Hellboy Failed Because It Was Too Faithful To The Comics

The 2019 Hellboy reboot failed because it was too obsessed in bringing the world of Mike Mignola’s comics to life on the big screen. While the film suffered from various production problems behind the scenes, the movie’s lack of success ultimately stems from it doing too much, too quickly, to try and establish its universe before addressing the film’s central plotline.

After one weekend, it is clear that Hellboy is both a commercial and critical flop. The film fell far short of even the most modest projections of its first-week earnings, barely making over $12 million. The vast majority of reviews are far from kind, with the film scoring a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The chief complaint of many reviews was that Hellboy spent far too much time on exposition, telling the audience about its world rather than letting them see it for themselves as the story unfolded. Christy Lemire of described the movie as  “bloated with its many flashbacks and tangents.” Screen Rant‘s Molly Freeman noted that the film had “severe pacing issues” and suggested that the movie’s script tried to emulate a comic book in its formatting but that translating that style of scripting to the screen made the movie disjointed.

It cannot be denied that Hellboy does take its time in getting started, with half of its two-hour runtime passing before our heroes even begin attempting to address the central conflict with the Queen of Blood, Nimue. Before that, we are treated to a series of random scenes where Hellboy travels to Mexico, wrestles a vampire in a lucha libre ring, gets drunk, goes to Colorado, talks with his adopted father, travels to England and is retold his origin story by an oracle, giving us a chance to learn about the vigilante Lobster Johnson. Hellboy then goes on a hunt for giants, fights the giants after being left for dead and is nursed back to health by his old friend, Alice, whose origins as a victim of fairy kidnapping as a baby are also shown in a flashback, before we finally get on with the plot.

While all this material does present a rich vision of Hellboy‘s world and is completely accurate to the original comic books, it is difficult to slog through all of it while working towards the core conflict of the film. In attempting to be faithful to the source material and establish the full histories of its characters, the makers of Hellboy seemingly forgot that a film needs to tell a story. Many of its flashbacks, particularly those detailing how Alice became a medium or how Major Ben Daimio became a werejaguar, are strictly unnecessary to the central narrative. Even those scenes which are essential are erratically placed, such as the movie’s opening with the story of Nimue’s defeat at the hands of King Arthur (with narration from Ian McShane’s Dr. Broom) and then not really doing anything with her storyline for quite some time.

While it seems unlikely that this incarnation of Hellboy will see a sequel (much less become a franchise), one wonders if Mignola’s comics might be more easily adapted for a television series than a movie franchise. BPRD and the various tie-in comics have some great stories to tell and a TV show would prevent the pacing of those stories from having to be rushed to fill a two-hour movie. A BPRD show would also allow more time for flashbacks and tangents to develop the world and the characters. It is something the license holders may wish to consider, given how many other strange comic book series like Lucifer and Doom Patrol are finding success being adapted on streaming services.

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Matt Morrison

Hellboy 2019 Will Become A Cult Classic, Says Star Milla Jovovich

Actress Milla Jovovich claims Hellboy 2019 will become a cult classic. Directed by Neil Marshall, the supernatural superhero film is a reboot of Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 film, in which Ron Perlman stars in the title role. The new Hellboy recently bombed at the box office after critics wrote scathing reviews. Del Toro didn’t receive an offer to direct Hellboy 2019, and Perlman refused to star if the original director wasn’t involved.

In Lionsgate’s Hellboy reboot, David Harbour stars as the title character, while Jovovich co-stars as Nimue aka The Blood Queen. Based on Mike Mignola’s graphic novel series, the film was originally supposed to be a sequel to del Toro’s 2018 film Hellboy II: The Golden Army, however the project evolved into a reboot after Marshall’s hiring. The English filmmaker directed the 2005 horror film The Descent, which is arguably a modern cult classic, and Marshall also directed the Game of Thrones season 2 episode “Blackwater,” along with season 4’s penultimate episode,“The Watchers on the Wall.” Produced for $50 million, Hellboy 2019 has only earned slightly over $23 million at the box office, and the reviews have been especially brutal. 

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On Instagram, Milla Jovovich defended Hellboy with a lengthy Instagram post that addresses the “stressful” opening weekend and the nature of show business. The actress suggested that early reviews aren’t necessarily indicative of a film’s legacy by stating, “All my raddest films have been slammed by critics. It’s f**king hilarious. Dazed and Confused? Seriously? Classic movie. The Fifth Element!” Jovovich goes on to pay respect to franchise creator Mignola, and she also references the aforementioned film The Descent. As a whole, Jovovich doesn’t list specific evidence as to why Hellboy will become a cult classic – at least in terms of filmmaking – though she does offer a numbered list that acknowledges her collaborators. Check out Jovovich’s full post below. 

While Hellboy may be a legitimate box office flop, Jovovich’s performance has been praised by many. In addition, she makes a good point by noting that many of her films have indeed become cult classics. Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused barely made any money in theaters, but it’s regarded by many as one of the best coming-of-age stoner comedies. And whereas The Fifth Element nearly tripled its $90 million budget at the box office, the science fiction film polarized critics. Jovovich also cites The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, which theatrically underperformed and was helmed by the controversial French auteur Luc Besson. As for Zoolander, the action comedy doubled its budget but wasn’t necessarily taken seriously by critics, even if the humor seemed to resonate with general moviegoers.

It’s true that negative critic reviews don’t always influence mainstream audiences. For a recent example, see 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody. But whereas that film is a PG-13 biopic about an iconic rock singer, Hellboy isn’t exactly a family-friendly, sing-along film. As a result, critics and moviegoers will dissect the storytelling and filmmaking, and they’ll also compare the reboot to franchise films that came before. Only time will tell if Hellboy 2019 holds up.

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David Harbour Details How Hellboy Would Approach a Fight With Thanos

New Hellboy star David Harbour has revealed how his demonic superhero character would be able to defeat Marvel’s Mad Titan Thanos. First created by Mike Mignola back in 1993, Hellboy has become a cult favorite character thanks to his many appearances in Dark Horse Comics as well as the two Hellboy movies made by Guillermo del Toro. Hellboy’s return to the screen in 2019 has not gone well however, as the Hellboy reboot was met with scathing reviews by critics and yawns of indifference from the movie going public.

