20 Marvel And DC Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled It Off)

Over the past decade, Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universes have rapidly expanded and allowed fans to watch as countless iconic heroes and villains made the leap from the pages of their favorite comic books onto the big screen. Some portrayals, like Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, have been universally praised and truly let viewers feel like they were watching a comic come to life before their very eyes. A select few characters, however, didn’t quite work in live-action and left fans disappointed.

Costume designers and make-up artists can work wonders these days, but even Hollywood’s top experts seem to struggle with certain comic book characters. Marvel had to rely heavily on CGI to create Thanos for Avengers: Infinity Warand there’s no way DC could have brought Doomsday to life in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice without some major assistance from technology. If those studios’ massive budgets can’t help create genuine live-action heroes and villains, what hope do cosplayers have when it comes to resembling those same characters?

Comic conventions across the world are filled with dedicated cosplayers who put countless hours into their costumes, and while most prefer to take the easy route and dress like a character they share some physical similarities with, the most talented cosplayers embrace the challenge of making even the most bizarre characters look realistic. Here are 20 Marvel And DC Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled It Off).


Josh Brolin has done a fantastic job voicing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, but he can’t be fully credited for bringing his character to life. Instead of covering Brolin in purple make-up and finding some way to make his frame significantly larger and more intimidating, Marvel simply covered the actor in motion capture dots and used computer-generated imagery to create the Gauntlet-wielding madman.

This cosplayer didn’t have to resort to those expensive methods to make a convincing Thanos. His custom-made costume allows him to replicate the villain’s height and size, and he looks as much like the Thanos of Marvel Comics as the MCU’s version does. The young Gamora pictured with Thanos makes this cosplay even better.


While the last several X-Men films received mostly positive responses from fans, Fox earned a lot of criticism leading up to X-Men: Apocalypse for their treatment of titular supervillain. The Internet was filled with people who thought the character looked more like Ivan Ooze from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie than the Apocalypse of the comics, and cosplayers criticized the studio for resorting to CGI at all.

This Cinema Makeup School cosplay of the first mutant proves that it is apparently possible to bring him to life without help from computer-generated imagery. He has comic Apocalypse’s muscles, costume, and the villain’s classic arm cannon, and looks far more realistic and powerful than the high-budget film’s take on En Sabah Nur.


Cyborg is definitely one of the most difficult DC heroes to bring to life through cosplay. Victor Stone was a promising young athlete until an accident destroyed most of his body. His father replaced several parts of his body with machine parts, and it’s not like the average cosplayer has the resources to go out and buy those machine parts (if they even exist) to make their own version of the Justice League’s technological genius.

We’re pretty sure this cosplayer’s costume isn’t actually made of metal, but it certainly looks like it is. Everything from the silver shine of his Cyborg suit, to the design and even his face underneath, perfectly resemble the character we know and love from the comics.


Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery is filled with unique villains who would be difficult to cosplay, but Mysterio stands above the rest of the wall-crawler’s adversaries as the one with the most bizarre costumes. When Quentin Beck is off using his mastery of special effects to commit crimes, he likes to don some green checkered spandex and a giant fishbowl helmet.

We’ve gotten to see how Marvel will be adapting Mysterio for their Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but this cosplayer’s take on the character is actually much closer to his look in the comics. He’s got Beck’s cape, spandex, and yellow gauntlets, and he’s somehow figured out a way to see through that fishbowl helmet.


DC has released so many Batman movies over the past decade that just about everyone knows everything there is to know about the Dark Knight, but only the biggest comic book fans know about one of his more obscure and frightening adversaries, Man-Bat. When zoologist Dr. Kirk Langstrom developed an extract which could give humans a bat’s sonar sense and tested it on himself, he transformed into a hideous man-bat hybrid. It affected his sanity and the well-intentioned doctor became the enemy of Gotham’s vigilante protector.

It definitely can’t be easy to dress up as a half-human, half-bat monster, but this cosplayer figured out a way to create freakishly-realistic wings, a pale and muscular torso, and bat-like ears, hair and fangs which will surely frighten kids at every convention he attends.


Even Sony struggled to bring Venom to life in a way that satisfied fans in Spider-Man 3, so its truly amazing that an artist named Karasu created this realistic and comic-accurate cosplay of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler’s symbiote adversary. This costume features Venom’s incredibly long tongue, slick black alien skin, and gigantic fangs which stick out of his opened mouth in a manner which suggests he’s ready to hunt for his next meal.

He may not look quite as real as the CGI version seen in Venom, but he’s not too far off. It’s easy to tell just how much time and effort was put into making this costume, and we’re sure the cosplayer receives plenty of attention at conventions for his hard work.


Comic conventions are often filled with people dressed as popular X-Men like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, and Gambit, but not as many cosplayers jump on the challenge of dressing up like the mutant team’s resident teleporter, Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler has blue skin, yellow eyes, and white gloves which cover his three fingers on each hand. It’s a look that requires a lot more effort than most of Kurt Wagner’s mutant friends, but this cosplayer took on the challenge. He painted his skin blue, donned gloves that make it look like he has the same finger count as Nightcrawler, dyed his hair and eyebrows blue to resemble Kurt’s fur, and put on some creepy yellow contacts and blue lipstick to complete the likeness.


Fans of Batman’s iconic gallery of rogues have plenty of villains to choose from when it comes to cosplaying at their local Comic Con. It’s easy enough to throw on some green spandex and a bowler hat and claim to be The Riddler or wear a leaf-covered corset to become Poison Ivy, but not everyone has the talent to look like Mister Freeze.

This cosplay master looks like a real-life version of the character from Batman the Animated Series. He’s got Victor’s classic freeze ray, uniform, circular red goggles, silver skin and a helmet which helps keep his body at a constantly-icy temperature.


Anyone can go to a Halloween store and pick up a reasonably priced Ant-Man costume to resemble the fan-favorite MCU character, but it’s far more difficult to make it look like you’re capable of manipulating your size the way the hero can. This family figured out how to accomplish the impossible, though – just gather a group of friends or family members of notably different sizes and make them wear the exact same costume!

This cosplay group actually looks like they’re one Ant-Man who is in the process of altering his size through the use of Pym Particles. It’s a perfect idea for people who want to cosplay with loved ones.


Lou Ferrigno gave fans a live-action Hulk back in the old 1978 Incredible Hulk television series, but the strongest Avenger is more than just a muscular man with painted green skin. The MCU’s version of the Hulk looks far more realistic, but he’s almost entirely CGI. We’d never seen a truly realistic, lifelike version of Bruce Banner’s angry alter-ego until we saw this cosplay.

His muscles look incredibly realistic, and the wearer stands on stilts hidden inside of the costume’s legs which allow him to adopt the Hulk’s incredibly large frame. Marvel Studios should definitely take note, because he may actually look better than the version they use in their films!


DC’s Arrowverse television shows are all filled with great representations of beloved comic book heroes and villains, but not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on their costumes. This cosplayer’s version of the Martian Manhunter doesn’t look that different from the one we’ve seen on Supergirl, though!

His outfit includes the Justice League member’s cape and uniform, and his mask and make-up skills (assuming, of course, that he’s not really an alien shape-shifter) truly make it look like he came from another planet.


When Marvel first announced plans for a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, fans expressed some serious doubts about whether it’d be possible for a hero like Rocket Raccoon to fit into the same Cinematic Universe as more realistic characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. The film quickly eliminated those concerns, though, and now Rocket looks perfectly natural fighting alongside the Avengers in trailers for Endgame. 

Doubters also didn’t think it would be possible for someone to create a realistic Rocket costume, but this young cosplayer again proved them wrong. He’s the ideal size for the character, his fur and claws look surprisingly real, his uniform perfectly matches Rocket’s, as does his weapon. If Marvel ever needs to cut down their CGI costs, they should call this fan in to play the beloved Guardian.


When X-Men villain Mystique isn’t using her mutant shape-shifting abilities to take on the form of someone else, she’s got blue skin, red hair, and piercing yellow eyes. Plenty of cosplayers have donned skin-tight blue spandex and red wigs to adopt Raven Darkholme’s standard look, but few have pulled off a Mystique cosplay which actually makes it look like they’re mid-transformation.

This fan has ingeniously figured out a way to look half like Mystique, and half like an Army general whom she is using her powers to resemble. It’s a brilliant way of showing the iconic antagonist’s abilities in motion, without any help from computer-generated imagery.


When rogue Manhunters invaded Green Lantern Sector 666, Atrocitus was one of only five beings in the entire sector to escape a tragic fate. He and the other four survivors formed an evil cabal known as the Five Inversions, which was bent on the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe and all who served them. He became a frequent enemy of the Green Lantern, and is one of DC’s spookiest and most formidable villains.

The failed live-action Green Lantern film proved it’s not easy to bring alien Lantern characters to life in a way that satisfies fans of the series, but Senses Cosplay created a uniform and mask which perfectly resembles the antagonist from the comics. Clearly, CGI doesn’t always yield as positive of results as simple costume and crafting skills.


Age of Ultron‘s clash between the Hulk and Tony Stark’s massive Hulkbuster was one of the coolest fight sequences in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, but this cosplayer’s real-life version of the Hulkbuster might actually be more impressive.

According to creator Thomas DePetrillo of professional cosplay-building team Extreme Costumes, it stands at a massive 9.5 feet tall, and weighs about 100 pounds. Over 1,600 hours were put into creating it, and we definitely think those were hours well-spent because this Hulkbuster looks just as realistic as the version we saw on the big screen.


Even though the fan and critical reaction to Fox’s first two Fantastic Four films was mixed, it’s hard to say that they didn’t do all they could when it came to creating the best possible live-action version of The Thing.

When he was exposed to radiation in a cosmic ray storm in space, Ben Grimm’s skin was transformed into a thick, lumpy orange hide, which gradually evolved into a covering of large rocky plates. This fan decided to give up on trying to make that look realistic, and instead transformed himself into what looks more like a life-size action figure of the beloved comic book character. Surprisingly, it works really well.


Danny DeVito did a fantastic job bringing The Penguin to life in Batman Returns, but not everyone is short and squat enough to look like a real-life version of Oswald Cobblepot. Robin Lord Taylor’s take on the character in FOX’s television series Gotham has been widely praised, but since he’s slim and fairly handsome, he doesn’t quite resemble Penguin the way DeVito did.

Both of those stars pale in comparison to cosplayer RJ Haddy here, though, as he looks almost identical to the notorious adversary of the Dark Knight. Everything from his rotten teeth, sharp beak-like nose and sewer-green skin to his monocle, cigar and round frame bring authenticity to this cosplay and make us hope he’ll be cast in the next Batman film.


