Supernatural: 10 Most Powerful Demons, Ranked By Intelligence

Intelligence should be considered a whole separate power on Supernatural, as even immense beings like God and the Darkness have lost out to lesser enemies by being outsmarted. Demons have been shown to survive this long mainly because they’re smarter than angels and other creatures.

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In this list, we’ve listed the most powerful demons on the show, but they’ve been ranked in order of their intelligence. This means that while a certain demon might easily have more powers than another, they can still be listed lower because they’re just not as intelligent. You’ll be surprised by the order of rankings seen below, so read on further to find out who gets the top spot.

10 Samhain

Being the only one of kind, and with his release being one of the 66 seals holding Lucifer, Samhain was easily one of the most legendary demons ever created. His powers seemed to be greater than that of angels, as they were shown to fear him.

As far as intelligence goes, though, Samhain wasn’t all that bright. He was smart to the extent of having henchman do the deed of releasing him while he was in Hell but other than that it seems his pride was greater. Rather than escape when he saw Sam was immune to his powers, Samhain attempted to fight, resulting in him being sent back to Hell.

9 Cain

Knights of Hell were among the highest levels of demons one can find, but none of them displayed much wit. For Cain, it might be because he was powered by the Mark which housed the Darkness, meaning he didn’t need to do much strategic planning since he was so powerful.

While he was intelligent enough to devise a way to hide from beings from Hell and Heaven for centuries without being detected, Cain made a silly move to fight Dean. Rather than realizing that Dean would have a plan to fight him, Cain went all guns blazing, ending with his death.

8 Dean

While Dean didn’t display any outright intelligent moments in his time as a Knight of Hell, he did have some tactical sense in him. This was seen when he scoped out Cole Trenton when the latter tried to attack, as Dean would play around with him to uncover if Cole had some tricks up his sleeve.

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Since he was a Knight of Hell, Dean was the most powerful demon active at the time, and he knew this well enough to challenge Crowley to make a move against him, having anticipated no fight back. Finally, Dean was also smart enough to escape the binds Sam had on him when he realized the demon cure had only partially worked.

7 Ramiel

Being a Prince of Hell, Ramiel could beat any angel other than the highest ones, and fighting against other beings was laughable to him; he certainly did cackle when confronted by the Winchesters. His smarts came from his knowledge of weaponry.

Although Ramiel wanted to live on his own and didn’t prefer to engage in fights, he was intelligent enough to keep weapons of extreme power like the Lance of Michael and the Colt in his possession. This was probably done to stave off any potential enemies, although he did meet his death with the Lance due to Ramiel’s arrogance overcoming his smarts.

6 Alastair

There was more to the Grand Torturer of Hell than meets the eye, as Alastair showed he was more than just a sadistic demon out to dole out a lot of pain. We all know he was extremely powerful, as Alastair handily beat Castiel and had no fear of angels, while being one of the first demons created.

However, he also relied on his intelligence, which was seen when he assumed the forms of well-to-do men to throw off any suspicions that might have come his way to revealing his true identity. Alastair kept his mind working while under torture, as he was able to escape his trap by silently manipulating the environment.

5 Dagon

If there was one demon who knew how to utilize her wits with her powers then it would absolutely have to be Dagon. The Prince of Hell could’ve captured Kelly Kline all by herself as she was much more powerful than angels and whatever the Men of Letters had to throw at her, but employed the use of strategy.

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Dagon manipulated Kelly by pretending to be a friend while actually leading her on toward Lucifer. When Kelly caught wind of her act, Dagon gathered herself to find the location of the heavenly portal and stage an ambush of the angels to capture Kelly by utilizing her teleportation powers and killing touch. It was only because of Jack’s empowerment that Castiel was able to beat her.

4 Lilith

Stealth also falls under the intelligence range since it requires the thinking capacity to dupe those aware of you. Lilith was a master in this aspect, even when she returned a decade after her death. She was able to devise a plan to have Ruby pretend to be Sam’s ally, all to lead him to open up the final seal of Lucifer’s cage.

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Lilith expertly fooled Sam and Dean into believing her plans were something other than what she actually had in mind, and would assume the forms of young girls to move into any setting and influence proceedings without being caught. She falls a little lower, though, because of her dumb move to intimidate Michael, which led to her death.

3 Asmodeus

Going from nobody to nightmare after having once been the “runt of the litter” of the Princes of Hell, Asmodeus was easily the most resourceful of the bunch. Despite having been much weaker than the rest of his kind, Asmodeus showed why being smart pays off by becoming the strongest.

He did this by trapping the Archangel Gabriel as his prisoner, consuming pieces of his grace to empower himself to insane levels – Asmodeus even overpowered his creator Lucifer this way! And it was only at the hands of Gabriel himself that he died, not by any other means.

2 Azazel

Nobody can argue against the intelligence level of a being who devised plans centuries ahead of time and had them be realized. Azazel, being the most loyal Prince of Hell in Lucifer’s ranks, had multiple schemes in motion, all of which worked one way or another.

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He had a slew of demons live around Sam his whole life without him realizing it, he uncovered the opening point to Lucifer’s cage; Azazel hunted down the parents of the Special Children and came up with the plan to bring them together 22 years later. Along with that, he also made a deal for John’s death with the intention of making John break the first seal to the cage.

1 Crowley

Yes, he’s easily the weakest in terms of power compared to every other demon on this list and has been responsible for more jokes on the show than anything else, but Crowley still ranks first. That’s because, unlike the other demons, Crowley was so smart that he always came out the victor.

Crowley even went so far as to outsmart Amara, Dick Roman, and Lucifer, while managing to draw the powers of God and other weapons like the Demon tablet. There was no demon ever created that could beat Crowley in a game of wits, and he even took his own life rather than be killed. For this reason, Crowley might be altogether the most powerful demon on the show.

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That ’70s Shows Characters: 9 Types of Intelligence | ScreenRant

That ’70s Show is full of quirky, hilarious, and unique characters. We love spending time in Eric’s basement with the gang, and we especially love laughing along with their wild parents. However, it’s pretty obvious that not all of the characters excel at the same things the others do. At the very least, they all have their own talents, and some of them rely on their brains a bit more than others.

