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After 15 seasons on the air, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has proven to be one of the best crime dramas of all time. Winning everything from Emmy’s to People’s Choice Awards with its all-star cast that has included Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, and Elizabeth Shue, just to name a few.

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The CSI franchise has garnered high ratings for CBS over its time on-air and has produced spin-offs that continue to this day. While the show might not live up to real-life standards in the field of crime scene investigation, that has not stopped many fans from watching. So, out of all the seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation just who are the smartest crime scene investigators on the show?

10 Nick Stokes

While talented in his line of work, Nick is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeves. Which can sometimes prove detrimental in his ability to get the job done. His sympathetic and caring nature towards victims makes him passionate about solving crimes. A skilled, crime scene investigator, he specializes in hair and fiber analysis.

Thanks to his ability in his line of work, Nick rose to assistant CSI Supervisor in the Las Vegas Crime Lab only to later take a higher position in San Diego as the Director of the San Diego PD Crime Lab.

9 Julie Finlay

Julie is one of the top blood spatter experts in the United States. So good that D.B. Russell gave her the nickname “blood whisperer”. While she is an expert in the field, she has a record of breaking protocols, which in one instance allowed the Seattle Police Department to be sued by a guilty man that was released due to her illegally obtaining an incriminating blood sample, resulting in her firing by D.B. Russell.

She proved to be such a valuable asset to the team, she was promoted to Assistant Night Shift Supervisor in the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

8 Horatio Caine

Horatio Caine is the day shift supervisor and the head of the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. His specialty training includes a degree in chemistry and experience as an explosive expert. Horatio has shown to be fluent in Spanish and knowledgeable in French, along with being an expert marksman.

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While he can be a little rough around the edges, Horatio is passionate about his line of work. He understands victims’ pain, as he also was a victim of domestic violence as a child. His communication skills are superb, allowing him to get the most information out of victims.

7 Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders is one of the more accomplished crime scene investigators, as he was considered a child prodigy, later obtaining a degree in chemistry from Stanford University, graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors.

He is a man passionate about his job. He doesn’t seek accolades or monetary gains, as solving crimes and helping victims find peace is his only reward. While Sanders is calm seeing dead bodies, when it comes to the high pressure involved in trying to save someone he cares about, his emotions can get the best of him.

6 Eric Delko

Eric is a kind and outgoing individual who is a gentleman through and through. An athlete, he played right field for his college baseball team. While he isn’t above losing his temper at times, his intentions are always pure and come from a place of deep concern.

He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Miami. After graduation he obtained a position with the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, eventually becoming an expert in the field of fingerprints, tires and drug identification. Eric is somewhat of a linguist of sorts, being fluent in Spanish and proficient in Russian.

5 Jo Danville

Jo is a very optimistic person and investigator who tends to follow the rule book no matter the consequences. An example of this would be when she was working as an FBI agent in Washington D.C., she learned that her friend Frank Waters was covering up his tracks when it came to mishandling evidence during a serial rape case.

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She reported him to the defense attorneys handling the case, causing the case to be acquitted. This act of honest behavior ended up costing her, her job with the FBI. She now works mainly with DNA evidence.

4 Sara Sidle

While in high school, Sarah displayed an intelligence level far superior to that of her peers and by seventeen, graduated as valedictorian of her high school class. After first being admitted to Harvard University, Sarah transferred to UC Berkley, partly because she grew homesick and wanted to attend a university closer to home.

She ended up graduating at the top of her class, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics. While attending graduate school, she accepted a work-study position in the San Francisco Coroner’s office before working her way up to CSI Level 2.

3 D.B. Russell

D.B. Russell is a family man first and foremost. While he loves his family, he, also, has found his passion as a crime scene investigator, before working his way up to heading the crime lab in Seattle and then working as a night shift supervisor at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

Russell won a certain level of fame back in Washington for catching the Gig Harbor killer. His years of experience have proven valuable as he understands the value of knowing not to let his emotions get in the way of his job performance.

2 Raymond Langston

As the son of a soldier, Raymond understood a sense of duty from a very early on. While he didn’t have the best home life and as an adult, has struggled with his demons. Raymond managed to become a medical doctor that specialized in Forensic Pathology.

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Beginning his medical career at Delaware General Hospital. Langston has a take-charge personality and holds himself accountable if and when he feels his performance is sub-par. Langston’s exceptional abilities go beyond that of an ordinary doctor, as he also, is a published author and a fan of the Greek playwright Aischylos.

1 Gil Grissom

From an early age, Gil exhibited a high level of intelligence compared to that of his peers but this came with a catch, as it made him anti-social, preferring his ant farm to playing with friends.

He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Biology from UCLA at the young age of twenty-two and shortly afterward, took up an apprenticeship with criminologist Dr. Philip Gerard. Grissom a self-described “science nerd” excelled in his role as a crime scene investigator, eventually working his way up to night shift supervisor at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

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Grown-ish: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Sitcoms are known to have characters that fall into different archetypes. Whether it is based on how they dress, their personality or their intelligence.

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For years audiences have seen at least one character in a sitcom used as comedic relief or something of the sort. This portrayal has even happened in the young adult comedy Grown-ish. As the students of Cal U work to earn their respective degrees, they experience the ups and downs of life and learn a lot more than what they teach in the classroom along the way. Today, we will be ranking our favourite Grown-Ish characters based on their intelligence.

Note: this article will contain spoilers.

10 Charlie

There should be no surprise that Charlie is at the bottom of our list.

In both Black-ish and it’s a spin-off, he is known for being out of the loop with basically everything. Starting as a professor at Cal U, while somehow still working at Stevenson and Lido, and eventually somehow snagging a job as the Dean of the University, everyone is wondering how Charlie can function in his day to day life, let alone as a leader. Regardless of his crazy antics and overall zany personality, he’s always an entertaining character to watch.

9 Nomi

Even though Nomi had one of the more privileged upbringings, overall out of the groups she is not the brightest of the bunch. Throughout the series, we see Nomi continuously make bad choices. Like hooking up with a random girl when she was supposed to be registering for classes.

This season, we found out that she got pregnant from a one night stand last semester. Revealing that she knew the repercussions of her actions and genuinely just didn’t care. In this case, we see that her self destructive and careless nature tends to be in the driver’s seat at most times.

8 Zoey

Being the focal character of the series, we would expect that the protagonist would be higher up on this list, but throughout the series thus far, Zoey has proved time and time again that she still has a lot to learn.

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Not only has she made bad choices, but she has consciously made bad choices that negatively impact her future. Like letting her relationships affect her grades, prioritizing partying, messing up internship opportunities, getting caught cheating, and more that could be listed but I digress.

Despite her talent and financial advantages, Zoey continues to set herself back time and time again.

