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The Office is known for many things including its famous holiday episodes. Most of these had Dunder Mifflin’s employees celebrating the true meaning of Christmas through participation in some sort of dysfunctional holiday party. Let’s also not forget that one Season 7 episode that nodded Thanksgiving.

We’re here to see how every holiday episode of The Office stacks up, so get ready for one wild sleigh ride through Scranton: here is a ranking of The Office‘s most festive episodes.

8 (S7E9)

We’re kicking it off with an honorable mention: The Office’s unofficial Thanksgiving episode. follows Ryan’s attempt to get his co-workers invested in his internet company. While Thanksgiving isn’t the main theme of the episode, it first aired near the autumn holiday, and Dwight turns the office parking lot into a hay bale festival.

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Thanksgiving is mentioned once during a chat between the senator and Angela. Even if it’s not a true Turkey Day episode, it’s the closest thing we’ll get.

7 Christmas Wishes (S8, E10)

“Christmas Wishes” sees Andy attempting to make everyone’s Christmas dreams become a reality. However, after introducing the gang to his new girlfriend Jessica, Erin becomes upset and drinks too much at the Christmas party. Robert California similarly mourns his divorce, and Andy becomes concerned about the pair bonding over their frustrations.

Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim are told by Andy that if they pull any more pranks on each other, they’ll lose their Christmas bonuses. Wanting to end up with twice as much as cash, they continuously frame each other by pranking themselves.

While “Christmas Wishes” is funny, it’s nothing outstanding and lacks some of the charm in earlier episodes.

6 Moroccan Christmas (S5E11)

“Moroccan Christmas” sees Phyllis throwing the annual holiday bash instead of Angela for the first time as the new head of the Party Planning Committee. She blackmails Angela into doing what she wants, holding Angela’s affair with Dwight over her head.

Meanwhile, Meredith gets drunk and sets her hair on fire at the party, which leads Michael to stage an intervention for her alcoholism and trick her into entering a rehab center. The last storyline has Dwight buying out the most-wished-for doll of the season, “Princess Unicorn,” so he can up-sell the toy for a profit.

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While some criticized the Michael-Meredith and Angela-Phyllis plots for feeling out of character, the episode is full of fresh humor when considered on its own.

5 Dwight Christmas (S9E9)

When the party planning committee doesn’t come through with their annual Christmas bash, Dwight gathers everyone around to celebrate a traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. He dresses up as the gift-bringer Belsnickel, who determines if Dunder Mifflin’s employees are impish or admirable: the equivalent of Santa’s naughty or nice.

The episode’s side plot sees Pete teaching Erin about his favorite film, Die Hard.

“Dwight Christmas” provided lots of laughs, returning with a feel more similar to earlier Office Christmas episodes. Rainn Wilson’s acting is also spot-on in this one.

4 Classy Christmas (S7E11/12)

This two-part Christmas collective saw Michael throwing a classy holiday party to celebrate Holly’s return to Dunder Mifflin. He believes that she will be single again, even though the last time he saw her, she was dating A.J. When she shows up and is still in a relationship, Michael decides to vandalize her Toy Story Woody doll and frame Toby.

Other storylines in the episodes include Darryl growing concerned that his daughter doesn’t want to spend the holidays with him and Dwight challenging Jim to an intense snowball fight.

“Classy Christmas” is all around funny and memorable, as it continues Micahel’s quest for love while containing gags familiar to the holiday-themed episodes before it.

3 A Benihana Christmas (S3E10)

“A Benihana Christmas” saw Pam and Karen teaming up to compete against Angela’s holiday party after they tire of her bossy antics.

Additionally, Michael’s girlfriend Carol breaks up with him after he sends her a family picture card with his head photoshopped over that of her ex-husband. This leads him to go to a Benihana restaurant, at which he and Andy meet waitress they bring to the holiday parties. Unfortunately for Michael, he gets the two girls confused and finds himself trying to figure out who is whom during the festivities.

The two-part episode is filled with the kind of conflict that’s so uncomfortable you can’t help but laugh. Jim’s two romantic partners scheming alongside each other additionally adds a fascinating and funny dynamic to the mix.

2 Secret Santa (S6E13)

In “Secret Santa,” Michael becomes upset when Phyllis walks in as Santa Clause because he’s used to dressing up as the big guy. In spite, he tries to out-do her by dressing up as Jesus. When Jim puts an end to his antics, Michael calls CFO David Wallace and learns that everyone might lose their jobs: news he uses to take back control of the Christmas party.