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In case you’re wondering which characters think the same way you do, we’ve made a list. We know there are many facets to intelligence, so we’re here to figure out which of the 9 types of intelligence this crew excels the most at. Without further ado, here are the main characters from the show, and their main type of intelligence.

10 Michael Kelso: Bodily-kinesthetic

It’s pretty safe to say that Michael Kelso has fairly limited mental intelligence. Of course, that leaves only a few options, and he certainly excels in this category the best.

This type of person has a variety of physical skills, which makes them good athletes, or anyone that relies on their hands or body more than their brain. Of course, that’s Michael, because we’d be a bit concerned if he had to use that mind of his. But really, he’s actually pretty good when it comes to this type of intelligence.

9 Midge Pinciotti: Intra-personal

Midge also isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, but she does excel pretty well in intra-personal intelligence. This type of person has a high capacity to understand one’s own thoughts and feelings.

Essentially, they know the direction they want to take, and they appreciate themself and their own goals. We know this bugs Bob, but Midge finds her ambition and her heart, and that makes her pretty strong in this category.

8 Red Forman: Linguistic

Red has a pretty particular kind of mind, and we think it’s strongest in this form. He certainly knows how to use words to express himself, and we certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of that mouth of his.

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Of course, he’s an effective speaker, and his words are always meaningful and powerful (even if they’re a bit blunt and insulting). In this way, we think Red is certainly linguistic.

7 Fez: Spatial

Fez is always stealing our hearts, but he also has pretty limited intelligence when it comes to discerning what he wants OR what others want. Because of this, we think he excels the most at spatial intelligence.

This type of person has an active imagination, and they’re often fascinated by images and possibilities. Of course, this intelligence also involves a lot of daydreaming, which certainly applies to Fez. Now, he just put in some action.

6 Jackie Burkhart: Intra-personal

Jackie also isn’t super-intelligent, but she is super strong-minded when it comes to her own self. She understands her own feelings and thoughts better than anyone we know, and she certainly is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

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She’s very aware of what motivates her and what makes her feel the way she does, which also makes her pretty blunt and honest. We love this about her, and she’s actually super intelligent in this category.

5 Bob Pinciotti: Naturalist

Honestly, we don’t really know how Donna is so smart. Bob is an interesting character, but he certainly struggles with people (and any other type, really) intelligence. So, we think he’s a naturalist.

He likes the outdoors, and he certainly obsesses over things in nature. As well, this type of person is noted to be totally swindled by consumerism, which is quite literally Bob in a nutshell. He likes anything that makes his natural mind swell, doesn’t he?

4 Eric Forman: Logical-mathematical

It’s no secret that Eric doesn’t know what he wants, nor does he usually know what others want. For this reason, he fits best into this type of intelligence.

He’s very symbolic, meaning he usually views relationships in abstract ways. He’s caught up in his mind, and always overthinks everything. He using deductive thinking and tries to find logic in everything he says and does. We wish he’d get out of his head a bit, but right now he excels mostly in this type of intelligence.

3 Steven Hyde: Existential

Hyde was actually pretty difficult to place. Honestly, we think he’s one of the smartest characters on the show. While we think he has many talents and many skills, we think he fits best in the existential intelligence category. Even if Hyde can be pretty pessimistic, he’s always looking at the “why” to things.

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He understands the deep problems rooted in society, and he’s always thinking about why things are the way they are. He wants to know why we’re living, and he has pretty creative ways to live this life to his fullest. Hyde may hide this type of intelligence, but he certainly excels at it.

2 Kitty Forman: Interpersonal

Kitty is our favorite sitcom mom, and she certainly excels at being just that. She’s pretty impressive at discerning the thoughts of others, including both verbal and nonverbal communication.

She understands how everyone’s feeling, usually before they even do themselves. She’s sensitive and kind, and she’s always one step ahead of everyone. Because of all this, Kitty is certainly high in interpersonal intelligence. She’s also very open-minded and is incredibly understanding.

1 Donna Pinciotti: Existential

Donna has many types of intelligence and is unarguably the smartest character in the series. However, we think Donna is always focused the most on the bigger picture.

While she excels in most of the other categories, she fits here the best. She is the one that’s always tackling deep questions, and she’s never satisfied with the regular life course or the “just because” response. She wants to know what life is about, and she wants to achieve so much more than just living and dying. Donna is one smart cookie, and she certainly excels in existential intelligence.

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Orphan Black: Every Main Clone, Ranked By Intelligence

Popular science fiction drama Orphan Black contains so many clones, almost all played by Tatiana Maslany, that it would be a huge task to rank them all. There are said to be 274 LEDA clones in total, plus “lost” clones, Sarah and Helena.

In the show we see these clones appear in several different ways. A handful are main characters, some make short guest appearances and others are just mentioned in passing.

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Here we’ve avoided the likes of briefly seen clones, such as Katja and Jennifer, as we know virtually nothing about them, certainly not enough to rank them. There are also a whole host of other unnamed, or named but never seen, clones who are excluded. Instead, we’ve ranked just the main clones we see and the support characters we know the most about, based on their intelligence.

10 Tony Sawicki

Tony ranks here mostly as very little is known about his back story. The only transgender clone, we see him only briefly in the second season but it’s enough to get some kind of idea about his life.

Tony has a criminal record and is involved in a life of crime, alongside Sammy who was revealed to be his monitor. While nothing else is really known about Tony, getting involved in a criminal lifestyle is certainly not a smart move.

9 Krystal Goderitch

Krystal is the dumb blonde of clone club, although not as dumb as you may think. She’s portrayed as very naive but yet she still manages to uncover a lot about her cloned sisters.

As the story progresses and she becomes further embroiled in the issues facing the LEDA clones, her lack of smarts becomes more apparent. She is easily confused and cannot properly understand what is happening to her and the others. This makes her both entirely harmless and an easy target, as we discover towards the end of the show’s run.

8 Charlotte Bowles

Charlotte is the youngest of the clones and ranks here due to being at least 10 years off reaching her potential. She was created 20 years after the others and was cloned directly from Rachel, rather than the original genome.

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She’s the only survivor of the 400 attempts to restart the program and as such the only young clone. While she’s shown to be both self-aware and very smart, we never see her potential fully realized.

