10 Things Wrong With The Doctor Who Universe We All Choose To Ignore

Far away in a distant part of the universe, there existed a species of aliens known as Time Lords, creatures that could manipulate the time-space continuum to travel backward and forward to any point in time and space. From this massively powerful species emerged a single Time Lord, who took it upon him/herself to travel all over the universe (making a surprising number of pit stops in 21st century suburban Britain) in his/her time machine called the TARDIS.

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Across his/her countless travels over a very, very long time span, this Time Lord came to be known simply as the Doctor. Thus was born the saga of Doctor Who, Britain’s most beloved sci-fi series with millions of fans around the world. But as adored as the series is, it doesn’t stop us from questioning these 10 disturbing facts about its narrative.

10 The Doctor Keeps Kidnapping Companions

The Doctor is a very mysterious being, which is, of course, part of his/her appeal. But, it does make you wonder why the multiple companions they’ve had over the years are so willing to be kidnapped? Think about it. The Doctor almost never reveals his/her true nature to his/her companions until they are actually inside the TARDIS and teleporting to a distant location.

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It is usually at this point that a normal human would panic to be trapped with a stranger in an unknown vehicle being carried to who knows where against their will. Yet, the companions never seem to pause to consider that they have just been the victims of a kidnapping.

9 The TARDIS Is A Victim Too

The Doctor is all about freedom and liberty for all creatures. Which is ironic, considering he/she’s been using a living, thinking creature as his/her personal bachelor pad/battle tank/mode of transport this whole time. That’s right, the TARDIS is part of a sentient species created by the Time Lords to do their bidding from the moment of their births.

That means the Doctor has been regularly using a creature that has known nothing but subjugation and captivity throughout the thousands of years that it’s been alive and under his/her command.

8 He/She Touches Lives, And Not Always In A Good Way

The first episode of Doctor Who under Steven Moffat showed us a little girl called Amy Pond, who met the Doctor once and then spent the rest of her life awaiting his return while being forced to question her sanity. That’s what meeting the Doctor does to a regular human. It shows them a glimpse of a world they cannot comprehend and leaves them wondering if they’re going insane.

Now, imagine the countless Average Joe side characters that the Doctor has met over the years. What kind of disturbing thoughts must be going through their heads after being introduced to the wider universe thanks to the Doctor, and will they ever be able to go back to their normal lives again?

7 He/She Has The Powers Of A God, But The Temper Of A Person

The Doctor is, to all intents and purposes, an actual god. He/she has created and destroyed entire realities, manipulated time and space endlessly, lived to see the end of the universe and annihilated entire armies and alien species. You would expect a godlike being such as this to also have the wisdom to match.

Unfortunately, the Doctor is all too human, even when exercising his/her immense power. He/she frequently plays judge, jury, and executioner and inflicts the most horrific, eternal punishments for crimes that, while terrible, probably don’t deserve unending torture for the rest of time. No more horrifying example of this behavior is needed than the ending of the episode “Family of Blood.”

6 Humanity Has No Control Over Its Destiny

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We human beings pride ourselves on being a strong, independent species that went from being cave-dwellers to a space-faring race. Yet, in the world of Doctor Who, the humans have a long history of being controlled, manipulated and regularly mind wiped by other, superior species.

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The Silence were a particularly nefarious example of an alien race controlling the course of humanity. But the Doctor has also been frequently responsible for being the puppet master standing behind the curtain, manipulating the path humanity takes and keeping them in ignorance of the larger universe and the alien species who regularly visit their planet.

5 The Doctor Has Many Contradicting Backstories

Doctor Who has been on the air for a very long time. We get that it can be difficult to keep all the parts of such a massive storyline straight at all times. But you’d think the writers would at least want to keep the Doctor’s backstory nailed down and kept the same over the years.

Unfortunately, the Doctor’s backstory seems as unreliable as that of the Joker from The Dark Knight. The Doctor once claimed to have a human mother, hence his fondness for Earth. Later, he was confirmed to be fully a Time Lord. There was also an episode where Lord Morbius looked into the past of the Fourth Doctor and saw many past regenerations that have since been completely ignored by later seasons.

4 The Doctor Doesn’t Follow His/Her Own Rules

For a show about time travel, Doctor Who sure likes to play fast and loose with the rules behind interfering with timelines. There have been countless instances where the Doctor has insisted that he must not interfere with a particular past or future event, only to later go right ahead and interfere anyway. And he’s been doing this for a very long time.

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This usually happens when one of the Doctor’s companion’s lives is at stake. Which makes us wonder how flexible the rules of time travel are for the Doctor to be constantly breaking them without blowing up the whole space-time continuum by this point. Which brings us to our next point…

3 No Real Consequences

Deaths are not always permanent in Doctor Who. Past tragedies are regularly corrected by the Doctor. So are future ones. Also, the ones that the Doctor insists must happen to preserve the space-time continuum. There are few problems, past, present or death-related, that the Doctor cannot fix with his time machine and sonic screwdriver.

Which makes it really hard to believe anything ultimately matters. Once you see the Doctor pulling the fix-everything-ever trick in multiple episodes, it can be hard to take any future threats the series raises seriously.

2 The Doctor Is Often Petty And Manipulative

The character of the Doctor has frequently been called into question by his/her friends, enemies and even those who have only heard of him/her. That is because the Doctor, despite being the ‘hero’ of the story, often does not act like one. He/she has wiped the memories of friends, led invasions against his/her own planet, and repeatedly manipulated those around him/her to achieve the end goal.

When such bullying tactics work, the Doctor is hailed for being a hero and saving the day. At other times, things go horribly wrong, people die (a lot of them), and the Doctor is left to live with the guilt.

1 The Doctor Is A Warrior, Not A Healer

For a show about a Doctor, there is actually very little healing going on in the episodes. Now, we get that the show is an adventure drama and not a medical drama, but it’s hard to forget that considering the amount of advanced, otherworldly tech the Doctor has at his disposal (not to mention an actual time machine), he could cure every ill person who ever lived, anywhere in the universe.

But the Doctor prefers to roam around the universe instead, observing alien species like a scientist and stepping in to help prevent catastrophes where possible. A noble task, yes, but it is an undeniable fact that the titular character of the show could save many more lives if they acted like a real doctor instead of a glorified police officer.

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Game Of Thrones: 20 Things Wrong With Tyrion Lannister We All Choose To Ignore

Tyrion Lannister is a beloved character on Game of Thrones. He keeps the show interesting with his charm and wit. Yet, like all the other characters on Game of Thrones, he certainly isn’t perfect. Not only is he morally grey like most of the other characters, but there are things that are wrong with him that some fans just ignore. Whether it’s his lack of skill at diplomacy and battle strategy when it comes to advising Daenerys Targaryen or his outburst at his trial, there are some things about Tyrion that just don’t make sense.

Of course, this does not change how well-loved and interesting Tyrion’s character is. If anything, these inconsistencies just make fans more interested in his character. Yet it’s still worth it to examine them and to attempt to explain them. In a show as big as Game of Thrones is, with its many characters and plot lines, there are bound to be things that don’t make sense. Tyrion’s characterization at times just happens to be one of those things.

It would also be interesting to think of why fans ignore these inconsistencies when it comes to Tyrion’s character. Is it just because he’s so beloved? Or are there other reasons? Could it be that fans are willing to overlook inconsistencies in the show as a whole because of how entertaining it can be? That’s definitely a possibility. It’s also possible that fans do not want to look into inconsistencies when it comes to their favorite characters.

Here are: 20 Things Wrong With Tyrion Lannister We All Choose To Ignore. 

20 He’s Not A Good Hand To Daenerys

Tyrion Lannister is smart, capable, and clever. So why is it that his advice to Daenerys is so horrible? In fact, during season seven, she did better when she ignored his advice and did what she thought was best. With many fans theorizing that he is going to betray her in season eight anyway, it’s surprising that he hasn’t lost his position. At least, not yet. You never know what’s going to happen in the world of Game of Thrones. 

Just so everyone is on the same page, let’s go over some of Tyrion’s bad advice. He advised against attacking King’s Landing when Daenerys was at the height of her strength. He advised her to attack Casterly Rock, which ended up very badly. He advised against her going beyond the Wall, without which Jon Snow and the others would have been in big trouble. Overall, his advice hasn’t been good. And it might be better off for Daenerys to listen to someone else’s advice or do her own thing.

19 …But He Was A Pretty Good Hand To Joffrey

If there’s one ruler in the world of Game of Thrones who can’t inspire loyalty in their subjects, it’s Joffrey Baratheon. He’s a very unpleasant person, and that’s putting it mildly. So why was Tyrion such a good Hand to him? One possible reason is that Tyrion wasn’t doing it for Joffrey himself but for the good of Westeros in general. Yet that argument could also be used now in his duties as Hand to Daenerys. Yet he’s apparently lost his brains now and cannot give her good advice the way he once did for Joffrey.  So perhaps that’s not it. Perhaps Tyrion was a better Hand to Joffrey because he secretly cared for the horrible king. No? Too surprising?

18 His Age Is Different From The Books To The Show

One big difference between the books and the show is the age of the characters. All of the main characters in Game of Thrones are a lot older than their book counterparts. When it comes to Tyrion, though, fans tend to ignore this. One possible explanation is that since he is not a minor in the book, his aging up is not seen as significant. Though we would argue it still is. It’s still a huge change between the books and the show and those changes definitely matter. Another possible explanation is that some show fans haven’t read the books, and therefore don’t notice the changes made from them. The show is, for some, their first— and only— exposure to the world of Westeros.

17 He Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks He Is

Though he can play the game of thrones with some success, he is not as intelligent as he appears. During season one, he hints to his siblings that he knows they hurt Bran. Given the moral ambiguity of Jaime and especially Cersei, Tyrion should have known that wasn’t a smart move. Because of this action, he should have been on his guard but he wasn’t and was later set up by Petyr Baelish before being taken by Catelyn Stark.

During his tenure as Hand of the King to Joffrey, he manages to make a lot of enemies on the Small Council. Not to mention how he earns the hatred of his sister Cersei after he sends Myrcella to Dorne. This leads to him losing any power he had and ultimately, he should have been smarter. If he was as intelligent as he believes, he probably would not have made so many dire mistakes.

16 His Actions Are Whitewashed In The Show

Though Tyrion is morally grey, he is not as much of an anti-hero as his book counterpart. In the books, he is ordered by Tywin to participate in the humiliation of his wife, Tysha. This event occurs before the timeline of the story, but is a very important one for Tyrion. He even thinks of it when he gets rid of his father, Tywin. In fact, in the book, he asks Tywin where Tysha is before Tywin passes away. Given this event and how important it was to Tyrion, you would think it would shape his character. No. Not at all. While on the run in Essos, in the books, he abuses a slave girl. He feels bad about it afterwards, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it again before she is finally able to escape him.

15 His Outburst At His Trial Doesn’t Make Sense

When he is accused of eliminating Joffrey— which he didn’t do— he is offered a deal. He can spend his life at the Wall as a member of the Night’s Watch. Given that Tyrion is supposed to be very intelligent and know how to play the game of thrones, all he had to do was take the deal. Keep his cool and take the deal. Use his intellect to get out of it later. Instead, he doesn’t use his intellect at all and ends up throwing somewhat of a tantrum. Though his anger is understandable, he still shouldn’t have allowed it to overcome him. Ultimately, his anger leads to his downfall, which leads to him having to flee Westeros.

14 He’s In Love With Daenerys

Now we kind of understand why. Daenerys is an awesome woman, after all. But you’d think Tyrion would be smart enough to not mix business with pleasure. Apparently not. One possible reason for this is to show just how wonderful Daenerys is. If even Tyrion would fall for her, she must be something special. Poor Tyrion, though. He’s not very lucky in love, is he? First Shae betrays him, now Daenerys falls for someone else. It’s got to make you wonder why he doesn’t just give up on the whole thing entirely. Is Tyrion a secret romantic? Aaw, that’s sweet. Kind of. Though Westeros is not the place to have romantic dreams. They’ll just end up being crushed.

13 …Or At Least Thinks He Is

Wait, is he in love with Daenerys or isn’t he? According to Peter Dinklage himself, it’s complicated. Tyrion is definitely impressed by Daenerys and feels a connection with her. He feels as if they have a lot in common since both of them want to escape from their family’s past. He also is cautious, though, because of his past unluckiness in love. In addition to that, he is worried about Jon Snow and Daenerys getting involved. He knows that romance and politics don’t really work well together. Therefore, their relationship could be dangerous, not only for them but for all of Westeros. It is surprising, though, that Tyrion hasn’t been able to figure out if he just admires Daenerys or if it’s something more. For a man of his intelligence and experience, you would think that would be an easy enough thing to figure out.

12 He Is Accused Of A Crime He Didn’t Commit By Catelyn Stark

This happened all the way back in season one, so it’s no wonder some fans have forgotten about it.  Still, it’s important to remember little details like this. You never know what could end up being important in the world of Game of Thrones. Just to remind everyone, Tyrion is accused of trying to harm Bran Stark, which was actually done by his siblings Jaime and Cersei. He insists that he is innocent, but Catelyn doesn’t believe him. She takes him to her sister Lysa Arryn at the Eyrie. He is then accused not only of trying to harm Bran, but of  eliminating Lysa’s husband, Jon Arryn. Tyrion is also innocent of that crime.

He requests and is granted a trial by combat. Bronn fights for him against one of Lysa’s knights and Bronn wins. This means that Tyrion is innocent in the eyes of the gods. So he manages to get out of this situation. Still, if he had been more careful in the first place, he never would have gotten into a situation like this one.

11 …And Again By His Family

You’d think one time of being accused of a crime he didn’t commit would be enough for Tyrion. Apparently not. After Joffrey passes away, Tyrion is accused of getting rid of him. Of course, he didn’t do it. Yet since his sister and father already hate him, they are happy to believe that he did commit the crime. Luckily, his brother Jaime is on his side. And Tyrion ends up getting out of yet another sticky situation. Though this time, he owes it all to Jaime and Varys.

There are so many ways this could have been avoided, though. Of course, Joffrey was a horrible person and a terrible ruler. Yet Tyrion should have encouraged a less hostile relationship with him. Perhaps then he wouldn’t be accused of trying to get rid of him. If people believed Tyrion cared about Joffrey, it would be harder to accuse him of the crime of eliminating Joffrey.

10 He Didn’t Try To Stop Tywin From Hurting Tysha In The Show

You would think, with the way Tyrion is characterized on the show, that the writers would have given him a heroic moment during this important time. They could have easily shown that Tyrion had tried to stop his father, done everything he could even, only to be defeated by Tywin. This would have made Tyrion look great. Of course, he didn’t want these events to happen, but it looks a little bad that he didn’t try harder to stop his father. Tywin is used to getting his way, true, but Tyrion should have at least tried to outsmart him. Also, it’s amazing how easy it was for Tyrion to believe that Tysha wasn’t truly in love with him. He should have trusted her more.

9 He Stops At The Inn On The Way Home, When He Doesn’t Need To

This could be just bad luck on Tyrion’s part, but you’d think he’d do his best to avoid such situations. This is, of course, when he stops at the Crossroads Inn and is captured by Catelyn Stark. As is mentioned before, this whole situation could have been avoided if Tyrion was more careful. After suggesting to Jaime and Cersei that they were behind Bran’s injury, he should have known that Cersei would want revenge. So he absolutely should have been taking better care of himself and not easily fall into any traps. Instead, he is easily captured by Catelyn Stark and has to defend himself. Luckily, he gets out of it. But things could just as easily have gone the other way.

