Hunger Games: 20 Wild Revelations About Katniss And Gale’s Relationship

The Hunger Games series is easily one of the best YA trilogies ever written, providing readers with political intrigue, well-developed characters and a thoughtful, highly-flawed yet moving heroine. It’s also got one of the best love triangles in YA fiction as a secondary plot, where the heroine is torn between the familiar best friend who has helped her support her family over the years and the boy with the bread, who initially provided food for her family and gave her hope. The young men are polar opposites and although Katniss Everdeen eventually does choose Peeta Mellark over Gale Hawthorne, some fans argue that she should have chosen Gale, who knew her better and for longer.

Author Suzanne Collins gave readers plenty of reasons why Katniss and Peeta also work well together, and they do develop a chemistry together that feels stronger than any feelings between Katniss and Gale. Peeta loves Katniss and would do anything for her, and in the post-revolutionary world she should be able to choose whom her heart wants rather than the most practical suitor. While her feelings seem to point toward Peeta, there’s no denying that she seems jealous over Gale kissing someone else in District 2, or that they made a better fighting and hunting team than she and Peeta did.

After finishing the books, the films and scouring over author and cast member comments, we’ve come to realize that there’s even more to Katniss and Gale’s history than meets the eye.

Here are Hunger Games: 20 Wild Revelations About Katniss And Gale’s Relationship.

20 They needed each other to survive District 12

One could argue that a possible romance between Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen was doomed from the start simply due to the pair forging their relationship out of survival. They both needed to support their families with their hunting and trapping skills and they relied upon one another to bring in enough game and foraged plants to provide for their houses.

Even so, Gale obviously chose to stick with Katniss out of love, given that he’d already been trapping before she came along and first saw her as competition for food rather than an ally. Many young women in District 12 also sought Gale’s favor, so it was more Katniss’s desperation and Gale’s infatuation that led to their hunting partnership and friendship.

19 Gale Would Be A Better Symbol Of The Rebellion Than Katniss

Of all of the youth in the Hunger Games series, Gale Hawthorne best epitomizes what the rebellion means. He’s a fit, handsome young man who has struggled to support his family to the point of entering his name for the Reaping 42 times. His hatred for the Capitol is fueled by a rage that seems to surpass that of any other citizen. He’s an obvious choice as a rebellious symbol, and he’s much more willing to fight than Katniss Everdeen.

Plutarch Heavensbee knows that the people wouldn’t follow Gale into battle as ardently as they would a lovesick 16-year-old girl who not only survived the Hunger Games but sacrificed herself to save her little sister as well as her boyfriend. He was  Head Gamemaker for a reason.

18 Gale Completely Understands Katniss

While Peeta fell for the girl who sang like a bird on the first day of school, he never got to know her like her best friend Gale did. Gale completely gets Katniss, from her self-preservation strategies to her deepest desires. Gale notices how she kisses Peeta differently and he even seems to see her as calculating at times, such as when he tells Peeta that she’ll choose the young man that she “can’t survive without.

While this seems like an uncaring assessment of Katniss, these are choices she’s had to make her whole life. Gale not only understands this but has seen her make them again and again in order to keep her sister alive. Peeta, whose life was far from perfect but didn’t live in the Seam, doesn’t share Gale’s understanding.

17 Jennifer Lawrence Sabotaged Every Kissing Scene

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her humor and practical jokes, so it shouldn’t surprise any fan to learn that she sabotaged all of her kisses with Gale on purpose. According to actor Liam Hemsworth, who portrayed Gale, prior to any kissing scene, Jennifer Lawrence would ingest garlic, tuna fish or some other disgusting food to make the scene all the more unbearable. He told Jimmy Fallon, “Any time I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable.”

Knowing that Hemsworth and Lawrence were best friends as this went down makes it a little more bearable and a lot funnier, but the fact remains that beneath every kiss had an icky stench and flavor, which had to detract from any chemistry felt on the set.

16 Gale Has The Same Job That Took Out Her Dad

Once Gale is grown, he takes on the same job that most people in the Seam end up doing: working in the mines, an intensely dangerous career that results in health hazards from poor conditions and long hours, loss of life, and a lifetime of drudgery and exhaustion. To be fair, all of the Districts in Panem, aside from the rich ones, have impoverished conditions, too.

Katniss still grieves for the loss of her father from working in these same mines, so discovering that Gale now has the same job has to be hard for her, whether she’s in love with him or not. While it wasn’t a surprise, it surely wasn’t a comfort, even if he is no longer eligible for the annual Reaping.

15 They Can Communicate Without Speaking

The silent communication between Katniss and Gale is impressive throughout the series, particularly in the final book and film. They move in rhythm with each other, knowing one another’s goals without ever having to speak them, whether it’s regarding a formation or what to do if one of them gets captured.

Some criticism has been directed at this seemingly perfect accord in the books, as the two aren’t exactly twins, but they’ve been partners in hunting long enough to sense one another’s actions in battle. It took years of practice for the friends to become so attuned to one another’s thoughts, and many of us can can testify to acting in perfect harmony with a close friend or loved one in the same way.

14 Gale Only Ever Cries Over Katniss

We only witness Gale cry once throughout the series, and it’s not following the demise of Primrose Everdeen, the loss of District 12 or even when getting hurt in battle. The only time Gale cries is over Katniss, which supports his deep feelings for the Girl on Fire. Recalling the words to the song that Katniss sings for a propaganda shoot with Cressida and her film crew during Mockingjay, Gale tears up when he says that he feels as if he is the man in the song, who will forever be waiting for Katniss’s answer.

It’s a bit of a melodramatic moment, particularly in the middle of a war, but it’s also understandable that Gale wants an answer when it’s plain that any moment could be his last– not to mention that he’s a teenager with strong emotions.