7 Beth Childs

While we see very little of Beth on screen, more about her life is revealed throughout the show. After Sarah initially resumes her identity, we realize she is a cop and a smart one at that.

After being approached about the LEDA clones Beth managed to figure a number of things out. However, her discoveries lead her into danger and ultimately to her decision to take her own life and go out on her terms.

Her career and detective work prove she’s smart but she also got involved with drugs, proving she’s not the smartest clone in the lineup.

6 Alison Hendrix

Alison initially seems like just a bland suburban housewife and mother but there’s much more to her than a stereotype. While she loves her role as a wife and mother she shows initiative, intelligence and quick thinking throughout the events that unfold.

After things descend into chaos, Alison keeps a cool head, works through her issues and begins to find herself. While not as clever as other clones, her intelligence is related to her ability to think through problems to protect her loved ones.

5 Rachel Duncan

Rachel is fairly unique in that she’s always known she was a clone. Her upbringing has left a huge mark on her and she sits towards the evil end of the morality scale.

Despite being one of the most obnoxious clones, she is also one of the smartest. Surrounded by science and with a solid grasp of science she may be irritating but she’s also intelligent. Don’t underestimate what lies beneath that steely exterior.

4 Sarah Manning

Sarah is definitely more street smart than academic smart but her brains keep both her and her sisters alive on more than one occasion. Quick thinking, deal-making, negotiations and her street smarts combine to make her a force to be reckoned with.

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Her scientific knowledge may not be on a par with some of the other clones but her real-world experience makes her better able to think her way out of tricky situations than either Alison or Rachel, earning her a place just ahead of them both.

3 Veera Suominen AKA M.K. or Mika

After a troubled childhood, Veera’s desire to find out more about her identity leads her into a life as a hacker. She goes into hiding, living a life consumed by hacking and communication through her alias as M.K. and often wearing a sheep mask.

She’s very intelligent and technical with a huge amount of computer knowledge that allows her to circumvent security systems and the like. Her smarts and skills are used by the clone club as they discover more about their history.

2 Helena Manning

Helena is probably the clone with the most transformative story. Brought up as a self-aware hunter she was taught to track down and eliminate other clones. Not only did this make her ruthless but it showed her to be smart.

Her skillset combines the tracking skills of M.K. with the street smarts of Sarah to produce a force that should never be underestimated. As she becomes more aware of what is actually going on, she’s smart enough to make the right choices and move to the clone club’s side, bonding with her sestras and learning Alison’s compassion in the process.

1 Cosima Niehaus

Cosima is easily the smartest of the clones, with many saying she’s a genius and the one who all of their futures depend on. She’s a Ph.D. student with a scientific background. This leads to her being able to unravel some of the science behind the LEDA clone project.

Although she has help from Delphine, she manages to figure out her own genetic markers and makes a number of other important scientific discoveries throughout the show. Her brains are frequently utilized to help out the clone club.

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Stranger Things: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Stranger Things has its fair share of brainiacs with the plot revolving around a group of science-fiction-loving introverted nerds, but some stand out from the others. Sure, characters like Steve Harrington are more impulsive rather than intelligent but still integral to the story nonetheless. One of the best things about Stranger Things, aside from the nostalgia, is the brilliance of every character; everyone has their moments.

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The core group of characters relies on their love of fantasy (Yes, Dungeons and Dragons saved them a few times, especially in Season 2) and knowledge of scientific properties to beat the Demogorgon and other monsters lurking within the upside-down. Others like Hopper and Joyce embody the parental instincts that end up meaning life or death for some. With this, here’s every main character from Stranger Things, ranked by intelligence.

10 Steve Harrington

Though a fan-favorite he’s not the brightest character on this list, hence why he’s at the bottom. But his comedic timing is perfect, whether it’s with Nancy, the kids or even by himself which is why Stranger Things wouldn’t be the same without him. Season 1 introduced us to a typical high school idiot who’s too focused on Nancy, drinking and sex rather than his studies.

But after a breakup, a fight and an ice cream job at the Starcourt Mall, Steve’s grown up. Though doubtful of Demogorgon’s existence, his nail-spiked bat came in handy when the time came. On top of that, the Dustin and Steve duo budded into a friendship that became a staple of Season 3; their partnership got them into the secret Russian base.

9 Jonathon Byers

The loving yet reserved brother of Will, Jonathon is not the person we know in Seasons 2 and 3. It’s not until he opens up to Nancy Wheeler that he becomes the man, brother, and boyfriend fans love and adore. His love of photography is a bit creepy at first, snapping photos in the dark and hidden from sight.

But it’s through his passion he’s able to discover the horrible Demogorgon that killed Barb (who deserved better, such a tragedy). So, without his odd nature, the Demogorgon may have never been discovered without the help of Jonathon and his camera. Not to mention his ingenious idea to trap the Demogorgon in his home, he’s a man of many talents.

8 Lucas Sinclair

As one of the core members of the group, Lucas provides comedic relief but a rational and mature mindset. Especially in Season 1, his skepticism towards Eleven is prejudiced but logical. With Will missing and the introduction of Eleven into their group, Lucas is forced to act as Juror 8 in the argument.

However, his differences with Mike end up separating them despite both sides making some valid points. Outside of this, Lucas has stepped up in times of need. Season 3 brought about the biggest monster the show has seen. A slingshot may not be much, but it’s the thought and will to act that counts.

7 Nancy Wheeler

Intuitive and perceptive, Nancy is instinctive and not afraid of a fight. Her selfless nature (despite some sibling animosity in Season 1) labels her as one of the most important in the series, risking her life in the face of death numerous times. It’s because of this Nancy earns the title of being one of the bravest characters in the series, let alone intelligent.

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Her relationship with Jonathon is one of the best in the series as opposites certainly do attract. But it’s in their relationship the two are able to benefit from one another, often brainstorming some clever ideas in a small amount of time. That fire trap was no easy feat, no to mention her skills with a handgun.

6 Will Byers

Poor Will can’t get a break, first, he’s trapped in Upside-Down then he’s haunted by visions of it afterward. All the while he’s trying to remain a normal kid in school who just wants to play DnD with his friends in Mike’s basement. Then he comes to terms with his age with the tear-jerker of a scene that was the destruction of Castle Byers. Despite his recent maturity, his nerdy wit remains and even comes in handy in Season 2.