While Hellboy has largely failed to cross over to mainstream success as a movie character, the same can’t be said for Marvel Comics villain Thanos. After his devastating appearance in last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has gone on to become an iconic movie villain on par with Darth Vader. Thanos is so popular in fact that many fans actually sympathize with him even though he wiped out half the people in the universe with his infamous snap. The Avengers of course have plans to bring down Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, and fans could not be more hyped to see how that final battle plays out.

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When it comes to defeating Thanos, Hellboy himself has some thoughts about how the Mad Titan could be tackled. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Hellboy actor David Harbour shared his ideas on how psychological tactics could be employed to undermine Thanos’ confidence and knock him off his game. Harbour said:

“I mean it’d be a good fight. That Thanos guy is pretty powerful, but I think Hellboy would win the emotional fight by just making fun of the very serious way he takes himself and the way he takes himself in his Malthusian philosophies. I think Hellboy would have a field day with that and cut him down to size with one-liners.”

Harbour certainly has a point about Hellboy being a much more humorous character than Thanos, who on the evidence provided in Infinity War has no sense of humor whatsoever. Harbour’s theory on how to beat Thanos now goes into the giant pile with all the other fan theories about how the Avengers will tackle the universe’s most powerful being in Endgame. The most popular recent Thanos fan theory, involving Ant-Man and a certain part of Thanos’ anatomy, seems only slightly less likely than the idea of beating the Mad Titan with cutting remarks. Somewhat more plausible is the theory that somehow the Avengers will get the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos and use it to defeat him. Another likely theory sees the Quantum Realm coming into play as the Avengers seek to gain an advantage on the all-powerful bad guy. Of course, coming off her debut in Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is now on board as the Avengers’ secret weapon.

It remains to be seen how the Avengers will beat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. As for Hellboy, it seems the cult favorite character is down for the count after the reboot bombed at the box office.

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Will Hellboy 2019 Get A Sequel? Here’s Everything We Know

WARNING: Spoilers for Hellboy.

Will the Hellboy revamp starring David Harbour see a sequel, what will its story be about and when will it be released? Here are all the answers to your pressing questions regarding a follow-up film to the 2019 Hellboy movie.

Based on the popular series by Dark Horse Comics, Hellboy tells the tale of a baby demon destined to bring about the end of the world, who is raised to become humanity’s first line of defense against the supernatural. The Hellboy comics were adapted for film twice previously by Guillermo del Toro and were moderately successful, developing a devout cult following. However, with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola taking a more active role in the development process and a story that was taken directly from the original comics, hopes were high that the new Hellboy movie might be the start of a successful franchise akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Sadly, those hopes for Hellboy 2 seem to have been crushed in the face of a lackluster opening weekend at the box office and an overwhelmingly negative response from critics and audiences alike. Despite this, the movie did end with several potential avenues for follow-up films, ignoring the wide variety of stories from the comics just waiting to be adapted. Here is everything we know about a potential Hellboy sequel.

Hellboy’s Ending & Post-Credits Scenes Set Up A Sequel

The final scene of Hellboy introduces the character of Abe Sapien – a fish-man who was a major character in the BPRD comics and the del Toro Hellboy movies. The Hellboy post-credits scenes go on to introduce the ghost of Lobster Johnson (a costumed vigilante who appears in a flashback earlier in the film) and an immortal warrior known as Koshchei the Deathless. Introducing these three characters into the new cinematic Hellboy universe clears the path for several stories from the comics to be adapted, in the same way that The Wild Hunt storyline formed the basis for most of Hellboy’s script.

A Hellboy Sequel Is Unlikely After The Movie Bombed

Despite all the preparations that were made for follow-up films, it seems highly unlikely that the 2019 Hellboy movie will ever see a sequel. The movie was torn apart by critics, who described the film as “horrible” and “a chore to sit through.” Audiences were equally unimpressed, with the film earning far less than its projected opening-weekend pay-out of $16-20 million. That marks the $50 million Hellboy reboot as a bomb by any reasonable standard.

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When Could A Hellboy 2 Release?

Assuming that Lionsgate continues to maintain faith in the franchise, the soonest we might expect to see a Hellboy 2 would be sometime in 2021. A two-year turn-around time is typical on a movie of this sort, so any announcement regarding a sequel would have to be confirmed quickly to stay within that threshold. Given the introduction of Koshchei the Deathless, it seems likely the sequel would be based on the graphic novel Darkness Falls, which saw Hellboy trapped in the world of Russian mythology by the witch Baba Yaga and forced to fight her servants, including Koshchei. Sadly, given the reception to Hellboy, it appears that Big Red is doomed to be cast back into the cinematic Pit rather than headline a major superhero franchise.

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20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy

It’s interesting that the character who would come to define Mike Mignola’s entire career began as little more than a comic convention doodle. Despite the creature’s humble beginnings, something about Hellboy stuck with his creator. Details eventually began to take shape, with Mignola drawing on the unflappable attitude of his own father to flesh out Hellboy’s personality. The character made his first proper appearance in a 1993 SDCC-exclusive comic, before getting his own Dark Horse series beginning the next year. Since then, Hellboy has continued his incredible adventures across several decades. Mignola crafted a universe for him populated by delightful creations such as Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson and of course, the B.P.R.D.

Hellboy’s true name, Anung Un Rama, loosely translates to “and upon his brow is set a crown of flames.” This refers to his destiny to bring on the apocalypse, a future that the character does everything in his power to avoid. He may not have ever been a household name like Spider-Man or Batman, but Hellboy did reach new levels of fame after Guillermo del Toro’s two films, released in 2004 and 2008. Although only minor box office successes, both movies were very well-received by fans. Those won’t be the only big screen adaptations for Hellboy though. A reboot starring David Harbor in the titular role is now playing in theaters.

Hellboy is no mere mortal, so his physiology is vastly different from our own. Let’s delve into what separates this fan-favorite hero from the rest of us. Here are the 20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy.