7 Luca

The group’s local artsy, self-righteous stoner seems to have everything in his life together. He knows what he wants to pursue in his life, he’s gifted and people across Cal U admire him. In reality, Luca is just overly confident and overly pretentious.

He knows he’s talented and uses that fact to his advantage, but in the process of making his dreams come true, he tries to make those close to him seem small. When he and Zoey were together, he consistently made her feel insecure not only about their relationship but also about her job opportunities. His actions speak louder than his vivid vocabulary because, despite his knowledge about the world around him, Luca is just as lost and insecure as everyone else.

6 Jazz

The older of the two Forster sisters, Jazz is quick and not only on the track. She sticks to what she believes whether it be regarding girl code, dating, and letting her friends know when they need to take a look at their actions.

Despite her contributions to the group Jazz has made her fair share of bad choices, whether it be blaming a friend for not getting involved in her relationship, picking fights with Doug for no reason or having blurred judgement when it comes to getting to where she wants to be. Her missteps make her human, but she still manages to help bring perspective back to the group.

5 Skye

As if being a track star for Cal U wasn’t enough, Skye is basically the conscience of the whole gang. She is the one that tells it like it is, especially when everyone is thinking the same thing.

She hates the drama all of her friends are constantly in and usually keeps from being apart of it. The biggest “scandals” she’s had have been an injury and hooking up with Zoey’s brother, which in turn is more embarrassing than anything. Whether it be advice on dating, friendship or just life in general, Skye is the girl that one that knows what’s what.

4 Aaron

Being the eldest of the gang, Aaron was bound to be wiser than his younger classmates.

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Seeing that he has been at Cal U longer than the others, it is a given that his knowledge of the world and his field of study is higher than the others. Outside of that Aaron is always aware of what is going on in the black community. Whether it be protests, creating safe atmospheres to talk, or informing others of looked over microaggressions in common conversations, he shows his intellect through his passion for justice and equality.

3 Doug

Out of all the male leads, Doug by far is the most mature.

Admitting to his faults, being vulnerable and secure in his relationship, while also keeping his goals at the forefront of his mind. Doug likes to enjoy college like every one of his friends, but regardless of the situation, he has his eyes on the prize, which is way more than we can say for the majority. Despite being a later addition, he has definitely proved himself to be a true asset to this group.

2 Ana

Out of all the characters Ana is probably the most in tune with everything around her. Whether it be her classwork, her friends’ daily lives or the ins and outs of the political climate of the country.

Even though she knows how to have fun and let loose, Ana has her priorities in check. Not letting her friend’s drama, boy problems or anything else of the sort derail her goals. She may temporarily lose her way and have to readjust, but she is one of the overall well-rounded characters who’s always evolving.

1 Vivek

Despite his pitfalls when it comes to drug dealing and finding his place within his friend group and at Cal U as a whole, Vivek is quite intelligent through his studies, understanding how to run a profitable (yet illegal) business, and overall when it comes to the topic of chemistry.

He may not be everyone’s favorite character consistently, but he’s undeniably the smartest out of the group, even though he most definitely doesn’t act like it all the time.

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The Simpsons: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

The Simpsons is a classic television show which has created some of the most beloved characters of all time. While it might be a cartoon show, the writers have done an amazing job in building these characters as people that everyone can relate to. One way the show has done that is by having the characters have totally different ranges of compassion, humor, and intelligence.

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Some of the characters on the show are incredibly clever, seemingly having an answer for everything, yet others aren’t quite as bright. While those characters shine through in a different way, having these differing intelligence levels has allowed the show to be more varied. Within this list we will be taking a look at some of the main characters, ranking from by their intelligence.

10 Homer Simpson

Out of all the main characters there is no doubt about who the least intelligent person is. While he might be the most popular character to come from the show, Homer Simpson certainly isn’t the brightest. He’s incredibly clumsy, lazy, and lacks in common sense at times, but those characteristics all help make him as loveable as he is.

Homer does have a few random moments of incredible intelligence, and when that happens it is normally a big surprise that leads to a comedic pay-off. His bright moments might be fleeting, with more “Doh’s” than anything else, but he is still a fantastic character.

9 Barney Gumble

Barney Gumble has got his dear friend Homer Simpson to thank for ranking so low on this list because if it wasn’t for him his life would have been very different. In his youth, Barney was incredibly intelligent and was actually set to attend Harvard University.

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However, the day before his SATs, Homer introduced him to beer. From that point on, things take quite the slide for the loveable Barney, who spends the majority of his time drunk. The constant drinking sadly does affect his intelligence, which sees him rank far lower than he might have done if things had worked out differently.

8 Bart Simpson

Unfortunately for Bart Simpson, he takes after his father in many ways and one of those is that he’s not exactly the smartest of people. Intelligence just doesn’t come naturally for him and because of that, he resorts to humor as a coping mechanism, using pranks to entertain.

While many might look at the pranks Bart does as borderline bullying at times (which is true in some instances), it is also a sign of intelligence. Bart has to put a lot of effort into some of them, and while he might not score great grades in school, his brains are used differently.

7 Apu

Apu is another character we see fairly regularly on The Simpsons, and even though he doesn’t always get to show his intelligence too often, it is clear that he is quite smart. Anyone who is able to run their own business is clearly a smart person, as it’s not something you can just do with ease.

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While he might often change the dates and prices to suit himself best, that also is a sign of intelligence as he knows how to keep his business thriving at all times. He’s a kind-natured character and is someone who fans have come to love, but not specifically for his brains.

6 Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson has a tough job, keeping her family together as much as possible, despite how absolutely crazy the Simpson family can be. However, she does a great job of that and that is mainly down to her intelligence, as Marge is a fairly smart character.

She might not be as smart as other people on the show who work in high-end jobs, but she certainly is intelligent. Marge knows how to fix human issues by talking to people, especially those within her family, which takes a lot of intelligence to be able to do.

5 Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Mel might not always get to showcase his intelligence as much as other characters on the show, but when he does talk it’s clear he’s very smart. Mel always comes across as a very well-educated and intelligent person who is very cultured.

He might not dress that way, but he certainly is one of the smarter people in Springfield. Sideshow Mel deserves a little more credit than he gets when it comes to the brains department, that’s for sure.

4 Lisa Simpson

She might be incredibly young, but Lisa Simpson is also incredibly smart. Out of her family, there’s no doubt she’s the brains of the bunch, whether it be with academic studies or music, Lisa just seems to have that natural gift where she is able to do things perfectly.

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Of course, like anyone she has her flaws and moments where she makes mistakes, and Lisa isn’t always the greatest at reading situations in person. However, she is young and that comes with life experience, and when it comes to pure intelligence, she really is one of the best.