13 They Follow Each Other’s Lead

Not only have Katniss and Gale followed each others’ leads in the woods as a hunting team so well that they work in almost perfect synchronicity with one another, but they continue that deep knowledge of one another’s intentions on the battle field as well. Whether they need to complete a quick attack or carry out a plan that requires multiple steps, they are always on the same page as a team.

It’s a stark contrast with poor Peeta, with his big feet clomping in the woods and making noise during the first book while Katniss attempted to find them food. While Peeta’s eloquence prior to the Games and his artistic and diplomatic skills during them come in handy, he’s obviously not equipped to fight or forage in the wild as Katniss and Gale can.

12 Gale Calls Katniss Out On Her Lies

While we need to keep in mind that it’s the self-preservation of a teenage girl who’s seen violence and poverty every day of her life, the fact remains that Katniss is a pretty big liar. She will do whatever it takes to survive as long as it means keeping her family, and especially her little sister, Prim, alive. When Katniss tells Gale that she feels wrong kissing Peeta because of him, for example, Gale scoffs that he wishes he could believe her words.

Gale is the only person close to Katniss who really challenges her and calls her out on her lies, which is the mark of a good partner. While Peeta eventually becomes more willing to challenge Katniss as a partner, he doesn’t seem nearly as good at is as Gale.

11 Gale Didn’t Volunteer For The Games To Help Katniss’ Family

After Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games in her sister’s stead at the annual reaping, Gale likely considered volunteering in Peeta’s place in order to save his love. Knowing that he had to care for not only his family but Katniss’s while she was in the Games is probably the only thing that kept him from volunteering as tribute.

The Hunger Games could have had an entirely different ending had Gale opted to volunteer in place of Peeta. Not only would Gale and Katniss have made a great team during the Games, but had Katniss utilized the same nightlock berry plan to save them, it would have seemed more believable. Snow may have bought their plan and Katniss and Gale would likely have moved into Victor’s Village, married and possibly remained there without ever starting a rebellion.

10 Gale Wanted To Run Away With Katniss

It’s important to note that Gale, who regularly mocked the Capitol in private with his best friend and spoke of taking down the whole system if given the chance, was willing to throw his values asid in order to run away with Katniss After the events of the trilogy it’s evident that Gale was born to be a leader as well as a military official, but he would have given all of that up had Katniss chosen him as her husband.

Both of the teens change their minds about running away at different points in the series, but Gale’s instinct to put Katniss, along with his family, over any sense of duty or rebellion that he feels points toward his commitment to the girl from the Seam.

9 His special nickname for her

The fact that Gale Hawthorne is the only person who can refer to Katniss Everdeen as “Catnip,” his special nickname for the young woman, is reminiscent of so many other great love stories, while Peeta Mellark’s lack of nickname for Katniss is just further evidence that he doesn’t know her as well as Gale does.

To be fair, we are pretty sure that Katniss would punch the lights out of anyone else who dared call her Gale’s special nickname. There’s also the fact that many brothers and sisters share silly nicknames for one another, giving this tidbit an ambiguous nature.

8 Their Fundamentally Different Views

Katniss Everdeen typically makes decisions to avoid loss of life, even at personal cost. Gale Hawthorne’s views are fundamentally different, as he argues from a more traditional standpoint where casualties of war are acceptable as long as they help win it.

Gale is also eager to jump on the “Let’s take out the Capitol!” wagon, while Katniss would rather run and save her sister and herself. In the end, fighting the Capitol did result in the loss of her sister and thousands of other citizens, but it did end the fascist regime that controlled Panem and, hopefully, resulted in the freedom for everyone in the country. It’s also important to note, as ever, that these two are teenagers faced with daily violence and a revolution. They shouldn’t even have to make decisions like these.

7 Gale Never Told Katniss He Loved Her Before The Games

If there’s something that Peeta Mellark can do better than Gale Hawethorne, it’s express himself verbally. He managed to declare his love for Katniss Everdeen live on national television during his interview with the colorful host Caesar Flickerman, not only as an act of truth but as a strategy to help Katniss have a stronger chance of winning the Hunger Games.

Poor Gale wasn’t able to tell her that he loved her even while knowing it was possibly the last time that he would ever see her. He was able to hand Katniss a variety of slayed animals, mock the Capitol in their secret place, trust her with his own life and teach her how to trap, but he couldn’t voice his own feelings.

6 Their Chemistry Is So Palpable Even Snow Notices It

While most of the passionate moments in the series belong to Katniss and Peeta, there’s no denying the physical chemistry between Katniss and her best friend, Gale. Most of these instances occur during vulnerable, emotional moments during which Katniss seems to seek comfort above all else.

Given the fact that she only sees Gale as a friend much of the time, there’s more of a sibling between them, but the fact that even Snow could see chemistry between the two friends proves that it was there. Gale obviously carried a torch for Katniss more than she reciprocated, but the fact that romantic feelings existed between them still can’t be denied.

5 Gale Didn’t Save Katniss’ Future In-Laws

We’ll likely never know exactly what happened during the evacuation of District 12 following the Quarter Quell, but we do know that Gale was responsible for saving many of the citizens who managed to escape the bombing that lay waste to the District. Most of the citizens didn’t make it out, but it’s a little eyebrow raising that Peeta’s family weren’t among those who received Gale’s aid.

Although there was no way that Gale could have saved everyone even if he tried, there remains some question as to whether or not he even thought about attempting to assist Peeta Mellark’s family.

4 His responsibility in Prim’s fate

Gale’s plans to take out the most people possible by sending a two-bomb attack targeting those arriving to assist the wounded may have seemed like good strategy, but it disgusted Katniss to no end. It ended up being the very plan that resulted in the loss of Primrose Everdeen, the little duck whom Katniss volunteered for in the first place.

