Ruby Rose announces exit from CW’s Batwoman series leaving the fans in shock, makers looking for new actress

Batwoman actress Ruby Rose has announced her exit from the TV series leaving the fans in shock. The news came in on Tuesday, May 19,  that the actress will no longer play the role of Kate Keen / Batwoman on the CW series.

Ruby Rose announces exit from CW's Batwoman series leaving the fans in shock

“I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season,” Ruby shared in a statement to Variety. “This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew, and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles. I am beyond appreciative to Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Caroline Dries for not only giving me this incredible opportunity but for welcoming me into the DC universe they have so beautifully created. Thank you, Peter Roth and Mark Pedowitz and the teams at Warner Bros. and The CW who put so much into the show and always believed in me. Thank you to everyone who made season one a success – I am truly grateful.”

Now, the makers are looking to replace Ruby Rose and are determined to move forward with the show with a new actress taking over the role. “Warner Bros. Television, The CW and Berlanti Productions thank Ruby for her contributions to the success of our first season and wish her all the best,” Warner Bros. TV, the CW and Berlanti Productions said in a joint statement to Variety.

The statement further read, “The studio and network are firmly committed to Batwoman’s second season and long-term future, and we — along with the show’s talented creative team — look forward to sharing its new direction, including the casting of a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community, in the coming months.”

Batwoman aired in October 2019 on CW as the story progressed with the aftermath of Batman’s disappearance. Her character Kate Kane takes over the charge to protect Gotham City.

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Sweden leaving elder COVID19 patients to die, care worker says

Nursing homes are offering morphine to elder COVID-19 patients instead of admitting them to hospitals and providing ventilators, one care worker has said, noting that such treatmen… .

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Double whammy in Bollywood: 2 versatile iconic actors pass away, behind leaving a cinematic legacy

Two of India’s most beloved movie stars, Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, died within a day of each other this week, and though they came from two very different worlds and two very d… .

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GTA 6: What Grand Theft Auto’s Writer Leaving Means for the Game

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, and for good reason. The series has helped define open-world games and has been Rockstar’s chief series since their inception.

One of the driving forces behind the studio has always been its co-founders, Dan and Sam Houser, who also functioned as producers and writers on most of Rockstar’s games.

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In February 2020, Rockstar announced that Dan Houser would be stepping down from his role as Vice President and be leaving the company. Of course, the question on many fan’s minds at that point is just what that might mean for the inevitable GTA 6.

Obviously a massive series like GTA has many, many people that work and contribute to it. That said, the storytelling and tone aren’t completely from Dan Houser, but he has been a huge part of the series, in general, since its inception. Dan has been credited as one of the main writers on every single Grand Theft Auto game since the London 1969 pack for the original. He was also one of the writers on the Red Dead Redemption games. Contrast this to Sam Houser who’s been an executive producer on every GTA game, but not a writer.

Dan was one of the core creative forces for the series, and a huge reason Grand Theft Auto sports the tone it does, as well as the amalgamation of pop culture references. The Housers have chosen to mostly stay out of the spotlight, instead letting accolades go to Rockstar in general. The studio hasn’t been without its fair share of problems, however, including long-standing reports of crunch and troubling work culture. Rockstar and Houser haven’t detailed any particular reason for the departure, but it’s sure to have effects.

Rockstar has said they have multiple major games in development, and considering GTA 5 is the most successful entertainment property of all time, it’s almost confirmed that one of those has to be GTA 6. On GTA 4 and 5, Houser was joined by Rupert Humphries and Michael Unsworth.

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Considering both of these writers are still working with Rockstar, they’ll likely have a large impact on GTA 6. The absence of Dan Houser shouldn’t have a drastic effect, but players could be seeing a shift in the game’s story and style. It’s possible that Rockstar will bring on a brand new writer to help helm the team, or they could simply rely on the skills of Humphries and Unsworth.

Another possibility is that the narrative and much of the writing is already finished for GTA 6. The last game released back in 2013, and while the Houser’s have been working on Red Dead Redemption since then, it’s more than likely that at least the outline is already done.

GTA 6 will undoubtedly still happen, and probably be more ambitious than ever before. However, Houser’s departure could affect the timeline of development, and even the overall tone of the experience.