20 His Original Design Was Very Different

Mike Mignola was still an artist for hire when his sketch was featured in a pamphlet for the 1991 Great Salt Lake Comic Con. The doodle looked quite different from the creature that fans would come to know and love. Mignola finished off the drawing by writing Hell Boy on the character’s belt. The writer/artist has stated that he simply thought the name was funny and hadn’t considered any sort of future for his creation.

At that point, Mignola had never even really thought about penning his own series, so Hellboy’s inception was nothing more than a lark. However, this character would go on to define not only Mignola’s career, but also to become one of Dark Horse’s most successful properties.

19 He Has A Right Hand Of Doom

One of Hellboy’s defining characteristics is his stone appendage or “Right Hand of Doom”. This body part is actually the key to triggering the Apocalypse. However, the danger of anyone else using it for that purpose remains regardless of whether the hand is attached to him or not, so it became Hellboy’s burden to bear. He was given the hand by his father, Azazel, shortly after his birth. In fact, Azazel hacked off the child’s original right hand to do so.

Interestingly, the casting of Ron Perlman saved Hellboy in more ways than one. Very early concept art for the film featured a Left Hand of Doom, because it wouldn’t be easy for an actor to perform with his dominant hand essentially tied behind his back. However, Perlman is left-handed, solving the potential problem.

18 He’s Half Demon/Witch

Hellboy’s origins were originally fairly mysterious. His appearance clues you in immediately to his demon heritage, but the causal fan might be unaware that while his father was a demon, his mother was actually a witch. It was eventually revealed that sixteen-year-old Sarah Hughes sought to gain power from Azazel and Hellboy was conceived within her soul that very night.

Sarah eventually turned over a new leaf, getting married and giving birth to two human children. Having renounced her evil ways many years prior, Sarah begged her children to keep her soul out of Azazel’s hands after she passed on. However, the demon did indeed take it and our hero Hellboy was born.

17 He Was Almost A DC Hero

As earlier stated, Hellboy was quite different upon his inception. Aside from the fact that his look has gone through many changes, the character was initially pitched to DC Comics. It’s crazy to think that a hero who has become so synonymous with Dark Horse could’ve wound up at a different publishing company altogether.

Apparently, DC loved the idea of Hellboy, but were not fans of his name. It’s somewhat understandable that DC balked at a demonic character with “Hell” in the title, particularly during that time period. Really though, Dark Horse was always going to be a better fit for the kind of stories that Mignola wound up telling. The character did eventually find his way into a two-issue crossover titled Batman/Hellboy/Starman.

16 Ron Perlman Was Everyone’s First Choice

Most fans would agree that although del Toro’s vision for Hellboy was decidedly different from Mignola’s comics, Ron Perlman was the perfect actor to portray the central character. You might think that he was forced to endure an arduous audition process, but the DVD commentary reveals that both the writer and auteur were on the same page when it came to who should wield the Right Hand of Doom.

The two men agreed to state the actor that they envisioned as Hellboy simultaneously and both uttered the same name: Ron Perlman. While the studio had hopes of casting someone more high profile in the role, del Toro fought for Perlman. At this point, he is so closely associated with Hellboy that many fans are nervous about seeing another actor take up the mantle so soon.

15 He Has Super Strength

Hellboy doesn’t have a ton of hobbies, but the guy is really into bodybuilding. That, in conjunction with his extensive training and natural strength, make him a very formidable opponent. The intensity level that he brings to his workouts would make anyone tough, but his largest asset here is the super strength that he was born with thanks to his demon heritage.

Hellboy can be seen beating all manner of monster with his bare hands, oft times hardly breaking a sweat. The exact levels of his strength haven’t been explicitly stated, but he has been known to toss adversaries like a football, even those weighing in at several hundred pounds.

14 He Has A Healing Factor

Hellboy may not have the same levels of regeneration as, say, Wolverine, but he does have a healing factor. The guy has certainly had his fair share of injuries, but what might send the rest of us shuffling off this mortal coil don’t have quite the same impact on Hellboy. He can heal from pretty much anything. Hellboy has survived falling from great heights, being impaled and getting severely mauled by a werewolf, among many other things.

That’s not all, though. Hellboy’s ability to heal also renders him immune to disease. Aside from that, he has been shown to be a frequent smoker, which seems to have no affect at all on his natural athleticism.

13 He Files His Horns

Hellboy is not a huge fan of his horns. Aside from the fact that he has a frightening destiny that he’s constantly trying to avoid, the demon also feels like an outcast. His solution is to file his horns down to stubs. In the film, he does this to try to look a bit more “normal,” confiding in Liz how desperately he wanted to find a way to change his appearance.

Hellboy is sometimes called a freak by the very people he’s fighting to protect. He spends much of his time around humans, so it makes sense that the guy would want to do what he could to blend in, despite the fact that it’s an impossible task.

12 He Doesn’t Age Like Humans

Hellboy may not always be fond of his demonic lineage, but it does have its perks. Being a human-demon hybrid enables him to age at a decelerated rate. Despite this fact, he matured far more quickly than a mortal child. In the comics, a two-year-old Hellboy looks to be the size of someone at least three times that age. By the time Hellboy was ten, he appeared fully grown.

His decelerated aging is unaffected by this rapid growth though. The comics span decades, but after reaching physical maturity, Hellboy doesn’t seem to age beyond that. In del Toro’s film, one of the B.P.R.D agents claimed that the demon aged in “reverse dog-years.”

11 Ron Perlman Broke A Rib During Filming

Ron Perlman is a guy who’s not afraid to do his own stunts. During the subway scene in del Toro’s first film, he jumped onto a train that was moving at about forty-five mph. This resulted in a broken rib for the actor. It was one of many takes and apparently Perlman mistimed the jump.

Every bit as tough as his comic counterpart, the then fifty-four year old attempted to continue shooting the scene. However, he was given away by the tears of pain welling up in his eyes. When asked about the busted bone, Perlaman’s response was, “Yes, but it was just one rib. I have lots more.” Hellboy would approve.

