Kevin Feige Teases Infinity Saga Box Set With ‘Bad’ Deleted Scenes

Marvel head Kevin Feige teased that Marvel may release an Infinity Saga box set that will include some deleted “bad” scenes. The Infinity Saga refers to the 23 movies that make up the whole of the Infinity War storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first movie in the series is Iron-Man, which premiered in 2008. Feige coined the phrase Infinity Saga recently after the release of Avengers: Endgame.

The Infinity Saga, which even has an official logo, includes the first three phases of the MCU. The entire epic story revolved around the Avengers going up against Thanos, a mad alien who wanted to rid the universe of half of its population. Thanos succeeded in his mission, but the Avengers finally defeated him in Endgame. Throughout the making of these 23 movies, there were bound to be a lot of deleted scenes that never made the cut. However, Marvel has released many of those scenes on home video over the past 11 years.

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Other deleted scenes continue to pop up online, but Marvel may have plans to release many more never-before-seen scenes, including those the studio initially never wanted fans to see. In speaking to Empire, Feige talked about releasing those scenes with a massive Infinity Saga box set. He said:

“If we do a big, giant Infinity Saga box set, we might include- I’m assuming if you’re going to spend the money to buy a box set with everything in it, you’re a fan. And it’ll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you.”

Feige also spoke about some of the more recently released deleted scenes, including one from Endgame showing the Avengers kneeling on the battlefield after Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save the day:

“I like sharing those scenes. And when we have something like that that we love, and which was not an easy decision to cut out but was the best decision for the movie, it’s a great avenue to say, ‘We’ll put it out there.’ It’s not like no-one will ever see it. There are things that we think nobody should ever see. And I think we’ve just recently been discussing that now we can start to show some of our less proud moments.”

Marvel recently announced some of its movies going into phase 4, but much of what might happen in those films is secretive. No one knows what overall story Marvel is preparing to tell next, although it’s likely that the next version of the Avengers will look a lot different than the previous one. Though some characters will stick around for the next few years, there are also a lot of new faces on the way.

Avengers: Endgame just recently released to home video after taking down Avatar as the biggest movie of all time at the box office. The films leading up to it were also highly successful. An Infinity Saga box set would be a valuable collector’s item for many Marvel fans. Although the price might be steep, Marvel fans would likely have no problem paying for it, especially if it included some never-before-seen scenes and footage. It would also be interesting to see those deleted scenes that Marvel deemed bad, perhaps showing fans how the initial vision of the Infinity Saga changed over the years.

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Robin Burks

Marvel’s What If? Series Adds Twists to Infinity Saga Movies

The upcoming What If…? series will focus on the events of The Infinity Saga. Marvel Studios’ first animated show, which will be available exclusive on Disney+, was officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con during the company’s Hall H panel. President Kevin Feige took the stage and laid out their blueprint for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 comprising of big and small screen projects. And while it won’t have an impact in the established canon, What If…? will be a fun side project in conjunction to what went down in the last decade for the franchise.

Based on the 1970s What If? comics, the animated series will examine past events in the MCU and imagine how things would’ve turned out if there’s a slight difference with how they played out. Jeffrey Wright will play the show’s The Watcher with an expected Summer 2021 release date. In print, there were narratives that tackled scenarios where Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four and Thor becoming a herald of Galactus. However, the Disney+ show will solely tackle the events of The Infinity Saga – at least for now.

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Speaking to Screen Rant at San Diego Comic-Con, Feige was asked about the possibility of adapting other What If…? comic book storylines that involve Marvel characters that have yet to be introduced in the proper MCU. The producer extraordinaire shares that the focus of season 1 is to examine the 23-film saga that started in 2008’s Iron Man and this year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Right now, we’re focusing on for the first season, everything you know about the 23 movies in the Infinity Saga and adding one twist to them and seeing how everything turns out different.

What If…? will bring back 25 MCU actors to voice their respective characters. The pool is a mix of still-active ones including Anthony Mackie, Josh Brolin, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Douglas, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillan and Chris Hemsworth and those who fans haven’t seen in quite a while. Prior to the confirmation that Marvel Studios is doing What If…?, a report revealed that among the alternate scenarios in the show will revolve around Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) getting the super soldier serum to become Captain America rather than Steve Rogers. While there’s no official word regarding this, it seems to be confirmed with Hayley Atwell, Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones, and Dominic Cooper among those who are returning to voice their franchise characters.

The casting sheet for What If…? already gives fans an idea on the narratives that the show will tackle. Aside from Peggy as Captain America, the idea of imagining what would’ve happened if Thor went for Thanos’ head in Avengers: Infinity War is such an interesting one. Like Feige said, the series is limited to the events of The Infinity Saga, but with the possibility of branching out. All that said, chances of it venturing outside the events in the MCU is slim to none. If anything, the series will be a palate cleanser for the franchise. And since it’s animated, it’ll be easier to rope back in old cast members for a gig.

