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When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There were quite a few rulers throughout the entirety of Game of Thrones and not all of them were great at playing the game. In fact, there’s only one person on this whole list that makes it out alive by the end of the series.

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Although most of these fictitious Kings and Queens were never destined to make it out alive in the first place, it’s quite obvious that they all had strengths and weaknesses when it came to ruling their people – some much more so than others. Take a look at our list of 10 rulers of Westeros, ranked by intelligence.

10 Joffrey Baratheon

Just the worst. Up until Ramsay Bolton started torturing Theon and had turned him into Reek, Joffrey was the undisputed most hated character in all of Game of Thrones. Honestly, the kindest words we could use to describe him are still too inappropriate to use on this website.

The vicious little gremlin was despised from the minute he stepped on screen and fans hatred for the rotten scoundrel grew with each passing episode. From the second he chopped off Ned Stark’s head, two things became evident – Game of Thrones was going to be a show like no other, and everyone was going to hate Joffrey. Nothing but respect for Olenna Tyrell.

9 Euron Greyjoy

We’re just going to say it – this man was not worthy of killing a dragon. With the many hiccups and mistakes of season 8, one of the least satisfying was the conclusion of Euron Greyjoy’s story arc. He was meant to be a fearsome warrior and leader, not to mention the reinforcements and the army behind Cersei that would be able to hold off three Targaryen dragons and an army of Unsullied, Dothraki, and Northmen.

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Instead, he was a creepy uncle figure who everybody knew would never take the place of Jamie at Cersei’s side. Honestly, what was the point to any of the Greyjoys?

8 Ned Stark

One of the only member of this list who was never formally declared a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’, Ned Stark could be described as nothing else but a ruler. In terms of his intelligence, he was certainly smarter in his younger years as he was able to help Robert Baratheon take down the Targaryen empire.

Unfortunately, he made two critical mistakes during the first season of Game of Thrones that led to one of the most shocking deaths in television history – he traveled down to King’s Landing (which everyone knows is fatal for Stark men) and he trusted Littlefinger. We have to repeat that; he trusted Littlefinger. That speaks for itself.

7 Cersei Lannister

Cersei was more cunning and manipulative than virtually everybody on Game of Thrones besides Tyrion, but her intelligence often fell before her pride. Tragically, her downfall was that she couldn’t accept her place.

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She always wanted to be queen and she did absolutely everything possible in order to make that happen, including having an incestuous relationship with her brother and a creepy Oedipus-complex relationship with all of her children.  Even when she did finally become the actual queen, every choice she made was shrouded by her blind ambition to retain the throne at all costs. Settle down a bit, Cersei, you’ll end up getting yourself killed.

6 Robb Stark

The Young Wolf was so close to getting it all, and then he met an even more shocking end than his father did. Unless you were one of the viewers who had also read the books, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that you saw Robb Stark’s death coming and it was all the more shocking because it seemed like up until halfway through Season 3 he could do no wrong.

He was winning a war with virtually no experience and had the support of the entire North behind him – but then he slipped and faltered because of a girl, breaking several oaths and sealing his own fate in the process. The Red Wedding was brutal, but come on, Robb, you know you messed up.

5 Jon Snow

You know nothing, Jon Snow. As it turns out, the Knower-of-Nothing actually did end up knowing a few things. How was Jon supposed to know that the creators were going to absolutely butcher Daenarys’ character and make her go bonkers over the span of three episodes?

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Other than his bonding with the Mad Queen, whom he ultimately was wise enough to make sure met her warranted end, Jon Snow didn’t make too many wrong choices as King. He also wasn’t king for very long, but as we stated there’s only one ruler on this list who makes it out alive – that’s Jon Snow.

4 Stannis Baratheon

Stannis is ranked high on this list for no other reason than his skill as a tactician because when it came to common sense he had an empty bucket. Stannis was known for being brilliant on the battlefield and he certainly had the unrelenting support of his followers, but unfortunately, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne (believe it or not, that’s true) had the Red Lady whispering in his ear throughout his entire campaign and she ended up leading him straight to his doom.

Honestly, how sad is it that a warrior as skilled as Stannis (who went North to help defeat the White Walkers) was taken down by Ramsay Bolton of all people? We blame the blood magic.

3 Mance Rayder

He might not have referred to himself as a King, but he was certainly an elaborate ruler and earned the title of “King Beyond the Wall” nevertheless. Just like how the snow and the cold were what defeated Stannis, what brought Mance Rayder down was the simple element of soldiers on horseback.

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Mance had an army of over 100,000 wildlings and they were cut through easier than, as Tormund put it, “piss through snow.” However, he was the one to round those 100,000 wildings up in the first place and it took him over 20 years to do it, and that makes him pretty darn smart.

2 Daenarys Targaryen

It’s not your fault, Dany, it’s the creators. Everybody’s favorite Queen needs a serious therapy session with Robin Williams because she deserved so much better than the ending that the creators chose to give her. We’re not saying that Dany’s descent into madness wouldn’t have made sense over time, but to make the transition over three episodes and force it down the audience’s throat was unacceptable and brought a wonderful character’s story to a very unsatisfying end.

However, up until her unsatiated demise, Dany was a fan-favorite and rightfully so since she was a hardened and bright leader who managed to attract tens of thousands of followers during her reign.

1 Tywin Lannister

There was nobody in the entire Game of Thrones universe more terrifying than Tywin Lannister, and the most impressive part of that statement is that even with all of the bloodshed and brutality that took place during the show, Tywin was never shown killing a single person.

His menace and ice-cold demeanor could pierce through anybody and he was the one character who seemed to win even when he was losing because he was the type of person to learn from every mistake. He orchestrated the death of Robb Stark, winning the War of the Five Kings, and ultimately made only one crucial mistake in his time as ruler of Casterly Rock – and that was treating Tyrion like a monster.

He was always your son, Tywin, and he shot you on the toilet because you were an ass to him.

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Harry Potter: 10 Prolific Hufflepuffs, Ranked By Intelligence

Hufflepuff is one of the most underrated houses in Hogwarts. Throughout the novels, and even in the wider Harry Potter fanbase, Hufflepuff house is often mocked. It is generally considered to be the ‘other’ house. Gryffindors are brave, Ravenclaw’s are smart, Slytherins are cunning; if you’re none of these then you’re a Hufflepuff. Regardless of this view of Hufflepuff, the house has produced some of the most famous and notable witches and wizards of all time. Their house ideals of loyalty, inclusivity, and fair play are fantastic qualities that deserve recognition and respect.

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This article will list the 10 most intelligent members of Hufflepuff house.

9 Cedric Diggory

The true tragedy of Cedric’s story is that he may have grown into a character that deserved a higher place on this list. Unfortunately, all of this potential was stamped out during the Triwizard Cup, when he was murdered by Peter Pettigrew in the Cemetry of Little Hangleton.

Cedric was always described as a bright and intelligent boy, he almost certainly had a fantastic future ahead of him, so it is was a real shame that he had to die in Harry’s fourth year.

