PKK terrorist killed by Turkish intelligence in northern Iraq

A wanted PKK terrorist was killed in an operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in northern Iraq, a security source confirmed Tuesday.

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Highest-ranking female PKK terrorist killed in joint ops by Turkish military, intelligence

The highest-ranking female PKK terrorist, Nazife Bilen, was killed in a National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and Turkish Armed Forces joint operation Monday, security sources s… .

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Batwoman: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

In many versions of his story, Batman is often called the world’s greatest detective. His cousin, Kate Kane in CW’s Batwoman, hasn’t earned that exact moniker just yet, but she’s also only in her first season of the television series. As she grows into her new superhero persona, Kate has surrounded herself with people who can help her catch the bad guys, but sometimes, the bad guys are smarter than the good guys in Gotham.

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When looking at the intelligence of the characters in the Arrowverse’s version of Batwoman, it’s important to note that some characters are more knowledgeable in certain areas. Some people are better at strategizing, while others are well-versed in science. To make measuring their intelligence fair, we’ve ranked them by their ability to figure out not only the next moves of Gotham’s criminal underground but also the identity of masked vigilantes. 

10 Jacob Kane

Though Jacob Kane is the leader of Gotham’s Crows, he hasn’t done much legwork in the series so far. In fact, the few times he’s been out in the field, Jacob has had to be saved by his own employees.

Despite having impressive resources, Jacob has not been able to piece together the secret identities of any of the bad or good guys in his town. He willfully ignored the evidence that Alice was actually Beth, and he hasn’t even noticed the glaring coincidence that his daughter moving back to Gotham happened to be when Batwoman showed up. He definitely ranks at the bottom.

9 Catherine Hamilton

Catherine one-ups her husband because, despite her not unmasking anyone in town, she’s actually pretty brilliant. Unlike her husband, Catherine isn’t actually interested in who the vigilantes are. She also pretty quickly accepts the evidence that Alice and Beth are one and the same, even if she doesn’t want to.

Catherine is also adept at hiding her double-dealing in Gotham. It’s only because Alice has a vendetta against Catherine that her transgressions are eventually uncovered. Likewise, Catherine is also pretty skilled at manipulating people around her to make sure the blame falls on her and not the people she cares about.

8 Kate Kane

Kate might be the title character of the series, but she often gets by thanks to a little help from her friends. At least Kate was able to put together the clues to Alice’s identity pretty quickly, and she even had good ideas to narrow down just who the villain Nocturna could be.

Kate has good instincts when it comes to investigations and sussing out people’s true motivations. With time, she could definitely give Batman a run for his money.

7 Sophie Moore

Sophie is a bit of an adrenaline junkie when it comes to love. She’s all in for a romance with Batwoman because it’s secretive and it means she gets to help bust bad guys without following employer rules. Because Sophie is so adept at secrets and lies, she’s also very good at uncovering them.

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In fact, Sophie is one of the first people in Gotham to peg Batwoman as Kate Kane right away. She’s tricked into believing otherwise, but given how quickly she figures it out the first time, it’s pretty clear that not much gets by her.

6 Julia Pennyworth

Like Sophie, Julia figures out Batwoman’s identity fairly quickly. In fact, Julia outranks Sophie because it only takes one meeting for her to figure it out, not several.

Julia has a lot of the same skills that Kate and Sophie do, though she didn’t go through the exact same training they did. She has the potential to be a great investigator and superhero in her own right if the show keeps bringing her back. Julia has already given a helping hand to Batwoman, demonstrating her ability to track down leads and read people.

5 Johnny “Mouse” Cartwright

Even as a little boy, Johnny is very good at reading the people around him. That’s likely a product of having a father who perfected the art of face swapping and being always on his guard. 

As Johnny becomes closer to Beth, he also becomes Mouse. Mouse is incredibly good at getting into places he’s not supposed to be, and he’s still good at reading people. He’s one of the few people who know Batwoman’s true identity, and he’s not fooled when a Beth from another Earth pays him a visit. 

4 August Cartwright

August Cartwright might not unmask many people in the series, but he gets this spot because he’s so adept at actually putting masks on people. Johnny’s father perfected the art of creating masks using skin grafts, something everyone in the series thinks is impossible.

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He’s also masqueraded as plastic surgeon Ethan Campbell for years with no one the wiser. He’s smart enough to get close to Mouse again as an adult and kidnap him, just like he kidnapped Beth as a child. August might be a horrible person, but there’s no denying his intelligence, even if he hasn’t pieced together who Batwoman is yet.

3 Beth “Alice” Kane

Alice is the kind of villain that just wants to have her own special brand of fun. She seems chaotic, and even out of touch with reality. Her overactive imagination, however, gives way to a meticulous planner.

Alice has backup plans for her backup plans. She was also quick to spy that Kate is Batwoman, despite the two not interacting since they were children. Alice is also the one who creates the plan to bring Catherine down. She’s got some serious skills. It’s just a shame she uses them for evil most of the time.

2 Luke Fox

Luke Fox learned about Batwoman’s real identity only because he was there to help create her mask. However, that’s not to say he can’t unmask vigilantes or criminals in Gotham.

In fact, Luke does most of the legwork for Batwoman. He’s the one who finds information and answers her questions on a regular basis. Sometimes, he’s even the one asking the questions. Luke is also the one who creates all of her versions of bat-gadgets. He’s certainly one of the smartest people in the series.

