20 Worst History Channel Shows According To IMDB, Officially Ranked

Remember when the History Channel actually used to be about HISTORY? We can’t quite put our finger on when it happened… Maybe it was around the Ancient Aliens era… But at a certain point, the History Channel completely switched directions… The focus stopped being about education and history, and instead there was an almost frantic rush to entertain the masses. We started to see a huge number of shows that seemingly had nothing to do with history. And when the shows DID touch on historical matters, they often strayed into the territory of pseudo-science and bizarre conspiracy theories. Generally, the reputation of History Channel started to take a blow.

To understand our point, you only need look at some of the lowest-rated shows on this network. Almost everyone agrees that they were mediocre at best… Completely unwatchable at the very worst. We’re talking about gems like Swamp People, Search For The Lost Giants, Big Shrimpin’, and many others. Sure, these shows are entertaining. And if you love them, who are we to argue? But at the end of the day, the critics have spoken. These are the lowest-rated shows in the history of the History Channel, and to be honest, they probably deserve their low IMDB scores…

20 Ice Road Truckers (6.4)

Ice Road Truckers is actually quite popular. Some would even consider it to be one of History Channel’s best shows… But the ratings don’t lie… Critics aren’t exactly fond of this program. The average TV watcher isn’t a huge fan either. Some people have described this show in less than ideal terms, stating that “it’s about as exciting as watching someone drive to the supermarket.” And that’s what Ice Road Truckers is all about.

This show is about people driving trucks, and that’s pretty much it. Yes, it’s shot in Canada where there are some pretty icy roads. But for the most part, you shouldn’t expect to witness anything too spectacular when you watch this show.

19 Swamp People (6.5)

The History Channel is definitely no stranger to reality shows these days. But for whatever reason, their reality shows just keep getting stranger and stranger. Case and point: Swamp People. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like – a show about people who live in swamps. The show focuses on a few families and follows their activities, which frequently involve roping and shooting alligators.

This show is probably popular because people are interested in the so-called “hillbilly” culture and lifestyle. With a rating of 6.5 on IMDB, it’s not exactly a complete disaster. But many people have started to grow tired of this show, especially as the seasons drag on and on. It’s been going since 2010, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

18 Treasures Decoded (6.6)

Treasures Decoded was a show that obviously took inspiration from the success of Ancient Aliens. Although the shows are slightly different, they appeal to the same audience – those that want to explore different possibilities of humanity’s history and origins. Airing in 2012, Treasures Decoded took full advantage of the “Nibiru,” “Annunaki” and Mayan Doomsday obsessions that were rampant at that time.

It’s exactly what you would expect from a History Channel show these days. A little bit of historical fact sprinkled with ample conspiracy theories and strange myths for good measure. Honestly, it’s not a particularly bad show, but it does have one of the lowest IMDB ratings, with 6.6.

17 Brothers In Arms (6.2)

Brothers In Arms is a relatively new addition to History Channel’s lineup, and it focuses on military history from the perspective of two military experts. The show follows Rocco and Eli as they try to start up their own store for military enthusiasts. Even though it just started in 2018, it’s already getting some pretty negative feedback – at least on IMBD.

The score of 6.2 is explained by a number of disappointed critics. Many people have pointed out that 20 years combined between two people doesn’t really count as “expert” knowledge. They’re also not happy with the number of inaccuracies within this show, such as referring to an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) as a tank. At the end of the day, this show was obviously intended to appeal to gun enthusiasts… The problem is that most gun enthusiasts seem to know more than these guys.

16 The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man (6.2)

If you’ve seen Swamp People and you crave even more swampy goodness, there’s always The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man to keep you entertained. This show actually gets pretty positive reviews on IMDB. For whatever reason, some people absolutely love this guy and his life, and they’re not afraid to share it. That would explain why Shelby gets a pretty mediocre score overall on IMDB.

But there are definitely those who absolutely hate The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man. They point out that he’s one of the worst role models imaginable, and that no child should ever watch this show. They also state that Shelby’s lifestyle is a “disaster waiting to happen,” referencing his frightening lack of gun safety or proper boating protocol.

15 Search For The Lost Giants (6.1)

Did giants ever really exist? A normal person would look at the evidence, consider the possibility for a moment, and then immediately dismiss the entire idea. Not these guys. Jim and Bill Viera are on a quest to find real, concrete evidence of giant bones which are apparently scattered around the globe. Do they ever find any bones? Of course not. But hey, it makes for great television.

