5 Horror Movies We’re Looking Forward To In 2020 (& 5 We’re Not)

2020 looks to be a…mixed year for horror. But then again, isn’t that every year?

There are a ton of interesting looking and sounding horror movies releasing throughout the next year. Some are sequels to beloved movies, and some are originals that sound intriguing. But there are also movies that look…not so interesting. You know the kind ⁠— the cheap, horribly written, poorly acted tripe that is made for pennies and meant solely to squeeze cash from teenagers.

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We’re here to root out the good from the bad. And be forewarned ⁠— some of these choices may be a bit controversial. Here are five horror movies we’re looking forward to in 2020, and five we’re not.

10 Looking Forward To – The Grudge

Despite the January release date (which never bodes well for a horror movie), we are cautiously optimistic about The Grudge. Yes, this is about the tenth iteration of The Grudge that we’ve seen, and it’s serving as a reboot of a remake. Yes, Hollywood is now that desperate for content. However, the teaser trailer was surprisingly good, and the R rating has us hopeful that it will deliver a no-holds-barred, disturbing horror fest. It’s also being directed by Nicolas Pesce, whose 2016 movie The Eyes of My Mother was both nightmarish and utterly psychotic.

9 Not – A Quiet Place: Part II

Call us crazy, but we are not looking forward to A Quiet Place: Part II. We just…don’t have much confidence in it. It reeks of “unnecessary sequel” and studio greed. Does every single movie (especially horror movies) need a sequel? A Quiet Place was lightning in a bottle, and we don’t have faith that the sequel will replicate its success. The sequel will also be releasing under some scrutiny, as it seems like like A Quiet Place has undergone a bit of a critical reevaluation on the internet in recent months. This is nothing but a largely unnecessary sequel that will more than likely be inferior to the first. Like…literally all horror movie sequels.

8 Looking Forward To – Gretel & Hansel

Gretel & Hansel is yet another retelling of the famous Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, and it looks…surprisingly good. The teaser has us incredibly excited, as it contained some gorgeous (and haunting) visuals and a very eerie score. It’s also starring Sophia Lillis, who proved with It that she can handle scary material with surprising maturity and skill. Finally, it’s being directed by Oz Perkins, who was behind the 2016 horror movie I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. No, the January release date isn’t promising, but we still have a small semblance of hope.

7 Not – The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

If you need a good example regarding the detriment of unnecessary horror sequels, we give you The Conjuring franchise. The first was a well-made and spooky movie, and it was a success. So of course we got an entire extended universe spanning a Conjuring sequel (admittedly decent), the Annabelle movies, The Nun, and The Curse of La Llorona. Like, really? The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It doesn’t allow us much room for excitement. The director has a poor track record (The Curse of La Llorona), and chances are that this is going to be another jump scare-filled haunted house ride. Pass.

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6 Looking Forward To – Halloween Kills

The only reason we aren’t docking Halloween Kills is because we knew it was inevitable. That said, we are getting tired of this recent thing where Hollywood is retconning entire franchises and pretending that certain movies just don’t exist. Halloween, despite doing the whole “these movies never happened” thing, earned enough goodwill from general audiences (and us) to secure a sequel. And yes, we are cautiously optimistic about it. However, the Halloween franchise should definitively end after this. At this point it’s just like Michael himself – forever shambling and never dying. Case in point: Halloween Ends is in 2021. Of course.

5 Not – The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man had some potential. It looks like it wanted to tell a story about metaphorical ghosts and about how victims of abuse are never truly free from torment. And that’s great. Not only that, but it also could have spun an interesting tale regarding Elisabeth Moss’s potential insanity, an intriguing “is she crazy, or is there actually an invisible man?” scenario. But no, it looks like they’re going with a straightforward and generic “an invisible man kills and maims people” plot, and frankly, that’s just boring.

4 Looking Forward To – Antlers

This is a fantastic time for original horror movies. We’ve received some great and original horror ones in recent years, and Antlers looks like another winner. The trailer is largely without dialogue and relies instead on haunting imagery like a child kneeling beside an eviscerated animal, the same child feeding food to some unseen creature, a brief glimpse of some bloodied man, and a very brief glimpse of some type of Lovecraft-esque monster. It also boasts a killer cast (Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons) and is being directed by Scott Cooper of Black Mass and Crazy Heart fame. Keep an eye out for this one.

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3 Not – Candyman

Yay, another…Candyman. That’s cause for celebration, right? This is yet another “ignore all those other movies, this is a sequel to the original” sequel, as it is ignoring both Farewell to the Flesh and Day of the Dead. The best we can say about this movie is that it’s being written by new horror maestro Jordan Peele. We don’t know, maybe it’s just us, but is anyone really clamoring for a new Candyman? This franchise hasn’t been relevant for years. Hopefully this will be the Halloween (2018) of the Candyman series. But we don’t know.

2 Looking Forward To – Last Night In Soho

Six words: Edgar Wright directing a horror movie. Where do we sign up? Edgar Wright has earned a ton of goodwill throughout the years, mainly through his acclaimed Cornetto trilogy and Baby Driver. He seemingly can do no wrong, and with a cast containing Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Matt Smith, Last Night in Soho is looking to be yet another winner in Wright’s ever-expanding filmography.

1 Not – The Organ Donor

Believe it or not, there is another Saw movie coming in 2020. How are we not done with this franchise yet? The Organ Donor will be the ninth entry in the Saw franchise, a franchise that should have ended eight entries ago. OK, maybe seven. Saw II was decent. Darren Lynn Bousman of Saw II, III, and IV is returning to direct, and it will star both Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in the leading roles, which to us seems a little “fishing for internet points.” Maybe it will be good, but if the last six Saw movies proved anything, it probably won’t be.

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Nathan Sharp

10 Horror Movies For People Who Don’t Like Horror | ScreenRant

Sometimes, you can watch a horror film that shakes you to the core. Things like The Exorcist were, in their time, bordering on totally outrageous and it’s a shock that they were even allowed to be made let alone shown. A lot of people, understandably, hate everything about the genre.

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However, there are some horror films that even the most ardent horror hater would be able to stomach. Whether it’s because they’re so bad it basically becomes a comedy, so funny that the horror takes a backseat, or simply not that scary. We’ve found ten of the best horror films for people who typically don’t like horror.

10 Get Out

From the mind of Jordan Peele, Get Out was a huge deal when it first hit cinema screens back in 2017. With Daniel Kaluuya (who you may recognize from Black Mirror’s ‘Fifteen Million Merits’) front and center, the film is driven forward by fantastic acting from the lead roles, twists from every angle and genuinely hilarious comedy from Lil Rel Howery in his supporting role as Rod.