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10 Questions About The Infinity Gauntlet, Answered

The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Comics universe. It wasn’t well-known to mainstream audiences who don’t read the comic books until last year when Thanos donned it in Avengers: Infinity War and used it to wreak havoc on the world and see through his evil plans.

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But all moviegoers really know right now is that it’s powerful enough to decimate half of the life in existence. There’s a lot of mythology behind the Infinity Gauntlet to brush up on before seeing Avengers: Endgame. So, here are 10 Questions About The Infinity Gauntlet, Answered.

10 Is the Infinity Gauntlet broken in the MCU?

After Thanos snapped his fingers at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and wiped out half of all life in the universe, the Infinity Gauntlet was shown to have been warped and damaged. Some fans have taken this to mean that the Gauntlet is broken within the MCU timeline, and therefore can’t be used during the plot of Avengers: Endgame.

However, the Gauntlet is not completely destroyed. This is shown when Thanos – whose arm was also badly scarred – uses it to teleport away right after the snap. It’ll still be usable; it just won’t be as powerful as it once was.

9 What is the Infinity Gauntlet made of?

In the MCU’s version of events, the Infinity Gauntlet was constructed by the dwarves of Nidavellir, who are known to use a material called Uru to create their weapons. They were also responsible for making both of Thor’s weapons, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, and they were both made with Uru.

So, one can put two and two together to figure out that the Gauntlet is probably made of Uru, too. Uru is a metal ore that can only be found on Nidavellir, which is one of the Nine Worlds. It comes in two different forms: “metallic gold” and “badly wrought iron.”

8 Does the Infinity Gauntlet have any powers without the Infinity Stones?

We’ve seen what the Infinity Gauntlet is capable of when the Infinity Stones have been inserted into all the knuckles, but does it have any powers of its own without the Stones? The answer is no, it doesn’t.

It was designed to be fitted with the Infinity Stones and channel the power of the Stones and withstand, to a certain extent, the tremendous destruction that can be created by the Stones. However, the Gauntlet itself doesn’t have any powers. If it doesn’t have the Infinity Stones in the knuckles, then it might as well just be a regular gauntlet without a capital G.

7 Could anyone besides Thanos wield the Infinity Gauntlet?

Part of the key to bringing back the dead characters and defeating Thanos in Avengers: Endgame could be someone else wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. But is anyone in the MCU besides the Mad Titan himself capable of wielding it? The answer is yes, because in the comics, it’s been wielded by pretty much everyone in the MCU: Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Nebula.

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Adam Warlock, whose appearance was teased in the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and who might finally be making his MCU debut in Endgame, could also wield the Gauntlet – but it’s not yet clear if he’ll be a good guy or a bad guy in the movies.

6 Can the Infinity Gauntlet be used in other universes?

The Marvel universe is filled with parallel realities. Captain Marvel’s pet Flerken, Goose, is capable of holding entire universes in its stomach (these are called “pocket dimensions”). In fact, for all we know, that’s where everyone went when Thanos snapped his fingers and turned to dust – a parallel universe that he himself had created to reduce overpopulation in either one. That’s just one theory.

Anyway, the Infinity Gauntlet is not usable in any other universes apart from the one it was created in (i.e. Earth-616’s Gauntlet can only be used in the Earth-616 reality). So, a Gauntlet cannot be used to destroy another Gauntlet – or itself.

5 How did the Infinity Gauntlet choose who got turned to dust?

At first, this seems like a silly question, because it suggests that the Gauntlet is conscious. But in Doctor Strange, the title character is told that the Time Stone “chose” him, and if one of the Infinity Stones is conscious, then it stands to reason that the rest of them are – and when they’re in the Gauntlet, that kind of gives the Gauntlet a consciousness, too.

However, there doesn’t seem to have been a rigorous selection process to see who got turned to dust at the end of Infinity War. Thanos himself said that part of his plan involved eradicating half of all life completely at random, so the Stones just put their genocide in shuffle mode.

4 Is the Infinity Gauntlet magnetic?

Some fans have been wondering about the Infinity Gauntlet’s possible magnetism. It’s made of metal, so is it magnetic? If it is, it could be manipulated by Magneto, or Tony Stark would’ve been able to build a giant magnet capable of removing the Gauntlet from Thanos’ hand if he had more than ten minutes between the threat of Thanos’ invasion and the arrival of his army.

However, even if Tony had enough time to put together a big magnet, there’s no guarantee that one of Earth’s magnets would’ve had an effect on the alien metal the Gauntlet is made from.

