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On The Office, Erin Hannon and Andy Bernard had chemistry between them from the beginning. The two started out as best friends before finally admitting to having feelings for each other. This led them on a long road of ups and downs, good times and bad.

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No matter how good this couple once was, Andy’s selfishness and anger problems got the best of them and they were totally broken up by the final season. And while there are many fans who shipped the couple, Andy did much more than just abandon Erin for a trip at sea for three months. Let’s take a look at 10 times Andy was anything but kind to sweet and lovable Erin.


In the eighth season, Erin decided that she was going to stay in Florida instead of going back to Scranton. With Andy dating Jessica, there was nothing for Erin in Scranton. The thought of never seeing her again, however, rubbed Andy the wrong way and he drove down to Florida to bring her home. The only problem was that he was still dating Jessica.

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On the way back to Scranton, Andy made a pit stop to break it off with Jessica. When she put all the clues together, she realized Andy was leaving her for Erin and said, “You said she wasn’t relationship material and that she wasn’t as good as me but it’s her, isn’t it?” The sad look on Erin’s face proved that Andy wasn’t as nice as he made himself seem.


When he learned his dad was divorcing his mom and took everything they had, Andy was pretty torn up. He always had a dream of sailing the family’s boat but now would never have a chance. Erin took the opportunity to convince Andy to take her on one last cruise before the boat was sold. But after running into his brother, Andy decides to set sail towards the Bahamas without even talking it over with Erin. He was gone for three months and in that time totally abandoned their relationship. He didn’t communicate with Erin and didn’t seem to miss her, leading to her finding comfort in the arms of another man: Pete.


It was clear that Andy had strong feelings for Erin from the start, so maybe he didn’t want to scare her off by telling her he used to be engaged to another woman in the office, but it was news Erin should have been told. To make matters worse, Andy wasn’t even the one who told Erin about his failed relationship — it was Michael. Erin felt duped and stupid that everyone in the office (but her) knew about Andy’s previous relationship with Angela. It was so hurtful, in fact, that she broke up with him over it.


When Andy finally comes back from the Caribbean, he thinks he and Erin’s relationship will pick back up where it left off. Erin, however, was totally checked out by the time Andy returned, and she broke up with him.

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Now that Andy was back in Scranton and single, he assumed there was someone else in Erin’s life. Instead of asking her about it, he stole her phone off her desk and went through her messages. This is when he discovers she’s been talking to a man named Pete. Funny enough, Andy called Pete “Plop” for so long that he didn’t realize they were the same person.


When Erin and Andy became more serious, she was feeling less than confident in her new role. Andy came from a wealthy family with advanced educations; she felt like she didn’t belong. To make a better impression, she began learning French but Dwight encouraged her to learn Dothraki from Game of Thrones instead. Erin had a fun time learning — even though she didn’t know it was a made-up language — but when she showed off her new language to Andy he judged her and told her he has too much going on, making her effort seem insignificant.


The episode “Spooked” was a big one for Erin. It’s Halloween and Andy puts her in charge of the Halloween party. There’s a lot riding on this party because Andy wants to impress Robert California. Erin felt pressured to throw an awesome shindig, and begins to overthink when Andy asks Angela and Phyllis to chip in and help her out.

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He also asked Pam to make copies instead of Erin, implying that Erin isn’t good at her job. She felt defeated and confused and when Andy asked to speak with her by the end of the day, she thought he was going to fire her. Although Andy made Erin feel bad at her job all day, he didn’t fire her. He just wanted to tell her that he was in a serious relationship with Jessica.


Erin doesn’t drink often but she gave in at the office Christmas party. She ended up having a fantastic time and was the life of the party but after too many drinks, she told Andy her true feelings about his relationship with Jessica. Granted, she told Andy she wished Jessica were dead, but Andy rose his voice loud enough to embarrass Erin in front of the entire party. Just when everyone thought his anger problem was under control, he lashed out at poor heartbroken Erin.


When Nellie took over as manager, Andy felt betrayed and confused. And as his girlfriend, Erin also didn’t like the change. Her anger with Nellie eventually came to an ugly head and she exploded after being told she wrote the dates wrong on paperwork. Andy decided to jump in and fight for his job but when Erin tried to help him, he scolded her and said, “Stop protecting me, I’m a man and can protect myself!”. Erin was taken aback and seemed hurt by his words, but he quickly apologized and said his anger was “misdirected.”