The reason it works for non-horror fans is because it’s just not that scary. Sure, you can anticipate the occasional jump scare and tense moment, but it isn’t a horror film in the typical sense.

9 It 2

On a slightly less positive note, the reason It 2 makes it on to this list is because it is so incredibly un-scary that it basically becomes a comedy film. Its runtime is the scariest thing about it, clocking in at an over three-hour long test of endurance. If you’re scared of clowns then I’d avoid this one still, but assuming you aren’t, I can guarantee you not a single moment will shake you up.

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The tension is removed by the presence of strange CGI creatures around every bend, while rather than feeling sympathy for the main characters, their constant quipping and jokes make them a target you almost want to be chased by a killer clown.

8 The Shining

The reason The Shining has made it onto our list is because it’s simply the greatest work of horror cinema ever conceived.

Jack Nicholson gives a startling performance as Jack Torrance, while Danny Lloyd is one of the few child actors to play his character with poise and skill. While Shelly Duvall is great as Wendy, her overacting is one of the main things that contribute to the relatively scare-less journey that is this film.

Stephen King absolutely hated it (because it isn’t scary) but it is a masterclass in filmmaking, with director Stanley Kubrick managing to turn a single setting with three characters and limited dialogue into one of the most engaging films of all time.

7 Shaun Of The Dead

The first entry in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Shaun Of The Dead, is a comedy before it’s a horror film. There are zombies roaming around, sure, but they aren’t the terrifying sprinters of World War Z or 28 Days Later, and they remain basically completely un-scary throughout.

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If a horror hater can get past the idea that there are zombies front and center, they’ll be able to focus on the fact that this is one of the funniest genre-parodies of all time, from the brilliant mind of Edgar Wright.

6 Dawn Of The Dead

The zombie film from which Shaun Of The Dead took its name has two well-known versions. Both of these make our list. The original 1978 version comes from the creator of zombies himself, George A Romero, and pretty much avoids all scares due to it being so old that nothing really holds up.

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The 2004 version is a lot more intense and fast-paced, but as the setting is primarily a shopping center and the visuals are almost always bright as can be, there isn’t really a lot of time for the film to start unnerving the viewer.

5 Zombieland

In a way similar to Shaun Of The Dead, the Woody Harrelson/Jesse Eisenberg fronted Zombieland puts its comedy way above its horror. The zombies are a bit quicker here, with some more graphic detail put into their methods of victim-devouring, but, much like Dawn Of The Dead, most of the film is spent in bright sunlight.

The closest thing we get to a genuine scare is the opening scene used to introduce the zombies and a detailed creepy clown who appears right at the end. Overall, though, this is a comedy film that you’d be able to stomach, no matter how much you hate horror normally.

4 The Wicker Man

While attempting to be scary, The Wicker Man has made our list simply because it’s so, so bad. The Nicholas Cage remake, that is. While it attempts to replicate some of the spine-tingling chills of the original film, the 2006 remake is universally derided for its abominable acting performances (including Cage’s now-infamous “not the bees!”), terrible CGI and general inability to create anything even close to tension.

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You can watch this film with absolute assurance that not a single moment will scare you. In fact, the only thing that will is how Cage managed to forge such a successful career when abysmal performances like this lie within his filmography.

3 Attack The Block

You might recognize the main cast of Attack The Block from a variety of well-known shows that sort of take you out of the moment from the word go. It’s weird seeing Fin from Star Wars standing next to Doctor Who herself and Ed from Shaun Of The Dead, but it works surprisingly well in creating a brilliantly funny comedy.

The horror is supposed to come from the imminent alien invasion, but you don’t really need to worry about them; they don’t look great. Also, aliens are never scary. Except in, like, Alien.

2 Night Of The Living Dead

Another George A Romero classic, but this time his first one ever. Night Of The Living Dead is thought of by some as the first zombie film, even though the word isn’t uttered. Its black and white setting keeps a strange element of creepiness present throughout, but the fact the film recently celebrated its 51st birthday, it doesn’t really hold up.

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The zombies are slow-moving and clearly just played by human actors who are finding what they’re asked to do a bit funny. Also, it’s entered the public domain in the US, so do whatever you want with it.

1 Jaws

While its status is that of one of the greatest, most ground-breaking films of all time, Jaws really isn’t that scary. When it first came out, it was infamous for making people scared of water and it gave a new lease of life for the bias against sharks, but that fear doesn’t make sense anymore.

It still looks pretty convincing, and we get a few jump scares that will catch anyone off guard, but the general idea of watching a shark roam about just doesn’t remain as intense as it should.

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Hogwarts Houses Of Rocky Horror Picture Show Characters

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a timeless cult classic. It features catchy musical numbers and phenomenal performances, particularly from Tim Curry, who plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Frank-N-Furter and the other main characters such as Brad, Janet, and even Riff Raff have strong personalities, giving each character their moment in the film.

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The Harry Potter franchise has too big of a following to earn cult status, but it is still on track to become a timeless classic. One aspect of the franchise and the world of Harry Potter that will be especially timeless is the idea of sorting people, and characters, into the Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. These are classified by different personality traits held or valued by the members of the houses.

The strong personalities of the characters in The Rocky Horror Picture Show reflect the four houses and allow them to be sorted. Here are all of the characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, sorted into their Hogwarts houses.

10 Eddie: Hufflepuff

Eddie had a troubled past which, according to stereotypes, would put him in the Slytherin house. However, he is a Hufflepuff through and through. He exhibited loyalty to both Columbia, his current partner, and Frank-N-Furter, his ex-partner, by arriving at Frank’s laboratory.

Hufflepuffs are incredibly loyal. Eddie exhibited physical attraction only to Columbia, even though he also danced and flirted with others. He was still most interested in Columbia. He was also loyal to Frank, as Eddie trusted he would be safe under the scientist’s roof, which, unfortunately, was misplaced trust.

9 The Criminologist: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws value wisdom and learning, not necessarily intelligence on its own. The Criminologist is the character who tells the story of Brad and Janet and their time in the castle. He has the benefit of hindsight, allowing the Criminologist to apply his wisdom to determine what Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott may have learned from the events.

Also, the Criminologist is shown in his study, filled with books, globes, and other educational material. He is sometimes shown as interacting with the books and globes while discussing the events, which is quintessentially Ravenclaw.

8 Dr. Everett V. Scott: Ravenclaw

Dr. Everett Scott is another man who values learning. He acted as mentor and friend to Brad and, to a lesser extent, Janet while they were in school. He and Frank both implied on different occasions that Dr. Scott knew about the castle and its inhabitants, likely because of his connection to Eddie. How much he knew was uncertain and never specified.