Although Gale would never intend to take out Prim, Snow’s denial implies that it was District 13’s bombs and not his own that resulted in the massacre, as he’s never lied to Katniss and would likely gloat had it been his own act. This is something their relationship would never really recover from.

3 Katniss Wouldn’t Have Survived The Games Without Gale’s Training

Katniss Everdeen is definitely one of the most cunning and capable heroines of our time, which is why we love her so much. It would be a disservice to both her and her best friend to ignore that several of her skills were taught to her by Gale Hawthorne. He’s not the prime reason she and her family survived, but he definitely helped her learn several of the hunting tips and tricks that she uses on a daily basis that helped her win the Hunger Games.

This doesn’t detract from Katniss’ character at all. Rather, it shows how important her friends are to her. Much of her survival through her first Games also depended on Rue, whom she befriended during the Games.

2 We Have No Idea What Happens To Gale

After focusing on Gale Hawthorne so much in the series and knowing how important he was to Katniss, we never find out what happens to Gale in District 2– or if he ever even finds happiness. What about his family that he worked so hard to protect? Does he truly never send Katniss any letters or make time to visit?

Maybe Gale feels too guilty to visit his best friend over his role in the loss of her sister. Maybe it’s too painful for him to visit the person he thought he’d marry someday. But the fact that Annie Cresta, Finnick Odair’s widow, whom Katniss barely knew, is able to send her baby pictures while Gale can’t even drop a postcard speaks volumes.

1 They Could Have Easily Gotten Married

After Katniss was sent back to District 12 following her trial for the assassination of Alma Coin, not only did she never truly say goodbye to Gale, but she didn’t even converse with Peeta until she saw him back at home. Peeta could have easily chosen to remain in the Capitol as an eloquent leader just as Katniss could have married Gale upon returning to District 12.

The fact that Gale’s heartless war plan was possibly used in the harrowing moment of Mockingjay that resulted in the loss of Primrose Everdeen was likely the major deciding factor. Had Prim lived, Gale and Katniss might still be hunting together, but it showed Katniss Gale’s warlike ways and ruined their chance of happiness together.

Do you have anything to share about Katniss and Peeta’s relationship in The Hunger Games? Let us know in the comments!

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Harry Potter: 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had a lot of ground to cover, as Harry had to destroy the remaining four Horcruxes that were hidden around Great Britain, while Voldemort was just beginning to take control of the wizarding world from the shadows.

The fact that there was so much content in The Deathly Hallows meant that the creators of the Harry Potter films decided to split the final book into two movies, which opened the door for the creators of the Twilight and The Hunger Games movies to do the same.

The process of creating the final two Harry Potter movies was an emotional one for everyone involved, as a series that took a decade to make was coming to an end. This wasn’t helped by the many beloved characters meeting their maker throughout the course of the story, meaning that there were a lot more emotional send-offs than in the previous movies.

We are here today to see what moments from behind-the-scenes of The Deathly Hallows movies were captured on film forever – from the last time that Remus Lupin & Severus Snape smiled, to the final day of the ten-year odyssey of the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Here are the 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2!

25 Lupin & Snape Getting Along

Alan Rickman so totally owned the role of Severus Snape that it’s hard to imagine any other actor playing the part. It’s also difficult not to hear Rickman’s voice whenever reading one of Snape’s scenes in the Harry Potter novels.

It’s also a surreal experience seeing Alan Rickman clowning around or smiling in any behind-the-scenes footage of the Harry Potter movies, as Snape never had anything close to a light-hearted moment or laughed at anything that was funny.

Remus Lupin and Severus Snape may have had a cold relationship in the movies, but that didn’t stop David Thewlis and Alan Rickman coming together for a photo on their last day of filming, which even resulted in a rare Snape smile.

24 Voldemort & His Tracking Dots

The Harry Potter movies decided to remove Voldemort’s nose in order to give him a more serpent-like appearance. This was only accomplishable due to advances in CGI and the fact that Voldemort generally didn’t appear that often compared to the other nose-bearing members of the cast.

In order to create the effect of Voldemort lacking a nose, Ralph Fiennes needed to have tracking dots applied to his face. These were necessary in order to tell the computers where all of the parts of Fiennes’ face where in relation to each other so that they could take away the nose and remove all traces of the dots on his face. Ralph Fiennes also had to wear other prosthetics, including a gross-looking set of fake teeth.

23 Talking Through The Nagini Chase

The scene where Neville slices Nagini in two with the Sword of Godric Gryffindor is one of the all-time greatest moments in the Harry Potter series. It is meant to reflect Harry defeating the basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets, with Neville finally becoming the hero that he was always meant to be and becoming worthy of drawing the sword from the Sorting Hat.

The movie version of The Deathly Hallows botched this scene somewhat by adding Hermione and Ron to the mix, as they attempt to deal with Nagini using spells. Neville had to rush in and save them, as they both suddenly developed the aiming skills of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. 

22 The Dark Lord Of Clowning Around On Set

Ralph Fiennes has appeared in some of the greatest movies of all time, including the likes of Schindler’s List, The English Patient, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He is known for his extensive theatre work and for taking on roles in serious and somber movies.

All of these serious roles may give you the impression that Ralph Fiennes lacks a sense of humor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He would never have taken on the part of Lord Voldemort if he was going to stick to roles that would win him Academy Award nominations. Ralph Fiennes must have known early on that the role of Lord Voldemort was going to become the one that he was most associated with, so he clearly leaned into it and had as much fun as possible with the part.