3 Comic Book Guy

Another incredibly smart character is Springfield’s resident, Comic Book Guy. He is a very smart person who has knowledge of all things related to pop culture, with his obscure references to old school comics being very random, but also a sign of his brains.

He might not be in a job that people deem to be the smartest and he might not present himself in the greatest manner, but that doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent. He has the answers for everything that he’s asked and is a very smart individual.

2 Professor Fink

Professor Fink is certainly one of the smartest characters in The Simpsons, working as a nerdy scientist and a professor, he is incredibly intelligent. He creates insane inventions on a regular basis in an aid to improve Springfield, even though they end up making things worse most of the time.

Even though not everything that he does is perfect, there’s no denying he has a true gift and an incredible talent for creating things that nobody else in Springfield has the brains to pull off.

1 Dr. Julius Hibbert

The brightest character in The Simpsons has to be Dr. Julius Hibbert. After all, he is a doctor and to get into that profession you’ve got to have the brains to back it all up. When people think about this character they instantly think of his laugh or the fact that he charges incredibly high prices.

However, the main thing that is obvious with Dr. Hibbert is that he is a very competent doctor, and is the best that Springfield has to offer. Anytime there is an emergency, Dr. Hibbert is the person that people who are desperate to go to, and the fact he is such a kind person only adds to his excellent character.

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DCEU: Justice League Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Although the future of the Justice League is currently unknown, we still hold the characters dear to our hearts and hopefully, the DCEU has good plans for them. From Wonder Woman’s inspiring confidence to Flash’s endearing awkwardness to Aquaman’s coolness, the members are unique and each likable in their own way. Fans are still hoping for the release of the Snyder Cut, something which would provide us with even more screentime of your favorite characters.

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Looking back at Justice League, it is clear that, despite their conspicuous differences, one thing the main characters have in common is that they are all incredibly smart. But the matter of who is the smartest is not as evident, so here we take a look at the characters of Justice League, ranked by intelligence.

10 Steppenwolf

If Zack Snyder’s words about his vision for Justice League and scenes that he shot and didn’t make the final cut are anything to go by, Steppenwolf was supposed to be significantly more developed. In the theatrical cut of Justice League, Steppenwolf appears as the typical bad guy from another world who wants to take over the Earth.

It is hard to judge his intelligence, as the reason he is so almost unstoppable is because of his immense army and his physical power, not because of a genius plan that he has devised. It makes sense, then, that the Justice League was eventually about to outsmart him and turn his own dogs on him.

9 Aquaman

Aquaman took the world by storm when Justice League came out. While he was always considered the least liked member of the Justice League in DC comics, the DCEU movie changed everyone’s opinion of the character thanks to Zack Snyder’s unique characterization and Jason Momoa’s badass performance.

Perhaps the best part about Aquaman is that he is not special because of his strength or his intellect: he is special because he is heir to the throne of Atlantis. As a half-Atlantean and half-human, he has knowledge of being a part of both worlds, and that makes him fit to both rule Atlantis but defend the Earth.

8 Superman

Part of Superman’s charm is that even though as a superhero he is an alien with inhuman powers, as Clark Kent he is just an average citizen whom we can relate to. He is not a genius; he makes mistakes, like all of us do, and he worries about the political and social state of the environment he lives in. 

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Nonetheless, he remains highly intelligent. Clark is passionate and the things he believes in and knows how to use his voice as a journalist to bring light to important issues. And although he mostly relies on his strength and flight when he is Superman, it is also his intelligent thinking that makes him a successful superhero.

7 Alfred Pennyworth

One thing is for sure: Bruce wouldn’t be where he is now – whether as Batman or as Bruce Wayne – if it weren’t for Alfred. Although his intelligence is not as evident as with the other characters – the fact that he works so well with Batman is a sign that he must somewhat be able to match the man intellectually.

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He is not just the voice in Batman’s ear that gives him navigation instructions, he also offers useful advice and issues warnings. More often than not, Alfred is right. He was right that about Superman not being Batman’s enemy, and he was right about the dangers of playing with science.

6 Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is one of those secondary characters that is impossible not to like. And with J. K. Simmons as the actor for the iconic commissioner in the DCEU, the greatness of the character is only intensified.

He is clearly one of the smartest people in his department – while most of the Gotham City Police Department does not trust Batman and seeks to arrest him, commissioner recognizes the good that Batman is trying to do and knows that working with Batman, even though he is an outlaw, is the most efficient way to decrease crime and guarantee a safer Gotham.

5 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is smart in a unique way. Over a hundred years on Earth, she has challenged her intellect and acquired immeasurable general knowledge, but most importantly, she has learned to think actions through completely and to be mindful of consequences. Tragically, she has learned to be realistic about ideals like world peace and love.

When she debates with Batman about the idea of resurrecting Superman with the motherbox; it is her emotional intelligence that clashes with Batman’s textbook intelligence. He believes in science, she believes in love and is able to examine the ethics of the situation and anticipate the psychological damage.

4 Lois Lane

The DCEU may have its flaws, but if there’s one thing they definitely got right, it’s Lois Lane’s character. She is often written as nothing more than a damsel in distress, but in the DCEU she has a crucial role in each movie she appears in, and her relationship with Superman is only a small part of her character. For her first appearance, it is clear that she is incredibly smart.

In Man Of Steel, despite being only a journalist, she helps Superman and the American army to save the world from Zod’s attack. In Batman v Superman, while Superman and Batman are busy trying to expose each other, she is the first one to figure out that Lex Luthor’s plan. 

3 Cyborg

Victor Stone was smart to begin with, but being turned into a cyborg allows him to have the technology on which to use his intelligence literally embedded in him. Although becoming a cyborg seemingly sacrifices a bit of his mental health, his technological tools, and his smart thinking combined together creates an unstoppable superhero.

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Although we didn’t get to see it in the theatrical cut, Zack Snyder has admitted that Cyborg was supposed to be the key to stopping Steppenwolf. We can still see hints of the cruciality of Cyborg’s character in Justice League; he is clearly a fast-learner and masters the ins and outs of his cyborg body.

2 The Flash

Due to his super-speed, Barry Allen is able to read, process, understand and therefore learn things inhumanly quickly. He has the potential to be the most knowledgeable man on the planet – but knowledge is not the defining feature of intelligence. Rather, it is his ability to correctly use that knowledge that makes him intelligent.

He is still young and slightly inexperienced with his powers in the movie, and Batman is the perfect mentor for him. Barry only needs a little training to reach his full potential but physically and intellectually. Working at S.T.A.R lab in Central City, he’s incredibly gifted in sciences and is on his way to becoming one of the best scientists out there.

1 Batman

As the smartest member of the Justice League, Batman is the one whom the task of devising a plan usually falls upon. He can perfect a plan for weeks just like he can come up with a miraculous solution on the spot during critical times.

