Fast & Furious 9: Dom Having A Brother Is A Big Franchise Retcon

Fast and Furious 9, officially titled F9, introduces Dominic Toretto’s brother, Jakob, to The Fast Saga, but the problem is, it’s essentially a retcon. Dom (Vin Diesel) has been serving as the primary protagonist for the franchise since it launched in 2001. Former wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is set to portray the role of Jakob in F9. The reveal came during Fast & Furious 9‘s trailer release, but it had many viewers scratching their heads since the twist of Dom having a brother doesn’t make much sense.

Hitting theaters in May, F9 will serve as the ninth and penultimate film in The Fast Saga. The movie comes after the franchise branched off with its second spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw which released in 2019 to much success. The Fast Saga has gone through a lot of transformations over its two decades in existence, trading in street racing for worldwide heists and global threats. At the center of most films were the core characters of Dom, his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), and enemy-turned-ally Brian (Paul Walker).

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While the return of Han marked one of the biggest surprises to come out of the F9 trailer, the notion that Dom has a brother has interesting implications. Since the end of The Fate of the Furious, years have passed and Dom has been living the good life Letty and his young son, Brian. With Cipher (Charlize Theron) still in the mix and Jakob now out of the shadows, Dom and his crew will have another challenge ahead of them. Hopefully, F9 can fill in some of those blanks as a result of Jakob’s existence.

The first official trailer for F9 provided some useful insight into Cena’s character, Jakob. According to his face-to-face encounter with Dom, it’s been a very long time since the brothers have seen each other. Instead of a heartfelt reunion expected between siblings, there’s obvious bad blood between these two Torettos. Jakob is presumably the primary antagonist of F9 but he’s working alongside Cipher, the cyberterrorist who was taken down in The Fate of the Furious.

It’s unclear what brings Jakob and Cipher together expect for their mutual urge to kill Dom and his crew. It’s possible that Jakob was involved in her previous efforts, but this is the first time he’s directly shown. Cipher is clearly aware that Jakob is Dom’s brother and uses that sibling rivalry to give him the motivation to take out his target once and for all. Unfortunately for Dom’s team, Jakob has all the resources that Cipher once had as a criminal mastermind.

The trailer also reveals that Jakob and Dom are cut from the same cloth, seeing as the former is also a high-performance driver. Furthermore, Jakob is described as a master thief and a deadly assassin, indicating that Dom and the others have a powerful villain in their midst. F9 will surely reveal more in Jakob’s past and why the brothers are at odds. It will be interesting to see how the two veered off in different paths and never crossed up to this point of The Fast Saga.

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As interesting as the brother twist is from a drama standpoint, the reveal doesn’t quite make sense when taking into account the rest of The Fast Saga. From the very first installment in 2001, the franchise took a lot of effort into presenting the theme of family. Even though Dom’s closest allies weren’t all members of the Toretto family, he constantly treated his crew like they were blood. This importance of family was a driving force of The Fast Saga, so why hasn’t Jakob ever been mentioned?

Surely during all of their conflicts and heart-to-heart conversations, Dom would have brought up Jakob while talking to Mia, Brian, or Letty. Dom even confided in Brian about his father and how his father helped Mia with her education, as an example. For someone who cares so much about that familial relationship, it’s easy to assume Jakob’s name would have been mentioned to reveal some sort of falling out or past mystery. It’s also unlike Dom to not try and patch things up with a loved one despite the trouble that might have plagued the past.

Of course, the easiest explanation in the questionable twist is that this particular familial reveal came late in the planning process for The Fast Saga. The core films are nearing nine deep over the course of two decades. The storytellers at the helm of the past films probably never had a reason to hint at Dom having a brother. The idea might not have been formed until after The Fate of the Furious, thus giving the franchise another exciting avenue to explore, despite the various plot holes. The Fast Saga has never cared much about playing it safe or sticking to the side of reality, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised. Anything is possible with these movies and that’s what makes them so much fun.

Dom refers to Jakob as “little brother” in one scene in the Fast & Furious 9 trailer, but other factors could be in play with their true relationship. Jakob could be a long-lost brother or someone who was presumed dead, leading one to believe that Dom never mentioned him due to his involvement in the death. It’s also possible that Jakob was adopted and never fully felt like a member of the Toretto family, resulting in some type of vendetta that he carried with him into adulthood.

The interesting detail revealed in the footage is that Letty refers to Jakob as only Dom’s bother, but she doesn’t mention Mia. Brewster’s character is making her return to the franchise with F9, so she’s clearly present when Jakob causes trouble. At this point, it looks like Jakob might not be directly related to Mia. Dom and Jakob may share a parent like a mother but Dom and Mia may have been raised by their father, a Toretto. When the pair were introduced, Dom was running his own garage and Mia was managing the family’s grocery store, but the parents were never shown. Dom is very protective of his little sister, but the dynamic of Jakob’s parents could have thrown a wrench in that same type of relationship with a brother. The truth about the Toretto bloodline will eventually come out with F9 and the rest of The Fast Saga.