His fluency in Morse Code leads to the downfall of the Mind Flayer and his understanding of the Upside-Down allows him to draw a map without even realizing it. Will’s faced some tough situations and the odds have always been against his favor, but his intellect and perseverance always prevail.

5 Joyce Byers

If there was a Mother of the Year Award it’d go to Joyce, no questions asked. Her instincts as a parent and refusal to give up on her son made viewers cry by the end of Season 1. Her defiance towards the shady government organization transcends the power they hold and the Demogorgon as well. No other character embodies such strength like her considering she went an entire season trying to get her son back.

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Her light system to communicate with Will, her theory on the magnets, her voice never goes unheard and most of the time, she’s never wrong. Despite the occasional resistance from others to listen to her, Joyce sticks by her principles as a mother, making her one of the most admirable characters in the show.

4 Eleven

Eleven may seem naive as her adjustment to the outside world is still unfolding, but her sense of judgment and kind heart lead her to the right decision. Early on, trust is hard to come by considering her upbringing. But once she meets Mike and co., she realizes the value of friendship and the ability to rely on others as friends. Her power gives her great strength, but to quote Ben Parker, it comes with great responsibility. Initially impulsive, Eleven slowly learns to harness her strength and appreciate the gift bestowed upon her.

She’s without a doubt the most powerful character on this list, but also possesses a selfless nature like Nancy. Her sacrifice in Season 1 proved her love for the friends she’s made, a decision not made likely. Season 4 will be a test as Hopper’s absence will take a great toll on her both mentally and physically.

3 Jim Hopper

The lonely constable with a troubled past lingering behind him, it goes without saying Hopper is a fan favorite. Whether it’s his approach to parenting, great one-liners, or name-calling Grigori as Smirnoff, Hopper has a special place in fan’s hearts regardless of intelligence. But as the Sherrif of Hawkins, Hopper has endured an immense amount considering all that’s happened in the span of 3 seasons.

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Like Joyce, Hopper approaches things head-on with a shoot first and ask questions later mentality. His bravery does not go unnoticed and neither does his quick clever thinking. Getting in and out of some dangerous spots, realizing his house has been bugged, his detective skills serve him well. Despite the comedic relief he provides, Hopper has his moments of brilliance.

2 Mike Wheeler

The unofficial leader of the group, Mike doesn’t give up on his friends (although he makes his relationship with Eleven a priority over his friends from to time) and keeps the crew intact. His belief in group integrity forces him to make some tough decisions, but he remains the only person to see the good in Eleven.

When everyone else was frightened, Mike was intrigued and sought to help rather than neglect. Mike’s spirit is what keeps the group going, reminding them of who they are even if it’s a reference to Star Wars or DnD.

1 Dustin Henderson

Honestly, what’s not to love about Dustin? His adorable lisp, nerdy wit and warm smile grant him the title as the most intelligent in the series. Though very young, it’s Dustin’s brilliant ideas that get a handful of people out of hot situations.

On top of that, the love he carries for his friends, family, and even monsters is unparalleled. A scientist at heart, Dustin has an appreciation for Sci-Fi like no other, and his passion for it all makes him the expert of the group when confronted with the toughest of challenges.

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Futurama: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Considering it’s made by the same crew who gave us the The Simpsons, we always knew Futurama was going to end up becoming a brilliantly perceptive, cleverly written and absolutely hilarious show. In the relatively few seasons we got, we were able to explore a futuristic world alongside a cast of brilliant characters.

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A few of them, however, were considerably smarter than others. Here is Futurama: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence.

10 Zapp Brannigan

This arrogant macho man is supposedly a military hero, but in every episode he appears in, Zapp demonstrates his place at the absolute bottom of the intelligence scale. He seems to think that his power and status are enough to not need basic smarts.

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Having been romantically involved with both Leela and her mother Munda, Zapp’s strange womanizing and absolute certainty that he is a genius ladies’ man are made even more painful when we have to watch him attempt to flirt. Sample pickup line: “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you take your pants off and dance around a little?” Cringeworthy.

9 Philip J. Fry

Fry is the closest to normal we’re ever going to get in Futurama, despite him being born in 1974 and being cryogenically frozen for 1000 years. Thanks to a genetic anomaly caused by being his own grandfather (it’s a weird show), Fry is immune to psychic attacks. While this seems like a cool power, he often doesn’t prove his own intelligence.

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His general outlook on life is one of laziness and boredom, though he is surprisingly loyal. This means he often doesn’t get much done unless it is absolutely necessary. Maybe he’d rank higher on this list if he spent less time on the couch drinking Slurm.

8 Kif Kroker

Kif Kroker, the mostly unexplained alien, is a strange one. Having spent so long being bullied and undermined by his boss Zapp Brannigan, Kif is very shy in most situations. This makes it pretty difficult to judge how clever he really is. He does manage to stand up to Zapp a couple of times, showing that he can’t be that stupid. Plus, Brannigan frequently blames Kif for mistakes he hasn’t even made. So at the very least, Kif is more intelligent than his boss.

7 Hermes Conrad

Hermes was once an Olympic athlete, representing Jamaica at the limbo before moving into a career as a robot inspector. He oversaw the creation of Bender before getting a job at Planet Express.

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While not noticeably intelligent, Hermes’ main passions are his overwhelming hatred of Zoidberg and his desire to avoid demotion. Both of these fuel him to work hard and make no mistakes, which sort of forces him into becoming more intelligent than he actually is.

6 Dr. Zoidberg

This is another difficult one. Zoidberg is technically employed as a human-expert doctor onboard Planet Express. Despite this, he has basically no ability to understand human anatomy in any way, and comes across as completely clueless and, as a result, is frequently depicted as homeless. However, he proves himself to be a genuinely brilliant doctor when it comes to alien anatomy, his true specialist subject — even if his doctorate is in art history. Does that make him intelligent…or simply misleading?

5 Amy Wong

Amy is a student of engineering at Mars University while she juggles her 12-year internship at Planet Express. While she is often losing things and ending up in complex situations due to her naivety, she must be pretty clever if she managed to graduate with a doctorate in physics. She also has an impressive grasp of language, being able to speak Yeti, Cantonese and a little bit of Martian among other things. Considering how rich her parents are, it’s impressive that she even made the effort to become as intelligent as she did.