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DC Won’t Explain Dan DiDio Leaving The Company | Screen Rant

The mystery surrounding the exit of DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio remained conspicuously unsolved this weekend at the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, where now sole Publisher Jim Lee, like the rest of the company’s leadership, refused to directly address the issue.

Speaking at two panels at C2E2, Lee specifically declined to answer questions regarding DiDio’s exit from DC amidst rumors he had been fired or forced out on February 21st. DiDio had served as Publisher alongside Lee since 2010, and was a prime creative force behind the direction of the entire publishing house. Perhaps best known for his implementation of The New 52, a 2011 initiative which saw a complete revamp across 52 titles to encourage accessibility to new readers, DiDio leaves a complicated legacy at his former company. While certainly a dedicated storyteller with a vision of how the company might thrive in the digital age, rumors instantly suggested his micromanagement style may have rubbed AT&T — who purchased DC Entertainment along with Time Warner back in 2018 — the wrong way.

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Lee provided no answers on DiDio’s abrupt disappearance from DC, so abrupt it caused the cancelation of a Friday panel at C2E2 he was scheduled to speak at. While that means the rumors will persist, Lee did seem to confirm that his role would not be refilled, according to NewsaramaI look at being sole Publisher now and the team I’m working with, much more in trenches now than ever before,” said Lee, speaking at a Spotlight panel originally intended to be shared with his former Co-Publisher. “The actual strategy for DC is to put publishing at center of what we do. It’s the engine of all the movies, TV, cartoons, we do. And so its my intent going forward as the Publisher, to lean into the collective years of my team.

Now one of the last men standing from the pre-Time Warner/AT&T merger, Lee will now have to guide DC’s future without DiDio in directing creative strategy across the company, including the Generation 5 event which reportedly features a new set timeline for the DCU. Generation 5, initially conceived under DiDio’s guidance, is set to become the definitive correction to DC’s often convoluted timeline: a correction many see as one too many ten years after the major retcon of The New 52. DiDio is only the latest high-level DC employee to exit the company follow its acquisition by AT&T, following Executive Editor Pat McCallum and DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson among others.

DiDio leaves a track record both sparkling and innovative, but also controversial. Perhaps this serves as a reflection of not only Dan DiDio’s DC legacy, but the field of comics publishing during his tenure. While his decision to implement The New 52 opened up the company to new readers by freeing their characters from long continuity, it was also criticized by long-time fans for simplifying far too much of the storytelling (a failure even he eventually accepted). Whether or not his vision for the DC Universe will bear out following Generation 5 now that he is no longer at the helm is in doubt. Regardless, DiDio will be remembered by fans for his many contributions to the DC mythos, his dedication to the craft of writing comic book stories, and his enthusiasm for the characters he worked with.

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GTA Writer & Rockstar Games Co-Founder Dan Houser Is Leaving

Dan Houser, one of the co-founders of Rockstar Games and an instrumental figure in the development of the long-running Grand Theft Auto franchise, is now departing the company, according to a new report. Houser was an integral part of many of Rockstar Games’ most popular franchises, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bully. He and his brother Sam Houser, Rockstar’s other co-founder, were both once featured as two of TIME Magazine’s most influential people in 2009, due largely to the mainstream success and popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Although many of their games have both thrived on and been influenced by controversy surrounding things like the portrayal of violence in media, Sam & Dan Houser have seen nothing but success in their created properties. Grand Theft Auto V, on which Dan Houser worked as a writer, has become the most popular piece of entertainment media of all time since its release back in 2013, and ended up being the best-selling video game of the entire decade. Now, however, it seems like Dan Houser is ready to step away.

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According to a report by Polygon, Take-Two Interactive released a statement earlier this afternoon which announced Dan Houser, the company’s current Vice President, would be leaving Rockstar Games entirely, and his last day will be on March 11th of this year. The statement goes on to say the company is “extremely grateful for his contributions,” and says that they have built “some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful game world, a global community of passionate fans and an incredibly talent team, which remain focused on current and future projects.”

This final statement about “current and future projects” is likely in the hopes of not worrying fans or stockholders, as the departure of Dan Houser is surely to cause a change-up in the day-to-day machinations of Rockstar Games. Losing someone whose creative voice was so integral to so many of the franchise’s best titles would certainly be troubling for them, especially since, according to the report, this announcement arrived just two days before a company quarterly earnings analysis, which will likely come later this week.