1 Mary Hamilton

Mary, Kate’s stepsister, tops the list because she can actually understand what Luke is talking about when he really gets going, and she’s one of the few people who figured Kate out. Sophie is convinced she made a mistake about Kate as Batwoman. Mary, on the other hand, put all of the evidence together instead of relying on instinct.

Mary is the only person in the series to pick up on all of the hints that Kate is Batwoman. She’s also got some serious skills as a medical student running her own underground clinic. She might not have her stepfather’s resources or Alice’s minions, but Mary puts them all to shame.

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NCIS Los Angeles Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

The NCIS franchise has three successful series currently airing on CBS. Originally a spinoff of JAG two decades ago, the franchise spotlights those investigators tasked with solving crimes connected to military members. The NCIS Los Angeles series, in particular, is tasked with special cases that involve the investigators spending a lot of their time undercover. 

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In order to become an investigator of any kind, a character has to be willing to follow strings of strange clues, read between the lines of witness statements, and put together pieces that are seemingly unconnected from one another. Being misled by red herrings won’t get them anywhere. That’s why to determine which NCIS Los Angeles character is the most intelligent, we’ve taken a look at just how adept they are at all of the pieces of solving a mystery over the course of their time on the series.

10 Marty Deeks

Originally a police officer, Marty Deeks is one of the best undercover operatives the show has. He has no problems stepping into someone else’s shoes and spinning a tale to keep his identity a secret.

While that’s great for gathering information, it’s not so great for actually putting the information together. Deeks also has a history of wanting to trust people who should be his prime suspects. For that reason, he leads off the list of investigators in the series.

9 Kensi Blye

Deeks’ partner gets the spot just above him. Though the two share a lot of the same skills when it comes to going undercover, Kensi is a bit more suspicious of people in general compared to Deeks. She doesn’t always come right out and voice her questions, but she’s always observing and thinking about the scene in front of her.

Kensi is the kind of investigator who likes to bounce her ideas off her partner – or their teammates. Once she’s made her observations, she tends to outline her thought process to those around her, but she always wants input before getting to that final puzzle piece.

8 Anna Kolchek

Anna Kolchek has worked in multiple branches of law enforcement, but she’s someone who is more at home bending laws (or outright breaking them) than enforcing them. She’s worked in private security, which often involves helping people flee the country and protecting corporate interests.

Anna’s best skills come in the form of getting out of high-security places, not necessarily in figuring out what crimes are being committed in those places. While a lot of her skills have been put to use in helping solve criminal cases, Anna is definitely more in her element when she gets to do her own thing.

7 G Callan

Despite Callan essentially being raised to be a spy, he ranks relatively low amongst the NCIS Los Angeles team members. That’s largely because, like Deeks, he’s good at gathering intelligence undercover, and like Anna, he’s good at breaking out of secure places, but when it comes to solving mysteries, he needs a little help.

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Callan is frequently the muscle in his partnership – and that’s saying something since his partner is a former Navy SEAL. He is definitely better at following the advice of those around him to solve a case than he is at figuring it out on his own. It’s interesting since Callan once preferred to work alone.

6 Eric Beale

When it comes to technical know-how, Eric Beale tops the list. Eric can hack just about anything on the planet, and he’s definitely got a talent for pattern recognition and compartmentalizing important information. That’s all useful in an investigation – and necessary at NCIS.

Unfortunately for Eric, he’s not so great in the field. He’s had a few occasions to go undercover, and he tends to get flustered very easily while trying to secretly gather information. Like both Kensi and Callan, he’s better at solving the big puzzle when he has someone else to help him with it.

5 Sam Hanna

Sam Hanna outranks a lot of the field agents he works with. His stature and his background as a Navy SEAL tend to make people think he’s going to be the most physical of the agents. While he is good at defending his team in a fight, he’s not usually the first to exchange blows.

Instead, Sam tends to be a lot more observant than people give him credit for. He’s often able to see what those around him are trying to hide. His ability to read people even allows him to be so bold as to set Callan up on dates. Of course, he’s not quite as adept at reading people as a few other agents; he didn’t know that the teacher he once set Callan up with was actually CIA.

4 Owen Granger

For a long time, the team considers Owen Granger to be a threat to their methods. He’s a bit more by the book than the rest of the Los Angeles office, and that initially makes them wary of him. In actuality, however, Granger is an incredibly adept NCIS agent – and on their side.

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Granger might rank a little higher than expected for some fans, but it’s important to remember that one of the reasons he made the team nervous originally is that they couldn’t hide anything from him. He is always watching and figuring things out about the team that they don’t want him to know. He applies his same skills in the rare instances when he’s in the field.

3 Nate Getz

Leading off the top three spots is a character we haven’t seen much of in NCIS lately. Nate Getz has been gone for a few seasons, but he’s definitely not forgotten.

He initially appears in the series as the office psychologist. He’s there to analyze suspects while they’re interrogated and to provide support for team members who have difficulties in the field. Since then, Nate’s also worked his own investigations. His ability to get inside people’s heads gives him an edge on most of the agents he’s worked with in the past, and it allows him to put together aspects of a case that others might not be able to see.

2 Nell Jones

Originally working solely on the backend of missions for NCIS Los Angeles, Nell is one of the few characters in the show to have cross-training in multiple aspects of their investigations. She can do a lot of the same technical work that Eric can do, but she’s also got field training.