Dr. Scott even shared his knowledge and wisdom with Brad and Janet while in the castle, in multiple attempts to convince the couple to leave. When Riff Raff and Columbia sought to kill Frank at the end of the film, he agreed with their decision because it would protect both the Transylvanians and the humans. It is flawed logic because it resulted in someone being killed, but it took critical thinking, something for which a Ravenclaw would be known.

7 Janet: Slytherin

Janet is a passive character throughout the film, but that does not mean that she is automatically disqualified from being sorted into the Slytherin house. She is a Slytherin because when she knows what she wants, she will do anything to get it.

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After she and Frank-N-Furter had sex, which was her first time with anyone, she realized she liked it and sought to have sex again. Surely, her ideal sexual partner would have been Brad, her fiance, but she caught him smoking with Frank in the bed, post-coital. She then had sex with Rocky, the next available, attractive, and consenting person she ran into. This was also likely a way for her to get back at Brad for having slept with Frank, even though she and Frank also did the same thing.

6 Brad: Gryffindor

Brad is one of the least masculine men in the film, aside from Riff Raff. There is nothing wrong with being less masculine or more masculine, but Brad seems to value masculinity, particularly in the context of a protector.

Throughout the film, Brad tries to protect or stand up for Janet fairly consistently, from trying to get her to stay in the car when fixing the tire, or speaking to Dr. Frank-N-Furter about using a phone. He also tries to intervene whenever conflict presents itself to Janet. This also presents as Brad’s value of traditional gender roles. No Hogwarts house seems to have a particular stance on gender roles, but it just so happens that Brad’s values align with traditional gender roles and Gryffindor’s values.

5 Columbia: Hufflepuff

Columbia is incredibly loyal to her partners, past and present. In the case of the film, she is primarily loyal to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a past partner, and Eddie, a current partner. Unfortunately for her and for Eddie, her loyalty to Eddie primarily manifested in grief for his passing at the hands of Frank. Her eventual revolt against Frank was also out of loyalty to Eddie, as the scientist treated Eddie and her poorly.

Columbia greatly admires Frank and his work. She stood by him, for the most part, even after he killed Eddie. Her revolt against her former partner mentioned above was only temporary, as she still was distraught when Riff Raff and Magenta killed Frank.

4 Magenta: Slytherin

Magenta is Riff Raff’s sister and lover. Together, they conspire to kill Frank-N-Furter and take the castle, which is revealed to be a rocket ship, back to their home planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. It is unclear who was the mastermind behind the plan as they are never explicitly shown as planning on screen.

Magenta seems like the person who would be behind such planning, though, which aligns her with the Slytherin trait of cunning. She also has a tendency to enjoy manipulating people’s emotions, such as when everyone discovered Eddie’s body under the dinner table.

3 Rocky: Hufflepuff

Because of his appearance, most people would likely sort Rocky into Gryffindor. However, he was constantly running away from situations and people and the castle out of fright. Rocky is another Hufflepuff because he remains loyal to the people he cares about.

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That said, who Rocky cares about and is loyal to changes fairly frequently due to Frank and others’ mistreatment of him. However, even with the mistreatment and the jealousy, Rocky still grieves his creator’s death and tries to escape with Frank’s body, climbing to the top of a tower, similar to depictions of King Kong.

2 Riff Raff: Slytherin

Riff Raff is a Slytherin like his sister and lover Magenta. Unlike Magenta, who seems to align more with the cunning trait associated with Slytherins, Riff Raff aligns more with the trait of ambition.

He takes on the role of the leader in his partnership with Magenta when conspiring to kill Frank and go home. Furthermore, he is obsessed with the fact that the Transylvanians do not like him, meaning he is likely seeking approval and status from taking over Frank’s project, killing him, and returning to Transsexual, where he and Magenta can take all of the credit for Frank’s work.

1 Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Slytherin

Dr. Frank-N-Furter does seek knowledge, but only for his own gain, particularly pleasure. It is very clear that he has knowledge since he was able to create a being in his lab, but he does not have the wisdom to back up the knowledge, disqualifying his chances of being sorted into Ravenclaw.

Rocky was created for his own personal gain, and his other relationships were also seemingly only for his own pleasure; therefore, Frank has the Slytherin traits of both wit and cunning. Wit and cunning which were paired with Frank’s own hubris led to his death at the end of the film.

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10 Worst Horror Movies On Netflix, According To IMDb | ScreenRant

For as popular and powerful as Netflix has become in the past decade or so, one of the biggest gripes about the platform is the poor quality of their original movies. But even beyond their original content, Netflix has hosted some pretty bad movies in every genre, especially the horror genre.

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Well, as an early Christmas gift, we’re going to give you ten horror films currently on Netflix that you should avoid like the plague. Here are the 10 Worst Horror Movies On Netflix, According to IMDb!

10 The Black Room- 3.3

If The Black Room is any indication, Species star Natasha Henstridge has suffered a mighty fall from grace!

Written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, the film follows a couple besieged by a supernatural presence in their new home. When the couple discovers the presence of a secluded black room in the basement, an irreversible curse takes hold and threatens their very existence. With the malevolent presence driving a wedge between the couple, they must band together if they want to defeat the abomination for good.

9 The Open House- 3.2

Goosebumps and Don’t Breathe star Dylan Minette couldn’t save the atrocity known as The Open House, an insultingly bad Netflix Original horror film.

With a lack of imagination, the derivative haunted house yarn falls victim to every risible horror movie cliche in the book. The biggest indictment is that nothing happens. At least, nothing mildly warranting a genuine scare. The movie made many a list as one of the absolute worst horror films of 2018. Rightly so!

8 Ludo- 2.9

The Netflix reign of poor Indian horror films commences with the low-rated Ludo, a Bengali-language horror fantasy released in 2015.

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The subpar picture revolves around a quartet of horny teenagers who plan a night of debauchery in the city. However, once the foursome is trapped inside a shopping mall, a sinister game is introduced called Ludo. In a weak blend of Jumanji and Ouija, the board game with bone-made dice releases an ancient curse that begins to terrorize the teens to no end.

7 Agyaat- 2.9

The oldest movie on this top 10 belongs to Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat, a horror movie produced in India and Sri Lanka.

With an embarrassing 3/10 rating, Agyaat concerns an ensemble of nine actors set to make a movie in the remote jungle. When the camera falls apart, the cast members decide to take a sight-seeing tour with a guide named Setu. Of course, once they set up camp, the actors are stalked and slashed, one by one, by an unseen beast and potential alien lifeform. Aka, it’s a poorly produced Predator!