Marvel may have recently canceled all of their popular Netflix shows, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t have new television series to look forward to. Hulu and Marvel TV will be partnering on four animated shows based on obscure comic characters, one of which will star Advanced Idea Mechanics’ ridiculous-looking leader, MODOK.

It’s no big surprise that MODOK will be making his Marvel debut in an animated series instead of in a live-action show or film, because he’s basically just a gigantic head in a floating chair. It’s hard to picture him in real life, but this cosplay group did their best to make that happen. He certainly doesn’t look realistic by any means, but he does look identical to the character from the comics.


Shawn Ashmore did an incredible job portraying Bobby Drake in the original X-Men trilogy, but when Iceman changed into his ice form, CGI did most of the work. There’s no way for someone to look like a genuine ice statue, but cosplayer Chris Villain got as close as we think is humanly possible.

With some blueish-silver face paint, matching hair dye and some chunks of make-up to make it look like their skin was freezing over, Chris managed to create a truly icy, superhuman look. Combined with Iceman’s exact X-Men uniform from the film, this cosplay is utterly flawless.


Some fans may think that so few Hawkman cosplays appear in comic conventions because of the character’s lack of universal popularity compared to other Justice League members like Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman, but it’s actually because he’s just really, really difficult to dress up as.

Outside of his harness, Hawkman is shirtless, so cosplayers need to have a muscular body to do him proper justice. They also have to take the time to create massive feathery wings, which they will then have to deal with as they walk through the crowded convention halls. Luckily, this cosplayer had no problem with any of those issues, and went to Comic-Con with one of the coolest – and most seemingly-impossible – costumes we’ve ever seen.

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Steve DiCarlo

10 Impossible Dark Souls Cosplays That Seemed As Hard As The Games

The Dark Souls series probably have some of the most memorable bosses in gaming because any player who has come across them will surely associate them with some intense emotions. Sometimes it can be fear due to their design, other times they inspire awe, but most of the time, they induce rage – enough to reduce a grown man to a bawling infant.

For that matter, bosses and characters throughout the three Dark Souls games are so memorable as to warrant some cosplay love. The problem is, their designs can be downright alien, freaky, or too cool to even consider imitating. Still, that’s not a problem for the most creative and most resourceful of cosplayers who, like Dark Souls games veterans, have triumphed and overcome the challenge of doing it.

Here are 10 of the seemingly impossible Dark Souls cosplays that were made possible.

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via: JolyGram

Not quite impossible for a regular cosplayer, right? The Nameless King is the most difficult boss in Dark Souls 3, and in a sea of difficult bosses, that’s saying something. Here’s a commendable attempt to cosplay the Nameless King.

Throw in a wig or some white pompoms and voila, you would think that you can imitate heavy metal incarnate, but no. It’s not the appearance that makes the Nameless King near impossible to cosplay, it’s the company. You see, the nameless king also has a pet giant crow/dragon who is a huge part of the boss fight, both literally and mechanically. Without Storm Crow-san, he’s only half as badass.



Beautiful, enigmatic, and will probably take a dozen failures on average before she is defeated. The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is one of the most treacherous bosses in Dark Souls 3. She constantly delays and mixes up some of her attacks, making her moves quite hard to evade. The fight with her is a dance players need to learn or they will die… many times. However, what makes her truly hard to faithfully cosplay is her posture.

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The Dancer has long limbs and usually walks like a contortionist on steroids which would make even Samara from The Ring look like a child by comparison. Good luck maintaining that posture without subjecting your neck and back to torture. Still, props to cosplayers for managing to make that armor!


via: DeviantArt

Aldrich was one tragic boss in Dark Souls 3 as he used to be a humanoid character in the original Dark Souls. Now, look what he’s become. Apparently, he got devoured and assimilated by that… thing. For that reason alone, cosplaying Aldrich is hard with all the black ghastly dried goo thing which doubles as the skirt. Nevertheless, we have this.

Thank goodness for wedding gowns and goth dyes. Did we also mention that Aldrich is one of the most difficult bosses of Dark Souls 3? At the very least, the cosplayer slayed him in their portrayal.


via: Twitter/Terra Mantis

As you might have guessed, this royal duo from Dark Souls 3 is also a royal pain in the butt to defeat. In fact, they are also among the top most difficult bosses in Dark Souls 3. Still, fighting them somehow instigates guilt due to the fact that Lorian is a crippled zombie and his younger brother Lothric is lethargic. Despite that, Lorian acts as both Lothric’s protector and carrier.

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Such a regrettable brotherly bond must also be reflected in cosplays, hence we have stuff like this.

It’s quite obvious which is the hardest part of this cosplay. One cosplayer will have to murder and sacrifice their knees for the sake of brotherly love.


via Redditor Durp0012

There are many words and monikers you can use to describe Siegmeyer: Onion Knight, Thicc Bro, Big Boi, etc. However, “friend” will suffice. Of course, he’s not a boss in Dark Souls, but rather, the bravest (or most foolhardy) adventurer you will encounter. Despite facing nightmare-inducing horrors, he is still pleasant to chat with and his armor and voice gives off those laid-back uncle vibes.

Replicating such qualities in cosplay is easier said than done, but here we are.

It’s not just Siegmeyer’s armor that’s hard to copy, one also has to be a pleasant conversationist and of course, be a bit “munchy in the middle” so to speak. His daughter, Sieglinde, also wears the same armor.



Despite being clad in thick steel, Smough is no knight in shining armor. Also, despite his radiant rolls, he is by no means as cuddly as Siegmeyer. Smough is actually quite notorious, being part of the dynamic duo boss of Dark Souls. He and his comrade, Ornstein, separate the boys from the men with their golden tag-team of death.

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What does make a Smough cosplay difficult to pull off is the impossibly huge belly… and the impossibly huge hammer he wields which is supposed to be nearly as big as him. Still, cosplayers refuse to accept defeat.

Nailed it.


via: Etsy

To top off our consecutive fat dudes in fat armor cosplays, here’s one of the most immovable objects in Dark Souls. The dragonslayer Havel would have given Dwayne Johnson a run for his money. This miniboss probably deserves “The Rock” as a moniker better; his whole armor and shield are made from rocks and his huge mace weapon is actually a dragon’s fang. No matter how much you hit this guy, he just won’t budge.

Sadly (and understandably), no actual rocks were used by cosplayers.

That means you can’t just go around kicking a Havel cosplayer hoping for them to shrug off your blows.



If there ever was a “most horrific” boss design award for Dark Souls, it would have gone to Edgelord– sorry, Gravelord Nito or as the game community regards him: Big Papa Nito. It’s still a big mystery what (or which) Nito really is in person. Is he one of those skellies? Or are they a group of corpses who have decided to call their antisocial social club Nito?

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Regardless cosplayers have found a way to make some neat-O attempts of Nito cosplays.

Even a Gravelord needs its daily dose of suntan from time to time while looking fashionable in a winter coat.


via: Funny Junk

King Jeremiah is one of the biggest non-boss anomalies in Dark Souls. You see, he’s a king, but he probably disliked cookie cutter crown designs, so why not pile up some cloth on your head as high as you can while still being functional in combat? The first time you meet him in-game, you’ll probably bust a gut since he sticks out like a sore thumb with “sore” being an understatement.

One look at that headpiece and you’d think it would intimidate cosplayers, but no…

It’s a giant egg whisk for those of you wondering how they pulled that off.


via: DeviantArt

Without a doubt, Sif is one of the most unique and unforgettable bosses in Dark Souls. He is actually the loyal pet companion of Knight Artorias who died heroically while single-handedly holding off apocalyptic forces. Despite his master’s death, Sif has chosen to protect Artorias’ legacy… until you show up and kill the honorable sad wolf even as he limped from the injuries you inflicted.

Being a good boy, cosplayers and dog lovers who have played Dark Souls have chosen to honor Sif’s courage and loyalty with this.

Unwieldy sword? Check. Murderous gaze? Check. As an added bonus, you get to be judged by a condescending husky.

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Sid Natividad

Grand Theft Auto V: 20 Items That Are Impossible To Get (And Where To Get Them)

There’s no telling what’s in the water over at Rockstar North, but science definitely needs to put some money into researching it. It could probably be distilled into a magical elixir, one that instantly makes even the laziest of us perform at 1000% in our jobs.

What other explanation could there be for Grand Theft Auto V? At the time of its original release in 2013, the Hype Train had been barrelling along for some time (it was a new Grand Theft Auto game, after all), and it arrived on shelves with Earth-shattering force. Sales records were crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam.

In fact, they still are being crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam. Did you know that it was the 11th best-selling game of 2018, despite being over five years old?

What’s the secret to the game’s success, then? Really, it all boils down to one thing: there’s an absurd amount of things to do. Rockstar has been fantastic with rolling out regular free content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s a far cry from the mess it was when it first launched (because the whole galaxy tried to log in at once as soon as possible and the system buckled under the pressure).

Even if you’re playing, solo, though, Los Santos is one humongous playground to explore. But how meticulously have you searched it since 2013? Do you own prized pieces like the Space Docker and Dunce Hat? Have you tracked down the elusive Kanye West? Let’s take a look at some of the rarest items in the game, and how you can get your hands on them.

20 The Jetpack

That’s right, friends. If you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while, you might think that the jetpack is nothing more than an urban legend. Largely because, for such a long time, it was. Back when the game was still new and canny players were busting the whole thing wide open, there were all kinds of theories as to how to unlock the jetpack. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad was thought to be the key to finding it, and so it was… in the online segment of the game.

As of the Doomsday Heist update, you can travel inside that secret bunker and actually get yourself that impractical flying device you’ve always wanted. It’s called the Thruster.

19 The Dunce Hat

Now, if you’ve spent more than about an eighth of a nanosecond playing the average online game, you’ll have noticed one thing: random players online can be super, super objectionable. There are the trolls, the griefers, the spammers, the rapping-along-with-Eminem-down-their-mic-ers… it can be an all-around bad time, that’s for sure.

This being Grand Theft Auto, of course, you’ve got to expect the average player to be an extra dose of unpleasant on top of that. This is why, early in the game’s lifespan, Rockstar implemented the bad sports system, which saw repeat offenders lumped into a pool with others of their ilk. They were also – hilariously – equipped with a dunce hat.

18 The Giant Taco Truck

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Yes, it’s fun to engage in precisely-planned and tactical heists with skilled players, but do you know what’s even more fun? Forgetting all of that and just messing around on the highways of Los Santos with ridiculous vehicles.

