Snyder Cut Image Shows Pre-Cyborg Stone In Football Gear

With the growing number of Justice League cast and crew members advocating for the release of the movie’s legendary Snyder Cut, Ray Fisher has jumped back into the fray with a new image of Victor Stone. Zack Snyder departed the DC team-up film in the aftermath of a family tragedy, with Justice League undergoing reshoots that dramatically altered the movie from his intended vision. A major grassroots campaign swiftly emerged aimed at convincing Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s original cut of Justice League, and recent weeks have not only seen the Snyder Cut receive a massive increase in media coverage, but also a rapidly expanding number of cast and crew members publicly supporting.

While the push for Snyder’s version of Justice League has been an ongoing phenomenon since the movie’s theatrical debut, the current surge in attention can largely be attributed to recent interviews with Jesse Eisenberg, Junkie XL, and Jason Momoa that shed new light on different aspects of the movie. Momoa has been notably vocal in his support for the release of Snyder’s version of the superhero ensemble, going as far as to say “I think the public needs to see it.” in an MTV News interview with Josh Horowitz. On top of that, Gal Gadot announced support for the Snyder Cut’s release on social media earlier today.

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Fisher was already among the cast and crew members to make their support for the Snyder Cut’s release known, but his latest Twitter post on the matter is nevertheless sure to increase the swiftly rising hype for it. The image in question features a look at Victor Stone during his football days prior to the accident that would lead to his transformation into Cyborg. Accompanied by the hashtag #releasethesnydercut, the new image released by Fisher arrives on the two-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Justice League, a fact Fisher clearly acknowledges with the caption “Two years”. 

Originally described by Zack Snyder as the heart of the movie, Cyborg proved to be the most impacted of the core heroes by the reshoots implemented on Justice League. This also isn’t the first time that Ray Fisher has released an unseen image from the Snyder Cut on social media. Amid a recent blitz of cast and crew members dropping never-before-seen images from the film, including Jason Momoa releasing one from the ending of Snyder’s cut, Fisher had previously jumped into the mix by posting a still from a scene of Victor sitting outside of a college dean’s office during his pre-Cyborg days.

At this point, it is abundantly clear the Snyder Cut situation is rapidly approaching critical mass, especially after Gal Gadot joined the chorus earlier today. With Jason Momoa also having made clear that he has seen Snyder’s version of the movie himself, all eyes are now seemingly on who is going to be the next member of the cast or crew to tweet out #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It still remains to be seen how Warner Bros. will respond to the ever-increasing demand for the release of Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, but with the latest image from the movie released by Ray Fisher, the situation has clearly risen to an unprecedented level of mainstream interest.

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Brad Curran

Titans Image Reveals Official Look At Comics Accurate Ravager Costume

A new photo from Titans season 2, episode 12 reveals an official look at Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang) in a comic accurate Ravager costume. Rose is one of several newcomers to the second season of Titans and has been a critical part of the story. With the team at odds with Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke (Esai Morales), she was initially viewed by the Titans almost as a bargaining chip to use with her father.

Since that time, she developed a bit of a relationship with Jason Todd (Curran Walters), which led to the most recent episode confirming a major fan theory. Rose isn’t just Deathstroke’s daughter, but she was secretly working with him to take down the Titans. This secret partnership has come to an end though. With only two episodes to go this season, Rose is now in line to make a heroic turn before it’s done. Previous set photos showed her wearing her Ravager suit from the comics, and a new image confirms it’ll happen next week.

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DC Universe has released an official image from Titans season 2, episode 12 that shows Rose in the Ravager costume. The design incorporates her blue, orange, and white color scheme to perfectly match how she’s looked in the comics for years. In this Titans image, Rose appears to be in the middle of a fight with an unknown opponent based on her stance and angry yell. See the image below:

While we don’t know much about the context of this photo, it was used as the featured image for episode 12 on Titans has so far done a good job of choosing featured images that represent who episodes are based around, so this could be an indication that next week will be a Rose/Ravager heavy one. Viewers will hopefully be able to see where she gets the suit from and will certainly come to understand who she is fighting in this scene.