21 Hermione & Ariana

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left us with a lot of unanswered questions about Albus Dumbledore, especially where his sister is concerned.

Ariana Dumbledore was attacked by a group of Muggle boys as a child, which left her emotionally scarred and unable to control her magic. The release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the revelations concerning Credence Barebone have led some fans to suggest that Ariana Dumbledore was an Obscurial and that Grindelwald’s obsession with them was sparked by meeting her. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 neglected to reveal much about Ariana’s backstory, though we were at least given the chance to see her in the flesh.

20 Wandless Magic

Wands are an important aspect of the Harry Potter series, which means that they appeared all of the time in the movies. The props department always had to make sure that there were lots of spare wands ready at any moment, as they were pretty flimsy and easy to accidentally break during filming.

Daniel Radcliffe broke over eighty wands on the set of the Harry Potter movies, either through being too rough with them or for just wearing them down with overuse. This can be clearly seen in the behind-the-scenes footage where he has a tendency to use them as drumsticks when bored on set. Luckily for Daniel Radcliffe, there were times when wands were added in later with CGI, so he just had to pretend to hold one.

19 Draco’s Fear Of Flying

You might think that the flying broom sequences in the Harry Potter movies are accomplished using only green screen effects, but there is a practical element involved that is necessary in order to make the movement of the brooms seem more natural.

The flying broom is connected to a rig that looks like the mechanism used for a theme park ride, which is essentially what it is.

This flying machine can be moved in such a way as to make it look like the broom is tipping or changing direction, while the background can be added in using CGI in order to complete the illusion. Poor Tom Felton was stuck riding on a broom while looking like a wimp, as Daniel Radcliffe got to look like a super cool wizard.

18 Griphook’s Goggles

One of the most difficult aspects of wearing a prosthetic mask that covers your whole head is what it does for your sweat. Robert Llewellyn who played Kryten in Red Dwarf has talked about how his mask was so tight that the sweat was all squeezed down onto his back.

Warwick Davis is no stranger to prosthetics and masks, which is why he was well-prepared for the outdoor scenes involving Griphook in The Deathly Hallows movies. The Griphook outfit not only covers all of Warwick Davis’ head but also his hands. This is why he is seen wearing goggles during outdoor sequences, as they protect his eyes from the elements without risking him accidentally touching his eyes with his clawed hands.

17 Filming Helena Ravenclaw

In order to discover the truth about Ravenclaw’s diadem, Harry must seek out the Ghost of Ravenclaw House, who is revealed to be Helena Ravenclaw. She is the one who reveals to Harry that the diadem was stored within the Room of Requirement, as Voldemort was dense enough to believe that no future Hogwarts student would ever discover the existence of the room.

The meeting between Harry and Helena involved two separate sets, as she was a ghost and spent almost all of her scenes floating off the ground or passing through objects. This meant that Kelly Macdonald (the actress who portrayed Helena) and Daniel Radcliffe had to shoot their scenes separately, as Radcliffe wasn’t available during her shooting days.

16 Filch & Harry Make Up

David Bradley played Argus Filch in almost every Harry Potter movie, missing out on only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Filch’s role was greatly diminished from that of the books and he was mostly used as a comic relief character in the movies.

As one of the few actors who had remained with the franchise from the beginning, David Bradley made sure he was there for the final day of shooting, where he embraced Daniel Radcliffe.

On the surface, this image makes it seem like Harry and Filch finally made amends, which seems out of character for both of them, even though Filch did aid in the defense of Hogwarts during its hour of need. The other reason why Filch may be smiling so much is that he’s already planning his party for the Stark family.

15 Hagrid & The March Of The Death Eaters

The role of Rubeus Hagrid was mostly played by Robbie Coltrane throughout the eight Harry Potter movies. We say mostly because another actor also played Hagrid in many different scenes. Robbie Coltrane is slightly over six-feet tall, but that still isn’t tall enough to play the role of a half-giant. This meant that Hagrid was often played by Martin Bayfield for the purpose of being a body double and performing stunts, as Bayfield is almost seven-feet tall.

The version of Hagrid from the Harry Potter books was over eleven-feet tall, meaning that it would have been impossible to recreate him on film without using CGI. This meant that Robbie Coltrane and Martin Bayfield still had to wear bulky costumes in order to increase their size in order to make Hagrid look bigger than he was, as even carrying someone that is the same size as Daniel Radcliffe needs to look like an impressive feat of strength.

14 Luna Loves Harry Potter

Evanna Lynch had never acted professionally before auditioning for the role of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She was a huge fan of the Harry Potter novels and won the role because, as producer, David Heyman said: “The others could play Luna; Evanna Lynch is Luna.”

The passing of Dobby and his subsequent burial was filmed outdoors, which meant that Evanna Lynch had to find some entertainment while she waited for the crew to finish setting up each scene. This would normally result in the smartphone or tablet being whipped out at this point, but Lynch decided to go old school and read her copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 

13 Dobby Relaxing On Set

The actor who played Dobby was a notorious drama queen on-set. This was partly due to trouble that started early on in his career, brought on by the numerous fake news reports that stated he was being sued by the Russian government due to his resemblance to Vladamir Putin.

The passing of Dobby is one of the most emotional scenes in The Deathly Hallows films, which is why it took so long for his actor to get into the right frame of mind in order to expire in Harry Potter’s arms.

You may think that the Dobby guy is sneaking in a few moments of sleep while on the set, but he’s actually using an advanced method of the Meisner technique in order to get into character.

12 The Secret Of The Brooms

We mentioned earlier that the broom sequences required the use of a moveable rig and a green screen in order to make the flying sequences seem realistic, but not all of the broom scenes involved high-speed chases. There were times when the brooms sat in a static position while floating in mid-air, as they waited for their owner to climb on top of them.