6 Hisss- 2.9

You wouldn’t assume the daughter of David Lynch would deliver one of the worst horror movies hosted on Netflix, but with the killer-snake film Hisss, Jennifer Lynch has done just that!

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The film revolves around a Far Eastern myth regarding a snake that can shapeshift into human form. When a cancer-stricken westerner decides to seek out the snake creature to cure his disease, he gets way more than he bargained for. The shapeshifter can supposedly cure brain cancer, as well as render the man immortal. In the end, the snake sheds her skin and goes on a violent spree of revenge on those who wronged the sick man.

5 Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai- 2.7

Hindi-language horror films continue to be lambasted by IMDb users, with Debaloy Dey’s two-hour body-possession movie being one of the most recent.

In a movie that touts multiple possessions of one body, the film tracks a married couple living in Mumbai. Following a car crash that leaves the other motorist dead, the couple begins experiencing strange paranormal activity. Is the dead driver back to haunt the couple? Or is there something even more sinister at work? Derivative, unoriginal, and bereft of terror, the answer is: who cares!

4 Antidote- 2.7

Pro fighter turned actor Randy Couture proves he’s no Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or John Cena in the listless horror outing, Antidote.

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Directed by Ken Barbet, the film follows a treasure hunter (Couture) who links up with pal (Chuck Zito) and a kindhearted doctor (Natali Yura) to track and capture the legend of the White Witch deep in the Mexican jungle. With cheap production value, poor plotting, a dearth of fright, and laughable acting, there’s no antidote for watching this film.

3 Trip To Bhangarth- 2.5

Bollywood horror? Sure thing, if you like grossly inept movies with zero tonal consistency. Ladies and gents, be wary on your Trip To Bhangarth!

When six college pals decide to reunite for a festive get-together, they dimly decide to visit a haunted locale known as Bhangarth. When they arrive, the sextet becomes haunted by an invisible force. With about 30 minutes of story stretched out to nearly two hours, the movie is tainted by musical numbers, music video aesthetics, amateurish acting, and lack of genuine scares.

2 Mythily Veendum Varunnu- 2.3

While it’s admirable that Netflix features movies made in India, there’s no redeeming value whatsoever to the 2017 Indian horror flick, Mythily Veendum Varunnu. None!

Following the death of her father, a young woman assumes a motherly role in her family. However, when she relocates to a remote bungalow, she is tormented by a series of supernatural occurrences. With a muddled and incoherent story and lackluster VFX, the Sabu Varghese film should be avoided at all costs.

1 Romina- 2.2

From Mexican director Diego Cohen comes Romina, the lowest-rated horror movie on Netflix, according to IMDb.

Marred by poor production, weak acting, and a limp story, the film follows the vengeful assault of a young woman raped and left for dead in the remote woods. Drawing inspiration from such sexploitation horror films like I Spit on Your Grave and Last House on the Left, Romina cannot overcome its ineptitude to justify such an ugly subject matter.

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Jake Dee

Watching Horror Movies Is Good For Your Health (& Relationships)

Horror movies have gotten a bad reputation over the years, as have some of the hardcore fans who watch them tirelessly, but recent scientific information has uncovered significant links between watching horror movies and increased overall physical and mental health.

Beyond the physical benefits, the effects of watching horror movies has also been proven to bring couples closer together, partially due to the physical benefits, but also because of psychological effects that stem from the ups and downs the mind goes through after being exposed to factors that make people afraid. Fear is a powerful motivator in a multitude of ways, and the potency of fear is what has kept the genre at the forefront of popular media and culture for generations.

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Horror films can be well-made on a budget because fear is relatively cheap, since it houses such raw potential and can be expressed through various outlets. Given that horror is healthy, binge-watchers need not feel such guilt for spending the occasional day on the couch curled up with their favorite flicks; for some lucky viewers, experiencing fear can be just as good as light exercise.

Scientifically speaking, watching a horror movie activates the body’s fight or flight response, which then results in numerous after-effects that contribute to health and overall well-being, both physically and mentally. The fight or flight response causes a surge of adrenaline, which results in increased adrenal gland production and allows for an instant jolt of energy. Those who struggle with exhaustion can use this to perk them up when they are in need of a pick-me-up and don’t want to result to heavy doses of caffeine, as the afterward results are similar without the sugar, calories, or jitters associated with caffeine consumption. People who suffer from depression sometimes have decreased adrenal response, so watching horror movies has been proven to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression through this adrenaline spike as well as the release of other mood-boosting hormones.

Increased white blood cell movement has been attributed to the body’s response to fear, which boosts the immune system and can held people fend off illness, making a winter horror movie binge even more appealing. An increased adrenaline spike also causes the body to release dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate, which can increase mood and even lessen anxiety overall. Some scientists have shown that the willing introduction of anxiety-inducing or stressful triggers can put the body into a decompression mode in what’s known as the controlled environment theory. The controlled environment theory is similar to the logic behind exposure therapy, which suggests being willingly put in a situation where one is forced to deal with adverse reactions will boost resilience and combat the fear or problem through a more direct approach.

When watching horror movies at home, people feel safe, comfortable, and can face their fears without being in real danger. Doctor-led studies have suggested that watching a 90 minute horror movie can also burn an average of 113 calories, which is equivalent to a 30 minute walk. Margee Kerr, a sociologist, wrote a book called Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear, and has delivered a TED talk on this very subject. Kerr stated that getting through a horror movie can also promote a sense of accomplishment, which can be a powerful motivator that can strengthen someone’s self-image and overall outlook on life.

As for relationships, horror movies provide the perfect environment for closeness, which can release oxytocin along with the other mood-boosting hormones, which will provide a greater sense of strength and togetherness between a person and their loved one. Also, because they reduce stress and anxiety, couples who watch horror movies together tend to have stronger, happier relationships because they have an outlet for releasing stress together.

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Jack Wilhelmi

Bollywood Horror: 10 Movies That Will Have You Dancing & Shrieking At The Same Time

When the word ‘Bollywood’ is uttered, the first thing that usually comes to mind for Americans is images of Indian people doing crazy dance moves and singing. But actually, Bollywood is an entire film industry based in India that produces the most amount of films per year in the world.

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As such, there are multiple genres of film produced including horror. While some borrow ideas and elements from horror films in the West, others are distinctly rooted in Indian culture. Yet the result is the same as they manage to be scary on their own merit as these examples show.

10 Raaz (2002)

Though stories about ghost hauntings are arguably universal, some are more eerily similar to one another. One such example is the 2002 Indian movie Raaz, which has parallels to the American horror film What Lies Beneath which came out two years prior.

Plot-wise, both movies are about a couple that is haunted by a ghost who has a secret connection to them. However, the couple in What Lies Beneath are seemingly perfect before the haunting occurs while the two leads in Raaz head off to a vacation spot to save their marriage. Another difference is that Raaz led to two sequels and a reboot.