Rose suiting up as Ravager will not be the only major transformation that happens over the final two episodes of Titans. The last few episodes have been building up Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) becoming Nightwing and finally moving past his days as Robin. We know that he’ll wear his new suit alongside Ravager in at least one major sequence that also includes Superboy, Hawk, Dove, and Starfire. This is likely a reunion of the Titans that will happen in the season finale, which means that next week won’t be the only time Rose wears the Ravager costume. Plus, if she is part of the lineup in the recently announced third season, then Titans could feature much more of Ravager in the future as well.

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Superman Takes on Steppenwolf in Snyder Cut Justice League Image

Justice League artist Jay Oliva has released a new image relating to the movie’s legendary “Snyder Cut” on Twitter, tying into the League’s climactic battle with Steppenwolf. Zack Snyder departed Justice League in the aftermath of a family tragedy, with the movie going through well-publicized reshoots in his absence. With the two-year anniversary of the film’s release approaching, the campaign for the Snyder Cut of Justice League has seen a very visible spike in mainstream attention, owing to some recent interviews with Jason Momoa, Jesse Eisenberg, and Junkie XL, who chimed in on the topic. However, Jay Oliva’s new image has only thrown more gasoline on what was already becoming a raging fire.

Jay Oliva has previously confirmed the existence of the Snyder Cut on multiple occasions, while also offering details of the third act of Snyder’s version of the film in an interview with Comic Book Debate. Specifically, Oliva described Superman as “unhinged” in the Justice League’s final battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademon army. With the new artwork released by Oliva, the description has now been given quite the visual aid.

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Oliva’s social media post, accompanied with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag, depicts Superman delivering a powerful punch and a heat vision blast to Steppenwolf. It follows closely on an Instagram post yesterday from Jason Momoa, which depicted Aquaman impaling Steppenwolf during the climactic battle of the movie. Snyder himself would give the image further context, stating on Vero “You would need a super punch to get him all the way over to Diana”. This ties into what is known about the ending of Justice League in Snyder’s version, which eventually sees Steppenwolf being decapitated by Wonder Woman’s sword. Snyder’s comment on the image posted by Momoa imply that the ending would see Superman punch Steppenwolf towards Wonder Woman, who would then deliver the final blow. However, Oliva’s image now confirms that outright.

At this point, the campaign for the Snyder Cut’s release has reached a clear turning point. While the very existence of Snyder’s original cut of the movie has previously been the subject of much debate and discussion, that question is now well past any doubt. The growing number of cast and crew members vocally supporting the release of Snyder’s version of the film has also given it a significant boost in mainstream attention, with Jason Momoa’s Instagram tease serving as a major powder keg.

Momoa has been easily the most vocal of the cast and crew, with the Aquaman press tour seeing him openly calling for the Snyder Cut’s release. Momoa would later confirm that he has seen the Snyder Cut itself and would reaffirm his stance on the matter in a recent MTV News interview with Josh Horowitz.  Making his advocacy for the Snyder Cut crystal clear, Momoa concurred with Horowitz’ inquiry that it is a completely different movie than the theatrical cut, while stating “I think the public needs to see it.”

The release of the Snyder Cut cannot come to pass without Warner Bros. giving it their approval. However, it’s abundantly clear by now that the demand for it is rapidly spreading, even among those who were less than enamored with Zack Snyder’s previous DC films. As more and more of the cast and crew of Justice League continue to come forward to support the release of Zack Snyder’s version of the superhero ensemble, it is something that will likely require the attention of Warner Bros. in the foreseeable future.

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Brad Curran

Justice League Image Shows Flash & Iris West Deleted Snyder Cut Scene

The hits just keep on coming for the heavily debated “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, this time with a new image of Barry Allen aka The Flash and Iris West from Zack Snyder himself. Snyder departed the superhero ensemble following a family tragedy, with Joss Whedon being brought in to oversee massive reshoots. With the two-year anniversary of the movie’s theatrical debut in sight, the campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League isn’t showing the slightest hint of dying down. Snyder himself has done plenty to drum up support for it, releasing a steady flow of images and storyboards from his cut of the film on social media.