High-speed chases in tractors, buses, and fire trucks are what life is all about, right? If you really want to go for it, though, you’re going to want that huge taco truck that’s hidden away in the game.

It’ll spawn in a secretive location north of Sandy Shores, between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm.

17 The Spaceship Parts

For as long as Grand Theft Auto V has existed, it’s been plagued by odd rumors about aliens. Those wacky funsters at Rockstar have hidden all manner of extra-terrestrial easter eggs throughout the game (more on that later), and the whole thing culminates in a little sidequest for the most dedicated players to solve: finding the Spaceship Parts.

You can start your search after completing the Fame or Shame mission in the main story, which unlocks the Far Outmission and sets you off on your journey. There are 50 parts to find in all, scattered across the map in the most unlikely places. How to find them? For one thing, you follow the glow and rhythmic humming they emit, and for another, you check out this handy-dandy guide (complete with map) from IGN.

16 The Space Docker

As you can imagine, if you’re not following a detailed guide, it sure can be tough to hunt down all 50 of those Spaceship Parts. Even if you are, it’s a bit of a slog. Do you remember the hunt for all of those hidden photo ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man? It definitely was not a good time.

What’s your reward for getting all of those Spaceship Parts? That’s the real question. The answer, if you didn’t know, is the Space Docker. This super-unconventional vehicle looks like a regular dune buggy, albeit one that Doc Brown has added all manner of enhancements and doohickeys to. It has the unique ability to briefly ‘glide’ if driven over a jump or ramp.

15 The P-996 LAZER

Now, there are two things we all know about top-secret government bases. For one thing, they’re sure to be home to a whole array of neat toys and forbidden knowledge that we’re never, ever supposed to know about (they’ve probably got the answer to why our partners leave stuff next to the dishwasher rather than inside it in there). For another, they’re going to enthusiastically defend those secrets.

So, you want that sweet-looking military jet? Good luck with that. The guards of Fort Zancudo take their job very seriously. As seriously as Arnold Schwarzenegger took his job of rescuing his daughter at the end of Commando, and with just as many explosions.

Prior to the P-996 LAZER Week (after which, they were available to buy), it was one heck of a dangerous ordeal to try and steal one of these.

14 Kanye West

That’s right. Never mind dunce hats, super-fancy military jets, or any of those sorts of things. As it turns out, one of the rarest secrets to find in Grand Theft Auto V is… Kanye West himself.

That’s right. The rapper, man-scarf seller, and social media wiseman has never been officially confirmed to be in the game, but many players have encountered an NPC that looks shockingly like him. A random spawn, he could appear anywhere in your game at any time. Possibly singing Stronger or Gold Digger or something, though that’s not been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for him on the streets of Los Santos.

13 UFOs

As we’ve already seen, the game is rife with alien references and sci-fi influences. You’d almost expect to see a boy riding a bicycle right up there in the darn sky, with an odd little lumpen creature in the basket.

After completing the main game 100% (no easy feat, as we’ll also see later), those references become much more implicit. Less obscure easter eggs, more huge UFOs right there in your darn face.

After getting that elusive 100%, flying saucers will start to spawn in select areas of the map, under particular conditions.

12 The Kraken

With the predominantly concrete jungle feel of Los Santos, you’ll probably spend much of your time up there on land. The city is huge, after all, and the opportunities for water exploration are pretty darn limited in comparison.

This isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to see down there, though. Underwater exploration is an intriguing distraction, and there are two vehicles you can use to do so: the submersible and the Kraken.

Both are pains to acquire, but the Kraken makes the list because (if you’re not a returning player) it requires you to complete Franklin’s Wildlife Photography Challenge to unlock. This is one of the more obscure sidequests, unlocked after completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission.

It’s quite the challenge, requiring you to get Snapmatic shots of everything from a seagull to a mountain lion.

11 The Halloween Livestream T-Shirts

If there’s one thing that dedicated fans both love (when they manage to get them) and hate (when they don’t), it’s time-limited event content.

Holidays are a big cause of this. Even Super Mario Odyssey got in on the Halloween fun last year, alongside so many other games. As we reported over on The Richest, Rockstar once released some very exclusive Halloween-themed shirts, which have left fans feeling all kinds of ways.

They were available only through one method: the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon. As a result, they’re among the very rarest items available in the game. They aren’t available any more full stop, in fact. If you weren’t a lucky winner, you’re out of… luck.

10 The Yeti

The yeti, that most elusive of hairy beasts, has become a real pop culture phenomenon. Homer Simpson was mistaken for the creature in the episode “The Call of The Simpsons,” it’s appeared in all kinds of movies, TV shows and video games… it’s a star, there’s no doubt about that.

Did you also know, though, that Rockstar has hidden the legendary creature away in Grand Theft Auto V? In the mission, Predator, the player is sniping targets in the Rato Canyon area. Somewhere among the trees, visible only for a brief moment, is Bigfoot itself. Use your infra-red scope, and you’ll clearly see it. In the mission The Last One, meanwhile, the sasquatch that features is believed to simply be a man in a costume (according to Franklin, at least).

9 The Racing Blonde Tattoo

There’s something a little shonky about Grand Theft Auto V’s character creator. You’re kind of doomed to look spooky, whatever you do. Some of us feel forced to keep sunglasses on their characters at all times, because their eyes look like they haven’t slept for 65 million years.

Not to worry, though, because there’s such an absurd array of clothing and accessories to buy in the game’s stores. If you want to customize your avatar with some of the rarest tattoos, though, you’re going to have to be really darn good.

For the less able GTA V racers, the ultimate lost cause would probably be the Racing Blonde tattoo. To unlock this, you’ll need to set a racing world record.

8 The ‘Los Santos Legend’ Achievement/Trophy

Generally speaking, we gamers tend to be quite a goal-oriented bunch. We see that list of collectibles, we want them all. We see that platinum trophy, we darn well want it.

Achievements and trophies have been a part of gaming for a long time, and some of us go to extremes in order to earn them. We buy games we have no real interest in, simply because they’ve got a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock.

Do you know which game sure as heck doesn’t have a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V. In order to earn the title of Los Santos Legend, you’ll need to 100% the campaign itself, spend a total of $200,000 across all three characters, reach rank 100 in Grand Theft Auto Online… and those are just for starters.

7 The ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Heist Completion Bonus

As I say, then, Grand Theft Auto V has been available for quite some time now. So too have the long-awaited Heists (yes, they took their sweet time coming, but they eventually did). The veterans among you have surely mastered each of these unique missions by now, making the best possible profit you could in the process. But have you gotten yourself the ultimate reward?

As Rockstar themselves report, the Criminal Mastermind IV special challenge award is the holy grail. It requires you to complete every Doomsday Heist mission in order, with the same team of four players, on the hard difficulty without losing a single life.

Your reward? An impressive GTA$3,750,000.

6 The Letter Scraps

Like any open-world game, Grand Theft Auto V sure does have its share of collectibles. As with something like Marvel’s Spider-Man, they’re divided into categories, and there’s a certain amount of each.

So, you’ve managed to nab all fifty of the Spaceship Parts? Excellent work! Next, you’ve got fifty Letter Scraps to find. As before, they’re spread all across Los Santos (IGN’s handy-dandy guide is here to help with that), and there’s an intriguing little mystery at the bottom of it all.

Collecting them all will reward you with the full, sad story of Leonora Johnson’s demise, and a confession from the guilty party.

5 The Minigun

Now, we know what you’re thinking. How in heck can a minigun be tough to find? They’re huge, after all; named ironically, like calling an enormous wrestler Tiny.

Locating the minigun isn’t exactly the problem. It’s getting to it. Like the P-996 LAZER jet, before there was an easier method of acquiring it, it spawned right at the top of the Fort Zancudo control tower.

This is not a place you just pop into whenever you fancy for a slice of cake and a catch-up. This is not your mama’s house. Unless your mama’s house is full of angry armed guards and Rhino tanks.

4 Nuclear Waste

So, maybe you’ve collected all fifty of the Spaceship Parts AND all fifty of the Letter Scraps. That’s some pretty darn good going if you have, but there’s so much more to find in Los Santos.

Your next collectible? Nuclear Waste. You have the happy task of collecting barrels of it from the waters around Los Santos, and they sell for a pretty penny (which is probably a metaphor for something). This side mission is a pain for several reasons. Firstly, you need to have completed The Merryweather Heist, then buy the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove. Completing these steps nets you the Minisub, which you’ll need to use to go and hunt down those barrels.

The convenient Trackify app will help you locate them.

3 For Real Collectors Only

Over the course of this rundown, we’ve taken a look at a lot of the secrets hidden away in Grand Theft Auto V’s vast world. Little hunks of spaceship, drums of nuclear waste, fragments of a letter… there’s an intense

But what about an actual physical item relating to the game? As we know, publishers just love to drop special editions of their releases, just to squeeze a few extra drops of cash out of us all. In this particular game’s case, the Collector’s Edition saw a very special physical map of Los Santos thrown in. It pinpoints the location of a lot of these hidden treasures, but, brilliantly, needs to be viewed under a blacklight for that.

2 The Vulkan

Oftentimes in video game development, things don’t end up the way you thought they would. Revisions are made, things are rewritten, content changed or cut entirely. The files from something long removed will often remain buried in the game somewhere, waiting for enterprising modders to come along and find.

Take the Vulkan, for instance, a fighter jet (an earlier take on the Hydra, in fact) that was cut out of the game. As we reported previously over on The Gamer, it was a neat-looking ride capable of dual-firing missiles, and a sad loss to the game.

How can you restore the Vulkan to playable glory? Only through the use of mods.

1 The Enus Super Diamond

Now, granted, this might not be the most difficult vehicle to acquire. It’s most certainly not, in fact. The thing is, though, the side mission to unlock it is so hilarious, and the element of chance involved is such a pain, that it definitely warrants inclusion here.

To get your hands on the Enus Super Diamond, you’re going to need one to spawn. In the game’s main story mode, it will occasionally appear in traffic (at Vespucci Beach or Rockford Hills), but that’s not interesting. What you really want is the random Groom In Trouble event to spawn.

This NPC will randomly appear tied to a lamppost. When you talk to him, he’ll explain that his bachelor party took a turn for the worst, and he needs you to help him run a couple of errands (in a very strict timeframe) before dropping him off at the wedding. He owns a Super Diamond (a gift from his new father-in-law), and, as a reward for delivering the groom to the church on time, the best man tells the player that they can keep the vehicle.