3 Can the Infinity Gauntlet create matter?

The Infinity Gauntlet on its own cannot create matter. In fact, the Infinity Gauntlet on its own can barely do anything. You can hit someone over the head with it and that’s about it. However, if the Gauntlet has all six Infinity Stones in it, then it’s capable of much more – including the creation of matter.

Whoever wears the Infinity Gauntlet, if it has all six Infinity Stones in it, will become omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (ever-present). In other words, if you have the Infinity Gauntlet and all six Infinity Stones, you will become a god, and that’s what makes Thanos the Avengers’ ultimate foe.

2 How powerful is the Infinity Gauntlet?

It is believed that the Infinity Gauntlet is as powerful as Mjolnir, Thor’s magical hammer, since they were both created from dying stars. Thor’s new weapon, his axe Stormbreaker, is also this powerful, although Thor missed Thanos’ head – and his hand, which was wielding the Infinity Gauntlet – when he attacked him with Stormbreaker and he remained alive, albeit with a sore shoulder.

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Point is, both Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlet grant whoever possesses them the abilities of a god. Thor is a god, so he already had those abilities, as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, but Thanos didn’t, necessitating a powerful object.

1 Can the Infinity Gauntlet be destroyed?

We’ve seen that the Infinity Gauntlet can be damaged, but can it actually be destroyed? In the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Thanos is still wearing it – and it even seems to be fused to his hand, like he’s unable to take it off.

The Gauntlet has been destroyed a number of times in the comics, including in one of the “What If…?” hypothetical storylines that are currently being adapted for the Disney+ streaming service, but the rules of the Gauntlet – which aren’t really set in stone anyway – are different in the comics than in the MCU, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Hulk’s Avengers: Endgame Role May Have Been Revealed Last Year By Infinity War Toy

Did an Infinity War toy spoil Hulk’s Avengers: Endgame role? While speculation is rife around every single character involved in the two-part finale to Marvel’s Infinity Saga, there’s been particularly fervent discussion around Bruce Banner and his green alter ego.

After embracing the Hulk side in Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce Banner returned to the fore after an immediate beatdown by Thanos, with the Green Goliath refusing to emerge for the rest of Infinity War. This surprised many fans as Hulk had featured prominently in advertising, including the now infamous fake Wakanda team shot. Merchandise was also proven misleading, with multiple toys showing the Hulk breaking out of Hulkbuster armor. But while these weren’t spoilers for Infinity War, one of them may have actually spoiled Hulk’s role in Avengers: Endgame.

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The Hulk Out Hulkbuster toy from Hasbro for Avengers: Infinity War includes a talking Hulk figure, and while some of his dialogue (via YouTube) is as you’d expect, several lines don’t make sense:

  • “Hulk smash.”
  • “Not gonna lie, this feels pretty great.”
  • “You won’t like me when I’m angry.”
  • “According to my calculations, this is gonna hurt you.”
  • “I’m still mean and green, smashing you is nothing personal, it’s just kind of my thing.”
  • “I’m the strongest one there is.”
  • “Wow, this is incredible.”
  • “Banner smash.”
  • “OK, that was cool.”

What immediately stands out about these quotes isn’t just how more eloquent they make Hulk – in Thor: Ragnarok he had the mental development of a young child – but some of the lines are extremely out of character. “According to my calculations“, “smashing you is nothing personal“, and “Banner smash” just don’t fit with any version of Hulk that’s been seen in the MCU so far. And that may because the lines aren’t from Avengers: Infinity War at all.

While little is known about Hulk’s role in Avengers: Endgame – only Bruce Banner has been seen in the trailers, and that’s been a rather small role compared to other characters – based on the officially released images of him looking a little more like Mark Ruffalo and wearing a tight-fitting costume, the pervasive theory is that the two personalities will merge to create a third known as Professor Hulk, with the brains of Banner and brawn of Hulk together in one psyche. This is rooted in the Marvel comics – in fact, Banner has many more sides than just the angry Hulk – and would be a fitting culmination to the three-movie story arc Ruffalo has been telling since Thor: Ragnarok.

If that is indeed where the character is heading, then those incongruous soundbites from the Infinity War toy suddenly make a lot more sense: the more mumblecore awkwardness and “calculations” wink is Banner’s personality coming through. That they were included a year early could be a sign that merging of Hulks was supposed to happen in the first half of the Thanos story, or a product of how Infinity War and Endgame were produced back-to-back.

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Of course, it’s worth adding that this could be a coincidence or creative license on the part of Hasbro. Merchandise for blockbuster movies never fully represents the finished product due to being based on early concepts and open to a lot of alterations based on playability, so it’s possible these lines are just an accident. We’ll have to wait until Avengers: Endgame to find out if “Banner smash” will be the internet’s new favorite meme.