As with his fellow heroes on the Justice League, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen role was heavily altered by the reshoots, while Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West was removed from the theatrical version altogether. Indeed, she’s just one of many characters in Snyder’s version of the film that were completely excised from the theatrical cut. The full extent of Iris West’s role in the Snyder Cut is unknown, but at least one leaked scene has given a picture of what her introduction to Barry would’ve been. Specifically, a scene deleted from the theatrical cut involves Barry rescuing Iris from a major car crash, with a snippet of the scene showing Barry shattering a window with his finger in slow motion being featured in the trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. An unfinished version of the scene was also later leaked online.

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Now, Snyder’s latest tease of his version of Justice League comes on Vero in the form of a never-before-seen image of Barry Allen and Iris West, with the caption “Cute couple,” referencing Allen and West’s famed romance in the comics. Check out the image above and a screenshot of Snyder’s Vero post below.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Snyder’s release of the image of Barry and Iris on social media has come in the middle of a significant and ongoing wave of attention for the Snyder Cut. In the span of a week, Jesse Eisenberg confirmed he shot more scenes for the movie, Junkie XL affirmed he completed the score, and the ever-vocal Jason Momoa reiterated he has seen the Snyder Cut, while stating his belief that “I think the public needs to see it.” These were soon followed by two visual effects artists confirming a significant level of completion on the movie’s effects work. On top of that, aerial second unit director Clay Staub also championed the Snyder Cut on Twitter shortly thereafter, going as far as to call it the “real” version of Justice League.

With the increasing number of Justice League cast and crew members coming forward to support the Justice League Snyder Cut’s release, the issue has gained a renewed level of mainstream attention, which is sure to only be heightened by Snyder’s latest tease of his cut of the movie. At this point, the amount of support the Snyder Cut is receiving from people directly connected to the film is quickly turning into a domino effect, with demand for its release rising even among DCEU detractors. Although the buck stops with Warner Bros. on whether Snyder’s version of Justice League will actually see the light of day, the issue is rapidly approaching a point where the studio will likely need to directly address it.

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Halloween Kills is Done Filming, Reveals Image of Tommy & Lindsey

Halloween Kills has finished shooting and the film’s production released the first photo of adult Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace to commemorate the occasion. The upcoming movie is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which itself rebooted the slasher franchise by ignoring every other installment made since the original Halloween (1978). For that reason, Paul Rudd will not be coming back as Tommy, despite having played him as a young man during 1995’s no longer canon Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Instead, Anthony Michael Hall has been cast as grown-up Tommy in Halloween Kills, taking over from Brian Andrews (who played the character as a kid in the ’78 film). Lindsey was similarly recast for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (with Leslie L. Rohland playing her as a teenager), so Kyle Richards will actually reprise the character she initially brought to life over four decades ago in Halloween Kills. Now, fans can get their first look at both of these actors in their respective parts.

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Although there’s still more than eleven months to go before Halloween Kills opens in theaters in October 2020, the film has already wrapped production (as was announced on the official Halloween Movies Twitter account). You can check out the related tweet below, which includes a first look at Hall and Richards as the older Tommy and Lindsey.

For those who could use a refresher, Tommy and Lindsey were the kids (and friends) that Laurie Strode babysit when Michael Myers went on his original Halloween night murder spree all those years ago. “The Shape” is returning to wreak havoc on Haddonfield’s unsuspecting citizens a third time in Halloween Kills, with actors James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle once again splitting the responsibility of bringing Michael to life, and Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic role as Laurie. Curtis tweeted the first-look footage from Halloween Kills on (when else?) October 31st last week, providing a hint about how Michael managed to escape her burning basement/house in the 2018 Halloween (in spite of Laurie’s attempt to kill him once and for all). Suffice it to say, Tommy and Lindsey will not be happy to learn their attempted killer is at it again when Halloween Kills picks up.

It will be interesting to see if Halloween Kills explores the ways Tommy and Lindsey were traumatized by Michael’s murder spree when they were kids, much like last year’s Halloween examined the impact the boogeyman had on Laurie and her relationships with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and teen granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) in the years that followed. They were only children, after all, so it might’ve had a very different effect on them than it did with Laurie. Naturally, there’s no word yet on whether the pair will make it out of Halloween Kills alive and/or return for the conclusion to David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy: 2021’s Halloween Ends. But, then again, there’s no guarantee Laurie will still be breathing by the end of Halloween Kills, either.

