award-winning sitcom has accomplished in its over 250 episodes. We’ve watched the eccentric Pritchett-Dunphy-Delgado-Tucker family grow and mature over time, from the new addition of Fulgencio Joe Delgado-Pritchett to multiple high school graduations and college acceptances to the reveal that Haley was pregnant via her high school sweetheart Dylan.

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Relationships have come and gone, characters have passed away, and guest stars – ranging from current A-listers to previously unknown talent – have contributed in large part to what has made the series so great. While the series has stumbled in recent years, with some characters and plots almost unbearable to watch anymore, the caliber of guest talent that Modern Family continue to pull in is nothing short of impressive.

Sometimes, the main family members can be a little too much. That’s where the endless list of guest stars come in to shake things up, and make the series all the better as a result.

10 Winston Duke (Dwight)

Before he was stealing scenes as M’Baku in Black Panther, or leading a family against doppelgangers in Us, Winston Duke appeared in a few episodes of Modern Family‘s eighth season as Dwight. The star football player on the team that Cameron coached, Dwight stayed with Mitchell and Cameron for a while after his home life became unstable and would have required him moving before the end of the football season.

In addition, Dwight also briefly dated younger Dunphy daughter, Alex. He was an adorable addition to the series, gelling well with both storylines he took part in. But after only a few episodes, Dwight disappeared without another word – and Winston Duke would go on to become the rising star in Hollywood that he is now.

9 Chris Geere (Professor Arvin Fennerman)

Chris Geere is perhaps best known for his role of Jimmy in the cult hit cable comedy You’re The Worst. But for seven episodes across seasons nine and ten, Geere recurred on Modern Family as Dr. Arvin Fennerman. An esteemed professor of astrophysics at Caltech, Arvin is adorably geeky and awkward, and amazingly humble despite his impressive achievements. Alex Dunphy also has a clear crush on her instructor, and Dr. Fennerman does wind up becoming romantically involved with one of the Dunphy sisters…

…but not Alex. He dates dim-witted Haley on and off throughout the tenth season, and seems really invested in their relationship, despite the intelligence deficit between the two of them. Eventually, Haley chooses to once again date her former high school love, Dylan, and after she and Arvin break up, he’s never seen again.

8 Stephanie Beatriz (Sonia Delgado)

Before she was winning hearts with her badass performance as Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stephanie Beatriz briefly appeared on Modern Family as Gloria Delgado Pritchett’s younger sister, Sonia. Visiting from Colombia, Sonia was initially quiet, mousy, and withdrawn, totally the opposite of her vibrant older sister. But all of that changed when it was revealed that Sonia was the woman Jay Pritchett was initially interested in.

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Learning that her sister got the life that should have been hers, Sonia turns vindictive and vengeful, attempting to kill her sister and seduce her brother in law. Every performance that Beatriz turns in is over the top and hilarious, showing off her impressive comic range along the way.

7 Jon Polito (Earl Chambers)

For most of the series, Jay Pritchett and daughter Claire Dunphy have helped a closet sales business, Pritchett Closets. Apparently, the closet industry is a pretty cutthroat one, as Pritchett Closets has always been at war with fellow sales company Closets, Closets, Closests, Closets. And for Jay, this rivalry was truly personal, as Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets was run by his traitorous former partner, Earl Chambers, played by the character actor legend Jon Polito.

Prior to Polito’s tragic passing in 2016, Earl was a force to be reckoned with in the series, though his appearances were few and far between. He and Jay often went head to head and toe to toe, with even Jay’s children getting sucked into the middle of their fights on more than one occasion. After Polito’s death, Earl Chambers was briefly recast with another actor, but it just wasn’t the same.

6 Kevin Hart (Andre)

Long before Kevin Hart was one of the world’s most famous comedians, and even longer before the Oscars controversy involving him, he had a brief guest-starring role in the third season of Modern Family as Andre, the Dunphy family’s neighbor and Phil’s new friend. Phil and Andre bonded over their likewise quirky senses of humor, with one particular scene finding them trying to make a song out of the phrase “brother from another mother” in order to describe the sudden closeness of their friendship.

Andre wasn’t around very much, only appearing in the episodes “Treehouse” and “Planes, Trains, and Cars,” but his friendship with Phil led to some truly hilarious adventures, such as when he managed to convince the impulsive Phil to buy a much fancier car than he needed.

5 Kevin Daniels (Longinus)

In the early seasons of the series, Cam and Mitch’s circle of close gay friends provided some of the show’s most hilarious and instantly iconic moments. One of the best of these beloved characters was Kevin Daniels’ Longinus, a larger than life character who would have been promoted to sitcom icon status based on his name alone. Longinus worked as a cologne salesman in the early season, resulting in various hilarious mall mishaps, including when he and Phil got into a spraying war, spraying each other with cologne directly in the face.

Longinus hasn’t been used much in the later seasons of the series, which is a real shame, considering his contributions of dry witty remarks and larger than life physical humor made the early seasons really special. He has appeared occasionally at events that Cam and Mitch have thrown, including their wedding, but nothing has compared to the early years.

4 Shelley Long (DeDe Pritchett)

With a sitcom icon like Married… with Children‘s Ed O’Neill assuming the role of family patriarch Jay Pritchett, Modern Family really needed to deliver someone of the same caliber when they chose the actress to play the Pritchett matriarch – and boy, did they deliver. Over the course of the series’ first ten seasons, sitcom legend Shelley Long, best known as Cheers‘ Diane, recurred as the bohemian, loudly opinionated DeDe Pritchett.

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Although she only appeared in eight episodes of Modern Family, Long’s DeDe was always guaranteed to inject some drama and hilarity into each and every episode she took part in. Whether physically fighting with Gloria, engaging in a screaming match with ex-husband Jay, or sarcastically commenting on the lives of her children, DeDe was unarguably one of the series’ secret weapons.

3 Fred Willard (Frank Dunphy)

The Pritchett children aren’t the only ones who have comedy icons for parents, however. Phil Dunphy’s lovably loony and optimistic father, Frank Dunphy, is played by comedy legend Fred Willard, known for his appearances in works such as This Is Spinal Tap and Everybody Loves Raymond. Phil is often thought of as a total nerd, with pie in the sky dreams – and as soon as you see his father, it’s not hard to see how the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree at all.

Most of Frank’s appearances in the series consist of him showing up unexpectedly, which forces the Dunphy clan to figure out how to deal with him and his frankness – both literal and metaphorical. Later in the series, he remarries, and it just so happens to be to a woman that was once Phil’s babysitter – and Phil’s first crush. Occasionally, Frank also Skypes in for family events, via a rolling tablet.