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Mark Ruffalo Shot Hulk’s Death Scene In Infinity War

Mark Ruffalo reveals he shot a death scene in Avengers: Infinity War. Playing Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the MCU after replacing original actor Edward Norton in 2012’s The Avengers, Ruffalo has appeared in four films in the franchise, with a fifth one on the way with Joe and Anthony Russo-directed Avengers: Endgame. Set to hit theaters all over the globe in a couple weeks, the movie will be the culmination of everything that has transpired in the interconnected universe in the last decade. And while its predecessor focused on Thanos’ arc, the Phase 3 capper will be told from the remaining heroes’ perspective including Banner and his alter-ego.

Banner and Hulk have been having an interesting issue between the two of them. After refusing to transform back into his human form during his two-year stint as the Grandmaster’s champion in Thor: Ragnarok, the green rage monster refused to come out for the remainder of Infinity War following being badly beaten by the Mad Titan at the start of Infinity War. Considering his performance issues, Banner, ironically, had to use Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster to join the battle in Wakanda. As one of the fortunate ones to survive Thanos’ decimation of half of life in the universe, many are hoping that the two have finally sorted out their issues resulting to Hulk coming back. But as it turns out, in an alternate version of Avengers 3‘s ending, he also disintegrated into dust.

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Speaking with Yahoo! while doing the press rounds for Endgame, Ruffalo shared that he didn’t know what his fate was until he watched Infinity War since he filmed a scene with his character being dusted off. Considering the limited amount of knowledge he had on the overall story of the film, he was genuinely convinced that he’d be one of the characters affected by Thanos’ deadly snap.

“I didn’t know until I saw the movie. For one take, I did disappear, and then the other one I didn’t.

“I was pretty sure it was gonna be me. It’s like Survivor. It’s like, who’s gonna get kicked off the island? And I probably should’ve. … It’s like Project Runway for leakers.”

There are a couple of takeaways from this latest revelation from Ruffalo, starting with the idea that despite insisting they didn’t film fake scenes, the Russos did shoot some since there’s a very slim chance that Banner would’ve died in Infinity War. It would’ve impeded the re-assembly of the original six Avengers in Endgame, which is the crux of the upcoming film. Perhaps this was to keep Ruffalo in the dark as possible considering his prone to spoiler slips. The actor recently revealed that he shot five different endings to Avengers 4 which fits this mentality well. With Ruffalo not really knowing the certain key points in the movie, there’s no way he can spoil it during press junkets.

That is unless, this scene was actually shot for Avengers: Endgame and not Infinity War. Much has been said about the possibility of time traveling in the film with the heroes revisiting certain points in the MCU history that has a direct link to the Infinity Stones like the Battle of New York. Taking this into consideration, it could also see the re-exploration of the Battle of Wakanda where fans finally see the running shot of heroes that wasn’t included in Avengers 3, and since the movies filmed back-to-back with some overlapping, this wasn’t difficult to accomplish. Ruffalo said that Ragnarok started a new Hulk trilogy that will supposedly end in the Phase 3 capper – and one way to wrap it up is to see him biting the bullet possibly like some other founding heroes in the blockbuster.

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10 Best Avengers: Infinity War Quotes

Avengers: Infinity War was an emotional rollercoaster of a movie with some hilarious moments and some extremely traumatic ones for fans. With so many emotional and funny scenes in the movie, the film is full of some memorable quotes. As Avengers: Endgame comes out this month, it’s the ideal time to reflect back on Infinity War and some of the iconic scenes from the film.

We’ve collected 10 of the best Infinity War quotes from poignant moments to ones that made audiences laugh out loud.

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Loki fans were devastated when the character died before the title credit to the movie even appeared. Whether or not Loki is really dead is still up in the air, but the character will be coming back for a television series on Disney+ much to fans’ delight.

This quote is one that Loki says to Thor, and this moment gives many fans hope. The quote is likely Loki trying to signal some sort of message to Thor that things will be alright.


When Wakanda teams up with some of the Avengers to help fight against Thanos, Okoye has a few thoughts about this. In this hilarious quote, she tells T’Challa that she was looking forward to having the Olympics and Starbucks, not to fighting aliens.

Okoye didn’t have a lot of scenes in this movie, but the ones she did have were pretty badass. Whether she’s saying hilarious lines or kicking alien butt, she’s definitely a much-needed addition to the team of heroes.


This adorable moment was one that many fans loved. Captain America is a pretty serious person all around, and he is also very earnest.

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When Groot says hello, or whatever he actually says after Thor introduces him, Steve doesn’t even think twice about the fact that Groot is a tree. Instead, he politely introduces himself, and the interaction was one that fans definitely couldn’t get enough of.