8 Hengist of Woodcroft

While you may not have heard of Hengist of Woodcroft, you will certainly be familiar with his work. The medieval wizard was the founder of the wizarding village of Hogsmeade. While little is known about the character, he is certainly one of the most important wizards in the history of Britain.

In order to flee persecution, Hengist created Hogsmeade and it remains the only village that is entirely populated by wizards and witches in the United Kingdom.

7 Nymphadora Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks was one of the most accomplished and talented wizards in the Ministry of Magic’s Auror Office. This was, at least in part, due to the fact that Tonks was trained by one of the most formidable Aurors of all time, Alastor Moody.

Due to her training as an Auror, Tonks was greatly skilled in both defensive and offensive magic. She fought in the Second Wizarding War, taking part in the Battle of the Seven Potters and the Battle of Hogwarts. She was more than capable of defeating several death eaters in duels.

6 Grogan Stump

Grogan Stump was the Minster for Magic of Great Britain between 1811 and 1891 and was one of the most popular Ministers for Magic. His most important act while in office was the introduction of the Being, Beast, and Spirit divisions in the Ministry’s Department for the Control of Magical Creatures. Consequently, it was Stump who ended a debate that had been enduring among the wizarding world for centuries. This settled and defined the meaning of the word ‘being’ in magical law, allowing certain creatures rights because of this.

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Grogan Stump is clearly one of the most intelligent and influential Hufflepuffs of all time. His stint as Minister for Magic was one of the most popular of all time.

Artemisia Lufkin is another Minster for Magic from Hufflepuff House. However, she is, perhaps, even more notable than Grogan Stump. Lufkin was the first woman to hold the office of Minister for Magic. This makes the character an incredibly important one in the history of the Wizarding World.

Lufkin was a very accomplished Minister for Magic, being elected to the position twice. She was a very popular Minister for Magic and is featured on the chocolate frog cards.

5 Bridget Wenlock

Bridget Wenlock is a famed witch who lived in the Thirteenth Century. Wenlock is most famous for her work in the field of arithmancy. This magical subject uses numbers to, among other things, predict the future. It is notorious for its difficulty, with many students struggling in the subject at Hogwarts due to its complex charts (although Hermione Granger loved the subject).

Wenlock was highly influential as she discovered the magical properties behind the number seven. She was also very protective of her research, writing most of her work in invisible ink or atrocious handwriting to conceal its content.

4 Theseus Scamander

Theseus Scamander is the brother of Newt Scamander and served as the Head of the Ministry of Magic’s Auror Office during the Global Wizarding War. In addition to being Head of the Auror Office, Scamander was also a war hero, having fought in the First World War.

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While his adult office is a clear sign of his intelligence, he also showed this intelligence as a young man. Theseus Scamander received 5 NEWTs while studying at Hogwarts.

3 Pomona Sprout

Pomona Sprout was head of herbology at Hogwarts, so she was clearly highly skilled in the subject of herbology. That being said, her skills as a witch are not strictly limited to the field of herbology. She was proficient in charms and potions, both of which helped her to advance even further in herbology.

Additionally, Professor Sprout was highly skilled in defensive magic and dueling. This could be seen in the fact that she successfully participated in and survived the Battle of Hogwarts, defeating several Death Eaters during the conflict.

2 Newt Scamander

Newt Scamander is, arguably, the most accomplished and famous Hufflepuff House graduate. Despite the fact that Scamander was expelled from Hogwarts, he went on to become one of the most well-respected Magizoologists of all time.

In addition, while Newt was renowned for his work in the field of Magizoology, he was also an accomplished wizard in other aspects of magic. His proficiency with defensive magic was clear in his frequent battles with dark wizards during his travels to New York and Paris.

1 Helga Hufflepuff

Helga Hufflepuff, the founder of Hufflepuff House, is by far the greatest Hufflepuff of all time. Along with Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff founded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She insisted that her house did not prize the ideals of bravery, cleverness, or ambition, but loyalty and acceptance of all.

As she was one of the four founders of Hogwarts, she is frequently regarded as one of the four greatest witches and wizards of the age. Helga Hufflepuff was clearly one of the most talented and intelligent witches of all time and deserves first place on this list.

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LOST: 10 Of The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Most shows have those moments when the audience is either cheering for, or against, the characters at hand. This is usually because they’re doing something incredibly intelligent or incredibly unintelligent – but LOST was a show that broke that tradition. The show itself was nothing but pure brilliance on the part of JJ Abrams, who crafted a world in which rules were followed to a T, yet broken at the same time. Never has there been a more creative, confusing, or mind-blowing plot – at least not this decade.

Many will disagree, claiming the show made little sense to them, but those of us who know, know. We can go back but we can’t change the future… So who did we rely on the most for their brans and intuition? Here are all of our favorite brainy characters, in order of street-smart to pure genius.

10 ‘Sawyer’, James Ford

Sawyer was a favorite not just because of his attitude, but because of his sarcasm… Which is actually a sign of intelligence. While the smarts he had were mostly street-worthy, it doesn’t change the fact that he was definitely one of the quickest thinkers on the show.

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He may have been unruly and tough to get along with, but he survived as a con man for years prior to ending up on the island. That, in itself, demonstrates a will to not only survive, but thrive in an environment where crime is intended to be hard to get away with, not easy.

9 Desmond Hume

Desmond was quick to figure things out on his own with little help from others. Once he realized what was happening on the island, and in general, he was able to warn the others. They didn’t understand him initially, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was far ahead of the game before most realized they were playing one. He also had a direct connection to Daniel and Eloise, and the fact that he understood them both transcended an average level of smarts.

8 Jin-Soo Kwon

Working for a mob is a grueling, thankless, and violent job, but it’s what Jin had to do in order to ensure he and his wife had a stable life. While it’s not this that made him smart, it did make him aware, which then helped him to perform on the island in the way he did. It was likely this quality that Sun’s father saw in him in the first place, as his capacity to survive was unparalleled. His determination and strength also played a role in their dual survival, providing the perfect balance for (dysfunctional) island life.

7 Walt Lloyd

While Walt became somewhat of a mystery until the show’s ending, it doesn’t mean that Walt didn’t have something peculiar about him that was worth noting. It was implied that he eventually grew to learn what was happening before everyone else; so much so that he was taken by the Others based on his unique merit. His intelligence was revealed during the first game of Backgammon against John Locke, which he picked up quickly and showed signs of curiosity – another attribute of those who have high intelligence.

6 John Locke

Naturally, John Locke had to make the list. His intelligence came to us in a different form than the rest, as he was intuitive by nature. As opposed to characters such as Eloise, Daniel, or Ben, he wasn’t necessarily quick to solve equations.

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Rather, he was quick to make decisions and followed his gut – which was pretty smart, most of the time – in order to survive. His problem was allowing his heart to take over, preventing him from seeing the whole picture and knowing the dangers of the island, rather than being guarded and cynical.