2 Reid Ewing (Dylan Marshall)

From the moment that Dylan Stardust Marshall appeared in the Modern Family pilot, it was clear that the series had found something truly special in his adorable portrayer, Reid Ewing. Over the years, Dylan has remained just as adorably dimwitted as ever, proving time and again that he’s the only man to have ever really understood Haley. While they were once ditzy high school sweethearts, who got into trouble more than they ever got out of it, Dylan and Haley have both grown up over time.

And now, in the series’ eleventh season, they’re married, with twin babies on the way. And all the while, Ewing’s performance has been one of the few constantly hilarious parts of the series. He never misses a comedic beat, whether in line delivery or in the sheer amount of physical humor the series requires his lanky self to endure. Dylan is one of Modern Family‘s best, and most unique, creations – but none of it would have been possible without Reid Ewing.

1 Nathan Lane (Pepper Saltzman)

It’s truly impossible to think of any other guest star topping this list. You almost don’t need to know anything about Pepper Saltzman. Once Nathan Lane is guest starring in a comedy series, it’s clear that no other guest actor could ever top his performance. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Pepper is far and away the most hilarious character in the entire series. Larger than life, despite his diminutive stature, Sherman “Pepper” Saltzman is one of Cameron and Mitchell’s oldest – and gayest – friends, a wedding planner with a flair for all aspects of life.

Given his line of work, he’s far more dramatic than any of the other characters in the series – even the overly wrought Cameron. But not once are his dramatics tiring, or eyeroll inducing. If anything, his histrionics are infectious, leading viewers to give into fits of hysterical laughter as he moves from one zany moment to the next. His relationships with his husband Ronaldo, as well as Jay and Phil, have especially been highlights of Lane’s tenure on the series.

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Sean Astin to Guest Star in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Sean Astin will be making a very special guest appearance on the hit NBC series Brooklyn Nine-Nine on April 25th. Astin was one of the many vocal supporters of the show after it was cancelled by FOX back in May of last year. Lin-Manuel Miranda, another supporter of the series’ continuation following their cancellation, recently had his own guest spot on the show as well playing Amy Santiago’s brother, David.

Not even 24 hours following the show’s cancellation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC, where the cop comedy made its debut on Jan. 10. Fans of Nine-Nine rejoiced in its return with ratings catapulting through the roof, causing the series to hit a two-year ratings high. The show became NBC’s top-rated sitcom, so it’s no surprise that it was renewed for season 7. As celebration for the show’s ongoing success, it appears that the creators want to give thanks to the celebrity superfans that helped in saving the show from cancellation.

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Astin, who recently played Joyce’s boyfriend, Bob Newby, in Stranger Things‘ season 2, will be playing a sergeant in the NYPD Cyber Operations Unit who helps the Nine-Nine with a case surrounding a hacker who is wreaking havoc on the servers in their precinct. According to an interview with EW, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s co-creator Dan Goor spoke on Astin’s addition to the show stating, “When he tweeted his support for [the show] as a member of the Guardians of the Nine-Nine, I was blown away. I’m so excited to have him on the show.” In regard to all of the outspoken fans of the series, Goor added, “We’re huge fans of all of those actors. And we’d love to try to figure out ways to put them on our world.” First look photos of Astin on Brooklyn Nine-Nine were also released, see both below

Adding Astin into the growing pool of guest stars has many fans wondering if Mark Hamill will make an appearance sometime soon on the comedy series. Hamill was another vocal supporter of the show following the announcement of its cancellation. Not to mention, he was also a member of the Guardians of the Nine-Nine alongside Miranda, Seth Meyers, Guillermo del Toro, and Astin. Perhaps all of the Guardians will end up with guest appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, only time will tell.

Seeing celebrities and fans band together over a mutual love of something is an exciting thing to see. These scenarios also highlight the power of vocalizing opinions, in a healthy way, on social media. Social networks play a major role in the entertainment industry nowadays, and the outpour of support for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to find a new home is one way that fans are able to play a role in helping keep something they love afloat. The same reaction has been seen recently after Netflix unexpectedly pulled the plug on their series One Day at a Time. We can only hope that the voices of the many have the same power as they did with Brooklyn Nine-Nine to find the show a new home.

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The 10 Best Guest Stars On The Big Bang Theory

As one of the most successful and longest-running sitcoms in television history, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory is able to boast about some pretty impressive things. Recently, it surpassed the iconic sitcom Cheers as the longest running multi-camera sitcom in television history. It has won countless awards and racked up a truly absurd amount of nominations beyond that. Its starring cast have skyrocketed to A-list fame, regardless of whether they were known or unknown prior to the series’ premiere.

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But it isn’t just the main cast of characters that includes some pretty well-known names. Over the course of twelve seasons and nearly 300 episodes, The Big Bang Theory has had an endless parade of A-listers appear in roles of varying significance. Whether science fiction icons, television legends, or real life scientific geniuses, the guest stars on The Big Bang Theory are nothing short of out of this world. We take a look back at the ten best of them all.

10 Bill Nye the Science Guy (Himself)

You’d be hard pressed to find any scientist – whether on television or otherwise – who made a bigger impression on more children than the legend himself, Bill Nye the Science Guy. So it only made sense, really, that Nye would appear in an episode featuring The Big Bang Theory‘s equivalent of himself – Arthur Jeffries, also known as TV personality Professor Proton.

Bill Nye’s appearance on the series is the result of one of Sheldon’s many harebrained schemes for getting revenge for what he feels is a wrong that has been done to him. But in the end, rather than make friends with a new television icon, Sheldon only winds up with yet another restraining order from a prominent public figure.

9 Stephen Hawking (Himself)

Many of the guest stars on this list find themselves inadvertently pulled into the world of The Big Bang Theory because of Sheldon’s larger-than-life personality and boundless ego. But very few of these characters and their corresponding actors can claim to have found themselves in a war of the minds with Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

The most significant of these so-called rivals was, without question, the legendary genius Stephen Hawking himself. The back and forth barbs exchanged between the scientific geniuses would span multiple seasons, mostly consisting in the form of exchanged voicemails, though Hawking did appear as himself on multiple occasions. Following his passing in 2018, the series also included a touching tribute to the one of a kind genius.

8 Carrie Fisher (Herself)

It wouldn’t be a show about real nerds with impressive nerd street cred if they weren’t obsessed with Star WarsStar Trek, or both. The Big Bang Theory gang are, naturally, obsessed with both iconic pieces of science fiction media (among many others) and the series has reflected their very strong opinions by trying to feature as many guest stars from these beloved franchises as possible.