His sharp thinking and his 20 years of experience in dealing with criminal allow him to anticipate dangers – which is why he builds the Justice League – and use science to bring Superman back from the dead. After all, he is a mere human who found a way to beat Superman single-handedly.

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Supernatural: 10 Smartest Demons, Ranked By Intelligence

While most of the demons viewers see on Supernatural are just glorified henchmen, wreaking havoc on towns but no match for hunters. Though, while many of these henchmen are quite forgettable since they are so easily disposed of, the more powerful demons of the bunch are world destroyers, who can and have brought about the apocalypse.

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While world domination or destruction isn’t always in their plans, one can be sure their schemes don’t involve rainbows and sunshine. These demons vary from the more egocentric to the just plain nihilistic. So let us begin the countdown of who the smartest demons in Supernatural are?

10 Supernatural: Cain

Probably the rarest demon seen on Supernatural, as, at least some of his humanity was left intact. He was capable of feeling love and regret. Cain’s knowledge base was from an eternity of experience.

He was not one easily goaded into returning to his old ways but once the Mark of Cain took him back over, he was shown to be arrogant, relying more on brute strength, rather than intelligence to defeat his enemies. However, that doesn’t mean he lacked such intelligence, as he was able to evade detection for centuries before Dean finally found him.

9 Supernatural: Alastair

Alastair was probably one of the more sadistic beings to ever appear on Supernatural. A torturer by trade, he not only enjoyed being in Hell but preferred it, as it allowed him to inflict pain on others, something he relished in. Alastair knew exorcisms that could expel angels from their host, along with knowing spells to incapacitate reapers.

Which slowed down Death himself. His extensive knowledge of torture was enough to make him one of the more feared demons in Hell, as he could easily contemplate a million ways for someone to die.

8 Supernatural: Dagon

Just like many of her other brethren, Dagon was known for her brute savagery, yet, somehow, she managed to take it up another notch. This being something that gained her the respect and fear of other demons below her.

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Dagon’s intelligence is best seen in her ability to manipulate others to do her will.  A sadistic being, who enjoys cracking jokes, while she is cracking skulls, making her personality that much more terrifying. Unlike others of her kind, Dagon was capable of mind control, giving her even more power in her evil arsenal.

7 Supernatural: Asmodeus

While Asmodeus was one of the oldest of Lucifer’s demons, by his admission, he was one of the weakest. Instead of using overwhelming brute force, he rose to power because of his sheer intelligence and capabilities of manipulating others to do what he couldn’t by himself. His acting was impeccable as he tricked Jack into believing he was an ally.

A demon that uses his brains over brawn, Asmodeus prepares for any inevitable outcome, in his attempt to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Resourceful, he managed to acquire the skill of shape-shifting to his repertoire.

6 Supernatural: Ruby

Ruby was weak, especially when compared to Abbadon or Cain. Yet, was able to move up through succession because of not just her intelligence but the ability to manipulate demons and humans to do her bidding. Deceitful by nature, she easily hid her true allegiance from those closest to her, masking her disgust for everyone but Lucifer behind dark humor.

Her remembrance of a time when she was human, haunted her because of what she has become. Though, not that powerful on her own, she did manipulate Sam into bringing Lucifer back.

5 Supernatural: Crowley

Crowley was the very embodiment of a self-made King of Hell. Quickly moving up the ranks from crossroads demon to most powerful demon in all of Hell. Self-preservation is and always will be his main goal. His power resides in his deal-making abilities as he is able to garner, at least temporary support from stronger beings to accomplish a mutual goal.

Opportunistic, he keeps his alliances short, jumping ship when things go awry. Being merciless is his calling card, as he is unafraid of getting his hands dirty, even if he prefers getting others to do it for him.

4 Supernatural: Lilith

Being the first of her kind, Lilith holds a certain place of respect and admiration among her own kind. Lilith inspires fear not by just sheer domination but by who she usually chooses as her hosts. Usually preferring taking on the appearance of children as a means of manipulation to get closer to her enemies.

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Plus, this gives off an eerie vibe that puts terror in those who wish her harm. When she decides to take on the form of a full-grown woman she can be seductive, using this power to willingly get others to do her bidding.

3 Supernatural: Azazel

Ol’ Yellow Eyes, was the first demon to gain the ire of the Winchester boys by killing their mom. Azazel understood the power of psychological warfare, feeding off the fear of his enemies as he patiently waited for a time to strike. Azazel was capable of changing course if the one he was on, was failing, being able to do so, even in the middle of battle.

He was one demon who could conceive the grand scheme of things and planned accordingly. His aim of creating Special Children, humans with supernatural abilities was his foremost concoction.

2 Supernatural: Abaddon

One of the two remaining Knights of Hell left, Abaddon was a high-ranking demon, who used time travel as a means of erasing her enemies, while, furthering her grand scheme. Like Lilith, Abaddon was one of the first human souls to fall under Lucifer’s spell and was an apprentice to the first Knight of Hell, Cain.

Naturally, cunning with an ability to be a master strategist, she patiently studies her prey before finally stalking and killing them. Unlike Crowley, Abaddon is not content with just being over Hell; she wants full control over the world as well.

1 Supernatural: Lucifer

The first of his kind and the real King of Hell. Lucifer was the first master manipulator, cunning enough to even match wits with God. Initially driven by jealousy of not being God’s favorite anymore, Lucifer waged war against his father and fellow brethren. Lucifer is a crafty demon, using times of mercy, even as a means of luring people into a false sense of trust.

While his arrogance sometimes clouds his judgment, he keeps his grand scheme in the forefront of his mind. He prefers ruling over subjects, rather than just annihilating them.

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The Flash: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

The TV superhero series The Flash is one of the most popular ones in the entire Arrowverse. That’s mostly thanks to its likable heroes, a lot of humorous situations, and of course, the fact that it isn’t simply as grim and dark as Arrow. However, while the fans may love all of the main characters, they’re not all equal to each other, at least if judged on their intelligence.

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Some have used their brains many times to save the day while others haven’t been that successful in this area. Here’s the list of the main The Flash characters, ranked by their intelligence, from the least clever one to the most brilliant.

8 Ralph Dibny

During the course of the show, Ralph goes through a significant transformation. He starts out as a failed private investigator with a strong connection to the underworld and criminal elements. After he gains his powers, he joins the Team Flash and becomes the superhero known as the Elongated Man since he can stretch his body in various ways.

Ralph doesn’t seem to be highly educated, but he’s clever in his own way and sometimes proves to be very helpful and resourceful, especially when dealing with less savory people who stand on the other side of the law. All of this makes him a valued member of the team. Not bad for a guy who was originally barely more than comic relief.