10 He Has Enhanced Sight

This particular aspect of Hellboy’s abilities hasn’t been discussed much in the comics or even the films, but the hybrid can see better than us mere mortals. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, since the demon blood running through his veins makes him physically superior to humans in pretty much every way.

Hellboy’s signature yellow eyes do far more than just look super cool. They also enable him to see much farther than the average person. Aside from that, he doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty seeing in the dark, although not much has been mentioned about that in the comics either.

9 Sometimes He Looks More Demonic Than Others

Hellboy already looks like a demon, but under certain circumstances, he can transform into a far more monstrous creature. In this form, his stumps become fully grown horns and he can even sprout wings. The transformation also leaves him with some powers that he doesn’t typically have.

For one thing, Hellboy can control the very fires of Hell, unleashing massive infernos from his own body. He can also fly and even call down lightning all while in that form. Aside from that, Hellboy becomes even stronger than he was to begin with. While sometimes this transformation happened under duress, after gaining some acceptance of his demonic lineage, Hellboy was granted a measure of control over it.

8 He’s Descended From King Arthur

This one might be a bit of a shock to the casual fan, but Hellboy’s ancestors aren’t only demonic. He’s related to royalty as well. His mother was descended from a child resulting from the union between King Arthur and Morgan Le Fey. This means that Hellboy has the potential not only to become the king of Hell, but also the King of Britain.

This was kind of a later addition to the character’s mythology, revealed when Le Fey herself presented Hellboy with Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. Much like his demonic destiny, he wanted nothing to do with this part of his lineage. However, eventually Hellboy did pull the sword from the stone, claiming his birthright in the process.

7 The Studio Tried To Alter His Appearance

Contrary to what you might think, Hellboy wasn’t actually an easy sell in Hollywood when the film was in its infancy. Aside from balking at the fact that “Hell” was in the character’s name, the studio tried to make changes to Hellboy’s appearance. One suggestion was that he would look like a normal human unless someone made him angry, à la Bruce Banner.

The studio had many ideas of how to make Hellboy appear less monstrous, even offering up the thought that he could just be a regular guy with a demonic red dog. According to del Toro, “It’s funny when you say it, but it’s not funny when it happens.” Luckily, the auteur fought hard so that fans could see Hellboy as he was meant to appear.

6 Ron Perlman Was Supposed To Reprise Him Again

Del Toro set out to make a trilogy of Hellboy movies from the beginning. The movie did moderately well at the box office, but it was how well it did on home video release that ultimately got the sequel green-lit. The Golden Army undoubtedly improved upon its already great predecessor and faired even better at the box office. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well enough that the studio felt confident in letting the director helm one more movie.

No one knows much about what that third installment would’ve been like and the upcoming reboot from director Neil Marshall is looking quite different from del Toro’s vision. Fans have been skeptical from the start, but Mignola himself has stated that the film is incredibly faithful to the comics.

5 He’s Immune To Fire

Considering the fact that he’s a literal demon, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Hellboy is unaffected by fire. Although he needs to be in his more monstrous form in order to control the flames, Hellboy has a general immunity to them. Much of this comes down to his superhuman resilience. The guy can withstand far more damage than a person could.

Although his comic counterpart is quite resistant to fire and high temperatures in general, the film version of Hellboy simply could not be burned by any means. This particular immunity made him the perfect romantic companion for Liz Sherman.

4 It Takes Hours To Become Hellboy

The Seeds of Creation was an extensive documentary about del Toro’s Hellboy and one of many aspects that it covered was the makeup magic that transformed Ron Perlman into a demon. The process took about 4 hours and by the end, all that remained visible of the actor were his eyelids. As rough as that sounds, Doug Jones had it worse, with 5-7 hours a day in the makeup chair.

The Hellboy movie releasing this month hasn’t managed to really streamline the process too much. David Harbor stated that it took about 3 hours for him to become Hellboy. This involves paint, prosthetics, a bodysuit, teeth, horns and of course, the demon’s trademark yellow eyes. It takes an entire team to transform him.

3 He Has An Innate Talent For Language

One of the many innate abilities granted Hellboy by his demonic lineage is a talent for languages. He can understand all manner of tongues, whether they are mystical in nature or so ancient that they have been largely forgotten.

It’s also important to remember that Hellboy is the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. As a member of the B.P.R.D., it’s kind of his job to know the unknowable. However, the fact that he has this impressive mastery over languages both old and magical definitely helps him out immensely at work. The guy has seen things that the rest of us can only imagine.

2 His Hooves Were Abandoned

Hellboy’s horns and reddish hue aren’t the only physical traits that give away his demon heritage. He also has cloven hooves. This feature of the character can be seen in the comics, though they are often hidden within the folds of his long coat.

The hooves make an appearance in del Toro’s film during the scene in which viewers are introduced to Hellboy, but the lighting makes them a bit hard to spot. However, for the remainder of the movie, as well as the sequel, Perlman is seen sporting boots instead. Initially, the hooves were going to be featured more prominently, but it was decided that due to safety issues, Perlman should perform in regular boots.

1 David Harbour Had To Go To Hellboy Boot Camp

Hellboy is a bodybuilding enthusiast, not to mention a super strong demon-human hybrid. In other words, the guy who plays him kind of needs to be jacked. David Harbor didn’t have to be in great shape to portray Hopper in Stranger Things, but after being cast as Hellboy, the actor had to go to boot camp. His training routine was quite rigorous, but the results are undeniable.

Ron Perlman also had to undergo an intense workout schedule in order portray the character. The actor trained 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. It’s not so easy to become the hero known as Hellboy.

What do you think of these facts about Hellboy’s Anatomy? Let us know in the comments!

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Hellboy 2019 Is The Opposite Of Venom – And That’s Why It Fails

The Hellboy (2019) reboot, starring David Harbour, is the opposite of 2018’s Venom, and that’s why it fails to be an enjoyable comic book superhero movie. Created by Mike Mignola in the 90s, Hellboy is a half-demon half-human character who was the focus of another film adaptation prior to 2019’s iteration. In 2004, Guillermo del Toro released his Hellboy movie, starring Ron Perlman as Big Red, and the pair reteamed for 2008’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Instead of del Toro’s Hellboy 3, though, the studio chose to reboot the property, bringing in Harbour to star and Neil Marshall to direct.