Or does it? Search For Lost Giants is definitely one of the lowest rated shows on the History Channel – at least according to IMDB. The disappointment stemming from user reviews was always inevitable. After all, these guys were clearly never going to find real giant bones. If they had, it would have been all over the news.

14 Big Shrimpin’ (6.1)

With a name like Big Shrimpin’, it was hard to take this one seriously from the very beginning. And with a rating of 6.1 on IMDB, it seems like this show never really won too many people over. One of the most common complaints about this show is the fact that the Cajun dialect is extremely hard to understand. Even with the added subtitles, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.

Luckily, there actually isn’t a whole lot going on in this show, with many describing it as a “snooze festival.” So while it’s easy to follow along, it’s not exactly thrilling television. We’re talking about shrimp fishing, after all.

13 Marked – 6.0

Marked is another interesting addition to the History Channel – although we’re not quite sure why it’s on this network. It’s a show about tattoos, which will definitely interest a lot of people out there. Some of the most negative reviews point out the fact that the subject matter is not suitable for children – especially the episodes which focus on gang-related tattoos. For example, there’s an entire episode focuses on the admittedly beautiful tattoo culture of the Yakuza.

Once again, this isn’t necessarily a bad show. It just didn’t really blow too many people away, and there was only ever a few episodes published in this mini-series.

12 We’re The Fugawis (5.9)

Now we’re getting into the territory of five out of ten ratings, and these shows definitely show a notable dip in quality. We’re The Fugawis left a lot of people confused. What was this show intended to be? The premise is simple – it’s a reality show focused on a completely obscure motorcycle club. And the show definitely tried to be comedic in nature.

But at the end of the day, people weren’t really sure how to react. The jokes weren’t actually that funny, according to many critics. Others used stronger language, describing this entire show as “tasteless.” The whole thing seems to be some kind of parody, and many people were left unimpressed.

11 Mega Movers (5.7)

In theory, Mega Movers sounds like a really cool show. Tune in, and you’ll see massive superstructures being transported across land, sea, and air with impossibly advanced technology. But in reality, the show never really excited us. After all, watching large structures being moved around isn’t actually as thrilling as you might think. Often, these structures are being moved incredibly slowly.

In the end, we’re forced to ask ourselves, “Why make a show about this?” Many of the reviews simply describe the show as “Okay.” And in many ways, that one simple word completely sums up Mega Movers. In the end, the rating of 5.7 is probably well-deserved.

10 Ax Men (5.5)

Ax Men is actually one of the more high profile shows on History Channel. It still has nothing to do with history, but a lot of people tuned in, and a lot of people have their own opinions about this show. Some people love it – but judging by the IMDB rating of 5.5, it’s safe to say that these people are in the minority.

Many people complain that the show seems rehearsed or choreographed. Experienced loggers state that it’s incredibly unrealistic, and that “none of these guys would last a day on a real logging site.” And of course, there are those who criticize its glorification of natural destruction. This show stopped airing back in 2016.

9 Outback Hunters (5.3)

As the Huffington Post notes, this show seems to be the Australian equivalent of Swamp People. It’s a bunch of random people shooting and harpooning giant crocodiles. Same premise, different side of the globe. Not many people are crazy about this show, and that should be obvious judging by its rather low score of 5.3 on IMDB.

Many critics point out the complete lack of safety in the show, and the fact that it’s the “same old croc stuff.” It only went for one season, back in 2012. But hey, if you’re still not bored of wild swamp mayhem, then this show might just be for you.

8 Sliced (5.2)

There’s no denying that human beings are obsessed with seeing things destroyed. Well, the History Channel decided to make that entire concept into a show. It’s called Sliced. The premise is simple – the host of the show spends his time destroying various objects – usually by slicing them in half. Why would he destroy objects in this manner? The vague excuse offered is that he’s “trying to figure out how they work.”

One example is when he sliced a car in half. One critic could pointed out that he could have experienced the same thing by merely opening the car’s doors. Other critics point out there’s something wrong when we’re slicing apart perfectly good cars and other objects for entertainment. There are plenty of people in this world who do not have access to cars.

7 Invention USA (5.2)

Right from the get go, it’s clear that this particular show was intended to follow in the mold of Mythbusters and related programs. You’ve got all the necessary ingredients. Slightly punk looking scientists and engineering experts, the general feel of a reality show, and tons of inventions to talk about.