7 Iris West-Allen

Iris is no by means stupid. But she faces the heavyweights in the form of scientists and superheroes. Meanwhile, Iris is a journalist, and while she seems to be able to write well, there’s no denying that throughout the series, she struggled to hold her own job and seems to be putting her career on hold in favor of her husband’s superhero activity and the Team Flash.

In the latest season, Iris starts her own, fairly successful newspaper, so maybe things are turning around for her, and she will no longer play the third wheel to Barry and his brilliant friends.

6 Cecile Horton

The district attorney Cecile Horton was introduced later in the show, and as time progressed, she became an important part of the Team Flash. She and Joe started dating, got married, and had a daughter together. Besides her law work, Cecile is also talented in reading the emotions of others and while she was pregnant, she could even read thoughts.

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Cecile is intelligent and resourceful but sometimes relies on her emotions too much, and it can cloud her judgment. She’s always supportive when it comes to the members of her family and friends and has helped the Team Flash multiple times. She might not be a scientific genius, but she still has her own worth.

5 Joe West

Again, Joe is no clueless dummy. He served in the police force for many years and managed to become Captain Joe West, which is certainly impressive. That being said, Joe is by no means as intelligent as his adoptive son, and while he’s helping out the Team Flash, he often struggles to understand certain concepts the team is talking about.

Joe’s main role as part of the team is to provide emotional support thanks to his kind nature and to cooperate with the police force. Joe is perfectly aware of his lack of scientific knowledge but still finds a way how to help his son and other friends.

4 Barry Allen

True, the real Barry’s power doesn’t lie in his brain, but his quick legs and a big heart. That doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own with the science part of the team. After all, even before he became a superhero, Barry worked as a forensic investigator for the Central City Police Department. That is quite an achievement for someone so young and proves that Barry is more than just a pretty face.

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Barry repeatedly showcased his skills when he came to the crime scene and was able to deduct what happened by just looking at the evidence. So even though he lacks knowledge in certain areas, he deserves to be fairly high on this list.

3 Caitlin Snow

When we meet Caitlin for the first time, she’s already a doctor and working for the Star Labs under the guide of Harrison Wells, a certified genius of his own (who later turns out to be the Reverse-Flash, of course). Caitlin works on this prestigious position despite her fairly young age and is not only a brilliant physician but also good in other areas of science, and her insight often helps the heroes to solve a particularly difficult problem.

Plus, once she becomes Killer Frost, thanks to Barry’s toying with time, she adds fighting abilities to her already impressive set of skills.

2 Cisco Ramon

Cisco is a similar case as Caitlin. He began working for Dr. Wells when he was still very young, and there’s no doubt he’s a genius. Cisco is not only excellent at computer work but also possesses the mind of an inventor and often comes up with useful inventions that help the Team Flash to fight many of its opponents and dangerous villains.

Even after he gives up his powers as the Vibe to get the chance of a normal life with his girlfriend, Cisco continues to be an integral part of the team. He was even supposed to lead it in case of Barry’s death in the Crisis.

1 Harrison Wells

There have been multiple versions of Harrison Wells in the show, some super-intelligent, some less. But the most intelligent one was probably the original Harrison Wells, who was introduced to the viewers in the first season and became Barry’s mentor while the young superhero learned how to live with his new-found speed.

This Wells was a brilliant scientist, but the team later discovered that the real Wells actually died years ago and was impersonated by Eobard Thawne, the villain known as the Reverse-Flash, who killed Barry’s mom. Nevertheless, Wells was a formidable threat, and it took combined intellects of multiple heroes to stop him. That wasn’t the end of the Reverse-Flash, though, and he continued to influence the heroes even after his supposed death.

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The Witcher: 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

The world of Netflix’s The Witcher might not be as dangerous as Westeros, but it’s still brutal enough to leave the intellectually challenged dead. Any character who’s not smart or level-headed enough to practice foresight or guile is bound to be left at the bottom of the food chain. It is a medieval dark fantasy world after all where people drop like flies whether they’re nobles or peasants.

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As such, in The Witcher, the smart tend to outlive the strong. It also just so happens that the smart people of the show know how to perform magic, pretty much putting them at the top. To see who’s really who when it comes to smarts in The Witcher, we’ve ranked how they fare in terms of intelligence as a combination of their feats and decisions throughout the show.


There are plenty of individuals smarter than Geralt himself but since he’s the main character, he just had to be here. Geralt isn’t exactly known for his wise decisions both in the books and in the video games. He’s rash, impulsive, and prone to fits of rage and escapism. He runs more on compassion and emotions than logic despite claiming that witchers aren’t supposed to feel anything.

This mindset nearly cost Geralt his life many times over from the Striga whom he should have died too if not for Triss Merigold to the encounter with the ghouls. Luckily, destiny itself seems to watch over Geralt and lends him some luck from time to time. Where Geralt excels in smarts is his judgment of people and how he chooses his friends.


Jaskier is not that much different than Geralt when it comes to wisdom, which is probably why the two of them got along just fine… sort of. Anyway, Jaskier doesn’t really have much in terms of strength or physical skill so he usually makes up for it with talent and wit. Oftentimes, however, Jaskier tends to misuse this intellect for bedding noble lords’ wives and daughters.

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However, there’s no doubt that Jaskier’s social intelligence and business acumen have made his and Geralt’s life a little bit better. From crafting a really catchy song which basically tells people to give their money to the bard to rubbing elbows with nobility. Plus, conversations with the troubadour are always entertaining and thought-provoking, more so in the books than in the show.


Ciri is not quite the Lady of Space and Time that the games presented just yet. She’s at her youngest and most vulnerable in the first season of the show, meaning she still has a lot to learn before she can face some of the more serious threats of the world. However, for her age, Ciri’s display of independence and wisdom is commendable.

In the short span of time she spent with the Brokilon dryads and with her elf friend, Dara, Ciri became more aware of her cruel surroundings. She was even able to outsmart a proficient Doppler with questions. Without a doubt, expect to see Ciri evolve and grow more into a street smart gal with witcher training.


Like Ciri, Yennefer has learned that independence comes at a huge and traumatic cost. For most of her youth, Yennefer had no control over her life. It wasn’t until Tissaia de Vries bought and took her in that Yennefer was finally able to have a metamorphosis. This turned a frail girl into a callous and sophisticated woman.

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By that point in her life, Yennefer had no qualms about using people to her advantage but remained loyal to her magic circle. Having earned political experience and knowledge through her royal advisor career, Yennefer is also a respectable strategist and plotter; underneath that facade, however, is sincere concern for her friends and innocents.


