Shameless Star Cameron Monaghan Leaving Show After Next Episode

Cameron Monaghan, who portrays Ian Gallagher on Shameless, has revealed that the next episode of the show will be his last. The Showtime series, adapted from the U.K. comedy-drama of the same name, is currently airing its ninth season. And Monagahn isn’t the only one exiting the acclaimed show: this news comes on the heels of star Emmy Rossum’s own announcement that she will be exiting the series at the end of the season.

Monaghan, who has been acting since he was a child, landed his first starring role playing Ian, one of the middle children of the Gallagher family who, along with their neighbors in a low-income neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side, struggle to get by in a changing landscape. Gallagher’s character has faced a lot of hardship on the show, from coming out to his family to dealing with his bipolar disorder. The actor has received recognition for playing the character, especially for the relationship between Ian and Mickey, his first boyfriend, but now he feels that it’s time to go.

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Monaghan shared the news on Instagram in a long caption accompanying images of himself and some of his castmates, including Ethan Cutkosky (Carl Gallagher), Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher), Steve Howey (Kevin “Kev” Ball), and Shanola Hampton (Veronica “V” Fisher). In his statement, Monaghan explains that he has known that he would be leaving the show for a year, but kept it a secret, wanting viewers to be surprised and to “experience Ian’s unsure journey with his character.” 

Monaghan recalls how he began filming when he was 15, and how much he has grown in the nearly 10 years since. He notes that he is “gracious” for everything the experience brought him, especially the people he met on the show. “All good things must come to an end,” he proclaims, noting the cliche. He ends his statement by thanking the fans for watching and signing off with a question about the future: “Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?”

Though it’s sad to see Monaghan go, it does free up his schedule for his other notable TV role(s). Monaghan recurs on Gotham as twin brothers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, who bear a resemblance to Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. From the beginning, the show has teased that Jerome could be the Joker, but neither he nor Jeremiah has ever been officially given the moniker. As the show prepares to enter its final season, word has spread that there’s yet another Joker on the horizon, and this one might be the real deal. Audiences will find out when Gotham season 5 five premieres early next year.

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30 Actors Who Regretted Superhero Roles

Landing a part in the latest major superhero movie release represents the pinnacle of many an acting career. Michael Keaton, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans and, to some extent, Robert Downey Jr might not be the household names they are today were it not for their comic book exploits.

However, while headlining the latest cinematic effort involving a caped crusader of some kind represents a dream come true for many, it’s proven to be something of a nightmare for a rare few. Bad scripts, difficult directors and a toxic work environment are just some of the many myriad reasons cited by the actors and actresses in this list – yet that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Studio politics, stalled contract negotiations or issues around costume, make-up and iffy computer effects have also played a role in making these superhero movies not-so-super for the stars involved.

More often than not, the resulting movie has been forgettable at best and downright terrible at worst – but there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes, an actor ended up enduring a miserable time on an otherwise enjoyable project. Other times, far sinister things were going on, unbeknownst to many involved in the finished movie.

Plenty of flops feature on this countdown but some major moneymakers can be found too, with comic book movie properties tied to Marvel, 2000AD, DC and Titan Comics all present and not very correct. Yes, landing a part in the latest superhero movie blockbuster has represented the pinnacle of many an acting career down the years but for this lot, it represented the pits.

Here are 30 Actors Who Regretted Superhero Roles.

30 Hugo Weaving – Red Skull

Hugo Weaving originally signed a multi-picture deal to play the Red Skull across various future Captain America movies. However, when the character returned in Avengers: Infinity War the character had been recast with The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand taking Weaving’s place. It wasn’t a huge shock.

A few years prior, The Matrix actor told Collider playing the Red Skull was “not something I would want to do again.”

“It’s not the sort of film I seek out and really am excited by,” he said. “I increasingly like to go back to what I used to always do, which is to get involved with projects that I really have a personal affiliation with.”

29 Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds has made no secret of the fact things didn’t exactly go to plan with 2011’s Green Lantern. He even went as far as to include a gag, poking fun at the project, in Deadpool 2. Though it’s something he is able to laugh about now, it’s clear the actor regrets signing on that particular dotted line.

“When we shot Green Lantern, nobody auditioning for the role of Green Lantern was given the opportunity to read the script because the script didn’t exist,” Reynolds told The Hollywood Reporter. The experience did at least teach him some valuable lessons about making superhero movies which was good news for Deadpool fans.

28 Jessica Alba – Invisible Woman

Jessica Alba’s experience playing Sue Storm in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was so bad it left her considering a career change. “I wanted to stop acting. I hated it. I really hated it,” Alba told Elle [via SyFy].

“I remember when I was dying in ‘Silver Surfer’. The director [Tim Story] was like, ‘It looks too real. It looks too painful. Can you be prettier when you cry? Cry pretty, Jessica.’ He was like, ‘Don’t do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in.'” She continued: “It all got me thinking: Am I not good enough?”

27 Ben Affleck – Daredevil

Ben Affleck doesn’t just regret starring in the 2003 movie adaptation of Daredevil, he hates it. Affleck let his feelings be known to TimeTalks [via NME] during a discussion about why he signed on for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck said: “Part of it was I wanted for once to get one of these movies and do it right – to do a good version. I hate Daredevil so much.”

“The Netflix show does really cool stuff,” he added.

“I feel like that was there for us to do with that character, and we never kind of got it right. I wanted to do one of those movies and sort of get it right,” Affleck stated.

26 Terrence Howard – War Machine

Terrence Howard has always blamed Robert Downey Jr for the fact he never got to reprise the role of James Rhodes in the Iron Man sequels. “It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out,” Howard told Watch What Happens Live [via Vulture].

Howard claims the studio offered to pay him “one-eighth of what we contractually had” and when he tried to call Downey Jr to talk about it “he didn’t call me back for three months.”

25 Idris Elba – Heimdall

Idris Elba’s experience working on Thor: The Dark World was so bad the actor described parts of it as “torture” to The Telegraph. In the interview, Elba recalled how he was forced to complete reshoots in London for the Thor sequel just days after return from filming the prestige biopic Mandela, in South Africa.

“In between takes I was stuck there [hanging from a harness], fake hair stuck on to my head with glue, this fucking helmet, while they reset, he said. “And I’m thinking: ‘24 hours ago, I was Mandela.’ … Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses. It ripped my heart out.”

24 Ryan Reynolds – Wolverine: X-Men Origins

Ryan Reynolds’ appearance as Deadpool in Wolverine: X-Men Origins was plagued with problems, starting with the character’s appearance. “He wound up being this abomination of Deadpool that was like Barakapool, with his mouth sewn shut and weird blades that came out of his hands and these strange tattoos and stuff like that,” he told GQ.

Though Reynolds objected, the studio pressed on.

“The conversation at the time was ‘If you want to play Deadpool, this is your chance to introduce him. And if you don’t want to introduce him in this fashion, we’ll have someone else play him.'”When the film leaked online and fans reacted angrily, Reynolds response was simple: “told you so”.

