Jeremy Renner Teases Avengers 4 News Coming Soon

Jeremy Renner hyped up fans about Avengers 4, teasing that news related to the film will be coming soon. Renner has played Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) in the MCU since 2011’s Thor; however, he didn’t partake in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ biggest fight yet in Avengers: Infinity War due to the fact that he was under house arrest.

Following the events of Captain America: Civil War and his allegiance to Steve Rogers in refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords, Barton was arrested. However, like Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), he struck a deal with the government and has been detained in his home, spending time with his family. Soon, though, the bow and arrow-wielding hero will return at the forefront of the ongoing battle against Thanos, and Renner is as excited as the fans who have been waiting to see him back on the big screen since his last appearance in 2016.

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Speaking at Tokyo Comic Con this weekend – captured on video by Twitter user @zenjiro2 (via CBR) – Renner was asked about Avengers 4. Being an MCU veteran when it comes to withholding spoilers, the actor was able to dodge any questions about the movie. That said, he did reveal that some exciting things from the movie will be coming soon, which understandably hyped up the crowd. Watch the clip below:

Considering Renner sat out for Avengers: Infinity War, he didn’t officially participate in the promotional activities for the film (though he remained very active on social media, rallying for his MCU costars). His absence in the film spawned multiple memes, joking about how Thanos would’ve been defeated if the Avengers had their resident marksman. However, some of his fans were reportedly so genuinely upset that directors Joe and Anthony Russo received death threats over his absence. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained that leaving Barton out of Avengers: Infinity War is actually the best thing that ever happened to the character as fans now look forward to his imminent return in Avengers 4 where he’ll assume a new persona as Ronin.

Since Renner didn’t reveal anything specific about Avengers 4, his statement in the video could be referring to a number of things surrounding the MCU. However, many are convinced that he’s referring to the much-anticipated trailer which fans have been clamoring for for quite a while. Many believed that the trailer was going to roll out last month, considering that the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was unveiled November of 2017, but that never happened. Feige promised that the first official look at the film will arrive before the year ends, and the latest rumor is that it’ll finally debut this Wednesday, two days after Captain Marvel‘s second trailer airs during Monday Night Football.

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Source: @zenjiro2 (via CBR)

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Interview – R.L. Stine

Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year there’s a new Goosebumps movie arriving in theaters – Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. The movie features a new cast of kids – played by Jeremy Ray Taylor (IT), Caleel Harris (Castle Rock), and Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) – who discover a lost Goosebumps book in a hidden room and unwittingly unleash a new season of terror, as Slappy the Dummy brings Halloween costumes to life and wreaks havoc on the city.

Jack Black reprises his role as Goosebumps author R.L. Stine in Haunted Halloween , so to celebrate the movie’s release, Screen Rant spoke to the real R.L. Stine to find out about the new monsters on parade, and ask whether Black’s curmudgeonly portrayal of the author is accurate.

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I have to ask, because the movie’s about a secret Goosebumps book hidden in a box – is there actually a secret Goosebumps book somewhere out there?

R.L. Stine: No. I wish [laughs]. I wish there were some extra ones somewhere that I could pull out. No, no secret book… But it’s kind of creepy, these two boys go into this house and knock over something and find this book and it’s locked, and they unlock it. And that starts all the action. All the horrible action.

Are there any Goosebumps monsters in this movie that we didn’t see in the last one?

Stine: Well, there are gummy bears [laughs]. They didn’t have gummy bears. After the first one I said, “How will we ever do a sequel? You used every single monster in the first movie!” There was nothing left. But yes, there are some. There’s an ogre, for one thing. We didn’t have an ogre in the first one. And my very favorite scene is the one with the gummy bears. Cute little gummy bears and then they turn into monsters.

But they’re so cute, what harm could they possibly do?

Stine: Well, they grow teeth for one thing. And then they all stick together and become a huge blob and attack people. It’s a wonderful scene [laughs]. Very proud of that!

It seems like there aren’t a lot of scary movies aimed at kids, since so many horror movies involve blood and gore. Is there a special trick to terrifying kids?

Stine: No, it’s the same as for grown-ups, I think. I think it’s surprise, it’s travelling into the unknown where you don’t really know what’s next and you can’t see what’s coming up, and it’s a lot of twists and turns. I think it’s the same as doing horror for adults.