But with a rating of 5.2 on IMDB, something clearly went wrong. It’s actually hard to find any reviews on this show – which is generally a bad sign. No reviews means that no one is watching it, and those that DID leave a review didn’t even bother to explain their reasoning. Invention USA only lasted for a couple seasons, and we’re not sure anyone even noticed it was gone.

6 Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar (5.2)

The mystery of the Knights Templar? The search for missing treasure? Pirates?! Sign us up. At least, that’s what the majority of History Channel fans thought before they saw this thing. According to its IMDB rating, this show was a bit of flop when all was said and done. With a score of just 5.2, it’s one of the lowest-rated shows in the network’s history.

So why the negative reception? According to most of the user reviews, this one was absolutely filled with fake history and pseudo science. In many cases, they didn’t even run tests on the artifacts they had found. According to critics, they failed to run these tests because they wanted to “invent” their own version of history.

5 Revelation: The End Of Days (5.1)

Nothing like a bit of fire and brimstone to stir up the masses. People have been obsessed with doomsday prophecies for thousands of years, and it seems like History Channel is pushing this trend hard. Or at least they tried with shows like Revelation: The End Of Days. It’s described as a “combination” of a documentary and a fictional account of biblical rapture. With a rating of 5.1, audiences weren’t exactly thrilled. So what did they have to say about this show? Many people compared this show to series like Ancient Aliens and other famously inaccurate shows from History Channel. But at the end of the day, most critics just thought it was a bad mini-series.

4 Nor’ Easter Men (4.8)

Nor’ Easter Men is basically another fishing show like Deadliest Catch. But this show never reached the fame and glory of its inspiration, and it now has a low score of 4.8 on IMDB. So what’s this show about? Basically, we follow groups of fishermen based out of Gloucester, New Bedford, and Portland. The critics accuse this show of the obvious – cashing in on the success of Deadliest Catch. But in all honesty, the show never really got very far, and with just three episodes, there was hardly enough time to write a check – let alone cash it. All in all, this show probably received such a negative reception because it got canceled, and it just wasn’t very interesting.

3 Chasing Mummies (4.6)

Zahi Hawass is a massive name in the world of Egyptology, and somewhere along the line History Channel decided to give him his own show. Was this a good idea? Maybe. But the fact remains – Chasing Mummies is one of History Channel’s lowest rated shows of all time, with a score of just 4.6. Once again, it seems like the History Channel focused on creating a fun reality show rather than educating people about history.

Some people might enjoy the scripted nature of this reality show. The majority of critics obviously didn’t see it that way. They accuse the show of focusing on Hawass’ life, rather than the actual process of Egyptology itself.

2 Billion Dollar Wreck (4.6)

A shipwreck filled with treasure should be lots of fun. It should be engrossing, captivating and awe-inspiring. History Channel’s Billion Dollar Wreck seems to be none of those things, and that’s why it fails. With a score of 4.6, it’s almost rock-bottom in terms of IMDB’s rating system. This show is about a guy who is searching for hidden treasure in sunken shipwreck.

The reviews make it painfully clear why this show is rated so poorly. In the words of one critic, “Nothing ever happens.” You tune in hoping that someone will eventually find treasure, but it just seems to drag on and on. It’s a shame, because the premise has so much promise.

1 Blood Money (4.1)

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Elliot Figueira

The Secret History Of Nickelodeon Cartoons

Nickelodeon is the home of some of the biggest cartoons of the last few decades, but they have a long and strange history before then. Since the 1990s, Nickelodeon has become synonymous with their large variety of Nicktoons content. There were early successes like Rugrats and current ones in The Loud House, but the network was a far cry from this content in the years before.

The channel first launched at the end of 1977 under the name of Pinwheel and was created by Warner Cable. The rebranding and true rollout of Nickelodeon came two years later in 1979, which announced the channel as a home for kids-oriented content. This has largely been seen through their Nicktoons, most notably with the incredible popularity of SpongeBob Squarepants. But, before Nickelodeon could rise to these heights, they were distributing surprising and non-original content.

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Screen Rant’s newest video takes a look at the decades long history of Nickelodeon. They are most known for their animated content today, but the early years of Nick featured plenty of live-action content. When they did make the transition to more animated content too, the creativity was being acquired and not coming from in-house. Check out the full breakdown of their history in the video featured at the top of this post.

