Court of appeals lifts access ban on Uber app in Turkey 

A court of appeals in Turkey has ruled for lifting the blockage of access to Uber’s mobile application in Turkey, allowing it to carry out business alongside the yellow taxis, Uber… .

2020-12-24 17:23:48

Hungary to provide transit pass to Turkish transporters, lifts quotas

The problem with the issuance of transit pass documents faced by Turkish road exporters in Hungary when crossing to Europe has been resolved, Turkish Infrastructure and Transportat… .

2020-11-27 17:13:48

Turkish central bank lifts rule linking required reserve ratio to credit growth

Turkey’s central bank revised banks’ reserve requirement ratios, the Official Gazette showed Friday, lifting a rule that linked the ratio to the credit growth level of banks.

The… .

2020-11-27 15:24:48

Turkey lifts ban on export of medical equipment to fight coronavirus

Turkey on Saturday lifted restrictions on the export of medical supplies, a move that should facilitate the sale of equipment to Western countries where there have been shortages…. .

2020-05-03 09:53:00

Canada lifts ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia imposed over Khashoggi murder

The Canadian government said Thursday that it had renegotiated the terms of a $14 billion light armored vehicles contract with Saudi Arabia, paving the way for exports to recommenc…

2020-04-10 05:21:00

Turkey lifts quarantine on 6 virus-hit areas

Turkey has lifted quarantine measures on six areas in five provinces, while 156 others remain in isolation, the country’s Interior Ministry announced Wednesday.

As of 4 p.m. (… .

2020-04-08 15:01:00

Gwenpool Lifts Thor’s Mjolnir in The Most DISGUSTING Way

Warning: SPOILERS for Gwenpool Strikes Back #4

The test of proving yourself “worthy” of lifting Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has just been beaten by Gwenpool, after realizing one clever fact. Even if your own arm isn’t capable of raising Mjolnir, you can still just use Thor’s… after all, he’s only really using one.

This Mjolnir-breaking twist is just the latest memorable moment to arrive in Gwenpool Strikes Back, a miniseries giving its unpredictable and continuity-shattering heroine one last chance to prove she deserves her own Marvel Comic. First by confirming Steve/Bucky fanfic exists in Marvel’s Universe, and most recently by inviting all of Marvel’s heroes into one massive fighting tournament to the death. To kick it all off, Gwen proved she wasn’t kidding around by putting a bullet into Bruce Banner’s head, triggering his transformation into the Hulk. A fight she can’t win, unless she comes up with a plan to wield the one weapon strong enough to knock him out.

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Fans should probably also know that Gwen herself is aware of the mission to not get canceled by Marvel permanently, which is why she has put every issue to use in making strange history. In Gwenpool Strikes Back #4, that means reaching back through time to gather past incarnations of herself, and hatch a plan together. Even Deadpool can’t match this skill of Gwen’s, and her encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel’s reboots and retcons is what gives her the solution. With Hulk marching to destroy them all, one Gwen suggests if you can’t kill the Hulk, knock him out with Mjolnir.

The various Gwens didn’t actually volunteer to fistfight the Hulk while the book’s star goes off to solve their dilemma, but that’s where they’re left. Thankfully fans are treated to both sides of this dust-up: the various versions of Gwen taking on Hulk with giant weapons, oddball humor, and fourth-wall-breaking trickery, and the hero Gwen searching through Thor’s comic book history for an unknown answer. Her continuity spelunking brings her to Malekith, not long after he cut off Thor’s arm in battle. A moment so victorious and satisfying, the Dark Elf leader apparently even sleeps with Thor’s arm cradling his head.

There are all kinds of layers to explore with that detail, but Gwen is only interested in taking the actual arm back to her present day issue. In case any Marvel fans missed the story being referenced here by Gwen, it took place in Thor #1 (2014), when Malekith removed it with Thor’s own axe, Jarnbjorn. It’s safe to assume Gwen traveled back to not long after that scene, to retrieve the arm of the god of thunder… so that she might wear it like a glove to wield Thor herself. A disgusting, clever, and highly effective plan when she makes her triumphant return.

The image of Gwen — equipped with her Thor-sleeve — grabbing hold of Mjlolnir and tossing the entire assembly into one massive Hulk crotch shot is the kind of satisfaction Gwenpool fans have come to expect. Should fans ask whether this scene actually makes any sense, since Gwen is still the one technically lifting Mjolnir while unworthy of it? Should they stress over the plot hole, considering Thor wasn’t yet worthy of Mjolnir when he had said arm removed? Of course not. Just sit back, and admire the brilliance of the most perfectly executed instances of “KSHOOM” ever committed to paper.

  • Written by: Leah Williams, Christopher Hastings
  • Art by: David David Baldeón, Jesus Abertov
  • Cover Art by: Terry Dodson
  • Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be awesome, shall possess the power of GWENPOOL! That’s right-Gwen’s got her mitts on Mjolnir and she’s got a list of heads that need hammering! Her mission to make herself known in the Marvel Universe at all costs gallops past all reason!

Gwenpool Strikes Back #4 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce