Why Peter Broke Up With Hannah Ann & Took Madison Back

This season of The Bachelor was a bonfire at a gas station, multiple combustible parts all waiting to explode at the same time. That time occurred on Tuesday night, when Peter Weber got engaged to Hannah Ann, broke up with Hannah Ann, got eviscerated by Hannah Ann in a pre-filmed segment AND on live television, reconnected with Madison, asked Madison for a second chance, and then idly sat as his stubborn mother Barb railed against Madison in front of his face. It was all so bad, so awful, so difficult to comprehend on so many levels. It may have been the most entertaining episode in Bachelor history.

Enduring Peter’s journey on The Bachelor was like watching a car teetering on a cliff, always in danger of crashing and burning but somehow keeping its balance. Peter flailed through this entire season, determined to follow a heart with a poor sense of direction. He was a pilot deliberately steering into the storm, a scar-bearing living metaphor for his self-imposed demolition derby of breakups. Peter embraced unsteadiness and rewarded tears in an attempt to satisfy the pillars The Bachelor stands upon. As a result, he was not only dethroned but depantsed, by his ex-fiancée and mother alike. The final two hours of the season revealed several truths: Peter proposed to someone he didn’t fully love; Barb is nutso; and Peter and Madison want to give this relationship another whirl, despite the Uluru-sized obstacle that stands in their way.

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Peter knew he loved Madison more than he loved Hannah Ann. The audience could see it. His parents were privy to it – hence the “Bring her HOOOooome!” plea to try to sway his feelings toward Hannah Ann. And Hannah Ann even had an inkling he was not 100 percent committed to her. Nonetheless, Peter hit up Neil Lane and dropped to a knee, because that’s what The Bachelor is supposed to do before they go back to the real world. To not give out that final rose would mean that he failed in his mission as Bachelor, and so he assuaged his own uncertainties about his and Hannah Ann’s relationship and made it official. The problem is he wasn’t over Madison, a fact of which he was fully aware. But that televised proposal in Australia, though.

When Peter welcomed Hannah Ann into the breakup house, she was understandably pissed that he took what she hoped would be her only engagement away from her. We saw shades of Melissa Rycroft and Becca Kufrin in this moment. We also saw a completely new side of Hannah Ann, outspoken and unflinching. She handed Peter what he deserved, putting him in his place for being dishonest, placing the ring on his open palm and clasping his fingers on top for dramatic effect. On set with Chris Harrison, Hannah Ann continued to lay into her ex, questioning his manhood while Peter’s misguided mother clapped along. Meanwhile, Chris went to fetch Madison from Auburn, and she admitted she still loved Peter. This was all setting up for a storybook ending, the kind The Bachelor desperately pines for each season.

The live stage was ready for Madison and Peter to start dating once again, Jason-and-Molly style. There was just one glaring issue with that. BARB. As The Bachelor prepared for a tidy wrap-up to a chaotic season, Barb continued to talk trash to Madison to her face. Madison held her ground, confidently, boldly and respectfully. Peter, meanwhile, failed again. He didn’t exactly back Madison up, and he didn’t stand up to his mother either. Barb was so defiantly against her elder son’s choice that it’s likely she would have traded Hannah Ann for Peter and a couple draft picks if she had the opportunity to acquire a new child. As for Madison, it seems her and Peter’s renewed relationship is already on life support. There’s no removing Barb’s tattoo of disapproval, unless Peter severs ties with his mom completely. He can’t win.

This season managed to ruin the lives of all who were involved in some way, and yet here we are gearing up for another round of it. We hate it. We love it. This terrible, terrible show called The Bachelor.

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Justin Fedich

The Bachelor: How Hannah Brown’s Return Affected Peter Weber

Hannah Brown’s surprise appearance on The Bachelor affected Peter Weber this season in a major way since it was his very first day as a Bachelor. The former Bachelorette crashed her ex’s opening night as the Bachelor, then made a shocking second return which set the tone for the dramatic season 24.