Being Yennefer’s mentor, Tissaia de Vries has decades of experience in politics and magic. Her influence is also significant and she has the talent to run Aretuza and produce new generations of sorceresses for kingdoms. While her student has surpassed her in magic, Tissaia’s experience and maturity give her a better edge against Yennefer.

This is also the reason why she ranks higher than Yennefer. Tissaia is more calculated and more aware of the political situation of things around her; of course, that is to be expected of her as one of the proprietors of Aretuza. Without her, Yennefer would not have discovered her vast magical aptitude.


Stregobor is one of the few male sorcerers in The Witcher‘s magic circle and as the shows and the books portray, male magic users can be a lot more severe than sorceresses. Stregobor is one such example of this when he spearheaded all the horrible things that happened to princess Renfri.

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He was also a master manipulator and even tried to fool Geralt into joining his side against the bloodthirsty Renfri. Stregobor also managed to take advantage of a lethal situation and turned a whole town against Geralt of Rivia himself. He’s intelligent alright, but for all the wrong reasons.


When it comes to ensuring that the side you picked would be the one that wins, Fringilla Vigo is an expert. She’s one of the most talented sorceresses in Aretuza taught by Tissaia de Vries and on top of that, Fringilla is also an undeniable master strategist.

She was the one who contributed most to the defeat of Cintra by conjuring a storm that wrecked Queen Calanthe’s reinforcements from Skellige. Fringilla also tracked Ciri down with effectively with ease. Last but not least, her magical tactics and knowledge proved a little too much for the enemy to handle in the Battle of Sodden Hill. She clearly would have made the Nilfgaardians win if not for Yennefer’s miraculous magical awakening.


Being a leader of an undefeated and impregnable forest full of dryads and other intelligent magical creatures is no small task. That’s why that task is given to Eithne, the queen of Brokilon forest and de facto general of the dryads. Her ageless knowledge and insight have made Brokilon a powerful and uncharted domain.

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Moreover, Eithne was the one who guided Ciri on the right path and took her in, knowing of her destiny and capabilities. Really, Ciri was lucky to have encountered Eithne like she did in the show. Eithne is also powerful and influential enough to withstand centuries of relentless human army assaults and offensives.


This is a spoiler alert for those who haven’t read The Witcher books. Vilgefortz was introduced as a mere heroic and adamant figure in the show’s first season– one who was willing to stand against Nilfgaard. He was an extremely talented sorcerer who was as capable in physical combat as he was in magic– and he’s on the good side. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is.

Vilgefortz, in the books, is actually in league with Emhyr var Emreis, the emperor of Nilfgaard, despite being the de facto leader of the Chapter of Sorcerers who fought against Nilfgaard in Sodden. That means Vilgefortz is playing his very own mother faction for unlimited power, something he knows he can only obtain from Ciri and from Emhyr conquering the Northern Kingdoms. He hasn’t fully displayed his true colors yet in the show, but when he does, you’ll see why he’s nearly at the top of this list.


When it comes to positive and benevolent use of wisdom and intellect, you just can’t go wrong with a golden dragon. That’s Villentretenmerth for you or Borch Three Jackdaws when he assumes human form. He’s one of Geralt’s most important friends and has given him some valuable advice.

Borch, despite being a godly dragon or magical creature, is also more peaceful, civilized, and caring than most noble lords and ladies. In the books, Villentretenmerth even had a dragon daughter whom he taught to see and treat everyone as equals, even the lesser creatures. Sadly, such sagacity evades the kings and queens of The Continent in The Witcher.

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Star Wars: Every Main Sith, Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant

“The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.” Everyone knows the Sith, they are the enemy of the Jedi, their complete opposite, and, ultimately, are the yin to the Jedi’s yang. While the Sith are a passionate kind, they are undoubtedly smart, too, and use their heads as well as their hatred.

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The Sith fans are treated to in the films and shows are pretty fantastic. Even those who maybe are not amazing in the films are fleshed out excellently elsewhere and are usually immensely intelligent. So, here are all the main (these being the Sith seen on screen in films or shows) Sith ranked by their intelligence. Note that Sith is a general term, and the list will look at dark side force users who do not identify as Sith (e.g sequel trilogy villains).

9 Savage Opress

Someone has to fall at the bottom of this list, and, while Savage Opress is not necessarily stupid, he is just muscle. Introduced in The Clone Wars as the brother of Maul, Savage is used by a variety of people before following his brother.

Savage is by no means a dumb character, as he has a relatively small Force sensitivity and figures out he is being used by Ventress. But, ultimately, Savage is an apprentice and lord who is more muscle and raw power than brains and intelligence.

8 Snoke

Snoke is an immensely intelligent, wise, and powerful being. Introduced in The Force Awakens as the brains and orchestrator of the First Order and the master of one Kylo Ren.

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The reason why Snoke falls so low on the list, however, is that he was merely a puppet. He is not Darth Plageius, he is not some higher dark side power, no, Snoke is merely a laboratory creation of one Sheev Palpatine. Snoke’s intelligence, wisdom, and power may be substantial, but it is merely a product of scientific experimentation done by Palpatine. It is probably harsh to put Savage below Snoke, but, while he is a complete creation of Palpatine’s mind, Snoke does have great intelligence.

7 Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress has been a slave, a nightsister, a Sith apprentice, an assassin, a Jedi apprentice, and a bounty hunter throughout her lifetime. She is a talented and cunning warrior who has seen and been through a lot in her life.

She is an intelligent Dathomirian, having trained under Jedi Ky Narec and Sith Lord Count Dooku, as well as being under the watch of Mother Talzin. Asajj may have a short temper, but she is cunning and sharp, able to outsmart her foes as well as track them, both as an acolyte/apprentice and an assassin/bounty hunter.

6 The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor is the leader of the Inquisitors, the group who, under the watch of Vader and the Empire, hunted the Jedi who remained across the galaxy. He is a former Jedi Temple guard before his fall to the dark side and personal work for Darth Vader.

The Inquisitor is not only familiar with the Jedi Temple records but also has studied the various Jedi whom he tracks. His infatuation with Kanan and Ezra is ultimately his downfall in Rebels. Yet, that does not take away from the intellect, his calculating nature, and the cold cunningness he held previous to this.

5 Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is arguably placed a bit high on this list, but I believe he has earned his place in his short span on-screen and with the limited knowledge we have about him. The main basis of this whole argument comes from the events of The Rise Of Skywalker.

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Not only is Kylo the first to track down Palpatine, but he figures out that he must go to Mustafar, find the Sith Wayfinder, locate Exogol, and figure out how to get there. On top of that, he runs the whole First Order as Supreme Leader for a year, has trained both in the ways of the light and dark side, and was always either a step ahead or right alongside the Resistance, until his turn back to Ben. Even in his turn back, he manages to get off the ocean moon of Endor back to Exogol.