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Chris Littlechild

25 Star Wars Toys That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth)

Despite its age, Star Wars is a gargantuan franchise that has a level of longevity that few others can match. Not only has the brand produced beloved, all-time classic films, but it has also successfully breached the video game, television book, and comic markets. That said, the real backbone of Star Wars’ success, outside the movies, of course, is its long-history of merchandising. From lunchboxes to role play laser guns, the Star Wars brand has it all. Most critically, though, is its enormous collection of action figures.

The amount of figures (and vehicles or accessories associated with them) cover the widest swath of the fiction, treating the most obscure of characters like Malakili the Rancor keeper, just as sincerely important as series’ stalwarts like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. With such a huge cast to work with, and countless weapons, items, and ships to go with them, it’s no surprise that the Star Wars collector’s market is a cutthroat and intense realm, where prices skyrocket and the highest bidder triumphantly claims a one-of-a-kind item.

With our list of the 25 Star Wars Toys That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth), we’re going to show off which of these toys will net their owners a significant collection of Imperial Credits. Almost every item on this list needs to be in perfect, unopened, unspoiled mint condition to be worth the prices attached (although in a few cases, it’s not possible), so do keep that in mind if you’re thinking of getting in on the dangerous game that is Star Wars toy collecting.

25 Luke With Extending Lightsaber ($1000)

For the least expensive item on our list to be “only” worth a thousand dollars, you can see just how crazy things are going to get later on. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the advent of Star Wars toys, way back with the advent of the franchise itself.

As one of the very first figures released, many have fond memories of this version of Luke, and especially of his lightsaber, which was gimmicked to fold into or out of itself to either extend or deactivate.

24 Han Solo With Blaster ($1000)

While it definitely makes sense for one of the oldest Luke Skywalker figures to be worth a small fortune, it also makes sense that the charming rogue, Han Solo, would be worth a pretty penny as well, and not just to Jabba the Hutt this time around.

Armed with his signature blaster, this Han Solo figure was also part of the original set of Star Wars figures, and it’s no surprise to that he has an impressive price on his head for modern day collectors.

23 Boba Fett ’79 ($2000)

Boba Fett might be one of the least fleshed out characters in the entirety of the Star Wars franchise (at least in terms of the films), but that never stopped legions upon legions of hardcore devotees from becoming obsessed with the helmeted bounty hunter.

Ironically, this bounty hunter has an impressive on himself, with the 1979 edition of the character fetching an impressive $2000.

That may seem high, but this is only the first of a few times we’ll see this iconic character on our list.

22 The Empire Six Pack ($2100)

By the time the Empire actually struck back, Star Wars was a gargantuan success, and the absolutely adored sequel only solidified the franchise’s place in the histories of both cinema and culture.

When it comes to the Empire Strikes Back Six Pack, which contained Darth Vader, a Snow Trooper, AT-AT Driver, Hoth Rebel, IG-88, and Yoda, collectors are keen on dropping over two-thousand dollars… especially if the version of the box is the one containing a yellow background for the figures.

21 Brazilian TIE Interceptor ’88 ($2150)

You’ll find few who would argue against the TIE Interceptor being the coolest fighter throughout the entirety of the Empire (not counting Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced, of course.) That was common knowledge back in ’88 as much as it is common knowledge today, but especially so in Brazil.

This version of the TIE Interceptor is extremely rare and was only distributed in Brazil, making it even more unique than the more common and wide-spread releases in North America. If you miraculously have one new and complete in box, consider yourself lucky.

20 Boba Fett From Droids ’85 ($2200)

Boba Fett strikes again, but this time in 1985. Instead of being marketed under the standard Star Wars brand, this version of the Mandalorian bounty hunter is part of the Star Wars Droids line, which in and of itself is already quite unique.

Critically though, this version contained a gold coin, which was the only non-silver coin to accompany any release of Boba Fett. While the general oddness of the figure itself certainly gives it value, it’s that ultra-rare coin that seals the deal.

19 Small-Headed Han Solo ($2500)

Much like Boba Fett, Han Solo will be making repeat appearances on this list and, perfectly mirroring his on-screen counterpart, will increasingly hefty bounties tied to him by a multitude of collectors. The specific version of the 1980 Han Solo that will yield you the most credits has one incredibly bizarre trait: a small head.

Due to mold issues stemming from trying to get the figures to look more like Harrison Ford, there’s a handful of 1980 Han Solos with smaller-than-usual heads, making them exceedingly rare.

18 Prototype R2-D2 Lunchbox ’77 ($2600)

The collectible lunchbox scene is likely far more bonkers than you would ever imagine without someone telling you otherwise, but even outsiders from that cutthroat world can see why this rare R2-D2 lunchbox is worth over $2500.

This thing not only looks super cool (and how could it not, bearing the likeness of the beloved Astromech Droid?), but it’s insanely rare, making its value skyrocket. As an unproduced prototype, there are only very few in existence, causing both Star Wars fans and lunchbox collectors to do battle over it.

17 George Lucas Minifigure ($2700)

The first (and definitely not the last) LEGO entry on our list is none other than an incarnation of the man behind Star Wars, George Lucas. Unlike many other entries on this list, this isn’t an old item, but it’s absolutely one of the rarest.

Details regarding the minifigure are scarce, as it’s considered a prototype due to never being mass produced. What this means for collectors is that there’s an unknown number of these things out there, and your first time seeing one might be your last.

16 C-3PO Minifigure Prototype ($3200)

Another prototype minifigure from LEGO, this C-3PO is clearly unlike the many other versions that exist of the iconic character. More specifically, he’s orange. So not only is it a prototype minifigure with no known production numbers, he’s also orange.

Because of his comparative oddness and extreme rarity, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on the planet if you happen to own one… and if you do, don’t forget that you can sell it for over $3000 (at the very least) should you be in need of cash.

15 Boba Fett Promo Minifigure ($3500)

LEGO strikes back even more times than the Empire itself, and this time it involves yet another multi-time offender of Star Wars collectibles, Boba Fett. With only two known version of this minifigure known to exist, this solid bronze promotional version of the character was a prize in a contest back in 2010.

We have no idea what happened to the one given to the winner of the contest, but we hope they’ve kept it well-preserved… preferably not in the belly of the Sarlaac.

14 Brazilian Vlix ($4000)

Not only do we have another entry from the Star Wars Droids brand of merchandise, but it’s also yet another item exclusive to Brazil. While Kenner had intended on producing their own version of Vlix, they never got the chance, but Glasslite in Brazil did.

Despite actually existing, this figure is supremely rare, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who actually has one, boxed or otherwise. Due to its nearly inconceivable scarcity, this is one of the few entries where being unboxed or in less-than-mint condition has no bearing on the value.

13 Vader’s TIE Fighter ’78 ($4000)

The TIE Interceptor is definitely cool, as we’ve discussed above, but so is Darth Vader’s one-of-a-kind TIE Advanced. The curved wings are super cool, plus it has a shield generator unlike the rest of its TIE brethren.

In 1978, there was a version of this TIE fighter made by Kenner, but its design was based on an early version of Vader’s fighter, giving it a look that is unique to itself and doesn’t mirror the screen-used model. If you’ve got it mint in box, despite its insane rarity, you could be the proud recipient of $4,000… if you’ve found the right buyer.

12 C-3PO Bronze Minifigure ($4100)

At this point, it almost seems like LEGO is intentionally manipulating not only their own collector market, but the Star Wars one as well. This 2007 C-3PO is one of a kind, and totally solid bronze, just like the aforementioned Boba Fett minifigure.

As literally the only version of this minifigure to exist, you can imagine its unrivaled rarity. Part of a promotional giveaway, it’s hard to know the character’s fate, but we can only hope that it wasn’t carelessly lost or destroyed in some accident.

11 Chewie ’77 ($4150)

It’s about time that Han Solo’s co-pilot got in on the high-priced collector’s market action, and the 1977 Chewbacca with Bowcaster does exactly that.

If you’re lucky enough to own this version of the Wookie, you’ve got something rare and valuable on your hands. That said, if you want to sell it for the ultimate price, it’s going to need to be in absolutely pristine, mint condition, with a box that looks like it was just printed yesterday, including the absence of a price tag (and no leftover residue.)

10 Death Squad Commander ’77 ($4850)

One of the original twelve Star Wars figures that were promised to buyers before they actually existed, the so-called “Death Squad Commander” from 1977 is extremely rare.

Of course, there’s an inherent value attached to rarity when it comes to markets filled with ravenous collectors (of which Star Wars fits the bill), but the most critical component to this piece’s monetary value is its condition. Anything lest than untouched, pure mint, and you’re looking at a far less impressive pay out.

9 Gamorrean Guard With Coin ($5000)

Earlier on this list, we talked about the Droids version of Boba Fett, and how he came with a gold coin. This is a similar case, but this time it’s the “Power of the Force” collection’s Gamorrean Guard.

Much like what made Boba Fett’s Droids stint so valuable, the Gamorrean Guard’s worth is determined by not just the condition of its package, but whether or not it has the pristine, silver coin it that came with it. If it does, and the rest of the item is in superior condition, you’re looking at $5000.

8 Mexican Darth Vader ’83 ($6500)

While Darth Vader might be one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and a longtime favorite, this particular piece is far less widespread than many of the figures the character has spawned over the years.

Distributed exclusively in Mexico, this version of Darth Vader is so rare, that finding one in an unopened and undamaged package is almost like acquiring the Kaiburr Crystal from the doomed Empire “sequel,” Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. That said, while $6500 is certainly an impressive figure, but it’s far from the top of the mountain.

7 Obi-Wan ’77 ($6500)

Considered to be only five total in existence, this 1977 Obi-Wan, part of the original twelve figures, is almost mind-bogglingly rare.

While finding one in rough, unboxed condition is a chore that’ll still net you some cash, the real gem, and the one that is part of the mere five in existence, is new in its box, unfettered, and equipped with the telescoping lightsaber.

Rumor has it that the original version of the extending sabers was so delicate that Kenner created a revised version… but some of the older types got out into the wild, and this Obi-Wan supposedly has one.

6 Darth Vader ’77 ($6500)

Another member of the original twelve figures, this 1977 Darth Vader’s value stems from the same rarity of the above 1977 Obi-Wan, especially in regards to the unrevised lightsaber that it is apparently equipped with.

This particular version of the character, complete in box with the rare lightsaber, could possibly get a seller even more than 6500, with some reaching $30,000 in value, despite that not being the norm. Still, if you happen to find one of the 3 left in existence, you might as well get it graded immediately, and then lock it away in a safe until you’re in need of some serious cash.