There’s a whole new cast of kids in this movie. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Stine: Well, there’s a delightful boy who’s building a replicas of Tesla’s lab, because Tesla’s real lab is actually in their town. And he’s fiddling with the electricity and he keeps blowing out all the electricity in the house, but he’s determined to do it. And his doing this leads to an amazing scene near the end at Tesla’s real lab. It’s a real Frankenstein type lab. I went to Atlanta, where we filmed the film… and they showed me these sets. These guys are geniuses! They built this amazing Frankenstein’s lab… I couldn’t believe what these guys could build. It was incredible.

So Slappy the Dummy is the ringleader in this movie again. What is it about Slappy that people love so much?

Stine: I don’t really get it [laughs]. I don’t know why a dummy coming to life is so scary. But people are really frightened of him, and he’s so popular now that every other Goosebumps book has to be a Slappy book. I think I’ve written about fourteen of them [laughs]. It doesn’t get any easier to think of plots about a dummy coming to life.

Maybe it’s also because he likes to insult people. People like comedy roasts, so maybe that’s why they like Slappy.

Stine: Well that’s why I like to write him – he’s really an insult comedian. That’s why I love writing him, because he’s so rude!

Do you think kids are easier to scare than adults, or harder?

Stine: Probably easier. Probably don’t have to work as hard to scare them. But you know, my audience – seven to twelve year-olds – I get them the last time in their lives they’ll ever be enthusiastic. And then when they turn twelve, they have to be cool… and they’re gone. But before then they love writing to an author, they love reading, they love hearing from you, they love going to things… it’s just the best audience.

Was Jack Black’s portrayal of you in the first movie accurate?

Stine: I love Jack. Not accurate at all! Nothing accurate. But he’s a great guy, I thought he was wonderful. He flew to New York in a blizzard to meet me, to try to figure out how he was going to play the character. And we had lunch and he was like, looking at me, right? [Laughs] And then he said, “Bob… what about the script is true about you?” And I said, “Nothing, not one thing, none of it’s true!” And he said, “I’m going to be a sinister version of you.” And that’s what he decided to do.. And then when it started filming he started talking like Orson Welles, right? He does, in that first film, and I said, “Jack, I’m from Ohio, I don’t sound like that!” But I thought it was really fun. What a weird thing, to be a character in a movie.

Seeing as, unlike Jack’s version of you, you don’t hate kids – is there a favorite interaction with a young fan that you’ve had?

Stine: I’ve had way too many. I’m just so lucky. Because I go out, I really talk to kids, I go to schools, and I really do like kids. And you know, I have a son and I have a grandson, who’s four and hilarious. And he’s taking after my son, he won’t read my books. That’s my son’s claim to fame, he never read one. Isn’t that horrible?

Does he tell you that all the time?

Stine: He bragged about it, how he never read one!

You should write him into a book so that he has to read it.

Stine: I did! I made him the star of a Fear Street book, it was a vampire book, and he was the star and he didn’t read that one either. In the very last paragraph of the book he gets bit in the neck. [Laughs] I got my revenge!

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween arrives in theaters this weekend.

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True Detective Season 3 Gets an Official Premiere Date & New Images

HBO has announced that True Detective season 3 will premiere early next year on Sunday, January 13. Nic Pizzolatto’s crime anthology series hasn’t been on the air since it wrapped its largely-derided second season in August 2015 and went on an extended break, in an effort (on the network’s part) to give the show’s creator more time to deliver a third installment that could better live up to the standard set by the series’ widely-celebrated freshman run. Judging by everything that we know about season 3 thus far, it seems that Pizzolatto is taking a back to basics approach with his latest crime narrative.

True Detective season 3, like season 1, takes place in the U.S. South (the Ozarks in Arkansas, to be exact) and explores a narrative that unfolds across multiple time periods (three, in this case). Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali stars in Pizzolatto’s new crime story as state police detective Wayne Hays, a fellow who (much like season 1 detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart before him) is haunted in the present by a case that he originally worked years earlier, back when he was a younger man. As Wayne puts it in the True Detective season 3 teaser trailer, “I want to know the whole story”.