Peter’s connections with the women from his season of The Bachelor were complex, sexy, and emotionally charged. This is similar to the fiery love affair he had with Hannah when they were on The Bachelorette. Peter showed that he truly is drawn to complicated women like Victoria who challenged his patience and took him out of his comfort zone. He also demonstrated that he finds quirkiness and self-deprecating moments endearing like in the case of Kelsey after her unfortunate mishap with a champagne bottle. Peter’s lusty ways were also in full effect with many of his girlfriends – causing Madison to recuse herself from their relationship when she learned he’d been intimate with other women after she’d asked him not to be. Of course, things might have been different with Hannah, had she stayed.

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When Hannah crashed Peter’s group date, the assumption was that it was all in good fun. That is, until it became evident that there was unfinished business between the two stars. Weber spoke about that surprise conversation, he said (via CNN): “Even though that conversation wasn’t planned, it needed to happen, and the hardest part for me was just struggling with the fact that I had amazing women [who] just showed up, and I didn’t have any feelings yet for anyone,” Weber continued, “It was too soon to have any legit connection. So, it was awkward, it was uncomfortable, but it needed to happen.”

At first, the initial reunion between Hannah and Peter when she crashed his season was fun and cheeky given the disclosure that they had been intimate with each other during the “Fantasy Suites” episode on her season of The Bachelorette. However, Hannah’s encore appearance at his group date did not sit well with pilot Pete’s other love interests. It also required him to face up to some dormant feelings that he still had for the beauty queen. Throughout their tearful conversation, Peter admitted that he was hurt that Hannah had chosen to win back Tyler Cameron during the reunion special even though he had the expectation that they would reconnect romantically. Hannah confessed that she was confused about her feelings and about Peter’s at the time. Peter then contemplated inviting her to move into the house. In the end, he opted to give love a chance with the new crop of women and Hannah went home after all.

It’s no secret that Hannah and Peter have unmistakable chemistry and a pretty lasting bond with each other. Watching their conversation after Hannah crashed his season a second time was gut-wrenching and proved that this pair is more than their “four-times-in-a-windmill” legacy. There’s genuine caring between the two of them. There was also the sense that they could have had a smoking-hot relationship with each other, but the timing was just wrong. Maybe in the future, after the bright lights dim and people are less impressed with their reality TV legacies, Hannah and Peter will find their way back to each other and really give their relationship the chance to blossom. That is if neither of them has been snatched up beforehand.

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Ebony March

Hannah Brown Reveals Why She Didn’t Reconnect with Peter Weber

Hannah Brown, the former star of The Bachelorette, visited ex-flame Peter Weber on his debut episode of The Bachelor. Hannah revealed to him that she only reconnected with Tyler Cameron because Weber never reached out.

Last summer Hannah was cast as the star of season 15’s The Bachelorette. Fans rooted for her as she sifted through the eligible bachelors in search of the love of her life while confronting serious issues like slut-shaming, religion, and lying. It was especially heartbreaking to watch as Hannah gave hear heart to contestant Jed Wyatt when she got engaged to him, just to find out that he had lied to her the whole time. It was revealed that he had been in a relationship when he left to film the show. This realization made Hannah rethink her decision and she called off the engagement to Jed. Fans watched her struggle romantically after with dating runner-up Tyler Cameron and watched as she got heartbroken again when he started dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. Then she jumped both feet into the Dancing with the Stars season 28.

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In the thick of Dancing with the Stars, Hannah showed up to pay a surprise visit to her former love (and four-time wind-mill lover) and current Bachelor, Weber. Hannah arrived in a limo, with the purpose of returning Weber’s co-pilot wings that he had gifted her upon his arrival on The Bachelorette. After that initial meeting, she returned to host the group date for the women, where she recounted her romp in the windmill. Finally, the two exes have a moment alone for a heart to heart talk (via Entertainment Weekly). She tells the pilot that seeing him again was “terrible,” because of her feelings for him. Peter then admitted that a part of him was hoping that she was there to compete for his heart as a contestant and not to return the wings. That’s when Hannah admitted that she had no idea what she was thinking by sending him home in Greece. She sobbed to him, “I’m really f*cked up!” She said, “I question what I should have done.”