23 Ed Norton – Hulk

Ed Norton clashed with producers behind the scenes on The Incredible Hulk, having only agreed to play Bruce Banner on the proviso he could have a say on the script and direction of the film. Replaced by Mark Ruffalo in the MCU, Norton couldn’t resist having a dig at the film during an appearance on Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis.

“I tried to be like you,” he told Willis [via Indiewire]. “I did a big action movie called The Incredible Hulk. You know what went wrong? I wanted a better script…I thought we should make one Marvel movie as good as the worst Christopher Nolan movie, but what the hell was I thinking.”

22 George Clooney – Batman

Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin may have fallen flat with critics and fans alike but it proved to be a serious career wake-up call for its star, George Clooney. “Up until that moment, I was an actor only concerned with finding work,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “After the failure of that film creatively, I understood that I needed to take control of the films I made, not just the role.”

Clooney successfully banished memories of his time as Batman with next three films: Out of Sight, Three Kings and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

21 Tommy Lee Jones – Two-Face

Tommy Lee Jones hated working on Batman Forever or, rather, he hated working with co-star Jim Carrey. “I was the star and that was the problem,” Carrey explained on Norm MacDonald Live [via THR].

The situation came to a head when Carrey ended up in the same restaurant as Jones during filming.

“I went over and I said, ‘Hey Tommy, how are you doing?’ and the blood just drained from his face,” Carrey said. “He went to hug me and he said, ‘I hate you. I really don’t like you.’ And I said, ‘What’s the problem?’ and pulled up a chair, which probably wasn’t smart. And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'”

20 Topher Grace – Venom

Topher Grace never felt entirely comfortable in the role of Eddie Brock/Venom having bagged the role in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. “I was a huge fan of the character of Venom when I was a kid when Todd McFarlane brought him into the comic,” he told Michael Rosenbaum on the Inside of You podcast [via Cinemablend]. “And I was surprised and a little bit like ‘Huh?’ when they wanted me to play it.”

Not only does Grace accept he was miscast, but he also agrees Tom Hardy is perfect for the role. “When I look at it now… [at Tom Hardy’s Venom movie] I go ‘That’s the guy.'”

19 Mickey Rourke – Ivan Vanko

Micky Rourke trashed the bigwigs over at Marvel Studios for what they did to his character Ivan Vanko, in Iron Man 2. Rourke told Syfy that he had worked hard with writer Justin Theroux and director Jon Favreau to flesh out his Russian villain and turn him into a three-dimensional character. Someone behind-the-scenes had other ideas though.

“I wanted to bring some other layers and colors, not just make this Russian a complete murderous revenging bad guy,” he said. “Unfortunately, the [people] at Marvel just wanted a one-dimensional bad guy, so most of the performance ended up the floor.”

18 Alicia Silverstone – Batgirl

Alicia Silverstone was on the receiving end of some serious body shaming while working on Batman & Robin. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Silverstone, who was a huge star following the success of Clueless, was under intense scrutiny over her weight with one critic reportedly observing she “looked more Babe than babe.”

When rumor got out on set that she was having issues with her costume fittings, a storyboard artist ever put together a joke cartoon of Batgirl, mocking Silverstone’s issues.

The fake poster for Clueless 2: The Casting of Batgirl might have gone down well with the guys in the film’s art department but studio bosses were far from impressed.

17 Nicolas Cage – Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage has previously spoken of his disappointment at his two Ghost Rider movies, which he felt played it too safe. Speaking to JoBlo [via Bloody Disgusting], Cage explained that he and writer David S. Goyer had always envisioned the films as being gritty and, most importantly, R-rated.

“Ghost Rider was a movie that always should’ve been an R-rated movie,” Cage said. “David Goyer had a brilliant script which I wanted to do with David, and for whatever reason, they just didn’t let us make the movie.” Though he believes there is the potential for someone else to take on the role and go down that dark path, Cage is done with the character.

16 Jim Carrey – Colonel Stars And Stripes

Jim Carrey stunned social media ahead of the release of Kick-Ass 2 by denouncing the film and its “level of violence” in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. Carrey, who is an outspoken advocate for increased gun control, took to Twitter following the incident to explain that he could no longer support the film.

“I did Kick-Ass 2 a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence,” he wrote [via The Guardian]. “My apologies to others involve[d] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

15 Michael Jai White – Spawn

He may have been among the first African American actors to portray a major comic book superhero but Michael Jai White has little love for his sole outing as Spawn. In fact, White is a much bigger fan of his small but powerful role as the gangster Gambol in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

He even went as far as to conduct an interview with The Hollywood Reporter revisiting his performance alongside Heath Ledger.

During the interview, White couldn’t resist having a dig at Spawn: “There is no footage of me ever saying that I liked Spawn. I have never said that I thought that was a good movie.” Ouch.

14 Jared Leto – The Joker

Jared Leto was left far from happy with the version of Suicide Squad that made it to the cinemas. Asked by IGN whether any scenes involving the Joker were cut from the film, Leto let rip.

“There were so many scenes that got cut from the movie, I couldn’t even start. I think that the Joker… we did a lot of experimentation on the set, we explored a lot. There’s so much that we shot that’s not in the film,” he said. “If I die anytime soon, it’s probably likely that it’ll surface somewhere. That’s the good news about the death of an actor is all that stuff seems to come out.”

13 Halle Berry – Catwoman

Halle Berry’s regret at signing up for Catwoman was clear to see when she decided to make an appearance at the annual Razzie Awards back in 2005. A celebration of the year’s worst films and performances, Berry ‘won’ the Worst Actress gong for her efforts in Catwoman and, in a surprising turn of events, was on hand to deliver a memorable acceptance speech.

“I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-sh**, god-awful movie,” she said [via MTV], going on to mock the rest of her cast. “I’d like to thank the rest of the cast. To give a really bad performance like mine, you need to have really bad actors.”

12 Alan Cumming – Nightcrawler

Back when Alan Cumming was still in the frame to reprise his role as Nightcrawler in X-Men: The Last Stand, the Scottish actor shocked journalists with his response to the news Bryan Singer would not be returning for the third installment.

“I’m not disappointed, I can’t deny it,” Cumming said [via Movieweb]. “I think he’s really talented. I’m very proud of the film. I think it’s a great film. I didn’t enjoy working with him on the film.”

Evidently, Singer and Cumming didn’t see eye to eye on X-Men 2 though the source of their fractious relationship has never been divulged.

11 Ellen Page – Kitty Pryde

Ellen Page took to Facebook in 2017 to accuse director Brett Ratner of harassment during their time together on 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. According to Page, Ratner mocked her sexuality during promotional work for the film. Page was only 18 at the time.

“‘You should f*** her to make her realize she’s gay.’ He said this about me during a cast and crew ‘meet and greet’ before we began filming, X Men: The Last Stand,” Page wrote. “He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten years my senior, pointed to me and said: ‘You should f*** her to make her realize she’s gay.’”