Tony Stark is known for his snark and wit, and, despite the intensity of what was happening in this movie, he had no shortage of witty one-liners. This is one of his funniest lines from the film, especially since Corvus really does look like Squidward.

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Iron Man is great at including pop culture references in his insults, and this is one of the best examples. With other great lines such as “you’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards” and more, it’s hard to pick just one funny Stark moment from Infinity War.


While many of the quotes on this list have been funny, there were also many memorable lines that are more serious. Doctor Strange says this to Iron Man when Thanos gets the best of them and everything is about to go really bad as people begin to turn to dust.

The quote is also a clever reference to the title of Avengers: Endgame, even though most people didn’t realize that at the time. This quote also seems to be a nod to the fact that things for the MCU are about to shift and end in some major ways.


The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are known for their humor and more light-hearted feel. However, Infinity War was one of the most dark and dire movies in the MCU so far.

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Adding the Guardians into a more somber film meant that they still had a lot of time to stand out with their naivety and funny lines. Mantis is a mostly innocent character who is also very powerful. With this quote, she is trying to be hardcore but messes up the popular saying in a really sweet and funny way.


In Infinity War, Steve Rogers is a fugitive from the law and has been spending his time off the radar in Wakanda or off on missions with Falcon and Black Widow. However, of course, when the world really needs him again, he shows up to help.

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With Iron Man gone, Steve isn’t here to mess around, and he showed he doesn’t really care about playing nice anymore. He cares about fighting and saving people and doing what has to be done. This version of Captain America is very different than how he was earlier on in the MCU and shows what he has been through and how he has changed.


Thor gives some wise insight into how difficult it can be dealing with family dynamics. While the MCU might be filled with heroes and aliens, there are still moments that many of us can relate, too, and this is a good example of that.

Thor is talking to Gamora and comforting her over the fact that Thanos is her adopted father. He shows his compassionate side here and does so in his characteristic sweet and hilarious way.


Black Panther is an inspiring and powerful character in the MCU, but he, unfortunately, had some moments in Infinity War where he unknowingly foreshadowed bad things to come.

He says this line as he is helping Okoye up and just before he dies from the Thanos snap. This was a rather surprising moment for fans considering that T’Challa had just been introduced in the MCU.


This might be one of the worst quotes on this list as it’s definitely one of the saddest. However, it’s one of the most memorable and quoted lines from the movie, and it’s the perfect example of how much the Avengers have lost going into Endgame.

Peter Parker is such a lovable and earnest character, and seeing him go to dust in front of Iron Man in such a traumatic way was difficult for most fans.

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Endgame Theory: Stormbreaker Allows Thor To Wield An Infinity Stone

Thor could become even more powerful in Avengers: Endgame thanks to the possibility of Stormbreaker wielding an Infinity Stone. The god of thunder has gone on quite a journey in recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. He lost Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok but learned his true power comes from within. Still, with the threat of Thanos and a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet looming, Thor increased his power again by getting a new weapon, the mighty Stormbreaker.

His axe was created by Eitri at Nidavellir in Avengers: Infinity War and the film quickly showed just how powerful Stormbreaker is. Thor suddenly had access to the bifrost so he could make a dramatic entrance in Wakanda. All he wanted was to get revenge on Thanos for killing Loki, Heimdall, and half of the Asgardian population aboard the stolen Grandmaster ship. When he saw his shot at the Mad Titan, Thor tossed Stormbreaker towards him, and not even the full power of six Infinity Stones could stop it. Unfortunately, Thor didn’t aim for the head and Thanos was still able to snap away half of the universe’s population.

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The might that Stormbreaker showed in this instance though was extraordinary. The Infinity Stones have been central to the MCU for the last eleven years and their power is nearly unmatched and difficult to control. Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch received their power from Infinity Stones, while they amplified the power of Vision and Doctor Strange. But, only the Infinity Gauntlet has shown the ability to truly hold their power.

However, there has also been precedence for the power of the Infinity Stones to be merged with other objects; case in point, Ronan the Accuser’s hammer in Guardians of the Galaxy. This is an often overlooked action, but could help pave the way for Thor to harness the power of an Infinity Stone in Endgame.

  • This Page: Ronan’s Hammer Could Explain Stormbreaker’s True Potential
  • Page 2: Thor Could Wield An Infinity Stone In Endgame With Stormbreaker

Was Ronan’s Hammer In Guardians of the Galaxy Made By Eitri?