Erin and Andy had not-so-secret crushes on each other for a long time before acting on their feelings (similar to Jim and Pam). In the episode “Murder,” the office plays a murder mystery game where everyone portrayed a different character. Both Andy and Erin used accents and had fun pretending to be other people. For whatever reason, Andy thought this was a prime time to ask Erin out (while in character… with an accent). Erin couldn’t tell if he was asking her out in real-life or in the game and while his intentions were real, he said they were fake. Erin became so embarrassed and upset that she left her desk and headed for the bathroom.


When Erin and Andy finally put all their cards on the table, the two were able to date and be the lovers they always wanted to be. There was only one problem: on the night they tried to sleep together, Andy was unable to perform. The ordeal was obviously embarrassing for Andy and he apologized for it to Erin in the office. However, after Erin kept telling him it “wasn’t a big deal,” Andy became increasingly angry and stormed away in the middle of their conversation. This showed an ugly side to Andy that Erin wasn’t used to seeing.

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Grace & Frankie: 10 Horrible Things Brianna Has Done To Barry

Netflix’s Grace and Frankie may revolve around best friends Grace and Frankie but their family members are just as important to the series as they are. Before Robert and Grace went their separate ways, they had two daughters, Brianna and Mallory. And whether she likes it or not, Brianna is, essentially, Grace’s protege. She took over the family business when her mother Grace retired and the two share many similarities in how they approach relationships, communication, and yes, drinking.

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Brianna may seem hard to love but she’s still worthy of being loved, which is where Barry comes in. The two met at work and as different as they are, they both make each other better. It’s obvious Barry is the sweeter, more patient of the two and Brianna can come off very selfish and controlling. While their future seemed secured by the end of the sixth season, we’re going to take a look back at some of Brianna’s rudest moments with Barry before the final season hits Netflix in 2021.

10 She Put Cameras Around The House To Watch Him With Spit

In the third episode of the fourth season, Barry and Brianna appear to be taking the next step and living together. While Barry is in between jobs, Brianna asks him to take care of Spit’s (her dog) very specific needs throughout the day.

Brianna asks a lot of Barry, making sure he transitions Spit’s dog bed throughout the day to gain optimal sunlight and giving him exactly 30 pellets of food for lunch. In a nutshell, she’s testing him. She set up doggy cameras so she could watch Barry’s interactions with Spit and as one could have guessed, Barry found the cameras and was not pleased.

9 She Hid Their Relationship From Her Mom And Co-Workers

As the boss, it’s understandable that Brianna wanted to keep her romantic relationship with one of her subordinates under wraps. However, Barry was proud of his relationship with Brianna and didn’t want to hide his feelings for her in public. This threw Brianna through a loop because she’s never really ready to face a relationship head-on.

She eventually told the office in a funny way to please Barry but she kept it from her mother, knowing she would judge their relationship. And in “The Art Show,” that’s exactly what Grace did when she found out.

8 Making Light Of Barry Quitting

In season three, Brianna finds out that Barry is very serious about creating a future with Brianna. He believes in marriage and kids and wants it with her. However, marriage, kids, and any future-talk puts Brianna in her own version of an anxiety attack and she denies him of his wants. Barry had no choice but to leave the relationship and ultimately quit his job.

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In his exit meeting, Brianna has a hard time conveying her feelings so she makes light of the situation and jokes around about the poor exit meeting. This, of course, only made Barry more upset. All he wanted was for her to take him and their relationship seriously for once.

7 And Making His Job With Lauren Uncomfortable

Brianna eventually gets Barry back in her life and he moves back to California. However, instead of working at Say Grace, he gets a job at Say Grace’s competitor Natural Faces. The problem with Natural Faces is that Brianna’s nemesis Lauren runs the company.

This would mean that her boyfriend would be working for her nemesis, which drives Brianna crazy. She made Barry uncomfortable by talking poorly about his new boss—especially since Lauren pays him more and treats him with respect—and even told him not to take the job, which was a real selfish move on Brianna’s part.

6 She Never Told Him That Say Grace Was In Trouble

It took a rough meeting with Lauren, Brianna, Barry, and Mallory for Barry to learn that Say Grace was in trouble. Lauren offered to buy Say Grace from Brianna after learning that many of Say Grace’s employees were looking for jobs elsewhere in fear of the company going bankrupt.

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This was the first Barry had heard of Brianna’s job going up in flames, which upset him deeply. He could have helped in numerous ways and could have been a calming soundboard for her in her time of need. But once again, he was left in the dark.