4 Bender Bending Rodríguez

Considering he is a robot Homer Simpson with a self-proclaimed “shiny metal ass,” Bender is actually pretty intelligent deep down. After all, he is a robot. However, a lot of the time, he is seen to make some pretty questionable decisions like smoking “because it makes him look cool” and stealing from his friends.

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But he is also able to think of jokes and quips in milliseconds and when required, is surprisingly good at some of the world-saving tasks he is faced with. Also, he has to drink alcohol in order to stay sober, which is pretty cool.

3 Turanga Leela

Considering she has purple hair and one massive eye in the middle of her head, Leela is pretty normal. She has been both “Orphan Of The Year” and “Miss Universe,” but also has a no-nonsense personality fueled by intelligence.

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Leela plans everything out perfectly, aiming to have total control over each situation she is in. This means that she is frequently the most prepared and knowledgeable, making her one of the most intelligent main characters in the series. In comparison to most of her immature and lazy friends, Leela is able to acknowledge her own mistakes and learn from them.

2 Nibbler

Lord Nibbler has an interesting list of professions, acting both as a crew member at Planet Express and an ambassador to Earth for the Nibblonians. He has also existed since the beginning of time. Despite his relatively childlike persona semi-crafted by Leela’s adoption of him, he is actually an incredibly powerful, advanced being with a range of abilities. His species are literally in existence to protect the earth, while Nibbler specifically must protect Fry, which he manages quite well.

1 Professor Farnsworth

Despite being a human, Professor Farnsworth is shown to be exceptionally clever, the CEO of Planet Express, and at least 160 years old. On top of all this, he is the (30 times over) nephew of Fry, who is now his own employee. Even though Farnsworth’s age has an impact on just how genius he is, he still has the most cunning mind of anyone on the show. His intelligence isn’t exactly well-placed, however, and his maniacal inventions and theories are a danger to the entire universe. This includes a variety of doomsday devices, the creation of which seems to be a particular passion of his.

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Dan Peeke

That 70s Show: 10 Characters Ranked (By Intelligence)

The success of That 70s Show made it one of the biggest sitcoms of the late 90s and early 2000s. It was set in the 70s and focused on a group of friends that didn’t mind making fun of each other, especially since the characters all had different personalities with a few common interests who bonded well together. Some of the characters were clearly smarter than others in the storylines.

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Today, we will attempt to rank the ten main characters based on their intelligence. The ones that typically grasped common sense and showed their insight will be ranked highly. Unfortunately, not everyone had that level of intelligence. Find out just how the characters compared to each other using their minds. These are the top ten characters from That 70s Show ranked by their intelligence, from dumbest to smartest.

10 Michael Kelso

Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Michael Kelso on That 70s Show was one of the most entertaining part of the series. Kelso provided great entertainment, but he clearly wasn’t known for having the most intelligence of the group.

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The others would often prank Kelso by manipulating him into doing silly things or would just make fun of him for his lack of wits. Fans of Kelso would even admit his stupidity was what makes him amusing to viewers. Kelso was the least intelligent of the group.

9 Leo

The stoner character of Leo became a regular due to his bond with Hyde. Tommy Chong played the character to perfection. Leo was one of the kinder souls on the show and had his fair share of good moments, but he was rarely ever intelligent.

Others had to talk down for Leo to keep up with them. Many would argue we don’t know how intelligent he would have been otherwise if he was not high all the time, but that was part of his identity. Leo wasn’t the one that would help the group study or find challenging situations.

8 Jackie Burkhart

The role of Jackie Burkhart helped make Mila Kunis a star in Hollywood with her big first run coming on That 70s Show. Jackie often refused to care about her grades or other meaningful things due to putting her looks and popularity above everything else.

The character would spend the first few seasons dating Kelso. Despite being the smarter one in her relationship, Jackie wasn’t going to be the genius of the group. The ranking has her falling low due to using her intelligence for the worst rather than growing it.

7 Bob Pinciotti

Bob Pinciotti was the father of Donna and the neighbor of the Forman family. The intelligence of Bob declines from the first season and seemingly gets worse with each passing year. Bob’s divorce with Midge just causes him to continue showing his lack of common sense.

Red often tried to get out of spending time with Bob and the kids didn’t enjoy it either. The foolish comments and ability to fall into unappealing situations made Bob one of the weaker minds of the series. No one respected his intelligence (or the lack thereof) when interacting with him.

6 Kitty Forman

Kitty was the mother of the Forman family, and was Red’s wife and Eric’s mom. Debra Jo Rupp’s portrayal made the character quite hilarious when interacting with the others. In terms of intelligence, Kitty could be placed in the middle tiers.

There is no debate here; she was smarter than the likes of Leo and Kelso, but she would fall below some of the other names at the top. Kitty often would try to keep the peace between Red and Eric, which may have been a dumb decision based on the results never matching her goals.

5 Fez

Wilmer Valderrama played the foreign exchange student Fez, who was trying to adapt to a new life in the United States with the strangest group of friends possible. Fez tried to hit on all the girls at school while finding his best friends in the Forman basement hangout.

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Fez’s intelligence was hit or miss throughout the series. Fez was intelligent enough to outsmart the group into doing things that he wanted on a few occasions. However, he would also end in terrible situations due to Hyde and Kelso fooling him.

4 Red Forman

Red Forman’s stern style of parenting showed off his intelligence in the harshest way possible. He often laid down the law whenever Eric and his friends did something that got them in trouble. Unlike Kitty, it was very difficult for Eric to pull one over on Red.

His personality would see him have no mercy when telling off others for rubbing him the wrong. Red may not have been the smartest overall character in the series, but he clearly belongs on the intelligent side of the debate.

3 Eric Forman

Eric Forman, the lead character, was the main focus on the show throughout the first few seasons with everyone else breaking out as his friends and family. Eric was a mixed bag on the intelligence side like most of his peers, but his smarter moments stood out the most.

His one-liners and snarky jokes showed that he loved to use his intelligence in a manner that annoyed others. Eric was also the unofficial leader of the group that came up with their plans. The dumb moments of getting manipulated by the others and letting Red walk all over prevent him from the top spot.