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In addition to confirming the premiere date, HBO has released a handful of new images from True Detective season 3 that feature Ali with his costars Carmen Ejogo (the Fantastic Beasts movies) and Stephen Dorff (Somewhere). You can check them out in the space below.

Pizzolatto is once again the sole writer on True Detective season 3 (though he got an assist from Deadwood‘s David Milch on episode four) and further directed this season alongside Daniel Sackheim (Jack Ryan) and Jeremy Saulnier (Hold the Dark). However, even with so many of the same story elements as season 1 and equally strong acting talent, season 3 is still missing an important ingredient from the show’s first season – namely, Cary Fukunaga, who helmed all eight episodes and is generally credited for elevating the series in a high-art take on pulpy crime genre tropes.

Still, there’s a lot about True Detective season 3 that sounds promising on paper and it seems reasonable to assume that, if nothing else, this installment will be a step-up from the slow mess that was season 2. Moreover, for fans of Ali’s work in films like Moonlight (which he won his Oscar for) and his soulful performance as the villainous Cottonmouth from Netflix’s Luke Cage season 1, this new season of True Detective promises to showcase the actor’s powerful screen presence in a way that it never has been before.

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True Detective season 3 premieres January 13, 2019 on HBO.

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Review – A Pretty Slappy Sequel

Goosebumps 2 lacks the charm and inventiveness of its predecessor, but still has a reasonable amount of spoopy entertainment value to offer.

R.L. Stine’s beloved 1990s children’s horror book series makes its way back to the big screen in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, a sequel to the live-action film adaptation of Stine’s novels that came out in 2015. While Jack Black starred as a fictional version of Stine in that movie, Sony didn’t even confirm the actor’s return for the followup until a few weeks before its release. Similarly, neither the director, writer, nor supporting cast of the (generally well-received) first Goosebumps film worked on the second installment. While Haunted Halloween certainly suffers for it, the sequel isn’t an entirely hollow continuation of the franchise either. Goosebumps 2 lacks the charm and inventiveness of its predecessor, but still has a reasonable amount of spoopy entertainment value to offer.

Goosebumps 2 picks up in the small town of Wardenclyffe, New York, as its residents prepare for the fast-approaching Halloween Night festivities. Meanwhile, in the Quinn household, high school senior Sarah (Madison Iseman) is trying to finish her college application and her younger brother Sonny (Jeremy Ray Taylor) is struggling with his science class project – a miniature replica of an experimental wireless transmission station in Wardenclyffe that was built and designed by Nikola Tesla, but never finished (aka. the Tesla Tower). The Quinns are joined by Sonny’s best friend Sam Carter (Caleel Harris), who is staying over at their house while his parents are away for the Halloween holiday.

After some prodding from Sam, Sonny agrees to take a break from his project and clear out an abandoned local house, as part of the duo’s ongoing efforts to launch a (successful) junk cleanup business. While there, however, the pair stumble upon an incomplete manuscript for a Goosebumps novel, unaware that the building was once owned by R.L. Stine himself. Not knowing any better, Sam and Sonny unlock the book and inadvertently unleash the Goosebumps villain Slappy the Dummy back into the real world. While the living ventriloquist dummy seems (sorta) friendly at first, it’s not long before he reveals his true evil plan, with only Sam, Sonny and Sarah to stand in his way.

If the original Goosebumps movie was a throwback to the popular family-friendly spooky adventures of the 1990s (think Hocus Pocus), then Haunted Halloween is closer to being the 2018 equivalent of a direct-to cable scary movie for kids from the ’90s – that is, noticeably cheaper and more generic, yet otherwise harmless and playful in its own right. The Goosebumps 2 script by Rob Lieber (Peter Rabbit) likewise carries over the first movie’s imaginative premise and conceit (e.g. Stine’s Goosebumps novel manuscripts are really enchanted objects which contain and prevent his “demons” from entering the real world) and includes references to its story, yet never really tries to build on its concepts, much less its themes and lore. Instead, Haunted Halloween offers helpful, if unchallenging, life lessons for kids and a serviceable narrative that doesn’t exactly push the envelope for the larger Goosebumps brand.