An all too brief, but instantly iconic cameo came in the form of the late Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. Fisher appeared at the very end of an episode which found Sheldon embarking on a crazy adventure with another of Fisher’s own Star Wars castmates, James Earl Jones. Jones and Sheldon attempted to ding dong ditch Fisher’s home, leading to her running outside armed with a baseball bat.

7 Wil Wheaton (Himself)

Speaking of iconic science fiction stars, Star Trek cast member Wil Wheaton has long recurred on The Big Bang Theory as an over the top version of himself – who becomes Sheldon’s seemingly eternal nemesis. Whether they’re fighting on dueling bowling teams or warring over who should become television’s new Professor Proton, Wil and Sheldon have almost always been at each other’s throats.

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On a few occasions, it seemed like these two were finally going to be able to let bygones be bygones. But who are we kidding? The rivalry between these polar opposites is one of the best things the series has ever done. Any time Sheldon angrily screams “Wheaton,” it’s clear things are about to get really good.

6 Laurie Metcalf (Mary Cooper)

It’s not just science fiction icons that have popped up on The Big Bang Theory over the years. Longtime television and theatre icon Laurie Metcalf has had a recurring role on the series from almost the very beginning as Sheldon’s incredibly religious, conservative, old fashioned mother, Mary Cooper.

Sheldon and his mother are almost always at odds in terms of their beliefs and opinions regarding, well, basically everything. But Mary loves her son more than anything, and she will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure that he knows this, and that he is happy. Their tender relationship is likewise further explored in the prequel series Young Sheldon, which finds Metcalf’s own daughter, Zoe Perry, taking on the role of Mary.

5 Levar Burton (Himself)

While Levar Burton may be best known for his roles as Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, or Kunta Kinte in Roots, or even as the host of the beloved series Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton has also made some truly invaluable and hilarious contributions to The Big Bang Theory over the years. None of his guest appearances have been all that long, but every time he appears on the series, something goes horribly – and hilariously – wrong.

On one occasion, he shows up at Sheldon’s apartment after a Twitter invite, only to find drunk and half-naked guys singing karaoke. On two other occasions, he appears on Sheldon’s Fun with Flags webseries, only to find himself in increasingly uncomfortable situations, due to Sheldon’s total obliviousness regarding social protocols. Thankfully, Burton is nothing if not a game comedic performer, and each appearance allows him to make the most amusing facial expressions as a result.

4 Stan Lee (Himself)

Sometimes, when people meet their idols, things go exactly as planned. Other times… that person in question is Sheldon Cooper, and nothing ever goes according to his plan. When Sheldon learned that the father of Marvel himself, Stan Lee, was going to be visiting Stuart’s comic book shop, and he would be missing out on it, he was understandably totally beside himself. But Penny, ever a good friend, managed to do some digging and found out where Stan Lee lived, and brought Sheldon for a visit as a surprise.

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As if that weren’t creepy enough, Sheldon invites himself into Stan Lee’s home, and winds up with yet another restraining order to add to his collection. Despite the brief length of the comic book icon’s cameo in the series, Stan Lee was, unarguably, one of The Big Bang Theory‘s biggest gets in terms of star power – and certainly made a lasting impression on Sheldon, and Penny, too.

3 Mark Hamill (Himself)

Mark Hamill may not have been the first member of the Star Wars cast to make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory, but he, without question, had the most meaningful appearance, in terms of what he contributed to the series. After Howard meets Hamill while returning a lost dog he found that turned out to be Hamill’s, Mark Hamill offered Howard a favor as a show of gratitude for him returning his beloved pet to him.

The favor Howard requested, as we all know, turned out to be that Hamill would consider officiating Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. Of course, all along, Wil Wheaton had been readying to do just that, which only furthered the dissension between Sheldon and Wheaton – especially given the Star Wars vs. Star Trek tension. But Hamill turned out to be just the right man for the job, even getting emotionally invested multiple times during the ceremony.

2 James Earl Jones (Himself)

It’s often the most fun when a celebrity appears in a guest starring role as a heightened version of themselves – because at that point, there’s truly almost nothing that’s off limits. In season seven, Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones, appeared in an episode that feels like nothing short of a fever dream, it’s so hysterically hard to believe. After Sheldon runs into James Earl Jones while dining out, the two embark on a bizarre, giddy adventure throughout the city.

Along the way, they visit a carnival, ride a ferris wheel together, pig out on ice cream, sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at a karaoke night, take in a steam bath at a sauna, attempt to prank Carrie Fisher, and more. It’s one of the series’ most hilarious episodes ever, and none of it would have been possible without James Earl Jones’ total commitment to the bit.

1 Bob Newhart (Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton)

Few guest stars have contributed more meaningfully to the series overall than the comedy legend Bob Newhart. When Newhart first appeared on the series, he was merely the elderly former children’s television show host Professor Proton, or Arthur Jeffries – the man who inspired Sheldon to become a scientist, and now found himself the unlikely object of Sheldon’s interrogative devotion during their first meeting.

Over time, however, Newhart’s role as Arthur deepened, and became something so very much more meaningful. After Arthur’s passing in the series, Newhart would continue to recur as a new version of the character: Force Ghost Arthur, who visits Sheldon in his dreams a la Obi Wan Kenobi, whenever Sheldon is in need of some moral support. No other actor could have made this character, and this recurring gag, so entertaining. Newhart’s halting, skeptical, quizzical delivery simply seals the deal each and every time.

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New Girl: Guest Stars, Ranked

New Girl has had some pretty memorable celebrity guest stars over the course of its seven seasons on-air. It seems pretty difficult to imagine any character swooping into the New Girl universe who could ever even attempt to outshine Jess, Schmidt, Nick, and Winston, yet some of these hilarious guest stars have managed to come pretty close. From Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner guest starring as an angrily divorced couple who still secretly hook up on the down-low to The O.C ‘s Adam Brody playing the role of Jess’s oblivious ex-boyfriend, it is clear that New Girl is filled with unforgettable guest-starring roles.

The best ones are ranked below…

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10 Justin Long

It’s hard to think of anyone who could possibly reach Zooey Deschanel’s level of “adorkable”, but Justin Long proves otherwise. We all know Justin Long as the boyish puppy-eyed actor from hit movies such as He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) and Live Free Or Die Hard (2007). It makes perfect sense that Long would be cast on the show as Paul, a man who is basically the male version of Jess. The two end up dating for a small portion of the show, and it is a pure joy to witness. Watching the two “quirk out” on screen is not only adorable, but it’s also insanely funny. Remember the chaos that ensued when the pair finally decided to sleep together? Yikes! Unfortunately, the actor only stuck around for 5 episodes, but they were glorious episodes none-the-less.