8 He Takes Shae To King’s Landing Even Though He Knows It’s Risky

This was definitely a mistake. During season two, Tyrion becomes Hand of the King to Joffrey. He is therefore needed in King’s Landing. Defying his father’s orders to leave her behind, he takes Shae to King’s Landing with him. Since Tyrion knows how dangerous everyone in King’s Landing can be, he really shouldn’t have done this. He even warns Shae of how dangerous it can be. Yet he didn’t think it was too dangerous to bring her in the first place? Yeah, that doesn’t fully make sense. Of course, love can make people do silly things. Yet you’d think Tyrion would be the exception to that rule. Given his intelligence, he would know when to take risks like that and when not to. This is a situation where he probably shouldn’t have taken the risk.

7 His Efforts In The Battle Of The Blackwater Are Ignored By Tywin

Now, Tywin does tend to ignore Tyrion’s accomplishments. That’s true. Yet if Tyrion was a bit better at the game of thrones, his father wouldn’t have been able to pull the rug out from under him the way he did. He should have used his intelligence and political savvy to gain allies in King’s Landing. Trustworthy allies. Instead, the only person who seems to acknowledge his efforts during the battle is Varys, who is not really what you would call trustworthy. One possible reason why this occurred was to show just how unfair Tywin Lannister can be. Even though the audience and Varys know what Tyrion did during the battle, since Tywin wasn’t there himself he prefers to ignore it.

6 He Chooses To Stay In King’s Landing, Even Though It’s Dangerous

This is another case where Tyrion should’ve known not to take the risk. He and Shae could have easily run away together, yet he decides to stay in King’s Landing. Why? The explanation he gives in the show is that standing up to the others in King’s Landing is what he is good at. Yet is it? Is it really? If he was really that good at standing up to people, he would know how to do it the right way. The way that would get you more allies rather than lose them. Instead, he makes many enemies on the Small Council and in King’s Landing as a whole during season two. What a shame.

5 Varys Betrays Him…. And Tyrion Should Have Seen It Coming

Tyrion is often acknowledged, both on the show and in the fan-base, as a very intelligent person. So why did he trust Varys? As is mentioned before, Varys is not exactly trustworthy. Tyrion should have known that he couldn’t trust The Spider— which is Varys’ ominous nickname— in the first place. Varys even warns Tyrion that he will not protect him. So why does Tyrion trust him so much? Why is he so shocked by his betrayal? If Tyrion is supposed to be intelligent, then he should have known that Varys would double-cross him eventually to save himself. For a clever person, Tyrion can be pretty stupid at times. He really should have seen this one coming.

4 He Should Have Known Oberyn Martell Would Lose The Fight

Though Oberyn is a good fighter, Tyrion should have known he wouldn’t win. Not only is it very hard to defeat Gregor Clegane— also known as The Mountain— but Oberyn’s appetite for revenge definitely affected his fighting skills. Tyrion should have known that. Oberyn even admits what he wants when he offers to be Tyrion’s champion. One possible reason for this inconsistency is that in this situation, Tyrion was desperate. He wanted someone to fight for him and he got Oberyn. So perhaps beggars can’t be choosers. Still, Tyrion should not have put all his hopes on Oberyn. He should have had several backup plans, just in case things didn’t work out his way. Though Tyrion does manage to escape Westeros, he wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Jaime and Varys.

3 He Meets With The Slavers While Daenerys Is Gone

Tyrion should have known this wouldn’t go well. First of all, they’re slavers. They enslave people for a living. That means they’re definitely not honorable people. He should have known that they wouldn’t honor any deal that they made with him. Second of all, in Daenerys’ absence, Tyrion should have listened to those closest to her, especially those who have a great deal of knowledge about slavery like Missandei and Grey Worm. Instead, he went ahead with his plan. Luckily for him, Daenerys eventually comes back and restores order. One possible reason for this inconsistency is to show that while Tyrion can give advice to rulers, he cannot rule himself. He just doesn’t have the talent for it.

2 He Tells Jon To Bend The Knee

During season seven, Tyrion tries to convince Jon to bend the knee to Daenerys. Knowing Jon as he does, Tyrion should have known that this wouldn’t work easily. Jon can be stubborn. He’s a lot like his Stark family in that way. Once he took up the title of King In The North, Tyrion should have known he wouldn’t relinquish it so easily. He would need a good reason. Jon would need to have a reason to believe in Daenerys. Tyrion should have, instead of just telling him to bend the knee, explained why he himself is following Daenerys. Instead, Jon finds out from others like Missandei and eventually accepts Daenerys as his queen after she saves his life.

1 He Could Be In Trouble— Serious Trouble— In Season Eight

“Say it isn’t so,” you may be thinking. Well, you know Game of Thrones. You never know who is going to survive and who is going to be eliminated. Tyrion could very well be in the latter group during season eight. Especially if, like many fans are theorizing, he betrays Daenerys. He could end up having an unpleasant interaction with one of her dragons and that would be the end of the fan favorite. Still, all hope is not lost. After all, Tyrion has survived this long. And though we’ve poked some fun at him in this piece and taunted him for not always being as intelligent as he says he is, we really love Tyrion. So of course we want him to survive.

Is there anything wrong with Tyrion in Game of Thrones that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Game Of Thrones: 10 Things About Jaime Lannister Fans Choose To Ignore

As Game of Thrones enters its eighth and final season, the heroes and villains of the story are pretty well established. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, along with the few remaining members and allies of the Stark family, are humanity’s last hope for survival against the looming threat of the Night King and his army of Wights. The only human antagonists of any significance are Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy, who last season fooled Jon and Daenerys into thinking they would help defeat the Night King. But then there’s Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer, who we last saw fleeing King’s Landing on horseback as the capital was seeing its first signs of winter.

As any fan of the show is well aware, Jaime’s arc the last few seasons has been an uphill climb toward redemption, challenged by a long history of truly awful offenses. He’s certainly done some good, like when he freed Tyrion from near-certain execution and gave Brienne his Valyrian steel sword to protect Sansa Stark, but it’s important to remember why we hated him so much in the first place. To that end, here are 10 things fans choose to ignore about everyone’s favorite anti-hero, Jaime Lannister.

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10 He Pushed Bran Out Of A Tower

As easy as it is to fall for Jaime Lannister’s charm, it’s a difficult thing to forgive throwing a young child out of a window, forever crippling him. Sure, he only meant to keep his affair with his twin sister a secret, but somehow we’re still finding it hard to sympathize. Jaime’s terrible actions in the first episode of Game of Thrones set into motion a series of events that would shape the trajectories of central characters and ultimately, the entire story. If Jaime is headed to Winterfell as suspected, it’ll be fascinating to witness his interactions with Jon Snow, Bran’s half-brother, Sansa and Arya, Bran’s sisters, and Bran himself.

9 He Murdered His Cousin

After his capture by Robb Stark in season 1, Jaime Lannister finds himself imprisoned in a dank outdoor cell alongside his distant cousin and former squire, Alton Lannister. What makes Alton’s murder all the more tragic is the touching conversation preceding it where Alton passionately reminisces about his time squiring for Jaime.

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After Jaime makes an effort to relate by sharing his experience as squire for the great Barristan Selmy, there’s a brief moment where we think Jaime might just be growing on us. But then he bludgeons his cousin to death. They do say you should never meet your heroes, right?

8 Raped Cersei By Their Dead Son

Very possibly Jaime’s lowest moment in the entire saga is when he forces himself onto his sister while she grieves over the corpse of their son. There really isn’t much to say about this scene; it’s just an unfathomably vile thing to watch that led to great public outcry from the Game of Thrones fandom. Worse yet, it didn’t seem to serve any narrative purpose, instead only complicating Jaime’s character arc and grievously setting back his redemption. Indeed, Jaime’s rape of Cersei at Joffrey’s memorial is one misdeed even his most die-hard fans can’t forgive.

7 Almost Killed Ned Stark

Poor Ned Stark spent the days leading up to his unjust execution hobbling from a wound to the leg dealt by one of Jaime Lannister’s men. As with most awful things he does, Jaime had his reasons for the attack on Ned Stark and his security detail, but it still felt like a step too far. After he learned that Ned commanded the arrest of his brother Tyrion, Jaime wasted no time getting revenge. According to a later conversation with Tywin, Jaime only left Eddard alive because “it wouldn’t have been clean.” Ironic because during the battle, Jaime killed one of Eddard’s closest allies by shoving a sword through his eye.

6 He Ruthlessly Mocked Brienne

Long before fans started shipping Brienne and Jaime as a couple, Brienne exhibited the patience of a saint putting up with Jaime’s constant threats and attacks on her physical appearance. During his time as Brienne’s captive, Jaime not only tempted Brienne to remove his chains and fight him, but he also hurled at her some of the more heartless barbs we’ve heard in Game of Thrones. He questions her womanhood, suggests they have sex, and calls her a “giant, towheaded plank,” whatever that means. Brienne is the last character who deserves the kind of abuse she suffers from Jaime, making their earlier interactions another part of Jaime’s history we’d rather not remember.

5 He Taunts Catelyn With Jon’s Mother

Didn’t Tywin ever teach Jaime not to speak ill of the dead? On second thought, he probably wouldn’t have. During Jaime’s captivity in season 2, he provokes Catelyn to rage by favorably comparing himself to her late husband, Eddard Stark. Pointing out that his sister Cersei is the only woman he’d ever been with, he brings up Ned’s affair that was thought to have conceived Jon Snow. It’s understandable that Jaime would have some misgivings about Catelyn chaining him to a post outside and holding him against his will, but calling out Ned’s infidelity after his death felt unnecessarily cruel. It also doesn’t help Jaime’s cause that it was his own son that ordered Ned’s execution.

4 He Threatens To Launch A Baby From A Catapult

In season 6, Jaime arranges a siege of Riverrun. During that siege, he has a conversation with Catelyn’s brother, Edmure, that reveals the barbaric measures Jaime was willing to take to return to his sister. At one point, he plainly admits to Edmure his intense love for Cersei and threatens Edmure in a number of ways with the intention of persuading his surrender. To his credit, he first offers him residence as well as generous accommodations at Casterly Rock, but Jaime quickly turns violent after Edmure refuses. To the horror of both Edmure and the viewers at home, Jaime threatens to launch Edmure’s baby son from a catapult into Riverrun.

3 Enabled Cersei’s Worst Impulses

The finale of season 7 saw Jaime Lannister finally give up on Cersei and leave King’s Landing, presumably to join Jon and Daenerys in their fight with The Night King. But thus far he’s done little to redeem his consistent support of Cersei Lannister and enabling of her most vicious impulses.

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Naming every cruel deed carried out by Cersei would be a laborious task, but some of her most depraved actions include bringing the illegitimate King Joffrey to power, having Tyrion arrested for Joffrey’s murder with no evidence, and incinerating hundreds of innocents by blowing up the Great Sept of Baelor. None of that deterred Jaime from supporting her romantically and politically, making him a sort-of unwitting accomplice to her corruption.

2 He Patronizes Jon Snow

Fans caught up on Game of Thrones will know that The Night King is the story’s single-most existential threat. But all the way back in season 1, Jaime didn’t seem entirely convinced. His first interaction with Jon Snow at Winterfell exposes Jaime’s frustrating arrogance in full view. He speaks with the kind of passive-aggressive, patronizing language we tend to associate more with Cersei, giving viewers a bad impression of Jaime Lannister right from the get-go. Of course, we now know that Jaime has witnessed a Wight first-hand and likely plans to be an ally in the fight against them, but Jaime wasn’t nearly as wise, or likeable, back in season 1.

1 He Is A Kingslayer

Jaime Lannister’s original sin, and the betrayal that earned him the dishonorable “Kingslayer” title, is killing the very king he was sworn to protect. We all know the story by now: Jaime stabbed the Mad King in the back for a number of reasons. For one, the Mad King ordered Jaime to murder his own father. Jaime also justifies breaking his oath by reminding us that the Mad King was on the verge of laying King’s Landing low and killing roughly half a million people. It’s ironic that Jaime’s most infamous act is also his most justified, but the fact remains that he’ll forever be remembered as the knight of the Kingsguard who murdered his king in cold blood.

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Jordan Gerblick

Game Of Thrones: 20 Things Wrong With Jaime Lannister We All Choose To Ignore

aIt’s hard to believe sometimes that at the beginning of the Game of Thrones series, Jaime Lannister was the most hated character on the show. Everyone viewed him as the true villain of the story, at least at that point. The biggest part of the hatred fans had for Jaime spawned from a moment in the premiere. See, while in the midst of an inappropriate intimate moment with his twin sister, Cersei, young Bran Stark stumbled upon the scene. And what was Jaime’s reaction? To push him out of the window at the top of the Winterfell tower.

Though Bran survived, it put Jaime on the map as the villain of Westeros. But over time, we saw more to his character, and by season 3, we saw an entirely different empathic side to Ser Jaime. At this point, he had gone through so many trials and tribulations that the guard he had up was being torn down and his vulnerability was showing.

Since then, fans have decided he’s not as bad as they once thought, and have even begun rooting for Jaime. It’s hard not to when you’ve witnessed the intense character development he has undergone over the course of the past 7 seasons. Even so, there are plenty of flaws that Jaime has – serious ones, in fact. Yet, we all choose to ignore them in favor of supporting the Lannister knight.

Whether or not we actually should be rooting for Jaime is still up in the air. But for now, let’s look at the 20 Things Wrong With Jaime Lannister We All Choose To Ignore.

20 He Has A Superiority Complex

This was most exemplified in the earlier seasons but has still shown through now and then throughout the series. Jaime has always had a big ego and feels as though he is better than most.

In the first season, he even enjoyed ridiculing others, especially those who were “morally righteous”. A prime example would be when Jon is distraught over Bran’s fall – that Jaime caused, mind you – and to make matters worse for Jon, Jaime mocks his decision to join the Night’s Watch.

Though he appears to be purely egotistical, we know he was actually hiding resentment towards himself for his titles of “Kingslayer” and “Oathbreaker”. But taking out his insecurities on others was never going to help anything.

19 Jaime Is Sometimes Gullible

In the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, Cersei was carrying on a relationship with her cousin, Lancel. This was happening with Jaime being completely unaware.

But later on, after Lancel found his faith and joined the movement known as the Sparrows, effectively abandoning his family name, Lancel ends up telling the High Sparrow of all of his sins. Including his relationship with Cersei.

This eventually led to Cersei’s much-talked-about Walk of Shame. At this point, it should be more than obvious to Jaime that their past is actually true. But he still sides with Cersei, seeming to just write it off as a rumor. This shows his gullible side that comes out whenever something is off with Cersei. He’d rather believe her lies than face the truth.

18 He Doesn’t Have A Backbone With His Father

Tywin Lannister was the patriarch of House Lannister and tended to pull all of the strings when it came to the families dealings. Of course, at least until Tyrion ended his life.

But before that happened, Jaime always did everything his father told him to do, whether he believed it was the right thing or not. He pretty much never questioned the man simply because he was his father. But Jaime is supposed to be a brave swordsman who fears no man, not even his dear old dad. Why was he never able to stick up for himself, or for those less fortunate who had gotten on his father’s bad side? Especially in life or death situations?

17 He Didn’t Believe Tyrion About Joffrey

In one of the most dramatic moments in Game Of Thrones history – which is seriously saying something – Joffrey was poisoned and met his ultimate demise from it. Because of Tyrion and Joffrey’s tension-filled relationship as uncle and nephew, as well as Tyrion already being a pariah in his own family, all of the blame immediately fell on Tyrion.

