Leonardo DiCaprio in Talks to Star in Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley

Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley, based on the novel by William Lindsay Gresham, may have found its leading man in Leonardo DiCaprio. The Academy Award-winning actor is currently in talks to star in the production, with del Toro attached to direct.

The original 1947 Nightmare Alley film was a big budget noir film that centered on the rise and fall of a young con man, Stanton “The Great Stanton” Carlisle (originally played by Tyrone Powers), as he tried to make a career as a carnival swindler and fake psychic who preyed on psychiatric patients. The film was an adaptation based on William Lindsay Grisham’s novel of the same name that came out in 1946. The film script will be penned by del Toro and Kim Morgan. This will be del Toro’s first time directing a feature since his Oscar win for 2017’s The Shape of Water.

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Variety reports that DiCaprio is in negotiations to lead del Toro’s take on the source material. The project will be produced by del Toro, J. Miles Davis, and TSG Entertainment and distributed by Fox Searchlight. It’s scheduled to begin shooting this fall, after del Toro has finished assembling his cast. There’s no word yet whether or not DiCaprio would play a direct update of Powers’s version of Stanton as a carnival barker, or if there will be a more modernized take on the character.

DiCaprio has not starred in a major film since his Oscar-winning turn as Hugh Glass in 2015’s The Revenant. That role landed him his first Academy Award, and he’s since been busy developing projects. His next onscreen role will be in the Quentin Tarantino 1960s period piece Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There’s also a chance that audiences will see him in Martin Scorsese’s next film, Killers of the Flower Moon, before they see him in Nightmare Alley. At the same time, del Toro’s focus has been on his Dreamworks animated series, Trollhunters and 3Below, and a stop-motion retelling of Pinocchio scheduled for a Netflix release in 2021. He serves as writer, director, and producer for all three projects.

DiCaprio and del Toro are both very careful when choosing what films to take on, especially since their respective Oscar wins. If DiCaprio does ultimately sign on as the film’s lead, it’ll undoubtedly attract a large pool of high caliber actors. Because the script is still being written, solid information about the project is scarce. However, with plans to being filming in fall, cast announcements are expected within the next few months. For now, the prospect of the two Oscar winners teaming up for Nightmare Alley will likely keep fans curious and hopeful for del Toro’s return.

Update (11AM EST, April 24): Updated post to clarify that del Toro’s Nightmare Alley is not a remake of the 1947 film but a new adaptation of the 1946 novel.

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Ricky Miller

10 Things We Know About What Would Have Been Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 3

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy is finally coming to the big screen. For over a decade, Hellboy has been kept from big screen greatness to the point where the Big Red Guy has almost faded into obscurity. Regardless of the quality of the new film, however, fans will continue to pine for Guillermo del Toro and his interpretation of the saga. What could it have been like? What would’ve happened if the now Oscar-Winning Director managed to team up with Ron Perlman for one last Hellboy film?

Details are sparse as to what would’ve happened in the final film. However, for the sake of continuing to ask “What could’ve been?” it’s important to ask what Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 3 would’ve been like.

10 There Wasn’t a Script Written Yet

Guillermo del Toro talked often about his ideas, but, it turns out, never had a real script for Hellboy 3. He would speak of the ideas and plot details he intended on exploring, but never did he write a script for the film.

This is most obvious when del Toro announced 17 unused scripts he had written that never got turned into film. While many of them were projects he had spoken extensively over the years, such as At the Mountains of Madness, Hellboy 3 isn’t among them. That means that, while del Toro had plenty of ideas, he didn’t have a solid script.

9 The Original Actors — Especially Perlman — Would’ve Been Involved

One key element of this film was the return of the prior actors to finish their stories. While it’s unknown how many of the characters would need to return, it felt logical that Liz (played by Selma Blair) would’ve reprised her role, considering she was now the mother of Hellboy’s twins.

And, of course, Ron Perlman was scheduled to return — and, in fact, one of the biggest supporters of the project from start to its bitter end.

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8 Would’ve Involved Hell

It is uncertain if the film would’ve featured Hellboy going to Hell as he does in the original comics or if it would’ve involved Hell opening up on Earth. However, part of the film would’ve involved actual physical demons traversing the plane of man.

What makes this appealing is how little of Hell the films actually showed at this point. Rasputin summons Hellboy to summon eldritch Gods (more Lovecraft than Bible), while the second film features elves and fantasy entities. This final film would’ve brought the Hell to Hellboy.