2 Steven Hyde

Danny Masterson scored the role of his career when getting to play Steven Hyde on That 70s Show. In class, Hyde’s grades were often terrible as he didn’t care about school in the slightest. However, that did not mean he lacked intelligence as he preferred to show it in other ways.

Hyde uses his wits to chase his passions like drinking and smoking in the basement and getting out of trouble with the law. Fans loved the dynamic of Hyde outsmarting Kelso and making him do the dumbest things possible as the master manipulator.

1 Donna Pinciotti

Donna Pinciotti’s undeniable intelligence made her the smartest character on That 70s Show for most of the series. She cared about her grades and general future more than her peers in the early seasons. This started to change in the later seasons, but she was never considered dumb.

Donna always tried to stop the group from going through with the dumbest ideas and provided better options. None of the other characters had the consistency of showing off her intelligence from the start of the season until the end.

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Robert Downey Jr. To Host Artificial Intelligence Show On YouTube

Robert Downey Jr. is hosting a new YouTube documentary series on artificial intelligence and the first trailer is now available to watch. Artificial intelligence has already become an important aspect in many technology sectors and so it is no surprise YouTube has taken the opportunity to produce a series about A.I. Especially considering Google, who owns YouTube, is one of the companies that has heavily invested in artificial intelligence over the last few years.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of technology. It is already in use in many devices and industries and looks to provide a more intelligent experience. Whether that’s a directly observable experience or not, the idea underlying the technology is that it can do more without the need for as much human help as before. In spite of every brand, company and technology claiming to use some form of artificial intelligence in its products and devices, the technology itself is still in its infancy. A.I. remains some ways away from a true Skynet.

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YouTube has now confirmed its new artificial intelligence series, The Age of A.I., consists of eight episodes in total. The first four episodes are all due to drop at the same time next week. The remaining four episodes will then go live on the video-sharing platform a month later, on January 15th. However, those release dates are primarily for YouTube Premium subscribers. Those not signed up to the company’s paid service will still get to see the first episode on the same day, but they’ll then have to wait until the next week to see the next episode. With each new episode then being released on a weekly basis throughout December and January.

As the trailer highlights, the series will focus on how technology has already shaped the world and how it will in the future with the help of artificial intelligence. Besides Downey Jr., each episode will include input from those directly involved in the industry and its advancements. Some of those are also likely to be familiar faces with both NFL linebacker Tim Shaw and making an appearance and discussing their own personal relationship with modern technology.

The fact that Iron Man is hosting the new series is probably not by accident. Portraying a character where science and technology plays a major role, and specifically the use of artificial intelligence by Tony Stark, Downey Jr. would seem to be a popular choice to head up the show and to help connect the technology with a new audience. After all, you don’t get to be a part of Science Bros without knowing a thing or two about science and technology.

The first episode of the latest addition to the YouTube Originals lineup goes live for all YouTube users on Wednesday, December 18th.

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The Man In The High Castle Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

One of Amazon’s first forays into the world of streaming television, The Man in the High Castle ran for four seasons between 2015 and 2019 and told the story of an alternate reality in which the Allied Powers lost World War II to the Axis. With the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese in control of the majority of the United States, the series focuses on the realities of racism, prejudice, and resistance in a world like our own, but still so very different.

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There were many characters introduced in the series’ short run, though some of them played much more significant roles in the overall narrative of Resistance than others. Here, we take a look back at the series’ ten most important main characters, ranked by their intelligence level.

10 Joe Blake

To put it simply, Joe Blake is the dumbest character in the entire show. For the whole first season, Joe risks ruining his undercover Reich mission by falling for Juliana’s pretty face. In the second season, he messes around with rich German elite and spends the rest of the season crying and getting high.

The third season gives him the first real emotional depth he’s shown in the series, as he spirals further downward into trauma and villainy. But once again, he’s too dumb to get anything done, leading to him getting his throat slit by Juliana in their first argument.

Did we mention that he’s an idiot?

9 Wyatt Price

Wyatt Price is a late addition to the series, and though he proves resourceful and intelligent at first, he ultimately winds up muddled and ineffective. In the third season, Wyatt is the middle man for all Resistance needs in the Neutral Zone, possessing an impressive network of connections.

But in the fourth season, Wyatt is seemingly hapless, helpless, and clueless all at the same time, getting himself into one dumb scrape after another and having his butt saved by Juliana and other supporting characters on multiple occasions.

8 Helen Smith

For almost the entire first three seasons of the show, Helen Smith is little more than a doting house wife, subservient and submissive and following the Reich’s ideology. Midway through the third season, she begins to question the life she has lived for decades, and takes the initiative to leave her life behind when she goes on the run with her daughters.

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But it’s the fourth season in particular that finds Helen being given real agency, as she manipulates the Reich and her own husband so expertly that she plays a key role in their downfall, even if it means sacrificing herself to do it.

7 Frank Frink

When the series first begins, Frank Frink is one of the most motivated characters. One of the series’ only Jewish heroes, Frank has an understandable chip on his shoulder, one that only grows larger and more justified after he winds up in the crossfire of Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido.

After the senseless murder of his sister and her children, Frank becomes a verified leader of the new Resistance movement. He attempts to kill and later successfully kills high ranking Japanese officials, and leads guerrilla Resistance movements that lead to his own near death, all in an attempt to return the world to the way it once was.

6 Robert Childan

Robert Childan is one of the most truly utilitarian, adaptive, and flexible characters in the entire series. The original protagonist of the novel on which the series is loosely based, Childan is an antiquities dealer in the Japanese states who knows the ins and outs of Japanese culture and government.

Though he winds up in plenty of dangerous situations over the series, and though he has no clear skills at fighting or combat by any means, Childan is one of the lone characters to survive the series relatively unscathed, all thanks to his quick thinking and his ability to overcome and barter.

5 Takeshi Kido

Few characters are as relentless, as passionate, and as loyal to their leaders as Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido. From the very beginning of the series, Kido is a fearsome foe to anyone who dares cross him or the Japenese empire to whom he is passionately pledged to serve.

He is a dogged investigator, able to pick up on the smallest lies or inaccuracies in reports and interrogations that no one else is able to perceive. He uncovers the truth behind countless crimes and assassination and attempted assassinations, and is willing to go to great lengths to preserve the power and security of the empire.