Pam meanwhile tries to push Oscar and the new warehouse worker into a relationship, and Dwight tries to determine what the mysterious pieces he’s receiving in the mail will build. Additionally, Erin asks her Secret Santa (Andy) to stop sending her actual “Twelve Days of Christmas” gifts after she gets attacked by the live birds.

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The episode features a ton of incredible one-liners and the cast’s various conquests kept it going strong.

1 Christmas Party (S2E10)

Topping off the list is the inaugural “Christmas Party” episode, in which Michael changes “Secret Santa” into a more competitive white elephant gift exchange. This causes all sorts of problems, with Dwight ending up with a teapot Jim filled with memorabilia for Pam — Ryan ending up with a flowery nameplate that says “Kelly” — and Pam ending up with the iPod Michael had originally intended for Ryan.

While most of the office is upset by the results, Michael decides to lighten the mood by breaking the company’s policy on alcohol and turning things up. In the end, Pam decides to trade with Dwight, ending up with teapot Jim had bought her.

While the dry jokes made this episode hilarious, the sweet twist ending makes it just as heartwarming as it is funny.

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Brooke Bajgrowicz

10 Best Holiday Movies Streaming On Netflix

The Princess Switch Vanessa Hudgens Netflix Christmas movies

Holiday vacations start next week, which means the time for lounging around in sweatpants and overeating is upon us. Of course, holiday relaxation wouldn’t be complete without a good crop of favorite flicks, and lucky for us, Netflix has them in spades. But how do you know which to watch?

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With so many Christmas films on the streaming giant, it’s easy to get lost in the search. Pretty soon, you’ve wasted an hour scrolling and it’s time for a 14-hour nap/cookie-binge. Well, we’re here to prevent that from happening. Ditch your work clothes and put some more rum in that eggnog, movie fans, here are the 10 Best Holiday Movies Streaming On Netflix.

10. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince Netflix Christmas movies

This film isn’t just a Netflix special, it was a phenomenon. According to Netflix’s Twitter, over fifty people watched A Christmas Prince every day for 18 straight days. Combined, those folks watched over 1,400 hours of A Christmas Prince, which is probably longer than it took to make the movie. Though we don’t recommend you do that, we do recommend you check out this movie, especially if you love the royals or are into iZombie. That’s right, Rose McIver AKA Liv Moore is the lead in this film, and she does an absolutely charming job. Besides, you need to watch this film if you’re going to check out this year’s sequel, A Christmas Prince 2: Royal Wedding. Could this movie have started an all-new cinematic franchise? Maybe not, but the views it’s earned sure aren’t Mortal Engines numbers.

9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Before you check out the new animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s classic Christmas tale, revisit the live-action adaptation of the old animated adaptation. In a prosthetic suit that’s worthy of Shape of Water, Jim Carrey brings his signature wild comedy to the classic Christmas villain of the Grinch. Known for its wonky visuals and lasting soundtrack (I heard “Where Are You Christmas” on the radio yesterday), this modern Christmas classic is great for its original fans or newcomers out of the Benedict Cumberbatch film. Just get ready for a momentary cringe when you remember who played the Mayor of Whoville.

8. The BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

Bojack Horseman

As any fan of the series knows, BoJack Horseman perfectly spoofs family sitcoms from the 90s. The Christmas Special is no exception, hilariously picking apart the holiday-themed episodes of Full House, Saved By the Bell, etc. While you watch the festive episode of BoJack’s show, Horsin’ Around, you also get snippets of Todd and BoJack hanging out in the modern day. They provide commentary, banter, and of course, plenty of cynicism. That said, this is actually a pretty warm addition to the BoJack Horseman canon. For a show that’s usually just under fully depressed, this special ends on a light note, even if just for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Don’t worry though, BoJack fans. Season Four comes just after this and clears that right up.

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7. Bad Santa

Not every Christmas flick has to be G-rated. For example, Bad Santa is about as far from that as can be. It’s a raunchy, profane Christmas comedy about a guy who absolutely does not deserve to wear the suit. Legendary comedic actor Bernie Mac brings his trademark brand of off-the-wall humor to the film, and it’s fun to watch him alongside Billy Bob Thornton. Especially if you’ve seen Thornton’s latest work, like Fargo and Goliath. Turn this movie on if you’re not easily offended, sick of holiday innocence, or just want an adult comedy with a tinsel tinge. Just make sure the kids are in bed first.