In order to create these scenes, the special effects team developed a standing rig for the brooms that would suspend them above the ground. These rigs had to be strong enough to hold the weight of an adult person, while also being slender enough to be easily removed later by the special effects team. The scene shown above comes from the Seven Potters sequence, where everyone is preparing to leave Privet Drive on broomsticks, save for Hagrid, who is using Sirius Black’s bike.

11 Bellatrix & Warwick Davis

The Harry Potter franchise was very kind to Warwick Davis, as he played Professor Flitwick since the first movie and Griphook in both of The Deathly Hallows films. He also voiced Griphook in the first movie, but the physical role was played by Verne Troyer, making him one of the few American actors to appear in the Harry Potter movie series.

Warwick Davis spent much of his time in the makeup chair, as even the reworked version of Professor Flitwick still required a fancy new hairdo and mustache. The picture above gives us a glimpse of Davis out of costume, but Helena Bonham Carter wasn’t so lucky, as she was fully adorned in the Bellatrix gear.

10 Bellatrix Posing

Bellatrix Lestrange may be one of the most loathsome characters in the Harry Potter series, as she is Lord Voldemort’s most devoted follower and will gleefully commit atrocities in his name. Bellatrix is responsible for disposing of Sirius Black, which immediately earned her a significant hatedom among the Harry Potter fans.

The movie version of Bellatrix is much more difficult to hate, thanks to an incredible performance by Helena Bonham Carter, who managed to turn Bellatrix into the Harley Quinn of the Harry Potter franchise.

Helena Bonham Carter never let the fact that she was playing a crazed murderer affect her on a personal level, as she can be seen clowning around in many different behind-the-scenes photos from the Harry Potter movie series.

9 The Weasley’s Prepare For Battle

The Battle of Hogwarts is probably the most chaotic moment in the series, with seemingly every important character showing up for the final conflict between the forces of good and evil.

There were moments of the battle that were sectioned off, in order to make them easier to film. One of these involved the final duel between Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley, which took place in the Great Hall as a battle raged on behind them. The duel scene was shot in such a way that you could only see directly behind Bellatrix & Molly, which meant that you only saw a small portion of the battle that was happening. This was likely done in order to make the scene easier to film.

8 Filming The Battle Of Hogwarts

The Battle of Hogwarts was incredibly difficult to film, which is true of all battle scenes that involve a lot of participants. The reason why the Battle of Hogwarts was even more difficult than normal was the fact that almost everyone involved was either using a supernatural weapon (usually a wand) or was some kind of magical creature.

There were parts of the Battle of Hogwarts which involved Harry running through a battlefield that was filled with dueling wizards, huge spiders, suits of animated armor, and giants, all of whom were fighting each other. The producers and special effects team that worked on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 rose to the challenge and created one of the greatest looking battles in movie history. They managed to capture the chaos of a large-scale conflict while also maintaining the fantastical elements that the Harry Potter series is known for.

7 The Burrow Set

One of the new scenes that were added to the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince involved the Death Eaters attacking and burning down the Burrow, which is the home of the Weasley family.

This scene wasn’t popular with the fans, as it ignored aspects of lore and was totally pointless, as the Burrow needed to return for the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies.

Harry and his friends return to the Burrow at the start of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, after escaping from the Death Eaters at Privet Drive. This scene involved showing the lands around the Burrow, which was accomplished with the use of a green screen.

6 Dobby’s Funeral Is Hilarious

Dobby the house-elf was created almost entirely with CGI in the Harry Potter movies, which was a necessity due to his size and stature. Dobby helps Harry Potter and his friends escape from Malfoy Manor, but takes a knife to the chest for his troubles. This results in a scene where Harry cradles an injured Dobby and comforts him as he slowly passes away, in what is one of the saddest moments in the series.

The scene of Harry holding Dobby required the use of a physical Dobby puppet that Daniel Radcliffe could hold, which could be altered with CGI at a later date. The puppet that is seen in the picture above is clearly in an unfinished state, which may be why the cast is having such a laugh, as Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are certainly not in character.

5 Stylish & Wounded

Apparition is one of the most prized skills of any wizard, or at least it would be if it weren’t possible to block apparition within certain locations. Those who wish to apparate are required to pass a test, as those who do not perform the spell properly can screw it up and cause “splinching” which is the term used for leaving pieces of your body behind.

Ron manages to harm himself in The Deathly Hallows movies through splinching, which meant that Rupert Grint needed to have injury makeup applied. This didn’t stop Rupert from looking his best and pulling off his model pose while having holes added to his arms and shoulders.

4 The Real Father Of Delphini

Daniel Radcliffe is one of those people who is impossible to hate, except by the most bitter of people who despise the fact that he was given such an important and lucrative role at such a young age. He comes off brilliantly in interviews and seems like of the most genuine and nicest people you could ever meet.

It seems that the charms of the Harry Potter actor are even effective against Death Eaters, as Helena Bonham Carter was clearly fond of her on-screen mortal enemy.

The two of them can be seen clowning around together in various behind-the-scenes clips, which must have been a way to burn off some tension before they started chasing each other with wands again.

3 The Boring Wedding Of Bill & Fleur

The hardest part of any movie/television production on the part of the actors is the waiting around between shots. It can take a long time for the crew to set up each shot for even a simple production. When you have a movie series like Harry Potter which involves huge sets that need constructing and special effects work that needs preparing for, then it can take forever to set up even a few seconds worth of footage.

The wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour would have required a lot of setting up, due to the sheer amount of extras that are engaging each other in the background of each shot. It’s no wonder that the main trio doesn’t look as interested as they should be.