7 No B.R.P.D.

At the end of Hellboy II, Hellboy and company quit the B.R.P.D. This ends a chapter in his life that would lead to him going off on his own to live his own life.

In the comics, after Hellboy quits the B.R.P.D., that’s it. It’s unknown if del Toro would’ve deviated from this (after all, there was no script written), but, at the trajectory the sequel was going, Hellboy would’ve left the B.R.P.D., and never gone back.

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6 Hellboy as a Dad

Another factor to consider, at the end of Hellboy II, Liz is pregnant with Hellboy’s twins. The final part of the trilogy would’ve brought the story full circle. At the start, Hellboy is the prodigal son of an experienced monster hunter. Now, he is the father with kids of his own.

The final part would’ve dealt with fatherhood, presumably in a way that was equal parts epic, funny, and tragic. Especially considering the constant reminder of Hellboy’s ultimate destiny.

5 Guillermo del Toro’s Schedule Kept it From Being Made

One huge reason the film was never made was Guillermo del Toro’s intense schedule. Hellboy 3 always took priority under his next project. Most of which didn’t get made. The Hobbit. At the Mountains of Madness. Both huge project took up years of del Toro’s life, yet never got made (or, at least, Guillermo del Toro’s Hobbit never got made).

Ironically, these unmade films ended up pushing Hellboy 3 back, which resulted in it, too, getting unmade. But at least he made Pacific Rim.

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4 It Would Be Very Tragic

Hellboy 3 was always intended to offer a tragic end to the trilogy, with Hellboy being confronted with his inevitable, depressing destiny. As a result, it would probably kill off characters, bring about some pretty unpleasant moments, and leave a few eyes quite soaked through with tears.

This is one constant throughout all of Perlman and del Toro’s talk of the film. This would not be a happy experience.

3 The World Would’ve Ended

Hellboy’s destiny is tied in with the end of the world. As such, the film would’ve ended with a huge bang. One word that continually comes up in descriptions of the unmade film is “apocalyptic.”

The film would’ve dealt with the end times. If the world itself didn’t fully end, it would, at the very least, result in a lot of death and destruction. Which leads to another reason the film never got made…

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2 It Would’ve Been Expensive

The estimated budget for Hellboy 3 always seemed to hover around $120 million dollars. For a film series that often underperformed at the box office, it was too expensive for investors to get behind the project.

In order to bring the apocalyptic saga to a close, it needed money. More money than anyone was willing to give the project.

1 We Would’ve Learned Why Hellboy Was Brought to Earth

In the original film, Rasputin brings Hellboy into Earth to open the doors to his elder Gods. However, that’s not really why Hellboy is there. After all, he was born and created for a purpose. Some insidious reason unbeknownst to all. And in Hellboy 3, audiences would’ve learned why Hellboy was there — and Hellboy would have to confront his nightmarish destiny.

The whole idea of the final film was to bring Hellboy face-to-face with his inevitable destiny, and for our heroes to deal with the crushing winds of fate. Given Hellboy’s attempts at being a hero, given his attempts to live a normal life as a family man, the crushing tragedy of fate would’ve offered audiences a finale that might’ve been operatic and disturbing.

It was just too good for this sinful Earth.

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2019-04-13 01:04:44

Anthony Gramuglia

10 Ways The New Hellboy Will Be Different From Guillermo Del Toro’s Films

Hellboy Movie Reboot 2019

Christmas came early yesterday for fans of Hellboy. Neil Marshall’s comic book monster flick dropped its first trailer, and the reactions have been mostly positive. Still, some fans couldn’t help but compare the new film to Guillermo Del Toro’s masterful take on the character. After all, Del Toro has one of the most interesting styles in Hollywood; one that earned him an Oscar last year. It’s easy to assume that the Hellboy reboot will be too close to his vision. From all reports, however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. No, David Harbour, Neil Marshall, and Mike Mignola have teamed up to make an awesome, very original film. Here to prove it are 10 ways the new Hellboy will be different from Guillermo Del Toro’s films.

10. The BPRD Is Public Knowledge

Hellboy BPRD Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense Logo on HQ Floor

In the first Hellboy film by GDT, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is a covert operation. It operates with extreme secrecy, only coming forward to the public when Hellboy reveals himself in The Golden Army. That doesn’t appear to be the case here. Hellboy and his companions are walking around in broad daylight, entirely uninterested in who sees them. And even if the public’s just vaguely aware of what they’re doing, that demon portal just above London will probably tip them off at some point.