Peter then asked Hannah if she ever considered asking him out on the After the Final Rose finale instead of Tyler. He revealed that seeing her confess her feelings for Tyler on live TV instead of him hurt him. This past hurt boiled over, telling her, “I don’t want to be someone’s, like, third option.” He continued, “Then it was just tough because I found out you’d moved, like, 20 minutes from where I live… I thought that I was not confused, but now, I don’t know.” Hannah defended herself, saying that Tyler had reached out to her after the finale while Peter “didn’t say anything.” She added, “I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor!”

Though Hannah’s obligations with Dancing with the Stars were likely too demanding to allow for Hanah to continue on as anything with Peter. Though, her appearance did throw quite a monkey wrench into the competition as Peter fretted over his residual feelings for Hannah. While it may be unfair to the batch of beautiful prospective girls that are eager to get to know Peter, there’s hope that this meeting allowed for some closure for these two former Bachelorette stars.

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Julia Odom

The Bachelor: Hannah Brown’s Surprise Appearance Was a Letdown

During the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison asked Peter Weber if he was over ex Hannah Brown. “I am. I would not be here tonight if I wasn’t ready to put that behind me and move forward,” Weber replied. But is the show over Hannah Brown? Her appearance during several portions of the premiere was a major letdown, both to the 30 women fighting for Weber’s attention and to Bachelor Nation as a whole.

The former Bachelorette and Dancing With The Star alum showed up in a limo to return Weber’s co-pilot wings that he had given her upon his arrival on The Bachelorette. Her initial appearance seemed harmless – she wished him well and carried on with her life. Weber put the others at ease by explaining Brown’s visit, saying:

“I know some of you may have seen Hannah, she just stopped by. And I fell in love with her, I truly did. But she gave me back my wings, that’s what I had given her the first night. It was really cool and I appreciated it. If anything, seeing her tonight has just given me more hope moving forward that this could happen again and I can find love.”

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That was until Brown showed up again later in the episode. Weber said that the second group date of the season – which featured Lauren, Sydney, Payton, Natasha, Alexa, Kelsey, McKenna, Alayah, and Savannah – was planned by a “special friend,” but no one expected that friend to be Brown (again). As the group entered a dark theater, on stage there was a shadowed figure standing next to what was clearly a windmill. Bachelor Nation knew right away it had to be Brown, on account of the windmill. For those existing in a world outside of Bachelor Nation, here’s a quick recap: Brown and Weber’s Fantasy Suite date was in a Grecian windmill that was converted into a hotel, wherein the couple ~consummated their love a handful of times. Four, to be exact.

Brown explained the next challenge, which was for the contestants to demonstrate their confidence in their own sexuality by sharing a personal story or fantasy about sex. After the initial shock of the challenge and her being there set in, the women got to work, scribbling down their stories. Meanwhile, in a green room out of sight, Brown was breaking down in Weber’s arms, fearing that she had made a terrible mistake. Weber admitted that he hoped she would have stayed on night one, then questioned why Brown didn’t ask him out during the After The Rose Finale instead of Tyler Cameron. More turmoil ensued, with Weber asked Brown, “What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?

Stop. Right. There. The drama surrounding Brown’s initial appearance was exciting to a fault, but at this point, it had gone too far. Fans couldn’t help but feel for poor Weber. Brown had broken his heart multiple times in the past, but Weber was seriously considering letting Brown back into the house for another shot at his heart. As she was breaking down and churning up feelings from the past, Weber, who was ready to move on, was being sucked back into her vortex simultaneously. While it’s evident that this was probably just to create some killer promos and stir up the drama in Bachelor Nation, fans are still a little uneasy about Brown’s surprise appearance during the Bachelor premiere.