2 Bellatrix’s Sound Check

The reason why Helena Bonham Carter is sitting on a set of benches is that this is the location where she filmed her final duel of the series. The movie version of Bellatrix’s demise is actually way more violent than what happened in the books.

In the book version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the duel between Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley ends when Molly fires a curse that strikes Bellatrix above the heart. We never find out what spell Molly cast, but it was enough to deal with Bellatrix for good. The movie version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 shows Molly freezing Bellatrix in place and then shattering her body into pieces.

1 The Last Day

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were cast in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at the age of eleven. They spent the next ten years of their lives working on the Harry Potter movie series, which meant that there formative years were spent in front of the cameras. An entire generation of Harry Potter fans grew up alongside them.

As Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 finished production, more and more of the actors were given a send-off for their final day of filming.

The most emotional of these last days was the one for the main trio, who had finally finished their decade-long odyssey and hugged on the set. These last moments can be seen on the home releases of The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and it’s hard for any fan of the Harry Potter series to remain dry-eyed when seeing them say goodbye to each other and to the roles that defined their youth.

What do you think of these photos? Do they completely change Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Mortal Engines Footage Description: First 25 Minutes Debuts At NYCC

Following The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Peter Jackson returns as a producer on Mortal Engines, and at the movie’s New York Comic Con panel, the first 25 minutes of footage debuted; we offer a brief breakdown of what’s included.

Adapted from Philip Reeve’s novel of the same name, Mortal Engines takes place in a futuristic world where cities are moving beasts that roam the world searching for fuel to keep moving. Meanwhile, smaller also mobile towns have become the prey of larger city-states like London. The film follows Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a fugitive with a deadly grudge against London’s Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving). Hester runs across historian Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) as she attempts to defeat Valentine and protect smaller cities and towns from the insatiable hunger that is London.

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Ahead of the film’s release in December, Jackson, Mortal Engines director Christian Rivers and members of the cast appeared on a panel at NYCC. Prior to a Q&A with the cast and filmmakers during the Mortal Engines NYCC panel, Andy Serkis presented the first 25 minutes of the movie. Much of the opening footage focused on building out the world of Mortal Engines. The film kicks off with an opening monologue setting the stage for the post-apocalyptic world (what Jackson refers to as a “post-post-apocalyptic” world) following the 60-Minute War that destroyed society as we know it.

After the voiceover, viewers get to meet Hester, who’s on a cliff and spots the approaching predator city of London. Once she sees the oncoming, mobile city, Hester runs back to a grouping of smaller, mobile towns that break apart and start running from London. Hester is stuck on one town that can’t seem to get its engines started and winds up being the “prey” pursued by London. The town flees across the open land, which Jackson referred to as “the great hunting ground” (essentially, where Europe used to be). The chase sequence continues for much of the opening, as the smaller town is chased by London and attempts to lose the larger city-state amid some foothills. While the sequence is filled with tension, the town is eventually caught by London and “ingested.”

On board London, Tom meets Katherine Valentine (Leila George) at the London Museum, where he shows her some of the artifacts he’s collected to help with her research into the 60-Minute War. Tom shows Katherine a video of a pre-war city being destroyed using some kind of quantum technology. Then, Tom reveals he’s been collecting similarly dangerous technology, some of which has been stolen. Once London ingests the smaller town, Tom is tasked with going down to sort through it for valuable artifacts, and he’s accompanied by Katherine. There, they meet Thaddeus, but Hester is lurking in the crowd of people moving from the town into London. When she has a moment, she attempts to assassinate Thaddeus, but she’s stopped by Tom and has to flee.

The final sequence of the footage screened includes a foot chase through the ingested mining town as Hester runs from Tom and Thaddeus (though the latter is following more slowly due to the injury Hester inflicted). Hester flees from Tom through the town as it’s being destroyed by massive saws and metal jaws. Eventually, she reaches a platform that overlooks a tunnel out of London and she jumps. Tom catches her and Hester tells him to ask Thaddeus about her mother, revealing that Thaddeus murdered her mother. Then she forces Tom to drop her and when Tom does mention to Thaddeus what Hester said, Thaddeus pushes Tom down the tunnel and out of London.

Altogether, the footage shown at NYCC for Mortal Engines introduced an expansive world akin to that of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with sweeping, beautiful visuals. It remains to be seen if Mortal Engines turns out to be a massive blockbuster success on par with the trilogies for which Jackson is most well known. But, with Jackson on board as a producer and Rivers at the helm, it’s clear Mortal Engines will provide some stunning sequences for moviegoers – which they’ll get to see when the film hits theaters in December.

Next: The Biggest Changes Mortal Engines Makes to the Book

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Charlie’s Angels Reboot Casts The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin

The Hunger Games‘ Sam Claflin joins the cast of Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels movie reboot. Originally starring Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and John Forsythe as Charlie, the 1970s’ Charlie’s Angels TV series received mixed reviews in part due to the hyper-sexualization of the three female leads. Yet, the crime drama series went on to gain cult status and was remade for the big screen in 2000.

Director McG took a more comedic approach to the classic TV series and cast Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu as the three angels to John Forsythe’s Charlie. This revival was followed up with a sequel – Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – with the same cast in 2003. Several other iterations of the series have been attempted, but the McG film series remains the most popular of the reboots… for the moment.

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Variety reports Claflin is joining Banks’ Charlie’s Angels movie, though his role remains under wraps. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are also on board to play the three Angels. That being said, reports have been circulating that there may be more angels than usual, potentially an entire network of angels. In addition to directing this angels network, Banks will portray one of the Bosley characters alongside both Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou.