Most of this blame, of course, came from Cersei, who absolutely despises Tyrion. But Jaime always believed it to be the truth, also, and it took him hearing from Lady Olenna herself that she was the one behind it to finally believe his brother was innocent.

He should have believed Tyrion wouldn’t be capable of something like that, no matter how much Tyrion disliked Joffrey.

16 Jaime Is Arrogant

In the first season of GoT, Jaime is very selfish, bitter, and most obviously, arrogant. Part of this is because he was born into a rich and privileged family, plus he’s very handsome. On top of all of that, Jaime is incredibly gifted with his combat skills few other men are able to match up with.

Over time, his arrogance calms down a bit, but never fully goes away. It is one of his worst qualities and is one of the main reasons he was viewed as a villain in the early seasons. But even now, there have been times his arrogance has gotten in the way and only made things worse instead of better.

15 He Can Be A Coward With Cersei

Cersei Lannister is the type of woman who always gets what she wants, no matter at what cost or whose expense. The main person who she turns to in these situations is her brother, and lover, Jaime.

He does her bidding on several different occasions and rarely says no to her. Even in moments where his morals seem to kick in and he weighs whether what she is requesting is right or if it’s actually wrong, he still ends up doing as she says.

The only occasion where he stuck up for himself and said no to her was at the end of season 7 when he left King’s Landing and Cersei behind to fight the White Walkers, as he said he would. But it took him a long time to get the courage to stand up to his twin.

14 Jaime Doesn’t Stick Up For Tyrion In Front Of Others

It is more than obvious that most of the time, Jaime has had a soft spot for his brother, Tyrion. Tyrion has always been the outcast of the family and looked at as a “mistake”, but more often than not, his brother, Jaime, feels sorry for him.

He even helped him flee after Joffrey was poisoned and let him escape before facing Cersei’s wrath.

But, in general, Jaime doesn’t really stick up for his brother publicly. He only does so in private, with Tyrion directly. It’s a shame because, under different circumstances, the two could be close. But Jaime’s loyalty has always stayed with Cersei, who absolutely hates Tyrion and everything he stands for.

13 Well… He Lost His Hand

This was a major plot point in season 3 of Game of Thrones. Jaime loses his hand by a sell-sword of Roose Bolton. The man’s name was Locke, and knowing that he couldn’t take Jaime’s life due to his status, he hit him where he knew it’d hurt. Both literally and figuratively.

He cut off Jaime’s fighting hand. This essentially made the best swordsmen in the seven kingdoms utterly useless in battle. At least, at first.

The thing about it is after the initial shock wore off for audiences and we became accustomed to the one-handed Lannister in the Kingsguard, no one seemed to notice it anymore. But the truth of the matter is, it’s a big change for a man who had it all and should still affect him each and every day.

12 He Tried To Challenge Robb Stark To A Duel While Knowing Robb Had No Chance

Before Jaime has his hand cut off, he was the best swordsmen in all the land, quite literally. So when he challenged Robb Stark, who was just a young man at the time, to a sword fight, he knew Robb would ultimately not make it out alive.

This was an incredibly unfair challenge to make to a young Robb and shows that at this point in time, Jaime was not very honorable. Especially because the Lannisters were the aggressors with the Starks being the defenders in this battle. Fighting fair should be at the top of his priorities, but during this time, it clearly was not.

11 Jaime Attacked Ned Stark

Before Ned Stark’s untimely end in season 1, he was the Hand of King Robert Baratheon. But after they had a disagreement about assassinating Daenerys, Ned resigned as the Hand of the King. At the same time, he was aware that his wife had taken Tyrion against his will.

When Jaime finds out about this, he attacks Ned with his fellow Knights. And even though Jaime didn’t end up ending Ned’s life himself, this was one of the first events to lead to Ned’s early demise.

10 He Isn’t With Brienne

The biggest turning point for Jaime Lannister as a character was when he met Brienne of Tarth in season 2. At first, they were adversaries, but over time developed a friendship that was wonderful to watch unfold. Especially when Jaime was the one to save Brienne from being brutally harmed by Bolton soldiers when the two were taken.

The sad thing is, over the course of the past seven seasons, they have only remained friends when their chemistry is undeniable. Plus, Brienne undoubtedly made Jaime a better man and would continue to do so. Instead, he chose to stay with Cersei. We can only hope he makes a better choice when it comes to Brienne in season 8.

9 He Ended The Life Of His Own Cousin

When Jaime was taken and put in a cage with a fellow prisoner, he had formed a plan to end his fellow prisoner in an attempt to distract the guards and make his escape. This means he actually ended the life of a fellow Lannister – his own cousin – Alton Lannister, in a brutally ruthless way.

Granted, this was a cousin he hadn’t ever bonded with or really even known. And this was also a very desperate attempt for his freedom. But regardless of his desperation, this is a hard thing to overcome personally. At least, it should be. But he accepted what he had done faster than most would and moved on. We realize it was a tough year for Jaime, but that was brutal even for him.

8 Jamie And Cersei Were Romantic Next To Joffrey’s Casket

When King Joffrey met his inevitable but intense end, he had a funeral. After, Cersei was beside his casket, mourning the loss of her and Jaime’s son. Jaime shows up, and after a conversation where Cersei asks Jaime to end Tyrion’s life, they get too close.

There are two problems with it, though, aside from the obvious. One is that Jaime was seemingly forcing the situation. There has been some controversy surrounding the scene because of this. But furthermore, it is occurring at a highly inappropriate time. 

Even though we all hated Joffrey, it’s still incredibly gross to be engaged in extracurricular activities such as these here.

7 Jaime Tried To End Khaleesi’s Life

In the season 7 episode of GoT titled, “Spoils of War”, we see Jaime try to earn his title of Kingslayer once again when he charges at Daenerys Targaryen with a spear as she tries to help her dragon, Drogon.

Of course, we all knew it was unlikely that he would succeed in this endeavor, but it was still a completely surprising moment to watch unfold. He barely made it out alive after all was said and done. But it was particularly surprising because he was always very self-loathing for his Kingslayer title, yet he almost repeated history by ending Daenerys’ life.

6 He Threatened Edmure’s Son With A Catapult

When Jaime was sent to take Riverrun, he came in with guns blazing. He had planned to do whatever it takes to get back to Cersei, including making volatile threats to Edmure and his family, including his offspring.

He told him, “I’ll send for your baby boy. And I’ll launch him into Riverrun with a catapult. Because you don’t matter to me, Lord Edmure. Your son doesn’t matter to me. The people in the castle don’t matter to me. Only Cersei.”

It was a powerful and disturbing scene. It showed the lengths Jaime will go to just to please Cersei and that all rational thought leaves his brain when it comes to her.

5 He Fathered Joffrey

King Joffrey was by far one of the evilest and ruthless characters on Game Of Thrones. He was a spoiled, entitled, brat who also had a penchant for hurting anything he wanted to. He actually enjoyed seeing people suffer, whether it be emotionally or physically.

If Jaime had never gotten involved with his sister, Cersei – which is already all kinds of wrong – then they, in turn, never would have had children together, particularly not Joffrey.

Joffrey alone set off so many events that ended in tragedy for many people. But Jaime just could not resist his twin sister’s charms, evidently.

4 Jaime Can Be Ruthless

There are several examples of this. As we mentioned, he did threaten a baby with a catapult, after all. But it seems when it comes to those he loves, especially Cersei, he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, or what she wants.

He has harmed several people, or kept quiet about his sister’s own actions, in the name of “love”. But in actuality, he has done several things that were less than honorable because he was blinded by his love for his twin.

His ruthlessness can be downright upsetting when it comes down to it and is definitely one of our least favorite traits of his.

3 He Helped Wage War Against Robb Stark

Ser Jaime Lannister himself decided to lay siege to Riverrun towards the beginning of what is known as the War of the Five Kings. Riverrun was ruled by Hoster Tully, Robb Stark’s maternal grandfather.

So when word was received by Robb that the Lannister army was attempting to take over Riverrun, he went to defend the land as King of the North.

This jumpstarted several events in the war between the Lannisters and the Starks. Jaime was at the helm of this army, and after many things occurred between the two forces, Robb eventually was led to his end at the Red Wedding, along with his wife, unborn child, and mother.

2 He Watched Cersei Become Queen Knowing She Blew Up The Sept of Baelor

Cersei did one of the meanest things she had ever done in the season six finale: she blew up the Great Sept Of Baelor with several citizens of King’s Landing inside.

She did this with the wildfire that was underneath, left there by the Mad King. When Jaime returned to the city, he saw the Sept up in smoke, and immediately put two and two together that it was Cersei’s doing.

She had no intention of attending her trial, and once everyone who was in her way was gone, she got what she wanted. But then her son, King Tommen, ended his own life, too. This made Cersei the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Jaime may have been furious, but he certainly didn’t do anything to stop her. 

1 Jaime Stayed By Cersei’s Side After Tommen’s End

You would think that after each of their children had met their fates – because of a decision Cersei had made against her enemies, mind you – that Jaime would want absolutely nothing to do with her.

But even after Tommen ended his life after witnessing his wife and everyone else in the Great Sept of Baelor meet their end because of his own mother, Jaime still stayed by her side. He even respected her wishes to not talk about their son.

It makes absolutely no sense that his anger wouldn’t have boiled over with his sister at this point, but his loyalty outweighed his fury, apparently.

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Dragon Ball: 20 Things Wrong With Frieza We All Choose To Ignore

From a young age, we’re taught the differences between right and wrong. That’s the idea, anyway. Naturally, these are fluid concepts and it’s not always as black and white as that, but still. That time you tried to teach your little sister that it’s the younger sibling’s official job to be the Older Sibling’s Oreo-Feeder? That was pretty darn wrong.

What we are not taught, during all of these moral lessons, is that the villain is usually much, much cooler. Guys like Captain America and Superman are amazing and powerful and all, but heck, that goody-goody thing must get a little tiresome after a while. Most of the supposed superheroes like to get down and edgy every once in a while, just to mix things up.

Grey areas like Batman, the Dark Knight himself, have much more fun. Do you know who has even more fun than them? The pure, unrestrained, one-liner-spewing supervillains.

In the Dragon Ball world, nobody pulls that look off better than Frieza. He was the series’ first major villain, in a way, and his malevolent presence has been felt throughout most the franchise’s run.

He was the destroyer of Planet Vegeta, and almost singlehandedly erased the Saiyan race from existence as a result. That’s a pretty darn high benchmark to set. Couple that with his inherent meme-ability, and you’ve got a memorable and well-respected villain. This isn’t to say that there aren’t things about him that are super shonky, though.

What is he, exactly? Why’s his brother so much stronger and… cooler than he is? What the heck was the deal with Mecha-Frieza? Let’s dive into all of these embarrassing mysteries, and a whole lot more besides.

20 His Fight With Goku Lasted How Long?

We understand, we totally do. Much of anime is about melodramatic action, impossibly muscular warriors, energy beams, people, cities, and whole darn planets exploding. They’re like animated Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and that’s exactly why fans dig it so much. It’s also a lot of what keeps us coming to watch Marvel movies.

Nevertheless, it is possible to lay these things on too thick. When Frieza attacks Namek, Goku rushes to oppose him, and their battle is excessive by anyone’s standards. Yes, this is the big conflict between the hero and their ultimate nemesis, and we want it to be big, but three and a half hours of the anime?

That’s right, friends. As we’ve reported before, their fight took up 19 hours of the original Japanese anime.

19 We Don’t Actually Know Exactly What He Is

For the best-known and most popular Dragon Ball villain in the franchise’s history, it’s a little odd how much we don’t know about Frieza. Let’s start with one of the basics: what the heck is he?

He doesn’t seem to really discriminate, hating just about every species equally, but he’s got to come from somewhere. His own enigmatic race has been referred to as the Frost Demons, or simply Friezas, but that tells us precisely nothing about his origins.

Perhaps this is all an intended part of the character’s appeal. After all, it allows him to look completely unique to most others in the show (his family aside), as well as ensuring he’s largely free of ties to a specific home or people. All of this enhances his otherworldly threat.

18 Why Is His Brother So Much… Cooler?

Yes, we’ve used that same cheap Cooler joke twice already. Here’s the thing about that, though: we like it a lot.

Hurrying back to the point, though, it’s always a shame when your older brother overshadows you, isn’t it? There you were, trying to achieve your megalomaniac dreams of being the most feared and powerful being in the galaxy, when big bro steps up and completely ruins your day.

Cooler is much more physically imposing than Frieza. Comparable in height to Goku, he’s a good deal taller than his brother, and his vanilla form is more muscular and effortlessly masculine than he could ever hope to be. He’s the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, in which he does an all-around better job of the villainy thing than Frieza tends to.

17 Heck, His Father’s Stronger Too

Well, that’s a controversial statement for sure. In any anime/manga series, it’s tough to determine who’s stronger than who, because the goalposts keep being changed. Just when you’re sure that such-and-such could never top whatshername’s power, such-and-such transforms into Golden Super Mega Mighty Such-and-Such and swallows them whole.

Is King Cold also stronger than Frieza, then? Well, that depends. During a battle with Goku, Frieza confesses that the only other being who has ever managed to harm him in battle (besides Goku himself) was his father. Later, the Z Fighters sense Frieza’s power level and determine that King Cold’s is even higher than his son’s.

It’s another very fluid concept, of course, but regardless. You don’t want to have to call up your dad for help when you’re trying to conquer the universe and prove your unmatched power, do you? That’s for when that light keeps coming on in your car something.

16 This Actually *IS* His Final Form

It’s funny how things come about, isn’t it? Queen Victoria of Britain has become famous for her dowdy ways and grumpy recitation of the phrase we are not amused. In reality, though, there’s no real evidence that she ever said this, and she’s said to have been quite the fun-lover.

To draw a parallel between Queen Victoria and Frieza, the Dragon Ball antagonist didn’t actually ever say this isn’t even my final form. The meme’s become inextricably linked to him, though, even though the line he really spoke was this is my final form.

So, there it is. Incidentally, what do Queen Victoria and Dragon Ball’s Frieza have in common? is probably one of the most bizarre trivia quiz questions of all time. If you’re ever asked that: you’re welcome.

15 Why The Heck Did He Wait So Long To Use His Golden Form?

Well, dang. This is ostentatious. This is 25 millionaire rappers rapping about how much money they have into solid-gold microphones, all together on a solid-gold stage ostentatious.

When it comes to Dragon Ball villains, the general shtick is that they have their formidable powers naturally, while Goku and his buddies must train ceaselessly to continue to match them. It’s a tough life, being a Saiyan.

What happens when Frieza finds a Mr. Motivator fitness video from the 90s, pops it in and actually decides to train for once? Golden Frieza happens, that’s what.

Unlike most of his forms (which tended to be used to suppress his enormous powers), this was Frieza really letting go and pushing himself. At the height of his powers as Golden Frieza, he was able to surpass just about anything Goku, Vegeta, or anyone else could throw at him.

It’s just a shame that it took so long for him to bother to train. The whole show could’ve been much shorter.

14 What Was The Deal With Mecha Frieza?

Of course, the mark of any good villain is not just power, but perseverance. Regardless of how many times your goodly foes think they’ve bested you, you’ve got to return again and again to spite them. Bonus points if the manner of your revival is completely absurd and impossible.

After one of his numerous defeats, Frieza returned through the old classic gather the pieces of him, Sellotape them back together, and make him a cyborg method.