10 Michael Fassbender – Magneto

Back in 2016, during the Toronto Film Festival’s pre-opening-night fundraising event, honoree Michael Fassbender surprised those in attendance by laying into his performance as Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past. According to Vulture, during a segment in which clips from several of Fassbender’s films were shown, Fassbender started “cringing and rubbing his face with embarrassment”.

“I don’t actually like that performance there, to be honest,” Fassbender said after the highlights reel finished. “I just think it’s me shouting. It’s just like [making a face and flailing his arms around] some dude shouting.”

9 Jamie Bell – Thing

Rumoured unrest on the set of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie, coupled with the movie’s bad reviews left a bad taste in the mouth of its star, Jamie Bell. “There were several things on that movie I was clearly not privy to because I’m just an actor and I just do my stuff on set,” Bell told the Los Angeles Times.

“Everything starts with the best of intentions. A production begins with the idea to make something that’s unique and original and with integrity,” he said.

“I don’t know what happened between the launch of the voyage and the arrival. I think we were all bitterly disappointed with that film,” stated Bell.

8 Josh Brolin – Jonah Hex

Production delays, directorial changes, script rewrites, reshoots, and some pretty heavy-handed editing helped make Jonah Hex one of the most disappointing comic book movies of all time. It’s something the film’s star, Josh Brolin, is only too aware of. In fact, he revealed in an interview with the Nerdist that he hates it just as much as everyone else.

“Oh, ‘Jonah Hex,’ hated it. Hated it,” he said [via Collider]. “The experience of making it — that would have been a better movie based on what we did. As opposed to what ended up happening to it, which is going back and reshooting 66 pages in 12 days.”

7 Jennifer Garner – Elektra

While Ben Affleck bounced back from his Daredevil movie, Jennifer Garner never quite got going again after her spin-off effort, Elektra, bombed. Though Garner has never spoken openly about the film, her ex-boyfriend and close friend Michael Vartan revealed to Us Weekly [via SFGate] that the Alias actress was very unhappy with how the film turned out.

“I heard [Elektra] was awful. [Jennifer] called me and told me it was awful,” Vartan said. “She had to do it because of Daredevil. It was in her contract.” Garner has never denied Vartan’s claims.

6 Edward Furlong – The Crow

The Crow: Wicked Prayer is an absolute stinker of a comic book movie and currently boasts a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s star, Edward Furlong, struggled to show much in the way of enthusiasm for the role during an interview with Movieweb.

Asked about how he prepared for the film’s starring role, Furlong said: “It’s sort of like a really slow process that Lance Mungia, the director, and I went through. Initially, I was just attracted to the script because it was The Crow and I got to put on some leather pants and kick people’s ass.” Given how it turned out, he must be regretting signing up for such flimsy reasons.

5 Chloë Grace Moretz – Hit-Girl

Chloe Moretz made her name as Hit Girl in Mark Millar’s original Kick-Ass but, despite the first film holding a special place in her heart, she’s always been less enthusiastic about the sequel.

During an appearance on a panel at the Provincetown Film Festival in 2018, Moretz made those feelings crystal clear. “I love the franchise, I think the first movie was really, really special. I wish the second one had been handled in a little bit of a different way,” she said [via Cinemablend]. “Because I think we were all kind of looking forward to something a little different than what happened with it all.”

4 Kate Mara – The Invisible Woman

Kate Mara played Sue Storm in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie and, in an interview with The Times[via Yahoo] revealed the negative aura surrounding the film made her “a little gun-shy” about seeing the finished film.

“You don’t always have to learn some incredible life lesson when making a s*** movie. Sometimes it’s just what happens,” she said. “[Fantastic Four] was a tricky shoot but you know when you know when you’re shooting it that a film isn’t going to be what you want it to be? That was not the case at all.”

3 Jamie Kennedy – The Mask

Son of the Mask saw Jamie Kennedy replace Jim Carrey as the franchise’s star, with almost unwatchable results.

Though the movie is widely regarded as one of the worst ever made, Kennedy’s biggest regret may boil down to the make-up he had to wear on the film.

“I wore it 6 days in a row, and after that it gets rough,” he told Movieweb. “I had ears in this one, and Jim Carrey didn’t in the first one, so they would like press against my real ears and cut the circulation, so I would have to like rub my ears a bit after having on the makeup to get the blood flowing again.”

2 Sylvester Stallone – Judge Dredd

Despite starring in such turkeys as Over The Top, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot and Oscar, Sylvester Stallone’s biggest regret was reserved for another movie. “The biggest mistake I ever made was with the sloppy handling of Judge Dredd” he once declared [via Den of Geek]. “The philosophy of the film was not set in stone – by that I mean, ‘Is this going to be a serious drama or with comic overtones’, like other science fiction films that were successful? So a lotta pieces just didn’t fit smoothly.”

“The design work on it was fantastic, and the sets were incredibly real, even standing two feet away, but there was just no communication,” he stated.

1 Lori Petty – Tank Girl

Lori Petty had a very particular gripe with the way things turned out for her Tank Girl movie: it was given an R rating. “There is nothing about that movie that is R. Nothing. Except there’s a woman talking s***. That’s why they rated it R. If they were going to rate it R I should have been butt-naked all the time, running around,” she told AV Club.

Tommy Boy came out that weekend, too, which is a hysterical movie, but it was rated PG-13. Do you know how many people bought Tommy Boy tickets and went to see Tank Girl? A billion.”

Are there any other superhero actors who regretted their roles? Sound off in the comments!

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DC’s Titans Has The Perfect Response To Deadpool 2’s ‘So Dark’ Dig

Deadpool 2 claimed DC properties are “so dark,” and now it’s DC Universe’s Titans series that is responding. One of the criticisms that the DCEU has received in recent years is the dark nature of their movies. The grounded take was built by Zack Snyder off the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but audiences didn’t respond in the same way. Many believe they’ve lost sight of who these characters are, and a darker approach is sticking with DC as they launch a digital service full of original content. They aren’t even shying away from it, as the first trailer for Titans showed Robin brutally beating criminals and saying, “F*** Batman.”

Even though this is the style DC has operated with recently, other superhero movies have gone in the opposite direction. This is especially true with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool franchise, which has repeatedly made DC the butt of his jokes. This continued in Deadpool 2 when, following a jab at dubstep from Cable (Josh Brolin), the Merc with a Mouth says, “You’re so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”

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Well, DC Universe is finally responding to Deadpool’s comments by using them in the latest promo for Titans. The video starts by quoting D. Pool’s remark, referring to him as an American philosopher (even though he’s Canadian). It then shows a montage of the violence that Robin (Brenton Thwaites) will be dishing out to criminals and cops alike, before saying “Suck it, Mr. Pool.” They do sign the statement “with love” but then immediately show Dick Grayson smashing a guy in the face as blood splatters on a nearby window.