Nell is capable of holding her own while pursuing a suspect but equally able to analyze data and do research. She’s as observant as someone like Nate, but she’s also as prepared to put things together as Sam and Granger. Nell truly is one of the most capable agents in the series

1 Hetty Lange

It would hardly be possible for any other character to top the list of intelligent NCIS Los Angeles characters. Hetty Lange has handpicked all of her agents. She knows exactly what skills each of them are capable of – and she’s also capable of most of them herself.

Like most of her agents, Hetty is extremely observant. She often knows things before they tell her. Hetty also has more experience with technology than she lets on. Though she doesn’t frequently run computerized searches or analysis herself, she pioneered a coding program decades earlier. Hetty is also a highly decorated field agent who has groomed younger agents to replace her. Nothing gets by her, and she can easily put puzzle pieces together.

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Nancy Drew: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

In the world of Nancy Drew, everyone has to be at least somewhat more intelligent than the average person. It’s necessary to be able to put the puzzle pieces of a murder mystery together – and to deal with all of those pesky supernatural entities haunting the small town of Horseshoe Bay. 

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Of course, when spending all of their free time solving mysteries, some characters have more of a knack for it than others. That’s why this list is measuring the intelligence of the characters of the CW’s most recent Nancy Drew adaptation based on their ability to solve a complicated mystery.

10 Ryan

Ryan leads off the list because he’s probably the one person in the show who never actively tries to solve a mystery. He appears to at least be competent in the business world, though his addition to the family business did cost them a lot of money. 

Ryan is also really good at keeping the family secrets. He might not be great at putting together the pieces of any puzzles together, but he’s definitely good at reading his family and knowing just what they need him to do. Ryan also has a knack for manipulating the women in his life, but whether that makes him intelligent or a creep is up to the audience to decide.

9 Owen

For the most part, Owen stays out of the mystery solving as well, which is why he’s ranked so low on the list. Owen shows himself to be able to follow clues – when he has Nancy or Bess leading him to them.

Other than that, Owen seems to have plenty of his own secrets, but fans haven’t seen enough of him in the series to know what kind of secrets he’s keeping. We also haven’t seen enough of him to know if he could eventually inch his way higher up in the rankings.

8 Karen

Karen is smart enough to be a detective in a small town like Horseshoe Bay. As a result, we know that she can contribute to the solving of a mystery, but so far, her track record isn’t that great.

Instead of following clues and doing her own work to track down criminals in Horseshoe Bay, she’s stealing the diary of a girl trying to work out whether or not she can trust her father. The biggest break of Karen’s career came as a result of her stealing Nancy Drew’s own notes.

7 Bess

Bess has shown a lot of promise on the mystery-solving front. She’s able to put in the research and figure out patterns during an investigation, though she doesn’t quite have the knack for it most of the other characters do just yet.

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If Bess is placed in the middle of a case that involves gossip about the elite, high fashion, or very sparkly jewelry (by her own admission), she excels. Bess has a very specific set of interests, and while she’s great at pursuing them, she isn’t yet great at the mysteries as a whole.

6 Laura

Laura Tandy doesn’t have plans to spend a lot of time in Horseshoe Bay, but she would certainly be a good asset to Nancy’s growing team of investigators. Despite her appearance as a shallow socialite who just wants to have a good time in Paris, Laura is anything but.

Laura isn’t quite as good as her dearly departed big sister at puzzles, but she’s no slouch. She knows that her sister is murdered and returns to town to prove it. Laura also knows where to go to find proof, and she doesn’t give up. She doesn’t have quite the finesse as others on the series, but she could certainly grow as an investigator.

5 Nick

When the audience first meets Nick, he’s a football player with a past who also happens to be good at figuring out how things work. Unlike pretty much everyone else on this list, he’s mechanically inclined, which earns him a slightly higher spot.

He’s also much more academically inclined than the show would first indicate. He’s better read than most of the other characters, understanding literary clues left by Tiffany when no one else does. While Nick is good at memorization and regurgitating information, he is not, however, as adept at putting all of that information together as everyone else.

4 George

When it comes to quips, sarcasm, and holding their own against Nancy Drew, George might be the only main character who is truly a match for her amongst her friends. She isn’t always someone who is going to jump right into a mystery-solving session, but she’s certainly someone who could.

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George is able to follow Nancy’s own mystery trail better than most. As Nancy stands in the middle of the room and puts pieces together, it’s often George, while multitasking and running The Claw, whose input ends up being the most valuable. George is also the one who has been singlehandedly keeping the business afloat when literally all of her employees leave to pursue leads, so she’s certainly one capable woman.

3 Ace

Ace only edges out George because he has a couple of skills that she lacks. One of those is his ability with computers. His hacking – and his general knowledge of how to access databases – has come in handy quite a few times in the first season. 

His other skill is that of observation. Ace is the first to realize that Bess has been living in her van. He’s also quick to notice that Nancy doesn’t tell them everything in her investigations. Ace is even much more open to the world of the supernatural than George, even though she grew up with a mother who enjoyed investigating ghosts.

2 Carson

Carson Drew is the biggest lawyer available to the citizens of Horseshoe Bay. Though that might typically mean settling property disputes, he also deals with some very secretive clients over the years. In some cases, that means he has to think like a detective well enough to be able to hide even the hint of a crime from people. 