While Mecha Frieza is counted as a separate character rather than another of Frieza’s forms, it could well be the weakest take on him we’ve seen. Trunks defeated the half-a-villain with little effort (although the anime and manga tell that story quite differently), before he’d really achieved much of anything.

13 Why Is There A Metal Song Dedicated To Him?

Speaking of obscure Frieza-related trivia, let’s forget about Queen Victoria for a moment. What you really need to know is that a popular Japanese metal band have dedicated a song to Frieza and his dastardly ways.

The song begins by repeating the lines It’s power! It’s power! Power! Far too many times. Having established the fact that Frieza is indeed pretty darn powerful (after the twentieth It’s power! It’s power! Power, we picked up on that subtle message), it delves into Frieza’s assault on Namek, his ruthless program of oppression and the fate of those who try to stand in his way.

The song is simply called F and was written by metalheads Maximum The Hormone. It’s pretty darn intense, all told, and proved the be super important to the franchise. As we’re about to see.

12 How Did The Song Come To Be So Prominent In Dragon Ball History?

Now, it’s not unusual for bands to write and perform songs about video games and other media. The Black Mages, for instance, were a Japanese metal group who dialed up some of the original songs of the Final Fantasy series to eleven, reimagining them in a hard rock style. It’s a thing, it definitely is.

What’s unusual about Maximum The Hormone’s effort is how influential it came to be. Series creator Akira Toriyama has stated that the song was the inspiration for the movie Dragon Ball: Resurrection ‘F,’ in which (yep, you guessed it) Frieza returned through some odd means or other and lined himself up for another eventual beating from our heroes.

That’s some pretty darn high praise for the song, right there. Can you imagine if certain fanfics became canon? It’d be a disaster.

11 Why Is He So Easily Defeated, In The Majority Of Cases?

Now, as a general rule, you’re really not supposed to be cheering for the villain of the piece. They may have edgy qualities that the heroes and heroines can never hope to rival, but they’re subjugated, crushing and destroying whole cities. Whole races. Whole planets. That’s not the sort of behavior we want to be encouraging in our children, is it now?

In most cases, then, it’s the forces of good that carry the day. For that to happen, the villain’s got to be a worthy threat, come close to victory themselves, and then just fail at the crucial moment. This has happened to Frieza time and again over the history of the franchise, and while it’s a necessary development, it really does bring his whole ‘ultimate being’ thing into question.

10 He’s Just Not A Big Deal Anymore

As we’ve established, then, Frieza is a pop culture icon. The memes speak for themselves. He was the first Big Bad™ of Dragon Ball, really, and like your first Doctor (David Tennant all the way), that sort of thing leaves an impression. He’s been a huge part of the Dragon Ball story and will always have a special place in fans’ hearts for that.

Sadly, though, his powers have been greatly exceeded by villains that appeared later in the series. This is also just a natural consequence of times changing and things having to become ever more dramatic, but there it is.

Frieza set a high benchmark, sure, but this also meant that future Dragon Ball villains had to exceed it and leave him behind somewhat.

9 Why’s He Holding Back?

Let’s get back to that issue with the various forms of Frieza, though. As we saw with the Saiyans, this is a common plot element used to eke out just a little more power from the main characters (Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and so forth). It’s a great way to keep things fresh, just when fans thought they’d seen everything.

Frieza is a curious case, though. Other than his brilliantly over-the-top Golden Frieza form, the majority of the forms he takes seem to be intended to suppress his true strength.

The fourth form of Frieza (which we see in select battles) is believed to be his original one, which makes us wonder how things would have turned out had he been able to unlock that potential straight off.

8 His Vision Of The Underworld Is… Actually Adorable

We’ve already covered some of the crucial aspects of top-notch villainy. You know, megalomania, cruelty, the power to destroy whole planets with just a motion of your finger, ambition, a steadfast refusal to accept to defeat… these are all givens.

Frieza ticks all of these boxes for sure. Another big one is a huge distaste for anything cute, love-dovey, pink and fluffy, and he’s got that going on in spades too.

After one defeat, he was briefly imprisoned in The UnWhilerld. Wihle there, he was subjected to the constant presence of happy, singing angels, cute stuffed animals, and cheerful music, all of which he absolutely hated. It’s a funny little aside, but it’s also a clear example of Frieza as a classic, slightly clichéd sort of villain.

7 Why’s He So Bitter About His Height?

So, we know that Frieza has some similarly megalomaniacal villains in his own family. Being the younger one, that’s a tough example to live up to, and nobody wants to be outshined by their arrogant older brother. Perhaps this is part of the reason why he pushed his ambitions for intergalactic domination so darn far.

Here’s another factor: he’s super short, and insecure about it. In Broly, for instance, he attacks Earth in hopes of obtaining the Dragon Balls, simply so he can use them to add five centimetres to his height.

Steady on there, Napoleon. We know that your brother’s older, taller and more muscular than you, but you’re probably overreacting just a smidge there. Let’s just dial things back a bit before you shatter an entire civilis… oh, you already have. Never mind.

6 Remember When He Danced In That Cheesy Commercial?

Following on from the whole issue of Frieza’s insecurity and paranoia, you can see how it’s made him desperate to prove his worth. To maintain his image as one of the most powerful and formidable warriors in the galaxy.

Now, there’s one thing that’s sure to dent that most powerful and formidable warrior in the galaxy image a little, and that’s making a little music video for a soft drink commercial. This may not have been Frieza’s proudest moment, but it’s one of those secret shames that’s certain to be brought up at the worst moment. You know, a Best Man’s speech or something.

That’s right. Here’s the scourge of the galaxy, performing a moody dance routine with some of his henchmen in the name of Kirin Mets grape drink.

5 When You’re Not Actually Sure If You’re A Frost Giant After All

We’ve already taken a look at the complex story of Frieza and the family’s origins. From everything we know, it’s clear that there’s at least an element of the Frost Giants in there, but King Cold and his children are mutants.

Cold was born of Frost Giant DNA mingling with that of another race, making them outsiders among the ‘pure’ Frost Giants. While the neighbors might be a little snarky as a result, the upside of all of this is that Cold was born with extraordinary power, a trait that he passed to his children.

All of this just muddies the issue of Frieza’s background further. Where does this other mysterious species come into the equation? As we’ve already seen in this rundown, it’s impossible to say exactly what Frieza is.

4 He Created His Own Worst Enemy… Somehow

If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter franchise, you’ll know that Voldemort himself was responsible for making Harry his archnemesis. Not only because of that grim business with his parents, but by marking him as his equal and all of that.

If you know your Dragon Ball, meanwhile, you’ll know that the exact same thing happened with Frieza. As we reported over on CBR, the Saiyans’ responses to Frieza’s actions caused several Super Saiyan transformations.

Goku, Bardock, Gohan… he thought they were a huge threat to him, and in trying to counteract that, made them a huge threat to him.

Frieza even sent Bardock back into the past to combat Chilled (by accident), which set the whole destruction of Planet Vegeta in motion. It’s all getting very complicated in here, isn’t it?

3 Wait, What’s His Motive Again?

Frieza is a complex little fellow. For all his megalomania and relentless cruelty, he’s also quite restrained in some respects. He’s softly-spoken and dignified for the most part, until he descends into that classic evil laugh that all true villains need to have on their resumes.

There tends to be at least some rhyme and reason to what he’s doing. That’s another grey area, though, especially in the case of the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He saw the Saiyans as an increasing threat to him, so they had to go boom. That makes perfect sense (you know, from a Bond villain sort of standpoint), but in Battle of the Gods, there’s a bit of confusion.

There, mighty kitty God of Destruction Beerus states that he dislikes King Vegeta and would like to destroy his planet. Therefore, did Frieza do so partly because it was Beerus’s will? What would this have meant for the overarching story? What’s really at the root here?

2 Why Didn’t He Use That Unstoppable Telekinetic Attack Again?

There’s a fine line between supervillain and hammy pantomime villain, isn’t there? Generally speaking, none of these guys really seem to care about crossing it. Often, the strongest villains are defeated precisely because they wanted to go overboard with the theatrics rather than simply get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Remember Krillin’s grim end? That was the sort of thing. You don’t need to engage in 19-episode-long battle-athons, when you can simply end you opponent that way. As we reported over on The Gamer, this psychic attack is almost impossible to defend against, and it’s clearly swiftly and brutally effective.

Seriously, Frieza, think of the time you could’ve saved. Yes, it would’ve meant less flashy fight scenes, but… oh, wait, you live for that stuff, don’t you?

1 How Did He Come Back From *THAT*?

At this point, it’s really fruitless to wonder how the heck a character managed to return again. Especially with the sci-fi bent that the franchise took later on, it was just a case of because the fans like them and we can do whatever we want, that’s why.

Even with this in mind, there’s one incident that Frieza didn’t really have any way to recover from. He still did, though.

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion reborn, Janemba breaks the boundary between worlds, allowing warriors from the afterlife (including Frieza himself) to attack the living. When you’re defeated in the afterlife, we’re told, your very spirit is destroyed, and you essentially cease to exist in any kind of form.

Gohan utterly defeats Frieza, but the villain never got that memo and returns yet again.

2019-04-08 07:04:13

Chris Littlechild

Fast And Furious: 25 Things Fans Ignore About Dom Toretto (That Show He Makes No Sense)

In 2001, The Fast And The Furious began in earnest as just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action movie. It was a decent enough update of the Point Break story – steely-eyed lawman goes undercover and falls for the lifestyle of the charismatic rogues he’s been assigned to put away. By the end of the flick, Hollywood had a franchise on its hands. Strangely enough, it became about a lot more than wild-eyed street-racing petty crooks.

For all of the moviegoers who occasionally love turning their brains off and the adrenaline levels to eleven, The Fast And The Furious franchise provides the ultimate thrill ride with every single film. No matter how outlandish the premises are, or the characters. Like the film series’ character, Dominic Toretto, who was merely the leader of a street racing/electronics-boosting crew who became the world’s most premier man and driver. The series went from small to big in about the time it takes to jump off the line.

Eighteen years later and the franchise is still chugging along. Even without co-star, Paul Walker, the series is gearing up for its first spin-off flick, Hobbs And Shaw, and at least one more main story flick. Similar to other popular film franchises, as long as Vin Diesel’s onboard, the crowds will flock to the theaters to see their boy flex some muscles and drive some muscle cars. If you think you know these movies, then check out 25 Things Fans Ignore About Dom Toretto (That Show He Makes No Sense).

25 He’s A Comic Book Character

Every character needs an origin story. Dom’s is ripped right out of a comic book. He’s been driving since he was five years old. His father was slain, Dom was sent to jail and had a redemptive arc throughout each movie where he’s an outlaw but he’s a good guy outlaw. Before Jax and the Sons Of Anarchy, there was Dominic Toretto.

He also has some insane powers that couldn’t exist in the real world. Have you watched this guy in action? He can drive a car with one hand, practically stand up inside of it, extend his other giant arm and save anyone he’s trying to at that moment.

24 The Government Needs Him

Ever since Fast Five, the Government and Dom’s crew have made for strange bedfellows. Even in real life, the US government has used unsavory folks as assets. But it’s highly unlikely and completely ridiculous that the only person who can stop crazed madmen is another crazed madman and his team of lovable outlaws.

Only in this world can Dominic, who is public enemy number one, be called upon to stop global enemies with a ragtag group of guys who can drive fancy cars really, really fast…and furiously.

23 His Charger Is Immortal

Ever driver loves their car. They love it like it’s their kid. They’re constantly tinkering with it and making sure the car is in the best shape possible whenever they take it for a drive. Dom’s vehicular steed is a 1970 Dodge Charger. The 900-horsepower behemoth was totaled at the end of the first film.

But, like The Lone Ranger Or Han Solo, you can’t part the man from the vehicle. The Charger has become a staple of the entire series. The exact one has been retooled for storyline purposes several times. Once by Letty and once by Brian; no matter how many times Dom wrecks it, someone in the franchise rebuilds it.

22 Driving Since He Couldn’t Reach The Pedals

A lot of people have grown up with fond memories of sitting on their dad’s lap behind the wheel of the family car. Dad teaches his kid how to move the steering wheel, never taking his own hands off the wheel. All the while, dad has his feet firmly planted where the kid’s feet can’t reach – the pedals.

In Fast And Furious-land though, Toretto’s been driving since he was five years old. Not just on Papa Toretto’s lap either. Dominic himself has been cruising around Los Angeles since he was kindergarten age. Hopefully, that’s just a myth the character tells people and not something as fans we’re supposed to believe.

21 Wandering Eye

If we treat the first film of the series as a pilot episode for a TV show, then you can explain away a lot of inconsistencies. Besides the entire cast being nowhere near the level of skill they’d be in later movies, Dom’s undying love for Letty might not have always been the case.

In the first movie, Dom’s seems like enjoy the attention he gets from a couple of race groupies. A little too much – Letty had to come break it up.

20 He Got Letty Eliminated

The chemistry between Dom and Letty is palpable, not something you see in a lot of today’s action movies. The pair are devoted to each other no matter the situation. Even when Letty isn’t so sure about some of Dom’s schemes, she tags along.

When the heat was on, instead of standing by his woman and escaping together, Dom thought leaving would be the best way to keep Letty safe. It might not seem very Dom–like, but the move does set off the plot to Fast And Furious, Fast Five, and Fast 6.

19 Tolerance For Betrayal

For someone who is supposed to be this steely-eyed, no-nonsense, ride-or-perish, every hyphenated adjective in the book kind of guy, Dom has a really soft spot in his heart for knuckleheads who betray him.

Brian takes down the whole operation and instead of disliking him, Dom respects him and doesn’t seem to mind him dating his sister. Shaw ends the crew’s best friend, Han, and Dom is wheeling and dealing with the whole family. In this world, you cross Dom in one movie, he’s your bestie the next.

18 Pain And Gains

One of these Fast movies is going to drive right off the deep end and reveal that Toretto is part alien or something. How else do you explain how strong and invulnerable he is?! One movie has him hoisting up a 3000-pound car like it was a 20-pound dumbbell.

In just about every movie, the man takes pounding his fists or twisted steel in a fiery crash. In every movie, Dom comes out with a ripped shirt, fairly to completely unscathed.

17 Couldn’t Care Less About Elena

After thinking Letty was gone, Dom ended up with Elena, the cop that was chasing him. He finally found the will to love someone else again. But then Toretto got word that his one and only MIGHT still be alive.

Without any actual proof that Letty was still alive, he took off in search of her, leaving Elena behind. To her credit, she knew the deal and didn’t protest at all, even after their son was born. Even after Cipher took them both captive.

16 Ridiculous Driving Skills

The movies are called The Fast And The Furious and all of the characters love cars and love to drive cars. Of course, their fearless leader would be able to handle himself behind the wheel. Dom’s main superpower would be his ability behind the wheel of anything with at least four wheels.

With each movie though, Toretto’s ability to drive is wildly creative – most notably during Fast 7, when he careens through a skyscraper, crashing through into another. The move doesn’t even necessarily defy the laws of physics, it’s just completely ludicrous (and not Tej).

15 Always Working With The Enemy

Besides the fact that he is far too trusting, Dominic always works with the enemy and that’s been a staple since the very first film. Not only does he work with them, they all gain mutual respect and friendship. Brian was undercover and Dom’s enemy. They, of course, become brothers.

Hobbs and the whole crew have mutual respect and love for one another, the Shaw family are against Dom for two movies before partnering up with him. By Fast 9, Cipher will probably be helping Dom and the crew out before being invited to the BBQ.