As someone who was frustrated with the way season 28 of Dancing With The Stars ended, it looked like Brown was vying for affection the same way she vied for her Mirror Ball win – with her tears. While necessary to being any normal kind of human being, tears aren’t a great way to win a dance competition, let alone rekindle a relationship with someone you’ve hurt multiple times publicly. But hey, that’s the beauty of reality television. During the time The Bachelor was filming, Brown would have been in the throes of the Dancing With The Stars competition. Would she have had time to commit to doing this, too? Fans will have to wait until next week to find out.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Lauren Anderson

Hannah Brown Refused to Be a Fake Version of Herself on Reality TV

Former star of The Bachelorette and recent Dancing with the Stars winner, Hannah Brown took some time to reflect about her sudden rise to fame as a reality TV star in 2019. She revealed that her honesty with her audience was entirely refusing to be a fake version of herself. Hannah’s authenticity really helped her connect with her fans and makes her audience feel like they’re friends of hers.

She began 2019 as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, placing 7th. Then, in the summer she was cast as the star of season 15’s The Bachelorette and the southern belle was instantly a hit with the audiences due to her ability to connect with the audience with her honesty. Fans rooted for her as she sifted through the eligible bachelors in search of the love of her life. Viewers watched as the hopeful young woman had to confront serious issues like slut-shaming, religion, and lying. It was especially heartbreaking to watch as Hannah gave hear heart to contestant Jed Wyatt when she got engaged to him, just to find out that he had lied to her the whole time. It was revealed that he had been in a relationship when he left to film the show. This realization made Hannah rethink her decision and she called off the engagement to Jed. Fans watched her struggle romantically after with dating runner-up Tyler Cameron and watched as she got heartbroken again when he started dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. Then she jumped both feet into the Dancing with the Stars season 28 and though the journey was also a roller coaster of emotion, she ended up on top with the coveted Mirror Ball trophy (and a People’s Choice Award) in her hands.

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Needless to say, this has been one life-changing year for the 25-year-old Alabama native. She recently reflected on 2019 with People’s sneak peek at ABC’s 9th annual year-end special The Year: 2019 that will air this Sunday. In the clip, she opens up about how this year has changed her and all that’s she’s learned along the way. She spoke about how she’s perceived as a reality TV star, saying as a reality TV star, “You can make a packaged version of yourself if you want to – I just don’t work that way.” She revealed, “I can’t do it. I can’t pretend that I’m happy or pretend to get emotional when I’m not.” Hannah said, “When I started this whole journey that this year has been, I realized very quickly it’s either all or nothing with me – I chose all.” She admitted, “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Gosh dang it, why are you like that?!’ But then I have moments where people come up to me and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like I know you, you’re my friend!'”

The 2019 Bachelorette star said, “A lot of people, truly, if they’ve watched me and have been on this ride with me this year – you do know me. I haven’t tried to hold anything back.” Hannah acknowledged that her raw and very public authenticity has proven to be “difficult at times.” She explained, “Sometimes, yeah, I wish I would have protected my heart a little more, absolutely.” However, she revealed that the “human connection” she’s gained from the experience made it all worth it, she said she’s “really proud of that.”

Hannah went from pageant queen to one of the most beloved reality TV stars of 2019 (if not ever) and catapulted her into stardom. This year she was on The Bachelor, the lead of The Bacheloretteand winner of Dancing with the Stars all while stealing America’s heart. It’s amazing how Hannah’s authenticity and raw honesty has touched fans so deeply. It seems that 2019 was unoficailly the year of Hannah Brown and we’re here for it.

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Julia Odom

Dancing with the Stars: Kel Mitchell Should’ve Won Over Hannah Brown

The dancing competition series Dancing With The Stars crowned its 28th Mirror Ball Champion. Hannah Brown, famous for her time on The Bachelorette, took first place with her partner, Alan Bersten.