4 John Smith

Though John Smith may have begun his journey as an American soldier in World War II, over the course of the series, he ascends from the position of Obergruppenführer to Reichsführer. Through his cunning wit, relentless drive to protect his family, and powerful presence, Smith rises rapidly through the ranks of the Reich.

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In actuality, he may never have wanted such a position of power, which is something reflects on multiple times during the series. But when it comes to keeping his loved ones safe, John is willing to go above and beyond – something he is always able to do thanks to his sharp intellect.

3 Juliana Crain

Without the character of Juliana Crain, this story would never have been told, and the Resistance would never have succeeded. Though she began the series as an unsuspecting young woman in San Francisco, Juliana soon learned she was the key to understanding the multiverse, and in restoring the world to its rightful order.

Her bravery, her compassion, her selflessness, and her keen understanding of human behavior make her one of the series’ most compelling, and most brilliant characters – which makes her limited role in the series’ final season all the more disappointing.

2 Hawthorne Abendsen

Few characters within the world of The Man in the High Castle can claim to possess as much knowledge as the titular man in the High Castle himself. Hawthorne Abendsen is a man who has seen many, many things, many worlds, may alternate realities, and processed the implications of each of them.

Though he often speaks in a confusing philosophical manner and though his exact role in the acquisition of the High Castle films remains unclear, Abendsen is almost as close to the series comes as creating an all powerful, all knowing being.

1 Nobusuke Tagomi

As close as the man in the High Castle himself may come, no character has truly grasped the truth of human nature and the multiverse in the way that Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi did. Through his mastery of the I Ching, Tagomi was the first character to be able to travel between the worlds of the series’ multiverse.

He was also always aware of the reality of the world around him, and of plots that were being planned against anyone whether an enemy or an ally. He imparted much of his knowledge to Juliana in particular, though sadly, his brilliant presence would be absent in the series’ final season after the puzzling decision to kill his character off off screen.

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How I Met Your Mother: Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

How I Met Your Mother was one of the most popular sitcoms of the past two decades with an extremely loyal fan-base and a series that stretched for nine years and over two-hundred episodes. The keyword in that sentence is ‘sitcom’ because the entire point of the show was to make people laugh; ergo, not every character that audiences came to know and love was the shiniest penny on the subway (you win a $1.50 hot-dog if you understand the references).

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While no members of the main cast are meant to be stupid or purposely dimwitted, such as Andy on Parks and Recreation or Jake from Two & a Half Men, it is evident throughout the series that some of our favorite Manhattan-dwellers are wiser than the others. Here’s our list of the main characters of How I Met Your Mother ranked by their level of intelligence.

6 Robin

We’ll say it once again just to be clear – none of the characters were purposely, or even noticeably, stupid. However, when it comes to Robin, intelligence was never exactly the trait that best describes her either. In the case of Robin’s stupidity, her character just seemed to be all over the place in terms of what she wanted out of life and it made the audience quite frustrated.

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Robin would get Ted, a great guy who wanted a family and turn him down for her career, but then flip right around and go after Barney claiming that her love life was always more important to her than her love life. If that weren’t enough to make the case, Robin’s entire illustrious career was nothing more than reading a teleprompter. While journalism or hosting a morning show are both testing jobs, they are not exactly the biggest brain-drainers either.

5 Tracy

Unfortunately, Tracy gets the low rank on our list simply for the reason that we didn’t see enough of her to really get a grip on her level of intelligence. The audience was blessed with one brief season of the notorious mother that we’d heard so much about through the years, but even then it wasn’t enough to grasp who she truly was from an intellectual standpoint.

Tracy was funny, quirky, and all-around lovable, but fans never even learned what she did for a living. She stated that she wanted to save the world and was getting a degree in economics from Columbia University so she obviously can’t be an idiot, but it’s still not quite enough to go on. For all we know, Tracy could be the smartest of all the How I Met Your Mother characters, but sadly Ted took his sweet time telling the story so we only got a flashing glimpse of her possibilities.

4 Ted

He might not be a rocket scientist, but becoming an architect isn’t exactly the easiest career to pursue and Ted turned out to be incredibly successful at it by a very young age. As they even stated in the series, Ted is the youngest person to design a building over 70 stories (probably) and he added a building to the Manhattan city skyline, achieving his life-long dream by the age of 35.

How many other people can say they’ve achieved nearly everything that they’ve wanted to, career-wise, by the time they’ve hit their 35th birthday? Then again, maybe it’s because Ted had all that extra time to focus on his career since he didn’t have a wife or kids yet, but at least all of that was just a little way down the road for him.

3 Lily

Lily quickly became a fan-favorite of the show and her sneaky form of intelligence had a lot to do with it. While her job as a kindergarten teacher might not be the most challenging of professions from an intellectual standpoint, one of the best characteristics of Lily was the fact that she was like a ninja: Constantly sneaking around and manipulating the wills and actions of her friends in order to obtain an outcome most pleasing to her.

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Lily was devious and cunning. She was so sneaky and sly about it that audiences took no time at all falling in love with her mind games. If Lily had been a real-life friend, her antics most likely wouldn’t have won her any favors, but thanks to the laugh-track constantly backing her up, fans had no problem at all with her malicious intellect.

2 Barney

As sinister as Lily was, Barney was the true master when it came to plotting and controlling the outcome of situations. The writer of books such as “The Bro Code” and “The Playbook” was surgical in his exploits of women and made it known from the get-go that there wasn’t anybody better at picking up chicks. Barney might not have been the typical gentleman, but he certainly dressed better than one and always had a trick up his sleeve in order to get out of any tight spots he found himself in.

Also, Barney played the part of a legal scapegoat for several years for GNB while actually being an FBI informant in order to get revenge on the guy who stole his very first girlfriend. That particular move and Barney’s intellect are legend… – wait for it – …dary.

1 Marshall

Judge-Fudge has entered the building – all rise. Marshall earns the spot on our list as the most intelligent character on How I Met Your Mother simply because of his career as a lawyer, then a judge, and then a member of the Supreme Court.