5 She Was Against Him Having Children And Tainted The Experience For Him

To be fair, Brianna’s decision to not have children and to not get married is respectable and a decision that is her own. As much as Barry tried to ignore her feelings around this area, she has never kept him in the dark about her distaste for both. Barry has even blamed himself for hoping she would change her mind in season six.

But before that happened, Barry was approached by his college friend Erin and her partner Liz to be the sperm donor for their child. This could be Barry’s only chance to procreate and he wanted to jump at the opportunity. Instead of respecting his view to want children (like he did for her), she judged him with every step he took to help out his friends.

4 She Lied About Being Okay With His Guardianship Over His Child

With Barry preparing to give his sperm to his friends so they could start their family, the topic of guardianship was brought up. Liz and Erin wanted Barry to be a guardian of their child in case one of them passed away. He would be as involved with their child as he wanted to be and would be known as Uncle Barry.

Not like Brianna had a say in this decision, but she encouraged Barry to become a potential guardian for their child because the odds of two women passing away early in life are pretty slim. But once she found out both women are daredevils who love to take risks, she retracted her support for his guardianship.

3 She Took The Job In San Francisco Without Talking To Him About It First

In the sixth season, Trust Us Organics acquires Say Grace, putting Brianna in a new position business-wise. And while Brianna was talking about her new job title, she was offered a supervisor position in San Francisco. Without taking the time to think about it or talk it over with her boyfriend Barry, she accepted it on the spot and told him afterward.

Her decision to up and move their relationship without talking about it first made Barry realize that Brianna will always be looking out for herself first and their relationship second.

2 Her Fear Of The Future Hinders Their Relationship

While Trust Us Organics is acquiring Say Grace, Brianna and Barry meet with Trust Us’s human resource department. Since they are employees who are also in a relationship, the company wanted to keep tabs on its couples to make sure everything is consensual and kosher. The meeting, however, did not go well as it proved that they were more separate than together.

They weren’t married or engaged, he lived with her but wasn’t on the lease, they don’t share a bank account because Brianna doesn’t like to share money, and they don’t even share leftovers. This realization made Brianna realize how stagnant their relationship really is.

1 She Can Be Embarrassed By Him

Barry is a total sweetheart. He’s described as a nerd by his friend Liz and gets excited over numbers, love, and food. Brianna, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

And although she loves Barry and their relationship, she has a hard time accepting all of Barry’s quirks. This can lead her to be embarrassed by things that make him passionate. Like his dedication to short ribs in season six.

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10 Horrible Things Brianna Has Done In Grace And Frankie

Brianna Hanson is Grace’s eldest daughter and, whether Brianna likes it or not, her mini-me in Netflix’s Grace & Frankie. She’s incredibly business savvy and a real ball-buster with everyone she interacts with. Her disdain for communication and feelings causes Brianna to be sarcastic and cold most of the time. However, this doesn’t mean Brianna isn’t worthy of being loved; she is loved, she just doesn’t like talking about it.

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Over the course of six seasons (season seven is hopefully hitting screens in 2021), Brianna has gone on to insult those closest to her, run a successful business into the ground, and hurt her boyfriend’s (now fiancé) dreams of wanting a future with her. Being mean isn’t Brianna’s goal but it’s typically what happens. With the sixth season recently debuting on Netflix, let’s take a look back at some of Brianna’s worst moments.

10 She Didn’t Pay Mallory For Her Endless Hard Work At Say Grace

When we met Mallory, she was a stay-at-home mom with four kids and the wife of an absent doctor. She was busy running a household while also trying to cope with the fact that her parents were getting a divorce because her father was in love with his male business partner.

As time evolved, Mallory divorced Mitch and wanted to do something for herself. She thought the logical fit would be to work for her sister Brianna at the company their mother started. However, Brianna threw every obstacle Mallory’s way so she couldn’t work there. She eventually let Mallory be an un-paid intern but for the amount of work Mallory was putting in, it took Brianna way too long to start paying her.

9 She Didn’t Give Her Co-Workers The Appreciation They Deserved

A few of Brianna’s subordinates are introduced in the first season of Grace and Frankie but, as time went on, they are seen less and less. In the sixth season, however, it was made clear to Brianna (thanks to Mallory) that she treats her employees horribly and doesn’t give them the appreciation or recognition they deserve.