At the same time, Goosebumps 2 is perhaps more successful than its predecessor when it comes to being genuinely menacing and scary for the juice box crowd, yet still light-hearted enough to avoid traumatizing them (hence, “spoopy”). Much of the credit for that goes to director Ari Sandel (The DUFF), who does a commendable job of combining suspenseful and creepy storytelling with comedic moments here, much like Stine did so well in his original Goosebumps novels. Haunted Halloween, as indicated earlier, feels like a lower-budgeted affair than the first Goosebumps, yet Sandel and his creative team – including, DP Barry Peterson (Game Night) and production designer Rusty Smith (Get Out) – still manage to deliver a movie that’s a proper cut above a comparable TV film, in terms of overall craftsmanship. That also goes for the CGI and creature effects in the sequel’s first half (more on the second half later).

The actual setting of Haunted Halloween is mostly populated by stock types, be they the film’s young heroes or the local bullies that Sonny and Sam have to deal with (not to mention, Sarah’s dishonest would-be boyfriend). While their characters are fairly two-dimensional in the Goosebumps sequel, Harris, Iseman and Ray nevertheless have the same affable screen presence that’s allowed them to stand out in films and TV shows past and, thus, make their protagonists all the easier to root for. That also goes for the adult supporting players here, as Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs) and Ken Jeong (Community) mostly channel their famous small screen personas as Sarah and Sonny’s adorkable mother Kathy and their eccentric neighbor Mr. Chu, respectively. As for Black as R.L. Stine: his own role in Goosebumps 2 is pretty superfluous, which is disappointing considering the energy that he brought to the proceedings as the first Goosebumps‘ co-protagonist (not to mention, his vocal performance as Slappy, which Black didn’t reprise in the sequel).

All in all, Haunted Halloween is a passable if derivative sequel – but not because the Goosebumps books themselves are incapable of sustaining multiple films. Rather, the problem is that the sequel recycles too much from the first movie and struggles to make creative use of the fresh elements (like the real-world Tesla Tower) that it brings into the mix here. It’s too bad, seeing as Goosebumps 2 had a wealth of different monsters and horror genres in Stine’s source novels to draw from, yet elected to continue simplifying the author’s mythology by making Slappy the big bad (again) and skimping on giving the other creatures much in the way of personality. As a result, the second half of the movie plays out as a watered down version of what happened in the original Goosebumps, albeit with lower production values and emotional impact.

Still, Goosebumps 2 should go over best with its young target demographic and provide them with enough silly scares and fun adventure to keep them engaged for its brisk runtime. Moreover, much like your average comic book movie these days, Haunted Halloween delivers its fair share of Goosebumps easter eggs and nods to the real Stine’s source material (right down to a Stan Lee-esque cameo from Stine himself), to further serve the property’s youngest fans. As for those who prefer their family-friendly fantasies with Jack Black starring front and center – The House with a Clock in Its Walls is still playing in theaters and ought to fulfill your own needs for some spoopy entertainment this Halloween season.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween begins playing in U.S. theaters on Thursday evening, October 11. It is 90 minutes long and is rated PG for scary creature action and images, some thematic elements, rude humor and language.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments section!

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World War Z Sequel Begins Production in June, Confirms Producer

It seems World War Z 2 will finally begin production next June, according to one of the movie’s producers. Getting the first movie – which was directed by Marc Forster and based on a script by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof – onto the big screen was a long and arduous journey. While it wasn’t a direct adaptation of Max Brooks’ acclaimed novel of the same name, it was still a different take on the zombie subgenre.

However, that doesn’t mean it revolutionized the horror genre. World War Z received generally positive reviews from critics and earned a whopping $540 million at the worldwide box office against an estimated production budget of $190 million, which was more than enough for Paramount Pictures to commission a sequel. But development on the follow-up installment lagged for years until the studio’s new chief came on board in 2017 and started to push it forward. Now, it’s slated to start filming next summer.

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In an interview with Variety on the red carpet for Beautiful Boy, producer Dede Gardner confirmed that World War Z 2 will begin production in June 2019. She also reaffirmed that Brad Pitt would be reprising his role from the first movie as Gerry Lane, with David Fincher on board to direct. Furthermore, producer Jeremy Kleiner provides an update on the script, saying that screenwriter Dennis Kelly is still working on it, but they’re quite happy with what they have so far.