The origin of Ronan’s hammer is not known, but it is traditionally a ceremonial part of a Kree’s ascension through the military. They are meant to become larger as these promotions occur, and we know thanks to Captain Marvel that Ronan is the head of the Accusers. With that in mind, it makes sense for the leader of a specific section of the military to have the most powerful hammer of them all, and could even be part of ancient Kree history. However, Guardians of the Galaxy shows that this is not even a slightly more powerful weapon, but one that has the ability to control an Infinity Stone.

This makes Ronan’s hammer one of the most powerful weapons in all of the MCU, as it is the only other weapon besides the Infinity Gauntlet to control the power of an Infinity Stone. On the surface, the two weapons are not remotely similar to one another, which makes this capability of Ronan’s hammer all the more fascinating. That said, we do know that the Infinity Gauntlet came from Nidavellir, a legendary weapons manufacturer. This has led us to theorize that Ronan’s hammer may also be a creation of Eitri since it can also harness Infinity Stones – and could open up the door for other major MCU weapons to do the same.

If Ronan’s Hammer Can Wield An Infinity Stone, Can Stormbreaker?

Nidavellir has been positioned as the origin of the galaxy’s most powerful, horrific weapons” according to Rocket, and is responsible for the creation of many weapons, beyond the possibility of Ronan’s hammer originating from here. Between Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and the Infinity Gauntlet, Eitri and his fellow dwarves crafted some of the finest and most powerful weapons the universe has ever seen. In the instance of the Infinity Gauntlet, we know that Thanos specifically told Eitri to fashion it so that he could hold the power of all six Infinity Stones. What we may not know, though, is that the ability to do so is actually a built-in capability for Nidavellir weapons.

Each of their weapons are forged from the heart of a dying star and created with Uru metal, and the combination of the two could potentially be the key to the ability of these weapons to control such power. Since the Infinity Gauntlet and Ronan’s hammer have shown the ability to use the power of an Infinity Stone, it’s easy to connect the origin of the latter to Nidavellir as well. If this is true, then Stormbreaker would also have this ability. The ultra-powerful axe is the latest creation by Eitri in Infinity War, and this would mean that there is still another level of power that Stormbreaker can achieve, which could be put to use in Avengers: Endgame.

Page 2: Thor Could Wield An Infinity Stone In Endgame With Stormbreaker

It was Thanos’ plan in Infinity War to collect all six Infinity Stones to achieve his goal, and even though Marvel Studios is doing a great job of hiding plot details of the followup, we have received a small, but important, tidbit on what the Avengers plan to do next. Footage from Endgame that was shown to Disney shareholders and to press at CinemaCon teased that the Avengers want to steal the Infinity Stones from Thanos. This plan involves a majority of the heroes flying off into space with the destination being Thanos’ “garden” and the goal to get the stones for themselves.

If the Avengers are planning on undoing or reversing the snap using the power of the Infinity Stones, this does ultimately make us wonder if any of them even possess the necessary strength to wield that much power. While Thor is an Asgardian and Carol Danvers has partially Kree DNA, the rest of the team is made up of regular humans, a cybernetically enhanced alien, a raccoon, a super soldier, and the Hulk. They may be a powerful team with their combined strengths, but none of them may be capable of wielding this much power on their own. Thankfully, anyone strong enough to wield a Nidavellir weapon may also then have the capability of controlling a stone.

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Of course, we don’t know exactly what their method will be to undo the snap if they do get the Infinity Stones for themselves. They could devise a whole new way of controlling the stones or attempt to use time travel to stop Thanos from ever doing the snap to begin with. Some have even theorized that Thanos could reverse the snap himself, but there is another possibility that Stormbreaker could help them realize.

Stormbreaker Can Allow Thor To Use An Infinity Stone In Endgame

In order to reverse the snap and truly defeat Thanos, the Avengers may individually have to take on the burden of an Infinity Stone to collectively give them the strength to do what needs to be done. If this is the case, then it is possible that Thor will be one of the Avengers chosen to take on such power. Whether he knows this already or learns it at some point in Avengers: Endgame, Stormbreaker’s possible Infinity Stone wielding capabilities will help give them a new surprise to throw Thanos’ way.

Stormbreaker being used to wield an Infinity Stone would instantly give Thor an even larger role to play in Endgame and further make him one of the more powerful characters involved in the story. His weapon is already strong as it is, but the added power from an Infinity Stone would make him an even more formidable opponent for Thanos to face. But, if Thor is going to wield an Infinity Stone through Stormbreaker, what will happen to the other five that he doesn’t use?

There’s been no signs of this happening in Endgame, but since Marvel is hiding so many details about the movie, it could be possible that fellow Avengers will also get Infinity Stone wielding weapons. Some supposed concept art for Endgame previously teased an axe that looked like one Captain Marvel has held in the comics, so this could be a weapon she receives to hold a stone all by herself. Additionally, Iron Man could get an entirely new set of armor from Nidavellir, while a second or past version of Mjolnir could be brought into the picture for someone like Captain America to use. There is still a lot that Endgame will need to confirm before any of this happens though. But since this is just a theory at this point, we can only hope to see how Avengers: Endgame incorporate these potentially fascinating elements.