Tensions were high during the season finale as the final four competed for the title of Mirror Ball Champ. Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, country star Lauren Alaina, and All That comedian Kel Mitchell joined Brown in the ballroom to relive their best dances of the season and a final performance – a freestyle dance of their choice. After a tumultuous season with plenty of tears and friction between famed professional judge Carrie Ann Inaba, Brown came out on top. Fans are in agreement, though – Kel Mitchell should have taken home first place.

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Despite ranking third in average judges’ scores, Brown spent much of the dance competition being vulnerable about her emotions, often letting them get the best of her. For many newcomers watching Dancing With The Stars, this may have been endearing, but to long-time fans of the show, Brown’s over-dramatic tendencies were distracting and a bit annoying, for lack of a better word.

One competitor that was laser-focused on the competition was Mitchell. Week after week, Mitchell took to the dance floor with esteem, tapping into the feedback he received from his partner, Witney Carson, and the three professional judges, including Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli. Unlike Brown, who often seemed to struggle with the challenges of being a competitor on Dancing With The Stars, Mitchell always approached his dances with humility and dignity.

Often, Mitchell’s video packages demonstrated his selflessness and desire to entertain. Brown, on the other hand, would often refer back to her very personal struggle to find love or how hard the show’s pro judges were being on her specifically. Their feedback wasn’t for cruelties sake – they were only trying to help Brown succeed, as she had yet to receive a perfect score. In fact, she didn’t receive a perfect score until the season finale of the show.

Mitchell, on the other hand, made consistent improvements week over week, earning a perfect score during the ninth week of competition. Regardless of the judges’ scores and fans voting, it wasn’t enough to put Mitchell on top. It appears as though Brown’s highlight reel of misfortune plucked at the heartstrings of enough viewers to vote and, ultimately, crown her the winner. While he certainly put his best foot forward during the show’s 28th season, it wasn’t enough for Mitchell to take the Mirror Ball home for himself. Many fans of the show can at least agree on one thing: at least Sean Spicer didn’t come in first.

Dancing With The Stars will return in 2020.

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Lauren Anderson

Hannah Brown & DWTS’ Alan Bersten Pose Together at CMA Awards

Hannah Brown may not have gotten her fairytale ending on The Bachelorette, but she gave off serious bridal vibes in a white gown at the Country Music Awards as she walked arm-in-arm with her Dancing With the Stars partner Alan Bersten. Despite ongoing rumors, Brown claims Bersten is just a friend.

Brown, 25, ended her engagement to The Bachelorette finalist Jed Wyatt during the show’s finale in July once it was revealed Wyatt that had a girlfriend at home during filming. The former Miss Alabama USA then became a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars where she immediately sparked dating rumors with her partner Alan Bersten after fans called out their natural chemistry. The pair quashed dating rumors back in September, but have continued to flirt playfully on social media, and they certainly looked picture-perfect as they posed for the cameras at the CMAs.

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According to Us Magazine, Team Alabama Hannah were laughing and posing with their arms around each other on the red carpet. Brown donned a white mock neck gown with a classic hair and makeup look that practically screamed bride, accompanied by Bersten in a black suit and patterned shirt. While neither Brown nor Bersten dabble in country music, Brown presented Old Dominion with the Vocal Group of the Year Award during the show.

Brown remains single after she famously asked runner-up Tyler Cameron out for a drink on The Bachelorette finale, and though the two were caught on camera seemingly on a date, the sparks seemed to have fizzed out when Cameron pursued a relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid. But Brown seems to be doing just fine, perhaps better, as she partners with 25 year old dance pro Alan Bersten. Though the two haven’t confirmed any romantic interests, they haven’t denied them either. While the dance partners require some fabricated chemistry to be successful on Dancing with the Stars, their playful flirtation seems too authentic to be constructed. Bersten has even been helping Brown overcome some of her insecurities on stage, calling her a “beautiful, hardworking person.