5 Anakin Skywalker ’85 ($7500)

Ah, the pre-DVD-release Anakin Skywalker. Fans (including us) expressed great dismay at his replacement with Hayden Christensen for the DVD release, so it’s a comfort (no matter how small) that the original Anakin is still so beloved that his 1985 figure can go for $7500.

There’s a catch though: this one was only released in Canada. Still, if you can somehow get your hands on a mint condition, totally undamaged and unopened Canadian Anakin Skywalker, complete with coin, you will have achieved an even greater power than coming back as a Force ghost.

4 C-3PO Gold Minifigure ($10,000)

LEGO strikes back for the final time on our list, and this time it’s their most powerful, rare and valuable version of their C-3PO minifigure. Made entirely of solid gold, with only five in existence, it’s no surprise to find a value of $10,000 attached to the bumbling droid.

LEGO’s unyielding grip on the rare Star Wars toy market is practically unprecedented, with their purposefully scarce figures creating an ever-skyrocketing value. We don’t know the condition of the five figures that were supposedly given away, but we’re hoping that the dumb kids who received them didn’t flush them down the toilet or smear clay on them.

3 Medical Droid ’80 ($11,500)

Something that’s always been fascinating about the Star Wars toy line is its dedication to bringing the most obscure characters off the screen and into a physical, plastic form.

With a seemingly endless cast of bizarre background characters to pull from, it makes sense that toys would be produced for as many of them as possible, since buying Luke, Leia, or Vader repeatedly can’t cut it forever.

Enter the Medical Droid from 1980. For some unknown reason, a buyer dropped $11,500 on a mint in box version of this non-character, and that’s caused its value to remain around that range ever since.

2 Vinyl Cloak Jawa ’77 ($18,000)

One of the holiest grails of the Star Wars toy line, the 1977 Jawa is something of a legend within the collector’s community. Yet another member of the first twelve Star Wars figures ever, there’s a certain variation of the character that gives it its insanely high value: the vinyl cape.

Later releases gave the figure a cloth cape, but the truly original version has a vinyl one, and it’s that factor alone (along with it being mint in box) that gives the toy its jaw-dropping value.

1 Rocket-Launching Boba Fett Prototype ($22,500)

While the above vinyl-caped Jawa was one of the holy grails of Star Wars toys, the rocket-launching Boba Fett prototype is the holy grail. This toy is so rare, that there are quite a few people who consider it a myth rather than a reality, but one actually sold for $22,500 on eBay.

What makes the figure so valuable is that it was a mail-in, proof-of-purchase prize and had a firing rocket launcher. The legend states that the missile was deemed a choking hazard, and the rest of the toys had the firing mechanism replaced… but the prototype exists, and is the supreme collectible for hardcore Star Wars fans.

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Joseph Walter

DreamWorks: 23 Cosplay Roles That Are Impossible To Do (But Fans Nailed It)

Cosplay based on characters from some of DreamWorks’ most famous films isn’t all that easy to pull off; since a vast majority of their mascots are animals, cosplaying as them isn’t as simple as committing to a different style of dress. What’s more, most of their stories feature fantastical creatures which can’t easily be paralleled in the real world at all, so fans definitely have to put some effort in to sell a costume. Cosplayers won’t simply be able to paint themselves green and call themselves Shrek—it takes much more thought than that.

That said, there are definitely more than a handful of human characters to choose from should copious amounts of makeup and potential prosthetic appendages come across as a bit too much. Shrek’s wife Fiona, for instance, often seems to be a great choice for entry-level cosplayers as well as professionals, and there’s an entire Nordic tribe of humans to choose from in the How to Train Your Dragon films.

DreamWorks has also produced a bunch of films which people seem to have forgotten about, most of which coming from their earlier years. As much as everyone enjoys cosplays of Po from Kung Fu Panda or Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2, it would be nice to see more of Sinbad or the hapless duo of adventurers from Road to El Dorado. Regardless, it’s nice to see these animated classics receive some much-deserved attention, and here are 23 cosplay roles that are impossible to do (but fans nailed).

23 Hiccup

A time-honored coming-of-age tale woven around a unique man versus dragon narrative, How to Train Your Dragon explores how friends can be found in the most unlikely of creatures. The movie also featured a decidedly-DreamWorks 3D art style, and it certainly caught the eye of this cosplayer. Liui Aquino, the man behind this incredibly-detailed portrayal of Hiccup, payed so much attention to costuming that the character may as well have walked right out of the silver screen. A good amount of both time and money was clearly put into this outfit, and Aquino definitely deserves the respect of his fellow cosplayers and How to Train Your Dragon fans.

22 Tigress And Crane

The animated Jack Black comedy vehicle Kung Fu Panda may be over a decade old at this point, but that doesn’t mean that fans have given up on it. In fact, the world of Kung Fu Panda cosplay is a bright and lively one, and, given how difficult some of the movie’s characters are to pull off accurately, many are really dedicated to what they are doing. For instance, take a look at this excellent duo cosplay of Tigress and Crane by AuroraSaber. Neither of these characters are even vaguely human, and yet they totally convey who they are while remaining faithful to the source material. Brilliantly contrasting and expertly executed, this semi-obscure Cosplay would make Master Shifu proud.

21 Valka

The long lost mother of Hiccup and wife of Stoick the Vast, Valka is a mysterious and enigmatic figure from DreamWork’s How to Train Your Dragon that would be pretty difficult for an amateur cosplayer to pull off. Fortunately, cosplayer Kamikami is no mere amateur, and her portrayal of this character is nothing short of astounding. The blue body armor and creepy tendril mask definitely weren’t finished overnight, and the whole costume is startlingly accurate. What’s more, she’s even made a spot-on version of Valka’s iconic orange shield and hooked staff, which absolutely completes the whole ensemble. Those who haven’t seen the movie would definitely be pretty frightened by the sight of this cosplayer in a dark alley.

20 Shrek And Fiona

2001’s Mike Meyer’s led animated comedy Shrek is a hilarious twist on the time-honored fantasy tale, and it has managed to live on through a dedicated fan base and a mostly sarcastic communal affinity for Smash Mouth’s mega-hit All-Star. There are tons of lazy Shrek and Fiona cosplays out there, but this is absolutely not one of them. In fact, this is almost horrifically accurate. Honestly, it’s so good that one could be forgiven for thinking that this came straight from the set of some yet-to-be-revealed live-action Shrek adaptation. Nobody could have done a better job of bringing this fictitious couple to life, and they deserve some major props after everyone gets over just how unnervingly realistic they look.

19 Stoick The Vast

This broad-shouldered fellow is none other than Stoick the Vast, father of Hiccup and leader of the Hairy Hooligans tribe in the first two How to Train Your Dragon films. Though he never really saw eye-to-eye with his son, he was nevertheless an interesting character, mostly because his visual design is so compelling. He’s a perfect choice for cosplay, and cosplayer MattEleven donned the iconic horned helmet back in 2015. Though his proportions are impossibly large in the film, MattEleven definitely does a great job of conveying his size in this adaptation. When people think of the quintessential viking character, Stoick the Vast is essentially more or less what comes to mind, and this cosplay totally nails what would otherwise be a fairly difficult design to pull off.

18 Jack Frost

DreamWork’s 2012 film Rise of the Guardians generally isn’t all that well-remembered among casual moviegoers today. That said, dedicated studio fans still have a soft spot for this relative flop and its main character Jack Frost. When he’s not written into a relationship with Frozen’s Elsa in some questionable fan fiction, he’s seen in awesome cosplays like this one done a few years ago by cosplayer APHIN. He’s got Jack’s look and mannerisms down pat, and he would be a shoe-in if a live version of the film were ever to exist. Though Rise of the Guardians didn’t compare to hits like Shrek or Madagascar at the box office, cosplays like this help to remind fans that some good did come from the film.

17 Doris

Everyone remembers the masculine odd-one-out in the Shrek series. Forever on the fringes of true princess-dom, it’s hard not to feel for this often misunderstood character. That said, while Doris doesn’t often get much attention in the films and isn’t usually taken seriously, this cosplayer absolutely nailed the look. Doris is definitely easier to pull off than some of the franchise’s more fantastical creatures, but it still isn’t as easy as putting on too much makeup and calling it a day. This cosplayer really seems to have the character’s typical gruff, displeased and disinterested persona down, and that’s all conveyed by the apparently gruff, disgruntled facial expression. It’s hard to know if we’ll ever see a Shrek movie again, but, if we do, Doris had better be in it.

16 Astrid Hofferson

The yin to How to Train Your Dragon protagonist Hiccup’s yang, Astrid Hofferson balances her confidante out perfectly. While she is bold and self-assured, Hiccup is passive and thoughtful. The sort of balance that wouldn’t seem to work in real life but often does, Astrid and Hiccup are two beloved characters frequently seen in couple cosplays. Here, cosplayer MikioOo brings the character’s signature attitude while maintaining her beauty and unique Nordic flare. Those psuedo-iron shoulder plates and spiked battle skirt look like they took a ton of time to get right, and this showcases the amount of dedication required to really knock this kind of cosplay out of the park.

15 Megamind

With his devilish super villain style and bulbous blue head, the Will Ferrell-voiced Megamind isn’t the easiest character to get right. There have been tons of amateur cosplayers who simply paint their heads and faces blue and call it a day. Of course, cosplay Ciana Parker took things up a notch and went all out on this unique adaptation. There aren’t really all that many well done Megamind cosplays—partially owing to the fact that the movie isn’t all that memorable—but this is definitely one of the few. The film may not have garnered all that much respect, but this cosplay certainly should!

14 Fairy Godmother

Though she’s made out to be a loving, beneficent character in Cinderella, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to her portrayal in Shrek 2. The devious and conniving mother of antagonist Prince Charming, she always seems to be up to no good and out to get both Shrek and Fiona. While we can’t come to like her in the film, Shrek fans can definitely get behind this amazing cosplay put together by Pugoffka-sama. She looks exactly like the character in the movie—almost to an unnerving degree. The real question here, however, is if she could also pull off an epic cover of Bonnie Tyler’s I Need A Hero.

13 Master Shifu

In a story not all that dissimilar from the amazing fifth entry into the Star Wars franchise, the first Kung Fu Panda movie is all about an unlikely character learning to harness his true potential and overcoming evil in the process. While Jack Black’s Po had what it took to become a great warrior all along, he likely wouldn’t have achieved his full potential without the Jade Palace instructor Master Shifu. Shifu, a small red panda, certainly isn’t the most obvious choice when it comes to cosplay. However, cosplayer JonnyKotlyar made it work to great effect. Though he didn’t go full animal for this portrayal, he did bring over many of the visual aspects which make the character unique, and it’s an all-around adorable adaptation.