9 Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino is a talented actress known for her roles in The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and of course, she is the badass mother from Spy Kids (2001-2003).  But perhaps her most talented work to date is seen on New Girl where she somehow manages to keep a straight face as Schmidt hilariously tries to seduce her.

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Gugino plays Schmidt’s boss on the show, and she is ultimately the character who is responsible for helping Schmidt realize that he is madly in love with Cece. Way to go Carla for bringing “Schmece” to life!

8 Brenda Song

It’s always exciting when we get to see Disney stars move on to more adult roles as they get older. Brenda Song, most notable for her role as London Tipton, the spoiled heiress from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, guest stars on New Girl as Winston’s romantic interest. Hey, she makes Winston happy, and anyone who is able to make “Winnie the Bish” happy is a winner in our book.

7 Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan, a.k.a Janice Ian plays the role of Nick’s girlfriend for a couple of episodes in season 1 of New Girl.

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Her character, Julia, is a badass businesswoman with a hard edge to her, which is a brilliant contrast to Jess’s doe-eyed innocence. If it wasn’t for Julia’s straight-edged toughness, we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate Jessica Day and all her zany glory.

6 Josh Gad

Josh Gad, known for playing Olaf the snowman in Disney’s Frozen (2013) and the original Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon (2011) on Broadway, made a hilarious appearance on New Girl as Bearclaw. Yep, that’s his actual name on the show! Gad plays the role with such force that you can’t help but love Bearclaw and all his uncomfortable glory.

5 Jeanne Tripplehorn

Tripplehorn is a talented actress who graduated from Julliard in 1990 and went on to star in major roles in both film and television. She is well known for her roles a polygamous sister wife on Big Love and as an FBI agent on Criminal Minds. Most of her roles are rather serious, which is why it’s such a treat to see her in a comedic role on New Girl as Russell’s overly passionate ex-wife.

4 Megan Fox

The beautiful actress took Jess’s place as the female of the loft from 2016-2017, while Deschanel was on maternity leave. Megan Fox’s role on New Girl proves that she is more than just a pretty face by offering a daring performance as Regan, who eventually becomes Nick’s love interest. Fans were surprised by how much they liked Fox’s character on the show, some even claiming that she fit the group dynamic better than Jess!

3 Adam Brody

Oh, Adam. You will always be known to us as Seth Cohen, the loveable geek from The O.C who brought “Chrismukkah” to life. It’s hard to imagine that you would be lusting after anyone who isn’t Summer Roberts, yet you do it so convincingly on New Girl when you play the role of Jess’s clueless ex-boyfriend. Even though your character is pretty much a terrible person on the show, (you try to cheat on your wife with Jess), you still manage to woo us, Adam Brody, with your endless charisma. That takes talent.

2 Rob Reiner & Jamie Lee Curtis

Reiner and Curtis play Jess’s divorced parents. Despite the fact that they can’t stand each other and have put an end to their impossible marriage, the two still hook up from time to time, getting hot and heavy at the most awkward moments imaginable. Watching these two together is pure comedic gold. Plus, we can’t help but appreciate how realistic they are as a divorced couple. Some things just aren’t meant to be, but having Reiner and Curtis guest star on New Girl just feels like fate.

1 Prince

You heard that right! Prince guest stars on an episode of New Girl, only adding to his legendary status. Prince plays himself in season 3 episode 14 and it is an absolute riot. The late, great musical sensation was such a big fan of New Girl that he specifically asked Zooey Deschanel to be on an episode of the show. It’s so fun getting to watch Prince hang out with the New Girl gang, and the best part is getting to see the loft mates freak out at the mere presence of the musical icon. It is an episode that will go down in history.

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Simone Torn

9 Best Family Guy Guest Stars, Ranked

While it got off to a slow start and was initially dismissed as a rip-off of The Simpsons, Family Guy grew into one of the most popular comedies on television when it found a new audience in reruns on Adult Swim and was saved from cancellation by Fox. Along with that success came the chance to book some pretty high-profile guest stars. Family Guy has had dozens of guest stars because its producers have the clout to get the real celebrities to voice themselves, even if it’s just in a brief 30-second cutaway gag. So, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are the 9 Best Family Guy Guest Stars, Ranked.

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9 Neil Patrick Harris

Family Guy rags on How I Met Your Mother a lot, so it shows what a good sport Neil Patrick Harris is that he would guest-star on the show as his HIMYM character Barney Stinson. In this cutaway gag, Barney and Ted reveal their true feelings for each other, before Barney takes out a condom and tells Ted to “suit up.” Harris, along with Josh Radnor and Jason Segel, would later play their HIMYM characters as King Stewie’s jesters in the medieval-set episode “Peter’s Progress.” Stewie is unhappy with their idea of jokes and has them all killed by his archers.

8 Carol Channing

The episode “Patriot Games” is the infamous one in which Stewie repeatedly beats up Brian, asking him, “Where’s my money? Are you gonna give me my money? Where’s my money, man?” The only reason why Brian owed Stewie money in the first place is because he made a $50 bet on Mike Tyson in a celebrity boxing match in which he was fighting actress Carol Channing, who played herself in the episode. Tyson punches her a bunch of times and roughs her up, but she doesn’t go down. The spectators are astounding by it: “She’s gettin’ beat!” “Nah, she’s gettin’ mad!” In the end, she wins the fight.

7 Robert Downey Jr.

While he was still on his way to the mother of all comebacks, Robert Downey Jr. guest-starred in an episode of Family Guy as Lois’ long-lost brother Patrick. This was back in 2005, three years before Downey would take on the role of Tony Stark and become the biggest star in the world.

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The actor apparently called the producers and asked to be included in an episode, because his son was a big fan of the show. So, they wrote the role of Patrick in “The Fat Guy Strangler” for him and, according to Seth MacFarlane, he brought “[a] very kind of half crazy, and maybe just eccentric personality to that character that really worked out great.”

6 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore made a few appearances as Brian’s dim-witted girlfriend Jillian Russell throughout the fifth season of Family Guy and she always played her stupidity with an optimism and gleefulness in her voice. On a DVD commentary, the fact that the producers got Barrymore to not only appear in the show, but play a recurring character, was described as “a big thing for Family Guy.” It was a shame when Brian broke up with Jillian and she was written out of the show, and a great relief when she came back, as she’s one of the funniest supporting characters in all of Family Guy.

5 Bryan Cranston

Long before he became one of the most celebrated actors in the world with the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was best known for playing Hal in the family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Cranston reprised the role in Family Guy. Hal and his kids are getting aggressively nagged by the mom, Lois, and when Hal has eventually had enough, he rips off the refrigerator door and uses it to kill her. Then he rejoices with the kids that they’re finally free and walks out into the street. The best pop culture references in Family Guy take something lighthearted like Malcolm in the Middle and make them dark.