6. Fireplace for Your Home

Fireplace For Your Home Netflix Christmas movie

This entry’s a little bit different, because it doesn’t focus on just one film. No, Fireplace for Your Home is, in fact, a series. We begin with the original Fireplace for Your Home. Next, you’ve got the Classic edition, which is a slightly brighter, more traditional view of a fireplace. For the discerning lumber connoisseur, Netflix also offers the Birchwood edition of its fireplace, still guaranteeing the finest in simulated warmth. Finally, Netflix released a fireplace set in the universe of their original film Bright, featuring a mystic fire, magic faeries, and hints at a seedy fantasy underworld. So don’t be too bummed about Daredevil, TV fans. Netflix is still on top when it comes to quality streaming franchises, and Fireplace is proof.

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5. The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell The Christmas Chronicles Netflix Christmas Movies

If you prefer your Santas round, this might not be for you. But, if you’re down for a silver-fox Santa that just happens to look like a Living Planet, give this one a shot. The Christmas Chronicles is kind of a Santa Clause for a modern audience. It provides an inside peek at the inner workings of North Pole magic by sticking Santa in the real world, leaving him to get himself out of a very human problem. Like any good Santa movie, this film is about the power of belief. Its main characters overcome obstacles by finding hope where it seems to be missing. This film might not feature the version of Santa you’ve grown up with, but it’s a great addition to the Santa genre. And after watching Kurt Russel have so much fun in the role, you might find yourself wanting to believe in this version anyway.

4. The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch Vanessa Hudgens Netflix Christmas movies

Christmas is a time for cheesy romantic comedies. In recent years, those films have included a lot of baking, and also…monarchy? Well, this Vanessa Hudgens hit has them both. It’s a sort of Prince and the Pauper tale about a baker coming from Chicago to compete in a baking contest held in a vaguely European fictional country. The thing is, she just happens to look exactly like the future Queen of this country. The two meet and quickly decide to switch places, a choice that leads to laughs, tension, and of course, everlasting love. I gotta say, I adored this movie. It’s got everything you want from a Hallmark-style Christmas flick, from cute meet-up scenes to a thoroughly happy ending. Plus, Vanessa Hudgens kills it as both the baker and future Queen. This movie isn’t just worth a watch, I’d say it’s worth a sequel.

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3. White Christmas

White Christmas Netflix Christmas movies

There are few movies as integral to pop culture Christmas than this one. Bing Crosby’s classic story of showbiz and romance didn’t just cement its place in Christmas movie history, it championed Christmas music as well. Hits like “Snow,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” and of course the titular “White Christmas” are staples for this holiday season, and they all were born out of this film. If modern Christmas history was American history, this film would be the Declaration of Independence. Even if it wasn’t so important to our image of the holiday, this film’s gorgeous scenery and exuberant dance numbers make it an absolute must watch. Especially if you don’t mind shedding a happy tear or two.

2. A Very Murray Christmas

Sadly, holiday specials seem to be a thing of the past. Variety hosts like Dean Martin, Carroll Burnett, or Andy Williams have apparently gone the way of Old Hollywood, and that’s a real shame. However, If there’s any shot at this format rising again, this Netflix special is it. Hosted by the always charming Bill Murray, this trippy showcase is an absolute joy to watch. It features Miley Cyrus, Rashida Jones, and even George Clooney. In fact, there are a couple other exciting surprise celebrity guests, but if Bill Murray didn’t already sell you, listing them where won’t help.

1. Love Actually

Last but not even remotely least, this film is an absolute must-not-miss this season. It is everything a good Christmas movie should be. It’s heartwarming, funny, and honest, sweet but not dripping with sap. Not only that, this is what any good ensemble movie should be. Each story shines as a piece of a larger picture, resonating on a real emotional level despite their truncated screen time. It features iconic performances, history-making scenes, and a rewarding wrap-up that will make even the Scroogiest watcher a little bit warmer inside. Why? Well, the holiday season can be messy, funny, and even tough. But at its core, it’s about different people connecting in different ways to make a better world. This movie exists to remind us that that’s not just Christmas. That’s love.

What holiday favorites are you watching this year? Did we leave any off this list that deserve to be on here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The Predator Is Getting A Stop Motion Holiday Short – Watch the Teaser

The Predator is set to take on Santa and his reindeer in the teaser for a new stop-motion animated holiday special from Comedy Central. Writer-director Shane Black brought the iconic Predator back to screens in 2018 in a reboot pitting the alien hunter against soldiers, scientists and an autistic child who uses his genius to discover the secrets of the alien’s tech.