This is a pretty great response on the part of Titans, as they’re embracing Deadpool’s concern instead of turning away from it. This also makes Titans the latest DC entity to mock Deadpool. The recently released trailer for the animated Harley Quinn series commented on Marvel’s canceled Deadpool animated series from Donald Glover. Warner Bros. even responded to Deadpool 2‘s post-credits scene where Deadpool travels through time to assassinate Ryan Reynolds before he could star in Green Lantern, but it was Reynolds who got the last laugh.

Even though DC has received criticism for the approach, it is one they are changing. Wonder Woman was the first true sign of this, and the reception only further encouraged Warner Bros. to meddle with Justice League‘s tone, just as they did with Suicide SquadAquaman looks to be a giant, fun adventure film based on the new extended trailer. There’s also Shazam! coming out next year, which made it abundantly clear in its first trailer what tone it’s going for. DC will still have some darker properties like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and maybe Birds of Prey, but the future appears to be more balanced, tonally, even if Titans will stay in a darker one to start.

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Titans season 1 premieres Friday, October 12, on DC Universe.

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Joker Set Photos & Video Offer Best Look Yet At Costume & Make-Up

New photos and video from the set of Todd Phillips’ Joker movie offer the best glimpse we’ve seen thus far of the character in costume and make-up. After months of speculation, the movie is finally coming together and each passing day seems to bring more revelations about the Clown Prince of Crime’s solo outing. These pictures and video show star Joaquin Phoenix in full costume and makeup, although it remains unknown if this is indeed Joker’s final look for the film.

Joker will help to launch DC’s new banner, reportedly to be called DC Dark or DC Black, and as such, will not be a part of the DCEU. Few plot details are known, but recent set photos reveal the possibility that Arthur Fleck, as Joker is named in the film, has decided to wage war against the one percent. Fans weren’t immediately receptive to the Batman villain starring in a standalone movie, but the star-studded cast has definitely added to the film’s hype. Aside from Phoenix, the movie boasts Robert De Niro as a talk show host and Marc Maron as his producer. Brett Cullen will be portraying Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas, with Frances Conroy and Zazie Beetz rounding out this impressive list of performers.

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Hollywood Pipeline has posted a video from the set, which appears to be a very hectic scene. Fleck strolls away from the commotion, smoking a cigarette as the cops frantically run right past him. Not only does the villain look extremely calm, but also pretty satisfied with whatever chaos he has left in his wake. Just Jared has published photos from the scene as well. A couple of weeks ago, images surfaced of the Clown Prince of Crime wreaking havoc in an NYC subway station, but this is definitely the best glimpse that we have gotten so far of Phoenix in full Joker garb. Little is known of the plot, but we do know that the film will take place in the 80s, tackling Joker’s backstory as a failed comedian.


Although there are no less than six Joker movies currently in the works, Phillips’ will be the first to hit theaters. Some fans may have questioned whether or not this film was necessary, but most are excited by the prospect of seeing what an actor of Phoenix’s caliber will do with the role. As the Dark Knight’s most well known adversary, Joker has already been immortalized with more than one iconic performance. Heath Ledger set the bar high with his Oscar-winning depiction, but there was a time when no one thought he could ever live up to Jack Nicholson’s take on the character.

As more set images and videos from Joker continue to emerge, many fans are starting to get excited about this movie. Even famed Batman scribe Scott Snyder is looking forward to Phoenix’s portrayal. Audiences still have a year to wait before the film hits theaters, but from what it known thus far, the project is shaping up to be different than the Joker that viewers are already familiar with.

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Source: Hollywood Pipeline, Just Jared

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Batman: 10 Villains Way Stronger Than The Joker (And 10 So Much Weaker)

With the reveal of even more photos and information from the set of Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s untitled Joker movie, it seems like the ideal time to delve into more details about Batman’s greatest foe.

The Joker may just be the greatest supervillain of all time. Although he has been misused, most of the time he’s portrayed as the engaging sadistic sociopath that he’s been since Batman #1 in 1940. Due to his iconic look, vicious sense of humor, and adoration of chaos, the Joker is usually a safe bet as a movie antagonist. Most of the time he’s best used as a mysterious figure no one can quite understand, as in The Dark Knight.

The Joker isn’t seen as one of the best villains of all time because he’s incredibly strong, or even because he has a master intellect; he’s such a formidable opponent because he has no rules and or moral limitations. Although he could almost definitely maneuver himself out of a fight with some of Batman’s other foes, he just doesn’t stack up to some of the characters found on this very list.

This list of Batman’s supervillains that are stronger or weaker than the Joker takes into account every iteration of all these characters. It’s therefore impossible to know for sure who would win in a battle of brawn or wits, but it’s not outlandish to take an educated guess.

Without further ado, here are 10 Villains Way Stronger Than The Joker (And 10 So Much Weaker).

20 Stronger: Deathstroke

There’s a reason why it took Arrow‘s Oliver Queen so long to defeat Slade Wilson and make him an ally. It’s because he is a genius tactician, an absolute master of martial arts and all sorts of weaponry, and he even has some healing abilities in certain comic storylines.

Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, has been a major antagonist for not only Green Arrow and Batman, but also the Teen Titans, and the Justice League.

Although the Joker has his own level of intellect, as well as insane personality, Deathstroke would take him down due to how brutal and persistently ruthless he can be. Deathstroke is a hunter at heart and would find a way to capture Joker in a particularly painful trap.

19 Weaker: Killer-Croc

Like Bane, Killer Croc has practically every physical advantage over the Joker. Not only is he always portrayed as incredibly strong and vicious, but he also has the features and abilities of a crocodile. That means he has the teeth, the claws, and the ability to breathe underwater for extended periods of time.

One thing Killer Croc doesn’t have is much in the way of a brain. He’s seldom shown much cunning and therefore is usually a lackey for other characters, as seen in both in the television shows, the Suicide Squad movies, and the comics. The Joker would have a lot of fun finding a way to destroy Croc is the most creative way he could imagine. After all, Joker loves taking advantage over those he considers dumber than him.

18 Stronger: Ra’s al Ghul

In some incarnations of Ra’s al Ghul, particularly those in the comics and Batman: The Animated Series, “The Demon’s Head” is literally immortal. Every time he got an injury, an illness, or just wanted to extend his youth, he’d enter the Lazurus Pit and continue to prosper. In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, where he was played by Liam Neeson, Ra’s is an expert martial artist, skilled in many ancient ways of fighting.

He also has a massive organization behind him that bows to his every whim.

In the comics, Ra’s has been able to learn an amount of knowledge worthy of a lifetime or three. For all these reasons and more, Joker just wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

17 Weaker: Two-Face

In The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan and his team of writers came up with an interesting take on Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face. In it, Two-Face was created by the monstrous games of the Joker. This decision could have taken them down a road where Two-Face exceeded the evil of the Joke, but that wouldn’t be realistic.