14 Never Avenged Han

It’s one thing to work with your enemies towards a common goal. It’s certainly another to gain their respect and admiration. But when one of your biggest threats in the entire series ended your boy in cold blood, not to mention blew up your house – you probably want to exact vengeance.

That’s a big nope – instead of ending Shaw with his bare hands, Dom plays nice so that Deckard could save his young son, which might make eliminating your bestie forgivable.

13 Where’s Leon?

In the world of criminals that Dom lives in, you have to want to be a part of his family. The stakes are too big to risk not having your heart into a big heist. But to not even be mentioned or make cameo appearances during the grand finale celebration scenes? Clearly, you’re only part of Dom’s family if you’re willing to be a thief.

Leon was part of the crew in the first movie. We haven’t seen him or heard about him since, minus one little picture of him shown.

12 Double-Clutching Doesn’t Work

Dom’s been driving since he was five years old and can drive anything, anywhere, on all terrains. He’s just a master behind the wheel. He should probably know that Double-Clutching is not a thing that race cars would do. He tries to tell Brian that not double-clutching is what did him in during their first race.

In theory, most racers consider it a huge waste of time in a synchronized manual transmission car. The line was more likely than not something the writers made Dom say to make him know what he was talking about.

11 Is He Ghost Rider?

While hanging out in Cuba on their honeymoon, Dom’s cousin needs some help out of jam. In Fast And The Furious-land, all jams can be driven into and out of. So, Dom challenges Raldo to a race to leave Fernando alone.

Clearly, we know Dom is going to win after some harrowing spins and turns, showcasing Havana. But the car Fernando gives him to drive pretty much catches fire and stays that way for the entire race. One more of Dom’s superpowers is revealed – he’s practically Ghost Rider.

10 His Moment With Cipher

In Fate Of The Furious, Dom is coerced into working for the bad guys by Cipher when she takes Elena and their baby as captives. The crazy cyber-baddie even has Elena eliminated right in front of Dom. Yes, there’s the life of the baby to think about, so kudos to Dom for showing tremendous restraint.

But he didn’t necessarily have to end up with her, did he? He was doing everything she asked for, no need to seal the deal with a kiss.

9 Where’s Sean?

Tokyo Drift is the odd-one-out of the entire franchise. It’s not as bad as 2 Fast 2 Furious but considering the fact that no one wanted to come back for the third film, it was an impressive feat that there were more movies.

But despite introducing Han and having a cameo from Toretto, the rest of the films have so far not featured any appearances from Sean Boswell, except for a quick cameo in Furious 7. Not all street racers can turn into world-class criminals.

8 He Doesn’t Really Care About Family

Dom claims that he doesn’t have friends, he has family. He’s tight with all of his boys and will rush headlong into danger to save them, whether it makes sense or not, but for all the family talk, he’s done some questionable stuff over the years.

Allowing the Shaws to live after what they did to Han and Letty, not arguing tooth and nail with Mia over Brian; most importantly, ending up with Elena. Yes, he thought Letty was gone. But with the love they purported having for one another, Dom found Elena pretty quick after Letty’s supposed demise.

7 Is Ok With Never Seeing Mia Or Brian Again

With the fourth film, Fast And Furious, the franchise shifted gears from Brian and Dom to Brian to Sean and all the way back to the original four stars. Obviously, the writers had to think of a fitting exit for Brian and Mia; it’s just out of character for Dom to be ok with the possibility of never seeing his sister, brother-in-law, or nephew again.

Who knows what the series had in store for Brian, but for all the outlandish stunts the movies have, recasting the role has so far, thankfully, not been one of those stunts.

6 From Street Criminal To World’s Most Wanted

It’s certainly happened in the real world. Probably. Everyone has to start somewhere, even though world-class criminals must have been petty little crooks at one point. But to go from boosting PlayStations from cargo trucks to become one of the world’s most feared outlaws is a pretty big stretch.

But it happened, pretty much overnight. Toretto’s the star of the show, he’s got to be the biggest dog in the yard, at least compared to all of his friends and lawman after him. As the villains get crazier, Dom gets more and more indestructible.

5 Uncontrollable Rage

For a big bad hero that’s supposed to be cool, calm, and collected, Dom can get tossed into a wild rage. The dude’s got major anger issues. It works wonders when there are bad guys that need a beating, not so much when he lashes out at his own friends.

Dom’s penchants for knocking people senseless with his own two hands not only showcases his descent into anger but also Vin Diesel’s strength. What more could you ask for in an outlaw superhero?

4 Superman Moves To Save Letty

The completely out of control stunt shows that The Fast And The Furious have become part of the series’ bombastic charm. There is literally nothing that Dom and his crew aren’t capable of pulling off. Even if that means completely ignoring logic in favor of pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled moments.

In Fast 6, Dom watches Letty get launched from her car towards certain doom. With no option left to save his love Dom launches himself from his own car to perform a mid-air catch, literally no harm comes to either of them

3 Offscreen Drama With The Rock

Fast Five introduced Luke Hobbs, an agent hunting Dom and his crew down. Since he was against Dom at first, that meant it was only a matter of time before he started to work with them. Played by the Rock, the series had another testosterone-fueled bald man to put forth as part of the franchise.

Everyone loves Dwayne Johnson, there has never been a single negative price of publicity or gossip surrounding him and he’s easily one of the industry’s most charming stars. Leave it Vin Diesel to get into a feud with the guy. No ones quite sure what the beef was about, to being with, but for the good of the franchise, they supposedly patched up their differences and agreed to be a part of the ninth movie.

2 Dom and Co. Live In The Love Bug Universe

Hollywood is full of great cars, no matter the genre. Every Fast movie has a slew of iconic rides; past, present, and future. But the iconic symbol of the series is Dom’s souped-up 1970 Dodge Charger. It’s been part of the show since the beginning. Some fans have been eagle-eyed enough to put the car into another universe, linking The Fast And The Furious to Herbie.

The same Charger that was used in the first film appears in the scrap yard scene in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

1 Vin Had No Interest In The Sequel

When Diesel returned for the fourth film in 2009, it was at a pivotal point in his career. Aside from the first film and Pitch Black, a lot of what he was doing wasn’t on par with the star Hollywood had thought him to be. His film seemed destined to heading for the dreaded “direct-to-video” bin sooner than later.

That’s if he didn’t do something to pick up steam. So he came back. After he once stated that he wasn’t going to come back for the sequel. But he eventually recanted, returned, and rebranded himself as one of the premier action stars of this era.

2019-04-05 07:04:25

Eric Rhodes

Outlander: 25 Things Wrong With Jamie We All Choose To Ignore

When the name Jamie Fraser comes to mind, most of us immediately think of the romantic 18th-century Highlander who stole Claire’s heart in Outlander. There is plenty to enjoy about the hero of our favorite time-traveling heroine’s love story. He is fiercely loyal and loving, he is unbelievably romantic, he cares about those he loves more than anything in the world, and on top of all of that, he is quite possibly the most gorgeous Scotsman to ever exist. Plus, he is quite the warrior on the battlefield.

While there are many, many things to love about Jamie Fraser, there are things about his personality and character that is not as perfect as he seems to be. It’s understandable that it would be difficult to spot these flawed traits of his, being that he is the swoon-worthy man of our dreams.

But the flaws are indeed there. Whether it’s his tendency to be hot-headed, or the fact he got involved with Laoghaire after what she did to Claire, there are real problems here that we definitely choose to ignore because we can’t help but see the best in him. It’s understandable, though, when we’re talking about Jamie Fraser.

Buckle your seatbelts Outlander fans, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Here are the 25 Things Wrong With Jamie We All Choose To Ignore.

25 Jamie Is Incredibly Stubborn

One of Jamie’s biggest flaws has to be his stubbornness. It tends to get in his way more often than not and actually gets him in trouble on several different occasions, especially with his wife, Claire.

Granted, Claire is just as stubborn which is why they have a tendency to clash over small things. But Jamie’s inability to sway his own thought process in any situation does him, and those around him, more harm than good. It’s a trait that is not easily broken for him.

24 He Punished Claire After She Ran

After Claire was attacked in the Highlands, she decides to go back to her own time and runs to Craigh Na Dun. Before she gets there, she is taken by Redcoats. Then, Jamie must save her from Blackjack Randall’s clutches. They barely make it out with everyone’s lives intact.

In a questionable move after the fact, Jamie decides to punish Claire for running away and putting the lives of him and his men in danger. He does learn that is not how to treat someone thanks to Claire, but it was not his finest moment.

23 Jamie Is Jealous Of Frank

Regardless of Claire’s utter love and devotion that was shown to her Jamie time and time again, he always still seemed to feel immense jealousy of Frank that he could not rid himself of, no matter how hard he tried.

Whether it was over Frank getting to raise Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, or over the relationship he shared with Claire, to begin with, his insecurities rose to the surface on more than one occasion. This would only cause further issues with him and Claire.

22 He Married Laoghaire Even After She Accused Claire Of Witchcraft

In the books, this went down much differently, but on the Starz series, Jamie knew fully well that Laoghaire was behind Claire being accused of witchcraft.

Yet, he still married her when he and Claire were apart for those two decades.

At least in the books, we could say that he was in the dark about Claire and Laoghaire’s past, but on the show, it was harder to ignore this grave mistake he made. Luckily, he and Claire got past it…eventually.

21 He Believed Claire’s Time-Travel Story Almost Too Quickly

Jamie’s love, loyalty, and trust in Claire were exemplified perfectly when she told him the truth about her falling through time and being from the future. He believed her nearly immediately. And while that definitely helped their love grow stronger, it was an odd occurrence for a man from his time to be so trusting.

This is especially true since the story should have been far-fetched to a logical man like Jamie. This may not be a serious flaw of his, but it was a strange turn of events.

20 He Had Primitive Views Before Claire

It makes sense that a Highlander from 18th-century Scotland would have differing views about, well, literally everything when up against a modern-era war nurse who turns his world upside down.

But those “traditional” values of Jamie’s made their dynamic off-kilter at the beginning of their marriage. He felt it was his duty to punish Claire, for example, because he’s her husband and his father would do the same thing. It took Claire teaching him that it doesn’t need to be that way for him to change.

19 He Was Inexperienced Before Claire

From the start of their marriage, Claire knew going into it that she was more experienced than Jamie was. He had, in fact, never been with anyone before her. This wasn’t necessarily a fault of Jamie’s, but it was odd how he went from being inexperienced to rather knowledgeable in that area literally overnight.

Sure, Claire helped him along the way, but it’s hard to ignore that impracticality of him learning so much in such a short amount of time.

18 Jamie’s Scarred Back

This isn’t something Jamie did wrong, but rather a flaw all who can’t help but love him choose to ignore. He’s undeniably gorgeous, romantic, and an all-around great man, but the large scars marring his back would typically be hard to not notice.

Yet, we all seem to let it go – and some even find it very attractive – because he is our Jamie Fraser, the fictional man everyone wishes were real. It’s really fascinating what you can get past when someone is as swoon-worthy as Jamie Fraser.

17 His Unenthused Reaction To Seeing Bree’s Photos

In yet another instance where the book was remarkably different than what occurred on the show, a creative choice left fans puzzled during an important moment in season 3.

When Jamie and Claire reunite at his print shop, she shows him photos of their daughter, Brianna. In the books, he weeps as he looks at them due to his overwhelming emotions. But Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, decided to have a more subtle reaction.

This just seemed like an odd reaction from Jamie, who has always wanted to raise his daughter with Claire and never got the chance. You’d think his emotions would be all over the place upon seeing her face for the first time.

16 Did He Really Need To Spend So Much Time Away From Claire In Season 2?

In season 2, when Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh were in Paris, Jamie had to frequently meet with Bonnie Prince Charlie at a local grown-up establishment. But on one of these occasions, Jamie fantasized a bit more than he should have. They hadn’t been together since the events at Wentworth Prison with Blackjack Randall. It bothered Claire immensely to learn he needed to be at this establishment to be with her again, though they did makeup shortly after.

15 Jamie Dueled With Blackjack Randall When Claire Begged Him Not To

While in Paris in season 2 of Outlander, Jamie and Claire came across their nemesis, and the vilest man in the history of Outlander, Blackjack Randall. Jamie and Randall agreed to a duel, but Claire was steadfastly against it.

She didn’t want Randall’s end to ultimately destroy the lineage of Frank’s ancestral roots and inevitably make Frank cease to exist.

He ended up dueling with him, anyway, because of Randall’s attack on Fergus. But this caused Claire to lose their first child, Faith.

14 His Attitude With Jenny When They First Got Back To Lallybroch

When Jamie brings Claire to his home in Lallybroch, he reunites with his older sister, Jenny, and her husband, Ian. Things quickly get heated between the siblings, and Jamie shows a different pompous side to him that we had yet to see.

Jenny may be just as stubborn as her brother, but Jamie should have realized his sister had been taking care of their home while he was gone for those years, and he should appreciate everything she and her husband had done in his time away.

13 The Way He Reacted To Bree’s Assault

Initially, when Jamie learned of what happened to his daughter, Bree, which was unbeknownst to him, at the hands of Stephen Bonnet, he was angry and just wanted to help Brianna through this difficult time.

But when miscommunications led to misunderstandings, he thought she had lied about her attack and said some unsavory things to his daughter. She fiercely corrected him, but the damage was done, and he spent the rest of season 4 trying to right his wrong. It is going to be a difficult road to get them back on track.

12 He Attacked Roger

Roger Wakefield bravely went through the stones to follow his love, Brianna, when she went back to find her mother and biological father, Claire, and Jamie.

But after an argument with Bree, they were separated, until Roger decided to find her again. When he finally reached Fraser’s Ridge, a misunderstanding with Lizzie led to Jamie thinking Roger was the one to assault Bree. He ended up attacking Roger up in a fit of rage. This only made his reunion with Brianna that much more delayed.

Poor Roger hadn’t even done anything wrong.

11 Staying To Fight In Culloden Instead Of Running Away With Claire

One of the most dramatic and heartbreaking moments was when Jamie sent Claire back through the stones at Craigh Na Dun before the Battle of Culloden. They felt they had no other options but was the really the case?

He stayed to fight with his fellow Highlanders due to loyalty and seeing no way out. But why couldn’t he run away with Claire and their unborn child instead? They had surely been through tougher times, so what’s to say they couldn’t have made it on their own?

10 Jamie Didn’t Tell Claire He Married Laoghaire Right Away

The way Claire found out that Jamie had married Laoghaire during their time apart was quite possibly the worst way she could have. His two step-children walked in, one calling him their father. It didn’t help that she had red hair.

Then Laoghaire walks in to confront her estranged husband and the woman she despises. It would have saved them a lot of turmoil if Jamie had just been upfront with Claire about what had occurred during their twenty years spent apart from each other.

9 He Ended Dougal (His Uncle’s) Life

Dougal was one of those characters that was so larger than life that he commanded each scene he was in. He also had moments where you genuinely liked him, but most of the time, he was only focused on his own agenda rather than the greater good.

He was so dedicated to the Jacobite Rebellion, that when he overheard Claire and Jamie plotting to end Prince Charlie to avoid the war, he attacked them both.

The Uncle and Nephew got in a heated fight that was only going to end with one man coming out alive. That man was Jamie. While we understand he had no choice, it was a surprising moment that Jamie actually ended Dougal’s life once and for all.