4 Barry Manilow

When Peter and the guys first hear that Barry Manilow will be performing at the Quahog Performing Arts Center, they scoff at the idea. They all claim to hate his music and think his fans are idiots. But then they name a couple of his songs that “you can’t hate.” And then it comes out that they all absolutely love him.

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“Oh my God, he’s the best! I have everything he’s ever recorded!” “Me too! In my car!” “We have to go to that concert.” At the concert, Quagmire is invited up on stage where Manilow replaces the name “Mandy” with “Quagmire.”

3 Robert Loggia

Sometimes the best guest appearances on Family Guy are the ones that immortalize a relatively obscure celebrity. A prime example of this is when Peter finds himself behind Robert Loggia in the airport lobby. The clerk asks Loggia – the character actor from Big and Scarface who is famous for his distinctive voice – to spell his name. So, he says, “R as in Robert Loggia. O as in, ‘Oh my God, it’s Robert Loggia!’ B as in, ‘By God, that’s Robert Loggia!’ E as in everyone loves Robert Loggia. R as in Robert Loggia. T as in, ‘Tim, look over there – it’s Robert Loggia!’”

2 Betty White

In the episode “Peterotica,” Peter finds that he has a knack for writing erotic fiction and self-publishes a few erotic book parodies: Angela’s Asses, Catcher in the Eye, Shaved New World, Harry Potter and the Half Black Chick etc. The audio books are recorded by Betty White, with The Golden Girls star providing her own voice for the episode. The sound of White’s voice reading the graphic sexual content of Peter’s literature is hilarious. She has the quintessential sweet old lady voice – she sounds like a grandma – which is what makes her the funniest candidate to read sex scenes on tape.

1 James Woods

James Woods had previously played himself in The Simpsons, but he didn’t ruthlessly poke fun of everything he’s infamous for – his relative obscurity, his predatory sex drive, how difficult he is to work with etc. – until his recurring appearances on Family Guy. He stole Peter’s identity in “Back to the Woods,” he hosted the dinner party where all the murders happened in “And Then There Were Fewer,” he ruined Brian’s TV pilot in “Brian Griffin’s House of Payne,” he crushed Tom Tucker’s dreams in “Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream,” and he can always be defeated by being led along a trail of candy into a trap.

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Guest Stars On Sex and the City, Ranked

It’s been 21 years since Sex and the City premiered in 1998 and fans are still rewatching the stylish and witty four best friends get through life, dating, and living in NYC.

Sex and the City may have made a star out of Sarah Jessica Parker and helped prove that women’s stories deserved to be told, but it also featured some talented guest stars. While you might not have taken note of the celebs the first time around, you would definitely notice some of them if you embarked on a big rewatch of the show. Since the show is about love, sex, and relationships and there are four main characters who are in the dating world, there are a lot of guest stars.

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Here are some of the best guest stars on Sex and the City, ranked.

8 Dean Winters

In the pilot, Carrie wonders if she can “have sex like a man” and she hooks up with a character named Kurt (Bill Sage). In the second season, Dean Winters appears as John, a character she has a casual thing with. Many storylines on TV shows and in movies revolve around whether men and women can simply be friends with benefits and this is a similar situation.

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While he’s not as famous as some of the other guest stars who have been on the show, he’s a good addition. Dean Winters has also starred on Oz, Rescue Me, and as Detective Keith Pembroke (also known as “The Vulture”) in a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And, of course, he was Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock.

7 Kat Dennings

You know Kat Dennings from starring on 2 Broke Girls, which aired from 2011 until 2017, along with roles in movies like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Raise Your Voice. She also had a guest starring role on Sex and the City.

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One amazing aspect of SATC is the fact that it focused on the women’s jobs. Besides Carrie’s regular relationship column, Samantha ran her own business, and that’s why Kat Dennings appeared in this episode. She played Jenny in the season three episode “Hot Child in the City.” Samantha is working on her Bat Mitzvah. She’s known for saying, “I didn’t know you knew Carrie Bradshaw!” It’s pretty adorable.

6 Elizabeth Banks

In terms of really famous actresses who guest starred on Sex and the City, Elizabeth Banks is definitely at the top. She has made a name for herself with the Pitch Perfect films: she played Gail Abernathy-McKadden in the first two movies, produced them, and also directed the second outing. She’s a cheerful staple in any movie or TV show that she stars in, and she has also appeared in many episodes of 30 Rock and Modern Family.

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She was on Sex and the City as Catherine in the third season episode “Politically Erect.” All that happens is Charlotte is having a discussion with Catherine’s husband and Catherine comes over.

Sure, this is a really brief moment — but since Elizabeth Banks is so famous now, it’s a fun guest star role to think about.

5 Jim Gaffigan

Did you know that Jim Gaffigan was on Sex and the City? Maybe not, but it’s definitely a fun fact.

The hilarious comedian guest starred in a season four episode called “Defining Moments” and played a guy who dates Miranda and had one annoying habit that she can’t stand: not needing any privacy when he used the bathroom. She doesn’t want to see him use the toilet and, honestly, who can blame her for that?

This was an awesome guest starring role since if there’s one thing that fans love about SATC, it’s watching the four women go on bad dates. Miranda, in particular, is known for picking out flaws, so this was memorable.

4 Alanis Morisette

The singer deserves a spot on this list ranking the guest stars on Sex and the City as she and Carrie kiss at a party, which fans will remember for sure. It’s not ranked higher as this is a brief appearance but it’s worth pointing out. Her appearance is in the season three episode called “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…”

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Carrie kisses her character during Spin the Bottle. Of the kiss, Alanis has been quoted as saying, ” “I kissed Sarah Jessica Parker. I played a lesbian in Sex and the City and I had to kiss her. I have experimented with same-sex relationships in my life, but it wasn’t about enjoyment with Sarah Jessica. Her character was supposed to be reluctant about getting involved, so it wasn’t a passionate kiss – it was a reticent one, which is the reason I didn’t enjoy it.”

3 Timothy Olyphant

Remember when Carrie was in a relationship with a guy in his 20s? Timothy Olyphant played this character, and it’s one of the best minor roles on the show, which is why it’s ranked at number three.

The Santa Clarita Diet actor played Sam, a guy who was intriguing to Carrie… but then she discovered how completely messy he was. Okay, messy would be putting it lightly. The guy is a total slob, and he doesn’t seem to care at all. Fans could definitely tell her that she needs to be with someone who is much more mature (and probably older). It wasn’t Carrie’s best relationship… but the guest-starring role was perfect.