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New Star Wars 9 Image Shows How Spoiler-Averse Marketing Is

A new image of Finn in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is further proof of how spoiler-averse the film’s marketing campaign is. That promotion for one of Disney’s new Star Wars movies leans heavily on the secrecy isn’t anything new; the studio’s played things very close to the chest since the sequel trilogy kicked off in 2015. However, even by their standards, things have been ratcheted up a notch for The Rise of Skywalker. The studio withheld revealing the film’s official title until the first teaser trailer at Celebration Chicago, and since then they’ve been very measured in their approach.

Since Celebration back in April, there was a special look at Star Wars 9 released at D23 and a final trailer that came out earlier this week (as well as several still images). For the most part, all of these materials have provided fuel for fan theories and speculation, rather than confirming any concrete plot details. That strategy continues with the latest Rise of Skywalker photo.

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On Twitter, Boyega shared a new picture of Finn surveying the scene on desert planet Pasaana. He’s armed with a blaster, indicating that perhaps he’s looking for cover while engaged in a confrontation. Take a look at the image above.

Admittedly, the photo itself isn’t anything all that eye-catching or revelatory, but that’s the whole point. While advertising The Rise of Skywalker, Disney is pulling a page out of the Avengers: Endgame playbook, barely hinting at what the film’s actual narrative is. The general gist is that the main Resistance heroes embark on a mission together to take down the First Order (and Emperor Palpatine) once and for all, but everything else remains a mystery. Looking at the results, it’s hard to argue with this approach. The Rise of Skywalker is already breaking ticket sales records on services like Atom and Fandango, proving audiences are sold on the film, regardless of how much information they know. The inevitable wave of TV spots will probably be similarly discreet, most assuredly recycling previously unveiled footage.

Most viewers are probably OK with this; fans always walk a fine line between seeking out plot details and trying to avoid spoilers. Few want to know The Rise of Skywalker’s twists and turns before they settle into the theater this December. On the flip side, the film is going to need to validate Disney’s marketing strategy, showing there was a legitimate reason to keep things so closely guarded. Director J.J. Abrams is infamous for his mystery boxes, and sometimes they come up empty (Star Trek Into Darkness’ John Harrison snafu). Though, it should be pointed out Abrams himself has expressed regret over his past mistakes, so hopefully whatever surprises The Rise of Skywalker has in store blow fans’ minds and end the saga on the highest of notes.

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Bond 25: No Time to Die Image Features a Bloodied Daniel Craig

A brand new image from the 25th James Bond outing, No Time to Die, features a bloodied Daniel Craig in action as the man himself. Craig was initially apprehensive about returning to the iconic role following 2015’s Spectre, which was met with mixed reviews, but he confirmed in 2017 that he would have one last go-around as James Bond for the franchise’s 25th installment. No Time To Die is directed by Cary Fukunaga with a script that was brought to life with the help of Emmy-winning screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge, which was actually requested by Craig himself.

Not only did Waller-Bridge help punch up the women’s roles, but she also wound up working on more aspects of the script, including punching up the dialogue for the rest of the cast and refining some action sequences. She was such a great contribution to the film and its script that she’s even being eyed to write the franchise’s 26th installment. Considering how much praise her work on the film is receiving now, it’s a sure sign that No Time to Die will be a thrilling addition to the Bond franchise along with a wonderful send-off for Craig. Now that No Time to Die has officially wrapped, fans can have another little glimpse at what to expect from the highly-anticipated film.

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Empire revealed an image from their 2020 Preview Issue that features a “battered and bruised” Craig as Bond. Along with a bloody forehead, Bond is more “dressed down […] no suit, no bow tie, just a scuffed-up (formerly) white top, a natty pair of braces, and a harness to holster his iconic Walther PPK.” It looks like Rami Malek’s villain will be putting up quite the fight with Bond in this film. Check out the full image below:

No Time To Die marks Craig’s fifth overall performance as Bond, following his turns in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. Despite a messy pre-production and an unfortunate on-set injury that Craig had experienced while filming, it looks like none of it stopped him from putting his best foot forward. It appears that he’s really giving this final performance as Bond his all, as seen in the image above. Not only that, but it looks like there will be a lot to see when it comes to the film’s action sequences.