9. There’s A Different BPRD Roster

Sasha Lane David Harbour and David Dae Lin in Hellboy

The BPRD of Guillermo Del Toro’s films was very different than the one we’ll see this April. Characters like Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and Johann Keats are nowhere to be seen in this trailer. Instead, we’ll finally get to meet Ben Daimio, a sort of were-jaguar, and Alice Monaghan, a fairy-raised human. Plus, we know that The Fury will also be appearing in the film. There are even rumors that Thomas Haden Church has joined the cast as Lobster Johnson. It’s exciting that we’ll get to check out these fan-favorite characters. And don’t worry, we’ll probably be seeing characters like Abe pop up in the future. Hollywood is not about to turn down a sexy fish person.

8. The Monsters Are From The Comic

Hellboy Gruagach and Nimue

Guillermo Del Toro’s monster designs in Hellboy—especially Hellboy 2—are visual masterpieces. In particular, the Troll Market scene from the sequel was a masterwork in practical effects and fantasy art, debuting some of the best visual work to come out of Hellboy. However, many of those designs came from GDT himself. In this film, it’s clear we’re getting monsters from the comic book source, Gruagach the pig monster being a prime example. Some even argue that David Harbour’s Hellboy is more accurate to the comic than Ron Perlman’s, but I’m not touching that debate. I don’t want to be trampled.

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7. Hellboy Is Single

Selma Blair as Liz Sherman in Hellboy

One of the defining aspects of GDT’s Hellboy was his relationship with pyrotechnic Liz Sherman. As any fan knows, this is a departure from the comic, but it made for an entertaining subplot, humanizing Hellboy in a concrete way. However, Neil Marshall’s Hellboy seems just fine with being a bachelor. There’s always a chance he’ll fall for someone in a later flick, but for now, it looks like he’s not with anyone. Although, maybe he and Daimio could get together? That whole “monster” argument would be one heck of a meet-cute.

6. Professor Broom Is A Soldier, Not A Scholar

Ian McShane in Hellboy sitting

John Hurt’s Professor Bruttenholm (Broom for short) was essentially a teacher thrown onto a battlefield. His interests were intellectual as much as practical, with a focus on understanding the paranormal at the forefront of his mind. However, Ian McShane’s Broom looks a lot more ready for a fight. The American Gods star’s take on the character seems battle-ready from what we see in the trailer, going on about the BPRD as a “last defense” in the supernatural “forever war.” Still, he’ll probably leave most of the actual fighting up to Hellboy, but when pressed, it wouldn’t be shocking to see McShane put up his fists. I know that I, for one, would pay double the ticket price to see Al Swearengen punch a centaur.

5. Hellboy Is Morally Conflicted

Daniel Dae Kim David Harbour and Ian McShane in Hellboy

When David Harbour spoke at New York Comic-Con this October, he mentioned Hellboy’s duality as both monster and monster hunter. We got the sense that this will be an internal struggle for Hellboy, rejecting his demonic heritage, in a manner of speaking, fighting on the side of angels. This idea is clear from the trailer, as we see Hellboy complain about being turned “into a weapon” by Broom and contemplating his actions in private moments. He even seems a little reluctant to pick up the famous Good Samaritan gun, bitterly joking that some fathers “get their kids Legos.” What this means for Hellboy’s loyalty is yet to be seen, but I gotta say; Wearing the apocalyptic crown and horns does make him seem a little on the fence about the issue.

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4. There’s Way More Blood

Sword Arm creature in Hellboy

For all its fun, Guillermo Del Toro’s film series was clearly rated PG-13. The violence was goofy and blood-free, never exceeding the gore of a Marvel superhero flick. That is NOT the case for Neil Marshall’s Hellboy. In one snippet of the trailer, we see some skeletal giant throw what appears to be a skinned man into the air and then slice him in half, spattering the street below in his guts. From this two-second clip alone, it’s clear Marshall isn’t afraid of leaning on the “horror” side of “action-horror.”

3. A Rocking Soundtrack

Hellboy Hell

Guillermo Del Toro’s music is always perfect for his films. From Pan’s Labyrinth to The Shape of Water, his soundtracks have always brought real gravity and emotion to his fantastical, magical worlds. To that end, his Hellboy soundtrack was sweeping and mythic, reflecting the epic sage he built with the two movies. Neil Marshall has chosen an action-focused, modern adventure. Just from the trailer, we can see his soundtrack is right for that film. Just don’t recut the movie because we liked the trailer, okay Neil?