5 Jack Shepard

As unique protagonists go, Jack was special. It was something that Locke picked up on right away, but also something that Jack didn’t realize until the very end. It was obvious that he was smart, as he was a spinal surgeon, but he was also quick on his feet. Unlike Locke, who stood as his polar opposite most of the time, he was strictly brains over heart. This kept him detached for the longest time but also proved worthy when it came to coming up with plans and strategies.

4 Sayid Jarrah

Sayid was, perhaps, one of the smartest of those one the island. From the get-go, he was revealed to be a technological mastermind, having plenty of military experience from the Republican Guard to back him up. While his job was to torture the truth out of people, it also takes an intelligent person to get to the bottom of a problem. He was a natural-born solution maker, a problem-solver, and a survival genius, for all intents and purposes. Aside from losing himself in his past, his logic was nearly flawless 99% of the time.

3 Ben Linus

Intelligence comes in many forms, including manipulation and trickery. Ben used these methods in spades when it came to controlling the Others, who followed his every command. While he was their theoretical leader for all intents and purposes, it was a role that also brought on stress and alienation. His intelligence was clearly off the charts as he’d managed to control an entire group of people, but it wasn’t rewarding or accomplished, such as the other characters.

2 Daniel Faraday

It’s no surprise that Daniel Faraday made it to the top of the list. As far as book smarts go, Daniel was so intelligent that he confused nearly every person he ran into, until Charlotte (RIP, Daniel’s only true love).

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His mathematics, equations, and theories defied the average person’s level of logic, throwing him into some awkward situations. He was the only one besides his mother, Eloise, who understood what was truly happening in the space-time continuum that was the island.

1 Eloise Hawking

Perhaps that smartest of them all was Eloise. She was the only one who knew from the very beginning not only the methodology behind the island, but also the fate of every single person on it. Along with Charles Widmore, who could also be considered pretty dang smart, she studied and learned what was happening – and what was to happen. Richard could also be included in this group, as he lived many times prior after being thrust on the island.

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The Avengers: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

The Avengers certainly are Earth’s mightiest heroes, harnessing some amazing powers to defend civilization from threats all across the galaxy. However, that doesn’t mean that they are all gifted with amazing intelligence, as there is a very wide range of brains within the group.

Many of The Avengers are incredibly smart, which is one of the main reasons they are consistently so successful. However, on the flip side of that, there are plenty of people in the group who aren’t very smart and purely rely on their abilities.

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Of course, when you have incredible powers, you don’t always need to be the smartest person in the room, but it certainly does help. Within this list, we will be taking a look at The Avengers and ranking them, purely based on their intelligence alone.

10 Thor

Thor may very well be almighty and technically, he is a god, but that doesn’t mean he is the smartest of The Avengers. A case can certainly be made for him being the most powerful, but smartest? Not really. Thor isn’t exactly stupid by any means, but he is more of a do now and think later sort of guy.

The fact he doesn’t truly understand Earth and how humans work also doesn’t help his case for intelligence. Thor is often confused at things that humans do, which is understandable. However, his decision to not plan anything and simply rush in often is a poor choice, which is why he is bottom of this list.

9 Ant-Man

Ant-Man is never originally intended to be a top superhero. Fresh out of prison, this isn’t a life he expects himself to have and while he learns how to use his powers well, he doesn’t exactly show great intellect throughout the movies he appears in.

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There is a reason that he isn’t the brains behind the operations when he completes missions, because intelligence isn’t his strong suit. While he can be very funny and he is certainly effective with his powers when it comes to being smart that isn’t where he excels.

8 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one of the least featured members of The Avengers, and because of that, we aren’t overly sure of just how intelligent she is. Sure, she’s immensely powerful with her magic and is arguably the groups strongest fighting member, but in terms of her brainpower, it is a little harder to determine.

While she doesn’t show any signs of being stupid, she also isn’t coming up with massive plans or creating new technology. So with that in mind, she has to fall around the middle of the pack. However, after spending a lot of time with Vision, she is likely to have picked up on a couple of things that we might see in future movies.

7 Hawkeye

Similarly to Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye doesn’t get as much dedicated screen time in lead roles like many of the characters on this list do, however, he does show great intelligence at times. The way he utilizes his weapon shows his smartness right from the start.

Unlike most of the other characters, Hawkeye isn’t gifted with a specific power, he instead trains and develops his skill. But to do so takes true dedication and intelligence of knowing where to fire it in any condition, proving just how smart he is.

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On top of that, he does have plenty of spy experience and has no problem sneaking around unnoticed, something many other members of the group couldn’t do if they tried.

6 Captain America

Captain America suffers from the same issue that Thor does, in the sense that he’s not used to the modern human world. However, his issues aren’t as bad as he did live on Earth, but that still doesn’t mean he is one of the smartest characters in the team.

However, he isn’t stupid either. While he doesn’t have the scientific intelligence that other characters might have, he has great battle intelligence. There’s a reason he is the man who leads the group into battle and creates the plans of attack, and that is down to his intelligence.

5 Spider-Man

He might be the youngest Avenger, but Spider-Man is also one of the smartest. There is a reason why Tony Stark takes him under his wing and effectively makes him his apprentice because he sees himself in Peter Parker, and a large part of that is down to his brains.

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Parker is an incredibly smart young man who is gifted with great intelligence. He shows that constantly in the decisions he makes both as Spider-Man and as Peter. When shown in a school environment, it is clear he is one of the smartest kids about, and as he grows older he is only going to get wiser.

4 Black Widow

Black Widow is very similar to Captain America in the sense that she has an amazing intelligence for a battle which she gains from her time as a spy. While little is known about her history, that is all set to change with her solo movie next year, and her intelligence could end up being shown as even greater through that.

Aside from her mission planning and obvious combat skills, she is intelligent in other ways too. Black Widow has fantastic people skills, which is a type of intelligence all on its own. She is the only one who can connect with Hulk, and she really is the interlink between all the different characters, helping to bring the team together when needed.

3 Vision

While he is ultimately killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, there is no denying that Vision is incredibly smart. That was expected though, after all, he has some of Bruce Banner, Jarvis, and Tony Stark inside of him which is just one big cocktail for smartness.

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Vision shows that while he is alive. Constantly being one step ahead of everyone else, Vision is always ready for whatever is taking place and has an answer for everything. The fact he is also one of the most powerful characters in the MCU also helps him as well.

2 Hulk/Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner might have messed up his own experiment which led to him becoming the Incredible Hulk, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart. As a scientist, there are very few people who can match his brains, which is why he is so important to the group.

Banner constantly helps create different inventions and plays a big part in Vision being created as well. On top of that, in Avengers: End Game it is revealed that Bruce has learned how to combine Banner and the Hulk together, making him the complete mix of physicality and brains.

1 Iron-Man

When it comes to the smartest Avenger, it has to be Iron-Man that is considered to be the most intelligent. While he and Bruce Banner are likely on a level when it comes to their scientific knowledge, the fact that he retains that when turning into Iron-Man just edges him above the big green guy.

Tony Stark shows his brains right from the beginning. Creating the first Iron-Man suit inside a cave in order to escape the terrorists, he proves he doesn’t need tons of technology to solve problems.