In all the incarnations of Two-Face, he follows a very strict moral code: chance. This is why he bases his decisions on the flip of a coin. The Joker needs no coin. He has power over people who cling to schemes or even to chance because he is completely unpredictable. This gives him a massive step-up on a rival villain like Harvey Two-Face.

16 Stronger: Bane

If you’re purely basing Bane on his representation in Joel Schumacher’s horrific Batman & Robin, there’s no way that he’d stand a chance against the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime would simply find a way to avoid Bane in a one-on-one battle in order to lure him into a fatal trap. Bane was far more complex in the comics, as well as in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Although he may not have been as intriguing of a villain as the Joker, he was almost certainly stronger and far more connected.

Bane has a genius intellect and is beyond physically powerful.

There’s no way that the Joker would last long if Bane used his full physical and mental force against him.

15 Weaker: Scarecrow

Scarecrow has been presented in a few different ways since he first appeared in World’s Finest Comics #3 in 1941. He was portrayed as an unhinged doctor in Batman: The Animated Series and Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, a far more lethal psychopath in the Arkham Asylum video games, and even in Fox’s Gotham.

Usually, he’s one of Batman’s most frightening villains, especially since he tends to use a fear toxin that makes people hallucinate their worst nightmares. This gives him a significant advantage over many villains and superheroes alike, but not the Joker. In the comics, Joker is impervious to toxins as his immune system built up protection against them once he had his accident. Without this upper hand, Scarecrow just isn’t as insane and chaotic as Joker.

14 Stronger: Poison Ivy

Similar to how Joker is immune to Scarecrow’s toxins, Poison Ivy is impervious to Joker’s famous laughing gas and acid spray. In fact, she’s practically immune to everything. That’s one of the best weapons she has at her disposal since it allows her to easily experiment with making toxins for use against her own enemies.

Ivy may not be able to harm the Joker with many of her concoctions, but in some comics, she’s able to control plant-life.

She can even make plant-beings which can be used as her own personal bodyguards.

These supernatural powers would give her the edge in a battle with Joker, even though she’s not nearly as downright unhinged as he is.

13 Weaker: Riddler

When it comes to formulating a strategy, The Riddler may just be the most cunning of Batman’s enemies. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular amongst DC fans. Even with Jim Carrey’s unhinged Edward Nygma performance in Batman Forever, the character just doesn’t rival the Joker.

Riddler is a schemer– someone who delights in showing off his mental prowess in an assortment of sadistic mind games. Joker doesn’t care about any of this. He’s a wild card. He’s someone that will break any and every rule to get what he wants. Though their physical abilities may be similar, if the two faced each other, the Joker would undoubtedly destroy the Riddler by any means necessary.

12 Stronger: Catwoman

Catwoman has undoubtedly been bested by the Joker in a couple storylines in the comics. The same can also be said the other way around. In fact, they are usually a good match for one another for various reasons. However, it’s safe to presume that Catwoman would have a slight advantage over the Joker, even with her obvious disadvantage; her heart.

Catwoman is a trained ninja.

She dwells in the shadows and uses her acrobatic skills to be one of the most agile characters in the Batman stories. She also doesn’t seem to have an issue disposing of the evil men that get in her way. Though the Joker would successfully play mind games with her, she would have the upper hand.

11 Weaker: Deadshot

How would the Joker possibly beat the man who is easily one of the greatest marksmen in all of comic book history? Well, he would find Deadshot’s weakness and use it against him. And Deadshot’s weakness isn’t that hard to find. After all, it’s the only thing that truly holds him back from being a downright horrible person. It’s his daughter.

The Joker has no issues hurting the young and the innocent to get what he wants. This is something that Deadshot just won’t do and everyone knows it. Sure, Joker would have a hard time against Deadshot’s bullets without a suit like Batman’s, but Joker plays far dirtier. Not only would he beat Deadshot, but he’d also find a way to make it last.

10 Stronger: Talia Al Ghul

There will be fans who would argue that the Joker would beat Talia al Ghul in a battle, but they aren’t considering just how well trained Talia is in the ways of The League of Assassins/Shadows. Talia is, without a doubt, Ra’s al Ghul’s protege. He taught his daughter absolutely everything he knows. Not only that, but the League knows just how valuable of an asset she is to them. They will also do anything she commands of them.

Talia is an all-out genius, as well as highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and all manners of weapons, especially swords.

Joker may prove a match for her, but she’d soon beat him into submission.

9 Weaker: Man-Bat

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a zoologist specializing in chiropterology, who aimed to give humans the sonar ability that bats have. Much like in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Langstrom tested his sonar serum on himself. Although the serum gave him his desired sonar ability, it also turned him into a giant, monstrous human/bat hybrid: Man-Bat.

Whenever Langstrom, his wife, or anyone else takes the formula, they gain the ability to fly, manipulate sound, echolocate, and also have superhuman strength and particularly sharp claws. They also lose their intelligence and gain an uncontrollable aggression, which makes them particularly vulnerable to those who can lure them into a trap. For this reason, the Joker is absolutely stronger than this nightmarish creature.

8 Stronger: Hush

The thing about Hush is that he can hide almost anywhere he chooses to. He’s willing to put himself through the most brutal of plastic surgeries to physically appear like anyone, even Bruce Wayne himself. This gives him the all-important element of surprise as well as enhances his skill of using other people’s abilities against them. These qualities matched with his genius-level intellect, planning skills, and expert marksmanship allow him to have the edge over Batman and many of his most dangerous foes, including Joker.

Hush holds particularly strong grudges against those who cross him.

If Joker were one of those people, he’d have a nearly impossible time bringing down this psychotic masked-villain.

7 Weaker: Mad Hatter

Jervis Tetch, AKA The Mad Hatter, may be an unnervingly creepy villain with skills in neuroscience and mind control, but a lot of the time he feels like he’s a bit out of his element. The guy is certainly unhinged and boasts an utterly obsessive personality, but he’s no Joker. In fact, he can’t even compare with him physically.  Joker isn’t known as being the strongest Batman villain, but he’d have no trouble subduing the scrawny Mad Hatter.

That’s not to say that Mad Hatter isn’t a formidable opponent. The way he controls people’s minds is particularly wicked and effective, but he just doesn’t have the edge that the Joker has. Now, if the two were able to combine their skill sets, they may just be one of the most powerful villains ever.

6 Stronger: Harley Quinn

Some fans may claim that there is no way that Harley would be able to beat the Joker permanently. However, in some comics, she’s beaten him momentarily. This was due to her skills as a fighter and being able to take the Joker by surprise. What tends to hold Harley Quinn back is her unhealthy relationship with her abusive partner. The Joker has a sick hold over her that stops her from attacking out on hurt feelings she may be experiencing. This gives the Joker an advantage.

As soon as Harley breaks free from her “puddin’s” psychological control, she wouldn’t have much of a problem kicking his butt.