2. Hellboy Is King Of England

Hellboy Excalibur

Yes, you read that correctly. In The Wild Hunt—the comic book story that inspired this film—Hellboy finds out that he’s the rightful King of England. Like any good English Monarch, he does this by wielding Excalibur, which we can clearly see several times in the trailer. It appears that part of this film will take place in Jolly Old England, so it will be interesting to see whether or not this has any effect on what Hellboy does over there. At the very least, it’ll certainly get fans excited for Hellboy 2: Royal Wedding.

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1. A Cinematic Universe?

BPRD Hellboy

Hellboy was always a movie-by-movie deal. Though the films were left open to sequels, the plan behind them was nothing on the scale of an MC or DCEU. However, from what we know of Marshall’s movie so far, a cinematic universe is definitely a major goal. This goes right along with the wishes of Mike Mignola, who said in an interview last year that he’d love a larger on-screen world for his characters. Of course, all that depends on how well Hellboy does at the box office. If the movie bombs, Lionsgate is highly unlikely to follow through with a connected movie series. But if Venom can do it, I’d bet dollars to donuts that Anung Un Rama can.

What other differences do you predict between the original Hellboy and the reboot? Will the differences make the movie better, worse, or just…well, different? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Del Toro back with long-feature animation ‘Pinocchio’

Oscar-winning director and producer Guillermo Del Toro will make his debut in feature-length animation with “Pinocchio” on Netflix.

Del Toro will be responsible for the screenplay and production of…Click To Continue

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6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It)

There are sitcoms that everyone loves, and then there’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — a series which has managed to turn off many with its despicable characters and depraved sense of humor. From faking cancer to trying to eat a homeless person, there are no depths that are too low for the owners of Paddy’s Pub. But you don’t get to thirteen seasons without making a few fans in the process.

While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might not pull in the biggest numbers, the show has maintained such a rabid following over the years that one has to wonder if they’ve accidentally gotten there hands on some raccoon meat. But the more likely scenario is that many people have just as twisted of a sense of humor as the makers of this FX series.

The sitcom was created by Rob McElhenney with the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, who would go on to portray Mac, Dennis, and Charlie on the series. Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito fill out the rest of the main cast as Dee and Frank Reynolds, and for over the last decade, fans have been happily following the bizarre misadventures of the Gang. Of course, it’s impossible to imagine anyone else in these leading roles. With over 130 episodes, there has been no shortage of supporting characters and celebrity cameo, some of which have been a lot better than others.

Here are 6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It).

20 Saved: Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds

In a sea of despicable characters, Dennis Reynolds has slowly revealed himself to be the most reprehensible of them all. Dennis may have begun the series as one of the more sensible members of the Gang — albeit one with an extremely short fuse, but he’s slowly revealed himself to be a cool and calculated sociopath. One who also happens to have a heavy side of narcissistic personality disorder.

While Glenn Howerton didn’t want to name the character after himself for fear of people drawing an unwelcome comparison, that hasn’t stopped Howerton from taking the character to some extremely dark places. He’s more than a little convincing when he lays out one of his manipulative plans. While his temper tantrums may be over-the-top, you never doubt the authenticity of the rage and frustration Howerton has embedded into his performance.

19 Saved: Mary Elizabeth Ellis as The Waitress

One of the most prominent recurring characters on It’s Always Sunny, the Waitress has been a part of the series since the very beginning. She is the unrequited love interest of Charlie throughout the majority of the show — though it seems like the tables have turned in recent episodes.

The Waitress is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who had previously worked with Charlie Day on an episode of Reno 911! The two were married shortly after It’s Always Sunny began, adding another layer of hilarity to the dysfunctional relationship between the two characters on screen.

Ellis fully commits to her performance as the down-on-her-luck waitress.

She’s an example of the tight-knit community working behind-the-scenes that has made the series such a success.

18 Hurt: Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty

While sitcoms usually lend themselves well to celebrity cameos, It’s Always Sunny has created such a distinct world that more often than not these cameos end up feeling out of place. There have been a few instances where they’ve managed to pull them off. Josh Groban popping up in one of Dee’s fantasies seemed fitting, and Dax Shepard manages to blend in fairly well into the episodes where Mac and Charlie join a cult.

In the case of Jason Sudeikis and a number of other celebrities, the cameos just end up coming across as distracting. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Jason Sudeikis playing Schmitty — an ex-member of the Gang who makes an unexpected return. The whole time, you never forget that you’re watching Sudeikis, which just doesn’t work for the tone of the series.