Brown, who says she’s “done with roses,” would naturally be hesitant to get back into a public relationship after everything that’s happened this year with Wyatt… and Cameron… and Colton Underwood… but fans are truly rooting for her love story. The 25 year old PCA Competition Contestant winner has been a role model for women waiting to find their perfect, fairytale ending, and not settling for less than they deserve. There is a possibility Bersten is the ballroom dancer Brown has been waiting for, and he’s dated his dance partner before. In season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, Bersten became romantically involved with model and dance partner Alexis Ren, and has since said “no more showmances,” but fans aren’t so sure.

Brown wasn’t the only Bachelor Nation representative at last night’s CMA’s. Her ex Colton Underwood was in attendance with girlfriend and former contestant Cassie Randolph, and Lauren Lane (formerly Bushnell) came with husband and country musician Chris Lane. Playing off of Hannah’s white gown, an awards announcer let Brown know there were some good potential husbands available and Brown, subtly taking jabs at ex, dog-f00d-jingle-artist Jed Wyatt, replied that she liked both country music and a “real musician.

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Meagan Graham

Hannah Brown Wins Competition Contestant at People’s Choice Awards

Hannah Brown, lead of The Bachelorette season 15, took home the People’s Choice Award for Competition Contestant of 2019. Brown won the category against two of her exes, Colton Underwood and Tyler Cameron, as well as a number of other well known reality television personalities, including Buddy Valastro, Kodi Lee, T-Pain, Tyler Oakley, and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

Brown has been the definition of a competition contestant this year, competing not only on The Bachelor season 23, but also leading her own season of The Bachelorette, and finally competing on Dancing with the Stars season 28. While the filming schedule for all of these shows undoubtedly keeps her busy, the year has also been emotionally turbulent for the 25 year old former Miss Alabama USA. Brown’s People’s Choice Award win comes mere months after a broken engagement from dog food jingle writer Jed Wyatt, and Brown continues to be honest with fans about her ongoing struggle with perfectionism.

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A video posted by E! captures Brown’s notoriously awkward charm as she delivers her acceptance speech. Brown, who has come a long way in delivering monologues since her failed toast on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, begins by saying “Well this is weird.” She continues on to say the win “affirms that it’s OK to be vulnerable and put your heart out there“, a sentiment she’s been repeating since she became the lead of The Bachelorette. The video features a closeup of Colton Underwood’s serious gaze as Brown is accepting her award.

Brown thanks fans for supporting her through a “crazy, amazing year,” and that it has been for the former pageant queen. After being sent home on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Brown got engaged to musician Jed Wyatt on her own season of The Bachelorette. After evidence came to light that Wyatt had a serious girlfriend throughout his time on the show, Brown ended the engagement. For a brief second, it seemed as though Brown might re-connect with runner-up Tyler Cameron, a fan favorite, but he ended up getting involved with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Brown has since become a top contender on Dancing with the Stars.

Fans may have noticed Hannah and Tyler seated with each other at last night’s awards, giving Bachelor Nation major heart palpitations. Since Cameron’s split from Hadid earlier this fall, fans have been invested in seeing Brown and Cameron rekindle their flame. They have been friendly over social media, and Cameron reached out to Brown on her birthday at the end of September, but so far neither have publicly indicated a possible romantic re-connection.

Fans and franchise alum have reached out to congratulate Brown on her much-deserved win. Ex-boyfriend and former contestant on Brown’s season, Mike Johnson, commented on her Instagram post announcing her win by saying, “Congrats on all the greatness.” Brown has proven herself to be a realistic, vulnerable, and strong role model for young women, standing up for her beliefs, and holding herself to a high standard of treatment from men. As one of the franchise’s most popular bachelorettes, hopefully this win will inspire future leads to rise to Brown’s levels of strength and grace, and perhaps even her shot-calling attitude. Brown wrapped up her acceptance speech saying, “Thank you for allowing me to be that girl from Alabama and to shine my light.”

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Source: E!

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Meagan Graham

10 Quotes From Hannah Montana That Are Still Hilarious Today

Hannah Montana premiered in 2006, taking the world by storm and rocketing a young Miley Cyrus to fame overnight. It had an array of characters of all different personalities that shared great chemistry with one another. As per most Disney shows, especially for the 2000s, there were always unbelievable storylines, yet they always made us laugh. Miley would often find herself caught between her two worlds as a normal teenager by day and famous pop star by night, but always learned lessons from her family, her friends, her fans, or herself. Hannah Montana had plenty of funny moments, so here are 10 quotes that are still hilarious today.