12 Puss In Boots

Of all the characters available to cosplay in the Shrek series of films, Puss in Boots has to be one of the most difficult. Aside from Donkey or his dragon wife, there really isn’t any easy way to make a person look like a wellington-wearing feline. That said, cosplayer vlad-simatta made a great Shrek 2 scene reenactment with some green contacts, cat ears, and orange body paint. To be honest, the overall effect it kind of unsettling, but the point definitely still comes across. This is meant to represent that moment in the second film during which Puss tries to lure his enemies into a false sense of security using his adorable looks. Though the oversized eyes come across as just a little off-putting, this is still a cute cosplay.

11 Poppy And Branch

While it garnered generally favorable reviews when it debuted in theaters back in November of 2016, DreamWorks’ Trolls was never really destined to be all that memorable of a movie. It didn’t feature anything groundbreaking story-wise, and the bright, oversaturated visuals could feel a bit nauseating at times. That said, cosplaying duo Captain Cody Cosplay and GingerNinjaCosplay did a great job of bringing these wholly-fantastical characters to life. Covering yourself in bright pink body paint may at least show some level of dedication, but it’s the acting on display here which really seals the deal. These two seem to have embraced their roles as Poppy and Branch, and you aren’t likely to find a better Trolls cosplay anywhere else online.

10 Oscar

2004’s Shark Tale, though somewhat successful at the time, didn’t go down all that well with fans of the studio. An exploratory narrative of what can happen when fame goes to someone’s head, it would be a neat movie were it not so… well, ugly. It definitely lacks the typical DreamWorks charm present in most of their other films, and Will Smith couldn’t even help to heighten the appeal of this dud. While far from a great movie, it has given rise to some pretty good cosplay, an example of which is Deviantart user DeWail-15’s rendition of the main character Oscar. She’s totally got the fish’s attitudinous look down, and it could be good enough to make some of us give the movie a second shot… well, almost.

9 Prince Charming

Everyone remembers the hilariously caricaturized Lord Farquaad from the original Shrek film, but that shouldn’t take anything away from Prince Charming, the main antagonist of the second and third films. While he’s normally supposed to be the hero in most fantasy stories, DreamWorks flipped the script and cast the traditional heroes as villains in the quasi-Hollywood hills of Far Far Away. He can’t be trusted as far as he can be thrown, of course, but he sure does look good, and so does this cosplay by Mamoru. It’s an instantly recognizable costume, and fans of the Shrek movies can actually buy one of these on Etsy should they be so inclined.

8 Toothless

This is just adorable! While pulling off human characters can be difficult, cosplaying as a dragon is a different beast entirely, and that pun was intended. Toothless, the famous all-black lizard from the How to Train Your Dragon films, was pretty cute to begin with, but that doesn’t mean his design will instantly translate all that well to cosplay form. Fortunately, Deviantart user KICKAcosplay pulled out all of the stops and put together what might be the best How to Train Your Dragon cosplay ever attempted. Capturing the triumphant nature of Hiccup’s proud steed, those even casually familiar with the movie will probably get what she’s trying to convey.

7 Eep And Guy

The Croods was a weird little stone-aged side note in DreamWorks’ history which isn’t remembered all that favorably by fans of the studio. Helmed by Emma Stone in the role of Eep Crood, it was a quaint story about overcoming our fears of the unknown. Though it didn’t go over all that well in North America, the Vietnamese pop stars who voiced the film’s two leading characters in their home country seemed pretty invested—so much so that they actually cosplayed as Eep and Guy as part of a small marketing stunt for the movie. In some ways, their real-world portrayals of this pair of cavemen was better than the actual film, and it would be awesome to see Emma Stone follow in their footsteps.

6 Moses And Tzipporah

Released to coincide with the holiday season of 1998, DreamWorks’ animated film The Prince of Egypt was one of their first and arguably one of their most forgotten productions. While the team would soon move on to a fully 3D style of animation following the success of Pixar, they actually came out with quite a few hand drawn early works like this, The Road to El Dorado and Stallion: Spirit of the Cimarron. While few claim an affinity for these movies, these cosplayers certainly love to flaunt their admiration for The Prince of Egypt. There’s a ton of detail and passion on display here, and it’s the sort of cosplay that everyone can appreciate even if they aren’t all that familiar with the source material on which it is based.

5 Fiona

This may look an awful lot like a still from the first Shrek movie, but it’s actually a cosplay by the ever-tremendous Evgenia Galkina. Fiona may not seem like the most complicated character to pull off; a green dress, a red wig, and a little attitude is all anyone really needs to make the character work. This cosplay is way above the average, though, because it’s so totally spot on. It really does require a double take to make sure that this image wasn’t just taken straight from the movie. A replication of the scene in which Fiona essentially hits such a high note that she causes a bird to explode, this cosplay is equal parts adorable and hilarious.

4 Tulio And Miguel

Released all the way back in 2000, The Road to El Dorado was a comedy focusing on two hapless adventurers on a quest to strike it rich and return to Europe with the treasures of a lost city in hand. Of course, things don’t quite go as planned, and the two end up masquerading as gods to keep the native population at bay. It deserves a remake in more modern times, but this cosplay photographed by Deviantart user Maspaz is definitely the second best option. Reenacting many of the scenes from the movie, these two expertly capture the false bravado of Tulio and Miguel, and it’s amazing to see so much passion for a movie which is often forgotten in favor of some of DreamWorks’ more popular releases.

3 Lord Shen

The primary antagonist of the Kung Fu Panda sequel, Lord Shen was ostracized from his home city after leading a crusade against a group of pandas when learning of a prophecy which foretold of his demise at the hands of a warrior of black and white. Despite being a villain with relatively little to do with the series overall, that doesn’t mean Shen should be excluded from the world of cosplay. While the name of this cosplayer wasn’t given, she does a wonderful job of anthropomorphising a character that doesn’t fit the typical cosplay mold. Draped in a dress that perfectly resembles Shen’s black-and-red plumage, this is a beautiful homage to the oft-overlooked Kung Fu Panda 2.

2 Sinbad And Eris

Another of DreamWork’s earlier films, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is often considered to be the worst movie the studio ever put out. An ambitious tale about a pirate crew setting sail for the edge of the world, it’s a shame that this one was so poorly received. Critical reception didn’t stop anyone from cosplaying the film’s characters, however, and cosplayers Hitsuwa Cosplay and Mona Hyyrylainen do an amazing job of portraying these almost otherworldly characters. This isn’t an avenue most DreamWorks fans would choose to pursue, so it’s great to see these two breathing life into a film which most people didn’t seem to like all that much back in the day.

1 Po And Lord Shen

Another cosplay based on Kung Fu Panda 2, this pair of adversaries come across as a little more fuzzy than ferocious. Yes, the Po cosplay does appear to be nothing more than face paint and a panda hoodie, but, short of a full-on mascot costume, those are the only really pertinent things for this look. The Lord Shen cosplay is also great; it fits in that crazy plumage and translates the characters avian form into that of a human quite well. In a way, it’s sort of funny to see these two apparently taking themselves so seriously while dresses up as a peacock and panda respectively, but half the fun of cosplay is in going a little too far with it!

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Tanner Fox

Mission: Impossible Director Explains Ghost Protocol Rewrites

Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie explains the rewriting work he did on the fourth entry Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. While it’s hard to believe now, the original Mission: Impossible was considered a bold move for Tom Cruise, who rarely appeared in straightforward action movies at that time. The movie was directed with slick style by Brian DePalma (Scarface), and the franchise has attempted to set itself apart by choosing auteur filmmakers for each sequel.

John Woo brought his kinetic action and love of slow-motion to Mission: Impossible 2, while J.J. Abrams made his movie directing debut with the third entry. Brad Bird directed Ghost Protocol, while Tom Cruise’s regular collaborator Christopher McQuarrie broke the mold by helming both Rogue Nation and Fallout. Fallout, in particular, was acclaimed as not only the best entry in the franchise to date, but one of 2018’s best movies in general.

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While McQuarrie is still mulling over the idea of directing Mission: Impossible 7, he recently revealed to Light The Fuse (via JoBlo) the extent of his rewrite work on Ghost Protocol. McQuarrie was dropped into the production around the midway point to help smooth out narrative concerns, but it turns out his contributions had a big impact on the final product.

When I read the script, the big things were, you didn’t know what was in the suitcase, you didn’t know what was in the envelope, you didn’t know what the villain was doing – this was all a mystery in the movie – and Michelle Monaghan was dead, Julia’s character was really dead. I came on board and I said, ‘Look, there are two things going on. One, emotionally if Julia’s dead, no matter how this story turns out, I’m sad.’

Michelle Monaghan in Mission Impossible Fallout

One major fix McQuarrie brought was to merge the storyline of Jeremy Renner’s Brandt with that of Ethan Hunt’s ‘dead’ wife Julia. Brandt originally felt guilty over the deaths of two unnamed agents he failed to save, but McQuarrie felt this was too disconnected from the rest of the movie.

I said, first of all, let’s try to integrate Tom’s story with Jeremy’s story so that Jeremy’ story is actually relevant to the movie, right now it feels like there are two movies happening. And again, no matter how you resolve Jeremy’s story, even at a hundred you were at ninety because he still hesitated and these two guys were still dead. Whereas, if we integrate the stories to say that Jeremy feels responsible for the death of Julia and at the end of the story we found out Julia’s not dead and Jeremy finds out that Julia’s not dead, you get to use that emotional engine, but then you get to let the audience off the hook at the end of it.

McQuarrie also removed the ‘mystery box’ elements, with the story originally being vague on key details like the motivations of the villain. Tom Cruise himself feels the writer’s work helped save the movie, which led to him directing Rogue Nation. Christopher McQuarrie has proven to be a great fit for the franchise’s blend of labyrinthine plotting and crazy action sequences. Ghost Protocol also feels like the movie where Mission: Impossible solidified its formula, by aping the episodic structure of the original TV series and making the IMF team a bigger part of the story.

McQuarrie, unfortunately, found himself facing the ire of some fans over the decision to not let Henry Cavill shave off his Mission: Impossible – Fallout mustache for Justice League reshoots, with the two productions filming at the same time. The studio was forced to use CGI on Cavill’s upper lip instead, leading to less than convincing results. It turns out McQuarrie was open to the idea, suggesting Warner Bros pay for the cost of shutting Fallout down by shaving Cavill’s facial hair, but Paramount shot that idea down. Either way, McQuarrie is clearly someone with Mission: Impossible’s best interests at heart, as he’s been showing since Ghost Protocol.