Even though Nickelodeon did have this strange start considering what they’ve become, there was some learning lessons along the way. The most notable was the inspiration they received from a holiday special to create Rugrats. The baby-focused show was one of the first three shows that launched Nickelodeon to becoming what it has today. Rugrats was not alone in helping make this transition, as Doug and The Ren & Stimpy Show all debuted on the same day in 1991, but it did last the longest of the three.

Once this new wave of Nickelodeon was established, they continued to roll out animated hits. There were late 1990s sensations like Hey Arnold!The Angry BeaversCatDogThe Wild Thornberrys, and Rocket Power, but none lasted beyond 2004. From there, they rolled out new shows like Invader ZimThe Fairly OddParentsThe Adventures of of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The lone series that’s still continuing to this day is SpongeBob Squarepants, which helps round out Nickelodeon’s current lineup of original animated programming. It’s no debate that Nickelodeon has now clearly discovered the path to success since the 1990s, and thankfully they were able to do so after where they began.

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The Most Hated Professors In The History Of Hogwarts, Ranked

One wonders how Hogwarts is able to stay open considering the amount of secrets, double crossing, and nose-less people (Voldemort) attacking the school on a yearly basis. What’s even crazier is that half of the school’s professors are normally responsible for a lot of the bad things that go down at Hogwarts. The Harry Potter franchise deals with a lot of suspicious teachers. However, Hogwarts has an entire history of bad professors that predate Harry’s time.

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Not only have there been faculty members that are poor at teaching, but there’s also professors that were responsible for helping Voldemort’s rise to power. Check out the list to see the worst professors in Hogwarts history!

10 Gilderoy Lockhart

Choosing to take on the role as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor seems masochistic. Everyone knows it doesn’t end well. Gilderoy Lockhart is a teacher at Hogwarts during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Interestingly, Lockhart is already a bit of a celebrity by the time he gets to the school. Lockhart is famous for writing numerous books that claim he has battled the world’s more fearsome beasts. Although Lockhart tries to put up an overly confident facade, the students at Hogwarts quickly learn that he’s a fraud.

Every time Lockhart must actually face a monster, he ends up losing. It turns out that Lockhart has been using a mind erasing spell on anyone who had discovered his secret. No matter how deceiving Lockhart can be, he still gets points for proudly proclaiming that his favorite color is lilac.

9 Professor Binns

If a ghost wants to be a teacher, does one pay him in fake money or just let him teach because saying no to a ghost would be scary? Either way, Professor Binns is a ghost that teaches the History of Magic. Maybe it’s unfair to say the kids at Hogwarts hate Binns. However, students dread taking his class due to the fact that he’s so boring. Binns is infamous for droning on about non-sensical historical facts.

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Furthermore, Binns shows very little interest in his students and tends to forget all of their names. The guy’s also zero fun. Hermione asks him about the Chamber of Secrets and he shuts her down. He tells basically tells her “Shut up. Myths are lame and so are you.” Binns doesn’t quit say that, but he does in fact tell her that he doesn’t believe in the Chamber of Secrets.

8 Armando Dippet

It must be a prerequisite for the Hogwarts Head Master to have a gorgeous beard. This bearded silver fox in question is Armando Dippet. He had been the Hogwarts Head Master before Dumbledore took over. There was nothing inherently evil about Dippet, but he chose to neglect the obvious signs of Tom Riddle’s evil nature.

In fact, Dippet ignored all of the rumors that Tom Riddle was re-opening the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle’s actions lead to a few deaths including none other than Myrtle Warren. Although Dippet is not remembered for being a malicious person, he is known for being someone who could have tried to stop Tom Riddle’s early rise to power.

7 Severus Snape

Snape has a serious case of resting witch face. On the surface, it’s easy to see what nobody wants Snape as their potions teacher. The guy will assign detention to anyone who so much as breathes. Also, it doesn’t help that Snape takes out his own aggression on the students. It’s not their fault that he never gets to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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However, we do hope that every single student ultimately learned about Snape’s true intentions to protect Harry and hated themselves afterward. Alright, maybe that’s a bit harsh. The point is that Snape rules even though he’s kind of a mood killer.

6 Horace Slughorn

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Transformers action figure where Slughorn turned into an arm chair? This professor has an odd teaching history at Hogwarts. Slughorn had taught potions for many years until realizing that one of his former students, Tom Riddle, was actually Voldemort. Subsequently, he retires and goes into hiding. Dumbledore eventually pulls Slughorn out of retirement once Harry arrives at the school.