So far, the series has mostly featured Carson as a person hiding the truth instead of uncovering it, but remarks from Nancy over the course of the first season would indicate that a lot of what she learned came from her parents.

1 Nancy

In a series named for Nancy Drew, is any other character ever going to truly outwit her? Nancy is always ready for a mystery, even when she protests that she’s no longer in a position to solve them. Nancy jumps into investigations with both feet, searching for the truth, even if it hurts.

Via flashbacks in the first season, we know that Nancy starts her crime-solving days when she’s just 13 years old. Over the years, she’s become good enough at investigating on her own that she’s capable of solving mysteries before the police. Of course, as of the first season of the show, Nancy learns that sometimes it pays to ask for help. She’s learning just what she’s capable of – and when she can use someone else’s expertise. Willing to call Ace when she doesn’t understand the technology, or George when she needs supernatural assistance, or Nick if she needs help with the legwork, Nancy figures out how her friends fit together just as she figures out how the pieces of a mystery do. 

Nancy Drew is certainly the puzzle master of the show so far, which is why she lands at the top of the list.

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Twilight: Every Cullen, Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant

In the series Twilight, the Cullens are seen as a powerful clan due to their intelligence and each member adding their own abilities, vampiric or not, to the mix. The Cullens consist of Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward and recent members since Breaking Dawn including Bella as well as her daughter Renesmee who was born half human-half vampire.

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Some Cullens have spent their long years and sleepless nights studying the piano, or medicine while others have very powerful mental skills that they’ve had to learn to control. Some Cullens have none of the above and are just simply not as smart. Keep reading to see which Cullens we’ve ranked from least to most intelligent.

9 Rosalie 

Rosalie, while intelligent as well, is the lowest in our ranking for a few reasons. Rosalie is quite jealous throughout the movie, showing low emotional control given how long she’s been alive. Unlike her vampire siblings, Rose doesn’t have any abilities either, so she’s not challenging herself mentally like the other Cullens are.

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In Breaking Dawn we see her soft spot for Bella and Edward’s daughter Reenesme which gives her some credit back for the years she spent being unnecessarily mean to Bella. There’s also no mention in the books or movie or her academic performance or skills. The things we do know about Rosalie paint her as a materialistic and quite self-absorbed person.

8 Esme 

Esme Cullen was turned vampire by Carlisle on the brink of death from a suicide attempt. Esme lived a hard life as a human, experiencing abuse in her marriage as well as the loss of a baby. What makes Esme intelligent is her ability to put herself aside for her family and loved ones. Esme has the capability for self-sacrifice and selflessness which in his own way is a superpower. Even in her vampiric life, Esme’s soft and supportive nature is not easy and takes maturity to possess.

7 Emmett

Emmett Cullen is the tough one of the clan. He’s burly and big and strong. Much like Rosalie’s character, he is not written as a technically or conventionally intelligent person. Him and Rosalie together made sense as they were the shallow ones of the clan.

Although, Emmett’s intelligence comes from planning. Emmett has never missed a fight in the series because he is essential to them. He is a good fighter for many reasons, including his strength but also including his ability to understand the other person’s next move or even their weaknesses.

6 Alice 

Alice Cullen is intelligent in the sense that she has a lot of mental skills. Alice has the gift of premonition so she can catch glimpses into the future, she also develops this ability better over time. Although, up until the later movies these were sporadic and came to her instead of her channeling them.

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In the final battle with the Volturi, we can see Alice showing them what would happen if they fight. The whole battle that we see is actually Alice’s vision and didn’t happen. This was to show them that if they were to fight, the Volturi would lose a lot of important lives.

5 Carlisle

Carlisle turned vampire in his mid-20s in the oldest of the Cullens after Esme. He was turned in the 1600s, making him the oldest and most experienced one as well. Part of his intelligence comes from his experience and wisdom.

Carlisle also studied to become a doctor, giving him conventional intelligence. Carlisle also has the gift of self-control. He is able to turn others into vampires and stop himself from consuming their blood and killing them. This type of self-controlled is practiced and skilled, adding another dimension to his intelligence.

4 Jasper 

Jasper was not very focused on in, and especially in the films, he was very undeveloped as a character. In Eclipse, we see a little bit of his past, but other than we don’t know much about Jasper.

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What we do know about Jasper puts him high on our ranking. Jasper can manipulate emotions. For example, he can make someone feel calm if they are angry. He uses this in very detailed and subtle ways to help the intensity of emotions we see throughout the series. In New Moon, he was still new to denying human blood, but by Breaking Dawn he has full control of it. This also shows Jasper’s emotional control and intelligence as well.

3 Bella

Bella’s always been intelligent, even as a human. The books and films both explicitly show that Bella is already smart without the extra heightened senses that come with being a vampire and we can see this amplified after being transformed. Her intelligence and control is seen through her management of her ability to mentally shield all other vampire abilities.

In the final book and the last two parts of the Breaking Dawn, movies is when we learn that Bella has a mental shield. They spend a good chunk of the film trying to teach Bella how to control it and let people into the shield as well as shield other people, which she successfully does in the final battle against the Volturi.

2 Renesmee

Renesmee Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella was born with some interesting abilities that she learned to control very early on. She is able to project memories and feelings through touch.