However, when he does have technology on his hands, Stark takes things to a totally new level. He is incredibly innovative and is a true problem solver, using his intelligence throughout to get the better of all his enemies.

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Orange Is The New Black: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

While you can easily argue that none of the main characters in Orange Is The New Black are smart, after all, they all ended up in prison somehow, once inside they do show plenty of intelligence. Whether it is scheming to kill enemies or to smuggle and sell drugs, the inmates show they have real brains during their stay behind bars. Due to how long they all have to spend in prison, the inmates quickly have to develop their intelligence past the traditional sense.

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All of the inmates are forced to be creative, fast-thinkers due to the situation they’re in. Whether it’s being intelligent enough to save their own lives or to stay out of trouble to get out, the prisoners show different kinds of intelligence and in this article, we will rank them on that intelligence.

10 Suzanne Warren

It is in social settings where she really struggles, but as the series develops she certainly learns to adapt to that. She might struggle with certain issues, but she does have a very kind heart and always wants the best for her friends. Often looking out for others over herself, Suzanne is one of the best characters on the show.

9 Lorna Morello

Much like Suzanne, Lorna Morello suffers from mental illness as well, only hers is less recognizable until later on in the show. Throughout the entire series, Lorna likes to believe she is in certain situations when she really isn’t, as she does when she believes her baby is still alive.

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While Lorna’s thoughts don’t become quite as muddled as Suzanne’s, she does still struggle at times making decisions. Often panicking and making snap judgments throughout the series, it is clear that she isn’t the smartest of the bunch.

8 Tiffany Doggett

While Tiffany Doggett doesn’t have any mental illnesses, she has suffered from a lack of education in her life. As we learn throughout the series, she struggles with reading and that isn’t picked up as dyslexia until very late on in the series.

Because it wasn’t identified while she was at school though, it means that Doggett didn’t get the fundamental education that others in the prison did. This leads to her clearly being one of the least intelligent people in the prison, which is something she is bullied about throughout the series.

7 Nicky Nichols

In-terms of social situations, Nicky Nichols seems to always have an answer for everything, but that doesn’t make her the smartest character on the show. She often finds herself in bad situations due to the decisions she makes and seeing Nicky annoy or upset other characters isn’t uncommon.

Due to her drug addiction, Nicky doesn’t get the opportunity to show her intelligence to its full potential until later on in the series when she gets clean. Often making bad choices due to how her mindset is, Nicky might be a loveable character, but sadly she’s not the smartest.

6 Dayanara Diaz

Orange Is The New Black’s resident drug queen, Dayanara Diaz goes from the prison sweetheart who gets knocked up by the guard to the ultimate kingpin inside the system. While it isn’t intelligence in the traditional sense, you can’t say she’s not smart.

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Daya knows how to make the most of the situation and when she gets her life sentence she quickly begins to take matters into her own hands. Turning the prison into her own criminal enterprise, Daya quickly uses her brains to smuggle and sell drugs, and while it is an odd business to have, she is the owner of it.

5 Piper Chapman

The main character of the show is supposed to be portrayed as someone who is too good for prison and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd. However, as the show transpires it quickly becomes clear she belongs just as much as her bunkmates.

However, Piper Chapman is smarter than most of her fellow inmates, and she is happy to let them all know it. Not one to shy away from showcasing her brains, Piper often thinks she is smarter than she actually is, which normally lands her in trouble. On the other hand, she does come up with some fantastic ideas during her time in prison and is smart enough to not do anything to extend her sentence.

4 Poussey Washington

Due to the sheer amount of time Poussey Washington spends in the library, you would expect her to be one of the smartest characters on the show. Poussey tries to keep herself to herself and get on with her sentence, clearly trying to prepare for life on the outside.

She loves engaging in debate and complex conversations and is one of the nicest people in the prison. While it is against the rules, she makes her own hooch, which is the most in-demand drink inside the entire prison, with every inmate wanting to get a taste of her concoction.

3 Alex Vause

Alex Vause is in a similar position to her prison wife, Piper Chapman in the sense that she is one of the smarter inmates before she gets caught and sent to prison. However, unlike Piper, she knows how to work the system in prison and is a little smarter in a criminal sense.

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While Vause does still get into some sticky situations throughout the show, for the most part, Vause is on top of the situation. She knows how to work different groups to her advantage in order to be in the best position possible, and even though she does let her aggression overtake her, she is a smart character.

2 Galina Reznikov

While her memory starts to fade as the show drew to a close, that doesn’t mean that Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov isn’t one of the smartest characters on the show. When the show first begins, Red is already in a position of power inside the kitchen, and it is clear that she knows how to play the game.

Red is the leader of a group of inmates and everything she does is with the girls in mind. She is a veteran of the prison system, having been inside for plenty of time in comparison to many of the others. Because of her age, Red is certainly wiser than the majority of other characters and even though she occasionally gets her judgment wrong, for the most part, she knows what she’s doing.

1 Tasha Jefferson

Tasha Jefferson is perhaps the most beloved character in Orange Is The New Black and the difficult circumstances she finds herself in are heartbreaking. However, she eventually makes the most of her life sentence to help prisoners develop their skills, setting them up for life later down the line. But it isn’t just her tutoring skills later on in the series that allow her to be one of the smartest characters in the series.

Long before she teaches math to people, Tasha shows her brains as she tries to constantly improve herself and the rest of her group. Sometimes Tasha lets her anger and frustrations get the best of her, but that is something most people inside the prison suffer from. She is level headed and clearly ready to be an upstanding member of society on the outside world, which is more than can be said for most.

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Matthew Wilkinson

Mr. Robot: Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Mr. Robot is a mind-bending drama/thriller that has had many twists and turns. As the series comes to a close with its fourth and final season set to air its last episode on December 29, we have gotten to know the cast of characters pretty well.

The series follows reclusive hacktivist Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) who suffers from social anxiety and depression, and is fed up with the world, mega corporations ruling over society, and people doing terrible things. He sets out to take down the biggest conglomerate, E Corp., which he refers to as “Evil Corp,” using his hacktivist group fsociety. And he follows orders from an anarchist known as Mr. Robot (Christian Slater).

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Through the series, we find out a lot about who Elliot really is, his past, his friends and family, and what’s up with Mr. Robot. While most characters on the series are incredibly smart, some are smarter than others. Here’s a ranking of them all. Note: spoilers about the series ahead.

10 Fernando Vera

Fernando (Elliot Villar) is first introduced as the drug supplier of Elliot’s girlfriend Shayla. He quickly proves how menacing he is when he murders Shayla and shows her body to Elliot.

In the final season, he kidnaps Elliot – not to hurt him, but to pick his brain. He’s so enamored with Elliot and his abilities that he wants to partner up. But while Fernando clearly has enough smarts to have launched his own little empire, he is really nothing more than a low-life drug dealer with high aspirations of being a kingpin. But he would never get there because he didn’t have the smarts to back it up.

