Rick & Morty Creator Launching New Stop-Motion Animated Series

Quibi has given the green light to Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland’s clay-based stop-motion animation series Gloop World. Creators Roiland, John Harvatine IV (Crossing Swords) and Eric Towner (Buddy Thunderstruck) team up with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios executive producers Seth Green, Harvatine, Matthew Senreich, Towner and Chris Waters on this zany project. The unique series follows the lives of anthropomorphic blobs Bob Roundy and Funzy. The two live as roommates in a fictional universe called Gloop World. Viewers will join Bob Roundy and Funzy navigating Gloop World while realizing they’re not so different from these abnormal blob creatures after all.

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is a production studio that brings some of Hollywood’s most talented animation and live-action artists together. Stoopid Buddy has produced television hits like the Emmy Award-winning Robot Chicken and Emmy Award-nominated SuperMansion with Bryan Cranston. Along with Gloop World, Stoopid Buddy’s most recent project is Hulu’s Crossing Swords. The series is currently in production and set to air in 2020.

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Quibi announced that it will buy Gloop World this week. Roiland has experience creating other obscure projects like Rick and MortyThe Most Extraordinary Space Investigations and 2 Girls, 1 Cup: The Show. He also currently has many balls in the air with Ricky and Morty recently releasing season 4, Solar Opposites in pre-production and now Gloop World freshly greenlit. However, Roiland has expressed that Gloop World is his dream project and has been yearning to create it for the past seven years.

“Gloop World has been a dream of mine to make for almost seven years. A tactile clay animation show with a mysterious, weird, and expansive world and really fun characters, fingerprints and all. I couldn’t have done this without the folks at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios who understood exactly what I meant when I wanted the clay animation to have an imperfect approach, where you can see the animators in the work. I want the Gloop characters to feel like you can reach into your phone and grab them yourself. Can’t wait to share this weird silly show with the world!”

Gloop World has potential to be the next hit animated comedy. If Gloop World is anything like Rick and Morty, viewers can look forward to a fascinating universe that bends the confines of the imagination along with an accurate and in-depth study of relationships. Gloop World has found the right home with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Quibi, where it can go its full distance of zaniness without being held back by a more traditional network.

Although Quibi has a very innovative premise, is it enough to stand out among the several other streaming platforms being released in 2020. NBC’s streaming service Peacock is also set to launch in April 2020 followed by HBO Max in May 2020. Only time will tell if its mobile-friendly edge will place it ahead of the rest.

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RHOC’s Meghan King Edmonds & DWTS’ Brooke Burke Launching Podcast

Star of The Real Housewives of Orange County Meghan King Edmonds and Dancing with the Stars’ Brooke Burke are launching a podcast all about sex and relationships. The iHeart Radio show will cover all the juicy details regarding the two woman’s personal lives, including the housewife’s current situation with Jim Edmonds.

When King Edmonds first made her debut back on The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2015 on the 10th season of the hit show, she was not a fan favorite. The tall blonde came off as a know-it-all and rubbed fans and her castmates the wrong way. King Edmonds married Jim Edmonds in October of 2014 and has three young children: Aspen, Hart, and Hayes. While Burke is most widely known for her days as a playboy model. The winner of season 7 of the famed dance show recently stepped out with her new boyfriend, Scott Rigsby, making their relationship red carpet official.

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According to People, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum has teamed up with Burke to host their new show called Intimate Knowledge which was set to premiere on January 6th. The two reality stars have also decided to work with Lila Barville who is a sex and intimacy expert which vast amounts of knowledge when it comes to relationships. As the podcast’s title reveals, the show will mainly be about the friend’s sex lives and current relationship issues. Some topics that will be covered will be infidelity, one-night stands, love at first sight, and the hardships of marriage. One of the first topics in the new year will be how to overcome a cheating spouse – sounds a bit like a dig at Jim.

Burke, who is 48-years-old said that she believed sex was a delicate subject matter and personally would like to refer to the subject matter as “sensual health.” The TV host was very excited to be getting a chance to bring the subject to life saying that nothing would be off-limits. She revealed, It’s about life and love and intimacy and relationships, and sex and orgasms and you know, all of it.” While King Edmonds chimed in saying that the whole show is explorative, with the 35-year-old saying that everyone was just trying to figure out the game of life. Both women believe that intimacy played a huge roll in their relationships and will be looking into that subject closely while having their open discussions.

The two women would like their listener to take heart in their words and feel connected to them as they believe everyone just wants to feel loved. By voicing their opinions, the two reality TV stars hope to inspire other women to take the leap and talk about their intimate moments while connecting with other women who feel the same way. The new podcast has fans excited about what the women have to offer and are looking forward to getting some much-needed advice from both a housewife and a Dancing with the Stars winner.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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Netflix Is Launching A Magazine To Help Win Awards

In a bid to stake its claim as a top player in the TV and movie business, Netflix is now planning on launching Wide, a new publication that will help promote the work of the ever-growing brand that’s now become a household name. This development comes as Netflix continues to compete more directly with major movie and TV studios.