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Renesmee also has the ability to penetrate shields as well and we can see this through her tactile communication with her mother Bella, which we know has the shield ability. Even though Renesmee is the youngest of the Cullen Clan, she is intelligent beyond her years.

1 Edward 

Edward Cullen is ranked number one on our list for many reasons. The first reason being the obvious, his telepathic abilities. Telepathy is a mental ability in which Edward can see/hear people’s thoughts, excluding his wife Bella. Edward talks about how he’s learned to listen to one specific voice at a time instead of letting a sea of thoughts overwhelm him. This takes a lot of intelligence and skill.

He’s also graduated high school many more times than most people and has talked about how he loves reading in his free time, which we’re sure had made Edward knowledgeable on a plethora of topics. Also, add in the fact that he’s an expert pianist which gives him an extra edge for this ranking.

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CSI: Ranking The Investigators By Intelligence | ScreenRant

After 15 seasons on the air, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has proven to be one of the best crime dramas of all time. Winning everything from Emmy’s to People’s Choice Awards with its all-star cast that has included Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, and Elizabeth Shue, just to name a few.

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The CSI franchise has garnered high ratings for CBS over its time on-air and has produced spin-offs that continue to this day. While the show might not live up to real-life standards in the field of crime scene investigation, that has not stopped many fans from watching. So, out of all the seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation just who are the smartest crime scene investigators on the show?

10 Nick Stokes

While talented in his line of work, Nick is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeves. Which can sometimes prove detrimental in his ability to get the job done. His sympathetic and caring nature towards victims makes him passionate about solving crimes. A skilled, crime scene investigator, he specializes in hair and fiber analysis.

Thanks to his ability in his line of work, Nick rose to assistant CSI Supervisor in the Las Vegas Crime Lab only to later take a higher position in San Diego as the Director of the San Diego PD Crime Lab.

9 Julie Finlay

Julie is one of the top blood spatter experts in the United States. So good that D.B. Russell gave her the nickname “blood whisperer”. While she is an expert in the field, she has a record of breaking protocols, which in one instance allowed the Seattle Police Department to be sued by a guilty man that was released due to her illegally obtaining an incriminating blood sample, resulting in her firing by D.B. Russell.

She proved to be such a valuable asset to the team, she was promoted to Assistant Night Shift Supervisor in the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

8 Horatio Caine

Horatio Caine is the day shift supervisor and the head of the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. His specialty training includes a degree in chemistry and experience as an explosive expert. Horatio has shown to be fluent in Spanish and knowledgeable in French, along with being an expert marksman.

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While he can be a little rough around the edges, Horatio is passionate about his line of work. He understands victims’ pain, as he also was a victim of domestic violence as a child. His communication skills are superb, allowing him to get the most information out of victims.

7 Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders is one of the more accomplished crime scene investigators, as he was considered a child prodigy, later obtaining a degree in chemistry from Stanford University, graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors.

He is a man passionate about his job. He doesn’t seek accolades or monetary gains, as solving crimes and helping victims find peace is his only reward. While Sanders is calm seeing dead bodies, when it comes to the high pressure involved in trying to save someone he cares about, his emotions can get the best of him.

6 Eric Delko

Eric is a kind and outgoing individual who is a gentleman through and through. An athlete, he played right field for his college baseball team. While he isn’t above losing his temper at times, his intentions are always pure and come from a place of deep concern.

He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Miami. After graduation he obtained a position with the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, eventually becoming an expert in the field of fingerprints, tires and drug identification. Eric is somewhat of a linguist of sorts, being fluent in Spanish and proficient in Russian.

5 Jo Danville

Jo is a very optimistic person and investigator who tends to follow the rule book no matter the consequences. An example of this would be when she was working as an FBI agent in Washington D.C., she learned that her friend Frank Waters was covering up his tracks when it came to mishandling evidence during a serial rape case.

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She reported him to the defense attorneys handling the case, causing the case to be acquitted. This act of honest behavior ended up costing her, her job with the FBI. She now works mainly with DNA evidence.

4 Sara Sidle

While in high school, Sarah displayed an intelligence level far superior to that of her peers and by seventeen, graduated as valedictorian of her high school class. After first being admitted to Harvard University, Sarah transferred to UC Berkley, partly because she grew homesick and wanted to attend a university closer to home.

She ended up graduating at the top of her class, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics. While attending graduate school, she accepted a work-study position in the San Francisco Coroner’s office before working her way up to CSI Level 2.

3 D.B. Russell

D.B. Russell is a family man first and foremost. While he loves his family, he, also, has found his passion as a crime scene investigator, before working his way up to heading the crime lab in Seattle and then working as a night shift supervisor at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

Russell won a certain level of fame back in Washington for catching the Gig Harbor killer. His years of experience have proven valuable as he understands the value of knowing not to let his emotions get in the way of his job performance.

2 Raymond Langston

As the son of a soldier, Raymond understood a sense of duty from a very early on. While he didn’t have the best home life and as an adult, has struggled with his demons. Raymond managed to become a medical doctor that specialized in Forensic Pathology.

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Beginning his medical career at Delaware General Hospital. Langston has a take-charge personality and holds himself accountable if and when he feels his performance is sub-par. Langston’s exceptional abilities go beyond that of an ordinary doctor, as he also, is a published author and a fan of the Greek playwright Aischylos.

1 Gil Grissom

From an early age, Gil exhibited a high level of intelligence compared to that of his peers but this came with a catch, as it made him anti-social, preferring his ant farm to playing with friends.