9 Angela Moss

Angela (Portia Doubleday) has good intentions, and she has always been a great friend to Elliot and his sister Darlene, growing up with them as kids and sharing a bond of having parents who died due to a factory leak. While she’s clearly a smart woman, she lets emotions cloud her judgment. She eventually gets caught up with the enemy, Whiterose, who promises to help her live a life that erases away all of her past sadness, including the death of her mother.

She slowly descends into a state that can only be considered madness as she desperately tries to become someone else, wanting to believe what Whiterose promises is true.

8 Phillip Price

While mostly motivated by greed, Phillip (Michael Cristofer) is not an unintelligent person. As the CEO of E Corp., he managed to position himself at the top, though he eventually realized that he really answered to Whiterose.

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However, he managed to turn E Corp. into a bigger conglomerate than it was before he took over, entering new areas of business like technology and media. In the end, he showed enough smarts to find a way to turn on Whiterose, making it his final valiant act.

7 Tyrell Wellick

Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom) is smarter than he let on, but his intelligence was often masked by his desperate desire to move up the corporate ladder and his obsession with Elliot’s abilities. As the former Senior Vice President of Technology at E Corp., he’s the person Whiterose wants to take over when Phillip says he’s stepping down.

He’s a knowledgeable technician who actually knows how to code rather than just being a brain in a suit who doesn’t know how to do the job of his underlings.

6 Dominique DiPierro

While many of the characters on the series possess smarts related to computing, Dominique (Grace Gummer) has a different type of smarts. As an FBI agent, she is always thinking several steps ahead of the people she’s investigating. And even when her back is against the wall, she finds a way to get out of a life-threatening jam.

She is a gifted investigator who got caught up in the Five/Nine Hack and solved the case, though it led to a domino effect of trouble that she just couldn’t seem to shake.

5 Krista Gordon

Played by Gloria Reuben, Krista is Elliot’s court-appointed therapist who, while she makes terrible decisions in her personal romantic life, is gifted at her job. She seems to be the only person Elliot trusts beyond his sister Darlene, and the only person who can get him to open up. For this very reason, Fernando kidnapped her in an effort to find out Elliot’s weaknesses (arguably his only clever move.)

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Krista doesn’t come from Elliot’s world, but it is revealed in the final season that she understood all along what was causing so much of Elliot’s pain, and who Mr. Robot really was. But she didn’t reveal that truth to Elliot because she felt he wasn’t ready yet to accept it.

4 Darlene Alderson

Elliot’s younger sister, Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is just as smart a coder as he is, proficient in hacking and programming. Working alongside him in fsociety, there’s no task she can’t handle with a computer or smartphone in her hand. While sharing the same troubled childhood as Elliot, she isn’t as reclusive as him, though she shares the same distaste for the state of the world.

A brilliant mind, Elliot could never have achieved the Five/Nine Hack without her. And she can go with him toe-to-toe on any hacking job.

3 Whiterose

As the leader of the Chinese hacker group the Dark Army, Whiterose, known publicly as a prominent Chinese government official, Minister Zhi Zhang (BD Wong), is a transgender woman with a sinister and mysterious plot that Elliot wants to stop.

Whiterose is incredibly smart, using her job, power, and influence to pull the strings behind the scenes for multiple corporations and governments from around the world. And she surrounds herself with even smarter people to achieve her goals. While she doesn’t really have a moral compass, she has worked studiously to get world powers on board and do her bidding.

2 Mr. Robot

Seeing as (spoiler alert) Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is actually a representation of Elliot’s split personality, taking on the form of his dead father, he would logically have to rank alongside Elliot as the smartest of the group.

As the co-founder and leader of fsociety, Mr. Robot is more confident than Elliot and willing to take risks whereas Elliot is often unsure and afraid. Once Mr. Robot takes over, though, Elliot is more willing to do something questionable, like hack into a device or network, that he wouldn’t have the courage to do as himself.

1 Elliot Alderson

When it comes down to it, even though Mr. Robot is more confident than Elliot (Rami Malek), it’s Elliot himself who is the true genius. He came up with the brilliant plan for Five/Nine, even if he needed to rely on a dissociated personality to go through with it. He hacked into anyone and anything to achieve the impossible. And he took down the biggest corporation in America.

A cybersecurity engineer by occupation, he is more focused on his career as a vigilante hacker, stopping big corporations and individuals, alike, from doing terrible things – whether it’s hoarding consumers’ money or cheating on a spouse. There’s no hacking job too big, or too small, for his gifted, though troubled, mind.

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The Walking Dead Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

One of the characteristics that makes The Walking Dead such a unique show is the fact that its palette of main characters constantly changes. Unexpected plot twists result in old characters dying and new ones appearing out of nowhere. However, there are some characters who’ve, thanks to their intellect and wit (or pure dumb luck), managed to survive all 10 seasons of this unpredictable show.

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In the context of this post-apocalyptic world that showcases how, even with hordes of zombies looming around every corner, man is still a wolf to another man, we’ve decided to set aside the 10 most intelligent, adaptable, and resourceful characters who still survive among The Walking Dead.

10 Gabriel

From the very beginning of the show, we had positive predictions about the fate of this priest. Let’s just remind ourselves about his biggest sin when he, cowardly and selfish, locked himself in a church leaving a herd of believers to be overrun by zombies. And if he hadn’t been discovered by Rick and his crew, who knows if Father Gabriel would ever be able to adapt to the horrible circumstances.

Even after becoming one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition and seeming like a wise man, the fact stands that he had a lot of trouble adapting to the apocalypse. In the newest seasons, he seems to have come around and become much more adaptable and resourceful, but we’re still placing him on the last spot among the most intelligent characters in the show.

9 Ezekiel

With his charisma and wit, he was able to win over a group of loyal followers. But, aside from these theatrics, we assess that he wasn’t the most successful ruler, given an abundance of his not-so-wise decisions. Ezekiel clearly cares about his people, but let’s not forget that he also subjected them to Negan’s torture like some sort of a vassal, with a portion of them dying as a result of his thoughtless plans.

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Even after teaming with Rick’s group, Ezekiel continues to show his weakness and lends himself to depression caused by all troubles they face. No one can deny this character’s intelligence, but we believe that his accomplishments are better attributed to his charisma than his smarts.

8 Daryl

Daryl may not be the most intelligent character in the cast, but he’s one of the most adaptable and resourceful. He owes his survival and well-being to his hunting aptitude and a badass can-do attitude. With that in mind, his skills include: survival, hunting and tracking, hand-to-hand combat, crossbow skill, and navigation.

Aside from his practical abilities, Daryl also boasts an altruistic, protective, and loyal nature that made him one of the core members of Rick’s group and someone he can lean on anytime. He even displayed pronounced leadership capabilities throughout the show, although he prefers to stick to himself. In any case, anyone denying the intelligence of this longest-surviving male character of the Walking Dead would clearly be mistaken.

7 Aaron

At first, Aaron was Alexandria’s scout due to being a good judge of character. His mission was to bond with Rick’s group to assess whether they pose any threat to Alexandria. His intelligence was showcased early on, when he left water bottles for the group to test whether they’re wise enough not to drink them (given the risk they were poisoned).