This time around, the Predator sported genetic upgrades, making the character bigger and badder than ever. Audiences clearly didn’t embrace this new take on the Predator franchise however, as the film only managed to take in $51 million domestically and $160 million worldwide. The movie’s poor box office performance likely means that Fox won’t be revisiting the Predator franchise any time soon, even though the movie seemed to set up a sequel.

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Though the Predator may have gone on his last hunt as a big-screen character, he’ll get one more chance to wreak havoc later in December thanks to a new stop-motion animated holiday short. This time, the Predator will square off against his toughest enemy ever: Santa and his reindeer. The short is set to air on Comedy Central on December 19 at 10:30PM EST during BoJack Horseman. See the teaser trailer below:

The stop-motion style of the Predator holiday special is reminiscent of classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but of course since this is the Predator, the level of carnage promises to be a lot higher than in your normal holiday show. The teaser sees Sprinkles the Elf and the reindeer Blitzen getting ready for the “most merry mission of the year,” until the famous Predator three-dotted targeting laser appears on Blitzen. Blitzen then picks up a minigun like the one Jesse Ventura packed in the original Predator, and begins blasting away. But like Ventura, Blitzen meets a gory end as the Predator blows a hole clean through his mid-section.

Of course, this Predator special is completely tongue-in-cheek, as confirmed by its airing on Comedy Central during the always bizarre BoJack Horseman. Perhaps Predator fans who weren’t enamored with Shane Black’s take on the franchise will at least be able to get a few laughs out of the idea of the Predator squaring off against Santa and his reindeer in a weird and bloody send-up of classic stop-motion animated TV specials. The Predator itself is currently available on Digital, and comes out on on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD on December 18.

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LEGO Movie 2 Short: Emmet Throws A Holiday Party In Apocalypseburg

Chris Pratt’s chipper LEGO counterpart Emmet celebrates the holidays in The LEGO Movie 2 short film, “Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short”. It’s been four years now since The LEGO Movie defied expectations to become a critically acclaimed box office success and, thus, kicked off Warner Bros.’ LEGO cinematic universe. A LEGO Movie sequel entered development shortly after the original film hit theaters, but ended up being delayed by a few rewrites and changes in director. Fortunately, that’s all in the past now, as The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (to use its full title) is basically done and ready to hit theaters this upcoming February.

Written by LEGO Movie duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The LEGO Movie 2 was directed by Mike Mitchell (Sky High, Trolls) and picks up in real-time, e.g. five years after its predecessor. However, things are decidedly not awesome in Bricksburg when the film begins. The town’s miniature LEGO residents are still reeling from the aftermath of Taco Tuesday in the first movie, which culminated with an invasion by the aliens of Duplo. Of course, that’s not going to stop Emmet from interrupting his friends’ brooding and spreading a little winter holiday cheer.

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Warner Bros. has released the short “Emmet’s Holiday Party” online, as you can see below. It appears this is a web-exclusive clip and won’t be playing in theaters this month. Still, it’s a good way to keep the fires burning for The LEGO Movie 2, in lieu of a new trailer.

By the look of it, “Emmet’s Holiday Party” doesn’t include any actual footage from The LEGO Movie 2. It does, however, provide another look at two new characters in the film: the shape-shifting alien Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi (Tiffany Haddish) and her servant, General Sweet Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz). The short also teases “Apocalypseburg”, aka. the Mad Max-ified version of Bricksburg that has emerged since the original LEGO Movie. Returning characters like Lucy/Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), and Ultrakatty (Alison Brie) – or, as she was formerly known, Princess Unikitty – have similarly gotten a Fury Road-inspired makeover for The LEGO Movie 2.

“Emmet’s Holiday Party”, like The LEGO Movie 2 trailer footage released so far, is pretty innocent and perfectly kid-friendly. At the same time, shorts like these and The LEGO Movie 2 trailers seem to be missing that special something that made the original film so, well, awesome to begin with. To be fair, the marketing for The LEGO Movie didn’t really focus on its thoughtful storytelling either, which is part of what made it such a pleasant surprise to begin with. It’s possible The LEGO Movie 2‘s actual plot will also be smarter than its marketing has let on, especially since Lord and Miller came back as writers.

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A Paradise for Holiday

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