However, reviews of the Hellboy reboot have not been favorable; Hellboy holds a 15 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. Beyond its reviews, it was also reported prior to the film’s release that there was a great deal of drama behind-the-scenes on Hellboy, including clashes between the producers, director and star over various aspects of the movie. While some may attribute Hellboy’s poor reviews and low box office performance on the reportedly difficult process of bringing the film to life, the fact remains that the Hellboy reboot could have been better. In fact, Hellboy could have learned a few things from Venom, the 2018 Marvel movie starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist who bonds with an alien symbiote named Venom.

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On their surface, Hellboy and Venom have very little in common aside from the fact that both movies are based on less mainstream comic book properties than major superhero blockbusters like The Avengers and Justice League. However, Hellboy and Venom are also much weirder premises than typical superhero fare. Hellboy is a half-human, half-demon with giant horns and the last living heir of King Arthur; Venom is a symbiote who bonds with Eddie as a host and a friend – and is an alien that likes to eat people. But whereas Venom plays into the ridiculous aspects of its premise and has some fun with it, Hellboy attempts to take a serious approach to its weirdness and the results are, frankly, boring.

Both Hellboy and Venom have to establish the worlds in which they’re set. For Hellboy, that means diving into the magical side of the world and the legend of King Arthur as it connects to the Blood Queen and Hellboy himself. In Venom, it’s the symbiotes and Carlton Drake’s experiments with them. But while Venom uses the science to get to the core of the story – the relationship between Eddie and Venom – Hellboy seems to never move beyond the magical world-building exposition. Instead, Hellboy keeps introducing new aspects of the world in an attempt to develop Hellboy as a character, but he gets lost in all the explaining – that is, until a relatively quick third act showdown with the Blood Queen. So while Venom’s weird world-building works to set up the most important part of the film, Hellboy’s detracts from the titular character.

Further, whether on purpose or not, Venom establishes the relationship between Eddie and Venom as a friendship bordering on romantic – and the movie plays into that romantic element on more than one occasion (from Eddie and Venom’s kiss to the “You are mine” line). The response to Eddie and Venom, called Symbrock by fans, was massive, inspiring fan art and memes all over the internet. Plenty has already been said on the Eddie and Venom dynamic in the movie and why viewers latched on to it so tightly, but what it boils down to is that their relationship is interesting to viewers. Fans of Venom range from those who describe Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship as a buddy cop dynamic to those who would argue it’s an outright romance – but they’d all agree it’s the most important aspect of the movie, and that it’s compelling.

In contrast, Hellboy doesn’t have anything like Symbrock. Not even the character of Hellboy himself is as developed as the dynamic between Eddie and Venom and none of his relationships come close to being as compelling as the friendship between Eddie Brock and his symbiote parasite. Further, Hellboy takes its titular character in a baffling direction where the movie actively resists the idea that viewers may find Hellboy attractive. This is in direct contrast to the early images and posters of Hellboy that depict the character with his shirt off, abs and arms on full display seemingly playing into the idea that Hellboy is hot. With Venom, it wasn’t entirely clear whether the movie intended the romantic subtext in Eddie and Venom’s relationship, whereas Hellboy makes a conscious effort to depict its hero as actively unattractive as possible. It reveals a strange disconnect between the film and its marketing, which had some fun with the idea that fans could find Hellboy attractive. But the lack of subtext makes Hellboy that much more one-dimensional, contributing to the overall underdeveloped character.

Ultimately, while neither Venom nor Hellboy are “good” movies, both had the potential to be enjoyable popcorn flicks offering audiences a fun time where they can simply turn their brain off and enjoy. But, though Venom provides just that, Hellboy doesn’t. Venom manages to appeal to audiences through the relationship between Eddie and the symbiote, helping to ground the film. Hellboy doesn’t have a relationship or even a single character as well developed or as fun as the dynamic between Eddie and Venom, and it suffers for it. So while neither film was well received in terms of overall critical reviews, Venom managed to find an audience, whereas Hellboy didn’t – at least, not to the tune of an $80 million opening weekend (though Venom is arguably a more well well known character than Hellboy). Hellboy could have learned a few things from Venom, but it fails to embrace its weirdness enough and provide an entertaining experience at the cinema – and that’s why it fails.

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2019-04-15 08:04:17

Molly Freeman

The Most Brutal Reviews of Hellboy

Hellboy has come to the big screen in a new form – but the reviews are not being kind to the big red guy. Directed by Neil Marshall, the 2019 Hellboy was put into production after years of fans begging for a third Hellboy movie from director Guillermo del Toro, and for Ron Perlman to return to the title role. Instead, the franchise has been rebooted with Stranger Things actor David Harbour sporting the over-sized hand and sawn-off horns.

After the first negative reviews of Hellboy were released, a report soon emerged that detailed a troubled production, in which Marshall’s cinematographer, Sam McCurdy, was fired and producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin allegedly interrupted rehearsals and even gave the actors directions that contradicted Marshall’s. How much of the report is accurate remains unclear (the producers’ attorney denied most of the claims), but it seems that conflict behind the scenes may have had a serious impact on the finished product.

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Hellboy currently holds a 15% score on Rotten Tomatoes with 145 reviews counted, and an average rating of just 3.5/10 – and that less-than-enthusiastic response has been reflected in its dismal $12 million opening weekend at the box office. To give you an idea of what went wrong, here are some “highlights” from the most brutal reviews of Hellboy:

Reel Views:

Comparing it to Del Toro’s 2004 original and 2008 sequel is like making an analogy between a Broadway production and a high school stage show. My memories of the first Hellboy were of a fun, fantastical superhero adventure. Future thoughts of the 2019 iteration are likely to curdle; it’s a chore to sit through and not something I’ll want to revisit at any point for any reason.

The New York Times:

“The end is coming,” Hellboy’s dying friend says near the beginning, and I was already thinking, “Oh yes, please.”