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Source: Light The Fuse (via JoBlo)

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Mission: Impossible Fallout Honest Trailer: A Potent Mix of Intrigue and Cardio

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the latest film to get an Honest Trailer. Fallout is the latest movie in the Mission: Impossible series, and is also the sixth entry in the franchise overall. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout revolves around Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, as they take down a terrorist organization called the Apostles, who attempt to acquire and detonate three plutonium cores. The film stars Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, and of course, Tom Cruise.

Many action franchises that last as long as Mission: Impossible either end up becoming predictable or so over the top that they seem unrealistic, but the Mission: Impossible series seems to have beaten these odds over the last 20 years. While some Mission: Impossible movies are better than others, there are many people that think the series just keeps getting better with each film that comes out. Fallout not only received rave reviews, but also made a ton of money for Paramount, and even broke records for the Mission: Impossible franchise. While the film was no doubt a box office hit, sometimes these types of movies make for the best Honest Trailers.

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Posting on their YouTube, Screen Junkies released their newest Honest Trailer today, this time poking fun at the latest Mission: Impossible flick. The trailer makes fun of the movie for bringing back apparently forgettable characters such as Solomon Lane and Ilsa Faust, while also critiquing the film for featuring a villainous plan similar to Thanos’ in Avengers: Infinity War. Screen Junkies also admits that Fallout is one of the best action movies of the year, but jokes that the series needs to stop before it kills Cruise. The Honest Trailer can be seen in full below:

With the success of Mission: Impossible not only at the box office, but with fans and critics alike, people can expect to get Mission: Impossible 7. Actor Simon Pegg has revealed that the franchise shows “No signs of slowing down“, but as of right now it’s all just speculation on what the film could be about. While many people are wanting McQuarrie to return to the director’s chair for a third Mission: Impossible film, McQuarrie isn’t quite ready to commit just yet.

Despite the film having some flaws, much like every Hollywood blockbuster, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is widely regarded as the best in the series, as well as the best action movie of 2018. Given the praise that this sixth film got upon its release, Mission: Impossible 7 seems to be not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Until more news about the next Mission: Impossible movie is released, fans can enjoy Mission: Impossible- Fallout on Blu-ray, as well as laugh at the Honest Trailer treatment of the film.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Director Would Direct A Star Trek Movie

Director Christopher McQuarrie is very open to directing a new Star Trek movie. Following the box-office disappointment of Star Trek: Nemesis in 2003, the movie series took a break while the studio figured out what to do with the brand. J.J. Abrams came onboard with the clever idea of bringing back the classic Star Trek crew (Kirk, Spock, Bones etc) but splitting them off on a divergent timeline, allowing for new adventures and twists on familiar storylines.

Both Star Trek (2009) and Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness were solid hits, but the latter movie was roundly criticized for its lazy plotting and being a blatant retelling of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. The filmmakers were also called out for somewhat pointlessly pretending Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain wasn’t Khan in the marketing. Audience disappointment in the movie is considered a factor in the underperformance of 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, despite being regarded by critics and fans as the best entry in the rebooted franchise.

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There are currently two Star Trek movies in development at Paramount; Star Trek 4, and an untitled instalment that Quentin Tarantino is earmarked to direct. In a new interview with Forbes, Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie has stated he would be very open to working on a new Star Trek, as he’s a big fan of the series.

Star Trek is another one of those doors I mentioned, if that door opened I would gladly go through it. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. I grew up on Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan is one of my favorite movies of all time, but we haven’t really talked about it because we’ve been so busy with the work in front of us.

McQuarrie would be a fantastic addition to the Star Trek franchise, but its unlikely he’ll be approached for at least a few more years. The movie series appears to be in a state of flux, with the studio uncertain over how to proceed next. Before Star Trek Beyond underperformed there were plans for a 4th movie that would pair Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) with his late father George (Chris Hemsworth) for a time-bending adventure, but the two actors have since walked away over pay disputes. The movie has a director in S.J. Clarkson, but there’s been no movement on the project since August.

Tarantino is currently busy with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and is expected to jump onto his Star Trek movie once he’s wrapped. McQuarrie is also an in-demand screenwriter and is currently working on Top Gun: Maverick with regular collaborator Tom Cruise. McQuarrie has also stated he’d be open to a Man Of Steel sequel if he got the opportunity to work with Henry Cavill again. Since Cavill seems to have departed from the DCEU, however, he may not be so keen on the idea anymore.

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Hobbs & Shaw Photo: Idris Elba’s Fast & Furious Villain Revealed

Dwayne Johnson has posted the first photo of Idris Elba as the villainous Brixton in the Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw. The Rock has arguably become as central to the illegal street racing series-turned international juggernaut that is Fast & Furious as Vin Diesel, following his debut as Luke Hobbs from 2011’s Fast Five… and he has the box office receipts to prove it. Hence, it’s not surprising that Universal has decided to prioritize a spinoff movie that centers around Johnson’s character and pairs him opposite Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, especially after the two actors discovered they have crackling onscreen chemistry while filming last year’s Fate of the Furious.

Hobbs and Shaw officially began shooting last month, with David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2) calling the shots from a script by Fast & Furious franchise writer/producer Chris Morgan. Not much is known about the film’s actual narrative, admittedly, but it’s probably fair to assume that Elba’s character is a suave British mercenary of sorts (Is there any other kind of British mercenary in the movies?) who’s out to profit from his terrorist ways. And of course, the only ones who stand in his way are Hobbs, Shaw, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s Vanessa Kirby as (reportedly) Shaw’s sister, an MI-5 agent.

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Johnson published the first photo of Elba in character for Hobbs and Shaw on his Instagram account and, in doing so, confirmed the mysterious baddie’s name. Take a look in the space below:

Hobbs and Shaw‘s Brixton will be but the latest villain role in a major franchise movie that Elba adds to his belt, to go along with his voice work as the tiger Shere Khan in Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book remake and his performance as the antagonist Krall in Star Trek Beyond. As compelling as the actor can be when he’s playing the nobler type onscreen (even an extremely flawed hero like the DCI John Luther on the TV series Luther), he generally makes for an equally charismatic and engaging threat to the good guys in his big screen appearances.

The Fast & Furious movies have stepped up their own villain game over the past five years by bringing in top-tier talent like Luke Evans, Charlize Theron and – once upon a time – even Statham to take on the franchise’s heroes. However, with Elba stepping into Brixton’s (fancy) shoes, there’s a pretty good chance that Hobbs and Shaw will end up delivering the most memorable bad guy that the series has seen to date.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson

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18 Best Sequels, According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%)

We live in an age where sequels are all the rage. Every major studio is chasing those franchises that can keep their cash flow healthy for years to come. Sometimes, they’re exhausting. Other times, they can be our most anticipated movies. Maybe we could do without more Transformers movies, but Marvel and Mission: Impossible sequels are event movies that drive us to the theater in droves.

Sequels are tricky and unpredictable, though. On one hand, they’re often necessary for expanding stories and the good ones continue sagas we want to see progress. On the other, some are soulless cash grabs that shouldn’t exist. In the worst cases, some of them completely derail promising franchises by failing to deliver the goods. Then again, in some instances, sequels can get a series back up and running after they’ve experienced setbacks.

This list will look at those rare sequels that are considered worthy — and even superior — follow-ups. Those rare beasts that make us grateful for multiple movies in a series. Furthermore, we’ll also be discussing the most maligned sequels that brought no critical good will to their respective franchises whatsoever. It’s more fun this way. In order to fully appreciate the best of the best, we also must acknowledge the worst of the worst. Without evil, we wouldn’t be able to understand all that’s good and pure. Without terrible movies, we wouldn’t be grateful for the good ones.

With this in mind, here are 18 Best Sequels According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Stuck With 0%).

26 Best: Captain America: Civil War (91%)

The decision to keep the same team of writers for all three Captain America films paid off in the end. The trilogy just went from strength to strength with each passing entry, though some would argue that The Winter Soldier is equally as good — if not better — than Civil War. Either way, they’re both prime examples of how to do sequels right.

Civil War tackles the same themes you’d expect from a movie about a do-gooder like Cap, but where the film truly soars is during its wild third act. The airport showdown is the best action showdown in the MCU, and that’s saying something.

25 Worst: The Bad News Bears Go To Japan (0%)

If you didn’t know that sequels to The Bad News Bears exist then no one would think any less of you. While the first movie is a cult classic about an underdog baseball team, the sequels have faded from the collective memory with the passing of time, lost like tears in the rain. That’s for good reason.

None of the sequels are good, but The Bad News Bears Go To Japan is especially bad.

While the idea to relocate to Japan for a big game is good on paper, the sequel is just bland, forgettable, and was made to cash in on the brand name.

24 Best: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (93%)

Some fans argue that The Force Awakens is essentially a retread of A New Hope in many ways. However, clearly the critics and audiences didn’t necessarily agree, given its stellar Rotten Tomatoes score and its audience score of 87%, not to mention its impressive box office haul.

As far as Star Wars movies go, it hits the spot. The new characters are great, the return of some old faces is a trip down memory lane, and the story still made significant effort to push the franchise forward. In those regards, the film definitely succeeded.

23 Best: War for the Planet of the Apes (93%)

Anyone who has a problem with classics being rebooted needs to watch the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy.  The finale pits the apes in a brutal battle against the humans, which leads to an epic confrontation between the Caesar the Ape and humanity’s ruthless colonel (played by an utterly wicked Woody Harrelson). As far as concluding trilogies goes, War for the Planet of the Apes has everything.

By no means is this a pleasant movie, but it is rewarding. And not only does it wrap up an epic story, but the film boasts some of the great CGI wizardry out there. The action is also ridiculously impressive and compelling, which is crazy considering it’s a movie about people versus monkeys.

22 Best: Logan (93%)

James Mangold’s Logan, the gloriously violent and heartbreaking farewell to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, is an all-timer. Taking cues from the Old Man Logan comics, the movie has just as much in common with neo-westerns as it does with superhero yarns, which makes for a gritty, character-driven elegy to characters many of us grew up with.

Logan deserves praise for going R-rated and taking some stylistic risks.

The movie is proof that audiences will still flock to see superhero movies with some edge. If you’re going to send off some icons, this is the way to do it.