It’s clear that the cast and crew are working their hardest to make sure this Bond film sends Craig’s iteration of the character out on a high note. From what’s been heard and seen from the film so far, it looks to be a thrilling installment that is sure to be a hit with movie-goers. Not only will No Time to Die be a great send-off for Craig, but it’s a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the franchise. Welcoming Lashana Lynch as a new 007 agent opens up a variety of possibilities as to where the franchise could go from here. Hopefully, that change is welcomed with open arms and the franchise can continue to evolve and thrive in exciting new ways.

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Hannah Hoolihan

Crisis On Infinite Earths Image Reveals First Look At Anti-Monitor

The Arrowverse‘s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event features the villainous Anti-Monitor, and now fans can see what he looks like. The highly anticipated crossover will air this December and January and feature characters from ArrowThe FlashSupergirlLegends of TomorrowBatwoman, and Black Lightning. Several guest stars will also take part, including Smallville‘s Tom Welling and Erica Durance, Jon Cryer, and Burt Ward. Ward originally played Robin in the ’60s Batman TV show. A Crisis on Infinite Earths set photo suggests Ward will again play someone related to Batman, as he was seen walking a dog some are theorizing is Ace the Bat-Hound.

LaMonica Garrett will play both the Anti-Monitor and the heroic Monitor, who’s already shown up in the Arrowverse several times in the last year. In last week’s premiere of The Flash, The Monitor warned Barry Allen that he would die during the Crisis but would save billions in the process. This week’s episode saw Barry attempting to travel to the day after his death to find clues to prevent it. The Monitor also played a role in last night’s Arrow season 8 premiere, where he sent Oliver Queen to Earth-2 to fetch some dwarf star particles. The Anti-Monitor hasn’t been spotted yet but will play a huge role in Crisis on Infinite Earths as the central villain.

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Today, EW shared the first-look photo of Garrett as the Anti-Monitor. In the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic, the Anti-Monitor is from an anti-matter universe in contrast to The Monitor, who represents positive matter. The two are equals, so that as the Anti-Monitor’s powers increase, The Monitor’s decrease. This means the two can’t fight directly, which leads The Monitor to recruit other heroes to do the job, as he has already started to do on screen. Over the summer, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared concept art for the Anti-Monitor that bears a similar resemblance to the finished product. Check out the photo of Garrett as the Anti-Monitor below:

The stakes for Crisis on Infinite Earths couldn’t be higher. Not only is Barry destined to die, so is Oliver. In addition to warnings from The Monitor, both also have physical proof. Barry’s seen the date on the newspaper titled “Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis,” which confirms what The Monitor told him. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace also recently discussed Barry’s death, saying, “We know that on December 10, 2019, the Flash will die…We’re not messing around.” Meanwhile, Arrow viewers have seen Oliver’s headstone, which clearly has 2019 as the year of his death. In the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic, Barry and Oliver both die, as does Supergirl.

With the potential to do that much damage to the Arrowverse, it’s important that the Anti-Monitor look capable of that much destruction. In this first photo, he looks intimidating and has the right amount of contrast to The Monitor. Both have similar armor, but the Anti-Monitor’s is much darker. He also looks much more grizzled than The Monitor does, most likely because of his anti-matter beginnings. With Crisis on Infinite Earths only a couple months away, Arrowverse fans should be excited to get a look at the crossover’s biggest villain.

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Rebecca VanAcker

Arrowverse & Kingdom Come Superman Unite In Crisis Image

Arrowverse star Brandon Routh has given fans double vision, with a new Crisis on Infinite Earths photo featuring his and Tyler Hoechlin’s versions of Superman side-by-side. The acclaimed comic book storyline was first published in 1985 and concluded in 1986. The ambitious adaptation was officially announced by Arrow star Stephen Amell in December of last year. Set to air over five hours, the crossover event will see Oliver Queen (Amell) and the members of Team Arrow once again unite with the heroes of The Flash and Supergirl to halt the malevolent machinations of the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). Original Crisis on Infinite Earths author Marv Wolfman reportedly helped craft the episodes.

