Hayley Atwell Confirmed for Both Mission: Impossible 7 & 8

It looks like Hayley Atwell isn’t quite ready to give up the spy business, as she’s now set to join the next two entries of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Atwell is no stranger to espionage, having played fan-favorite character Agent Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which included her own solo TV show on ABC. While nothing can make up for the cancelation of Agent Carter after only two seasons, watching Atwell kick butt alongside Tom Cruise and the rest of the IMF team will surely soothe the sting a bit.

The Mission: Impossible series of films, which is wholly the baby of Tom Cruise and his Cruise/Wagner production company, is based on the ’60s/’70s classic televised spy show of the same name. The movie incarnation follows the adventures of Cruise’s Agent Ethan Hunt  and his Impossible Mission Force team, as they fight global threats, and generally save the world time and again. The movies have grown in quality and success over the years, moving past the overly cerebral trappings of the first film and the dumbed-down cheesiness of the dialogue and motorcycle duels in the sequel, to evolve into the smart, edgy, action-packed blockbusters that were the last four entries in the series.

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Now, according to her own Instagram posts, it looks as though Atwell has chosen to accept the mission of elevating the franchise even further with her presence. Last week, writer and director of Mission: Impossible 7, Christopher McQuarrie, posted about Atwell’s inclusion on Instagram, which was quickly followed by Atwell’s confirmation via the same platform. A recent Instagram update by Atwell has clarified that she will actually star in not just the next entry in the series, but Mission: Impossible 8 as well. Take a look, below.

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I had a go at a ‘photo grid’ in an attempt to display some tech-savvy-millennial skills. For those of you who don’t know, this involves nine separate posts loaded one at a time which only come together as a complete image when someone views the profile page. Some of the comments were of the ‘wot-is-goin-on-u-can’t-frame-a-picture, mate’ variety SO, to ease the confusion, here is my news in one post….. I’m thrilled to have joined @tomcruise and @christophermcquarrie for the next TWO Mission Impossible movies. To have gone from a classical play in the west-end to an audio book recording of a great new novel to a Disney/Marvel animation and now the female lead in a huge action franchise is the kind of variety that fuels my curiosity and keeps me learning and striving to be better and do better. I can’t wait to start sharing this adventure with you. Mostly in the form of effusive, sweaty ranting about stunt training while spontaneously vomiting with excitement/exhaustion. Lucky you. 🕺

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Atwell will join Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson, who has played Intelligence Officer Ilsa Faust in the last two Mission: Impossible movies, Rogue Nation and Fallout, in the cast for the seventh and (presumng Ferguson also returns) eighth films in the series. Other cast regulars, like Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames, have yet to be confirmed for the upcoming sequels, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they are.

The casting of Atwell in two consecutive films is an unusual practice for the franchise, which has historically stuck to the James Bond formula of featuring a different female lead in each new entry. Ferguson’s appearances in both Rogue Nation and Fallout was the only previous deviation from the revolving door of female action stars that marked the first four Mission: Impossible films. Perhaps this is a sign of the times, as the women in blockbuster franchises are no longer seen as disposable the way they once were. Either way, it’s good to know Atwell’s already onboard for multiple (impossible) missions.

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Mission: Impossible 7 Casts Hayley Atwell | Screen Rant

Director Christopher McQuarrie reveals Hayley Atwell has joined the cast of Mission: Impossible 7. The Tom Cruise-led action franchise has been revived in a major way in recent years. Much of the recent success can be attributed to the contributions of writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, who helped write Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He went on to direct the next two installments of the series, elevating the franchise to new heights, and has since signed on to write and direct two more films.

Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 already have 2021 and 2022 release dates from Paramount, with the plan to start filming them back-to-back at the end of this year. Story details on the new films have yet to be revealed. Cruise will obviously return and Rebecca Ferguson will reprise her role as Ilsa Faust too. But, Mission: Impossible 7 has now added someone new to its cast.