Slughorn seems to be a passive man, but he actually conceals a terrible secret. It turns out that Slughorn is the one who accidentally told Voldemort how a person becomes immortal. Slughorn had selfishly been hiding all those years to escape his own guilt. What’s cool is that that Slughorn redeems himself by fighting alongside Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts.

5 Quirnus Quirrell

Has anyone ever wondered what Voldemort would do all day while he was hiding underneath Quirrell’s turban? Quirrell’s backstory is pretty vague. Apparently he’s a half-blood. Should’ve known! What we do know is that Quirrell was the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor during Harry’s first year. Initially, students seemed more so annoyed by Quirrell. A Defense Against the Dark Arts professor being scared of a troll seems fishy. We get why nobody likes Quirrell by the end of Sorcerer’s Stone. The guy shares a face with you know who for crying out loud.

4 Barty Crouch Jr.

Anyone who compulsively wiggles their tongue around like some sort of British snake-man is probably up to no good. Barty (Bartemius to the ladies) Crouch Jr. takes a potion in order to look like an auror (wizard police) named Alastor Moody. The reason why Barty poses as Moody is so that he can pretend to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

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Barty tries and ultimately fails to kill Harry during the events of Goblet of Fire. It turns out that Barty is both a death eater and the son of a famous auror. Barty is just another example of someone giving the Defense Against the Dark Arts a bad name.

3 Amycus and Alecto Carrow

The Carrow siblings look like the tethered (ten points for making a relevant Us quote) versions of the Weasleys.  These two became prominent once Voldemort’s death eaters took over Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows. Amycus becomes professor of the dark arts while Alecto teaches muggle studies. Rumors quickly go around that Alecto loves to torture all of the students who defy her orders.

Imagine Umbrige’s wrath, but divided amongst two people. It also doesn’t help that The Carrows are straight up cowards. They ran away and abandoned Voldemort during his first defeat in the early eighties. Isn’t it weird to imagine Voldemort in an eighties acid wash jean jacket? The point is that The Carrows are garbage people.

2 Salazar Slytherin

Rumor has it that J.K. Rowling nearly used a Panda Bear as the animal to represent House Slytherin. However, using a snake somehow ended up making more sense for a name like Salazar Slytherin. Joking aside, Salazar is one of the founding members of Hogwarts and is pretty much an all around bad guy. If a person didn’t know any better, they’d think he’s almost the exact same person as Voldemort.

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Salazar had been a huge advocate for the separation between muggles and wizards. In fact, Salazar desired to wipe out muggles and muggle born wizards alike. Since none of the other professors agreed with Salazar’s radical ideas, he created the Chamber of Secrets and leaves the school. Let’s not forget that the Chamber of Secrets contained a basilisk (giant snake) that was meant to kill anyone Salazar viewed as inferior. We’re not so sure how well that plan ended up working out since it only took a twelve year old boy to kill the snake.

1 Dolores Umbridge

Before Split introduced the world to Patricia, there was Dolores Umbridge. The pink cardigan wearing witch is sent by Ministry of Magic during Harry’s fifth school year in an effort to regain control of Hogwarts. Things immediately go South. Umbridge becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but never teaches any of the students how to actually protect themselves. Moreover, Umbridge begins to implement so many rules within the school that everything starts to seem like a dictatorship.

Perhaps the worst aspect of Umbridge’s reign is that she is physically abusive towards the students. This insane woman makes the kids carve up their own hands. Who can forget that she also attempts to run Dumbledore and Trelawney out of Hogwarts? Thankfully, Umbridge ended up in Azkaban Prison. Hopefully that’s where she will stay the rest of her life.

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Law & Order: SVU Renewed For Season 21 At NBC, Making TV History

NBC renews Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for season 21, making TV history in the process. Created by Dick Wolf, the NBC crime drama stars Mariska Hargitay as Lieutenant Olivia Benson. To date, Hargitay has won both a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for her lead performance. 

In 1990, Wolf debuted the NBC series Law & Order, which ultimately aired for 20 seasons through May 2010. Based on the series’ success, NBC ordered a spin-off, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which premiered in 1999. The series follows detectives from New York City’s 16th precinct who investigate sexually-based offenses. For the first 12 seasons, Christopher Meloni co-starred as Detective Elliot Stabler, but left the show in 2011. Since then, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has continued its “ripped from the headlines” approach, with Hargitay staying on board for the entire run. In September 2018, NBC premiered Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 20, and the latest 22-episode installment is scheduled to conclude in May. 