He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Biology from UCLA at the young age of twenty-two and shortly afterward, took up an apprenticeship with criminologist Dr. Philip Gerard. Grissom a self-described “science nerd” excelled in his role as a crime scene investigator, eventually working his way up to night shift supervisor at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

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Brett Hoover

Grown-ish: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Sitcoms are known to have characters that fall into different archetypes. Whether it is based on how they dress, their personality or their intelligence.

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For years audiences have seen at least one character in a sitcom used as comedic relief or something of the sort. This portrayal has even happened in the young adult comedy Grown-ish. As the students of Cal U work to earn their respective degrees, they experience the ups and downs of life and learn a lot more than what they teach in the classroom along the way. Today, we will be ranking our favourite Grown-Ish characters based on their intelligence.

Note: this article will contain spoilers.

10 Charlie

There should be no surprise that Charlie is at the bottom of our list.

In both Black-ish and it’s a spin-off, he is known for being out of the loop with basically everything. Starting as a professor at Cal U, while somehow still working at Stevenson and Lido, and eventually somehow snagging a job as the Dean of the University, everyone is wondering how Charlie can function in his day to day life, let alone as a leader. Regardless of his crazy antics and overall zany personality, he’s always an entertaining character to watch.

9 Nomi

Even though Nomi had one of the more privileged upbringings, overall out of the groups she is not the brightest of the bunch. Throughout the series, we see Nomi continuously make bad choices. Like hooking up with a random girl when she was supposed to be registering for classes.

This season, we found out that she got pregnant from a one night stand last semester. Revealing that she knew the repercussions of her actions and genuinely just didn’t care. In this case, we see that her self destructive and careless nature tends to be in the driver’s seat at most times.

8 Zoey

Being the focal character of the series, we would expect that the protagonist would be higher up on this list, but throughout the series thus far, Zoey has proved time and time again that she still has a lot to learn.

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Not only has she made bad choices, but she has consciously made bad choices that negatively impact her future. Like letting her relationships affect her grades, prioritizing partying, messing up internship opportunities, getting caught cheating, and more that could be listed but I digress.

Despite her talent and financial advantages, Zoey continues to set herself back time and time again.

7 Luca

The group’s local artsy, self-righteous stoner seems to have everything in his life together. He knows what he wants to pursue in his life, he’s gifted and people across Cal U admire him. In reality, Luca is just overly confident and overly pretentious.

He knows he’s talented and uses that fact to his advantage, but in the process of making his dreams come true, he tries to make those close to him seem small. When he and Zoey were together, he consistently made her feel insecure not only about their relationship but also about her job opportunities. His actions speak louder than his vivid vocabulary because, despite his knowledge about the world around him, Luca is just as lost and insecure as everyone else.

6 Jazz

The older of the two Forster sisters, Jazz is quick and not only on the track. She sticks to what she believes whether it be regarding girl code, dating, and letting her friends know when they need to take a look at their actions.

Despite her contributions to the group Jazz has made her fair share of bad choices, whether it be blaming a friend for not getting involved in her relationship, picking fights with Doug for no reason or having blurred judgement when it comes to getting to where she wants to be. Her missteps make her human, but she still manages to help bring perspective back to the group.

5 Skye

As if being a track star for Cal U wasn’t enough, Skye is basically the conscience of the whole gang. She is the one that tells it like it is, especially when everyone is thinking the same thing.

She hates the drama all of her friends are constantly in and usually keeps from being apart of it. The biggest “scandals” she’s had have been an injury and hooking up with Zoey’s brother, which in turn is more embarrassing than anything. Whether it be advice on dating, friendship or just life in general, Skye is the girl that one that knows what’s what.

4 Aaron

Being the eldest of the gang, Aaron was bound to be wiser than his younger classmates.

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Seeing that he has been at Cal U longer than the others, it is a given that his knowledge of the world and his field of study is higher than the others. Outside of that Aaron is always aware of what is going on in the black community. Whether it be protests, creating safe atmospheres to talk, or informing others of looked over microaggressions in common conversations, he shows his intellect through his passion for justice and equality.

3 Doug

Out of all the male leads, Doug by far is the most mature.

Admitting to his faults, being vulnerable and secure in his relationship, while also keeping his goals at the forefront of his mind. Doug likes to enjoy college like every one of his friends, but regardless of the situation, he has his eyes on the prize, which is way more than we can say for the majority. Despite being a later addition, he has definitely proved himself to be a true asset to this group.

2 Ana

Out of all the characters Ana is probably the most in tune with everything around her. Whether it be her classwork, her friends’ daily lives or the ins and outs of the political climate of the country.

Even though she knows how to have fun and let loose, Ana has her priorities in check. Not letting her friend’s drama, boy problems or anything else of the sort derail her goals. She may temporarily lose her way and have to readjust, but she is one of the overall well-rounded characters who’s always evolving.

1 Vivek

Despite his pitfalls when it comes to drug dealing and finding his place within his friend group and at Cal U as a whole, Vivek is quite intelligent through his studies, understanding how to run a profitable (yet illegal) business, and overall when it comes to the topic of chemistry.

He may not be everyone’s favorite character consistently, but he’s undeniably the smartest out of the group, even though he most definitely doesn’t act like it all the time.