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Avengers: Endgame Cast Hilariously Recaps Infinity War As a Children Story

Avengers: Endgame cast members recap the tragic events of Avengers: Infinity War as a children’s book. With less than three weeks to go before MCU’s culminating film hits theaters, the press tour for the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed superhero blockbuster is already in full swing. Written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, Avengers 4 tackles the aftermath of Thanos wiping out half of population all over the universe. With their backs against the wall, the remaining heroes hatch a plan to avenge those who have fallen and potentially also restore peace and order in the galaxy.

Marvel Studios has been extremely secretive about the story of Endgame, even briefly tinkering on possibly not doing any traditional marketing scheme for the movie. Demand for tickets broke numerous records, and clogged several online retailers – a testament to the public’s anticipation of how the 22-film arc the MCU has been treading since Iron Man will come to a close. Trailers are crafted to not give anything away regarding what the future lies ahead for the heroes and Thanos. But for those who have given up on attempting to predict what goes down in the Phase 3 capper, the cast of the film recaps the plot of Infinity War in preparation for its sequel.

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Kicking off Avengers week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, members of Endgame‘s ensemble cast sat down to do a reading of ‘Twas The Mad Titan Thanos – a lighter spin on the tragic events of Infinity War specifically geared for kids. Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans took turns in reading the book – most of them breaking character for personal commentaries on the what went down in Avengers 3. Ruffalo and Johansson ribbed Thor for not going for Thanos’ head, while Hemsworth defended his character saying Odinson was the only one who got that close in defeating the Mad Titan. The Australian actor also talked smack about Star-Lord who famously broke down in Titan that foiled the Avengers attempt to steal the Infinity Gauntlet. Renner, who sat out of the movie confidently said that they could’ve just called him and this won’t happen, Cheadle complained about the forced rhyming of “Groot” and “soot,” while Evans couldn’t stop laughing at Thanos’ chin. Watch the whole clip below:

Frankly, Marvel Studios can opt to ease on the press tour for Endgame seeing the anticipation for it all over the globe. After all, they can’t really say anything pertaining to its story because as it turns out, it has more spoilers than Infinity War. However, aside from this promo round gearing towards those who may not be knee-deep into the MCU, seeing the actors inhabiting this franchise interact outside of their roles is a treat for loyal followers of the universe. Last year, some of them skipped the interviews to give way for those who were dusted off by the end of Avengers 3. But with Evans and Renner now joining the fray, the original six Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – who will be front and center in the film can promote potentially their last outing as a team.

It’s no secret that some, if not most of the founding heroes of MCU, are bidding the franchise goodbye through Avengers: Endgame, and it was clever of Marvel Studios to shift the focus back on the core Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for their Phase 3 capper. Not only will it drive up the nostalgia factor, it also gives the public the proper opportunity to send of these beloved heroes and the actors playing them who fans may not see for a while (or ever) back on the big screen.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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MCU Theory: Ronan’s Hammer Was Made By Infinity War’s Eitri

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced some insanely powerful weapons in the first eleven years, but Ronan the Accuser’s hammer from Guardians of the Galaxy is one of a few that can actually handle the power of an Infinity Stone. Could it be another Nidavellir weapon created by Avengers: Infinity War‘s Eitri?

Ronan’s hammer has the built-in ability to project concussive blasts, and the Kree zealot showed this ability on several occasions in Guardians of the Galaxy. Once Ronan finally acquires the Power Stone and realizes its potential, though, he merges the two weapons together and gives the hammer the capability to completely destroy a planet, much like the ancient Celestial carriers that wiped out civilizations. According to the Art of Captain Marvel book (a film Ronan also appeared in briefly), the hammer is a ceremonial part of a Kree’s ascension.

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Even with this in mind, it has never been confirmed what the hammer’s MCU origins are. In the comics, these hammers are traditionally made by the Kree and become bigger as individuals, like Ronan, advance through the military ranks. That hasn’t been confirmed to be the case in the MCU though. We do know that Ronan is the leader of the Accusers (a unit of the Kree military), so it would make sense that his hammer would be more powerful than any others, possibly even an ancient part of Kree history. But considering Ronan’s hammer has also shown the ability to be much more powerful than the average weapon thanks to its Infinity Stone wielding capabilities, could it actually be a creation from Nidavellir?