In fact, she’d excel at it due to her pent-up rage over the way he’s treated her.

5 Weaker: Penguin

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, AKA The Penguin, dates back to Detective Comics #58 in 1941, making him one of the oldest Batman villains. He is undoubtedly a criminal mastermind who usually has a few weaponized umbrellas at his side, but he’s not the Joker.

Penguin is better at manipulating from behind the scenes than he is on the battlefields, but even then, he’s somewhat predictable. He knows what he wants and will plan and plot until he gets his way. The Joker, on the other hand, doesn’t care about any of this and prides himself on living in chaos. There are no rules for him. Joker would infiltrate Penguin’s organization, no matter how powerful, and bring him down in a pinch.

4 Stronger: Clayface

There have been many characters who have taken on the role of Clayface. They include Matt Hagen, Basil Karlo, Sondra Fuller, Ethan Bennett, and Preston Payne. Though the person behind each Clayface is different, the monster’s abilities remain the same.

Clayface can maneuver his body any way he pleases.

He can expand himself into a hulking mass, as well as slip through the tightest places. This is done by solidifying himself or turning himself into a liquid substance by sheer will. Additionally, he can shapeshift into anyone he chooses. If he doesn’t want to go to all that trouble, he can turn his limps into massive weapons. Joker may generally be smarter than Clayface, he would be completely outmatched by the powers that he possesses.

3 Weaker: Ventriloquist And Scarface

The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) and his dummy, Scarface, are certainly criminal masterminds. They’ve run all sorts of lucrative criminal empires and generally creeped people out with just their presence, but the Joker is much better at doing both of these things himself.

Wesker does have a violent dissociative identity disorder which makes him somewhat psychotic and a threat to those who cross him, but again, he doesn’t match up to the Joker. Although Scarface doesn’t seem to be scared by much, the Joker would certainly intimidate him. He’d also particularly enjoy tormenting Arnold by destroying Scarface slowly. He’d find it particularly fun to toy with Arnold’s strange allegiance and protective nature toward his dummy. Eventually, Joker would drive Arnold utterly insane.

2 Stronger: Darkseid

Technically Darkseid is a Superman, Forever People, and Justice League villain, but he’s come up against The Dark Knight many times before. In fact, in the comics, Darkseid has admitted his admiration for Batman’s strength of character, something he wouldn’t say for Superman or Wonder Woman. Darkseid probably wouldn’t say that to the Joker either, as the two generally have very different goals and perspectives.

As for who would beat who in battle, well, Darkseid certainly has the obvious edge, since he is one of the most powerful beings in all of DC Comics.

The alien being has the ability to teleport, fly, manipulate energy and matter, and is immortal. Not to mention, Darkseid has superhuman strength and speed. Joker just wouldn’t stand a chance.

1 Weaker: Black Mask

This former businessman, now a crime boss and cult leader, is certainly one of Batman’s most underrated and highly dangerous foes. Though he’s appeared in various comics, animated shows as well as Fox’s Gotham, Black Mask hasn’t yet made it into the mainstream lexicon. Of course, that may change with his reported appearance in the next Harley Quinn movie, Birds of Prey.

Black Mask has endless connections and sources of revenue to fund some truly deadly assassins to come to his aide. He basically could raise an army if he chose to. But if you put him head-to-head with the Joker, he’s just not crazy enough to come out on top against The Clown Prince of Crime.

Who do you think is stronger than the Joker in Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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David Ayer Explains Suicide Squad’s Joker Teeth Plot Hole

Director David Ayer explains the reason why Joker’s teeth are a plot hole in Suicide Squad. Although it now looks like Warner Bros. and DC have figured out a plan for their cinematic universe, they hit a few speed bumps along the way. Their villain team-up movie Suicide Squad proved to be one of those odd entries, as it was destroyed by critics, but still wound up earning a ton of money at the box office. It was the first film to feature standouts like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or Will Smith’s Deadshot, but also controversial additions like Jared Leto’s Joker.

From the very first image of Leto’s Joker, it was clear that Ayer was taking the character in a different direction. Not everyone was a fan of this in the end, but it did result in a Joker with a built-in backstory involving this universe’s Batman. Joker’s creepy smile was without his regular teeth, as Batman had punched them out and forced Joker to wear a grill. Yet, the timeline of events that resulted in this incident doesn’t line up, and Ayer’s now explaining why.

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A fan asked Ayer on Twitter about the strange plot hole that Joker’s teeth are at the center of. Batman only knocked out Joker’s teeth after the Clown Prince of Crime murdered Robin. He has the resulting grill while he’s locked in Arkham Asylum, the place he’d first meet Harleen Quinzel. But, Harley’s bio at the start of Suicide Squad confirms she was an accomplice in Robin’s death, which could’ve only happened after she met and became infatuated with Joker. As the fan on Twitter notes, Joker shouldn’t have the grill when he meets Harley originally, so what happened? Ayer responded by saying, “The timeline was changed after filming.”

This is an interesting revelation for Ayer to offer up, depending on how the timeline was changed. If it was done during the editing process, then there’s not too many ways for this to ever have lined up in the first place. If Joker always had the grill when he first met Harley, then the only change that could’ve taken place to mess up the continuity would be what’s included in Harley’s bio. The original idea for her bio may not have included a connection to Robin’s death, allowing for the rest of the events to play out and make chronological sense.

However, Suicide Squad was also a project that underwent a tremendous amount of reshoots that overhauled the movie. Ayer alluded to this fact recently on Twitter by saying his original cut is very different than the theatrical release, so this inconsistency may be a result of changes mandated by the studio. Since Leto wears the grill throughout the movie, it may have just been an oversight by the crew running reshoots to include the grill where it didn’t make sense to. This may be the more believable outcome, given the heavily covered history of Suicide Squad‘s production schedule. Unless Ayer further clarifies what happened though, this is one of those small details that many won’t even notice. And, the continuity of Joker’s teeth is hardly one of the film’s biggest problems, so opinions on Suicide Squad would hardly be changed if the error hadn’t occurred.

MORE: How Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Compares to Past Versions

Source: David Ayer

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Joker Director Reveals New Photo Of Joaquin Phoenix In A Clown Costume

Joaquin Phoenix puts on the complete clown outfit in a new Joker photo. Excitement is brewing in Gotham as Batman’s archenemy gets a movie of his own. Oscar-nominee Phoenix is set to star as Arthur Fleck, the man who will eventually become DC’s Clown Prince of Crime. The solo movie is going to be an origin story for the supervillain, and, despite the grounded approach it’s taking, they aren’t completely veering away from the comic book elements or Joker’s traditional look.

The first image of Phoenix in clown makeup was just the first of many looks that have come out of Joker‘s production. Much to the dismay of director Todd Phillips, set photos and videos are leaking daily, so he’s combating those leaks with some official looks of his own. The latest continues to put Phoenix in the clown makeup.