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Per Deadline, NBC has renewed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for season 21, marking a significant moment in television history. Not only has Law & Order: Special Victims Unit surpassed Gunsmoke and Law & Order as the longest-running live-action primetime series, but Hargitay’s Olivia Benson is now the longest-running character for the same category. Previously, Kelsey Grammer’s titular Frasier character survived 20 seasons, along with the characters portrayed by Gunsmoke’s Milburn Stone and James Arness. Currently, Hargitay has starred in 458 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Hargitay is the daughter of actress and model Jayne Mansfield. In 1967, the blossoming American icon was killed in a car accident at age 34. Hargitay’s father is actor Mickey Hargitay, who made four movies with his late wife and later made a cameo as “Grandfather” in a 2013 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit entitled “Control.” Before landing her famous role, Mariska Hargitay starred on the CBS soap opera Falcon Crest in 1988, and also had a main role in the network’s short-lived series Tequila and Bonetti. Hargitay returned to CBS again for a lead role in the sitcom Can’t Hurry Love, and ultimately landed a career-changing role on NBC’s medical drama ER. In the series’ fourth season, she portrayed desk clerk Cynthia Cooper in 13 episodes. 

Given how much the world has changed since the original Law & Order premiered, the franchise has become especially relevant given its willingness to address current news stories. Furthermore, Hargitay’s Olivia Benson is one of primetime television’s most endearing yet tough characters, and fans can easily identify with her journey and conflict. Plus, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit isn’t merely a nostalgic show for NBC to keep around, as the series has reportedly won its new Thursday 10pm time slot among regular dramas in the key 18-49 demo.

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10 Best Royal Rumbles In WWE History

The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting pay-per-views of the wrestling year. With the anticipation of a WrestleMania main event, the surprise of an unexpected return, and the natural drama that’s in sport’s entertainment’s DNA, WWE’s annual “The Floor is Lava” game is worthy of all the hype it receives — even when we don’t get what we want. Yet, more often than not, the fans go home happy, even if their guy didn’t go all the way, and that’s because overall, it’s a fun gimmick.

So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Royal Rumble Matches in WWE History.

10 Royal Rumble 1999

In the late 1990s, there was nothing better than seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin beat up Vince McMahon, and that’s exactly what the fans got. With a final five of The Big Boss Man, Owen Hart, D’Lo Brown, McMahon, and the Texas Rattlesnake, Austin looked to be on his way to a third straight Rumble win. Once the dust settled, it was just McMahon and Austin left. The top dog in the WWE beat up the Chairman of the Board for some time but after some interference by the hands of The Rock, McMahon dumped Austin over the top rope and declared himself the winner.

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9 Royal Rumble 2008

After being sidelined with a torn pectoral in October 2007, it looked like John Cena would miss a year of action. The Face that Runs the Place is no ordinary man, however, and by January 2008, he was back and ready to go.

He made his return at the number 30 spot, and the arena went crazy. Cena rode that momentum all the way to victory as he threw Triple H over the top rope in what was one of the most memorable finishes to a Royal Rumble match ever.

8 Royal Rumble 1995

It’s hard to argue that Shawn Michaels is one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots, and this pay-per-view proved why. Starting the match at number one, Michaels gave a memorable 38-minute performance and provided one of the most iconic and recycled moments in the event’s history where he was inches away from being eliminated as he dangled from the ropes. While most of the actual pay-per-view itself is rather skippable, this match makes the whole ordeal worthwhile.

7 Royal Rumble 2018

Following a string of poorly received Rumbles, WWE had an obvious choice to send the fans home happy. With AJ Styles as the long-term champion on SmackDown Live, it only made sense to pull the trigger on the much-anticipated match against the King of Strongstyle at WrestleMania. Yet, while the outcome was cathartic, the match itself was actually really enjoyable.

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Instead of being treated to the typical surprise legend appearances (outside of a very agile Mysterio), we were given a straight-up competition that felt fresh and exciting. With Finn Balor playing the role of the underdog “Iron Man”, Roman Reigns as the odds-on favorite, and John Cena as a wild card, it felt like anything could happen. That’s all without mentioning a truly amazing standoff between the old guard of Cena, Randy Orton, and Mysterio and the new with Balor Reigns, and Nakamura.

6 Royal Rumble 2007

This is one of those Rumbles where it was very unremarkable until the final four took shape. When the dust settled, we were given Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker.