Soon after, we realized that Aaron was a good-natured and practical guy with a myriad of survival skills under his belt. He later displayed his resourcefulness by managing to convince the Oceanside people to join the war – the fact tha allowed for the victory of Rick’s group over the Saviors.

6 Judith

This ten year-old girl has been born during the apocalypse, outliving many other, much older characters – and for good reason. She grew constantly needing to adapt to new and threatening situations. She mastered weapons like the katana and Rick’s revolver early on, killing walkers.

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She also displayed a keen ability to tell if someone is lying. Raised by Rick and Michonne, this clever and surprisingly mature young girl will surely grow up to be a serious badass and the worst nightmare of anyone who threatens her loved ones. Due to her maturity, cleverness, and adaptability, we’re putting her at number 6 on our list.

5 Carol

Carol is one of the rare people who displayed an amazing amount of character development in the show. From an abused and insecure woman, she turned out to be a fearsome and highly intelligent person. The series also shows her as an introverted, reliable, and quick-witted woman who eventually becomes a counselor to Rick, and later one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition.

Aside from that, she’s incredibly skilled with weapons, and has even gotten some medical experience along the way. She cleverly uses her image of a “regular old lady” to deceive and manipulate people when necessary. Yet, Carol will never hesitate to kill when faced with a threat. And though she may seem cold and perhaps even cruel on the surface, this only makes her survival in this brutal world easier.

4 Michonne

When we first got introduced Michonne, she was a lone survivor, relying on her katana skills when faced with enemies. The zombie apocalypse actually turned this middle-aged art and literature enthusiast into a skilled and careful warrior. And though she functioned perfectly fine alone, Michonne was wise enough to join Rick and his group, eventually becoming his right hand woman.

She was constantly the rational voice in the group, and her intuition and wise advice eventually got her to the position of the leader of the Alexandria – and quite deservedly so, if we may add.

3 Alpha

Alpha is a great example of a highly-intelligent person. However, she’s also often quite extreme in attaining her goals, which proved itself to be unwise. She is prone to violence and will always turn to sadism and murder to eliminate those who show even the slightest sign of weakness.

A clever character, Alpha was able to climb up to the position of the leader of Whisperers, subverting not only loyal followers but also hordes of zombies to her cause. Cold and calculated, she is the kind of person to give up her daughter for her ideology. But, for someone this capable and intelligent, we’d expect Alpha to be at least able to create a happier and more stable community.

2 Negan

You can love him or hate him, but you can’t doubt this intelligence. The secret to Negan’s success rests upon his knowledge of human psychology, enabling him to attain power over a large group of followers – the Saviors. Just from their famous phrase “I am Negan,” we can see that he’s risen to the level of a symbol for his followers.

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Negan is a charismatic individual, skilled in manipulating others and thinking strategically, which allows him to always stay one step ahead of everyone else. As opposed to Alpha, Negan only resorts to murder if he sees no better alternative. Finally, his intelligence is evident from his ability to easily adapt to a myriad of different situations, such as when he was detained in Alexandria or had to stay among the Whisperers.

1 Eugene

Although he possesses poor social skills, Eugene is a lot more than your typical awkward person. You see, he’s extremely intelligent – evident from his very first appearance when he tricked Abraham to protect him. He also showed an extremely high level of adaptability during his stay with the Saviors, particularly when he tried to impress Negan with his skills to survive, outsmarting him on a few occasions as well.

Eugene wields good knowledge in many different areas: he is well read, talented with electronics, and able to create explosives and poisons. And despite the importance of physical fitness when it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, Eugene is the perfect example of a person who’s able to compensate his shortcomings and survive using raw intellect.

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Mad Men: Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant

Mad Men was a fascinating television show that was a very intelligent show. It was a very conversational show that featured heavily on engaging chats between characters with long monologues taking place regularly throughout each episode. It also really highlighted the advertising industry and the difficulty of coming up with slogans and dealing with business propositions as the company grew.

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The writers did an excellent job throughout the show to create incredibly interesting and unique characters, and while the majority were smartly written, some were not. Of course, this was intentional, and within this article, we will rank the main characters based on their intelligence.

10 Betty Draper

Betty Draper is one of the most important characters throughout Mad Men, but she isn’t one of the smartest. While she isn’t exactly dumb, Betty heavily relies on other people to help her make big decisions and ends up acting out at various points throughout.

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Spending the entire show out of work, Betty doesn’t exactly thrive in that department either. While there can be no denying that she’s a good mother and certainly loves her children, Betty often acts like a child herself, which is one of the reasons that it is through a children’s psychologist she begins to improve. Betty is often incredibly naive to various situations throughout the show, from the working world to Don’s adultery. She is a complex and interesting character, but she’s not one of the smartest.

9 Bert Cooper

Bert Cooper comes across as someone who is incredibly smart, however, we don’t actually see him make too many major decisions throughout the show. While he does have influence in all of the big decisions that happen, it is Don and Roger that are normally the main talkers.

Bert is quite a complex and unique character, but that doesn’t mean he’s not smart. He is always focusing on what is best for the business and is one of the most unselfish characters on the show. Sadly, we just don’t see much of him to rank Bert any higher.

8 Harry Crane

He might be one of the most annoying main characters on the show, but to his credit, Harry Crane does know what he is talking about. Harry is seemingly the only person on the show who knows that television and media is the way forward for the industry.

While the full switch of focus from print to media doesn’t fully take place on the show, the start of that journey does take place. Harry is the man who spearheads the entire decision to push for television, gaining his own department, even though it only consists of himself. Harry tends to spend a lot of time kissing up to his bosses in order to gain promotions that don’t really mean much. However, he clearly does have his finger on the pulse, which highlights his smartness.

7 Roger Sterling

He might be one of the most powerful characters in Mad Men, but that doesn’t mean he’s one of the smartest. There is a reason why people constantly question exactly what it is Roger Sterling does as a job throughout the show because it seems to just involve drinking and sex.

Roger is a people person, and that is the impact he has on the company. Constantly bringing in different clients with his charm, he certainly knows what he’s doing in that regard. But even still, there are times when he’s not smart enough as he doesn’t think before he speaks all the time. This leads to Roger often putting his foot in his mouth and saying things he regrets as soon as he finishes talking. He might be loveable and charismatic, but he’s not the smartest character.

6 Stan Rizzo

Next on the list is Stan Rizzo, who is another one of Mad Men’s most intelligent characters. He might not be featured prominently until later seasons of the show, but the more screen time Stan gets, the clearer his smartness becomes.

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Talented in his work, Stan is also intelligent enough to always help others, mainly Peggy. He is always thinking out loud and it is through that and conversations that he has where Stan’s intelligence is shown. He is smart in different ways in comparison to other characters, but he is certainly one of the smartest people on the show.

5 Lane Pryce

Even though Lane Pryce ultimately meets a very sad end on the show, that doesn’t mean he’s not one of the smartest characters. Throughout his time on the show, Lane continues to prove that he is one of the most intelligent people around.