2 John Slattery

The Mad Men star had a guest role on Sex and the City and even if you didn’t realize that it was him, you probably can recall the awkward scene: his character, Bill Kelley, hooks up with Carrie… and then says that it would be great if she, um, urinated on him while they were taking a shower. The fact that he was working in politics? That made it even weirder.

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If you want to go back and see this, it was in the season three episode called “Politically Erect.”

John Slattery takes the number two spot on this list ranking some of the best guest stars on the show because this was a guest-starring role to remember. It’s one of the iconic moments from the show since it speaks to one of the major themes: the women standing up for themselves and dealing with the truly weird New York dating scene.

1 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper just finished an epic Oscars season where he was praised for his acting and directing work in A Star Is Born. Before that, of course, he has starred in several movies.

He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, but before that, he actually was in an episode of Sex and the City. The actor appears in the second season episode called “They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” Carrie has just realized that her big moment — being on the cover of a magazine — has turned into a disaster when she learns that the cover line says “Single and Fabulous?” The question mark at the end is getting to her. Carrie drinks too much and comes across Bradley’s character, Jake. He’s the best guest star on the show, hands down, which makes it number one on this list.

Jake is one of the most well-known minor characters on Sex and the City, and it’s worth checking this scene out again to see a really young Bradley Cooper.

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Aya Tsintziras

The 8 Best Guest Stars On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Since its premiere in 2013, the former Fox and now NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had a very vocal fanbase, critical acclaim, and seemingly endless award recognition. While it may not have always been the most popular series in terms of ratings, B99 has always had what matters most: endless talent in both the writing and acting departments.

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You don’t need to look much further than the series’ main cast of regulars to find some pretty impressive resumes. Andre Braugher has been nominated time and again for Emmy awards for both dramatic and comedic work, and has won countless others. Andy Samberg is nothing short of a comic genius. Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz have become true inspirations to female viewers everywhere.

But the immense talent boasted by the series’ cast doesn’t end with its core group of regulars. Over the years, some incredibly famous guest stars have popped up for brief or recurring appearances, only elevating the already hilarious material they’ve been given in turn. Let’s take a look at the eight best guest stars to visit the Nine-Nine.

8 Katey Sagal (Karen Peralta)

As one of the many examples of stellar guest casting on the series, longtime television legend and award winner Katey Sagal has recurred as Jake’s mother, Karen. Raising him as a single mother after divorcing her cheating, absentee husband Roger, Karen is strong-willed and fiercely protective of her little boy – but entirely loving, too.

The character plays exactly into Sagal’s wheelhouse of choice. After turns as Peg Bundy on Married… with Children and Cate Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules, Sagal has the role of independent sitcom mother down to a science, and brightens every scene in which she appears.

7 Jimmy Smits (Victor Santiago)

It isn’t just Samberg’s Jake who can boast some pretty impressive pedigree in the parent casting department. Jimmy Smits, best known for his award-winning roles on series such as L.A. LawNYPD Blue, and The West Wing, has appeared in the series as Amy’s perfectionist detective father, Victor Santiago.

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Smits commands an intimidating screen presence, perfectly suited for the likewise commanding Mr. Santiago who primarily seems to exist in the series in order to intimidate the perpetually anxious Jake. But in addition to the powerful presence he exerts, Smits delivers pitch-perfect lines with impeccable comedic timing.

6 Sterling K. Brown (Philip Davidson)

Is there anything that Sterling K. Brown can’t do? While fans of This Is Us undoubtedly know Brown best for his work as the all-around good guy Randall Pearson on the highly beloved series, Brown’s turn as the dastardly Philip Davidson in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine bottle episode “The Box” allowed Brown to truly shine in a much different way.

While being interrogated for a homicide, Brown goes beat for beat opposite the series’ resident powerhouse, Andre Braugher, never once letting up or letting anything slip – until Jake catches him in a web of his own making, in the end. But the cat and mouse game is electric, all thanks to the balance of manic comedy and steely reserve that Brown displays.

5 Nicole Byer (Trudy Judy)

While Nicole Byer may be best known as the host of the truly delightful Netflix baking competition Nailed It!, a season six episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine allowed her to truly show her comedic acting talent as Trudy Judy, the nefarious younger sister of longtime Nine-Nine favorite Doug Judy.

Trudy was revealed to be following in her older brother’s footsteps, stealing cars here and there without a care in the world, and even going so far as to steal some identities, too. The sheer glee with which Byer portrays the verging on sociopathic younger Judy makes the character all the more enjoyable – as does the hinted potential of her eventual return.

4 Dean Winters (Keith Pembroke, AKA The Vulture)

Nowadays, Dean Winters is perhaps best known for his series of insurance commercials in which he stars as Mayhem, wreaking havoc wherever he can. And while The Vulture may arguably be on the right side of the law, there’s no way to deny that he supplies his own fair share of mayhem along the way, especially when the Nine-Nine want him around the least.

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Winters’ signature dry tone and gravelly voice make The Vulture impossible to ignore at any time, especially when he swoops in to not exactly save the day and hog all the credit for himself. But thanks to Winters’ performance, The Vulture is somehow an entirely obnoxious character, while also managing to be consistently enjoyable and thrilling to watch.

3 Lin-Manuel Miranda (David Santiago)

It’s not every day that a super fan gets to help save a series from cancellation. It’s also not every day that that same superfan eventually gets to guest star on the same show they helped to save. But it really isn’t every day that this very super fan is Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind Hamilton himself.

After contributing in large part to the Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine campaign in the spring of 2018, Miranda would go on to appear in a sixth season episode as Amy’s brother – and casual nemesis – David. Even more of a perfectionist and goody two shoes than the do-gooder Amy herself, Miranda’s David demands your attention every moment he’s on screen, whether he’s humble-bragging about his latest accomplishments or saving the day in a blaze of glory.

2 Jason Mantzoukas (Adrian Pimento)

Whether you love him or you hate him, there’s no denying that Jason Mantzoukas’ true wild card of a character, Adrian Pimento, shook up the series just when things were starting to get a little too comfortable. After spending over a decade undercover in a mob investigation, Pimento is more than a little shaken up and unfit to return to work.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t let anything stop him from getting in on the fun whenever he can – even if he goes more than a little overboard every single time. While his romantic relationship with Rosa may not have been the best idea, Adrian’s character arc from outsider to part of the extended Nine-Nine family has allowed Mantzoukas to show himself to be a truly hilarious addition to the series.

1 Craig Robinson (Doug Judy, AKA The Pontiac Bandit)

Could the best guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine really be anyone else but The Pontiac Bandit himself, Doug Judy? Introduced in the first season, Craig Robinson’s Doug Judy was immediately a scene stealer, the perfect nemesis for Samberg’s Jake Peralta – except for the fact that, well, they’re not really nemeses at all.