The firmly established heroes will be joined by Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and, for the first time, the heroes of Black Lightning. After sitting out last year’s Elseworld‘s crossover, the time-traveling crew of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will also join the fray. After debuting as Ray Palmer in Arrow season 3, Routh has since traveled with the Legends for each of their four seasons. Though it was announced that he’ll leave the show in season 5, he’ll first play dual roles in the crossover. As well as Ray (aka. The Atom), Routh will portray Kingdom Come Superman – donning the famous red cape for the first time since 2006’s Superman Returns. He won’t be the only Man of Steel on the block, however, with Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role as the Arrowverse‘s inaugural Superman and Tom Welling confirmed to be returning as the Smallville version of the character.

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With filming officially underway on the highly-anticipated production, a number of behind-the-scenes images have started to emerge. The latest comes courtesy of Routh himself, who took to Instagram to once again reveal himself in full costume – complete with the more unique S-symbol and extra grey in his hair. This time, however, he’s also joined by Hoechlin, who’s also in full costume. Even more, they can both be seen in front of a logo for the Daily Planet – the fictional newspaper for which Clark Kent famously works. Check out the full image in the space below:

It’s unclear which version’s Daily Planet they are housed in. Based on the fact Kindgom Come Superman, in the comics, has spent a decade in exile, it’s most likely Hoechlin’s. Routh previously shared an image of himself recreating an iconic pose from the original Kingdom Come comic storyline. Elsewhere, Erica Durance, who’ll return to her role of Smallville‘s Lois Lane for the crossover, posted a photo of her and Welling back in character. For every familiar face set to pop up over the course of the momentous event, there are also those who’ll likely not be making an appearance. Fellow Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum recently confirmed that he turned down an offer to once more play Lex Luthor.

Fans, however, continue to remain highly excited for what’s to come. Such behind the scenes photos are no doubt adding to the fever pitch. Another recent image showed Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane nestled between Hoechlin and Welling’s versions of Clark Kent. Routh’s newest one will assuredly continue that trend, and leave fans eager now to see the first image of all three versions of Superman standing together. Though plot details are being kept firmly under wraps, Amell recently declared that even the synopsis shocked him. Whatever the case, though, it’s looking more and more like a great time to be a Superman fan.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin on The CW on December 8.

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John Atkinson

Star Wars 9 Image Shows Kylo Ren Facing Down Stormtrooper-Killing Force

A new image from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may be teasing the testing of the First Order’s new super-weapon. The Skywalker Saga will come to an end this December, and so far Lucasfilm has kept a tight lid on what fans can expect. They’ve so far shared one teaser and some new footage in a franchise-spanning trailer. But, with only a few months to go before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, the marketing campaign for the JJ Abrams-directed film is finally picking up.

In the build-up to the merchandise release for all the upcoming Star Wars content this year, several new photos from The Rise of Skywalker have made their way online. It began with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) gracing the cover of a magazine. And even though Rey’s journey is something many are looking forward to seeing, the latest batch of promotional materials have been focused on Kylo and his dark side friends, the Knights of Ren.

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Now, the latest image released by Empire brings an inside look at some possible experimentation by an unmasked Kylo and the First Order. The image features a blast of some kind happening off-screen that has knocked the entire fleet of nearby Stormtroopers on their backs. Kylo – holding his newly reforged helmet in his right hand – appears to be using the Force to hold himself upright. As for the cause of their positions, it’s possible that it’s part of the First Order’s tests on a new super-weapon.

Just like the Empire that came before them, the First Order has used super-weapon tech to help speed up their galactic takeover plans. Starkiller Base was used to blow up the entire Hosnian Prime system, and they used similar technology in the canon they brought to Crait. There have been teases in the trailers that the First Order has built another super-weapon. Although the energy blasts from this possible weapon are red, the blue light causing the blast could be an earlier version of the same technology.

If this isn’t a super-weapon in the process of being tested though, then what exactly is happening in this scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is all the more fascinating. It’s possible that this could be the Resistance attacking the First Order. Many may also wonder if this could be part of the process that will see The Emperor return or part of Kylo’s search for dark side secrets. With the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker expected to arrive in the next few weeks, it may not be long before more context to this image arrives.

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Cooper Hood