8 He Kept The Truth From His Son Willie And Left

In season 3, we saw what Jamie had been up to in his time away from Claire. He was blackmailed by a woman of nobility to have a relationship with him before she entered an arranged marriage.

This resulted in her pregnancy, and they had a son before she passed during childbirth. His name was Willie, but Jamie never told him that he was his father. In fact, he left when Willie was still a young boy, which greatly upset the child. At this point in the story, Willie is still unaware of who his real father is.

7 He Somehow Always Lives Lavishly No Matter What

For a Scotsman who is nearly always on the run in the Highlands and doesn’t have hardly anything to his name, he sure knows how to find a way to live lavishly everywhere he goes.

It is not necessarily a huge flaw but is rather puzzling seeing as he doesn’t have a lot of money or property himself. Whether it’s in Paris, or Jamaica, or even in Fraser’s Ridge, he and Claire always end up doing quite well for themselves miraculously.

6 He Became A Criminal In Season 3

Jamie Fraser becomes an actual criminal, Claire finds out, in season 3 of Outlander. It turns out he’s a smuggler and his illegal dealings make him a man wanted by The Crown.

This is a bit of a departure from the honorable man with traditional values that we know Jamie to be. But it does show that he has changed in the twenty years he and Claire were not together, yet he still loves her just as much as the day she went back through the stones.

5 He Reacts Negatively To Bree Dressed In 20th Century Clothing

Sure, this may be looked at as pretty normal for a father to not want his daughter wearing a bikini like the one Bree was wearing in the photos Claire brought. But his reaction was so strong and negative, that it initially caused Claire to be taken aback and angry.

He may be from the 18th-century and not used to clothing such as that, but his main focus should have been seeing his daughter for the first time instead of her lack of clothing.

4 He Jumps To Conclusions Constantly

Jamie has a really bad habit of jumping to conclusions before getting all of the facts. This has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion. One notable example is when he assumed that his sister, Jenny, had been intimate with Blackjack Randall when he and other Redcoats invaded their home in Lallybroch.

She was furious that he would assume such a thing, and he should have been more sensitive to the situation before jumping to such a big conclusion.

3 He Didn’t End Randall’s Life When He First Had The Chance

When Blackjack Randall took Claire in season 1, he took her to Ft. William, where Jamie and the other Highlanders hatched a plan to help her escape.

During Randall’s terrorizing tactics he was using on Claire, Jamie came in to save the day. After a scuffle, Jamie actually had the opportunity to end Randall’s life right then and there. He chose not to, which could be looked at as admirable.

But it actually set off many horrible events down the line for not only Jamie but many others at the hands of Randall.

2 Jamie Can Be A Hot Head

This goes back to Jamie’s inherent stubbornness and need to always be right. When this stubborn mentality of his kicks in, he can tend to be a hot head, especially if things aren’t going his way. This has made he and Claire have many arguments that got out of hand.

But this has also been an issue with other people he comes across, like his sister, or foes that get in his or Claire’s way. It rarely works in his favor.

1 Jamie Is A Fantasy Not A Reality

The thing about Jamie is that in spite of all of his flaws, he is still an incredible man that anyone would be lucky to have in their life. He is beyond romantic, completely gorgeous, and a true hero.

The only problem with all of this is he is fictional and gives women – and men – everywhere an unrealistic expectation of what a husband should be like. That’s not to say we shouldn’t still hold out hope for our own Jamie Fraser, but the chances of getting one are highly unlikely.

2019-04-04 04:04:56

Alyssa Avina

25 Things Wrong With Avatar: The Last Airbender We All Choose To Ignore

Dealing with mature themes of war, abuse and the power of spirituality, Avatar: The Last Airbender was far from the prototypical animated Nickelodeon shows of the time. Targeting audiences of both younger and older generations, the show’s nontraditional world and far-reaching scope made for a compelling and vast fantasy series, but according to co-creator Bryan Konietzko, the immense popularity of the action-adventure show came from its sincerity and heartfelt narrative.

As the brainchild of Konietzko and his collaborator Michael Dante DiMartino, the character of Aang was first conceived after Konietzko observed a balding, middle-aged man and sketched him re-imagined as a child herding bison. DiMartino, who had recently watched a documentary on explorers in the South Pole, combined his ideas with Konietzko’s drawings and within two weeks the idea was born.

Drawing heavily from Japanese animation and Eastern philosophies, Aang’s endearing journey as the last known Avatar coming of age during the height of the imperialistic Fire Nation quickly attracted an audience. Following the conclusion of Avatar, Konietzko and DiMartino have seen continued success through their follow-up series The Legend of Korra and have recently announced their involvement in a live-action version of ATLA set to stream on Netflix.

More than a decade removed from the show’s end, the beloved series continues to have a following, though many questions still continue to irk fans. Although every mystery can’t be resolved, there are still more lingering plot points than some of us would like to admit.

So join us as we take a look at the 25 Things Wrong with Avatar: The Last Airbender We All Choose to Ignore.

25 Everyone’s Fine With Four Kids Traveling On A Sky Bison

Between the four primary protagonists of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph, it isn’t particularly comforting that perhaps the most immature of the four also happens to be the eldest. With Aang and Toph estimated to be around twelve and Katara and Sokka reported to be around thirteen and fifteen, respectively, the question arises as to how the team traveled around on a sky bison without drawing more concern.

In a universe strife with wartime conflicts, perhaps it wasn’t particularly unsettling to witness children walking about freely, but with the amount of younger characters acting courageously throughout the series, it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t draw attention from some of the older people of the communities.

24 The Traits Of Bending Are Confusing

Evidence throughout ATLA shows not every human is guaranteed to become a bender like their ancestors before them, but given the countless benders seen throughout the series, the exact specifics on bending traits still remains a bit murky.

It’s understood that benders’ spiritual sensitivities play an integral part in determining their bending abilities, but is it simply one’s spirit which links a bender to their element or do genetics play a large role as well? Then there’s the issue of which element a bender can bend. Is it simply region or genetics which determines a bender’s element or may a certain type of bender be born into any nation?

23 Despite Its Complex Themes, It’s Still A Kid’s Show

With a plethora of children’s programs marketed towards younger demographics, it’s a rarity that a series’ show-runners are able address mature themes while remaining steadfastly a show for kids; however, ATLA was somehow able to finesse its way into both younger and older age groups. Still, with all the show’s complexities, there were still limitations.

Although creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino have admitted that they tried to keep the show away from gratuitous acts of violence, there were still moments where Nickelodeon gave them notes on keeping certain scenes more tame. Had the show been given free rein, it’s possible the Avatar universe would’ve been even closer to the creators’ true vision.

22 Sokka’s Missing Sword And Boomerang

As the only lead protagonist without bending abilities, Sokka relied upon his ever-so-faithful boomerang and affectionately named space sword, which he forged from the remnants of a fallen meteorite. Although he’d never learn to refine his weaponry skills on an expert level, his final heroic efforts during the passing of Sozin’s Comet helped save his life, while losing his trusted weapons in the process.

After commandeering and crashing a Fire Nation airship, Sokka sacrificed his sword and boomerang, sending them plummeting to the Wulong Forest beneath him. Although it’s uncertain if he ever recovered his weapons, it seems unlikely he’d just forget them after all the good fortune they’ve brought.

21 Aang Isn’t The Last Airbender

For a seemingly innocuous children’s series, ATLA had a tough road with its name. Apart from the naming dispute between M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender and James Cameron’s Avatar franchise, which prevented further use of the Avatar name in feature film adaptations, there’s also some confusion surrounding the legitimacy of Aang’s last airbender title.

Although the Hundred Year War led to the destruction of every known airbender, the legend of the Avatar demands that all future Avatars master all four elements, including air. This means many airbenders would succeed Aang. Not to mention, Aang’s son, Tenzin, would later appear in The Legend of Korra, marking the first airbender born in over a century.

20 The Absence Of Firearms

In the Avatar world a great technological disparity exists between the Fire Nation and the other three nations. Although the Fire Nation’s mastery of fire allowed them to forge modern-era weapons of war, the other nations lived predominantly off the land with the Earth kingdom making homes from rock and the Water tribes living in igloos.

With all the Fire Nation’s impeccable feats in modern weaponry, it’s no great wonder how their totalitarian mindset led to complete dominance throughout the Hundred Year War, however, there is still some mystery over the absence of firearms throughout the series. With all their advancements, wouldn’t someone have developed a gun to ease the nation’s path to victory?

19 Who Is The Father Of Toph’s Children?

Following the events of ATLA, Toph was championed for her discovery of metalbending. Immediately after the culmination of the Hundred Year War, she founded the Beifong Metalbending Academy where other potential metalbenders could learn the skill. Later, she was appointed Chief of Police for Republic City and became a mother to two children: Lin and Su.

Although the details behind Toph’s romantic life have remained secretive, it’s known that she became intimate with two men, neither of whom have been identified. Creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino have said little to shed light on the mystery men, though some fans have speculated that Sokka may have been a love interest at some point.

18 The Mysterious Cabbage Merchant

Making a legacy of his own, the unlucky cabbage merchant first appear in season one where his wagon of produce was sadly destroyed by a group of earthbenders. Originally intended as a brief joke, his unfortunate fate began a repeated occurrence throughout the series as his cabbages were ruined time and again at his expense.

Although he quickly became a fan favorite among viewers, questions arose from his repeat appearances. Exactly who was the sad cabbage merchant? Where did his seemingly unlimited supply of cabbages come from? And how did he always manage to travel across the world so quickly, always in time to find himself in yet another regrettable situation?

17 The Show’s Pacing Is Problematic

Spread across three seasons, ATLA condensed many subplots into its 61-episode story arc. With all of the group’s various excursions, the writers were able to delve deeper into the universe’s specific cultures, but at times the show’s overarching story was forced to take a backseat.

The pacing of the series is no more evident than in the beginning of season three. After the Earth Nation capital falls into Fire Nation hands, Aang is brutally injured, leaving all hope of an invasion up in the air. At the peak of the show’s most chaotic moment, season three opts to begin at a deliberately slower pace, making for a frustratingly slow start.

16 Azula Is The Only One Who Bends Blue Flames

As a child prodigy under Fire Lord Ozai, Azula’s ruthless pursuit for perfection was reflected in her fighting style. As denoted by her signature blue flames, ATLA creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino wanted Azula to stand out, giving her the power to emit the hottest fire of any firebender.

Although the flames of a bender reach varying colors depending on the temperature, the blue flame can only be reached with extremely hot temperatures. Seeing as how many expert level firebenders have preceded Azula, including her father and her uncle Iroh, it’s unlikely that she would be the first of her kind to achieve such a feat over hundreds of years of firebending.

15 The Romance Was More Awkward Than Romantic

Although ATLA‘s romantic subplots often took a backseat to Aang’s quest to dismantle the imperialist Fire Nation, the hotly debated Kataang versus Zutara ordeal still leaves many fans underwhelmed by the show’s lackluster romance.

Throughout the series the budding romance between Aang and Katara is evident through tender moments shared between the series’ more epic storyline, but at one time, the show’s show-runners considered having Katara end up with the series’ leading antagonist Zuko.

Although Kataang would ultimately win out, some have argued that the firebending prince was a much better option as Aang was more immature than Katara with the latter often serving as more of a maternal figure than a love interest.

14 Sokka And Katara’s Adjustment To The Outside World Is Too Easy

Raised by the Southern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka were never exposed to the wartime communities of the other nations prior to encountering Aang. After losing their mother to a Fire Nation attack, their father went to fight in the war, leaving them with their grandmother. Located in a frozen tundra, they lived in igloos, knowing only about the outside world through stories.

Although Katara’s maternal nature and Sokka’s warrior-like mentality made them equally strong-willed, their adaption to the outside world was still too quick for two people with such little exposure. Given what little they’d witnessed, both should’ve gone through developmental stages when adjusting to the other nations, yet neither seemed effected.

13 How Were The Lion Turtles Hunted To Extinction?

Referred to as the Ancient One by the spirits, the chimerical lion turtles were the largest known animals of the world, serving as protectors of humankind during the era of Raava, only to later be hunted to near extinction. Given their size and strength, it’s still unknown how the human world hunted the ancient spirits, though it’s known that only one lion turtle remained during the events of the series.

As the most powerful entities in ATLA, the lion turtles taught the first humans to bend and harnessed their own energy as the first known energybenders. The fact that they were driven to extinction by the human world makes their history all the more mysterious.

12 Metalbending Should’ve Been Mastered Long Before Toph

As a specialized sub-skill, metalbending is the hardest form of earthbending. Since metal is a form of earth which has been purified and refined, the feat was long believed impossible, a fact which the Fire Nation army utilized to imprison earthbenders in metallic prisons.

At twelve years old, the blind Toph Beifong was considered among the best earthbenders of her generation, later discovering metalbending after being thrown into a metal cage by Xin Fu and Master Yu. Although Toph’s blindness made her seismically sensitive, it’s still unlikely she would’ve been the first to master metalbending. Given the thousands who preceded her, including many Avatars, it seems odd no one discovered the technique before her.

11 Aang Wasn’t Devastated Enough Over The Air Nation’s Extinction

At twelve years of age, Aang wasn’t emotionally mature enough to accept the burden of the Avatar. Trained early to encompass the role, he was handed a rigorous regimen by the monks of the Southern Air temple with his chief mentor Monk Gyatso serving as his only sympathetic ally.

Although Aang knew of the Fire Nation’s impending threat, he was stressed by his position, causing him to flee from his responsibilities. Upon awakening from an iceberg a hundred years later, he learned of the devastation of the Air Kingdom. Although the news had an indelible effect on him, the drastic turmoil and long-term depression that the news would have was downplayed significantly.

10 The Fate Of The World Depends On A Group Of Kids

As is often the case with various children’s programs, the world’s teens and kids are the only part of the general populace given any initiative, but in the case of ATLA, it seems particularly peculiar that a universe overrun by the brute force of a totalitarian ruler such a Ozai would rely entirely on children to save the planet.

Thrown into a chaotic time where the Fire Nation has beaten down the rest of the world into a captive state, it seems improbable that the most qualified people to overthrow Fire Lord Ozai would be the prepubescent Aang and his friends, yet no adults appear serviceable enough to concoct any plans of their own.

9 Too Many Characters’ Story-lines Are Left Hanging

Although various characters throughout ATLA have continued their story-lines through the series’ comic book treatment, their final send-off on the show proved to be less than fulfilling. Sadly, this left many characters hanging as viewers were left asking what happened.

After an Agni Kai against her brother Zuko, the crazed firebending princess Azula was last witnessed enduring a full-on mental breakdown with no further word on whether she’d ever recover from her madness. Similarly, supporting characters such as Smellerbee and Longshot, two members of the Freedom Fighters, were given anti-climactic endings, both having been last seen at Lake Laogai, failing to show up for the show’s final conflict.

8 The Physics Behind Bending Make No Sense

Although bending in the Avatar universe shouldn’t be over-analyzed, questions do arise when discussing some fundamental physics behind how certain elements work. For instance, during a standoff between a firebender and earthbender, fire is shown to burn or destroy rock, which shouldn’t be the case, particularly when humans are rarely shown to be burned after direct exposure to the flames.

In similar cases, other bending rules which would apply in everyday life, aren’t applicable in Avatar. When facing an earthbender, flying projectiles from rocks would inevitably cause some sort of blunt force trauma to a victim just as a person subjected to waterbending would be susceptible to problems such as drowning or potentially hypothermia.