The real question on many players’ minds likely relates to how this new departure inside Rockstar Games will affect the production of Grand Theft Auto 6, which has been heavily rumored to currently be in development. While companies as large as Rockstar likely lose and gain new employees all the time, the loss of such a prominent figure in both the company and the games industry as a whole is certainly surprising to many, and it will be intriguing to see how the Grand Theft Auto series, and Rockstar Games as a company, moves forward in the future.

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Great British Baking Show Host Sandi Toksvig is Leaving the Show

One of the hosts of The Great British Baking Show’s Sandi Toksvig has decided to leave the show. Fans have been happily baking along for 10 seasons now and want nothing more than for it to continue.

This British baking competition, The Great British Bake Off, (or The Great British Baking Show as it’s known as in America) invites twelve amateur bakers to come and compete against each other to win the title of Greatest British Baker. Each round sees an aspiring baker who proves themselves each round by baking cakes, bread, pastries, and various types of desserts for the judges, Mary Berry‎, ‎Paul Hollywood‎, Sandi Toksvig and ‎Prue Leith’s jobs are to sample and judge. One by one, the contestants are eliminated and eventually the winner is crowned. This wholesome baking show has been a staple to British audiences since 2010 for a total of 10 seasons.

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While Britain is still recovering from losing a prince, they will not have to face a future without Toksvig on The Great British Baking Show as she also announced her departure. People reported that the host would hang up her judging duties and not return to the popular show. The 61-year-old comedian had been hosting the show since 2017 after the network shakeup got rid of the beloved national treasure, Mary Berry. As of now, the comedian will leave the show in the hand of her co-host and Mighty Boosh star, Noel Fielding.

Toksvig took to her Twitter on Thursday, January 16th to break the news to her fans. In her post, she told her followers that she wanted to move on from the program to concentrate on other projects she had going on. The comedian joked that the baking show had added to her waistline and brought immense joy over the years.

Fans are not at all worried that the show will falter as The Great British Baking Show has proved before that it can withstand a hosting turnover. Back in 2016, the show lost Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc as hosts, as well as Mary Berry as the key judge. The show has a proven track record of success thanks to its crossovers in America. The hit baking show can be seen airing on both PBS and Netflix. The show is also special in the way it is filmed because unlike most reality shows the baking show is only filmed on weekends across a 12-week period. The filming schedule is meant to allow the participants to continue to be able to perform their normal 9-5 jobs. Fans are just happy to know that their beloved show is not canceled and just going through a period of transition.

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WWE 2K20: Yuke’s Leaving Development Team Was Freeing

WWE 2K20 developer Visual Concepts says the absence of Yuke’s, the developer which previously headed up WWE 2K game development alongside Visual Concepts, was “freeing”. Publisher 2K announced WWE 2K20‘s new developer setup in August, shortly after WWE 2K20 was revealed.

When WWE 2K20 was first announced, it looked like it was going to be just about what fans of the series expected, but things soon started to look less promising. Clips and screenshots of the game began spreading online, revealing that WWE 2K20‘s graphics were hilariously bad, looking almost like a PS3 game. Some character models looked nothing like their real-world counterparts, and many animations were stiff and alien. To make matters worse, WWE 2K20 was plagued with glitches, sending characters falling through the ring or getting caught in the ropes. In fact, it turned out WWE 2K20 had problems with nearly every feature.

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Speaking to GameSpot at a WWE 2K20 event, Visual Concepts’ creative director, Lynell Jinks, said the first feeling the team had upon learning it would be taking over the WWE franchise was one of freedom. Jinks said the team knew they could now pursue all the ideas they’d had but weren’t able to implement during previous games’ development. After that initial feeling, however, Jinks said reality set in, and Visual Concepts realized it had to try to figure out how Yuke’s had put things together for the last 20 years, writing new tools and creating art assets to get WWE 2K20 ready. This meant not only understanding the code, Jinks said, but making it better and making it Visual Concepts’ own.

Jinks cited WWE 2K20 Originals, a series of WWE 2K20 DLC that mixes up the series’ traditional wrestling gameplay, as a showcase of Visual Concepts’ newfound freedom, saying it’s allowed them to break away from the simulation-style roots of the franchise. The first WWE 2K20 Originals pack, Bump in the Night, added supernaturally enhanced Superstars to the game in five new story chapters.