Time Out:

Guillermo del Toro’s original two Hellboy films gave us a lovable outsider with a big heart, a bigger fist and a penchant for cats and cigars, but only the fist survives this horrible redo… It’s two hours long but feels like an eternity, lurching incoherently from one noisy set-piece to another.

New York Post:

The race for worst movie of the year is heating up. You could even say it’s hotter than hell, now that “Hellboy” has taken the lead. This awful, disgusting, unfunny, idiotically plotted comic book flick offends the senses as much as the rankest subway car on the hottest summer day.


It’s lunging to be a badass hard-R epic, but it’s basically a pile of origin-story gobbledygook, frenetic and undercooked, full of limb-hacking, eye-gouging monster battles as well as an atmosphere of apocalyptic grunge that signifies next to nothing.

The AV Club:

The sentimental father-son subplot is Hellboy at its most laughably absurd, highlighting the chasm between its script and its direction. Harbour, so endearing as Sheriff Hopper on Stranger Things, has none of the agreeable humor Ron Perlman brought to the character; as a result, his many quips go over like a fart in an elevator.

While the general critic consensus on Hellboy isn’t exactly great, the reboot wasn’t quite universally hated. Even negative reviews found room to praise Marshall’s direction or the movie’s commitment to complete insanity. Here are some highlights from those who found something to love about this monster:

The Wrap:

Marshall’s “Hellboy” is a horrifyingly good time. It captures the breathless quality of reading 30 issues of a single comic-book series in one sugar-addled afternoon, shoving as many amazing characters and storylines and images into one film as it can possibly hold. It could have seemed overstuffed and frenetic, but this new “Hellboy” instead comes across as imaginative and freewheeling.

Boston Herald:

This new “Hellboy,” which is based on a 2008 comic book series by Mignola and adapted to the screen by Andrew Cosby (TV’s “Eureka”), is at times totally nuts and slipshod. But the effects are fun and inventive for a change, and Marshall’s punk rock sensibility works well with a lot, if not all, of the demonic shenanigans going on.

Film Bunker:

Sure, this thing won’t win any Oscars, but it is a slice-em and dice-em-style piece of absolute madness that is quite endearing to watch… I found this film rather like a greasy McDonalds breakfast—sometimes it tastes like s**t, but when you are hungover and mostly braindead, it hits just the right spot.

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2019-04-14 12:04:53

Hannah Shaw-Williams

Hellboy Reboot Bombs at Box Office Following Scathing Reviews

Things aren’t looking good for director Neil Marshall’s 2019 Hellboy reboot, which was released in theaters across North America on April 12, and is already bombing at the box office. While originally expected to rake in somewhere between $16 and $20 million dollars on opening weekend, the reboot brought in considerably less.

Marshall’s Hellboy promised a closer connection to Mike Mignola’s graphic novels than previous film adaptions, especially with Mignola’s co-authorship of the screenplay. SR’s Molly Freeman points out in her review, however, that this closeness to the comics is part of what makes the film a flop. The film delves into Hellboy’s backstory, as well as other important characters’ origins. While these storylines may closely resemble those within the comic universe, the film lacks a compelling storyline to tie everything together.

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The R-rated reboot is the third film to adapt Mignola’s graphic novels, after two outings directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman. The reboot stars Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the titular role, Milla Jovovich as Nimue (a.k.a The Blood Queen), and Ian McShane as Professor Broom, Hellboy’s adoptive father. Unfortunately, Variety reports that Marshall’s reboot isn’t faring well at the box office, opening at #3 to only $12 million, a disastrous take when one considers the film’s budget of $50 million. This follows a mountain of bad reviews from critics.

Although del Toro had no part in the reboot, Mignola and Andrew Cosby’s pairing on the screenplay seemed promising for the film’s success. Despite the impressive cast and production crew, Hellboy, as mentioned above, did not rank well with critics. Lionsgate’s reboot currently holds a lowly 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a humble Metacritic score of 31. Variety partially attributes this failure to the box office successes of Warner Bros.’ Shazam and Universal’s Little. Shazam has held the number one spot at the box office for the past two weeks, following a $159.1 million debut. Little had a $15 million debut, despite having earned mixed reviews from critics.

However, despite that success, Shazam has actually done rather poorly in comparison to other films in the DC Universe. In fact, of the seven DCEU films, Shazam has so far done the worst at the box office, with Batman vs. Superman holding the number one spot with a $422.5 million debut. Nonetheless, Shazam has done considerably better at the box office than Marshall’s Hellboy. Although Lionsgate’s reboot promised a compelling backstory, an A-list cast, and the involvement of Mignola, that wasn’t enough to make the film a box office success. To be fair, the film follows Del Toro’s Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which were both critically acclaimed. The reboot had big shoes to fill, and so far, has yet to deliver. Hellboy is currently in theaters worldwide. Only time will tell if the film will manage to turn its fortunes around, or if this 2019 adaption will land itself a permanent place on the long list of failed franchise reboots.

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Source: Variety

2019-04-14 12:04:20

Taylor Charendoff

Hellboy Movies, Ranked Worst To Best

With the release of the latest version of Hellboy this week, we take a look at where the three films rank from worst to best. Mike Mignola’s half-demon hero Hellboy has been a comic book staple since 1993, becoming the unofficial mascot of Dark Horse Comics as well as ranking as one of the genre’s most beloved characters of the past three decades. The sardonic demon on the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) has appeared in numerous comic books, straight-to-DVD animations, video games, and crossovers, winning over countless fans with Mignola’s blend of pulp horror, Lovecraft, black humor, and 1930s action-adventure serials. But for general audiences, Hellboy is probably still best known for his appearances on film.

Over the past fifteen years, audiences have been given three Hellboy movies. The first two are within the same continuity and both directed by Guillermo del Toro, ended without del Toro being allowed to make his 3rd movie, while the most recent iteration is an attempt to reboot the franchise with a new lead, new characters, and a more adult-oriented tone and R-rating, directed by Neill Marshall. But how do they all rank against one another? While the Hellboy films haven’t had the same cultural impact as some of their predecessors or influenced those in their wake in the same way Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton did with their takes on Batman, they still represent a big step forward for auteur-driven superhero cinema.