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Phillips posted the latest Joker image on his Instagram that puts another spin on Phoenix’s clown getup. The menacing look he’s had more recently has been left behind, as he now is in a traditional clown outfit. Since this Joker has already shown a willingness to change his look, he looks to be continuing that process in the latest photo.

This latest look for Phoenix’s Joker retains his makeup, but everything appears to be a bit scaled back. While he may have terrorized a subway full of people before, he instead just looks like a typical clown that would be at carnivals, birthday parties, or other events. Since there’s no scene context to the outfit and makeup, it is impossible to say how exactly this ties into Joker. But, it would be a fascinating turn if Fleck – who is going to be a failed comedian – turns to being a clown as his job, but then uses his occupational tools to run wild across Gotham.

This is just the latest image from Joker that will intrigue fans and likely won’t be the last. As videos and photos from the set continue to make their way online and reveal new details in the process, it appears Phillips is willing to provide even more new looks himself. They’ve mainly been focused on the leading character, but hopefully looks will start to surface for a supporting cast that includes Marc Maron, Robert De Niro, and more. But, this is Joker’s movie at the end of the day and the internet has been buzzing with every new look at Joker, so more cryptic looks at Phoenix in costume may for the best.

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Source: Todd Phillips

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Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero Recreate Dark Knight Joker Scene in Full

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero have teamed up once again to recreate the famous Joker interrogation scene from The Dark Knight. Wiseau is known for producing, directing, writing, and starring in the infamous movie called The Room, which is often considered one of the worst movies ever made – and he uses that notoriety to his benefit.

Even though The Room was panned by critics, Wiseau never stopped in his dream of becoming an actor. The role of Johnny may have started off his career, but Wiseau has since starred in several short films, TV series, and feature-length films such as Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance and Best F(r)iends Volume 1. Wiseau is known for never giving up on his dreams, especially after James Franco’s The Disaster Artist hit the big screen, and so he wants to follow his dream of playing the Joker in a DC movie. Despite Joaquin Phoenix being cast as the Joker in the upcoming origin film, Wiseau doesn’t seem to be giving up based on this new take on a scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

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Created by Nerdist and shared on their YouTube page, fans can now see what the stars of The Room would look like in a scene from The Dark Knight. The scene in question is when Batman interrogates the Joker to get information on Harvey Dent’s location. Things don’t go according to plan, of course, and Batman finds out that the Joker has actually taken Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes. Wiseau and Sestero have dressed up as the Joker and Batman before for Wiseau’s Joker audition tape, but Nerdist has now taken it even further by recreating the entire interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

Wiseau has been petitioning for a Joker role since February of this year. Sestero even joked that he would play Batman alongside Wiseau’s Joker if the opportunity ever came to be. While Wiseau being cast as the Joker has mainly been seen as a joke, some people are interested in him playing Batman’s archnemesis. Other dedicated fans have even gone as far as editing his face onto Heath Ledger’s body for certain scenes in The Dark Knight. 

With multiple Joker movies in development, Wiseau’s best chance of playing the Clown Prince of Crimes is now. That being said, Wiseau will likely never be cast as the Joker unless someone were to make a full-length parody film revolving around the Joker and Batman. Even then, the task would be complicated given the copyright issues, but it’s fun to consider nonetheless. Currently, Todd Phillips’ Joker film starring Phoenix is the closest to fans seeing, but maybe Wiseau will get his own Joker movie eventually. Who knows? Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

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Source: Nerdist

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The Possible Inspirations For Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Makeup

The first image of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is a gritty and menacing interpretation of the iconic villain, but where was the inspiration for his clown makeup derived from? The evolution of The Joker on the big screen has resulted in some wildly varied character designs and, with the villain a firm favorite of many DC fans, this has sometimes led to frustration within the Batman faithful.

Back in the mid-2000s, many Joker fans recoiled in horror at the news that romantic-comedy regular Heath Ledger would be portraying the Caped Crusader’s arch nemesis. Any such doubts were swiftly put to bed when images of Ledger in costume began to surface and the actor went on to deliver a universally praised performance. While Ledger’s Joker would always be an impossible act to follow, the reveal of Jared Leto’s highly stylized version of the villain was met largely with derision and his fleeting appearance in Suicide Squad did little to alter those opinions.

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Clearly, first impressions are very important when it comes to The Joker and after images of him sans clown makeup were revealed last week, it’s now Joaquin Phoenix’s turn to face fans’ judgement. Directed by Todd Phillips, the Joker movie will be entirely separate to the DC Extended Universe, taking place in an alternate Gotham pre-Batman.

With unsettling smeared clown paint and green-tinged locks, Phoenix’s Joker attracted a positive reception from fans on social media and took the character as far away from Leto’s tattooed gangster as possible. Love or hate Phoenix’s look, it’s difficult to deny that the image leaves a lasting and menacing impression and, given the possible inspiration behind the clown makeup look, that perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  • This Page: Real-Life Clown Inspirations For Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker
  • Page 2: Connections Between Joker And Previous Batman Movies/Comics

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was a notorious serial killer in Illinois during the 1970s who was ultimately convicted and executed for the murders of 33 young men and teenagers. Disturbingly, Gacy was known to work as a clown at children’s parties, hospitals and charity events, going by the names “Pogo” or “Patches.” Naturally, the media would dub him “The Killer Clown” after his arrest. Gacy designed and applied his own clown makeup and although many in the clown profession would, understandably, attempt to distance their business from the serial killer in the years to follow, several of them pointed out the while clowns tend to use rounded shapes in their makeup to avoid looking scary, Gacy opted for sharp demonic points, emphasizing the amateurish and sinister nature of his clown appearance.

While no one from Warner Bros. has come out and admitted that a serial killer provided the inspiration for their latest Joker design (and, frankly, none are likely to), the similarities are too abundant to ignore. The wide red mouth with pointed edges. The high, azure blue eye paint with a hint of black. While certainly not an outright imitation, it seems likely that Gacy’s Pogo the Clown provided some level of inspiration to the appearance of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

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This rather clearly sets out the Joker movie’s intentions. Phoenix has previously stated that his interest in playing the villain was in making a dark, low-budget character study and if this is indeed the direction the Joker movie is headed, basing the villain’s makeup on a real-life serial killer is an effective way of highlighting that this Joker will be presented like the murderous criminal he is, rather than the kooky troublemaker other interpretations have opted for.

The Tramp/Hobo Clown

Those unfamiliar with the intricacies of the clown profession may not be aware that there are, in fact, several different types of clown performance. Although, somewhat characteristically, The Joker doesn’t fit neatly into any of them, the villain does share much in common with the Tramp and Hobo types. Indeed, according to the ISCA (International Shrine Clown Association), a Tramp clown is recognized by his shaggy, unkempt appearance with red around the mouth to give an unshaven and burnt impression. Often seen with painted-on tears, Tramp clowns tend to wear ragged three-piece suits and the performer would usually use their own hair, ruffled up, instead of a wig. Tramp clowns have a sorrowful attitude and a resentment towards the world, while their Hobo counterparts look distinctly cheerier, characterized by a painted smile and more open eye shapes.