Brianna eventually gave Adam a raise and a higher job title – which excited him greatly – but she didn’t even feel good about it. Giving Adam the praise that he needed was more of a chore for Brianna than doing the right thing.

8 She Hid Barry From Her Family & Co-Workers

To be fair, as the head of the company, it’s not always appropriate for the boss to be sleeping with their subordinates but Barry was different. Barry was in this relationship with Brianna for the long-haul.

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After a few weeks of dating, Barry was ready for people to know about their relationship. He was proud that Brianna was his girlfriend and didn’t want to hide his feelings. Brianna, on the other hand, took some convincing. She wasn’t embarrassed by her partner but talking about feelings isn’t her strong suit, which at times, upset Barry.

7 She Changed Frankie’s Lubricant Recipe

Frankie really does come up with the best ideas. She just needs a logical brain to help expand her idea into a smart business strategy.

Once Brianna realized how badly Say Grace needed help, she decided to add Frankie’s lube to their product line. The only problem is she changed the original recipe to make it have a longer shelf life and to relate to Say Grace’s customers. She did give Frankie all of these changes in writing but in classic Frankie form, she didn’t read it. Nevertheless, to change a product that meant so much to a woman who was practically family to Brianna put a strain on their relationship.

6 The Way She Treated Allison At The Art Show

In the premiere episode of season three, we meet Bud’s new girlfriend Allison. The whole clan is at Frankie’s art show when they decide to play a drinking game at Allison’s expense.

Every time she says something about what is wrong with her or a medical condition that she has, the whole group takes a sip. Allison didn’t catch on that they were making fun of her but Bud sure did. And who couldn’t care less that Bud was upset at them? Good ole, cold-hearted Brianna.

5 She Made Fun Of Mallory’s Failing Marriage With Mitch

Just because Brianna doesn’t believe in marriage doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t get married. Brianna is a commitment-phobe who doesn’t want to get married or have kids; therefore, since Mallory did both, Brianna throws that in her face every day.

For a while, Mallory brushed it off but once she started having issues in her marriage, Brianna’s words were like a dagger. Every time Mallory showed up to a family event alone (because Mitch is a doctor who was on-call), Brianna would harp on that fact and joke that Mitch was Mallory’s invisible husband.

4 She Didn’t Hire Her Mother When She Wanted To Return To Say Grace

The whole reason Grace retired from Say Grace was to spend more time with her husband. But as we know, that plan failed when she realized her husband was gay and leaving her. Grace was left husband-less and jobless, leaving her bored and sad.

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To keep her mind busy, Grace headed to Say Grace to see if Brianna could hire her back but, to her surprise, Brianna said no. With Grace’s strong presence and voice, Brianna was afraid no one would take her seriously or listen to her. Because of that, she turned her mother away, which was a punch to the gut for Grace as the one who gave Brianna the company in the first place.

3 She Told Everyone At Work Her Mom Was Really 80 Years Old

As seasons went on, Brianna realized she could use her mother’s help after all, especially when her company almost went bankrupt. However, the end result was exactly what Brianna feared. Grace took over, saved the company, and made Brianna feel worthless and small.

To shove it back in her mother’s face, Brianna decided to humiliate her publicly by telling everyone how old her mother truly was. While Grace was telling everyone she was turning 76, Brianna revealed that her mother was actually turning 80 — a revelation that mortified Grace.

2 She Becomes Angry At Mallory For Wanting To Make A Name For Herself

It is obvious that Brianna and Mallory have a love/hate, big sister/little sister rivalry going on. By the end of the sixth season, the tables had truly turned. After Say Grace was acquired by Trust Us Organics, Brianna turned down a supervising role for the sake of her relationship.

Little to Brianna’s knowledge, they then offered the job to Mallory, who accepted. This means that Mallory is technically Brianna’s boss. Instead of being happy that everyone got what they wanted (Brianna got to stay with Barry and Mallory finally had a high-paying job), Brianna was annoyed at Mallory for starting a new career.

1 She Doesn’t Care About Mallory’s Children

Similar to Grace, Brianna doesn’t care much about her nieces and nephews. Mallory has four kids and yet both her sister and her mother can’t remember a detail about them. This deeply annoys Mallory in the earlier seasons.

Ultimately, Mallory ended up feuding with Brianna and didn’t want her around her kids until she showed more of an interest in Mallory’s growing family. At the end of the day, the only two people who were excited about Mallory’s babies were Frankie and Sol, who aren’t even blood-related.