17 Saved: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Gail the Snail

Though she’s only appeared in three episodes of the series to date, Gail the Snail is definitely one of those side characters that we’d like to see more of. She first appeared back in the season five episode “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention”, where she is the clingy cousin of Dennis and Dee who talks with a lisp and has the disgusting habit of slurping her saliva. Dennis and Dee have found that the only way to get rid of her is to dust her with salt, hence her nickname of Gail the Snail.

The character is portrayed by the talented Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is best known for playing Chloe O’Brian on 24.

This is undeniably a very different character, and it’s impressive just how committed Rajskub is to playing someone so hilariously obnoxious.

16 Saved: David Hornsby as Cricket

The Gang has dragged their fair share of individuals down into the dirt with them, but none are more apparent than Rickety Cricket. Portrayed by David Hornsby, Cricket is a former classmate of the Gang who was once infatuated with Dee. He debuted in season two as a clean-cut priest who has slowly transformed into the addicted hobo that we have today.

Hornsby has been such a prominent member of the show that last season he was given his own episode with “A Cricket’s Tale”, which cleverly intertwined the character’s other brief appearances throughout the season into the story. Hornsby has also been a big part of the show behind-the-scenes as well, serving as an executive producer and a writer of nearly 30 episodes.

15 Hurt: Brian Unger as The Attorney

It’s Always Sunny has a number of supporting characters who re-emerge every few seasons, only to be dragged down by the shenanigans of the Gang once again. Brian Unger plays one such character with the Attorney, who the Gang often visits for legal advice only to contradict everything the lawyer has to say.

As a former correspondent of The Daily Show, Unger is really good at playing the straight man.

In fact, he’s too good, which makes it hard to believe that he would put up with these self-centered, narcissistic characters for more than a few episodes. Often, these supporting characters are revealed to be a little bit off in their own right, but Unger is just too normal to make his character mesh with the series.

14 Saved: Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds

Danny DeVito first popped up in season two of It’s Always Sunny, and his casting as Frank Reynolds quite literally saved the series. While the higher-ups at FX reportedly loved the first season, not enough people were watching to warrant a second outing. McElhenney, Howerton, and Day were given the ultimatum to add a bigger name or face cancellation. While they worried how DeVito would fit into the series, the veteran actor has more than proven himself as a worthy member of the Gang.

The insane things that DeVito will do for the character are a testament to the actor’s commitment. Even more impressive is how you never feel like you’re watching a performance. DeVito becomes Frank Reynolds. Even when he’s not delivering lines, just watching him futz about in the background is already hilarious enough.

13 Saved: Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly

It’s Always Sunny has turned all of its leading actors into stars, but Charlie Day is the biggest breakout of them all. Since appearing on the show, Day has worked on a number of hit films, including Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie.

His star power has no doubt helped the show remain on the air for so long.

Thanks to Day’s performance and musical talents, the character of Charlie has no shortage of memorable moments. Bird law aside, Charlie may be the least intelligent member of the Gang. In a lot of ways, he’s the heart of the show. Charlie certainly has his share of questionable moments, but they often stem from ignorance rather than malice, which set him apart from the other employees of Paddy’s Pub.

12 Hurt: Sean “Diddy” Combs as Dr. Jinx

Whenever Sean “Diddy” Combs pops up in a movie or TV show, he often plays a fictionalized version of himself. In It’s Always Sunny, he plays the unorthodox Dr. Jinx who utilizes alternative methods to treat his patients.

Not only is the cameo distracting, but Combs’ performance is pretty flat. It almost seems like the actor is reading off cue cards, and when Dr. Jinx is seen playing the bass guitar during a musical performance at Paddy’s Pub, it’s pretty obvious that Combs isn’t actually playing. The rapper may have stolen the show as Sergio in Get Him to the Greek, but whatever worked for him on that movie isn’t back on display in the sitcom.

11 Saved: Artemis Pebdani as Artemis

Artemis is one of the few supporting characters who can actually hang with the Gang without her life coming apart at the seams. She first appeared up in season one, where she befriends Dee after the two meet in an acting class. She’s also had a relationship without Frank throughout her time in the series.

The character is portrayed by Artemis Pebdani, who landed the role right at the start of her professional acting career.

While she’s continued to reprise her part as the fun-loving and wild Artemis, the actress has enjoyed success in a number of other shows, including Scandal and Masters of Sex. Though a number of supporting characters seem to have fallen off in recent years, Artemis has already popped up this season with “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot”.