Generally speaking, the character of The Joker throughout his history has incorporated elements of both the Tramp and Hobo clowns, and Joaquin Phoenix’s makeup also shares several consistencies with the descriptions provided. The blue teardrop and wide, red smile mix together elements of the Tramp and Hobo types of clown, while his suit and messy hair embolden the image of someone down on their luck and angry at the world around them.

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Bearing in mind Joker will be an origin story, it perhaps makes sense that Phoenix’s look would be similar to that of the Tramp. The Joker is typically known to be a purveyor of disorder and chaos; a rebel against social structures and norms and although he hints that some tragic event earlier in life made him that way, re-tellings and inconsistencies mean that fans can never be sure of the truth. In Joker, there’s a strong possibility that viewers will see the villain’s first sense of being dealt an unfair hand by the world and, just like the Tramp clown, the Joker is going to be angry at those he feels have wronged him.

Page 2 of 2: Connections Between Joker And Previous Batman Movies/Comics

The Possible Links To Previous Batman Movies

The first image of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has more than a hint of Heath Ledger about it, from the unkempt hair and roughly applied makeup to the low lighting and homemade aesthetic. However, that isn’t the only connection to Christopher Nolan’s seminal The Dark Knight. In the 2008 movie’s opening sequence, Ledger’s Joker executes an armed bank robbery using hired goons in various clown masks and Phoenix’s makeup shares many similarities with the mask worn by Ledger himself in this scene.

Although the colors of the mouth and eyes are inverted, both designs utilize the same red, white and blue palette, and sharing a large, red comedy nose. Ledger’s mask also employs a high arched eyebrow which is another prominent feature of Phoenix’s look. Interestingly, the mask from The Dark Knight was itself inspired by the 1960s Batman television series, in which Cesar Romero’s Joker once donned a clown mask of his own as part of a cunning disguise. A neat nod to wider Bat-history.

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The level of influence from The Dark Knight on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is not subtle and the images released so far seem to send a clear message that the franchise is heading back to Nolan’s approach of realism and suburban grit; a sentiment that wasn’t lost on former DC Entertainment president, Diane Nelson. Although some might question the wisdom in sticking too close to Ledger’s unbeatable performance in terms of tone and appearance, there’s no doubt that Leto’s Joker has failed to attract the same level of excitement and buzz as his predecessor and a return to territory that has been historically successful for The Joker in the modern era seems logical.

The Laughing Fish

Typically, The Joker of the DC comics isn’t seen with the bright blue eye makeup that is so striking in Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the character. However, there is a history of such a look in Batman lore, perhaps most notably in the Detective Comics 475/476 story “The Laughing Fish!” and “Sign of The Joker” which is frequently hailed as one of the best ever Joker tales and was partially adapted for Batman: The Animated Series.

The story sees The Joker embark on a ruthless killing spree while evading both Batman and Gotham police, as he attempts to copyright fish he has mutated to look like himself. DC 475‘s famous cover Joker resembles Joaquin Phoenix’s look perhaps more than any other design in the comics, with his longer hair, blue shaded eyes and high arching brows. Naturally, this might indicate that The Laughing Fish/Sign of The Joker will provide some level of story inspiration for Joaquin Phoenix’s movie. The fact that the Joker movie will reportedly include a Rupert Thorne-style character (a key figure in that comic) only strengthens this theory.

Theory: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is A Trump Version Of Batman

While it might be a stretch too far to expect lipstick-wearing carp or an appearance from Batman (although Thomas Wayne does have a role to play), the concept of The Joker attempting to get a business deal off the ground and murdering anyone who gets in his way is something that could work exceptionally well as an origin story for the character; an initially genuine entrepreneur, desperate to provide for his family, turned criminal by a constant series of harsh rejections and a seemingly unfair system.

Clearly, there’s much more to come from Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and there’s also no guarantee that his look won’t evolve throughout the course of the movie. However, if first impressions are as important as recent Joker history suggests, Phoenix’s incarnation of the character has made a very strong start and the sources of inspiration peeking through his makeup only make Joker even more of a tantalizing proposition.

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Joker’s Gotham Subway Map is Packed With Easter Eggs – Including Snyder and Nolan

Todd Phillips’ Joker movie, which stars Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, has begun filming on location in New York City – and a prop map of Gotham’s subway system offers a wealth of Easter eggs and references to DC comics and movies.

From what we’ve heard so far, Joker will be a story about the Clown Prince of Crime’s origins as a failed stand-up comedian. It was inspired by Martin Scorsese’s 1982 satire The King of Comedy, in which Robert De Niro played a wannabe stand-up comedian who becomes dangerously obsessed with a popular talk show host. It looks like Joker will be lifting a few plot elements from that movie, since the cast of characters includes a talk show host played by… Robert De Niro! Scorsese himself is one of the producers behind Joker.

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Joker was filming at Bedford Park subway station in the Bronx this weekend, with a set video showing a chaotic scene with protesters and people dressed in clown costumes brawling while Phoenix’s Joker (in full makeup) steps off a train and walks away. Included among the set dressing for the scene was the map below, which clearly lays out the version of Gotham City that we’ll be seeing in Joker.

Starting from the top right of the map we have Kane County (a reference to Batman co-creator Bob Kane), where you can find stops for Adam’s Drive (which could be a reference to Batman actor Adam West, or acclaimed comic artist Neal Adams), Starlin Avenue (named after comic book writer and artist Jim Starlin), Engelhart Boulevard (a nod to comic book writer Steve Englehart), Chiarello Drive (named after DC Comics editor Mark Chiarello), and finally Nolan Lane (a tip of the hat to Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan.

Some of the districts have obvious names, like the Financial District, Old Gotham, Gotham Square and Gotham Village, but there are some fun ones as well. There’s Otisburg – a reference to a moment in Superman: The Movie when Lex Luthor’s sidekick Otis tries to name a bit of land in Luthor’s “New West Coast” after himself. Coventry and Bowery are both taken from the Arkham video games. Sheldon Park, Rogers, and Grant Field are presumably named after comic book creatives Sheldon Mayer, Marshall Rogers and Alan Grant, respectively. And then of course, there’s the Snyder district, which could be a reference to either Batman V Superman and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, DC Comics writer Scott Snyder (no relation), or both. Burnside and Amusement Mile are both locations lifted straight from the comics.

Many of the stop names are taken from real New York City subway stations, like Prospect Avenue and and Jefferson Street, but there are also some fun ones dotted around, like Jester Place and Wayne Avenue. Disturbingly, there’s a stop that appears to be labeled Arthur Kill Road (the Joker’s real name in the movie is Arthur Fleck).

Have you spotted any Easter eggs that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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2018-09-23 01:09:45 – Hannah Shaw-Williams