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The Office: 10 Times The Men Were Horrible Boyfriends

The characters on The Office are known for being rather over the top and ridiculous at times. So, it’s no wonder that most of the relationships on the series aren’t ones most people would want to emulate. There are infinitely many instances of the male characters from the show acting like awful boyfriends and husbands. Even the characters, like Jim, who are seen as being a great catch have their moments were they aren’t great partners.

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Here are the ten times that the men from The Office were horrible boyfriends.

10 Jim unceremoniously breaking up with Katy and later Karen

Jim might usually be a good boyfriend and husband when he’s with Pam, but he wasn’t that great of a one to the other women he dated. He spent most of his time in other relationships pining over Pam. He also would break up with other women rather rudely such as when he invited Katy to the Booze Cruise and then broke up with her in a pretty callous way. He then later did the same to Karen and asked Pam out on the very same day.

9 Senator Lipton cheating on both Angela and Oscar

There are a lot of characters from The Office who are huge jerks, but one of the worst of all is Senator Robert Lipton. He hides his sexuality, while he runs on a conservative platform, and marries Angela just to look better as a politician. Then, he cheats on Angela with Oscar while at the same time cheating on Oscar with another man. He’s clearly a completely selfish person who only cares about himself.

8 When Gabe wouldn’t let Erin watch the movie she wanted

Gabe and Erin are one of the weirdest couples from the series, and they definitely weren’t a couple that people were rooting for. Erin never really seemed to like him, and he didn’t understand her at all. These two had a game going where whoever won their Scrabble game would get to pick the movie they watched. This wasn’t very fair as Gabe would always win, and he literally never let Erin watch the movie she wanted even though she hated the horror films he picked.

7 Michael breaking up with Helene on her birthday

Michael is a surprisingly decent boyfriend when it comes to his relationship with Holly, but he was a pretty awful boyfriend to lots of other women. When he dates Pam’s mom, Helene, he ends up breaking up with her on her birthday. He does this because he learns how much older she is than him.

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It’s even worse because he breaks up with her while they are all out to dinner with Jim and Pam. This is definitely cruel and just one of many moments where Michael is oblivious about how to act.

6 When Jim bought his parents’ house without telling Pam

Jim and Pam might be seen by many fans as relationship goals, but other fans have pointed out their relationship also has its flaws. Jim often makes big decisions without Pam’s input such as when he buys his parents’ house without talking to her about it. While Pam might not mind much in this instance, his tendency to make big decisions but see them as romantic ends up being a problem later on in their relationship.

5 The time Andy left Erin to sail the world

Andy is one character on The Office who is really hard to like. He’s extremely selfish and not self-aware at all. While Erin is overall good to him, he totally up and leaves her to sail the world with his brother. The worst part about this is that he doesn’t keep in contact with her at all, even though it’s made clear he could have. He then returns home and expects her to still have the same feelings for him, and overall he’s just a selfish jerk.

4 Michael sending out a Christmas card of himself with Carol’s kids

Michael is someone who gets way too intense about his relationships right away. But, one of his most shameless and embarrassing moments is when he photoshops his face over a picture of Carol’s ex-husband and sends out a “family” photo Christmas cards. This is a really weird thing to do, and it’s no wonder that Carol breaks up with him after this.

3 All of the many times Ryan used Kelly and then broke up with her

Of all of the bad boyfriends from the series, Ryan might be the absolute worst overall. His relationship with Kelly is extremely toxic, and he is always manipulative.

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He uses her when it’s convenient for him and then breaks up with her when he feels he can find something better. He also uses her for money even though he doesn’t actually seem to like her. While Kelly definitely has a lot of horrible traits, too, Ryan is a particular kind of jerk.

2 When Dwight kills Angela’s cat

Dwight is someone who can be a huge jerk. He’s rather eccentric, but sometimes this works well because Angela is quite weird, too. However, when he decides to kill Angela’s beloved cat Sprinkles in an attempt to put her out of her misery, he is a horrible boyfriend. It wasn’t his place to do that, and then he lies to Angela about what happened.

1 Jim going ahead with his career plans without involving Pam at all

While Jim can be a good partner, he can also be a pretty bad one. During the final season, he starts a business without Pam and then continues making decisions without her business. This includes investing more money than she was comfortable with and starting to make plans to move their family to Philadelphia. He basically treats her like her role is to support him, and he never really treats her like she is equally important in making decisions for their future. He puts her wishes last, and then gets mad at her when she’s not completely on board with everything even though he never asked her.

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