10 “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.”

Granted, these are song lyrics to one of Hannah Montana’s songs, “Nobody’s Perfect,” but we couldn’t resist adding it to the list. It’s the truth. Hannah has an upbeat pop song to support this universal truth–who doesn’t hear these lyrics in their head whenever someone simply says “everybody makes mistakes? You can be hard on yourself and beat yourself up, or you can remember Hannah’s words and just keep moving on. As long as you try and you’re genuine, that’s all you can do. Making mistakes is a part of life, it’s unavoidable. You can make up for them as best you can, you can learn from them–but don’t torture yourself over it.

9 “Lulu’s like a lot of older California women, she’s having some work done on her neck.”

Miley’s real-life dad Billy Ray Cyrus played her dad on the show, and he had a good line here and there, such as this one. For a Disney show to make fun of societal standards was a bit off-color but still funny.

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One of the themes of the show was life in Tennessee versus life in California, as Miley’s family is from there and don’t always understand the ways of Californians. Culture clashes made for a good bit of the show’s humor, and this quote is a good example of that.

8 “I’ll call it International House of Reasonably Priced Water, and Fries, and Stuff…IHORPWAFAS!”

Jackson was the goofiest character on Hannah Montana but we still loved him. This is one of his funniest quotes, honestly, because everything is so expensive nowadays. This would totally catch on, if only because IHORPWAFAS would be so incredibly fun to say! He was saying this to spite Rico, his selfish boss, but he had a logical point. Why have a business if no one can afford your services? Jackson may have struck genius with this idea.

7 “Not buying it face.”

Sometimes Robby could be strict with his kids, Jackson and Miley. When Robby won’t let Miley go out on a date with a ninth-grader, she gives him a sad face and he points to his own, calling it his “not-buying-it-face.”

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While Miley was annoyed, we had to appreciate the humor of it. Every parent says no to something we really, really want to do every so often–probably more often than we’d like. It’s funny because it’s relatable. Until the end of time, parents will say ‘no’ to something. Robby’s got a good quote for it, so no doubt a few parents have used it since as their own.

6 “Miley like a puma!”

In “Schooly Bully,” Miley finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when she tries to befriend new kid “The Cracker”–only to end up as The Cracker’s primary target for bullying. Not wanting to turn her in to the principal, but also fearing for her safety, Miley tries standing up to the bully with a threatening “Miley like a puma!” to get The Cracker to stand down–only Miley’s not scary or intimidating enough to pull it off, so she winds up with a new hairstyle courtesy of The Cracker. She eventually finds a way to solve her problem, but it’s not without learning a lesson, as per Disney standards. It’s funny because it’s making a bad and universally relatable situation more lighthearted–we all want to be able to stand up to bullies, but not have your classmates look down on you because you told on the bully by going to an adult. Very few of us are like pumas, but we can certainly run like them alongside Miley.

5 “Oommm, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like me…oommm, whatever happens is for the best…ooom, I can always get a cat…”

Lilly says these things as she meditates on the beach, trying to calm herself before she’s suddenly interrupted. Relationship problems have always been in existence, especially that initial relationship fear that the person you like may not like you back.

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It’s a complicated conspiracy, really. It’s not likely Lilly would ever become a cat lady, especially considering her relationship with Oliver. She’s right, though: whatever happens is for the best. It’s hilarious–and oddly tempting–to use meditation as a means of relationship therapy.

4 “I’m a teenager. We act without thinking and we get zits. It’s what we do.”