9 Pari

With the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, many Indian films have now become more available to an international audience than before. Take Pari, for example, which was released theatrically last year but is available internationally via streaming services.

Its story revolves around a cult that worships Ifrit, a demonic being from Islamic mythology, and a strange girl that is part of it. Things get further complicated when a couple entering into an arranged marriage have the girl live with them out of pity for her. Meanwhile, a professor who belonged to an extreme group that opposed the cult gets involved as well.

8 Kohraa

Within recent years, the term ‘ripoff’ has become so casually used on the Internet that its meaning is up for debate. This is especially true for Bollywood movies, which have gained a reputation for borrowing a lot of elements from Hollywood movies.

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But Kohraa is not a ripoff at all. It’s a legitimate adaptation of a book that just so happened to be the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. For those unfamiliar with the story, it’s about a woman who marries a rich widowing man that still has strong attachments to his former wife. Then to make matters worse, supernatural things start to happen.

7 Saboot

Though Bollywood got its start during the 1930s, it didn’t become more mainstream until the 1970s and 80s. Yet like their Hollywood counterparts, this was when Indian films were more gritty. For instance, among the lineup of 80s Bollywood movies was Saboot, a horror film that revolves around two sisters whose father gets murdered as part of a corporate scheme.

However, that isn’t the end of it as those who were responsible for murdering the sisters’ father end up getting killed one-by-one. This in turn forces the police to get involved, even though the nature of the killer is unknown.

6 Mahal (1949)

One of the earliest successful films in Bollywood, the 1949 horror-themed romance Mahal is considered to be one of the first reincarnation movies. Also known as ‘Punar Janam,’ this film genre deals with individuals that died tragically who are reborn to fulfill an unfinished purpose.

In the case of Mahal, it’s about a man who buys an abandoned palace and discovers he looks exactly like the previous owner who died 40 years prior in a tragic boating accident. Additionally, the man becomes haunted by the ghost of the previous owner’s lover who died waiting for the owner to return.

5 13B: Fear Has a New Address

Released in 2009, this Indian horror movie actually has two versions that were filmed at the same time. While the first version Yavarum Nalam was spoken in Tamil, a language that is primarily spoken in the southern region of India, the second version of 13B’s language was Hindi.

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They also used different cast members for both films, much like the 1931 Dracula film and its Spanish counterpart. Yet regardless of the version, the story is the same as it’s about a family that moves into an apartment where strange things start to happen. In addition, they become addicted to a TV show whose characters parallel themselves.

4 Raat

When a character in a movie speaks a different language other than the dominant one that’s spoken, this is an example of bilingualism or using two languages simultaneously. However, true bilingual films are more common in countries like India as opposed to the US.

One such example is Raat, or Raatri, which had a version where the characters spoke Hindi and another where they spoke Telugu. Released in the early 90s, this cult horror film follows a family moving into a house that’s said to be haunted. Soon enough, a series of bizarre accidents happen in relation to the daughter of the family acting strangely.

3 Lupt

Like Pari, Lupt was also theatrically released last year in India before being made internationally available on Netflix and similar streaming services. While it’s not based on anything nor a ‘ripoff’ of sorts, this movie’s premise does borrow elements from classic American horror films.

It begins with a workaholic businessman, who starts seeing weird visions and is advised to take a vacation. So he and his family decide to go on a road trip, but along the way they get lost and start to experience attacks from supernatural forces. Though Indian critics didn’t seem to like this film, audience reviews online were more positive by comparison.

2 Pizza (2012)

Despite its not so intimidating title, the 2012 horror film Pizza was not only critically liked but also commercially successful. Originally spoken in Tamil, it tells the story of a pizza delivery guy who doesn’t believe in the supernatural but is superstitious.

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Then one night, he comes back from a delivery with blood on his hands and barely able to recall what happened. But things get stranger as the film goes on involving ghosts and possession. A year later, a sequel came out followed by a Hindi remake also titled Pizza the year after that. Fortunately, the original is available on iTunes.

1 Tumbbad

Set in the Indian village of the same name, this critically acclaimed horror movie takes place in the 1900s when India was still controlled by the British Empire. However, the actual story is about a man who’s down on his luck that learns of a supernatural means to become rich.

In practice, it involves stealing gold from a dangerous god living inside the well near a mansion. Though as the man steals more gold, the more complicated things become. Aside from its acclaim, Tumbbad was also the first Indian film to premiere during Critic’s Week at last year’s International Venice Film Festival.

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10 Great Horror Movies To Watch If You Loved Scream | ScreenRant

Wes Craven changed how horror movies looked in the ’80s, when he created a slasher killer who lived within people’s dreams. One decade after he created Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Craven changed the horror genre once again.

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In 1996, Craven created Scream, a meta-horror movie that knew it lived in the genre of slasher horror fiction. What made Scream great was that it wasn’t just a movie that played the horror with a wink, but a legit scary horror flick. Here is a look at 10 great horror movies to watch if you loved Scream.


While Wes Craven changed everything about the horror genre in 1996 with Scream, real Craven fans know that he did it two years earlier with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. However, the problem with this brilliant meta-horror movie was that it had the stink of Freddy Krueger on it, a horror monster that had gone out of style.

The film brought back the original cast of the first film as fictional themselves preparing to make a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. However, the “real” Freddy wanted to come into the real and began to torment the cast and crew of the new film based on his character.


Scream was about a group of kids on the run from a serial killer known as Ghostface. The twist here is that the kids know all about slasher movie tropes and used that knowledge to stay alive. The roles were similar in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil but with a comic twist.

The kids in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil also knew about the horror movie tropes and allowed it to create a false sense of terror. A couple of innocent hillbillies end up targeted by the kids, who think the hapless friends are slasher killers and end up causing their own deaths and demise.


The 2012 movie Cabin in the Woods also took the ideas of knowledge of slasher movies and brought it to a very different place. In this situation, the kids were pretty clueless and ended up as victims in a cabin, all too similar to the one made famous in Evil Dead.

However, here it turns out that a scientific organization has all manners of monsters kept in cages and chooses to release specific monsters to hunt the kids as a sort of scientific experiment. Joss Whedon co-wrote the script with director Drew Goddard.


Everyone knows about the critically acclaimed television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but fewer people today have seen the movie that started it all. With Kristy Swanson as Buffy, the clueless high school girl tasked with becoming the Chosen One, and Donald Sutherland as her put-upon Watcher, this movie was a comedy-horror movie with a lot to love.