Claflin, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games, just recently starred in the true story drama Adrift with Shailene Woodley. The British actor was also featured in Me Before You as well as Snow White and the Huntsman and its sequel, The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Claflin joins an already stellar cast for the soon-to-be staple in the Charlie’s Angels franchise. Banks has already flexed her directing muscles on the set of Pitch Perfect 2, and has expressed her excitement at the challenges this project brings. With Banks’ extensive background in comedic acting, it would seem out of character for her to not bring comedic elements to her adaptation, as was done in the previous remake. Then again, besides Banks, the majority of the cast are known solely for their dramatic roles, so perhaps the film will take a less comedic, more action-packed approach, bearing a closer resemblance to the original source material.

More: 20 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of Charlie’s Angels

Source: Variety

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The Hunger Games: 15 Rules Tributes Are Forced To Obey

It has been some time since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hit theaters in late 2015, and even longer since the third novel in Suzanne Collins’ epic teen-dystopian trilogy released all the way back in 2010.

That said, the Hunger Games fan base has scarcely subsided in their love for the series, and, despite the author’s instance that she will never return to the franchise, plenty of neo-dystopian devotees are still clinging to rumors of a prequel film.

Though intended for a young adult audience, The Hunger Games tackles some pretty dire material: a grizzly, vicious tournament, a civilization of repressed, malnourished peoples, and an authoritarian government which allows it all to happen.

There may be plenty of fans of the story, but there are a scarce few who would actually enjoy living in the world Suzanne Collins has brought to life.

Save for a few ravenous fanatics from the more industrious districts of Panem, who actually volunteer for a chance to compete in the annual Hunger Games, most tributes assume it to be a form of elaborate capital punishment.

In order to keep this unruly, desperate bunch of contestants in line, the Capitol institutes a small set of rules to ensure that the games remain a savage form of entertainment as well as a hostile display of their terrible might over the subservient districts.

The Hunger Games are cruel and barbarous, though tributes who keep these rules in mind may just emerge victorious.

Here are the 15 Rules The Hunger Games‘ Tributes Are Forced To Obey.

15 No Formal Training

Though often ignored by Panem’s savage set of districts eager to compete in and champion the Hunger Games, potential tributes aren’t technically allowed to undergo any formal weapons training prior to their arrival in the Capitol.

This rule is rarely enforced and was even broken by the likes of Katniss Everdeen, as well as plenty of the other tributes who gained proficiency in combat via the necessity of their harsh lives.

As anyone who has read the novels or watched the films will attest, life in Panem is exceptionally difficult, and it would be tough to come across anyone lacking in at least some form of survival training.

Plus, Capitol citizens likely wouldn’t find a standoff between 24 battle-green newbies to be all that entertaining.

14 No False Starts

The Gamemakers — the organization pulling the strings behind the scenes during the games — are diligent in their work to keep the tributes under control.

Going so far as to artificially eliminate contestants caught bending the rules or operating outside of traditional Hunger Games protocol, they can be downright barbaric in the tactics they employ.

With that in mind, their treatment of those seeking a head start in the games shouldn’t be all that surprising: any tribute caught moving so much as a muscle will find their tenure in the games brought to a very swift end by way of a set of land mines embedded around their starting pillar.

The Capitol operates on a zero tolerance policy when it comes to false starts, and tributes caught breaking that rule will be disqualified in gloriously grotesque fashion.

13 Professional Help From Previous Victors

As previously mentioned, Panem’s governing body prefers its tributes to be relatively new to combat prior to their arrival in the Capitol.

Of course, pitting a set of fresh-faced teens against each other would hardly make for much of a show, so contestants are allowed to receive coaching from previous victors from their district.

While this may be a tremendous help for those hailing from districts rich in Hunger Games championship, it is more or less useless to those originating in areas with a mediocre track record in the games.

This was the case for Katniss and Peeta in the 74th Hunger Games, as they were forced to share a mentor in the relatively unreliable Haymitch Abernathy.

Of course, there must have been a time in which districts boasted absolutely no victors, which would have made for some real problems.

12 No Mocking The Capitol

Tributes are in no way permitted to partake in any sort of behavior intended to mock the Capitol.

This rule is harshly enforced by Panem’s government, and anyone caught participating in or conspiring with offenders may suffer swift and terrible retribution.

This is a theme present throughout the Hunger Games trilogy, and can first be seen in the Capitol’s reaction to Katniss’s’ famous three-fingered salute.

Beyond that, the government’s reaction to her epic refusal to eliminate Peeta at the end of the 74th Hunger Games raught a punishment so Earth-shattering that it shook the nation of Panem to its very core.

Even those thought to be abusing the parameters of the game may face punishment.

11 Three Square Meals

Food is difficult to come by during the Hunger Games tournament, and it becomes such a vital commodity in the closing days that sending a contestant so much as a loaf of bread can cost beneficiaries a fortune.

That said, the Capitol would prefer that even the most desperate tributes refrain from using their deceased enemies as a source of sustenance.

Grotesque and so macabre as to offend the already demented citizens of the Capitol, the Gamemakers make every effort to ensure that this doesn’t take place within their tournament.

Suzanne Collins’ novels make mention of a contestant partaking in such grizzly affairs who was eliminated in an artificially triggered landslide as a form of retribution for their actions.

10 Contestants Can Take Tokens and Keepsakes

The Capitol may be pretty brutal, though they aren’t without their small mercies. Despite tossing a group of 24 hapless teenagers into a mortal battle royale, they allow each of their contestants to take one small token from their district into the arena with them.

These are typically some small momentos that may hold some personal value or remind a contestant of all of their supporters rooting for them in their home districts.

Of course, these are never intended to provide an undue advantage, and tokens are strictly intended to be non-lethal.

There are references in the books and movies to previous Hunger Games tributes attempting to sneak in lethal substances via their keepsakes, though it can be assumed that the Gamemakers quickly dealt with them.