Miley couldn’t be more right about teenagers. She explains it in a way that makes it sound like it’s no big shock–and it isn’t. It’s expected. Teenagers do stupid things and they get zits. It’s just not fair. Plus, their parents or guardians usually make sure they learn their lessons from whatever they’ve done–it’s just a given. Being a teenager is hard enough; they’re trying to figure out who they are, navigate high school in one piece, and figure out their futures. Acting without thinking sometimes just tends to be part of the package deal.

3 “I don’t wanna leave my bed. My bed is my friend. It gives me warm blanket hugs.”

If ever there was a more hilariously relatable quote, this would be it. Who doesn’t want to get out of bed? Life is hard, bed is like a sanctuary. You get to sleep off whatever travesties or hardships or exhausting tasks you’ve had to do throughout the day.

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You can Netflix, read books, play a game on your phone, whatever. Your bed is your safe space. Miley gets that with this quote.

2 “My very first credit card. Today, I am a woman!”

When Robby entrusts Miley and Jackson with their first credit cards, this is her reaction. Of course, Miley takes advantage of it and has to learn the hard way what it really means to own a credit card–debt and all. Still, her reaction to getting her first credit card is priceless. It makes us all feel a little more grown-up when we get credit cards, drivers licenses, etcetera. It means freedom, but that freedom only extends so far as there is great responsibility in keeping up with finances and driving safe out on the road. We just don’t necessarily consider that at first.

1 “Sweet niblets!”

If there was any catchphrase you’d remember from this show, it’s definitely this one. Pretty much every character on the show says this at one time or another, usually when something doesn’t work out or they’ve been caught red-handed. It’s a cute and funny exclamation that reminds many of us of our nostalgic childhoods, especially if you were glued to the chair watching Disney Channel day-in and day-out. Any fan of the show has copied this expression–who’s to say it couldn’t catch on again? It’s still perfectly hilarious.

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Kacie Lillejord

Bachelorette: Luke P Says Hannah Brown Was Waiting for Sex

Luke Parker wants to clear the air regarding his controversial exit on Hannah Brown’s season of The BacheloretteOn Thursday, the Season 20 villain opened up his time on the show, claiming that Brown led him to believe they were on the same page regarding sex before marriage.

Parker was Brown’s front-runner from the very first night on the show. He received the all-important first impression rose, proving that he and Brown truly connected during their short time together. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst when Parker confessed he was starting to fall in love with Brown in only the second episode. His words rubbed many of the men the wrong way, leading to a season full of angry confrontations between Parker and other contestants who questioned his intentions with Brown. Despite many issues in their relationship, Brown kept Parker around through fantasy suite week, even changing the rules to bring him along in addition to three other contestants. But things fell apart during the evening portion of their date when Parker implied he would dump Brown if she slept with other men in the fantasy suite. Angry at his statement, Brown confessed that she had already slept with another contestant before sending Parker home.

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During a recent appearance on Reality Steve’s podcast (via People), Parker opened up about his controversial exit. Parker said that believed Brown wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, saying, “She told me she shared the same heart and convictions as me and she wanted to abstain from sex before marriage.” He went on to explain his negative reaction stemmed from confusion, rather than a desire to shame Brown for her decisions.

He explained, “I didn’t have an issue with it towards her. It was the fact that she told me that was what she didn’t want to do.” He said he was trying to understand why Brown changed her mind and how they could work through the new obstacle in their relationship together. He went on to say that he was still willing to make things right with Brown and that his reaction didn’t communicate his true intentions. He said, “If I was judging or slut-shaming, I would not be trying to do that at all.”

While his appearance on Reality Steve’s podcast gives viewers insight into Parker’s innermost thoughts, it does little to improve his public image. Regardless of his understanding of Brown’s intentions, his actions both during and after The Bachelorette indicate a frustrating level of immaturity. He constantly goes back on his word, one day apologizing for his actions only to justify them the next. In truth, it’s hard to know if Parker even understands how he’s feeling. His convictions seem clouded and unclear at best, but controlling and misogynistic at worst. Considering his vast unpopularity, he’d likely have more success fading into the background and waiting for a new star to take his place as Bachelor Nation’s most hated villain.

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Source: People

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