Going through law school and being a lawyer is ridiculously difficult, attaining a judgeship is even harder, and becoming a member of the Supreme Court is borderline impossible. But thanks to Marshall’s impeccable brain-power (remember when he wrote a 25-page paper in one night and still got a B- on it?) he can rest easy knowing that he’s the smartest member of the MacLaren’s Pub gang.

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Jonathan Meschutt

Game Of Thrones: 10 Rulers, Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There were quite a few rulers throughout the entirety of Game of Thrones and not all of them were great at playing the game. In fact, there’s only one person on this whole list that makes it out alive by the end of the series.

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Although most of these fictitious Kings and Queens were never destined to make it out alive in the first place, it’s quite obvious that they all had strengths and weaknesses when it came to ruling their people – some much more so than others. Take a look at our list of 10 rulers of Westeros, ranked by intelligence.

10 Joffrey Baratheon

Just the worst. Up until Ramsay Bolton started torturing Theon and had turned him into Reek, Joffrey was the undisputed most hated character in all of Game of Thrones. Honestly, the kindest words we could use to describe him are still too inappropriate to use on this website.

The vicious little gremlin was despised from the minute he stepped on screen and fans hatred for the rotten scoundrel grew with each passing episode. From the second he chopped off Ned Stark’s head, two things became evident – Game of Thrones was going to be a show like no other, and everyone was going to hate Joffrey. Nothing but respect for Olenna Tyrell.

9 Euron Greyjoy

We’re just going to say it – this man was not worthy of killing a dragon. With the many hiccups and mistakes of season 8, one of the least satisfying was the conclusion of Euron Greyjoy’s story arc. He was meant to be a fearsome warrior and leader, not to mention the reinforcements and the army behind Cersei that would be able to hold off three Targaryen dragons and an army of Unsullied, Dothraki, and Northmen.

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Instead, he was a creepy uncle figure who everybody knew would never take the place of Jamie at Cersei’s side. Honestly, what was the point to any of the Greyjoys?

8 Ned Stark

One of the only member of this list who was never formally declared a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’, Ned Stark could be described as nothing else but a ruler. In terms of his intelligence, he was certainly smarter in his younger years as he was able to help Robert Baratheon take down the Targaryen empire.

Unfortunately, he made two critical mistakes during the first season of Game of Thrones that led to one of the most shocking deaths in television history – he traveled down to King’s Landing (which everyone knows is fatal for Stark men) and he trusted Littlefinger. We have to repeat that; he trusted Littlefinger. That speaks for itself.

7 Cersei Lannister

Cersei was more cunning and manipulative than virtually everybody on Game of Thrones besides Tyrion, but her intelligence often fell before her pride. Tragically, her downfall was that she couldn’t accept her place.

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She always wanted to be queen and she did absolutely everything possible in order to make that happen, including having an incestuous relationship with her brother and a creepy Oedipus-complex relationship with all of her children.  Even when she did finally become the actual queen, every choice she made was shrouded by her blind ambition to retain the throne at all costs. Settle down a bit, Cersei, you’ll end up getting yourself killed.

6 Robb Stark

The Young Wolf was so close to getting it all, and then he met an even more shocking end than his father did. Unless you were one of the viewers who had also read the books, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that you saw Robb Stark’s death coming and it was all the more shocking because it seemed like up until halfway through Season 3 he could do no wrong.

He was winning a war with virtually no experience and had the support of the entire North behind him – but then he slipped and faltered because of a girl, breaking several oaths and sealing his own fate in the process. The Red Wedding was brutal, but come on, Robb, you know you messed up.

5 Jon Snow

You know nothing, Jon Snow. As it turns out, the Knower-of-Nothing actually did end up knowing a few things. How was Jon supposed to know that the creators were going to absolutely butcher Daenarys’ character and make her go bonkers over the span of three episodes?

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Other than his bonding with the Mad Queen, whom he ultimately was wise enough to make sure met her warranted end, Jon Snow didn’t make too many wrong choices as King. He also wasn’t king for very long, but as we stated there’s only one ruler on this list who makes it out alive – that’s Jon Snow.

4 Stannis Baratheon

Stannis is ranked high on this list for no other reason than his skill as a tactician because when it came to common sense he had an empty bucket. Stannis was known for being brilliant on the battlefield and he certainly had the unrelenting support of his followers, but unfortunately, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne (believe it or not, that’s true) had the Red Lady whispering in his ear throughout his entire campaign and she ended up leading him straight to his doom.

Honestly, how sad is it that a warrior as skilled as Stannis (who went North to help defeat the White Walkers) was taken down by Ramsay Bolton of all people? We blame the blood magic.

3 Mance Rayder

He might not have referred to himself as a King, but he was certainly an elaborate ruler and earned the title of “King Beyond the Wall” nevertheless. Just like how the snow and the cold were what defeated Stannis, what brought Mance Rayder down was the simple element of soldiers on horseback.

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Mance had an army of over 100,000 wildlings and they were cut through easier than, as Tormund put it, “piss through snow.” However, he was the one to round those 100,000 wildings up in the first place and it took him over 20 years to do it, and that makes him pretty darn smart.

2 Daenarys Targaryen

It’s not your fault, Dany, it’s the creators. Everybody’s favorite Queen needs a serious therapy session with Robin Williams because she deserved so much better than the ending that the creators chose to give her. We’re not saying that Dany’s descent into madness wouldn’t have made sense over time, but to make the transition over three episodes and force it down the audience’s throat was unacceptable and brought a wonderful character’s story to a very unsatisfying end.

However, up until her unsatiated demise, Dany was a fan-favorite and rightfully so since she was a hardened and bright leader who managed to attract tens of thousands of followers during her reign.

1 Tywin Lannister

There was nobody in the entire Game of Thrones universe more terrifying than Tywin Lannister, and the most impressive part of that statement is that even with all of the bloodshed and brutality that took place during the show, Tywin was never shown killing a single person.

His menace and ice-cold demeanor could pierce through anybody and he was the one character who seemed to win even when he was losing because he was the type of person to learn from every mistake. He orchestrated the death of Robb Stark, winning the War of the Five Kings, and ultimately made only one crucial mistake in his time as ruler of Casterly Rock – and that was treating Tyrion like a monster.

He was always your son, Tywin, and he shot you on the toilet because you were an ass to him.

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