Sure, Judy may be an incorrigible criminal, stealing cars and running con jobs whenever he can. But he and Jake have developed a truly unique, unlikely friendship over the years, thanks to their shared outlooks on life, love of cheesy movies, and flair for dressing stylishly whenever the moment allows it. Doug Judy may be the great white whale of Jake’s career in many ways, but he just might also be his best friend, too – a role that would never have worked without the entirely lovable Robinson.

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Katerina Daley

10 Best Rick And Morty Guest Stars, Ranked

Adult Swim’s hit animated sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty has been blessed with big guest stars since the very beginning. In the first season, series co-creator Dan Harmon could get his old buddies from previous projects like David Cross and John Oliver to come in and play guest roles in what was then a weird new cartoon that could’ve easily been too surreal to succeed in the ratings. Now, the show attracts such famous names as Patton Oswalt and Susan Sarandon to play guest roles. There’s a bunch of stars who have appeared on Rick and Morty. So, here are the 10 Best Rick And Morty Guest Stars, Ranked.

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10 Christian Slater As Vance Maximus, Renegade Star Soldier

“Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender,” Rick and Morty’s skewering of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its interchangeable characters, was an interesting one that hit a lot of its targets. Christian Slater’s portrayal of Vance Maximus, Renegade Star Soldier, a thinly veiled parody of characters like Peter Quill and Tony Stark, was a nice touch. He has the suaveness and charisma of the MCU’s scene-stealers, but he hasn’t starred in a movie in years and a lot of Rick and Morty’s millennial viewers won’t recognize him. It’s a statement that in a few years, no one will remember Chris Pratt either.

9 Susan Sarandon As Dr. Wong

Susan Sarandon’s turn as the Smith family’s therapist Dr. Wong in “Pickle Rick” is extra poignant, due to the speech she gives at the end that manages to invalidate Rick’s nihilist views against therapy. This only happened because Dan Harmon himself went through a divorce, just like Jerry and Beth in season 3 of the show, which influenced the episode. He said, “I don’t know if I could’ve written [Dr. Wong’s speech] two years ago… I would’ve made sure Rick got the final word.” As a result of all of that, Dr. Wong became a more memorable guest character. Sarandon’s calm delivery of every line made the words set in deeper, and it’s a very accurate portrayal of therapists.

8 David Cross As Prince Nebulon

Whether it’s in his standup routines or his performance as Tobias on Arrested Development, David Cross always has the perfect inflections in his voice to elevate a line from funny to hilarious. His guest role in Rick and Morty is a prime example of this, from being uncomfortable around nudity to trying to play off his doctor’s appointment about his “discolored b**thole flaps” as part of the simulation. “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” is an interesting episode in itself, with more plot twists than a season of Stranger Things, but Cross elevates it on a comedic level with his hilarious vocal performance.

7 Andy Daly As Krombopulos Michael

The season 2 episode “Mortynight Run” is an interesting study of ethics, as Morty objects to Rick selling a gun to an assassin – played by Eastbound and Down star Andy Daly – and ends up killing that assassin to protect his target, and then kills a bunch of cops and civilians in the quest to save the target, only for the target to turn out to be a genocidal maniac.

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Of course, the examination of ethics is hidden under layers of absurdist humor and improvised dialogue. The result is a complex, multifaceted, hysterical, and very memorable episode of Rick and Morty.

6 Danny Trejo As Jaguar

Poor Jaguar. Rick could’ve easily gone into a parallel universe and saved one of Jaguar’s infinite daughters to reunite them. But since it would be a minor inconvenience to him, he decided to tell him he didn’t have any daughters in parallel universes, and Jaguar went on living an angry, vengeful, violent, lonesome existence. “Pickle Rick” began with Rick turning himself into a pickle, so it was difficult to get continuously more exciting after that. But having Danny Trejo play an assassin named Jaguar who comes after him with firepower and ends up joining his side just about did it.

5 Keegan-Michael Key And Jordan Peele As Testicle Monsters #1 and #2

As an episode, the season 2 premiere “A Rickle in Time” isn’t necessarily as brilliant as it could be. It gets too confusing to be entertaining and the stakes are never really raised. Of course, it does end with Rick’s emotional near-death scene, which almost saves it. On the whole, it’s not one of the most memorable Rick and Morty episodes – but that’s a really high standard to be held to. Having said that, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are hilarious in it as the fourth-dimensional beings. They might be the greatest comedy duo working today, and even as Peele becomes an Oscar-winning filmmaker, he hasn’t lost sight of that – the pair have been reunited in Toy Story 4.

4 Christina Hendricks As Unity

The hive mind Unity is, in many ways, the perfect woman for Rick. However, their relationship isn’t sustainable. It’s destructive to both of them and Unity has to be the mature one who realizes it and jumps ship, while Rick is left to be the tragically depressed one.

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The end of the episode is one of the saddest, deepest Rick and Morty moments of all time, as Rick attempts suicide and only fails because he passes out drunk. Mad Men star Christina Hendricks does a terrific job of conveying all these emotions through a hive mind with a bunch of different bodies.

3 John Oliver As Dr. Xenon Bloom

Somewhere between breaking into U.S. television with his role as Ian Duncan on Dan Harmon’s NBC sitcom Community and becoming a bona fide star with his late-night HBO series Last Week Tonight, John Oliver left a lasting impression in the Rick and Morty season 1 episode “Anatomy Park.” He played Dr. Xenon Bloom, the guy who collaborated with Rick on a theme park inside a homeless man. Oliver’s distinctive voice made the character so much funnier, while his comic delivery of every line was perfect – “Morty, would you like to ride the bone train?” – meaning what could’ve been a forgettable role became a hilarious and memorable one.

2 Nathan Fillion As Cornvelious Daniel

Nathan Fillion is a favorite of any science fiction fan – he’s the poster boy for cult fame – so he was a perfect fit for Rick and Morty. And there’s no better role for him than that of the Galactic Federation agent who is sent into Rick’s subconscious to steal information from his mind. The tense clash of Fillion’s cool charisma and Justin Roiland’s aggressively intelligent portrayal of Rick makes for a very interesting two-hander in the season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Rickdemption.” It’s hard to imagine the Cornvelious Daniel character being anywhere near as interesting if he was played by someone other than Nathan Fillion.