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Once HBK dealt with the one-time Rated RKO stablemates, he set his sights on his oldest adversary. The two battled it out in yet another classic, with Undertaker getting the win. Sometimes, the finale can completely alter how we view one of these matches, and 2007 proved just that.

5 Royal Rumble 1997

Fans remember this match for two reasons. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s win in the event’s history and it featured one weird moment with Mil Mascaras — that luchadore who never wrestled for WWE before who eliminated himself with a top-rope dive out of the ring.

Aside from that, the match’s finish was booked perfectly. Austin, who spent 45 minutes in the competing, snuck away with the win after he was technically eliminated seconds before by Bret Hart, setting up the perfect feud for WrestleMania 13.

4 Women’s Royal Rumble 2019

The 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble match was amazing for several reasons. Instead of relying on some nostalgia like the year prior, we were given some real drama throughout the whole bout with the possibility of Becky Lynch looming over the entire ordeal. The women’s division put on one entertaining fight, but once The Man arrived, things were shaken to its core.

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In the storyline, she shouldn’t have been there — she lost a rematch for the SmackDown Live Women’s title earlier in the night — but that didn’t stop her from making her own rules as she goes. Once she won, the crowd went insane, and for the first time ever, it felt like a women’s match will close the show at WrestleMania. While the groundwork was laid well before this match, this was the catalyst that possibly set a history-making moment into motion.

3 Royal Rumble 2005

Let us set the stage. It’s 2005, the two biggest names on SmackDown and Raw are Batista (representing the Red Brand) and John Cena (a product of the Blue Show). They are the final two competitors. Anyone could win, really, so fans can only guess what will happen next, though nobody could see this coming.

Batista picks Cena up with the intent of throwing him out of the ring, but somehow falls and both wrestlers are eliminated at the same time. An irate Vince McMahon storms to the ring as the wrestlers and referees try to figure out what to do next, but as the owner of the company slides into the ring, he tears a quad. Somehow, he tears his other one shortly after. Now, we have the two wrestlers unaware of what will happen next getting yelled at by McMahon who is sitting in the ring because he’s physically unable to stand.

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The match eventually restarted, and Batista won, but that’s not why this was ranked so high on this list.

2 Royal Rumble 2006

Following the death of Eddie Guerrero in 2005, the wrestling world lost an amazing talent beloved the world over, and while it was incredibly painful for fans to say goodbye, it opened the door for one of the company’s most underutilized stars at the time — Rey Mysterio. It was only logical to give the wrestler whose name was so closely tied to Guerrero’s his whole career this kind of a story, and it proved to be one of the most exciting pay-per-view events WWE put on.

Entering the Rumble at number two, the 5’6” Mysterio played the perfect underdog, eliminating the biggest names in the company — all in the name of Eddie Guerrero. When he finally won, fans could feel the genuine emotion oozing through the screen as the luchador went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a match against Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a short, but fun WrestleMania match.

1 Royal Rumble 1992

For the first time in history, a Rumble match would determine the winner of WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship and that added intrigue made for an interesting viewing experience. With a final four of Sid Justice, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair (who entered at number three for dramatic effect), there was no clear favorite to the average viewer. Yet it was the “Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun” who took home the gold.

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If that wasn’t enough to sell you on this event, there’s also an amazing post-match interview with Flair alongside Bobby Heenan, and Mr. Perfect that really makes the win feel that much more special. Everything about this match is well executed, and the added drama of it being a title match gave this Rumble a real “game-changing” feel, making the best Royal Rumble match in WWE history.

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Cody Orme

The History Of Westeros: The Essential Game Of Thrones Timeline

A Song Of Ice And Fire or, as the show is titled, Game Of Thrones, is a vast world with a very extensive history. The events George R.R. Martin has created are so detailed and go so far back that it’s sometimes hard to believe this isn’t a real world, and it makes us wonder exactly how he comes up with and remembers it all.

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Some of the history is extremely relevant to what’s happening in the world of Westeros right now, so if you’ve forgotten some of it or just never knew, take a look through this timeline compressed as much as possible. We sadly can’t note down every detail, or both the writer and reader would be here for years, but this is a good guide to the essentials!

8 Dawn Age (Beginning Around -12000 AC)

This was the beginning of Westeros; when the First Men arrived from Essos. The Children of the Forest were the first ones to live there, and it’s still unknown exactly how long they did live in Westeros for; but the First Men came and took over, crossing into the land that would eventually become Dorne.