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Daria Yazmiene

The Simpsons: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

The Simpsons is a classic television show which has created some of the most beloved characters of all time. While it might be a cartoon show, the writers have done an amazing job in building these characters as people that everyone can relate to. One way the show has done that is by having the characters have totally different ranges of compassion, humor, and intelligence.

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Some of the characters on the show are incredibly clever, seemingly having an answer for everything, yet others aren’t quite as bright. While those characters shine through in a different way, having these differing intelligence levels has allowed the show to be more varied. Within this list we will be taking a look at some of the main characters, ranking from by their intelligence.

10 Homer Simpson

Out of all the main characters there is no doubt about who the least intelligent person is. While he might be the most popular character to come from the show, Homer Simpson certainly isn’t the brightest. He’s incredibly clumsy, lazy, and lacks in common sense at times, but those characteristics all help make him as loveable as he is.

Homer does have a few random moments of incredible intelligence, and when that happens it is normally a big surprise that leads to a comedic pay-off. His bright moments might be fleeting, with more “Doh’s” than anything else, but he is still a fantastic character.

9 Barney Gumble

Barney Gumble has got his dear friend Homer Simpson to thank for ranking so low on this list because if it wasn’t for him his life would have been very different. In his youth, Barney was incredibly intelligent and was actually set to attend Harvard University.

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However, the day before his SATs, Homer introduced him to beer. From that point on, things take quite the slide for the loveable Barney, who spends the majority of his time drunk. The constant drinking sadly does affect his intelligence, which sees him rank far lower than he might have done if things had worked out differently.

8 Bart Simpson

Unfortunately for Bart Simpson, he takes after his father in many ways and one of those is that he’s not exactly the smartest of people. Intelligence just doesn’t come naturally for him and because of that, he resorts to humor as a coping mechanism, using pranks to entertain.

While many might look at the pranks Bart does as borderline bullying at times (which is true in some instances), it is also a sign of intelligence. Bart has to put a lot of effort into some of them, and while he might not score great grades in school, his brains are used differently.

7 Apu

Apu is another character we see fairly regularly on The Simpsons, and even though he doesn’t always get to show his intelligence too often, it is clear that he is quite smart. Anyone who is able to run their own business is clearly a smart person, as it’s not something you can just do with ease.

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While he might often change the dates and prices to suit himself best, that also is a sign of intelligence as he knows how to keep his business thriving at all times. He’s a kind-natured character and is someone who fans have come to love, but not specifically for his brains.

6 Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson has a tough job, keeping her family together as much as possible, despite how absolutely crazy the Simpson family can be. However, she does a great job of that and that is mainly down to her intelligence, as Marge is a fairly smart character.

She might not be as smart as other people on the show who work in high-end jobs, but she certainly is intelligent. Marge knows how to fix human issues by talking to people, especially those within her family, which takes a lot of intelligence to be able to do.

5 Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Mel might not always get to showcase his intelligence as much as other characters on the show, but when he does talk it’s clear he’s very smart. Mel always comes across as a very well-educated and intelligent person who is very cultured.

He might not dress that way, but he certainly is one of the smarter people in Springfield. Sideshow Mel deserves a little more credit than he gets when it comes to the brains department, that’s for sure.

4 Lisa Simpson

She might be incredibly young, but Lisa Simpson is also incredibly smart. Out of her family, there’s no doubt she’s the brains of the bunch, whether it be with academic studies or music, Lisa just seems to have that natural gift where she is able to do things perfectly.

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Of course, like anyone she has her flaws and moments where she makes mistakes, and Lisa isn’t always the greatest at reading situations in person. However, she is young and that comes with life experience, and when it comes to pure intelligence, she really is one of the best.

3 Comic Book Guy

Another incredibly smart character is Springfield’s resident, Comic Book Guy. He is a very smart person who has knowledge of all things related to pop culture, with his obscure references to old school comics being very random, but also a sign of his brains.

He might not be in a job that people deem to be the smartest and he might not present himself in the greatest manner, but that doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent. He has the answers for everything that he’s asked and is a very smart individual.

2 Professor Fink

Professor Fink is certainly one of the smartest characters in The Simpsons, working as a nerdy scientist and a professor, he is incredibly intelligent. He creates insane inventions on a regular basis in an aid to improve Springfield, even though they end up making things worse most of the time.

Even though not everything that he does is perfect, there’s no denying he has a true gift and an incredible talent for creating things that nobody else in Springfield has the brains to pull off.

1 Dr. Julius Hibbert

The brightest character in The Simpsons has to be Dr. Julius Hibbert. After all, he is a doctor and to get into that profession you’ve got to have the brains to back it all up. When people think about this character they instantly think of his laugh or the fact that he charges incredibly high prices.

However, the main thing that is obvious with Dr. Hibbert is that he is a very competent doctor, and is the best that Springfield has to offer. Anytime there is an emergency, Dr. Hibbert is the person that people who are desperate to go to, and the fact he is such a kind person only adds to his excellent character.

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DCEU: Justice League Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Although the future of the Justice League is currently unknown, we still hold the characters dear to our hearts and hopefully, the DCEU has good plans for them. From Wonder Woman’s inspiring confidence to Flash’s endearing awkwardness to Aquaman’s coolness, the members are unique and each likable in their own way. Fans are still hoping for the release of the Snyder Cut, something which would provide us with even more screentime of your favorite characters.