1 Werner Herzog As Shrimply Pibbles

Somehow, by the grace of God, the producers of Rick and Morty managed to get acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog to play a character in one of their episodes. And not only that, he has a monologue where he distills human culture down to its obsession with penises. They got Werner Herzog to say, “I’ve dwelled among the humans. Their entire culture is built around their penises. It’s funny to say they are small. It’s funny to say they are big. I’ve been at parties where humans have held bottles, pencils, thermoses in front of themselves and called out, ‘Hey, look at me. I’m Mr. So-and-So-D**k. I’ve got such-and-such for a penis.’ I never saw it fail to get a laugh.” It’s mesmerizing. Herzog’s performance was so great that it was in “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate” and he wasn’t overshadowed by the interdimensional cable sequences.

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Ben Sherlock

Hawaii Five-0: The 10 Best Guest Stars

Based on the original series, the 2010 reimagined Hawaii Five-O has introduced a classic series with a modern take to a new generation. The show’s longevity is due to a lot of factors. Talented cast, stunning Hawaiian scenery, action-packed scenes, angst, comedy, and of course, Steve’s and Danno’s famed “carguments.” However, let’s not forget the numerous accomplished guest stars that have come to Hawaii over the last nine years, adding to storylines and giving us more reasons to love the show. In this line-up, we’ve taken the liberty of picking out some of the most memorable guest stars to have made appearances on the show. Check out the stars below!

10 Martin Starr

Starr plays Adam “Toast” Charles, a gifted computer hacker that occasionally lends Five-0 a hand with their cases. He first appeared in the second episode of Season 1, “Ohana”, where we see his character in action and find that he has an affinity for marijuana (hence the nickname “Toast”) and lollipops. “Toast” made a couple more appearances before his character was killed. Five-0’s showrunner, Peter M. Lenkov, commented that they had been following Starr in his role as software designer Bertram Gilfoyle on Silicon Valley. You can catch Starr in an upcoming role in Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

9 Willie Garson

Gracing Five-0’s screen since 2015, Garson portrays former illegal art dealer turned criminal informant and crime scene cleaner Gerard Hirsch. Hirsch harbors a massive crush on Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park), which is often a source of comedic dynamic among the characters. Hirsch is goofy but loveable, and his impressive turn-around from criminal to honest civilian is admirable. Garson is known for playing Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City and as Mozzie on White Collar. 

8 Nick Jonas

Jonas made a few appearances as sociopath hacker Ian Wright. Ian eludes and infuriates Five-0, nearly taking down a plane with hundreds of people onboard and kidnapping the daughter of one of Five-0’s members, Lou Grover (Chi McBride). Granted, Ian is selfish, crazy and downright unlikable. Ironically, he is killed by another criminal, yet audiences can still go back and re-watch Jonas play his complete opposite.

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If you don’t know Jonas from his Disney Channel or Jonas Brothers days, you can watch him as Ian Wright and see him in the upcoming film, Midway. 

7 Rick Springfield

“Jessie’s Girl” played in our heads the moment Springfield appeared onscreen as Renny Sinclair in Season 1, a famous photographer that quickly dies in a fiery explosion, trapped in his trailer. Even more brutal? His daughter was the one to kill him, and as the episode reveals, for no good reason. If you don’t know Springfield for his music, you should know him as Vince Vincente in Supernatural or as Dr. Irving Pitlor on True Detective. 

6 James Caan

Caan guest-starred as retired New York Police Department bomb expert Tony Archer. Archer aids in the pending investigation as he was a friend of the victim. Archer comes complete with brusque Northeastern attitude, wiseguy antics and a no-nonsense approach. It’s especially funny the way his character interacts with his real-life son, Scott Caan’s character of Danny ‘Danno’ Williams and Steve McGarrett, teasing them regarding their dynamic as partners and sharing a beer with them at the end of the episode. Caan is known for roles such as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and Walter Hobbs in Elf. 

5 Will Yun Lee

Yun Lee started off with a bang, making his first appearance in “Pilot.” He guest stars as criminal Sang Min, who begins as an antagonist and gradually becomes more of an ally to Five-0. Sharp, witty and savvy, Sang Min has escaped custody more than once but never fails to come through for Five-0 (notably in a Season 3 episode in which Sang Min aids Chin Ho Kelly on the inside when he is falsely thrown into prison in a revenge plot). Yun Lee currently stars as Dr. Alex Park on The Good Doctor. 

4 Terry O’Quinn

O’Quinn plays Commander Joe White, the man who trained Steve McGarrett to be a Navy SEAL (and according to Danny, is to blame for Steve’s reckless ways). Joe was friend to Steve’s father John and is later found to have been keeping secrets from Steve about his family. Most significantly, the identity of Shelburne—Steve’s mother. Joe is by all accounts Steve’s surrogate father following John’s murder in “Pilot” and they share a close bond, going to great lengths to help and protect one another.

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O’Quinn played John Locke on fan favorite Lost and recently portrayed Dale Lacy on Castle Rock. 

3 Dennis Chun

Chun portrays Sergeant Duke Lukela of the Honolulu Police Department. Duke is a good friend of the Five-0 taskforce and is a friendly face to viewers. What viewers may not know is the unique background surrounding Chun. Chun’s father, Kam Fong Chun, played Chin Ho Kelly on the original Hawaii Five-0, and Dennis made appearances on the original show himself. Therefore, Chun has a special familial connection to Five-0, plus gives the show a sense of the old-school sentimentality. Chun has also recently guest-starred on the reimagined Magnum P.I. (and even guest-starred on the original Magnum, P.I. back in the eighties).  

2 Claire van der Boom

Australian actress Claire van der Boom has been guest starring as Detective Danny Williams’ ex-wife, Rachel Hollander (formerly Edwards) since Season 1. Originally a native of England, Rachel met Danny in New Jersey and they divorced prior to the events in “Pilot.” The two share a daughter, Grace, and later a son, Charlie. Their relationship has been on-again, off-again throughout the show’s nine seasons. Rachel is a source of angst and various subplots for Danny, rendering her impact on his character development significant. van der Boom has also made appearances on Masters of Sex, Game of Silence, and Pulse. 

1 Carol Burnett

Burnett made her first appearance as Steve’s beloved “Aunt Deb”, the sister of his late father, in Season 4. Deb is spunky, independent and fun (one of her more comical moments involves driving Steve’s truck at debilitating speeds). She arrives with the devastating news that she is terminally ill, but over the course of Deb’s appearances she decides to fight it, get married, and live life to the fullest until she sadly passes away. Nevertheless, Deb’s character was important considering the McGarrett family had lost so much and her presence illustrated them as less of a broken family. Burnett is known for her variety show, The Carol Burnett Show. 

Unfortunately, there’s only so many people we can name on this list. Yet, these are certainly among the many, many honorable mentions of the people Five-0 has brought in to up the ante, produce drama and action, and add to Five-0’s existing and impressive cast, Hawaiian scenery and compelling storylines.

What do you think of these Hawaii Five-0 guest stars? Let us know in the comments!

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