It’s anticipated that this move is part of Netflix’s strategy to promote their talent and services to an industry whose landscape is shifting, and where streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are now going head to head with big Hollywood networks such as HBO. It goes without saying, therefore, that they’re keen to acquire recognition for their work in terms of awards and accolades. The news of Wide’s launch comes ahead of the upcoming Emmy Awards in September 2019. Last year saw Netflix pick up awards for a number of their shows, including Black Mirror, Godless and most notably, The Crown, which awarded Stephen Daldrey with the Emmy for directing a drama series, and where Claire Foy picked up the award for lead actress in a drama.

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According to Bloomberg, the new publication is intended as an industry journal that’ll not only help garner support for awards such as the Emmys, but will also act as a way of promoting new and upcoming titles to the wider industry. Netflix is especially keen to do this now that there’s such a wide array of talent that they work with and attract both in front of and behind the camera to produce massive hit shows like Stranger Things. Wide will be packed with news, features, essays and interviews relating to Netflix shows, their creators and their stars. And so, with voting on the nominations for the Emmys taking place in June, it makes sense to launch just in time for awards night. They were the network leaders in 2018 in terms of Emmy nominations, but are still chasing some of the major trophies such as best drama and best comedy.

Since Netflix’s inception in 1997, the California-based media provider has grown into a global brand with over 139 million subscribers worldwide to its streaming services. It’s maintained a weighty commitment to not just streaming but producing original content that has helped to develop the brand and bring in customers from across the viewing spectrum. It’s no wonder therefore that Netflix is now more eager than ever to capitalize on their recent successes with shows across all genres. From drama to documentary, comedy to film, Netflix has been become a major player in this ever-changing industry and, undoubtedly, one that’s here to stay.

Netflix has produced shows that have involved some of the best and well-known talent in the industry, with shows such as Ozark, and movie titles such as Birdbox bringing Hollywood heavyweights such as Jason Bateman, Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich to small screens in much-anticipated movies. The Emmys are to be held on September 22. Whatever happens with their new publication, fans can be sure to see Netflix up there with big players such as HBO, FX, and Amazon on awards night. How much Wide has contributed to that will ultimately be down to analysts to decipher.

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Alamo Drafthouse Launching Ticket Subscription Service

Alamo Drafthouse is planning a nationwide launch of their own ticket subscription service, dubbed Season Pass, by the end of the year. Back in 2017, MoviePass looked to shake things up in the industry by slashing their monthly price to $9.95, encouraging millions of people to sign up. The appeal of their model was apparent from the start; for a low flat rate, viewers could purchase tickets to see whatever they wanted in theaters, saving lots of money in the process. Of course, MoviePass’ strategy never was sustainable for the longterm and the company faced turbulent times (to say the least) last year.

Though MoviePass was always destined to fail, they seem to have made a lasting impact on the business. Around the time MoviePass imploded, AMC introduced the Stubs A-List, which offers users a variety of perks and has exceeded expectations so far. Curiously, none of the other major American chains started up a wide subscription service in the months since, but now another one is about to enter the fray.

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According to Business Insider, the Alamo Drafthouse is preparing to expand their Season Pass service (which is currently available in beta form in Yonkers, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina) to all of their locations by the end of 2019. Season Pass is an unlimited plan and will cost $20 a month in most places. Alamo founder and CEO Tim League noted the price varies based on market size.

Alamo was encouraged by the success of the initial launch, which saw 40,000 people in Yonkers register for a waitlist. The beta version of Season Pass places no restrictions on the number of times subscribers can see an individual movie and allows people to choose from 2D and 3D screenings. There’s also the option to pre-order tickets in advance to guarantee a seat. Full details about Season Pass aren’t available at this time, but it’d be reasonable to assume those features will carry over. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any kind of cap implemented. For instance, MoviePass limits users to one film per day, while the A-List is good for three movies per week. The A-List also offers discounts on concessions, so perhaps there will be some additional perks for Season Pass to make it stand out.

To date, there are 35 Alamo locations across the country and several others will be built (including theaters in Los Angeles and Manhattan). Obviously, they’re not as big as AMC, but Season Pass should prove to be a hit when it’s available later this year, particularly in areas where there is not a local AMC. And in all likelihood, this development will force the other chains to keep a close eye on Season Pass’ progress as they perhaps plot their own subscription services. There’s clearly a demand for them, and they appear to be the way of the future for moviegoing. Fingers crossed Alamo experiences the kind of prosperity AMC did last year.

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