It’s interesting that Paramount Pictures, especially under new leadership, still sees potential in this story despite it being more than five years since the first movie released. Sure, it performed well at the box office, but the zombie genre is even more crowded now than it was then. After all, Paramount recently and briefly started to develop a reputation for offloading properties they thought wouldn’t perform well in theaters, primarily to streaming giant Netflix. That’s why movies like Annihilation and The Cloverfield Paradox suddenly found themselves streaming online. But in the midst of all the apparent turmoil was World War Z 2, which kept on trudging forward.

Fincher started filming the second season of Netflix’s Mindhunter this past summer, so, given how adamant Gardner is about the June production start time frame, it seems the filmmaker has set aside time next summer to get the ball rolling on the long-awaited World War Z sequel. Whether they actually make that production start date remains to be seen, but at least fans can rest assured knowing the studio hasn’t forgotten about the movie.

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Shameless Star Cameron Monaghan Leaving Show After Next Episode

Cameron Monaghan, who portrays Ian Gallagher on Shameless, has revealed that the next episode of the show will be his last. The Showtime series, adapted from the U.K. comedy-drama of the same name, is currently airing its ninth season. And Monagahn isn’t the only one exiting the acclaimed show: this news comes on the heels of star Emmy Rossum’s own announcement that she will be exiting the series at the end of the season.

Monaghan, who has been acting since he was a child, landed his first starring role playing Ian, one of the middle children of the Gallagher family who, along with their neighbors in a low-income neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side, struggle to get by in a changing landscape. Gallagher’s character has faced a lot of hardship on the show, from coming out to his family to dealing with his bipolar disorder. The actor has received recognition for playing the character, especially for the relationship between Ian and Mickey, his first boyfriend, but now he feels that it’s time to go.

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Monaghan shared the news on Instagram in a long caption accompanying images of himself and some of his castmates, including Ethan Cutkosky (Carl Gallagher), Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher), Steve Howey (Kevin “Kev” Ball), and Shanola Hampton (Veronica “V” Fisher). In his statement, Monaghan explains that he has known that he would be leaving the show for a year, but kept it a secret, wanting viewers to be surprised and to “experience Ian’s unsure journey with his character.” 

Monaghan recalls how he began filming when he was 15, and how much he has grown in the nearly 10 years since. He notes that he is “gracious” for everything the experience brought him, especially the people he met on the show. “All good things must come to an end,” he proclaims, noting the cliche. He ends his statement by thanking the fans for watching and signing off with a question about the future: “Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?”

Though it’s sad to see Monaghan go, it does free up his schedule for his other notable TV role(s). Monaghan recurs on Gotham as twin brothers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, who bear a resemblance to Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. From the beginning, the show has teased that Jerome could be the Joker, but neither he nor Jeremiah has ever been officially given the moniker. As the show prepares to enter its final season, word has spread that there’s yet another Joker on the horizon, and this one might be the real deal. Audiences will find out when Gotham season 5 five premieres early next year.

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Robert Downey Jr. Responds to Chris Evans’ Emotional Captain America Thank You Letter

Robert Downey Jr. has responded to Chris Evans’ Captain America thank you letter, in which the latter reflected on wrapping Avengers 4. The two actors are currently in Atlanta, where reshoots for the upcoming Marvel film are taking place. Besides Downey and Evans, other actors – including Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, Paul Rudd and Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Olsen and Pom Klementieff – have all been spotted on set. Reshoots began in September. According to Mark Ruffalo, these reshoots will “finish the movie,” rather than just fixing scenes or adding additional lines.

These last days on set are sure to be an emotional period for the cast. Many of them have been playing these characters since MCU Phase 1, and have worked together onscreen almost as long. The original Avengers are so close they even got matching tattoos. Saying goodbye at the end of filming is sure to be bittersweet, as for some, it’ll be for the last time. Evans posted a tweet commemorating his wrap on Avengers 4, and saying what an honor playing Steven Rogers had been. Of course, this caused the MCU fandom to break down as well, believing that this seals Cap’s Avengers 4 fate. Regardless of if the character lives or dies, the film will most likely be the end of the line for Evans, whose contract is up.