10 Saved: Lynne Marie Stewart and Sandy Martin as Charlie and Mac’s Moms

Every since Danny DeVito debuted as Frank Reynolds, it was abundantly clear why Dennis and Dee are they way that they are. After all, Frank is just as self-absorbed and conniving as the twins. In that respect, we’ve also gotten to see how Mac and Charlie are a result of their childhoods by getting to know their moms over the course of the series.

Lynne Marie Stewart does a perfect job of playing Charlie’s mom, a kind-hearted woman who was far too overprotective of her son — which explains Charlie’s numerous irrational fears. Meanwhile, Sandy Martin is the total opposite, as Mac’s mom doesn’t seem emotionally invested in her son at all — which explains Mac’s constant desire for approval. Together, the two are a perfect comedy duo, which is on full display in “Old Lady House: A Comedy Situation”.

9 Hurt: Seann William Scott as Country Mac

In season nine, Seann William Scott made a one episode appearance as Mac’s cousin — who the Gang deems far cooler than Mac. Just like Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty, this is another star cameo that can’t help but feel distracting. Scott has made a career playing characters who are too cool for school thanks to movies like American Pie and Role Models. That might seem like he’s the ideal fit for Country Mac.

Wouldn’t it have been even funnier if the Gang idolized a character for no other reason than to get under Mac’s skin?

With the success of It’s Always Sunny, we’re sure that they could have a star cameo every few episodes. Since they’re kept to a bare minimum, it seems that even they know these roles can be a bit ostentatious.

8 Saved: Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney as Liam and Ryan McPoyle

The McPoyles are the perfect example of just how dark and twisted the humor on It’s Always Sunny can actually get. They are a large inbred family with the two most prominent members, Liam and Ryan, being former classmates of the Gang. They popped up in a number of episodes between seasons one and nine, where they’re often at odds with the owners of Paddy’s Pub.

Liam and Ryan are played by Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney throughout their time on the show. Both fully commit to the unsettling nature of these characters. They might be creepy, but that doesn’t stop them from being a hilarious comedy duo. Our only complaint is that they’ve been absent from the series for the last few seasons.

7 Saved: Catherine Reitman as Maureen Ponderosa

One of the weirdest characters in all of It’s Always Sunny, Maureen Ponderosa is the ex-wife of Dennis Reynolds who slowly makes her transition into becoming a cat in the later episodes of the show. Much like Rickety Cricket, her transition from seemingly normal to totally unhinged takes place over the course of a few seasons — better-allowing audiences to buy into the ridiculousness of it all.

Catherine Reitman seems totally devoted to this outlandish and often unsettling performance.

Since appearing on the show, Reitman’s notoriety has only continued to grow. She currently plays the lead on Workin’ Moms — a show which she also created — along with popping up as another recurring character in Black-ish.

6 Hurt: Guillermo del Toro as Pappy McPoyle

Writer/ director Guillermo del Toro was apparently such a big fan of It’s Always Sunny, that it was one of the reasons he cast Charlie Day in Pacific Rim. In return, del Toro was given this cameo appearance as Pappy McPoyle — who is most likely the grandfather of Liam and Ryan.

One problem right off the bat is that del Toro was cast to play someone who is most likely from Ireland— a fact which the director himself made fun of in a behind-the-scenes interview. This may have been the reason that Pappy McPoyle was given such an over-the-top appearance, which is really the worst part of the character. The McPoyle’s are indeed odd and unsettling, but they’re still somewhat believable.Pappy McPoyle, on the other hand, looks like some deranged wizard who has no place in the series.

5 Saved: Wade Boggs as Himself

The best episodes of It’s Always Sunny usually finds the Gang confined to a single area, where their personalities can do nothing but bounce off the walls and wreak havoc on themselves and anyone in their vicinity. This is what makes “The Gang Beats Boggs” one of the best episodes in the series.

The episode finds the five Philadelphia natives trying to beat Wade Boggs’ record of consuming 70 drinks during a cross-country flight.

While the Gang’s antics are usually based on nothing but nonsense, this true story only adds another level of hilarity to the episodes. The cherry on top is a brief appearance by Wade Boggs himself. In an interview, Charlie Day said that not only was Boggs happy to participate in the episode, but that his real-life record was a lot more impressive than previously thought.

4 Saved: Michael Naughton as the Waiter

Michael Naughton first appeared up in “The Gang Dines Out,” where he is a server at one of the finest restaurants in Philadelphia. He’s crossed paths with the Gang a number of times since, and every time the Waiter emerges worse for wear.