The forge run by Eitri (Peter Dinklage) and the dwarfs is responsible for the creation of Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and the Infinity Gauntlet, arguably the three most powerful weapons in the MCU. Per Avengers: Infinity War, we know that Nidavellir was active until recently, so it’d be odd if they weren’t creating weapons during this time. And if an ancient alien race like the Kree were looking for advanced intergalactic weapons, Nidavellir would be an obvious manufacturer. After all, Rocket says in Infinity War that Nidavellir makes “the most powerful, horrific weapons to ever torment the universe” and Ronan’s hammer certainly fits that description.

If Ronan’s hammer is indeed created by Eitri, then it is not difficult to make the jump to this being the reason why it was able to actually wield the Power Stone. The MCU has firmly established that it takes a certain amount of strength to harness the energy of an Infinity Stone; The Collector mentioned that they “can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength.” The Guardians are only able to do it because Star-Lord is half-Celestial and Ebony Maw proclaimed in Infinity War that Thanos is the first person to ever have the power of two. Of course, Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet, which is one of the only artifacts in the MCU that has shown the ability to control the stones – and was made by Eitri under duress.

The only possible hangup with this theory is how Thor describes Nidavellir weapons in Avengers: Infinity War. He says the Guardians cannot all have one because they “simply lack the strength to wield them” and that “your bodies would crumble as your minds collapsed into madness.” Ronan has no trouble wielding the power of his hammer before it is powered by an Infinity Stone, much less when it is. It could possibly be explained that it is enchanted to him, meaning only he can wield it (a la Thor’s connection to Mjolnir), or that not all Nidavellir weapons are created equally. Ronan’s hammer could’ve been made specifically so a Kree would be able to have the necessary strength, while the Uru metal gives it the ability to harness an Infinity Stone.

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While there’s still not enough evidence to confirm this theory, it does make sense with the MCU’s canon. We’ll just have to keep out fingers crossed that the history and true power of the hammer will be explored in the future, such as in Captain Marvel 2 if Ronan returns again.

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Avengers: Endgame May Show Infinity War’s Biggest Missing Scene

Avengers: Endgame could show the biggest missing scene from Avengers: Infinity War – and feature two key planets from Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has taken a secretive approach to Avengers: Endgame, with a drip-feed of information meaning that, even now, the plot is largely a mystery.

Avengers: Infinity War had a runtime of 2 hours 40 minutes – and yet the plot actually skipped a lot of key story beats. One of the most frustrating was the Battle of Xandar, when Thanos and his forces razed that planet in order to acquire the Power Stone. According to Thor, that had happened a week before the film. On the commentary track, co-writer Christopher Markus explained that Marvel felt they just didn’t see the need to show it. “If Thanos went to Xandar to get the Stone, you know what happened,” he observed. “There was a big battle and he got it.

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However, could the Battle of Xandar simply have been saved for a later film? The recently-released Avengers: Endgame Special Look features a shot of Thanos’ vessel, Sanctuary II, hovering ominously in front of a CG planet that is easy to identify as Xandar, home of the Nova Corps (via Reddit).

Assuming Marvel haven’t just inserted a stock CG planet into this scene in order to mislead, the new trailer seems to indicate that Xandar will return in Avengers: Endgame. There are, of course, multiple ways that could work. Firstly, it’s possible that Thanos could simply return to Xandar after his snap, although this is the most unlikely; there’s no conceivable reason for him to go back there after already decimating the planet and taking its Infinity Stone.

More enticingly, this could be a return to the Battle of Xandar, showing audiences what was missing in Avengers: Infinity War. The obvious way to do this would be via flashback, although as there’s strong evidence Avengers: Endgame involves time travel, this past event could be visited by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on their mission. Either way, it would mean viewers may get to see the fall of Xandar after all. It would also add an extra layer to Markus’ comments; it’s not that there’s nothing enlightening there, it ‘s that it could be a big spoiler.

The fate of Xandar could well prove to be an important part of the MCU’s lore going forward, given Kevin Feige has suggested the superhero Nova has “immediate potential” to appear in the MCU. In the comics, human Richard Rider became a member of the Nova Corps after their numbers were decimated by war, so the Battle of Xandar could serve as important backstory for a new and popular character. As such, it would be far better to actually see that on-screen.

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This isn’t the only Guardians of the Galaxy planet revisited in the lastest Avengers: Endgame trailer, however.

Although the editing suggests it’s Earth, the planet that the Benatar is flying away from in the above shot is actually Morag, the desolate and inhospitable world where the Power Stone had been hidden for millennia, concealed within a temple that was only accessible when the waters receded every 300 years.

It’s unclear why the Avengers – who use the Guardians’ ship after Tony Stark and Nebula returns to Earth – would go to Morag. If they’re back in time, it could be to get the Power Stone itself, although we could also see Avengers: Endgame finally make use of that intriguing temple mural.

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