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Robert Downey Jr. subsequently responded to Evans’ emotional tweet with one of his own. He posted: “We all know who the real sheriff in town is“, with an image of Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. Buzz is dressed in Iron Man armor, while Woody is decked out in red, white, and blue Captain America regalia. The poster reads, “To Infinity War and Beyond” a cute nod to both the Avengers: Infinity War title and the saying from the animated Pixar film. Check out the tweet and image below.

Update: Chris Evans has since responded to RDJ’s response. Check it out below.

Iron Man and Captain America have been mainstays of the MCU since 2008 and 2011, respectively. The actors have become as iconic as the characters they play, and oftentimes it’s hard to draw a line between the two. It’s almost impossible to imagine the movies without either of these characters, but it’s a reality Marvel fans are slowly realizing they’re going to have to face very soon.

Avengers 4 will mark both a beginning and an end of sorts. While it’s likely time to say goodbye to actors like Evans and Downey Jr., the next round of MCU movies will also usher in a new era of characters. Heroes like Captain Marvel, Shuri, Black Panther, and Valkyrie will step up to take the place of the fallen or retired. The future of Marvel Studios is in good hands.

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Here’s What Jeremy Renner Could Look Like As Ronin in Avengers 4

New fan art imagines what Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye could look like as Ronin in Avengers 4. The upcoming film will see Earth’s Mightiest Marksman adopt a whole new look and identity, as evidenced by set photos taken during the production on the Phase 3 capper.

As the culmination of 10 years of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War proved to be the biggest superhero blockbuster of all-time by making over $2 billion at the box office and uniting almost every hero of the MCU to make a stand against Thanos. The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange were all on-hand to oppose Thanos and the Black Order as they worked to acquire all six Infinity Stones. One hero – and original Avenger – was notably absent from the entire film: Hawkeye.

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BossLogic has posted fan art of Jeremy Renner’s character in-costume as Ronin. Ronin is one of Clint Barton’s three superhero alter egos, with the other two being “Goliath”, and of course “Hawkeye”. The comic book accurate artwork shows Clint in his black and gold outfit, wielding a katana.

Set photos of Renner from Avengers 4 indicate that Clint will ditch his Hawkeye identity and become Ronin. The photos reveal that Clint will be wearing a suit that strongly resembles his Ronin costume in the comic books. He’s also expected to receive new gear, which means he may not rely solely on a bow and arrow anymore. This detail is consistent with his comic book counterpart, who is an excellent archer and swordsman.

Before Infinity War‘s release, it was reported that Clint would take on the Ronin persona due to a personal tragedy, leading many to believe that the hero will lose his family. The ending of Infinity War adds fuel to this theory, as his whole family could easily have been wiped out by Thanos’ snap. In the comics, Clint became Ronin to distance himself from the Hawkeye moniker and hide his true identity. Clint could have similar motivations in Avengers 4.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Hawkeye’s arc in the film, particularly since he was left out of Avengers: Infinity War. His absence has the potential to make his appearance in Avengers 4 even more exciting. With a large number of the MCU’s heroes dead as a result of the snap, Hawkeye is one of the few remaining heroes who will be featured in Avengers 4. This could give Clint Barton the chance to play a pivotal role in the defeat of Thanos.

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Source: BossLogic

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Arrowverse 2018 Crossover Casts Lost’s Jeremy Davies as Arkham Asylum Doctor

Character actor Jeremy Davies is joining the Arrowverse for 2018’s crossover event, as a doctor from Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum. The 2018 Arrowverse crossover is possibly the biggest one yet. Not only will Superman be involved for the first time ever, but Lois Lane, Gotham City, and Batwoman – otherwise known as Kate Kane – will be introduced into the mix.

It’s as a part of that latter aspect that Davies’ character will enter the picture. The Arkham doc that Davies is playing is an original creation for the Arrowverse, at least that’s the official word at the moment. However, all signs point toward Davies being the main villain, and the reason all the Arrowverse heroes are gathered together for the event.

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TV Line reports that Davies, known for his work on Lost, 2018’s God of War video game, Justified, and much more, will be playing Dr. John Deegan. Throughout his career, Davies has made a name for himself at playing strange and very unnerving characters. It appears that Deegan will fall into that same camp. Deegan is described as being just as crazy as his patients at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. It’s Deegan’s actions that will draw the main trio of Arrowverse heroes (Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl) to Gotham City.