While WWE 2K20 does some things better than WWE 2K19, the game-breaking glitches show that a lot about the game is actively worse than its predecessor. Following the flood of fan backlash and glitch videos after release, WWE Games released a statement about WWE 2K20‘s poor state, saying it was aware of the issues and is working to address them in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, WWE 2K20 remains a bit of a mess.

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Spider-Man’s Leaving Marvel: What Happens To Nick Fury & Skrulls?

Spider-Man’s sudden departure from the MCU has raised plenty of questions about all the plot threads left hanging after Spider-Man: Far From Home, including what happens to Nick Fury and the Skrulls. Many of the questions related to Spider-Man himself will, of course, be dropped, now that Marvel Studios is unable to continue Peter Parker’s story. But the one particular storyline involving Nick Fury and the Skrulls can still be explored.

Marvel fandom was reeling after it was revealed that there had been a split between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures over Spider-Man, Marvel’s most popular hero. Apparently, Disney was unsatisfied with the terms of the original deal that allowed Spider-Man to appear in the MCU, but Sony was unwilling to change them. As a result, the deal collapsed and now Spider-Man is out of the MCU. According to Sony, the split occurred as a result of Marvel Studios being too busy with all of its new IP to work on a property that it doesn’t own. While some remain hopeful that Marvel and Sony will work something out, Sony insists that “the door is closed” on Spider-Man in the MCU.

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An abrupt end to Spider-Man’s story means that so many questions from Spider-Man: Far From Home will now go unanswered. This isn’t true for all of them, however. At the end of the movie, Far From Home dropped a bombshell by revealing that “Nick Fury” was actually a Skrull, Talos, who last appeared in Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, the real Nick Fury was on board a Skrull spaceship. The Skrulls in Far From Home were actually taking orders from Fury, who may be working on building a new secret base called S.W.O.R.D. in the comics.

The reveal naturally came as a huge shock, but what it all means is rather vague (which is what should be expected from the post-credits scene of a Marvel movie). It’s not clear what Marvel intends to do with its Skrull storyline, but whatever the studio is planning, fans can rest assured that the Marvel-Sony split hasn’t ruined it. Nick Fury and the Skrulls belong to Marvel Studios, so any lingering plotlines related to them can still be addressed, even though it was first teased at the end of a Sony movie.

While it’s possible that Marvel may have originally intended on following up on this storyline in Spider-Man 3, its hard to imagine that their plan depended solely on the movie happening. This storyline could unfold in other Marvel projects, such as Captain Marvel 2, but it’s unlikely to happen sooner than that. Many of the details in each movie in Phase 4 may already have been worked out, so it may be a while before the story advances any further.

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10 Ways Spider-Man Leaving Could Affect The Wider MCU

It’s been a few weeks now since Sony withdrew from their deal with Marvel and dragged Tom Holland’s Spider-Man kicking and screaming out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so superhero fans have had some time to take it in.

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Aside from the fact that Marvel has given us the best Spider-Man movies in years, Spidey leaving the MCU will have some major ramifications for the wider world of the franchise. Peter Parker had become deeply immersed in that universe, so here are 10 Ways Spider-Man Leaving Could Affect The Wider MCU.

10 The Avengers Will Just Pretend Peter Parker Never Existed

We saw Spider-Man fight alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes in the last couple of movies, but the only Avenger he made a lasting connection with is now dead. Characters like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel will vaguely remember him from their brief interactions, but the MCU seemed to be setting up something bigger for the future. Now, when the Avengers do inevitably assemble again, they’ll all just have to pretend that Spidey doesn’t exist. To a certain extent, we can give Marvel the benefit of the doubt, because we know about the deal, but it’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

9 Spidey Will Forever Take The Blame For Mysterio’s London Attack

The end of Spider-Man: Far From Home placed the blame for Mysterio’s attack in London on Spider-Man. The video doctored by Mysterio and released via the Daily Bugle made it look as though Spidey orchestrated the attack and then killed a heroic Mysterio in cold blood when he tried to stop him.

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Now that Spidey isn’t there to clear his own name and those story threads will never be resolved, it seems as though Spider-Man will just be stuck with the blame for the London attack forever. The cliffhanger seems to have been set up by Marvel as a negotiating tactic that backfired.