9 No Fighting In Private

As previously stated, tributes may being official-sanctioned weapons and survival training when they reach the Capitol, though many of them will already have extensive experience in both by the time their names are drawn during the Reaping.

Unfortunately, though, it can be assumed that born-and-bred tributes from districts successful in the Hunger Games have sparred against each other relentlessly, no two contestants are not allowed to fight against each other in private prior to their introduction to the arena.

Naturally, these rules don’t prevent such things from happening, but, if anything, the games could be made more interesting if contestants aren’t intimately familiar with each others unique skill sets.

8 There Can Only Be One Victor

There aren’t all that many hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the Hunger Games. Many underhanded methods or outright disrespectful tactics will be punished by the Gamemakers, but they aren’t exactly blatantly condoned.

That said, one of the very few strictly-stated rules is that there can only ever be one victor each year.

Though the odds may ever be in your favor, they aren’t exactly good, and they were even worse of Haymitch, who participated in a Quarter Quell in which the tribute number was doubled.

This law was famously violated in the 74th Hunger Games by Katniss and Peeta, which set in motion a set of events that would forever change the country of Panem.

7 Airdrops Are Allowed

The Hunger Games may be a relatively even playing field on the surface, but, like in all things, those with wealth tend to have an upper hand.

Beneficiaries have the option to send food, weapons, and survival gear to contestants in the arena, the caveat being that, the longer the games go, the more expensive such support becomes.

While sending any sort of care package is comparatively inexpensive early on, the longer things go, the more expensive it becomes.

Though sending medical supplies may be doable on the first day, a simple loaf of bread may become infeasible as the days wear on.

By that logic, it would seems that those hailing from the more affluent districts might be able to prop up their tributes more effectively.

6 Training Scores Are Everything

As was prominently featured in the first acts of both the first novel and movie in the Hunger Games series, tributes are, at the end of their training cycles, allotted an audience with the Gamemakers to display their skills.

These powerful Hunger Games puppeteers then rank all 24 tributes on a scale between one and twelve — one being the lowest, and twelve being the highest — based on their likelihood to emerge victorious from the arena.

Both Katniss and Peeta were famously awarded the highest possible score during the lead up to the 74th Hunger Games, and it has been said that a tribute once won despite earning a score as low as a three.

5 Fashion Shows Are Mandatory

A defining moment of the entire Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss Everdeen was given her quite literally awe-inspiring “Girl on Fire” title as the result of an event in which all tributes are forced to partake prior to the games.

Similar to a real-world red carpet ceremony, each pair of tributes from all twelve districts are dressed ornately and paraded around before the Capitol in a faintly sinister display.

Each of the candidates flaunt their stuff and are later interviewed on national television.

From here, audience members and Gamemakers alike begin to pick favorites, and the seeds of that year’s Hunger Games are slowly sewn.

Analogous to the first preseason game of any professional sport, it is a tribute’s first chance to make their mark on the world before the games officially begin.

4 The Victor Gets A Tour Of All 12 Districts

After the year’s games are all said and done, the winner (“survivor” may be a more appropriate term) is taken on a victory tour of all twelve districts, arriving at their home district last.

Though this may sound like a time for celebration, the novels and movies seem to portray it as a very grim occurrence.

Though that year’s grizzly affair is over, the victory lap, for many, serves as little more than a reminder of the Capitol’s absolute power.

A victor’s presence in a foreign district likely reminds that district’s inhabitants in his or her hand in ending the lives of their own tributes, and it is a, in most cases, a cause for solemnity.

Had Panem’s tyrannical government overplayed their hand in this matter, they could perhaps have quelled a rebellion before it ever got started.

3 Play By the Rules

Though apparently unwritten, it seems like the Gamemakers aren’t too keen on allowing tributes to eliminate other contestants through unsanctioned means.

Despite requiring a great amount of intelligence and craft to be successful, the Hunger Games are almost always won by those who chose to stick to the rules.

Haymitch relays this; during his time in the 50th Hunger Games, he eliminated some of his enemies via the exploitation of the arena’s barriers.

This brought the swift and awful retribution of the Capitol upon his family, the aftermath of which was horrible enough to force him into his sloven, nihilistic ways.

Again, while a series mostly intended for young adults, The Hunger Games can be starkly emotional.

2 Feasts are Mandatory

Food and supplies tend to become scarce as the end of the games draws near, and, as a result, the remaining tributes tend to become reclusive, often opting to hide and hunt for food instead of pursue each other.

That is, aside from the war-pruned volunteer tributes, who often relentlessly hunt down their peers.

Should the games stagnate too much for the Capitol’s liking, the Gamemakers will hold a “feast” of sorts, drawing the remaining contestants back to the cornucopia by way of renewed supplies.

Katniss notes that this is often a total farce, and previous contestants sometimes did battle over little more than a stale piece of bread. Though not and out-and-out rule, it is an expected occurrence.

1 Stay Alive

This is, in the words of Haymitch Abernathy, the only real rule of the Hunger Games.

This may sound a bit cynical coming from the man who resorted to extremely desperate and rule-bending methods to come out on top of the 50th Hunger Games, but Panem is a place which tends to favor cynics.

Officially stated rules are few and far between when it comes to the Hunger Games, and officially enforced rules are even fewer.

That said, all tributes can truly do is play by the rules and hope to entertain the masses enough to avoid artificial elimination at the hand of a set of disinterested Gamemakers.

A cruel tournament, Panem’s governing body may force participation and encourage involvement, but the odds are hardly ever in your favor.

Can you think of any other rules the tributes of The Hunger Games are forced to obey? Let us know in the comments!

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