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McQuarrie took to Instagram to announce the possibility of MCU alum Hayley Atwell joining the Mission: Impossible franchise. He shared a photo of Atwell that is laid on top of an IMF folder with the caption reading “Should you choose to accept…” and tagging Atwell. She then posted a cropped version of the photo on her own Instagram to accept the mission, but teased that she’s “not the sort to follow orders…”

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@wellhayley Should you choose to accept…

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For many, Atwell is best known for her work as Agent Peggy Carter in the MCU. She made her debut in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, but accumulated five appearances overall in the movies, with her last one concluding Peggy’s story in Avengers: Endgame. She reprised this role in Agent CarterAgents of SHIELD, and will do so again in What If…? Outside of the MCU, Atwell has starred in several TV shows, Disney’s Christopher Robin, and most recently the Bruce Springsteen inspired film Blinded by the Light.

Even though there are no character details as of yet for Atwell, her addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise is exciting nonetheless. Her photo being placed on top of an IMF folder could be a sign that she is going to join Ethan Hunt’s next team potentially. If that is the case though, Atwell’s playful caption could also tease that she won’t exactly follow his orders at all times. It’s even possible that this isn’t a one time role for her either, as she could also appear in Mission: Impossible 8 perhaps.

Regardless, Atwell will join a franchise that is responsible for creating some great and formidable female characters. Not only has Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust been a standout, but so to was Vanessa Kirby’s White Widow in Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Paula Patton’s Jane in Ghost Protocol. Now that Atwell has accepted her mission to appear in Mission: Impossible 7, hopefully we’ll learn more about who she is playing soon.

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Avengers: Endgame’s Ending For Peggy Carter is Perfect, Says Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell is totally satisfied with Peggy Carter’s ending in Avengers: Endgame. After dying of natural causes as seen in Captain America: Civil War, it had been a while since fans saw the feisty officer and S.H.I.E.L.D. founder on the screen. But Joe and Anthony Russo made sure that their latest MCU flick would give the fan-favorite character the finale she and lover, Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) truly deserve.

After resolving the Thanos-debacle thanks to the Time Heist, Steve travels back to six different places in time to return all Infinity Stones to their original locations. After which, he apparently goes back to the ’40s to reunite with Peggy and live a full life with her. He only returns to the present time to hand off the shield to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) – effectively making him the next Captain America. Endgame‘s parting shot is the star-crossed lovers slow dancing to Harry James and Helen Forrest’s “It’s Been A Long Long Time,” making good of the promise they made to each other all the way back in Captain America: The First Avenger.

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The sequence is the perfect way to end Endgame. Many Steve and Peggy fans were nothing but thrilled with it, and they’re not alone. Even Atwell was happy with how it all panned out for the couple, telling THR that it was “a fitting end to a story that has affected so many people. “

“I thought it was very endearing, innocent and wholesome in the way that it keeps those characters in their time. I thought it was quite beautiful and very tasteful of Marvel to finish this 10-year story in a very simple storyline about two human beings — and one of them doesn’t even have any superpowers. So, I thought the tone of it, to end there, after some extraordinary things of trauma, action, effects and powers… to just have two people slow-dancing was very beautiful.”

While Peggy’s no longer around in the present day and Endgame sent her off poignantly in Steve’s arms, that doesn’t mean that Atwell will no longer be involved in the MCU. In fact, it was recently reported that she’s set to reprise her role in the upcoming final season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It’s unclear how this will pan out but considering that she’s a founding member of the organization, it’s not difficult to imagine incorporating her into the last stretch of the pioneering Marvel TV project. As of this time this has yet to be confirmed, but in case Atwell on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t pan out, fans can still get their dose of her as Carter in the Disney+ animated series, What If…? The actress will lend her voice to the show as it tackles the alternate scenario of  Peggy getting the super soldier serum to become Captain America rather than Steve.

Perhaps some fans saw Steve and Peggy’s ending coming a mile away, but it’s still a great ending considering that it’s the best way to send off one of the best romantic pairings in the MCU. That said, the manner with which it was executed has left a string of questions regarding how the concept of time travel works in Avengers: Endgame and it’s curious if those queries will ever be answered. Assuming that Marvel Studios decide to revisit this particular string of events to clear things up, it’s safe to say that no one will be opposed to the idea of seeing more of the couple in the franchise.

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