8 New York Has No Underdog Superhero To Look Up To

Spider-Man isn’t the only MCU hero to come from New York, but he is the city’s only “friendly neighborhood” superhero. Doctor Strange has his sights set on protecting the fabric of reality as opposed to the citizens of the Big Apple, while the Avengers are based in New York, but do most of their fighting elsewhere. When they do come to New York, it’s to stave off a large-scale alien invasion. Spidey helps old ladies across the street and retrieves stolen bikes – he’s a hero for the people. He’s the underdog superhero that New Yorkers can look up to, and now, they have no one.

7 His Budding Relationship With Doctor Strange Is Over Already

A few months before talks broke down between Sony and Marvel and the worst happened, Tom Holland said he’d like to see a team-up with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The former is a man of science and the latter is a man of magic; Strange is a lot like Peter’s old mentor Tony Stark; and they already developed an interesting dynamic when they fought alongside each other in Avengers: Infinity War. Spidey and Strange could’ve had a very fun team-up movie, or even a few, but now that Strange is in an MCU that’s missing Spidey, their relationship is already over.

6 No One Has The E.D.I.T.H. Technology

Spider-Man: Far From Home introduced us to the E.D.I.T.H. technology created by Tony Stark. It has links to missiles, satellites, government records – lots of lucrative stuff. Tony gave it to Peter after he died, but then Peter proceeded to give it to Quentin Beck almost immediately. Beck’s team were shown downloading the E.D.I.T.H. technology onto a hard drive, while Peter managed to get it back from Beck following the final battle in London. With Spider-Man out of the MCU and all of his villains likely getting swept under the rug, no one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in possession of the E.D.I.T.H. technology.

5 There’s No Place For Happy Hogan

With Iron Man’s solo trilogy over, the MCU has been having a tough time finding a place for Happy Hogan. This became especially difficult following Tony Stark’s death. What’s the point in having Tony’s bodyguard as a character when there’s no body left to guard? Luckily, the Spider-Man movies gave him a reason to stick around. Far From Home set him up as a sort of new Uncle Ben figure for Peter Parker, while a burgeoning romantic subplot with Aunt May seemed to ensure that he’d be around for a while. Unfortunately, with Spidey out of the MCU, there may be no place for Happy anymore.

4 The World Knowing Spider-Man’s Identity Won’t Matter

The mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home set up an incredible third solo movie for the character that would continue the MCU’s tradition of giving us Spidey stories we’ve never seen on the big screen before. J. Jonah Jameson revealed Spidey’s true identity to be Peter Parker and framed him for Mysterio’s attack on London.

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This would have huge consequences for both Peter and the wider MCU if he was still in the franchise, but if he’s out, then it won’t matter in the slightest. Most of the Avengers already knew his identity, and now, he won’t be there for them to protect him.

3 Mysterio Will Stay Dead

Mysterio seemed to die at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but then in the mid-credits scene, he pulled off one last trick from beyond the grave. This character’s whole deal is his use of astounding illusions. Marvel tried to convince us he was a good guy in the trailers before pulling the rug out from under us like he did to Peter. So, maybe they were trying to convince us he was dead so that he could emerge from the shadows as a founding member of the Sinister Six in a post-credits scene following Spider-Man 3. However, now that there will be no Spider-Man 3 in the MCU, he’ll just stay dead.

2 We Won’t See Ground-Level Response To Major MCU Events

The greatest thing about the Spider-Man movies in the MCU was that they gave us a ground-level view of the major events in the MCU. Characters like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will view the Sokovia Accords and the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Snap from the perspective of the government or the military. But Peter Parker is just a high school kid from Queens. He’s one of the civilians who get affected by these earth-shattering events. With Spider-Man out of the MCU, we won’t get to see the major events from this street-level perspective anymore, which is a real shame, because it brought a lot to the world-building aspect.

1 Tony Stark Doesn’t Have A Successor

It was a framed picture of Peter Parker that inspired Tony Stark to invent time travel and join the Avengers in their quest to bring back all their “dusted” comrades. That quest would end with Tony dying, but at least Peter was saved, as he planned, and he could live on as his successor. Tony spent his life obsessed with the idea of legacy, and what he would leave behind for future generations. Spider-Man: Far From Home set up Peter to be “the next Tony Stark,” who would lead the MCU’s next saga, and now, Tony doesn’t have a successor, which is the greatest shame of the Sony/Marvel split.

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