4 Darth Maul

Maul, like his brother, is a complete brute. Alive due to pure hatred and unwavering anger. Should this list have just been based on The Phantom Menace, he would not be on it—but, alas, he is.

Not only does Maul track Obi-Wan multiple times throughout The Clone Wars and Rebels, but he also manages to survive through all of it. While this survival is more indicative of his hate than his intelligence, it is still impressive. On top of all this, he manages to take over Mandalore as well as rule over and create not one but two massive crime syndicates in the Galaxy during his life.

3 Darth Vader

One of the most iconic characters in all of pop culture—and perhaps the most famous in Star Wars—Darth Vader is more than just an intimidating presence. Strong in the Force as well as strong with a lightsaber, Vader is also strong in the mind, even if it is clouded by hatred.

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Anakin himself was smart, but, with Vader, that high base intellect only increased. Vader was in charge of overseeing everything which the Emperor wanted him too. On top of this, various comics and books see him go on his own journeys and missions, harnessing his power. Vader also had to massively adapt both his use of the Force and lightsaber forms due to his deformity, and with a lesser mind, this attempt would have perished. Under Vader’s mind, though, it thrived.

2 Count Dooku

Count Dooku is one of Star Wars’ most underrated characters. A wise and powerful Jedi turned Sith Lord, Dooku has a key role in Palpatine’s plan in the Clone Wars on the rise toward the Galactic Empire.

For one, Dooku was trained in the ways of the Jedi and the Force by Yoda and was powerful in the Force, highlighting his intelligence and wisdom, going on to also train Qui-Gon, an intelligent and powerful Jedi. Dooku was lured and used by Palpatine, being promised a powerful place in a new, reshaped Republic in his image, but Dooku instead helped orchestrate the Clone Wars. He is head of the Separatist Alliance, recruiting star systems and people to the cause, knowing their fate may not end well. Overall, Dooku is a massively intelligent Sith whose brains can be seen through every one of his appearances in the franchise.

1 Darth Sidious

Of course, Dooku was used by the man who unquestionably falls in first place on this list, Supreme Chancellor/Emperor Sheev Palpatine, otherwise known as Darth Sidious.

Not only is the man a master of the Force, but also lightsaber combat. He has shown the ability to mess with midi-chlorians, survive death, keep himself alive long past his expiry date, rule the Galactic Empire, oversee two superweapons, and train and use no less than 3 Sith Lords. He above all else orchestrated the Clone Wars and the Republic to make himself the Supreme Chancellor and be the all-ruling power in the galaxy, wiping out the Jedi.

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The Morning Show: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

One of Apple TV+s’ most anticipated original series when the service launched in November was The Morning Show. And now that the season finale has aired its entire and explosive first season, fans are gearing up for an inevitable season two.

The series, which features a star-studded cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, follows the story of a morning show host Alex (Aniston) who is thrust into controversy and uproar when her long-time co-host and friend Mitch (Carell) is fired due to sexual misconduct allegations. As she struggles to find her place at the station, and the network looks for a replacement, a young and passionate local news reporter Bradley (Witherspoon) finds herself in the mix.

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Each main character, as well as the supporting characters, has their own strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to downright smarts, some are just more intelligent than others. Here’s a ranking. (Note: show spoilers ahead).

10 Claire Conway

Claire (Bel Powley) isn’t necessarily unintelligent: she is just privileged, young, and still has a lot to learn. Taking a low-level production assistant job at the station, even though she suggested to her boyfriend that her parents could buy the network if they wanted to, she seems more focused on canoodling with the weatherman than furthering her career.

She has a secret relationship with Yanko Flores, the show’s meteorologist, and consistently makes bad decisions that could impact her career. For a young woman just starting out, it wasn’t the smartest move to put love (or passion) above her career aspirations.

9 Yanko Flores

Played by Nestor Carbonell, who you might recognize from his role in LOST, Yanko is likable as the show’s meteorologist. But he doesn’t seem to be the most intelligent of the bunch. He makes the risky move of falling for a young production assistant and doesn’t seem phased by the sexual misconduct allegations that led to the firing of his former co-worker.

Any sensible person would have seen this as a clear sign to put an end to the relationship or at least fess up about it to management so they know it’s consensual. Sure, they eventually did. But Yanko getting involved with an underling was a dumb move to begin with.

8 Hannah Shoenfeld

Hannah (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) had big dreams of moving up the ranks at the station. And once she got the job of head talent booker, she demonstrated that she deserved it. She had a real knack for getting people who were at the heart of a story to come on screen and talk about it.

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But, like Claire, she was young and still had a lot to learn about life and her career. Had she been given the opportunity to learn more on the job, however, she had the potential to skyrocket to the top of this list.

7 Daniel Henderson

Daniel (Desean Terry) is co-host of the weekend edition of the show though he has long been pining for the top weekly gig. And the firing of Mitch was his perfect opportunity to swoop in. Or so he thought.

Daniel might be pretty smart, but he seems more of a talking head than someone who really has the charisma to hold the hot seat. He didn’t pursue it craftily enough nor negotiate hard enough in order to get what he wanted. And that makes him closer to the bottom of the list among the characters when it comes to intelligence and confidence.

6 Mia Jordan

Sure, she might have acquired her position as a producer for the show because of an affair she had with Mitch. But she was smart enough to know that she deserved it anyway and not to let the way she got the job cloud the confidence she had in herself to do it.

That said, had Mia (Karen Pittman) been smarter, she might have turned Mitch in long ago and lobbied to get the job on her own merits instead to avoid feeling like everyone was always whispering behind her back. Nonetheless, she was put in a tough position, so while she could have handled it another way, she’s still smart enough to do the job she ended up getting.

5 Alex Levy

This lead character played by Aniston might seem like nothing more than a self-absorbed workaholic who loves her job but hates people. But there is more depth to Alex than meets the eye. While she might have wanted to ignore the obvious fact that the network was looking to replace her, she was smart enough to push her authority when it was needed.

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Sure, she backstabbed a few friends along the way and might have lost sight of her morals and what’s really important in life (i.e. family) in her quest for stardom and career success. But Alex is one tough and smart cookie who deserved more credit than she got from the network.

4 Mitch Kessler

Mitch (Carell) might be the most deplorable character on the series who preyed on female employees as though they were his playthings, and truly believed he did nothing wrong. But he was also far smarter than he maybe wanted people to believe.

He was charismatic and charming, knew exactly how to capture an audience, and craftily left the women he abused thinking they should thank him, not speak out against them. As heinous as that is, we can’t ignore the fact that it takes some serious smarts (albeit also ignorance) to pull off something that ridiculously terrible.