7 Sokka And Katara Should’ve Known Aang Was The Avatar

In the pilot episode “The Boy in the Iceberg,” Katara involuntarily frees Aang from a frozen prison after a century of rest. Thanking her for her help, the Avatar offers to return her and Sokka back to the Southern Water Tribe. Although Katara quickly deduces that Aang must be an airbender, she doesn’t identify him as the Avatar right away.

Given his years-long encapsulation inside an iceberg and the Avatar’s absence from the world, Katara’s instincts should’ve told her that Aang was the Avatar. Knowing that other airbenders weren’t likely to survive years of frozen ice would’ve been a strong indicator that Aang was special, yet Katara and Sokka somehow missed all the clues.

6 What Are Energybending’s Limitations?

Introduced in season three, energybending predates the four elements of the Avatar universe and was first used by the lion turtles. After the last lion turtle granted Aang with the knowledge of energybending, he used the potentially fatal technique to strip Fire Lord Ozai of his firebending abilities, almost being overtaken by Ozai’s spiritual strength before finally getting the upper hand.

Although a few abilities of energybending are known, such as the revocation and restoration of one’s bending abilities as well as the power to open a spiritual portal, not much is known about the limitations of the skill-set, making energybending a large question mark which still requires further explanation.

5 Sozin’s Comet Shouldn’t Strengthen Firebenders

As the instigator of the Hundred Year War, Fire Lord Sozin harnessed the strength of the Great Comet to empower the Fire Nation’s army, eradicating the Air Nomads in an attempt to eliminate the next generation Avatar.

Nicknamed Sozin’s Comet after the late Fire Lord, the celestial object is a key instrument in ATLA‘s epic final season as it plays an integral part in Fire Lord Ozai’s plan; however, the science behind the plan doesn’t actually add up. In reality, a comet is made up of rock, dirt, ice, and frozen gases, which means firebenders shouldn’t benefit from its passing. Unless there’s some unexplained reason at play, this is one plothole that’s been left unaddressed.

4 The Avatar Is Given Too Much Power

In The Legend of Korra, fans learned about the existence of Raava and Vaatu, the spirits of light and darkness which have combated each other since the Harmonic Convergence of 19,829 BG. During the second Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu merged his essence with Unilaq, the chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, forming the first and only Dark Avatar before balance was restored by Korra.

Although another example of an evil Avatar doesn’t exist, the possibility of a nefarious version which could bring disruption to the four nations is a totally plausible scenario. Given the possibility, too much power is given to the Avatar, whose corruption would inevitably destroy the rest of humanity.

3 An Over-reliance On Deus Ex Machina Moments

As unavoidable as they often appear, egregious examples of deus ex machina moments often occur in even the most beloved television series. Sadly, ATLA was no exception when it came to pulling the “get out of jail free” card.

The biggest violation came in the series’ final act as Aang discovered the last surviving Lion Turtle, unlocking the mystery to energybending which conveniently gave him a way to defeat Fire Lord Ozai. Similarly, in the season one finale, the young Avatar entered the Avatar state after struggling with it much of the season, helping him fuse with the Ocean Spirit and take down Admiral Zhao during his siege of the North Pole.

2 Ozai Is An Underdeveloped Villain

As the supreme ruler of the Fire Nation and second son to Azulon and Ilah, Fire Lord Ozai usurped his older brother Iroh’s birthright to the throne. Under his reign, he concocted a plan to vanquish the Earth Kingdom and declare himself a tyrant under the new title of the Phoenix King.

Among the most skilled firebenders in history, Ozai was intolerant of his family’s imperfections, leading to him permanently scarring his son Zuko’s face. Although his ruthless dictatorship made him a worthy adversary, his character motivations fell short. Apart from his power hungry desires, little information was given for Ozai’s actions, making him a less fleshed out character compared to the series’ other antagonists.

1 Every Element Has A Season Except Air

Upon initially pitching the Avatar universe to Nickelodeon, creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino always envisioned a three-season story arc. Although the exploration of the world made for a captivating experience for viewers young and old, it left some fans wondering if a fourth season dedicated to the Air Nation would ever happen.

Although the Air Nation is extinct by the time of Aang’s story, the lack of a season dedicated to the element and its surrounding culture still feels like a missing piece of ATLA‘s story. The season wasn’t necessary to complete Aang’s story, but it would’ve been a welcomed addition to give more background into the once great Air Kingdom.

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Turner Minton

Friends: 20 Things Wrong With Joey We All Choose To Ignore

Rewatching classics from our childhood and teen years can be a dangerous decision. Something that seemed so innocent and pure can show it’s true colors with age; or, at least, with more social context. Although not every movie and series is capable of making us feel iffy, Friends certainly does. This is not to say that Friends is in any way a bad show; in fact, it was a very good show. Most of us were basically brought up on it. Regardless of its faults, it’s still filled with heartwarming and laugh-out-loud moments, but it was also very much a product of its time. Many of the elements of Friends couldn’t, or just wouldn’t, be done today, and if they were done, they’d be given the side-eye at best. Additionally, rewatching a series like Friends reminds us of some of the questionable things these characters got away with. Seriously, even a lovable character like Joey Tribbiani did some pretty downright bad things during the course of the show’s ten-year run.

This article will exclusively feature a bunch of Joey’s uncomfortable moments and/or unappealing personality traits. Although we may have seen one or two of these elements when we were young, seeing them all together reminds us that we totally choose to ignore bad behavior. None of this should dissuade anyone from re-watching Friends, it’s a completely binge-worthy show, after all. But it should cause us all to pause and question some of the messages this character sent to audience members of all ages. Without further ado, here are 20 Things Wrong With Joey We All Choose To Ignore.

20 He Was A Male Stereotype

Part of the joke of Joey’s character design was the fact that he’s a total male stereotype: he loved sports, women, food, and everything that’s perceived as “masculine.” Of course, the real comedy came in moments where he showed his more “feminine” side, and from a purely comedic standpoint, none of this should be judged since the main goal was to get people to laugh, which it undoubtedly did.

However, when you think through it and apply it to real-life standards, the fact that Joey was held up as a defining male character is pretty unpleasant. Throughout the show, he acted in ways that would put any gender to shame. And yet, we totally gave him a pass because we bought into the perception that his behavior was true to his gender.

19 He Was A Womanizer

Regardless of gender, everybody objectifies the person they’re attracted to in some way or another, but Joey took it to an extreme. In fact, he womanized every single female he came across, rarely seeing them as anything more than their looks, and this attitude was encapsulated in his catch phrase: “How you doin’?”

Every woman he came into contact with, he saw as a potential conquest. The running joke with his character was how he abandoned these women after he felt like he gained everything that he wanted from them. In short, he treated them as if they were less than human. A lot of this was done for comedy, which is totally fine, but we still totally ignored the fact that if he were a real character, he’d be the biggest scumbag around.

18 He Sabotaged A Student Actor

In an early season of Friends, Joey got a job as an acting teacher. While there, he showed us just how inept he was at imparting information as well as how shallow his knowledge of the craft of acting was, but he also straight-up sabotaged one of his students because they were competing for a role that Joey wanted. Letting his sense of entitlement get the better of him, Joey gave the actor some truly bad advice in order to take him out of the running.

However, this backfired on Joey as the casting directors loved what the student did and decided to hire him instead of Joey. This is precisely what Joey deserved as he tarnished what teaching is all about.

17 He Was “The Other Man” And Didn’t Learn Anything From It

In the first season of Friends, Joey quickly fell for his co-star, Kate, and they began to spend time with each other (even though she was with someone else). However, she later brushed it off as a “one-time thing.” This really hurt Joey, who actually had some feelings for her and didn’t like being used in such a way. This caused him to call up some of the women that he never phoned back and apologize for his actions.

This would have been a really engaging and likable character arc for him, but things went right back to the way they were in the next episode and it continued until the series finale. In short, Joey learned nothing from this experience and we totally ignored it.

16 He Wouldn’t Share Food, But Would Happily Eat Off Someone’s Plate

It’s completely understandable not liking when people eat off your plate. Maybe you’re afraid of germs or maybe you just like your own space. Regardless, claiming that is fine, but to then reach across the table and eat someone else’s food is utterly hypocritical.

Joey made a huge deal about not wanting to share his food but had no problem forcing others to share their own. This is the very definition of entitlement. His behavior may have been a running gag on the show, but it doesn’t make it right. If he were an actual friend of ours, we wouldn’t put up with this type of conduct. In fact, we’d probably stop being around him. And yet, we totally ignored this fact about Joey.

15 He Hit On Women Even If They Showed No Interest

Joey couldn’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t matter if the woman he was crushing on continued to evade him, he would still pursue her. This is generally a good trait in a character, as we connect with those who are active and relentless in the pursuit of their desires, but that doesn’t mean that the reason for Joey’s desire wasn’t unpleasant.

When Joey wanted a woman, he felt like he was deserving of her. She could protest all she wanted, but he’d still attempt to assert his dominance. It was only with Rachel that he showed any sign of backing off, but that had more to do with Ross than it did with his female friend. Sorry, folks, but Joey really was inconsiderate when it came to women and we brushed it under the rug.

14 His Chick And Duck Just Vanished

It may seem like Joey and Chandler’s pets were only around for the first couple of seasons of Friends, but in reality, they were consistently in the first six seasons of the show. That’s more than half! But come season seven, they were merely mentioned and not seen at all. For the final three seasons, they didn’t even get that kind of acknowledgment. They were simply cast aside.

We can decipher that Joey and Chandler’s beloved chick and duck passed, but it’s odd that there was never any real closure to this storyline. Chances are, you completely forgot that this even occurred. That has to do with the fact that we all totally ignored this Joey-related plot hole.

13 He Pretended To Be A Doctor To Gain Someone’s Personal Information

We all know that Joey played the character Dr. Drake Ramoray on a fictional version of Days Of Our Lives, but we may have forgotten that he actually pretended to be the character in the reality of Friends. This occurred when the main cast was hanging out at the hospital while Rachel was giving birth to Emma.

During this time, Phoebe found a patient that she had a bit of a crush on, however, she didn’t want to get involved with him if he had any negative traits. So, she sent Joey in as a fake doctor in order to retrieve the man’s personal information. Frankly, this act was just plain wrong, but we just laughed it off and brushed it aside.

12 He Chose To Save A Sandwich Over His Friends

One of the most famous episodes of Friends was when everyone thought Joey sacrificed himself for Ross. This was because he threw himself over Ross after he thought he heard a gunshot. In reality, Joey was actually protecting his prized meatball sub, which was sitting right beside Ross. Yep, he would have harmed himself in order to protect a sandwich…

The situation was utterly hilarious, especially when the truth came out, but that didn’t stop us from ignoring the fact that Joey valued a sandwich more than the friends who have always had his back. Sure, it’s outlandish, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. How did anyone stay friends with him after this incident?

11 He Borrowed Tons Of Money And Never Paid It Back

The fact that Joey borrowed a lot of money from his friends came up many times throughout the series, but each time, it was usually brushed aside by the other characters. This is because they never truly expected Joey to pay them back. Chandler and Ross, in particular, both lent (or gave) notable amounts of their hard-earned money to Joey, which he would use on his lackluster acting career by purchasing more headshots or enrolling in specialty classes.

It’s a beautiful thing for people to financially support the passions of their friends, but in return, the friend should work tirelessly to return the favor. Instead, Joey sort of fumbled throughout his career and spent most of his time flirting and hanging out at a coffee shop.

10 He And Chandler Tried To Force Ross To Move Out

It’s understandable that Joey and Chandler would occasionally get annoyed with Ross – after all, he has some particularly irritating habits – but the two of them betrayed his friendship when they attempted to get him to move out.

This event happened in an early episode of the show when Ross lost his wife and was basically homeless. Initially, Joey and Chandler took him in, but they soon discovered that they couldn’t deal with him. Therefore, they decided to do everything they could to push him to move out and into the worst apartment imaginable. We often cut Joey some slack since he was perceived as a good friend, but this proved that the only person he truly cared about was himself.

9 He Took On A Female Roommate Just To Be With Her

Given the context of what’s happening in today’s news, rewatching the season where Joey was scouting for an attractive female roommate should cause us all to pause. After all, Joey literally put out an ad that stated that he didn’t want an “ugly” roommate. As funny as this is, it’s pretty piggish, and to make matters worse, he attempted to be with every single one of the women he interviewed.

Finally, he landed Janine, played by international supermodel Elle Macpherson. Once she came into the picture, he tried to be with her nonstop. This type of behavior is totally predatory and inexcusable, yet, we still convinced ourselves that Joey was a great guy despite all of this.

8 He Made Someone Else’s Award About Him

This entry is equal parts charming and reprehensible because we can all relate to the struggle it takes to achieve our dreams. We all want to succeed and be acknowledged for our hard work, which is what Joey absolutely wanted when he was nominated for a Soapy Award. Of course, he didn’t win, but his co-star did, and she didn’t even bother to show up for the ceremony.

When Joey accepted the award on her behalf, he made the entire acceptance speech about him, his hard work, and even mentioned his parents. He also continued to hold on to the award for longer than he should have. All of this was very funny, but it was still the wrong thing to do. It’s just another example of how Joey cared more about himself than anyone else.

7 He Got His Friends Tickets To A Play So They Weren’t At His Party

How could any of us claim that Joey was a good friend? He constantly did things that benefited himself and only himself. Although most of the characters on Friends did the same thing, Joey may have taken the title for “worst friend” when he bought Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Ross tickets to a play on the night of his party. He did this because he didn’t want any of them to embarrass him in front of his soap-opera friends.

A true friend wouldn’t have done this. If he were that concerned with how they would act around his business associates, he should have simply been honest about it. Instead, he attempted to weasel himself out of a slightly awkward scenario.

6 He Was Weird With Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe

Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe are obviously attractive individuals, but one would think that Joey would have been a tad more respectful towards them after they all grew close to one another. In fact, they were almost like siblings. And yet, Joey still acted very creepily with each of them on multiple occasions.

Even before he grew romantic feelings for Rachel, he attempted to flirt with her and catch her in slightly compromising positions. The same goes for Monica and Phoebe, who he’d happily make uncomfortable on the off-chance that they would become physical with him. We completely brushed this fact aside because Joey showed so many boyishly charming attributes, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a creep.

5 He Takes His Neighbors’ Food

Joey was the biggest mooch of all. He was essentially the Kramer of Friends as he had no problem sneaking into Monica’s apartment and stealing her food. Of course, Monica was the best chef of any of the characters, but that doesn’t mean she constantly wanted Joey eating her delicious treats.

She, as well as the other characters, worked hard for what they had and Joey knew that, but it didn’t stop him from feeling like he was entitled to the food that was in their fridges and cupboards. He just came and went as pleased, taking whatever he desired without ever offering to compensate for it. There’s just no way that any of us would put up with this in real life.

4 He Was Remarkably Unintelligent

It’s hard to fault anyone for being completely stupid. If they try hard to learn and still can’t, it’s not really their fault. They just don’t have the necessary abilities. But, Joey often fell into the camp of people who just didn’t care to learn. Sure, he wasn’t able to, but aside from a few episodes, he never showed any interest in higher knowledge or expanding his mind.

What was truly remarkable about Joey was the fact that he couldn’t even grasp basic language or trivia knowledge. He never seemed to care, though, as things would often fall into place for him. If there was no pressure on growing, why would he? Of course, this is not a positive trait, but we put it aside because Joey was funny and seemingly charming.