21 Worst: Return to the Blue Lagoon (0%)

Considering that no one liked The Blue Lagoon (it currently holds a 9% rating on RT), why anyone would want to return to the franchise is beyond comprehension. Of course, every sequel is a perfect opportunity to right some old wrongs if handled with care. Unfortunately, this was not. The story follows two children who are marooned on a tropical island as the grow up and fall in love, etc. The characters don’t wear enough clothes either, which makes for some weird, uncomfortable viewing.

There are some unintentional laughs to be had at the poor script and performances.

Otherwise the Blue Lagoon isn’t a scenic cinematic paradise worth spending time in unless you want to punish yourself for some reason.

20 Best: The Dark Knight (94%)

Few superhero movies are ever regarded as anything more than popcorn fare. However, if there were ever a superhero movie that proved the genre could be prestige cinema, it would be The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman is an exploration of chaos and just how far people are willing to go to achieve their goal.

The Dark Knight — for better or worse when you consider how devoid of fun some DC movies have been since — also brought a gritty, realistic touch to the genre. The movie feels more like a Michael Mann crime saga than it does a story about superheroes versus their outlandishly evil counterparts.

19 Best: Finding Dory (94%)

In recent times, Pixar has been criticized for relying too heavily on sequels, but if it ain’t broke… Finding Dory was released 13 years after Finding Nemo, and it was a smash with critics and audiences alike.

Its 94% on Rotten Tomatoes is complemented by an 84% audience score.

Upon release Finding Dory was praised for being as funny and thought-provoking as the first movie, while also adding a new dimension to the story. As with any Pixar movie, Finding Dory can be appreciated by audiences of all ages. 

18 Worst: Staying Alive (0%)

No other actor on the planet has experienced a career of ups and downs like John Travolta has. When he broke out he had the world at his dancing feet. After that, his career experienced a downturn until it was resurrected briefly following Pulp Fiction until it ultimately plummeted when he started starring in movies like Battlefield Earth. Staying Alive was released in 1983 when Travolta was experiencing his first fall from grace. Following up a classic like Saturday Night Fever was never going to be easy, but it shouldn’t have been this difficult, either.

The sequel lacks the gritty realism of its predecessor, and instead tries to get by on dance sequences. What’s the point in dancing when we don’t care about who’s doing it?

17 Best: Creed (95%)

No franchise tends to remain compelling seven sequels in, but Creed is proof that the Rocky franchise is the rare exception. Granted, some Rocky movies aren’t exactly knockouts, but Creed got things back on track and showed that it’s game for a few more rounds.

By serving as both a sequel and a spin-off/soft reboot, Creed gave the franchise a breath of new life.

It passed the gloves on to Michael B. Jordan as the eponymous character.  Creed 2 is right around the corner. Let’s see if it can do what the original saga failed to do and deliver a second outing that’s as good as the inaugural entry.

16 Worst: Leprechaun 2 (0%)

The first Leprechaun movie doesn’t come close to being certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it should come as no surprise that the sequels didn’t receive any critical acclaim. Especially not the second movie, which no critic seemed to enjoy at all.

Here, the infamous critter resurfaces in Los Angeles to find a bride, which leads to him abducting a young woman and trying to claim her as his own. This isn’t high art by any means, nor does it try to be.

15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (96%)

The Harry Potter books were an emotional roller coaster that affected millions of readers worldwide. Reliving those adventures on the big screen was also a great time to be alive, and the grand finale lived up to expectations. In the final installment of the saga about the Boy Who Lived and his fight against the forces of darkness, the ultimate showdown finally happens as our hero and his pals face off against Voldemort in Hogwarts castle.

It’s a true epic in every sense of the word.

As far as wrapping up the story goes, Death Hallows: Part 2 delivered the goods and gave us cinematic closure in style.

14 Worst: Looking Who’s Talking Now (0%)

Look Who’s Talking is a perfectly serviceable comedy that should never have received any sequels. In a bid to end to the trilogy on a high following the disappointing previous sequel, Look Who’s Talking Too, someone thought it would be a good idea to introduce talking dogs to the mix for the series’ swan song. 

Needless to say, Look Who’s Talking Now wasn’t the glorious goodbye the series was looking for, but at least the film did cast some cute dogs.

13 Best: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (97%)

The third installment of Sergio Leone’s influential Dollars trilogy, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is the creme de la creme of spaghetti westerns. 

The story centers around two men who form an uneasy alliance following a scam.

This leads them on a quest as it turns out there’s money buried in the desert and they want to find it. However, they have to compete against another who won’t hesitate to put a bullet in them to claim the prize. On top of being one of the most acclaimed movies out there, the film has been hailed as a major influence on directors like Quentin Tarantino.

12 Best: The Godfather: Part II (97%)

The continuation of Francis Ford Coppola’s Best Picture-winning 1972 crime saga, The Godfather: Part II chronicles Michael Corleone’s further ascendency in organized crime while simultaneously taking us back to the past to explore his dad’s humble beginnings.

Like its predecessor, the sequel also won Best Picture and is hailed by many a critic and film buff as one of the best movies ever made. Whether it’s better than the original is up for debate, but they’re like two sides of the same coin. These movies set the bar for mob pictures, and to this day, other directors are still trying to recreate the formula.

11 Mad Max: Fury Road (97%)

Director George Miller was in his seventies when he unleashed Mad Max: Fury Road, but the energy and madness imbued in every frame of this extravaganza suggest a man half his age.

Maybe we’ll never see another Mad Max movie, but the world needs a Furiosa spin-off eventually.

Fury Road is essentially one non-stop chase that barely lets up from the get-go all the way to the climactic ending. Furthermore, it’s a movie that defied expectation by taking the focus away from the titular character and making Charlize Theron’s Furiosa the real hero of the adventure. 

10 Worst: Jaws: The Revenge (0%)

Is Jaws: the Revenge a good movie? Definitely not. Is it an entertaining movie, though? Definitely yes.

How many other movies have sharks that make a conscious decision to get revenge on the humans that wronged them? Not only that, but the shark here followed its target to the Bahamas from Massachusetts. And why would someone who wants to avoid sharks go to an island surrounded by ocean? The movie is illogical, silly, nonsense, but it does offer sheer entertainment value for bad movie buffs.

9 Best: Aliens (98%)

Alien and Aliens are quite different in some regards, but they complement each other perfectly. The first is an exercise in pure suspense and terror. The sequel, on the other hand, retains the horror elements but adds a lot more action to proceedings.

Aliens shows how to make a successful sequel: acknowledge what came before but don’t be afraid to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

James Cameron was on fire in the ’80s and he wasn’t afraid to make Ridley Scott’s baby his own.

8 Best: Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (98%)

While George Miller’s inaugural Mad Max caper is a cult classic, most film buffs would agree that a couple of the sequels are slightly superior. Taking nothing away from the first movie, Road Warrior is a vast improvement when it comes to world building and sheer action spectacle. The story follows the eponymous character as he helps a group of people steal oil from a tyrannical madman and his band of goons.

As far as cinematic thrill rides go, few movies are on par with Road Warrior. Here, Miller turned up the volume significantly by making the post-apocalyptic terrains feel more dangerous and the action sequences more gung-ho and grander in scale.

7 Best: Evil Dead 2 (98%)

Sam Raimi’s first Evil Dead movie was a huge achievement for independent filmmaking when it was released back in 1981. The movie still holds up to this day with its innovative camera work, effective scares, and excellent cast as well.

The sequel is a triumph in its own right.

While the first movie contained moments of dark comedy, the sequel amps up the zaniness to become what is essentially the splatter flick equivalent of a Laurel and Hardy flick. For 90 minutes, Bruce Campbell is tormented by laughing ornaments and his own severed hand. As silly as that sounds, Evil Dead 2 still manages to pack more punch than your average MMA fighter.

6 Worst: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (0%)

In the third installment of the Police Academy franchise, the cops are understaffed and in need of some help. Naturally, the force turns to America’s civilians to help aid in their mission. Things don’t go smoothly, for the characters in the film and the movie itself.

Rotten Tomatoes describes Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol as “Utterly, completely, thoroughly and astonishingly unfunny” and  a movie which sent “a once-innocuous franchise plummeting to agonizing new depths.” That sounds about right.

5 Toy Story 3 (99%)

Few franchises manage to strike three home runs in a row. Even The Godfather stuttered when it came to the third outing. Toy Story, on the other hand, never ceases to replicate the magic time and time again.

This emotional installment sees Andy get ready to leave for college and neglect his old toys.

He’s all grown up and has no use for them anymore, and what ensues is what is by far the most heartfelt movie in the series.

4 Worst: Highlander II: The Quickening (0%)

As far as pure entertaining action-fantasy goes, the first Highlander movie is a fun slice of popcorn entertainment that aficionados of cult cinema lose their head over. The sequel, meanwhile, is an incomprehensible mess.

Highlander II is too overplotted to explain, but the cusp of the story revolves around the hero from the first movie taking on a corporation after being led to believe that they don’t have the world’s best interests in mind. In this one, our hero is a defender of the ozone as well. What makes Highlander II so awful is that it completely retcons everything good about the original film and the mythology it introduced.

3 Best: The Bride of Frankenstein (100%)

We all desire to be loved by someone special– even bolt-head monsters made up of the remains of other people. But to find them a mate, one must dig up some more corpses and create a suitable partner that’s similar in genetic make-up. This is also the storyline behind James Whale’s 1935 masterpiece, Bride of Frankenstein.

There are too many Frankenstein movies to keep track of at this point, but this sequel remains the pinnacle of the original series.

The movie is a masterpiece that successfully blends campy fun with Gothic beauty and genuine chills that’s stood the test of time as a result.

2 Paddington 2 (100%)

No one expected the the first Paddington to be as good as it is. That movie is a bona fide classic in the making in its own right, but the sequel is some next-next level brilliance.

Paddington 2 sees the lovable bear go to prison and, unsurprisingly, all the mean criminals fall in love with him as well. Critics, like the fictional convicts, were also full of praise for the titular bear and his second big onscreen adventure as well. At one point, Paddington 2 was even the best reviewed movie in history.

1 Best: Toy Story 2 (100%)

Following up a movie like Toy Story was never going to be easy, but that didn’t stop Pixar from trying and succeeding. In this one, we find out that Woody is a collectible when he’s discovered and stolen by a greedy museum owner. Naturally this prompts Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato, and the rest of the gang into action and they set out to save their friend.

General consensus on Rotten Tomatoes states that Toy Story 2 is that rare sequel that improves upon its predecessor.

The sequel raises the stakes and ups the element of adventure while retaining the humor and heart that made audiences fall in love with the franchise in the first place.

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