3 Chip Black

Charlie (Mark Duplass), otherwise called Chip by his friends and colleagues on the show, was the executive producer and, it was revealed at the end, the person who anonymously ratted out Mitch in an effort to save Alex’s job. He knew how to work around both employees and high-powered network executives. He managed everyone, constantly putting out fires when needed and making sure the show ran smoothly every day.

He was intuitive enough to realize that Alex’s days were numbered and smart enough to find a way – the only way he thought might work – to save her. Not only is he super smart, but he’s also a really loyal friend.

2 Cory Ellison

Quiet, observant, and constantly smiling and cheerful, Cory (Billy Crudup) is an executive from the network’s entertainment division who has taken over operations of the news department. While he’s really hard to read – is he a good guy or a sociopath? – there’s no denying that he’s super smart.

He knows how to stand behind the sidelines and let others blow themselves up so he can step in. He knows when to step in and when to step back, how to assert himself, or when to take risks. He’s one of the smartest characters on the show, and also the most cunning.

1 Bradley Jackson

Among every character on the show, Bradley (Witherspoon) seems to be the one who had the hardest life growing up and the most life experience. She didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. She grew up in a low-to-middle-class family that had to deal with issues like alcoholism.

She worked hard to get where she was as a field reporter and eventually Alex’s new co-host. She knows how to speak to everyday people and isn’t afraid to be who she needs to be, regardless of the consequences. That makes her not only smart (and unpredictable), but also the toughest and most fearless of them all.

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Barry: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant

HBO’s award-winning series Barry is a comedy-of-errors for the 21st century. Bill Hader stars as the eponymous character, a hitman trying to give up his blood-soaked past to focus on a new passion: acting. It’s all over for Barry after he stumbles upon Gene Cousineau’s on-going actor’s workshop, but those around him aren’t willing to let him move on so easily.

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Barry brings the dark side of Los Angeles to life, including the gangs vying for power and the aspiring actors vying for fame. As the consequences of their choices reign down upon them, the resilience and aptitude of each character is put to the test. Here’s how they fair, ranked from least to most intelligent.

9 Goran Pazar

This Chechen mob boss is the reason Barry stumbles upon Gene Cousineau’s acting class. Barry is hired by him to assassinate a young actor named Ryan who is having an affair with Pazar’s wife. Despite being the most important Chechen gangster in Los Angeles, Pazar is not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Pazar has a hard time keeping his associates organized and unified underneath his command, and his men are pretty incapable fighters, especially against someone as trained as Barry. Eventually, Pazar and most of his men are killed by Barry.

8 Detective John Loach

Detective John Loach, an LAPD officer investigating the death of Ryan, the actor killed at the beginning of the show, is an inefficient cop who is often saved by his partner, Detective Janice Moss. However, when she’s killed, Loach is on his own to figure out what’s going on.

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When Loach finally gets a confession from Barry, his number one suspect in the death of Moss, instead of turning him in, Loach blackmails the hitman. A heartbroken Loach wants Barry to kill his ex-wife’s new lover, who is a Taekwondo master. Barry, who has been out of the game for some time, struggles to take out the martial arts champ, Ronny, and things go terribly wrong. Loach gets involved and shoots Ronny, but Ronny is able to get Loach with a deadly karate chop, causing both men to perish.

7 Cristobal Sifuentes

Bolivian drug cartel leader Cristobal enters the series as an enemy of the Chechens, who believe he is a threat to their Southern California empire. Cristobal, however, is a bit of a diplomat, perhaps to a fault. He tells the Chechens he’d love to share the wealth with them but declares war after some of them attack his men.

After Pazar dies, Cristobal creates a partnership with NoHo Hank, the new Chechen head honcho, but Cristobal welcomes a Burmese gang into the mix, adding confusion and jealousy to the delicate truce that exists between Cristobal’s Bolivians and Hank’s Chechens. Cristobal’s enthusiasm and egalitarian ethos don’t always work out well in the world of criminal activity.

6 NoHo Hank

A young, aspirational Chechen criminal, NoHo Hank is a positive, friendly gangster who just wants everyone to get along. He really likes Barry, and even though he’s tasked with killing him in the second season after Barry takes out Pazar, Hank would rather have him around.

Hank forces Barry into a friendship by making him train his Chechen men to become competent fighters. Well-dressed and obsessed with American culture, NoHo Hank possesses a child-like curiosity and attitude that sometimes gets him in trouble.

5 Sally Reed

Barry’s love interest, who he meets in Gene’s acting class, is ambitious and driven, but she’s also conflicted about what she wants: an authentic, hard-won career or an easy, false path to acting success. By the end of the second season, it seems she chooses the latter.

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Sally has a difficult, traumatic past, one she’s wrapped up in and consumed by, to the point where none of the red flags about her new boyfriend Barry are noticeable to her. While she’s a sweet and caring girlfriend, Sally’s self-absorption often gets the best of her, causing her to make poor choices.

4 Gene Cousineau

Gene Cousineau is a mediocre actor whose ego far surpasses his own personal abilities. However, he’s a perceptive and capable teacher who is able to guide his students into genuine performances, even if it’s just to make himself look good. Cousineau is completely in the dark about Barry, and he gets a lot of satisfaction from mentoring the new actor. With his own children, though, Cousineau is a neglectful father.

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Cousineau becomes involved with Detective Janice Moss, who is killed by Barry when he finds out she knows he’s involved in Ryan’s death. A distraught, yet completely aloof, Cousineau is dragged through the mud by Barry in the second season, even being framed for Moss’s death at one point.

3 Monroe Fuches

Barry’s opportunistic and morally corrupt mentor is a self-serving businessman. After the traumatized Barry returned from a tour of duty as a Marine, Fuches groomed the young man, turning him into an efficient, loyal assassin who would do whatever Fuches told him.

After Barry finds Cousineau’s class and decides to give up his job as a hitman, Fuches refuses to let his best employee loose, doing whatever it takes to thwart Barry’s plans. While a fumbling jerk, Fuches always manages to evade total defeat.

2 Barry Berkman

Barry is a smart, decisive killing machine taught to compartmentalize his feelings from a young age. This all unravels once he enters Cousineau’s acting class, and his entire sense-of-self is turned inside out. While intelligent, Barry chooses the protect his new way of life by killing Detective Janice Moss at the end of the first season, which corrupts and undermines his choices in the second season.

Barry convinces himself that all he wants is a simple life with Sally, but there is no way to escape the past.

1 Detective Janice Moss

Detective Janice Moss seems to be the only character in the show who is actually connected to reality. Every other main character is too wrapped up in their own desires and impulses to effectively tap into what is actually happening around them.

An accomplished and experienced detective, Moss is the first character to realize Barry’s true identity, and she dies because of it. Her love affair with Cousineau, though ill-fated, gives her depth and feeling beyond her professional persona.

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