It’s been known from the start that 2018’s crossover would introduce Gotham City to the Arrowverse. Davies’ casting suggests that the majority, if not all, of the crossover will take place in the hometown of Batwoman (and Batman). The primary location of the Arrowverse crossover might be clearer now, but there’s still a lot left to be uncovered when it comes to the big event. Not the least of which is the true nature of Davies’ Deegan. The Arrowverse has never been averse to introducing original characters, but given his high-profile presence in the crossover, it’s likely that Dr. Deegan be hiding another, more famous, identity underneath. Deegan could well simply be the cover facade of a bigger villain, such as Hugo Strange.

Even if there’s not a twist involving the identity of Davies’ character, he can still have a huge impact on the Arrowverse. A leaked casting breakdown for the crossover revealed that The CW was looking for a disturbed psychologist and a powerful alien visitor. Davies’ casting seemingly confirms half of that leak, so it’s safe to assume that the crossover will also include a new alien, possibly Kryptonian, character. Perhaps this visitor from another planet will make up half of a villainous duo, with Davies’ Deegan being the brains and them the brawn. Deegan doesn’t secretly need to be a famous villain if he has a Kryptonian partner.

The most exciting detail of Davies’ casting though is that it confirms, or at least heavily implies, that Arkham Asylum will be featured in the crossover. The Aslyum is well-known for housing some of the most famous and dangerous supervillains in history. Everyone from The Joker to Two-Face has stayed at Arkham. Cassandra Jean Amell has already been cast as the wife of Mr. Freeze, Nora Fries. This implied that her husband would also make an icy appearance, but Freeze could just be the tip of the villainous iceberg. Pun very much intended.

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Season 7 of Arrow premieres October 7, followed by season 5 of The Flash on October 9, and season 4 of Supergirl on October 14.

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Avengers 4 Reshoots: Jeremy Renner Teases His Return As Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner confirms his return as Hawkeye for Avengers 4‘s reshoots. One of the most asked questions going into Avengers: Infinity War was about Hawkeye’s role. He was completely absent from the first trailer, leading many to ask where he would be. As the marketing campaign continued, there was no sign of him, only for audiences to realize he wasn’t even in Infinity War. Only a brief mention of retirement was used to explain why he wasn’t around, but it is all part of a larger plan to give Hawkeye a great arc.

How exactly the Russo Brothers plan to pull this off remains to be seen, but the elevated interest in seeing Hawkeye return shows his absence may have truly been the best thing for the character. With everyone itching to see how the sharpshooter factors into the battle against Thanos, Renner has been sure to tease his involvement – even in the reshoots.

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Renner confirmed in an Instagram post today that he is back on set for Avengers 4 as part of the reshoots. He’s having fun with the tease by emphasizing the need for stretching, but also highlighting the Avengers coming back together for the first time in years. Renner is clearly excited to get back to work based on the post below.

It isn’t a secret that Hawkeye is in Avengers 4, but his involvement in the reshoots just continues to add more pieces to the puzzle fans are attempting to solve. Set photos just surfaced from the reshoots of Captain America, Black Widow, and Ant-Man together, but in civilian clothes. There’s no clear sign of what Renner is getting ready to film, but he could be joining back up with his fellow Team Cap teammates. If the scene moves beyond the civilian scene filmed the other day, then we may get to see photos of Renner in his brand new costume.

Although Renner made sure to end his post with a Hawkeye hashtag, that won’t be the only persona he takes on in Avengers 4. Early set photos from principal photography confirmed rumors that Clint Barton was going to become Ronin in the fourth Avengers film. It is largely believed that the dusting of his entire family at the hands of Thanos is what will push Barton to take on the darker edge. If that is the path Avengers 4 follows, then fans should gear up for a brand new version of Hawkeye next year.

This is just the latest of several updates in regards to the reshoots as a whole, so more information on them will likely continue to pour in. There’s reports of them adding more Black Panther and Wakanda, while a casting call seems to indicate Spider-Man will take a trip to the once hidden African nation too. Other MCU stars may continue to confirm their involvement in Avengers 4‘s reshoots as well, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest.

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