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Looking back at Justice League, it is clear that, despite their conspicuous differences, one thing the main characters have in common is that they are all incredibly smart. But the matter of who is the smartest is not as evident, so here we take a look at the characters of Justice League, ranked by intelligence.

10 Steppenwolf

If Zack Snyder’s words about his vision for Justice League and scenes that he shot and didn’t make the final cut are anything to go by, Steppenwolf was supposed to be significantly more developed. In the theatrical cut of Justice League, Steppenwolf appears as the typical bad guy from another world who wants to take over the Earth.

It is hard to judge his intelligence, as the reason he is so almost unstoppable is because of his immense army and his physical power, not because of a genius plan that he has devised. It makes sense, then, that the Justice League was eventually about to outsmart him and turn his own dogs on him.

9 Aquaman

Aquaman took the world by storm when Justice League came out. While he was always considered the least liked member of the Justice League in DC comics, the DCEU movie changed everyone’s opinion of the character thanks to Zack Snyder’s unique characterization and Jason Momoa’s badass performance.

Perhaps the best part about Aquaman is that he is not special because of his strength or his intellect: he is special because he is heir to the throne of Atlantis. As a half-Atlantean and half-human, he has knowledge of being a part of both worlds, and that makes him fit to both rule Atlantis but defend the Earth.

8 Superman

Part of Superman’s charm is that even though as a superhero he is an alien with inhuman powers, as Clark Kent he is just an average citizen whom we can relate to. He is not a genius; he makes mistakes, like all of us do, and he worries about the political and social state of the environment he lives in. 

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Nonetheless, he remains highly intelligent. Clark is passionate and the things he believes in and knows how to use his voice as a journalist to bring light to important issues. And although he mostly relies on his strength and flight when he is Superman, it is also his intelligent thinking that makes him a successful superhero.

7 Alfred Pennyworth

One thing is for sure: Bruce wouldn’t be where he is now – whether as Batman or as Bruce Wayne – if it weren’t for Alfred. Although his intelligence is not as evident as with the other characters – the fact that he works so well with Batman is a sign that he must somewhat be able to match the man intellectually.

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He is not just the voice in Batman’s ear that gives him navigation instructions, he also offers useful advice and issues warnings. More often than not, Alfred is right. He was right that about Superman not being Batman’s enemy, and he was right about the dangers of playing with science.

6 Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is one of those secondary characters that is impossible not to like. And with J. K. Simmons as the actor for the iconic commissioner in the DCEU, the greatness of the character is only intensified.

He is clearly one of the smartest people in his department – while most of the Gotham City Police Department does not trust Batman and seeks to arrest him, commissioner recognizes the good that Batman is trying to do and knows that working with Batman, even though he is an outlaw, is the most efficient way to decrease crime and guarantee a safer Gotham.

5 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is smart in a unique way. Over a hundred years on Earth, she has challenged her intellect and acquired immeasurable general knowledge, but most importantly, she has learned to think actions through completely and to be mindful of consequences. Tragically, she has learned to be realistic about ideals like world peace and love.

When she debates with Batman about the idea of resurrecting Superman with the motherbox; it is her emotional intelligence that clashes with Batman’s textbook intelligence. He believes in science, she believes in love and is able to examine the ethics of the situation and anticipate the psychological damage.

4 Lois Lane

The DCEU may have its flaws, but if there’s one thing they definitely got right, it’s Lois Lane’s character. She is often written as nothing more than a damsel in distress, but in the DCEU she has a crucial role in each movie she appears in, and her relationship with Superman is only a small part of her character. For her first appearance, it is clear that she is incredibly smart.

In Man Of Steel, despite being only a journalist, she helps Superman and the American army to save the world from Zod’s attack. In Batman v Superman, while Superman and Batman are busy trying to expose each other, she is the first one to figure out that Lex Luthor’s plan. 

3 Cyborg

Victor Stone was smart to begin with, but being turned into a cyborg allows him to have the technology on which to use his intelligence literally embedded in him. Although becoming a cyborg seemingly sacrifices a bit of his mental health, his technological tools, and his smart thinking combined together creates an unstoppable superhero.

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Although we didn’t get to see it in the theatrical cut, Zack Snyder has admitted that Cyborg was supposed to be the key to stopping Steppenwolf. We can still see hints of the cruciality of Cyborg’s character in Justice League; he is clearly a fast-learner and masters the ins and outs of his cyborg body.

2 The Flash

Due to his super-speed, Barry Allen is able to read, process, understand and therefore learn things inhumanly quickly. He has the potential to be the most knowledgeable man on the planet – but knowledge is not the defining feature of intelligence. Rather, it is his ability to correctly use that knowledge that makes him intelligent.

He is still young and slightly inexperienced with his powers in the movie, and Batman is the perfect mentor for him. Barry only needs a little training to reach his full potential but physically and intellectually. Working at S.T.A.R lab in Central City, he’s incredibly gifted in sciences and is on his way to becoming one of the best scientists out there.

1 Batman

As the smartest member of the Justice League, Batman is the one whom the task of devising a plan usually falls upon. He can perfect a plan for weeks just like he can come up with a miraculous solution on the spot during critical times.

His sharp thinking and his 20 years of experience in dealing with criminal allow him to anticipate dangers – which is why he builds the Justice League – and use science to bring Superman back from the dead. After all, he is a mere human who found a way to beat Superman single-handedly.

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