Just this season, Naughton appeared in “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot,” where he is now working as a flight attendant. Once again, the Waiter tries to get the Gang to acknowledge how they’ve sabotaged him in the past. But once again, the Gang can’t remember who he is.

Naughton plays the Waiter with a kind of obsessive desperation beneath his everyman facade; he seems like someone who really would let the Gang get the better of him. He’s also the kind of supporting character that rewards loyal fans every time he pops back up.

3 Hurt: Stephen Collins as Bruce Mathis

Stephen Collins popped up in season two and three of It’s Always Sunny, where he played Bruce Mathis, the biological father of Dennis and Dee. Bruce invests most of his time and money helping out various charities around the world, making him a polar opposite of his children. This also made Collins — who was best known for playing Reverend Eric Camden on 7th Heaven — seem like an ideal fit for the part.

In the years since, Collins has both been accused and admitted to being an abuser. The actor has obviously not appeared on the show since, but going back and watching these episodes with Collins can be more than a little discomfiting.

2 Saved: Kaitlin Olson as Dee Reynolds

With Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton working on the show right from the very beginning, the actors were afforded the opportunity to mold their characters as they saw fit. However, the character of Dee Reynolds was developed before an actress was cast, and she was originally meant to be the Gang’s voice of reason.

Thankfully, Kaitlin Olson nabbed the role, and over time Dee became just as hilariously pathetic as the other members of the Gang.

Being a former member of The Groundlings, Olson clearly had talent as a comedic performer — which might also explain why Dee fancies herself as a bit of an improv comic. The actress isn’t afraid to make Dee as embarrassing as possible, which adds an element of cringe-comedy to the show that’s not found in the other characters.

1 Saved: Rob McElhenney as Mac

Without Rob McElhenney, there would be no It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The struggling actor/writer decided to put plans for the series into motion after a number of other projects fell through. With the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, McElhenney made a short episode of the series, which he used to pitch the sitcom. Over a decade later, McElhenney still serves as an executive produces while continuing to write a number of episodes.

As far as his role of Mac is concerned, McElhenney isn’t afraid to take the character in different directions.

He put on a whopping 50 pounds for season seven and Mac finally came out of the closet for good last year — just a few of the many ways McElhenney has kept the show feeling fresh after thirteen seasons.


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Hellboy NYCC Trailer Description: The Last & Only Hope

One of the most exciting events at New York Comic-Con this year was the Hellboy panel, in which star David Harbour (Stranger Things), his co-stars Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Sasha Lane (American Honey), and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola presented fans with the first trailer for the upcoming movie reboot. Directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers), the movie pits Hellboy against Nimue, the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich), an ancient sorceress who is hell-bent on revenge and the destruction of mankind.

Hellboy faces the challenge of winning over audiences after two well-liked Hellboy moves from director Guillermo del Toro, which starred Ron Perlman in the title role, but fans seem to be open to this new take and excited to see what Harbour can bring to the role. During the panel, the actor described Marshall’s Hellboy as “a monster movie right out of Frankenstein, updated for 2018.” It will have more of a monster movie tone that emphasizes the horror elements, in contrast to the fantasy tone of del Toro’s movies. We’ve pieced together descriptions of the trailer from several sources to give those who weren’t able to attend an idea of what to expect when Hellboy arrives in theaters next year.

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The trailer opened with a scene in which Hellboy arriving at a crime scene, with cops surrounding a building. When Hellboy exits his vehicle a panicking SWAT officer shoots at him and Hellboy, annoyed, yells “I’m on your side!” The officer apologizes, replying, “My bad.” From there, the footage launched into a collection of brief clips set to Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony.”