Luke Perry was the damsel in distress for Buffy in the movie written by TV show creator Joss Whedon, and Pee-Wee Herman was one of the evil vampires.

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When it comes to taking viewers behind the scenes of a slasher movie, there is nothing better than the mockumentary Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. The film has a slasher serial killer inviting a documentary film crew to watch him prepare for a night of terror and murder.

Leslie Vernon shows how these slasher killers do many of their tropes, such as looking like they are barely moving but somehow never fall behind running kids. He also shows how to set up booby traps in the house, so the kids trying to escape always end up dead. However, soon, the filmmakers realize they are the planned next victims.


In 2004, Edgar Wright created one of the best comedy-zombie horror movies of all-time in Shaun of the Dead. The film starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two friends who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Pegg is Shaun, a hapless salesman who decides he needs to find and save his girlfriend.

However, the movie subverted most expectations and included a fantastic cast, including Bill Nighy, as Shaun’s put-upon stepfather. For anyone looking for a great horror-comedy, it doesn’t get any better than this.


Speaking of zombie comedy movies, Zombieland came out in 2009 by director Ruben Fleischer. The film had four survivors team up to try to survive the zombie apocalypse without killing each other along the way. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg star as survivors who meet up with sisters played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

The film was a huge surprise for fans and included a special cameo by Bill Murray that remains a highlight to this day. There was even a sequel that came 10 years later with Zombieland: Double Tap.


In 1986, April Fool’s Day was one of the earlier efforts at meta-horror movies. The film itself was a straight-up slasher movie at a time where the slasher movies were starting to go out of style, but it was lost among the releases of that era.

However, there was something about this movie that made it more memorable than the rest. Nothing that happened in it was real in the world of the film. As the title reveals, this was all a joke where the deaths were fake, something the film showed at the end, with a wink.

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2 THE CRAFT (1996)

The same year that Scream came out, another movie about young high school students trapped in a horror story hit theaters. The other 1996 hit movie was The Craft. This movie was about a group of girls who began to pursue witchcraft powers that they wanted to use for personal gain.

However, the movie also played out like Mean Girls with magic as the three mean girls began to torment the one girl who started to feel bad about what they were doing. It was a small hit when it came out but has become a big cult favorite.

1 THE FACULTY (1998)

The Faculty came out in 1998 and was the first time that director Robert Rodriguez played within the studio system before he reverted to his independent roots and became one of the top indie filmmakers in the world for the next decade.

The Faculty had a high school in danger when their faculty ends up exposed to aliens. The cast was a nice mix of future stars with Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Jordanna Brewster, and Clea DuVall tormented by teachers that included names like Robert Patrick, Famke Janssen, and Bebe Neuwirth.

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The 10 Best Horror Movies Of The Decade (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Horror movies are highly subjective from the start. A film that scares the heck out of an entire audience could end up hated by another audience for being generic, repetitive, or too intense. What scares one person could disgust another and bore another, and what one person thinks is lame horror could send another into a state of panic.

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That fact makes the scores on Rotten Tomatoes so crucial for fans of horror because it takes the average rating of a movie based on both critics and audiences and allows a person to see if the majority of fans were scared and thrilled or bored to tears from the latest horror flicks. Here is a look at the 10 best horror movies of the decade, according to Rotten Tomatoes scores.

10 THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) – 91%

Released in 2012 by director Drew Goddard and writer Joss Whedon, The Cabin in the Woods was a horror movie that subverted fan’s expectations in a good way. The film was a love letter to horror movies and had teens head to a cabin in the woods only to find themselves hunted by monsters.

It turned out that the entire cabin was set up by an organization that held different monsters and creatures captive and set them off after defenseless kids as a sort of experiment. Reviews called the meta-movie funny, strange, and scary.

9 US (2019) – 93%

Jordan Peele has two movies on this list, and the lower-ranked came in 2019 with Us. The film starred Lupita Nyong’o as a survivor of a scary experience at a carnival as a child only to find that the past had caught back up with her when her family’s doppelgangers show up to try to kill them.

Things then went crazy when other doppelgangers came out and started to kill their duplicates, and society began to break down completely. While some critics said it was a step down from Get Out, it was still considered “inventive” and “ambitious.”

8 A QUIET PLACE (2018) – 95%

Office alumni John Krasinski pleasantly surprised audiences when he directed the 2018 horror movie A Quiet Place. The film starred Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt as parents who are trying to keep their three children alive when aliens arrive on Earth that are blind, but hunts and kills based on sound.

When one of their children dies, they scramble to keep their family together despite a new baby being on the way and the monsters closing in. With an almost silent soundtrack, this is a movie that digs its nails in and won’t let go until the end.

7 WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (2015) – 96%

Moving over to a horror movie from New Zealand, What We Do In the Shadows was one of the funniest and crazily inventive horror films of the past decade. This was a mockumentary directed by Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi about several vampires who live together in a flat and invite a documentary film crew into their home.

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The low budget film was a financial success and ended up gaining a lot of fans in the United States, where it ended up remade as a television series on FX. Critics called it “smart,” “fresh,” and “bloody good fun.”

6 IT FOLLOWS (2015) – 96%

Released in 2014, It Follows was a small indie horror movie that ended up with a massive cult following. The film, directed by David Robert Mitchell, follows a teenager named Jay who has sex with a boy and then learns that he passed on a curse through intercourse, and she will die if she doesn’t pass it on herself.

The film was considered one of the scariest since the evil entity took the form of nightmarish visions and only ambled after the victims, never allowing them to escape and showing their inevitable fate if they don’t pass the curse on to someone else. Critics called is smart, original, and terrifying.


One of the best horror movies of the decade, based on Rotten Tomatoes scores, is one that many people missed out on. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is an Iranian vampire western. Any horror fan who has never heard of this movie but read that description should be sold on it immediately.

The film follows a young man who cares for his father and has to deal with threats from a local drug dealer. When a vampire kills the drug dealer, it sets up a series of events where the young man and vampire meet and begin to fall in love. This horror film is as unconventional as they come.

4 THE LOVED ONES (2012) – 98%

The Loved Ones is an Australian horror movie by Sean Byrne, for which he won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival for the Midnight Madness category. This horror film received its limited theatrical release in the United States in 2012, receiving rave reviews.

The Loved Ones tells the story of a young man who accidentally killed his father in an auto accident and has become withdrawn and suicidal. When he rejects the advances of a girl named Lola for an invitation to the prom because he already has a girlfriend, she kidnaps him and has a demented prom of her own in her house.

3 THE BABADOOK (2014) – 98%

The Babadook was another Australian horror movie, this one taking the world by storm in 2014. Instead of using cheap horror scares, The Babadook succeeded in scaring audiences with a disconcerting and scary horror tale of a woman who was widowed and raised her son alone.