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Joker Movie Avoids Having Any MARTHA Moment | Screen Rant

Warning: SPOILERS for Joker ahead.

Zack Snyder’s 2016 follow up to Man of Steel, BvS was the historic first movie clash between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill). Already distrustful of the Kryptonian hero’s potential to be a villain, Batman plans to end Superman himself. For his part, the Man of Steel is manipulated into fighting Batman by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), who holds his adoptive mother Martha Kent (Diane Lane) hostage. During a rainy Gotham night, a heavily armored Batman battles Superman, weakening him with Kryptonite dust, and the Dark Knight very nearly wins the fight. Just as he’s about to plunge his Kryptonite spear into the alien, Superman desperately cries out his mother’s name, “MARTHA!”, which stops Batman in his tracks because both of their mothers are named Martha. “MARTHA!” took on a life of its own and has since been held up by BvS‘s detractors as a prime example of what was creatively wrong with the film. Although to be fair, some fans defend “MARTHA!” as a clever moment that acknowledges a longtime coincidence that Batman and Superman shared in DC Comics and used to the film’s advantage.

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Joker weaves an unexpected connection between Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), the psychologically damaged would-be standup comic who becomes the Joker, and the Wayne family. Arthur’s sick and elderly mother Penny (Frances Conroy) was the Waynes’ maid 30 years ago and she is convinced that billionaire Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullin) is Arthur’s biological father. Arthur goes on a quest to investigate the truth and is shattered and driven to a murderous rage by what he ultimately discovers but the film ultimately debunks that Arthur is Thomas’ illegitimate son. Joker depicts the young Bruce Wayne (Dante Pereira-Olson) having a brief encounter with Arthur, Batman’s future arch-enemy, at the gates of Wayne Manor and Arthur also finally confronts his “father” Thomas Wayne, who reacts violently to Arthur. However, Martha Wayne is barely in the film and this feels like a strategic choice by Joker‘s filmmakers.

Unlike Thomas, who is a major character and a candidate running to be Mayor of Gotham, Martha Wayne (Carrie Louise Putrello) only appears briefly in Joker but she never speaks and is never even mentioned by name. Martha’s lone function in Joker is to be murdered in an alley (and have her pearl necklace broken) by a thug wearing a clown mask, which is the fourth time the Wayne murders have been depicted in a movie. Considering the numerous references to other Batman movies that Joker makes, avoiding Martha entirely is almost amusing and is possibly a response to the still-mocked “MARTHA!” moment in BvS. After all, Joker can’t also be mocked for Martha if she’s just a background character that the film all but brushes under the carpet.

However, unlike in Pennyworth on Epix, Martha Wayne has never been a true character in any Batman movie. She merely died, along with Thomas, in a flashback in Batman 1989. In Batman Begins, Martha is seen but never says a word while Thomas Wayne (Linus Roach) got to impart words of wisdom to young Bruce before his parents are murdered and, in BvS, Martha (Lauren Cohan) and Thomas (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) have no dialogue when the Waynes are killed in the film’s prologue.

But it’s because of Batman v Superman that “MARTHA!” has become infamous and now Joker made sure to avoid even saying her name. At the end of the day, since so much of Joker is disturbing and not funny – despite the presence of the standup comic-turned-murderous clown – perhaps it was wise of Joker to dodge getting any intentional laughs because of “Martha” since fans still have negative “MARTHA!” thoughts.

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Real Housewives’ Kandi Burruss is Having Third Baby Via Surrogate

The Real Housewives’ of Atlanta Kandi Burruss is having a third baby via surrogate. The happy couple has already said that they will share their journey with fans on the new season that will premiere in November.

Kandi met her future husband while he worked with the production crew on the housewives’ trip to South Africa. It was a huge no-no to associate with the talent, but thankfully Tucker took a chance and the couple married in an elaborate “Coming to America” wedding in 2014. The couple was met with some roadblocks due to Burruss’s mother, Joyce, thinking Tucker had cheated on her daughter and was only out to get her money. Eventually, Joyce got over her issues with her son-in-law and it seems the difficulties have passed.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star announced via Bravo that she will be expecting another bundle of joy. The singer told the network on September 26th that her and husband, Todd Tucker will be using a surrogate to bring about baby number three. The couple already has children together Riley and Ace and Kaela from Tucker’s previous relationship. In November of 2018, Burruss told Us Weekly that they wanted to add to their family and were looking into their options, especially surrogacy. In the interview, the Grammy award-winning songwriter said that they had found someone that they connected with. The couple revealed the sex of the new baby when Burruss said, “We have two embryos that are still left from when we had Ace. So, we have two embryos left and we know they’re girls.”

The reality TV couple was shown on last season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta speaking to their OBGYN about the possibility of having another child. The couple seemed a bit apprehensive about the possibility of using a surrogate as they did not know anyone who had gone through the process. She acknowledged that when she had tried the IVF treatment, she had a couple of friends who were trying it at the same time so they could lean on one another for support, but with a surrogate – she had no one to confide in.