  • A series of clips introduce the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), which Ian McShane’s Professor Bruttenholm describes as, “The line in the sand, we fight against the forces of darkness.”
  • The BPRD arrive at their secret headquarters in England, whose front is a quaint little shop. Hellboy is skeptical, and Kim’s Ben Daimio asks him if he expected it to be labelled “Secret Headquarters.” When they go in, the old lady behind the counter asks Hellboy for ID and he asks, “Are you serious?”
  • Hellboy is asked if his Hand of Doom can do anything special. He replies, “It smashes things real good,” and then offers a demonstration.
  • Ben Daimio isn’t too happy when he first meets Hellboy, saying, “I thought we were fighting monsters, not working with them.” Hellboy retorts, “Who you calling monster, pal? You look in the mirror recently, Scarface?” In another clip, Hellboy calls Ben an “asshole.” It seems like there’ll be a fair bit of friction between these two.
  • Hellboy wonders aloud if he’s nothing more than a weapon, and Professor Bruttenholm tells him that he wants him to be the best version of himself that he can be.
  • Professor Bruttenholm gives Hellboy his gun, the Good Samaritan. Hellboy cocks the gun and comments, “Some parents get their kids LEGOS.”
  • Hellboy and Alice (Lane) are seen fighting side-by-side in a setting that resembles a factory, with Bruttenhol saying in voiceover, “You are our last and only hope.”
  • Hellboy interrupts a ritual being held by the Blood Queen, sardonically asking her, “Did I interrupt?” She replies, “No, you’re right on time.”
  • There’s plenty of action, including one particularly bloody clip of someone getting shot in the head and gore splattering towards the camera, emphasizing that this will be an R-rated affair.
  • The trailer ends with an impressive shot of Hellboy in his full demonic glory, rising from a pit with his flaming sword and crown. The crowd went crazy when they saw this.

You can expect to see an emphasis on practical effects over CGI in the movie, with Harbour even throwing a little shade at Thanos when comparing his character with the big purple villain of Avengers: Infinity War. Harbour quickly amended that by saying that he thinks Infinity War is “a great movie,” but went on to say, “I do lament that [Hollywood] uses a lot of CGI right now, and I love the practical stuff.”

Unfortunately the trailer was not released online, so it may be a while before everyone else gets a look at Harbour’s version of the character in action. However, the positive response from fans in attendance definitely has us excited for this one, so hopefully Lionsgate won’t keep us waiting for a trailer much longer.

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Source:, IGN, Deadline, Gizmodo

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Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories Movie Starts Filming Soon

Guillermo del Toro has confirmed that production on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie adaptation will get underway later this week. Trollhunter and The Autopsy of Jane Doe filmmaker André Øvredal will be serving as director on the project, which is based on a script that del Toro cowrote.

While del Toro has been developing the Scary Stories movie since 2016, the big screen take on Alvin Schwartz’s best-selling spooky stories collections (which were published in the 1980s and early ’90s) has been in development since as far back as 2013. Writing duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (the Saw franchise), as well as Tim Burton’s frequent screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Frankenweenie) were among the creatives to work on the project before del Toro became attached, with the intention of potentially helming it (in addition to writing and producing). The task of directing ultimately went to Øvredal instead, yet del Toro remains very much actively involved in the movie’s development.

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In a response to a fan question posted on his Twitter account, del Toro confirmed that Scary Stories begins filming in Toronto “in a few days”. This mostly lines up with a report published by GWW earlier this month that claimed Scary Stories would start production in Toronto by Monday, August 27 and conclude around the end of October. While Lionsgate has yet to set an official release date for the film, it’s safe to assume at this stage that it’s aiming for a late summer or fall 2019 theatrical bow (possibly closer to Halloween, to take advantage of the uptick in demand for horror-flavored entertainment).

Scary Stories will reportedly be based on a script that del Toro cowrote with Dan and Kevin Hageman (his collaborators on the Netflix fantasy series Trollhunters – no relation to Øvredal’s similarly titled found-footage movie). According to a logline released for the film, Scary Stories follows a group of teenagers “who must solve the mystery surrounding sudden and macabre deaths in their small town”. GWW‘s aforementioned report further claims that the movie takes place near either the late ’60s or early ’70s and features two leads: Stella (a young woman being bullied on Halloween night) and Ramon Morales (a young latino man fleeing the Vietnam War draft).

Assuming these details are correct, Scary Stories may follow the first Goosebumps movie’s example and incorporate elements of Schwartz’s short story collections, without strictly adapting any one single tale. However, it will probably be far less meta than that R.L. Stine adaptation (a movie that actually makes Stine and his Goosebumps novels key aspects of its story) and possibly a whole lot creepier, much like Schwartz’s books and their freaky black-and-white illustrations by Stephen Gammell before it. Either way, the combination of Øvredal, del Toro, and Scary Stories sounds terrific and it’s nice to know that, with filming about to get underway, more information should be arriving (very) soon.

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We will bring you additional details on Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as they become available.

Source: Guillermo del Toro, GWW

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Death Stranding: Guillermo del Toro Game Awards Trailer

Hollywood star Mads Mikkelsen and director Guillermo del Toro are part of the cast in Hideo Kojima’s mysterious new game.

Watch more trailers here!

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