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The newest Hellboy movie starring David Harbour as Hellboy was reportedly subject to major behind the scenes issues and is expected to mark a Hellboy franchise low at the box office. But where does it fall among the best or worst of the franchise? We’re ranking the three big-screen Hellboy movies from worst to best. Whether you degree or disagree with our ranking, let us know in the comments what Hellboy film is your favorite and which one should be sent to the fiery pits of the underworld.

  • This Page: Hellboy (2019)
  • Page 2: Ranking the del Toro Hellboy Movies

The latest iteration of Hellboy, directed by The Descent’s Neil Marshall, as of the writing of this piece has a low 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The number isn’t all that surprising given how long the studio held out on lifting the review embargo for it, but it’s still one hell of a stumble for a movie that fans had, at the very least, solid expectations for. While the film itself isn’t the catastrophic train-wreck that number would suggest, it is still by far and away the weakest of the Hellboy movies.

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What this Hellboy has going on in its favor is a game cast, many of whom are sturdy character actors and genre regulars who know a thing or two about elevating middling material to the level of watchable. Ian McShane is exactly the sort of father figure you want slinging F-bombs at you, while Milla Jovovich is obviously having the time of her life as an evil witch. David Harbour of Stranger Things fame certainly has the physicality and sardonic line delivery to be a great Hellboy, but he’s clearly struggling under some odd make-up changes and isn’t given a fleshed out character arc to work with.

Indeed, there’s something oddly incomplete about the entire film, with big chunks of story feeling left out on the cutting-room floor and character developments that jump from A to Z in a flash. Harbour has talked about aspects of the character, like how Hellboy can’t have a sexual relationship with a human, but the weight of the concept is entirely absent from the final product, and it lacks the emotional resonance of the previous other films, which were savvy enough to put the heart of the narrative front and center with these creatures, human or otherwise.

The Hellboy reboot is R-rated, which is mostly evident through an increased amount of bloodshed and swearing, but it adds nothing to the story and feels like a kid playing dress-up with dark toys. Some of the jokes land but Hellboy himself cannot help but feel soulless when all Harbour is given to do is fire off one-liners in place of a personality. It’s impossible not to compare the film to the del Toro duology, especially when those films are so alive with style and achingly detailed visuals and this film has some seriously shoddy effects and a lot of bloodshed instead of true world-building. One can’t help but get the feeling this Hellboy wants to be more like Deadpool than its source material, but even Deadpool knew you need something more than profanity and pop culture gags. It’s not a worthless viewing experience, but Hellboy seems like a film nobody had any fun making (and going by some of the rumors that have emerged about the production, it seems as though that may have been the case).

Page 2 of 2: Ranking the del Toro Hellboy Movies

When Mexican director Guillermo del Toro was given the opportunity to make a Hellboy movie, he jumped at the chance because he loved the comics. And it shows. While del Toro had made big Hollywood movies before, like Mimic, and joined pre-existing comic book movie franchises like Blade II, Hellboy was something far more in tune with his increasingly iconic sensibilities.

Roger Ebert put it best when he described Hellboy as “one of those rare movies that’s not only based on a comic book, but also feels like a comic book.” The 2004 movie is vibrant and almost giddy with itself over how lavish and ridiculous its own concept is. What else could it be when you’re combining demons, Nazis, Rasputin and a love triangle featuring a woman who can set things on fire? Del Toro has never gotten to make the Lovecraft movie he’s wanted to for decades but Hellboy is chock full of those sensibilities on fine form.

The true star of Hellboy is, of course, the man himself, played to perfection by Ron Perlman. A regular collaborator of del Toro’s (the actor appeared in his directorial debut Cronos), Perlman as Red may be one of the best pieces of casting in all of superhero cinema. On top of just nailing the physicality of the character, looking more at home in red skin and sanded down horns than he does in his own body, Perlman also keenly understands the balance between Red’s otherworldly nature and his petulant schoolboy side. His relationship with his father remains especially touching in its mixture of antagonism and genuine affection.

Crucially, Perlman gets how ridiculous Red is and has an absolute ball with it while never diluting the emotional pull of his plight. Del Toro juggles multiple tones alongside its endless array of cultural references, and the end result is something that remains fresh and entertaining 15 years later. It’s only let down by its need to adhere to some of those more tired tropes, such as having a boring human protagonist tag along to act as an audience avatar. Thankfully, when it came time for the sequel, del Toro got to make something even better.

Guillermo del Toro has famously bounced from commercially friendly English language titles to more esoteric stories in his native Spanish throughout his career. While Pan’s Labyrinth was the film that first captured the attention of the Academy and The Shape of Water was the one that got him his long-awaited Oscar, it’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army that is arguably the most del-Toro-esque film in his career as well as his secret masterpiece. He even told Twitch Film in 2013 that “Hellboy is as personal to me as Pan’s Labyrinth.”

That’s at its most evident in The Golden Army, a film that blends all of del Toro’s most beloved styles and ideas into a frenetic and visually astounding narrative that sees the filmmaker at his best. It’s debatable whether 2008’s The Golden Army is the strongest film in terms of being a Hellboy adaptation. The first film has more direct connections to the source material whereas this one is all del Toro. Think of it as his version of Batman Returns, wherein Tim Burton went wild with his oft-imitated Burton-ness while using the structures of the Batman stories in the vaguest way possible.

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That’s not to knock the film, which is still the best Hellboy film ever made, but it is one whose strengths and pure visceral thrills come from seeing a director at the height of his powers with the freedom to do whatever he wants. The film is much goofier than its predecessor, offering some of the best laugh-out-loud moments of any Hellboy movie (including a scene where Red and Abe Sapien get drunk, complain about their love lives, then sing along to Barry Manilow).