3 He Helped Create A List Of Pros And Cons For Julie and Rachel

The blame for this particular instance should be shared amongst a few characters on Friends, however, it was Joey who came up with the idea to create a list that compared and contrasted the traits of Rachel and Ross’ girlfriend, Julie. To make matters worse, these traits were just the perceptions of Ross and Joey. This all came about when Ross had to pick between continuing his relationship with Julie, or pursuing the love of his life, Rachel. But, instead of following his heart, he took Joey’s lame advice.

The list, which Joey even added to, was incredibly insulting to both Julie and Rachel. Needless to say, it did not go well. So, bravo again, Joey!

2 He Threw A Woman’s Wooden Leg In The Fire

It’s odd that the story Joey is most ashamed of would get such little air-time on Friends. Nevertheless, we heard it once, and we still totally choose to ignore it. The story in question would be the time that he threw his ex-girlfriend’s prosthetic leg on the fire.

It all happened during the middle of the night when Joey tried to keep her fire going. He reached for something that he thought was a log and then added it to the fire. Unfortunately, it was her prosthetic leg. This made him so ashamed that he actually wished that he had picked up her dog instead. To make matters worse, Joey didn’t even fess up to this. He simply left her in the middle of the night without saying a word. Seriously, dude, that’s a low blow!

1 He Left Ross’ Son On A Bus

Lastly, we really can’t let Joey get away with one of the worst things he’s ever done. That would be the time that he and Chandler left Ross’ son Ben on the bus. Yes, that’s right, Joey and Chandler completely left the little guy on a public bus all by his lonesome.

The reason this happened was that Joey and Chandler were busy flirting with a couple of women on the bus. Clearly, this was more important than watching the child that they were entrusted with. Not only was this sloppy on Joey’s part, but it was also totally reprehensible. Oh well, if Ross could forgive him, we suppose we can as well.

What do you think we ignored about Joey? Let us know in the comments below!

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Star Wars: 20 Things Wrong With Force Awakens We All Choose To Ignore

Star Wars is precious. At least, this is what most fans of the long-lasting series believe. It makes sense, though. It was a creative outlet for fans of all ages. It captured our imagination. It made the hair on the back of our necks rise. It even brought families together and gave them something to bond over. Therefore, when it’s criticized, it can be a bit of a sore subject for some. This is what contributed to the incredibly divisive redirect from the fans on the recent film, The Last Jedi. Although it may not seem like it, The Last Jedi‘s polarized opinions actually stem from what J.J. Abrams and Disney did with the first movie in their new trilogy, The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens was a 2015 film that brought back the original stars 30 years after The Return of the Jedi. Additionally, it introduced us to an assortment of new heroes and villains, some of which have gone down as just as good as the originals while others are strongly disliked. Regardless, fans were so pumped about seeing a new Star Wars film that was better than George Lucas’ prequel trilogy that many found poorly written and riddled with overwhelming CGI. Although The Force Awakens did avoid some of the traps of the prequel series, there were a number of things that fans completely overlooked about it.

Now that it’s been a few years, as well as The Last Jedi has taken most of the heat, it’s time to go back and see the 20 Things Wrong With The Force Awakens That We All Chose To Ignore.

20 It Was a Remake Of A New Hope

There’s a difference between remake and homage. An example of an homage would be the shot of Kylo Ren trying to take the lightsaber out of the snow via the Force. An example of a remake is basically the entirety of The Force Awakens.

The similarities between the two are far-reaching. Not only are there a number of glaring character similarities between Rey and Luke, as well as BB-8 and R2, Kylo and Vader, and more, but the structure of The Force Awakens and A New Hope are almost identical. Sure, it diverges in places, which is a nice way to subvert expectations, but, for the most part, they follow the exact same beats. This is something most of us totally ignored just because we were so excited to see a new Star Wars film after so long.

19 Anakin’s Lightsaber Still Exists

Since J.J. Abrams is currently directing the final film in the Skywalker Saga, chances are we’ll finally learn how Maz Kanata got ahold of Anakin’s lightsaber after Luke lost it during his battle with his father. Regardless of how she got it, fans should be annoyed at the fact that it survived Luke’s fall during the duel in Cloud City. If you can’t recall, the blue lightsaber was knocked into oblivion when Vader removed Luke’s hand.

The odds that it didn’t crack when it fell hundreds of feet are pretty slim. Not to mention, the garbage disposal would have dumped it out into open air after it hit the bottom. Honestly, this entire story thread seems outlandish at best.

18 Luke Became A Myth In Just 30 Years

Luke Skywalker saved the galaxy thirty-years before the events of The Force Awakens and yet, he’s constantly referred to as a “legend”. Do you know anyone who refers to the events of thirty-years-ago as “legends”, or actually believes them to be? Chances are, you don’t. This is because it takes far more than thirty-years for important events, such as saving the ENTIRE galaxy to fade away and become a debatable fact. Additionally, Luke didn’t disappear after the events of Return of the Jedi. He left around ten years before the events of Force Awakens. So, why are Rey and Finn surprised that he’s real?

Adding this detail into the film was a cute way to get the younger audience excited for something that happened long before they were born. However, as a story decision, it contained little to absolutely zero logic.

17 Maz Kanatta Was Poorly Animated

It’s not that Maz Kanata was poorly animated altogether, it’s that her animation was poorly integrated with the rest of the film. One of the best elements of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is that they brought Stars Wars back to its roots in terms of the use of alien animatronic, puppets, and costumes. However, Maz wasn’t one of these characters.

She was given extended scenes where she was the focus, therefore it became increasingly obvious that she didn’t hold the physical weight like the animatronics and real-life actors surrounding her. She moved like a CG character, whereas the others did not. This made it even more difficult to get into her character who wasn’t particularly engaging, to begin with.

16 Han Lost The Falcon

It seems inconceivable that Han Solo would part ways with The Millenium Falcon for an extended period of time. Sure, it makes sense for Han to have lost it in some deal gone wrong, but wouldn’t he have stolen it back? This is also assuming that you buy the fact that he left The Republic/Resistance to begin with and reverted back to his smuggler persona. This does take a bit of a leap of faith.

However, if we go with this story thread, we have to believe that Han would have done everything possible to track down and steal back the Falcon. It’s his baby, after all. Han is also fully capable of doing this. Instead, he completely left it, only to get extremely lucky one day when Rey flew it off of Jakku.

15 Poe Got Off Jakku

Poe Dameron is often referred to as “the best pilot in the Resistance”. However, after his escape from the desert of Jakku, it seems like he should have been on Survivorman or Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.

Not only did he survive the crash landing, as well as possibly the sinking sand, but he also navigated himself to a village where he was able to either call for help or board a ship that took him back to the Resistance. Given the fact that the Resistance is underground, it also seems highly risky to ask for help to contact them. Frankly, there are just too many unlikely elements at play here. It’s just too farfetched. Therefore, it feels like the writers just wanted him to find his way back, versus making a legitimate story decision.

14 Where Was The Republic?

The only moment we get of the Republic in The Force Awakens is when they are being wiped out by The First Order’s superweapon. Although most fans were happy not to receive an overload of politics as they got in the prequels, the Republic felt noticeably absent in the movie.

In fact, they’re nowhere to be seen. The Republic neither supported the First Order nor openly supported the Resistance. It just hangs out while the two parties battled for its soul and future. This is really odd since the Republic consisted of a United Nations-esque union of planets who were there to uphold democracy. One would think that they would have sent armies to help the Resistance defeat The First Order. Additionally, they seemed oddly unaware of the awful things The First Order had been up to.

13 Captain Phasma Did Nothing

There comes a point where a blockbusters desire to sell merchandise overtakes the story. This is precisely what happened with Captain Phasma. The character was shown in a lot of promotional material, as well as on lunchboxes, in games, and as a toy. However, she basically did nothing in the story. In fact, her two or three scenes were mostly treated as a joke.

Additionally, they cast Gwendoline Christie and hid her behind a silver mask the entire time. They didn’t even give her more than a handful of lines. Do to her physical design, she often gets compared to Boba Fett. However, Fett actually had an important role to play in The Empire Strikes Back. His presence impacted the plot, while hers did no such thing. This begs the question, why was she really there?

12 R2-D2 Woke Up At a Convenient Time

It made sense to have Luke hide part of the map to his whereabouts inside his trusty droid, R2-D2. However, it didn’t make sense for the Resistance to wait until the end of The Force Awakens to access it. Of course, a reason why they couldn’t access it could be because the droid shut himself off. This was due to the fact that he was depressed that his master had vanished. He remained this way for the vast majority of the film’s runtime.

Well, luckily for the Resistance, R2 decided to wake up right when the Resistance needed him to. It wasn’t for any particular reason. The plot just needed him to do so. This was such a manipulative and downright lazy decision on the part of the writers and studio.

11 The First Order Became Powerful In The First Place

If the Resistance supported the Republic and the Republic had the power in the galaxy, how did the two not stop The First Order? How did the splinters of the shattered Empire reform in such a way that didn’t overthrow the Republic, but yet gave them the upper hand?

Frankly, there are just so many questions surrounding this topic. Questions that came up at the beginning of The Force Awakens when we read it in the opening crawl. These are completely valid questions to have, and yet none of them were answered within in the film. In fact, none of them were even alluded to. It was a smart decision to have most of the politics happen off-screen, but we needed some information on how there was suddenly an exact copy of The Empire roaming around.

10 Kylo Even Cared That Finn Betrayed Him

There just no way that Finn was the only Stormtrooper to quit The First Order. What are the chances of that? Even if he was, it didn’t make sense for Kylo Ren to be as angry as he was when the two met face-to-face in the snowy forest. Kylo didn’t even know Finn. He made eye contact with him once. It’s not like the two were buddies before the events of the film. If they were, it would have made sense for Kylo to scream, “traitor”.

Even though Kylo was emotionally triggered during the forest scene, chasing after Rey and the lightsaber was his priority. Instead, he made a big deal about Finn before finally engaging Rey. Was this just to give Finn something to do in the scene? Regardless, it was pretty silly.

9 Rey Could Understand Chewie

Although some see the “Mary Sue” title that Rey often gets may anger some for a variety of creative and political reasons, there is some fairness to the criticism. Although some fans can defend how Rey mastered the Force so quickly, it’s harder to understand how she was able to do a host of other things. For example, Rey has no problem piloting the Millenium Falcon despite never flying it, or any other spaceship before. Additionally, she can completely understand Chewbacca’s dialect.

It’s not like Rey spent a lot of time on Kashyyyk with all the Wookies. Nor did we see her with any Wookie language books. So, just how could this incredibly isolated young woman know how to understand Chewie at all? It seems awfully convenient.

8 The Knights Of Ren Was A Thing

For some reason, The Force Awakens made sure to put Kylo Ren in a category of villains other than the Sith. Instead of being a member of the Sith, he was a member of the Knights of Ren, which is an organization that works alongside the First Order. However, very little more about them is revealed. Unlike the Sith who have an entire lore, nothing about The Knights of Ren is revealed in The Force Awakens or in The Last Jedi. The only thing we get is a rainy flashback of Kylo and his group after the attack on Luke’s temple.

Unless there was a specific plot reason why The Knights of Ren needed to exist, there’s no need for them. It just hangs around to be another element that confuses the audience.

7 The First Order Didn’t Really Have A Viable Plan To Rule

We expect more from our villains nowadays. We need to truly understand their psychology. We need to know what exactly they’d do if they won. The truth is, we have no idea what The First Order would do if they won the battle. This doesn’t make them very compelling, nor does it make the stakes very high. In short, we don’t know why it’s so bad if our heroes lost the war. This is a humungous story error.

Sure, we get that The First Order is bad. Look how they dress, after all. Do they just not like democracy? Why? What would they do differently? Just another dictatorship. The fact that we don’t know is a big missed opportunity.

6 Han Left Leia

A lot can happen in thirty years. It makes sense that things wouldn’t be exactly the same as they were at the end of Return of the Jedi. But the reasons why Han left Leia seem muddled at best. In the film, it seems like Han left because he was hurt after Ben turned to the Dark Side. But wouldn’t that push him and Leia closer? If not, wouldn’t it send him on a mission to try and redeem Ben? Instead, Han went off to smuggle again and left Leia to battle to her possible demise at the hands of their son. That’s pretty cold.

Not only is it cold, it just doesn’t seem like Han. Even though he can be difficult, he has always loved Leia. It doesn’t make sense that he’d abandon her like that.

5 Rey’s Character Design Was Problematic

The first time we see Rey, we learn that she was abandoned on Jakuu by her parents. She also believes that they will return and take her away. However, none of this impacts the plot, nor does it receive a payoff beyond her being sidetracked by another adventure.

Some would argue that this wasn’t needed as it the first film of a trilogy. But, without it, Rey just appears to go with the flow. With the exception of one moment in Maz’s castle, her desire to return home and wait for her parents doesn’t impact the plot. She merely tells other characters what she wants to do and carries on with their own desires for her. If you look at the design of Luke’s character in A New Hope, you won’t find these problems.

4 Han and Leia’s Scenes Are Purely Exposition

Fans waited for thirty-years for Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and the late-great Carrie Fisher’s Leia Organa to be reunited on screen. The pair had such electric chemistry throughout the original trilogy and if they had the right writing, they’d undoubtedly have it again. Unfortunately, the few scenes they shared in The Force Awakens were entirely expository. There wasn’t any character building, romantic tension, or tension between the two. They merely discussed their son, wished each other luck and that was the end of it.

The fact that these two legends didn’t have the story they deserved in Ford’s last Star Wars outing is terrible. Yet fans completely overlooked this because Ford was given a lot to do elsewhere.

3 A Chasm Conveniently Opened During The Lightsaber Duel

How does one end a climactic fight that can’t end in the demise of either the protagonist or antagonist due to their presence in sequels? There’s no easy answer to this, but many great films have found solutions. An option that a film probably shouldn’t explore is to create a giant chasm to separate the two.

Sure, the entire planet was imploding. But for a chasm to open up precisely between Rey and Kylo Ren feels pretty unlikely. In fact, it feels like the writers almost literally drew a line between them. This is what we call a “Deus Ex Machina” as something pretty unrelated stopped Rey from finishing Kylo. This is disappointing since this fight is one of the best in the series.

2 Luke Left A Map To Find Him

As much as fans disliked the fact that Luke abandoned his sister, friends, and the Resistance to become a hermit on some hidden rock, not to mention renounce his Jedi status, we think they should be more irritated by the fact that he left behind a map. If he truly didn’t want to be found, he wouldn’t have left behind a map. This map, by-the-way, was split into two and seemed particularly complicated to understand. Therefore, Luke just comes across as a bit of a jerk who wanted to play mind-games with his allies.

Perhaps his reasoning was that he had it as an option only to use in a dire situation, but wasn’t the dire situation when The First Order first started to become a problem in the first place? Frankly, none of this makes sense.

1 Rey Was The Only One To Bring Luke Back

Luke Skywalker was seen as the Messiah. The man who would definitively shift the balance in the war against The First Order. Prior to the start of The Force Awakens, General Leia Organa and the Resistance spent years attempting to find Skywalker, but then some Force-using stranger comes along and helps them find the map that leads to him. Afterward, she’s chosen to go and bring Luke back herself. But why her?

Doesn’t it make sense for Leia to go? After all, she has the closest connection to him. Sure, R2 and Chewie may have helped convince him to return, but another Force-user seems like an odd choice. Especially since he became angry with The Force. Even if Rey did go, Leia would have been the right person to send with her.

What do you think is something about The Force Awakens that we purposefully ignored? Let us know in the comments below!

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