Luckily, Burruss had the chance to speak with Andy Cohen who welcomed a son via a surrogate and told her that she would always be the child’s mother even if it was not born from her womb. To Burruss, this sentiment made all the difference in identifying that a surrogate would not be a “baby mama” but rather a vessel to help Tucker and herself welcome another child into the world. Fans can look forward to seeing the couple’s surrogacy journey on the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiering this November.

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Thor 4 Blocked Marvel’s What If Having Jane Foster Lift Mjolnir Like The Comic

Jane Foster becoming Thor was going to be part of Marvel Studios’ What If…? animated series, but they were blocked from using it since she will do so in Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel officially announced their plans for Phase 4 earlier this summer at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Their panel was filled with surprises and confirmations on rumored projects, such as the What If…? show heading to Disney+ and Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster in Thor 4.

The series is based on the Marvel comic titles of the same branding, which specialized in telling standalone stories that imagined one major twist on a known story or character. The very first story explored what if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, but another early adventure showed Jane Foster lifting Mjolnir and becoming Thor. While this was a one-off story, writer Jason Aaron made this a permanent evolution of the character a few years ago. This idea is being incorporated into Thor: Love and Thunder by writer-director Taika Waititi and is the reason why it won’t be an episode of What If.

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During an interview with DiscussingFilmWhat If…? showrunner Ashley Bradley was asked about the inspirations she and the writer’s team took in finding the stories for season one. She revealed in her response that they did take cues from a few of the comics, but also that making Jane Foster Thor was one Kevin Feige blocked. Following the initial confusion on Bradley’s part, she was told that the reason they could not do this story is because Waititi was using it for Thor 4.

Our first weeks there I very strongly pitched doing The Mighty Thor- Jane Foster Thor. Jane wielding the hammer, I believe first happened in a What If comic. I was very poignantly told that was never going to happen. I got a little angry and thought, “Why, because they don’t want a woman holding the hammer?”. I was very politely told, “No we’re doing it”. I was like what? “We’re doing it in the movies. You can’t do it.” I was like, seriously? They responded with, “Please don’t tell anyone. We’re with you on it, it’s an amazing idea. Taika Waititi wants to write it”. At that point, you just go “Then Taika Waiti can write it”!

Since the premise of the What If series is to explore storylines that won’t otherwise be done in the MCU, it is understandable why this exact approach was blocked by Marvel. The good news is that fans will still get to see Jane Foster lift Mjolnir in 2021 thanks to Thor: Love and Thunder‘s release date. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster won’t have a role in What If. She was among the handful of cast members initially announced to be part of the series, so Jane will be involved one way or another.

Regardless of the role she plays, it is clear that several different groups within Marvel Studios wanted to bring Jane Foster Thor to the screen in some way, so her lifting the hammer was going to happen one way or another. While some fans may have wanted to see this storyline play out across animation, the promise of it coming in live-action instead is all the more exciting. It also hopefully means that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will be a recurring hero in future MCU storylines. And as long as What If…? is a hit, then maybe future seasons will give Bradley the chance to tell her own “What If” story with Jane Foster Thor.

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Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

LeBron James is reportedly having difficulty recruiting fellow NBA players to co-star with him in Space Jam 2. While the original film was a vehicle for Michael Jordan, he was hardly the only basketball great that appeared. A handful of Jordan’s contemporaries, including Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson, had roles as the players who had their talents stolen by the villainous Monstars. While it hasn’t been confirmed, many expect this new film to follow a similar premise, meaning director Terence Nance will need to find the next generation of Monstars.

The NBA is arguably more popular than it’s ever been and several current players have extremely large profiles that would only give Space Jam 2 more selling points. Fans are likely dreaming about seeing the likes of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid on the big screen, but they may have to temper those expectations somewhat. With the film gearing up to start production soon, James hasn’t been able to round out a supporting cast.

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According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (via Chris Montano), James hasn’t been able to lock down deals with some of the “top guys” he wants for Space Jam 2. No player names were given and Windhorst didn’t elaborate much beyond what he said, but he insinuated some people don’t want to get dunked on by LeBron and look bad – even if it’s just for a movie.

This adds further insult to what’s already been a hard year for James. Since his Los Angeles Lakers are eliminated from postseason contention, this is the first time since 2005 James won’t be in the NBA playoffs. One of his ulterior motives for signing in LA last summer was to advance his career in the entertainment industry, so it doesn’t bode well that he’s having trouble getting a cast in place for his biggest project yet. As for the reasons why, Space Jam 2 is filming over the summer, a time of year where some players work on developing their games to improve for the next season. It’s possible the NBA’s premier talent would rather do that instead of taking a bit part in a movie. It could also be a case of schedules not lining up or other circumstances.

Surely, Nance, James, and company will eventually get more players to come onboard, but they may not be the team’s first choices. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see who eventually signs on. This summer is going to be a particularly crazy one in the NBA landscape, as there will be several superstar players making life and career altering decisions in free agency and getting acclimated to new situations. Space Jam 2 may be a big thing for James, but clearly several of his fellow players don’t feel the same way.

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