One of the reasons del Toro was the perfect director to take on Hellboy is that he, as is evident throughout his entire filmography, adores monsters, often liking them way more than the humans. The Golden Army lets his id run rampant, doing away with the stock human audience avatar from the first film (sorry, Rupert Evans) and blending the monstrous with the mundane. New additions to the crew of monsters include Johann Krauss, a psychic whose body was destroyed by a botched séance, leaving him as an ectoplasmic cloud contained within a mechanical suit (Seth MacFarlane voices him to hammy German perfection), and the elven siblings Nuada and Nuala, bound together by their spirits but forced apart by their opposing views on the human world. In what may be one of the true highlights of del Toro’s career, the team visit the troll market and interact with a dazzling plethora of beautiful and grotesque creatures.

Ultimately, what makes The Golden Army the best Hellboy movie is its overwhelming heart. Del Toro blends domestic drama with otherworldly stakes to highlight how Red simply wants a life vaguely resembling normalcy. The film embraces soap opera elements and fits them comfortably in-between the grandeur of epic fantasy. It’s a story of such propulsive energy and genuine emotion that you can’t help but think this may be the best thing del Toro has made, and competition in that field is tough.

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2019-04-13 11:04:50

Kayleigh Donaldson

10 Things We Know About What Would Have Been Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 3

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy is finally coming to the big screen. For over a decade, Hellboy has been kept from big screen greatness to the point where the Big Red Guy has almost faded into obscurity. Regardless of the quality of the new film, however, fans will continue to pine for Guillermo del Toro and his interpretation of the saga. What could it have been like? What would’ve happened if the now Oscar-Winning Director managed to team up with Ron Perlman for one last Hellboy film?

Details are sparse as to what would’ve happened in the final film. However, for the sake of continuing to ask “What could’ve been?” it’s important to ask what Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 3 would’ve been like.

10 There Wasn’t a Script Written Yet

Guillermo del Toro talked often about his ideas, but, it turns out, never had a real script for Hellboy 3. He would speak of the ideas and plot details he intended on exploring, but never did he write a script for the film.

This is most obvious when del Toro announced 17 unused scripts he had written that never got turned into film. While many of them were projects he had spoken extensively over the years, such as At the Mountains of Madness, Hellboy 3 isn’t among them. That means that, while del Toro had plenty of ideas, he didn’t have a solid script.

9 The Original Actors — Especially Perlman — Would’ve Been Involved

One key element of this film was the return of the prior actors to finish their stories. While it’s unknown how many of the characters would need to return, it felt logical that Liz (played by Selma Blair) would’ve reprised her role, considering she was now the mother of Hellboy’s twins.

And, of course, Ron Perlman was scheduled to return — and, in fact, one of the biggest supporters of the project from start to its bitter end.

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8 Would’ve Involved Hell

It is uncertain if the film would’ve featured Hellboy going to Hell as he does in the original comics or if it would’ve involved Hell opening up on Earth. However, part of the film would’ve involved actual physical demons traversing the plane of man.

What makes this appealing is how little of Hell the films actually showed at this point. Rasputin summons Hellboy to summon eldritch Gods (more Lovecraft than Bible), while the second film features elves and fantasy entities. This final film would’ve brought the Hell to Hellboy.

7 No B.R.P.D.

At the end of Hellboy II, Hellboy and company quit the B.R.P.D. This ends a chapter in his life that would lead to him going off on his own to live his own life.

In the comics, after Hellboy quits the B.R.P.D., that’s it. It’s unknown if del Toro would’ve deviated from this (after all, there was no script written), but, at the trajectory the sequel was going, Hellboy would’ve left the B.R.P.D., and never gone back.

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6 Hellboy as a Dad

Another factor to consider, at the end of Hellboy II, Liz is pregnant with Hellboy’s twins. The final part of the trilogy would’ve brought the story full circle. At the start, Hellboy is the prodigal son of an experienced monster hunter. Now, he is the father with kids of his own.

The final part would’ve dealt with fatherhood, presumably in a way that was equal parts epic, funny, and tragic. Especially considering the constant reminder of Hellboy’s ultimate destiny.

5 Guillermo del Toro’s Schedule Kept it From Being Made

One huge reason the film was never made was Guillermo del Toro’s intense schedule. Hellboy 3 always took priority under his next project. Most of which didn’t get made. The Hobbit. At the Mountains of Madness. Both huge project took up years of del Toro’s life, yet never got made (or, at least, Guillermo del Toro’s Hobbit never got made).

Ironically, these unmade films ended up pushing Hellboy 3 back, which resulted in it, too, getting unmade. But at least he made Pacific Rim.

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4 It Would Be Very Tragic

Hellboy 3 was always intended to offer a tragic end to the trilogy, with Hellboy being confronted with his inevitable, depressing destiny. As a result, it would probably kill off characters, bring about some pretty unpleasant moments, and leave a few eyes quite soaked through with tears.

This is one constant throughout all of Perlman and del Toro’s talk of the film. This would not be a happy experience.

3 The World Would’ve Ended

Hellboy’s destiny is tied in with the end of the world. As such, the film would’ve ended with a huge bang. One word that continually comes up in descriptions of the unmade film is “apocalyptic.”

The film would’ve dealt with the end times. If the world itself didn’t fully end, it would, at the very least, result in a lot of death and destruction. Which leads to another reason the film never got made…

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2 It Would’ve Been Expensive

The estimated budget for Hellboy 3 always seemed to hover around $120 million dollars. For a film series that often underperformed at the box office, it was too expensive for investors to get behind the project.

In order to bring the apocalyptic saga to a close, it needed money. More money than anyone was willing to give the project.

1 We Would’ve Learned Why Hellboy Was Brought to Earth

In the original film, Rasputin brings Hellboy into Earth to open the doors to his elder Gods. However, that’s not really why Hellboy is there. After all, he was born and created for a purpose. Some insidious reason unbeknownst to all. And in Hellboy 3, audiences would’ve learned why Hellboy was there — and Hellboy would have to confront his nightmarish destiny.

The whole idea of the final film was to bring Hellboy face-to-face with his inevitable destiny, and for our heroes to deal with the crushing winds of fate. Given Hellboy’s attempts at being a hero, given his attempts to live a normal life as a family man, the crushing tragedy of fate would’ve offered audiences a finale that might’ve been operatic and disturbing.

It was just too good for this sinful Earth.

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2019-04-13 01:04:44

Anthony Gramuglia