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When her son begins to fear a monster called the Babadook, strange events start to occur in the house. By the end of the movie, the allegories of mental illness and parents wanting to kill their children, fighting that monster inside, are scarier than any supernatural being.

2 GET OUT (2017) – 98%

The second Jordan Peele movie on this list is Get Out, one of the top critically acclaimed horror movies of the decade, with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and an Oscar nomination for Best Picture under its belt.

The film was also slightly controversial as it approached the often ignored liberal racism where white people feel they need to “help” others. The film has an interracial couple visiting the white girlfriend’s parents with the young man getting a lot more than he bargained for when they set out to help him.

1 UNDER THE SHADOW (2016) – 99%

Not only is Under the Shadow one of the best horror movies of the decade, but it was almost unanimously loved on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 99% fresh rating out of 88 professional film critics. Even the one rotten vote said it was a movie to be admired.

Under the Shadow was a 2016 horror movie from Iranian horror director Bobak Anvari. It takes in the war-torn post-revolutionary Tehran where a Djinn arrives and haunts a former medical student and her daughter as the war rages around them.

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10 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Horror TV History | ScreenRant

Ghosts have often been the stuff of nightmares, appearing when you least expect and tormenting to the very core. Whether its possessions, haunting, or simply the creepy appearance of the undead, ghosts are among the most popular entities in scary movies.

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, sometimes ghosts in shows and movies can be all you need for a nightmare infused night. With all the special effects and realistic makeup jobs, the ghosts look more real than ever, terrorizing us just as much as the people on the show. Here are some of the most terrifying ghost in tv history.

10 Haunting of Hill House

The scariest thing about the Haunting of Hill House is not the ghost but the fact the story was based on real events and the author of the original novel nearly died shortly after writing the book. The show deals mostly with the ghost in the mysterious house and drives the tenants crazy and scared out of their minds. It’s not just one ghost, it’s hundreds of different ones, seemingly covering every inch of the house and terrifying the guests in so many different ways. This is not a show you’d want to watch at night as most of the ghosts appear in a gory or creepy way, instantly guaranteeing a few sleepless nights.

9 Paranormal Witnesses

This show doesn’t have terrifying ghost special effects or makeup but the real and raw emotion of people who have actually experienced paranormal activity. Paranormal Witness captures the retelling of witness stories through videos and reenactments.

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As the people tell their stories, you can often hear the fear they had at the moment and how real ghost encounters look and feel. With normal, everyday people dealing with these encounters, its easy to get lost in the story and wonder if you would ever encounter a ghost.

8 Supernatural

Supernatural, as the name, suggests tackles a lot of supernatural and crypto’s beings. With the show revolving around two paranormal hunters, we’ve seen our fair share of creepy and with ghosts, there’s no shortage of spine-tingling creepiness. Most ghosts we’ve seen on the show are destructive, dangerous and very terrifying, often reappearing just as they did they say they died. Imagine going about your day and then seeing a pale white figure with a huge gunshot hole on his head. That would indeed be terrifying. Although the ghost isn’t the scariest things we’ve seen on the show, they do the job in creating nightmares.

7 Channel Zero

Channel Zero puts a new twist to hauntings and paranormal urban legends, in ways of bringing creepypastas to life. With every season based on different legends such as Slenderman, Candyman, and several others that give you goosebumps days after watching the show.

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It’s not about jump scaring or gore, it’s about the disturbing and creepy nature of each urban entity. What you read or heard from the disturbing stories on Reddit are brought to life, so it’s not recommended you watch this show alone.

6 Angel

Angel is a spinoff of the well-known series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and follows a vampire Angel, cursed to walk the earth. Like Buffy, Angel deals with a lot of paranormal entities, including a ghost. The difference between Buffy and Angel is that the show takes a darker and less humorous approach to their plots which in turn deals with creepier and more intimidating creatures, including the ghost. The pale white skin tone, the dead and empty eyes, definitely not something you’d want to watch if you’re easily scared.

5 True Blood

True Blood is mostly based on another paranormal creature and that is the vampire. As terrifying as they may be, nothing compares to the ghost that has been seen on the show, terrifying even the vampires. These ghosts are scary not for their appearance but for what they can do and how they do it. Imagine a powerful and intimidating creature like the vampire being possessed by a ghost who’s up to no good. Definitely not something wed want to picture. Add in that most of the ghost we see is out for vengeance after being stuck on earth for hundreds of years, it’s hard to these type of ghost.

4 Paranormal Survivor

Another show that relies on the real and intriguing stories of real people who live to tell the tale. With a little dramatization of storytelling, we are brought in to the retelling of each story increasing with production value and effects with each season. Each story has you at the edge of your seat and builds suspense at every turn. We are often left to wonder how the person made it through each encounter and how they were able to find the bravery to tell the world of a bone-chilling moment in their lives.

3 American Horror Story

The name makes it pretty obvious there’s going to be disturbing creatures in the show. In this case, its the often creepy and gory portrayal of ghosts.  Like other entries on this list, the ghost takes human form and often looks the way they died. They often don’t know they’re dead and wander the world as should.

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Other times they do know and use their newfound condition to their advantage and haunt those who are still living. With a great cast and amazing production value and budget, every episode is not only addicting but a must-watch for horror fans that aren’t easily spooked.

2 Ghost Whisperer

A show that relied on ghosts every episode, Ghost Whisperer deals is about a medium who deals with an unwanted gift of being able to talk to ghosts. Every ghost looks exactly as the day they died and is often disturbed and desperate to go the afterlife. Many times the ghost is hard to understand and send Melinda, the show’s protagonist, on special missions to deliver the message to the ghost’s loved ones. She is often met with skepticism and often has a hard time getting her message across. Melinda is unfortunately cursed with seeing some very disturbing souls.

1 Ghoul

This Indian horror show deals with a young interrogator who gets in way over her head when she gets assigned to interrogate a mysterious and intimidating prisoner. Little did she know that she’d be talking to a demon or “The Ghoul” and she’s been seeing the true form of an entity straight from Hell.  Apart from the suspense and horror showed throughout, the scariest part has to be the prisoner’s transformation into the Ghoul, showing dark, soul-piercing eyes and unnatural dis formed mouth. With the creators of the Insidious and Get Out, the Ghoul is taken straight from Arab folklore and placed on the small screen to terrorize the viewers.

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Sebastian Orellana

American Horror Story Freak Show: D&D Alignments Of Main Characters

Throughout the years of American Horror Story, there’s been a lot of debate on which season is ultimately the best. While the first three definitely stand as the crown jewels of the series, Freak Show is a special one due to being the last season featuring Jessica Lange in a major role.