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There was a war between the First Men and the Children of the Forest, although information has lately shown that they may actually have worked together more than they were at war. This age lasted more than 2,000 years, although much like most of the information from back then, the exact details are unknown.

7 Age Of Heroes (Beginning Around -1000 AC)

When the Dawn Age ended, the Age of Heroes commenced. There was a pact between the Children of the Forest and the First Men, although a lot of kingdoms rose and fell during this time since it took a while for a system to be clearly worked out and agreed to. Most of the noble houses’ history seems to begin during this time, and a lot of the structures we’re familiar with now were built — such as Winterfell, and even the Wall itself.

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It was mostly a peaceful era, but the longest and darkest winter Westeros has ever seen did belong to this time.

6 The Andals And The Seven Kingdoms (Exact Time Unknown)

The Andals crossed the Narrow Sea under the banner of the Faith of the Seven, the major religion known in Westeros at the time that the show and books take place. The First Men and Children of the Forest fought against them as they attempted to conquer Westeros much like the First Men had, and the war went on for centuries as the religion spread across the land and they began to raise their own kingdoms.

The details about this time period are fairly unknown, and it could have taken place any time between -8000 AC and -2000 AC. All we know for sure is that it was long before Aegon conquered.

5 Aegon’s Conquest (-2 AC-0 AC)

Aegon the Conqueror invaded Westeros around -2 AC and managed to overthrow most of the Seven Kingdoms pretty quickly, establishing his capital in King’s Landing. Using three dragons to secure his reign, he melted the weapons of his enemies after winning into the Iron Throne; the throne that would later be fought over fiercely. He appointed most of the noble families at the head of their regions after his victory, although Dorne successfully managed to defend their territory and remained independent.

This began the Targaryen Dynasty sitting on the Iron Throne, a family reign that would last 300 years.

4 The Targaryen Reign (1 AC – 282 AC)

The Targaryens began to rule over Westeros, but it was not an easy rule. With so many problems in the family—mainly due to the intermarrying and dragons at their disposal—there were plenty of wars (most notably, the Dance Of The Dragons, a civil war which involved a fight for the Iron Throne between Targaryens).

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The last Targaryen king to rule was Aerys II, who was perhaps the maddest of them all and would burn his enemies with wildfire. He intended to finish King’s Landing and all of its inhabitants by burning them alive and burning the city to ashes.

3 Robert’s Rebellion (282 AC – 283 AC)

Aerys had opposition in his plan from Robert’s Rebellion. Robert Baratheon claimed that the war was started over Aerys’ madness, when in reality he was jilted because his beloved ran away with Aerys’ son. Falsely claiming it was an abduction, he raised his banners against Aerys and the war that would later become known as Robert’s Rebellion won.

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Robert managed to slay Rhaegar Targaryen at the trident and Jaime Lannister slit Aerys’ throat, leaving the Iron Throne to be usurped by Robert. He placed himself on it, ensured there were no more Targaryens left to challenge him in Westeros, and so began the reign of House Baratheon on the throne.

2 Robert’s Reign (283 AC – 298 AC)

House Baratheon’s reign was a short one. For 15 years Robert ruled in relative peace, with the only Targaryens who could have possibly challenged him far away in Essos. He married Cersei Lannister and created three children with her, leaving an heir to the Iron Throne in the event of his passing.

The Lannister influence became extremely heavy over the throne with Cersei as queen, Jaime on the Kingsguard, and Tywin Lannister very close — the most dangerous of all of House Lannister. Upon Jon Arryn’s death, however, Robert Baratheon decided to ask Ned Stark to be his Hand, a friend he could trust and one starkly different from the Lannisters.

1 A Song Of Ice And Fire (298 AC)

The books and/or show pick up with Robert traveling North to ask Ned, and we’ve all seen the rest. The discovery that Joffrey isn’t truly Robert’s son, Robert’s so-called hunting accident engineered by his wife, and all that followed. The Iron Throne has cycled through to the Lannisters now, and an even greater threat looms from the North, leaving some people to wonder if the fight for the throne even matters any more.

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It’s become fairly clear that however Westeros ends, it will be a changed system; the Iron Throne has had so many monarchs sat on it that yet another simply wouldn’t be a satisfying ending. Maybe it’ll be melted down, maybe it won’t exist at all after the White Walkers reach it. We’ll see.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us – Lobo History Trailer

The interstellar bounty hounter, Lobo, faces off against the rest of the DC Universe in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Injustice: Gods Among Us on GameTrailers:

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360

ESRB Content Rating: “T”
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