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He is very much a numbers guy, and while that might not seem like it makes him intelligent, as he simply tries to cut costs, he certainly is. Lane understands the importance of different deals and how much money the company needs to stay afloat, which is something others don’t get.

4 Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway is certainly one of the most intelligent characters in Mad Men. The show does focus on men predominantly, but the women of the show always tend to be very powerful, and Joan showcases that right from the start.

She knows how to work the system to her benefit, using her looks and charm to always get what she wants. It might take her a while to work out her value to the company, but when she does, Joan quickly ensures she gets what she deserves. Joan might not be creating fancy slogans and advertising posters, but she is just as valuable as everyone on this list. She simply knows how to play the game, and that is an incredible skill to have.

3 Pete Campbell

People might be surprised to see Pete Campbell rank this high on the list, but just because he can be quite a slimy character doesn’t mean that he’s not a smart one. Pete knows that sometimes underhanded tactics are needed to get what he wants, and there are no lines he won’t cross to get them.

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Pete works his way up the ranks in the company throughout the show, and by the end of Mad Men, it is clear he is one of the best around. Sure, he might not be the nicest guy in the world, but he is one of the smartest. Pete is the first character to realize there is a market for advertising to African American’s, smartly knowing that barriers should be broken in that regard, proving his intelligence.

2 Peggy Olson

While the main focus of Mad Men is all about Don Draper, there’s no denying that Peggy Olson is an equally important part of the story. Her rise from simply being on Don’s desk to being one of the top advertising writers in America is very impressive. During that journey, Peggy also shows her growth as a person as well. While she starts out very naive of the advertising world, Peggy quickly learns on her feet and begins to develop and starts to stick up for herself.

Not only does she develop into a fantastic writer, who is arguably the most impressive of all the main characters, but her personal development is key as well. She knows how to manipulate people in the right way and is certainly one of the smartest characters on the show.

1 Don Draper

While he might have a few moments where he slips up, for the majority of Mad Men, Don Draper always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Draper is the lead character of the show, and he is the one who drives the advertising agency with his fantastic work.

He is smart enough to keep the majority of his affairs a secret and knows that his love life should be private as much as possible. But it is really in his working life where Don proves himself to be the brains of the show. Constantly coming up with the next big idea to win over a client, or a smart presentation with a catchy slogan. There is a reason that he is the best in the advertising game during the show, and it’s all down to his smartness.

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Matthew Wilkinson

Vikings: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Vikings is definitely one of the best fantasy shows on the market along with Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, and others. Unfortunately, the last season will air already this December and the show will end after a whole of six seasons.

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One of the things that make Vikings so great is the character variety. We see several generations have multiple adventures and root for certain heroes and heroines. Some of them are more admirable while others aren’t, so here are All Vikings Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence.

19 Sigurd

Considering that Sigurd was killed by his own brother Ivar, you could say that he is not as smart as he might appear at first sight. Sigurd has always been kind and didn’t want to fight which is why his priorities clashed with those of his brothers and most people around him.

18 Halfdan

Much like Sigurd, Halfdan was killed by his brother Harald. However, Halfdan is seen to be a complete opposite of Sigurd as he enjoyed killing his enemies and was always quite cruel in battle. Halfdan usually spoke up after his brother and seemed to be inferior to him when people compared the two.

17 Siggy

Despite being a controversial character, Siggy ultimately got her redemption when she died while saving Ragnar’s brothers. Nevertheless, Siggy did have some interesting traits that helped her stand out.

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While being Rollo’s lover, Siggy wanted to become Queen of Kattegat and plotted against whoever was ruling at the moment. She ultimately came to accept her role and helped to care for Ragnar’s children. She definitely possessed extensive knowledge of various subjects and was quite smart too.

16 Aethelwulf

Athelwulf’s faith and righteous nature might have been a little annoying, but they did make this character one of the most passionate on the show. Sometimes he seemed to show some kind of skill in battle, but he wasn’t much of a tactician and would often follow the advice of those around him including Judith he masterfully manipulated Aethelwulf.

15 Harald

Similarly to Aethelwulf, Harald is a good leader in battle, but he doesn’t usually know how to plan his further actions and relies on the people around him to guide him. Yet, Harald is superior to many others primarily thanks to the power he possesses. His ambition to rule over many lands is also a very strong motivator for him.

14 Torvi

Torvi is perhaps one of the most underrated characters, but she is actually very smart, beautiful, and skilled in battle. Moreover, she is a great mother which means she has knowledge of raising kids too. Torvi isn’t ambitious, but if she was, she could achieve a lot just by acting on her thoughts.

13 Hvitserk

Hvitserk seems to be in the shadow of his brothers most of the time. No matter who he sides with, his actions and decisions are often overshadowed by his siblings’ which seems to bother Hvitserk to an extent.

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Nevertheless, he is able to act independently and tries to find his place in the world along with doing the right thing. Hvitserk still has time to unleash his full potential.

12 Rollo

Rollo has often been shown as the strong, dumb character, but he later showed to be more than that. Rollo is mostly admired as an exceptional warrior and battle leader. However, he soon appears to be a good tactician too especially while protecting his new home, Paris, from his former people the Vikings.

11 Ubbe

Being very similar to his father Ragnar, Ubbe is quite smart and skilled in battle. He isn’t the best tactician, but he is still extremely intelligent in this sense. Ubbe has made mistakes, but his greatest strength lies in his ability to empathize even with the worst of people.

10 Heahmund

Heahmund is an extremely complex character as he is both very religious and quite easy-going. He is very intelligent having received a good education. Heahmund has assisted several leaders in planning the battle and is very a good strategist along with being an outstanding warrior.

9 Judith

Judith starts out as a minor character but grows to become a prominent figure in the series. She is a smart, manipulative woman who used to be very quiet, unquestioning, and even docile.

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Judith learns of the cruelty of life the hard way, but that only makes her stronger. She gradually starts manipulating people around her in order to achieve her goals and that makes her dangerous for the well-being of those around her.

8 Athelstan

Athelstan’s case is a complicated one. From one side, he was very educated and possessed linguistic skills, religious knowledge, etc. But from another side, he was innocent when dealing with others and would often fall into the traps the ambitious people around him set up.

7 Aslaug

Aslaug’s first appearance is very telling of her whole nature. She is intelligent and very sly as well as ready to act on her ambitions. She usually achieves what she wants, but even her charms can’t keep Ragnar by her side all the time. Aslaug ends up being bored by raising children and by her power and yearns to get even more of it.

6 Floki

Floki can be described as a very eccentric man who doesn’t often conform to the norms society sets for him though he is still extremely religious and follows many traditions.

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Floki is often admired for his intelligence and sharp mind as well as his unique fighting style and extensive knowledge in shipbuilding that set him apart from everyone else.

5 Bjorn

Bjorn is definitely the one among his brothers to be the most like his father Ragnar. Not only do they look alike in terms of appearance, but they also share many traits including an inquisitive mind, curiosity about other cultures, strategic skills, and more. Besides, Bjorn is a good leader too.