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With a colorful cast of characters, Freak Show tells the story of one of America’s last traveling freak shows led by Elsa Mars and their struggle in a 1950s society where appearing prim and proper is everything. Let’s take a look at some of the most important characters and where they stand in the D&D alignment chart.

10 Stanley: Neutral Evil

Denis O’Hare takes on the role of Stanley in Freak Show, a money-hungry con artist who’s desperate to obtain limbs from the freaks in order to sell them to a museum for good money. He first arrives to Elsa Mars’ show under the guise of a talent agent, accompanied by Maggie. However, his influence soon tears apart the members of the freak show, as he pits them against one another in an act of greed.

Stanley is a classic example of a neutral evil character. His entire motivation is based on money and personal profit. If he doesn’t see any coin coming his way or a chance to snatch one of the freaks and consequently their limbs, he won’t necessarily commit evil, but he’s also definitely not beyond it.

9 Gloria Mott: Lawful Neutral

Gloria is your typical delusional helicopter mom. Incredibly wealthy and widowed, she constantly babies her grown son Dandy by giving him everything and anything his heart desires. She’s incredibly worried by him and tries to trick him into a meeting with a psychiatrist. However, ultimately she meets a gruesome end after pushing her son Dandy too far, even though she went as far as buying Bette and Dot for him.

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Gloria isn’t necessarily evil, although perhaps she could be classified as someone like that. The truth is, she’s simply a mother caring immensely about her son and would do anything for him. She’s completely loyal to him, and it’s that loyalty that defines her moral compass.

8 Desiree Dupree: Chaotic Good

Desiree is one of the many freaks at Elsa’s show, famous for being The Three Breasted Woman. Married to Dell, she’s got a lot to deal with his temper. However, she wants nothing more than to live a normal, happy life, which is why she attempts to go through a surgery to get rid of her third breast, which breaks her and Dell apart as a married couple. Later on, when she finds out the truth about Maggie, she actually shows her mercy.

Desiree is a truly good and kind-hearted person. Not only does she make up with Ethel, Dell’s ex-wife, but she also shows immense empathy towards Maggie. Her methods, however, are not exactly always in line with the law, as she seeks vengeance with the other freaks against their tormentors.

7 Maggie Esmeralda: Chaotic Neutral

Maggie is brought to the mix through association with Stanley. Maggie actually begins a relationship with Jimmy Darling, one of Stanley’s targets, which turns her agenda on its head. She’s also unable to kill Ma Petite and even confesses to Desiree the truth about her and Stanley.

Although Maggie has a pretty significant redemption arc, it would be a stretch to consider her good. She follows her own heart, her own moral compass. Occasionally, she’ll side with the freaks when it’s a matter of heart, such as with Jimmy, but she’s also motivated by money to a degree.

6 Ethel Darling: Neutral Good

Ethel is one of the oldest members of the freak show and is considered Elsa’s right. She’s famous for being the Bearded Woman and was rescued by Elsa from alcoholism. She’s quite protective of Jimmy and the freaks, to the point where she’ll immediately confront Elsa when she believes the woman has something fishy to do with the deaths happening around. As Dell’s ex-wife, she first despises Desiree, but the two make up and redeem their relationship.

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Ethel has the best interest of the freaks in mind. However, she’s not as hasty to act as the others, and would rather speak with Elsa first to get the truth out of her. Sadly, this neutral approach that is neither chaotic nor rule-abiding ends up being her undoing.

5 Dell Toledo: Neutral Evil

Every freak show needs their Strongman and, in Elsa’s show, that’s Dell Toledo’s job. Dell is a bit of a trouble magnet, and when he arrives at the freak show, begging for Elsa to help him and Desiree with work, he brings trouble with him. Dell is actually Ethel’s ex-husband and Jimmy’s father. He eventually gets blackmailed by Stanley who knows about his visits to a gay bar, and he ends up responsible for several murders.

Dell is highly opportunistic and only cares about himself. He won’t allow Desiree to become happy by going through her surgery, cutting the doctor’s hands instead. In shame of his sexuality, he tries to protect himself by killing Ma Petite and attempting several other murders, making him a typical neutral evil.

4 Dandy Mott: Chaotic Evil

Dandy is the only son of Gloria Mott and lives in the lap of luxury. He has a rocky past, his family infamous for inbreeding which has resulted in mental issues down his family line. Dandy’s no different in this regard, as he enjoys killing animals. His dream is to join to freak show as a result of being tired of his wealthy lifestyle, but Elsa turns him down, which causes something to snap in his head. His obsession with Bette and Dot turns unhealthier as the season progresses, resulting in him killing his mother and housekeeper.

Dandy is a psychopath down to every detail. He believes himself to be perfect in every regard and the center of the universe. Some of the scenes even have references to American Psycho, when Dandy’s working out and admiring his body in a true act of narcissism. He’s your true chaotic evil, indulging in violence.

3 Jimmy Darling: Chaotic Good

Jimmy is the son of Ethel and Dell, and although he’s initially unable to recognize Dell as his father, he comes to find out through the hard way. He’s most known as Lobster Boy, due to this deformed hands resembling lobster claws. Jimmy is incredibly close to all the freaks and considers the show as his home, at least until Maggie persuades him to plan an escape together. He begins a downward spiral after losing Ethel and breaking up with Maggie, which leads him to have his hands amputated and stolen by Stanley.

Jimmy has a tough story, but he loves the freaks more than anyone else, as shown in how he cries when Meep was brought back dead to the freak show. He’s young and idealistic in a sense, ready to help the others at a moment’s notice, even if it costs his own life.

2 Bette And Dot Tattler: Chaotic Neutral

Bette and Dot are The Siamese Sisters that end up getting hired by Elsa for her show. After murdering their own mother for always keeping them hidden, the outside world finally hears of their existence. Bette and Dot initially try to get Elsa to pay for a surgery that would separate them but, in the end, the sisters are too close to one another to go through with their decision.

Bette and Dot are not quite the same person, with Bette more child-like and Dot much more mature and protective. However, they make decisions on what is best for themselves, which is explained by how they were protected and controlled by their mother most of their lives.

1 Elsa Mars: Neutral Evil

Elsa is the leader of the freak show, originally from Germany. Later on, her legs are revealed to be prosthetic made for her after she lost her legs in a traumatic event. Her goal is to organize the best freak show in America, however, she’s challenged by the rise of television entertainment, which she both despises and desperately wants to become a part of.

Although Elsa claims to stand for those working under her, it’s quickly evident that she lets feelings like jealousy and greed control her. All she truly cares about is her own fame and the profit she can make.

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Anastasia Maillot