4 Ivar

In the later seasons, Ivar seemed to become Ragnar’s favorite son though that role definitely belonged to Bjorn before that. Ivar is also very similar to his father, but definitely much crueler and more ambitious. He is by far the best tactician on the show, but his impatience and instability often make his plans go wrong.

3 Lagertha

From the very first seasons, Lagertha is shown to be extremely intelligent, beautiful, skilled in battle, and many other great things that make her the best female character on the show.

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Despite making mistakes along the way, Lagertha usually gets what she wants without having to resort to solely manipulative actions that would put her in a bad light. She manages to be very successful while achieving greatness with good means.

2 Ecbert

The two most intelligent male characters on the show happened to be attracted to the most intelligent woman who is Lagertha. Ecbert is a very educated and good tactician too. He admires smart people which is why he manages to find a common language with Ragnar and then falls in love with Lagertha.

1 Ragnar

Even though Ecbert might be as smart as Ragnar, the former is still a better warrior and a more experienced strategist. Ragnar is undoubtedly the most intelligent character who manages to outwit many enemies before finally accepting his death at the hands of (you guessed it) one of his enemies.

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Kiki Evans

The Arrowverse: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Intelligence is a difficult thing to quantify as it’s actually quite an abstract concept. Arguably, all of the characters in the Arrowverse are quite intelligent to a fault, given all the effort that goes in to planning missions and fighting their various enemies.

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However, some characters are assuredly more intelligent than their peers, be it because of their valuable life experience, or their astonishingly high IQs. Whatever the reason, these characters play a vital role within their various teams and it’s clear that their knowledge is both desirable and a necessity for heroes like the Flash and the Green Arrow to succeed.

10 Mick Rory

Having waxed lyrical about how intelligent the Arrowverse is as a whole, rather ironically, we start with possibly one of the dumbest characters on the small screen so far. Mick used to be no more than a brainless thug when he first appeared on The Flash alongside Captain Cold. He then went on to become a crew member on the Waverider.

Despite his place on this list, Mick has actually come a long way since his journey first began. It hasn’t been very quick but Mick has finally started to feel comfortable with the Legends. And he has since revealed a hidden talent for science fiction writing, which the gave the character much needed additional depth.

9 Sara Lance

When she first appeared in Arrow‘s second season (as played by Caity Lotz), Sara didn’t appear to possess a whole lot of intelligence. She presented as just another ditzy girl who went on a long boat journey with her sister’s boyfriend simply because he asked her to. However, the events that occurred on that journey changed Sara forever.

After being taken by Ivo, marooned on Lian-Yu, and then trained to be a killer by the League of Assassins, Sara may not be clever in the traditional sense of the word but rest assured, she is still a formidable opponent. However, her strategies to complete various missions don’t usually work out.

8 Oliver Queen

Oliver is remarkably similar to Sara when comparing their intelligence as they both went on similar paths to become the heroes they are today. Both Sara and Oliver are more fighters than thinkers and they tend to act irrationally when angry instead of thinking through all other possible options.

The reason why Oliver is placed slightly higher though, is because of his 5 years living away from Starling City. In that time, Oliver had many excellent teachers who specialized in different areas of surveillance, fighting, and survival. Oliver then used that knowledge to operate on his own successfully as the Hood.

7 Barry Allen

It’s actually surprising how many characters in the Arrowverse are actually geniuses/the best person in their chosen field. As well as saving Central City from the many metahumans under the guise of the Flash, Barry also works for the Central City Police Department as a forensic investigator, showing that his IQ is above average.

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Barry is incredibly skilled at his job, and certainly in the earlier seasons of The Flash, many characters were amazed at what he could detect at a crime scene simply by looking at a random tire tread. However, audiences have seen less and less of Barry’s adventures within the police, causing many to forget that he is actually quite brainy in his own right.

6 Kara Danvers

Again, like Barry, Kara is incredibly intelligent. She is an award winning journalist who writes amazing articles exposing corrupt regimes, while living a double life as everyone’s favorite flying heroine, Supergirl. Kara is one of the most amazing characters the Arrowverse has ever produced.

However, Kara is also an alien from the planet Krypton. Her cousin, Clark, arrived on Earth as a baby, but Kara was a young girl when she came here. The point being, why doesn’t Kara have some extra-terrestrial intelligence? Something that gives her an edge over the other main characters when it comes to IQ points.

5 Lena Luthor

Lena is one of the best characters to come out of Supergirl and her storylines are always extremely fascinating to watch unfold. She also possesses a great intelligence, thanks in part to her being brought up by the Luthors. However, that’s not all she inherited from her adopted family.

Lena’s IQ is what makes her such a useful ally to Supergirl (and what makes her such a potential deadly foe). Her brother Lex even admitted that he found her to be his near equal. Lena also has a devious and slightly twisted mind, and it is this that gives her an edge over the other entries on this list so far.

4 Caitlin Snow

Anyone who worked at Star Labs before the Particle Accelerator went KABOOM is automatically granted a place on this list, simply because scientists are smart y’all. However, special mention must go out to one Dr Caitlin Snow who is the only prominent medical doctor in the Arrowverse. If all shows had a Caitlin, there’d be a lot less death.

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Caitlin’s amazing skills as a doctor have saved so many lives on The Flash. Barry and his team are super lucky to have her. She even helped save Lyla’s life during The Flash and Arrow‘s first ever annual crossover. Cait’s taking a sabbatical at the moment, but hopefully she’ll resurface soon to do what she does best.

3 Ray Palmer

Aside from Professor Martin Stein, Ray Palmer is probably the most intelligent Legend on Legends Of Tomorrow today. Initially making his debut on Arrow, Ray proved that he was more than just a pretty face when he successfully designed and built the Atom suit, a metal suit of armour that allowed the user to fly, shoot, and shrink.

Ray and the Atom suit have been an essential part of the Waverider crew for almost 5 years now and we were upset to learn that Brandon Routh would be leaving the role sometime during Legends Of Tomorrow‘s upcoming fifth season. However, Ray and his brains will still be taking part in next month’s crossover.

2 Cisco Ramon

Cisco has been on The Flash even before its first episode aired and he has always been Barry Allen’s biggest supporter and best friend. More than that though, Cisco has been an essential part of Team Flash, and not just because he names all the metahuman villains.

Cisco has one of the brightest minds in the whole Arrowverse, with even the Reverse Flash noting his amazing intelligence. Later on in the series, Cisco started to develop his own meta-abilities but he never let that get in the way of his most important asset: his intelligence.

1 Felicity Smoak

As well as being amazingly adorkable, Felicity is also one of the best computer geniuses. At first, her talents were being wasted in a boring IT desk job for Queen Consolidated but after Oliver recognized her natural talent, Felicity began to step up in the world and finally making a name for herself.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however, as Felicity has made some fairly giant technological mistakes during her time on Arrow, the biggest of which was probably (slightly unknowingly) teaming up with Season 6 antagonist Cayden James. However, she fought alongside Team Arrow to defeat him and then continued to help her friends until her departure earlier this year.

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